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Underverse Toys Catalogue

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Post by gar on Sun May 10, 2020 6:01 am

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Next Underverse Toy releases
This list might be not completely up to date but we try to keep it updated as much as possible.
This list is not sequential. If the release isn't followed by a release date, exact info is unknown
(or we haven't had time to update this section)

You can find more info on these releases:
In their own section in the Underverse Toys Catalogue. On
Underverse on facebook, Twitter or Instagram and ashleywoodart- Ashley’s photoblog on Instagram

Underverse online shop and UV Taobao Store Toy releases
International shipping costs: Newsletter: US$5 / Pins: US$8 / Figure: US$25 or US$35
Expected sale dates are indicative and could change, also see for further announcements and exact sale dates

Square Mk5 - 2020.10.20
US$105 + US$xx S/H - Limited Timed Pre-sale / Young Sarah C / The Happy Face of War

NYSA Rocket Ashtro - 2020

Halloween drop - October 2020

UV TEE SHIRT - 2020.07.29 -
US$30 a piece + US$10 S/H - Asthro Lad / Galnaut / JC hand - Black or White T-shirt - Size:M/L/XL/XXL - (including DIY Track Bot container Pink or Coal = US$100 + US$35 S/H)

UV Pin Wave Two - 2020.08.05 -
US$10 a piece + US$8 S/H per order - Opera Ashtro Pin / Skull Bot Pin / JC Hand Pin

Fighting JC Pin Set - 2020.09-29 -
US$15 + US$8 S/H per order

UV Pin Wave One Remaster - 2020.10.14 -
US$10 a piece + US$8 S/H per order - Kitty Pin Remasterd / Tomorrow Kings Logo Red Pin / WWR Logo Pin Remaster

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