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March - 2011

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March - 2011 Empty March - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:26 am

Mach 2011

First of all I want to say, that this summarize thingy I put on myself a while back, been real pain in the ass for me this month. I personally raised the bar and decided to create the summary and each time, trying to make it more interesting, so I brought so much extra work on myself, lol. And still sorry that it's coming to you later, than it's supposed to. When there was inspiration, our only notebook kept acting up and giving me hell; when in that department everything was fine, inspiration was gone or there was other things on my mind. Finally after all drama people tried to get me into, I’m able to sit myself down , clench my fangs tied and make the summary.

As always let’s look book to February, shortest month of the year..and month of calm and not stressful sales at Bambaland.

WWR Grunts went on sale 16th Feb at 9-00am Hong Kong time, at To remind you the rules of the sale: 3AA members had 24 hours buying window and could buy more than one 3AA exclusive. First time in 3AA history!

Prices: 4 singles, 120 usd each, 4pack at 430 usd , 3AA Grunt + Square pack -150usd. Grunt pics, featuring sort of surprise of the sale - 3AA 2pack, featuring Jungle Ranger Grunt with machete and Square.

March - 2011 Gruntdeep.thMarch - 2011 Gruntsand.thMarch - 2011 Gruntstealth.thMarch - 2011 Gruntop.thMarch - 2011 Jranger.thMarch - 2011[

Grunts will ship in June 2011.

Now let’s talk about more calm and relaxed release, featuring unique 2000AD toy line by 3A. Mongrol was second 2000AD release by 3A and it was released on February 28th, at 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time. He was up for sale for about 48 hours , give it or take few hours. There were a bit of EMO, about White Mongrol, which was mentioned by Ashley, but it wasn’t offered for sale. Here is what Ashley mentioned, about Whity:
”well, you guys who get him now, will laugh when your 60 and score big on ****, this will be no question, the rarest of all big bots. I want a white one now... snow mongrol!"
"im gonna have one !”

Now pics of Mongrol, Black Hole version was Bambalandstore exclusive and the other one, was offered to retailers about the same time. So if you missed Mongrol, there is a perfect opportunity to pick up one at retailers.

March - 2011 Blackholeot.thMarch - 2011

Mongrol will ship in late May 2011.

Now I want to remind you what kind of 3A awesomeness shipped out in February:

US Legionnaires finally got their Action Portable Tomorrow Kings , but here I want to talk about new stuff which shipped, not about toys which shipped earlier and just reached more distance world regions.

Surprise of surprises during Heavy Bramble say - Two hands Popbot already surfaced at some of the lucky buyers houses and here are photos by our board member OmnilimbO

March - 2011 Omnipopbot1.thMarch - 2011

Not technically shipped, as it was local pick up at Japan, during Wonderfest, but still. WWR Japan Defense Force Dropcloth set (Japan Wonderfest exclusive) in hand pics by our boardies: memecomplex and hidy , Hidy even got his JDF set signed by Ashley. You guys have my envy , congrats on JDF sets!

March - 2011 Hidydc5.thMarch - 2011 Hidydc3.thMarch - 2011 Hidydc2.thMarch - 2011 Hidydc1.thMarch - 2011 Hidydc.thMarch - 2011

Not much right? Especially in comparison with super busy January, where lots & lots of toys shipped!

BUT March is going to be one of the busiest months of 2011 in the shipping department. So what will ship to us in March? Oh and I will not post pics of the all version, because if you are reading this, you are probably know how they look like and if not, just send me a PM and I will direct you in the right way.

Adventure Kartel: Fighting JC , fifth release of AK line is going to save us in March

March - 2011 Exeg.thMarch - 2011 Fightingf.thMarch - 2011 Jcmo.thMarch - 2011

Adventure Kartel: Inky 2pack , limited release during Bleak Mission sale

March - 2011 Tommyinky1.thMarch - 2011

Popbot: Slicer Tomorrow King Baka

March - 2011 3aatk.thMarch - 2011 Bakaposter1.thMarch - 2011

WWRp Large Martins to retailers. You probably forgot what retails will get, so here is a full reminder with all pics: Mr. Frosty, Big Red, Iron Panda, Sand Devil and double cannon - Damn Large Martin Auspublic Region Def

March - 2011 Mrfrostysingle.thMarch - 2011 Sanddevil.thMarch - 2011 Ironpandamini.thMarch - 2011 Bigredsingle.thMarch - 2011

WWRp LMs packaging:
March - 2011

March will amaze us with two exciting sales!

March 11th 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time - Popbot: Wasabi Tomorrow King , 80$ per one and it’s okay to buy more than one. Killer price , right? There is a possibility that we will see new Interloper as 3AA version. Can’t confirm or deny anything right now though.

March - 2011

March 25th 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time - WWR: Barguest de Plume, price unknown yet, but probably it will be somewhere around previous de Plume close to 150$. We didn't get White Mongrol, but there is a chance that there will be white version of Barguest de Plume. You probably know what a huge fan I am of mono black and white colorways (DW&NW), so this posts by Ashley made me jump up and down!
"ya know, I think barguest has a doppelganger , er white version, the good that was left behind...
right ?”
"white as in dirty white, even the good side of barguest would slit ya throat, and fuck the wound while messaging i love yous to family members.."

March - 2011

Since both releases are scheduled, 3AA members got to have 24 hours buying window on standards and exclusives. But not on surprise releases if there would be any.

Cool 3A related stuff which happened or was shown in February + as I’m doing the update a week into the March , I will put some March stuff as well:

First 1/12th WWR Dropcloth UNCLE Commando 5 , which will most likely be on sale in April , together with DIY and Gebi de Plumes:

March - 2011
We discovered bunch of fun facts, like WWR Heavy Brambles love to steal shoes. Pics by gar (NW Bramble, not Heavy), lukaa and mildred

March - 2011 Gardpbramblekicks.thMarch - 2011 Garnwbramblekicks.thMarch - 2011 Mildredheavykicks.thMarch - 2011 Heavybrambleshoesluka2.thMarch - 2011

and Action Portable TKs love to do some acrobatics, while nobody is watching.

March - 2011 Tigerfeetaptk1.thMarch - 2011 Martin1aptk.thMarch - 2011 Goatyaptk.thMarch - 2011

photos by Goatbot, tigerfeet and anubis2night

Our board member Bubo, got Ashley's blessing for his fan project - tattoos for APTKs, click here if you are interested. Offers are limited and prices are more than affordable.

March - 2011

WWR Caesar showed us glimpse of his face in Rotchild Intel:

March - 2011

WWR NOM NW Heavy Bramble without the knife, ASSURGAM!:

March - 2011

This year SDCC will have a lot of 3A exclusives, featuring 1/12th Dropcloth (unknown, but popular colorway), Action Portable Popbot and IDW exclusive DW Heavy Bramble. Keep in mind that half of the run , of all the exclusives (apart from DW Heavy Bramble) will be offered at

March - 2011 Idwsdcc.thMarch - 2011
Ashley created twitter account and been really active there:

I received few PMs from people who for some reasons don't like or just don't have time for checking twitter, asking me to put more Ashley's tweets in my column, so until there is a demand, I will be doing it as well.

As it’s impossible for me to talk about everything here, feel free to check my 3A daily news archive and February in particular.

Couple of words I always say about 3A forum and your stay here. I hope you will not only have a great time here and fall in love with 3A spirit and collectibles, but find lots of friends and alike thinking people, with whom you can share everything.

And one last thing, if you don't want to read FAQs, all buying/selling/trading inquiries are prohibited on our board and will get you in trouble, so please don't even try. Being on 3A board is a privilege and team of our MODS (ennui, eseffinga, Gar, Gimbat, gregory and Sir Dirty Girty) will do our best to keep this house of 3A clean from anger, bad vibes and regular discussion board bullshit. Let’s make this place even better this month!

Especially this time, since the update took me hours to comply
Guys, I really appreciate the feedback on this month summarize, each time I try to make it better and better , it’s becoming super time consuming as if you aren’t that interested and just scrolling it - let me know. And I will keep it clean and simple, just plan day to day news. Thank you!

Last days of February news


As promised to Brit boardie, time to open F5 Bar and Grill dedicated to 2000 AD Mongrol release and let's all get freaking SMUSHED!

Don't know what F5 Bar and Grill is and you never been in one? Here is the info:
During release nights in the thread dedicated to the release, only serious questions/problems can be posted. Everything else would be deleted by us, the Mods. This is done, to get rid of all the nonsense and help to people, who have some serious questions and problems about the release. The thread where you can make relatively on topic friendly chat or go insane during the releases would be called F5 Bar and Grill, under Release night board's category. The thread is going to be unlocked 24 hours before the sale takes place and that's any minute now, and will be locked, after the figure is going to be removed from the store and I will give you some time to vent and share the excitement about the sale . Have fun there, but don't forget basic rules and maintaining positive vibes of our beloved 3A board. Since F5 Bar during the sale is really crowded and grows like several pages in few minutes, all the essential sales info will be posted in the first opening post of the F5 thread and in 2000AD Mongrol thread under Showcase section. So before asking, please check the first page for answers.
Here is the link to the bar and drinks are on the house! What's your SMUSH for tonight? All drinks are on the house!

C3 Bandai show thingy in Hong-Kong
Ashley Wood and Kim (threezero) will be at C3 expo in Hong Kong on March 13th, hanging with Bandai and Gundam !
More info about that can be found here:

Our forum member ckwan keeps surprise us with his APTK armies! Real clone army there...jealous much.

March - 2011 Ckwanarmy6.thMarch - 2011 Ckwanarmy5.thMarch - 2011 Ckwanarmy4.thMarch - 2011 Ckwanarmy3.thMarch - 2011 Ckwanarmy2.thMarch - 2011

Don't know who made this pic (heard that it's made by one of the boardies) , but I freaking love it. Fingers crossed that kid is okay.

March - 2011

Latest tweets about Popbot movie, from Ashley's twitter:
"Im going to use this outlet as a hub for Popbot film info, as having another thing just for the Film seems like hardwork."

"First bit of news, Pete Ford must be known as the "Truffle" from today !"

"Second bit, being a Australian production, expect some Australian actors of swerve and vigor ! "

"Third bit, there is lots of Latex in said film... that should be enough right there ! Right lads, lasses !"

"Anyone growing up here in the 70's really got to see the true Hogan, the films are funny."

"but nothing on his sketch or stand-up stuff. He gave us Leo Wanker.. Now thats a classic character. Would I put him in Pop, hell yea."

"make him play Leo Wanker, leading some TK's. AWESOME !"

gregory stumbled upon very cool and professionally written press-release, dedicated to Mongrol drop:


2000AD Mongrol goes on sale in less than an hour from now (9:00 AM HK time) at for 250$ (with shipping included). Newsletter is out and you can check it out here.
As most of 3A sales are pre-order, Mongrols will ship in May 2011.
3AA members have 24 hours buying window for both versions.

March - 2011 Blackholeot.thMarch - 2011

Small extract from the newsletter, for those who don't like to click on the links:
"Spread the word, the first of the 1/6th A.B.C Warriors Mongrol, goes onsale tomorrow at !
Available 28th Feb at 9-00am Hong Kong time, at
Both Classic Mongrol and Blackhole Limited Edtion Mongrol cost $250usd, that price includes shipping worldwide and is before 3AA discount.
*this is a pre-order, Mongrol will ship May 2011, Blackhole Mongrol is only available at"

This might be very essential for all those who still don't know which Mongrol to get. Ashley mentioned that all the rest of Seven Warriors will be eventually made in black color, just like Mongrol:
"yea all seven will have the glory, er I mean Blackhole treatment.
Im gonna make a set amount, leave until sold out, cant do it any other way, or I will be stuck with a 100k+ inventory that I have to pay for etc"

Ashley commenting on when he will be in Paris for the art show and about Mongrol sale:
"I have never said any def plans about paris.. please dont assume anything, unless I say it Smiley
Good Morning, I suspect Mongrol sales will not be that epic, but well worth it to me, and of course I appreciate the bar patronage !"

Whether we will see anything else tonight:
"nah paul, gotta see how this shit does, fingers crossed!"

Bye Bye Hobson&Dolch (battle suits manufactures) from WWR Universe:
"I have said they are not in WWR many times, its stupid to grey the areas of conflict, Humans/machines is good, anything else muddies the WWR waters.
So, no battle suit in WWR.."

Mongrol is up at

As you's really hectic around here and always a chance for BEHOLD! There is a chance that there will be White aka Snow Mongrol:
"well, you guys who get him now, will laugh when your 60 and score big on ****, this will be no question, the rarest of all big bots. I want a white one now... snow mongrol!"
"im gonna have one !
ok gonna open up the sale"

Ashley about Mongrol:
"such a great toy, those who have ordered are gonna receive a classic Robot toy !!!!!!!"

Apparently Hatchery is too busy or Ashley changed his mind...or making white one just for himself. I love how fast and crazy things are over here!
"this is it, 2 mongrols
not playin no hucksta.
these rock, people will emo when Hammerstein comes out, ans they dont have Mongrol ! dont emo at when that happens !"
"NO WHITE ONE !!! GIMBY!!!!!!!"

One of F5 Bar and Grill traditions started by BRiZL - making sketches about characters, which are being offered for sale. Here are today's sketches by nwo, expathos and Sail:

March - 2011 Sailmongrol.thMarch - 2011 Nwomongrol.thMarch - 2011

Ashley posting in F5 bar about Mongrol prices and 3A prices in general:
"Paul, with or without 3AA, no money in this.. crazy too, I dont get it !"
So if you still think that 3A charges big price for our toys, you think wrong.



More Mongrol art work from our boardies gregory, 3aChick, Darthgothikus, firehazzard and BRiZL:

March - 2011 Darthgothikusmongrol.thMarch - 2011 Gregorysmush.thMarch - 2011 3achickmongrol.thMarch - 2011 Firehazzardmongrol.thMarch - 2011

I don't care how silent F5 bar was tonight, what I love the most, that Mongrol reached and touched people hearts, just look how many of them did the sketches and spent their time to do that! Thank you guys!

