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September - 2011

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September - 2011 Empty September - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:02 am



With 14 days remaining before, WWR Caesar goes on sale, no wonder that only Caesar rules the news:
every Caesar has at least one shield, unless you buy two, switch out shoulders and maek a double and a none etc

Ashley about surprise figure for WWR Caesar release, making it even more fun:
or its all a red herring
and no that doesnt refer to 003 RIP

So currently , we saw the mention of eleven standard colorways in the newsletter, Steven from AP-PEL, 003 RIP, DIY (which might be or might be not made for this release) and some sort of surprise (which could be Steve or DIY). What I would do for now, is to take as part of the game: DECIPHER CAESAR and wait for WWR Caesar & 3AVOX newsletter to show us all the cards in the sleeve. Please keep in mind, that nothing is written in stone, unless it's mentioned on the blog, store or in Caesar's newsletter, so it's good old fun for now.

What happened with other Mercs (as we will see only Dutch Mercs for this release)?
nothing happened to them, just dont have the gear, for this colorway. Dutch Merc are pretty much the Powers that be in their region etc. Now simply a merc group etc

Are there any differences between two Rotchild Internal Police bots (001 and 002)?
001 is the top bot on the moon, 002 is his TAP guy

And about special 003 WWR Caesar
enforcer bot 003 is, when he knocks on your cubicle, its time for a talk outside...
I forgot the Caesar are the first bots to use Bertie assault gun. Basically a super smart gun than work with Caesar to aim and track marks.

What kind of troopers can fight WWR Caesar
The Martians have a Trooper with a I.O.M gun to defend against the Caesar, hope to make it oneday !
Really hope to see 'em one day as well!

First proper WWR Caesar featuring Deep Powder Corp colorway decals (one of eleven standard colorways for this release). Sale starts on September 14th, 9:00AM Hong-Kong time! Please click here to find out corresponding time in your zone.

September - 2011 PnZLct

Ashley about the teaser:
"the Deep Powder Caesar is damn spiffy looking, love it !"

and commenting about countdown widget on 3A blog and WWR Caesar sale time:
"9-00am 14th for me, the applet seems to have hiccups here and there."

WWR Grunt packaging images which surfaced some time ago, I must say that it looks really neat and cool!

September - 2011 MKQStt

Ashley answering about how many sight sensors/eyes WWR Caesar has:
they dont have eyes ?
if you mean sensors, only one for all.

Looks like I'm not the only one, who can't wait for Martin soldier - I.O.M Gunner:
the I.O.M gunner.. mmmm mmmmmmmmm

About Popbot Wasabi/Oyaloper TK - all shipped out this week and can't wait for you guys to take some in hand photos! First as always end up in my column, on 3A group facebook/twitter and of course on my personal facebook and twitter, which I use to transmit the news and for contact with the Legion. AP carded Bambass goes out next week!
Btw, Popbot Wasabi/Oyaloper TK marker is added to the map, so please feel free to use it, to mark the progress:
will help a lot for us, who are still waiting for the touchdown!


Ashley about WWR Grunts, which are scheduled to ship out in September:
"no medic etc will ship later as they were sold later. Grunts are a lot of work for the hatchery, and have taken quite a bit of work, but nearly there. I have a QC set of them coming my way !"

From the day one and Nom/Noir de Plume releases, Ash & Kim wanted to make 3A fun and coolest toy company in the world and still follow that path. Ash always said, that there is nearly impossible to collect everything and it's better to focus on what you love the most. Because anger and sadness about not being able to buy something (chase, secret drop and ect) can poison all the joy from collecting. But if you will stay positive and keep your mind of the collector open, taking it as part of fun toy/holy grail hunt and if you didn't score: then there is always next best thing - you will have super experience and happy feelings about all this. Some may say: Gimby you are an idiot and you say bullshit, but I genuinely believe in the same thing.
With WWR Caesar drop Ashley gives us the opportunity to pick up who will be rare (based on demand for a certain colorways), so it's very possible that even standard ones may end up really rare.
"if you want easy, boring prosaic toy collecting 3A isnt for you !
its kinda cool to make the flipper life hard, you guys pick the rare and most popular !"
"and best part, no will know till they ship, and its way too late then !"

National guard WWR bot series sounds really nice and struck EMO vibe for sure!
I pretty much know, there is always a similar push, its kinda great that factions are supported due to local or vibe, just like reality..
I gotta do a series of national guards that only peeps in the actually country can have

Telling which Squad/colorway associates with what country:
3A Toy Lines / WWR / Re: Caesar 16.6 LUX3A bot on: Today at 03:10:30
JEA isnt exactly a 100% US force...
EMGY are in australia and the UK
Europe has the EURO moniker which spreads across all the bots
National guards are different.
a very patriotic bot...

3AVOX number 3 newsletter is coming, but full WWR Caesar reveal, will be seen in the specific newsletter dedicated to the sale:
"im getting a coffee, makinga newsletter, making packaging !"
no gre-gory, next week the Caesar get their own newsletter. the 3AVOX is more of a hey check this thing.
not long, and your drams of the ultimate rothchild bot will be answered !

Will we see LEDs for WWR bots?
re LEDS for WWR, no
but our new lines feature some tricked out shit

I'm thinking about making "nostalgic" posts in the news, as I wanna tell new Legionnaires and remind to old veterans, about cool moments we had through the years. For example , let's take 3A motion ad contest we had last year, prize was really epic - one year of 3A toys (not every toy though, limiting to one standard figure per release). The amount of talent and feedback delivered by 3A Legion was tremendous! Can't believe that winner was announced 10 month ago, still seems like it was last month. Time flies guys..but enough of this "time flies" cliche and here are the entries: - by Talyn - by Mechanic - by Vinylcoholic - by tim fisher (don't know his username)
all two by Viva la Linkin , loved "NEVER GROW UP" slogan - by EdGein - by Hogan - by manonegro - by zzzzz - by Knives Out - by TheAdmiral777 - by silkyblackgold

^I strongly suggest to checkout all these, they are awesome and deserve to be seen at least once!

Now, I bet you wanna know who was picked and won the contest? Our boardie from Finland - zzzzz! Here is his entry bellow:

September - 2011 LgIGwm

An announcement from 3A production blog:
We could not have been happier and proud at 3A to get all the awesome entries in the motion ad contest !!!
They all showed great creativity and skills and in their own way each deserved to win, but in in the end only one can be one, highlander stylee. It was a close call between three entries, but after much debate the entry by zzzzz was picked ! Congratulations zzzzz, an awesome job !!!
But while im here, it cannot be stressed enough how important all the threeA community is to 3A, in all aspects, from rock solid support to their creativity talents and friendships that have helped make 3A what it is in 2010. So a big thanks to you all, we promise to make 2011 fucking great !!!!!
Again congratulations to zzzzz, and a very big thanks to all who entered !!!!

3AVOX newsletter #3 is out! It can be read here , if you haven't received one. And if you haven't, I strongly suggest you to sign up to it here:

I must confess that each time I'm in doubt when the newsletter is out, because why to repeat what was said in the newsletter ; but at the same time it's news and has to be here. So I'm a bit torn...anyway, I'll try to do my best and include the most important parts of the newsletter in my column, let's call it: my vision of the newsletter.

Most interesting for me in the newsletter was this photo bellow, which feature first teaser of 3ALUX figures for Real Steel movie. I love all the little parts and details, without any doubt it will be a complex figure. If you don't know what Real Steel is about, please click here to see the trailers.

September - 2011 JSMzIt

WWR Caesar Medic looks bangin'! Don't forget that there are different head versions of Caesar: flat & dome.

September - 2011 GTMUbt

On "surgeon general" decal on top of WWR Medic Caesar head:
he is the general !

WWR DIY Grunt, which was part of WWR Grunt release:

September - 2011 G1fgqt

AK Ankou EX looks super cool and goofy (just what we love in Adventure Kartel). And based on these pics, I bet they are near to the shipping stage. Here we go: Ankou EX Shadow Security, Ankou EX Fat Drawn and Ankou EX MED_EX. Only Ankou EX Laurent Special forces Commander is camera shy today. I got to say that Laurent is current Ankou EX celebrity, as he became rarest of them all and in his honor we have a name for Laurent effect (when standard colorways, becomes rarer than limited/surprise ones).

September - 2011 ImN0ztSeptember - 2011 5oJ1CtSeptember - 2011 OpE1ttSeptember - 2011 71yFQt

And very special item, 1/6th dick (you thought we were joking?) from Ankou EX SXCLB Bouncer Little Shadow MK2 Latex Throwdown Set

September - 2011 LTbTZt

Ashley commenting about it:
something like a penis, that is a DICK ! Shadows SXCLB strap-on !

According to the newsletter, next week will see more far more WWR Caesar info and photos revealed for the upcoming 14th September 9:00AM Hong-Kong time sale, and for the whole story check the Caesar Special Newsletter late next week !

I must confess that Adventure Kartel slowly becomes my most favorite line! I love how goofy , fun and genius AK figures are. Remember how Ashley mentioned about making proper Zombot? The one he always wanted to make? Behold and meet new Adventure Kartel character: The Nefarious 10 Finger Robot Gang! They will be rolling into Bambaland soon, limited, blind-boxed and one per customer only! So we will see a proper fun sale! And don't even think that these two Robots shown bellow are the only variants for this release:

September - 2011 FObpitSeptember - 2011 8JjMGt

Here is Ashley about 10 fingers variants:
10 members and king finger
all 11 are part of the blind sale!

^In case you haven't noticed these guys have proper finger articulation! For now it's first Adventure Kartel figure with such feature (unless you will count Ankou and his clamps).

Checkout WWRp Bramble from 1000 horizons initiative, by Linkin Park & Good Smile and 3A. Love this colorway! I take it as a perfect opportunity for everyone, who doesn't have OG Brambles and it's for a good cause, as money will go to help Japan. I can't comment how this lil guy will be sold, but I suggest to watch these sites:
and my column for more info

Photo bellow is the only one here, which leads to imageshack, everything else is hosted on imgur.

September - 2011

3rd Birthday Bamba 3oss[b/] packaging, love how simple and still intense it is:

September - 2011 Rhx8mt

[b]Action Portable carded mini Bambass
featuring GID, Pudding, DIY and JEA. According to information I have, they are shipping out next week.

September - 2011 KNmjZtSeptember - 2011 35hvNtSeptember - 2011 8Vk9OtSeptember - 2011 W1J0Rt

And 3AVOX photo of the week by Larry Sdrakas! Wanna see your photo in 3AVOX? Send your submissions to

Have you seen already? If you haven't made it , then please , don't be shy and check it out. Set up shop and make yourself comfortable. Show, Sell, and Talk all of your favorite toys.

Customer support reminder:
3A Customer support, please remember, if you have any concerns or en-queries about your order from Bambaland, please do not hesitate to contact 3A customer at or join 3ASupport on twitter.

WWRp Heavy Brambles for retailers and to spice it up, that there will be three special colorways, depending on the retail region!

