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June - 2011

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June - 2011  Empty June - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:44 am

JUNE 2011

May and first decade was pretty hot, with thunderstrucks of EMO; SDCC is almost upon us and things about to get REALLY HOT!

Time period since I wrote last summary, was loaded with sales!

Past sales

May 17th : was not only marked with Adventure Kartel Ankou EX sale, lots of sketches in F5 bar, but it was Ashley Wood’s Birthday as well!

June - 2011  ZfbTFmJune - 2011  ZJiCkmJune - 2011  Oi0KUmJune - 2011  Zs6dWtJune - 2011  DOzxYt

emo of the night: Fat Drown
surprise of the night: Laurent became more rare (production number wise) than any other Ankou EX

May 29th, will be marked in 3A history as first resident sales on , which were marked with three items so far:

WWRp Heavy Bramble Bromwhich

June - 2011  S863gt

Action Portable JEA Bambaboss

June - 2011  Y8rxTt

and quick sale of Action Portable DIY Bambaboss, which wasn’t technically part of resident sales and just happened at the same time

June - 2011  OSYMUt

June 9th, cruel but smiley WWR MK2 Squares were offered at Bambaland:

June - 2011  Zfcb6tJune - 2011  Nbz1stJune - 2011  CN4eCtJune - 2011  ZtsEmtJune - 2011  Uqy3dtJune - 2011  TwvDZtJune - 2011  X1bP9tJune - 2011  HCSQxtJune - 2011  JQmi2tJune - 2011  TnXyEtJune - 2011  Sz9het

WOW of the night: Kid Sarge (exclusive to 10pack) is going to have one eye, cigar and apron/skirt like Dropcloths!

Emo of the night: elusive EMGY TRG Trooper

F5 sketches gallery dedicated to Square MK2 drop, by our talented boardies.

June - 2011  WApbOt

Shipped out in May

AK Bleak Mission, photo by kadoo

June - 2011  63060t

M+M book 1 , photo by tracer

June - 2011  FL8rut

and WWR NOM NW Heavy Bramble, photo by jojoccj

June - 2011  TbVOIt

Shipping in June

WWR Bertie MK3 – already seen in many places, hitting heavily Europe, Asia and US, here is NW Bertie MK3 by memecomplex

June - 2011  ANRWWt

AK Acolyte Zomb – seen in Asia , 4pack photo by mattkuo

June - 2011  EZiUXt

AK Labradors 5pack – ships this month and you will be ready to perform all the rituals, which need 5 polystone doggies, pictogram on the floor and Bleak Mission

June - 2011  ZEywbt

WWR Heavy Bramble (retail) – retails got to get their Heavies really soon

June - 2011  MexnXt June - 2011  ToCG9t

Figure which made us all proud and giving 30000$ donation to Red Cross WWRp JDF Armstrong gonna ship out this month:

June - 2011  AVgght

Cool stuff to look forward to

WWR Caesar in July

7 SDCC 2011 exclusives, part offered online and part at SDCC

Currently we know about:
WWRp Slaughterhouse DC
APTK Unleashed TK 4pack
WWRp NW Bramble
WWRp IDW exclusive DW Bramble (soldout)
AP Ascended Popbot + kitty
Squaro Square aka Brillo Square (comes with cool surprise)

June - 2011  EZkhVt June - 2011  0Z6IIt June - 2011  ZrsI7t June - 2011  J5SZyt June - 2011  RnCj6t

Popbot BBB book, featuring all previous Popbot issues plus some new stuff, being released soon at IDW publishing store

June - 2011  NXPTst

and of course third anniversary Bambaboss, which is if you ask me, best design so far

June - 2011  3u3jmt

happening on 25th June at Bambaland

Chinese retailer BBICN got pretty awesome Popbot Pathfinder Oya TK in 1/6th scale! More info can be found here.

June - 2011  7o18bt

As it’s their exclusive and they can do whatever they want with it, can’t tell you much, but their previous 3A exclusive was available at they store and on ebay, so they shiped overseas and accept Paypal.

[b]AP Hatchery Guard TK
– will be seen soon!

Very talented Rufus Dayglo, joining 3A team and going to be at SDCC!
Rufus Dayglo is the guest of 3A at SDCC, he needs room and board, anyone ? he has tattoo's !!! ohhhhh
actually, Rufus is joining 3A for toy design and making comics, make him welcome !
Not sure if Ashley is 100% serious about Rufus making a room, but if you wanna help, don't forget about me (not sure if I'll be there 100% though, still working on it)
and gimby, hook em up San diego legion !

AK retail Little Shadow prototypes

June - 2011  Shy7Wt

As it’s impossible for me to talk about everything here, feel free to check my 3A daily news archive and April in particular.

I revised a bit our FAQs and now they are easier to read and few really frequent questions regarding Bambaland , chases, prototypes vs final product differences, surprise sales and etc are added into the mix.

One last thing, if you don't want to read FAQs, all buying/selling/trading inquiries are prohibited on our board and will get you in trouble, so please don't even try. Being on 3A board is a privilege and team of our MODS (ennui, eseffinga, Gar, Gimbat, gregory and Sir Dirty Girty) will do our best to keep this house of 3A clean from anger, bad vibes and regular discussion board bullshit. Let’s make this place even better this month!

Especially this time, since the update took me hours to comply
Guys, I really appreciate the feedback on this month summarize, each time I try to make it better and better , it’s becoming super time consuming as if you aren’t that interested and just scrolling it - let me know. And I will keep it clean and simple, just plan day to day news. Thank you!


WWR Bertie MK3 NW&DW + Desert photos by tommy88 , you can checkout more Bertie photos here

June - 2011  R12bUtJune - 2011  QoMSVtJune - 2011  MMkgptJune - 2011  EkyiFtJune - 2011  BXucatJune - 2011  Ffb1ktJune - 2011  G5YM8tJune - 2011  YUTwPt

Awesome photo of 1/6th scale JEA Squad, featuring JEA MK2 Square, JEA 1G Armstrong and JEA Recon team (Dropcloth + MK1 Square)

June - 2011  F57u8t

SDCC exclusive (Toy Tokyo) Brillo = Squaro header cards:

June - 2011  RnCj6tJune - 2011  QgJy9t

Action Portable (1/12th) DIY Bambaboss is up for sale at , price - 25$ (prior to 3AA discount) + 11$ for shipping&handling:

June - 2011  OSYMUt

Please do keep in mind that he isn't part of resident sales and will not be up for a long amount of time, here is notice from the blog:
DIY mini boss instock now at, not part of the resident sale system and will be pulled once stock is gone! Get ya art on !!!

April photo thread is reviewed and you can click here to read words from our art mod Eric Best entry goes to Moldie13

June - 2011  DbRqOt

special mentions go to expathos, Fuelreaver, zzzzz and Knives

June - 2011  HRfIjtJune - 2011  CmS0LtJune - 2011  KoUEFtJune - 2011  FPTiRt

May photo thread is currently closed for review, but June photo thread is open and waiting for your photos of 3A toys! Btw, here is a nice little archive, featuring most of top pics since December 2008.

Some questions and answers from twitter + titbits of information:

Can I ask what pen or brush you use to do the large lettering like the M+M logo?
caligraphy marker

Ashley about lettering and that Adventure Kartel comic is going to see the light soon:
i enjoy doing it, the ak comic has some cool stuff in it you might dig
not long!

Any news on a Adventure Kartel cartoon or anything?
you will see the first part in the 3AA pack, I want a live action with tom crusie as bleak, it will happen !

Who will play Little Shadow then?
errr, dunno... so many choices !

How old is Little Shadow?
3000 years but looks 18-20

Will we see only one toy per type offered during resident sales?
there are no set rules, stuff will just turn up

Are you being serious about having Tom Cruise play Bleak Mission?
i see it man, bleak/cruise.
its a combo of actor and character, they suit each other, I gots da vision.

On protecting what you stand for and your ideas:
well ya have to stand by your ideas, plus I would see it as a win, dont care what the world thinks

Popbot movie production started today and movie will see the light in 2013!
no prob, I dont really think too deep on stuff, just go with the gut feeling. Popbot movie "official" production started today!

Ashley gives a hint what we will this year at SDCC Popbotwise:
there will be a giveaway at sdcc, short, but amusing ! ill be blogging film stuff, showing shit etc

On combined shipping at :
yea, the system doesnt do a combined shipping, sorry. not up to candy either gimby, dont make more work for her!

Ashley on Action Portable DIY Bambaboss sale, while I was writing this update 5pack & 10pack appeared at the store, for people who want to buy a lot of them and want to save on shipping charges.
So 10pack is - 200$ + 27$ for shipping
and 5pack is - 105$ + 25$ for shipping
*shipping price is for my region, for yours it might be different
ill make a 5 and 10 pack entry soon, with better shipping etc
10pack and 5pack are up thats it, and again they will just go when I have enough to make etc
cheers for the support, have fun with them, if you can take them off their lover-ly blister cards..

So again, please don't sit on the fence if you want DIY Bambaboss, because once the desired amount will be reached, they will be gone from the store.

Ashley describing how busy he is these days and that he will be looking for designers:
3A , 3A, 3A in that order, dude, it a 20 hour a day job, i dont just send an email saying, new robot, get it done Smile
with robot design, as the only designer of toys, im fucking stuck doing the hard yards, will look for more at sdcc

What kind of designers you need?
design, we have assistants, need in the trenches designers

There will be Action Portable Hatchery Guard soon!
how could you..poor lil aptk's... a AP hatchery guard is coming soon !

Quick info for those who ordered three or more Action Portable DIY Bambass before 5pack or 10pack was introduced, you can ask for a refund and change your order to 5pack or 10pack (whichever suits you the most), here are some info from Ashley about this:
if they 3 or more they can get the order changed, but email candy not me, and only those orders before multi's were up
So if your order was made within rules mentioned above, you can send an email and go for 5pack or 10pack.


Ashley about Action Portable Hatchery TK guard:
the TK's are good guards, not much gets past them !

How can I apply to become designer for 3A?
you dont really, Im just musing about getting help, business as normal for now

Can you please clarify who are you seeking for the job?
i dont even know yet, but it aint graphic design , packaging or what I do etc..

How many 3A SDCC exclusives will be there?
7 I think, nothing big though.. there is a cool shopping bag...

Currently we heard about:
WWRp Slaughterhouse DC
APTK Unleashed TK 4pack
WWRp NW Bramble
WWRp IDW exclusive DW Bramble
AP Ascended Popbot
Squaro Square aka Brillo Square
and who is 7th? we don't know yet..

Will Toy Tokyo be selling the Brillo Square preview night?
dunno, its toy tokyo thing.. BUT i think its for sale when me and kim sign at the booth, but I really dunno
no idea, LEV is the only one that knows !

Will those who can't make it to SDCC, will have a shot for Brillo Square?
of course, I hate to leave anyone out

We talked with Ashley on twitter about how cool Squaro (Brillo Square) art looks cool and that it would be awesome to have it as a big print...and this is what Ashley said:
he has a cool surprize for Squaro buyers at SDCC... but what about my Warhol Map print stylee Squaro...
well be early at levs.....
So looks like during Ashley and Kim signing at ToyTokyo booth, there will be a print offered together with Squaro? What do you think Sherlock?

Will have you own booth at SDCC?
yes, within the IDW compound !

Action Portable DIY Bambaboss is still up for sale at !

BEST NEWS OF THE DAY for me and for every JEA fan out there! These bots will be offered as Meat is Murder JEA Squad , all in 1/6th scale:

June - 2011  F57u8t

You can discuss them here and here is info from twitter about it:

Will we see whole JEA team (as we saw on the pic earlier) offered as one pack?
ohh yea, thats gonna be the Meat Is Murder JEA Squad with Mozz, Johny, Andy, Mike and Stephen..
Are you kidding Ash?
nope, i got time to pose figures for shits and giggles
I can't believe that such an enormous JEA pack is happening!
yes its real, im looking to more of this kinda stuff

Hold up! Mozz, Johny, Andy, Mike, Stephen... that's FIVE names. I see 4 bots. Who's 5th?
the lost member !

Are we ever gonna see a BambaBoss v2, articulated and clothed?

What does the TRG on the EMGY MK2 Square stands for?
tactical response group

According to Ashley , AP DIY Bambaboss is going to leave the store soon, so if you want one, now would be a good time to act up.
DIY mini boss coming down soon..

Two nice photos, feat. AK Labradors 4pack getting ready for shipping and WWR EMGY MK2 Square snooping around (Square goes on sale, on June 9th).

June - 2011  CnLPXtJune - 2011  ZEywbt


AP DIY Bambaboss is gone from the store. Huge thanks to everyone for support!
diy boss coming down now

Size comparison pics by HelloPanda and mildthree featuring different 3A bots and Bertie MK1, next to ENORMOUS WWR Bertie MK3, plus fun instruction from Rotchild

June - 2011  OJzYBsJune - 2011  Szz5WtJune - 2011  KiM9JtJune - 2011  ZRzVdt

Ashley commenting on Bertie MK3 size:
i know, it seemed to escape most what a big fuck MK3 is !

Ashley about working on second series of M+M
cool, working in the second series, just cant time.. lame. the second printing of M+M is nearly done ! maybe some photos today

second printing the same or new different stuff?
its not for you, walk away - answering to our boardie Sail, who already has M+M in his impressive Ashley's books collection

How long WWRp Heavy Bramble Bromwhich will be up for sale at Bambaland?
most of the month

1G Armstrong would look awesome in Big Red colorway!
maybe - let's hope that there is a chance to see one!

Our boardie Sail was one of lucky five (you can read more about it in 15th May news) who got DIY Bambaboss (with "FREE" written on the card) as the prize for their F5 sketches for De Plume night, you can checkout impressive collection of sketches here and here for Ankou EX night. Here is pic of his DIY Bambaboss:

June - 2011  BE9Rlt

Keep in mind that as promised, resident sales of AP JEA Bambaboss and WWRp Heavy Bramble Bromwhich still taking place at and will be up there for a month (since their start).

