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May - 2011

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Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:37 am


This month, I want to experiment and not look back that much , like I did in previous month summaries. So consider it a small experiment.

We are getting even closer to SDCC! Check out awesome SDCC 2011 exclusives by 3A toys, featuring DW&NW WWRp Heavy Brambles, Action Portables TK Unleashed 4pack, WWRp Slaughterhouse DC and Action Portable Ascended Popbot (comes with kitty yeaaay). SO MUCH COOL STUFF!

May - 2011 BDuR2sMay - 2011 VTcbusMay - 2011 TaLiVsMay - 2011

I’m sure you heard, but I’ll repeat it again:
[quote author=Ashley Wood link=topic=1272.msg225787#msg225787 date=1304210054]
as stated before regarding the SDCC toys
IDW will sell theirs as they like, as all retailers can when selling our product.
regarding ours, ill offer half the runs online at some point, before or after SDCC, depending on the logistics. The rest will be offered over the SDCC days at out tables, and this is presided over by Benny.So any bribes sexual favors or the like should be directed at him !
TK Unleashed YO was a last minute ad hoc set, and has a stupidly small run, I mentioned this before, if ya dont score, no problem, Im sure the band will break up and reform under a new name and set one day. Originally they were called TK UNLEASHED, at this juncture they are TK Unleashed YO.

So if you are among the majority of us, who can’t make it to SDCC don’t worry...we will have a chance to buy 3A SDCC goodies online.

April sales

Now, let’s quickly talk about April sales, Easter Bambabos EMO #1 sale started, when Easter Action Portable Bambaboss was put on sale without any prior notice (point of surprise sales, isn’t it?) on Bambasia and then on Bambaland, for 15$ per one + 10$ for the shipping. It was quickly sold out everywhere and caused some serious EMO, here is how he looks like:

May - 2011 42444482.thMay - 2011

Currently (May 7th) it’s already shipped out and reached lots of our boardies. In hand pics can be found in Action Portable Easter Bambaboss thread.

Next sale - was a scheduled one and relatively EMOfree. Newsletter link. On 20th of April, 9:00 HK time on sale were - Popbot Princess TQ and 3AA exclusive Vanilla POD TQ. Prices - 80$ for Princess TQ and 120$ for Vanilla POD TQ. 3AA exclusive version weren’t offered in any way to non-3AA members.

May - 2011 Vtqe.thMay - 2011 Tqpu.thMay - 2011 Van2t.thMay - 2011 Van1g.thMay - 2011

Surprise of the night - TQLOPER chase. We have no idea, how the fig looks like , but we know that it will be randomly inserted in Vanilla POD/Princess TQ boxes. If you don’t want to have even a slightest chance to get it, please drop an email to Candy ( and tell that you want exactly what you ordered. Btw, talking about unexpected surprises, some TQs will have clit rings! Here is Ashley talking about that:
so yea, some will have clit rings, some wont. not as simple to do as it sounds !

Next sale - 27th of April , WWRp de Plume and little Dropcloth sale, WWRp de Plumes and lil Dropcloths newsletter located here.
What as on sale:
Two pack: Jung de Plume and Jungler Gatling Dropcloth - 100$ (shipping included)
3AA Exclusive super set: Gebi de Plume, Kuan ti Plume and Commando Droplcoth - 135$ (shipping included)
Single carded DIY CMIYCS - 40$ + extra 15$ for shipping. All prices quoted before 3AA discount and 3AA exclusive version weren’t offered in any way to non-3AA members.

May - 2011 XH38ysMay - 2011 CYCJ8sMay - 2011 LTwmUs

Surprise of the night - DIY de Plume wasn’t that limited and that hard to buy. Def. good news for all customizers out there.

May sales

Now let’s talk about May sales, currently we have one written in stone sale: Adventure Kartel Ankou EX, will go on sale, on May 18th 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time at . What we know about Ankou EX? That it’s a robot (just like regular Ankou) and it’s purpose to hunt down Big Zombs. He is around 14-15” in height and everything is brand new molds. There will be several version offered:
Commander EX, MEDIC
and FAT DROWN - rare
and maybe a SHADOW SECURITY - rare-errr

Ankou EX small teaser:

May - 2011 LOb0el

That’s all for know, it was mentioned by Ashley that we will see M+M offered on sale at some point in May and perhaps WWR Caesar will make a special appearance. I guess we will see soon. Here are some M+M pics from 3A Publishing and WWR Caesar teaser:

May - 2011 SkLmKsMay - 2011 Qeei7sMay - 2011 KQwUOsMay - 2011 3cONNs

Shipping in April

Like I mentioned before, Fuck it #3 and Popbot Slicer TK Baka and Kyu were shipped out and reached lucky customers. Lots of incredibly cool Slicer TK Baka photos, can be found here. I to want specifically mention Interbaka (rare surprise chase) photos made by Funk and Moldie13

May - 2011 IQbANsMay - 2011 HEViVsMay - 2011 HEViVsMay - 2011 WKYtGs

What I like the most about Interbaka, that he was a full surprise for everyone, as the fact that there was a chase was revealed months after pre-order!

Shipping in May

I’m waiting on more details on shipping dates and what will be shipped. But last public updated, stated dates as followed: 25-29th Heavy Bramble NW , MK3 (US partial) the rollout of MK3 continues into May
May will see Bleak Mission shipped. Here is a link on the source entry at 3A production blog.

Cool stuff we saw in April and in the beginning of May:

Incredibly cool light up feature , on something which may be 3A and Konami MGS Rex's gun!

May - 2011 KpNGPl

Couple of MGS Rex pics , from back in the day (2009 HKV Venture) to remind you, how the beast looks like:

May - 2011 UAktIsMay - 2011 JOfx5s

3A SDCC 2011 goodies (feat:DW&NW WWRp Heavy Brambles, Action Portables TK Unleashed 4pack, WWRp Slaughterhouse DC and Action Portable Ascended Popbot) :

May - 2011 BDuR2sMay - 2011 VTcbusMay - 2011 TaLiVs

WWRp IDW SDCC 2011 Heavy Bramble

May - 2011 TyRTJs

Speaking about WWRp Heavy Brambles , here are lil bastards at 3A HK office:

May - 2011 LNM54s

WWR Berties MK3 packaging and ready for shipping:

May - 2011 Twm5csMay - 2011 No2aCsMay - 2011 X4uHGs

Action Portable Badbot, don’t confuse it with Action Portable Ascended Popbot, which will be SDCC 2011 exclusive

May - 2011 RydMps

WWR 1G Armstrong weapon:

May - 2011 VRbVBs

3A t-shirts, featuring awesome WWR decals

May - 2011 OoLExsMay - 2011 EgGcksMay - 2011 F7QlKs

Lots of cool stuff is hidden on this 3A HK studio photo

May - 2011 4Gdnhs

Adventure Kartel Red right hand tommy , which will be retail version

May - 2011 YPgnTs

Action Portable DIY Bambaboss , not for perhaps it will be hand out at exhibitions?

May - 2011 NnnPLs


May - 2011 1UIFVs

Action Portable Oyabuns and TK Unleashed yo hiding in the background:

May - 2011 MRL5Qs

Sketches by our talented boardies, dedicated to WWRp de Plume and lil Dropcloths sale

May - 2011 EtN4dsMay - 2011 Gbd6VsMay - 2011 4O4ZJsMay - 2011 2qZSrsMay - 2011 3a5YRsMay - 2011 4e0kwsMay - 2011 La4ytsMay - 2011 NV5TvsMay - 2011 HZNQwsMay - 2011 Q1H0hsMay - 2011 YFHWtsMay - 2011 3a5YRsMay - 2011 Di6JVsMay - 2011 UthP9sMay - 2011 OAAqKsMay - 2011 GXPLcsMay - 2011 URXr3sMay - 2011 1RPKlsMay - 2011 P5bTvsMay - 2011 Ky9ogsMay - 2011 GAIeGsMay - 2011 QROdCsMay - 2011 K9cZjsMay - 2011 RxMuWsMay - 2011 DDINqsMay - 2011 GhRbVsMay - 2011 6RepusMay - 2011 3mMJ7sMay - 2011 JdG91sMay - 2011 QipDysMay - 2011 AtQkasMay - 2011 EEf90sMay - 2011 MyjzesMay - 2011 1lLBgsMay - 2011 OlvvssMay - 2011 3E3KDsMay - 2011 SQbdksMay - 2011 G6soFsMay - 2011 Zmek9sMay - 2011 IHOuCsMay - 2011 N16sysMay - 2011 X8o6zsMay - 2011 O1wX9sMay - 2011 LPBnksMay - 2011 DnglTsMay - 2011 H8lH0sMay - 2011 C0lOwsMay - 2011 TmWv7sMay - 2011 CosxJsMay - 2011 Qv43IsMay - 2011 OLdOOsMay - 2011 Z6dYJsMay - 2011 EG9h1sMay - 2011 1GofSsMay - 2011 S5CRzsMay - 2011 ULmZmsMay - 2011 LLCUAsMay - 2011 IiB3FsMay - 2011 CMlCpsMay - 2011 ENXL3sMay - 2011 Tohk3sMay - 2011 VJupVsMay - 2011 EjAIWsMay - 2011 TPoMCsMay - 2011 YqWcnsMay - 2011 XgzixsMay - 2011 BaeFtsMay - 2011 M2fx0sMay - 2011 T1Q6XsMay - 2011 Ci4F9sMay - 2011 MFtSgsMay - 2011 7io0LsMay - 2011 QmBVDsMay - 2011 SeZpQs

You can browse all the sketches in my public album as well, each sketch has an author name in caption when you point on it:

And finally:
Legion Square Adventures! Travelling Square comes with traveling journal, where you got to write something about your experience....really, really cool! Check out the thread here.

Pics of the Legion Square Adventures box, Square itself and journal:

May - 2011 W1LKusMay - 2011 N2sIssMay - 2011 SXnPQs

As it’s impossible for me to talk about everything here, feel free to check my 3A daily news archive and April in particular.

I revised a bit our FAQs and now they are easier to read and few really frequent questions regarding Bambaland , chases, prototypes vs final product differences, surprise sales and etc are added into the mix.

One last thing, if you don't want to read FAQs, all buying/selling/trading inquiries are prohibited on our board and will get you in trouble, so please don't even try. Being on 3A board is a privilege and team of our MODS (ennui, eseffinga, Gar, Gimbat, gregory and Sir Dirty Girty) will do our best to keep this house of 3A clean from anger, bad vibes and regular discussion board bullshit. Let’s make this place even better this month!

Especially this time, since the update took me hours to comply
Guys, I really appreciate the feedback on this month summarize, each time I try to make it better and better , it’s becoming super time consuming as if you aren’t that interested and just scrolling it - let me know. And I will keep it clean and simple, just plan day to day news. Thank you!

Last days of April news

don't get too excited, has nothing to do with toys...just a special plan in the works, how to make one of our Legion fathers happy on his BD.

Oh and small comment from me, if somebody was offended by my "by at your own risk" remark, during first hour of DIY de Plume sale, when it was unknown whether it's surprise, standard and what Ashley's edict on this one - I deeply apologize, never meant to hurt anyone. Didn't know that this message is put on poison and etc, as the warning. I thought that in current situation, when nobody knows anything for sure, would be good to post my thoughts in my column and describe what I know about it. The thing is that English isn't my first language (d'oh! you all probably know this, heh) , I may sometimes use not the best words to say something, but offending anyone never been my intention. I'm glad, that I managed to find out what the policy is about DIY de Plumes after first hour of the sale and notify everyone (who is reading my column and following me) about it. Thank you for your time and patience.

Btw, I'm currently working on adding titles to every sketch in the gallery:
that way everyone will know who made which sketch, I think F5 gallery has a big future...unless you'll stop drawing sketches)

Really cool pic by our tk4949 featuring 3AA Kyu (Slicer TK):

May - 2011 CEEaps

Each month we have a new thread, where everyone can submit his/hers photo of any 3A toys, in the end of the month it's reviewed and best entry is announced. This is happening since December 2008! Oh my.. I thought that it would be interesting to have an archive of all previous best entries in one thread, sadly I didn't manage to find pics for several months (since old board is gone), but I will keep looking. You can checkout this thread here, of course if you interested. In the meantime, I suggest to check April photo thread and submit your entry, if you will be inspired. Too late, no time to make a photo? There will be new photo thread in May)

Thank you note from Ashley's blog:
A Flying Thank You

I'm up in the air for a few hours now and will be home soon, I hope to post lots of new art on the blog over the next few weeks.

Just also wanted to say thank you to everyone for your ongoing support and patronage, I now have over 2000 followers on Twitter and we're pushing 5000 on the blog, I really appreciate it.

And last but not least, thank you for all of the Designer Toy Award nominations this year, everyone at 3A was pleasantly surprised by just how many categories we've been listed in. People want to know what we hope to win but in all honesty just being nominated is cool enough.

So thanks! Be back real soon.

Ashley's blog:
Ashley's twitter:


Latest from Ashley's twitter:
nice to be back, but sickness abounds... gah.... I so gotta go all howard huges...

Let's all wish fast recovering to Ash!