Ashley about sales:
"sales are ok, but this is a long game, not a get rich quick affair !"

Posting about Dropcloth:
"nice to see the DC still bringing the happy !"

Fuck it #3 going for sale really soon?
"they are"

Less than two hours left until 24 hours 3AA buying window closes for make your choice. Don't know how long Black one will be up there as well.

Magnificent Mongrol is still up for sale at

Ashley about not bringing Bertie MK2 in 1/6th scale:
"I gots new stuff to do, MK2 will be WWRp domain for now."

As mentioned earlier Adventure Kartel 2pack Night of the inky black things, feat. Tommy Mission and Intellectual Zomb Terence are shipping out this week and for many it was a good chance to buy their first Boiler Zomb sculpt and Tommy Mission:

March - 2011 Tommye.thMarch - 2011


F5 Bar is closed and Mongrol left .... hopefully all those who haven't had a chance to buy one, will get standard versions from retailers.
Small F5 bar closing speech:
Congratulations to all who scored Mongrol and best wishes to everyone who have plans to buy him from retailers.
Thank you for great time in the bar and making the sketches! Who cares about number of pages? We still managed to have some fun and lovely time.
I hope to see you here for the next drop and hopefully this time there will really EMO and surprise suspense floating around. Don't tell me that you haven't miss those?!
Thank you Ash and Kim for making 2000AD fans dreams come true and making classic robot toy for all of us!

Popbot Wasabi TK (1/6th scale) goes on sale, on March 11, 9:00 AM HK time at
"next drop 11th and then 25th... oh who will they be.... actually one is ol Bargy, and his drinking bud Wasabi..."
"but really, wasabi has been sitting in my studio looking glum, the pop war is going on, he wants to join it !"
"wasabi is for the 11th"

WWR Barguest de Plume goes on sale, on March 25th, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time at, Ashley about Barguest price:
"take a guess Gar, its what I do"
I think it's rather pointless to speculate about de Plume prices, as they been pretty stable over the years..

Some Barguest and Wasabi TK pics, if you forgot how they look like:

March - 2011 Tkc1.thMarch - 2011 Wasa.thMarch - 2011

Fuck It #3 on sale this month as well...what a crazy month!
"on sale end of march. dont want to sell untill all printed and in hand etc"

Ashley posting in Armstrong thread:
"but what A rock, WHAT A ROCK !" - about Deimos in WWR

Kidding about WWRp Dropcloth and de Plume sales:
"or ill sell the deplumes this week !

Just a reminder, unless it was on 3A site or on the blog, nothing is written in stone, as things change:
"also to be clear, no two or three pack for WWRp deplumes sale dates have been set!"

About Ashley Wood and Bandai/Gundam HK event, which will take place in Hong-Kong on March 13th:
"i dont know nothing either, just gonna turn up and smile... Just got my plane stuff organized yesterday"
"im only there for sunday, and im out, time is really precious at the moment ! swing by the show, ill be there, always happy to chat"

Posting in Barguest thread:
"such a cool fig"
"my god man, identical......"

About 2000AD Mongrol and 2000AD & 3A in general:
"make no mistake, when you get your mongrol, you will flip !!!!!!"
"we aint got the 1:1 license for 2000ad, 1/6th will have to do !
Hopefully support will pick up as we go ! I think some think we are gonna do WWRp/Action Portable size shit. nope, only 1/6th !"

More Adventure Kartel figures for retail? And some news about different retail Tommy coming up:
"everyone wanted a tracky tommy, probably more popular at the time
Tiger, that Tommy photo is awesome !
the retail tommy will have slightly different hair and expression and other shit. The retailers have spoken !
actually, the retailer AK assortment is rather cool.. but that later.."
Currently Blood Nails Tommy remains single retail Tommy out there, so pretty interesting how the new one will looks, with the slightly different hair and face expression.

Heavy Brambles keep stealing shoes! Couple of photos by lukaa

March - 2011 Heavybrambleshoesluka2.thMarch - 2011


3A and IDW SDCC exclusive, WWRp Heavy Bramble Daywatch:
IDW will be selling these at SDCC etc, 3A doesnt know what their selling practices are for SDCC, so email Ted Adams ( or tweet him, his favorite way to be poked ) and ask him!
The image has NW Heavy Bramble nekkid not sporting his tough guy pouches etc. We will have two 3A exclusive toys that will be available online and the show ( limited amounts for both etc ) more on them soon !

March - 2011

Currently Ashley doesn't know how IDW will sell them, but he is positive that they will be offered online for pre-ordering first, just like previous IDW exclusives. WE DON'T KNOW whether it will be local pick up only or not, here are some quotes from twitter (but please don't put stake through my chest)
RealAshleyWood: last thing, nah, no emo, people just want to know stuff, thats cool, I dont always have the answers though
RealAshleyWood: they will probably have a pre-order date or similar, and Ill do my best to make sure everyone knows ahead of time.
RealAshleyWood: re IDW, really I dont have the detail, but Im sure they will probably follow past actions
RealAshleyWood: who said there was only local pick up, only that latvian trouble maker vampire Gimby did. stake through the chest for him Smiley
RealAshleyWood: i never said that gimby, I said I dont know. really its up to them.
RealAshleyWood: its an IDW Exclusive toy for SDCC toy, not sold at bambaland, where the 3AA is in effect.

There will be very cool 3A APP in Apple applications store soon:
RealAshleyWood: the first 3A APP will be in the er..APP store soon, the amazing catalog viewer created by 3A boffin 12fingers !
RealAshleyWood: It will have all our catalog's so far plus Entreat, and its free !

Latest post from Ashley's art blog and more Miss&Mrs comic strips will be available in his twitter:
In stead
Of doing a regular drawing, which can become boring and circular I was thinking I might like to do a semi regular Comic Strip etc. So starting today I give... Miss and Mrs ( these two ladies span all my worlds and ideas ), the first strip is here, but from the next strip its only on my Twitter, so join up !. Hope you enjoy.

March - 2011

I received few PMs from people who for some reasons don't like or just don't have time for checking twitter, asking me to put more Ashley's tweets in my column, so until there is a demand, I will be doing it as well.


Gundam painting in progress from Ashley's blog:

March - 2011

Ashley about Gundam painting:
"i think the angle is throwing you guys, the phone shot maeks it look weird, cool but not really like the painting actually is. still it was fun to do !"

Miss&Mrs part II (first part is above), G is Guidance?:

March - 2011

Tweets from Ashley's twitter, but I strongly recommend to check it yourself (here), because I will not be copying everything:
"Im goign to start a set of 4 paintings today, big ass etc. Im going to revisit the 4 horsemen of the apoc.
6-7 years ago I did a set of 4 snowboards for RIDE featuring the horsemen. never heard from them again. they must have loved them about 3 hours ago via web
I really enjoyed doing the images, so Im back for round two !"
"re APTK, I would like a set of TK unleashed !"

Upcoming Barguest de Plume release on March 25th, got Ashley in a bit of nostalgia mood:
"I remember when we sold ol Nom, the 50 went real quick, and I got my first wave of toy emo.. good times
Funniest bit, the email prior saying how I suck and no one will buy a toy without clear and well photographs..
3A have made that a tradition... Of course without all the support from you guys there would not be the De plume legacy I now can proudly look at on my shelf !
the next nom , the Surpreme Nom changes things up. polar opposite to Bargy"
As you can see he mentioned Supreme Nom..looks like it's going to be Supreme Nom Commander, we heard a while about...female de Plume!

Ashley about Tomorrow Kings and how he likes me they are certainly one of my favorite characters in Popbot world as well:
"TK's are just great, they have made 3A really fun for me!"

Summarize for March is coming from me, just need to gather my shit and write it. It's a pity that it takes so much time to write and yet very few people are interested.

Our board member Bubo, got Ashley's blessing for his fan project - tattoos for APTKs, click here if you are interested. Offers are limited and prices are more than affordable.

March - 2011

Btw, speaking about Tomorrow Kings, hope you remember that Wasabi TK goes on sale on March 11th, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time at


Ashley about Inky Tommy 2pack, which is shipping out:
"just opened an inky set, forgot about the poster of the box image, ans the Ak catalog really rounds out a nice pack ~
sorry the shipping doesnt work for ya crem, we try our best on all fronts."
"it really is a cool set, the whole package
I feel we are learning and getting better."

^shipping bit, Ashley was referring to this suggestion by crem , if you don't want to click the link, it was basically about 3A trying to deliver first toys to each separate region, like Berties first showing up in US, Tommy in Europe and etc. Unfortunately that's too complicated..

We didn't get White Mongrol...but there is a chance that there will be white version of Barguest de Plume. You probably know what a huge fan I am of mono black and white colorways (DW&NW) this news made me jump up and down!
"ya know, I think barguest has a doppelganger , er white version, the good that was left behind...
right ?"

Perhaps there will be 3AA version and it will be a white one? We will see soon!
"white as in dirty white, even the good side of barguest would slit ya throat, and fuck the wound while messaging i love yous to family members.."

Updates from Ashley's twitter:
M+M part 3

March - 2011

And now Ashley's twitter, will be a place to get fresh toy news as well:
If you follow 3A on twiter, please this one, coz im gonna update this twitter with toy info from now on !

So if you followed earlier threeAtoys on twitter, please follow Ashley Wood now. Or if you dislike twitter, just check my column, as I'll copy all the cool stuff here as well.


Ashley about this awesome and funny photo by Darthgothikus:

March - 2011

and mentioning new character of Adventure Kartel Universe, who is British - Camden Hammersmith
"darth, the zombot is the red tracky is awesome !
first English AK character coming up soon, Camden Hammersmith , read about him and the rest on the first AK pulp novel... ~
and get the figure too ~"

But next Adventure Kartel released figures are going to be retail figures, followed by Ankou EX, Camden Hammersmith and Little Shadow's sis - Big Shadow, who all are going to be really special:
"next fig.. the AK retail assortment, then ANKOU EX, Camden, and the Little Shadows sister, big shadow.. ahh the simple names"

What's going to be next after that? 3A has a plan for AK!
"then the MR and MRs Shadow two pack, then Doc Zomb, devil boy, the spank etc..
lots to go before this story is told."

Ashley about Camden Hammersmith and Adventure Kartel pulp novel:
"good, evil, neither he is ENGLISH !"
"the novel is rocking, T P and I are writing it, its classic T P Wood !"

Don't know what ya guys think, but I can't freaking wait for this novel!
"his byline reads>>No license required"

Sorry guys for a bit of my absence on the board, our only computer been acting up and giving me lots of problems. But like I said - no matter what - I will be here with you. Gonna try to sell one of blood victim kidney's and get myself new notebook. j/k

New Miss and Mrs. stuff from Ashley's twitter:

March - 2011 Missmrs4.thMarch - 2011

Popbot t-shirts are coming, from Ashley's twitter:
Gonna drop some Popbot tee's soon,a Mortis one and Funlickers Gloryhole cave in tour shirt. To start the pobpot mania etc..
well these will be made in australia, where XXL means XXXL

You can talk about t-shirts here:


SDCC 2011 info about exclusives:
WWRp Dropcloth (unknown colorway)
WWRp DW and NW Heavy Bramble
Action Portable Ascended Popbot with kitty
half of the run (apart from DW Heavy Bramble, which is IDW Publishing exclusive) will be available online
"re SDCC toys
so far we
WWRp Dropcloth
WWRp DW and NW
action portable ascended pops
as stated IDW are in command of DW, the others will be offered half online, half at the show.. remember these are limited, there wil not be that many ! especially the pop"
"course there is a kitty.
and yea DW/NW are heavy brambs"
"last year everybody said we blew for not having any sdcc toys, this we are gonna kill it !"

"yes it will, as of now there are only Nom DW and NW" - whether WWRp versions of Heavy Brambles will be similar to their bigger brothers

SDCC AP Ascended Popbot at your service (no kitty on the pic for now):

March - 2011

WWR Heavy Bramble NOM NW, extra dirty....just the way you like it:

March - 2011

SDCC exclusive sale?

Ashley about Wasabi TK, hinting that there might be 3AA version:
"Wasabi is well Wasabi, doesnt come in other flavors.......
but they say an interloper 7bones has been seen.. I say crap as I dont have one, but some say using their 3AA scanner, they could locate a dirty interloper.....
or not.
morning all"

About Dirty Interloper being a chase...and people ordering Wasabi TK and not getting what they ordered (like chase version):
"we dont do that, people emo us if they dont get what they paid for, regardless of rareness or coolness.
Interloper might be a 3AA exclusive or bastardly chase.. dunno, depends on how many we can make"

So Interlopers will be 3AA thing, if 3A will manage to make them:
"if we can make them, 3AA wil lbe it !
for interloper"

TK classic - Princess TQ 3AA version comes with bothead and Interloper doesn't come with one, poetic isn't it?
"the 3AA Princess comes with one, interlopers dont like em, remnds them of their own heritage"

More Mrs+Miss comics from Ashley's twitter:

March - 2011 Mrsmrs5.thMarch - 2011

Answering whether they will see the print anytime soon:
M+M wont see print for a loooonnggg time....

More details about Fuck It #3 and Ashley answering how long he plan to do Miss + Mrs:
dunno, really, have thought ahead that much, but just enjoying it, the challenge etc
FI #3, 96 pages, 12"x12" hardcover, 40 usd that covers shipping as well. Im only printing to the amount sold for issue 2
only available from
late march it should go on sale !

Another detailed photo review of 3A toy, this time it's Ankou, by our board member toygodd can be found here.


Ashley about blood on WWR NOW NW Heavy Bramble knife, answering on the question, whether we will see it or not:
"you can out your own blood on it ! you all have a little to give... gimby can help..."

Commenting on new Fuck It release this March:
"its been a while...
3 a year seems the speed, I want 4 !"

And guys, don't want to jinx it...but my vamp magic is telling me that you will see Inky Tommy in your houses really soon. So please expect pics from lucky Asian/Australian boardies any day now...and don't forget to use the map!