More WWR MK3 Bertie pics, while we are waiting for ours to land, this time by ainxx and memecomplex, featuring Deep Powder Corp Mode B and Sand Devil Corp Mode A. To remind you: Mode A - shotgun, Mode B - large side cannons!

June - 2011  NwsNutJune - 2011  LSNyftJune - 2011  BITj9tJune - 2011  QovkCtJune - 2011  0vysftJune - 2011  ZoYhNtJune - 2011  9dNy0tJune - 2011  V93PltJune - 2011  SwmaqtJune - 2011  P71QKtJune - 2011  VFBYDtJune - 2011  97ykMt

Ashley about WWR Square MK2 prices and on being crazy busy:
ill get some nice shot and stuff my monday ( or earlier ) for these chaps, prices and load-outs. I really wanted to do it today, but this oneman act is leaving me outta time...
i dont its nuts, gotta change it up, or im gonna blow away in the wind !

Exciting stuff about upcoming WWR book, which is going to be really different from previous two and it's not a comic
after SDCC, things will slow down, and be back to normal i hope.
one cool tidbit, me and TP are making headway on a awesome WWR book, not a comic, and not like the first two volumes !

On wet & sticky paint on WWR NOM Heavy Bramble
re sticky toys, they heat up in transport, then reactions happen etc in the plastic. I have never had a sticky toy though, you send the photos to 3A of finger prints etc, we would love to see them so we can look into this.

About WWR JEA Recon set and WWR MEAT IS MURDER JEA pack:
the set will come in august I think, but I have to figure production out with Kim etc. The Meat is Murder crew are exclusive to this set, but pertains to decal and paintjob changes. you will be able to buy very similar singles barring the Dropcloth/square set... which I should sell soon Smile I said June !

Size comparison pic featuring WWR Heavy Bramble and Bertie MK3 hands by HelloPanda

June - 2011  DNQHCt


Our regular section featuring Q&A from twitter:
What made you decide to make Custard in Polystone, and not in plastic like Kitty?
cost, custard was a one off thing, to make a steel mold would have made it impossible.. i dig the stone though
injection molds cost more and take more time, simple as that, vinyl didnt look right and had a seam.

Good news for Iron Panda colorway supporters!
Will we see more Iron Panda bots in future?
yea, its my sons fav ! I want to do a panda MK3 and heavy B.. and a Caesar actually.

Today is mostly about Ashley's books which will be introduced at SDCC: Popbot BBB and Fat Tarino.

Teaser shot of a Popbot BBB which will be at IDW Publishing booth at SDCC?!

June - 2011  NXPTst

Ashley commenting about this:
i thought that it was gonna be a image of my di----

More questions and a bit of info about Popbot BBB, which feature all the previous Popbot books:
the POPBOT BBB has a slipcase !
Same painting as the 1:6, or all new?
It's going to be an entire Popbot collection repacked?

Fat Tarino which feature previous three books will have a slipcase as well:
Fat Tarino has a slipcase too..

Will we see Fat Tarino and Popbot BBB at Bambalandstore?
no, IDW are publishing them, not 3A

When we will be able to pre-order the books?
soon as they are ready to shop, july I would say, low print run, so dont hang about if your into them

When Fat Tarino will be available and will it be shipped to UK?
end of july I believe, and yes IDW ship to the UK


The fact that books (Popbot BBB and Fat Tarino) will be offered at SDCC raised some confusion, here is Ashley confirming again, that books will be offered online at IDW Publishing store as well:
its not sdcc exclusive, just launching there !

Ashley joking about 3A Legion crushing IDW servers, like it happened during first WWRp DW Bramble sale:
i would love to see servers crushed for books!
destroy the IDW..servers.. said in a emperor type dreawl

Commenting about the size of books:
they are big lads

Is there any connection between 666th colorway bots and fallen de Plumes?
nope, fallen really pertains to the falling from de plumes grace, not biblical in origin etc

Wanna see TK Baka in person? Here is a fun cosplay costume by UrbanKite, more photos can be seen here.

June - 2011  TRdOstJune - 2011  2cExQt


Ashley answering on questions in twitter, regarding his original art:
Where can your fans find originals for sale? Are you not with Scott Eder anymore?
im just not selling them on mass anymore,Scott will have some new originals at sdcc, if I get crating etc

Any chance of prelims or sketches being sold at the nyc exhibit next year?
i dont sell prelims or sketches anymore.

WWR Square MK2 photos, featuring dirty and weathered DW&NW; EMGY, Ghosthunter, JEA and Deep Powder or Winter Defense. As a huge fan of DW&NW colorways, I'm absolutely happy that NW&DW not only made it into the cut, but there will be weathered version of them (like Heavy Brambles DW&NW we saw recently):

June - 2011  EpRKgt

Some may ask where is the Devil Square? It's a big mystery for now how he looks like! Other attentive readers might remember about Peaceday and Deimos colorways..well...I'm sure more news are coming!

And don't forget that final threeA products, which you will have in your hands , will be 1000x times better looking that promo photos! WWR Squares MK2 will go on sale, on June 9th, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time at

As I wrote couple of times earlier, threeA three years anniversary is going to happen this month and our tradition is to offer 1/6th scale Bambaboss on this day. So once we figure out the sales day (it's going to be around 24th - 26th of June) , this is what will be offered for sale:

June - 2011  3u3jmt

Since most of us are still waiting for WWR Berties MK3 , I decided to add even more Berties photos to the column, featuring NW Bertie, awesome balance and WWR entourage shots by memecomplex, Dutch Merc Bertie shots by Nojo and JEA Bertie shots by robonuts

June - 2011  87bFztJune - 2011  MmwBmtJune - 2011  SAVVZtJune - 2011  LjwbltJune - 2011  OufsjtJune - 2011  AzgdBtJune - 2011  ANRWWtJune - 2011  ESHjltJune - 2011  AGjEttJune - 2011  MxEIQtJune - 2011  QCDRKtJune - 2011  RLJzdtJune - 2011  QS4sOtJune - 2011  41B0BtJune - 2011  87VyitJune - 2011  W5yP6tJune - 2011  P8q3It

Ashley answering how Devil Square looks like:
its a 666th square,loks like a mk3 paint app


More good stuff from Ashley's twitter:
Is the 3rd birthday bambaboss going to be available in action portable?
nope. last of the big boss..
So guys, if you want to buy Bambaboss in 1/6th scale, looks like threeA three years anniversary is your last chance, unless you wanna do if for the aftermarket prices.

Any chance of not revealing Oyaloper (surprise release) until he's in people hands?
im not showing it, dont have time!

Commenting on awesome photo by Mikko aka zzzzz:
zzzzzzzzzz is a genius, its fucking great, love it !!

June - 2011  XeCYvt

Will the Bambaboss (3 years Anniversary sale) will be scheduled or emo (surprise without any scheduled time) sale?
semi emo

What started as a simple question and ended in massive poll, where we can pick our four favorite colorways for WWRp Bertie MK3:
Any chance to see Bertie MK3 in 1/12th?
up to you guys, if you want them, ask us !
i saw that, if you want em, I will delver, consider it a 2011 toy !
less of a gamble for us at the smaller size. so yea in a nut shell. legion make alist of what you want !

Follow-up about choosing WWRp Bertie MK3 colorways:
i said tell me what you wanna see, then ill take it from there.
thats ok, you guys can jostle for 4, I have 4 new colorways that will accompany them

Can we choose whether it's Mode A or Mode B as well?
thats my choice, yours is colorways

And here is a vote where you can make your choice, please vote! I will keep it open for 30 days, each person has four votes and I'm open to new colorways, if I happen to miss one or two.

Ashley about SDCC 2011:
I, on some very cool panels this year at SDCC, with some very cool people, looking forward to it, though ill probably just listen myself !
the other people are great, really interested to hear their views

Panels at SDCC 2011? As in plural? Wow! Can you talk about what they might be about?
ill post it on my blog soon

Do you have a general rule of thumb when it comes to number of panels on a page?
nah, jsut what feels right

All your bots n' brambles are fully articulated right?
yup they are

What does Bertie Mk3 like to eat? Unsure what to feed it.
pain, misery, loathing, despair, guilt, envy, lies etc, the standards.

Why wasn't there any MK3 paintings, could we expect them in FI4?
change things up, dont want to get into patterns etc, expect more changes !

Ashley about One month WWR book!
get the new WWR book when its published, that has MK3 action in it, the book is called ONE MONTH
its all new, story and art

New WWR sounds good any shot at SDCC or maybe just a sample to look at?
no way, gonna be surprise, also a way off

Are we gonna see any fixer bots for the Rothchild Engineer as support?
they fix em, they dont run with them, the engineer will be with us soon

That's exciting news, Ashley saying that he will try to do a custom Bothead or Bambaboss for anubis2night's 3A custom show...about which I'm dying to write more and waiting more info from James, wink, wink, wink.
ill have a go!

Something exciting from threeA forum, could it be Harold?

June - 2011  03Tsct


With less than 24 hours to go, before evil bastards known as WWR Square MK2 go on sale, it's time to open F5 Bar and Grill dedicated to the sale! Please join us in the bar and have some good time:
Don't know what F5 Bar and Grill is and you never been in one? Here is the info:
During release nights in the thread dedicated to the release (MK2 Square thread), only serious questions/problems can be posted. Everything else would be deleted by us, the Mods. This is done, to get rid of all the nonsense and help to people, who have some serious questions and problems about the release. The thread where you can make relatively on topic friendly chat or go insane during the releases would be called F5 Bar and Grill, under Release night board's category. The thread is going to be unlocked 24 hours before the sale takes place and that's any minute now, and will be locked, after the figure is going to be removed from the store and I will give you some time to vent and share the excitement about the sale . Have fun there, but don't forget basic rules and maintaining positive vibes of our beloved 3A board. Since F5 Bar during the sale is really crowded and grows like several pages in few minutes, all the essential sales info will be posted in the first opening post of the F5 thread and in WWR MK2 Square thread, under WWR section. So before asking a question, please check the first page of the bar for answers. You can always PM me (or other MODs) if you some questions and you don't want to post them publicly.

WWR Square MK2 sale info we know so far:
On June 9th, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time, 1/6th Squares make a comeback! This way with one eye, longer legs and unforgettable smile!

What we will see during this sale? Singles: Peaceday, Ghosthunter, Deimos, MEH-FISTO 666th, DEEP POWDER, EMGY TRG, JEA RECON and DIY!

June - 2011  Zfcb6tJune - 2011  Nbz1stJune - 2011  CN4eCtJune - 2011  ZtsEmtJune - 2011  Uqy3dtJune - 2011  TwvDZtJune - 2011  X1bP9tJune - 2011  HCSQxt

3AA 2pack featuring: NW/DW

June - 2011  JQmi2tJune - 2011  TnXyEt

and 10pack, which will feature: Peaceday, Ghosthunter, Deimos, MEH-FISTO 666th, DEEP POWDER, EMGY TRG, JEA RECON, DIY and two colorways which will be sold unseen and unique to the 10pack: mystery Ghost colorway and Kid Sarge.

June - 2011  Sz9het

Singles - 38$ + shipping (most likely around 10$-12$)
3AA 2pack - 70$ (shipping included)
10pack - 300$ (shipping included)

Ashley answering about 24 hours for 3AA members:
yes, except if the 10 pack is hit up too hard, we will pull, as we have a shipping threshold on it..
I would recommend to be there within first 12 hours of the sale, if you want 10pack...because who knows what number Ashley has in mind (for too hard definition) and when it will be reached.

Will there be combined shipping on singles?
i cant find anywhere on the store to set it, would if we could

First sketches from F5 Bar and Grill by MrJack, red.hellboy, thejikas , thank you my friends!

June - 2011  Yb4UxtJune - 2011  VLTxJtJune - 2011  OTJwKt

Ashley about Kid Sarge (10pack exclusive), which has two eyes, skirt and cigar!
"I hear that all the time....
A two eyed pouch totin', skirt wearin', daddylonglegs robot with a cigar!?!?!?! WIN!
"sarge has a smoke plume..... best square ever...
so I guess its damn cool !"
"best fucking square
its the sarge !"

Is there any chance that we will see Kid Sarge outside 10pack?
sorry, its a 10 pack thing, the different body, pouches cigar are costed into 10 pack etc

Rufus Dayglo is joining 3A team and going to be at SDCC!
Rufus Dayglo is the guest of 3A at SDCC, he needs room and board, anyone ? he has tattoo's !!! ohhhhh
actually, Rufus is joining 3A for toy design and making comics, make him welcome !
Not sure if Ashley is 100% serious about Rufus making a room, but if you wanna help, don't forget about me (not sure if I'll be there 100% though, still working on it)
and gimby, hook em up San diego legion !

Deep Powder and Winter Defense schemes are famous for starting some confusion, even I managed to confuse between them this time!
what's up with Deep Powder (3) and Winter Defense [77] ? not the same, right?
all under the DEEP POWDER Umbrella

There will be better shipping&handling for those who will order three singles:
re single Square mk2, multi singles up to 3 will have shipping adjusted automatically, instead of paying 3 times the single etc

About Popbot pre-order at IDW:
IDW will offer a pre-order for the new POPBOT book, next week, it is the most limited edition so far, just a heads up, more info soon

And if you will get Popbot and will be at SDCC, Ashley promises you this:
if catch me at SDCC with the new popbook, ill draw a kitty in it.. promise !

An announcement, which goes to designers:
So, if your at SDCC, and design vehicles, war machines etc, swing by with a folio at the 3A table, this isnt for WWR. no other info

I'll go through Ashley's twitter again later today, but this seemed to be the most important and 3A/Ashley's art related updates. Have fun Legion and don't forget about WWR Square MK2 sale, which starts on June 9th, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time at , here is the link to find out more about Hong-Kong time.

