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January - 2015

Post by gimbat on Mon Mar 16, 2015 11:21 pm

January 2015


Drop into battle on the seventh of January.


January 15th at www.bambalandstore.com

WWR SOTF Rothchild Field Mechanic on January 7th at www.bambalandstore.com

Closer look at Mechanics:

Desert Mechanic Angus is 3AA exclusive.


Price info:
The Rothhchild Mechanics will be $140usd with free shipping, and the Civic Guard and Commander Dropcloths will be $160usd with free shipping ( The Guard Dropcloths are blind box ). There is also a a special 3AA DROPCLOTH SIX PACK, all Dropcloth colorways in a SIX PACK thingy that will cost $860usd with free shipping.

Ashley Wood about 7th year of 3A:

Our seventh year, never considered doing this for seven years, just started wanting to make some toys without conditions or working within other peoples systems, and now its seven years later!

The privilege isn't lost on me after these years, to be able to sit around and dream up new stuffs and get to make it with people that are like family is far beyond my gutter dreams, so I'm just gonna take the ball and run with it and see where it goes! 2015 will see older lines expand , new lines start and forays into new avenues!

Your support is without question why 3A is still here, your photos, your drawings, your customs and commentary all are key components! 7 years in and counting!

We will send a 3AA newsletter shortly and look for weekly newsletters to keep you guys up to date on all 3A news and info on what looks to be our biggest year yet




WWR | SOTF Civic Defence Dropcloths and Rothchild Field Mechanics are available for pre-order at www.bambalandstore.com


There's a new page located under the NEWS section drop down menu at www.wo3a.com website, called: Shipping Schedule:


Please read more about it here


3AA 2015 membership package includes:





1 x Nom Commanders print signed by ashley wood, i mean really Smile

1 x Membership with strap thing

Oh and that 15% discount for Bambaland for 2015

Returning 3AA vets ( anyone resigning from last year ) gets an exclusive 3AGO TK head !

All in a great box, its where JJ like to be!

PRE SALE on Jan 15th

SHIPS ON May 17th, naturally the Discount comes into affect straight away!


Latest Q&A with Ashley Wood available here

And added to WorldOf3A Facebook page notes here


3AGO WWR NOM Bertie MK2 from 3AA 2015 3AGO NOM Commanders membership package! Available on January 15th 9:00AM HK time at www.bambalandstore.com

2000AD 1/12th Scale Collectible Figure Series Judge Death .Available for pre-order on January 14th at Bambaland ( www.bambalandstore.com ) for $60 USD with International shipping included in the price.

Please check our Shipping Schedule:


for the releases, which we are starting to ship out this week.


Newsletter dedicated to 3AA 2015 Membership Box Set is out and if you haven't received it with your mail or haven't signed up to our VOX newsletters yet, please follow the link below:


*On Sale - January 15th, 2015 at 9:00AM Hong Kong Time
*24 Hour Sale Window Only
*Available For Purchase At Bambaland Store (www.bambalandstore.com)

This Year's Set Includes:
*2 X 3AGO N.O.M Commanders
*1 x 3AGO Command Guard Bertie Mk2 - Exclusive To This Set Only
*1 x JJ McGee Thingy on a Thingy Stand
*1 x 3AA 2015 Black T-Shirt (choice of XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL)
*1 x N.O.M Commanders print signed by Ashley Wood, I mean really
*1 x 3AA 2015 Membership Card with Strap Thing
*15% Discount at Bambaland Online Store Throughout 2015
*Access to 3AA Exclusives or 3AA Variants
*Returning 3AA vets (Anyone Resigning From Last Year) Receive An Exclusive 3AGO TK Head !
*All In A Great Box, It's Where JJ Like To Be!
*Ships on May 17th - Naturally the 15% Discount Comes Into Effect Straight Away!

F5 Bar dedicate to the first release in a new wave of 1/12th scale collectible figures from 2000AD designed by 3A is open and waiting for you here.

The first release in a new wave of 1/12th scale collectible figures from 2000AD designed by 3A.