September - 2011 8dczUtSeptember - 2011 PU0kitSeptember - 2011 ShKAFtSeptember - 2011 KO3DEtSeptember - 2011 Bxq2Pt

I always loved Heavy Brambles, but they are so huge! It's impossible to afford and display them all, but 1/12th scale Heavies make the task much easier! For example , I always wanted to have this arsenal in my room (photo by Nicolas Caldas):

September - 2011 AdL9Pt

Ashley about showing the support to retailers and teasing about regional colorways:
"support the retailers lads, they are a major part of 3A being here !"
"the region colorways are cool too, pics soon !!"

Denying that regional colorway for Japan WWRp Heavy Bramble retailers is JDF:
not Japan its an APACK region bot.
The National Guard Bramble is cool !!!
I just wonder whether national guards things, will be first Heavy Brambles this year and next year for others, or we will see more national guards already this year...well, we will find out soon enough.

Here is full layout on who gets what:
random HB??
Asia sellers get the ALG HB, US sellers get the National Guard HB, and European get the Euro HB. Not random at all !

And when retailers might have pics of these bots?
retailers will have the pics when they put up their wares ! I believe thats mid september etc

And more about national bots:
UK dont have EMGY they have EURO bots, like olivier etc. the UK comes under the EURO pack.
Asia has ALG Asian Link Guard that covers China to Australia

Ashley hinting that WWR Caesar EMGY version might be very different from the ones we saw before:
re: EMGY you have only seen the NYC version, thats why.
You guys have only seen the tip of the iceburg!
im talking the Yellow EMGY style

About Omnipuss and when it's coming on sale in September:
not gonna sell until in hand, then do a postage check then work the price out etc.. end september is a good bet !

Oh man, call me fan boy, but this made me scream! WWR Medic Nurse is coming!
The Medics make their own patients !
gotta make that Medic nurse now !!

Click here to read the rules, on how Dolly will be selling NYCC exclusive Zomb at the Legion booth. And please don't give Dolly hard time, she is already doing too much for the community!

Popbot Wasabi TK & Oyaloper have been seen in Asia and Europe (France), so UK is next and then Canada/US after some time. Please use the map to mark the progress: - password for adding the entries - legion

Photos by superidol are bellow, I just love that 7 Bones come with second set of hands to hold RPG and their tattoos are so stylish:

September - 2011 BawV3tSeptember - 2011 X7jGctSeptember - 2011 B2d0ttSeptember - 2011 Wt0xKtSeptember - 2011 3bmPFtSeptember - 2011 ZknXTtSeptember - 2011 QmlgStSeptember - 2011 MJeEjtSeptember - 2011 IDK0ft

News & updates, while 3A forum was gone:


Ashley Wood about upcoming AK Nefarious 10 Fingers Robot sale (blind boxes and one per person):
"no, they dont, they are different colors and decals etc. some might get shot guns, some machines guns etc. dont know yet"
"Sometime in October will see the sale, just have to wait for samples etc. Of course I want a FAT FINGER ANKOU EX !"

About their weapons, whether we will see something new on them:
"well anything we have made previously, or the price goes UP , wanna keep these low in price!"

On 3AA membership in 2012 and how it is going to be:
"3AA is gonna be different this time, new rules ! which help get the toys made quicker !"
"its gonna be a 24 hour affair, either your in, or your out. the discount is the best part for members !"

About Adventure Kartel Ankou EX:

September - 2011 ZqZpKtSeptember - 2011 ErPK1t

"the Ankou EX really turned out well, I have the production models right here, such fun, dumb and cool !"

WWR Grunts featuring Jungler and Sand devil 666th:
These are shipping Grunts, not samples or prototypes.

September - 2011 OVImBtSeptember - 2011 YgG0wt

Popbot Wasabi unboxing video by shiroidevil:

click here to see it on youtube

Another AK Ankou EX , now Laurent! Standard Ankou, which became the rarest of them all!

September - 2011 C9ap1t

Ashley about WWR Caesar
im sitting here with the Caesar, I will say, my best bot so far, from fingers to general feel and look. Im super happy with these !!!!!

To remind you, WWR Caesar goes on sale, on September 14th, 9:00AM Hong-Kong time and there will be eleven standard colorways + more interesting variants.
Here is the list of standard colorways:
Deep Powder Corp
Desert Attack
Dutch Merc
WF Jungler
R.I.P White
R.I.P Black

Caesar will cost $230usd, it will also include a WWR story booklet. The price includes worldwide shipping! All images and other relevant info will be sent out via a Caesar sale email and posted to the 3A blog.

Ashley about WWR Caesar and server switch for 3A official forum
"so the server is switched Mr 12 is working on getting the forum back, I guess stuff is always hard than first thought !
I have half the caesar, half are trapped with customs, and skirts and pouches are missing !
a goodday.....
runs off"

First time we hear that WWR Caesar is wearing skirts
he looks cool with or without skirt, it will be a personal pref I think.. looks great posed with desert troop and MK3"
"the desert caesar that is"

Flat head for Desert Attack Caesar:

Site dedicated to Linkin Park colorway WWRp Bramble:
Please pay attention to instruction about sales and to what countries they ship, before purchase:
Shipping seems to be fixed at 2000 Japanese Yen.
Orders will be taken from 2011/09/09 at 12:00(JST) until 2011/09/28 at 21:00(JST). So plenty of time to make an order.
Ashley about this Bramble:
a good cause and last gatling bramble we shall do !

On 2000AD Mongrol shipping, which starts to ship out this week and continues for some time, as there is a large volume coming out:
you should have it next week Mikey. unless customs double taps ya !

About mysterious WWR Kid Sarge Square, exclusive to MK2 Square 10pack
kid darge is just kid sarge, not really 1.5, more a 2.00 alpha, that made a name for himself on the field

On WWR Caesar versions differences and their look:
flathead is cool, I dig it, but he dome has the rothchild vibe. its a split field of taste. I wanna see some cool fuck you the dome is better, and vice versa threads on the 3A forum... oneday, when its abck to normal....sigh

WWR Caesar full reveal on Monday and plenty of WWR Caesar photos in 3AVOX4, which is coming out tomorrow:
3AVOX 4 is released tomorrow, with some nice images of Caesar to keep you going until the Monday Caesar special newsletter that will have all the info for the 14th September drop! Dont forget to sign up if you have not for the newsletter !

Newsletter sign up url:

Ashley about WWR Caesar pics:
"tomorrows 3Avox will have images, but mondays CAESAR SPECTACULAR will reveal all, even the rare green apple grenade ! well I hope so, customs as always here.
But yea, some nice pics tomorrow, then monday for fully decked out caesar shots !"
"tomorrows news has a lot of caesar images, I think you guys will dig!"

Will we see any secret drops?
"its a secret man, or it would not induce emo in some fans, but not all will want or care, a bit player in a funny story !"
"deffy, its a secret drop, I dont even know, ill have a unknown 3rd party drop it..

UNKNOWN 3rd party? New degree of EMO!

DIY Caesar?
"does anyone want a DIY caesar?
mmm, ill see if we can, I like em, fun to slowly paint etc"

Latest art from Ashley's blog:

September - 2011 WcKYet

Sweet Popbot Wasabi/Oyaloper photos by Hidy, memecomplex, Rendy Pranata:

September - 2011 VoYlStSeptember - 2011 5yglGtSeptember - 2011 I1zIEt

WWRp Noir de Plume in a bottle by misplacedmodifier

September - 2011 CCjilt

WWR Caesar's skirt from production blog and Ashley talking about it and 3AVOX #4

September - 2011 EGtQgt

001 clothy thing

3AVOX newsletter #4 is out, if you haven't got it, you can read it here.

WWR Caesar looks bloody HOT!

September - 2011 3dhcdtSeptember - 2011 HcQg4tSeptember - 2011 KP167tSeptember - 2011 CqfNstSeptember - 2011 WlSf7tSeptember - 2011 GW5TatSeptember - 2011 LS45jtSeptember - 2011 V2lKWtSeptember - 2011 UMhzMtSeptember - 2011 2Zaz1tSeptember - 2011 Rb6irtSeptember - 2011 A9MnTtSeptember - 2011 DdUGOt

Legionnaires , here is an important information:
Since our forum was heavily down and it was question of life & death for the forum, we had to delete A LOT of threads. That explains why your post count is down and why certain posts (especially the ones from 2010) are unfortunately gone. Had to delete even all F5 bar archive , but we did everything possible to keep 99% of threads in main sections and 3A photo sections. So please don't go EMO, if you notice that "what are you thinking" and "what are you listening now" and other miscellaneous threads are gone, they been dragging for 200+ and some for 700+ pages , in the end , when it's question of life and death, only most important posts survive and this place is 3A home. If you want to accuse someone in your lower post count, feel free to accuse me, but like I said, it's 3A home and we are doing everything possible and impossible, in order to keep online the archive we have.
On top of that, you have one week to clean your personal messages and save what you want to save, because in a week from now, there will be another maintenance to free more space on the server. So please go through your messages in your inbox and save what you want to keep. We would hate you to lose your valuable info/contacts and whatnot.
In the end, let's all say HUGE thank you to Mr12fingers, who personally spent lots & lots of hours to fix everything and bring us the forum back.

I'm out, once I'll be back except some more news updates.
Missed you and this place badly.


Ashley about WWR Caesar EMGY TRG version and here is the teaser from 3AVOX + new one from the newsletter:

September - 2011 2Zaz1tSeptember - 2011 XRkxBs

EMGY is flat

According to Ashley WWR Caesar is the best bot by 3A! And who else can say it better than Ash? Who is behind each and every bot design, 3A released!
ill stand by and say best robot toy we have made. its Rothchild latest.. and the next bot is rothchilds first. very different bots....
back to caesar !

^interesting phrase there about rotchilds first...mmmm

About mysterious Steve Caesar and how Medic escaped 3AVOX #4
doh, missed more medic images
forget about Steve!
Steve J is cool... gotta say, so simple, yet, alluring
ap-pel isnt anything, just a fun one I wanted.. its suer cool, the clean ones really work, but thats no shock, as Caesar has the lines for it !

Joking about forum return:
you should give me the gifts, thanks ash, spending the big bucks on a dedicated server, and delivering the greatest robots ever ..right PAul ?

Now Medic Caesar makes an appearance for Darth and for the forum!

September - 2011 SSdCqt

Latest entry from Ashley's blog, which is located at:
some varnishing, some painting !

September - 2011 NM6rWtSeptember - 2011 JM2vtt

Ashley revealing his desire to make poster with all WWR Caesar bots:
im hoping make a poster with them all on it, so if inclined, you can go to Kinkos and print it out large style, if you into that ! if time permits !

Gravedigger Caesar teaser from the newsletter and more about his looks:

September - 2011 WlSf7t

I tell ya Gravedigger looks just super badass, the matt black, the big ass decal on front, sleeper hit !!!
plus he has the cross on him.. just saying

Whether it's double shield for Gravedigger?
nope single for grave, looks great, two dont mean better !

We know that Rotchid Internal Police has two bots: 001 and 002, here are they teaser:

September - 2011 A9MnTtSeptember - 2011 Rb6irtSeptember - 2011 LS45jtSeptember - 2011 EGtQgt

In addition to that, we found out that 001 has dome head and 002 is flat; 001 comes with dual shields and 002 has single shield (regular):
002 is a flat
001 is dome with dual, 002 is flat with right single.

the RIP are cool, the samples are missing some decals though, small, but its missing ! GAH !