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June - 2011  Empty Re: June - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:44 am


WWR Square MK2 newsletter is out and you can check it out here , and here are some extracts:
The Squares have returned, now armed with longer legs for running, jumping and kicking choads!
Available in single, 3AA two-pack and 10 pack !
Singles cost $38usd + $12usd S+H ( shipping cost is adjusted up the max of three , after that is $12usd per square )
3AA 2pack costs $70 usd shipping is free
10 pack cost $300 usd shipping is free
Available 9th June at 9-00am Hong Kong time, at the mighty
3AA Members have a 24 hour period to order singles and 2 pack ( 10 pack may be pulled due to demand )
*this is a pre-order, they will ship Setpember 2011

Ashley clarifying about shipping rates for singles:
2 have a adjusted shipping price, 3 as well, then its back to 12, due to weight, it get pricey to send.

Ashley commenting on the Squares:
i like the EMGY, the Armstrong looks killer, yellow always works !

Expressing his desire to make another colorway and answering whether resident sales will be back to Bambalandstore , after Square says bye bye:
just get one,
i want a red one now.... I mean a Czar... bugger

maybe they will be back. ill have to find out where we are at. all this is a juggling tightrope act, I want a red square, but my crazy production wants outway the reality of production and costs. wahhhhhh.....

We used to do it on the old board, but then dropped this practice, because countdown timer was introduced at 3A blog. Our boardie TiredChildren reminded me about it and decided to do it, maybe will be useful to someone. Sale time for most of the big cities worldwide: , so Squares goes on sale in less than 10 minutes from now!

Surprise of the sale - WWR EMGY Trooper!

June - 2011  WApbOt

info from the store:
has a shield, longer coat thingy, looks cool...

popping up at random time on and costs 130$ prior to 3AA discount, with shipping included in the price

Ashley posting in F5 bar:
"really appreciate the you guys getting the Square, he is doign ok, which is waaaay better than I expected !"
"the czar's are coming back, the old guard is falling !
mmm alot of sqrs today, probably needed human fig to make it even"

EMGY TRG TROOPER - went up at Bamba, it was approximately around 14-00 Hong-Kong time
i dunno what your talking about, but im glad your happy !

About taking photos of figures and Oyaloper (surprise release from back in the day)
im off to photograph stuff, the oya interloper is cool, shame everone wants to wait till shipping to see....

On how many WWR EMGY TRG TROOPERS left:
there are some left, but as they say, the game is afoot !

Retail Adventure Kartel Little Shadow and Tommy Mission figures prototypes, NOT finished product!

June - 2011  Shy7Wt

CRAZY AWESOME NEWS , 3A is going to make robots from upcoming "Real Steel" movie! Thread dedicated to this can be found here.
movie site:

Ashley talking about this:
yes, we are making 1/6th high end robot figures for Real steal !
been workign on them for a while, complicated stuff... 3A for the win !

Saying whether there will be some figures from "Real Steel" presented at SDCC 2011:
ha, its not our place to show them, before the film guys do etc !
they might but we are not involved with that side, so I dont know

About Medic absence in WWR MK2 Square lineup:
mk2 is an fighting square, not medic juice in him ! good that you were surprized!

On Square looks , on the sales photo, confirming what I always like to repeat - that our figures look cool on photos and they look 1000 times better in hand:

June - 2011  VTgzDt

photos never show the flavor right, they all have talents.

Which MK2 Square is your favorite?
all of them Smile
of course, I like making them, all of them, only reason to do this !

It's okay to buy two 3AA 2packs:

On MK2 Squares height:
with legs straight 17cm approx. why ?
That's 6.7 inches, he ain't a small fellow!

Answering about Popbot BBB book, which will be on sale at IDW Publishing next week:
new complete, 9 is long wayyyy off, this is all 8 plus bit and bobs... plus it has the origin of the Flesh is Fuk'd on the back ~

My friends, I know that some of you have tired F5 fingers and really sad about not being able to score EMGY Trooper tonight, but please keep in mind, that this is the nature of surprise sales. They are hard to get it, some hate it, some enjoy the hunt and chase. But we are talking about a toy here, no need to be negative or feel sad, there will even more cool 3A releases in the future! If that's not fun for you, just don't dry or move forward if you tired of the hunt.
According to Ashley there will be few more his morning time, so it will be around 7:00AM - 9:00AM, that's only my assumption and can't guarantee you anything.
last lot up in my morning, good night! and thanks !

About Popbot Oyaloper reveal:
as I can see, tomorrow ill snap some shots, look at your own risk ! !

Ashley explaining that WWR EMGY Trooper has nothing to do with REDS:
emgy are reds, dunno where you got that they are like poilce, all over etc Reds... ???


WWR MK2 Squares are sold out and F5 Bar and Grill is closed, here is my small farewell speech from the bar:
Love you my 3A brothers and sisters! First of all, thank you for your time, you spent in the bar and 206 pages of comments! Thank you again for release night full of support, fun and EMGY EMO! Congratulations on getting the toys you want and if you haven't got EMGY Trooper or 10pack, don't become bitter, there is a plenty of exciting 3A releases this year, in the end 3A is all about fun, not completism. No matter here, whether you have one toy or them all, no loser here, we are all winners!
See you all soon, for 3rd threeA anniversary drop, on June 25th!

Here are 30 sketches by our talented boardies, I hope that I haven't missed anyone:
June - 2011  DwYYhtJune - 2011  GmHlVtJune - 2011  DER6LtJune - 2011  IMDYWtJune - 2011  Zf74ctJune - 2011  HikmWtJune - 2011  XNHM0tJune - 2011  TPMSItJune - 2011  Yb4UxtJune - 2011  VLTxJtJune - 2011  OTJwKtJune - 2011  1ySKWtJune - 2011  CQ41dtJune - 2011  DW18JtJune - 2011  XNHM0tJune - 2011  GmhEVtJune - 2011  7TXtetJune - 2011  QA8AttJune - 2011  ZqUO5tJune - 2011  F20mVtJune - 2011  PtIfmtJune - 2011  XWQYLtJune - 2011  7sk9ntJune - 2011  TkjrftJune - 2011  5VWOptJune - 2011  Iph0WtJune - 2011  Ox4DWtJune - 2011  FiijVtJune - 2011  MgPl6t

sketches authors (not in particular order):
expathos, BRiZL, Sail, BoysWillBeToys, Maskotero, toygodd, defcon, OyabunTT, illproxy, Firehazzard, crem, chiprender, NWO, E. Pun, mtomczek, 3AChick, chrisorbit, soil, zapera, red.hellboy, thejikas, MrJack, VerdanViper, UsedUniverse

Thank you so much for sacrificing your time to draw the sketch!
Online gallery with captions:

Squares 10pack was up for sale , for 23 hours and 30 minutes, so almost within 24 hours buying window, though 3AA members weren't guaranteed 24 hours window for it:
10 pack is gone, always said it was iffy on how long it would stay, im shocked it sold out ! awesome !!! sarge is the shit of legend~

Ashley thanks everyone for support and talks about the sale in F5 bar:
"ahh good to see the SQR made it over 100 pages, seemed a bit quite yesterday for such a cool toy !"
"emotional response shows we aint dead in the head yo, apathy is the devil, emo is king, fuels all artists, if they say otherwise then hang them from the BS tree !"

thanks chaps, fuck the EMGY, the squares are king, there wil lbe toys and ideas just as cool down the line, your support of 3A is always inspiring ! The team in Hong Kong and China really appreciate it too!

The Square would thank you, but alas he would sooner stomp your nuts and steal your chocolate... whatever that is !

About new vampire story:
coz im always late to most things, I have come up with a Vampire story, which isnt romantic, the vampires are not handsome or sexy, and there is lots of metal on flesh action. you heard it here first !

What inspired vampire story?
a rejection of romantic handsome, pretty, mundane, soap opera boring shit vamp stories. I want something else so ill do it
Anything to do with local forum vampire Gimbat?
ha, your a baltic bloodfuck, much too delicate for my vampire worlds !

Comment about 3AA exclusive - 3A Legion figure:
"emo is king ~
the 3A legion figure is cool, but need to finish it... "

Answering why WWR EMGY TRG Trooper is that limited:
ok final trg going up, but this is it, I cant break production orders !!!!
i wish, there is long list of peeps I want to have them like yourself. but we cant make more..

ThreeA third anniversary Bambaboss goes on sale on June 25th and it will be EMO sale. So it means that they will be limited, or will go up at random amount of time, or there will be surprise. Follow the updates!
25th for the mo battle that is 3rd birthday boss !

Now the hottest question, will Action Portable Bambaboss and WWRp Heavy Bramble Bromwhich will be back to resident sales?
have to see where we are at, maybe a new boss.....mmm

Will we see Nabler figures made?
already have them, 3rd qtr thing
Thread dedicated to Nabler, can be found here.
They will be carded right?
they will be, I like blister cards... non friendly blisters too, thats a cop out !

But the Nabler TOMB will be in a BIG box right?
the box would be bigger than earth, so I might have to side step that set
in 1.6th nabler tombs are well big, as the nabler aint as small as he looks

WWRp Heavy Bramble Bromwhich and JEA Bambaboss are back for sale to , though only for one day:
one day left

Ashley about WWR Caesar
no caesar for june, trying some different stuff with paint apps etc, fig is done, and running killing.
next month !

Ashley saying that Caesar will come with dual guns:

Retail Adventure Kartel figures will have new t-shirts:
all new shirts for all

In the blog pic, it looks like retail Little Shadow has the old body. Will the final product have the new one?
of course, but it still looks the same, only articulations is better, i love that look !

Will there be more colorway wwr/wwrp Heavy Brambles with gatling/dual revolver?
gatling yes, guns no


Remember how Ashley promised to do a 2nd printing of M+M book for all the people, who missed first run?
Good news from the blog:
M+M second print will turning up in the Bamba store this month, so if you missed out here is your chance etc. Attached is the mock up of it and another Nabler painting for your enjoyment !

and some pics:

June - 2011  U9Uw9tJune - 2011  HeE7qt

SDCC 2011 posters , dunno about you but WWR Barguest de Plumes poster makes my inner nerd happy and I want it BAD.

June - 2011  J5SZytJune - 2011  0Z6IItJune - 2011  ZrsI7t

Ashley answering whether a small quantity of posters run will be available online, just like other SDCC exclusives:
shipping posters is too expensive and difficult, too many complaints due to damage etc
Posters will be packaged into large toy boxes down the line etc, like the past, and for free

Exciting news for all Coarsetoys and 3A fans! 3A & Coarse collaboration is happening and there are painted samples!
yup, both Coarse adn 3A have there samples, painted etc. we are enjoying them !

Pretty cool panoramic photo of MrJack's 3A collection:

June - 2011  Gr6nYt

Speaking about pretty cool stuff, BBICN got pretty awesome exclusive from 3A:

June - 2011  7o18bt

Popbot Pathfinder Oya TK in 1/6th scale! More info can be found here. Waiting for Ashley to shine more light about this character.

Since I keep reading that some people are having a bit of a hard time assembling WWR Bertie MK2 mode B (side cannons), here is a nice instruction & advices from our boardie memecomplex:
Now that I've put together my 2nd Mode B. A few things I learned:
- The fancy ball joint assembly is great in theory but pretty much useless in practice.
- The piece that locks the 2 halves together goes in ONE way only, and 3 out of 4 times the 2 halves were facing the wrong way and I couldn't assemble the pieces without taking the ball joint half off the cannon.
- If your balljoint halves are not aligned properly, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ADJUST/ROTATE THE BALLJOINT HALF that's stuck to the main body. You will bend the interlocking "teeth" or at worst snap them. Bending the teeth makes it even harder to align the pieces. If you've inadvertently done this, bend the teeth the other way, and test to see if the locking piece slides in all the way.
- What you should do instead is take the balljoint half that's on the cannon, grip it tightly and twist it off the canon. It should come off fairly easily. This way you can rotate and align the 2 halves and stick the locking piece in without being obstructed by the cannon or shoulders.
- Be warned that some vinyl dust may come off... working in a well ventilated area is a good idea.
- In my case, one of the ball joint half that's on the body had the entry point slightly twisted into the socket making it impossible to insert the locking pin. What I did was to mate the other half without the pin and try my best to rotate it out so that I could insert the pin.

Benny asked me to notify WWR Bertie MK3 4pack customers about this:
If you got Bertie MK3 4pack coming (others don't have to worry about anything), you will get three Berties first, which will be followed by 4th Bertie (Mode B Deep Powder) later on. Currently 3A is working on producing that Bertie and it will be shipped in June. To remind what Berties were included in the 4pack: Deep Powder mode B, Desert Mode B, Merc mode A, and JEA mode A.

AP JEA Bambaboss coming down soon, 3A is printing the packaging , so need to know how many. So hurry up and go to, if you want one.

June - 2011  Y8rxTt

AP JEA Bambaboss sold out, here is Ashley talking about him and declaring that GID will be probably the next AP Bamba:
he has a cool blister card, a cool painting !
probably GID

Since Popbot Pathfinder Oya TK is BBICN exclusive and they can do whatever they want with it, you need to ask them questions:
you better ask them, I cant speak for em !

About Popbot Oyaloper appearance:
On top of sharing the longer pants, will Oyaloper also sport the extra gear like Ono, or is that just his thing?
oyaloper doesn not have pants like ono

Is general showa and pathfinder ono part of the elite line of oyabun that yama and naga is in?Or are they different?
different, but always elite, time cutting isnt easy !

Curious what we will be offered in future resident sales? It will be APTK Hatchery guard and it's okay to buy more than one, woohoo! Here is a pic of his bigger brothers:

June - 2011  89NMztJune - 2011  X2cNYt

Currently waiting for a confirmation from Ashley, but kinda sure that he comes with the bot head.

For those who thought that AK Ankou EX SXCLB BOUNCER and Little Shadow 2pack + 1/6th dick was strange and weird...
Prom night disagreement is a must.. our strangest release yet !