Pre-order starts January 14th 9:00AM Hong Kong time.

Judge Death

1/12th Scale Collectible Series

USD - $60


*Figure Stands 6.6" (16.8cm) Tall
*Fully Posable
*New Unique Sculpted Slender Body
*Highly-Detailed Sculpt and Tailored Mock-Leather Outfit
*Classic Painted Colorway
*Available for pre-order at Bambaland and 3A Stockists Worldwide
*Bambaland pre-order price includes free international shipping

Bambaland Exclusive Classic Comic Book Edition
1/12th Scale Collectible Series

Pre-order on January 14th 9:00AM Hong Kong time at www.bambalandstore.com

Price: 60USD (Bambaland pre-order price includes free International shipping).

*Figure Stands 6.6" (16.8cm) Tall
*Fully Posable
*New Unique Sculpted Slender Body
*Bambaland Exclusive Grey-Scale Colorway 'Classic Comic Book Edition'


Ashley Wood about 7th year for 3AA:

Today see's the first release in our new 1/12th 2000AD range of figures with Judge Death $60, soon we will have Dredd, Robo Hunter, Hammerstein etc!

Tomorrow will see the 2015 3AA set be offered $190, Not only do you get a box with 4 great toys and tshirt, but you also get the 15% Bambaland discount and first crack at pre made toys and other stuffs! 2015 is out most packed year yet, so that discount might be invaluable! Just as a hint of what to come here are some short term highlights:

EvenFall THUG, TOTEM SWAT and Aliens

Transformers, Optimus Prime , Starscream and Megatron

DC MEN OF STEEL, starting with Batman

World of Isobelle Pascha 24" and 12", new characters and situations!

Marvel by Ashley Wood, Ultron next, then Spidey, Cap etc

Bungie's Destiny, first figure offered very soon

WWR/SOTF New Robots and human character

3AGO line expansion

Crystal Jade Vaughan line of characters

VALVe such as Dog, Gordon and Alyx from HL2

Parade sets

Reservoir Dogs Metal

Siuyin's Syoupee

World of Frederator

Plus TK's, AK and much more


Both 1/12th scale Judge Death are available for pre-order at www.bambalandstore.com now!

Newsletter dedicated to 2000AD 1/12th Scale Collectible Series - Judge Death and Bambaland Exclusive Classic Comic Book Edition is out and can be accessed here:


3AA 2015 is available at www.bambalandstore.com for 24 hours only!


*2 X 3AGO N.O.M Commanders
*1 x 3AGO Command Guard Bertie Mk2 - Exclusive To This Set Only
*1 x JJ McGee Thingy on a Thingy Stand
*1 x 3AA 2015 Black T-Shirt (choice of XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL)
*1 x N.O.M Commanders print signed by Ashley Wood, I mean really smile emoticon
*1 x 3AA 2015 Membership Card with Strap Thing
*15% Discount at Bambaland Online Store Throughout 2015
*Access to 3AA Exclusives or KLUBS. First crack at pre made limited editions!
*Returning 3AA vets (Anyone Resigning From Last Year) Receive An Exclusive 3AGO TK Head !
*All In A Great Box, It's Where JJ Like To Be!
*Ships on May 17th - Naturally the 15% Discount Comes Into Effect Straight Away!
*Free International Shipping


F5 Bar Dedicated to the sale is here:

Fan-art submitted so far and dedicated to 3AA 2015 Membership Box Set:

album link: (authors names added)

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Re: January - 2015

Post by gimbat on Mon Mar 16, 2015 11:23 pm


Ashley Wood about 3AA 2015 leaving the store:
To the end of the 3AA 2015, as some of you asked for today to pay for your order we will not finalize till tomorrow morning, but it's coming down from Bamba this morning !
Thanks to everyone that supported us, welcome aboard for 2015 !

Death is not forever. The Judge Death 1/12th Scale Figure from the new 3A / 2000AD Collection will be on sale at Bambaland for just a little while longer...