Btw, I hope you checked out few fresh pics in Action Portable Easter Bambaboss thread.

SDCC 2011 exclusives by 3A toys, featuring DW&NW WWRp Heavy Brambles, Action Portables TK Unleashed 4pack, WWRp Slaughterhouse DC and Action Portable Ascended Popbot. SO MUCH COOL STUFF!

May - 2011 BDuR2sMay - 2011 VTcbusMay - 2011 TaLiVs

Damn, I'm so excited about all SDDC exclusives! Earlier it was mentioned that part of the run, will be available at for anyone (who will be lucky enough) to grab.

[quote author=Ashley Wood link=topic=569.msg181878#msg181878 date=1299473202]
re SDCC toys
so far we
WWRp Dropcloth
WWRp DW and NW
action portable ascended pops
as stated IDW are in command of DW, the others will be offered half online, half at the show.. remember these are limited, there wil not be that many ! especially the pop, .

^fingers and wings crossed for that

Previous pic of DW Heavy Bramble (IDW Publishing exclusive)

May - 2011

Ashley about Toth book:
Toth book published by IDW, could rank as one of my most beloved books ever, plus more volumes to come, nice work Dean

About having Rex at SDCC 2011 for display, if all goes as planned:
if all goes well we wil have a sample at SDCC

On details of Action Portable TK Unleashed box (pic is above)
the lil text piece piece on the box is the best part of the set

If you are interested in 3A toys and custom work, I strongly suggest to check 3A customized toys section. For example super cool customs by wwwetworks and chiprender:

May - 2011 N2avwsMay - 2011 HV2bRs



Nice update from Ashley about SDCC exclusives and asking not to sweat about TK Unleashed 4pack or TK Unleashed YO! It's so reassuring to hear that there might be more figures like that in future..
"as stated before regarding the SDCC toys

IDW will sell theirs as they like, as all retailers can when selling our product.

regarding ours, ill offer half the runs online at some point, before or after SDCC, depending on the logistics. The rest will be offered over the SDCC days at out tables, and this is presided over by Benny.So any bribes sexual favors or the like should be directed at him !

TK Unleashed YO was a last minute ad hoc set, and has a stupidly small run, I mentioned this before, if ya dont score, no problem, Im sure the band will break up and reform under a new name and set oneday. Originally they were called TK UNLEASHED, at this juncture they are TK Unleashed YO."

So apart from IDW SDCC exclusive DW Heavy Bramble, everything else will be offered online before or after SDCC, pretty much sure it will be first come - first serve basis (like with Beijing Gathering exclusives last year). It will be stressful for sure, BUT I think that's the best way for all the unfortunate (me including yaaay) who can't visit SDCC this year.

Next figure is Popbot Lady Sham?! OH MY! And we hear about friend of TK - Plusso and Minos for the first time.
"Lady Sham next I think.
And the Plusso and Minos Friends of TK set.
All TK fans need that set"

^Plusso and Minos sound intriguing...

Ashley saying that he is willing to make TK Unleashed crew in yellow color....mmmm.....I immediately have Bruce Lee in yellow tracky vision! And answering on my questions whether there will be giant cardboard Squares at SDCC.
"Im thinking I want to do a yellow tracky version of the Unleashed crew one day
we dont make the giant square cardboard squares, thats a goodsmile thing, it would be cool though !"
Btw, Goodsmile is 3A retailer in Japan. Here and here you can read a bit more about them and checkout GCS (if you don't know how they look like). If you are suddenly interested in more pics from Wonderfest, there are more pics and info in my news archive.

Answering on a question: Are Plusso and Minos bots?
comedians ( maybe robots ), and the most beloved show of the TK, almost a religion.. the story is on the box !
um no, to read about Plusso and Minos, ya have to get the set !

When Plusso and Minos are dropping? Maybe with Lady Sham?
nah, dunno when !
still processing them, TK unleashed might get a after SDCC release for the Bamba - cool news right?!

On yellow color for TK Unleashed characters:
Bruce Lee all the way, thats my Ref for a yellow tracky

Any word what next drops? (as no releases were named for May yet)
i know, but im staying quite, for now !

Hope you don't mind that I'm using Q&A type with Ashley's twitter quotes, I think it's the most clearest way to show what's happening and gives you the best idea. Plus I provide links there, so in most cases you can click and read it by yourselves.

Mysterious online thingy reached deadline and is locked. Can't wait to see the results (what Ashley was working on) up online. Huge thanks to everyone , who sent their photos!


Tonight I wanna share with you couple of sweet photos, made by our Legionnaires.

I want to start with Interbaka (Slicer Popbot Baka chase) by Funk, currently he is the only Interbaka , which surfaced on our board (at least in form of photos).

May - 2011 WKYtGsMay - 2011 MizGks

DIY figures never looked cooler on video! Check out video on vimeo, by our boardie: kadoo , featuring (1/6th scale DIY de Plume, 1/12th scale Bertie MK2, Damn Large Martin and Gat Brambe)

May - 2011 QXibal

Darthgothikus, showing all the amazing paintwork details on Popbot Slicer TK Kyuuketsuki:

May - 2011 16wiVsMay - 2011 Eb8ARs

I think (but I always had thing for blonds), that's an awesome little modification on Popbot Slicer TK Kyuuketsuki (hair color), by TK4949

May - 2011 GDOeLsMay - 2011 CaJJPs

Latest Miss + Mrs #5 from Ashley's twitter:

May - 2011 PVgaZs

Confirming that Fuck it #3 shipped:
already has, sent standard mail, so it can take up to 3weeks im told to get places !

Great news for all Les Mort fans, resurrection of D'arain Adventures:
I have decided as of today, to Bring back the short lived D'arain Aventure Featuring Les Mort !
I might reprint older material apart from ZvR, but itwill be new stuff, printed and from IDW. with guest authors too
it wil be basically a mag that has all mine and TP's stuff in it, WWR, Lore, Les Mort, AK, popbot stuff etc

When it will be available?
4th qtr, need to do it right, maybe a preview mag before.

Any chance of Duostar racers story in the mix?
maybe !


Pie already received Fuck it #3 copies (he bought two and got two covers), here are some pics:

May - 2011 AGAyFsMay - 2011 Pv5DDsMay - 2011 YFBVIs

Ashley about Fuck it #3 shipping and that he is already working on Fuck it #4:
"sorry it took a little longer to ship , the first run really sucked ( I could not have lived with myself if the first batch had shipped ), the printing is superior and the paper got an upgrade !"
"already on 4 !"

Another exciting announcement about D'arain Aventure from Ashley's twitter:
D'arain Aventure attempt 2 will start in sept with a reprint of the first couple without ZvR with added stuff, via I D DUBYA
reprint title: GHOST OF D'ARAIN large size reprint, ocs the new series will be large, like the early ZVR reprints


Such a sweet WWRp MK2 Bertie custom by jonpaulkaiser. More pics can be found here.

May - 2011 PKfp1sMay - 2011 Guiy4sMay - 2011 MMJD5sMay - 2011 Lf1Xys

Fighting JC looks great in everything, here is how he looks in a costume and a tie, modification by Keith Chong Kah Hwee from Facebook

May - 2011 SJiVes

Adventure Kartel Red Right Hand Tommy Mission for retail. According to Ashley: "there is a tracky version in the carton, 2 standard, one tracky"

May - 2011 YPgnTs

I got to say that i love his red kicks and new haircut, here are couple of tweets were Ashley is talking about Tommy and his looks:
he is, flips around more too.. there is a tracky version in the carton, 2 standard, one tracky
Q&A about Tommy:
Does his hood has wires in them like JC?
When u say flips, the hair flips?
on the mold, not a barbie feature, its solid, you will see

^Btw retail Little Shadow will have a different look as well.

Big news for all DW fans out there, here is Ted Adams (from IDW publishing) on ordering details of WWRp DW Heavy Bramble:
we'll have the ordering details for the IDW SDCC Heavy Bramble exclusive early next week.

WWRp DW Heavy Bramble with decals and mean looking:

May - 2011 TyRTJs

Incredibly cool light up feature , on something which may be MGS Rex's gun!

May - 2011 KpNGPl


Popbot Slicer TK Baka and Kyu review by Zombbsrombie aka Pete:

May - 2011 SBr7zl

Really glad that, what started as my private initiative and crazy idea, is getting lots of love from you. 3A toys shipping process map, reached more than 300 entries! Huge thanks to everyone who contributed and please don't hold it against me, that I keep it organized and all the titles standard (all your unique titles - CRAZY BAKA IN THE DEVIL'S HOUSE - goes into details of each marker, so I'm not deleting anything). If you have any problems , suggestions about the map, please don't hesitate to discuss them here or PM me.

Latest (6th) Miss+Mrs in The Stiffy from Ashley's blog , plus previous five:
twatter photo housing isnt working for me
So here is all the new M+M vol2, and ill keep posting here until I find a new twatter image home.

May - 2011 CYvKqlMay - 2011 QZtR4lMay - 2011 UvpJjlMay - 2011 ZdBR0lMay - 2011 PVgaZlMay - 2011 OPQ1El

Ashley commenting that there is a chance, that he will bring SUPER FUCKIT to SDCC, which will be super limited, and will have reprint of the first 3 with some additional stuff:
"i might have a SUPER FUCKIT at SDCC, super limited, reprint the first 3 with some other crap"
"12x12 yup"

On possible changes around Adventure Kartel Ankous
"nope Ankous are just that, Ankous, same claws etc.."

Once we had very cool "Traveling Interloper" initiative , started by Devours. It basically involved her Interloper figure, which was sent to bunch of our boardies. Boardies spent time with their figure, made photos and sent it to another boardie on the list. Sounds cool? Sad about missing good times? Don't be sad no more! Because our boardie anubis2night brings us Legion Square Adventures! Currently there are 39 people on the list and there got to be space for more! What I like the most, that Square comes with traveling journal, where you got to write something about your experience....really, really cool! Reminds me of the era of great geographical discoveries, were each captain and his crew where on a mission to eliminate blank spots on maps and going without modern hitech stuff into great unknown. Check out the thread here.

Pics of the Legion Square Adventures box, Square itself and journal:

May - 2011 W1LKusMay - 2011 N2sIssMay - 2011 SXnPQs


Small but exciting news from Ashley's twitter:
M+M next week if I get a copy in hand, maybe caesar, Ankou EX, have to wait for samples!

In case you forgot how Caesar looks like, here is a teaser:

May - 2011 SkLmKs

We have only one quotes about Ankou EX by Ashley...but it's an exciting one:
"ANKOU EX is gonna make you guys smile !"

New M+M two (7th) from Ashley's blog:

May - 2011 J9JUhl

Ashley on super Fuck it #3 being available at Bambaland.
"it might be at neither, one reason to avoid selling at bamba, shipping cost will be as much as the book...
still need to put it together"

We have a date for May's first sale:
Adventure Kartel Ankou EX, May 18th at
Some details about Ankou EX looks. New big and fat body comes our way! For me this mean that we will see more new figures in future, based on that new body.
"Ankou ex is waaaay bigger than a standard fig, you will be surprized, everything is brand new molds... he is an instant classic Ak fig, really turned out well, also for my emo buds, FAT DROWN !"
"i think he is past 14-15 inches tall to start, and chunky"

Tiny Ankou EX teaser:

May - 2011 LOb0es

More about Ankou EX variants and colorways:
"commander EX, MEDIC, coz I have a stiffy for medical stuff
and FAT DROWN rare
and maybe a SHADOW SECURITY rare-errr"

Answering whether Fuck It #3 copies reached customers in UK
"i think so
really like 3, cmon chaps, that Nabler strip is fun!!"

On super version (reprint of previous three + extra stuff) of Fuck It:
"re super, dunno, not much, as its counter productive,probably only a couple of things from the period that the books were made, nothing from post FI3"

More details on EX Ankou looks from Ashley's twitter:
like Ankous only bigger, there are some big Zombs out there - Answering what role Ankou EX plays in AK world
its a robot ! no belly at all, but he is beefy


Moldie13 got lucky and pulled Interbaka chase! Here are his amazing pics:

May - 2011 IQbANsMay - 2011 BvAVbsMay - 2011 HEViVsMay - 2011 CD3A6sMay - 2011 2huQ4sMay - 2011 Mo0Ubs

Ashley on his sketches policy during conventions and etc:
ill sketch in any of my books, within reason ! too many sketches are resold or traded, which makes me weary now....

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May - 2011 Empty Re: May - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:38 am


Ashley answering on a question how Popbot Slicer TK Baka became Kyu (3AA version)?
he didnt, they are different characters.

WWR Caesar coming to us in May and there will be three colorways: Black Guard, White Guard and OFF Record (I guess it's a secret/surprise release of the sale?)
"late may for caesar.
if we dont sell em when we can, 3A will shrivel up and blow away, we need the cash flow to keep the machine moving, we always stretch it out as far as we can, between sales !
there are not that many Caesar colorways, actually only 2 official rothchild ones, BLACK GUARD, WHITE GUARD, and OFF RECORD. There are to different heads, and these guys look nothing like a dropcloth, actaully side by side, its like line backer standing next to a marathon runner ! not long you will see for your-selfs !"
"gimby, black, and white dont mean DW/NW, rothchild doesnt give a shit about NOM, he see's them as irritating children , nothing more."