Oh and guys, if you'll ever have tech problems with , hit me up with a PM and I'll do my best to help you out! The same with all the other problems and questions, don't keep the problem to yourself, share it with us - THE MODS and we will help you the best way we can!

AK Acolyte Zomb 4pack is already in Asia! Here are the pics by our forum member - mattkuo

June - 2011  GQtFhtJune - 2011  EZiUXtJune - 2011  C8T2jtJune - 2011  KzXyFtJune - 2011  SxQ17tJune - 2011  GH48ktJune - 2011  JCi8ts

^sold out in January 2011.


APTK Hatchery TK comes without the head, as this particular bot head is retired:
nope, that head is retired

Ashley answering will there be anymore than seven SDCC exclusives this year?
nope, we are spent ! all made, shipped to SDCC already !

Answering whether there is a limit on signing things for one person (meaning how many books one person can give to him):
use common sense !
well no, common sense as in, 2-3 is cool, 4 even but not 20 etc

WWRp Bromwhich Heavy Bramble sale ends tomorrow, so if you want one, he is still sitting at and waiting for ya:
pink HB comes down tomorrow, a heads up, need to get making em!

Resident sales selling well?
they are awesome, hence why they are coming down , we dont want to nake too many, cant make en-mass

What is the next product for resident sales?
dunno yet, HB's are for retail now, I put up sumin special, maybe a RED later on. resident sales proved a few things to us
1: rarity or flipping are not a selling issue, as there was no pressure to get it asap and 2: 3A has the best fans bar none !

Will the resident sales be a regular thing?
it will be, its been a big complaint that the store is mainly empty, we wont let it happen again ! fingers crossed

When will the next item come up?
at night only self-sharpening teeth can be heard, background music for the damned and fallen.

Will DIY AP Bambaboss get resident sales?
it did, but sold really fast, we have production limits for everything we make

Any chance of relaunching DIY AP Bambaboss once a while?

About having a mission in life:
gotta have a mission, or life is boring, and missions are always tough, or you cant chew on a cigar.. looks wrong.

Latest post from Ashley's art blog featuring killer painting:

June - 2011  OuR5ptJune - 2011  H34l3t

a work in progress
6feet by something. I have a good feeling about this painting, it's taken a while to get back to where I have always. The self questiong and pushing of one's self can be great, and shit...

Ashley about technique used and the thick raised strokes on oils:
built up, it shows the time taken and why it costs $$$$$$$$

Do you come up with the name for the painting at the end or right from the start?
nah at the md point when the elements are in place, then the title pops in. or doesnt, not all my paintings have names etc

Why not all painting have a title?
simple, they dont have them. its just not that simple, if it was I would be a carton of milk !


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June - 2011  Empty Re: June - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:45 am


Action Portable GID Bambaboss is available right now at for 25$ + 11$ for shipping & handling.

June - 2011  XxNTYtJune - 2011  1aAN5t

Answering whether GID Bambaboss will be long resident sale or short EMO sale:
it seems all our sales are emo, it will end when it does
But seriously it's part of resident sales, but you know how they are disappearing from the store once they meet certain as always , please don't sit on the fence , if you want one.

Adventure Kartel Acolyte Zomb 4pack comes with unseen 4th Zomb figure, which is basically a blind purchase. Ashley said only one thing about him - he will have another sculpt and Albino. Now they started shipping and feedback is that Albino isn't looking Albino. Here is what Ashley got to say about this:
"I cant judge a run of toys from one photo, il need to see more, mine look fine, albino should be white though, thats a mistake."
"shit happens, but I know my zombs are great, taken from the same stock as yours. The albino is fuck up, but thats how it goes."
"he was supposed to light grey skinned the albino its darker, we are figuring out a plan."

And here is why 3A great, everyone can handle "your toys great, you rule", but to handle properly "you suck, that's not what we wanted" you not only have to got big balls, but you have to really love what you do and have respect for the Legion, and 3A happen to have this all:
well I always say, any dick can handle success, but a real man can handle fuck ups...
I looked through a zomb batch, too many with not on point coloring and on that note, we are gonna remake and ship them all again, singles and 4 packs. so you score some free figs, not bad when you look at it like that ! they will be shipped in plain boxes etc so dont go selling now on ebay if you want the AK boxes Smile
spread the word
"anyone ever says 3A is banking, well show them this !
onwards to the stars.!"

I said this few times, but I'll say it again:
I don't know why people misunderstand our rules, policy and mood on this forum, we are always okay with healthy constructive critics and people explaining why they don't like this or that, we know that you are doing this out of love, to make 3A toys even more better! No need to say "this rules!" , if you don't like it, it ain't communistic regime or dictator state, though we really love Reds here (hehe). Nobody is shutting up anyone if this goes like that, what I personally always kill is: trolling or pure hate and negative stuff (I didn't score the chase, YOU SUCK) and etc.

Ashley posting on twitter about mysterious Ashley Wood collection thing
First Ashley Wood Collection thing will be offered soon, non standard, flash sale. It probably wont appeal to most, so dont stress !

Does it have to do anything with your Polaroid photos?
thats the Naber pillow book, thats august ,this is a thing

Is this collection thing a book?
no, that would be called a book then. Popbot is offered this week, thats a cool book
^so keep your eyes open for Popbot BBB being offered at IDW Publishing

Can you please notify us, when Ashley Wood collection thing drops?
yea of course, ill show some images to scare off some peeps. its been seen many times, you will go ahh!

Ashley got to show today some images of Ashley Wood collection thing


Guys, you can call me names, you can throw garlic at me or spit holly water on my face, but apart from Albino, on Nosferatu pics they look P.E.R.F.E.C.T.

June - 2011  1AmdOtJune - 2011  ZdWyVtJune - 2011  9UOVrtJune - 2011  J6USctJune - 2011  TjQEGtJune - 2011  FyXpktJune - 2011  RVNoctJune - 2011  AGgDjt

To give you an idea how Ashley Wood collection looks like - Prom Night Disagreement:

June - 2011  Y3Haot

1:1 foot, you read it right! Here is a thread where you can discuss it for now.

Speaking about the foot, here is Ashley Wood answering on the questions about it:

on doing more stuff like this:
I will, stuff for me, i wanted this, dont care what it sells, there will be other feet and shoes and stuff

Any chance of other body parts?
nope, as you have seen over the years, I hope, I have drawn many feet, this is a natural progression, no interest in other stuff

Any idea how much it costs?
actually no, will know soon.

Doesn't seem like you wanna give up the intel on Prom Night's drop time. Tease.
not really, i have one in house, so there is no rush now.I just wanted one

M+M volume one second print is now available at

June - 2011  EeuUDt

Ashley about M+M and quantity at the store:
one thing, the last page is different on the reprint of M+M..
with some corrected type etc on other pages, but nothing worth buying again for.
the store copies are down to a handful, then lonely sdcc copies

Latest post from Ashley's blog:

June - 2011  NuJEAt

M+M screen printed poster for SDCC
A limited edition 23"x17" M+M hand pulled poster for SDCC will be available from Scott Eder at SDCC.

Answering about other stores, who carry BBICN exclusive Oyabun:
i dunno, BBICN are the distro for it

3A riot window stickers, by our boardie - Swarf

June - 2011  BB2eDt

are available here, I suggest to hurry up if you want one

AK Bleak Mission video review by our boardie Yama86 can be seen on youtube:

I hope you already cast your vote , for your favorite four colorways of WWRp Bertie MK3 , participating in 3A modern history!

M+M 2nd reprint is going to be sold out really soon at and remaining copies will be offered at SDCC, so hurry up!

Latest post from Ashley's art blog:
An update to a work in progress

June - 2011  Eoipft


M+M 2nd print is sold out...will there be 3rd?
dont pay, fuck em. Ill reprint it again, and again if people want it. deny the flippers !
who knows

My friends, if you are interested in awesome Popbot BBB, here is a good place to look for it: , unfortunately it's only local pick up at SDCC and they are limited to 500

Description from IDW store and some pics:
This item is ONLY available for pick-up at San Diego Comic Con 2011. Regardless of the shipping options available through the website, IF YOU DO NOT SELECT THE SDCC PICK-UP OPTION, YOUR ORDER WILL BE CANCELLED & REFUNDED.
Available only from IDW during San Diego Comic-Con, POPBOT BIG BEAUTIFUL BOOK collects the long sold-out POPBOT Volumes 1 through 8. This huge 11" x 14" hardcover collection showcases over 400 pages of Ashley Wood art and comes with a slipcase. Strictly limited to 500 copies

Hardcover with Slipcase • 424 Pages • 11.2” x 14.2”

June - 2011  LupMNtJune - 2011  OHCvat

Any chance Popbot 1-7 will ever get a re-release that ISN'T only available for SDCC pickup?
this is it for now.

Ashley about signing Popbot Big Beautiful Book:
ill sign it no prob ! maybe even a bad drawing !

Answering whether 1:1 foot is made from polystone:

How SDCC exclusives will be handled during the event?
we are not pre-ordering for pick up, we will have a allotted amount for each day. Benny is in charge of this stuff.

Ashley talking about Apertore magazine, filled with photos of 3A toys, which got to be released around 25th of June. It's free and you will be paying only for shipping:
Also the first in a new series of 3A toy photo mags, Apertore. The first issue features photos by the legions own, Expathos !
oh and thats a free mag, only have to pay for the shipping on your end

Apertore #1 will feature photos by our board member expathos , my congratulations to him! Absolutely deserved!
I said, the first is by Expathos, not zzzz, or anyone else

Will we see Fat Tarino or Popbot BBB shipped to people, who can't make it to SDCC?
as I understand it will be offered after sdcc for shipping, depending on remaining copies etc

Will you be signing them at SDCC?
of course, the only reason to go to SDCC is sign books/toys and chat with you guys, the rest is BS !

WWR retail Heavy Brambles already seen landing in Singapore! Here are African Defense photos by DuckfisH

June - 2011  B0DpUtJune - 2011  RRlM0tJune - 2011  91SQvtJune - 2011  QQOH7t

WWR retail Heavy Bramble marker is added to the map, please use it:

Ashley answering whether we will be able to rock 3AA hoodies soon:
ill ask
waiting on the fancy box, it has a fucking draw i believe !

Multi-colors for severed feet? any chance we'll see white foot with green/black shoe?
no, pink it is
that wil be another time, for now its just pink, as per the prom story.

Any clues as to where the Prom Night story is from? AK? Popbot?
im my head, not seen and probably wont be.

Ashley about mysterious awesome thingy, which will be given to people at SDCC - Popbot booth I believe?
actually the popbot movie thing is awesome, but thats free, and not so easy to get... probably not for the juves either

Will there ever be a retail JC? Maybe Bleak?
yup, I would say so !

Awesome photos by our forum member: Danmar

June - 2011  JOCbPtJune - 2011  PF1M8tJune - 2011  JO6q6tJune - 2011  Bi9eatJune - 2011  QJUB0t


We will start today with Q&A and info-titbits from twitter:

What is the date for Popbot movie promo at SDCC?
there isnt a day really, just winging it.

About 3A toy photos magazine - Apertore:
its gonna be a great new series !

Answering where to send pics , to get a chance to be included in the Apertore
send some to the info@3a one, jpegs, not to big and not zipped or archived
Ash means this email -

Are there still going to be SDCC preorders?
never said there would be pre orders for sdcc, I said half of the stock will be sold on bamba at a later time

About this gorgeous SDCC print:

June - 2011  NuJEAt

for interested parties, the SDCC art print from Scott Eder is 60 bucks..

The print Mr. Eder is selling is only available at SDCC? No pre-order right? Or should I ask Scott?
ask scott, i just make the art, then shuffle on
its a great price, show scott the love
ask scott: artofcomix at aol dot com

How super rare SDCC exclusives like TK Unleashed will be sold? First come/first serve?
dont know, I dont want the same people just to get everything, so we are thinking on it.

Answering about tattoo on our board member FoxDie arm:

June - 2011  Ib7s1t

yup, he is the 666th commander !

What do you think about people, using your art for tattoo?
god bless em, keeps the art alive and seen ! go for it

Answering about his fav games:
Dk was my fav, Mario was kinda, well Mario, Mario 54 was fun. Im a old school gamer, still love the cbm64

Now we are gonna devote some times to what have been said by Ashley on the forum, here he talking about Bertie MK3 and how shotgun version makes the need for Bertie MK2 in 1/6th obsolete
Glad you like MK3, the shotgun version is my fav Bertie so far !
the MK3 shot gun make the need for 1/6th MK2 obsolete. Does anyone wnat a MK3 gatling ?
whoops, I meant MK3 gatling, but I wanna a heavy gatling too
^Having another run of Berties & Bramble MK3 with gatling guns would be awesome!

About making space for WWR Caesar and bot with tracks WWR Harold which are coming to us soon:
you guys have to make space for Harold and Caesar... well actually i guess ya dont, but they are cool !

Open to images submissions for Apertore magazine -
your allowed only one copy, so there isnt any discounted shipping for volume, order more than that, as in one order or over multi's the orders will be cancelled. As they are free there isnt copious amount being made, and I want maximum people to enjoy this.
if you think you have what it takes, to fill a mag with HIGH REZ 300 DPI 12x12 inch images, send some in ! the resolution is important.

About Dienstag's son playing with WWR Bertie MK3 and playing with 3A toys in general:
the fact that your son gets to play with them is awesome, the 3A mantra is, we make toys ! Im not into boring ass collectibles and stuff no one can touch etc..
ya gotta pose, and daydream what the fucker is up too, thats the fun, guarding the kitchen, patrolling the hallway. regardless of adult status, thats still fun. unless of course your a serious, boring void of imagination stiff..

Posting in New posters thread:
200 must be the after market scott price, but the con price wasnt that. I would not pay 200 bucks for the new print!
"never had that big a fan base, stuff dont normally sell out, and I dont care, I never see a cent from this kinda stuff, I do the posters and stuff with Scott for fun."