3AA 2015 left the store and here is some info, regarding 3AA discount for new members:

The 2015 Discount is being applied to all members over the next 24 hours! You will know it's working when you look at a product and it has the discounted price!

Recently shipped 1/6th scale WO7174 – Mr 71 and Eddy hands-on photos by Ying Hom (taken next to 1:1 Eddy The Cat statue) and 林殷鼎.


Time to wrap F5 bar dedicated to 3AA 2015! 3AA is always such a special day and it's great to see vets renewing for another year and new faces joining! Thanks to everyone for the support!

Please check whether your membership is activated by logging out and back in to Bambalandstore, and if it's not, please contact cs@threeAonline.com and inform them.

Here is all the fan-art submitted:

album link: http://imgur.com/a/ua4Bn (authors names added)

Thanks to all the authors: P85, BRiZL, G!LL3YMAN, chanimation, Chong Wey Ming (2), Hoi Mun, frargle, turds, pezbanana, zbrushman (2) for their fan-art!


Couple of snaps, of recently shipped Marvel – Doctor Doom: Classic and Ghost editions taken Samuel Yeoh, ivan_squidly and Albino.

Here are last weekend 3ALegion pics which were featured at our WorldOf3A Instagram (please keep in mind that photos on Instagram are optimized in size for phone screens and don't come in high quality) by lqdsnk666 ; toycancas ; tomatobear


Retail String Divers – for retailers outside of Asia.

Transformers Megatron On sale at Bambaland (www.bambalandstore.com) starting Jan. 30th 9am Hong Kong time.

Please follow our updates for more!


Ashley Wood about Microman String Diver Release 2

Next week at all up-standing retailers! String Diver Release 2!

March will see Release 3 including the Quantum Ranger!



ON SALE JANUARY 30th - 9:00AM HK Time

Bambaland Exclusive
Premium Scale Collectible Figure
$430 USD


- Figure Stands 18.5-Inches (47cm) Tall
- Fully Posable With Over 70 Points of Articulation, Including Articulated Fingers
- Highly-Detailed Sculpt and Paint Application
- Featuring Realistic Weathering Effect
- Metal Chains Wrapped Around Torso
- Brute Shotgun Weapon Included
- LED Light-Up Feature on Eyes

- Matrix Of Leadership Accessory
- Tattered and Weathered Cloth Cloak

- Materials Used - ABS, PVC, POM
- Requires AG1 X 3 Button Cell Batteries (Batteries Not Included)

*Design and color may change on final shipping version

Popbot – Mortis Sweeper blurry:

Latest Q&A session with Ashley Wood is up at our blog:


and added to WorldOf3A Facebook page notes:



Lookbook3A Issue 17 - Transformers Megatron is available here:


and here:



WWR SOFT 13th Cavalry Bramble in 1/12th scale – available at Wonderfest Winter.


CNY MIYU on sale, on 19th Feb!

Here are last weekend 3ALegion pics which were featured at our WorldOf3A Instagram (please keep in mind that photos on Instagram are optimized in size for phone screens and don't come in high quality) by : austin_aditya ; jeroloper; darth_thams

Look back at Sunday Q&A with Ashley Wood:

Session #47 25.01.2015[b]

Q: Really excited about a ZvR headered 1/6 Warbot! Can you tell us about what accessories it'll come with?
[b]A: Guns and starfish for now, Warbot travels light!

Q: Will the 3A Parade line continue? And what might be the next release?
A: Yes, Me and friends… er I mean SIU, we are on it! (Hi Greg ) Next release is the SEA FIGHT SET with ol' Apple Hair and co, Faust and Garland are set to enter the EURODEATH SONG CONTEST! PARADE WAS A HIGHLIGHT OF 2014, me and Siu have many plans for more Parade!

Q: Will you ever release the Mr. 71 figure in another scale? 1/12 or 3ago perhaps? Maybe a little corona bottle accessory yo!
A: Mm I think we have had about enough of that Kunt-sler… BUT a 1/12th in a bottle would be cool...