WWRp Damn Large Martin is making it's way into WWR scale! Until now we only saw Damn Large Martin (which has double canons) only in 1/12th scale! Exciting news for all HUGE bots fans and for those who weren't here for WWR Large Martin sale, back in 2009.
"DLM 1/6th is coming, because you guys asked for it !"

To remind you how Damn Large Martin looks like (in 1/12th), here is photo by Luka Zou

May - 2011 Ym2XVs

Ashley clarifying about arm stripes on WWRp Gebi de Plume:
[ur=]"arm stripes, was in regard to the brown stripes on the left arm of the Gebi deplume, they were too heavy etc.."[/url]

Few pics to perhaps better illustrate what he said (WWRp de Plume closeup by dtpc):

May - 2011 QBiClsMay - 2011 Llcy8s

Interbaka (Popbot Slicer TK Baka chase) seen for a first time without his mask by Moldie13 , more Interbaka pics can be found here

May - 2011 3cgxtsMay - 2011 TbY1ms

April photo thread is under review and I can't wait to post here top pic and special mentions! In the meantime , I strongly suggest you to show your skills and 3A toys, in May photo thread. Best of luck!

Ashley Wood's M+M is up at right now, 28$ and that includes shipping costs! 36 pages, hardcover, foldout pages, pre-Popbot story. One word for it - AWESOME!

May - 2011 Rd4HAs

AK Acolyte Zomb (sold out in January 2011) box art? Looks like it to me, so I assume Acolyte Zomb is ready for shipping soon.

May - 2011 5gRZ4s

Ashley answering questions about Popbot Slicer TK Baka in twitter:
Number "7" on baka's backpack has a meaning?
7th in line
in his slicer family, he is number 7, no relation to other TKS

SDCC shopping bag design is finished...I'm really excited to see how it looks like, I'm huge fan of 3A shopping bags, here are previous designs from Beijing Gathering and Hong-Kong Venture:
3A SDCC shopping bag done... another thing off the list

May - 2011 KcNYVsMay - 2011 Qim6hs

Ashley about his willingess to make a photo book:
im going to make a photo book this I think, thanks for link !


M+M sale was rather fast one and it's sold out NOW, here are Ashley explaining why he put books for sale without notice (only 2 hours notice) and why they were that limited:
"good to see books making people flustered, really hard to tell if there would be any interest in a book that just under 2/3rds was free online... Ill make another version, if there really is demand !
im gonna put up the final lot of them in 10 minutes, so angry book people, check bamba then ! I pay out of my own pocket for this stuff, I owe a large wedge of cash for this as the printer, so soon as I get the books, I need to cover them by selling !"
"the books I do at 3A are contrary to why many people do them, I make no $$ in publishing this stuff at 3A, just think about it, low runs, one outlet, shipping, paying office staff etc.. I do it for the love of the game. Not a serious venture to move books, nor do I care what people think of them, I love making them, thats it !"

About reprinting the book and offering it again:
if there is any real demand, not 2 backstreet emos with no real names, but a genuine demand, ill reprint it.."

Ashley about M+M shipping:
they ship this week, so next week is a good bet for them to start showing up.

Q&A in twitter:
Will there be more books for ipad?
just catalogs for now
When we will see Lady Sham figure?
Sham is coming, but I dont wanna rush it, to important to me
If Baka is #7 in his slicer family, why does Kyu also have #7 on his battery pack and Interbaka too...
simple he is #7 too

Really interesting what Ashley is up to and how that anniversary thingy is going to look like:
Working on a 3A 3rd anniversary thing mag/booklet mook thing, fun looking back through all the etc !

To remind you first 3A sale was Nom de Plume (10001) and it happened on 26.06.2008. Can't believe that it was almost three years ago!

3A always known for willingness to try something new. We are still small company and constantly evolving and changing, here is an information about new change, which will definitely make some serious impact, some people will love it, some will hate it...but nobody will stay indifferent!
This week..
We here at 3A will try something new, we shall put some WWRp Heavy Bramble instock at for a month for pre-order, singles only. A lot of people ask about our toys not being in stock,so we are going to try and have instock items apart from the normal sales etc. We should have all the details and info in a day or so ! Over the coming months we shall rotate and add toys for this method such as the Sniper Grunt etc.

Gorgeous "An evening stroll" sketch from Ashley's blog:

May - 2011 Wdehts

Ashley about Damn Large Martin release colorways:
"Lm dont have hands
the DLM will be shoofty small release, nothing big, 2 colorways at best. LM did really well first time round, always a winner. Unlike Armstrong who has the badge of lowest selling bot yet, though i suspect when people see the 1/6h 1G they will dig it, the gun is great, backpack etc...
back to the HANDLESS SMASHING !"


My friends, I bet you noticed that Ashley is currently more active in his personal twitter than on the board. Twitter is personal tool of communication, so if Ashley's followers have questions, they can ask it directly and he answers them (of course if he has time and sees the question), so that's another good thing why you should sign up. But I understand that there are people who don't like twitter or who simply don't have an hour per day to go through all the tweets, looking for interesting stuff and information. That's why I'm trying for your convenience to gather all the important and 3A related info from Ashley's twitter and summarize it for you here. I'm thinking about which format would be the for you, for now it's Q&A format, I copy or quickly rephrase the question which was asked and present Ashley's answer with direct link. So if you want to you can click on the link and read it on twitter. Here we go..

Questions and answers from twitter + informative tweets

Did you ever think that putting Nom de Plume up for sale will turn into three years journey?
no way, I just wanted to get BRamble made and Noir de plume!

Did M+M sell out? if so are there going to be other printings?
im going to try !

Fuck It #3 is gorgeous! Some of the best reproduction of your work to date? Paint textures look incredible.
thanks david, yea, im getting better at shooting the art.

Have you tried shooting multiple (tripod) shots of your art and creating HDR (high dynamic range) images?
i have issues with one tripod, lighting, UV, angles are tricky for glossy art

On doing zaku designs:
messing with the 3A zaku design, different yet 3A.. good fun to do! I need to do Mazinger !

Reveal of zaku design coming soon...maybe at SDCC?
no blurries just the reveal soon

3A zaku featured in one of the Japanese mag looks cool. Are you able to give us more sketch insights ?
nope, you will see the fig soon, working on it for a while !

How big will be the Zaku? Will it be making any appearance in the Animation?
big, and no, these are 3A gundam, no animation

Any chance for 3A to do Mazinger?
i would say so

Any confirm 1/6th WWR Damn Large Martin colorways?
dlm, nope, note yet

Is there production for Zaku done by threeA or Bandai?
3A, we dont do work for hire, these are designed by me, and made by 3A !

About doing a book with Hellomuller:
cough.... and website to go with it ! I did sparrow, swallow, Ill start Pelican with yours !

As always after 3A toy is released and shipped to US, our boardie toygodd PMed me his latest review, featuring lots of Popbot Slicer TK Kyu and Action Portable Easter Bambaboss photos. So if you dig photo reviews, you got to click here.

3A products shipping process map, reached more than 300 entries. WOW! Huge thanks to everyone who contributed and I added 3A Publishing M+M marker to the map as well, so please do mark it on the map , when you receive it. M+M ships out in few days from now.

Oh and one last thing - I know that there will be a shipping update soon, so don't worry about May dates.


More Q&A from twitter:

Will we see 11-pack of WWRp Squares release soon?
yea, we will release a 3A set, Goodsmile will have their set, we have to figure out a time to do it etc

Any chance for 1:1 MK2 Square?
who knows, no plans though
nothing this year

Adventure Kartel Ankou EX goes on sale in five days and some hours from now, on May 18th , 8-56 HK time. Here is a good link to understand Hong-Kong time better.

If you don't know much about whole Konami Metal Gear Solid thing, I suggest you to checkout this material, put together by Vinyl Destination, who is our boardie and Legionnaire as well!


As promised earlier, here is shipping update from production blog:
16th-18th 3A publishing Ashley Wood's M+M book
23th-25th Adventure Kartel Bleak Mission and WWR Heavy Bramble NW.
30th-3rd Adventure Kartel Acolyte Zomb

WWR 1G JEA Armstrong, there will be Medic and EMGY version as well.

May - 2011 XW2urs

Ashley about WWR 1G Armstrong and showing other versions:
"im hoping this version can do better than 0G.... cos its awesome yo !"
"oh yea, those chaps..."

About new 1G Armstrong feet and how they the difference:
"at least I know what the smell was, those feet make a big diff !!"
"always learning !"

On M+M quick sale EMO:
"ash is bastard... always fucking with us !!!"

Promising to show pics of Adventure Kartel Ankou EX and WWR Caesar on Monday:
"howdy, monday will see many images of Ankpu and Armstrong 1G, Caesar soon !
here are some small pics EDIT, the folder is full WTF ?
off to be sick.. as in throw up

Here is what seems to be Adventure Kartel Ankou EX foot:

May - 2011 JJ9QQs

Now let's try to summarize what the hell happened last night with IDW SDCC exclusive - WWRp Heavy Bramble and how Legion managed to crash their site. It all started with this update by Ted Adams (head of IDW Publishing)
The IDW SDCC WWR Daywatch exclusive is now available for pre-order!

After that site started to experience huge waves of Legionnaires trying to make the purchase and went down in flames:
OK -- our site is smashed from the demand. We're working on a solution but it will likely by early next week. Pls stay tuned.

Currently it's unknown how many of WWRp DW Heavy Brambles are sold out , we know that there are 300 of them. If you made Paypal payment and it went through, you should be okay:
If the Paypal payment went through, it will be fine. When the site is fixed, we'll send out confirming emails.

And good news that there was FedEx option available , if you are among those unfortunate ones, who can't be at SDCC to pick it up.
I'm being told that my last tweet was wrong -- you can choose between Fed Ex or free SDCC pickup.

So , WWRp DW Heavy Bramble ain't sold out and most likely will be offered for sale again, early next week:
The IDW SDCC toy is not sold out. Our site couldn't handle the traffic. We're working on a solution but need a few days.

Let's summarize it...Legion is strong and after whole Bambalandstore EMO sale and surprise sales training, can crash any online shop with greatest ease. I'm really sorry that we caused so much trouble to IDW publishing...but DW Bramble is hella cool fig) Everyone who made Paypal payment, will get confirmation email, once IDW will manage to restore the store and figure ain't sold out and will be back to the shop early next week. Stay tuned!

Back to our daily Q&A and 3A related info from Ashley's twitter

Bunch of comments about IDW store page being down:
i cant hit the webpage, has it been LEGIONED !
idw site still not working.. DESTROY LEGION DESTROY.. WAVES CLENCHED FIST IN AIR !!!
it was always mighty ! Legion kicked the server in the DICK, FREE DICK KICK !

About making another IDW Security Bramble (IDW SDCC 2009 exclusive)
that would have been good thinking, next time, but daywatch is needed if we are selling nightwatch !

Will there be WWRp JEA Heavy Bramble?
i have a JEA heavy mini around here somewhere... im sure !

There were two different grins on first Adventure Kartel Ankou , Ashley answering whether there will be different grins on Ankou EX?
some will

Will there be grins (like Ankous) on a Bertie or Armstrong?
no, wwr are not like that

Is the WWRp Nightwatch Heavy Bramble SDCC exclusive or IDW exclusive... or both?
they both are, IDW sells Daywatch, 3A will sell Nightwatch, later on.

Ankou ex, I can't help but see him as chunky Ankou. Will there be big zombies? Like hulking Zomb?
later on, the ankou body is all robot, not a large human type body etc..

There will be SIdeshow exclusive toy by 3A? So cool!
sideshow need a exclusive toy next......

WWRp NW Heavy Bramble, will be sold under 3A and half at Bambaland , right?
yea, ony DW is being sold outta the bamba system, why becausue IDW are our buds

Not sure if you remember, but Ashley mentioned a while ago, that 3A will make 3A Legionnaire figure! Early quote about this figure for you:
"do you mean if we are gonna make a legion fig 1/6th wearing the hoodie ?
well yes, we are actually ! forum exclusive !"

Here is an update:
will have the Legion fig for the second half of this year, its fun !

What will be the name of the Line, which will feature 3A Legionnaire figure?
legion line

You can read more about Forum Exclusive Legionnaire figure here.

Btw, F5 Bar dedicated to Adventure Kartel Ankou EX drop is going to open soon, sale time is approaching, just 4 days left. Sale time: May 18th, 8-56AM Hong-Kong time.

Oh and here is WWRp DW Heavy Bramble screenshot from IDW store made by Pitu:

May - 2011 Va5zns


Full update about WWRp DW Heavy Bramble sale by IDW publishing can be found here:
key points:

The Ashley Wood San Diego Comic Con 2011 Robot will only be available for pick up at the convention and will not be shipped. Quantities are limited to two per person.

The robot will not be on sale again today or over the weekend.