On dome and flat 001/002 Rotchild Internal Police differences:
dome is the thinking killer, flat is the thug
that rothchild gospel is from 001

Confirming that there is no Bertie gun in WWR Caesar teaser shots:
none of these shots have the bertie gun in them either !
nor any hints at the secret fig, which is awesome !!!!!!

On secret figure for Caesar release (it was earlier stated that: "ill have a unknown 3rd party drop it"):
there is no third party
only 3A
it is what is , dont over think it.

About Bromwhich WWR Caesar

September - 2011 CqfNst

thats because its not from the peaceday corp, its from the Bromwich corp

It's hard to choose from all variants, but you can't lose with any of them!
they are all winners, you cant lose !
pink to black, all the way back, its all good !

Now let's go through WWR Caesar images, which were teased in the newsletter, but not mentioned by me in this update.

Dutch Merc Caesar

September - 2011 3dhcdt

Desert Attack Caesar

September - 2011 UMhzMt

WF Jungler Caesar

September - 2011 KP167t

JEA Caesar

September - 2011 V2lKWt

Deep Powder Corp

September - 2011 GW5Tat

Exciting information about Popbot movie from 3AVOX #4 newsletter:
Bruce Hunt to direct POPBOT movie
Bruce fits the bill perfectly – his experience as part of dynamic creative teams from the Wachowski Bros. and recently with Guillermo Del Toro on “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”. He knows what it’s like to work with a strong creative team to deliver the goods.
Bruce Hunt made his directorial debut in 2005 with the commercial hit THE CAVE. He collaborated with the Wachowski Bros between 1998 and 2002 on the Matrix Trilogy serving as both second and third unit director and was the second unit director and visual effects director on the 1997 hit DARK CITY. Bruce made his name as a multi-award winning commercials director, which he continues to do, winning the Director of the Year for TAC “Reconstruction” at the 2006 Gongs Awards.

And AK Ankou EX single figures will ship in October and shipping estimated for the 2pack is coming soon.

Shipping markers for AP carded Bambaboss , third anniversary Bambaboss and 2000AD Mongrol are added to the map: - can't wait for you guys to get them!

Here is again, reminder about saving elsewhere (copy & paste important information) important personal messages, as maintenance is coming in a week.
Please delete your personal messages, which you don't need and save what you want to save, because in a week from now, there will be another maintenance to free more space for the forum on the server. So please go through your messages in your inbox and save what you want to keep. We would hate you to lose your valuable info/contacts and whatnot.

It's good to be back! Missed you all badly! Now let's get prepared for WWR Caesar drop, which happens in just 4 days from now, on September 14th 9:00AM Hong-Kong time at

A lot in the news today, this date update comes in two parts!

Good news for JEA fans! Ashley about JEA WWR Grunts
Yea, there should be JEA marine Grunts....

What NEWEL on the Medic means:
Newel aint the world, its just the corp im building up etc
gotta run..

Whether Dutch Merc Caesar comes with dome or flat head:
dome, the dutch only rock domes, thats there style..ask GAR !

Quite a bit more details about WWR Caesar and how they behave on the field:
Caesar command DC and Squares, they dont work under any bot, hell they dont like the humes either. Caesar are well equipped to deal with most situations, they are smart, they have SMRTSHIELDS, some have SMRTGUNS...
If Caesar come across a Square and they can block its transmissions, they will stab the giggling lil bastard, regardless of affiliation... Just coz... they have a new AI based on action feedback. Rothchild knows that robots dont need rules like some outta date sci fi novel.
rules are for humans so they believe they are better than animals....
Rothchild aint ya normal kid, in case you had not noticed.....

thats why there are different heads for each Caesar, not a random thing etc, the shields.. the more shields, the heavier they are, and slower etc. single shield is the standard loadout, gives good defense and mobility.
there is also a shield-less RIP assassin Caesar. two knives etc.. there are a few versions out there !
no single shield this time.... bummer.... mmm sight unseen

Again if you have any problems with your 3A products, you can vent here and tell us about your problems. We all friends here and we don't have any against that. BUT the best and the most productive way, would be to contact 3A Customer support and give them an opportunity to take care of your problems.
trenton, have you contacted 3A Customer service ?
Its not broken, just popped outta the balljoint, but I know you want to trade, so contact us and lets see what we can do.
No problem if you want to vent here, but if you want to get shit fixed, contact us ! that goes for everyone, yea it might make you feel good to say your piece here, but our people need to hear it so we can help.

Commenting on how Caesar and any other figure/bot colors may be different on screen and in real lif:
as everyone has a different monitor and color profile, its hard to show the real color of any toy. it s the same pink base as the Heavy Bramble, but weathering etc, will always add subtle hues and make the overall feel different.

Ashley about Fuck it #4 and how there might not be Fuck it #5, if there will be not enough support for it:
well if you dont buy FI4, there might never be a five, gotta pay for this shit. lucky that the first 4 sold out, might no in the future, so who know what will be !
I cant afford to make books anymore that lose money, those days are over!

maybe, but in this day and age, I just dont have the bucks to take chances, omnipuss is costing a shitload to print, even if I sell them all it will just be break even, and thats just the print cost, I dont add in 3A office staff cost and the hidden extras etc..
love making the books, but I have to feed my boys too !
profit... fuck, I know not thy name !
but yea, I love making them, ill never stop, just have to be careful not to dig a hole I cant get out of !
- commenting on my statement, that it's obvious , after seeing Fuck It and other 3A Publishing books quality & prices, that there isn't much profit in the game

New WWR bot is going to be completely different from Caesar, something entirely new. Perhaps Ashley is talking about bot on tracks - Harold, who is in the works for a long time?
with all the robots lines up, its great to see the look and style change, grow etc. but hey, having one guy design them all is a bonus !
man, they next bot is 180% turn from Caesar !

On wishing to make more Action Portable Oyas]
yea, i want to more oya's, but different styles, long pants etc, different heads, facial hair etc.
I have the Heavy TKs minis ready in the wings, very cool..
I love the AP

Thinking out loud about new 3A/Ashley Wood calendar for 2012, because we need to have the pre-order early, to deliver them right when it's needed:
is there a 2011 one ?
I dont know if Ill do one, need to get going soon for the traditional time of selling them etc

Commenting on WWRp Gat Bramble in Linkin Park colorway, explaining how the collaboration happened and how much money goes to charity:
Firstly I have no idea how goodsmile divvy up the profit with LP, its their gig, they asked Kim to do it. Personally I think all the Bramble money should go to charity, but I dont tell other companies what to do.
me and Kim are standup, and fucking real ! 20 years in yo!
but hey, we do are bit, but we cannot tell others their biz, but I aint gona be doing this again, unless it all goes to charity 100%, hey maybe it will, I dont know the details of the sale.

Answering about Bramble's packaging and will it feature Ashley's art:
[coior=green]unified logo
im doing no art for the box[/color]

In case you are interested, here is my attitude about this sale and Linkin Park. If not interested, just ignore this little paragraph:
I like the colorway, like the fact that money goes to charity, even if it's 10%, it's better than none.
Even though, Good Smile don't ship to my country, I'll order one and ask Dutch Merc to help me with the shipping, that's to illustrate the fact how I like it.
Do I care about LP? Not a single bit.

About the special feeling he has, each time new sample arrives:
I get that feeling every time a sample arrives, the day that feeling stops Im doing something seriously wrong.
I really love that Ash is doing 3A , because it makes him happy and this adds extra dimension and ingredient to each and every 3A figure.

WWR Caesar Desert Attack comes in two shield version and loves SAND:

September - 2011 UMhzMt

"he does have two, the 666th are an offensive corp, they need all the cover they can get !"
"666th go where there is sand, they love it, asia, mid east, africa, whereever blood and sand are mixed, they aint far behind, if not in front !"

About his studio and magic happening in there (love Rotchild moon reference):
I love my studio, thats where all the shit you guys see is first thought up, its my moon !

On WWR Caesar Deep Powder role in Europe:

September - 2011 GW5Tat

Deep Powder are a Patrol corp in Europe, they roam, they destroy. Deep Powder is a looser group than the 666th, very tight small focused group.

You probably read already in my updates or heard elsewhere, that WWR Caesar is going to be first 3A figure from 3ALUX line, here is a bit explanation about the line:
the 3ALUX is a label we are giving to our big highend bots an toys, these are highend things, not mass produced shit, all the large robots would have been under the label if I had had it. Caesar is a great start to the label, its fucking tops! well I dig it, but thats expected.

WWR Caesar will be coming with a booklet, here is Ash about booklets in general:
WWR booklets will vary, kinda cover a few bases at once, like the old masters of the universe booklets did

On WWR Grunts and about Jungle Ranger Grunt specifically, who we haven't seen on photos during the sale and now we saw first image on the production blog:

September - 2011 R0zFztSeptember - 2011 YgG0wt

the Jungle Grunts normally dont have the WF combat yellow as the bots do ( degas is a ranger Grunt too, in front keeping his shot low etc., they want to stay hidden more as they cant take the damage can. The WF Grunt is cool, and his recon buddy square, I dig the camo on it very much, but tastes are gonna vary.
I dig the deep powder Grunt best, but I always dig the Powder !
and yea. nothing worst than a dodgy over exposed photo of a poorly lit figure to make it suck !

Answering whether he has all 3A figures in his collection:
I have it all, plus the unmade stuff !'
but sometimes I have to push to get it

On World War Robot Strategy:
I had a chap sculpting the WWRS, looked amazing, but he has vanished, which is a bummer... they were looking killer!

Whether we will see Caesar in 1/12th scale:
no caesar at wwrp for a long time. Not until the big ones dev costs are paid for at least !

Whether there will be 3AA version of WWR Caesar
dunno yet

About new female body, which in the works for a while now:
its the same look, thats my look, i love it !
the body is just better though out, actually we are on our third version, ver2.00 got bumped/
We have new 3D dept and they took over for engineering, the same peeps that did, REX, Ray etc
knees bend better, body etc, just nicer I think.

Ashley on 2000AD Hammerstein
SMUSSHHHHHHHHHH, and yea, Hammerstein is looking killer, bug fucker too !
im off for dinner!

Since we are talking about 2000AD, I just want to add, that Mongrol is shipping out this week, but it will take a while for all them to ship out, since it's a big volume.

Commenting on the statement, that it's getting harder to keep all WWR bits of info in head, as there are more & more of them each day:
you know, i need to write a book.....

Last of remaining 3AA 2011 US packs are going out now from A-Sonic and by Monday 3A Customer Service going to have all tracking numbers, so please feel free to email them at to get the tracking.
ok, I just found out all the 3AA packs have shipped out again.. we should have all the tracking tomorrow or monday for them
Again sorry guys, but you know it was not on purpose etc, but I know it still sucked balls....

Guys, if you are reading this line and still haven't got the tracking, we can help you out. I'm gathering the personal info and passing to James, who has his contact in A-Sonic and we will do our best to give you the tracking. Or you an just drop a line to and by Monday, they should be able to have the tracking from A-Sonic as well, once the remaining packages will enter UPS shipping system and will be on the way to you.

