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July - 2011

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July - 2011  Empty July - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:49 am

July 2011

Sorry guys, no big summary for this month. Just scroll through the news, detailed summary will be back in August!

Just few highlights:
Shipping: M+M 2nd printing, WWR DW&NW Commanders and WWRp JDF Armstrong

It's not all about SDCC this month, as there are few exciting sales already, such as WWR Medic Grunt & MK2 Square, WWR 1G Medic Armstrong and Prom Night Disagreement, but SDCC is going to be huge for 3A this year. First time in 3A history, we have such an impressive lineup! So I want to concentrate on SDCC in this summary.

SDCC is almost upon us, you can check the schedule and what's happening here:

I will try to provide you, the best possible coverage. Here is not so short list of the exciting SDCC exclusives:

ThreeA Exclusive figures

July - 2011  5WWs7tJuly - 2011  7OWpetJuly - 2011  P6S1LtJuly - 2011  D3TF9tJuly - 2011  3uXmZtJuly - 2011  G4TwNtJuly - 2011  09r04tJuly - 2011  LZV5gtJuly - 2011  F6Eh2tJuly - 2011  4KtR6tJuly - 2011  QFFnMtJuly - 2011  EZkhVtJuly - 2011  JW2v5t

1) WWR Brillo Squaro (Toy Tokyo)
2) WWRP IDW Daywatch Heavy Bramble (IDW preorder only, sold out)
3) WWRP NOM Nightwatch Heavy Bramble
4) WWRP Slaughterhouse Dropcloth
5) Popbot Portable TK Unleashed 4-pack
6) Popbot PortableAscended Popbot
7) ??? or nothing?

Where 3A figures will be sold? Apart from Brillo Squaro (Toy Tokyo exclusive) and DW Bramble (IDW exclusive, was offered online), 3A figures will be available at 3A booth, which will be located on IDW Publishing booth territory:
so our booth is 2643

Now about 3AA discount at SDCC - you will have discount for everything apart from IDW and Toy Tokyo, which are their exclusives. Because 3AA membership cards haven't shipped yet, you will be asked to provide ID, and remember Bambaland/Bambasia login and your contact number. Sounds not that hard for me.

Scott Eder booth exclusive:

July - 2011  NuJEAt

A limited edition 23"x17" M+M hand pulled poster for SDCC will be available from Scott Eder at SDCC.

Books by Ashley Wood and IDW publishing:

July - 2011  9YyLQtJuly - 2011  2Kw5mtJuly - 2011  WiHZftJuly - 2011  QFB3Yt

1) Popbot BBB
2) Fat Tarino

Additional cool stuff:

July - 2011  J5SZytJuly - 2011  ZrsI7tJuly - 2011  0Z6IItJuly - 2011  YT9WBtJuly - 2011  OoLExt

1) Free posters
2) T-shirts
3) Mysterious Popbot GHOLE disc

SDCC coordination thread for our boardies , who are visiting (I have a feeling that fresh SDCC picks will be surfacing there)

Since this summary is quick and easy, feel free to check my 3A daily news archive and June in particular for more details.

I revised a bit our FAQs and now they are easier to read and few really frequent questions regarding Bambaland , chases, prototypes vs final product differences, surprise sales and etc are added into the mix.

One last thing, if you don't want to read FAQs, all buying/selling/trading inquiries are prohibited on our board and will get you in trouble, so please don't even try. Being on 3A board is a privilege and team of our MODS (ennui, eseffinga, Gar, Gimbat, gregory and Sir Dirty Girty) will do our best to keep this house of 3A clean from anger, bad vibes and regular discussion board bullshit. Let’s make this place even better this month!

Especially this time, since the update took me hours to comply
Guys, I really appreciate the feedback on this month summarize, each time I try to make it better and better , it’s becoming super time consuming as if you aren’t that interested and just scrolling it - let me know. And I will keep it clean and simple, just plan day to day news. Thank you!



WWRp Slaughterhouse Dropcloth, which is threeA SDCC 2011 exclusive:

July - 2011  7OWpetJuly - 2011  P6S1LtJuly - 2011  D3TF9tJuly - 2011  3uXmZt

Action Portable TK YO 4pack threeA SDCC 2011 exclusive, really limited, but don't loose hope , as one day they will come back with new haircuts and suits

July - 2011  G4TwNtJuly - 2011  09r04tJuly - 2011  LZV5gtJuly - 2011  F6Eh2t

Speaking about SDCC, I strongly suggest to everyone, who is going , to checkout this thread and send PM to Base , who is in charge of the list. Thread will be used for communication during the event, meetings and other cool stuff.

Another reason why 3A rules, 3AA -15% discount works not only at Bambalandstore, but offline at special events. Same was done for 3A Gathering in Beijing and SDCC 2011 will not be the exception, so be sure to wear the badge with the same name as your 3AA membership and you will get discount for 3A exclusives (no discount for Toy Tokyo and IDW figs though):
yup, thats how we do it, across the board, just like the art shows !, but only us, not idw or lev, thats their business
Since 3AA 2011 membership packages haven't shipped:
but we know who are members, so use the proper badge that matches your 2011 membership !
only current will get the discount, we have the data, we know who is who

Ashley about AP TK YO 4pack and explaining why SDCC 2011 exclusives are so limited:
because we could not make more on top of the pre-sold figures, all these toys were lucky to exist, only the brambles were planned
Would I love to sell more, and cover all fans, hell yes, just not possible, we are small, and stretched as is !
but Im sure TK Unleashed will break up and re-form one day, with new trackies and haircuts. its what they do !
On going EMO about limited exclusives:
do it, makes us know we are doing good. but cmon, we have so much cool shit coming down the line, dry you eyes its all good

Ashley about Adventure Kartel Mumbs (mummies? or...?) and Vampires:
they are awesome, and will maek the AK universe more fun !
only one in the Ak universe, a while off still

Will there be any gid eyes for gasmask, zomb ? teeth&nails maybe ?
nah, too cheesy gid bambaboss is enough for me!

Giving an advice to person , who can't choose between Popbot BBB and Fat Tarino , which are currently up at IDW shop:
"go fat tarino, popbot gets too much attention !"
"go fat, lots of robots and loverly ladies !"

What's your favorite book so far?
the next one I do.

About Pushead:
im a big fan of push-y. Im doing a big interview with him for an upcoming Juxtapose. that will be fun.

On how limited APTK TK YO 4pack is and that's it's only for 3AA members:
just over 20 sets... so start those crying engines early.
of course, also I didnt mention, BUT the tk set is 3AA only !!!!! coz its so tight to get

ThreeA podcast by our boardies N16 is out and available here:
As you can get it's dedicated to customization and features lots of interesting stuff.

Ashley reminds that 3A SDCC 2011 exclusives will be offered at (not IDW Brambles and Brillo Square though), after the Con:
plus you have a chance after the con, same amount on bamba etc
Not sure whether this rule applies to APTK 4pack or for all exclusives:
er 3AA on bamba too. runs off !
3AA will and have access to more exclusive toys, as per the 3AA deal. nothing new there! - about 3AA members and their privileges

Japan is going to have something special as well this year and 3A and Bandai collaboration news coming to us soon:
japan have something special coming there way via Goodsmile, so, no emo from you guys !
no giant cardboard squares, WAAYYY to costly. July for bandai news

Will we see 3AA Medic Grunt on Bamba, before SDCC?

Are you using moleskine for sketches? or other brand?
that and many others!

How about the SlaughterHouse Six? Is it 6 Droppies or what's their story?
just its number "6", as there were 5 before it, now considered destroyed or missing in action !

Again, I STRONGLY advice to everyone who is really going to SDCC this year, to checkout this thread and send PM to Base , who is in charge of the list. Thread will be used for communication during the event, meetings and other cool stuff. I will make an announcement there on Monday 8:00 AM HK time.


According to Ashley Wood 3AA DOC Grunt + MK2 Square go on sale next week:
nope, next week , so please be prepared it's going to be a fun. Btw, I don't know whether sale will last 24 hours or more , and whether 3AA 24 hours buying window applies. Will ask Ashley about this ASAP.

Ashley about WWR Caesar and why we make toys:
caesar is awesome
thats why we do this, for that sight !

Photoshop magician zzzzz showing his vision of Iron Panda Squad and reworked photos by Siona (Bleak Mission) and Ashley Wood's (Barguest de Plume):

July - 2011  2Tt4wtJuly - 2011  HlrOstJuly - 2011  MBSBJt


Ashley answering on painting related questions:
When yor done with a piece, what do you use to "seal" it? I recall varnish? Is there matte kind?
or i leave em...

Reminding that 3A will be looking for designers at SDCC 2011 (please bring your folio):
Dont forget artists, 3A is looking for designers at sdcc, as in toy design etc. bring your by our table and show me
What about people, who can't make it there?
later on we shall check stuff out online etc, but for now we want to meet people and see people at sdcc as out entry into this

Latest art on Ashley's blog:

July - 2011  BqRDUt

Don't forget that if you are going to SDCC, you need to leave your name in this thread and to contact Base about it , I would consider the list closed on Monday 8:00 AM HK time. 74 goes so far, will we reach 80?

SDCC t-shirts made by our boardies (authorized by Ashley) , more about it here

July - 2011  W5qYKtJuly - 2011  1eigTt


SDCC announcement I talked about:

Toy Tokyo is extremely kind to us again this year, so I have a certain number of guaranteed Brillo Square buying opportunities on my hands.

I know that nobody loves raffle, but that's the most honest method I see, list is SO big and I have only a certain pretty low number of Brillo Squares allocated for it.

Don't worry, there will be another opportunity and another 5 Squares.

I will put all your numbers (in the list) on small pieces of paper, put them in the hat and pick up random sheets of paper. I will ask my lady to videotape the process with our digital photocamera or her iphone and will put it online (as a proof that raffle happened to some critical minds). So prepare for crappy quality.