I'm sure you guys were intrigued by the last post on 3A production blog, stating this:
some call him PITU
We call him Pitu of 3A. three would like to welcome Pitu as our online commando and other too nefarious stuff to mention !
We are glad to have him on board !

I waited for information from Ashley to properly comment on what's going on and what Pitu role is going to be in 3A grand scheme of things. For those who don't know, Pitu is a toy blogger and was always interested in 3A toys. I've met him in Beijing, where he was invited by Ashley & Kim to cover 3A Gathering in Beijing. He is passionate about stuff he does, interested in 3A toys and Ashley's art, and I wish him luck in his journey with 3A.

And here are the words from Pitu himself, who will be responsible for spreading word about 3A and doing marketing stuff for the company:
"Thanks guys. I hope there is no Confusion Im not a Mod here or anything. Nor will i be taking on Gimbats work.
Im here to help spread the word of threeA and bring peeps to the awesomeness that is threeA and the 3A Legion Outpost the way i do it. I hope my passion for threeA translates the right way. I am very grateful for the opportunity and im aiming to not disappoint.
Thank you so much! you guys rock."

WOW! Wasabi TK is going to be 80$ per one, with worldwide shipping included. say that it's awesome price is to say nothing at all. Take that secondary market prices, TKs are going to rule displays and cabinets of collectors for kick ass price!
March 11th, 9:00 AM HK time...80$ with shipping included, be there or blame yourself for missing it!

March - 2011

As always there is a chance of surprises, so stay tuned for more INFO!

Good stuff in the news today!

Mauro 2pack, ohhh...I dig that box art SO freaking of my most favorite 3A box arts

March - 2011

If you forgot or didn't know what's inside Mauro 2pack, here is the pic:

March - 2011

As we know, all Adventure Kartel figures comes with comic

March - 2011

If you ever ordered Adventure Kartel figure, you know that poster/comic comes folded. I don't know what is the reason behind that, apart from it's cool looking and it will not get damaged/teared during shipping. Plus it has cool old school feeling, what do you guys think?

Tomorrow King Baka poster

March - 2011

Fighting JC packaging , number five marks the number of Adventure Kartel big releases so far

March - 2011

Ashley commenting on Fuck It #25 issue, which might happen one day:
"fuckit 25 will be a great day...
fingers crossed !"

Oh and in case you missed that info, Fighting JC ships out in this month!

Guys our boardie bubo asked me to put this in the news:
He will be done taking orders for APTK Tattoos waterslide decals made by him, this Friday. After that - no more. So if you want one, please check his thread.

Tomorrow King Wasabi TK goes on sale in 2 days and 9 hours from now. Time to get ready!

Latest Miss + Mrs comic from Ashley's twitter:

March - 2011


Good stuff from production blog! Gorgeous Drown (Fighting JC sale surprise) box art and WWRp retail Large Martin boxes. And I will put up Drown photo as well, in case you forgot how he looks like.

March - 2011 Thedrown.thMarch - 2011

WWRp LM boxes for retail:

March - 2011 Rlm2.thMarch - 2011

Speaking about retail, you might be interested to check this thread on our board and see comments from new 3A retailers, who provide discounts for the Legion! Btw, I recommend to all 3A retailers to post their offers there. And guys, retailers needs some Legion love, to sell more 3A and then order more retail editions, making 3A stronger and being able to make more cool toys for us...full circle! At least that's my take on things..

Latest post from Ashley's blog:
[M+M part 7 on the twatter
you really should join up Twatter, never miss an episode of M+M.
Also here is shot of the gundam painting, all tacky and wet, see the poster at the Bandai booth C3* this weekend in Hong Kong ( coz I was too slow to get the original finished to have it up there...whoops) !

March - 2011

*If you wondering what Ashley meant under Bandai booth C3 in Hong-Kong, you got to check Ashley Wood and Bandai thread for more info.

Latest M+M from Ashley's twitter:

March - 2011

More about Fuck It #3, which will be for sale in the end of March...and when Fuck It is in the talks, everyone is bringing up "cunt wine"
"ol cunty. im gonna buy the cheapest pissa carton etc, and relabel it all with hand drawn labels, instant collectors wine !"
"FI 3 has the friends of Nabler strip, which I found funny.. most wont or care.. but I did !"

About The Drown making people EMO:
"yup, the Drown brings the EMO as stated at the time of ordering !"

On Fighting JC release boxes:
"box is goofy"

Legionnaires all over the world and mostly from US are planning to visit SDCC and as you know, Ashley is official guest. There are currently plans in the work for the meeting and having good time is what Ashley is proposing:
"there are many places around SD that are cool outside the con, there is a place in the marina, sells beer and dodgy burgers, near a grassy area, 3A could occupy that mound ! Im sure Gregory knows the name of the said dodgy burger place, sells beer in plastic cups etc"
"its more a cantina thing, lowbrow, no real eating area, just step outside to a general eating area or grass"
"its in the marina, near the ice cream and crap gift shops"
"sd burge co is it I think"

Commenting about Sparrow and Swallow book series:
"too much for me to make these books and everything else ( i designed , hunted art, put them together ), never made a cent off them, all for the love it. there wasnt really a strong enough market either, the numbers got smaller and smaller for each Sparrow.. fucking fun to do, talk to the artists involved etc.
Funny I was looking for a book and came across copies of the bambaland version of Swallow #1..ahh goodtimes"

About upcoming TK Wasabi sale, that it's okay to buy two and how amazing 7Bones will be, when aligned together:
"buy two..
seven bones will look fucking great standing together, we are really gonna mix it up.. 7B fans will not be disappointed !"

Commenting in 2000 AD original art thread:
"thats a fine piece o ass spooky !"

Series of posts from Ashley's art thread:
"who loves ya..." - posting 7th M+M episode
"your not supposed to be able to read it, unless your a nabler."
"the nabler has a simple story, maybe oneday the origin of the Nabler will be done"

Inky 2pack started to pop up in Asia, as promised:

March - 2011 Jackinky3.thMarch - 2011 Jackinky2.thMarch - 2011 Jackinky.thMarch - 2011

^pics by Alex Wong from Facebook and others posted by our forum member Jack. Thank you guys!

Ashley about Terence the intellectual Zomb (the one from Inky 2pack)
"terrance isnt strictly a boiler zomb.. more a puppet...
no letter as he isnt a common zomb etc"

Shadow Tommy and Terence the intellectuals choice Zomb aka Inky 2pack, has been seen in UK already. Here are the pics by apeboy:

March - 2011 Apeboyinky3.thMarch - 2011 Apeboyinky2.thMarch - 2011

Guys, please take your time to update the map, once you will get your Inky 2pack, or next releases this March (Fighting JC, Baka):
so we could follow, how 3A awesomeness keeps invading the world
it's a really simple procedure and let me know if you have any questions, using this thread.

I feel a bit awkward with putting it here, but since it's Ashley belong here as well:
while gimby is here..
this is important, Gimby is 3A staff, he is does a hell of a lot at this forum, puts in lots of work and time, as well as updating the 3A website, I dont want to see shit thrown that he isnt a part of 3A or an imposter or any of that crap. in jest or other.
end of official 3A message thing

About Ink Tommy:
"inky tommy is so much more than just another tommy, none of my toys are not just another anything !
and terrance is nothing like shadow zomb for that matter."

Joking about Baka poster we saw earlier and btw, we haven't heard yet whether it will be sweet surprise and we will see it in Slicer Tomorrow King Kyuuketsuki and TK Baka boxes:
"mmm, ill get that unfolded put it on **** !!"
**** - evilbay


Ashley about Blind Cowboy character from Popbot universe:
"he is pretty much done, actually a top tier fif for me. not long ! he has lots of pistols..."
"he is awesome, face is spot on. really happy with it. comes with a left amd right gun holding hand, plus left non gun. gotta pull those double gun poses"
"cloth , was gonna go pvc years ago, but Baka and barguest make me dig the cloth face coverings !"
"no blurrys, he is too far gone, and we all know he looks like a cowboy of sorts.
soon as I have a sample thats on point ill reveal."

With less than 24 hours to go, before Tomorrow King Wasabi goes on sale, it's time to open F5 Bar and Grill dedicated to the sale! Please join us in the bar and have some good time:
Don't know what F5 Bar and Grill is and you never been in one? Here is the info:
During release nights in the thread dedicated to the release, only serious questions/problems can be posted. Everything else would be deleted by us, the Mods. This is done, to get rid of all the nonsense and help to people, who have some serious questions and problems about the release. The thread where you can make relatively on topic friendly chat or go insane during the releases would be called F5 Bar and Grill, under Release night board's category. The thread is going to be unlocked 24 hours before the sale takes place and that's any minute now, and will be locked, after the figure is going to be removed from the store and I will give you some time to vent and share the excitement about the sale . Have fun there, but don't forget basic rules and maintaining positive vibes of our beloved 3A board. Since F5 Bar during the sale is really crowded and grows like several pages in few minutes, all the essential sales info will be posted in the first opening post of the F5 thread and in 7bones or Tomorrow Kings thread, under Popbot section . So before asking, please check the first page of the bar for answers.

Tomorrow King Wasabi newsletter is out, if you haven't got it, you can check it out here.
Important info from the newsletter:
From the world of Popbot , Wasabi, member of the mysterious Seven Bone Guard, their mission to guard the Punk King. Wasabi is the first figure in the Classic TK series.
12" 1/6th fully articulated figure
Available 11th march at 9-00am Hong Kong time, at
Wasabi costs $80usd, that price includes shipping worldwide and is before 3AA discount.
this is a pre-order for a June shipping window
3AA Members have a 24 hour period to order Wasabi.

So, if you have 3AA membership you have 24 hour buying window...BUT if there will be surprises, you don't have any advantage over others (apart from 3AA discount).

And Wasabi is going to be Bambaland exclusive, so he will not see retail:
"just a FYIo lads, these TK classics wil not be at retail, just a bamba thing"

Strange image from 3A production blog, featuring what seems to be - Wasabi Interloper?

March - 2011

Ashley about Interloper Wasabi...if there be one and then BAM, we hear about Oyalopers. Who are they? What are they? Interlopers in Oyabun's jackets , with cool powers? Do they exist? I have no idea!
"Inter what, sorry man, just wasabi....."
"no chase
no slicer interloper"

"wasabi is a classic TK
interlopers are trouble, and best left alone, especially those Oyalopers,,,"
Looks like Wasabi is going to be very EMOtional drop.

Now more cool stuff about SDCC...after reading about this, I want to hang myself for not being able to visit SDCC. Suicidal that's something from Twilight, right?
"speaking of tough to get things.... the AP TK unleashed 4 pack box set, all 4 in one, 1, 2, 3, 4 figure accumulation SDCC, san diego comi con special set will be.. some things have to be.
reality is, the bastard little trackys are hard to make, so its limited by that !"

Looks like they will not be offered online or if they would, it would be extremely LIMITED quantities. As I understand Ashley is talking about Tomorrow Kings in 1/12th scale, dressed in tracky suits, just like some Adventure Kartel characters, which we saw.

Latest Miss + Mrs comic from Ashley's blog and Ashley's quote about future of M+M from twitter:
re M+M:the yellow will change with the direction, which is about to change !

March - 2011

Bunch of cool books are available again at , featuring Chunky Bits, Fuck it 1.1 (hardcover) and Fuck it 2. Get them, while they are there! Unfortunately no Entreat...
clearing out the office at 3A, found some unpaid for copies of Fuck It etc, on

Anyway, it's time for me to round up...need to get some rest, after long visit to the hospital and will be back closer to the Wasabi drop time, to spend lots of fun time with you on the board. While I'm offline, I will be creeping in the shadows and watching the board from my please keep F5 bar clean, or I just might start biting and you will not like it.

Wasabi TK drops on 11th of March, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time. You can checkout countdown timer at or just check this site, to calculate HK time:

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March - 2011 Empty Re: March - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:27 am


Wasabi TK sale is less than an hour from now at .... F5 bar is really hot and crazy right now, just how I LOVE it. One of our F5 Bar tradition is to make a sketch, featuring your take on character, which is going to be on sale. Here are sketches by BRiZL, Dienstag and Sail. Thank you my friends!

March - 2011 Sailwasabi2.thMarch - 2011 Sailwasabi.thMarch - 2011 Sailwasabisale.thMarch - 2011 Wasabi.thMarch - 2011 Brizlwasabisale.thMarch - 2011

Ashley posting in F5 Bar:
"what oya ?"
"wasabi is awesome, TKs dont get on with interlopers !"
"what bags ?"

If you are now sitting and is F5 bar?! Here is a link:

As we already know...there is a pattern, when Ashley talks like that about a toy...means it will be on sale for sure. So keep your eyes open and F5 fingers ready!

About Unleashed TKs making it's way to SDCC , in a form of APTK set:
"er jokes about, read popbot 8, no joke, super important bunch of TK's, probably the most important AP set that will be done. They play no instruments, they cannot dance, hell, they dont even know where they are most times.. but they all have cool hair ! UNLEASHED TK !
or not, but an awesome fun set. thatgs why I do this fellas !"

Wasabi TK is up for sale at , with occasional INTERLOPER OYA making an appearance.
Yes, you heard me right, Interloper Oya is a surprise release and we don't know how he looks like. Here is info from the store:

with long pants yo
1/6th fully articulated figure
June shipping
this is a pre-order
no refunds

And to me surprise of the night wasn't the Oya, it was that this time you can buy more than one secret release...Ashley allowed to buy two. So feel free to buy two Oyas, if you dig them. I guess Ashley wants to invade the world with Interlopers, compensating for first OG Interloper run, which were limited to <30 pieces! A bit more info about Interloper Oya:
"OYA loper, walked into a Tk base, and fucked them all up, was able to emulate the time step move, really impossible to fight that !"
"two are fine... just dont go EBAY seller numbers"

Oh..and if you dig Wasabi, you can buy A LOT of them! And frankly speaking..what not to dig?
"wasabi is the best value toy ever"
"you can buy what you like of Wasabi !"
"just imagine when the rest of the world knows the power of the TK's via the film.... and imagine, no dumbing down or dicking with their heritage on screen..
just give me the fucking academy award now.. the not changing their story for film section !"

