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August - 2011

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Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:55 am



One of our boardies in Singapore just got his 3AA package, we are impatiently F5ing this thread, hoping to see some photos.

I decided to emphasize how small are the articulated fingers on SDCC exclusive Popbot & Dropcloth

August - 2011 XFLjBtAugust - 2011 CUaYWtAugust - 2011 ErKI6tAugust - 2011 QiMmttAugust - 2011 Z3uTotAugust - 2011 RjfqftAugust - 2011 Fz8BWtAugust - 2011 K8SDit

Dropcloth comparison, 1/12th and 1/6th by Trenton

August - 2011 OzWKpt

WWR NW&DW Commanders are popping up as well and I'm waiting for proper first pics to upload them if you have some on you, please send me the photos!

Ashley answering on a question, whether we will see ZVR toys one day:
only two hands man.... i want too as well

And 3AA 2011 membership package photos are up , thanks to chronokross

August - 2011 VMpeNtAugust - 2011 ZnLaktAugust - 2011 XTRWitAugust - 2011 S9EygtAugust - 2011 OXgrCtAugust - 2011 AuXrWtAugust - 2011 42hz7t[August - 2011 MLrXItAugust - 2011 6YEs9tAugust - 2011 GNlrIt

During WWR NW&DW Commanders pre-order Ashley wasn't sure whether there will be slip packaging if you order a set, but looks like he decided to go extra mile and do it. I just love the packaging! Looking forward to the photos , to see their t-shirts and how they look in "motion"! Huge thank you to ckwan for the photos.

August - 2011 BOTxttAugust - 2011 SpXwPtAugust - 2011 CyUt5tAugust - 2011 OwGL2tAugust - 2011 WjeUjt

Eric (toygodd) does review of 3A SDCC exclusive toys , click the link to check it out.

And one more flashback to SDCC, video of spotlight panel on Ashley Wood by ChasBrock, I got to say that I have a lot of respect for him, he didn't have tripod and was holding the camera in his hands...and the more you hold something, the more heavy it becomes in time. It's a lot of work! Click here to see the video.

My friends and please don't forget to use and mark progress of 3AA 2011 and WWR NW&DW Commanders , as we all impatiently waiting for them!


WWR Barguest de Plume and Fantome de Plume (sold out in March 2011) are shipping out this week! I got to say that cross on the t-shirt is nice and funny detail. De Plumes are saying "goodbye" with style!

August - 2011 P9shjt

Photos of 1/12th scale Oyabuns from 3AA 2011 package by ckwan, DuckfisH, jF and agentman

August - 2011 MekfttAugust - 2011 2tkg9tAugust - 2011 StYvNtAugust - 2011 WDFN4tAugust - 2011 UdQy8tAugust - 2011 EYlgOtAugust - 2011 ALvP3tAugust - 2011 HE7yXtAugust - 2011 D9EDYt

Ashley about the game, which he wants to create (called WBR), all we know for now that it's going to be BIG and it's based on separate story (as has nothing to do with all the previous stuff created by Ash and T.P. Louise) and here are bunch of interactions (from twitter) with his followers:
So I wanna make a vid game, free from traditional restraints that hold many games back. ala marketing groups. you wanna play drop me a line!
do it 5m, i need vid game company lads, this is serious shit to me, the 4th pillar of my robot church! W.B.R less we forget
I just dont like marketing driven companies. you can still be giant and creatively driven

What are you going for, a small smart phone type game, downloadable Xbox Live or full blown retail box on a shelf?
big as I can, easy to pose on smal platforms, I wanna take on the best and biggest!

like everything I have done. I have worked with the biggest and best.. I know the game
actually the audience is much bigger, more PC's than xbox/ps3 combined.

this game based off existing stuffs of your Ash, or something all together new?
well excisting fo rme, but you guys have no real info on it except the name WBR
very different in its conceit compered to PB, ZvR and WWR.

Sounds like your thinking of making it into online game with large world to explore?

Is has to do something with Popbot?[i]
nothing to do with popbot

People who are into Ashley Wood art and 3A figures for a while, were anticipating this days , for a REALLY long time...I can't believe that we have a date for Popbot Blind Cowboy character! If you ask me, I'll say that he is one of the coolest characters in Popbot! And one of the best things about this release, that there will be a set option: Blind Cowboy + horse. Can't wait for us all to see the photos!

August - 2011 PI7K3tAugust - 2011 X2Aeit

bamba will have a single figure, and horse set with slight cowboy variation.

^oil painting is an old art from Popbot and the other one is taken from Production blog countdown timer

Popbot Blind Cowboy sale start on August 15th 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time at , here is a link to check out the time for your area:

More AP Oyabuns from 3AA 2011 package photos by our boardies: [i]slimjim , chinese_chicken and memecomplex
. Currently we know that there are six different design variations.

August - 2011 XvQZjtAugust - 2011 OIlPktAugust - 2011 00eqAtAugust - 2011 YfZbftAugust - 2011 FUtnzt

WWR DW&NW Commanders without their masks by chenreaction and cool photo by undershadows

August - 2011 VMEcRtAugust - 2011 VUvYptAugust - 2011 FQYcst

More AP Oyabuns photos can be found here and please follow this link for DW&NW Commanders photos.

According to the info I got from HK office, all the lucky people who managed to buy SDCC exclusive figures , will get them soon, as they are shipping out this month!


Ashley about 1/12th scale Zombs
have them on my desk, nearly sold a mini zomb before SDCC.
there fun, pocket zomb !

Answering whether all 1/6th scale Adventure Kartel characters will be made in 1/12th scale:
bits and bops. some wil just be 12" some 6"

What else will be offered in August, apart from Popbot Blind Cowboy?
just the cowboy for now. no other plans yet

About offering different AK Zombs in 1/12th scale:
i think ill release each colorway sep, give more character than its just a suit color, which it isnt etc.. first will be red

Will the zombs be sold in hordes? At least a 10 pack?
nope, to much for us to deal with, single figures for now

Will SDCC tshirt be a famous under-10min soldout-sale at bambaland ? Or for 24 hours ?
we have them ready to go, so i dont know, but we are restrained by what we have, not pre-ordered

On future for 1/12th scale line:
hell yea, w have epic plans for 1/12th, 2012 year of the 1/12th and of course 1/6th!

Answering what firepower Popbot Blind Cowboy has on him (dual revolver?):
more than two !

Will we see Popbot Tomorrow Kings Baka & Kyu in 1/12th scale?
yes, I want to, have not tries yet though

Shipping information for second half of August:
Popbot Wasabi TK release (includes 3AA Oya TK)
AP Bamba (variants)
3RD Birthday Bambaboss
US Customers: WWR Grunts (other customers, later on, because of the logistics)
2000AD Mongrol

Since few of Legionnaires ordered Mongrol from retailers, I will work on getting the information about this as well.

An interesting thread for people who feel nostalgic and want to look on all the previous Bambalandstore pre-order pages (currently there are more than 90%) organized by Bubo.


New Popbot Blind Cowboy teaser from Production blog:

August - 2011 OTJ34t

Any chance we will see Heavy TKs in 1/12th scale this year?
yes, this year

After so long awaited figure like Blind Cowboy is so close to the pre-order: August 15th, 9:00AM Hong-Kong time, I got curious what's happening with WWR Rotchild and Bot Sniper
rothchild uses a new body for us !

About Showcase Tank Girl figure:
keep saying we aint touching it now, the rights are too messy, we had the figure ready pretty much but its not to be, for us at least.

So what Rufus Dayglo is working on right now?
great stuff as you will see

Few cool photos featuring WWR DW&NW Commanders by DuckfisH, undershadows and memecomplex

August - 2011 RFNkStAugust - 2011 KGqgYtAugust - 2011 YQ4VstAugust - 2011 VNZqRtAugust - 2011 RBKU6tAugust - 2011 MmdgDtAugust - 2011 6x943t


Rufus Dayglo posting about his next project with 3A:
I hope you’ll enjoy my next project… SOLID GOLD DEATH MASK which I’ll be doing with Ashley Wood’s 3A company real soon!

Ashley commenting about it:
well Ill say its fucking great and you will love it !

Interesting Internet project started by Ashley and Mr12Fingers:
Me and Mr 12 Fingers are making a new home for toys lovers and collectors!
And it can be accessed via Mac, Windows and mobile devices:
well you can use it on all of the above !

Will we see TQs in 1/12th scale? Yes we will!
yes, using a small version of our new female body, not long !

Answering whether we will see more Interloper TKs
no more for the time being

You heard that Popbot Blind Cowboy goes on sale, on August 15th 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time and that there will be single figure and set variant (Cowboy and Ghost Horse)? Here are more details about the horse:
the horse rivals the LAB for greatness, big bastard too ! the set will be available on the 15th.
yea, but fucked up, really, this aint a pretty horse !
all my shit is stylized , from kitty in toy to the horse, nothing realistic right

Is the horse resin? vinyl? articulated?
resin, or A-it would cost $$$$$, B-not have the right look I want, C I wanted it resin. its awesome, i proud of it !

Horse set is 3AA only? 24 hours release or limited?
the horse set, dunno, we still dont know what is the number we can make, not a simple horse or fig by far

On showing Popbot Blind Cowboy and Ghost Horse photos next week:
of course, next week.
toy pics next week, TG stays in HK !

Quick WWR Bot Sniper and Caesar news:
sniper ? thats a way off, caesar later on

At SDCC, Ashley had few samples of Star Wars figures and here is a question about them:
How close to becoming real is the Star Wars line? now THAT would make a dream come true!
it would be a dream come true !
well what ever happens there are some stormies and boba's in the wild.
hey were samples, and that could be it for everrr, i see them as AP , I have my set. weathered stormy my fav !

What's your favorite Star Wars character?

About Large Martin paintings:
im not doing anymore for the time being, just sold the last one I did too.. good ol Largy, a salute!

Weekend plans:
well im off painting this weekend and workign on Le jardin, have fun chaps, see ya monday !

THE BEST NEWS OF THE DAY! MGS REX is coming this year!
its coming, it will go onsale this year, there is no rush, we want it good as possible
you will love it !!!! promise

This goes only to Adventure Saturday Adventure Set owners. Replacement head for Ghost Little Shadow is ready, so if you want it, please write an email to and attach photo of your figure standing next to a sheet of paper, with your email on it. Please, let me know if you have any questions.

Wanna see Zaku by threeA and Bandai in motion? Click on the image bellow and it will redirect you to youtube. Damn, this thing is SO IMPRESSIVE!

August - 2011 QtNhCm

According to paulmolive 3AA 2011 package is already in Canada! Not long for US! Please keep using the map to mark shipping progress (password: legion):


Ashley about R5-D4 from Star Wars:
really is the best, sumin about those red decals.... gotta find that dodgy hasbro 1/6th version
nahh, thats my new thing r5-d4 related articles and totems
may, I would say 100$ he would not have reached ol emo skywalker. r5-d4 for the win ....again

About trying to make an army of Stormtroopers by 3A for all of us:
I try!

Cardboard 3a playset, featuring Adventure Kartel figures is coming to us!
yup, the Adventure kathederal
Will we see creepy Vampires in it?
nope, its where the Adventure Kartel hang out !
hank Paul for the inspiration !
errr. its a cardboard playset, with no rules, so better than either of em !

Lots and lots of AP Oyabuns from 3AA 2011 package, some boardies even managed to gather them all (6 variants: Yama, Naga, Showa, Ono, Blanco, Negro).
And please disregard bot head in the pics, as Oya doesn't come with one. Photos by smimjim, mildthree, ckwan, terce, Teimaru, Kristopher.

August - 2011 BtrkmtAugust - 2011 HdtrjtAugust - 2011 9JYYhtAugust - 2011 UBbWVtAugust - 2011 WVLlxtAugust - 2011 2Nt41tAugust - 2011 PPAoMtAugust - 2011 HNXbFtAugust - 2011 TpzGHt

WWR DW&NW Commanders photos by TK4949 and DuckfisH

August - 2011 KvKHbtAugust - 2011 WNrFgtAugust - 2011 PBRG0t

Details on some 3A 1/12th scale SDCC exclusives, featuring photo by Trenton of the little hands (Bertie MK2, Slaughterhouse Dropcloth and de Plume) and some photos of by me, where I try to capture all the cool weathering details and looks of WWRp NW Bramble and APTK from Unleashed 4pack, in the frame you can see WWRp Hatchery Guard Bertie from HKV show.

August - 2011 EnHJWt
August - 2011 Pe17VtAugust - 2011 VQP92tAugust - 2011 II4Y9tAugust - 2011 Xku2NtAugust - 2011 2Kcg2tAugust - 2011 8hWX3t

Commenting on a suggestion to make Castle Grayskull style Adventure Cathedral playset:
way to expensive to make like greyskull

Opening one of the most awesome Internet projects I saw in years - Plastic Kartel (remember this name folks), for beta testing!
beta test
thats a limited signup too, will be shut down any time
Plastic Kartel Beta is closed, next week will see the full opening !
it will be a great place for all toy lovers, for al companies and lines, not a 3A only thing, everyone !
So guys, I'm sure you want to get in and regret about missing the opportunity, but please don't stress, once we will finish testing it , it will open doors for everyone!

Is there a chance to see not weathered Brillo Square in any of the scales?
nope, no more brillo, I have the un-weathered versions, on all sizes, but I like the dirty more. regardless Brillo is retired
have better homage's and ideas, no worries ther !

Any future new colorway for nom commander ? jung ? milk ?
no more everrrrr

One of a kind AP Oyabun from Ashley's collection (we already saw him a while ago , under Dodgy Oya name):

August - 2011 Csu0Ft

the rarest AP OYA, the speckled pink, one only !
yup, all mine, I grabbed it from the hatcheries floor!

Popbot Blind Cowboy Ghost horse teaser bellow. It comes with Blind Cowboy as a set and there will be slightly different single Blind Cowboy figure...both offers (set and single) will be up at on August 15, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time, and we are talking here about 1/6th scale. More details soooooooon.

August - 2011 QCX67t


Popbot Blind Cowboy and zeroticulated Ghost horse full reveal:

August - 2011 L9LPtt

You can see them available for sale on August 15th 9:00AM Hong-Kong time at . According to what we heard there will be two versions: set version (Popbot + zeroticulated Horse), which is shown above and feature 9 revolvers (2 on horse and 7 on Popbot) and slightly different version of single Blind Cowboy. Currently we don't know whether the set will be limited, 3AA or general release, same goes about the price.

Ashley speaking about The Ghost Horse and Cowboy
thanks guys, very proud of them!
im not even close to stopping !
dude, this is our battlecat, I forgot that shit was zeroticulated too.. a new word for ya, zeroticulated !
well the horse set comes with 9 revolvers so you can really get a feel for the gun!