I will send PM/email to all lucky people asking for their details surname, name and etc, they will have to match the ones you will have on your badge or you will have to show your ID to Toy Tokyo staff. Oh, and it's non transferable, so if you won, you can't transfer it to anyone else. If you will fail to provide me these details in 48 hours after my PM/email will be sent, unfortunately I will be forced to do another raffle or give it first come, first serve. We will see..hopefully everyone will answer.

After the raffle results will be announced, I put up the information how five more guaranteed Brillo Squares buying opportunities can be won.

I know that there will be some EMO now, but common guys, it took me some effort to do this for us, let's be grateful that there is a certain number of Brillo Squares guaranteed buying opportunities to give out, at all.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that you will have to pay for Brillo Square, it's only guaranteed buying opportunity, not a free Square.

PM me or please use this thread if you have any questions.

Best photo of May photo thread title goes to ictoys

July - 2011  YArC2t

Honorable mentions go to expathos, feelgreen, johnnyhaggis, Nosferatu and pinkertonchew

July - 2011  ZwY6atJuly - 2011  Lpg1YtJuly - 2011  Yg0rXtJuly - 2011  9XqANtJuly - 2011  9iH3Nt

My sincere congratulations to everyone! I strongly suggest to check all latest month photo threads as they have lots of gorgeous photos and frankly speaking, everyone is a winner!

Ashley about Mongrol shipping:
i was told mid july, but its not my dept, dont like to talk about stuff I dont handle. you should email 3A when your antsy.

Here is what Ashley advices to do when you interested in shipping of 3A toys:
email for best info, my side is everything visual, Kim is manufacturing and shipping etc,ill just give bad info
In addition I can recommend you to keep checking this thread for info:
according to my information WWRp JDF Armstrong and WWR DW&NW Commanders are shipping out this month

Answering about "sealing techniques"
The pieces you don't bother to seal, won't they get damaged?
well no, if looked after, paintings should be treated like gold, even if you varnish, smoke, sunlight, crap will still harm it

About latest painting on the blog (I put it up in the previous entry):
How big is that canvas?
not that big, and its wood panel

Will your original art be offered for sale at SDCC?
last time im selling like this, gets harder to let stuff go. so bring $$$$
cool, but what is there is it, no more art to sell till Livine show. next october and thats a different kettle o art

Commenting on a statement about IDW Publishing releasing D'arain HC in October:
released when I have done it !

Now about 3AA discount at SDCC - you will have discount for everything apart from IDW and Toy Tokyo, which are their exclusives. Because 3AA membership cards haven't shipped yet, you will be asked to provide ID, and remember Bambaland/Bambasia login and your contact number. Sounds not that hard for me.

Raffle haven't started, but already caused some emo. I wanna do it right, since we all can make mistakes, please check whether your name is on this list:

July - 2011  Plws9lJuly - 2011  W5y1vl

If you posted in the list thread & or PMed base, BEFORE I made raffle announcement and your name isn't on the list then please PM me or base until 1:00AM (Hong Kong time) July 5th. No people can be included in the raffle list, BUT since getting 5 Brillo Squares remaining opportunities will be much more complicated - I'll accept everyone else who is going to SDCC here - - please read the details carefully.

One more thing about raffle, I will most likely use one of the online random numbers generators and post you the results.

Keep in mind that the list will be constantly updated by base during last few hours and your position (number) might chance as nicknames are arranged alphabetically.


Final list which was used for the raffle:

July - 2011  H7baamJuly - 2011  Bvbzbm

results, which I got using random numbers generator:

July - 2011  ThtWim


Whole process can be seen here on Vimeo, video took some time to render and upload. Sorry for awful quality and a bit sturdy English, I use English every day (d'oh!) , but haven't actually spoken for a while.

Right now, I'll send PMs to everyone who got lucky (if there will be no answer from the lucky boardies in 48 hours, I will scratch their name from the list and do another raffle) and while I'm doing it, here are the rules how to win five guaranteed buying opportunities for the Brillo Square:
We all know that Brillo Square is inspired by Andy Warhol and there are a lot of creative and talented people on this board, so everyone who is going to SDCC (and haven't been picked in the raffle) has 50 hours to come up with non digital sketch/drawing/oil painting on theme inspired by Andy Warhol, please photograph it next to your nickname (that's why I ask for non digital), I don't want any plagiarism and cheating here. If there will be less than 5 good sketches, I will make another raffle or pick most deserving boardies, who are going to SDCC.
So deadline for posting sketches: 8th of July, 8 AM Hong-Kong time.
Thread where the magic happens:
Be creative and think outside the box, winners will be picked by our art mod Eric (eseffinga) and by me.

    [li]One entry per person.
    [/li][li]PLEASE use your own imagination, no WWR bots and don't use any of Ashley Wood intellectual properties. Turbotuff sketch is an exception, as he did it before I put this rule up.[/li]

Again huge THANK YOU to kind people of ToyTokyo and to Lev personally!

Ashley Wood Collection Prom Night Disagreement will go on sale, on July 15th 9:00AM HK time. July already looks cool, with WWR Medic Grunt and the foot...and SDCC 2011, HOT HOT month!

July - 2011  IvRoAt

WWR Medic Grunt 3AA sale will take place on July 14th, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong and it's okay to buy two, so you can hook up your friends, who haven't got 3AA membership or buy two for your Medic Squad:

July - 2011  McWuTt

2 is fine

Whole SEVEN, yes SEVEN Adventure Kartel Retail figures and there will be even MORE:

July - 2011  WSHXvtJuly - 2011  5M8HNtJuly - 2011  0kcDPtJuly - 2011  JO3gXtJuly - 2011  8cWqetJuly - 2011  1s220tJuly - 2011  Ticwut

To have a name with the photo:
Jungle Vet Ankou
Inky Lord (hoodzomb)
Pink Feather (hoodzomb)
Bloodhood (hoodzomb)
Tommy Mission Red/Blood Hand
Johnson Ankou
Little Shadow
Not fully official names though.
Don't know about you, but I will be def. going for few of them, currently Bloodhood and Jungle Vet Ankou are my fav. What about you? Who are you going for?

Ashley answering on questions about those retail figs:
dont worry Paul, the market is much larger than the few we have sold, we listened to the retailers for what they wanted
No blind boxes?
up to the retailers how they sell.each carton has a set assortment. talk to your local toy dealer.
So retailers will know what's in each box then? If you want Pinkfeather, you can order Pinkfeather?
yea, like the dropcloth were sold etc

Here are the current sketches, from this thread, where our boardies are currently competing for Five Guaranteed Buying Opportunities for the Brillo Square. Common guys, these are cool, but we need way more to consider it done. Or we will select less than five!

July - 2011  1T52stJuly - 2011  0SZAHtJuly - 2011  SDyCQtJuly - 2011  Ypqwzt

Please keep in mind that first sketch by Turbotuff is only accepted, because it was posted before I voiced the rule, that no Ashley Wood characters can be used on the sketches. THE THEME IS ANDY WARHOL! Be creative please and btw, not so much time left , just around 35 hours from now, deadline - 8th of July , 8:00AM Hong-Kong time.


Ted Adams decided to show us advanced copies of Popbot BBB (125$) and Fat Tarino (100$), both books are strictly limited to 500 copies and will sell out soon! Checkout IDW store right one if you want them, there is SDCC pickup and shipping options.

July - 2011  2Kw5mtJuly - 2011  9YyLQtJuly - 2011  QFB3YtJuly - 2011  WiHZft

And finally reminder from Ashley, what you need to do if you bought Popbot BBB and/or Fat Tarino and visiting SDCC 2011:
Dont forget, bring by the fat or pop at the 3A tables in the IDW compound for scribbles and signatures.

Popbot BBB and Fat Tarino are really heavy! Here is a funny sticker made by DanLTaylor (from twitter):

July - 2011  I7MUmt

Ashley commenting about this sticker:
an awesome label.
thats should be a sticker on the book...

For all those who waited, mysterious Popbot TK Oyaloper (sold out) finally revealed. This figure was surprise, during TK Wasabi sale. He comes with an RPG as well.

July - 2011  5tHmQtJuly - 2011  V0QMWt

SDCC 2011 map can be checked here:
3A will be with IDW, so our booth is 2643

Ashley about Popbot movie stills:
he motion looks better, so much work for 30 seconds !

Answering on very frequent question, whether 125$ is a price for WWR Grunt + Square prior to 3AA members 15% discount? YES it is!
always before, since 3AA started, or how would you know your discount ?
Ashley about buying limits:
a joke, but one one, and you cant lose ! - I think he meant there: a joke, buy one, and you can't lose

Explaining why the price is so low:
its our tip of the hat to 3AA!
If you ask me, 125$ prior to 3AA discount, with worldwide shipping for MK2 Square and Grunt is insane! And Grunt comes with all kinds of awesome stuff...damn, that's a STEAL!

After Jungle Vet Ankou was introduced, there is a question whether we will see Ankou EX (big Ankou) in the same colorway:
Junglevet is a hunting club, hunts all sorts of shit, and yes it made up of all sorts, Military EX as well !

More info and details about Jungle Vets:
basically a bunch of guys with uber skill and nothing to do, so they pick hard targets for fun
Is the double chevron on its chest meaning insignia for Corporal, or is it just a design?
thats was his rank in da armed service.

Question about retail Tommy Mission shoes color:
nah, just burnt out due to levels, they are red

Repeating of what we already heard (about Popbot BBB) and interesting information about Popbot 9:
Popbot BBB, is there new art in it? Or is it simply a reprint but bigger?
its all the Popbot books so far, nothing is simply ever just a reprint either.
When we will see Popbot 9?
with the film popbot 9 will take longer than the long normal wait. I want to start at one again, the end of 8, is really the start

Couple of cool pics by our boardies: Bertie MK3 by cocobat , Men from N.O.M cosplay by stored high in transit and touched by amazing hands of zzzzz , TQ by zelevol, collection shots by raphmeister and ALL (except DW) Berties MK3 by thevinyladdict

July - 2011  SMClptJuly - 2011  YtbmutJuly - 2011  J7lmgtJuly - 2011  HHElttJuly - 2011  Sb4iWt

14 entries so far in Five Guaranteed Brillo Squares opportunities, do you really want to make judging process for eseffinga and me that easy? Common guys, deadline - July 8th, 8:00 AM HK time, still some time left!