Now about shipping in general. Newsletter, blog and this shipping column, have the dates listed. There are estimated & approximate shipping dates, each time you order something from Bambalandstore, but these dates are to give you the idea , when the products might ship. Production period is long and complicated , and often these dates are shifted further.
As for shipping dates, take AP Bambaboss for instance and who is the best to tell about it, if not Ashley himself:
Shipping is an issue, even when toys are made and ready, whether there be problems at the docks, customs or even the post office telling us to piss off, trying to ship too many ems packages etc
I could post shit everyday, but its not gonna help moaning etc.
the Bambaboss were ready at the end of August ,then our shipping peep quit ( too much work, I shit you not ) and the post office refused to take them due to volume. they are shipping though, we have to stagger them and others to get any service.
If I had the ability to stay on top of all the issues I would, but I try, im here on the front lines, doing the best I can.
I dont really have any input or control of shipping, dates are given to me, but things change, thats just reality when doing things on this scale. Apart from shipping info in the VOX anyone really interested their order should email


Ashley about his Sunday plans:
gotta spend the day making box art, have fun whatever you are rocking !
working on the newsletter too.
eyes hanging out....

Posting in AK The Nefarious 10 Finger Robot Gang thread:
name away
but colors are their thing. keep sit simple

After Linkin Park colorway WWRp Bramble boardies started to think, what other cool figures can be released, like Nine Inch Nails Bramble:
NIN would be cool!

First reveal of NYCC exclusive Zomb , you can read more about 3A Legion booth at NYCC in in this thread

September - 2011 LS8yRt

3A third anniversary Bambaboss landed in Cape Town, photo by Simon Archer

September - 2011 12uppt

Popbot Wasabi & Oyaloper photos by Grish, banditz, print

September - 2011 5MVSFtSeptember - 2011 82IUKtSeptember - 2011 WVf9ytSeptember - 2011 PNa8otSeptember - 2011 L7nvHt

AK Fighting JC and Zomb preparing for a fight, photo by our forum photo magician: pi]zzzzz

September - 2011 8lMWMt

Seeing photos by our talented boardies is one of the things, I missed the most, when 3A forum was down!

Ashley about 3AA 2012 membership
3AA is gonna be different this time, new rules! which help the toys made quicker !
it's gonna be 24 hours affair, either you in, or you out. the discount is the best part for members!

Looks like 2012 will be something new in 3AA department. I like how whole 3A associates club idea evolve over the years, what was first intended to become exclusive club with only 100 members in 2009, became far more than that! Two years in a row: for 2010 and 2011 3AA renewal/new membership enrollment we had 24 hours window and I'm happy to hear that it's not changing next year.

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September - 2011 Empty Re: September - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:03 am


Ashley about his decision to make WWR Caesar Steve standard release and available for everyone, but another secret fig is coming and we will try to have Caesar at the Bambalandstore as long, as possible:

"I think ill make ol steve a full on release, many people have emailed and asked, so it wouldnt seem right to make it a toughy..
back to work... one eye working..."
"its a cool fig. they all are, this sale really represents 3A to me, a killer large range, a fun secret toy.. its gonna be a cool week
also we are gonna try and keep these up as long as possible, as many have asked for a day or two more to come to the party. the bottom line is, we want to deliver these in late december, so we pretty much have to start the machines this week."

Caesar newsletter is out and it's EPIC! If you haven't got it, you can check it here.

Story and photos:
Many lonely hours were spent on the Moon thinking about the machines of death that Rothchild had birthed into life, each theoretically more than capable of killing their father. This thought had weighed on him, made him feel proud and yet, less than superior. He wasn’t fond of this paradox, a fence sitter's answer to non linear problem.

Rothchild had never felt truly safe since the failed attempt on his life by the Dirty Deeds Squad, even on the moon that he now owned. His own children had been turned against him; the Dirty Deeds failure to kill Rothchild was not based on their lack of skill or quality of build, but a maverick lust for freedom. Rothchild made the discovery of this anomaly his main goal, find it and use it!

The R.I.P program was the fruition of this search, limitless resources were poured into it, the brightest minds were used, once Rothchild was satisfied that each had given their all, a letter was sent to their families announcing their unfortunate demise. This was Rothchild's baby, there was only one father, and it was going to stay that way!

The first fruit of the R.I.P program shuddered into life, 001 quickly moved into a defensive stance to take in its surroundings and assess any potential threats. Rothchild watched the action remotely, far away from any potential accidents. He watched and studied the movement of... Caesar… Yes, that was a good name... Rothchild would have been disappointed if Caesar had just struck out, animalistic and desperate, but the machine didn’t, it quickly processed long lists of speculative questions and possible solutions. Then Caesar’s stance relaxed, none of these "things" were a threat; it didn’t need to offer any type of response that would be too revealing and expected. Rothchild beamed, a hint of color in his gaunt, pale face. A proud father, he knew that he had finally made the robot he had dreamed of as a child to protect him.

It was a good day for Rothchild, the thought of his own internal police of terrible children, and of course a lesser version of Caesar for the war machine, a machine he dearly loved.


September - 2011 SVFdctSeptember - 2011 R6uVZtSeptember - 2011 AEBwptSeptember - 2011 BI913tSeptember - 2011 LFtOqtSeptember - 2011 ODkuWtSeptember - 2011 GWz0LtSeptember - 2011 77WHKtSeptember - 2011 Kuu8etSeptember - 2011 Gdm41tSeptember - 2011 0zpg9tSeptember - 2011 5sft2t

Ashley about newsletter:
"enjoy the newsletter lads, im fucking tired, off for dinner ! More info for Caesar tomorrow !"

Explanation about weapons for Caesar, handgun (pistol) and knife are standard weapons:
"they all come with the knife, gun and what ever bonus weapon is show in the images etc"
"only weapons seen are bonus, not all come with extra weapons beyond Knife and pistol.
not needed etc"
"new gun 12.5 inches long" - now that's my kind of a gun!

There is tiny mistake in the newsletter, WWR Caesar is of course 1/6th , not 1/12th:
"1/12th fixed
told ya I was tired..
dinner is ready !"

About secret figure and whether we will see WWR Caesar Steve release, before sale and DIY fig is 100% confirmed:
"secret fig is cheap-ish, well compared to Caesar"
Steve J will be seen before you buy, no unseen figs this sale
there is also a DIY
no grunts this sale.

Wednesday 14th September 9-00am Hong Kong time will see the release of the WWR 1/6th scale Caesar on Bambaland. Caesar is a fully articulated figure, up to approx 16.5" tall ( Dome version ) and each figure will come with the first 3A WWR Story booklet. Each Caesar will cost $230, the price includes worldwide shipping! All colorways are exclusive to Bambaland and will not be offered again.
This is a pre-order, Caesar will ship Jan 2012.


Ashley about his favorite APTKs and OYAS
blanco oya is my fav OYA !
love the fucker

i think so, came out like I hoped.
Im kinda fond of my shit

On Caesar weapons, basically each Caesar comes with gun and knife, shotgun and machine gun you see on photos are exclusive to each version.
So strictly based on the photos:
Surgeon G aka Medic (dome) ; Gravedigger (dome); JUNGLER DBG (dome) - gun and big ass knife
both RIP (dome double shield + flat) - gun and big ass knife
EMGY NC TRG (flat + double shield); JEA (flat); Dutch Merc (dome) - machine gun
PRU SUPPORT aka Peaceday (flat); 666th Clint E aka Desert Attack (flat + double shield); Deep Comm (dome) - shotgun

But here is better advice to people who afraid to make wrong weapon choice:
best bet, read the description the on bambaland, all the details pertaining to each fig will be there !

On WWR Caesar in general:
the Caesar marks a huge point in Rothchilds reign, things get changed up a bit from here.. just saying, keep an eye out..
Of course Harold is a retro release !

About secret figure , which is part of the Caesar drop
its not a Caesar, it has no affiliation ever seen, it hates everyone, even itself !
secret fig will be for sale at sale time, its a secret to what it is, not how to get it. Plus its fun, I dont want to make it hard to get one.....
eyes are good now.
it will be available till it it aint...

Speaking about what's going on:
another busy day at the 3A ranch, gonna grab some breakfast and get into it ! have fun whatever your up to !

Posting in AK Tommy Mission thread about retail prices and how crazy aftermarket prices are:
I would love all the 3A figures available at retail prices, always, but alas its not possible...
I want people to enjoy the figs, at the retail price, not pay inflated prices. Toys are not a stock market, they are meant to be played with enjoyed!

Speaking on subject, what I always recommend to people who just discovered 3A and looking for sold out figures: if you have time and desire, please join our community, become active members, find some friends and keep looking; somebody gonna def. hook you up or you will fall in love with our current releases, which are coming straight from Bambalandstore! It's far better than pay inflated prices in my personal opinion.

With less than 24 hours away from WWR Caesar drop, starts my favorite time of any sale, which is marked with opening of F5 Bar and Grill!
Don't know what F5 Bar and Grill is and you never been in one? Here is the info:
During release nights in the thread dedicated to the release (WWR Caesar), only serious questions/problems can be posted. Everything else would be deleted by us, the Mods. This is done, to get rid of all the nonsense and help to people, who have some serious questions and problems about the release. The thread where you can make relatively on topic friendly chat or go insane during the releases would be called F5 Bar and Grill, under Release night board's category. The thread is going to be unlocked 24 hours before the sale takes place and that's any minute now, and will be locked, after the figure is going to be removed from the store and I will give you some time to vent and share the excitement about the sale . Have fun there, but don't forget basic rules and maintaining positive vibes of our beloved 3A board. Since F5 Bar during the sale is really crowded and grows like several pages in few minutes, all the essential sales info will be posted in the first opening post of the F5 thread and in WWR Caesar thread, under WWR section. So before asking a question, please check the first page of the bar for answers. You can always PM me (or other MODs) if you some questions and you don't want to post them publicly.
Usually we don't allow interpretations of 3A/Ashley Wood intellectual property and characters. But as our tradition goes only on sale nights, we are making an exception and looking forward to your sketches , featuring WWR Caesar on them. I'll be putting them up here and in F5 Bar, later on they will be added to online gallery on imgur as well, with captions, so it will be seen who is the author of each sketch.

F5 Bar is open and waiting for you:

As mentioned previously, remaining US 3AA 2011 membership packs shipped out from A-Sonic. If you are still waiting and want to get tracking number, we can try to help you with that. James has a contact person in A-Sonic, who is willing to help us. We already helped few people, so please, if you are interested send me your full name and shipping address and we will pass it to A-Sonic.

WWR Caesar Steve - comes with the ROTHTAB and creepy green apple, he has no weapons except his mind.

September - 2011 AuYirt

Commenting on surprise release and that red color RIP #003 ain't a part of it
AND important information about Caesar weapons:
not human, poor tek...
003 will be later on !
all the standard caesar come with a Bertie SMRTGUN or Claxton80 , read the description at bamba for each figure to find out which .
back to work for me

Looks like Rotchild Internal Police and Medic will be coming with some serious guns, not just knife + pistol:
and R.I.P

Concerning weapons: best way is to check each WWR Caesar description at Bambalandstore , whether it comes with your favorite weapon or not.