Will we see more versions of Ghost Horse (for other figures)?
there isnt any, this is it, ghost horse

Answering about Blind Cowboy firearms:
wait and see, its not a normal
it shoot hateful revenge, wha-telse does any respectful cowboys gun fire ?
wait and see is a good stance !

Plastic Kartel community will open it's doors for everyone on August 12th.
Plastic Kartel is live 12th August !

Ashley about making a book full with decals:
when its all said and done, ill make a book, but for now I want the toys to shine, not the process

Are there Oya TQs?
nope, but there is a elite group called nee-san
Now even I am intrigued what Ashley meant here, as we had TQloper , during Popbot Princess TQ sale, looks we will hear about nee-san soon enough.

Their names are Floyd, Gerry, MOD7 and Monet, they are WWRp Armstrongs for retailers. These babies are in the shipping process and your favorite retailers will get them soon. So it's a good time to pre-order Armstrong, if you haven't done it already. Here is the reminder how they look like and what colorways were offered to the retailers:

August - 2011 Floydog.thAugust - 2011 Gerry.thAugust - 2011 Gerry1g1.thAugust - 2011 Mod07.thAugust - 2011 Mod71.thAugust - 2011 Monetog.thAugust - 2011


While we are waiting for an official words, here is small statement from me:
Currently there is a situation with 3AA 2011 packages in US. The nature of situation, that lots of people are getting wrong hoodie sizes and not their 3AA membership cards. 3A and A-sonic Logistic Solutions are working together to fix this issue. A-sonic is covering all 3A shipments in US for a long time and it's a first time problem of this scale has happened. But, please remember that you are dealing with 3A here, so no matter what happens, 3A/A-sonic will try to do everything to cover for the mistake and you happy. I'm waiting for the official statement from 3A/A-sonic to hear, what will be done to fix this and once it will be out, I will update my thread and write everywhere I can about it. Please accept my sincere apologies for all the possible inconvenience.

Here is Ash commenting about it on twitter:
shippers fucked up, Benny is looking into it as I type

People who stopped at our booth at SDCC, know that we shared it with IDW, who were super kind to us and gave us space, and pleasure to work next to them and it was a fun experience. But of course, as every company, we want to have our own booth next year.
Have you thought about getting 3A its own booth for SDCC 2012?
we are working on stuff.
we will, it will be masssiiivvveeee
and the race queens !

Ashley answering about the race queens at 3A SDCC booth in 2012 look and commenting about entirely new AK Zombot prototype:
real ones ! playing with the new AK Zombot proto, just like I imagined it first, not a refit !

Two previous 3A shows (Hong-Kong Venture in 2009 and Beijing Gathering in 2010) had pretty nice female models walking who knows, what awaits us in 2012!

For last years, 3AA SDCC exclusives included 1/12th scale toys (apart from ZvR Bertie, which wasn't exactly 3A toy): IDW Security Bramble, Toy Tokyo SDCC 2010 Armstrong 0G and avalanche of exclusives in 2011: IDW Publishing exclusive Daywatch Heavy Bramble, Slaughterhouse Dropcloth, NOM Night Watch Heavy Bramble, Popbot Action Portable TK Unleashed Yo Set, Action Portable the Ascended Popbot, Toy Tokyo exclusive Squaro Square2 and t-shirts (actual 1:1 size). Here is Ashley answering on the question, if we will see 1/6th scale figure for the next year SDCC.
yeah I think so, I like the 1/6th a lot !

3AA 2011 hoodie by DeimosDaz, such a cute pic

August - 2011 Jy69NtAugust - 2011 2dIlzt


3AA 2011 package US situation - waiting for a statement. Don't want to put up speculations and unofficial stuff here. Got an email from HK office, they are working full speed on this, same happening at A-Sonic. Guys, again....3A is the company which always admits the mistakes and fixes stuff. So please don't worry, you will be taken care of. I'm really sad, in fact even devastated, that 3AA package experience was ruined for US Legionnaires. Don't want to clear the blame of people , who are responsible for it, but let's just all relax , life is stressful enough alone, so don't need any more stress, right? Again, I'm deeply deeply sorry for any possible inconvenience and wish I could go personally and help with the current situation.

Ashley about new AK Zombot
he does ! its the head man, its all in the head !
all new, its Zombot, dont expect a triangle shaped head etc.

When we gonna see him offered for sale:
this year, ill put it on bamba one day, im gonna blindbox him, i know you all dig it !

About Popbot BBB book
thanks David, im very proud of it, one of my best so far.

Shipping next thread is updated:

Official statement on the 3AA 2011 United States based customers package situation:
Within this week Asonic will contact affected buyers and will tell you the steps of the recall, once the recall have been completed, they will send the correct packages to the correct buyers.
thanks to all affected for your patience and support.

Ashley commenting in twitter about the situation with the hoodies and cards, and some people reactions:
are you mad, comparing not getting your hoody for another week, as opposed to real shit ? dude...
dont, stuff happens, they will get their set, they can email us for info if they need it, no one loses out here.
it s fixed, all will taken care off, Asonic are being great!
of course, goes without saying no one will just be told tough shit, we never have, and will not start !
its what we do, this is for fun first, business second... which is good or I would be a sad guy

More images of Bandai x ThreeA Zaku prototype

August - 2011 6X34itAugust - 2011 3T17gtAugust - 2011 N6Klxt

Ashley about wanting more colorways for it and answering when the release is happening:
i want a pink one !
soon..... well soonish !
yup Char, not Shar ! - pink Zaku name
all will soft and jelly like - about pipes material on the figure

So, for now there will be this white/green Zaku and Char's pink Zaku? More?
dunno, need to see how it does etc

mmmm....after that quote, I'm really excited to see Mazinger
[!/RealAshleyWood/status/101146401030942720]wait till you Mazinger. I might get a honorary Japanese citizenship ![/url]

Popbot Blind Cowboy and Ghost Horse set will be for everyone! So not 3AA exclusive, limited release or surprise during the drop night. Personally I love that it is like that, because Ghost Horse is awesome and totally must have. According to what we know, there are 9 revolvers on the horse!
horse set is everyone !
Cowboy goes on sale, on August 15th 9:00AM Hong-Kong time at , which is less than five days from now!

All the shipping trouble a bit pushed this announcements, but here it goes: anubis2night became one of the MODs on our 3A forum team. Being MOD is huge responsibility and a lot of work, we are wearing this duty proudly and bring our best on daily basis to help the Legion and keep this community under control. Please don't be too hard on him, as he is learning and we will be passing our wisdom and advices to him. Again, congratulations James and see you on the forum ! ! !

Follow up about Popbot Blind Cowboy and Horse set:
never said it wasnt limited gimby, it actually is, they are tough to make !
im not saying, your like a lawyer ! - me trying to figure out how limited it will be and whether it's first come, first served
So guys, keep your eyes open and tuned for more information.


Ashley commenting on Bandai & 3A Zaku height:
zaku is between 14 and 15 inches, will know exact height when all is finalized

Giving an advice what to do, if you will encounter any problem with 3AA 2011 package in US:
email 3A
and again , this supposed to be your action in every case, when something is wrong with your order. Here is an email again:

Thread by our boardies about 3AA packages in US, where people post, whose package they got. Please read the rules and keep in mind that , we aren't encouraging you to do anything personally as A-sonic is working on it, to make it right.

AP Oyas from 3AA 2011 package, complied by Bubo

August - 2011 PWsvxt

Newest 3A podcastby our board member Eric can be find here, features lots & lots of cool SDCC stuff.

If you happen to be in Japan, you got to click here to find out about JDF Gathering , organized by our boardie kadoo!

Server where our blog, site and forum are located was turned off and we were having problems for some hours, all back and fully works now. Here is Ashley commenting about it:
It seems our hosting company turned off our domain for safety reasons as it was eating to much bandwidth on a shared server... bummer
fucked all round, pay for unlimited traffic.. Proud of the legion to transcend unlimited though !

Will there be a 3AA 24hr window for Blind Cowboy?
the single figure yup

August - 2011 L9LPtt

As we know Popbot Blind Cowboy and Ghost Horse will be on sale, on August 15th 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time and there will be single (3AA members will have 24 hours) and set option (slightly different Blind Cowboy figure from the single + Ghost Horse). Set is open for everyone, but it's limited, so as always in such cases...I suggest to be there early. Sale place:

Has 3A ever considered using packaging for the 1/12s that can be popped open and closed, rather than glued?
then it would not be fun

Keep in mind, that tomorrow is going to be the day (August 12th), when Plastic Kartel will open it's doors to everyone!

Ashley answering about APTK Yellow Hornets looks and hair colors:
who said they all had black hair ?
not even that dark actually.. well to me
it was a band poster, not a design. - meaning that there is a difference between band poster we saw and end design
the poster
August - 2011 3r0ESt
look at the red set, and imagine yellow. - about the look of the Yellow Hornets

Our boardie ChasBrock rocking 3AA 2011 hoodie:

August - 2011 QwNuOt

We need more boardies in hoodies pics here, please send me a PM , with you in the hoodie, it got to be sexy (hehe).

I know that some people might be disappointed about this, but I have to post it here. If you are from US and ordered two memberships (one from Bambasia and one from Bambalandstore), there is a very high chance that you will get exactly your card and hoodie (but we already know that one person got Bambasia/Bambaland package and only one was right). I don't know the exact details and how it's happened (what was the difference in shipping them to A-Sonic), but that's how it is. Sorry again for any possible inconvenience with A-Sonic and 3AA package in US situation. Currently I only know the fact, that Sonic doing everything they can to stop the packages (which are on the way) and return them to their warehouse.

Now happy news for a change, WWR Barguest de Plume and Fantome are shipping out and I'm sure we will start seeing them in Asia soon. Please don't forget to use the map:


Statement about US customers 3AA packages:

Re 3AA

We at ThreeA have been working with Asonic ( the shipping company ) and UPS to rectify the mess up with address’s and membership names, we have been told that shipments are being stopped or intercepted so they can be re-routed to their original customers.

We have done everything we can so far to help rectify the mix-up, no one will be left out or forgotten about, our intention is and has always been to deliver a great 3AA pack to each member. Once we have the situation fully accounted for we will give out more details of the fix. We should be today

I think it goes without saying that 3A has always tried to our best, deliver great product and do not take this situation lightly.

More info soon

Fresh update, which makes everything clearer:
ThreeA will replace all hoodie’s and cards for effected members, no need to send anything back, just keep what you have and wait for replacements. All recalled and stopped deliveries will be sent to their rightful 3AA members ( this could take a while so be hang in there ).
We know this sucks, we have spent the lasts few days trying to figure out the best way to deal, so thanks for your patience !
any concerns or questions please email

Keep in mind that there is spelling mistake in 3A blog and it's

Ashley answering on some questions , concerning the situation:
So those who didn't get a box, and know theirs is in someone else's hands will get a new package?
they will get a set, but will have to wait on the card, but they will get a box, toy, hoodie soon.
please email, just so we have the info

So should I send an email now and saying I'm affected and need my correct card and hoodie size?
i would, the more info we have the better. Im surprised everyone has not emailed thats effected?

What should we do about the hoodies we currently have? I have an XL and I need a medium.
we will send you a medium and a new card goes up at Midnight - August 12th, right before it turns August 13th (Central standard timezone). Hope to see many new faces.

Last couple of days were pretty stressful, really happy that this team #DW was around:

August - 2011 CiIu0tAugust - 2011 C4wbHt

I tried to write simple and clean instruction*
So what you need to do , if you are in US and got 3AA 2011 package? You need to open it and enjoy what is inside the package. If it has wrong hoodie size and not your name on the card, we will send you the right ones. Correct card will come in approximately 3-4 weeks, if you missing card and hoodie, it will take about 6-8 weeks. No one will be left out and no one will receive two packages. Sorry for extra wait, we are trying to do the best in the current situation.
Please don't hesitate to contact 3A ( ) or any MOD on our team, if you have any questions.
*thank you for help Benny and Cody

Commenting on recent meltdowns and EMOs:
passionate, thats great, I like that. still a stress to be on the end of it though Smile
freedom of choice is a great thing, ill certainly not tell them otherwise, if your happy with us, gotta move on
And more comments in Ashley's twitter:

Yellow Hornets APTK prototypes (shoes will have black stripes and some things might be tweaked here and there) and WWRp Bertie MK3 (!!!!!!) in the shadows.

August - 2011 TYRKzt

Ashley about their look:
very bruce lee

New resident sale coming to this weekend? I so hope that it's weapons and accessories pack! What are you hoping for?
have a resident sale coming this weekend if I can get the costings locked down
no, 100 emails a week askign why bamba is empty sale, sale. cowboy needs to warm up !

More hot photos of 3AA 2011 hoodies, here is one by Nosferatu

August - 2011 323FotAugust - 2011 Suf42t


Popbot Blind Cowboy goes on sale in less than two days from now. It means that F5 Bar is gonna open it's doors soon...or should I say "saloon"?!
Price for the single Blind Cowboy is 120$ with the shipping, price for the set with horse, will be announced soon. Mark this day in your calendars: August 15th, 9:00AM Hong-Kong time, only at

August - 2011 DXdEOt

Ashley posting in twitter about WWRp Bertie MK3 , which was standing in the shadows on Yellow Hornets photo above:
its rather dashing!
hiding in plain view i think, I have many option of stuff to sell

About Blanco and Negro TKs/Oyas colorways and their rare nature:
nahh, they are meant to be rare! anyway these colorways are retired for now.
i think so, but I wouldnt succumb to flippers !

Our forum's 3A Toys Photography section has thousands of cool photos by our boardies , here is on of the threads which is worth checking out and my quick selection of the pics from it. Author of all pics: blackmoonzero

August - 2011 4TR6FtAugust - 2011 F6yfntAugust - 2011 VQFLotAugust - 2011 8I1B0tAugust - 2011 GU7DXt

WWRp JDF Armstrong unboxing by S.Ryoma

August - 2011 V86qJm registration <- goes live soon! Sign-up now. Don't wait. Be there when the new era begins so you don't miss excitement times!

Popbot Ghost horse, Blind Cowboy Superset, $270usd shipped. August 15th, 9:00AM Hong-Kong only at Bambalandstore.

August - 2011 7jdgSt

Couple of cool photos by lukaaa and kadoo

August - 2011 DsKBztAugust - 2011 KT4ACt

Guys, I hope with Plastc Kartel excitement (which already opened it's doors), you will not resist to have a drink at our local F5 saloon (dedicated to Popbot Blind Cowboy sale) , which will open it's doors at 3A official forum really soon.