According to Ashley, 3AA members will have 24 hours buying window during WWR Grunt Doc sale:

Latest painting from Ashleys's blog with some text from the blog:
Ol Rocky
There are not many characters I want to draw or paint beyond my own anymore, but the Rocketeer is one of those. Here is a shot of the prelim for the final painting, though I gotta say I dig this, so I might finish it off. A tip of the hat to Scott Dunbier for turning the screws !

July - 2011  Y8DSHt

I love your Rocketeer painting. Is it going to be used in the future IDW issues?
he next one going to print. im flattered to be in it !

We have a name for next Popbot 7 Bones member and it is:
Tecji SHOGUN !

Ashley answering about location of the painting, which can be seen bellow:

July - 2011  LfyBBt

its hanging just behind where I sit typing !

Ashley about what kind of designers 3A looking for:
mainly designers, concept artists, genius,the good stuff etc but ill always check stuff out, who knows what will come of it !

Remember very popular 3A Japanese exclusive retailer - Goodsmile , JDF colorway? Droploth and Square in 1/6th, to be specific? Now the popular colorway strikes back, WWRp Damn Large Martin and his partner - The Square!

July - 2011  YDggRtJuly - 2011  Tk8fGtJuly - 2011  7rKxAt

Where and when? Contact Goodsmile and demand some info:

Here are the entries which were made by our talented boardies, who are competing for 3A and Toy Tokyo SDCC exclusive - Brillo Square , guaranteed buying opportunities:

July - 2011  10GnxtJuly - 2011  JADvetJuly - 2011  Nd3UttJuly - 2011  3jtI1tJuly - 2011  Bme3itJuly - 2011  JEPGjtJuly - 2011  QQsRytJuly - 2011  ZxI7KtJuly - 2011  XyCIdtJuly - 2011  HN6VntJuly - 2011  ISIhmtJuly - 2011  B8NdEtJuly - 2011  1o788tJuly - 2011  5oyDAtJuly - 2011  Zw2O2tJuly - 2011  Hb5ZVtJuly - 2011  0G4VmtJuly - 2011  XXNYRtJuly - 2011  PWckBtJuly - 2011  MA3g8tJuly - 2011  KsMvEtJuly - 2011  4e9n5tJuly - 2011  UZgGStJuly - 2011  1T52stJuly - 2011  SDyCQtJuly - 2011  FxiiKt

authors (not in particular order): dextercat, Drftdrgn21, BRiZL, doomBEATBOX, dtrain, Devours, moonchie, konfucious, simple123, sillyada, Wooly, supershallow, mrmunk71, gregory, 666ways2love, Tonga Tom, Mokushiki, castortroy, crestone, crem, ALH8422, randomman, dong32117, sloan, turbotuff, RobbieXeff

Thank you all for your entries! I made special album and you can check them all here: - with captions! I'll announce the winners tonight (my time).


Four sketches were picked and they are by Drftdrgn21, Tonga Tom, sloan and crem , my sincere congratulations! Huge THANK YOU goes to everyone who contributed and sacrificed their time to make the sketches.

July - 2011  UZgGStJuly - 2011  Qy3TVtJuly - 2011  Bme3itJuly - 2011  XYgVktJuly - 2011  10GnxtJuly - 2011  XyCIdt

Currently only one guaranteed Brillo Square buying opportunity remains vacant, I will give it to any person who is going to SDCC (and who already haven't been picked n the raffle or sketch competition) and will fulfill first a simple task, which will be announced in this thread at random time, so please keep an eye on my updates column.

M+M 2nd printing been already seen in different places, here is a photo by Darthgothikus

July - 2011  Ggfyat

Ashley discussing on twitter LIVE about new Zombie versus Everything comic:
mtv comic blog thingy voted ZvR 5th best Zombie comic. I wanna do Zombies vs Everything now !
Zombies vs MTV?
yea,that would be a short fight... cough EVERYTHING
I'm still waiting for Zombies vs merman!
lucky for you I had a moment of clarity~
I say we do ZvE with Wray on layouts !
I just informed Wray he is on bard. ZvE best title ever, im sure you can bring the Ryall.. One merman appearance !
one, Wray is the best, I think us 3together we can do an epic story. Plus with his help it might come out this year !

So currently we know that Chris Ryall and Wray are on board as well, here Ashley is starting to talk about the format:
it should just be a euro size graphic novel, not messing around with flimsy's !
no i wanna see a goldfish fighting a zomb, a kitchen sink smashing its face in. EVERYTHING
maybe we can do some painted pages for it - about Bill Wray joining the team
already have it in mind, Ted is on board, he has good taste, right Ted....


Guys, what do you think , should I prolong voting for four Bertie MK3 in 1/12th colorways for few more days? With all the SDCC excitement, the voting was a bit lost..

Question about Penumbra character:
Penumbra.. who is she? Little Shadow Variant? A sibling of hers?
all will be revealed

Updates from Ashley's blog:
UPDATE, I have scrapped this image ( it's on the floor now ), no one needs another shot of Rocky and a lady, Stevens owned that world, so I have changed tack, might not resonate so much with some my new idea, but I prefer it ! !

July - 2011  5E1AXt

Zombies versus Everything promo? Already excited about this comic!
Sometime in the future!
And thanks to Tom Muller for the awesome Nagasaki font !

July - 2011  REB1St

Couple of interesting pics from 3A toys photo section, by feelgreen (Labradors), wwwetworks (Tommy and Zomb) and crem (Lil Square)

July - 2011  43l7DtJuly - 2011  QYypTtJuly - 2011  IyaHIt

Small clarification, in case you are lost with two sales so close together. WWR Doc Grunt will be on sale on July 14th, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time and 24 hours later Prom Night Disagreement aka Severed Foot will be on sale, that is - July 15th, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time.
Here is a time of Prom Night Disagreement sale for different time zones:
I haven't made one for Grunt, since it's exactly 24 hours earlier (than Severed foot sale, July 14th 9:00 AM HK time) and for 3AA members.

One of our boardies and 3A retailer in UK - breakersrevenge is having a booth at London Film and Comic Con, here are few photos of 3A goodness by tigerfeet

July - 2011  WbZAAtJuly - 2011  UIZnxtJuly - 2011  4b9eRt

Remember an awesome jacket we saw a while ago? Here is how it looks on Penumbra! Damn...I freaking love this retail version of Little Shadow! DO WANT IT and MUST HAVE IT now! I must say that this year retail Adventure Kartel figures are getting lots of love this year.

July - 2011  44C57t


Exciting stuff about Ashley Wood presence at SDCC 2011:
Friday, July 22nd:
4:30-5:30 Art of Design— It's in every book, comic, magazine, movie, TV show, action figure package, and everything else we see each day. Good design is often invisible, but this panel of experts talk about the art of design and how it relates to comics in particular. Noted designer Chip Kidd (Shazam! The Golden Age of the World's Mightiest Mortal) talks with Mark Chiarello (DC Comics editorial art director), Art Directors Hall of Fame member Seymour Chwast, magazine and movie designer Michael Gross (National Lampoon, Ghostbusters), artist and designer Ashley Wood (Popbot, Robots vs. Zombies), and comics historian and designer Craig Yoe (Amazing 3-D Comics, Barks Bear Book). Room 24ABC
Sunday, July 24th:
12:30-1:30 Spotlight on Ashley Wood— Ted Adams, IDW's CEO/publisher engages in a lively discussion with Comic-Con special guest Ashley Wood. Learn about Wood's long comic book career and his toy company, 3A Toys, as well as his artistic plans for the future, in this one-on-one interview and Q&A session. Room 8
2:00-3:00 Cover Story: The Art of the Cover— Comic-Con's annual Cover Story panel explores what it takes to make a great cover. This year, moderator Mark Evanier talks to special guests Ernie Chan (known for his incredible run of DC covers in the 1970s), Jo Chen (Buffy the Vampire Slayer covers for Dark Horse), Alan Davis (numerous covers for Marvel), Dave Gibbons (his groundbreaking Watchmen covers integrated the cover with the story inside), Jeff Smith (Bone, RASL), and Ashley Wood (Popbot, World War Robot, Zombies vs. Robots) about their cover work and what makes a great cover. Room 25ABC



Ashley commenting on a thought of all Adventure Kartel characters on one poster:
they dont like each other, its war, regardless of allies !

Could 1G WWR Medic Armstrong drop this week as well? 3A always full with surprises

July - 2011  WQy3bt

Challenge details to get last guaranteed Brillo Square buying opportunity:
who can participate - everyone who goes to SDCC 2011 and haven't been picked in the raffle or in sketch contest
what you need to do - 1) you need to do quick video, where you holding 3A figure or there is 3A figure in the frame , any 3A fig will do, if you don't have any, you show the pic of your fav. figure
2) you need to say few words about 3A, ToyTokyo and Brillo Square
who will win - first person, who will do it right
where to host it - youtube, vimeo, you chose...just put "3A & ToyTokyo Brillo Squaro" or something close to that in the title.
where to put links on the forum -
Let me know if you have any question and let the best man win!

Update, Turbotuff was first to do it and here is his video:

July - 2011  G5IY6t

In case you are wondering why he is breathing like Darth Vader, here is the explanation: He read my humble column on the mobile device and was running all the way home to upload it.
Now, all the Brillo Squares buying opportunities are gone, it was wild and fun ride: raffle , sketches and now this. Want to thank everyone who participated, Toy Tokyo for giving me an opportunity to do that. A bit sad that I couldn't make everyone happy, but it's life and there would be more Squares at SDCC...Lev told me that they are still don't have final price on their hands, but in case you are wondering how high it would be , based on what he told me , it should be much lower than 100$. I don't want to run ahead of TT train, so forgive me this approximate spread.