On paper quality used for SDCC print:
the paper for the prints is super nice, im a paper but cant stand cheapo reg stuff.. !
cotton infused paper, nice and heavy im told , very classy, BUT as I have not fondled the actual print, ill take the 5th on it, but it should be awesome

More about Apertore magazine
get the shots then Ill think on it, and think outta the shoot the custom on a box thing or stand. Apertore inst a catalog or guide book, but exists to show 3A stuff and imagination colliding. - on shots of customized 3A toys
There really isnt any info or names of stuff in it, its very spartan except for images, for which there are many. Its actually quite a feat to supply 24 pages of images without losing steam or doubling up on ideas.

Detailed AK Bleak Mission photo review by toygood , click here to checkout all the photos of Bleak and his satanic Lab!

Will we see Dirty Deeds colorways for Bertie MK3?
nah dirty deeds were just the 12 Berties Mk2. The Dirty are Awesome, but the posse made up to hunt them is better. A posse of humans and bots. They are a by partisan group too
the dirty are not MK3 bots, only MK2 berties etc, so nope. now if we made a MK2 bertie in 1/6th I would. I thinking on releasing Harold in the first alpha Dirty Deeds bot. ol Dirty.

And last but certainly not the least! I was excited to write about this for last couple of days , but had to wait for official word to go out. What I love the most about 3A toys, that it's not just toys, it's a collecting experience you are sharing in the process with fellow Legionnaires, experience which not only inspire & moves you, but you are finding friends in the process and willing to do great thing for 3A and fellow collectors. I think that it's amazing on magical on SO many levels. My poor English (d'oh) can't express how pumped I am right now and how emotional this part of 3A makes me feel! Our forum member Dolly & Lance (chillywilly153&Mr. Munk) proposed to Ashley Wood , that they can do 3A booth at NYCC 2011. Ashley blessed the idea and now they are asking for help of the Legion! So basically if you put it that way, it's not only Dolly & Lance doing it, we all have an opportunity to participate and to help in this happening. Please checkout this thread for more info:


Ashley about NYCC 3A booth our boardies are doing:
cant wait to see what you guys will do !! lick the NYCC !

Is it possible for martian forces to get their hands on any bertie Mk3's?
of course, lick of paint, and they are martian berties ! different load outs etc, guns and whatnot
^speaking about this, please cast your vote for four MK3 Berties colorways , you want to see in WWRp

Photo, which will make some people go EMO! Popbot Interloper TK and Interbaka preparing for a fight, by nyhousekid

June - 2011  ZHBhmt

He promised me to make even more special photo, with TK Blanco and Negro in the pic as well.

And more goodness by Danmar, love his pics:

June - 2011  VuJ9EtJune - 2011  RbMCwt

One more thing for this update, if you have ANYTHING you want to ask Ashley (3A or his art related), hit me with a PM. Please don't ask silly questions or how limited certain toy is, as it's not likely will be answered, I'll gather them up , pick up 25-30 most interesting ones and email it to him. He will do his best to answer them once per week and send them to me, and post them on the blog. Of course if all goes nicely and according to the plan. I think that it's fun, so please if you concur about fun part, do hit me up with a PM! Oh my poor inbox...vamp out!

Already got few questions from you, please keep them coming!

We have a name for 3A toy custom show organized by anubis2night: it is "Legion for we are many" and it will take place on Nov 4 - Dec 4. More about this here.

GID Mini Bambaboss coming down soon at , so you got to make the move if you want this small and glowing bastard!

We have now precise time and date set for 3 year anniversary Bambaboss and WWR JEA Dropcloth (still waiting for confirmation, whether it's JEA RECON set: DC + MK1 Square or just JEA Dropcloth) : 25th of June 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time at
Here is an url to see how it corresponds with your local time

June - 2011  9w2CZtJune - 2011  4sMCjt

This might drop on any day! AP Hatchery Guard TK (comes without bothead)

June - 2011  YvMSqt

Every household NEEDS to have one of these! WWR 1G EMGY Armstrong , previously seen only in 1/12th scale:

June - 2011  TTfP7tJune - 2011  1W2Qyt
^most likely we will see one for sale in July/August

As I mentioned earlier retail exclusive WWR Heavy Brambles keep popping up. Please keep adding them to the delivery process map as well, WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK, to make the map work. Here is another Africa Defense Heavy Bramble photos, by our board member TK4949

June - 2011  EqoottJune - 2011  5K9Mst

Stunning photo of standard AK Bleak Mission by Siona

June - 2011  OmzKwt

Ashley about differences between sketch and art (commenting about Hatchery TK art):
its not a sketch. thats art !
a sketch implies a quick impression, with less thought. well to me, but art is messy, and terms defy the

Commenting on an idea of combining TK toys with fashion:
we are in talk with designers for the new female figure for this kinda stuff

Asking IDW Publishing to offer not only local pickup for Popbot BBB book:
make it available to have it shipped too guys !

Wanna see video of killer 3A collection? Here is video by our forum member tigerfeet, which is going to blow YOUR MIND!

June - 2011  HpG6Qm


Kind guys at IDW Publishing listened to our prayers and now there are shipping options for Popbot Big Beautiful Book! Check this out here:

Two out of three SDCC exclusive posters, hanging at 3A HK office by Benny:

June - 2011  9mEh1t

15 minutes of 3A toys captured on video by our board member Yama86

June - 2011  UqMUxm

1/12th scale Hatchery Guard Tomorrow King is available at right now, limit to 3 (max) per order. 30$ per figure + 12$ for shipping and handling. Of course this one is as limited, as other 3A releases. Comes WITHOUT bothead.

June - 2011  9Ba2pt

Ashley about this release:
for the stragglers, 30 bucks per fig, plus 12 bucks shipping and handling, limit of 3 per order. limited !!
the head has retired, now living in florida.
we have a strict limit on how many we are making for the HGTK

How do I get on 3A newsletter list?

What are the dimensions of three SDCC posters?

June - 2011  J5SZytJune - 2011  ZrsI7tJune - 2011  0Z6IIt

poster dimension, why, they are free, so they could be napkin sized or 20 feet long. kinda moot !
yes, we dont expect you too pay for posters advertising our company, thats a bit lame.

so good news guys, these posters are free at SDCC!

When we will see how Oyaloper looks like?
oyaloper, when he is, a devious prick at the best of times

Couple of awesome photos by our forum members: Ail (feat. WWR Men from N.O.M (Blanc Commanders), Desert Large Martin, Monty Dropcloth, Desert Sand Devil Corp Bertie MK3) and tigerfeet (feat. all WWR Berties MK3, except Deep Powder Corp in A&B mode)

June - 2011  TQ1futJune - 2011  QFU0stJune - 2011  EMT7Yt


Popbot Hatchery Guard APTK goes down today, so please make a move if you want one. Limited to three per customer.
a heads up, the Hatchery TK is selling a little to well, im going to have to end the sale sometime today
or the hatchery will not be able to handle the load.

Ashley asking would we like to see play sets for WWRp or AP toys. You can answer on this question here.
to 3A fans : would you guys want some sort of play sets for AP and WWRp ? if so what kinds ?
maybe dioramas?
I think some kind of diorama's would be cool
need to find diorama designers then I think !
ill get to thinking on some stuff, see what we can do. dont want something cheesy and lame.

3A weekly newsletter/digital magazine is coming to us!
Ill mention here first, but ill update on the 3A blog in more detail soon. I want a weekly 3A mag/thing, it will feature our stuffand your creative stuff, delivered digitally on ipads/mobile, and comps. If you want to take part, and help, email 3A with how and your info
please use this email:

What will be the price for those magazines?
free, a letter from the front line of 3A ! but more than a letter, show behind the scenes, reveal the people, apart from me.
I shall become the 3A unicorn..

3A weekly newsletter will feature WWR comic and other RAD stuff:
ill even put some comics in by me and other chaps.
ill say it here, Ill do a one page WWR comic for weekly issue. go dry ya panties out ! or the universe didnt blink, but yawned neary a glance

Cover of first 3A weekly newsletter, featuring awesome Ashley Wood collection - "Prom night disagreement"

June - 2011  FwUEGt
the weekly newsletter from 3A, just an idea

How can I help with the weekly newsletter/digital mag? Do you mean email things like,"hey, I'm a 3d artist, id like to help with the 3a mag"? those sorta messages?
and maybe, how, your skills, examples etc.

Remember how I asked you to send me questions, you want Ashley to answer on? I have received few of them, looking forward to more! Please send them via PMs to me and you might see them answered in the weekly newsletter/digital mag.
well yea, thats where questions will be answered, and current topics from your domain

Have you marked June 25th for WWR Dropcloth JEA and three years anniversary Bambaboss release? Less than six days left! Here is an url to see how it corresponds with your local time.

One more thing, since news column takes longer time to do than quick posts in twitter and Facebook, I'm more focusing on them during the day , but obligatorily doing full summarize of the day here, two-three times per day. And posting as urgent updates about stuff coming and going for sale. So if it's not too much trouble for you, would love to have you following my and accounts. Thank you!

Ashley about video of Martin's (tigerfeet) amazing 3A collection:
Martin is a pillar of 3A, and damn nice smart chap. Ill try and find him a pudding boss ! I want his office !

About mysterious sale tomorrow, keep checking
on sale tomorrow, why not I say ! that aint pudding it's...

How many APTKs you have Ashley?
quite a few, I love em, they look fuck off cool on blisters!

Popbot APTK Hatchery Guard went down, thanks to all for YOUR support , I hope you will enjoy your TKs, once you'll get them. Estimated shipping time - October 2011.

I got to admit, that I love to open delivery process map and click on markers to see how the worlds gets invaded with 3A goodness and makes people happy. It's childish I know...but I still love to do it.

If you were checking the forum past few days, you probably were irritated with "error 500" warning, we know about this issue and in fact , we went with bigger hosting plan, so it should help a bit. Plus we are thinking of removing old threads and cleaning some sections to free some space up. Thank you for your patience!

WWR retail Heavy Brambles next to some awesome WWR Berties MK3 , by kadoo

June - 2011  SqoRmtJune - 2011  KomHQtJune - 2011  TuOOrtJune - 2011  G7LyUt


Action Portable Pudding Bambaboss is available at right now, to start celebrating threeA 3rd year anniversary week! Limited to 3 per person, three years and three per person, makes sense, right? In 1/6th scale Pudding Boss was the most limited of them all, was never for sale and was gift to 3A staff and business associates.
Info from the store:
Action Portable Pudding Boss
1/12th severely un- articulated toy
Comes with three different face masks
Blister Carded
3 pudding boss per order only
This is a pre-order, estimated shipping late August
Product color and design subject to change, to make it better !

June - 2011  1E5wbtJune - 2011  ReEBet

Latest post from Ashley's blog feature this:

June - 2011  MhNbut

Could it be that mysterious free item, which will be handled out to people at SDCC, during Popbot movie announcement? Here is what Ashley said about it previously:
actually the popbot movie thing is awesome, but thats free, and not so easy to get... probably not for the juves either

Painting from Ashley's blog, featuring what seems to be WWR Grunts and some cool looking WWR bots in the background:

June - 2011  8C8Got

Discussing that painting on twitter:
thanks, changed it already, nice gloomy piece, as war images should be !
actually only the big guns, its pretty much in place

Ashley will take part at Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Perth, Australia, he will be appearing for one only Q&A panel session immediately followed by a signing. Click here to read more about that.

Commenting in twitter about that:
for me, no, and I hope not either, wanna talk to a small group about art etc, nothing really planned for it

Killer pic of WWR Bertie MK3 by Ail:

June - 2011  EsOOat

Less than five days left, until Third year Anniversary Bamba and JEA DC will be up for sale at on 25th of June, 9:00 AM HK time!


Popbot Hatchery TK Guard in 1/12th scale, showing his looks. Don't know about you guys, but I dig his t-shirt:

June - 2011  TRG8ut
^pay some attention to the base on which he is standing, cough cough

SDCC 2011 exclusive - Action Portable Ascended Popbot and the Kitty, I think Ashley has developed shrink ray and hiding it in the Hatchery basement!

June - 2011  5WWs7m

There are lots of questions, why your post count is down. I mentioned it already, but I'll explain it again: we had to delete bunch of old threads in the archives, to make forum more accessible (still struggling with some errors though), so naturally with these threads being gone from the board and if you posted in them, your post count will go down. It wasn't pleasant task to delete part of 3A forum history, but unfortunately had to be done..

Ashley answering when he will be at Supanova (Perth, Australia):
sunday, Im ok, no help needed just answering questions and looking surly ! but thanks anyway

WIll there be any 3A stuff for sale?
not from me, im just doing a Q&A, not stand or anything, im a bit player at his conm a warm up for SDCC

Would you mind autographing some books or figures?
no prob

I don't know if majority of people remember about this, but Beijing exclusive Adventure Kartel 4pack, had Little Shadow figure in it. According to Ashley, that Little Shadow head had to look different and 3A will make and send this head, once Hatchery will have a window. Here is a followup:
Beijing Adventure Saturday pack Little Shadow replacement heads soon.
Few of these sets were offered online at , so 3A already has your address, as for others (which were available in Beijing), I believe that you would be asked to email Candy with your address and maybe attaching some pics of your Little Shadow? I'm sure we will hear about this closer to the shipping.

Ashley commenting on WWR JEA Dropcloth prices:
dont know yet, have to figure out the shipping cost etc.

For some it may seem strange , that prices are announced really close to release time (Dropcloth goes on sale, on June 25th, 9:00 AM HK time), but that's not because it's a weird marketing strategy. Stuff needs to be calculated and since shipping is included in the price (most of the times), it's not that easy task.

Speaking about making plush Bramble or other 3A toys:
we thought about it, but its not really in our mission. shit il be selling mouse pads and mugs next.
we are just not plushy, but saying that, a Plusso / minos lush might be cool !