Ashley about Plastic Kartel and having weekly strip there!
Im gonna start putting a weekly strip on Plastic Kartel, so join up or you will miss it ! is open, still in beta though ! get ya username now !
from tech support -they just need to switch their entry for user name and full name
im not PK, go there and find out !
Will 3A forum remain where is it or it will migrate to Plastic Kartel?
Pk isnt the 3A forums, its all toys, so of course I want it there, but its not the new home, unless you guys say so !
freedom of choice, thats what we offer ya !

About upcoming WWR Rotchild figure (one of the most mysterious figures in WWR Universe)
checking the Rothchild figure today, gotta say, its a corker ! there is some Aussie slang for ya !
when its time to buy the lil guy. comes with the best accessory ever !

Is Rotchild's accessory Caesar bot?
nah, too easy !

Answering whether we can hope to see Popbot Lasstranaut this year:
5 months to go, its hard to say.

Is the single Blind Cowboy going to look different than the one included with the Ghost Horse set?
nope, we decided against it, the set will be two boxes, horse and figure

Ashley about Popbot Blind Cowboy
one of our best figs !

And this calls for another round of all Popbot Blind Cowboy photos!

August - 2011 L9LPttAugust - 2011 7jdgStAugust - 2011 DXdEOt

Prepare to meet him on August 15th, 9:00AM Hong-Kong time at our official store -
120$ for the single (shipping included)
270$ for the super set (single + horse)
Both Blind Cowboys (from set and single) aren't different versions. Earlier it was mentioned that horse set comes with 9 handguns.


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August - 2011 Empty Re: August - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:57 am


With less than 24 hours to go, before charismatic Popbot Blind Cowboy and his Ghost horse go on sale, it's time to open F5 Bar and Grill dedicated to the sale! Please join us in the bar and have some good time:
Don't know what F5 Bar and Grill is and you never been in one? Here is the info:
During release nights in the thread dedicated to the release (Popbot Blind Cowboy thread), only serious questions/problems can be posted. Everything else would be deleted by us, the Mods. This is done, to get rid of all the nonsense and help to people, who have some serious questions and problems about the release. The thread where you can make relatively on topic friendly chat or go insane during the releases would be called F5 Bar and Grill, under Release night board's category. The thread is going to be unlocked 24 hours before the sale takes place and that's any minute now, and will be locked, after the figure is going to be removed from the store and I will give you some time to vent and share the excitement about the sale . Have fun there, but don't forget basic rules and maintaining positive vibes of our beloved 3A board. Since F5 Bar during the sale is really crowded and grows like several pages in few minutes, all the essential sales info will be posted in the first opening post of the F5 thread and occasionally in Popbot Blind Cowboy discussion thread, right in Popbot section. So before asking a question, please check the first page of the bar for answers. You can always PM me (or other MODs) if you some questions and you don't want to post them publicly.

Fuck it #4 by 3A publishing, available in September.

August - 2011 Hsp1st

WWRp Bertie MK3 (1/12th scale) is up for resident sales (more than 24 hours lasting sales) at , fully articulated! Shipping is included in the 70$ price, as most of our toys, this is a pre-order, estimated shipping late November or earlier.

August - 2011 9qYtttAugust - 2011 EKu36t

3AA hoodie looking sexy on our board member Darthgothikus

August - 2011 BK98ctAugust - 2011 PfG08tAugust - 2011 Ic0D6t

Popbot Blind Cowboy sale starts soon. One of the hot questions, whether single Blind Cowboy and Blind Cowboy from the set (with Ghost Horse) are identical. Here is an answer - yes they are. According to my knowledge , 3AA members will have 24 hours window to buy Blind Cowboy, as for the set - it's open to everyone, but limited. Currently I can't answer with 100% certainty, whether you can buy more than one or not.

Newsletter dedicated to the sale is out and can be read here, with closeup images of Blind Cowboy:
Text extract from the newsletter:
His family killed by a gang of deranged robots, his eyesight taken as payment for someone else's debt. He now wears the rag reputedly used to mop the bloody brow of the assassinated JFK, the turgid rag now giving a clarity of vision, a clarity of justice and revenge to the Blind Cowboy. His is only friend, a horse named Ghost!

Blind Cowboy comes from the World of Popbot, an illustrated story by Ashley Wood and T P Louise, published by IDW Publishing

Blind Cowboy 1/6th fully articulated figure $120USD shipped, Blind Cowboy 1/6th fully articulated figure Ghost-Horse 1/6th un-articulated figure Super-set $270USD shipped set available for order 15th August at 9-00am Hong Kong time, only at the mighty

All stories and characters copyright © Ashley Wood 2011
3AA Members have a 24 hour period to order the Blind Cowboy
*this is a pre-order, they will ship late November 2011 or earlier
Designs are colors may change for a better product

Ashley about his blog :
i like making stuff, painting, i like my blog the best, thats where ill be for the 14month run to Levine country !

About upcoming art show with Jeremy Geddes in New York, in 2012, at The Jonathan LeVine Gallery:
my art will be there, me who knows, as I have withdrawn from public life...
it is, and a way off, gotta make sure the art is all I care about, dont wanna get caught in a mind trap regarding travel
deadlines are fine, travel and other irritations are gonna be capped. of course saying that ,ill be on a plane next week etc...
yup, BUT I have nailed my best paintings so far for this show, big fuckers too
best work, but thats kinda obvious as its the newest etc
not the big ones, cant do many of those, 6 months work to get right.

On Ghost horse and how delicate it is (can't hold bunch of heavy books for instance):
cant promise, there is much that is delicate about it, the horse is beefy but ears, tail, wood on legs is all delicate somewhat

Answering how high WWRp Bertie MK3 is:
half the height of the 1/6th.
So I guess it's almost 10" tall, as 1/6th scale MK3 was 19.5", again here is size comparison next to previous WWRp Bertie and WWRp family scale comparison:

August - 2011 EKu36tAugust - 2011 E7nbut


Blind Cowboy and super set (Blind Cowboy + Ghost Horse) are up at

Here is quick update and running back to F5 bar!

Ashley posting about Blind Cowboy shipping dates and buying quantities:
"we wont miss the shipping date, well benny promises at least!"
"2 is fine, shit some fuckre just got 10.. refunded too !"
"re the horse, it all depends on the demand, if its crazy, we will have to pull back, but Im not gonna limit artificially in hopes there is demand etc.. just going to see how it goes. if you want two, buy them I guess"

About F5 sketches:
ex, great sketch.
All the sketches rock, always different ! Gimby will get them all together for some prizes later on, I know I nejoy seeing them !

So really looking forward to more sketches, by you guys! MAKE ME BUSY!))

Ashley posting in F5 bar:
I heard I was leaving public life, but actually I like looking at the drawings here !

On other Popbot Blind Cowboy variants and scales:
"re 1/12th horse, I would like too, but some details and style will be lost. Its actually kinda hard to get the look right of the small size figures, regarding clothes etc, so until I can get a 1/12th cowboy that looks as cool as the 1/6th, the horse isnt even in the starting block. Its a toss up between 1/6th and 1/12th for me. 1/6th are really close to my vision, have the size to let little details and shit to happen, 1/12th are just plain fun, great toys, but cannot have the same feel as 1/6th"
"I was gonna do a mono BC, as a set but the proto just doesnt have the same feel as the standard color. so no variants, the BC dont do them !"

i was gonna do a shiny popbot BC set, but thought it was too much

About Mortis from Popbot:
"the mortis are only really interested in the battle with the TK, they are the only threat to them and their conquest of life, they are very similar too, in many ways."

On Blind Cowboy handguns:
"he uses pistols, repeaters are for lady folk.."

About future releases:
"there are many things on the to do list, but as we are so few here, everything takes a while to get too, I wanna to a weapons pack for sure!"

Blind Cowboy story:
make your own teeth and brain matter
this BC is a quite along the story version, wooden teeth, not so well horse, and yea, he has washed his skanky rag a few times too

Thank you to the Legion:
from Kim and me, thanks guys, always fun and a plasure to get to make my ideas into toys, quite surreal

It was so awesome to see Ash posting on the forum, like in the good old days. Now twatter quotes!

About multi purchases, during resident sales (WWRp Bertie MK3 JEA is up right now):
resident sale is open to multi buys, good to push our system on smaller stuff
singles at retail are next. - for MK3 Berties in 1/12th scale

Tom Cruise as AK Bleak Mission?
tom cruise-bleak, gonna be the stuff of legend !
thats coz you are cooler than thou emo, look beyond ya fringe !

Ghost horse has balls?
ask him to cough

Is Fuck it #4 art , we saw in your blog, gonna end up as the cover?
August - 2011 Hsp1st
not a cover, just a sketch one of many, fun paper to use, it bleeds alot, so the ink amount has to be metered to look right

On Popbot Blind Cowboy sales:
BC is one of the best sellers so far!

Any chance for surprise/EMO sales tonight?
enough emo in the last week

Answering about Popbot Dead Gangsta Astronaut looks:
there are many sketches, so I dont know which you are referencing too. ill say this, the toy looks badass !

And I hope you remember that WWR Barguest and Fantome de Plume shipped, so we will see them this week in Asia for sure! Looking forward to first photos on the board.

WWR Barguest and Fantome de Plume already landed in UK, which is pretty amazing speed! Pics by Frazzlefresh, J3D1 and 0kxrana (from Australia):

August - 2011 Vy2FptAugust - 2011 VbyPQtAugust - 2011 HYIfFtAugust - 2011 CPGoCtAugust - 2011 1zuZWtAugust - 2011 ERwpxt

Sketches from F5 bar , dedicated to Blind Cowboy, by our talented boardies: - album link - author names are added

August - 2011 8UP3XtAugust - 2011 FnUxptAugust - 2011 Xh5natAugust - 2011 MXLoJtAugust - 2011 WxjUntAugust - 2011 B5HFstAugust - 2011 GAcuetAugust - 2011 BPpTctAugust - 2011 E7jHqtAugust - 2011 C7LOctAugust - 2011 EZhTqtAugust - 2011 Ya3i0tAugust - 2011 BpjxctAugust - 2011 YxHk3tAugust - 2011 Go0bttAugust - 2011 0jLrKtAugust - 2011 2bXT0tAugust - 2011 DO70TtAugust - 2011 PNjLHtAugust - 2011 TYf04tAugust - 2011 Pgw6xtAugust - 2011 IAxiftAugust - 2011 DPOJEtAugust - 2011 6sx87tAugust - 2011 8IqAjtAugust - 2011 Aw3zgtAugust - 2011 BoC09tAugust - 2011 XtAahtAugust - 2011 Et2RltAugust - 2011 NZJVQtAugust - 2011 Jl2netAugust - 2011 KUgnytAugust - 2011 FstXEtAugust - 2011 TOTXXtAugust - 2011 RVQMOtAugust - 2011 GmP5ctAugust - 2011 PE5bGtAugust - 2011 SgUhitAugust - 2011 7if7ptAugust - 2011 PcNtCtAugust - 2011 DuqQ9tAugust - 2011 JQYIptAugust - 2011 Ryg0JtAugust - 2011 YGCCgtAugust - 2011 TeuZMtAugust - 2011 UPPEGtAugust - 2011 KCq31t


Ashley hinting that we might hear more about t-shirts (with containers) at

Popbot Blind Cowboy and Ghost Horse are still up for sale at , together with WWRp JEA Bertie MK3 ! 24 hours window for 3AA members, closes in less than three hours from now, can't guarantee that they will be up any longer , in fact I'm surprised that Ghost horse is there, and can explain it only with 3A willingness to take more orders for it.

Some WWR NW&DW Commanders & WWR Barguest de Plume/Fantome de Plume photos by our boardies: two_hand, ihump, crisr, ictoys and Darthgothikus

August - 2011 BtTsPtAugust - 2011 QbNTgtAugust - 2011 GOEZ4tAugust - 2011 4Vla4tAugust - 2011 UcSYetAugust - 2011 AfaV7t

Popbot Blind Cowboy and Ghost Horse are leaving u soon, so time to hurry up, if you want one or two.
horse is coming down after my coffee ! thanks for the dead-equine love !
thanks for the support of ol Blindy chaps !
yup, that exchange is a fucker !
off for coffee

Ashley on availability of previous Fuck it copies:
wish we had em... secondary market isnt my thing
maybe ill print up a 1-3 omnibus or sumin soon

Will now work on the captions at online F5 gallery, dedicated to Blind Cowboy.
53 sketches so far!

Blind Cowboy is still up at , but Ghost Horse set is gone...
we have SDCC t-shirts up at the store! Each comes in vinyl Large Martin or Bertie shipping containers, they are random, so you don't know which container you'll get! Keep in mind that size chart is in centimeters, not inches. Each centimeter is 0.3937 inches.

August - 2011 CgoSbtAugust - 2011 Sa2nWtAugust - 2011 DdPsPtAugust - 2011 IyHsSt

Popbot Blind Cowboy left the store and estimated shipping is set to November. Can't wait for you guys, to see it hand! F5 Bar goes down soon, thank you all for your support, sketches and time spent in the bar!
great, thats why we stopped the sale, hit the threshold.

SDCC t-shirts are gone now but there will be more:
sold out for now
im told there will be more
Fingers crossed for more t-shirts and different designs in the future (DW *wink *wink or Iron Panda *cough *cough , right guys?)

Are the t-shirts made out of 100% cotton?

Will Kuan Ti, Jung, Barguest and Fantome get a blister pack carded release?
kuan is part of a box set already
^TFDS3PSS3AA - 3AA exclusive Triste Fight Death Swingers 3 Pack, Stiffy set! - sold on 27.04.2011
(contains WWRp Gebi de Plume, Kuan Ti Plume and Commando Droplcoth)

DIY BOT HEAD (given to customizers at SDCC) custom by wwwetworks

August - 2011 V0eVstAugust - 2011 AzFyTtAugust - 2011 C0knetAugust - 2011 Qjsp6tAugust - 2011 8ladMt

You will see more customized bot heads, during this show.

Important note from 3A production blog
Starting from now, if you want the shipping invoice price to be lower than the price paid or be noted as a gift, please contact at to arrange this for particular orders.

F5 bar is gone and here is my short farewell speech:
Time for me to close down the bar!
Even though we haven't reached 100 pages, I think we had a very nice time in the bar and enormous amount of sketches.
I feel that last week was pretty intense, with all the 3AA package in US situation, people getting wind up and losing their nerve, a lot of conspiracy talks happened and I feel that I'm really becoming a vampire and infecting other forum MODs with the disease (living on the forum each day and barely sleeping). I'm glad that the bar managed to lift up a spirit a bit and some people found again common grounds. Really hope that we all will have the situation passed us and we will stop beating poor old Ghost Horse to death.
Anyway, can't wait for you to receive your Blind Cowboys!
And certainly looking forward to open up F5 Bar again!
Thank you Legion!
Truly yours,


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August - 2011 Empty Re: August - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:59 am


Lots & lots of updates today, I don't even know where to start, and I'm in for three years!