Q: Curious what is happening on Kuntsler meetings? Are you working on some sort of short movie or animation by any chance?
A: Bunch of Kunts-slers talking about death, destruction, night eating day and sour dough. Pretty standard stuff.

Q: We recently found out that TKs are cloned on a home planet, called Jomon. Are TQ's also made there, or do they have their own home world?
A: TQ’s are from another world!

Q: Will we get more info concerning the NOM please? I was curious as to the meaning of the 9 dot symbol, 3 dot symbol, and triquetra as seen in the membership pack this year. Any reason why you chose those symbols to represent NOM?
A: The dots represent the corp’s, the trinity symbols embodies the main doctrine of the NOM, which is balance, the trinity represents MIND, SPIRIT and BODY.

Q: A little over a year ago you mentioned a third and final Blind Cowboy set. I think you said Undead Blind Cowboy if my memory serves. Will there be a possibility that he may come to light in 2015 or is that maybe a future plan.
A: I want to, not sure if there is a market, really hard to know these things, the design is there… you guys want this?

Q: You mentioned a new Adventure Kartel Sunday 4-pack a short while ago. I was wondering if the 4-pack will be the same characters as the Saturday Adventure (Tommy, Little Shadow, Zombot, Zomb) or we might see a change in the lineup. (Johan perhaps?)
A: The new set has Tommy, Shadow, JOHAN Safari Fuck Star, and a Zomb Merc called Minzi. Coming soon to 3AA members!

Q: Will the next WWR EVOL Dirty Deeds Bertie MK2 be a small arms engine ver? Any idea as to when that will go on sale? I imagine getting another in while hatchery are making the Civic and DD Berties would be good? Any chance one of the new DD's will have a stork eye and poncho?
A: Small engine, soon as we have a sample, so you guys have a good idea of the final, I hate to use art, but it was what it was, love you for backing me up. Mid to late Feb for second Dirty! mmm maybe a poncho, if we can make it cool looking, not so easy!

Q: Is jungle prophet Rothchild the same as Evol Roth or does he change his look as jungle prophet? Such as – beard, rusty robo arm and cammy poncho? No longer as clean cut?
A: Nope, the names like Jungle Prophet are given by others, Roth is crazy, but he ain’t mad.

Q: I'm very excited for the new coming characters and situations from WOIP. I wanted to save up for that! Can you please tell us more information on that and what’s next (eg, how many female/male)? Thank you.
A: We have Bambi soon, ISO’s greatest nemesis and competition. Then French the first male character in the series for new characters. We also have SCI-SPY ISO 2 pack, and bits and pieces. We have a CNY MIYU for 3AA members soon too. ISO is a pillar of ThreeA, so expect much this year!

Q: Ash any updates on Die Antwoord Donker figures? Will we see them this year and when first teaser might go up?
A: Early March, rats rule as they say!

Q: Are you still interested in doing the art (and not only the covers) for a writer's comic series or are those days long gone?
A: Long gone, my time is only for ideas or TP. Not enough time to do it all, so I pick my words.. Anyway never get offered Batman…sigh.

Q: Getting excited about the Girl Neptune and Blind Nabler sets that should be coming around soon. What do you think the likelihood is, of seeing the Miss and Mrs. set in 2015?
A: If I can make it great and compelling without showing their faces etc. be a fun set, need to print the second book too!

Q: Ash, I really crave for Bramble in 1/6th scale, any chance of it happening? I know that many are feeling the same. Some new weapons would be Über-cooll! And perhaps new armor plates, like on WWRp Cavalry Bramble version?
A: You are in luck it’s coming!

Q: Hey Ash can we please get Hemingway in 1/6 and 1/12? Please!
A: 1/6th would be great.. Ok you twisted my arm!

Q: WWRp Cavalry Bramble is beautiful, do you have plans for Bambaland version or other WWRp Brambles at Bamba in general?
A: Thinking on it regarding a Bamba version, have to say getting the WWRp version was great, still a great figure, so much character, expect more!