Latest M+M from Ashley's blog:

June - 2011  KQYHUm

About putting M+M up:
i might not even put them up, I dont think many people read them, they wanna wait for the book, quality sucks online too

Ashley in twitter, saying that 3A booth at NYCC, which is maintained by our forum members Dolly and Lance (click here to read more about the booth and help), going to have a special ZOMB!
too dodgy and sinister to make into a fig, CHOOSE LIFE ZOMB NYCC exclusive !
that right there is why it should be done, only at NYCC, better make friends with someone going there !

REALLY exciting news about new license , which is going to bring THAT big smiles on our faces:
Exciting day for us at 3A, we secured the rights to make some awesome stuff ! More at SDCC
oh and like all stuff 3A makes, there is a past connection !

Speaking more about this:
yup. its cool, really fits our style, sci fi , war etc
wells it big, a top of class thing.

Will there be enough exclusives for everyone at SDCC?
some. some are like super limited, as stated. not BS or hyperbole, really limited means it. we are not there to sell stuff
but to see you guys, make new friends, buy art, chat, feel tired and jet lagged., all the good stuff
thats the best part. who really wants a 4 pack of the TK Unleashed Yo Ap super set.. really...

Just thinking out loud:
that would be great if all toys companies could do a cross over, and make toys for one big war series etc.
Would be hella cool right?

Answering whether new big license has something to do with Star Wars:
i wish, imagine AP star wars, cloth, removable armor. our stormtroopers and Boba would be the stuff of legend.. i dream on
Mr. Lucas, you got to find us, as soon as possible!

Talking about this awesome and free SDCC poster:

June - 2011  0Z6IIm

it my currnt fav painting, sums up WWR

Will there be a higher quality print at some point of time?
probably not... maybe some more like the SDCC one

Any chance you will be selling it or other OG art?
probably wont sell it.. if I do ill tell ya here !

Ashley about AK Pink Hoodie Zomb becoming his fav:
pink zomb from AK Retailer assortment is my new fav.
pink hoodie

How soon we will see pics of this one?
very soon, as retailers will be selling soon !

On the Acolyte Zombs, what does FSZ stand for?
thats a secret, but it will be revealed

What's the likleyhood of JEA mode B Bertie MK3 in WWRp?
done, I want A and B for all colorways and factions etc. !

Mech suits will not see light as part of WWR Universe, right?
newtons war is figures per-se, the battle suits I have being made are for Totem and *.*.*
second half 2011

Joking about getting the rights for Twilight figures:
ha, I should, emo figs are our specialty !
i have seen those toys before, cracked me up. My vampire story will make
vampires cool again, no romance, no questions asked!

Any chance this vamp story is part of the AK worlds?

After getting a painting started, how many colors do you get goin on your palette?
3-4 only ever.

Two really inspiring and beautiful photos by June photo thread (which I strongly advice you to checkout and participate, as it's still time to jump that train) by Bubo and AlPred

June - 2011  W6bFqtJune - 2011  L9zqCt

Nice pics from 3A toys photography section by print , gar, hadiwinata and memecomplex

June - 2011  CBaF5tJune - 2011  S5zfZtJune - 2011  OfqbctJune - 2011  SDtsBtJune - 2011  GdXBstJune - 2011  CWsHWt

Btw, Pudding Boss is still up for sale at and really wants to make your toy detolf happy Smile

June - 2011  ReEBetJune - 2011  1E5wbt

Less than 48 hours left before WWR JEA Dropcloth and threeA three years Anniversary Bambaboss go up for sale , on June 25th 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time at , F5 bar and grill dedicated to the sale, opens exactly 24 hours before toys go up. Can't wait to open the bar and see you there!

Ashley about Prom Night Disagreement:
Severed foot will not be sold till July, just a heads up.

About printing costs and how it's complicated to sell sketch/signed books:
books are in HK, im in australia, you add in shipping costs its and my time, shits gonn acost 500 bucks for a foot sketch
not when your printing in australia, and have no money to start with and just been kickd outta DC/Wildstorm.. dark days - about old days
Does this mean that printing is cheaper in Australia?
expensive in australia

On how expensive everything is becoming:
labor costs are up, the US dollar is down, raw materials are up, costing around 20% on average more

Is the new license (mentioned earlier) Hong-Kong Venture (first 3A exhibition, back in 2009) related?

When we will see Rotchild Engineer teaser?
after sdcc, that show has gummed us up so much to do, for a small team etc.. not long now !

On how hard SDCC organizing is this year:
the organizing, shipping etc, gets in the way of a already over worked group

Speaking about shipping, M+M 2nd printing goes out this month, according to the info I got from Hong-Kong.

WWR Meat is Murder going to be pushed back a bit:
that set is gonna be pushed back, cannot slot it in for now, there will be a JEA, and others.

Another amazing video of 3A collection, this time by Lord Piper

June - 2011  YoC0Hm

Don't forget that WWR JEA Dropcloth and threeA three years anniversary Bambaboss go on sale in less than 34 hours from now. F5 Bar and Grill dedicated to the sale opens soon as well!

Meanwhile, looks like Ashley is gone to Supanova and to do other interesting stuff, but I hope he will pop up for the sale.
off for a while ~ back next week

Here is a thread, which is dedicated for your questions to Ashley Wood, please do check it out:

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June - 2011  Empty Re: June - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:47 am


With much less than 24 hours to go, before our three years anniversary sale starts, it's time to open F5 Bar and Grill! Please join us in the bar and have some good time:
Hard to believe that you read this column and don't know what the bar is, but still here is the explanation:
During release nights in the threads dedicated to the release (JEA RECON thread) and Bambaboss discussion thread, only serious questions/problems can be posted. Everything else would be deleted by us, the Mods. This is done, to get rid of all the nonsense and help to people, who have some serious questions and problems about the release. The thread where you can make relatively on topic friendly chat or go insane during the releases would be called F5 Bar and Grill, under Release night board's category. The thread is going to be unlocked around 24 hours before the sale takes place and that's any minute now, and will be locked, after the figure is going to be removed from the store and I will give you some time to vent and share the excitement about the sale . Have fun there, but don't forget basic rules and maintaining positive vibes of our beloved 3A board. Since F5 Bar during the sale is really crowded and grows like several pages in few minutes, all the essential sales info will be posted in the first opening post of the F5 thread. So before asking any questions, please check the first page of the bar for answers. You can always PM me (or other MODs) if you some questions and you don't want to post them publicly.

WWR JEA Dropcloths + Square and Three years Anniversary Bambaboss

June - 2011  LsHxftJune - 2011  TPsect

I'm currently waiting for Ashley to announce prices and whether 3AA members will have 24 hours on this one.

Update: WWR JEA Dropcloths + Square - 125$ and there will be 24 hours window for 3AA members. JEA Dropcloth will come with shotgun and pistol.

My friends, I hope you remember, that Apertore issue number ONE (3A toys photo magazine) will be offered on 25th of June as well. As mentioned earlier, it's absolutely free , you just pay 15$ for shipping & handling, STRICTLY limited to one per customer.

June - 2011  5yiejt

Three years anniversary newsletter is out and can be read here.

Essentials from newsletter:
WWR 1/6th JEA DROPCLOTH AND SQUARE 125 bucks, that includes worldwide shipping !
THIRD BIRTHDAY BAMBA 3OSS, 1 HOUR SALE FROM 9-00AM Hong Kong time, as in it ends at 10-00am, 25th JUNE, 60 bucks, that includes shipping !
Apertore issue one, 12"x12" 24 pages of awesome threeA toy photographs by Expathos ! Free, but you pay shipping and handing of 15 bucks.
Apertore is strictly one per Bambaland customer, orders will be cancelled otherwise, limited supply, no 24 hour guarantee!
Available 25th June at 9-00am Hong Kong time, at the mighty
3AA Members have a 24 hour period to order the Dropcloth/Square 2 pack
*this is a pre-order, they will ship October 2011 or earlier

So let's summarize:
WWR JEA Dropcloth + Square - 125$ (shipping included) and 3AA members have 24 hours on this one
Apertore issue one, 12"x12" 24 pages filled with beautiful 3A toys photos by Expathos - free, you pay just 15$ for shipping and handling. Strictly one per customer, limited supply.
THIRD BIRTHDAY BAMBA 3OSS - 60$ (shipping included) , will be available for ONLY one hour, starting at 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time and sale ends on 10:00 AM Hong-Kong time.
Feel free to PM me or voice your question in the bar, if you have any.

First sketch from F5 bar by thejikas

June - 2011  KVekPt

Inspiring WWR Dropcloth photos by Musahi13 and WWR JEA Bertie MK3 and JEA Heavy Bramble by memecomplex

June - 2011  5AZ9etJune - 2011  UeYtBt

I'm really looking forward to see more sketches & 3A Birthday wishes in F5 bar! Company can be three years old only once Smile


ThreeA three years anniversary sale starts in less than two hours from now, here is a helpful link for you, if you still confused about 9:00AM HK time. I would like to remind you, that three years anniversary Bambaboss will be on sale for only one hour - from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM HK time. And people seem to be confused with WWR JEA Recon set (which will be on sale tonight) and with WWR Meat is Murder pack (which will be on sale at some point of time in the future). Ashley mentioned that this set is pushed back and it will feature different decals from WWR JEA Recon set , but if Meat is Murder comes with MK1 Square (and we saw MK1 on that pic), that automatically means that JEA Recon's MK1 Square isn't last MK1 in WWR scale. Frankly speaking, whole super packs idea is still very new and I can't comment much about it.

Here is nice youtube review of 2nd Anniversary Bambaboss by our boardie yama86, which might give good idea for people, who haven't seen any Bambas, how they look like and how interchangeable faces work:

June - 2011  HF2E0m

GO threeA and Legion! To infinity and beyond! Passionate text by Ashley Wood from 3A blog:
Three years on
When we started 3A, there was no plan, just an idea to make some toys. Did I think we could be making toys in three years, no-way, I was happy just to make Nom de Plume, everything else would be jam. And that is exactly how it feels today, every toy I get to design and offer the world is a bonus.

A really fun side if 3A for me and KIm is to be able to make toys for stuff we really like, stuff like 2000ad, MGS and some stuff we will announce soon, for me personally everyday I have to smile as I get to play in these other playgrounds that I truly love, that inspired me to be an artist, to do what im doing today. So thanks supporters of 3A !

Speaking of supporters, we here at 3A feel very bloody lucky to have the greatest supporters, the mighty Legion, not just only for you support, but the friendship, creativity and general Legion-ishy demenor! Cheers guys !!

I would say fingers crossed for another great 3 more years, but thats BS, crossing fingers means shit, best we can do is make stuff we believe and dig , toys, books and show you guys and see where it all goes!

One final note, I want to thank all the staff at 3A and the Hatchery, without whom nothing would happen, Benny Fok our Production Manager is instrumental in making sure everything actually happens the way it should, and tirelessly puts up with my crap. Also a big thanks to Brent Ashe who has helped up the ante with design, Gimbat and Pitu for being tron like and stuck in the web having 3A’s back.

I have just woken up, coffee-less while writing this, so may make no sense, it may never do, but Im happy to be here!


In addition to what Ashley said, I wanna us all to thank: R. Cody Fultz, Eric Seffinga, Gregory Prout, Gerard Bartelds, Samir Mrini and Mr12Fingers for making this place special, we are always trying to match perfect quality , spirits and standards set by Ashley Wood, Kim Fung Wong and 3A toys! You may not know that, but we all sacrifice lots of our personal time and precious weekends , to make this place what it is. BOTTOMS UP!

Guys, here is direct quote from me emailing Ashley about WWR Meat is Murder, perhaps helps for some, who still can't make choice whether to go for JEA Recon or not
"no meat is murder pack anytime soon, if ever, the economics dont add up and no factory time this year. cant say ever, but no new MK1 squares, not JEA one ever again"

Speaking about the devil, sale starts any minute now, keep checking and thank you for your enormous love and support through the years!

Since there was a glitch for some regions and there was 0 shipping (instead of 15$) for Apertore, 3A Customer Service Team will contact you later on, via your Bambalandstore registration email and explains you, how can you pay for shipping.

After one hour of sales (as mentioned earlier) 3years Anniversary Bambaboss is gone and approximate shipping date is October 2011. As I said earlier, 2nd printing of M+M ships out this month and WWRp JDF Armstrong and WWR DW&NW Commanders are next.

Some pages from Adventure Kartel Primer comic (part of 3AA set), from Ashley's blog:
thats the 3AA set comic gimbs

June - 2011  J2AQlt

Ashley popped up on board to announce some pretty cool news and hang out at the bar:
have a great time guys, 3 years in and im still excited every sale, every toy made, I feel very lucky and honored to be able to gig ! Ill try and pop back in later !
Just got back from visitng Supnove here in my home town, cool, saw some fans, saw the local big toy store Empire toys selling some WWRp, which was nice !"

About more EMO sales and surprises:
no emo sales, I have enough emo in my world for now.

No big bots for now:
also we wanted to slow down on new stuff, or larger bots, all the 1G bots re here waiting to serve, they are bummed they didnt gt a chance to fight today..

About 3A and MGS collaboration and specifically on Rex and Ray:
Rex And Ray are looking awesome, but I dont control the IP nor tell Konami how its going down. but Ill say this, EPIC, FUCKING EPIC
ray and rex have many lights, I put REX's rail gun array, the thing that lights up is its cannon

On showing Interloper Oya aka Oyaloper:
I dont have the interloper anymore, i changed some stuff on it and sent it back.
We are always aiming for perfection and that's one of the reasons why sometimes stuff gets delayed and Bambalandstore says this next to an items: Color and details may very on final product

Important announcement about more resident sales, no 24 hours through July and 3AA resident sale (how exciting is that?!) and dun-dun-dun WEAPON PACKS ARE COMING!
lots of shit to do, gotta run, but starting monday and through July( no 24 hour sales due to SDCC ) will see some pretty awesome resident sales at bamba, and a very cool 3AA resident sale, it comes with a bonesaw ! Ill do a weapons pack of every weapon we have made so far, 1/12th and 1/6th, maybe some new if time permits. if no one buys them, james, well your buying them
no riot shields, they were just for the emgy droppy. nice candle work chas!