Ashley answering whether we will see WWR 1G Medic Armstrong for sale this week:
for the none 3AA only
I would wait for final confirmation (as we all know how Ash jokes and answers can be misinterpreted) before jumping to the conclusions.

Interesting announcement:
Just Finished my latest 12" release, Wastelands are preferential to Acceptance. in the bamba one day...
Providing a bit more details about this:
no detail to give, but there isnt a drawing in it, or painting. and a content advisory would be probably needed

About Prom Night Disagreement sale (July 15th, 9:00 AM HK time):
yes the foot will make you emo, as its limited, its a Ashley Wood thing, not a general toy release by 3A. so emo away !

There will be SDCC t-shirts for sale, you might have seen few of them a while ago:

July - 2011  OoLExtJuly - 2011  F7QlKtJuly - 2011  EgGckt

^and I'm not saying that these will be exact SDCC 2011 t-shirts

buy a shirt at sdcc, refill the container with shampooo
T-shirt freight containers?
contianer , i dunno, only new tee's forsale !
Will the t-shirts be offered online as well?
dunno yet, not my dept

And like I said, of course it was a joke (Medic Armstrong only for non-3AA)
that was a joke, the army is for anyone !


Ashley concerned that his flight might get cancelled:
well out national airline qantas are threatening strikes next week, so I might not be coming after all ! Please Mr Qantas, for the comics
dude, im not, its freaking me out, do we know anyone with a private plane ?

Confirming that super limited APTK YO 4pack is for 3AA members only:
no, that is true

A bit of details about severed foot, for those who are in doubt and newsletter with all the details goes out today (you can signup here, if you already haven't)
this foot (shoe + foot design) will never be released again, the next is different, only pink is offered.
About price and how limited it is:
i know both, the newsletter goes out today, all the info is in it. But its a small run, coz it wouldn't be right any other way !
On taking one to SDCC for display:
i was gonna, but not now, coz nothingwe take will make it make back in one piece, and these are special!

To remind you WWR Medic Grunt 3AA sale starts on July 14th 9:00AM Hong-Kong time and Prom Night Disagreement aka Severed Foot 24 hours later on July 15th 9:00AM Hong-Kong time, both will take place at

With less than 24 hours before WWR Medic Grunt 3AA sale starts, it's time to open the F5 Bar and Grill!
Please join us in the bar and have some good time:
Don't know what F5 Bar and Grill is and you never been in one? Here is the info:
During release nights in the thread dedicated to the release (both this time - as Medic Grunt will share the bar with Severed Foot), only serious questions/problems can be posted. Everything else would be deleted by us, the Mods. This is done, to get rid of all the nonsense and help to people, who have some serious questions and problems about the release. The thread where you can make relatively on topic friendly chat or go insane during the releases would be called F5 Bar and Grill, under Release night board's category. The thread is going to be unlocked 24 hours before the sale takes place and that's any minute now, and will be locked, after the figure is going to be removed from the store and I will give you some time to vent and share the excitement about the sale . Have fun there, but don't forget basic rules and maintaining positive vibes of our beloved 3A board. Since F5 Bar during the sale is really crowded and grows like several pages in few minutes, all the essential sales info will be posted in the first opening post of the F5 thread and some of the essential info will be posted in WWR Grunt & Prom night disagreement threads. So before asking a question, please check the first page of the F5 bar for answers. You can always PM me (or other MODs) if you some questions and you don't want to post them publicly. And one more thing, bar is the only place on the board where it's okay to post your sketches featuring Ashley Wood characters or inspired by them, 'cause F5 Bar is a temporarily place and usually open only for 50 hours. Everywhere else such sketches are no-no, unless they are fully based on your own characters and not feature anything/anyone which resembles Ashley's Intellectual Property

Medic week newsletter is out and can be read here, quick copy&paste of the essentials:
Welcome to threeA medic week, which brings you the finest in 1/6th Medic WWR figures, Doc Grunt+Nurse Betsy Mk2 Square set and Medic Armstrong. But that's not all, this week also see's the release of the 1:1 Severed Foot, the first in a ongoing line of, er, severed feet and shoes by Ashley Wood.
What will these pieces of medical history cost you ask? Grunt+MK2 will put you back $125USD, the mighty Medical Armstrong will put you back $240USD, and the slight yet sinister Severed foot will seduce $100usd from your wallet. Of course all these prices include shipping around the world and are before any discounts! The Grunt+MK2 set is only for the Mighty 3AA Legion ( a 24 hour minimum ordering window is in effect from sale start ), the medical Armstrong is for all, but its limited, so it could vanish without notice! And the foot, well that is really limited, if you want one, be early!
Doc Grunt set and Armstrong available 14th July at 9-00am Hong Kong time and the Severed Foot is available 15th July at 9-00am Hong Kong time at the mighty
3AA Members have a 24 hour period to order the Doc Grut+ Nurse Betsy MK2 set

I already fixed newsletter text (the one above), but newsletter you got has a tiny mistake:
newsletter said june for the Medic sale, but it is July. offender has been hung, drawn and quartered !

So for WWR Armstrong and Prom Night Disagreement it's first come, first served. 3AA members can buy a maximum of two WWR Medic Grunts

Carded AP Oyabun photo from Ashley's twitter (AP Oyabuns are sold out, as part of 3AA 2011 package), all Oyas will have the same card. As far as I know, 3AA packages are shipping out REALLY soon, sorry for the delay and thank you for your enormous patience:

July - 2011  ABvXSt

Ashley about painting , which is used for the card:
the full painting is much wider ( 2 panels ) and has a full figure, im sure ill show it one day !
Commenting on card being Mecanno SW tribute:
paul you noticed !

Ashley about this rare Oya:
the 7th super rare colorway, DODGY OYA. Only one known to be in captivity !

July - 2011  83dPJt

About having more Oyas at SDCC and number of random Oyabuns:
6 then, these small details are of no concern to me ! coz im looking at other AP that would melt ya brain. better be at sdcc
becasue that might the one and only place ever to see them!

Cool pic from back in the day, featuring lots of AP Oyas and all APTKs

July - 2011  GRXplt

Popbot movie SDCC promo from Ashley's blog:

July - 2011  YT9WBt

As we heard earlier it's free and I would bet some blood on it, that it has Popbot movie promo video on it!

First sketches from F5 Bar and Grill by our talented boardies (I will do the proper shootout in the end, when all the sketches will be up and bar closed):

July - 2011  AzAqWtJuly - 2011  M8GCftJuly - 2011  Xhf83tJuly - 2011  6lRystJuly - 2011  XqbvTtJuly - 2011  VNzEgtJuly - 2011  VNzEgtJuly - 2011  6tQiyt

Cool header art from Ashley blog, which will definitely raise your spirit and makes you smile:

July - 2011  ZodV5t

WWR Medic Grunt and 1G Medic Armstrong go on sale in 11 hours from now, on July 14th 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time! Followed by Prom Night Disagreement on July 15th 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time.

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July - 2011  Empty Re: July - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:50 am


More sketches by our talented boardies from F5 Bar and Grill dedicated to Medic Week sale:

July - 2011  AzAqWtJuly - 2011  M8GCftJuly - 2011  Xhf83tJuly - 2011  6lRystJuly - 2011  XqbvTtJuly - 2011  VNzEgtJuly - 2011  VNzEgtJuly - 2011  6tQiytJuly - 2011  AwCGrtJuly - 2011  YuwDAtJuly - 2011  KkPIPtJuly - 2011  M2FEPtJuly - 2011  Pu6TFtJuly - 2011  JNpEltJuly - 2011  A9Gc7t

WWRp Daywatch Bramble and lots of brown boxes (could be other exclusives, since 3A sharing the booth with IDW?) at IDW Publishing office, man, when I see so many 3A brown boxes, I just wanna go there and tear them apart, to see what is inside:

July - 2011  N1qz8tJuly - 2011  JW2v5t

Ashley about the boxes:
ahh, my personal box collection, excellent !

Answering why there is no photo of Medic Grunt and Square set and why Legion rules!
there isnt one, 3A doesnt always show, but our supporters are tops, and always trust !

Entirely new Adventure Kartel Zombot coming (previous one, looked like regular Zomb, but with Bramble head, in case you don't know):
there is a new zombot coming, not just a Bramble head

And now the BOMB!
The Golden Zombot mentioned on the forum news was a joke, right?
its out there

Guys, I'm leaving for my flight soon (still need to pack and flight time approaching, heh), but you know me, first opportunity I'll have - I'll log in to the forum and do my thing. Have a nice time and those who are going to SDCC, can't wait to see you there!

WWR Medic Grunt and MK2 Square are on sale right now at , Severed Foot will be on sale in less than 24 hours from now, on July 15th , 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time for 100$. It's limited, so I guess 3AA 24 hours window might not work, so please be there early!


F5 Bar dedicated to Medic week is closed now and I finally have the opportunity to do the proper update!

My short speech and your sketches from F5 bar!
Just went through all the bar pages and sketches, now that was an emotional roller coaster!
So painful for me to be away from the bar during the drop, but had to leave and I needed small vacation (if sitting at the airport and flying next to crying babes for many hours can be considered one). Seriously, I was high up in the air and thinking: what's going on in the bar and "damn I wanna go back home".
Looking so much to the next F5 Bar and Grill , and can't wait to spend it with you my friends!
Thank you for your patience, support, sketches and positivity even in tough EMO times. Legion is one of the major things, which keeps 3A running and I'm sure , Legion inspires Ash to do lots of amazing things. Hail to the LEGION!
Locking the bar right now and posting the sketches in my next comment.

July - 2011  AzAqWtJuly - 2011  M8GCftJuly - 2011  Xhf83tJuly - 2011  6lRystJuly - 2011  XqbvTtJuly - 2011  VNzEgtJuly - 2011  6tQiytJuly - 2011  AwCGrtJuly - 2011  YuwDAtJuly - 2011  KkPIPtJuly - 2011  M2FEPtJuly - 2011  Pu6TFtJuly - 2011  JNpEltJuly - 2011  PpaPbtJuly - 2011  TvRyNtJuly - 2011  4x8q1tJuly - 2011  5VsNztJuly - 2011  A9Gc7tJuly - 2011  JmHMttJuly - 2011  JOGDvtJuly - 2011  NSjVntJuly - 2011  WwJrvt

Proper shootout for authors and adding captions to the album coming soon!