If your order was successfully processed, you will receive two emails from IDW by end of business today. The first email will acknowledge your order and offer important information about the robot. The second email will be your official order receipt. You MUST bring your receipt to Comic Con to pick up your robot.

But I still suggest you to read the full text, if you are planning to buy one or two.

If you frequently use Facebook and don't want to forget about Adventure Kartel Ankou EX sale maybe this event thingy (click me) will be convenient for you. Just trying something new.

And I bought imgur pro account, so no imageshack for a while. So please be sure to click image thumbnails you see in this column, hehehe. Here is awesome Bramble custom by ULTRAMAN, more photos available here.

May - 2011 QqnDat

Btw, here is an interesting thread, where you can share what art you have on your walls, couple of cool walls from the thread by J3D1, eseffinga and Bubo

May - 2011 96Eu8tMay - 2011 5dlHJtMay - 2011 KivqMt

With WWRp DW Heavy Bramble being local pick up only, time to reintroduce awesome thread, which got started a while ago:
please do keep in mind that comments in this thread are for people who are ready to provide their help to other boardies, not for people who seek mules. So if you are looking for mule, just check the list (page one) and PM the boardies who aren't marked full.

Keep in mind that DW Heavy Bramble might go for sale any hour during the weekend at IDW store! I have a strange feeling, that it will go up immediately after I'll go to sleep, call me paranoid...but happens with me every dam time!
edit: I was wrong, just got an answer from Ted Adams:
You can go to sleep. There won't be anything new until next week.


Not sure if you remember this, but before going to Hong-Kong last month (right before WWRp de Plume sale) Ashley mentioned that he might pick few F5 bar sketches and give some prizes. Got the results just now! Five entries were picked and they are: Sail, Axel Rose, BRiZL, MDART, muffinman! My congratulations to all of you and you will get DIY Bambaboss! I'm currently in the process of finding details, but pretty sure you will get the PM from me soon.

Here are their sketches:

May - 2011 LLCUAmMay - 2011 ULmZmmMay - 2011 T1Q6XmMay - 2011 LPBnkmMay - 2011 CMlCpm

rest of the sketches, which are pretty cool as well, can be seen here:

Ashley posts from twitter and are regular section, featuring Q&A from twitter

On doing more Popbot work while being sick:
being sick has helped me nail some cool popbot stuff, much darker than normal, very happy with it.

Any window on the release for the next Popbot?
dunno, the film is paramount for me for a while, lots of work needed there !

I figured that Popbot story would have to get darker towards the end.
mainly for the new hardcover, treatments and new stuff.

You were working on darker stuff for Popbot?
everything, new hardcover, movie, upcoming books... the Empire strikes back era of Pop!

^Dunno about you, but I'm so excited about more Popbot stuff coming out and strikes back era of Pop! Plus there is a movie on our radar, MAJOR icing on Pop cake!

Are you gonna be uploading any Popbot teasers on the blog? Would love to see a sneak.
if you mean Popbot, better to see it in print, really design for it, they are massive cutups, photographs, painting etc

On making comeback after being sick and posting lots of stuff online:
hopefully next week il be back at full spead, M+M, show some new paintings etc

About Adventure Kartel Ankou EX release, which is approaching! Just 2 days and some hours left, before it will go on sale on May 18th, 8:56AM Hong-Kong time. F5 bar opens 24 hours before the sale starts, extremely excited to see you there and your F5 bar sketches!
Ankou EX next week man, best fat robot ever !

Some of you might noticed that I removed 3D image of WWR Square, made by one of our talented boardies, from this column. Ashley contacted me and reminded about our strict rules about keeping interpretations of 3A toys or Ashley's intellectual property on the forum. There are many legal reasons for that, especially when Popbot and WWR movie are in the production process. Sometimes Ashley allows exceptions, like with F5 bar sketches. But it always been very strict and that's one of the reasons, why this thread was shutdown. Thank you for reading and hopefully no hard feelings on your side.


It's Monday, today Ashley promised to show us Adventure Kartel Ankou EX pics and IDW Publishing might put up rest of WWRp DW Heavy Brambles at their store.

Ashley about Ankou EX:
"soon as im motivated to take them ! ill post them. not the greatest way to sell stuff, but thats 3A !"
"yes it is, and a loverly morning it is.. I have design sumin real quick before photography starts !"

Commenting about Fat Drown (rare figure for Ankou Ex release)
fat drown looks really fat, love it..

Our regular Q&A stuff from twitter:
Any chance of new 7bones teaser?
no, thats a while off, this is ANKOU WEEK !

Will we see DIY Ankou?
nope, DIY are not the norm, just fun when we can etc..

I decided to do this regularly, here is quick selection of latest 3A toys photos made by our boardies. Wanna see more? Check 3A toys photography section, as it's LOADED with cool stuff!

Now the pics by Ail, Mouse9090, memecomplex, Da Nono, goatbot, Firehazzard, Alpred :

May - 2011 0TWGjtMay - 2011 X6ItqtMay - 2011 PC9NytMay - 2011 Wb4I3tMay - 2011 HatQ1tMay - 2011 0Pl9KtMay - 2011 VRfq0tMay - 2011 JrQwLtMay - 2011 N1dg3t

Finally Adventure Kartel Ankou EX pics, featuring MED-EX, FAT DROWN and Laurent!

May - 2011 ZfbTFmMay - 2011 ZJiCkmMay - 2011 Oi0KUm

Now let's see what Ashley been posting on the board about Ankou Ex. About MED-EX nature and role:
"he is a MED_EX very different to the MEDIC who actually ties to help the injured...."
"he is kinda a prick ol MED-EX, like to make sure his lil ankou medic buddies have lots of work to do. he is that kinda bot !"

There will be 3AA set offered (currently unknown what figures will be there):
"3AA wil be the set !
whatever that is !"

On Fat Drown rarity:
"two standard, the drown is never standard !"
"yup, thats Drown for ya, but ill make sure it aint fuck off hard, he is too much fun to keep to myself !"

About Ankou EX body and on taking some revealing shots. I personally have a strong desire to see what Ankou Ex is hiding behind the suit...damn that sounds wrong.
"the body is very cool, ill take some shots of it soon"

There will be Shadow Security Ankou EX as well:
"shit, I wanna do a Shadow Security.. if ya wanna by, see me behind the truck"
"coz 3A is AD HOC all the way, and rather un-organized, ill offer a mystery SHADOW SECURITY ANKOU EX"

Since Shadow Security Ankou EX just surfaced, I doubt we will see some actual pics of this Shadow prick...but with 3A you JUST never know.

Ankou EX price is 160$ with shipping included and prior to 3AA 15% discount. It may seem a bit more expensive than previous Adventure Kartel releases, but keep in mind that he is HUGE, so more weathering, bigger box and more expensive shipping. Here is size comparison of Fat Drown next to regular Drown (both in 1/6th scale):

May - 2011 ZfbTFt

Now let's concentrate on twitter-twatter (please keep in mind that some things on twitter were said before Ashley made comments on the board, I put above):


Any thoughts on an Ankou Ex 2 pack? Could always use a new Zomb.
i was thinking that, shame I cant release the Drown Ankou with an EX, FAT PACK!

Fat Drown has Ankou EX body?
yup, fatty drown is a ANKOU EX, re formatted !

Price? Blind packed or free choice for Ankou EX?
160 usd i hope, need to figure out shipping, not blind, your choice, no 2 pack info yet

Will there be 2pack?
thinking , thinking, just dont wanna do a two for the sake of it, need an angle, story etc !

2pack offer: Medic EX needs to practice.... Zomb patient!

Zomb suggestion for the 2pack: Crimson like Medic Ex's sleeve colour think that would look amazing kind of blood red post op Zomb

Will Fat Drown have Pouches like regular Drown? Or others Ankou EX?
no, or they would be in the pic, does Drown have them ?

Shadow Security & MYSTERY Shadow Security Ankou EX are two different figures?

What is Modern Girls? Popbot line?
nothing to do with popbot, is Modern Girls, a whole new story and world

About The Drown:
epic pain in the ass, truly the emo bringer is The Drown
remember though, the Drown is the emo bringer in all Guises !

ufff...don't know if you notice this, but I try to do this Q&A thingy clear and convenient for you, but do you actually read it or I can just post a some sort of summary and save yours and mine time? Please send me your feedback what you think about that.

160$ is the price of Ankou Ex release figures. There will be: Fat Drown, Ankou EX, Laurent and mysterious Shadow Security Ankou EX. There might be 3AA pack, currently we don't know what figures will be within the pack. Release time - May 18th, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time at Please feel free join event group in my Facebook, if all goes well and people will dig it, we will do the same thing on official 3A facebook group!

Latest information from Ashley about Ankou EX release and how rare figures will be:
"there are no packs, there are no systems, the drown will pop up at the start, then go, and so on, or if ill leave it up.. Security will be like the others up for 24 hours etc. these will not be at retail this year, if ever. the pricepoint doesnt work too well for retail."

So looks like there will be 3AA set...or....?

Ted Adams about IDW WWRp Heavy Bramble DW sale:
The IDW SDCC WWR exclusive toy will be available for pre-order on IDW's site on Wednesday (5/18) at 10:00 a.m. PST.
Just so there's no confusion, we're actually in PDT in CA (not PST). So, it's 10:00 am (PDT) on Wednesday (5/18).
Here is a link, showing current PDT time, so on May 18th, 10:00 AM PDT time, be at IDW shop, if you are gunning for DW Heavy Bramble. Don't forget about local pickup!


With less than 24 hours to go, before Adventure Kartel Ankou EX goes on sale, it's time to open F5 Bar and Grill dedicated to the sale! Please join us in the bar and have some good time, this bar is something special, because today it's Ashley Wood's BIRTHDAY!
Don't know what F5 Bar and Grill is and you never been in one? Here is the info:
During release nights in the thread dedicated to the release, only serious questions/problems can be posted. Everything else would be deleted by us, the Mods. This is done, to get rid of all the nonsense and help to people, who have some serious questions and problems about the release. The thread where you can make relatively on topic friendly chat or go insane during the releases would be called F5 Bar and Grill, under Release night board's category. The thread is going to be unlocked 24 hours before the sale takes place and that's any minute now, and will be locked, after the figure is going to be removed from the store and I will give you some time to vent and share the excitement about the sale . Have fun there, but don't forget basic rules and maintaining positive vibes of our beloved 3A board. Since F5 Bar during the sale is really crowded and grows like several pages in few minutes, all the essential sales info will be posted in the first opening post of the F5 thread and in Ankou EX thread, under Adventure Kartel section. So before asking a question, please check the first page of the bar for answers. You can always PM me (or other MODs) if you some questions and you don't want to post them publicly.

First sketches from F5 bar, by BRiZL, adiz, TheMarkSwell , keep 'em coming my friends!

May - 2011 04XY9sMay - 2011 UETvisMay - 2011 5NbTIs

Adventure Kartel Bleak Mission packaging, ready to ship soon (sold out a while ago):

May - 2011 OaLZls

Circle of LAB 5 pack (Bleak Mission surprise release) packaging, keep in mind that these aren't actual colorways, just a test:

May - 2011 PyhIas

No actual pics of Shadow Ex Ankou, but we have this awesome image:

May - 2011 Zs6dWs

Ashley about Ankou Ex 2pack, which will feature new Little Shadow:
2 pack

Answering: whether 2pack will be 3AA only and what will be the price for it
umm i dunno yet.. is the official answer

Will we have a Shadow Bleak poster, just like the box ?
just standard bleak poster art
So there are different boxes for Bleak, but all will have the same poster.

Ashley about Labrador box:
the lab set is really cool, the box is one of my favs !

Will Little Shadow (from 2pack) have a new body?
yes new body !

Latest post from Ashley's blog:
Happy birthday !
To me, but you get the present, a quick look at a 3A poster im painting ! Cmon guys only 3 more blog members and its at 5000, nows thats an awesome birthday gift !

May - 2011 CMFyet

and quick followup

5000 !
that was quick !
awesome, gotta dash , thanks !

There will be no 2ack pics, but we know that there will be new Little Shadow, wearing latex; 1/6th dick and Ankou EX is a fun art to illustrate that:

May - 2011 DOzxYt

I love that Ashley is having good amount of fun on his Birthday and offering us Mysterious Shadow EX and this 2pack, without any pics! So what to do? If you like art pics that you see and trust Ashley's art and creative vision, I suggest to cave in and buy them...if you prefer to buy only what you know how would like go, for Fat Drown, Med Ex or Laurent.

Q&A from twitter:

ANKOU SXCLB (from the 2pack) isn't Shadow EX right?
no, nothing to do the Shadow EX

will Lil' Shadow (from the 2pack) have new hair style?
hair and face

Any hints what 2 Pack Ankou-EX will look like?
glossy black bod, but weathered and stained

More questions about 2pack: With Pink Latex Cat Suit and Nipple clamps?? Or am I aiming too high? Sold!
With balls? Hope that's not a joke LOL!

no nip clamps, but a 1/6th rubber dick dildo, is that a first ?
with nuts. and no it aint a joke

What 2pack Ankou will be wearing, Boiler suit or Tracky?