Let's start with important announcements from 3A production blog:
3A Info Newsletter
We are going to start sending out a weekly 3A info newsletter that will keep you up to date about 3A and that our supporters might find helpful.

We have found that using the blog, forum or twitter doesnt always work for a concise version of issues pertaining to 3A, whether it be shipping, upcoming product, events etc ! When issues such as the Zombie redo, the 3AA shipping snafu, this newsletter will be the front-line of official 3A info!

So if you have not signed up for the 3A newsletter, please do so. The first edition will go out this week.

Newsletter sign up link:

If you ever have any questions or you need a direction, and you don't want to contact straight away (which is our customer service), here is a faster solution for you:
3A Twitter customer support
Please use out 3A Customer twitter support, 3ASUPPORT is the ID !
Again, if social networks and twitter, isn't your thing, you can always contact for answers.

Greatest news of the day: Ashley Wood is back to the forum and posting like a hurricane! Hello good old days and prepare for bigger & longer updates in my column.

Let's try to summarize everything, what was mentioned today on 3A forum:

Ashley about WWR Grunts, who are shipping later this month to US customers and then to rest of the world:
i want them too !
soon as i have em in hand, pics will be taken, Im sometimes last to get em... ! gah

Who will be the next Grunt?
next grunt is Guile sniper, plus a heavy grunt, grunt with gatling, flame thrower etc
Yep, you heard it right, FLAME THROWER!!!

On the looks of WWR Barguest and Fantome de Plume, which are already shipped and there are pics in hand, by our awesome boardies:
"i might dig Fantome the best now.... love the white"
"no more 1/6th deplumes as they are now, the Deplumes are changing, Nom will return, but not the same !"

WWRp de Plumes in boiler suits?!
"re 1/12th, there are few to come, boilersuit de plume etc"
fact de plume is his name

On new shipping plans:
well shits gonna change lads, after this past fuck up, things are changing radically re shipping, it will take till start of 2012 to get into motion.

WWR Caesar - most deadly and mysterious Rotchild bot news:
"caesar next month, made him better, had them ready, but wanted some articulation in the groin. so yea, i could have showed you the caesar 8 weeks ago, but it wasnt on point. its next up though !"
"Caesar is like dropcloths big brother , really big brother. i really dig it, different yet Rothchild"

Are there any confirmed Caesar colors?
"i didnt confirm, Surprise, ill start showing soon, a slow reveal. wish I could show a proto...hmmmm"
"medic is a classic colorway"

On WWR Caesar articulations and whether it's better than Dropcloths (who is currently most articulated WWR bot):
it has more articulation in the feet, so yea, in total is does ! than a DC
"most human shaped so far, you will see soon !"

Earlier it was mentioned that WWR Caesar will have few different versions, here is a reminder about that:
yes actually there are 3 major versions, flat, dome, and a two shield versions

On starting a thread , where Ashley will be answering questions about figures:
ill be around, but its really easy to miss stuff, so I might start a thread for questions about toys, that you guys can then spread around if you want. make sense?

Will we see lazers on Rotchild bots?
rothchild like lazers, but they need huge power plants, so expect some, but not small lazer guns !

Can we have WWR/Rotchild bot catalogue, with each WWR bot?
nope just cant find the time nor the printing cost yet.

There are randomly placed sketches in WWR Barguest/Fantome de Plume boxes, like in good old Blanc de Plume sketch days, but this time the original sketch itself is the prize!
inside the box sealed box, factory side
the sketch is the prize

Do Grunts use radios?
they dont use radios, they are all connected to a hivebot that relays all info to all concerned constantly. radios are for music in the WWR world !

Posting about WWR Weapons pack, which we all have been wanting for a while:
wow, james wnating a weapons pack. IF we take all the weapons so far, easy. making new stuff will take a while. whats it gonna be ?
"the vote is split
I think a existing is the option, I just cant find more time to do new stuff at the moment. anyone have a list of all our 1/6th weapons ?"

Marksewellm thats a good pack right there !
"gatling is done for the dropcloths, minis and big. just not sure I wanna do any more DROPCLOTH V.1"

On our current problems and thinking out loud, about the future and balance for 3AA membership:
anything can be done, only factors like cost and time stop it. Also Im really interested in getting away from pre-ordering in the future, but this has it ups and downs. Upside, shit is ready to ship the moment you order, which would be awesome right, downside is we cant cater for all buyers, there will be a set amount( cost balancing and risk ) and thats it, once its soldout they are gone. That will make a a part of 3AA defunct too, as it will counter the 24 hour thing. So im looking for a balance, where you guys get your stuff much quicker and have a 3AA model of some sort. its a work in progress at 3A.
Im always thinking on this stuff, everyday!

the big toys cost big money to develop, plus the shipping for heavy stuff makes for a higher priced toy. Also the USD has lost much value in china and makes the cost higher to 3A to manufacture, we have kept the 20% increase in manufacturing for the whole away from you guys. Distribution is a major concern, and we have, as of today started talk to completely change our distro. It will make our everyones easier, to concentrate on making cool shit ( thats the whole point of 3A ) and leave distro to another party. the last 2 weeks has not been lost on me, it was a complete fuck up and massive drain on everyone involved concerning the 3AA set. You guys were suitably and rightfully bummed, I was was livid, and ultimately changed my view on how to proceed. In one way its been shit, but the flip side is a better way has emerged and will take shape end of year.
"the legion isnt brought together over pre ordering, its brought together for love of stuff, whether it be 3A, toys and similar outlook ! plus I never said it would just be retail anyway. I see much anxiety and questions over pre-ordering that to me takes away from the experience of the world Im trying to offer. A lot of the core story is lost to static and mis-info. But thats my problem."
"cant dwell on shit, never get anywhere living in a history mode. We cannot force anyone to buy, or like us, I only offer. Im off, coffee and work, ill return with a new questions thread ! and remember, join the newsletter for the weekly info, join the 3Asupport twitter for questions !

On updates and why Ashley isn't the best guy for them, and why he was absent from board for a while :
Im the worst guy for updates, Im knee deep in paints most time, changing nappies etc. So we are gonna bring people into help. I got into this to make great toys, thats it, if I cant do it, Im not interested, I dont want a job!. I love talking shit about them too.
I thought you lads were happier too talk without my spectre looming large, but I guess thats not the case. so yea Im back!
twiiter blows actually, truncated limited responses and its easy for a codger like me to miss shit.. Im gonna my old blog more, lot more members too. Ill talk 3A here.

Farewell from Ash for today:
i gotta run now, but yea, things are gonna change, for the better, for you guys, i dont want to see tears !

On Star Wars figures, which were teased as prototypes at SDCC and on making Microman figures:
well doesnt look like its gonna happen. we got blocked.. still I got to make these, the weathered stormy is my fav of them ! sigh
Microman will be just as cool !

Guys, because of the wording, there might be misunderstanding that A-Sonic is opening 3AA 2011 package boxes and removing the hoodies. Which isn't the true. Next week, we will have a laugh about it. Please remember, that all will be set right, its complicated procedure, there isnt an easy fix for that. But 3A will make it right, like mentioned several times before.

Cool new and old figures photos by our boardies: two_hand, prime, moldie13, mildthree, hidy, slimjim, boz - in no particular order:

August - 2011 YHDmztAugust - 2011 RaHYFtAugust - 2011 QVWlttAugust - 2011 UaI4otAugust - 2011 Y9wnrtAugust - 2011 9XVmDtAugust - 2011 Rf6octAugust - 2011 LPZ1ktAugust - 2011 DsSmDt

Now, 3A related stuff from Ashley's twitter:
Ashley about the same thing, I mentioned in the paragraph above
for what reason ? my understanding is that retrieved box are being forwarded to rightful owners, opening shouldnt happen ?
hey should email for up to date info if they are concerned.
email they need to know these issues !

About 3A weekly newsletter, one official source of all information
Sign up for the 3A newletter, weekly updates will now be sent pertaining to orders and such

thats why we are goign to have a newsletter go out with issues dealing 3A and customers, a onestop shop of info

yup I bet, we need info from one source, not from here, the blog, the forum etc. my twitter makes it worst

thats going to be the best line, no more this from here, this from here shit. one source

thats the ticket, unless its on the blog or newsletter it aint official news or info

On 3A support twitter, which I already mentioned:
3A will create a support twitter for you guys, im not the best person to ask about the details etc, i dont have them close by
This is the life support sytem for 3A customers, please use and enjoy !

Ashley about his job and what he loves to do, and why he wasn't on the forum for a while:
"its hard, I dont want influence or sway discussions by being there, i miss discussing WWR though."
"my job is too come up with great ideas, worlds, designs for you guys to enjoy thats what Im gonna do"

Confirming once again, that not all toys will make it into WWRp and vice-versa:
some toys will be WWR, some WWRp only

Can we see Fuck it #4 cover (out in September), if our boardie Paul comes back to the forum?
when its finished yea, actually I dont have one yet... always last thing to be done !

Can we see posters from SDCC up at
nope, the shipping is a fucker on posters, too much damage via postage

AP Zomb resident sale soon?
Mk3 sale is on <- right now WWR JEA Bertie MK3 is for sale at

Few 2000AD news , which will make few people VERY happy:
Hammerstein is next, but we are not offering the toys unless everything is molded and good to go!
Also we wil be producing a full line of all 2000ad Action Portable figures too, just so ya know !
When will we see Judge Dredd?
soon as we can! on his law-master !
Ro-Jaws news
ro jaws is by himself, and this year
im with ya there, where i work is covered in 2000ad history, part of my being the tooth !
About this blog
nice blog, very cool infact, lots to chew into !

Is new version of Tharg still happening? - Retail for new Thargy.
does anyone want him Smile
nah retail

I'm not big expert in 2000AD world, but even I screamed like a little girl, when I read that super villains - Dark Judges - are happening! 'cause if I'm reading that quote right.
they will be


This date was marked with 3AVOX1 weekly newsletter, which is currently in inbox of all the people who signed up to it. Here is the link if you didn't receive one:

You can discuss 3AVOX newsletters here.

I think it's pointless to copy everything here, I would rather like you to go and check it out. I just want to attract your attention to one specific bit and upload some photos.

Bambaland ordering: When making your order, there is now a special instructions area on the product page, If you need your purchase listed as a gift or you want a customs value of your choice, you would enter your requests there. Please be aware that the customer is responsible for any customs repercussions resulting from their request, as well as any standard customs charges.

August - 2011 JkYd5t

My fellow Legionnaires, if you want specific value on your invoices for current pre-orders, please contact and advice the value. This is done, not because our silly wishes or change of mood, unfortunately customs are becoming very strict and we can't continue going on our own risk & initiative. So if you want do make it done, you have to contact 3A and be ready to bear full responsibility.

Cool images from 3AVOX newsletter, featuring Popbot Wasabi TK and Oyaloper/Interloper TK

August - 2011 8qeDStAugust - 2011 BdE7Ft

AP Bambabosses (Pudding, JEA, GID)

August - 2011 VMYGut

Upcoming t-shirts, featuring my favorite Daywatch decals:

August - 2011 D7RSutAugust - 2011 TRJhatAugust - 2011 RA3SItAugust - 2011 Vr9OhtAugust - 2011 ZHUezt

Some images of Goodsmile 3A display at the latest Wonderfest in Japan. Our thanks to Goodsmile and their Wondernauts for representing ThreeA!

August - 2011 Xz0iztAugust - 2011 HW65HtAugust - 2011 1BD3Pt

New & proper AK Acolyte Zomb says HI Wink

August - 2011 Qm8het

Now let's checkout what Ashley said on the forum:

Ashley posting in Fuck It thread about Omnipuss:
i want to make a omnibus, but the cost is really high for printing it. just got the quote...damn !"
"omnipuss ( as its known from today ) wouldnt feature any new stuff, FUCKIT are exactly how I want them, they contain the art that is mean to be part of that book. no retrograde fiddling with these."

About Soot Diver 1:1 head:
when we have some idea of shipping, the square shipping was a huge pain, a good portion of the Square customers didnt know the shipping cost, and were angry at us over it ! So we are not going there again
In fact it's true, 1:1 Square was very well priced, but shipping of 65kgs , may be very expensive. Even if you live in Asia!
we have no ideas, we kind amade them al, have not looked into cost yet, or shipping, soon as we have a good idea, the heads will be revealed !

On WWR Supreme Commander from NOM, who will be first female figure in WWR toys world
always been female, have been playing with the supreme for a while, nearly there !
she has many hose !

Posting in Stuff section:
Dude, we have to take the responsibility though, 3A could pull the ol couriers fucked up, we are clean, 3A 3A ra ra figure it out your self etc.. But I want everyone to have their set... except the cunts who just put straight on ebay and fucked over real fans... Benny is working really hard on this, its a mess, but we will figure out and get everyone their set asap. We have never said tough shit to any supporter ever, not gonna start. regardless of the tools slinging shit at us, we have never not shipped a toy, yea, we blow shipping dates, but we always deliver. And when shit isnt right ( zombsv.2 ) we replace. Our track record show we never fucking leave a man behind, we never say suck it.
If that wasnt the case, i would walk today form 3A, and I would expect paul to quit this forum straight away after me !

And bit of info from 3AVOX newsletter:
According to our U.S shipping agent Asonic, 3AA packs will start shipping next week again. It goes without saying that the recent situation, regarding the shipping of 3AA member -packs, sucked. No one was happy with what occurred but we are glad to say that the folks at ASonic are doing their utmost to rectify the snaffu. If you have any queries regarding your 3AA order, please be sure to contact us at with your order number.

On 2000AD Mongrol shipping:
"ill find out today the drop dead shipping for Mongrol, the figure is made, just the boxes were lagging, they are rather big and had issues. Once things get beyond standard size shit always goes wrong ! But yea, I want my Mongrol, shit i want all the 2000ad figures now ! "
"if i had the boxes to photograph, it would Be shipping NOW~"
"man, i want mongrol more than anyone !!!"

About sketches WWR Barguest & Fantome de Plume boxes:
I want the sketches found !! cmon guys open that shit !
"never said one ? there are the same amount as the deplume"

WWR Caesar comments:
"not moon bots really, thats armstrong 0G, they are next gen of bots"
"nope, I only have prototypes that do not represent the final version you guys will get. Too much mis-info gets spread if I show such stuff. They are the next major sale, and soon as I get finished colorways Ill pimp em hard, I really dig this bot, I wanna show it off !"

there are a re few, LOTS, I just couldnt make a short list of 2 or 3 - on Caesar variant quantity

Commenting on July photo thread entries:
cool shots lads !