Q: I love 1:1 Eddy the Cat, absolutely amazing! Do you have plans to make more and put them up for Bamba?
A: There will be a limited selection offered sometime soon, different colours though, representing cats I have had or have known!

Q: Will the long awaited WF Armstrong see any design changes or new weapon? Are Armstrongs prevalent in EVOL and SOTF? Will you ever do a new version of the Armstrong, like MK2?
A: Still looking for it….

Q: Myself and some of the other WWR fans have noticed some of the recent bots have been a little less grimy and are worried this is a continuing trend. Is this just happenstance with the nature of recent releases or has the era of filthy bots ended?
A: Some are filthier than others, depending on the corp and locale. No trends at 3A, just the way some are!

Q: Are you a fan of the Punisher? Will Frank be making an appearance in the Marvel line?
A: Yup! This year.

Q: Are there any plans regarding WWR supersets this year? Could we please have the date in advance, so we could save some funds and support it?
A: We have them figured, just need to figure out the dates, we are going to start giving the coming month in advance starting in the next newsletter, anymore than a month ahead and too much can change at 3A!

Q: Hey Ash! Which is the strongest and most powerful TK? And which one is your favorite?
A: EMPEROR TK, sword only had one strike in it, but what a strike, cut a planet in half or make waves felt in Heaven and Hell!

Q: In regard to Evenfall: Can you give a hint as to what we will see in terms of other aliens and their looks? Will there be different kinds of robots to fight different kinds of aliens?
A: I have ideas for many, but have to move slow, the first alien release was very limited in ordering, but now it's out there, there is more interest and as mentioned, we will release a remix version next month, then the THUG robot, then a TOTEM Swat, and see where we are at after that, I have loads of ideas for this series!

Q: Hi guys! Judge Death looks awesome and looking forward to 2000AD figures! My question is do you have any plans on making Rogue Trooper in 1/12? That will be sweet! Any chance of seeing Hammerstein and Joe Pineapples this year?
A: It will come down to how much support there is for the line, if the support continues we would like to make them all! Would love to make the Gronk for SDCC.. too cool

Q: Can we please have a teaser for what is in the next wave of the retail AP line?
A: I wish the interest in AP translated into sales Smile but we have AK series 2, WWR and some TK’s for Bamba and retail!

Q: Ash, two-sided question: Nabler's drooly smiles are so iconic. Is there a reason why Nabler Guys didn't feature this smile? only straight mouth and frowns... And may we have a Wave 2 in 2015, this time with drooly smiles, maybe a 2-pack with one of those pretty ladies they like to hump.
A: Coz that's the way he was feeling, BUT he is feeling better, and had allowed us to offer a new series soon, with a smile… which is the scariest NAB GUY of the all! I think a Lady is needed to kick them all in their asses!

Q: Will the Caesar that comes with Evol Rothchild (Battlechild) be rusted and dirty or clean and slick?
A: Dirty, it's a field bot!

Q: Do you have another WWR book lined up for 2015? And if you don’t mind, couple you please tell what books you and T.P work at the moment?
A: Well Beautiful War will arrive soon, then we have GREAT THINGS OF OUR TIMES later on. We are also dabbling in a Pascha strip too.


String Divers Release 2 available at retailers this week.

Hideo Kojima shared couple of photos in his twitter ( https://twitter.com/HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN/status/560355097578708992), showing Metal Gear Solid RAY and REX half size versions, which are going to be fully revealed at Wonderfest Winter! Please follow our future updates for more info and details.


Latest 3A newsletter with String Divers, The World Of Isobelle Pascha, WWR and Transformers updates is out and if you haven't received it with your mail, you can find it by clicking the link here.


Transformers Megatron Bambaland Exclusive Edition is up for pre-order at www.bambalandstore.com

Ashley Wood Collection 1:1 Squares on February 6th at www.bambalandstore.com. Price: 2300USD, includes shipping worldwide. LTD to a total of 17 Squares. Made from resin and approx 27 inches tall. Signed certificates with each Square.


Nabler Guy round two art by Ashley Wood:


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