WHAT the hell is the Huge robot doing to little shadow?
whatever you want

Ashley about 1/6th dick, which will come with the 2pack:
the dick wil have a harness too.. damn, lil shadow can now dishout the love !

Saying thanks to everyone for Happy Birthday wishes:
I have to say thanks to everybody that wished me happy birthday, itfelt nice ! said the queen to bishop ! CHEERS ! off to dinner

Sketches from F5 bar by E. Pun and Merp720

May - 2011 BVg6btMay - 2011 91b8ot


Ankou EX goes on sale in less than two hours from now, on 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time at

There will be no 3AA exclusives this time, but 3AA members will have 24 hours on standards as always. So 3AA members have 24 hours on everything (which is announced until now), except Fat Drown, which is emo starter. 2pack price is 240$ and 160$ for singles.

Q&A from twitter:

Can you say what colour SXCLB's boiler suit will be?
not black, and will look very different to the FAT DROWN !
darth was asking about the suit, not body, its not a black boiler suit, not even a boiler suit actually !

What suit type it will be? Earlier we heard Boiler
a SXCLB Bouncer suit ! whatever that is !
and when I figure it out! actually think, wetsuit/diver for now....

How accurate 2pack sketch represents Ankou and Little Shadow looks?

May - 2011 DOzxYt

its a sketch. The Ankou will wear a suit, it wont be black. thats the intel for now

So guys, I'll try to do quick summarize for you, since this sale is PURE FUN and HOT MADNESS! Which is really within 3A spirit, but can be really hard for people who just found out about 3A. Hopefully you guys are reading my column)
What will be on sale?
Three Ankou EX singles have photos, FAT Drown is more limited and rare than others:

May - 2011 ZfbTFmMay - 2011 ZJiCkmMay - 2011 Oi0KUm

Each is 160$ and shipping is included in the price.

There will be mysterious Shadow Security Ankou EX, we don't have any pics of his looks, only this sketch:

May - 2011 Zs6dWt

Costs 160$ as well and shipping is included in the price.

And mysterious ANKOU SXCLB AND LITTLE SHADOW MK2 LATEX THROWDOWN SET. No pics, just this awesome art:

May - 2011 DOzxYt

2pack will feature Ankou SXCLB Bouncer and Little Shadow MK2 (new face, new body) wearing latex and 1/6th dick as an accessory.

3AA members have 24 hours on everything, except FAT Drown.

If you have any questions about the sale, please don't hesitate to ask about it here (best place) ; in the bar or just PM me ASAP.

Currently Ashley is making newsletter, which is going out SOON. Hopefully it will clarify things for people, who ain't digging my column. I will quote the newsletter here as well. You can sign up for the newsletter here:

Newsletter out:

Ashley posting in the bar:
"morning all !
Im very happy to release the Ankou EX, he was a very early idea I had in the AK line, but had to wait for the line and 3A to get going first."
"great birthday, no stress or hassle, thats a win ! feeling well, everything is looking good.. till the net problem !"
"no surprises, stretched just to get the announced together and ready... "

"I hope bamba gets a fucking!
I know onething, years from now, ill look at the SXCLB 2P and think, yup, thats why I do 3A , or did, depending on the fortunes of my world !"

ANKOU EX goes on sale ANY MINUTE NOW at

ANKOU EX sale going on nicely , except Drown who causes some EMO...but that's what Drowns do)

Ashley posting in F5 bar:
"always fun to read the chatter in the bar, I cant imagine how boring selling only to stores or distros would be..."
"just another, meh.. way cooler than that"
"DROWN bring some EMO..."
"gah, you and the DROWN !
oh but isnt he cool!"
"cheers martin, they will look better in hand too, decals and other tweaks.. ! more drowns you want eh

Ashley about 2pack:
it has a 1/6th dick in it, suit, colors, whatever !
its a dick, with two free figures !

Ashley confirming that it's okay to buy two Fat Drowns:
2 is fine, if ya can !

And don't be afraid Drown hunters, it ain't sold out yet! It just comes and goes as he pleases!

WWRp DW Heavy Bramble goes up for sale today at IDW 10:00 a.m. PDT at , please read all the rules here:

Drown hunters, you can have some rest now...since it's getting late in Hong-Kong time zone and Ashley will not likely put any Drowns up for now.

Meanwhile it's almost time (less than two hours) for IDW DW Heavy Bramble sale! I-DW get it?) So if you have pickup part figured out, keep checking their site around 10.00 AM

Brambles came up at IDW special place , as scheduled. Hope you were lucky enough to land one.
According to Ted Adams and IDW, WWRp Heavy Bramble #DW Iis sold out! Congratulations to everyone who bought one!


Final batch of Fat Drown coming up soon, so keep watching , if you are hunting for one! Btw, 3AA window for standard Ankou EX closes in less than two hours from now, so there is a phat chance that Ankou Ex will be gone from the store after don't sit on the fence and cave in , if you want one)

Ashley posting about Ankou EX in the bar and that Ankou EX sale is coming to an end, so now it's perfect time to cave in and buy one, if you are interested.
"ol fatty did better than I had hoped ! THANKS ! he really is a cool fig, and beefier than you would think, the photos dont convey this!"
"im getting breakfast, one I get back, Ankou is heading underground.. till september when he will arise, better and cooler ! your trust in 3A is really EPIC, we will deliver fun toys that will hopefully surpass your expectations !"

On Drown pouches:
"really, pouches.... if I remember, but he really doesnt wear them, he isnt the The Drown, hs is Fat Drown.. his bro !"

About WWR Caesar and other releases:
"I was gonna throw Caesar into da mix, but I got a white Iphone problem with him, so Im thinking now.. I know the new squares are coming ( singles and sets ), I have the new Armstrong's, which are killer I might say ! and other stuff.."

Ankou EX Laurent is pretty special:
"only laurent has shoulder pouches ! !!!"

Q&A from twitter:

Am I right in thinking he's about the same height as popbot ?
yes he is

Laurent is the EX ver of reg ankou N.L.C.S commander right? will have the super cool N.L.C.S on boiler and all that?
of course

I'd love to see some 3A decals provided with a DIY release (or maybe even has decal packs as standard shop items?)
all are screen printed or sprayed, no decals per-se here at 3A. your love will be unrequited !

Ashley about Ankou EX release:
yea, I had thought coz he aint a kewl, killer, transformer type he might not be that popular etc. glad to be wrong !

Ankou Ex is gone from the store and F5 Bar is closed now, here is my little farewell speech: Okay guys, time for me to close down the bar.
Thank you so much for the lovely time here, for all the amazing art you did and for all kinds of support you showed!
Can't wait to open the bar again and see you all there...
Actually closing up a bar is a sad moment for me...but that's life)
Currently can't announce what next May sales will be, but I'm pretty sure we will meet again in the bar soon enough!

Your sketches:

May - 2011 IjwGctMay - 2011 TZpkFtMay - 2011 Diow1tMay - 2011 Rk1bTtMay - 2011 V3IUatMay - 2011 Z1SKjtMay - 2011 BVg6btMay - 2011 91b8otMay - 2011 04XY9tMay - 2011 UETvitMay - 2011 5NbTItMay - 2011 2flQKtMay - 2011 Q8kxmtMay - 2011 WJp5ZtMay - 2011 AfJXZtMay - 2011 7JQCFtMay - 2011 1gvjrtMay - 2011 Fz3vatMay - 2011 Sbp2FtMay - 2011 XqLujtMay - 2011 IgGeMtMay - 2011 Hlr6jtMay - 2011 CgYAttMay - 2011 IHzg8tMay - 2011 OiZWWtMay - 2011 YtxAvtMay - 2011 QNBEntMay - 2011 X967LtMay - 2011 HKCFbtMay - 2011 E19MmtMay - 2011 M84kFtMay - 2011 0ToT6tMay - 2011 WvxmItMay - 2011 BzPmytMay - 2011 KWkPPtMay - 2011 JnlUrtMay - 2011 VeyV3tMay - 2011 CFQqMtMay - 2011 YKuWDtMay - 2011 TlYw1tMay - 2011 4ABqVtMay - 2011 PlZcMt

Gallery link:

And promised shootout! Thank you for sketches: illproxy, Echoes, Fuelreaver, RES, VerdantViper, Johng06, BRiZL, Sail, Pie, denissok, Beeswax, Darthgothikus, grishlug, crem, Firehazzard, makadi3000, grishlug's friend, OyabunTT, toygodd, fulci zombi, NWO, RainDog, piino, BoysWillBeToys, flintsdoorknob, expathos, holiday, thejikas, defcon, dienstag, Merp720, E. Pun, TheMarkSewell, adiz, maskotero

Ashley revealing Laurent mystery and causing some EMO:
dude, the laurent was so low ordered, it ranks in the rarest figs group, didnt even hit 3 figues !
"Thanks chaps, now the hard part begins !
back to work, the sales are fun, always a pleasure !"
"oh when people see him they will emo, he really is a great one, but hey, the people have spoken, I have already been emailed with requests for him.. but thats not how 3A works. reminds me of the armstrong 0G all over... GAH !"

Latest post from Ashley's blog:
2 Eggs and Nabler
What start off as sketches or prelims always end up being what I was trying to achieve in the long haul painting lately. So yup, no need to repaint this !

May - 2011 DkA8Ct

Ashley posting in twitter, answering on my question about threeA three years anniversary next month (Nom de Plume sale happened on 26.06.2008) :
i did, but not enough time in the day.. I want to do a 3rd BD Bambaboss, but im sure no else wants one

You can discuss 3rd year Bambaboss here.

Answering about Laurent:
Ash are the pouches final on Laurent? I love the dayglo orange on the regular NLCS Com, but I trust you!
didnt like it ! sorreee, they gonn abe what they are man !

Latest entry from Ashley's blog:

May - 2011 PSarKt

Awesome photos of Popbot Xmas TQ and Popbot Slicer TK Baka dancing and being in love by CK Propain. Reminded me about "True Lies" moment, when Arnold was dancing to his wife..

May - 2011 OMmT9tMay - 2011 2V88UtMay - 2011 HUouytMay - 2011 Ch5DitMay - 2011 4p85Xt

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May - 2011 Empty Re: May - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:41 am


The thing which I want to do on sort of daily basis , is to post random cool photos from 3A toys photography section , here are today photos xxby expathos, moldie13, goatbot, swarf and bubo

May - 2011 EkHWStMay - 2011 MxCVgtMay - 2011 Xh9hHtMay - 2011 Mx2IptMay - 2011 Sa743t

Amazing 3A based customs by wwwetworks , more here.

May - 2011 W3xU0tMay - 2011 MPCFBtMay - 2011 ECKgVt

Ashley answering on a question, when WWRp Heavy Brambles will be offered for a month at . I can say one thing for sure, it was a long way to this and would be a date to remember!
resident WWRp Heavies as soon as I can get to them ! weekend perhaps ?

More Q&A from twitter:
Will we see one day full 1/6th LW 53 bot? - his head came with 1/6th Popbot Slicer TK Kyu and it was HUGE!
oneday! fingers crossed

When we will see new WWR hardcover? currently there are only #1 and #2 issues out there. And we are all impatient to find out, what is happening in World War Robot universe.
when AK, Modern Girls, and the new Lore is done ! WWR isnt simple or throw away to me and TP, takes time

Does it mean that we will see Popbot 9 soon?
nope.. im not a short order cook, shits gonna take time, im in no rush

Will there be Popbot or Lore app for iPad?
no plans for pop or lore

Adventure Kartel Bleak Mission, single Labrador box and Acolyte Zomb boxes and some surprises as well are hidden on this pic:

May - 2011 79X0mt


Ashley about reprinting M+M book:
there has not really been a demand, maybe when I have more material ill make a fatter book etc..

Reminding us about Towerl of Turin version of AK Fighting JC
open it and find out ?
still need to do the the towel of Turin version

Q&A from twitter
what was your favorite comic when you were a kid?

after people saw body of Heavy APTK on this pic (behind Acolyte Zomb) When we will see Action Portable Heavy Tomorrow King?
soon...mmmm not soon.

after Ashley said maybe to LW 53 bot in 1/6th one daySince the head already came with Slicer, why not sent out the other parts with other PB figures: W53 bot puzzle
another person's follow up Naw, those LW 53 heads were severed for a reason. The full bot needs it's own, intact head. +In parts=too dicey.
and expensive !

Commenting on the custom show anubis2night is doing:
cant wait to see them !

Little teaser by anubis2night:

May - 2011 Wqx27s

you can find out more about it here

New marked - WWR NOM NW Heavy Bramble added to 3A shipping products process map So if one lands at your door , please mark it on the map. Password for additions - legion . If you have any problems with the map, please PM me or ask question in this thread dedicated to the map.


Ashley saying that some Action Portable Bambaboss figures may be offered next week at Bambalandstore:
might out some AP bambaboss in the store next week, they need homes too !

Q&A from twitter

Is there a chance to see DIY Bambaboss offered at the store?
those are freebies, given out etc, BUT, maybe a carded version for da artists out there coz you asked so nice
white and grey versions wil be offered carded etc. munch crunch munch

Will wee see Pudding Boss among Action Portable Bambass? - Pudding Boss is very rare in 1/6th scale, as it was never for sale and sent only to business associates and friends
fuck yea, my fav !! maybe a white creme giz version for the dutch !