Few comments about 3AVOX newsletter, which we already read (link at the beginning of this update):
"just a heads up, the first 3AVOX newsletter goes out tonight, our Hong Kong tonight !"
"VOX = Voice"
"it has some cool images it in some may dig !"

On latest custom changes (see newsletter or this thread above about it):
you just have to tell us what you want the value at, there is now an orders instructions order area on the product page for you to put in your customs value or gift options requests.
We legally have to put exact purchase price on the customs dec, but we offer you the option to change this, but its still at your own risk. We cannot promise anything when it comes to customs etc
Our shipping people already have a super hard gig, and we always try to help as much as we can, I think our history shows this... I
I blame the MAN!

email Candy doesnt do this stuff anymore

About Micromans by 3A:
Microman will 1/12th scale
We will be giving our takes on the classic 70's line of Microman by Takara, im damn excited and proud to do this line !
more info soon

Commenting about Star Wars figures by 3A (which unfortunately ain't going to happen):
it more Hasbro not wanting a 1/6th line by us, which is fair enough, they have the rights, they dont owe 3A anything.
But yea, Greedo, Jawa, Snow-trooper..
Im going to offer a Boba as prize for some upcoming contest or something. Soon as I get em back, they were misplaced, cough, but found and on their way home.
its amazing ! - about 3A Boba

Some upcoming changes (next year), which will make lots of European customers very happy:
we are going be partnering soon with a good company that has Euro distro covered, so goingforward into next year this wont be an issue

More about 3AVOX newsletter:
yes it is, well spotted ! - confirming that Zomb in the header, is reworked version of the AK Acolyte Zomb, which 3A promised to send out to the Acolyte Zomb customers
"you guys are right, more info is needed, hopefully this will go towards that !"
"newsletter is sent, it will get better as we go !"

From Ashley's twitter:
Any chance for Popbot 9 next year?
yup or this year !

About 3A customer service:
3ASupport for detailed order info, email 3A with your order #, they will get back to with more details.
I will elaborate this: contact (of course if you dig and like twitter) , for quick answers on your questions and for right directions. And more personal stuff (like tracking and etc) are handled via


WWR Barguest and Fantome de Plume youtube reviews by S.Ryoma and DesignerToysUK

August - 2011 JDEIVmAugust - 2011 HGTDxm

While we all are waiting for sketches to be found, here is a quick reminder what kind of sketches, we had through the years...starting with first 10 Blanc de Plume sketches, followed by 20 Interloper sketches and unknown number of additional Blanc de Plume sketches:

August - 2011 Y1PWEtAugust - 2011 E7LiLtAugust - 2011 J7stGtAugust - 2011 Lj6lbtAugust - 2011 NW90bt

Posting about custom charges:
"we can do nothing without your instructions anymore, many customers in the EU dont want us to change the amount ( go figure ), last week we were told by many they didnt like the way we handled the customs charges , so we have to assume everyone wants something different and will accommodate that."
"3A got many email about this, with many complaints they didnt like the way we handled the customs.It easy I think, email threeA tell them what you want, say do it like always please for me, do it this way, or you can do nothing I guess"

Through the years, I been constantly bugging Ash to include poncho & riot shield into WWR weapons/accessories pack and here is his answer:
told you many times gimby, no poncho!
Camo suit yea, poncho....NOOOOOOO
not in a weapons pack - still chance for more riot shield (only WWR EMGY DC had one for now - August - 2011 4cQx3t

Ashley confirming that only first WWR Grunts , which were sold in February 2011, will be shipping in September:
No we mean the initial Grunt wave is shipping in Sept , the EMGY and Medic are different and will ship later, as they were ordered later. File under special and stuff

Expressing his attitude about WWR toys and WWR comic:
I think more people have the toys than have ever got the book, by a big margin, the toys are the lead storytellers in the WWR universe, the AK universe, which is cool. thats the way I like it. it gives you guys more input too, the toys are creative totems, I know many who are happy with their own versions of WWR based on the toys they get. I see a greater good and value in that than having a boring prosaic defined guide to what I do.
So to Clarify, there is no clarity, ill do what I do, what makes me happy. Ill never ask ask you to do or live in a way that doesnt make you happy.
And yea, I do the heavy lifting on all thee books, shits gonna take time

Fun photos by our boardies: Kenton and sci70716

August - 2011 VazH5tAugust - 2011 DxcYnt

First ever Bertie MK3 in WWRp scale is still up at , JEA snooze, you lose.

About Omnipuss
wwll Im gonna add material to the omnipuss just for you now !

Commenting on weapon packs:
I think the modding of the toys is the best part, im always messign with that side, seeing what looks cool

Boba Fett competition, Ash mentioned earlier?! Read more here , we are waiting for J3D1 to announce more details:

August - 2011 ULq06tAugust - 2011 8w6VBt

Unfortunately there are no Stormtroopers, but Boba Fett is awesome (check pics above):
the stormys all got nabbed by LUCAS Smiley
I have my clean and weathered Stormy, they aint going anywhere"
"when i buy Hasbro oneday ill do it Smile

WWRp Dropcloth will have gatling guns:
well the 1/12th DC have the gatlings!

Latest entry from Ashley's blog:

August - 2011 TX0hOt

Ashley commenting about small painting (on top of white box in the left corner) and talking about art in general:
"nope, thats a hoojib painting."
"save ya money, it will be in a book, just as cool !"

nothign to do with SW gimby

On how he feels personally about toys, design and how he wants to deliver WWR story:
"you know, the day I sit here telling you its all good,while nameless drones churn out shit for WWR etc, then hate on me I design every single thing, every concept, every conceit for better or worse.
The creativity and thinking behind toy design is just as relevant and great as making a comic books. Plus find enjoyment in all creative forms, from painting, design, making comics, designing, photography and so on.
Infact I believe in delivering stories transcending many medias is the way forward."
and games, and all the rest.

Latest change of plans, OMNIPUSS will go out before FUCK IT4
on the spur, fuckit OMNIPUSS with new art ( for sailmo )will come out before FI4.

Posting in - Fuck it - thread
So im standing in my studio this morning, I have a shitload of unfinished paintings for the Levine, it kinda dawned on my to get into gear ! FUCK
Im thinking of putting off any new FI books till next year, I have to really concentrate on this stuff, as I have always saif, the painting is paramount for me..
So yea, its a epiphany morning for me.
Thought I would share with you guys.
I also way enjoy this forum more than twitter, much more personal and less soundbite crap. !

On Halo & MAK figures by 3A (which were first mentioned at SDCC 2011 - click the link to read it)):
the Halo are gonna be killer, scifi military is always cool, Mak too.

Remember guys, if something is wrong with your 3A toys you ordered or books you ordered, always contact and we will make it right!
send it back we shall refund all costs !

"I kinda lost interest to tel the truth, looked at a proof and was left wanting, great images, funking surreal and disturbing, but thats it. there isnt a narrative nor reason for it to live .so I went meh..
90% of my output get nixed like that, Im the hardest critic ever on myself.
so unless I can figure out a reason, ill always have the polaroids !"
"maybe as a part of sumin else, but as a single thing, its just too , i dunno.. ill use them here ans there !
appreciate the interest"

Lately there been circling a rumor (mainly on Asian discussion boards) that Popbot Wasabi TK release boxes (which are shipping out this month) will have a free poster inside. My friends, there was never an official word during or after the sale, that it will happen. I don't know if somebody is spreading it on purpose or it's simply lost in translation situation. Here is Ashley about posters:
no poster this time, they were cheap as we could make em, no wiggle room for printing. I agree bummer, but costings are tight.
Hell I want a poster of it.."
To remind you, Wasabi TK was 80$ with shipping included in the price, 3AA Oyaloper was 120$.

Posting in - MOTU Classics thread:
great blog, wish there was a large Greyskull box painting pic, thats my absolute fav ! EVER!

M+M volume 2 by 3A Publishing, will see the light this year!
vol 2 this year!
Just in book form this time (first volume was online as well)
nah, just in book form, no really cared, nor really mentioned it, but loved the book. im staying old-fashioned just a book will be released, I love the first one !

Ashley about Yama story and painting:
dirty whitey and the Yama are in the book, the ballad of Yama needs art !
on double panel paintings:
yea, the double are my thing now, it will change but its fun, give more latitude.
I have a classic two panel lasstranaut in the works..
later y'all

In case you missed newsletter and haven't read shipping updates in Shipping next thread, here is a repost:
Each date marks scheduled date, when the shipping procedure starts (can always change under certain circumstances):
25 August - Popbot Wasabi TK
25 August - AP Mini boss
25 August - Showcase Bambasboss 3rd year
31 August - 2000 AD Mongrol ( Mongrol shipping date slipped due to a box printing error )
WWR Grunts will now all ship at once in mid September. (that of course doesn't include EMGY Trooper and Medic Grunt, which were sold later on).
Princess and Vanilla TQ ( TQ-Loper chase as well ) will also ship in September

Since there are very important changes about customs declaration (see my column, 3A blog or newsletter for that), I advice you to check this thread for advices, guidance and share the experience. Of course lucky US customers don't need to read it, only perhaps to understand in such a great and friendly country for collectors they live in.

I've been told that WWR Barguest and Fantome de Plume been seen in US, such a happy news! My friends, please use the map to mark the progress and give us all better idea on what's going on:

Pics reposted by our forum member Pork , author Chinese boardie (not from our board), featuring 12 de Plume boxes:

August - 2011 KtDzytAugust - 2011 Kg8nVt

And please don't scream about dolphins, let's keep this community positive, especially after 3AA US situation, we all just went through.

Paul, if you are reading this line, COMEON! We desperately need more details about Boba Fett competition and.....guys....there will be something exciting next week as well!

1/12th Boba Fett competition is up!

Please check this thread by Paul, to learn more about competition:

What is the competition about?

You have to answer on one simple question:
What does threeA mean to you?

So, please describe in the contest thread in no more than 100 words, the answer on that question.

The Prizes:
1st Place - 1:12 Boba Fett
2nd Place - 1:12 3AA APTK Oya Naga

-One entry per person.
-No more than 100 words (don't wanna break poor Ash's eye balls!).
-Deadline is 20:00 (UK time) one week from today (Friday 26th August).
-Winners to be chosen by Ashley Wood.

Please keep the thread for entrys ONLY, no chit chat, any comments you have must go in the following thread:


WWRp Bertie MK3 JEA resident sale ends during this weekend.
just a FYI, the JEA MK3 comes down this weekend. back to the droppy...

Ashley about M+M 2 and Les Mort in it:
he is in the second book a lot, in fact he is the stiffy

Couple of fun photos by AIpred and S.Ryoma

August - 2011 Wc2HTtAugust - 2011 R8JnPt

^TQ on S.Ryoma photo isn't in the OG costume.

Oh and last batch of M+M books shipped out by regular airmail, which may take a while. But 3A always delivers.

Don't forget to checkout August photo thread for more cool photos and as always, please do feel free to participate.

Interesting idea, how to involve the community in 3AVOX (weekly newsletter)
btw, you can sign up to it here:

You can do better than this !
crafted by admin on August 20th, 2011

Every week we want to showcase an awesome 3A Toy photo from one of our super talented supporters in 3AVOX , the entry that’s gets picked to represent each week will score a cool gift of some sort, we dont know what yet, but it will be kinda cool, ok at the least !

Send your 3A toy photos to

***By sending us the 3A Toy photo you are giving us permission to show it in 3AVOX, please add any info you want imparted to the world !

We are super excited to see what you do, so much so, we cant stand up….

Featuring blurry image of WWR Caesar showing his articulation powers:

August - 2011 Yn80yt

Ashley about that photo and contest:
"guys, we are gonna run a new photo contest for 3AVOX each week to showcase cool shit, drop over to 3A blog to check out the details!!
great shots"
cough caesar, whats that..... yea it is... man, my blurry skills are done..
3AVOX is fun I had great time making it !
I think an art contest too.. yea

About Tarino art books, btw Fat Tarino is still available at
tarino is my fav art book so far , shit even I enjoy sussing it out, of course then I cringe and throw dont and cry..

On Yama & Naga characters and TKs:
Yama is the emo of them, like brothers, but very different, Naga is more laid back !
"all TK's are intertwined, they have the same father.. many mothers.
I didnt know the book was sold out, how cool... that makes me feel like a playa !"

*Popbot BBB was sold out at IDW publishing shop, right after SDCC, as it was strictly limited to 500 pcs

WWRp Heavy Brambles coming to retailers! Currently we saw only Bambalandstore and SDCC exclusive versions: DW, NW and Bromwhich.
"there is a cool retailer HeavyB selection popping up soon !"

About mysterious AK Mr. and Mrs. Shadow couple:
"he has a black face, no one has ever seen his face, even Mrs Shadow !"

All de Plumes and Men from N.O.M on one photo: by by tigerfeet

August - 2011 2Kw5lt

And more cool photos by [i]DeimosDaz, mtomzceck and

August - 2011 1GQXItAugust - 2011 JPE7wtAugust - 2011 CaiL9t

If you are interested in 3A Apparel t-shirts, here are some pics I did, to show the quality and details of 3A BIG RED decals t-shirt. Black t-shirt on photos is t-shirt by another manufacture and 3A easily tops it with thicker material, nicer quality and more pleasant tactile feeling. But that's of course my personal observations:

August - 2011 6AjAitAugust - 2011 PPJtUtAugust - 2011 G0tJ9tAugust - 2011 DR8l6tAugust - 2011 Q5omhtAugust - 2011 G3tRUtAugust - 2011 U7fNKtAugust - 2011 78080tAugust - 2011 Fbdf2tAugust - 2011 ZJi23t

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August - 2011 Empty Re: August - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:59 am


WWRp Bertie MK3 JEA will stay for few more days at
Mk3s are a way offff. the bamba sale is a sneaky at the shoty version. which is coming down soon, but we had so many request for a coupe of days more due to funds, we are leaving it up etc

Apparently IDW publishing has some Popbot BBB stashed away:
word is there are some floating around IDW, so hit em up if your into BBB's

Ashley about Stealth bots and 3A day by day situation. We always aim for the best and never leaving customers behind:
3A is a work in progress, we learn every-week, and try to fix the problems associated not only with manufacturing, but logistics and all the in-between.
We want a selling/shipping/enjoying system that is faultless just as much as you guys you want it.
and yea, I want some Stealth bots too..
"shit happens, anyone in business knows this, we make mistakes, our suppliers fuck us over, sunspots, plus we walked under a laddder..
the trick is when shit goes bad, its how you deal, and we always deal, no customer left behind !"

Ashley about WF bots (we saw "WF" on Jungler Dropcloth, there will be Jungler Grunt and Square) and talks more about WWR Caesar, which is next WWR release:
WF is earthy, the WF refers to my father, who was a decorated Major. So its my fav too ! All the elements have a connection from decals to camo !
WF yo, re Caesar, yea, I think so, they are the next gen, every force wants them, the Audi A7 of bots - WF for Caesar
"all caesar come with massive knives !"