Please PM me and let me know , if I'll missed your sketch, deal?

Now let's summarize what Ashley said on twitter during past two days:
Are there going to be a relatively even amount of exclusives spread out all 4 days of sdcc?
i believe that is benny's plan.

About signing dates & times at SDCC:
ll sign and remark, no prob. I dont know when Im signing, if I get sent a list, ill post it
And here are the signing dates:

About severed foot, which sale was true emotional roller coaster:
i never say, but its there now
"its sold out I have a small smattering for later today, and the item code will change, so no camping !"
"later, for the Uk/Euro tribe timezone. who would have thought a severed foot would rock so hard !"
"emo foot, some later in my day, 6 hours or so.. Funny, just like deplume, people said I was mad for making it.. foot win"

Commenting on return of the F5 sales (when you need to refresh Bamba , to see something coming up, as toys put up in portions at random time)
those days are coming back with my new line!

If you are around long enough, you probably know that 3A is working on Apparel line, here is Ashley about the progress:
apparel is rocking along ! got a jacket in the works
soon as we are ready!

Black variant of the foot hinted:
oh yea, there is an FUCK OFF Tough to get black variant. but its the rarest item yet by me and 3A..

Pics of the Belladonna black foot:

July - 2011  AQWJFtJuly - 2011  TzPI3t

About that Polaroid image of Belladonna foot:
the polaroid is the best part of the Bella movement, damn I love me some Impossible film. Free film please !

We will see new generation of WWR Grunt soon:
different ones now, that was the last of the grunt mk1

Ashley thanking the Legion:
Thanks 3A fans, for making medic week so much more successful than i thought it would be, also thanks for the foot support !

Jungler colorway will be probably seen on WWRp Bertie MK3 and if you are curious, what happened with Legion picking four favorite colorways for Bertie , here are the votes:
EMGY - 108 votes
Iron Panda - 90 votes
JDF - 79 votes
Marine/JEA - 73 votes
couple of more:
so close ! Ghost hunter - 71 votes
Big Red - 67 votes
NOM NW (weathered) - 56 votes
Dirty & Suicide club - 53 votes each
Medic - 50 votes
368 people voted and around 1400 votes were cast in total (should be a bit more though - 1472, as it was four votes per person). Huge thank you goes to everyone who contributed! Poll thread located in here.

Answering what happened with mysterious photo project (when we all were asked to send our favorite 3A toy photos):
nothing, still paying with it, most photos were too small or of toys Smile

On bringing Bella polaroid photos to SDCC:
the polaroid wil be the ultimate score, i might bring to sdcc... sell photos warhol style
they look awesome in big ass frames, ya gotta get UV resistant glass though, to keep somewhat safe
On polaroids in general:
are you crazy, polaroids are the only form of photography that is sexy, no repro, not post touch up, all or nothing !
basic polaroid camera by polaroid, cheap, but gives good results, I want a large format one now

First ever photo of TQLOPER aka TQOPER which was surprise chase during Princess TQ sale:
i hope so too ! its fucking great, should have sold them... bummer

July - 2011  BGecGt

Will there be other version of TQOPER?
nope, this is it, like the first Tkoper.

Will she be the only TQ , wearing jacket?
for now thats it !

OH MY DEAR GOD! Long awaited Popbot Blind Cowboy goes on sale next month! Thread dedicated to this figure located here.
blind cowboy next month, as well as the blind super set, with ghost horse. which is, fuckign cool, i gotta say !
he is cool, also Caesar, Harold, some WWRp, Sham, Zaku, Supreme nom etc

Is Zaku going to be a kit?
nope, pre-made, and painted

Important announcement from Scott Eder, please click the image:

July - 2011  28Twyl

Ashley about original art at Eder's booth:
Re My original art ar SDCC at Scott Eder booth, this is the last art ill sell like this, no more sales till the Levine show with Jeremy.
Ashley's and Jeremy's Levine show is only in 2012.
On buying originals:
email da eder. I dont sell direct no more, as its pain, and always becomes a drama..
Eder's contact info:

Any chance you could make more Belladonna foot Ash?
W stuff is gonna be hardline, tight and no changing course. all done now !

Ashley about tremendous WWR 1G Armstrong success
really sold more of medic than the others combined ! was gona skip the others

On a possibility that there will be a drop at Bambalandstore, during SDCC dates, giving cool fig to people who can't make it to SDCC and the cool fig will be 1G WWR EMGY ARMSTRONG, awesome yellow New York colorway!
"it might just pop up in bamba one day, no real plans yet

Discussing what would be next under Ashley Wood collection line aka W
it could be anything, dont expect hands, or gloves etc. Just stuff. Maybe the 1:1 Nabler head next!
it might be a sweater, a pipe, a book, a set of prints, anything.

Will there be real kicks under 3A apparel line?
oh they are coming already, and the OYA Jacket etc
you have no idea what we re up to, the first 3 years was practice, the next is stage one. more info soon!

Official time and date for WWR 1G Armstrong sale is 19th July 5:00PM Hong-Kong time at
EMGY SDCC sale starts next tuesday at 5-00pm HK time, and runs until I get back from SDCC. please spread the word
Will there be SDCC exclusives for sale?
Just EMGY armstrong, have no idea when we are selling the sdcc stuff online
Is there a chance that we will see other EMGY surprises?
maybe sumin else or two, depends if I have time to set up

Ashey about his position on making stuff:
yea, but there has to be a real connection, not just for shits and giggles, contex or fuck off is my creed

And finally small note from me:
Guys, my policy was and remains, that I'm answering on each and every PM I get, same goes to emails, twitter and facebook...
but now it's simply impossible, so please forgive me. I'll read them all, but answer only on I'm currently not in home, and will be busy at SDCC as well.
Love you Legion!

Signing schedule for Brillo Squaro at ToyTokyo booth!

July - 2011  ESZsht

Exciting news from Ashley's blog:

July - 2011  Nol7wt

Sometime In August
This mag will be available in August, one of the darkest things I have done in a while !


Ashley about Mike Mignola:
Mike is a friend, but I have no Hellboy stuff in the works, wish I did. But I got some cool cool stuff brewing!

Reminding what you need to do if you have any problem with 3A toys:
you should email 3A if your concerned about an order with your order details. And no we not losing anything, only gaining.

Ashley about WWR EMGY 1G Armstrong sale, which starts on Tuesday 19th 5:00PM Hong-Kong time and will continue through comicon dates (Wednesday-Sunday), not sure whether it will be strictly up for all days or just a few. PLEASE USE THIS LINK to figure out time for your timezone, as it's a bit tricky this time:

1G EMGY Armstrong pics:

July - 2011  1W2QytJuly - 2011  TTfP7t

Questions about WWR Harold the bot on tracks:
Harold is still the robot with tracks we know from WWR volume 1? Wonder how big that boy will be.
he is harold size
his tracks are amazing
yup, after caesar, coz i made some changes to him..

Ashley telling a bit about his trip to SD, he will be arriving to LA and driving with Mr. Wray to SD:
yup, gonna grab breakfast with mr Wray on the way, Wray will be with us at SDCC, so hunt him

As you read, there will be no more WWR Grunts (only new ones), here is a question about JEA Grunt:
The last of the grunt mk1?It means there is no JEA grunt?
JEA use Marines, not grunts.

Ashley's ammo for SDCC, so get your books ready!

July - 2011  KpQz3t

WWRp Heavy Bramble African Defense in 3A office:

July - 2011  WOLeIt

Some cool new stuff, related to 3A Custom show (organized by our board JEA veteran James) , which will take place in November 2011 , in San Francisco. Thread dedicated to this event is located here. Facebook event group -

July - 2011  XtWD9tJuly - 2011  Bg8XDt


Ashley about WWR 1G EMGY Armstrong being the last Armstrong for now:
when we can slot it in for making them, we will. Nev0re have too much of a good thing, impossible in a world of shit

And there will be Damn Large Martins eventually as well:
DLM yea, maybe a LM too. I want to get to a stage where we can do really small runs of a few colorways at once

Speaking on future of 3A and what's happening within coolest toy company in the world right now:
a lot tof the time at 3A central is spent trying to make production more efficient, to be honest
Im too blame for many shipping slips, chaning paint apps, ideas as we go, but I want as good as we can get
2012 already is filled and 2013. all our resources are going into better production, more people etc
3A's name, these 3A product, I just happen to design 99% of it for the first 3 years, now we are on a new path
gonna try,dont expect 3A of the first three, like a good band,we are evolving without losing sight of our foundation
easy when you love making stuff, you can see when its just for the sake of making to sell, in any media

Help needed?
not help with what I do, not for WWR, or popbot or my stuff, you misunderstand,
no, thats my job and Kims, you gotta wait and see what we are gonna do, but this aint my stopping designing ash
stuff, I could not tolerate anyone design a popbot,wwr or AK toy etc. make me sad. BUT we have... well soon.

When we will have some idea where to 3A heading?
this coming week will give light to some places we are going, and show how its done!

Whether Ash will have some time to chat with Legionnaires?
im there to chat, or why go right.

Exciting stuff from Ashley's blog:
Coming At You This Week EXCLUSIVES!!!
Hello, my name is T.P., I reintroduce myself about this time every year when I take a hold of the reins here at the Bambaland blog. Which basically means only one thing folks - yep it's time for SDCC once again.

This year Ash is appearing as a special guest of the world's largest pop culture convention/happening and so we've decided to really go all out and blog like we've never blogged before!! We've even taken care of our data needs in advance so that there will be less lag and waiting time between updates and posts than in previous years.

We first attended this event in 1995 and since then we have seen SDCC change from what was an oversized comic book convention to a major pop culture calendar event. In 1995 there was one large convention hall and you could actually move up and down the aisles without having to call a fire marshal and today as most of you know the event is four gazillion football fields in length and attracts 150,000 visitors plus.