Sketches by our boardies, dedicated to WWR Caesar sale, captions will be added later on (once all the sketches will be submitted). If I missed your sketch, please PM me the direct link to it. Thank you for all your work and time!

September - 2011 MOCIvtSeptember - 2011 85o11tSeptember - 2011 CqiwUtSeptember - 2011 Fm71ZtSeptember - 2011 2xoVPtSeptember - 2011 HNFFstSeptember - 2011 TrrhZtSeptember - 2011 NSTv3tSeptember - 2011 D8LcDtSeptember - 2011 7Ok6RtSeptember - 2011 71n8DtSeptember - 2011 Pas7wtSeptember - 2011 Rnsl6tSeptember - 2011 TRqvptSeptember - 2011 JaR00tSeptember - 2011 JaR00tSeptember - 2011 81y3JtSeptember - 2011 OHWivtSeptember - 2011 QmLaqtSeptember - 2011 EjHrTtSeptember - 2011 FmiPktSeptember - 2011 RA7c8tSeptember - 2011 EZpkhtSeptember - 2011 RA7c8tSeptember - 2011 TmMGitSeptember - 2011 KmajDtSeptember - 2011 J6nhat

Gallery link:


And WWR Caesar is up for sale at , please don't forget to read description of each Caesar weapons and pay attention that colors may vary on the final product and that it's preorder for Jan 2012 shipping (approximate shipping time).

One of the most frequent question of the night: Will 3AA members have 24 hours on this one? Sure they will, but since we will try our best to keep Caesar up, as long as possible, 24 hours doesn't do much.

Surprise of the night , just like promised: self loathing at best and cheap (compared with Caesar), meet WWR SQUARE 1.5a

September - 2011 S2lzqt

BOOM! the Square 1.5a ( also known as the Square Bomb) was only tested for 3 days at Square Park ENZO, on the third day all the Square 1.5a got together and went KABOOM, they were after all little shits with bombs on their backs. ENZO park was no more and with the lead B-SQUARE Engineers killed in the explosions and all prototypes destroyed the test program ended.... OR WAS IT !

DIY Caesar will be offered later on:
"re DIY, that wil lbe put up later, the store is already too full with 12 items, so later in the week we shall put up."

Ashley posting in F5 Bar about 1.5a Square:
"the square is well loved, but he wont be there for ever. just a warning"
"2 is fine for square, its a timed sale, not quantity etc"

About Caesar in general and his preferences:
"thanks guys for the support, Caesar has come through, like he always does !!!"
"6, damn that has to be a record.... you could put a sheet of hardened glass on top of them and have a CAESAR TABLE !"
"the RIP will look great next to Rothchild.. coming soon !"

Commenting on F5 bar sketches and speaking about WWR Caesar box art. We still don't know, whether there will be unified box or something special for each colroway:
good art today lads ! back to trying to make some of my own !
gotta go make box art.
thanks again, always appreciated

And that's how our boardie: BoysWillBeToys is spending amazing moments of Caesar sale

September - 2011 9nkECt

Even though that it's super hard to choose one or two, out of that many original and unique colorways, and I made millions on giving advices just for 0.99c and pint of blood, we still think that having difficult choice is better to have none:
I think have this many colorways is cool, really gave you guys a choice, even if its tough, its better than the prison of no choice !

Ashley about Square 1.5A and that it never got to "B"
its just the SQUARE 1.5A
they never got to Beta.

ONLY this square bomb will be made, no more after this!

Speaking about next WWR Bertie:
Bertie +
is the next Bertie

Head sup on WWR DIY Caesar sale:
its gonna be quite imited, so when you see it, and if your into act etc..
that was 3A FYI

SDCC t-shirts spotted in Asia, photos by JENGO

September - 2011 Ow2qet

WWR DIY Caesar is up at , another cool moment of this night! Comes with all weapons, parts to make double shield/single shield version and flat/dome head. 270$ before 3AA discount.

September - 2011 BxsHpt

Ashley about DIY:
yea, but some skill is needed, or there is gonna be broken bits etc, not gonna sell many, but I wanna offer as there are many great creative peeps that do ask etc

Answering whether DIY Caesar comes disassembled:
nope, put together apart from shoulders and head.

On Steve's accessories:
no apple or ipad
just for steve j
some things are sacred - confirming that rotten apple and rothpad are only for Steve

About WWR 1.5A Square:
its not a mk2, the face and eyes are different, has the bomb.
its never appearing again either. one off.. im recycle the unpaid sometime

I'm going to bed, have fun guys! And please don't forget that we will try our best to keep Caesar up as much , as possible. But that doesn't give you 100% guarantee (on certain colorways) that they can't disappear from Bamba once 24 hours ran out. Have a fun morning/day/night, depending of your timezone! Looking forward to see you and your sketches in F5 bar!


Ashley about WWR Caesar sale, why Square 1.5A was available that long and on Steve J leaving the store:
morning all !
what a fun stress-free sale here at 3A central, been good !
gonna grab a coffee and clean up the store etc..

yea, I fell asleep, the Square was supposed to be down, but at least no complaints from northern part missing out !
it was a cool drop, I think the MEGA CHOICE SALEEEE was a good idea.
Steve J will come down soon though..
ok, really need a coffee now.....

Whether all colorways did good:
all bots did well !

Since WWR Caesar might leave the store any moment now, here is an advice to our boardy Wooly, who will have funds only on perhaps if you want Caesar as well and need one more day to gather the funds, you can email , after placing your order and promise to pay in 24 hours? It's better than going on the secondary market later on.
place your order Wooly, and pay then, just email threeA to say your doing it !

When we will see Caesar 003 ? I hope for XMAS release, we had great couple of 'em a while back!
re 003, yea he is coming oneday, not now or next month etc oneday, he will strike!

Ashley explaining about DBG (Jungler) Caesar
DBG has a really cool ref, and yes its close to home and has a military connection of sorts, as we all know I come from a military back ground there is lots of cool history to pillage !!

Final list of the sketches, please let me know if I missed something

September - 2011 MOCIvtSeptember - 2011 85o11tSeptember - 2011 CqiwUtSeptember - 2011 Fm71ZtSeptember - 2011 2xoVPtSeptember - 2011 HNFFstSeptember - 2011 TrrhZtSeptember - 2011 NSTv3tSeptember - 2011 D8LcDtSeptember - 2011 7Ok6RtSeptember - 2011 71n8DtSeptember - 2011 Pas7wtSeptember - 2011 Rnsl6tSeptember - 2011 TRqvptSeptember - 2011 JaR00tSeptember - 2011 JaR00tSeptember - 2011 81y3JtSeptember - 2011 OHWivtSeptember - 2011 QmLaqtSeptember - 2011 EjHrTtSeptember - 2011 FmiPktSeptember - 2011 RA7c8tSeptember - 2011 EZpkhtSeptember - 2011 RA7c8tSeptember - 2011 TmMGitSeptember - 2011 KmajDtSeptember - 2011 J6nhatSeptember - 2011 AmG4stSeptember - 2011 PLjuptSeptember - 2011 Za8NitSeptember - 2011 6WseltSeptember - 2011 UcdD8tSeptember - 2011 1ZRXgtSeptember - 2011 4XVtetSeptember - 2011 GJKa9tSeptember - 2011 DezzftSeptember - 2011 YELSatSeptember - 2011 N61CttSeptember - 2011 OSOTCtSeptember - 2011 HSYBItSeptember - 2011 Mb9lXtSeptember - 2011 TrrlRtSeptember - 2011 Lm934tSeptember - 2011 BwhCUtSeptember - 2011 RgRUztSeptember - 2011 PoGhvtSeptember - 2011 H08uTtSeptember - 2011 FnqGftSeptember - 2011 B0a0XtSeptember - 2011 8i1ZLt

HUGE thanks to everyone, who submitted their sketch to the bar!

WWR Caesar is gone from the store and time to close down the bar. And I'm using the opportunity to say some personal words and address the Legion. If you aren't interested, just ignore the following paragraph:
Time to close down the bar, always the saddest time for me... but I'm always smiling and looking forward to the new bar & sales night.

I wanna say couple of words first. They have nothing to do with the sale and I never been man of speeches, but I'm talking open and speaking from my heart and hopefully reaching everyone here.

We have been through a lot in August (those who follow the community, know well what I'm talking about) and in September our forum collapsed, but you know what? I think we only became stronger and more mature, like Phoenix , which can't die and gets reborn. I truly believe, that we have something serious and even world changing going on here and forum / Legion is the right glue which keeps it all together. World changing? Figures? Get out of here, right? You might laugh about that, but ain't 3A figures make us happy? And they inspire people and same about Ashley's art. Happy and inspired people don't go and do bad things, they bring happiness in the world and it's all about little things, you got to start somewhere right?

For instance today, i got a personal message from a person, who wants to involve 3A toys in charity for kids. How cool is that?! And it's not only that person, I know plenty of people here , who aren't selfish and helping everyone around.

I think no matter what's happening and what kind of drama/disagreement going on, let's all be more respectful and understanding towards each other, it takes forever to build relationship and you can ruin it by few bad words, said when you got caught in the moment. And even if did happen, there is always an opportunity to say: I'm sorry, I was wrong and let's shake hands.

Huge thank you goes to everyone, who spent some time in the bar, find time to make sketches and of course to everyone, who welcomed another Rotchild finest in their collection.

Truly yours,

Ashley about WWR MK3 Bramble, it's particularly interesting, because we thought that Heavy Bramble is now MK3, instead of MK 2.5.
"just an FYI
just finished the BRAMBLE MK3, and I gotta say , fucking cool, it takes a while for every design to be nutted out, but BMK3 is done !
now of to make a reality..
back to it..."

Action Portable Heavy TKs, damn I waited a lot for them!

September - 2011 FUDrwtSeptember - 2011 NJemCt

Ashley about WWRp Caesar
mmm hopefully we can get these going soon !

Posting in Fuck it thread:
no swearing

WWRp Gatling gun Bramble Linking park colorway is still up here:

Here is an impressive photo by Hidy:

September - 2011 29Dwwt

And speaking about Brambles....poor Heavy Bramble, got his ass kicked by Blanco! Photo by Trenton

September - 2011 DovMLt

Amazing Popbot Wasabi & Oya TKs articulation by PLAT

September - 2011 NCUbtt

TK Oyaloper video review by shiroidevil

September - 2011 TfTVdm


Sorry for not updating last two days, I came down with a cold and that's a nasty one, with fever and dizzy head. After smelling some vinyl and drinking Baltic blood, I managed to pull my strength together and came up with this looooong update. Hope you will like it.

3AVOX #5 is out and can be read here:

Here is awesome photo of WWR Caesar Steve , thanking everyone, who showed support during the sale:

September - 2011 B0GxJt

Ashley about WWR Bramble MK3 and how it's a challenge to design each bot:
I look into 4 arms every month, looks cool, but just aint rothchild, I have to stay true to Rothchild, or it aint WWR etc.