Commenting on CRAZY photos by goatbot, proving that there is no such things as too many AK Zombs and Zombots (25 on this pic)
that Goat wins sumin !

June - 2011  5DTLotJune - 2011  5t7Xat

Tigerfeet did it again and my jaw is on the floor! Quick shot of his bots:

June - 2011  8gGZRt

And before I go and have some rest, after staying whole night, here are few words from me, which goes to every Legionnaire out there:
"Guys, you know how I am sentimental on drop days...but tonight it's special, as it's three years anniversary. I'm around and with 3A, since November 2008, so not exactly full three years yet. But I got to say that Ashley, Kim, 3A and of course THE LEGION, takes very important place in my life. My lady thought that it's fun hobby which is going to pass, now she understands how wrong she was and how important this all is for me and even ain't that jealous Smile
I surely admit that I don't know you all personally and haven't had an opportunity to shake your hands, but I can say that I have Legion of friends , friends who I dearly love and respect.
Without you 3A would never be 3A.
* Gimbat takes a bow to the Legion
Sorry for lame speech, I'm always bad with speeches...but it all comes from my heart."

Speaking about Legion and giving some love back, please take a minute and check this thread , where our boardies Dolly and Lance trying their best to bring 3A to NYCC!

Quick guide on how to upload pics to 3A forum:

I don't know much about this, as it's MILK exclusive, but looks like here you can pre-order (ballot) Milk Dropcloth in 1/6th scale, the price is 1080HKD. As I understand they only ship within China , so if that's true, I'm with majority of the Legion, who needs help with that, heh.
Here is FB link: oh and if you don't have FB account and end up making one, please add me to your friend list

Very beautiful paintings from Ashley's blog, center piece with Grunt caught my eye the most, let's hope we will see more of it on WWR Grunts packaging, I heard that the packaging is almost ready and is simply stunning:

June - 2011  Aaq7Wt

Meanwhile, F5 bar is practically dead, the board is silent and everyone is enjoying the weekend, which is a smart thing to do. Apertore and WWR JEA 2pack is still available at , I really hope that nobody missed their chance to get 3year Anniversary Bambaboss.

Small clarification by bingbingbing
About MILK Dropcloth
"Expected delivery date: Early July
Price: HK$1080
Fill in the form before June 28 22:00
If you win the lottery, you have to go to the MILK office to take your prize."
I assume there might be an open sale later on? Who knows, we still don't have an idea how limited these bad boys are.


Couple of more sketches added:
all can be seen here:

As always I will make shootout about all the authors and will add captions to the images in the gallery later on.

June - 2011  SVcEstJune - 2011  Se3GxtJune - 2011  Shl7ntJune - 2011  Ig2CrtJune - 2011  Wx1MptJune - 2011  N2DGctJune - 2011  WEWT4tJune - 2011  QID5dtJune - 2011  NcWsDtJune - 2011  2u1PHtJune - 2011  VWftItJune - 2011  YwliWtJune - 2011  Vj6rLtJune - 2011  H9VJjtJune - 2011  O4XMVtJune - 2011  RwkTitJune - 2011  QiACutJune - 2011  QTNT4tJune - 2011  BYQgxtJune - 2011  TFmR2tJune - 2011  2XrJPtJune - 2011  SwBgHtJune - 2011  Rm34AtJune - 2011  51J0StJune - 2011  YPBrMtJune - 2011  L9HVMt
^I can't be everywhere, so please PM me , if I overlooked your sketch

Translation (made by Pork) of this post in Bambasia blog , written by Benny the Bachelor:
"Actually, all along I didn’t know 3A are into which year already, until Ash sent over the draft of Bambaboss 3rd. I remember my first project with Ash was the Bertie, at that time, we were still representing threezero working with Ash. The threezero then was mainly to provide manufacturing services for foreign toys companies ie Strangeco, Munky King etc. When the boss told me that we are going enter into a partnership with Ash, I am not even sure who Ash was. Friends later told me he (Ash) was MGS’s creative designer. Also remember when Bertie was first made available in Bambalandstore, it gate crashed the site, paypal payment notification overran our email server. Within less than a day, all 500 units were sold out! And with that, 3A was born.
These 3 years went by so fast. I started this in the 20s and now, I am in my 30s (but still a bachelor! Haha!). From “Hong Kong Venture” to “Beijing Gathering”, from Nom de Plume till currently which I myself lost count of how many de plumes (were launched). I truly appreciate and a heartfelt thanks for everyone’s support. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today (in the current toy’s industry). I looked forward with anticipation for the next 3 years. Let’s hope everyone can continue to happily enjoy their toys!

Ashley about stopping the sales:
sales end soon, as soon as my coffee is secured !

And thanking everyone for support:
thanks chaps, 3rd BD is done ! hope to be here in 3 more !

WWR JEA Dropcloth and Square 2pack is gone from the store, Apertore is still available at , but there is no word how soon it might be pulled from the store. Might be gone any minute, once certain number will be reached.


Ashley on twitter about Supanova and Milk DC:
hey I want a Milk Droplcoth... no luck needed for supova, just answering the questions etc.
i enjoyed it on many levels, its a great con, great for Perth

About selling 3A 2011 SDCC exclusives:
we are probably going to use a raffle system to purchase, a set amount for each day etc. most fare way
actually its up to benny, he is in change of this stuff, I would just give it away !
Don't be sad about raffle though, as it's still not written in stone and anything can change.

On Milk Dropcloth:
nothign to do with me, I just designed it. its Milk all the way !
gotta love that Hong Kong Lactose corp, I though I was very funny for doing that...
As always with not our exclusives, 3A don't have any control of how Milk will be offering and selling their Dropcloth.

Beautiful photos of 3A figures, by memecomplex and king of Brambles and EMGY DCs - wilbur - yes he has three Deep Powder Brambles and four IDW Brambles...and hella lot of EMGY DCs

June - 2011  AiuAutJune - 2011  1iPYotJune - 2011  M0EGUtJune - 2011  LmU77tJune - 2011  WeNMZtJune - 2011  RZ8xRt

Detailed photo and video review of AK Acolyte Zomb 4pack and AK Satanic Labradors 5pack by our board member toygodd, located here.

I got to say, that with all the action lately, I forgot to give some news time to our dogs, here are few photos by bubo, kadoo and nixon and story shot by SnorseWhisperer.

June - 2011  E54hItJune - 2011  EZqW5tJune - 2011  YOF51tJune - 2011  Bep3OtJune - 2011  ZwNqut

Some photos by expathos which I LOVE, don't know if they made to Apertore , which is still up at

June - 2011  DNANMtJune - 2011  35RcgtJune - 2011  PTPtxtJune - 2011  TM7qGt

Emails from 3A Customer Service team are out, concerning zero shipping glitch for Apertore. If that's was your case, you will get yours soon. So sorry again for the trouble.

And for the record, instead of emailing Candy, please use this new email:

There is currently a lot of talk on Ashley's twitter, how 3A SDCC exclusives will be sold, but I for now don't want to summarize these quotes, as it's still work in progress and don't want anyone to get nervous or excited too early.

The final word about SDCC 3A exclusive sale, Benny was thinking about doing a raffle for figures, Legion said BOOOOO, 3A listened, let's hope that majority, will be happy about this variant:
SDCC Benny has spoken, thurs-sunday, 11am, first come, first serve etc. equal allotments of each toy will be sold daily etc. there it is !

About online sale of SDCC exclusives:
not ill after sdcc sometime


Information about Ashley Wood at SDCC, released by IDW publishing and short note from Ash himself:
Ill be at this years SDCC with my toy company 3A ( our booth is located in the IDW compound )

From my esteemed buds at IDW:

San Diego, CA (June 30, 2011)—At this year’s San Diego Comic Con, art and comic fans have one more must on their lists, as IDW Publishing announced today that world-renowned artist and creator Ashley Wood will be a special guest at the convention. Headquartered at the IDW Booth #2643, Ashley will hold regular signings, and be featured in a spotlight panel, hosted by IDW’s co-founder and chief executive officer, Ted Adams. Ashley fans can also look forward to an impressive array of exclusive or hard to find items, including toys and books.
”Ash and I have worked together for more than 15 years. We met when I was running Todd McFarlane’s comic books and the first book IDW published was Ash’s first art collection, Uno Fanta. I’m looking forward to chatting with him about his career during his spotlight panel and the two books we’re launching at SDCC are flat-out amazing,” said Adams.
Before Comic-Con kicks off, fans can pre-order several limited edition Ashley Wood items through IDW, including POPBOT BIG BEAUTIFUL BOOK, which collects the long sold-out POPBOT Volumes 1 through 8. This huge 11" x 14" hardcover collection showcases over 400 pages of Ashley Wood art and comes with a slipcase. Strictly limited to 500 copies.
Also available for pre-order is FAT TARINO, offering the impossible to find art books UNO TARINO, DOS TARINO and TRES TARINO, all in one gorgeous hardcover. This slipcased edition features over 350 pages of Ashley Wood art and is strictly limited to 500 copies.
Zombies vs Robots fans are also in for a treat, with the exclusive new hardcover edition of the COMPLETE ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS. The acclaimed, 160-page volume, written by co-creator Chris Ryall and fully illustrated by Ash, is now available in an exclusive hardcover for only $29.99, and is limited to approximately 400 copies.
During San Diego Comic-Con, fans can meet Ashley at any of his scheduled signings at the IDW booth, as well as attend his Spotlight Panel, on Friday, July 22 at 4.30 p.m. in room 24ABC. Stay tuned to for Ashley’s signing schedule.
POPBOT BIG BEAUTIFUL BOOK ($125, hardcover with slipcase, 424 pages, 11” X 14”) is available for pre-order through IDW Publishing, for pick up at San Diego Comic Con or delivery after August 1.
FAT TARINO ($100, hardcover with slipcase, 360 pages, 12” X 12”) is available for pre-order through IDW Publishing, for pick up at San Diego Comic Con or delivery after August 1.
COMPLETE ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS ($29.99, hardcover, 160 pages) will be available at San Diego Comic-Con through IDW Publishing.

Fat Tarino is up for preorder at IDW store: - strictly limited to 500 copies.

June - 2011  OWToItJune - 2011  D4ThBt

Ashley clarifies about Fat Tarino and confirms that these details are wrong:
well, FAT TARINO kinda says what it is, the details were obviously wrong, TARINO BOOKS ONLY !

Is the IDW COMPLETE ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS the same one that was at SDCC last year?
you know,I have no idea.. ill ask

Two video featuring closeup of Ashley's paintings can be seen here and here.

Will we ever see a 'translucent" human figure in the AK Universe?
who knows, Im not fond over seeing joints in transparent/lucent bodies, maybe MR STIFF the non moving, see through guy !

How the Jungle Ranger grunt and square looking? i imagine very awesome, yes?
of course!
when you get it , it will be revealed !

Ghost of Dairain; will it feature the original issue 3 pages or all new work?
its is what it is, Im not saying
it will rock, it wont be a simple end the stories, but start them. Ryall want to his somewhere else I think..

We desperate for a 3A mort! next AK......revenge from the future?
gangsta astro first

Ashley about Popbot Lasstranaut figure, we all are desperately waiting for:
lasstra wil lbe worth the wait, or I could have hacked otu a crap one years ago

What kind of stuff will you talk about at your SDCC panel?
my career, and how I go from sleeping on foam off cuts to err, sleeping on foam, but now its a Futon ! a chat with Ted..
Do you get nervous doing public speaking? I hope we can interact with you and have some Q&A!
Q&A is cool too, used to be nervous, not now !
infact Q&A is the best bit, talking about myself without prompts is kinda strange

About doing some live drawings at SDCC:
um no. i wanna have fun, not try and make a cool drawing out of my natural environment.

Which day do you think is the best to pick up my FatTarino and PopBot BBB at the IDW booth? What days will you be signing?
everyday, im there to do such stuff !

3A community and your fans are growing. Does it mean more production qty per character?
not really, but working on films, running 3A, painting, making books does cut into my time.

While we are all waiting for SDCC excitement to start, don't forget that July will be filled with all kinds of resident sales. I'm currently waiting to hear more about this from him.


Our boardie Grishlug framed AK Zomb 4pack box art and here is how it looks like on the wall:

June - 2011  XX8gztJune - 2011  IbZvZt

Ashley about this:
thats cool, fun to do that design and art

Popbot the movie PRODUCTION SHOTS #1 The Devil and milk tits
From Ashley's blog:
The first of many Popbot production entries. I could say how exciting and cool it is to be able to fulfill my vision of Popbot in Film, but I think it goes without saying! Thanks to Pete Ford and the G-HOLE Productions !

June - 2011  M5d8PtJune - 2011  DgYg9tJune - 2011  FgS90tJune - 2011  PpiZktJune - 2011  GkfaYtJune - 2011  EZtLStJune - 2011  SgbjqtJune - 2011  T6tBmtJune - 2011  RXCB7tJune - 2011  EHubst

Is this Mortis girls on the shot?
no, actually, you will see, but they aint mortis !

Talking about that scene from Popbot the movie (photos above)
its a funny scene with kitty... one of my fav scenes from the books
nope, its a seminal scene, that defines kitty, and what a class act he is.. just wait, not long till you see it!

On Kitty looks in the movie:
like a cat, kitty is a cat... roger rabbit... holy crap.. dude.... bring them mood down why dont you ! Smile

Did you take part in actors casting?
of course, GHOLE is me and Pete, our say rules on all points..

About not participating in cons after SDCC:
no more cons after sdcc, let my work be my face. but ill certainly personalize and sign, just remind IDW for when im there !

On difference between cons and his art show (together with Jeremy Geddes) in 2012:
that aint a con, thats history.. me and jeremy.. not since Warhol and Basquiat etc..