Ashley about Blade Runner:
"I love bladrunner
would do it today, but the rights are complicated, hence why there has not been much shit done
ill do robot detective smith RDS instead. yea... i will"

On sketches posted in F5 bar:
"really dig seeing the creativity this forum gets going, thats the best legacy right there !"

Latest sketch from Ashley's twitter:

March - 2011

Was hitting heavy on my Facebook and Twitter accounts today, helping people out and spreading the news. So in case you don't know, you can find me here:
Will be happy to help.

Cute WWRp Squares (1/12th scale) from 3A blog...I wonder where are DW and DIY.

March - 2011

M+M place holder, while we are waiting for new ones, Ashley gives us the Nabler:

March - 2011

Two more sketches from F5 Bar, done by Sail and robmcm
Headsup - I don't have time to go through all F5 Bar and Grill pages and looking for sketches, so if yours wasn't here, don't be offended. You can PM me the link to sketch though.

March - 2011 Sailinter4.thMarch - 2011

Ashley about Mongrol:
"they will punch their on nuts in.. probably the best toy we have made, you cant see from the photos, but it move really well, looks awesome with the other toys.. oh well !"

About Oya Interloper:
"its timeshifting
sneaky bastard.."

Chatting in the bar:
"still think 6: 3A star wars figures would be AWESOMEEEEEEEE....."
"happy to see the TK love... my own Action man line, life is good !"

"not to me or 3A
have fun, gotta run !" - on having plenty of work to do

90 entries already on 3A toys shipping process map, I wonder who will be 100th!

Oh and Oya Interloper isn't sold out, he just pops in and out from time to time, watch as always and some were and will be up at

Let's talk a bit about Wasabi TK sales. There was a bit of emo, when because of the glitch Wasabi TK was out of the store, but it was back really soon. Ashley is currently gone to Hong-Kong, as there will be 3A and Bandai event there. We will find out more soon...but the point is, once Ashley will be near PC , he will put more Interloper Oyas for sale:
"glitches happen, still got ya blood running !"
"crazy time, hope everyone is safe from the rumblings !
im outta here for HK, hope everyone had a good time, thanks so much for the legions support, always inspiring !
im gonna cull some unpaid oya before I log off"
"ill have more OYA from unpaid tomorrow, ill try and find a comp and put em online ! im outta here"

Tweets by Ashley on Popbot and looks like Doomed is happening again, you can get your info about Doomed here:
re The POPBOT film, pre-production starts June first, with filming kicking in jan 2012, for those interested
re The POPBOT film, pre-production starts June first, with filming kicking in jan 2012, for those interested
but our pre-production isnt that in the traditional sense. Complete scenes will be done prior etc. exciting times
we will show stuff soon enough, we should have something fun for SDCC if we work our asses off !

Posting in his art thread:
"thanks eric,
I have never tried to be a easy meal, I dont care if the majority like me or my work, what matters is that when i go to bed at night, I know I have been true to myself. and thats it..
makinf people think is the fun part, even if they think i suck, or they dont get it !
but fuck, Im lucky, I have fans, really smart with it fans who get what Im doing!"

One of the fresh sketches from F5 bar, done by Firehazzard this time. F5 bar reached 200 pages and keeps on growing, as Wasabi keeps marching all over the world.

March - 2011

And lastly, my heart goes to all people in Japan and all over the world, who got struck with earthquake and tsunami waves or who will be struck with tsunami today, as it keeps spreading. Will be praying for you..please stay safe. And for those you are safe and are living far away from all the horror, please be kind to each other. Our every day could be our last day on this you all.


Wasabi is gone from the the store, but I'm still keeping the F5 bar open, hoping for the miracle, for people who didn't have a chance to buy Oya Interloper.
Ashley posting in a bar:
"heya chaps, one bummed ash here... shitty 24 hours....sighhh"

In case you are wondering about Ash's message, here is info from twitter:
So im still in Australia, due to the nastiness in Japan, , going to try and fly out of another city to Hong Kong today I feel like shit, need some sleep, and have what can only be called heartburn, yup Im lame....
It goes without saying how much my thoughts go out to Japan, I have many good friends and family members there.....

Pics of 3A toys and Ashley's art at Bandai booth by agentman, thank you agentman! Here is discussion thread about the event.

March - 2011 5517072097d7b640ddd6.thMarch - 2011 5517069751d08cefe803.thMarch - 2011 55176573580a7b227590.thMarch - 2011 5517072475b82c299ef0.thMarch - 2011 55170692359997915282.thMarch - 2011

The painting is a poster of this awesome oil painting:

Our Latvian magic tells me that it's time to close down the bar, if there will be more Interlopers can discuss them under the Popbot section.
222 pages (what a number!) of EMO, madness, sharing 3A love and good times, that's what this sale was for me! Oh...and full of wonderful sketches, by our boardies! See ya closer to 25th, when Barguest is going to invade (official sales date 25th March, 9:00 AM HK time).


Guys, sorry for being absent a bit longer than usual, our notebook been giving me hell again. But like I said, no matter what, I'll do the news and bring info on your screens!

Because of terrible tragedy in Japan, cancelled flights and other things, Ashley had to miss Bandai and 3A event in Hong-Kong:
The Bandai 3A press conference and other events are going to be canceled , bad day soon as we have more info at 3A updates
Bandai and 3A are going to make some amazing stuff together, we have not even hinted at the rest !

Btw, I'm sure you will be excited, got confirmation that Tomorrow King Baka will ship this mouth.

Ashley speaking proudly about Wasabi TK and confirms that TK Baka is coming:
"yea Baka is coming, he really is complicated, each figure really need special love and attention !
I just wanted to drop in and say again, thanks, Wasabi was quite a success for us, everyone at 3A is super delighted, as I always say, we dont take your time and patronage flippantly ! Wasabi, the Oyaloper will dazzle and amaze ! at lest make ya smile ! I have some more oya due to unpaid, im sure everyone scored here that wanted one ,right ?
anyway, gonna grab some sleep, had none in 40 hours or something....
gah !"

On 3A publishing prints:
"Im working with the mighty Soph Geddes to get some special prints made, you know if they are from that quarter, they are gonna nice
ill more info soon !"

"what devours said !"
"those were Gedclis"

Sharing about his latest art purchase in 2000AD Original art thread:
"I just scored a Bisley ABC warriros page, anyone into the 2000ad collecting scene know these are tough tot find ! sorted !"
"my powers to score are legendary !
Im not there Gar, planes from japan were messed with, had a flow on for my flights, plus Bandai being Japanese have bigger thoughts than me !"
"dartho, cost me all my pocket money.... but ya gota jump when the chance comes up !"

More Nudes coming:
started work on the 3rd 48 Nudes book, the world needs more nudes !

Ashley about his SDCC plans in relation with upcoming Popbot movie, sounds exciting right? I wonder what it might be...
[color=green]"we are going to try and sumin real special for SDCC, but time is against us, BUT if all goes well, some attendees will take sumin cool and funny home ! not a toy, or tee etc"[/url]

Please click here to read very interesting and mystical story (involving forsaken painting) by Paula from Ashley's blog...

Latest art on Ashley's easel:

March - 2011 Kissmyeyesawake.thMarch - 2011

Btw, checkout , as Urge Ourselves Under by Phil Hale, Fuck It #2 and Chunky bits are still there! Shipping right after your order is made, as they are printed and waiting for you to pick them up.

Speaking about Fuck It.....Fuck It #3 goes on sale this month!

WWRp Damn Large Martin (double guns) making it's way to 1/6th scale? It's happening my 3A brothers and sisters! That's what all big bots fans dreamed of!
"fuck, you lnow, we need some 1/6th DLM, i having it started today ! there isnt that many 1/6th Large MArtin out there, I think Our own MArtin has them all anyway.."

Here is how one of WWRp Damn LMs looks like:

March - 2011

We currently don't know whether design would be transformed into 1/6th, or it will be new take on Damn Large Martin.

Ashley about Popbot movie filming location:
"it will all be made in AUS KidA !"

Bambaboss will make it to 1/12th scale, which we like to Action Portable (AP) really soon:
"the mini AP boss are ready to roll it down the line, blister carded etc.. color ways like what has been before, and some new one later on. then the Bambalad, DOOb, and Chuddy !"
Bambalad, DOOb and Chuddy? Don't even ask!

Great news for all Fuck It fans. Fuck it #3 hitting us and shipping on March 31th. So it's already in the press...3A publishing works FAST!

March - 2011

3A catalogue application, will be soon available in Apple application store:
before I go, the new 3A catalog viewer should be available in the Ipad App store very soon ! keep an eye out

Ashley has a big heart, here is he talking about doing charity work for people who suffered in terrible tragedy in Japan:
after the print is done ill auction of the painting for a good organization thats in Japan etc
Im going to be doing a charity print with 3A's Japanese partner. Ill update info soon as I have it, im off to paint it !

New Miss + Mrs on twitter!

March - 2011

You can follow Ashley's twitter here or checking the tab at his blog, which is located here.

Remember the pic, where Mongrol, blond foxy TQ and WWRp Commando UCLE5 Dropcloth were standing together?

March - 2011

And I said, how cool would it be if the blond is 3AA version of Princess TQ? And what do you know! IT IS and like mentioned before, it comes with super RAD bot head! Check her out:

March - 2011 Van1g.thMarch - 2011

Ultimate 3A porn, ENTREAT catalogue is back to , it's extremely big book, filled with photos of 3A toys. It was long gone from Bambalandstore, but apparently Ashley managed to find new stock of Entreat. It was super hard to find on the secondary market and people were charging you arm and leg for it, so click here and get your copy:
35$ and shipping is included in the price

Ashley about Entreat and 3A applications for Apple products:
"the app has the first 3 mini square catalogs and entreat, soon it will be updated with a FI sampler to herald FI3
I also have a handful of analogue Entreats to put in the store for those interested"

News about 3A design studio, which is going to open in Hong-Kong (before Ashley told us that he wants to open it in Australia, but things change fast around 3A, because we are constantly evolving):
after some discussion in Australia and Hong Kong, Hong Kong has been picked for the site of 3A Design
3A Design will handle all the visual side of 3A from Toys to game and movie design.
Of course we are gonna need some able hands for this studio, ill post an email address for send folios etc

Fighting JC haven't shipped yet, but we already have photo thread, hehehe:
"i want mine !! "

Posting in Fuck it thread:
"its a beefy lad !"

In such a small community like ours, I bet there are already talks about the issue, why I didn't mention 3A page on Facebook Pitu started. As I wrote on 8th of March, Pitu is working for 3A, doing online marketing thingy and working his magic on making 3A more popular. He started 3A page on Facebook shortly after that. I heard a long time ago, that 3A official page is in the works and it will be hella cool and complicated, so once Pitu's did his thing, I asked Ashley if this is the official page...or it's temporarily for now and once works on official one would be finished, we will be working on it. Was waiting for answer and you know how busy Ashley is...things are going on really fast on the Internet and lots of people have curious mind and love to read too much into things, so I already got a question and overheard some rumours that I specifically don't mention Pitu's page here. Common guys, our online 3A community is very active and small, so you can't hide anything and that's absurd. I was just waiting to hear from Ashley, what is it and what's 3A future on facebook. Anyway, here is the link to the page and feel free to check it out, if you haven't:
threeA FB - you got to click "like"
I'm not sure, whether Pitu wants me to pop up there from time to time, as I don't want to interfere with his plan, so I'll keep my Facebook & twitter update thingy, bringing to you all the updates and everything , which is linked to Ashley and 3A.
Sorry if this information seemed unnecessary or boring for you, I was always hones with the Legion and decided to spill some light on things, because last thing I want is this "situation" to grow into drama or somekind of conspiracy.

More paper Square (offered earlier for free at Wonderfest in Japan, at 3A booth) photos by Brock Watson:

March - 2011 Papersquare.thMarch - 2011 Papersquare2.thMarch - 2011

What do you guys think, do we need them up at Bamba? I think YES WE DO!

3A HK staff Benny , is holding something interesting in his hand:

March - 2011

While I was writing the update and was almost ready to click "publish", SERIOUSLY, Pitu contacted me and explained that the page if official. So there you guys, no drama for trolls and we (online division of 3A) are constantly evolving and changing things, just like Ashley and Kim themselves, we are learning from the best.

Some time passed from my last update and ENTREAT seems to be gone from Bamba, currently I have no idea, whether Ashley has some left or there will be unpaid ones listed later on today/tomorrow.

Here is Ashley commenting about his Twitter and have everyone got to join:
this is the first line of my info world, everyone should join !
I will continue bringing to you all the important tweets , but still if you have twitter , I strongly recommend you to follow Ashley there:

Ashley on gatling guns for WWRp Dropcloths and mentions that MK2 WWR 1/6th scale Dropcloths are coming to us:
"yeam but I gotta say, saw the dropcloth gatling version today, so cool ! really suits the gatling does our boy Droppy !"
"i meant for WWRp
next 1/6th Drop is Mk2"

Mystery code:
"drop cloth MK2 is ..................... ..... ......... . ...... ... . .. ......"


Ashley about upcoming Barguest sale (March 25th, 9:00 AM HK time) and how many versions we will see:
"there is Barguest, and there will be 3AA Ghost version.
more than enough !"
"why is there a white version, I want it, simple, I like the idea and want one on my shelf. Plus its Barguest's ghost of what he could have been."

Barguest pics, price data and other fun stuff coming this week:
"they are coming this week"
If you follow 3A de Plume history, you probably know that de Plume prices are around 150$, so here is a estimated for you for now. I'm just giving you an estimate , no 100% guarantee that it will not be a bit cheaper or higher.

Remember our talk about WWRp 50 Squares pack? Ashley said that it will be very time consuming for the Hatchery (3A factory) to make so many, so there will be 11 Square pack (I put the pic up , couple of days ago) and here is a confirmation about it:
"50 aint happening, too hard as stated,
11 packs are..."

Ashley posting in WWRp de Plume thread:
"they are fun toys!"