It would be super simple to design any kinda robot, with any vibe etc, but to keep the Roth in effect requires more thought and care.

the rival bot company kicks in when Roth is kicked from the moon, but thats another story. then the robots get different !
Remove message

^First time we hear about rival company, which is really interesting detail.

Joking about Caesar and Square
square bomb was the release, the caesar were support !
Lee, we have many cool things coming up!

Will we see retail versions of Caesar soon?
no retail Caesar anytime soon, but there is 003 the Messenger coming from us at a later date..

About Gravedigger colorway and future lies for these bots:
GD is gonna play a big part in the WWR world!

Explaining one of the many differences between Nabler and Soot Diver (photos & teasers of both bellow)

September - 2011 YHP5dtSeptember - 2011 HHGaVsSeptember - 2011 N3L7ft

no, the nabler head is a 1/6th figure
the soot diver is the 1:1 head, coming soon too !

About 1:1 Soot Diver
the shipping is the issue..... which makes it hard for you and us.
they are all numbered now too !

The Nefarious 10 Finger Robot Gang teaser from 3AVOX #5

September - 2011 SdQrUt

And Ashley speaking about this release bellow, previously it was mentioned that it will blind release (you can't choose the colorway) and only one figure per person is allowed. We know that there will be 10 variants + King:
you can buy 3 three blind, BUT we cannot reallly control who gets what, so you could end up with doubles... fun to get one, adventure purchase
Ill let you decide how many you buy, but we cant promise what you get as we dont do the load outs etc, done by a third party for shipping and whatnot

wait and see what they look like like !
early october for the showing

Interesting details and information about AK The Nefarious 10 Finger Robot Gang
The Finger Gang blow into town, their boss King Thumb wants some attention from Cherry Shadow, the alter ego of Little Shadow. Apart from Little Shadow being kinda pissed that some lowlife bot wants some, king EMO himself, Tommy Mission ( part time boyfriend and nutbag to Shadow )doesn't take it too well either. rev up the TEARS !
October will see Adventure Kartel 1/6th FINGER GANG released, sporting 11 different colorways BLIND BOXED or the FAUX RETAILER CARTON SET featuring all 11 members in one carton ! Images and details in a VOX newsletter soon !

2000AD Hammerstein / Ro-Jaw is dropping next year:
hammerstein is early next year
wanted to do this year, but resources are thin, but im hoping... ya never know

Whether Finger Gang King is golden color:
King isnt gold !
dark and sinister

One of the Gang members is heavily armed with sledge hammer!
anyway, back to the gang.. King Fing has a sledge hammer ! heads gotta be hit !

On Caesar making it's way into 1/12th scale and GID? GID would be really FUN.
we will try, really guys we know there is a large group that dig WWRp, just as much as the large. should have some info in the next month or two, as to what we are doing ! I want a 004 GID !

Posting in Fuck it thread, about Fuck it 4 and Omnipuss
yea, dont fuck with my art... I dont even know what your talking about, just agreeing !
there will be a RAW fuckit and a 4 and a OMNIPUSS
was looking at my photo stuff, damn its cool, gotta figure out a way to display it!

About NYCC exclusive Zomb, which to state the obvious, will be available only at NYCC
re the NYCC Zomb for those who have emailed me , we made them for the legion and support of Dolly's NYCC operation, we will not have them forsale or any left over. Only place to get them is the Legion booth at NYCC.
cant wait to see what you all do at NYCC

Little & deadly cuties - 12 WWRp Squares are going to be up at Bambalandstore as soon, as possible. I got to admit that I saw them at SDCC and they are as cute and as detailed as their bigger brothers.
oh yea !
fuck I forgot about that set, thats going in the bamba store soon as I can
12 actually

A bit more details on new WWR Bertie +
the bertie + is similar size to the MK2, which is a popular Bertie on the field

Speaking about that painting bellow, confirming that Popbot is Popbot and Bertie is Bertie

September - 2011 LvR29t

james, first, that aint a bertie, second thats a popbot painting
third, cmon man...

BUT that particular bot is in development and we will see him one day:
But yea that type of bot is in dev, its a specific popbot robot, a really old one, it has made a couple of appearances etc..

Next female figure is going to be Popbot 7Bones member: Queeny and she will have new female body.
the next female is a 7bones member called Queeny
new female body
the princess were the last of the old

Now there is a question, who will be next Popbot 7Bones member? Shogun or Queeny?
shougn or queeny, shougn is more complicated. maybe december for a new 7B

Will Queeny be clean or dirty/weathered? (while answering on this question, Ashley drops word about XMAS release: LOLLI TQ)
in the middle
lolli TQ for christmas

So from now on no clean figure for both TQ or TK?
dirty, clean, and in between
who knows what they will be!

New Adventure Kartel character: EXPIRED DOLPHIN and he isn't ZOMBIE
new Ak character that went into dev, EXPIRED DOLPHIN , friend of Tommy, enemy of everything else.
no zomb, very much alive, just want to kill everything, Tommys mate form the UK

Real Steel movie is going to be released in early October and 3AVOX #5 has already images of Real Steel robot by 3A:

September - 2011 Qsz0RtSeptember - 2011 Vg6oytSeptember - 2011 GCe5PtSeptember - 2011 NuyWut

We are very proud to announce that November will see the pre-order of the Bandai x 3A ZAKU, we will have all the details in an upcoming ZAKU VOX SPECIAL ! Here are few ZAKU images from the newsletter:

September - 2011 HzKi2tSeptember - 2011 OJuxotSeptember - 2011 A3qMptSeptember - 2011 Unnn8t

Latest art from Ashley's blog , don't know about you, but I especially loved WWR Bomb Square 1.5A painting

September - 2011 Gr8h2tSeptember - 2011 55eGvt

3A toy photo of the week by Mr.Roboto

September - 2011 UQMXCt

My friends, I cleared half of the old entries on 3A product delivery progress map, because old releases were clogging up the view. On top of that I rearranged markers for your convenience, with new ones first. Please use the map to mark shipping progress of 3A toys, to get us better idea where are the products and make anticipation of mailmen knocking on our doors, just a tiny bit easier Smile
For sentimental purposes I clonned the map and version with all the old markers is still available for interested parties as well.

Now about our scheduled maintenance:

Almost a week ago, I posted a warning that you have to go through your PMs and save what's important for you. Now I'm passing the new word from our main Administrator - mr12Fingers: Please delete old messages, which you don't need and if not enough people would do that, we will be forced to do it by ourselves and you might lose something important. Forum existence is our top priority and unfortunately we need to free more space on the server. Thank you for your attention and sorry for any possible inconvenience!

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September - 2011 Empty Re: September - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:04 am


Ashley about WWRp Squares
final color ways are not set, or price.
I want some new one in there, unseen

Earlier it was mentioned , that there original intention was to have 12 different colorways in the pack. It's interesting that SDCC 2011 Toy Tokyo exclusive Brillo Squaro is made in 1/12th scale and might be included in the production:
squaro mini can be there, i have one somewhere

Since first Hong-Kong venture took place in November 2009 and marking another milestone in 3A history (being first ever 3A toy show) , there was a talk about making new one in Hong-Kong one day. And now we have a date, which is set in stone! REVENTURE HK is taking place on April 27th and will last till May 4th 2012. Of course everyone is welcomed and don't know about you, I'm kicking myself in the balls for not being able to visit first one, so I'm doing possible and impossible to make it there this time!

Here are the promos for first HKV and for REVENTURE HK

September - 2011 YM2bQtSeptember - 2011 McPL6t

Ashley about REVENTURE HK
its gonn be cool !

Confirming that dates are locked in and people, who feel like coming can start planning already. And of course there will be some cool exclusive figures there!
locked in Tigs
I can confirm there will be an exclusive HALO fig there
glad you guys are thinking of coming, we have super fond memories of Venture, and hope to make more like them.
full steam ahead

If you are feeling nostalgic and interested about HKV here are some photos from HK Venture, thanks to expathos and Monkey! Click here for the whole gallery of photos made by Monkey.

September - 2011 40810212028a73340095b.thSeptember - 2011 4081058046979a474beeb.thSeptember - 2011 704971672sj6ksxl.thSeptember - 2011 704971520oyml4l.thSeptember - 2011 704971801sdarxl.thSeptember - 2011
^images are hosted on imageshack, not imgur, as they are taken from news archive

2000AD Mongrol is shipping and soon we will start seeing in hand photos. Can't wait! Seen this monster at SDCC and I must say, that he is true piece of art and engineering!
its shipping, just had it confirmed !

Please don't forget to use revised 3A shipping progress map to mark Mongrol progress!

There will be not only NYCC exclusive figure, but an exclusive print as well. Price info and where it will be available (Scott Eder's booth & 3A Legion booth) coming soon.
why Im here the NYCC eder print was just sent to him

About NOM and their desires:
NOM want the moon, its the throne of earth after all!

OMNIPUSS is coming to us in October and posting about Polaroids:
trying to get a large polaroid, just missed out lately, but im on it!
Just sold a polaroid, looked spiffy framed up..
looks like omni will be ready in october now, back of the cue am I !
yup, but it has to be good condition, the film costs a fuckload, so I dont want shonky cam

Some details on AK The Nefarious 10 Finger Robot Gang sale:
penis gameeeeee !
the 10 members are blind boxed
king fing is a standard buy
or you buy the box
simple sale !

its all about the sledge hammer right.. everyone want the hammer

And MORE (on how many singles you can buy and etc):
buy as many as you like of the singles, but we cannot promise what you will get, or how many doubles etc, as we wont be there to control the shipping out. we can advise the shipper , but we cannot guarantee etc.
three seemed a ok number but, 2 is too. and one as well
box info isnt nailed down. the box will be illustrated though, with drawings etc. a nice single color design for it etc

these guys are very goofy and cool. they are all numbered separately, as well as different colors and weapons.
a great addition to the AK world..
I need to find a cardboard engineer to make the Adventure Kathederal !
he big box isnt gonna be printed in full color, that will be a single color, its a carton, not a fancy box
the standard boxes will be like all AK boxes
so you can put down the razor ming

Popbot Wasabi TK and Oyaloper photo review by toygodd can be found here


Commenting in WWR Bramble MK3 thread:
there are many variations of mounted weapons, from flak to ground assault, lasers are are cool, but makes the destruction of robots pretty easy, not good for Rothchilds biz. No Rothchild lasers are available to the buying public.
The Martians being a smart bunch, and good at dev-ing shit, have deployed field lasers already, for the likes of Caesar attack etc. Though the unit is bulky, and has a 20 second recharge cycle, it will cut down most bots with ease !

New bot in WWR Universe? Laser slogger!
i hope to make all my ideas into toys, big or small. the Laser Slogger is a must!
but before the future happens, we gotta revisit the past, with Harold, which I gotta say is killer, arm version or gun!

All WWR Caesar sketches from F5 bar can be seen here: , now with captions

And now promised SHOUT OUT to the authors!

unclefilthy, metaphorge, thejikas (3), ronlu, expathos (2), soil (4), stored high in transit, wwwetworks, Sail, fadeworks, Knives (2), redJar (6), abex44, gregory, MrJack (3), Ryno38 (2), BRiZL, dienstag, UsedUniverse, holiday, crem, VerdantViper, Z, amethystcape, toygodd, jengo (4), beardskull, OyabunTT

HUGE THANK YOU GOES TO YOU GUYS! Not only you spent your time in a bar and showed support for 3A, but you were brave enough to share your talents in F5 Bar and devoted your time to draw Caesar! I'm tipping my hat to you over and over again!