Ashley about his plans for packaging mock up for the book about threeA , to mark 3A anniversary which is next month
I was gonna make a mook of all the 3A packaging, but time is against me... for the 3rd anni etc..
i mean a book containing photos of all the boxes and other tidbits, it would have been cool
gonna try do it now, need to find al the toys though, not sure I have them all !

Ashley about having lots of cool stuff and prototypes on his hands:
probably do, and more unseen shit, but finding it.... gah

So behold 1/6th Oyaloper prototype from back in the day!

May - 2011 IpPlzt

a Oya prototype, long pants, etc, camo jacket

1/12th Action Portable Tomorrow Kings

May - 2011 FMPzut

the brood

Now let's deal with the confusion, which was raised by these photos. Ashley answering whether the Oya (on the prototype shot) is the Oyabun, which will go into 3AA 2011 membership package:
the small ones on the brod shot, the proto is 1/6th and different to the small
SO Oyas on the second photo (with all the other TKs) are got to be the ones from 2011 membership package

another confused questions about prototype photo:
Is that 1/6 or 1/12? Possibly the next 7 Bones TK?
Oyaloper isn't grey scale?
of course he is like the first
there isnt a 1/12th though
err the proto, is 1/6th, not 7B

What about a 3A and 4 horsemen design partnership? answers by Ashley Wood and 4 Horsemen Design:
It would be epic. I doubt either of us would have the extra time to do it right now though. Some day...
thats the issue, time..none left.........

one more confused question about Oyabun prototype photo:
Is that the prototype for oyaloper ash? The camo jacket rocks!
nom the interloper are always greys etc thats a different OYA, a real OYA

A lot of people are getting confused by seeing all these Oyas, particularly the Blanco and the Camo.
why? the Action Portable have no interloper oya's there, and the 1/6th camo isnt an interloper, no confusion here

Any chance the ink art on Shadow Bleak box will be in a future Fuck It?
probably turn up somewhere, I want to do a all ink Fuckit, so maybe there

Comment about APTK family + lil Oyabuns Ashley please stop making toys I crave. Year after year, pushing with the excellence, stop it!!
this is just the beginning.....

So let's summarize again, this one here

May - 2011 IpPlzt

is 1/6th scale Oyabun prototype, even before Yama & Naga, which are known as first production Oyabuns

there lil TKs are 1/12th scale TKs, featuring which are most likely got to be , so called "random colors" Oyabuns from 2011 3AA membership package, which was offered for sale back in January 2011

May - 2011 FMPzut

AND there is no such things as Oyabun Interloper (which was Wasabi TK sale surprise figure) in 1/12th scale. If you are still confused and have some questions, don't hesitate to PM me about that.

WWR NOM Heavy Bramble already seen in Asia, here are photos by jojoccj, I got to say that I love this dark and dirty look...and his knife is such a cool addition to his RPG.

May - 2011 OdzvztMay - 2011 P32uDtMay - 2011 Rj8h8tMay - 2011 FHonptMay - 2011 TbVOItMay - 2011 RHDF3t


Ashley's tweet to Jerry Bruckheimer, who is going to do WWR movie.
Pirates did a great opening, congrats ! though Im sure WWR will pound the record into a pulp with a steely fist !

Will there be more M+M books?
all sold out... hopefully we will have something in stock soon

Now this is a knife! Photos by chronokross, featuring Grave Digger Heavy Bramble:

May - 2011 A1dOwtMay - 2011 L9t1etMay - 2011 JH5p7tMay - 2011 RDIIttMay - 2011 NW4d6t

according to lucky owners NOM Heavy Bramble joints are as tight as Square (j/k)

Ashley about doing 2nd limited print of M+M
I might do a limited 2nd print, but I need to figure it out, dnt wanna be left with lots of copies etc

Already two NOM Heavy Brambles seen on the map, can't wait for please add when you will get one , as we all are impatiently watching the progress.


More WWR NOM NW Heavy Bramble photos, now by sci70716 and slimjim

May - 2011 ERQRitMay - 2011 EIdF8tMay - 2011 LPF5ftMay - 2011 SkIaDt

2000 AD Mongrol is going to ship soon:
Not long till Mongrol ships from 3A, for the handful that ordered, your gonna love it, a classic robot !!!

Is there a chance, that we will see another 2000AD release this autumn?

What will it be?
dunno yet, whatever is ready to show

Do we need to be ready for AP Bambaboss today?
i wish, BUT its not a quick sale, but a IN RESIDENT sale, so people can get them. like the heavy bramble will be

More M+M will be offered for sale today at
we have 40 copies of M+M in the office, unpaid etc.. in bamba today

Latest podcast #15 made by our Legionnaires and main person behind it - wraith1701, is out there and prepare your ears for 3A orgasm! Click here for more info.

M+M is up right now at
and now sold out , let's start waiting for the next run.
"im gonna do a second print, smaller run than the first, the demand isnt much, but better to have some available, probably be at SDCC first if I can wrangle it."
"I hate selling out of stuff at bamba, epic fail, but just as epic to have stock sitting around, just cant afford it, wish I could..... the new is slightly different, but anyone that follows my books will know that anyways..."

Ashley about WWR Caesar different head versions, some colorways will be specific to head variants:
"no severed heads make your own !
maybe down the line I can do it !
you have to decide between commander flat head and field, dome head versions!"
"no some colorways will be flat, some round..."

WWR 1G Armstrong is ready and soon we will find out what next release is going to be.
"Armstrong are pretty much ready. ill know this week what up next !"

WWR Square MK2 will be the next sale, according to Ashley. Singles and set will be offered. Two colorways are known - Ghost Hunter and EMGY
(results of forum Square poll)....and mysterious Devil SQUARE FUCKTIVATE! Woot Woot!

May - 2011 NCbEEt

"square mk2 next"
"nothing blind
you guys picked the colorways well 2 of them !"
"singles and set, a low key sale"
"do people want a devil sqr ?"

Ashley about 3A Publishing and his book quality:
they could be better, never good enough

Q&A from twitter
How about some Tan Girl action now?
thats not up to me... bummer

Who is responsible for taking the decisions?
well, the owners of TG gotta make the crack, CRACK , i cant

Commenting that we will see Tank Girl in 1/12th:
1/12th would be

Why no Tank Girl in 1/6th?
not up to me man...

Answering, whether WWR Square MK2 is next release?
thats a plan, but who knows.. things change daily at 3A

You mean Square MK2 pre-orders are before Caesar's?


AK Acolyte Zomb 4pack packaging and Circle of LAB 5 pack(Bleak Mission surprise release):

May - 2011 FlDo4tMay - 2011 QqsJEt

Ashley commenting the size of Circle of LAB box:
labs needs protection !

And lots of Q&A from twitter, which is becoming extremely time consuming and hella fun. What makes it time consuming, that in many cases I have to open people's twitters to understand better the question and contest. Now quick key points to save you some time: there will be second printing of M+M at SDCC; currently it's not know when AP Bambabossess will be up on Bambaland, but we will get a warning for sure.

Are the Action Portable Bambabosses going up soon?
i want to, but its only me doing this stuff, add in all the other stuff, things take a little longer !

I'd love some underwater WWR bots; deep sea Armstrong!
and yellow!

What's going on today, Ashley?
drawing, designing, painting, and repeat

I hope there's lots of that dead astronaut in the M+M book
the second book will have more.. he has to escape the nablers head !
Next M+M is called The Stiffy, I thought...
it s is, as it has been so far

Any chance we'll see The Photographer in toy form down the line?
i want to !

Will we see any more bots in WF colorway, WWR/WWRp? Or does the WF corp only use Dropcloths?
no, the DC are are part of WF, many more robots and troop in it

Will you have second M+M printing at SDCC? - Good news for everyone who missed it!

Any new comic sequentials coming up?
a little Ak comic, bits and pieces. always working on something.

Ashley has 600 Polaroid camera and here his comment about using it:
Impossible polaroid film is awesome, very addictive !
all of them, but the silver shade is my fav, black frame. really really good. - answering which film did he get

Are you going to share any of your Polaroid shots?
maybe in a book one-day, or a fake record label catalog for AK world..

What about red Heavy Bramble? Would love to see it happen!
really hard to slip another heavy in, they are gone for now !

Could we see a reverse AK universe Were Tommy/Bleak/Shadow are Zombs & the Boilers zombs are the EMO killers?
no, it aint star trek man !

Btw, M+M book keeps surfacing in Asia, please use the map and add your entries to it!


WWR Square MK2 goes on sale on June 9, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time at , here is sneak peak of Ghost Hunter Square:

May - 2011 LfKInt

Famous WWR MK1 Brillo Square makes an appearance at 3A blog:
maybe at sdcc…
maybe when me and Kim sign, maybe. with legs !

May - 2011 HUoJjt

^and yes, it will have legs

Ashley about Brillo Square:
ill put a same amount on bamba if that will be at SDCC for the square
you should OR hit up Lev at Toy Tokyo and hassle him outta one !

At some point of time, we will see WWR Red Heavy Bramble and Pacific Rim Veteran Bertie MK3 , I must say that I am tremendously excited about Red Heavy Bramble, as WWR Big Red Large Martin remains one of my most favorite WWR bots! Don't know if you remember this, but Pacific Rim Bertie supposed to be grey metal, rusty, weathered and we even had the list to make it happen. In the end Ashley said that it's not likely that Hatchery will have a spot for another Bertie this year, but the project still lives!
soon as I can get the hatchery to fit them in, Red Heavy and Pacific Rim MK3 Bertie

Q&A from Ash's twitter

Is the new Square MK2 in some way inspired by the MGS Geko?
nope, that leg design is natural, nothing to do with MGS
square is better, you dont need no gekko.

When SDCC exclusives sale will take place at Bambaland?
dunno yet, pre sdcc emo, or prior emo... probably before I would say

Sad reminder that there will be no more 1:1 Squares:
no more 1:1 squares

M+M already seen in United Kingdom , according to the delivery process map! Please keep using it and adding your 3A goodies:


Ashley explains that WWRp bots are as complicated to make as bigger WWR bots:
yes they are, almost the same time due to the smaller size, harder to so.
wwrp aint any easier or quicker than wwr

So currently it's a big mystery whether we will see Big Red Heavy Bramble in WWR, WWRp scale or both. Couple of thing are certain though, we will see Pacific Rim Veteran Bertie MK3 in 1/6th and there will be Big Red colorscheme for Heavy Bramble!

Some 3A and art related questions from twitter, today there was a big discussion about music tastes (Slowdive, Mojave3, Curve, New division, Interpol, The Editors and etc), I will not quote it here..but if you are interested please check Ashley's twitter.

Painting sucks up time so fast, but so much fun! How do u manage it Ash?
i dont... just do it I guess...

There will be Popbot Nabler head (not severed head, as he is just the head) and on the blister packaging!
Any chance of a Nabler "accessory" for Lady Sham when she's released, maybe 3AA?
Nabler, he has to be sold by himself ! He is the Nabler Dammit !
and on a blister! stay tuned

Remember earlier announcement that there will be WWRp Heavy Bramble singles on Bambalandstore for a month? Looks like this weekend it will finally happen! I can't describe how TREMENDOUSLY excited I am about this, since 2009 Ashley said that he wanted to have stuff at Bamba on regular basis, not just quick pre-orders...really happy that it's finally happening and curious what Heavy Bramble singles we will see in stock, Bramble is one of my most favorite WWR bots, so it adds extra joy element for me to see that he is chosen first , for this kind of sale...epic moment for sure:
This weekend will see the first In Resident sales at Bambaland, which is a way of saying one month sales.

Ashley about WWR Square MK2 sale which will happen on June 9th, there will be singles (10$ shipping in handling) and sets (shipping included in the price)....apart from EMGY, Ghost Hunter and DEVIL SQUARE, there will be Peaceday and Deimos MK2 Square (and these are just named ones, I'm sure there will be more):
So im offer singles, but there is a 10 buck shipping and handling charge for each, and a couple of sets with prces that include shipping etc. I want this to be an accessible release, the MK2 is a lot of fun, need to spread the joy. where as the Square sounds like a child, the MK2 sounds like Charles Bronson after 10 packs of camel ciggies !
there is a peaceday Mk2, by the way, for those who have asked !

and no pouches!
no bags on this one, the peaceday square is support, Mk2 is about getting to action !
yes - yes to Deimos

We will see mysterious WWR Caesar in June...hopefully his sale is toward the end of the month, giving us all a bigger time to recover after Square release and be ready for action! And...3A three years anniversary is in June as well!
June will see Caesar stomp into action, he really surpass your expectations ! !
Commenting on a previous joke that MK2 Square can take Caesar down:
i dont think so, who said MK2 can take a caesar

Commenting on situation that some M+M books surfaced with duplicate pages:
mmmm, that sucks, sorry !