Last year, we had pretty cool exhibition in Beijing, called Beijing Gathering. One of the exclusives was Adventure Saturday Adventure Set, which included these figures: Ghost Shadow, Missionary Zomb, Shadow Tommy, Shadow Zombot. Later Ashley said, that he isn't a fan of Ghost Shadow head, 3A will make some changes and will send a new one. I just got my in and here are few pics of the head and pics of an old head by dtpc and Flickr user: Fuuuuuunk.

August - 2011 9FGsktAugust - 2011 V4MGQtAugust - 2011 JwGZ2tAugust - 2011 VPfKLtAugust - 2011 RJnGhtAugust - 2011 OJPdJt

If you an owner of these set, you need to send photo of your Ghost Shadow, next to sheet of paper with your email on it , to and they will send you a replacement head.

Ashley about Fuck it 4
4 when its ready, I would love this year, but I dont want to push it, maybe a RAW FUCK book, just drawings and sketches

About 3A x Spawn/McFarlane collaboration and what we all need to do, to get it going Smile
we have in the license last time I check, we signed up , but it never got going I guess we are not too busy doing our thing to find the time.
I love the stuff, todd obviously does. I guess, DEMAND IT, WRITE TO 3A AND TMP and say pleaseeeeee.
i know man, i do too...
Get on Toddys facebook and twitter !

On cool Popbot TQ photos by our boardies:
they are cool

Don't know about you guys, but I can't wait for Apertore 2 magazine, filled with more 3A toy photos. And speaking about Popbot TQ, I love this photo by dedguy

August - 2011 EmmRSt

On amount of weathering and final look , of WWR DW&NW Commanders
cant win, some want more weathering, some less. i like it like it is, it was my call the weathering amount.
wash away!
"its horses for courses. But yea, the new DWCOM represents the new corrupted DW NOM faction well i think. They are not going to be getting any cleaner in mind or clothing.
I wish I had my Noms setup lik that Tigerfeet, cant find half of them..grr"

On DIY de Plume look and confirming that old de Plumes are dead (but there will be NEW ones):
"wish the face had been white and the eyes black on that DIY de plume... i wonder how many we got of those left ?"
nah, deplume is de-ad in 1/6th
Nom is coming back, but he has moved on..

About his current paintings and art:
not really showing what im working on , most will appear at galleries or museums and dazzle and delight for the first time. then in books. Im making paintings like I always wanted, hard but worth it !
"who knows, I have a few things im really behind happening that needs da art. But damn my witches series is aimed at casa Levine. Nabler HArem...need I say more !"
Will we see any new Modern girls?
yea of course, really fun to do, they are the bot riders in short. the THERE ( the chicks pointing etc ) paintings are Modern Girls.

Expressing his opinion on what he would do (invoices & customs issues), it's always better to email 3A (
i would ask !


Ashley commenting about sketches, which are randomly placed in very limited number of WWR Barguest/Fantome de Plume boxes:
"One sketch so far had landed !"
"there are only a small amount, compared to the amount of barguest, its slim. deplume sketches are still awol to this day !"

i think so.
its all shits and giggles i think. Really they are rare, not even double digits..
the best part are the photos of the winnarzz, they look damn proud and happy in the shots, holding it up etc !

About Omnipuss, which will feature previous Fuck it books
sail, i love ya, but I only do stuff for me when it come to how I present my art. I like adding shit, its all relevant.
Plus I gotta make the book attractive, shit gonna cost me $$$$, and they aint gonna fly like cheap seats, coz it wont be !
yup, the first 3A FI had both the covers in it !

Whether Omnipuss will have fancy slip packaging and why not:
no slip, cost is hugem IDW can swing those things as they are big time customers to their printer, we are piss-ant to ours
soon as its printed and in house, we will offer, september I think
"nahh, Im pretty sure we will always be small time publishers, its done for fun."
"a slip will cost 20 more, plus the extra shipping, could put $30 extra on the price, not worth it."
"I want the people who didnt see fuckit 1-3 to see my shit, for as good as price as i can. Slip cases are cool, but unless I can get it cheap and it doesn impact shipping which is brutal"

cant take the risk on that, i have to pay in advance for this stuff, and this stuff oly ever breaks even at 3A if we are lucky. so yea... just a hardcover
"its great, I get to use the wotd omnipuss all over it !"

About replacement head for AK Ghost Shadow (which I showed above):
its the standard relase little shadow head, the beijing version was wrong. if you have the reg little shadow, you this head.
as we know, I decided to send owners of the Sat pack a new head as i wasnt happy with it.

Ashley answering on few questions about WWR Rothchild such as:
1) Will we see him this year on bambaland?
2) What "cool and special accessory" he will have?
3) One version or more?

soon as he is ready to show I will. one version, one time only sale.
I would say late this year, early next.
4)What about love life for Rotchild?
"Rothchild isnt look for a girlfriend, he ses no use in trivial data that has no connection to his present task.
You know enough already, he makes robots."

General information (if you haven't read WWR):
Rothchild owns Rothchild Mechanics, designs all the robots, and lives on the moon.

Our Legionnaires and supporters in Japan, organized JDF meeting, here are few pics by Ochakumi, Arai Satoshi, Mikodayo, NIXON

August - 2011 AX6HPtAugust - 2011 AHH7itAugust - 2011 0lZ4ltAugust - 2011 AuFKDt

More photos from that meet up, can be seen here.

Ashley posting in JDF meeting thread and chatting with Japanese boardies. I must say that, I'm really impressed by they enthusiasms, spirit and proud that we have Japanese boardies on the forum, who aren't afraid of language barrier and are active members of this community. Lots of love and respect for you guys!
its epic guys, can I sho wsome of these pics in the 3AVOX ? if so, can you email me some, so I know its cool ?
"thanks kadooooo
Next time in Japan, we wil do it, I was asked to a concert on Tokyo in Septmeber, but my fight phobia is dead against it !"
"Kaddoooooo, can you write a little something regarding the gathering, I think this meeting needs a little more than just pics etc
If I can goto the concert, I will, it more other commitments than phobia"

Posting about Omnipuss
the omnipuss is never dry, a constant state of excitement !

About being back on the forum:
thanks didadi, I really thought you guys were happier with my outta the picture, happy to be back !

WWRp Armstrongs 0G and 1G keep landing at 3A retailers all over the world, so keep your eyes open! Few pics by breakersrevenge

August - 2011 Kp4k0tAugust - 2011 Y2f2utAugust - 2011 Pun8XtAugust - 2011 OkiRttAugust - 2011 KP2iAtAugust - 2011 9lR3ht

An advice from breakersrevenge:
How to identify your sealed retail Armstrongs by the threeA spot/sticker method!!
Gerry - Orange spot
Floyed - Yellow spot
Mod 7 - Red spot
Monet - Blue spot

Ashley about his personal fav:
always orange lads. My fav of them !

Latest entries from Ashley's blog, featuring Omnipuss cover and current paintings in the studio. Ashley's blog address is :

August - 2011 RT5CitAugust - 2011 ZKDHVtAugust - 2011 PV1RStAugust - 2011 Ynk8ttAugust - 2011 43w5gt


Popbot BBB is back to stock at IDW Publishing shop:
strictly limited to 500 copies

Ashley about Omnipuss (which we will see in September, if all goes according to plan)
blows ?
slipcase doesnt maketh the book
"il be happy to just get the book actually !"
"hose is more wobbly now, jelly like etc"

everyday I get emails saying they are new to my world, and want the books, so thats cool !

Why he is not showing WWR Caesar early prototypes
"if I has em, I would show em"
"they do represent the look, only articulation has changed, I do not want to show anything unless its final product near sale time"

Sadly not everything goes as planned, so bye bye dear Tank Girl , we will remember you:
might as well nix this thread, as we are not doing it, I dont want the impression given etc. Not our license to use or promote.

About WWR Barguest/Fantone de Plume gas mask hose:
"hose is more wobbly now, jelly like etc"

Introducing new bot line, called : LUX3A WWR 1/6th LINE and WWR Caesar will be the first one! The plan is that these bots will come with extra special stuff, for example Caesar will come with a comic, where you could read his story.
but hey, I have thought long on it, and have decided to put some kind of story book with them, not long but fun, to give you an idea of the bot etc..
its gonna be awesome,and the only way to get these stories Smiley its a bonus for supporting the LUX3A WWR 1/6th LINE !
"yup Caesar is the first. Basically all our highend super duper shit will carry the LUX3A and will always come with a little extra fruit !"
"im excited, I already got a the ideas flowing for these, thats a good start"

Ashley about WWR Caesar head variations and colorways:
there are dome heads, flat heads, single shield versions and double shields versions. but there is only one colorway of each, say EMGY is flat with shield, thats it, there isnt a double shield version. Im not saying there is a EMGY, just an example !
"just like any machine different uses have different versions, its all modular, easy to fit for different battlefields.
the comics will not be simple why the caesar looks like this or does that etc

Awesome Popbot collection by x43x, featuring original box art by Ashley Wood!

August - 2011 GZVEVt


Ashley about WWR Caesar nine colorways and explaining to us why certain colorways will not be offered for now (DW/NW)
"re colorways, I do the one that I like, and that people fans dig as well. For every fan that says I want a *, there is a fan that says please make a * , as I have the other bots in this faction and love them etc.
I think the Caesar has a good mix, I dig em all !"
"there should be 9 colorways actually for caesar, no NW/DW this time, maybe later as a set."

NW/DW kinda got struck off the buyers list once they found to be NOM related, Rothchild has a beef with NOM and isnt looking to hook them up with TOGATECH.

New colorways? Rotchild Internal Police? Damn!
a couple of new colorways are the Rothchild Internal Police, RIP for shirt

And now we have eleven (yes, 11!) WWR Caesar colorways!
actually 11 colorways.....
runs off

How all WWR Caesar colorways need to be offered at once:
they have to all be made at one time, so all sold at one time, its kinda cool, some will be super rare just be default !
yea, 9 are there for choice, were you guys not just saying we want choice ?

Ashley about choice and how he wants to offer one day, to choose the name on the bot:
I think choice is awesome, maybe a little daunting, but better than none !
I want to offer a choice of name on bot one-day, so you guys can pick them, bespoke toys !
whole lotta choice, when everyone else offers less, we offer more

Will we see Jungler WWR Caesar?
Jungler ?
nothing is in stone..
well it is, but that sounds more you know !

What weapons WWR Caesar uses:
"there most beloved weapon is the Smartblade. all other guns and whatnot are considered second choice"
"Smartblade, as in , its the smartest way to kill !"

What we will see in next 3AVOX newsletter, which goes out soon. You can subscribe to it here:
the next 3AVOX will have all the info for caesar sale ! !
thursday or friday for newsletter

Ashley about Omnipuss , which has Fuck it 1-3 and some new material:
files sent tomorrow to printers !

Posting in "Earthquake raped my collection." thread:
Sorry to see guys, really shit..GAH !
I must say that my heart goes to everyone, who suffered in latest earthquake in US. Stay strong Friends!

On now very exciting information from our good friends in Japan - Good Smile Company...... and from Linkin Park! If you'll check this site: , you will see that there is going to be a special figure by 3A and profits of all sales will go to the charity.
Here is an exact translation by our man in Japan kadoo: Linkin Park version toy will be released from ThreeA, a toy maker in HK which is famous for having hard core fans. (Sales date not decided)
And kadoo contacted Good Smile and here is what they told him about variants: Got a word from GoodSmile, and they said that 3A x Linkin Park toy will be one, not multiple variations.
Click here for the page in English about that event and we already know that Ashley mentioned this concert in September, in this quote.
Investigation LEGION continues!

Btw, have you seen very cool WWRp JDF Large Martin and Square? If you haven't please click here to find out more.

August - 2011 XYJaUt

Just talked with HK staff, everything going according to plan and Popbot Wasabi & Interloper OYA, AP Bambass and 3rd year Bambaboss start to ship out this week! Stay tuned for more.


3AVOX newsletter #2, goes out tomorrow (HKG time), sign up link:

Ashley teasing what we will see in the newsletter and about WWR Caesar, who will be the star of today's update (lots of quotes and info about him):
"the newsletter will reveal all the colorways, info not photos, and then you guys can say well that sucks it isnt enough, or where is my fav Smiley
We cannot stagger the selling, they all have be made at the same time ( these are not simple small toys, way outta the dropcloth league that everyone figures they are in! I dont care selling only 40 of something, I think its cool, I could sell many more by just selling at retail if business was a concern."

About WWRp 1G and 0G Armstrongs who are now hitting our retailers everywhere:
"support the retailers guys, they support 3A and make this stuff possible.."

On wanting another 1/12th scale Oyabun:
I want a shit weather OYA now..

Medic colorway for WWR Caesar?
im sure you are.. though I love the medic too, red on white cant lose !
isnt it always ? - about medic colors

We might see mysterious "skullfuckers" colorway soon (but not for Caesar though) , but not for WWR Caesar
you know, the skullfuckers gotta show up!, but not the caesarrrr, the tech is too spiffy and each bot is connected to Rothchild's moon HQ, for better performance of course. No rogue ones yet, but then again, nothing is perfect...

About big bots (WWR) and mixing up 1/6th scale and 1/12th scale figures in his personal collection:
Big bots are great, kinda our heritage, i think its where we own.
I still like mixing it up with small bots and figures, a APTK rides a Caesar prototype in front of me, absurd and cool. dare I say fun!

Interesting details about Rotchild character, who is inventor and creator of these bots:
Rothchild figures as he pretty much is the war maker, he should have frontline seating. He can see everything the Caesar see, experience the war without having to put shoes on !
make no mistake, Rothchild is twisted lil fucker, he does enjoy the war !

How WWR Bertie MK3 and Caesar interact together:
MK3 and caesar have deep rooted sibling rivalry. The Mk3 pretty much rules the field until Caesar appears... they are close in raw power, but the build and proportions of Caesar give him the edge, super powerful legs and arms...

Will the newsletter (3AVOX) feature which version of each Caesar colorway will be made?
maybe, I want to keep the reveals till C-DAY.. Colorways price etc are the go I think !

On big WWR Caesar colorway quantity and what do you do, when you see Caesar on the field
you guys have always supported 3A colorways, like sport teams, we many requests to do this or that, and we thought, why not give a choice of the caesar that are in the field. There are many that are not, actually its quite telling who has them, and who has not. these are the ace in the hole bots, your pretty fucked when they appear, unless your a NOM, than all you do is ask them nicely to stand down........