On red 003 WWR Caesar and that AK Mrs Shadow is in final stage of works:
I want the red one. but he aint a chritsmas fig !
the red represents blood, not yule cheer ! or however you say it !
gotta go finish Mrs Shadow !

On Popbot Wasabi TK and what Ashley thinks about him and TKs in general:
I love wasabi, its a great simple fig, glad you are digging him, the next 7bones are great too. I still remember the small ass numbers for first tk set.. glad to see the love has grown !
me too cody, dream come true to see my ideas solid..
Punk king, and andy are gonna be cool !

Commenting why some of the OG TKs from early 2009 had greenish faces:
oil separating from the plastic causes the green head
just like those classic mego figs...
the 3pack box is still a fav of mine, when I first got it, i was like, yea, I Can do this for many years !

More classic posters on Bamba, perhaps one with Tomorrow King on it?
I want to offer more posters at bamba, maybe a Tk one soon !

Ashley posting a lot of information about Popbot Tomorrow Kings and 7Bones

September - 2011 AfzFet

two pack maybe with last member and punk king etc.
cool thing about the 7bone, they know they day they die, so they are kinda gung ho, and unstoppable till that day.
in seven strokes they fell, and only seven bones were left to tell their story.

me too KidA
I have a TK oneshot that I tool with, I just love painting, more than drawing comics...
and I cant let anyone else draw my it will happen... someday ! - expressing his willingness to make standalone book about 7Bones
"takes 18 years to train them in the arts of TK, they age normally, grow old etc. average age of death is 24. old TKs are rare"

Oyabun for 7Bones? Yes please!
as they like to fight and get into the thick of it !
I want to do a standard OYA for 7bones, just figured people had enough for now
"ok I ll do a 7bone OYA soon, blanco negro will happen again, they were a one time only affair !
the 7B all sport similar colors, so the oya will be cool !"
- I decided not to alter the quote, but I pretty much think that Ashley meant that : blanco negro will not happen again
and here is why:
"blanco + negro were a covert experiment gone wrong, both vanished and have never been seen again. though the mortis whisper listeners have told of opposites that bring an end to the endless.
so yea, who knows whats up there..
there are no others, and never will be in any TK form !

What kind of t-shirt Oya from 7Bones will be rocking?
"7B OYA has what could be my fav thsirt so far ~!"
"7B oya, is the first oya not to sport the Lass.. goodlord"

Since OG Tomorrow Kings were introduced we kept asking for 1:1 t-shirts and here is a reminder that our wish ain't forgotten:
"tshirts set one day!"

One of the TKs will be called - Akira:
"Ill do a TK called akira, coz my son sports such a name !"
"he is a cool son, they all are!"
"not named after Akira the cartoon, or the director by the way."

Remember Archer TK? We haven't heard about him for a while and that is why:
archer it the Last TK

Another version of Aki - Data Liberator TK?
you mean TK VIC !
the head liberator !

Do we want to see TKs Unleashed , previously seen in 1/12th scale as SDCC exclusives and Yellow Hornets:
there have been a few requests for tk unleashed in 1/6th, what ya think boys ?
I think the answer is obvious, but still, let's show our support and interest!

AP DIY&GID and JEA Bambabosses seen in Asia and UK, Puddingboss still hiding somewhere.
Here are the pics by HelloPanda, jF, shinyvera

September - 2011 4DOR5tSeptember - 2011 57ORKtSeptember - 2011 SWcu4tSeptember - 2011 9Gpwdt

Big Dropcloth, playing with his little brother by Fau Dafaufau

September - 2011 TTtExt

TKs in motion by BoysWillBeToys

September - 2011 XTPxDt

As always more great photos in September photo thread and still there is time to submit your entry! One entry per person , entries only and all the talk goes into different thread.


Even though, that only few people were affected by this, I still want to put it in the news, as we aren't hiding anything.
Ashley commenting on the last A-Sonic situation, that some of the United States located Wasabi/Oyaloper orders got mixed up. Meaning that few people, who bought Oyaloper got Wasabi and vice versa. This happened only in United States.
All the parties: A-Sonic, affected people and 3A know about the situation. A-Sonic people were calling up customers over the weekend and offering ways to handle the situation. Of course all the return expenses are on A-Sonic and they promised us that it's an easy fix and everything is happening. If you suffered from this and haven't received any call from A-Sonic, please send me a PM or email

Bummer guys, Asonic are on it, should be a quick fix im told !
but fucking pisses me off !!!!!!!
back to work to work here, 7Bone oya is done!

On 7Bones Oya figure:
well the design was done last night, now we sample it, tweak, then sell.
soon as I can get sampled and logged into the hatchery for production!

Ashley on Coarsetoys + 3A collaboration:
i got some in my studio !

About WWRp Berties MK3 , more colorways are coming and some will be revealed in VOX #6 newsletter!
we gonna do a lot of colorways i see some samples in VOX6 of standard ones

Time to sign up to newsletter, if you haven't:

2000AD Mongrol been spotted in Australia and what a beast he is (weight of the box: 5.4kgs)! Photos by KidAkira, who is overwhelmed by details and quality of Mongrol! You can even remove MESS out of his capsule!

Here is what KidAkira said about Mongrol:
Those little carapaced thingys on Mongrols legs are articulated... They kinda move up and down... Hard to explain but very cool... Hoses on his arms are nice and rubbery... Mouth opens super wide... Shoulder to shoulder must be about 15" wide...

He really raises the bar for design and construction... Regardless of whether your into 2000AD or not he's a magnificent piece... I reckon Ash must have damn well near pissed his pants when he first got his hands on the prototype for this guy

September - 2011 UASEqtSeptember - 2011 Fd4WstSeptember - 2011 TPNMFtSeptember - 2011 71Je0tSeptember - 2011 0ald8t

AP Pudding Boss landed in Hong-Kong, photos by terce

September - 2011 ASgcCtSeptember - 2011 TnaDZt

Legionnaires, please use the map and mark Mongrol and AP Bambass landing areas:
rules are in the upper left corner and password is: legion


3AVOX #6 newsletter is out and can be read here:

Ashley posting in WWR Harold the Fucktard thread:
harold is a mean mutha fucker
alpha Dirty Deeds = soiled deeds.
runs off for coffee

On WWRp Squares variety:
12 is great, as its the only set happening !

Ash about WWR Harold MK1 bot:

thats harold man !

thats a Harold MK1 1/6th bot KidA
nothing TK'y about it !

First Ashley Wood collection release - Prom Night Disagreement - chase version of the standard colorway: Belladonna (standard was red)

September - 2011 7ugMhtSeptember - 2011 HS4k0t

Ashley commenting about box art and on Prom Night Disagreement sale:
Looking at how many feet were old, harldy any, so congrats to the feet lovers !
thats a polaroid...

What will be the next release from Ashley Wood collection?
soot divers I think
and another foot, or maybe the leg !

On the positive note, for all who missed Prom Night Disagreement sale, new foot or leg (?) is coming:
I have anew one coming up, cos like thay say, only thing better than one sev foot, is two
I didnt think anyone would be into the foot, shocked to see it sell that quick, I though it would need 24 hours to make the min number....

October will see Adventure Kartel 1/6th FINGER GANG released, sporting 10 different colorways BLIND BOXED or the FAUX RETAILER CARTON SET featuring all 11 members in one carton ! Images and details in a VOX newsletter soon ! And promo image (not a poster for the figure) featuring King Finger and his sledge hammer:

September - 2011 KonNRt

no poster, just comic panel to lead into sale etc

We here at 3A Central will be sending the 1/6th NYCC ZOMB ARMY to support the 3A Legion at NYCC ( all snug in their cardboard coffins we might add ). All the cold dead cash made selling them there at the booth will go directly to the Legion team making this happen, to help with covering costs and showing the Legion a good time etc So swing by at NYCC and show them your support, and take a Zomb home!

September - 2011 NAibXt

On how many versions will be out there:
there are six variants spread across 3 white shirts and 3 black shirts..

First Hong-Kong Venture took place at 3A HQs, and REVENTURE will happen at the same place:
3A headquarters , the only place for venture !
And previous address was:
3/F A, Jone Mult Industrial building
Wai Yip street , Kwun Tong, Kowloon

Ashley on hotels:
many good hotels there !

WWR Grunts shipping comment:
soon as they are well into the shipping process Ill know more, getting them from china to HK can be an ordeal alone ! this month though !

One of three exclusive WWRp Heavy Brambles regional colorways:

September - 2011 Jdycft

thats 1/12th EURO Heavy.

About return of M+M
one day !
the M will return !

Looks like 3rd Anniversary Bambaboss will be making it's way in 1/12th scale:
i want a 3OSS ! in AP

And the sale is coming RAPIDLY fast!
black this weekend ! and maybe red !

Sweet news for all winners and about the prizes for 3AVOX photo of the week: All winners at 3A ( like photo of the week ) will now receive the coveted GID NABLER, it will be ready soon.

3AVOX #6 photo of the week by overhyde , send your admissions to

September - 2011 CO9MFt

And all the previous winners from past VOX issues:

September - 2011 LmpUktSeptember - 2011 H8W9VtSeptember - 2011 UQMXCtSeptember - 2011 D3CDWt

I was always huge fan of 3A mini-catalogs, they come with most of 3A toys , they are of course free and feature pretty cool photos. Here is the new 10" catalog coming with 3A toys, that can fit it !

September - 2011 NvFDbtSeptember - 2011 RJZsotSeptember - 2011 421BJt

WWRp Berties MK3 are going to start some serious MADNESS! Little Dutch Merc looks so adorable and cute!

September - 2011 D68fbt

According to the map:
Mongrol is starting to hit US. So happy for our boardies in States!

Speaking about boardies in States. Rotofugi Gallery just listed Ashley Wood / 3A show at their gallery, which is located at Chicago. Not a lot of other details, but you can discuss it here. 3A is really stepping it up in 2012! First REVENTURE, then Rotofugi show and then SDCC!

September - 2011 0LuCht

And reminder again, because this might get lost easily among other news:
3RD Anniversary Bambaboss making it's way into 1/12th scale over this weekend and maybe red one?!
black this weekend ! and maybe red !


Ashley showing NYCC exclusive Zombs and commenting about 'em:

September - 2011 IMQfTtSeptember - 2011 Y5LzZt

the they should be 85 bucks I assume...
"more images for saturday before I have to run off"

Whether there will be 3AA discount offered and will we some offered online, like happened with SDCC exclusives:
"3A isnt selling them, so i cant say about discount etc I want to be clear on that, we are donating to Dolly and the Legion for the covering of costs of doing the booth. Its in the hands of the Legion now
gotta say though, the zomb turned out rather spiffy"
"the factory cannot handle any more work, I already asked if we could make some for online, the line went dead !"
"I would have made a net exclusive version, 3A isnt constrained by mere titles, fuck we are out to breakl the rules, not follow them"

Reminder, that our beloved AK Boiler Zomb is retired:
boiler zomb is retired
need new zomb professions !
I like this zomb, dumb and endearing etc... gotta dig that

Whether 7Bones Shogun will have some sort of armor:
too heavy that armor, the TK like to jump around etc, they have robots for really heavy shit. so yea...scuttles off !