A bit more about Ghost (3AA Barguest de Plume version) appearance:
"dirty white, coz even the good is dirty in WWR..
the ghost Nom is a mystery !"

Did you notice the pattern, that 3AA versions so far tend to be white? 3AA Princess TQ (white and blond), Ghost (dirty white)....of course there was 3AA Grunt set, featuring Jungle colorway, but's very interesting for me to see how 3AA versions are developing this year.


More Barguest de Plume facts: 120$; last de Plume using the old mold; Ashley raised the question whether Ghost is going to be 3AA or just limited release, because 3AA version might be too big load for the Hatchery right now.
"bargy will cost 120 bucks
thats the best we can do !
re ghost, it might just be a limited thing Im not sure we can handle the load, so it might be a moot point !
ill have pictures soon, but today is sucking, so fingers crossed"
"this is gonna be the last depume using these molds, im retiring them, the next de plumes are different to represent different points of view. the NOM are evolving !
and I really mean it, no more de plumes as we know them!!!!"

"it means nothing stays the same, for anyone or anything..."
"back to work, Bargy pics soon !"

Answering on a question why 3A design will be in Hong-Kong:
coz 3A is 99% in HK, it really should be where the production and engineers are. Simple as that

More Miss + Mrs from Ashley's twitter:

March - 2011 X2506a1be.thMarch - 2011

Ashley expressing his sympathy about shipping problems in Japan and speaking about retail versions of Adventure Kartel toys:
"sorry horrorwood... shit all round !
on a lighter and more trivial note, the tracky JC looks bad ass !
the retail AK assortment is :
bob hair shadow
emo fringe tommy
hooded ankou
Zomb od some sort"

Remember completely new female body , which was in the works? Seems like it's almost done and ready!
"the body is almost here.... woot !"

Slowly 3A toys shipping process map reached 100 entries. Woohoo! Huge thanks to everyone who is using the map, because without you marking the entries, there is really no point in this map at please take your time and use it, once Fighting JC will start hitting us:


Ashley and Kim are known for their big heart, here is another noble gesture from their side: 3A is going to send special WWRp Armstrong 1G toy to all previous Japanese customers for free and offer it on Bambaland for rest of the world. All income from the sale, I mean every $, will go to Japanese welfare agency.
Even though toys and good gestures mean not much compared to Japans situation.
we at 3A are going to send all our previous 3A customers a special JDF WWrp Armstrong toy,
we will also sell for a limited time and give every $$$ to a Japanese welfare agency. I mean every $
no costs covered our end !

A bit more explanation about 1G Armstrong:
to be clear, we are sending all our previous japanese customers a free toy, the rest of the world will be able to buy it
every cent, we are not covering costs on any of it, not even shipping !
they will be for sale soon as possible ! soon as I know ill twatter about it
Kims idea !

Ashley about retail version of Little Shadow:
"face is a little different too, more to my initial idea.. clothes will be similar, she doesnt have much of a range, short skirt, jeans, hoodie, tshirt, sneakers etc.. "
"well, I think we are gonna throw in variants into the carton of 12. shadow mode is well little shadow in her natural state !"

About Adventure Kartel Dead Gangsta Astronaut:
"well he thinks he is a badass for hire, but all skeletons with guns do !"

Posting in Fighting JC photo thread, where is no photos, because Fighting JC haven't shipped yet (scheduled to ship a bit later this March):
"a blessed thread, it shall stay open, like a pair of whores legs !"

Good news to all Action Portable TK fans, half of super limited and SDCC exclusive TK Unleashed 4pack run will be offered at Bambalandstore!
"I know one things lad, the Tk unleashed 4 pack has the best name so far for a 3A toy ~"
"i would buy it for the box alone, coz of what it is called !"

"this is the new TK unleashed !"
"half the stock will be for bamba.."
"i think this 4 pack, while while only 4 mini TKs in red trackies with different colored hair, could be one of the greatest things 3A has made.. the level of stupid is high on this one !"

On new female body looks:
"very similar look, but torso, kneses etc have been refined ! no back joint now, inner skeleton etc"

New Miss + Mrs from Ashley's twitter:

March - 2011


Barguest de Plume photo from all angles

March - 2011

Barguest de Plume, will be the last de Plume using old mold. There will be more eventually, but not based on first de Plume mold. Barguest de Plume will cost you 120$, with worldwide shipping included in the price and available at on March 25th, 9:00 AM HK time. 24 hours for 3AA members.....we haven't heard any written in stone information whether dirty white Ghost will be 3AA exclusive or limited release. Stay tuned!

Ashley about Barguest:
"pics on the Blog, kinda sad to post that its the last de Plume, it all started with Plumes.. they have been good..."
"that was a fun ad to make !"

Taste of nostalgia...first ever toy by 3A and first ever de Plume - Nom de Plume ad (sold out in summer 2008):

March - 2011

My vampire magic tells me that Fighting JC are about to ship out any day now, so you can expect the pics pretty soon. Please don't forget to use the map, the idea will not work without your active participation!

Ashley posting about working on Adventure Kartel comic:
Dunno if the Miss and Mrs will get done today, working hard on the first AK comic, and im really enjoying it !
will try and get it done later tonight

Commenting on Little Shadow photos by our Legionnaires:
"you can yank it, im sure you have some experience... cough
the hose that is"

Joking in Barguest de Plume thread:
"you can yank it, im sure you have some experience... cough
the hose that is"
"yup, figured, bust my ass for you guys then nothing.."

For critical minds, who like to emphasise that that's not going to be last de Plume from 3A:
"there will never be another 1/6th fig by 3A called de plume... bank that shit
the tales moves on"
"nor look like this..!"

Ashley about WWRp de Plumes next month and Ghost looks:
"ghost next week, just imagine him whitish etc
WWRp deplume late next month, may, dunno, not thinking that far ahead"

From twitter on WWR and Popbot game:
the dev working with me on the WWR iphone ipda game had to bail, have many lining up, will make a decision soon
Popbot, still have not found a studio / situation that works, no biggie, it will happen
not about finding, have em lining up, its about the details, getting stuff made and paid is easy shit
quality, love, they are the tricky bits
the fucker lives there, always, man I could have had 20 games and 10 films if I let that shit slide

New payment option for US Paypal users:
For our US paypal users
For Barguest we are going to use the paypal BML ( bill me later system ) , so thats another option to purchase Barguest ! Google it to find out more !

Guys, one of our Legionnaires - kadoo and his friend nixon, finished working on video, capturing 3A at Wonderfest (Japan), so if you are interested in this coverage please click here.


Small personal note from me: my 3A brothers and sisters, sorry for three days silence, I was constantly there checking via my phone, but couldn't update anything, because of my constant computer problems. I had back up plan , in case something massive happens, but thankfully it was calm weekend ad Monday. I'm working on a solution to get myself proper notebook, to be there with you like always 24/7. Fingers crossed that all my PC problems will be solved this week, before Barguest sale happens. And of course to remind you, Barguest goes on sale, on March 25th, 9:00 AM HK time at

Let's start with 3AA version of Barguest de Plume - Fantome de Plume, and to answer all questions, this will be 3AA only:

March - 2011

Ashley about Barguest and Fantone de Plume (prior to the pics):
"i know Bargy as Phant here, actually thinks its cool, elephants are badass angry bastards !"
"coffeee time yay !
re ghostyphant, dunno, have to find out some info for the hatchery etc he shall be known as the White Elephant from today !"

Posting in Fighting JC photo thread and btw, Fighting JC already started to surface this week in different parts of the world:
"re head >> should be there, i dont have em yet though in hand, nice to be the owner huh.....
tell ya, the tracky JC looks fucking BADASS !"

Ashley promises to show tracky Fighting JC and fulfils the promise:

March - 2011 Tracky1.thMarch - 2011

"ill dig em this afternoon, they are of the shipping version.. oh fuck it , ill do it now"
"they all rock, fun and silly, best way to be !"

As I mentioned, Fighting JC was already received by lots of our boardies. Here are Fighting JC and Drown pics by our boardies: slimjim, goatbot, robonuts, pierrot, MalcolmLittle, Darthgothikus. As always you can checkout more Fighting JC pics in Fighting JC photo thread on our board.

March - 2011 Slimjimjc2.thMarch - 2011 Slimjimjc.thMarch - 2011 Robonutsjc2.thMarch - 2011 Robonutsjc.thMarch - 2011 Pierrotjc.thMarch - 2011 Malcolmlittlemaurojc.thMarch - 2011 Drowngoaty.thMarch - 2011 Darthgothikusjc2.thMarch - 2011

Ashley about Nabler:
"that grin has been on the nabler for many years before, but that doesnt mean that they are not connected"

Ashley about pouches on the Jungle Square:
"no packs, old school square love !"

Wonderful news to all DIY toys fans, there will be super pack featuring all 3A WWRp toys:
"speakign of DIY paul, there is gonna be WWRp DIY super box set of with all the WWrp bots till now in DIY blory ! so people can flex their art dicks !"

Confirming that Fantome de Plume is 3AA exclusive and declaring this week - Barguest week!
"only 3AA..."
"Barguest week !"

On Fantome de Plume (3AA Barguest version) looks and talking about Barguest:
"pants are not freyed liek bargy
different de plume !"
"the dark barguest is much darker than your pic suggests Darthy
and I cant pick, really dig em both !"
- even Ashley isn't able to pick his favourite here, tough choice for all of us, who can buy just one..

Bye Bye de Plumes:
"i think its an awesome way to finish the de pLume line..
im proud of them !"

So mark it in your calendars, 25th of March , 9:00 AM HK time at , 120$ for Plume says goodbye!

Ashley on Labrador pack (Bleak mission surprise) appearance:
"just saw the final LAB set.. fucking nice.. transparent lab is the shit !"
"and thats dirty transparent too ! "

"it was a Lab sale with a Bleak Mission accessory !
if you scored a set, you have one the best 3A sets... this is the reason I do 3A.. Lab sets... I had a Lab called Sheba once, defined my childhood, I miss her...."

Posting in his art thread:
"shit Cody summed it up.... well played, simple and to the point.."
"prologue finishes tomorrow, ill put them all on my blog !" about Miss + Mrs

All latest Miss + Mrs from Ashley's twitter:

March - 2011 Mm14.thMarch - 2011 Mm151.thMarch - 2011 Mm16e.thMarch - 2011

Remember WWRp JDF Armstrong sale, I mentioned last week? Where all the profit goes to Japan charity? Here is what you need to know, from Ashley's twitter:
"im off to paint and pretend Im working, but before I go the JDF Armstrong sale is the 29th of march"

I will be back with more updates and info today. Cheers!


Latest M+M from Ashley in two variants and small explanation from twitter:
the first one looks better, but the second one has the contextual color..

March - 2011 Mmprologue2.thMarch - 2011

Ashley posting in his art thread about putting together all the M+M strips and offering it in a book:
"yup ash is great.....runs off..."
"i am going to put it together in an extended hardcover landscape book.. really limited run....
coz people dont read anymore"

"there wont be many, but I spent all night making new art for it... now off to draw another comic"

Time to open F5 Bar and Grill dedicated to WWR Barguest de Plume lease and welcome you all. This bar and sale got to be very special, in the end , Nom de Plume was first ever toy by 3A and now we are saying goodbye to de Plumes in 1/6th scale, with Barguest de Plume. And what a final note it is! I think he is absolutely gorgeous and deadly looking, same goes to 3AA version - Fantom de Plume.

Don't know what F5 Bar and Grill is and you never been in one? Here is the info:
During release nights in the thread dedicated to the release, only serious questions/problems can be posted. Everything else would be deleted by us, the Mods. This is done, to get rid of all the nonsense and help to people, who have some serious questions and problems about the release. The thread where you can make relatively on topic friendly chat or go insane during the releases would be called F5 Bar and Grill, under Release night board's category. The thread is going to be unlocked 24 hours before the sale takes place and that's any minute now, and will be locked, after the figure is going to be removed from the store and I will give you some time to vent and share the excitement about the sale . Have fun there, but don't forget basic rules and maintaining positive vibes of our beloved 3A board. Since F5 Bar during the sale is really crowded and grows like several pages in few minutes, all the essential sales info will be posted in the first opening post of the F5 thread and in Barguest thread under WWR section. So before asking, please check the first page for answers.
In the end it's last de Plume in 1/6th scale from 3A, known to the please pay your duties and visit the bar for his honour and make him smile in his toy afterlife.

Ashley about no surprises during Barguest de Plume sale and speaking briefly about Square 2.0:
"no surprises this time, a classic moment, no emo !
just checking the new square, FUCKING CLASSIC, REALLY... DAMN !"
"Square 2.0...
tactical Square"

Posting in his art thread about M+M and other stuff:
"there wont be many, but I spent all night making new art for it... now off to draw another comic"
"I dont care about selling them, i just want to do it, like everything I do. I might give it away with original art buys etc..
dont know yet, but thats the beauty of paying and being your own boss, choice !!
can we know Gregory , as GRE-GORY like the two bat from the early 80's... I think that would be cool"

"well im adding shit, but not messing with the vibe, there were many out takes !"
"there was never much offered, you missed nothing" - answering on my comment, where I mentioned that I'm sad about missing good old days, when Ashley's original art was offered at Bambalandstore

Latest M+M from Ashley's twitter, beautiful sketch carefully placed next to Popbot and unpainted Labrador from Bleak Mission release, if my eyes doesn't fool me)

March - 2011

Infamous brillo Square! If you don't know, there were talks prior to Beijing show about making some brillo Squares in 1:1 scale , as an honour to all mighty Andy Warhol, but there wasn't enough time.

March - 2011

Ashley about the brillo Square not making it to 1/6th scale...that's sad, and I was dreaming about 1:1:
"its not gonna be in 1/6th... part of the mini square set, though thats a 1/6th version"


Barguest de Plume newsletter can be found here.

Info from the newsletter:
Barguest, the second Fallen De Plume...
12" 1/6th fully articulated figure
Available 25th march at 9-00am Hong Kong time, at
Barguest de Plume costs $120usd, price includes shipping worldwide and is before 3AA discount.
this is a pre-order for a July/August shipping window
Also available Fantome de Plume exclusive for 3AA members only !
These are the last De Plume 1/6th figures 3A will make!
3AA Members have a 24 hour period to order both figures.