NOM and Rotchild relationship reminder:
NOM hates the Roth, but have a way with machines. ALL machines
they stand for polar opposites of reason
they also know who each other is...
he is an evil Steve Jobs,
I love Jobs, bummer he stepped down today !
- about Rotchild

Breathtaking details about Rotchild
Rothchild will see all suffer as he did
He knows pain, he knows loneliness, he was left out big-time by life.
Its one of those cases where, if someone had just extended a hand, or a nod in his direction.. It would have been all so different.....

About Iron Panda and please don't get it wrong, there will be no Iron Panda colorway for WWR Caesar
Iron Panda has gone rogue, part of the Earth faction to start, now part of a group of Earth forces that believe there should not be a war at all, and the Martians should govern Mars their own way.
This makes for cool battles on earth and really splinters a obviously more powerful Earth coalition against mars.
Rotchchild approves of this.
"no Iron Panda , you missed my point.
and gimby too !
strike Panda off your list !
Iron Panda has fallen foul of the Earth forces, they aint getting shit !"

Moon assault bot for NOM? To kick Rotchild where it hurts the most?!
no your not, actually I have designed a moon assault for NOM, its kinda fucking cool too

Will the battle ever reach the moon (Rotchild HQs)
the battle has, but no one talks about it..
Armstrong and Caesar maek sure its cool for Rothchild

Confirmation that there will be 11 variants of WWR Caesar in total, with all the variants:
"yes 11 total. thats includes all variants within"
"there is only one of each colorway, 11 in all. If A comes with one shield and flat head that the colorway. Coz thats how the bot represents !"

When we will see the photos and when sale of WWR Caesar happens?
nope, its a while off, gotta wait till they are all done man, september is the month of Caesar

How can I picture Caesar in my head?
Jedi, just think the best ash bot ever !
I love this bot, really come along well

How he is willing to show us WWR Caesar
wish I had em in hand to show, really, no holding off for dramatic effect, just dont have em yet in hand ! but the head for the newsletter has the proto's hand.
back to painting and packaging design

WOW! Ashley wants to make his own version of Steve Jobs? We bring you AP-PEL STEVE J CAESAR! Of course it will be different and done in our signature style!
Metaphorge, thanks for the kind words !!!!!!!!!!!!
and I agree, APPLE will be fine !
and yea, ill make a steve Caesar, AP-PEL
thanks Sail, but yea, im gonna do a limited AP-PEL STEVE J Caesar, cannot not !

More details about AP-PEL STEVE J CAESAR?!
actually its old school beige !
gotta stay clear of stuff like that, dont wanna get sued, its a simple homage, and will be super limited, not part of the sale etc but it shappening, sample being made now!
"doesnt come with any weapons.... something special. its gonna be really RALLY hard to get"

How we offer Steve J Caesar?
its really simple Darth, just kinda my tip of the hat to a great CEO !
I dont think many will want it, maybe a short ordering window or sumin.. anyway you said you were out ?

Commenting about all eleven WWR Caesar colorways lined up together and EMGY:
"EMGY is a top colorway, much requested and loved !"

ok EMGY is one ! gah I broke !

Ashley about Fuck it 4 and that we will see OMNIPUSS first:
FI4 is when Im done, Im in no rush man.
I have so many drawings I might make a RAW FUCK book of em !

On differences between 1st and 2nd run of M+M book:
there are many tweaks, subtle but there

Remember 3AA exclusive Legionnaire figure? If not, you can click on this thread to find out more about it. It's not forgotten and we will see it soon!
actually he will be kinda simple features wise, so you guys can mod-fy
soon !

Commenting about 3A&Linkin park&Good smile collaboration to make the figure for the good cause. More info about this here (I already mentioned it, in our little investigation, done with great help of kadoo).
ts WWRp, and a older one too! a never seen before colorway !
Its cool, we are really happy to be part of the show. albeit small...
why is that Trenton, this is all to aid a super important event ! One toy is cool !

Ashley about his attitude towards the event, 3A and what music he likes:
we make toys at 3A, and try and help where we can
Choice is awesome, Some may love LP, some not, as some dont like 3A, some dont. There is a power in that, fuck being loved by all, appealing to all !
Rejoice in your freedom of choice, but dont impact on others.
"happy is what this is about, happy where didnt dwell. back too painting"
"I grew being hated for the music I liked, not liking U2 or whatever the mainstream hot act was in the 80'set
Ill stand up for anyone defending the music or art they like, regardless of what it is or whether I like or dislike."

ahha, Temple of Love 12"

And to mix up lots of text with some images, here in army of WWRp 1G and 0G Armstrongs prepared to ship out by breakersrevenge

August - 2011 GQwJLt

Mixed up scales (WWR and WWRp) , de Plumes , Bertie MK3s (love big bots!) and other cool shots by our boardies: two_hand, PRIMER, CK propain, shinyvera and HelloPanda - all in no particular order

August - 2011 BkalPtAugust - 2011 Sl5dUtAugust - 2011 LxnAFtAugust - 2011 Mu2edtAugust - 2011 AUnSZtAugust - 2011 ZIuZDtAugust - 2011 LINXnt


Ashley announce sale time for WWR Caesar and posts very interesting detail about Fallen NOMs
Fallen dont get killed, coz they aleady dead mista !
all the info will be revealed oneday, I now how it all ends, so its easy to write.
magic is all around us gimby.
Sept 14th for Caesar sale TOGA DAY !

No Apple logo on special AP-PEL STEVE J CAESAR and no Shadowguard colorway for WWR Caesar
no apple symbol.
no shadowguard

no coffee yet.
Caesar have no relation to the Armstrong Moon corp's. the only connection on the Moon is that they guard Rothchild. Its like asking the army to dance with navy. same goal, different beat.
actually Caesar would s sooner puts its knife into the Armstrongs head, Caesar are tetchy , highly strung machines.

Ashley about his art:
i want people to see my art!
or why do it, personal jerk offs are not my thing..

WWR Caesar vs NOM on the battlefield
NOM dont crash, they ask. But its not that easy, Caesar isnt so easily fooled, takes skill and dashing !
4 outta 10 NOM end up as knife kebab with Caesar, thats the going odds !
there were never many nom to start !

What kind of bodyguards Rotchild has?
oh he has them
R.I.P Rothchild Internal Police, it consists of 001 and 002. they are very clean and classy looking.
not saying they are colorways, just saying.....

You all probably heard about NYCC, that's second biggest comic convention in US (after SDCC) and it will take place this year on October 13-16. What's so special about it you might ask?
3A Legion will have a booth there! Booth is done by our board member: chillywilly153 , with help from the Legion and 3A! I been appointed by Ashley to help Dolly with everything I can, so I happen to know some things about her booth and I must say that it's going to be EPIC and one hell of the Legion RIOT! Dolly will be there for three days (and perhaps on Sunday as well, let's convince her that Sunday is fun and important day) and she has special plan for each of the days. Plus what is the booth without exclusives? 3A will deliver crazy cool Zombs, which will be specifically made for the event!
And that's not all, as Dolly has plenty of surprises in her sleeve!
Stop by at booth Number is 883, it will be corner booth, located at the Cultyard. BOOTH WHERE THE RIOT STARTS!
Stay tuned for more information and please do check this thread, if you are willing to help.

Speaking about NYCC, if you are coming, perhaps you will be interested in rocking 3A Legion NYCC 2011 shirt (made by our Legionnaires, with approved design by Ashley Wood)? If yes, then please sign up here , as the applications for t-shirts will be locked in 12 days. So hurry up if you want one , the designs are shown bellow.

August - 2011 WzjxetAugust - 2011 GLY6wt

Lil Boba Fett contest ends today, meaning that deadline for applications is 20:00 GMT Friday 26th August. So hurry up if you want to jump on that train!

Keep your eyes open for 3AVOX newsletter, which goes out soon!

And always good to check again, amazing designs of 3A t-shirts, which will be up at Bambalandstore one day (SDCC t-shirts are gone and sold out):

August - 2011 D7RSutAugust - 2011 TRJhatAugust - 2011 RA3SItAugust - 2011 Vr9OhtAugust - 2011 ZHUezt

3AVOX2 newsletter is out and you can read it here.

Some exciting details about WWR Caesar eleven colorways and prices:
Our major sale for September will be the WWR 1/6th Caesar Figure, the sale date is the 14th September, and only at Bambaland.
There will be eleven colorways available:
Deep Powder Corp
Desert Attack
Dutch Merc
WF Jungler
R.I.P White
R.I.P Black

Caesar will cost $230usd, it will also include a WWR story booklet. The price includes worldwide shipping! All images and other relevant info will be sent out via a Caesar sale email and posted to the 3A blog.

A bit more about 3ALUX line, which was mentioned earlier:
LUX3A is a new label for our upcoming high-end toys, some toys that will be released under this label include, Metal Gear Solid, Real Steel and Modern Girls. Stay tuned for upcoming info soon!

Latest shipping update:
25 August - Popbot Wasabi
25 August - AP all carded Mini boss
25 August - Showcase Bambasboss 3rd year
31 August - 2000AD Mongrol ( Mongrol shipping date slipped due to a box printing error )
WWR Grunts in mid September.
POpbot Princess and Vanilla TQ ( TQ-Loper chase as well ) will also ship in September
Ashley Wood collection #1 - Severed Foot Pink and Bella will ship in September
WWR JEA Dropcloth and Square MK1 2pack will ship in October

ThreeZero at Halofest, Commander ThriceZero will be attending Halofest this week, as we gear up for our 1/6th Halo line starting late 2011 early 2012. If you are attending, try and hunt him down !

WWR Caesar hand and Ashley commenting about it:

August - 2011 TPgcHt

back to Caesarrrr.
dont forget his hand is in the the newsletters header image !

Is the hand pic in the 3AVOX header a painted RIP version, or just an unpainted prototype?
thats a good question Ming. its from a prototype white domed Caesar !
It friday night here, time to hang with my boys, have a great day chaps !

On showing real photos of WWR Caesar
not protos, the real deal will show soon, I have protos now, but they wil lnot represent the shipping bots !

Cool photos from 3A Legion JDF gathering in Japan, from 3AVOX2 newsletter:

August - 2011 29yU8tAugust - 2011 XyFPXtAugust - 2011 XLTzutAugust - 2011 HwXbctAugust - 2011 GWuyTt

^dig little customized Squares, who supposed to be Ash & Kim

2000 AD Mongrol

August - 2011 HCbROtAugust - 2011 Fq223tAugust - 2011 FSPByt

WWR Grunts 4pack

August - 2011 CaD5ct

AP Mini Bambass

August - 2011 ErK9dt

And now we know that special 1000 Horizions 3A & Goodsmile & Linkin Park special figure is WWRp Bramble , checkout that colorway!

August - 2011 Cbj7ot

Mysterious image of 3A in 2012? What could it be?

August - 2011 XOz9kt

Now more cool details about WWR Rotchild, who most likely will be offered this Christmas:
rothchild, make a great christmas sale, just getting his clothes right.. he is pretty much done, the chirpy lil nipper
"Rothchild spent Christmas that year watching the kids next door though their livingroom window as they played with new toys and sung carols with their parents. He was alone, spiritually. His father drunk- passed out , his mother counting rosemary beads almost in a catatonic state. Rothchild had only the toys he had stolen from a local toy store and 50's scifi mags found in a dumpster to keep him company on christmas day.
AND WE WOULD NOT CHANGE THAT FOR THE WORLD, because he knew it was his already..."

Commenting on Lil Boba Fett contest, which ends in few colors:
ucking move it m3ck !
I wish I could hook you all up, in fact still waiting for the prize to come to me, but DAMN, what a prize, envy of all AP collectors and SW fans !!!
a tip of the hat to all of you !

Ashley about WWR Universe and how he wants it to be:
guys bottom line, Im trying to make a world that is epic, crazy, and not simply what you expect. the new booklet will really shove the story along. I reall love this world, I think on it constantly..

Commenting on 3AA 2011 package in US situation (where 3A doing everything possible and impossible, for packages to go out from A-Sonic ASAP) and hinting some cool changes for year 2012:
lets hope this is sorted fucking quick, so lame, so didnt need to happen.. gah
Upside is we are working on the 2012 shit now ! no more long ass waits coupled with fuck ups. not excusable !
im sorry for you guys, once the train comes off the tracks, it seems a real fucker to get going again, Benny spent all today working with Asonic to get things moving quicker!

About WWR Medic Caesar bots and Medics in general (in WWR of course):
Medic is the umbrella medic corp for the earth forces, they function on live battle fields, many times they have to fight through enemy lines to get special injured peeps, not all injured get this treatment etc The always have need of more firepower!
"Medic are ruthless, they always get their patient, no matter what !"
"i like the medic, its not a weak as piss do good core, they are nuts! "

Answering whether there will be more special price for WWR Caesar than 230USD, which also include a WWR story booklet and worldwide shipping!
single, these are already discounted man, our accountants said 250 to cover costs and head off problems, I think 230 sounded better, so did KIm !
the sinking value of the USD is real pain, since we started it has moved 20% on average, and not in a good way. Makes the cost harder to control

On WWR Caesar Desert Attack looks:
skulls yea for sandy bargy

Whether we will see more of original Desert Bertie colorway?
original Bertie Desert colorway nah, that corp is gone, wiped out in a field test for Squarebombs..

About WWR Caesar in general:
Its cool, people seem really excited for Caesar, Im excited to see who picks what. Caesar is coming !

Posting in 2000 AD thread:
surfers would be cool..I want all the characters
the abc warrirors wont be coming to 1/12th anytime soon, have to push with 1/6th for them

My sincere congratulations go to our boardie therethere, who submitted his photo for 3AVOX weekly newsletter photo thingy and his entry got picked! Wanna see your entry in 3AVOX? According to the blog, the entry that’s gets picked to represent each week will score a cool gift of some sort, we dont know what yet, but it will be kinda cool, ok at the least !
Send your 3A toy photos to

August - 2011 LmpUkt

3A Customer support, please remember, if you have any concerns or enqueries about your order from Bambland, please do not hesitate to contact 3A customer at or join 3ASupport on twitter.

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August - 2011 Empty Re: August - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:00 am


Lil Boba Fett competition is over, huge thanks to everyone for great entries. Our winner is Eric and you can read his post bellow and 2nd prize (AP Oya) goes to TS163 and you can read his entry here.
threeA is my time machine.

In the 70's, I caught the toy bug BAD with Star Wars.

It died off when I got older, but still lay there, dormant...

Like freakin' herpies, but with slightly less stigma attached.

It wasn't until I first saw Dirty Deeds that the bug flared up into full-on outbreak.

Suddenly, I felt the old Star Wars magic of my youth, along with all the memories & feelings associated with that time.

BONUS: I've made friends from all over the world who share my love of threeA.


That's what 3A means to me.

Here is photo of happy TS163 , made by his father who is on our forum as well! I love that we have few father and son families on our forum!

