H3ADLINES Legion Spotlight

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H3ADLINES Legion Spotlight

Post by gregory on Tue Mar 17, 2015 5:09 am

If you're interested in participating in the H3ADLINES Legion Spotlight, submit entries to gregory@threeaonline.com. Use H3ADLINES as the topic header.

There are three categories - Photo of the week, Art of the Week, and Legion Spotlight.

For Photo and Art submissions, please include your preferred name and/or online handle and if you have a website/instagram/etc that you'd like included

Legion Spotlight - Simply fill out the questionnaire and include a photo you've taken of either your favorite piece or one of your collection.

  • Name and/or Handle/Alias:

    How did you discover 3A?

    What was your first 3A figure?

    Favorite 3A item in your collection?

    What would you like to see made or are looking forward to?

    What is your 3A grail? (if you don't have one, what is the figure you'd love to one day hope to obtain)

    (optional) Anything you’d like to plug/where can we find you online?

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