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January - 2009

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January - 2009 Empty January - 2009

Post by gimbat Wed Mar 11, 2015 12:11 am

News about 3AA announced by Ashley Wood!
"membership is open for a set time , we will honor all orders placed during that time. ( so no limit unless things get out of hand )
Orders start on jan 15th AEST 9.00am. "

If you are high polygon modeler, 3A needs you! You can get perfect working place, detailed info here.

De Plumes are coming someday in WWR and WWRS scales! Woohoo!

[s]Sets [/s](sold out already) and five singles TK are available at, grab 'em FAST!


More news about, how to prolong 3AA membership. We haven't got one yet, but we already excited how to prolong it Wink
"existing members can renew without worry, the membership might work this way, say if 150 join up, thats the limit, so if in a year 20 people drop out, there would be 20 available. it will be non transferable also. the exclusives will be cool, why else make them.."

More tease from Ash, about the Square.
"the square will make an awesome platform fig, because in the WWR world each group, platoon etc always tweak the look with their own colors and decals, not just for shits and giggles but for practical reasons like battlefield recognition etc.
I bet he ends up being a fav !"
(C) Ashley Wood
Well, what I can say, he is already my favorite!

More on the Square! I somehow feel that it's Ash favorite upcoming figure, so special attitude towards him. Mmmm...
"I think for the square Ill do something cool, I have many cool decal/colorways planned, rusted old, to slick PR versions..
maybe Ill blndbox them without any indication of how many variants there are..
so it could be anything, as the square will be much smaller and cheaper, I might go a lil crazy on variations or maybe I wont.and ill probably release a blank too!"(C) Ashley Wood

Check the tease pictures of Bambaboss, Large Martin, Bramble here!

lioliolio got his TK!
Pics here:scroll there to the end

HUGE NEWS from Ashley Wood!
"We had a 3A meeting yesteday, and I have to say " FUCK " this year is gonna rock, we have a cool lineup coming for you guys.
The 3AA goes on sale this month plus a late jan pre-order.
Bambaboss next month.
Plus the oyabun forum order takes place REAL soon...
AND I might add the first 3AA club exclusive figure is very cool and much wanted with add ons.. and no it the MERC bramble.
and I just ok'd the WWR Grunt soldier !"

Finally word from Ashley Wood about weapon pack!
"weapons pack is coming soon for the big robots...." Rock on as Pitu would say! My DD Bertie was missing extra sword, for quite a time!

I kinda missed it.
New WWR or WWRP toy supposedly "announced". Can't say you nothing for sure, but as you in the quote, Ashley Wood was positive. And it's going to be Harold!
"Harold will be made, we love him here ! The story with him in it was a fun one and we will revisit this particular Harold's earlier story !"


According to Ashley Wood, we are getting our Tomorrow Kings by Monday.

New section added to the board: 3A toys gallery.
And:prototypes photos.

New January sketch conteststarted by Ashley Wood here!

Ashley Wood, about doing Bramble MK1 "ill do a Bramble MK1 at 3A, dunno when but I will"

More Tomorrow Kings arrived today. Please post your photos and what you got in this topic only to keep everything organized.

3A is going to make toys outside Ashley Woods created worlds.
This 3A toy lines will be called the "Showcase" toy lines .
Here is Ashley Wood quote:
"showcase is where we put non 3A owned properties and characters etc. Other artists and companies that 3A are making toys with etc. First announcement soon."

WWRP 3AA membership exclusive's photosare shown here on the board. And he comes with a GAT gun, desert version will be only for 3AA.
Looks freakin' cool to me!

The Square picsare show here on the board too. What a day!
P.S. I war right in the FAQ sections, he is going to be 1/6 WWR scale!

If you want to sell or change your TK with others, here is the official place for that on our board.
Please post everything relevant to TK sale/buying there.

Official TK's photo section.
Please post your TK's photo here and follow the rules.

FAQ section updated about Bramble Euro Defense versions.

Four Blanc prints found their owners, according to Ashley Wood. But I wait for confirmation on that one. So...if it's right, six left out there. So summon your luck and wait for TK's to arrive.

Some info from Ash, about Euro Defense Bramble:"Euro is really cool he has no gat gun ( offensive weapon ) as he is a peace keeper within europe. each town and hamlet etc has a euro defence bramble or two to keep the peace ( from drunks to looters ) and if need be fight the mars born enemy. euro is waaay shitty and rusty, he isnt part of a well oiled war machine, more a civilian outfit, no cares for them, or takes time to clean the bots, they get serviced but thats it. each town decorates them as they see fit etc. "
He is going to ship in February. January and early February will be the pre-order for him. This will be the last Bramble for a while. So catch him. And last, but not the least - he has ? euro symbol on the box.