Random cool photos of 3A toys, from 3A toys photography section, this time by: Eric (featuring repainted APTK), printschi (Little Shadow and Heavy Bramble), Da Nono (bot heads) , soulburn3d (Shadow Guard Armstrongs) , saigonradio (Drown), wark (Large Martin and Square silhouettes)

May - 2011 MfZu9tMay - 2011 9KTsHtMay - 2011 7hr7EtMay - 2011 KyNZ0tMay - 2011 IJ7ratMay - 2011 NzfCptMay - 2011 Jf6rUtMay - 2011 EmRODtMay - 2011 UpDK9t

I hope you dig them and don't forget to share your pics at 3A toys photography section , especially in this month photo thread or simply upload them to -> galleries


3AA 2011 membership package is almost ready:
the 3AA pack is finally nearing completion, truly a labor of love ! You guys are gonna dig it !

Ashley about threeA three years anniversary Bambaboss sale date:
he will be in the Bamba store on our 3rd birthday. Gimby will know the date !
and the date is 24th of June!

About making more 3A clothes and about the t-shirts we saw last month:

May - 2011 OoLExs

maybe, clothes are done for fun, really difficult in such low numbers, no one wants to take out orders !
sdcc,see if they are well received etc

About WWRp Heavy Brambles resident sale:
this weekend, my weekend that is, HK time !
whenever I do it, no time planned

As you probably know 3AA 2011 package comes with a comic, where Bleak Mission makes his special appearance, here is Ashley talking about it:
great comic, well I like it, not gonna impress most, but I dont care
its all bleak, you dont think im gonna give up the AK story. still you will see soon
its short , but best illustrated comic I have done, bar none. the whole AK comic is cool, all the Ak paintings, 12"x12"

About Adventure Kartel book, which is in the making and sees the light this year:
im making a AK book with TP lik ethe WWR ones, this year for sure for release. he is in there, making curry

So apparently Brillo Square will not be offered online , just SDCC sale, at least that is current word:
re Square, he will be available from Toy Tokyo at SDCC, when me and Kim are signing etc, im also told there is a cool extra there.

A bit more about resident WWRp Brambles sale:
let me preface the resident sale with this, stuff will be taken down if too much is ordered, we have limits... just a reality fingers crossed it will be ok

These were the most important updates from Ashley's twitter


Epic day for all of us! Resident sales, which will last for one month, started on and WWRp Bromwhich Heavy Bramble is already up there, the price - 55$ (prior to 3AA discount) and you got to add a little something for shipping & handling, estimated shipping - late September 2011.

May - 2011 S863gl

And another big news, is about to get a nice upgrade as well! Hopefully everyone will like the changes:
Bambalandstore might go down for a couple of days this week, an upgrade in the backend ( ohh err ).. just a FYI

Ashley about this and about putting more up for sale:
first redsident sale is up in, more when I can find time

And our regular stuff: Q&A from twitter, first questions about WWRp Heavy Bramble

How long WWRp Heavy Bramble will be listed on
hopefully all month, im tired of people laughing at bamba for being empty

Is it wholesale? or bambaland exclusive?
bamba only

Can we buy a couple of those Brambles?

Question about Adventure Kartel comic, which comes exclusively with 3AA 2011 package:
Will it be hardcover?
not the 3AA pack, already a money losing exercise. but the AK BOOK ONE will be.

Ashley about Fat Tarino , which will feature all the previous (Tarino) art books:
along with the BBW popbot book, there will also be FAT TARINO art, bringing the 3 tarinos under one roof 12"x12".

Popbot and Tarino books will be SDCC exclusives or available online as well?
and in IDW s online store i just found out, but debuting at sdcc

Anything new in Fat Tarino or just summary of previous three?
always sumin..

Will we see these books (Fat Tarino and Popbot BBW) at SDCC?
they debut there !

WOW! Action Portable JEA Bambaboss is up at! I got to say that I love RESIDENT SALES! Here is a pic of Action Portable JEA Bambaboss from the store, as all his bigger brothers he is severely un-articulated (almost non-articulated) and comes with three detachable faces and smoke, estimated shipping - late August 2011.

May - 2011 Y8rxTt

Since many newcomers are asking who is Bambaboss and what is the story behind him, I'll say briefly that he is one of characters by Ashley Wood and been seen in art books and on Ashley Wood paintings. He may resemble Bambalad from Popbot in looks, but he is different character. You can read a bit about him in DIY Bambaboss newsletter from 2009.

To remind you 1/6th scale JEA Bambaboss was a surprise sale and sold out within minutes, here are pics of all 1/6th scale Bambas by Bajo-Ninja

May - 2011 BTGeftMay - 2011 O6of0t

Currently it's unknown which else figures will be up for resident sales, but it's awesome....keep watching Bamba for more resident surprises!

Since people keep asking, my Easter AP Bambaboss height is 14 centimeters and that's from his head to his foot (smoke isn't included) and that's around 5.5 inches.


Adventure Kartel Bleak Mission landed at kadoo's house and here are the pics:

May - 2011 63060tMay - 2011 O88qVtMay - 2011 NEexYtMay - 2011 YFN5mtMay - 2011 L0p0MtMay - 2011 DuUz7t

More pics can be found here. And btw, Bleak Mission marker is added to the map: - please use it

Ashley about AK Bleak Mission
Bleak is the main AK player, the lynch pin of the world

Confirming that comic which comes with 3AA 2011 membership package will be exclusive to the package:
the 3AA pack comic will not be in the AK HC

About [/b]AK Bleak Mission[/b] t-shirt and Custard:
3AD records ! Custard is a great toy!

On Popbot movie progress:
So my co producer on Popbot is scouting Breasts for er Popbot, a hard gig !

When might we see ol Bleak's winter coat/parka mentioned during Bleak Mission sale?
thats the next bleak SHIT WEATHER BLEAK
4th qtr

Shit weather Bleak will be retail edition or Bambaland exclusive?
who knows man

Are you planning on repritning Extreme Finales this year?

How bout printing Extreme Finales in 12x12 hardcover format?
nope, its what it is !

What about Fat Tarino this year?
sdcc FAT TARINO thats 12" square, as opposed to the original 11" square format of old

Did the DIY mini Bambas go up on the store and sell out already?
remind me my tomorrow
^looks like we might see carded 1/12th scale DIY Bambabosses up for sale, if not tomorrow then really soon!

Is Bleak 3AD t-shirt a wink to 4AD?
a wink, its a full on grope !

More AD Bleak Mission photos by kadoo and Hanma_Baki

May - 2011 LWgIFtMay - 2011 78uRLtMay - 2011 Ed38ttMay - 2011 MsBAmtMay - 2011 PdvU2t


Ashley confirms what we heard earlier, that next NOM is going to be WWR Supreme Commander from NOM - which is entirely new female character. You can find thread dedicated to here here.
next is the supreme nom, then some new Noms, but the nom de plume is retired

Since de Plume is retired and WWR Barguest de Plume was last de Plume, here is one Legion member, who wants to see more gas mask characters (don't know if watten knows about WWR Grunts though):
Hoping for de plume mk2 or other gasmasked stylish soldier
they will come

A bit more on what kind of Popbot Tomorrow Kings we will see this year from 7BONES:
this year there will be more 7B, and retailer OYA and if I can, the Last TK
Last TK words were followed immediately with a question:
Last TK means realy the LAST TK? Or we have to wait for new TK figures with new sculpt?
just wait, way off

Commenting on this pic featuring Miss&Mrs Volume 1 book, by TRACERfire
breakfast of champions !

May - 2011 FL8rut

Any word on retail WWR Heavy Brambles shipping and price of Popbot book at SDCC?
early june for heavy retail, book prices, I have no idea

To remind you there are two retail Heavy Brambles: African Def Freiheit and Cydonia Western Def

May - 2011 ToCG9tMay - 2011 MexnXt

Popbot Slicer TK Baka comes with lots of grenades, it was asked what types of grenades he comes with:
all types, but mostly explosive

Commenting on serious of pics, featuring WWRp Noir de Plume by SethBuzzard
a deplume gotta eat !

May - 2011 8k908tMay - 2011 FqIDStMay - 2011 CstzJt

Quote of Ted Adams (head of IDW publishing) which attracted my interest for obvious reasons:
Finished Robopocalypse by Daniel Wilson. @RealAshleyWood -- you'll like this one (and you should get the rights to do the toys
ill check it, px man !

Latest entry from Ashley's art blog:
a little bambalad painting has been started

May - 2011 Q5GrHt
btw guys, please don't confuse Bambaboss and Bambaland, they are two different characters

Very cool photos by feelgram (featuring WWRp RPG Bramble and WWR NOM NW Bramble) and by ronlu (featuring Popbot TQs and kitty):

May - 2011 X8gJ4tMay - 2011 4TxzEtMay - 2011 Hkd9Xt

Less than nine days remains, before WWR Square MK2 goes on sale at on June 9th, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time!

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May - 2011 Empty Re: May - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:41 am


WWR Bertie MK3 NW&DW + Desert photos by tommy88 , you can checkout more Bertie photos here

May - 2011 R12bUtMay - 2011 QoMSVtMay - 2011 MMkgptMay - 2011 EkyiFtMay - 2011 BXucatMay - 2011 Ffb1ktMay - 2011 G5YM8tMay - 2011 YUTwPt

Awesome photo of 1/6th scale JEA Squad, featuring JEA MK2 Square, JEA 1G Armstrong and JEA Recon team (Dropcloth + MK1 Square)

May - 2011 F57u8t

SDCC exclusive (Toy Tokyo) Brillo = Squaro header cards:

May - 2011 RnCj6tMay - 2011 QgJy9t

Action Portable (1/12th) DIY Bambaboss is up for sale at , price - 25$ (prior to 3AA discount) + 11$ for shipping&handling:

May - 2011 OSYMUt

Please do keep in mind that he isn't part of resident sales and will not be up for a long amount of time, here is notice from the blog:
DIY mini boss instock now at, not part of the resident sale system and will be pulled once stock is gone! Get ya art on !!!

April photo thread is reviewed and you can click here to read words from our art mod Eric Best entry goes to Moldie13

May - 2011 DbRqOt

special mentions go to expathos, Fuelreaver, zzzzz and Knives

May - 2011 HRfIjtMay - 2011 CmS0LtMay - 2011 KoUEFtMay - 2011 FPTiRt

May photo thread is currently closed for review, but June photo thread is open and waiting for your photos of 3A toys! Btw, here is a nice little archive, featuring most of top pics since December 2008.

Some questions and answers from twitter + titbits of information:

Can I ask what pen or brush you use to do the large lettering like the M+M logo?
caligraphy marker

Ashley about lettering and that Adventure Kartel comic is going to see the light soon:
i enjoy doing it, the ak comic has some cool stuff in it you might dig
not long!

Any news on a Adventure Kartel cartoon or anything?
you will see the first part in the 3AA pack, I want a live action with tom crusie as bleak, it will happen !

Who will play Little Shadow then?
errr, dunno... so many choices !

How old is Little Shadow?
3000 years but looks 18-20

Will we see only one toy per type offered during resident sales?
there are no set rules, stuff will just turn up

Are you being serious about having Tom Cruise play Bleak Mission?
i see it man, bleak/cruise.
its a combo of actor and character, they suit each other, I gots da vision.

On protecting what you stand for and your ideas:
well ya have to stand by your ideas, plus I would see it as a win, dont care what the world thinks

Popbot movie production started today and movie will see the light in 2013!
no prob, I dont really think too deep on stuff, just go with the gut feeling. Popbot movie "official" production started today!

Ashley gives a hint what we will this year at SDCC Popbotwise:
there will be a giveaway at sdcc, short, but amusing ! ill be blogging film stuff, showing shit etc

On combined shipping at :
yea, the system doesnt do a combined shipping, sorry. not up to candy either gimby, dont make more work for her!

Ashley on Action Portable DIY Bambaboss sale, while I was writing this update 5pack & 10pack appeared at the store, for people who want to buy a lot of them and want to save on shipping charges.
So 10pack is - 200$ + 27$ for shipping
and 5pack is - 105$ + 25$ for shipping
*shipping price is for my region, for yours it might be different
ill make a 5 and 10 pack entry soon, with better shipping etc
10pack and 5pack are up thats it, and again they will just go when I have enough to make etc
cheers for the support, have fun with them, if you can take them off their lover-ly blister cards..

So again, please don't sit on the fence if you want DIY Bambaboss, because once the desired amount will be reached, they will be gone from the store.

Ashley describing how busy he is these days and that he will be looking for designers:
3A , 3A, 3A in that order, dude, it a 20 hour a day job, i dont just send an email saying, new robot, get it done Smile
with robot design, as the only designer of toys, im fucking stuck doing the hard yards, will look for more at sdcc

What kind of designers you need?
design, we have assistants, need in the trenches designers

There will be Action Portable Hatchery Guard soon!
how could you..poor lil aptk's... a AP hatchery guard is coming soon !

Quick info for those who ordered three or more Action Portable DIY Bambass before 5pack or 10pack was introduced, you can ask for a refund and change your order to 5pack or 10pack (whichever suits you the most), here are some info from Ashley about this:
if they 3 or more they can get the order changed, but email candy not me, and only those orders before multi's were up
So if your order was made within rules mentioned above, you can send an email and go for 5pack or 10pack.