Any 2 headed or 4 arms bot or ankou in future?
i like 4 arm shot, but nothing planned

About retail AK Zombs in 1/6th , which we will see soon:
retail, the Brotherhood Zombs, on the blog soon !
What they look like?
Those are the zombs with the hoods?
"ha, yea, the brotherhood zombs, goofy bastards"
"at retailers, RETAILERSSSS, support those good folks !"

Do they all wear pink hoodie?
no, only the pink feather does !

Golden Zombot? Don't know if Ashley is joking...but Golden Zombot would be really cool!
ahh the golden zombot

Sorry for more WWR DW&NW Berties MK3 pics, but what can I say, I love DW&NW colorways, especially how they look on these photos by Ail and there is one DP Bertie by zzzzz to compensate:

June - 2011  SUwNqtJune - 2011  5JqBLtJune - 2011  TCowDtJune - 2011  J5IhStJune - 2011  OHmTBtJune - 2011  OnEARtJune - 2011  IXdT5tJune - 2011  HQDvit



WWRp Slaughterhouse Dropcloth, which is threeA SDCC 2011 exclusive:

June - 2011  7OWpetJune - 2011  P6S1LtJune - 2011  D3TF9tJune - 2011  3uXmZt

Action Portable TK YO 4pack threeA SDCC 2011 exclusive, really limited, but don't loose hope , as one day they will come back with new haircuts and suits

June - 2011  G4TwNtJune - 2011  09r04tJune - 2011  LZV5gtJune - 2011  F6Eh2t

Speaking about SDCC, I strongly suggest to everyone, who is going , to checkout this thread and send PM to Base , who is in charge of the list. Thread will be used for communication during the event, meetings and other cool stuff.

Another reason why 3A rules, 3AA -15% discount works not only at Bambalandstore, but offline at special events. Same was done for 3A Gathering in Beijing and SDCC 2011 will not be the exception, so be sure to wear the badge with the same name as your 3AA membership and you will get discount for 3A exclusives (no discount for Toy Tokyo and IDW figs though):
yup, thats how we do it, across the board, just like the art shows !, but only us, not idw or lev, thats their business
Since 3AA 2011 membership packages haven't shipped:
but we know who are members, so use the proper badge that matches your 2011 membership !
only current will get the discount, we have the data, we know who is who

Ashley about AP TK YO 4pack and explaining why SDCC 2011 exclusives are so limited:
because we could not make more on top of the pre-sold figures, all these toys were lucky to exist, only the brambles were planned
Would I love to sell more, and cover all fans, hell yes, just not possible, we are small, and stretched as is !
but Im sure TK Unleashed will break up and re-form one day, with new trackies and haircuts. its what they do !
On going EMO about limited exclusives:
do it, makes us know we are doing good. but cmon, we have so much cool shit coming down the line, dry you eyes its all good

Ashley about Adventure Kartel Mumbs (mummies? or...?) and Vampires:
they are awesome, and will maek the AK universe more fun !
only one in the Ak universe, a while off still

Will there be any gid eyes for gasmask, zomb ? teeth&nails maybe ?
nah, too cheesy gid bambaboss is enough for me!

Giving an advice to person , who can't choose between Popbot BBB and Fat Tarino , which are currently up at IDW shop:
"go fat tarino, popbot gets too much attention !"
"go fat, lots of robots and loverly ladies !"

What's your favorite book so far?
the next one I do.

About Pushead:
im a big fan of push-y. Im doing a big interview with him for an upcoming Juxtapose. that will be fun.

On how limited APTK TK YO 4pack is and that's it's only for 3AA members:
just over 20 sets... so start those crying engines early.
of course, also I didnt mention, BUT the tk set is 3AA only !!!!! coz its so tight to get

ThreeA podcast by our boardies N16 is out and available here:
As you can get it's dedicated to customization and features lots of interesting stuff.

Ashley reminds that 3A SDCC 2011 exclusives will be offered at (not IDW Brambles and Brillo Square though), after the Con:
plus you have a chance after the con, same amount on bamba etc
Not sure whether this rule applies to APTK 4pack or for all exclusives:
er 3AA on bamba too. runs off !
3AA will and have access to more exclusive toys, as per the 3AA deal. nothing new there! - about 3AA members and their privileges

Japan is going to have something special as well this year and 3A and Bandai collaboration news coming to us soon:
japan have something special coming there way via Goodsmile, so, no emo from you guys !
no giant cardboard squares, WAAYYY to costly. July for bandai news

Will we see 3AA Medic Grunt on Bamba, before SDCC?

Are you using moleskine for sketches? or other brand?
that and many others!

How about the SlaughterHouse Six? Is it 6 Droppies or what's their story?
just its number "6", as there were 5 before it, now considered destroyed or missing in action !

Again, I STRONGLY advice to everyone who is really going to SDCC this year, to checkout this thread and send PM to Base , who is in charge of the list. Thread will be used for communication during the event, meetings and other cool stuff. I will make an announcement there on Monday 8:00 AM HK time.


According to Ashley Wood 3AA DOC Grunt + MK2 Square go on sale next week:
nope, next week , so please be prepared it's going to be a fun. Btw, I don't know whether sale will last 24 hours or more , and whether 3AA 24 hours buying window applies. Will ask Ashley about this ASAP.

Ashley about WWR Caesar and why we make toys:
caesar is awesome
thats why we do this, for that sight !

Photoshop magician zzzzz showing his vision of Iron Panda Squad and reworked photos by Siona (Bleak Mission) and Ashley Wood's (Barguest de Plume):

June - 2011  2Tt4wtJune - 2011  HlrOstJune - 2011  MBSBJt


Ashley answering on painting related questions:
When yor done with a piece, what do you use to "seal" it? I recall varnish? Is there matte kind?
or i leave em...

Reminding that 3A will be looking for designers at SDCC 2011 (please bring your folio):
Dont forget artists, 3A is looking for designers at sdcc, as in toy design etc. bring your by our table and show me
What about people, who can't make it there?
later on we shall check stuff out online etc, but for now we want to meet people and see people at sdcc as out entry into this

Latest art on Ashley's blog:

June - 2011  BqRDUt

Don't forget that if you are going to SDCC, you need to leave your name in this thread and to contact Base about it , I would consider the list closed on Monday 8:00 AM HK time. 74 goes so far, will we reach 80?

SDCC t-shirts made by our boardies (authorized by Ashley) , more about it here

June - 2011  W5qYKtJune - 2011  1eigTt


SDCC announcement I talked about:

Toy Tokyo is extremely kind to us again this year, so I have a certain number of guaranteed Brillo Square buying opportunities on my hands.

I know that nobody loves raffle, but that's the most honest method I see, list is SO big and I have only a certain pretty low number of Brillo Squares allocated for it.

Don't worry, there will be another opportunity and another 5 Squares.

I will put all your numbers (in the list) on small pieces of paper, put them in the hat and pick up random sheets of paper. I will ask my lady to videotape the process with our digital photocamera or her iphone and will put it online (as a proof that raffle happened to some critical minds). So prepare for crappy quality.

I will send PM/email to all lucky people asking for their details surname, name and etc, they will have to match the ones you will have on your badge or you will have to show your ID to Toy Tokyo staff. Oh, and it's non transferable, so if you won, you can't transfer it to anyone else. If you will fail to provide me these details in 48 hours after my PM/email will be sent, unfortunately I will be forced to do another raffle or give it first come, first serve. We will see..hopefully everyone will answer.

After the raffle results will be announced, I put up the information how five more guaranteed Brillo Squares buying opportunities can be won.

I know that there will be some EMO now, but common guys, it took me some effort to do this for us, let's be grateful that there is a certain number of Brillo Squares guaranteed buying opportunities to give out, at all.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that you will have to pay for Brillo Square, it's only guaranteed buying opportunity, not a free Square.

PM me or please use this thread if you have any questions.

Best photo of May photo thread title goes to ictoys

June - 2011  YArC2t

Honorable mentions go to expathos, feelgreen, johnnyhaggis, Nosferatu and pinkertonchew

June - 2011  ZwY6atJune - 2011  Lpg1YtJune - 2011  Yg0rXtJune - 2011  9XqANtJune - 2011  9iH3Nt

My sincere congratulations to everyone! I strongly suggest to check all latest month photo threads as they have lots of gorgeous photos and frankly speaking, everyone is a winner!

Ashley about Mongrol shipping:
i was told mid july, but its not my dept, dont like to talk about stuff I dont handle. you should email 3A when your antsy.

Here is what Ashley advices to do when you interested in shipping of 3A toys:
email for best info, my side is everything visual, Kim is manufacturing and shipping etc,ill just give bad info
In addition I can recommend you to keep checking this thread for info:
according to my information WWRp JDF Armstrong and WWR DW&NW Commanders are shipping out this month

Answering about "sealing techniques"
The pieces you don't bother to seal, won't they get damaged?
well no, if looked after, paintings should be treated like gold, even if you varnish, smoke, sunlight, crap will still harm it

About latest painting on the blog (I put it up in the previous entry):
How big is that canvas?
not that big, and its wood panel

Will your original art be offered for sale at SDCC?
last time im selling like this, gets harder to let stuff go. so bring $$$$
cool, but what is there is it, no more art to sell till Livine show. next october and thats a different kettle o art

Commenting on a statement about IDW Publishing releasing D'arain HC in October:
released when I have done it !

Now about 3AA discount at SDCC - you will have discount for everything apart from IDW and Toy Tokyo, which are their exclusives. Because 3AA membership cards haven't shipped yet, you will be asked to provide ID, and remember Bambaland/Bambasia login and your contact number. Sounds not that hard for me.

Raffle haven't started, but already caused some emo. I wanna do it right, since we all can make mistakes, please check whether your name is on this list:

June - 2011  Plws9lJune - 2011  W5y1vl

If you posted in the list thread & or PMed base, BEFORE I made raffle announcement and your name isn't on the list then please PM me or base until 1:00AM (Hong Kong time) July 5th. No people can be included in the raffle list, BUT since getting 5 Brillo Squares remaining opportunities will be much more complicated - I'll accept everyone else who is going to SDCC here - - please read the details carefully.

One more thing about raffle, I will most likely use one of the online random numbers generators and post you the results.

Keep in mind that the list will be constantly updated by base during last few hours and your position (number) might chance as nicknames are arranged alphabetically.


Final list which was used for the raffle:

June - 2011  H7baamJune - 2011  Bvbzbm

results, which I got using random numbers generator:

June - 2011  ThtWim


Whole process can be seen here on Vimeo, video took some time to render and upload. Sorry for awful quality and a bit sturdy English, I use English every day (d'oh!) , but haven't actually spoken for a while.

Right now, I'll send PMs to everyone who got lucky (if there will be no answer from the lucky boardies in 48 hours, I will scratch their name from the list and do another raffle) and while I'm doing it, here are the rules how to win five guaranteed buying opportunities for the Brillo Square:
We all know that Brillo Square is inspired by Andy Warhol and there are a lot of creative and talented people on this board, so everyone who is going to SDCC (and haven't been picked in the raffle) has 50 hours to come up with non digital sketch/drawing/oil painting on theme inspired by Andy Warhol, please photograph it next to your nickname (that's why I ask for non digital), I don't want any plagiarism and cheating here. If there will be less than 5 good sketches, I will make another raffle or pick most deserving boardies, who are going to SDCC.
So deadline for posting sketches: 8th of July, 8 AM Hong-Kong time.
Thread where the magic happens:
Be creative and think outside the box, winners will be picked by our art mod Eric (eseffinga) and by me.

    [li]One entry per person.
    [/li][li]PLEASE use your own imagination, no WWR bots and don't use any of Ashley Wood intellectual properties. Turbotuff sketch is an exception, as he did it before I put this rule up.[/li]

Again huge THANK YOU to kind people of ToyTokyo and to Lev personally!

Ashley Wood Collection Prom Night Disagreement will go on sale, on July 15th 9:00AM HK time. July already looks cool, with WWR Medic Grunt and the foot...and SDCC 2011, HOT HOT month!

June - 2011  IvRoAt

WWR Medic Grunt 3AA sale will take place on July 14th, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong and it's okay to buy two, so you can hook up your friends, who haven't got 3AA membership or buy two for your Medic Squad:

June - 2011  McWuTt

2 is fine

Whole SEVEN, yes SEVEN Adventure Kartel Retail figures and there will be even MORE:

June - 2011  WSHXvtJune - 2011  5M8HNtJune - 2011  0kcDPtJune - 2011  JO3gXtJune - 2011  8cWqetJune - 2011  1s220tJune - 2011  Ticwut

To have a name with the photo:
Jungle Vet Ankou
Inky Lord (hoodzomb)
Pink Feather (hoodzomb)
Bloodhood (hoodzomb)
Tommy Mission Red/Blood Hand
Johnson Ankou
Little Shadow
Not fully official names though.
Don't know about you, but I will be def. going for few of them, currently Bloodhood and Jungle Vet Ankou are my fav. What about you? Who are you going for?

Ashley answering on questions about those retail figs:
dont worry Paul, the market is much larger than the few we have sold, we listened to the retailers for what they wanted
No blind boxes?
up to the retailers how they sell.each carton has a set assortment. talk to your local toy dealer.
So retailers will know what's in each box then? If you want Pinkfeather, you can order Pinkfeather?
yea, like the dropcloth were sold etc

Here are the current sketches, from this thread, where our boardies are currently competing for Five Guaranteed Buying Opportunities for the Brillo Square. Common guys, these are cool, but we need way more to consider it done. Or we will select less than five!

June - 2011  1T52stJune - 2011  0SZAHtJune - 2011  SDyCQtJune - 2011  Ypqwzt

Please keep in mind that first sketch by Turbotuff is only accepted, because it was posted before I voiced the rule, that no Ashley Wood characters can be used on the sketches. THE THEME IS ANDY WARHOL! Be creative please and btw, not so much time left , just around 35 hours from now, deadline - 8th of July , 8:00AM Hong-Kong time.

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