Check out found Blanc de Plume sketches gallery in here, and not forget to be happy for our boardies, who's got it!  

New section on the board, with info about upcoming releases!
For now:
pre-order 3AA club membership Jan 15 9.00am
pre-order WWR 1/6th Euro Bramble 3rd of Feb 9.00am 9 end of feb release
pre-order WWR Bambaboss Vinyl 24th Feb 9.00am second half of march release
pre-order WWR Men from N.O.M 2 figure set 24th March 9.00am, second half of april release.
Please check this section, when you want to know something about upcoming releases, I'm coping it in the news for first and last time.

3AA WWRP Bramble might be shipped into early March. But we'll get an update about that, after 3AA sign up closes and 3A will know how many figures they have to make.

Board members gift exchange, please read and join if you are willing to participate in here.

What is 3AAVENTURE? It's an upcoming 3A magazine, I'm pretty excited to see one! What known for now?
Tease from Ashley Wood:it will be cool prototype pics, non blurred artwork articles/interviews and shit.we are working on it. It would be given to club members.

Some new info on WWR figure Square, a lot of variants are coming for him. First of all it is second photo, click here, you can't miss one.
About all the variants, seems like there are 10 approximately:
deep powder square, DD square, Desert square, medic square, Lunar sqaure, euro square, MERC SQUARE ( just for Juan ), Blank DIY
3A corp square, and etc.

3AA Exclusive Desert Bramble photos in here, you can't miss them absolutely must see!

WWRP will come out in "Waves." And will be available as singles (~USD40 + shipping) or a full set of 3 (~ USD120)
1st Wave: 2 Brambles, 1 Bertie
2nd Wave: 1 Bramble, 1 Large Martin, 1 Bertie
"to be real clear here, so no more debate, 3 packs will come with 3 figures, those 3 figures will be announced prior, it will not be random.
or you can buy them as singles, then you pick which you want etc"

So we can relax now, knowing that the price is really more than modest.

If you are still interested how many people got Blanco&Negro in their TK variants, don't forget to check Magman's 3A limited edition registry.

Still thinking where to buy, TK's Aki? I have an answer for you! He would be sold through bambalandstore, please follow the news for further notice. And if you haven forgotten, how this gorgeous one looks like, here you go:
January - 2009

Very interesting topic about Ashley Wood art on skateboards, which would be auctioned one day at bambalandstore, go and read it.
Due to the popularity of TK's arrival, new topic started. Old one in the archives.

Great news about 3AA and Euro Bramble!

3AA members can pre order the day before a pre order happens, you will be emailed special link for the store. This will effect how many are offered at standard pre order. the bottom line is , we are liquid and will adjust to the market. If 200 Brambles sell out at 3AA pre order, we "might" make more etc. but the demand will have to be there and be very strong and vocal.

You are interested, when you will get that special email, if you are 3AA member? I have the answer for you. Let's say the 3AA pre-order is at 9am, the 3AA pre-order email will be sent at 9am.

Guys, please make sure your info is correct on the store, real name, proper email etc, because that's the data 3A will use for everything in future. I'm sure that if you are getting 3AA, you don't want to miss exclusives (let's pretend, I'm just scarring you to check things) or 3A magazine to be delivered to the wrong address? So please check everything.

Ashley Wood said that t-shirts, which can be seen on TK's figures would be available at bambalandstore.
Now an update from him:
here will be tshirts, we have a nice tag made n all !
I want to do a box set of all the Tk shirts at full size. and yea you will be able to pick your size yada yada..
Even our shirts have to come in a pretty box !

Still two Blanc sketches found in TK's packages, but already a lot of rares shown up, don't forget to check Magman's 3A limited edition registry. Maybe you got two Blanco/Negro and want to change it with someone to get full set.
Plus, major news for our boardie Nikejerk. He got Blanc de Plume from Ashley Wood and we are very happy for him!

Don't forget about 3AA sign up, will be available for 24 hours  at, starting at 15.01 9.00 am AEST (Australian time). If you need to convert time, for your local time, and I know you do, go to .