That said, we know that not everyone can attend and that many of those who don't get to attend would give anything to be at SDCC this week and so since Ash is a guest this year we are going to attempt to try and blog this event like you're actually there. - (with an exclusive backstage pass in your hand of course!) (No pressure Ash!!)

So stay tuned if you're interested in any of the following:

Panel photos and schedules (Ash is appearing on 4 panels this year)
Exclusive announcements - books, art, toys, movies
Ambient crowd shots (who was that masked man?)
Celebrity photos (Not including the guy in the Voltron suit - sorry!)
And lots of other things that you would usually see if you were actually there!


I want 6000 members this week due to my awesome live sdcc coverage!

SO keep an eye on Ashley's blog this week:

About WWR Damn Large Martin appearance:
WF will appear, as its close to my heart. dont worry !

1/6th scale awesome EMGY 1G Armstrong goes on sale in 18 hours 40 minutes from now , on July 19th 5:00PM Hong-Kong time, will be up few days, during SDCC. There is no F5 Bar, as it's going to be available for a longer period of time, but it doesn't mean that you can't go crazy in 1G Armstrong thread. START THE RIOT!
PLEASE USE THIS LINK to figure out time for your timezone, as it's a bit tricky this time:

MILK & THREEA DC Dropcloth photos by ckwan, no idea how you can obtain one, but I know there was a lottery with local pick up at HK office. It's actually really interesting to see stickers on 3A boxes with */300 numbers on it, I really like when toys are numbered, gives me butterflies Wink
More photos can be seen here.

July - 2011  OyNTctJuly - 2011  1oiaItJuly - 2011  H89rrtJuly - 2011  NJkSWtJuly - 2011  JZVShtJuly - 2011  A50eJtJuly - 2011  KkZuEtJuly - 2011  7K06ntJuly - 2011  KDHmFt

Guys, I would love to arrange everything with ToyTokyo, while I'm still online , but I haven't heard from Lev, about what people on the list need to do , to obtain the Square. The price will be around 70$ (can change though), but I'm sure ToyTokyo will handle it in the best way, they have the list with all the people information (for a while), I just hope that your SDCC visiting dates are good with them. So I did everything I could and will continue to keep my eye on it, this trip, just made me realize that it's hard to make WIFI plans in US, ain't that easy, like back in Europe.

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July - 2011  Empty Re: July - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:51 am


Room filled with 3A goodness at IDW HQ:

July - 2011  GmEVit

First ever appearance of WWRp Kuan Ti Plume and he is checking out Popbot BBB (which is still available at IDW publishing):

July - 2011  7D9aItJuly - 2011  JNHWLt

Speaking about the books:
Got my copies of pop and fat today, could my fav books so far, IDW and Ash are a ninja team.

DIY bothead for 3A custom show, which will take place in November. You can read more it in my previous entry.

July - 2011  SqCz0t

Ashley about bothead customizing:
we shall see, I hope no one chromes it and thinks its art. or just makes it look rusty
they are really cool, fucking heavy, i mean HEAVY

Who is the most bad ass TK and why?
me coz i control their futures and past

Any chance of naga/yama oya APTK 2pack?
they are part of the 3AAoys's never to released again!

WWR 1G EMGY ARMSTRONG sale starts in 2 hours from now, on Tuesday 19th , 17:00 Hong-Kong time and Armstrong will be up through SDCC dates on , don't sit on the fence too long though. Could be the last Armstrong for really long time. Price - 240$ with worldwide shipping and prior to 3AA discount. Tip of the hat, to everyone, who can't make it to SDCC!

July - 2011  1W2Qyt

I'll try to do the best coverage possible at SDCC , you know my twitter and Facebook (in my signature) and will pop up to the board, when I'll have time. Please keep an eye on Ashley's blog though, best stuff will be up there!
Don't be sad if you can't make it to SDCC this year, in the end, SDCC is just a place where we will show 3A potential...all the cool stuff will end up on Bamba later this year. Plus don't forget that part of almost all 3A exclusives, will be available online (except Toy Tokyo Brillo and IDW DW Bramble).
Cheer up and stay strong Legion!

WWR 1G EMGY Armstrong is available at for 240$, text at the shop says: "WWR EMGY 1G 1/6th Armstrong
The last 1/6th Armstrong to offered on Bambaland" , so I guess if we will see more Armstrongs it will be retail or perhaps something special, like Hatchery Guard colorways? Who knows though Smile
Here is last tweet from Ash, before he took off for SD:
one thing, there is a limit of what we can make for EMGY Armstrong, so it theory it can be brought down without notice !
So please don't sit on the fence , if you really want one!

Official info from Toy Tokyo about the Brillo Square

July - 2011  N5jzdt

As promised, today we reveal the surprise... 3A Brillo Squaro will come with a very Limited Edition Giclee Print signed by Ashley Wood!!! Squaro and Giclee limited to 100 pieces!
Brillo Squaro exclusive with print @ $69.99 each, limit ONE per person.
We'll be selling a few each day starting preview night. With your purchase, you must come back Saturday to pick up your Giclee print.
More info to some on release numbers and times...

I immediately see a small problem here, as not all people from the guaranteed buying list, based on info they provided (5 to be exactly) are going to be there on Saturday. Let's hope that something can be solved there. I'll talk with ToyTokyo about it, once I'll have an opportunity.


I'm already in San Diego , preview night starts soon. Keep your eye on the blog for more pics!

Latest post from Ashley's blog:
"Update SDCC
SDCC is a few hours from officially opening now...
We'll soon be touching base with Ash and producer Pete Ford anytime now, as far as I know everything is on schedule and ready to go. We're hooking up with William Wray along the way and then we should be set for a fun journey down.
If you're interested in meeting Ash and the crew from ThreeA head over to the IDW booth and I will post any panel times here as I get them."

SDCC updates!

Really trying to put it up, as fast as I can...sitting in the hotels lobby.

July - 2011  TbJFUtJuly - 2011  DYh4Pt

Met Ash and few Legionnaires....LEGION is AMAZING. Only nice people and we are serious strength, go LEGION and start proper RIOT at SDCC! Really wish that everyone, who is into 3A, could make it and witness glorifying moment of 3A history.

Sorry guys , I can't do it live, as I have only crappy pre-paid phone on me and my is in roaming...and I have to go back to the hotel, to do the updates. But basically Paula is doing an awesome job at Ashley's blog and here is her coverage and followed by few pics by me:

DW Booth

July - 2011  QrmCct

This year ThreeA is located at the IDW booth and this is what it looked like before the crowds arrived.

Scott Eder Gallery Booth

July - 2011  YbqY2tJuly - 2011  7bsqAt

As always Scott is representing with some art at SDCC this year, two shots for you; one of the original art booth and a soon to be sold out limited edition print, (also available at the Scott Eder booth).

Signing Now

July - 2011  SeQgrt

ThreeA Licensing Announcement!
Ashley Wood and Master Kim (ThreeA) are hereby proud to announce that we will be producing both Microman and Halo Toys for 2012. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

At the ThreeA Booth

July - 2011  FxX5xt

Here are some additional photos again, courtesy of Pete Ford. There's a lot of buzz on the web regarding the appearance of the Star Wars toys at our table so just to clarify - these are samples only and are not licensed (as stated on the Three A twitter) these samples are not for sale (so don't ask!) and were made by ThreeA for Takara.

^photos by Pete Ford

Now here is the selection of pics made, using my 5MP cellphone camera (d'oh!)

July - 2011  Srn2JtJuly - 2011  6m8LPtJuly - 2011  LkWsatJuly - 2011  1tO2KtJuly - 2011  W5EMHtJuly - 2011  OnaudtJuly - 2011  TQou4tJuly - 2011  GfM5KtJuly - 2011  GEKyetJuly - 2011  8w6VBtJuly - 2011  QubXMtJuly - 2011  ULq06tJuly - 2011  5hxIYtJuly - 2011  P3GzZtJuly - 2011  XiWQFtJuly - 2011  DHvxItJuly - 2011  U6GEDtJuly - 2011  0WJNrtJuly - 2011  I5XdGtJuly - 2011  ZpCXEtJuly - 2011  DIRdktJuly - 2011  NYfBAtJuly - 2011  4MacZtJuly - 2011  PGyk3tJuly - 2011  WLwR3tJuly - 2011  0tfAptJuly - 2011  RIoqCtJuly - 2011  DfQRWtJuly - 2011  ZCzRWt


I talked with Lev from ToyTokyo, it's actually okay for the list people and for everyone who will get lucky, to pickup Brillo Square early, if you can't wait for Saturday. Today (20st) just 8 were sold, for 50$ each. List people, just need to say their full name and present the ID. With me on it, list people have nothing to worry about. Huge thanks goes to Lev and ToyTokyo!

3A exclusive sales will start today (21st), we will have lots of cool stuff at the booth, including awesome t-shirts in Bertie head containers! I'll be at the booth, so if you at SDCC come by and say hi, pale guy with hideous sun burns - that's me Smile

Met several Legionnaires, everyone is super nice and like sharing the room , with the most interesting person ever! Damn, people are too kind to me. Only downside staying right next to the Con building is the railroad track, with trains honking each 10 minutes.

WWRp JDF Armstrong shipped out as scheduled, here is the pic by DesignertoysUK

July - 2011  XD9lgt

Shipping marker is added to 3A shipping process map, so please use it properly!

Infamous Brillo Squaro by Eric (toygodd) and quick review, can be find here

July - 2011  DWQ0lt

I made several pics of Squaro, but they are stuck on my Sony camera, which use memory stick, which I can't get into my Macbook, so screw u Sony!

Small and fast update, right from the booth:


I'm here since 7-30 , boxes of toys keep building up and nobody is here from 3A. Benny wake up buddy!