So, 3AA members have 24 hours buying window on both figures and Barguest + Fantome are shipping in July/August 2011.

Ashley about M+M and making the deal with gregory, who gave in his [s]soul[/s] nickname to the all mighty Bambaboss:
"prologue montage is missing a strip by the way"
"Hc will b 36 pages long. the add ins are some the best comic stuff I have ever done... really fun... it shows"
"deal Gre-Gory"

With less than an hour, before Barguest de Plume drops at Bambalandstore at 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time (btw, check this link if you are confused and don't know the time) , it's time to put up sketches from F5 Bar and Grill , by our talented boardies. There was a long run tradition set by BRiZL to draw sketches dedicated to the figure, which is dropping and lately it became very popular, which I absolutely love. Last time I promise, that I will try to put all sketches and collages from F5 Bar to the news, so here goes:

March - 2011 Thesuperflybargy.thMarch - 2011 Oyabunttbargy.thMarch - 2011 Zzzzzbargy.thMarch - 2011 Wwwetworksbargy.thMarch - 2011 Enzogarzabargy.thMarch - 2011 Expathosbargy2.thMarch - 2011 Expathosbargy.thMarch - 2011 Sailbargy.thMarch - 2011 Eseffingabargy.thMarch - 2011 Dienstagbargy.thMarch - 2011

Sketches and photo collages are made by: BRiZL, Sail, expathos, eseffinga, dienstag, wwwetworks, oyabunTT, thesuperfly and EnzoGarza.

Barguest and Fantome are up at for 120$ each, prior to 3AA discount, if you have one. It's okay to buy more than one Barguest, since it's standard release, but we haven't heard whether it's okay to buy more than one Fantome

Our mod ennui, explaining how bill me later option works for US Paypal users:
I signed up for BML previously, but that didn't matter.
You order like normal and check out like normal. Once on PayPal's payment page, you select to change your payment type.
Then select Bill Me Later and it takes you thru the approval process. Once you are approved, it takes you back to PayPal's payment page.
Now, it says Payment type Bill Me Later. You click the "pay" button like normal and you have your order confirmation page as usual

Full text here.
Feel free to contact him, if you have any questions about Bill Me Later option.

Ashley posting in the bar , prior to Bargues sale and during the sale:
"got stuck in traffic.. glad I made it ~"
"I was drinking coffee with TP, mentioned that this is a kinda sad day, last de Plume etc.. Wow, was her only words, then silence and coffee drinking noises.. FUCKING MOVE< IM GONNA BE LATE YOU CUNT DRIVERS"

"I hope it does... kinda cool, watching people melt down" - about Bamba exploding because of too much people going there
"road are shit in perth unless you leave civilization etc.
its all controlled burns, floor it, brake, repeat"

On BRiZL's sketch (shown above among the others):
"good stuff brizl!"

Last de Plume comment:
"there will never be a 1/6th called de plume again or have these molds.. Name is done too."
"there they go into the distance !"

Since the good old times, when rare release passed without secret drop, people asking whether there will be any surprises:
"no secret drops today...
next week.. well. nah, most wont care.... or want one"

Next week comment, I hope you remember that 31st is Fuck It #3 sale at and 29th got to be WWRp JDF Armstrong sale (more details coming on that one).
"forget next week, it wont matter, there wont be a sale, you will not know..." - Ashley fooling around with us
"really, its FI 3 !
see nothing really, no one buys books..."

Ashley about 1:1 Squares era in twitter:
nope that was it for the squares, never again !

Awesome stuff from 3A production blog, mini-Bambabosses will be offered for sale soon, featuring all the cool colorways, including GID and Pudding Boss!

March - 2011

1/12th scale Slaughterhouse Dropcloth, which is going to be another 3A SDCC exclusive this year. 3A is going to be kicking some major asses at SDCC this year!

March - 2011

WWRp Japan Defence Force Armstrong revealed. It will be up for sale on 29th of March, 9:00 AM HK time at and , all the money, I mean ALL the money, from the sale will be transferred to help Japan. 3A is covering expenses from it's pocket on this one.

March - 2011

Labrador set (Bleak Mission surprise release):

March - 2011

Ashley about WWRp JDF Armstrong price and surprises:
"should be around 50-55 bucks, but I dont know for sure yet"
"no secret drops on 29th"

On how many multiple Armstrongs you can buy:
"re JDF buy as many as possible, this is beyond a good cause !"

Speaking on surprise in general (remember how Ashley mentioned that 3A is changing surprise policy?)
"non, I said before, the easy days are gone, it was like shooting fish in a barrel.. shits gonna catch ya by surprise, and not where you always think"

Seems like we all are obsessed with surprises, right? Here is another confirmation, that there will be none, during Barguest sale:
"no secrets today.. this a classy de Plume wake !
no more lab sets.. I have one more lab to go, but I dont know how I will sell etc"

About DIY mini Bambaboss availability:
"someone mentioned DIY mini boss.. well come hear me shit on at Supanova in Perth and I might have some...."

About Labrador set:
"the box box for the Lab set is big and cool.. and people scoffed at a set of satanic Labs..... the FOOLS !!!"
"nope custard is yellow and not part of the circle , shown are the 5, ghost lab is best, translucent etc"

Popbot film news from Ashley's blog:
Popbot film stuff
Two Australian feature films confirmed for Victoria

Melbourne has secured two Australian feature films estimated to bring a combined $35 million in
production expenditure to Victoria and employ around 430 Victorians, Minister for Innovation, Services
and Small Business Louise Asher announced today.

Ms Asher said science-fiction action adventure Popbot and crime thriller John Doe had been attracted
to the state by Film Victoria’s successful Production Investment Attraction Fund (PIAF).

“Both feature films will complete pre-production, filming and post-production in Melbourne,” Ms Asher

The Coalition Government has secured more than $50 million in production expenditure for the state
since December 2010.

“The Coalition Government is upholding the state’s reputation as a leading production destination and
this announcement once again confirms that reputation on a national scale,” Ms Asher said.

Popbot, based on the critically acclaimed graphic novel series by Ashley Wood and TP Louise, will be
produced by Resolution Independent’s Pete Ford and Media Funds Management’s James M. Vernon
and Kristy Vernon. Finance has been arranged by MFM. The post-modern science fiction film, to be
shot at Docklands Studios Melbourne, will combine live action with motion capture technology and 3D
character animation. Production is scheduled for the second half of 2011.

John Doe, from John Doe Productions and Woodburn Sweitzer Management, will be produced by
Kristy Vernon and Keith Sweitzer and directed by Kelly Dolen. James M. Vernon will executive produce,
with MFM representing investors. The film follows, through a series of video diaries, an accused
vigilante whose actions have divided communities worldwide. John Doe will be shot on location
throughout Melbourne from May 2011.

Film Victoria CEO Sandra Sdraulig confirmed the projects would be a massive boost to the Victorian
screen industry.

“I am pleased that Victoria will host these quality Australian productions,” Ms Sdraulig said.
“Attracting productions of this scale to Victoria provides an opportunity for Victorian crews to further
develop their skills and experience, which in turn benefits the whole industry.”

Popbot and John Doe are two of several Australian productions that have recently chosen Melbourne,
joining feature films Gary McKendry’s The Killer Elite and Fred Schepisi’s The Eye of the Storm, both
coming soon to cinemas, and Robert Connolly’s A View From the Bridge, scheduled to start filming
later this year.

Posting in twitter about Popbot oversized collection of books:
if all goes well, as in I finish it, there will be an over sized collection of all popbot available at SDCC

Don't forget that Barguest and Fantome (3AA exclusive) are still up for sale at , don't sit on the fence too long, pretty sure, that they will leave Bamba, once 24 hours 3AA buying window will be closed.


Small personal note from me: computers love me. Picked up on Thursday our notebook from repair store (they changed hdd), plugged it in and within an hour so called *new hdd* crashed. Came back to the shop on Friday and they wasn't even surprised to see me. My dad's old netbook , which I'm using right now, crashed on me in the evening. Was so fun to reinstall Windows, which I haven't done in three years, since I was using Linux and MacOS. What a good old fashioned fun it is!

Now back to the news, really missed all the fun in F5 bar this time. Fantome and Barguest are sold out and next sales are: WWRp JDF Armstrong sale on March 29th and Fuck it #3 on March 31st. Really look forward to both of them, I think JDF sale, will be a night to remember, giving us all a good chance to do something good for Japan.

Last, but not the least important thing about F5 bar, THANK YOU all who were there and especially all the people who made some sketches and kept Barguest & Fantome de Plume fire burning!

Ashley posting in F5 bar, last night:
"you can always buy a coupe of each fig when not limited,but no ebay or retail amounts !
1-30 minutes left
150 pages, not bad"
"feel good, De Plume has, as always made me happy, a fitting end. and start of the next movement !"
"3A the Spinal Tap of toys
I like that !"

Everyone asked for surprises and here is one for you, de Plume sketches in the boxes:
"el fineto !
thanks guys, a great way to end a line that started this whole ride !
Im going to throw in a hand full of De plume sketches in the boxes, completely random , 1 or 20 I dunno!"

"de plume sketches... just his glove.."

Ashley's posts from twitter, giving additional details on Nabler and what M+M comics are:
nope, Im having too much fun with Miss + Mrs, the Pre-popbot story.. I do this all fun, if its not fun, im walking - whether we will see Popbot 9, before SDCC
I never said the Nabler was trapped within one world, I said Miss + Mrs was pre-popbot story

^both quotes are clickable, not sure if somebody will click on them, but decided to provide direct links once in a while as well

Fuck it #3 , printed and waiting for you at on March 31st:

March - 2011

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Lazy Sunday on 3A forum, nothing much going on now. But it's going to be hot week. Don't know about you my friends, but I can't wait for 29th of March, when Japan Defence Force Armstrong in 1/12th scale will be available for purchase at Bambaland and Bambasia. All the previous customers from Japan will get one for free. All the profits will go to Japan and 3A is covering the expenses. Our hearts goes to all Japanese who lost their homes or their beloved ones during this tragedy.

Our board member Firehazzard, in the discussion brought up very convenient feature of 3A toys shipping process map and I thought that it will be good to educate everyone about it. Map is growing big and it's getting a bit harder to locate all the new releases and this is when it's essential to use this feature:

March - 2011

^please click the image and if you have any questions/suggestions about the map, bring them here:

Ashley posting in Barguest thread:
"whatever works for ya, thats how i do it..
Nom and Noir are the same, Blanc is different, Jung etc and so on"

About Popbot film looks , from twitter:
you want to see how the film will look, look at the book, is whats I means


F5 Bar and Grill dedicated to WWRp Armstrong JDF sale is open and waiting for you! Let's make it a BAR to remember, Japan Defence Armstrong needs to be proud of us.

Ashley about the sale and that there will be no 3AA window this time:
"onsale tomorrow 55 bucks, limit amounts
costs dont matter, we are not taking them, we are easting the cost of manufacturing and shipping, as said too many times, all monies to Japan."
"3AA 24 hours doesnt apply for time, as its a special sale, but the discount is hard wired in so you get that"

On WWR (1/6th scale) 1G Armstrong looks, which we previously saw only in WWRp scale:
"the 1G Armstrong 1.6th is the tits !
now with added foot grip !
you chaps are gonna love it !"

Summary about upcoming WWRp (1/12th scale) JDF Armstrong sale. Price - 55$ (shipping included in the price). Quantity - limited release, no 24 hours buying window for 3AA members. How many can I buy? - More than one. Time and place? March 29th, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time at ! See you there and since they are limited, please try... to be there early. Best of luck my friends and let's make it a night to REMEMBER!

March - 2011

(photo by zelevol)


I warned you, about coming early to JDF Armstrong sale for reason. It was one of the craziest sales lately! 3A brothers and sisters worldwide attacked Bamba and Bambasia to get JDF and help Japan.

Here is what was happening on the board prior to the sale, Ashley commenting in F5 Bar and Grill
"chicken nuggets rule !"
"dont let the haters tell ya shit, crap food is awesome, motherfuckers even tell what we can eat now !
tiger, I dig that photo sig !"
"this is just for japan, it will be over soon, then i need breakfast !!
really cool fig, playing with it now... and the JDF Armstrong!!
"if you have nor paid via paypal at time of order, the order is not finished, and wil be recycled or forgotten about !"
"it was a dick joke..."
"thanks chaps !"

"great drawing frankfilm
coffeeee, was up all night, now Im wiped...."

On more JDF Armstrongs availability:
"man, wish out normal toys sold that quick !! but remember, unpaid will be culled later on !"

Be sure to check as well, Google Chrome Internet Browser provides smooth translation of Bambasia website btw:
"asia the bamb !"

And please my friends, don't go EMO tonight, it's all for Japan and there is still a chance to get one. Of course it would be better , if this would be an open release, but unfortunately it's impossible.

Here is latest from Ashley's twitter:
JDF Armstrong for Japan quake charity is SOLDOUT, thanks to everyone !

Ashley about possibility of Fuck It #3 going on sale tonight:
"FI might go onsale today, all FI proceeds go to ash...
a wind could be heard blowing, and somewhere, a window shutter banged like a 18 year old in a whorehouse....."
Not sure if it happens today though and what would be with planned Fuck It #3 sale on March 31st.

Ashley about people going EMO, even when 3A tries to do something good for the world:
"ahh morning emo.. good to see 3A still shits people, even when we are giving away money to a great caause.. thanks everyone !"

And again, my friends please don't go bitter about JDF Armstrong sale, it's a cool toy and I can understand how everyone wanted that. But 3A is dodging a bullet on expenses and sending each dollar to Japan, so that's why it was a limited release. It's a good sale and for the good cause, so let's keep it like that and don't make it bad with our sad faces, deal? Plus there will be some recycled orders later on, so let's keep our eyes open. Why I say ours? Because I wanted to buy one as well to help Japan and missed it just like you. So let's cheer up and appreciate what 3A and people did tonight for Japan.