August - 2011 3pQa6tAugust - 2011 XeQ2vt

WWR Caesar has grown! Previously we thought that he is 14" tall, now we know that the bastard is 16.6" tall, which makes him taller than Armstrong!

Here is size chart (yep and it feature all new ZOMBOT)

August - 2011 E07E1t

Ashley about WWR Caesar looks and changes in height:
Way bigger than Dropcloth, if he was that size then yea, it would be a similar price.
Re Caesar size, he is a tad taller than armstrong, but his body is slightly slimmer, but his arms and legs dwarf armstrongs.
I was just saying inother thread, Caesar is taller then Armstrong, slimmer body but much bigger limbs. in all Caesaar has a little more volume over all. I can take a snap of sizes today.
nearly 16.5 " tall, if not 16.6 !

Commenting on WWR Grunt 4pack packaging:

August - 2011 CaD5ct

ha, that was put together to show the slip to me.

And in case you weren't here during WWR Grunt sale, 4pack comes with a cool poster!

August - 2011 IJGXft

Reveals more about 3ALUX line:
Size and price makes it lux, but getting a booklet and the attention is what makes it 3ALUX. Its way to say, hey your buyng a bigass premium toy, not some mass produced pvc shit etc. I see 3A like an car company, we are gonna have higher priced more premium shit, but also good priced damn fine shit. Action Portable Tk to 3ALUX MGS Rex all matter here.

WWR Caesar vs WWR Dropcloth and vs WWR Heavy Brambles
Dropcloth, wouldnt last 1 minute against Caesar. SLAP !
"brambles would have to spy him well in advance , he moves very quick. Probably a heavy Bramble could fuck him at range, and maybe out power him up close, but Caesar moves like bruce lee, HB like a sumo"

Another confirmation that we will not see DW&NW for Caesar (at least this time):
no DW/NW

WWR DIY Caesar idea evolves into something else:
i might do a DIY too, have got many requests for it, always fun to make the DIY box for some reason !
What is the difference between 001 and 002 Rotchild Internal Security Caesars?
i would say there is a difference in the number decal.
There is a bright red ZEROZEROTHREE but he aint getting the call up now, if these do well, maybe later
or make the red an emo chase, you guys love the emo !
Is it possible to offer ZEROZEROTHREE as XMAS release , together with Rotchild?
wont be able to do that, have to make at one time gimby. ill make the red regardless of when I offer, just coz it sounds cool, I want one now

Details about WWR Medic Caesar and what Squad he is on:
NEWEL for medic

And something about DUTCH MERCS:
dutch mercs all look similar in color

Benny from 3A HK office, commenting on 3AA 2011 package in US situation. In case you don't know, Benny is the man who did everything possible and impossible to make the bad situation right.
Hello guys! This is Benny from 3A . For the friends who have not receive the packages , you will have it very soon. A-sonic is sending the correct packages (with correct hoodie sizes ). I hope it's the end. From this snafu, we feel deeply sorry for our American friends , 3A always takes our responsibility for any mistakes. Also we have known who are our friends from this case, you guys helped us alot and the emails for made us relieved . I will not write your names out here, but 3A knows that!! Much appreciated!
PS. for the friends who have already got the packages (incorrect size of hoodies) , we are re-making the hoodies now, hopefully we can ship them out next month!

And another good news, if all goes according to plan SDCC t-shirts , which were sold at Bambalandstore, will start shipping out next week!

Ashley about Shadowguard Armstrong:
Shadowgaurd is happy outside on the moon surface guarding the facility, the RIP are coming up with ways to convince Rothchild that someone or something need a stab from the knife.
the RIP are super clean, elegant and light on markings !

On WWRp Gebi de Plume looks (from 3AA exclusive Triste Fight Death Swingers 3 Pack, Stiffy set):
arms are different on mini gebi, the heavy stripes were not to my liking !

Some more details about Rotchild Internal Police Caesar aka RIP:
they have depending on their job and position

Looks like WWR Caesar is one evil and violent bastard!
"they are killers , all the ywant to do is destroy, they even eye each other off in the same corp, you will see shoulders shoved, bumping etc as part of their protocol to keep feisty"
"cody, they use dropcloth as toothpicks !"

re Slaughterhouse DC, tapped by a Bromwich Caesar, Big knife beats big cleaver..

Who Dutch Mercs work for:
Mercs work for the highest bidder. simple as that. Rothschild doesnt need mercs, he has his own covert groups..
"the dutch mercs work for lots of private interest, hardly any military stuff"

WWR Universe is filled with war , crime and violence:
Crime is big in a world at war, lots of ways to make money, and as always the bigger guns rules the roost.

Are there any smugglers in WWR world? What they do smuggle?
drug/food all of that and more

Lot of more secrets and cool stuff is hidden in the Hatchery basement!
shit, the things we have in the works, from my shit to other killer IP not mentioned yet, we have not even started.
Im trying to make the toy company I always dreamed of...

Retail WWR Grunt is happening, it will be Heavy Grunt with gatling gun:
maybe we should do a retail grunt set ?
its settled !
heavy grunt with gatling !

What might be next for 2000AD line:
rojaws or hammerstein

Ashley confirming prize for 16.6" inch tall mighty and deadly WWR Caesar
no guess 230usd shipped, best price ever for a WWR Caesar !
enjoy your weekend !

I already mentioned about tiny typo in 3AVOX2 on my FB and twitter, there was post in 3A blog about it as well, but people still ask. So I'll put the same info here.
3AVOX2 said: JDF Dropcloth and Square MK1 2pack will ship in October
it should be JEA Dropcloth and Square MK1 2pack will ship in October

Since we mentioned several times that WWR Caesar is taller than Armstrong and not everyone knows how big is WWR Armstrong here is some comparison pics from back in the day:

August - 2011 BR681tAugust - 2011 JenDXt

And two photos, which may give you the right impression (if you have Bertie MK3), what is the visual difference in height between WWR Large Martin and WWR Bertie MK3, photos are by vinyladdict and holiday

August - 2011 5NQwftAugust - 2011 J8Xp1t


Ashley joking about offering WWR Caesar blind boxed
ok, blindboxit is
re PVC, there is two types to, Glyos the Outer Space Men etc are great, I mean mass produced everyday shit toys etc.
it would be fun, but nahh, i want you guys to choose your fav Caesar!

Several people want to buy all 11 colorways and variants of WWR Caesar, here is Ashley's reaction:
"11 pack.. really, im not sure we would sell many if any.."
"11pack with giclee limited to the amount of 11 packs sold huh... is that what your saying !"

there will be no packs.
I might award buyers of all 11 with a large giclee though, ill only have to make a couple anyway. A big war scene with rotos and grunts or sumin !

But please keep in mind, that nothing is written in stone just yet:
one is cool !!! pick your fav, and enjoy it!
plus nothing is in stone, no packs, no prints, just 11 sep colorways.

No machete for WF jungler Caesar and what kind of damages Caesar's knife cause (so no severed heads with Caesar):
WF dont a machete, crap the standard knife can down a tree, human or bot !
"re severed heads, a harmonic knife doesnt leave much of ahead after cutting it "

About AP-PEL Steve J Caesar and it's availability and hinting more surprises:
it will be released, but it wont be a standard colorway on offer for 24 hours etc
have not figured out how ill do it. got another lil surprise for Toga day too !
off to chill, over did it today... feel shit..gah !

Will there be something offered before Caesar?
dropping before caesar, dunno, you want sumin !

Will we see one day sale of same bots colorway, but with different variations: names, weapons and etc?
at Crem. I think so

Bot names on different colorways:
names depend on the corp, not all groups name their bots Desert like too, but some dont at all.

There will be no retail WWR Grunts for a while:
grunts are done till I figure out retail, and thats a while off !

Ashley about Pink Zaku in general on 3A & Bandai collaboration:
i think its the same ratio as the large Pink Zaku you can buy !
not sure though..
4th qtr I think, but as its Bandai's ball, its really their call


And we have an exact date for Ashley Wood and Jeremy Geddes show in New York, in 2012! at Jonathan Levine gallery
Starting on October 20th and going till November 17th. You can click here for direct link.

Ashley commenting on situation when standard colorways end up more limited than the ones, which were supposed to be, calling it Laurent effect. Laurent was one of standard AK Ankou EX, which ended up rarer than Ankou EX Fat Drawn, who was limited release.
the Laurent effect, it will be known as !from today !

About WWR Caesar fingers, whether they are pointy ones or blunt:
pretty thin at the end actually, not stumpy like armstrong or dropcloth
but thats always subjective to the viewer.
off to paint packaging art !

Ashley confirms that there will be no "blind boxes" for WWR Caesar sale and that nothing is written in stone:
was a joke, but until the sale newsletter goes out, nothing is for certain!

Where we will see the photos? Next 3AVOX?
some oblique shots maybe, teasers !

Why WWR Caesar needs his shields?
shields, the caesar are more agile and quick than other bots, their skin isnt as thick as say armstrong or MK3 etc. This does leave them open to projectiles a tad more, the shield brings more protection to them, and its smart too, track projectiles, independent of caesar.
Plus a important factor, they look cool, Rothchild does like a good looking bot !

Why Rotchild makes not only efficient but cool looking bots:
if your gonna be a despot, do it with style !

About booklets which will feature development WWR Universe (details on Caesar? and etc):
comics next!
in the boxes !
I dont have time to do full comics, so for now the stpory will continue in booklets in the toys etc
To remind you WWR Caesar will be the first 3ALUX line release to feature them.

I'm really excited when Ash says this about his creations:
"best bot so far..."
"as it should be !"

Whether there will be any information about WWR Caesar STEVE from AP-PEL
steve, dude there will be no info on this non-release.

Answering on the request about light sabers for WWR Caesar
make one for you bots !
it would be a cool thing to do, any 1/6th saber will look lame, too small for Caesar. gotta DIY it !

On WWR Bertie MK3 modding:
do it !!!
and I wanna see who mods MK3 hands onto to Ankou first..

11 colorways for WWR Caesar is one of the hot topics right now , I decided to show you how several different bots of one colorway, look great together. Personally I always been bat person and I love B&W colorway, so I felt completist about DW/NW , but I always liked others as well, such as EMGY, Big Red, Hatchery, Jungler and many others. So I can understand how it can be hard to chose one or two, out of 11! Maybe this thread and photos will help you somehow. Photos by: holiday, Ail, siona, dedguy, soulburn3d, musahi13 and memecomplex.

August - 2011 EaHW3tAugust - 2011 7LYu5tAugust - 2011 R8IsttAugust - 2011 XEuS4tAugust - 2011 3ioYjtAugust - 2011 Up0h4tAugust - 2011 9H0KTtAugust - 2011 GzPq2tAugust - 2011 DL6LUtAugust - 2011 F1DK4tAugust - 2011 LrOGRtAugust - 2011 PIEAbt


Will we see more Slaughterhouse bots? Unfortunately not...
no slaughter, only ever a DC thing, an exercise in urban myth making. probably never existed anyway !

Ashley about African Defense colorway and reveals us a bit more about current happening in WWR Universe:
african defense are part of the LEAVE MARS ALONE group, they kinda not liked by Earth coalition. So its politics, Rothchild wants the main Earth factions to buy his stuff, so he has to look like he is on the same page by not letting certain groups buy his latest shit etc.
East Africa ( Africa is pretty much split now in two ), Singapore ( PANDA CORP MAIN HUB ), Japan , Australia, Japan, Germany and China are all on the fringe of the coalition etc Not digging the war on Mars.

On 3A & Bandai Zaku collaboration:
fuck that repro looks shit gimby, lose that image !
I actually just varnished the painting, I rate up there with my best mech paitnings, the original is quite dashing, shitloads of texture and glaze. Im proud of the painting and the toy.double win !

Reminding that only (heh, sounds funny) eleven colorways mentioned in the newsletter, will be standard colorways for WWR Caesar, so unfortunately no Iron Panda:
Pork, there is no IP Caesar.

Here are the mentioned colorways again:
Deep Powder Corp
Desert Attack
Dutch Merc
WF Jungler
R.I.P White
R.I.P Black

It's second to last day of August, which means that mighty WWR Caesar is approaching. September 14th is the sale date and I'm sure it's the same time, like 9:00AM HK time. Be prepared!


Ashley about WWR 1G Armstrong coming to retail! And there is more than colorway?!
I think the only way Armstrong will turn up is at retail, we have been asked, but we shall see !
"ok, jea at retail for James !"
big red, or hungler, I got a jungler right here

A bit sad news for all RED fans, no RED colorway for WWR Caesar
Red isnt on the list, maybe oneday.
Yea, the flat head Caesar has different vibe to the dome. There are differences beyond cosmetic !

WWR Slaughterhouse Dropcloth and WWR Barguest and Fantome de Plume review videos by Yama86, can be seen bellow:

August - 2011 MZquxmAugust - 2011 Noaxvm

OMNIPUSS teasers (from Ashley's blog), which will feature Fuck it 1-3 and new art, and coming to us in September!

August - 2011 1xC70tAugust - 2011 Ypp4Kt

Ashley gives a bit more details on WWR bots behavior and relationship on the battlefield:
at range a Heavy Bram can fuck a Caesar up, but to nail the swift bastard is the trick, skipping around the battlefield the Caesar make hard targets. Mk3 is your best defense against Caesar, the cannon version has good range and strength for up close shit. Caesar has the edge even here, as he is more agile. A good fight to see!

Whether WWR Caesar is squad person or lone wolf?
packs and alone!

Caesar isnt part of any FAITHARMY . they have their own tools, Rothshild cant stand them, doesnt want to lower his despotian ways to their level.
So yea, there are many religious groups involved on many levels on Earth. A large part of the MARTIAN/EARTH war is religion, and how it has kept science restrained. Thats a big part of the Mars push for independence etc

Ashley reminding us that additionally to mentioned 11 WWR Caesar colorways and Steve from AP-PEL there will be surprise figure:
oh dont forget surprize fig!
its not a grunt

Commenting on the idea that we need 3A stress ball to stay calm during releases:
A threea stress ball ! nice idea
Don't know about you guys, but I would LOVE that and some keychains as well!

About surprise or something new? Either way newsletter is coming out soon! So please sign up here if you haven't:

I have no idea how Im gonna issue XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX , it will probablt be after the Caesar as to avoid confusion.
Man we have some great stuff coming. Even the Nabler head is a great toy.. oh well, back to the Caesar party, and newsletter for me, gonna try for an error free one, but then again that aint 3A !

Detailed photo review, featuring lots of WWR Barguest and Fantome de Plume by toygodd, can be found here.

Our forum photo magician Mikko (zzzzz) is back with this pic! I just love how WWR bots come to life on his photos. More of his amazing photos can be found here.

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