July - 2011  9jBhOtJuly - 2011  Xkm0Lt

Since Benny and 3A team confused time for a bit, we didn't manage to pick up all our stuff from storage, so we were giving out vouchers for Unleashed TKs, so first 15 person, got it and they have to pick it up and pay for it tomorrow. Another 15 Unleashed TKs sets are going up on Friday.
Same with Popbot, we quickly ran out of the ones we had on us and were giving out vouchers for them, to pick up and pay on Friday. We didn't have any M+M and SDCC t-shirts on us. People badges are getting stamped, so it's only one approach per day, you can buy again tomorrow though, but let's leave stuff for our other brothers.

Rules for Friday sale:
No people with exhibitor badges coming in first and buying stuff (until some time from the start of the sale, you will be informed, while you wait)
Sale starts on 10:00AM
you can start lining up really carefully after 9:00AM
people will be served in fives, so while five are served , others are waiting next to the booth (hope it goes okay)
you have to name your Bambalandstore email to get the discount, if you are 3AA member[/b]
We will see how it goes and perhaps change here it there, if it ain't going to be good enough.

Now exciting shipping news: WWR DW&NW Commanders shipping out this week and (tadadadam!) 3AA membership packages ship out this month as well!

Sales rules and prices:

July - 2011  HxGvKtJuly - 2011  6Ibs1t

That's how the booth looks like after we cleaned it and walked away from SDCC to rest:

July - 2011  LkVzRtJuly - 2011  DsFzkt

TQLOPER (Princess TQ chase)

July - 2011  Ru7XEt

Limited Edition Lithograph by Ashley Wood, looks way much better in person and has a total number of 8 pieces inside:

July - 2011  M8OKMtJuly - 2011  M4gRgt

ABC Warriors Blackhole edition Mongrol and the Mess is so great, that even few 2000AD people ran to check it out, including mighty Judge Dredd!

July - 2011  QPSENtJuly - 2011  OT7nCtJuly - 2011  T2PNft

Mongrol's feet, have the most awesome mechanism ever, I'll try to make a video for you tomorrow!

Some retail Adventure Kartel stuff, there will be way more though on display though:

[centerJuly - 2011  Mtnu1t[/center]

Please don't be fooled by Iron Panda Square, which is there , because anubis2night, brought it in to show us , how Traveling Square looks like. The idea is that boardies will ship it to each other and share the experience, by writing it down or sketching in a notebook. I can't stop thinking, that it's such a miracle, that we have so many talented people within the Legion.

July - 2011  At0iEtJuly - 2011  86h8WtJuly - 2011  KwD8BtJuly - 2011  CRjmstJuly - 2011  PBgBvt

SDCC t-shirts will come in three variants and two different containers (different colors for containers as well): Bertie and LM container. Answering on my question about sizes, Benny said it's US sizes, so XL or XXL, supposed to be big.

July - 2011  3Ezp6tJuly - 2011  AAaC1tJuly - 2011  ADgtrtJuly - 2011  DglcntJuly - 2011  B8cvRt

Action Portable Slaughterhouse Dropcloth , one of my personal favorites, comes with severed head!

July - 2011  RHBfutJuly - 2011  F4qPotJuly - 2011  9oB8ltJuly - 2011  RXh3nt

One of the SDCC bags (there are red and blue ones, classic 3A);

July - 2011  TQ35zt

Our boardie Toygodd, holding the Apertore (handed out for free, since it is free and you only pay for shipping)

July - 2011  A49v7t

T-shirts made by our boardies for all the Legionnaires who are visiting SDCC (please don't confuse them with SDCC ones)

July - 2011  CCwCJt

View on SDCC, from Marriott:

July - 2011  V1h5Ot

Exciting announcements from Ashley's blog:

July - 2011  GW8bjt

This photo comes to us from the good folks at IDW. Publisher Ted Adams is in front, Robbie Robbins and Chris Ryall are out of shot. FYI they're signing the movie contract for Zombies Vs Robots - congratulations guys.

And even more exiting stuff

ThreeA Announcement Friday
ThreeA is proud to announce that it has partnered with amazing Japanese artist Kow Yokoyama to produce Maschinen Krieger in both 1/12 and 1/6 scale! If you think you know Maschinen Krieger think again - ThreeA is about to bring you a whole new world.
Furthermore we will be producing figures for the upcoming blockbuster Reel Steel in 1/6th scale. The Reel Steel movie directed by Shawn Levy stars our own boy from Oz, Hugh Jackman.

Wicked custom from Ashley's blog:

July - 2011  POgPnt

Thank you to Ron Lu who presented Ash with the coolest custom toy this afternoon. It's so cool that we're going to share it all with you here. Once again super cool!!

‎3A just won manufacture of the year award and artist of the year award! Huge thank you goes to everyone, who vote for us!

Thank you text, from Ashley's blog:
Designer Toy Award Madness!!
Thank you so much for all of the Designer Toy Award nominations ThreeA received this year, we were so happy just to be nominated in amongst such a super talented field of individuals that it would have been enough if a nomination was all, but...
We won!
Congratulations to all of the staff and crew at ThreeA Toys on winning Manufacturer of the year, I know how hard you guys work and how much effort goes into creating each and every toy.
Thank you to the designer toy community also for the Artist of the Year award, it means a lot and given the amount of talent that's out there in the toy industry, (and knowing that the business is hardly a simple one), I'm honored.
Congratulations to all of the other winners and also to the DTA's for finally bringing to life an event that shines a light on and promotes the designer toy industry.

It's still unbelievable, that we are gonna do MAKs right?! Sorry guys if there will be mistakes in my update, eyes are clothing down by themselves...gonna hit the bed, looking forward to see even more Legionnaires today (Friday!).

More stuff above!

Our beloved Medic Mod Gregory with Designer Toy Awards 2011, one - Manufacturer of the year and another - artist of the year to Ashley Wood. That's how haziness looks like. Photos by konfucious.

July - 2011  G7me7t


Guys, too tired to write text (4:37AM) lots of text here and who reads text right? So I bring you the photos!

Picking up stuff, was fun...gregory, Benny, me....I kept bumping into Benny

July - 2011  Pm7UytJuly - 2011  LuRsotJuly - 2011  WhME0t

The most EMO exclusive EVER, TKs (belongs to Glen)

July - 2011  Ut5gstJuly - 2011  NYL5LtJuly - 2011  QQgnFtJuly - 2011  NYL5LtJuly - 2011  5Hr8st

Thanks to Robbie (x43x) for Legion pics and to Glen for opening his TKs!


July - 2011  IUBw3tJuly - 2011  MOWPdtJuly - 2011  KRhuxtJuly - 2011  DbtnttJuly - 2011  YCWD1tJuly - 2011  AsRHptJuly - 2011  G4nWPtJuly - 2011  OqoBhtJuly - 2011  XGDnGtJuly - 2011  9mcgKtJuly - 2011  TzUrYtJuly - 2011  NI2qstJuly - 2011  BeoVZtJuly - 2011  GcFaGtJuly - 2011  DFZ7ZtJuly - 2011  TIic4tJuly - 2011  KmSCNtJuly - 2011  HPIEMtJuly - 2011  KgmWHtJuly - 2011  Uyv4HtJuly - 2011  EclwztJuly - 2011  OFSHQtJuly - 2011  SJGWatJuly - 2011  AUUsktJuly - 2011  CqX2PtJuly - 2011  0nZECt

SDCC info:
No sales on Sunday, we are selling everything on Saturday. It's hard to make plans, because SDCC staff can easily say, START SALE NOW, LINE IS TOO BIG. Come as early , as possible and as in previous days - cash only! T-shirts - if we will have lots of them left, we will sell more than one per person.

WWR EMGY ARMSTRONG 1G still available on MIGHT BE GONE SOON THOUGH (as SDCC about to end in two days).

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July - 2011  Empty Re: July - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:52 am

2 Panels - Sunday
Ash will be appearing twice on Sunday...

12:30PM is a spotlight event panel (room 8th)

2PM Is the art of the cover. (room 25ABC)

Be there or be triangle

I'll do the proper update from the airport, currently I'm way too busy in the booth and ended up falling asleep.

Nipple ring on TQLOPER, you thought we were kidding?

July - 2011  IHiaGt

Some random cool photos, I will give you description later on, please wait for a proper one.

July - 2011  Y7UEmtJuly - 2011  WqHlVtJuly - 2011  HKJ6qtJuly - 2011  ODf9xtJuly - 2011  Z4XyotJuly - 2011  GjkxHtJuly - 2011  ILpJztJuly - 2011  UdNkmtJuly - 2011  8pFH7tJuly - 2011  Vcga1tJuly - 2011  HOPNBtJuly - 2011  GcNp4tJuly - 2011  H6OWEtJuly - 2011  MO91gtJuly - 2011  DzE0FtJuly - 2011  FJLUwtJuly - 2011  9TUBotJuly - 2011  4yddGt

Quick update (I'm in a car, going down route 90 , driving all the way to Niagara falls)

Video from Ash's panel (spotlight on Ashley Wood), where he is sitting and chatting about all kinds of things, filmed by dtrain (and part two in related videos)

I know that ChasBrock was filming a whole thing on a nicer camera (Derek used iphone) , but no idea when it's going to be up.

Look on 3A booth at SDCC by toygodd, there are rumors that you can see me on the photos. Click here to check it out.


Ashley back home, thanking people for support and removing WWR 1G EMGY Armstrong from Bambalandstore:
HOME ! again thanks to all that were there, such awesome support ! COFFEEEEEEE time
EMGY coming down
thanks for making EMGY the most popular Armstrong ever, he has a tear in his eye !
the fans were awesome ! the support for what I do and 3A is inspiring !

Ashley about SDCC exclusives sale - first come, first serve, you snooze - you lose!
RE SDCC TOYS, please keep checking the blog this week for info, soon as 3A is back in 100% working order ill share the details
soon, this week I think !
this friday the sdcc will go on sale !

yup - Bambasia will have them as well, don't forget that TKs Unleashed are only for 3AA members

About putting exclusive print for NYCC, just like Scott Eder had for SDCC:
yea, Scott can do the print, remind me !
well then the print will cost double, due to shipping concerns, we can stamp it, fuck the sig, dig the image !