In case you forgot, I remind you about the benefits of 3AA, what you are getting for 150$ is:
- A Bramble WWRP exclusive figure shipped to your door
January - 2009 Mini3yj6jg3.thJanuary - 2009 Mini2ig8sa4.thJanuary - 2009
- A 3AA T-shirt (different sizes available)
- 15% discount for 12 months.
- Access to all the special Variants and exclusives.
- A personalized 3AA membership card, with your name/surname/nickname

So SIGN UP, don't miss this opportunity!

One more Blanc de Plume sketch is found in TK packages.

Still excited about how Euro Defense Bramble looks like?
Sneak peak at your service!
January - 2009
200 items will be produced, wait for the new official image, he is going to be a killer!
A little bit backstory on the Euro Defense Bramble, I enjoy the figure more, when I know something about it, so here is a bit of info:
"The US doesnt need a US defence model as they have a large army that can defend there country with ease. Euro defence are there for smaller EURO countries, to help keep the peace and if needed defend the surrounding land against hostile military incursions. During war time the threats are not always from the obvious enemy"

3AA is finally happening! What a relief for everyone! Go to bambastore and don't forget to get it!
I don't sure about different sizes for t-shirt, but please post your order and t-shirt size here.

Sign up for 3AA still available, hurry up if you missed it!
News about 3AA Exclusive Desert Bramble, legs are articulated now too. He is as articulated as the big one, in fact a little better in some places !

A lot of news today!
First of all, new character from Popbot(9?) is going to be made by 3A!
It's going to be Blind Cowboy in WWR scale.
News about release dates: Euro Defense Bramble is next, Oya and .nfo will be released together, more info soon. Euro goes on preorder sale "3rd of feb 9am AEST".
TK's .nfo variant is going to be offered before OYA, as the jacket isnt what Ashley Wood wants yet. He wants OYA to be perfect!
And now quote:
Ill probably offer AKI without the bot head in our classic showbox packaging with a new illo to be different from the rest . maybe $100 shipped or sumin.

Ashley Wood is asking us, whether we want real credit buying options over Paypal at bambaland store? If you want to read what's said before you and express your opinion, go here it would be appreciated.

Mysterious section Showcase here, Ash wants us to guess about the products, do you have any ideas? As we remember Showcase was a 3A line, for non Ashley Wood created worlds. So...Johny...would be probably Johny Quest and Sp...Spawn? But I haven't got any idea for AWM yet Wink
Here is early Ashley Wood quote about Showcase:
Here is Ashley Wood quote:
"showcase is where we put non 3A owned properties and characters etc. Other artists and companies that 3A are making toys with etc. First announcement soon."

There is going to be black Euro Defense Bramble chase figure! And some story about the Merc Bramble as WWRP.
Freaking a lot of news about that figure! I'm very excited, but I don't want to ruin direct Ash's speech. Just read the quotes:
"tell ya what, you buy 4 euro, ill make sure you get a Black guard, which hail from Germany by the way. deal ?"
"buy one and cross ya fingers, BUT if you really wanna buy 4 at once, like really wanna and will help board members out with doubles ill strike a deal. 1000 bucks shipped, 3 standard one black guard.. ill offer everyone the deal though you could just wait ?"
"well the merc bramble has to have an origin and it starts with the Black Guard bramble... with a skull as its German and they like skulls.."
"No has seen a merc yet.. you guys saw a dark silvery colored bramble that got called a merc. the merc that you will see is different and better.. ya gotta wait, WWRP will be the palce for it. The black guard is a fun thing for me really, dats all.."
"the black guard are government guards, glossy and black, with skull motif.. not soo rusty and gnarled as a euro and no gat as they have a touch off class to them not brute force. It will be a limited offer to 10 sets on pre order day for 3AA. "
"ill show the design at pre-order time too, so you can think about it on the day..."

So to summarize everything, you can buy the set of four Brambles and get Black one. Or you can buy one box, and get Euro or Black Bramble, it's up to you. And Black Bramble pictures will be shown on the preorder day. And you can buy only one set or one box.
And for all who are curious, whether we see black Bramble in WWRP, I have promising answer - as Ash said -  every bramble design will see the light of day as a WWRP, many more than you will probably want.
It's a cool day.
10 sets for Black Bramble are already covered. Ash mentioned, if you really are going to spend 1000$ on four Brambles set, PM him with your details.

3A photo gallery is updated with Euro Bramble picture, with his guns out, don't forget to check it out!

According to Ash, there is going to be only one type of Armstrong, the Lunar Defense variant.
Word from Ash about the Black Bramble and Euro:
I would say this, buy a euro because thats what you want, there will only be 200 made with 50 black at the moment, we might make more( but I dont think so ). but the first run is 200, with the black mixed in, we are only taking orders for 200 robots in total at first, Ill keep 50 euro back for the store. so the odds are 25%. nearer the time ill post 4pack pre order info for those interested, it will be limited.