Ashley about Action Portable Hatchery TK guard:
the TK's are good guards, not much gets past them !

How can I apply to become designer for 3A?
you dont really, Im just musing about getting help, business as normal for now

Can you please clarify who are you seeking for the job?
i dont even know yet, but it aint graphic design , packaging or what I do etc..

How many 3A SDCC exclusives will be there?
7 I think, nothing big though.. there is a cool shopping bag...

Currently we heard about:
WWRp Slaughterhouse DC
APTK Unleashed TK 4pack
WWRp NW Bramble
WWRp IDW exclusive DW Bramble
AP Ascended Popbot
Squaro Square aka Brillo Square
and who is 7th? we don't know yet..

Will Toy Tokyo be selling the Brillo Square preview night?
dunno, its toy tokyo thing.. BUT i think its for sale when me and kim sign at the booth, but I really dunno
no idea, LEV is the only one that knows !

Will those who can't make it to SDCC, will have a shot for Brillo Square?
of course, I hate to leave anyone out

We talked with Ashley on twitter about how cool Squaro (Brillo Square) art looks cool and that it would be awesome to have it as a big print...and this is what Ashley said:
he has a cool surprize for Squaro buyers at SDCC... but what about my Warhol Map print stylee Squaro...
well be early at levs.....
So looks like during Ashley and Kim signing at ToyTokyo booth, there will be a print offered together with Squaro? What do you think Sherlock?

Will have you own booth at SDCC?
yes, within the IDW compound !

Action Portable DIY Bambaboss is still up for sale at !

BEST NEWS OF THE DAY for me and for every JEA fan out there! These bots will be offered as Meat is Murder JEA Squad , all in 1/6th scale:

May - 2011 F57u8t

You can discuss them here and here is info from twitter about it:

Will we see whole JEA team (as we saw on the pic earlier) offered as one pack?
ohh yea, thats gonna be the Meat Is Murder JEA Squad with Mozz, Johny, Andy, Mike and Stephen..
Are you kidding Ash?
nope, i got time to pose figures for shits and giggles
I can't believe that such an enormous JEA pack is happening!
yes its real, im looking to more of this kinda stuff

Hold up! Mozz, Johny, Andy, Mike, Stephen... that's FIVE names. I see 4 bots. Who's 5th?
the lost member !

Are we ever gonna see a BambaBoss v2, articulated and clothed?

What does the TRG on the EMGY MK2 Square stands for?
tactical response group

According to Ashley , AP DIY Bambaboss is going to leave the store soon, so if you want one, now would be a good time to act up.
DIY mini boss coming down soon..

Two nice photos, feat. AK Labradors 4pack getting ready for shipping and WWR EMGY MK2 Square snooping around (Square goes on sale, on June 9th).

May - 2011 CnLPXtMay - 2011 ZEywbt


AP DIY Bambaboss is gone from the store. Huge thanks to everyone for support!
diy boss coming down now

Size comparison pics by HelloPanda and mildthree featuring different 3A bots and Bertie MK1, next to ENORMOUS WWR Bertie MK3, plus fun instruction from Rotchild

May - 2011 OJzYBsMay - 2011 Szz5WtMay - 2011 KiM9JtMay - 2011 ZRzVdt

Ashley commenting on Bertie MK3 size:
i know, it seemed to escape most what a big fuck MK3 is !

Ashley about working on second series of M+M
cool, working in the second series, just cant time.. lame. the second printing of M+M is nearly done ! maybe some photos today

second printing the same or new different stuff?
its not for you, walk away - answering to our boardie Sail, who already has M+M in his impressive Ashley's books collection

How long WWRp Heavy Bramble Bromwhich will be up for sale at Bambaland?
most of the month

1G Armstrong would look awesome in Big Red colorway!
maybe - let's hope that there is a chance to see one!

Our boardie Sail was one of lucky five (you can read more about it in 15th May news) who got DIY Bambaboss (with "FREE" written on the card) as the prize for their F5 sketches for De Plume night, you can checkout impressive collection of sketches here and here for Ankou EX night. Here is pic of his DIY Bambaboss:

May - 2011 BE9Rlt

Keep in mind that as promised, resident sales of AP JEA Bambaboss and WWRp Heavy Bramble Bromwhich still taking place at and will be up there for a month (since their start).

More WWR MK3 Bertie pics, while we are waiting for ours to land, this time by ainxx and memecomplex, featuring Deep Powder Corp Mode B and Sand Devil Corp Mode A. To remind you: Mode A - shotgun, Mode B - large side cannons!

May - 2011 NwsNutMay - 2011 LSNyftMay - 2011 BITj9tMay - 2011 QovkCtMay - 2011 0vysftMay - 2011 ZoYhNtMay - 2011 9dNy0tMay - 2011 V93PltMay - 2011 SwmaqtMay - 2011 P71QKtMay - 2011 VFBYDtMay - 2011 97ykMt

Ashley about WWR Square MK2 prices and on being crazy busy:
ill get some nice shot and stuff my monday ( or earlier ) for these chaps, prices and load-outs. I really wanted to do it today, but this oneman act is leaving me outta time...
i dont its nuts, gotta change it up, or im gonna blow away in the wind !

Exciting stuff about upcoming WWR book, which is going to be really different from previous two and it's not a comic
after SDCC, things will slow down, and be back to normal i hope.
one cool tidbit, me and TP are making headway on a awesome WWR book, not a comic, and not like the first two volumes !

On wet & sticky paint on WWR NOM Heavy Bramble
re sticky toys, they heat up in transport, then reactions happen etc in the plastic. I have never had a sticky toy though, you send the photos to 3A of finger prints etc, we would love to see them so we can look into this.

About WWR JEA Recon set and WWR MEAT IS MURDER JEA pack:
the set will come in august I think, but I have to figure production out with Kim etc. The Meat is Murder crew are exclusive to this set, but pertains to decal and paintjob changes. you will be able to buy very similar singles barring the Dropcloth/square set... which I should sell soon Smile I said June !

Size comparison pic featuring WWR Heavy Bramble and Bertie MK3 hands by HelloPanda

May - 2011 DNQHCt


Our regular section featuring Q&A from twitter:
What made you decide to make Custard in Polystone, and not in plastic like Kitty?
cost, custard was a one off thing, to make a steel mold would have made it impossible.. i dig the stone though
injection molds cost more and take more time, simple as that, vinyl didnt look right and had a seam.

Good news for Iron Panda colorway supporters!
Will we see more Iron Panda bots in future?
yea, its my sons fav ! I want to do a panda MK3 and heavy B.. and a Caesar actually.

Today is mostly about Ashley's books which will be introduced at SDCC: Popbot BBB and Fat Tarino.

Teaser shot of a Popbot BBB which will be at IDW Publishing booth at SDCC?!

May - 2011 NXPTst

Ashley commenting about this:
i thought that it was gonna be a image of my di----

More questions and a bit of info about Popbot BBB, which feature all the previous Popbot books:
the POPBOT BBB has a slipcase !
Same painting as the 1:6, or all new?
It's going to be an entire Popbot collection repacked?

Fat Tarino which feature previous three books will have a slipcase as well:
Fat Tarino has a slipcase too..

Will we see Fat Tarino and Popbot BBB at Bambalandstore?
no, IDW are publishing them, not 3A

When we will be able to pre-order the books?
soon as they are ready to shop, july I would say, low print run, so dont hang about if your into them

When Fat Tarino will be available and will it be shipped to UK?
end of july I believe, and yes IDW ship to the UK


The fact that books (Popbot BBB and Fat Tarino) will be offered at SDCC raised some confusion, here is Ashley confirming again, that books will be offered online at IDW Publishing store as well:
its not sdcc exclusive, just launching there !

Ashley joking about 3A Legion crushing IDW servers, like it happened during first WWRp DW Bramble sale:
i would love to see servers crushed for books!
destroy the IDW..servers.. said in a emperor type dreawl

Commenting about the size of books:
they are big lads

Is there any connection between 666th colorway bots and fallen de Plumes?
nope, fallen really pertains to the falling from de plumes grace, not biblical in origin etc

Wanna see TK Baka in person? Here is a fun cosplay costume by UrbanKite, more photos can be seen here.

May - 2011 TRdOstMay - 2011 2cExQt


Ashley answering on questions in twitter, regarding his original art:
Where can your fans find originals for sale? Are you not with Scott Eder anymore?
im just not selling them on mass anymore,Scott will have some new originals at sdcc, if I get crating etc

Any chance of prelims or sketches being sold at the nyc exhibit next year?
i dont sell prelims or sketches anymore.

WWR Square MK2 photos, featuring dirty and weathered DW&NW; EMGY, Ghosthunter, JEA and Deep Powder or Winter Defense. As a huge fan of DW&NW colorways, I'm absolutely happy that NW&DW not only made it into the cut, but there will be weathered version of them (like Heavy Brambles DW&NW we saw recently):

May - 2011 EpRKgt

Some may ask where is the Devil Square? It's a big mystery for now how he looks like! Other attentive readers might remember about Peaceday and Deimos colorways..well...I'm sure more news are coming!

And don't forget that final threeA products, which you will have in your hands , will be 1000x times better looking that promo photos! WWR Squares MK2 will go on sale, on June 9th, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time at

As I wrote couple of times earlier, threeA three years anniversary is going to happen this month and our tradition is to offer 1/6th scale Bambaboss on this day. So once we figure out the sales day (it's going to be around 24th - 26th of June) , this is what will be offered for sale:

May - 2011 3u3jmt

Since most of us are still waiting for WWR Berties MK3 , I decided to add even more Berties photos to the column, featuring NW Bertie, awesome balance and WWR entourage shots by memecomplex, Dutch Merc Bertie shots by Nojo and JEA Bertie shots by robonuts

May - 2011 87bFztMay - 2011 MmwBmtMay - 2011 SAVVZtMay - 2011 LjwbltMay - 2011 OufsjtMay - 2011 AzgdBtMay - 2011 ANRWWtMay - 2011 ESHjltMay - 2011 AGjEttMay - 2011 MxEIQtMay - 2011 QCDRKtMay - 2011 RLJzdtMay - 2011 QS4sOtMay - 2011 41B0BtMay - 2011 87VyitMay - 2011 W5yP6tMay - 2011 P8q3It

Ashley answering how Devil Square looks like:
its a 666th square,loks like a mk3 paint app


More good stuff from Ashley's twitter:
Is the 3rd birthday bambaboss going to be available in action portable?
nope. last of the big boss..
So guys, if you want to buy Bambaboss in 1/6th scale, looks like threeA three years anniversary is your last chance, unless you wanna do if for the aftermarket prices.

Any chance of not revealing Oyaloper (surprise release) until he's in people hands?
im not showing it, dont have time!

Commenting on awesome photo by Mikko aka zzzzz:
zzzzzzzzzz is a genius, its fucking great, love it !!

May - 2011 XeCYvt

Will the Bambaboss (3 years Anniversary sale) will be scheduled or emo (surprise without any scheduled time) sale?
semi emo

What started as a simple question and ended in massive poll, where we can pick our four favorite colorways for WWRp Bertie MK3:
Any chance to see Bertie MK3 in 1/12th?
up to you guys, if you want them, ask us !
i saw that, if you want em, I will delver, consider it a 2011 toy !
less of a gamble for us at the smaller size. so yea in a nut shell. legion make alist of what you want !

Follow-up about choosing WWRp Bertie MK3 colorways:
i said tell me what you wanna see, then ill take it from there.
thats ok, you guys can jostle for 4, I have 4 new colorways that will accompany them

Can we choose whether it's Mode A or Mode B as well?
thats my choice, yours is colorways

And here is a vote where you can make your choice, please vote! I will keep it open for 30 days, each person has four votes and I'm open to new colorways, if I happen to miss one or two.

Ashley about SDCC 2011:
I, on some very cool panels this year at SDCC, with some very cool people, looking forward to it, though ill probably just listen myself !
the other people are great, really interested to hear their views

Panels at SDCC 2011? As in plural? Wow! Can you talk about what they might be about?
ill post it on my blog soon

Do you have a general rule of thumb when it comes to number of panels on a page?
nah, jsut what feels right

All your bots n' brambles are fully articulated right?
yup they are

What does Bertie Mk3 like to eat? Unsure what to feed it.
pain, misery, loathing, despair, guilt, envy, lies etc, the standards.

Why wasn't there any MK3 paintings, could we expect them in FI4?
change things up, dont want to get into patterns etc, expect more changes !

Ashley about One month WWR book!
get the new WWR book when its published, that has MK3 action in it, the book is called ONE MONTH
its all new, story and art

New WWR sounds good any shot at SDCC or maybe just a sample to look at?
no way, gonna be surprise, also a way off

Are we gonna see any fixer bots for the Rothchild Engineer as support?
they fix em, they dont run with them, the engineer will be with us soon

That's exciting news, Ashley saying that he will try to do a custom Bothead or Bambaboss for anubis2night's 3A custom show...about which I'm dying to write more and waiting more info from James, wink, wink, wink.
ill have a go!

Something exciting from threeA forum, could it be Harold?

May - 2011 03Tsct

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