Spotlight on Ashley Wood panel audio by our forum member Eric:​/2011/07/27/special-ashley-woo​d-spotlight/

Popbot movie SDCC promo (the one which was given out for free) already online and I hope that our boardie x43x who did it , isn't in trouble))
You can see it here:


2011 SDCC exclusives sale will take place on 29th of July, 9:00AM Hong-Kong time. I will be up in the air and can't do any proper updates, so please keep an eye on the store. Here are the prices for the exclusives:
NW Bramble ,$55
Slaugherhouse ,$40
Ascended Popbot ,$40
TK unleashed ,$65
plus shipping per article


From Ashley's blog:
M+M book
There is a small load of M+M volume one over at final copies...

HUGE Soot Diver head, one of the next releases under Ashley Wood collection line:

July - 2011  8kPAft

Ashley commenting whether it's going to be hard to get:
mmm i think kinda easy as it aint cheap !, its large heavy fucker.

Is Soop Diver head ready to ship?
they are, but they are not going to offered until other logistics are worked out. august/sept

On putting final load of M+M books on Bambalandstore:
Put the final load of M+M on Bamba, but this is it !

Again about SDCC 2011 exclusives
SDCC toys available from from 9-00am 29th July HK time at . really limited numbers for some, so be early.
I mean 29th for the toys at bamba Smile

Toys prices are the same, as they were at SDCC + shipping:
check da blog, same as they were at the con plus shipping

Will super cool SDCC 3A t-shirts be on sale as well?
next week

Answering on following Chris Ryall proposal:
Sent off my proposal for 80 kick-ass ZvE pages to be drawn by William Wray & @RealAshleyWood. I basically just need to not get in their way.
Ash's answer: its great too, good idea for the sink.. lets go !
no way, chris is upfront, no "know ya role back seat shit from him " ryall is all ZvR, just like me !

Commenting on this moment, when Ashley was given cool customized Stormtrooper by one of the Legionnaires:
a highlight of my show too, Im a stormtrooper yo !

July - 2011  AnDLxt


As you know SDCC 2011 exclusives sale is happening today, I landed two hours ago and just came home. Trying to gather information and do the update for you. Let's start:

Ash about the sale
we shall churn unpaid orders, thats it, there isnt enough of most to stagger
they have to be, just like sdcc. - on TKs Unleashed being 3AA only
the bamba switch will be thrown soon, if ya dont get what you want, im sure we will offer as good or better stuff soon, save ya emo for real issues !

There is a chance that we will see TKs Unleashed in pink?!
and pink

We will have yellow TKs offered tonight and the proper name for them is Yellow Hornets
if I can I offer the AP Yellow Dragons TK set today, if I can convince the hatchery !
Ok, Im gonna Offer the YellowTk unleashed set today, so hopefully no one misses out. 24 hours from whenever I put it up..

Everyone will have access to Yellow Hornets
everyone, its on !

Here is how they look like:

July - 2011  3r0ESt

3AA 2011 package took some time to make and your patience was tested far too many times...but judging by the looks it's absolutely WORTH IT! Thank you so much for your patience, support and understanding!

July - 2011  DyWDLt

Ashley about 3AA package:
fall will be upon you soon, and now you have a warm cuddly 3A hoodie to keep you warm !

Any new art books in the works or is it gonna be Fuck-It 4 next?
Fuck it, ZvR Le, Jardin, AK, Doomed etc, im tapped out. Le Jardin is our new Popbot, its pretty epic.

Is Newton's War still in the works?
thats a multimedia thing, these are the books

About Le Jardin
everyone always asks me about my Arkham, Big Numbers, epic story, TP has delivered me that.

Ashley about Yellow Hornets
the little trackies are fuckers to make, 24 hours will make enough work for the hatchery
I dont like sad Tk fans !
im writing the story now, kinda stupid, but hey, thats the YO
i like THE YELLOW HORNETS better!

adhoc is always fun, these guys were born from your frustration, even 3MO is fertile !

SDCC 2011 exclusives are currently sold out, sorry guys, these were super limited and that's a blessing that some were reserved for online sale at all..
consider it a yes !

About making a poster out of The yellow Hornets boxart:
nahh, I got the drawing right here Smile it will feature on the box !

On their looks:
dark hair for all, different colors though

This one of the reasons why we are special:
this is why I love 3A, I get to do this shit, on a spur of the moment, draw, think up silly shit!

Do you like the EMO?
no, I dont care for it, nor notice, I have real problems and issues to deal with, not making more.
actually I want to make art, not EMo, BS etc.
as lydon once said, anger is an energy, i totally belief that, but use it productively !

Any chance of facial hair on Yellow Hornets?

In addition to crazy Yellow Hornets story, there might be a LP!
really, I will release a silent album for them ! LP, I think that would be great.. who makes LPs, anyone know ?

Any chance of TKs Unleashed in 1/6th scale?
i cant say never, but not on the cards

So to quickly summarize, all the SDCC exclusives are currently soldout and Yellow Hornets haven't been offered yet , but going up soon. Anyone can buy Yellow Hornets and there is a chance of 24 hours sale (need to confirm this). Now it's time for me to TAME THE EMO!

Yellow Hornets are available at , four APTKs (1/12th scale) for 65$ (price doesn't include shipping)...where else can you find such a deal? Will be up for +/- 24 hours and limited to one per person. Will be shipped, when ready.

July - 2011  3r0ESt

And here is a funny pic by ronlu, who is already inspired by the Yellow Hornets

July - 2011  JsKE7t

Two more markers added to 3A products shipping map (NW&DW Commanders and 3AA 2011 package), please use the map, once you will receive them:


Now check this out! Zaku x Ashley Wood exclusive inspiration model from Hong Kong show:

July - 2011  XQdCxtJuly - 2011  Z2ZyrtJuly - 2011  IwZLrtJuly - 2011  6FO2mtJuly - 2011  AIl9NtJuly - 2011  G5vtWtJuly - 2011  0G2x3tJuly - 2011  YZlVWtJuly - 2011  ZbJvGtJuly - 2011  Y4X5otJuly - 2011  OAJ4it

Hope you guys are buying Yellow Hornets , which are currently up at , they supposed to be up for 24 hours...but you know how it goes: you snooze, you lose! These little APTKs are going to be pure AWESOME.

Ashley about Zaku:
I forgot all about the HK show and showign him with sdcc etc.. Nice to wake up to zaku stuff
it can be better, and will be, still in the process or changing it

Will you be doing another Bandai event in HK? Can't wait for the Zaku release!
im sure, we are workign with Bandai on other stuff. !

Are you doing a Mazinger ala your Zaku?
maybe Smile

On a print which we can see behind Zaku (on the photos above)
thats a print, kinda shitty too, the real painting is somewhere in my studio or house, must find and varnish

On making some 3A hats:
they were great!!!, we are gonna do some hats soon!

Posting last night about Microman:
Im having a great time with Microman stuff, so excited about it ! just thought I would share... GEEG!
want to make Jeeg !

Oh guys, I can't tell you much...but this and next year, will be HUGE for 3A! Mark my words!

Having good time in studio and preparing for New York art show in 2012:
re-arranging the studio today to handle GIANT linen frames... exciting !
who knows, it doesnt matter, I like what I do, Im not lost hoping for outside praise or direction, thats not art to me..
im busting ya chops ! but I mean what I say too...
always ! I hope that people that normally have no interest come and see what Jeremy and me do..

According to Ashley Wood super awesome "Yellow Hornet" APTKs are leaving Bambalandstore in around 5 ish hours from now:
5 ish

3AA lanyards from 3AA 2011 package, got mine in SD and you will get yours with your membership package. It has a nice texture and good feel to are few pics (shown next to SDCC lanyard - given to participants, to show how 3AA is better)

July - 2011  JHoMntJuly - 2011  PLt5OtJuly - 2011  F3BpztJuly - 2011  RlLyMtJuly - 2011  0z3Grt

Yellow Hornets APTKs are sold out. Huge thanks to everyone for support and i hope you will like and appreciate 3A making them, giving us all a substitute for super limited SDCC exclusive - Unleashed TKs 4pack. It was painful for me to miss SDCC exclusives sale, as I was up in the air (flying home), but I was there for Yellow TKs and could share the excitement! I promise you that next sale will be another fun night in the F5 bar, with me gathering sketches, dropping not funny jokes and sharing the night with you)) Thank you for 99 pages of fun and moderate EMO (going to the extreme sometime), all is understandable , when such a hot stuff is up for sale, it's hard to control yourself. But please don't forget that 3A is always there for you (just like with Yellow Hornets) and there will be much MOAR super cool stuff offered this year. Can't wait to welcome you again to F5 bar! And here in the conclusion here is sketch by Sail:

July - 2011  T1lljt


Ashley about having Yellow APTKs in the store even longer than planned and his weekend:
my machines were down ! wanted to nix 3 hours ago !
gret weekend, studio rebooted, hornets did awesome !

Based on number of pre-ordered Yellow Hornet APTKs approximate start of shipping will be in late October:
late october

Can we have a large format hardcover of the complete Metal Gear series? Maybe sexy slipcased ala PopBotBBB!?! It would own.
not up to me, I want it, but IDW have to pull the trigger

Any word on price for Soot Diver head yet? Would you say comparable to 1:1 Square with shipping?
no idea, really, the shipping is hard, as each address will differ wildly

Apertore magazine with photos of 3A toys by expathos popping up here and there already (sold out during these dates 25.06.2011 - 29.06.2011), here are few pics (I suck in making photos though, but haven't found much on the board)

July - 2011  S8Sl0tJuly - 2011  HFjYStJuly - 2011  Cc8qttJuly - 2011  J0aa6tJuly - 2011  Kn9gDtJuly - 2011  Jv8qxt

Quality of the magazine itself is pretty amazing, especially considering that it was free and we just paid 15$ for shipping. I'm personally really proud that 3A discussion forum attracts people of such talent, like expathos and that 3A toys inspire them on so many levels.


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