New rules in the
sales section, please read them carefully, to avoid any hard feelings to the mods of board.

ROTHCHILD lunar security "Armstrong" is going to be the same size, as Bertie MK1.

Second 3A board photography contest ends next week. Don't forget to participate there! First contest was won by two lucky people, who got their Blanc de Plumes!

Ashley Wood mentioned that he will show Euro Defense Bramble new pics, at some point today on his blog. Can't wait to see them!
Check out the new pictures in 3A toys gallery here.

New pictures of Nightwatch Bramble (Euro Defense chase) were shown and added for your viewing pleasure to 3A prototypes photos here. As Ash said no more pictures of him would be shown, so I've guess it's going to be, like it was with TK's Blanco and Negro. Only after shipping will start, will be pictures, or as soon as customers will get them and start making photos.

News and new thread about 3A SDCC exclusive:
It's going to be 1/6th scale figure, only available at SDCC and it's going to be much cheaper than ZvR Bertie. Make your guesses people Wink
"there will be only a small run of figs made for the SDCC of exclusives, its more a come see Kim and Ash thing than anything. Probably sold at my art dealers table. We still have to make the things and its gonna be tight so once its written in stone ill say more.
but I will say its a real, only available at SDCC ,at one time thingy. "

Small update about famous WWR Men from N.O.M 2 figure set:
"Men from N.O.M is moving along, dunno how we will release it. Forum, bambaland etc, anyway we go we just get shit from some qtr.
one thing it rocks, regardless of vague connections in appearance to their parents, the figs are super cool, imagine Nom x 100.."

So considering this set buying options, we came to conclusion that, anyone on this forum can have a set. It was made as Forum toy, it will be offered here first, the remaining figures will be available on bambastore.

We finally know, who claimed one of three Blanc de Plume sketches. It was Akamon! Big congratulations to him and more photos of his Blanc in here, you can't miss them, trust me.

Ashley Wood is going to be personally SDCC, so lucky ones who have money or live there, grab tickets and go!

February original character contest started, price is Blanc de Plume. Go there and win , just don't forget to read all the rules on that one.

In case you are wondering what is going to be first 3A release, using brand new AVA (female figure) body? It's going to be companions for Tomorrow Kings - the Tomorrow Queens!
Prototype photos of the Tomorrow Queens revealed, only sneak preview for now, but I'm more than excited!
January - 2009

News from Ashley Wood about the Bambaboss, that figure is being given an articulation and clothing upgrade to fit in with the WWR 1/6th line. So not a non-articulated vinyl statue anymore, we will see him soon!

New agenda for February:
"WWR EURO DEFENCE BRAMBLE 10006 figure pre-order
will happen at
February 3rd 9.00am AEST
250 usd price includes EMS shipping (minus 15% discount for 3AA)
Chase figure NIGHT WATCH BRAMBLE (50 of each) inserted into random boxes.
"Tomorrow King DOT INFO 10007 goes on sale 24th February 9.00am AEST
First 3A poster 10008 goes on sale in February."

According to Ashley Wood, 3A is planning to release a toy without prior announcement of sale date or photos. I'm feeling mix of emotions from stress to raw excitement!
Share your views here.

Interesting discussion about upcoming art book from Ashley Wood, 96 nudes here don't forget to grab one, once they will be available!

Everybody who has 3AA, will have a chance to buy Euro Defense Bramble early, today/tomorrow. And if you talked with Ashley Wood earlier about buying the set (4 Brambles, including three Euro Defense and one Black chase variant for 1000$), please send personal message to Ashley Wood , saying that you are still ready to go and have all the money on ya.

Pre-order for 3AA members happened. I hope everyone managed to taste sweet discounts and got his Euro Bramble.
Blanc de Plume sketches will be available in Euro Defense Bramble boxes!
Follow the news, to know, how many sketches would be available.

Check out the most beautiful cover I've seen here!

OmnilimbO got the Blanc from Ashley Wood. Look at the wonderful flyers he made!
Congrats to you Omnilimb0! Take a good care of your Blanc.

Euro Defense Bramble is available for general audience. Still reading it? Click here and buy it now! Don't miss your golden ticket lads.

Fans who can't go to SDCC, don't be disappointed. 3A thinks about everyone: there will be SDCC board exclusive!

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