EMO was high tonight and same with the earnings from the sale. WWRp JDF Armstrong sale raised 30.000$ money , which will be transferred to Japan's charity organisation. Thank you so much for everyone who bought one and showed their support, we couldn't do it without you! Ashley posting in twitter about this:
when all the money is in, all orders are final, as in, people pay, we shall announce the details
so 3A is cutting a check for nearly 30k to japan, THANKS ! which is a piss in the ocean considering the plight, but everything helps !

Long awaited MGS (Metal Gear Solid) news and photos are coming!
we will have MGS Rex news, shots and whatnot soon, not long... and may I say, well worth the wait !!!!
We haven't seen Rex since prototype was shown at Hong-Kong Venture in November 2009 , which blew us away!

Looks like Fuck it #3 sale is happening today, so keep watching Bamba and you can use Armstrong's F5 Bar and Grill for chit-chat about that as well:
FI 3 onsale today.. im sure it wont sell like the toy, but hey, i can dream

Btw, it's history now, but there was a short moment at Bamba, when Fantome de Plume came up for general audience and was quickly gone. Hope you guys managed to score one!

New Square! His evil eye put a spell on me (btw check out action portable Popbot in the background):

March - 2011 Mk21.thMarch - 2011

Ashley about new Square looks:
"i love the one eye, but hey, you dont have to buy"
"yea, I think i was rocking single eye robots bit before the curve.. with eyeballs... still if ya dont dig, dont buy, I dig it, fits in with the whole WWR feel, the original square is cool too.. ahh reminds of the bertie feet haters..."

Gonna go and have two hours sleep now, have an early morning appointment. Will be back to you after that, please behave and don't go EMO about JDF. Thank you again for being there and helping us raise 30000$. Cheers.

What a night! Each time I plan to hit the pillow something happens!
Fuck it #3 is up for grabs at , 45$ prior to 3AA discount and includes worldwide shipping.

Oh and in case you don't know Fuck it #3 is BAMBALAND exclusive, so grab one, once it's still there!

Ashley posting in F5 bar, covering latest emo and people who gave negative karma (clicked smite) button in other users profiles, during JDF Armstrong sale:
"NYhousey was fIrst for FI3 , WOOT"
"they will sell out, cause I printed less, I dont have the $$$ to have shit laying around, Im already out of pocket on FI from day one, breaking even is the trick !"
"Im gonna post the smite lists and who did what on the forum if you dont all stop this mindless crap, your better off busting a load than pushing a virtual a-hole button..smite list comet !
"thanks everyone
a good mission today, shows that good can be done quickly and easily
to everyone giving me shit and emo coz they missed out on a toy, its getting comical, thanks !
to the secret smiters, your gutless cunts who hide behind the veil of the net, using nick-names and bullshit to defer responsibility for your words and actions. remind you of some governments ?
this forum is for people who like 3A, thats it, simple, if ya dont or want to give shit to others who do, FUCK OFF !!! how mean and useless to want to bring misery or upset to others, think about it, its so fucking lame.
The square has one eye now..."
"I pity the haters, thats way worst than hate...."

Couple of words from me about +/- online karma at 3A forum: to be honest I'm bit surprised with such a serious attitude towards smites. Why you care about it? If people like to hide in the shadows and click smite and this makes them hard...well too bad for them.
Why you have to waste your time , words or good mood on it? Here karma is just for fun, it doesn't really give you anything...if it gets too much trouble and upsets people, then your perception of it is wrong. Number doesn't matter here, I personally don't give a fuck how many posts you have at 3A forum, when you came to the board and how many toys you have or you are just planning to buy your first one. I equally love and respect everyone here. What I love about Legion members, is their passion about 3A toys and Ashley's art, when they are offering helping hand to friend in need , hooking up and looking up after each other (putting their action, where their mouth is, not just spreading promises all around), that's what matters the most.

On new one eye Square looks:
"nothng open on the square, your dreams of drug stashes to are gonna go up in flames"

On bill me later Paypal option for US users, that it should be working for every release, but it depends on your personal Paypal options:
"dont sweat it Used, I thought BML was on all sales too. just do ya thing when ya can"
"BMl should work, for US buyers only, as paypal tell us"

Add this url to your bookmarks to follow Popbot movie journey:

Ashley about working on Fuck It #4 already:
thanks, and loving it ! 4 already in effect. I cant draw a comic on time, art books, I can shit em out
On whether there are any Fuck It #1 and #2 left at Hong-Kong
dunno, my HK peeps are not talking to me, 3A Junta !!

Couple of fresh sketches from F5 bar by expathos, CaptainCadaver and dienstag:

March - 2011 Expathosfuck3.thMarch - 2011 Captaincadaver.thMarch - 2011 Expathos.thMarch - 2011

^Btw guys, I would really love to post all the sketches in the news, but I can't go through all pages looking for few sketches. So please, if you made the sketch and want to see it up, please hit me with it.

SDCC exclusive TK unleashed 4 pack:

March - 2011


Ashley explaining why Fuck It #3 was removed from Bamba and those who already made the purchase, please don't worry, I'm sure you will get a PERFECT copy:
"I took FI3 down, had some issues, some books are printed 30% too light, and too blue, actually most wouldnt notice, but these books represent me, and I have make sure Im not selling or sending out shit. Ill put them back up soon as I can !
always something at the ranch !"

"poor smurf
Im just super picky, when I see something in a book it normally kills me, cant do much as it not my company... but when its mine.. well I change it !"

Since smiting , was disappointing some members it's been removed from 3A forum forever, so no more karma. I hope we will not see people going EMO about their karma gone Smile

ThreeA application for iPad is available for free starting from today at Apple App store, it's name threeA book shelf and here is a screenshot by Chris Hoang. Please let us know what do you think about it, I'm so anxious to try it, but I don't have an iPad:

March - 2011

Ashley reminding that there is already one app by 3A for Android as well:
android had entreat on it ages ago, our biggest catalog !

On people discussing about Square new looks:
"ohh square war, so cool to see people discuss it, if no one cared either way that would suck. mk1 and mk2 are equal in square-ness
just different applications, one is made to chase, look over wall, more pro-active, the mk2"

Speaking about his plans:
"ash wants to do less shows, less traveling, and make more art books and toys
but I want to visit NYC, just cause its cool !
howard hughes style is on my horizon !"

F5 Bar and Grill dedicated to JDF Armstrong drop and which then co-hosted Fuck It #3 drop is closed and here my farewell post in it, as always dedicated to you - THE LEGION:
My friends words can't explain how much I'm grateful to everyone who showed their support for JDF release or simply stayed positive and doesn't went over road of hate, when they were sold out within four minutes.
That night really made me proud of the Legion and I'm absolutely sure, if there would be x10 times more JDF Armstrongs offered that night, they would be sold out within first hour.
Love you Legion. No seriously, you my friends are making me very proud to be part of this community, thank you!
Currently it's not official, which sale will be next and when, but I already can't wait to see you there!

Oh and Fuck it #3 will be back to ASAP! Keep your eyes open, if you want one.


Tonight I want to devote some time to January and February photo thread special mentions, which were recently announced.

January top props went to wwwetworks and special mention to Bajo-Ninja! Full list of people and what Eric had to say about it, can be checked out here.

March - 2011 Wwwetworksjanuary.thMarch - 2011

February top props went to Orochi and special mention to Nael! Full list and Eric's words can be viewed here.

March - 2011 Orochifebruary.thMarch - 2011

I strongly advice to everyone, who enjoys seeing cool photos of 3A toys to checkout our regular month photo threads or to try their forces in one, a bit too late , to remind you though, BUT March photo thread is still open! My sincere congrats to people, who were picked by Eseffinga and huge thanks to everyone, who contributed and took their time to make pics for us!

Do not forget, that 3A site - - has a special section and uploading possibility of your 3A toys photos, so if you have something to share with us, please go there and upload your best pics!

WWR JEA RECON set, aren't they beautiful?

March - 2011

Ashley on WWR Square MK2 colorways:
"the MK2 will see new group and some old favs."

A bit of board organizational news, thread where you can express your opinion on 3A toys shipping process map is moved to "Welcome and FAQ" section from "Stuff" and you can find it here:

Speaking about map looks , please take a moment of your time and participate in this poll:
Your voice REALLY matters

Gorgeous photo of mysterious Drown by our board member Alice Adrenochrome

March - 2011

As always our board member toygodd is bringing to us detailed photos of 3A toys, if you dig them, feel free to click here for Inky 2pack photoreview.

Ashley working on some mysterious online gallery for 3A? Click here to check out the thread:
"im doing something for 3A web, if you want to partake, send a photo, a self protrait of you, your family, girlfriend whatever to the email, its gonna be !"
"no its for online, and will be super cool...
ill probably make the images greyscale to have some conformity, but its essential it represents you.."

On putting Fuck It #3 back for sale:
"actually almost sold out too, oce I have the issue cleared ill put back up !"
Guys, I'm aware that everyone who missed it during the first sale on 29th, wants a copy now. But come on, I'm sure Ashley will notify us all when he will put it back up, no need to constantly waste your time and F5 bamba like crazy. Just worried about your fingers)

On 666th division and Squares colorways:
"the MK2 will see new group and some old favs."
"666th dont deal in squat legged cutey squares... they shot all theirs day one...."

Guys, please don't use "attach images" option on our board, from now , it's reserved for Ashley and us mods. There are plenty of hosting sites out there, such as imageshack, photobucket, flickr and many others. Previously we run cleaning procedures, once space devoted for images was full, deleting pretty much everything. Then once per month, we deleted everything and now it would be pretty strict, so please consider that your image will be gone after uploading it, so again, please use other hosting services. Thank you for understanding and sorry for any possible inconvenience.

Fun stuff! Download here 3A riot!;topic=63.0;attach=1710
Ashley about image:
"spread around do something with it"

I did jpg version of that image, in case you are afraid to click on the link or can't open is the preview:

March - 2011

A bit uncomfortable with copying it and putting it here by myself, but would be silly trying to hide
"Happy Birthday Gimby !
A very happy birthday to our resident vampire and 3A forum master GIMBAT !
Three cheers for Gimby !"

Already wrote this in Facebook and will repost it here, as it's already impossible to answer personally to everyone who congratulated me:
"My friends thank you for all your happy birthday wishes, PMs and comments. Really appreciate all the attention and you taking your time to write something at my Facebook wall. Really happy that I have so many friends among Legion!
Truly yours,

Cool pics from Hobby Japan Mag , covering 3A booth at Wonderfest:

March - 2011 Figureouno157.thMarch - 2011 Hyperhobbyapr2011.thMarch - 2011

Princess TQ sale date: April 20st 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time , be there!

Again reminder from 3A production blog on "mysterious online thingy" and a deadline:
Want to be part of something special
then send a photo of yourself, family, whatever to, the deadline is end of april. be part !

Ashley being touched by photos people are sending in:
"because Im seeing photos being sent in, of you guys, with our toys, your children, and I realize what we do is beyond making cool toys, i dont know what it is, but to me 3A is th ebiggest art installation ever, with many artists taking part ( you )
it means alot to me, thanks

Splendid news for us all my friends. We can pick two MK2 Square colorways and they will be produced by 3A. We have two weeks now, so let's start thinking!
"life riot
you guys can pick 2 MK2 colorways.. Legion Choice MK2.. you know the colorways we have done, make a poll, make a list deliver it to me in two weeks !"
"just get it together and deliver the list
Im gonna rock the others, but I wanna get you guys involved.. not fights now !"

Here is a poll link for you, let us hear your voice:

On JEA Recon set (I posted the pic above in the previous days news)
"I promised James a set, and this was done before grunt, so grunt square is the last ! this just is sold after...yea, thats right, sold after...
the DC comes with all weapons !
also the Sniper grunt isnt far away, HUGE GUN guille camo, fuck the spelling "

EMGY and Medic will be first WWR scale 1G Armstrong colorways:
"EMGY and MEDIC are first !
coz I love them so...."

Supreme Commander from N.O.M is coming to us and if you missed the news about her....she is a lady!
[url=]"she is great, your gonna love the SNOM
3A is making fetish funtish !"

Are you keep checking for Popbot movie news? Here are some latest posts:
So, we are creating a state of the art promo DVD for the true believers that will be joining us at San Diego Comic Con. Limited numbers - for those that make the journey to join us in the big room at the Con. Might even get a t-shirt if you get in early.
What's on the DVD?

I have to agree, this shit will make people feel like jelly. It really is gonna blow minds, make sure you dont miss this collectible ebay item !

SDCC Promo... DVD... T-Shirt... What are we doing again? Something to do with cats, or something?
It will make ILM weep, Digital Domain ship all their work to India and James Cameron question his sexuality.
If that isn't worth lining up for f'cked if know what is.
A good Hotdog. ash

And dont forget
IDW will be releasing an oversized pop collection of the first 8 issues and other stuff at SDCC.

Collected Pop Super Edition (my name for it)
Is it going to have new cover?
Sure is -ash
Thank f'ck - Truff
no, thank me, f'ck gets way to much love.. -ash

Lots of madness , huh? But it's FUN madness! Can't wait to know what Ashley & team will have to show at SDCC!


WWRp Large Martins for retailers, make their appearance at 3A production blog:

March - 2011 Lm1h.thMarch - 2011

Beautiful photoshopped images by our 3A forum member - zzzzz on how EMGY and Iron Panda MK2 Squares might look like, if they would be made:

March - 2011 Embymk2squarebyzzzzz.thMarch - 2011

Did you already vote in two MK2 Squares colorway poll? - check it out, if you haven't!

I don't want to influence anyone or to suck any fun out of it, but when you vote, please think that some colorways are already popular and would be probably made anyway. So wouldn't it be reasonable to vote for something interesting? Something we haven't seen yet in 1/6th scale or something we will never see in 1/6th scale? Like Ghost hunter or Deimos...there haven't been any Squares in these colorways. Or perhaps even Brilo Square, which Ashley said - will never make it's way into 1/6th scale. I asked Ashley today in twitter if Brilo will happen for MK2 Square, because he said that we will not see it in 1/6th on previous Square and that's the answer I got:
that aint gonna happen.. thats a one off 1/6th for me..
So again, not trying to influence you, especially considering that already >200 votes are made and I don't think that we have significantly more active voters here (active users = hell yes, but not all people like to vote). Just if you haven't made the vote, close your eyes and think what you want to see on WWR MK2 Square and then cast your vote. Do I sound like democrats/republicans activists, before election race in US? lol.

Anyway, it's already April..beginning of real spring over here and I'll work on news summary. Can't wait for you guys to get Baka in your hands and find out what will be second release in April. And SDCC is approaching, with all the fun and exclusives...exciting thing lie ahead of us!

Remember what I wrote about "attaching images" to the board? If not, check 31st March news please. We will start deleting all uploaded images (which are hosted by users on our server) in couple of hours. So please if you want to attach pic to your post, use image hosting servers, like flick, imageshack, photobucket or any other online hosting gallery you prefer. Thank you for understanding!

Ashley on making 1/12th brilo Square, as part of WWRp Squares set (not MK2 as I understand):
@gimbat 1/12th set, brillo square !

Quick reminder on how brilo Square looks like:

March - 2011

30.000$ have been given to Red Cross to help Japan!
hreeA gave a check from the proceeds of the JDF sale today to the Redcross, the check was for 30k usd.
A big thanks to all those involved!!!! thanks for support!!!!!!
you guys made it happen, a team effort !

Again HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who participated in JDF Armstrong release and made it happen!


I can't say that I know Ashley very well, as every human is a mystery (especially considering that our Ash isn't just a regular human), but what I know about Ashley is that he is perfectionist about everything, which has to do something with his art, believe me he is biggest critic of his own work. So when he noticed small printing mistakes in Fuck it #3 run, he decided to nix it all.
"it will be back, so bummed to find errors.. I was supposed to press check FI3 the weekend of the Bandai show, but with Japan etc, plans were screwed.. ....."
"i have to pay for the first run, money wont be made, but lets be honest, restricting a book to one outlet isnt a good business plan.. I dont care, I want the book to be good, didnt like it, so im printing again, im sure the first run will a rare oddity. but Im trashing most of them.."

Answering how long it is to wait before we will see JEA Recon set (DC and Square - last Square with two eyes in 1/6th scale):
"not long !"

About long awaited WWR bot sniper figure, who will carry, pretty wicked sniper rifle:
"just a single pack for the sniper fig"
"only one, it might just be retail too... dunno yet" - about variants
If nothing will change, we will see only one variant of this amazing figure and btw, it's not a bot with a sniper rifle, it's a human who is killing bots.

Answering about Extreme Finale and telling that there will be reprint this year:
sold out years ago, . Ill reprint this year !
If you not aware what Extreme Finale is, please click here to find out more.

Did you mark April 20st, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time in your calendars for Princess TQ release? 17 days and 15 hours left!


Ashley about retail Adventure Kartel and that you have to bug your favorite 3A retailer to get one:
"new fringe of doom tommy could be my new fav,
" if I cant see the world, it aint there" tommy mission"
"well you wil lhave to bug your fav retailer, coz thats where he is and new Shadow, hoody ankou and more! the AK retailer assortment is rather fucking cool !"
"Tommy has a new sculpt, Shadow does too, im thinking about a new JC sculpt, but i cannot think how to change..... perfection
But I need to release the JC with the towel of Turin !"

"no, to your retailer !" - kidding that you now need to forward your paychecks to 3A retailers, instead of 3A

M + M news (it will be released, yeaaay!) and some art from it:

M+M will be offered around the end of PAril, a limited run to see how it goes...

March - 2011

More details on Miss + Mrs (aka M+M) from Ashley's art blog:
Miss + Mrs volume one hardcover collection will be offered for sale around the end of April, It collects all the M+M strips plus material created for the book. It even has fold out pages..woah !
Attached is a spread of extra material for the book !


WWRp retail exclusive Large Martins shipped out and some already have them. Here are pics by our forum member robonuts , featuring Auspublic Damn Large Martin, which decals we haven't seen yet and good old Commy fun - Big Red Large Martin:

March - 2011 Robonuts.thMarch - 2011 Robonuts5.thMarch - 2011 Robonuts6.thMarch - 2011 Robonuts7.thMarch - 2011 Robonuts8.thMarch - 2011 Robonuts1.thMarch - 2011 Robonuts2.thMarch - 2011 Robonuts3.thMarch - 2011

Our forum photoshop master zzzzz is helping people to make their vote at two colorways, picked by 3A Legion for Square MK2 poll: - 300 Legionnaires voted already, time to make your vote!

March - 2011 Winterbotscomparison.thMarch - 2011 Squaromk2squarebyzzzzz.thMarch - 2011
Go Brillo!

Pics of WWRp retail exclusive Armstrongs....bastards stole my heart, especially Gerry and Moderator.

March - 2011 Floydog.thMarch - 2011 Gerry.thMarch - 2011 Gerry1g1.thMarch - 2011 Mod07.thMarch - 2011 Mod71.thMarch - 2011 Monetog.thMarch - 2011

^Got to be available at all 3A retailers right now!

Easter mini Bambaboss. When it will be for sale? No idea! EMO STARTS NOW!

March - 2011 17236593.thMarch - 2011 11461186.thMarch - 2011 42444482.thMarch - 2011 21260094.thMarch - 2011
Price - 15$


Lots of people were confused with EMO mini Bambaboss sale and kept asking what is it. Ashley meant that Easter mini Bambaboss, might drop at Bambalandstore at unknown time and I suppose offers will be really limited. There were something close to it, when we had "1" Chinese New Year TQ offered at Bamba at random time. But "emosale item #1" - #1 makes you think, that there will be more, right? Plus remember how Ashley talked this year about trying to change pattern of surprises releases and no more chases among figures, that way people will get exactly what they want and not write hate mail to 3A , about receiving chase instead (believe me lots of people actually did it). So it will be really exciting to see how mini Easter Bamba sale will be played, as it will give us a good guess on how things will be in future.

There will be JEA 1G Armstrong?!
I thought you was mr JEA ? I might make a 1/6th 1G version

More good stuff from Ashley's twitter:
started work on a Rocketeer pin-up for IDW, never thought I would get a chance to that !

Ashley posting in 2000 AD Original art thread:
"always cool, that was a great period for him, he then visited australia, visited my city , then went onto to do the Judda art for the OZ storyline.. that art is primo, a little rougher than than earlier work, but show more emotion and verve...
2000ad originals are the best, I fucking love seeing them, awesome stuff Ming !"
"i cant say that, not smart for a collector to say such things.. actually I have snagged the 2000ad art that made me quiver as a lad, one still eludes me, but it has seemed to vanished for now. it will turn up, then Ill get it !
BUT titan books covers and frontis pieces are among my fav pieces, Eagle reprint covers. I"
- about pieces he is hunting for and would love to have
"maybe one day.." - on showing his collection to us
"dont, I have been asked to reveal what I have for years, I have not so far. I dont collect to tell others, I do for personal happiness etc,
couriers are always shit, actually, they are fine ,its customs, AQIS etc..
problems and shit every week, everyday, !"

My friends, please don't stress and worry about Tomorrow King Baka shipping news, it will go out really soon and I'm sure you will LOVE what Hatchery did with him!

Our forum member Eric has made another podcast about 3A toys, it's already 13th! Click here to check it out. It's one hour and 32 minutes long and here is short description of it: In this episode, I'm joined by Kimberly and Martin, who convince me to free a figure from its plastic prison. We then discuss a number of topics, including some recent threeA drops, the upcoming San Diego Comic-con, Star Wars, Ashley Wood Art, and more.

Did you already submitted your entry for April photo thread? There already pretty rad photos there! And same goes for April sketch thread, with interesting theme: minimalism. So it's a perfect chance to show your creativity and talent , and post your entries in these threads.

Pic by tigerfeet featuring all Fighting JCs! I can't pick my favorite, want them all...damn...I need some serious savior presence in my life!

March - 2011

I guess you can forget about old threeA twitter - @threeAtoys and join @threeaonline , which will be new 3A twitter. Hope your head isn't spinning around, because of all the news coming your way, because there will be more.


Lots of great books are back to Bamba. Entreat and Fuck it #3 are back to as well, Entreat is really limited and that's final Fuck it #3 restock as well, same goes to other books. So don't wait, go and get a copy ASAP!

Ashley about it:
Entreat, Chunky bits, Fi1 and FI2 final restock in
FI3 final restock too

Speaking about Bot sniper painting from WWR book:
"that painting sits in my entry, up high, no one ever notices it.. one of the top 5 WWR paitnings !"

Easter Bamba just sold out at .... now our eyes are on and looks like this is real EMO sale, that is what Ashley said , when I asked him about hints, when to start checking Bamba:
@gimbat ha, didnt even know it was up
@gimbat dunn, not my store. emosale remember, even for me !

Here is screenshot by DarthLED if you are interested and I bet you ARE:

March - 2011

New fan podcast by Eric Grant. Already 14th, click the link to check it out. He is getting super fast with them, right? What you will hear in this one: In this episode, the team and I get together minutes before the recent JDF Armstrong drop. A limited quantity of the figures were offered on Bambaland, with all proceeds going towards a relief fund for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami which struck Japan late last month. We also geek out a bit over the scheduled appearance of Ashley Wood at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con.

Ashley explaining nature of the Easter Bambaboss figure and why it is limited and drops Pink Bambaboss scoop!
"these were made as gifts for 3A employess and partners, we are putting the overflow on bamba's, simple as that. as most of our seasonal toys are.."
"If we could make more , I would have, but I figured you dont want to wait for Baka, or MK3 , or bleak, so I can make 500 pink mini boss.. didnt think so. these are a bonus if you get one, if not, no great loss !"
"its tradition thats fun, thats"

Small clarification from me, by season toys Ashley means previous releases, such as Pudding Boss, Chinese New Year TQ #1 and #2 and Easter TQ.

Easter mini Bambaboss is up at , can be gone any sec!

March - 2011

Limited to one per person and there has to be extra 10$ for shipping.
"no shipping, there should be"
"gonna delete the multi orders now..."

Going to bed now, best of luck to everyone who is hunting for one!

No rest for the wicked and I love this! Mini Easter Bambaboss is sold out and here are some instructions on shipping payments:
"its sold out, you cant order it
plus if you didnt pay shipping, you will, or cancel your order. candy will contact you regarding this, or you send 10 bucks prior.."
"and you guys thought the emo was over, that it was like shooting fish in a barrel....
and when you joined 3AA, it did say the 24 hour effect does not cover special sales, which this was..."

"sale is done, I promised the emo, and I got some... maybe a little more than I wanted.. but hey thats art !
onto TQ, which is waaaayyyyy cooler than a pink girly bamba"

Looks like next EMO Action Portable Bambaboss will be DIY one, which will not be available online:
"next hard one to get Mini BOSS that is, well the first edition... DIY
not to be sold online etc"
"and not sdcc..."
"not paris"

Where then you might ask? Here is an earlier quote about one of the locations:
"someone mentioned DIY mini boss.. well come hear me shit on at Supanova in Perth and I might have some...."

As promised EMO SALE #1, caused a lot of EMO! Here is Ashley commenting about it and expressing his attitude about EMO during surprise sales, and destroying rumors about EMO SALE #2 and Easter TQ going for sale:
"no. no more emo sales."
"no easter TQ.
never said that, who ever did is fucking with and deserves to get thrown from the board !"
"no, I dont care if you hate or not, I just said no more emo sales, until I do it again."

"Devours - actually only some dicks, same old people 99% are awesome, mature and understanding , there are always dicks, everywhere, kinda like pissing them off anyway.. its so easy ! thanks to all that purchased a cuddly pink boss, your gonna love him !" - on who usually writes hate mail and gets super annoyed with secret/EMO sales
"im off, have fun loving or hating 3A, its all good, long as your looking !"

Guys, I'm strongly believe that most of surprise sale myths and rumors are starting because some people aren't reading carefully what Ashley is saying in his quotes or what I am putting in the news thread. At the same time please don't read too much into stuff, some words are just words, not hints. Surprise sales will drop at unknown random time, that's the point of them. Some people get very upset with me , that I don't post when surprises will be at Bamba and all that, but common, that's part of the game and in most of the cases only Ashley knows when they will be up, so you can feed me garlic and try holly water on me and still you will not find out secret sale time. Emo sales should be fun and it's not like it will be one and only Action Portable Bambaboss, soon you will get a good chance to buy one, during stress free scheduled sale.

Action Portable Bambaboss is going to have very cool packaging:
"the packaging is the best thing about these, easter, and DIY, really enjoyed making them"

On putting more DIY Action Portables for online sale eventually:
"not at first, later in the year il release them again, when the hatchery has caught up"

Popbot Tomorrow King Baka and 3AA special version will ship out on April 15th, reminder on how complicated shipping process is:
"and as stated before, 15th of april is the ship date, yup its late, we are of course sorry for the delay."
"that system is called you pay for the shipping then, deal ?
its a super complicated affair to ship to many different countries without paying through the ass, the shipping all-up costs us more than the goods, the only way to pass on the savings to you is to have a convoluted system. but if you dont want to have that, I can arrange a paid shipping alternative ?" - on setting system when all countries will get their 3A toys at the same time, not Asia, Europe first and then followed by US..
"whell we dont even promise that, but we have never not delivered, have we... didnt think so
please email candy if you have any worries, concerns about your order. "


Baka TK ships on April 15th, check out 3AA version Slicer Tomorrow King "Kyuuketsuki" and sorry for a bit longer time than mentioned previously (I said that it will ship in the end of March)

March - 2011

Ashley's gallery has a blog now:
Gallery blog
Over the coming weeks im going to figure out a gallery blog, sell bits and pieces etc. There wont be a lot, but keep an eye on the page if your into Ashley Wood original art etc.

^Very interesting for people who are interested in Ashley's art and buying originals in particular, here is first painting which was sold at the blog:

March - 2011

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