On Fuck it #4 and Omnipuss
Fi4 will be later, end of year, start of 2012.
but omnipuss next month. and what a puss it is !

About resident sales at
our plan for weekly or bi weekly sales of stuff to make sure there is always sumin in stock will have another go soon. the AP, WWRp will help with this !
Heavy is part of this rollout !

Remember that at some point over the weekend 1/12th scale AP Bambaboss will pop up at ? Here is the confirmation from Ash:
the black and devil are this weekend, so keep the vigil up !

And Red Devil is already up at

September - 2011 S8V4stSeptember - 2011 B4BD2t

Dolly reminding NYCC exclusive Zomb sale rules:
**First & Foremost these will be sold as ONE PER CUSTOMER, no exception**

Friday Oct. 14th:
I want to make this the date in which you guys will have first dibs on the exclusive, those of you whose name appears on the NYCC Legion T-shirt list will be guarantee a chance to purchase a Zomb at the time you pick up your shirt
but remember guys the zombie will be sold ONLY to those who name appears on the list.
**Cash only**

Sat. Oct 15th:
I will be handing out tickets throughout the day; those of you who have tickets will be guarantee a zombie at the time of release.

Lines will start to form at 3:00pm
one Zombie per person
**Cash only**

Sorry guys but once the Zombies are sold out there is nothing else i can do
I want to make this as fair as possible for everyone,

As for the Raffle: (Saturday only)

Tickets for the raffle will be $5.00 each
Thanks to James, for hooking us up with some lovely WWRP LM,
First Place winner will win a LM of their choice.
2nd place, sorry i get to choose your LM Wink
3rd place I'm picking your LM as well Razz

Cosplay contest: (Friday)

Best person dressed as your favorite 3A character will win an Exclusive Zomb
In order to decide who the winner will be for this contest, we will upload some photos on the poll section of this board
The winner will be chosen by you guy. We will be announcing the winner at around 2:00pm

About coming to NYCC:
if it was a 7 hour or less flight, i would be there, really, I love the places and people, just not the flying....

Whether NYCC Zombs are blind or you can choose the t-shirts:
as it one per customers, it doesnt matter what version it is.
last summer shirt is a classic !

One of the most mysterious characters in WWR and one of lead key players Rothchild (inventor of ALL bots!) coming to us in December:
rothchild is a Dec sale!
i agree, he turned out great, evil without the cliches!
menacing, fucked up looking evil is so lame and easy and too common place...

On wanting coverage of what's going on in 3A Legion booth
"I want to see many images, is someone gonna blog it, not facebook shit etc ?"
"well im looking forward to seeing it!!"
"cool Dolly, ill sit in my bunker and watch !"

Just to share what I now: Dolly and her helpers have some amazing plans about NYCC 3A Legion booth coverage.

Sale of 1:1 Soot Diver will happen in October!
october will see the soot diver sold
600 bucks plus shipping that the buyer arranges at their expense with 3A
REALLY LIMITED! Less than the 1:1 Squares! like, damn, thats tight limited !

WWR Supreme Commander from N.O.M. (female!) is coming:
im waiting too, I have changed the shoes a few times and whatnot..
but Supreme Nom is well...SUPREME !
Ill show soon enough !

2000AD Mongrol pics by our boardies: chronokross, mildthree and krakajac

September - 2011 UHgsbtSeptember - 2011 UA3natSeptember - 2011 Fad1wtSeptember - 2011 3jFeptSeptember - 2011 COr3wtSeptember - 2011 Ni85YtSeptember - 2011 YKcJktSeptember - 2011 QuCSot

Pleasant news:
retail 2000AD Mongrols have been shipped from the Hatchery! So if you placed order with your favorite retailers, it's coming to you SOON!

AK Finger gang sale teaser and time: October 17th, 9:00AM Hong-Kong time.

September - 2011 TyzMTt

AK Zombs in 1/12th? Or I'm wrong? Coming to us so soon?! And if so, how the hell October is getting any better than that?!

September - 2011 FBotzt


Ashley about Ashley Wood/3A show at Rotofugi gallery and I apologize for being excited and putting this information earlier in the news. Surely didn't want to get you excited over nothing, I had a feeling that everything is finalized, since info went up. My bad there, next time will be more patient (and wait for confirmations) or use better wording to describe something.
nothing has been finalized yet, have not worked out any details, once I know more Ill promote, I think gimby should wait till I or 3A announce something as official !

Commenting about HUGE box for all AK The Nefarious 10 Finger Robot Gang members:
big finger boxed has all the figures in their boxes, like you bought them individually etc. the main box will be nice too, designed etc, not just a shipping carton etc

About the price for AK FAUX RETAILER CARTON SET :
low as we can make it man, Ill know more soon!

Don't know about you Legionnaires, but I have very wild expectations about that huge box! 11 1/6th scale figures in one designed main, it's going to be something really special. Currently the biggest main box, which comes to my mind (for multiple figures) is WWRp 12 Dirty Deeds box.

September - 2011 DTMH3t

AP Red & Black Bambass are still up at and I honestly don't know how long they will be there. So don't sit on the fence, if you are looking for one or two.

September - 2011 S8V4stSeptember - 2011 B4BD2t


Ashley Wood collection: 1:1 Soot Diver masterpiece (available in October)

September - 2011 6IeMat

To say that this piece is special, is to say nothing at will be really limited and the price is 600$ plus shipping. 3A will arrange shipping for you through their channels and offer you a price quote (at least that's what happened with 1:1 Squares). I got to say that you have to be ready, that depending on the weight, shipping maybe close to 1:1 Soot Diver price (of course depending on routes and location).

Ashley about WWR Harold
"Harold was the first robot member of many of the foriginal corps, some say still the best, fast , heavy weapons etc. of course they never saw their own gunned down, ran down by a malfunctioning Harold.
AI and some characteristic flaws meh , he holds a place of pride with many, especially Rothchild, who was developing the original Bertie at the same time, the track based system was simpler to implement than a bi-pedal system etc So Harold was first outta the factory etc
in sandy more hazardous terrains, a Harold cannot be beat for mobility!"

When we will see it?
"im waiting on a 100% sample of Harold this week, once thats approved, we can figure out a selling window etc."

And remember our confusion with 3AVOX #6 header?

September - 2011 1vOPBt

Of course it's not WWR Harold, Ashley was just saying: that's Harold? How WWR bot has something to do with this header? (I'm rephrasing of course).
i was just saying shit
its not harold.....

I was right about this teaser:

September - 2011 FBotzt

Action Portable Zombs are coming! DAMN, THIS IS GOING TO BE EPIC! ZOMB hordes on your table?! How cool is THAT! So mark Halloween in your calender, with large Z!
"Halloween 2011 - Oct 31 would be a good date"
"i dunno, gotta figure it all out, I think a bag o zombs is cool though"
"i was just saying shit
its not harold....."

Photo by onesixthbruce , retail Mongrols are in UK:

September - 2011 FQVYBt


Ashley making comment about WWR Rothchild and WWR Universe
yea, its an alternate place, old and new like never before.
keep at it lads !

rothchild division !

About upcoming release: AK The Nefarious 10 Finger Robot Gang, which will be up for sale on October 17th:
i cant wait, always wanted a third group in AK, yoy have the creatures/zombs occult shit, the human type tommy/JC/shadow and now the metals Drown/finger/ankou etc
gonna be cool

On glow in the dark figures and !!!!! looks like Mummy is coming to Adventure Kartel world!
tommy has the gid hand of fate
thats enough gid for anyone !
and, I do have a mummy !

NYCC exclusive print for 3A Legion booth (883 @ the Cultyard)

September - 2011 V4PrHt

And Dolly making an announcement about the print:
AW print available at our Legion Booth (Friday & Saturday same release time & date as Zombs)
How much you may ask $40 bucks (what a bargain)
What makes it even sweeter is this print will be numbered & Stamped, 6 colors in a combination of
Silkscreen/letterpress printing, very limited
Size Approximately 14 x 18

Top photos from June, July and August photo threads: Grish, goatbot, zzzzz , which just been announced by our art mod - eseffinga.

September - 2011 MGotEtSeptember - 2011 YU0dYtSeptember - 2011 Q0tL7t

YOU got to click here , browse the threads (they are loaded with great photos) and read all special mentions. Prepare to smile and experience eye orgasm)

2000AD Mongrol photos by rockysara

September - 2011 MC3zttSeptember - 2011 HgIMBt


WWR MK2 Ghost (GID) Square from WWR MK2 Square 10pack

September - 2011 5voCZtSeptember - 2011 G0QS2t

Ashley commenting on what resembles audi logo (on Squares leg)
err that the GAISTAZ logo...
runs off

Information about Ghost Square and how Ghosthunters hunt them:
"yea it glows in the dark, looks really cool too."
"the Gaistaz are rare, cant be tracked by scanning or radar, so the ghost hunter squares have special eye like sensors to look for them. the gid look is how a GH MK1 or MK2 see them etc"

Commenting whether Squares will start shipping out soon (Bambalandstore estimated shipping date in the time of pre-ordering was September 2011)
when I get updated shipping, I pass it on.
shouldnt be long though ! check this weeks VOX for more for MK2 action !

About 2000AD Mongrol and new additions to 2000AD family:
"people love the mongrol, which is great, ill say it didnt do that great at sales, so not only did you get a great robot toy, it aint gonna be common !
I adore mine !"

Hammerstein is gonna be epic, the Ro is coming along nicely !

On Nurse Betsy the MK2 Square looks from 3AA exclusive Doc Grunt & Nurse Betsy the MK2 Square 2pack:
the Betsy Square is cool ! be sure to catch this weeks vox

Confirming his wish to make Glow in the dark Caesar:
i wanna a do a GID caesar..

Lots of masterpieces are coming to us in 1:1 scale and big bot admirers, will see EPIC things if they can make it to REVENTURE in Hong-Kong this year. Which will take place on April 27th and lasts till May 4th.
really costly set up and making them isnt easy etc but I hope to do some very big shit, reventure wil have sumin amazing, a full robot if all goes well !
the 1:1 Kitty with cloth tie and collar are in the works !


WWR EMGY TRG trooper - which was available in June, as surprise release.

September - 2011 4YDCYt

Ashley commenting on the shield size (whether it's the same size as the one which came with EMGY DC):
shield is much smaller !

Commenting about 3AA exclusive Doc Grunt:
medic is cool too !

I love these WWR stories!
"mars is half and half, much in underground, with shielded structures on top. there isnt any full on breathing on mars, the atmosphere is still too thin, a little too much radiation for the exposed skin.
But the tech company MONS is on it.. remember that name"

Answering on Martin/REDs pics request:
a legal pic ?
they are all illegal according to earth !
Martian Slogger soon...

*Martin Slogger - laser equipped to kill Caesars
a wranger planet !

AK Mr. and Mrs. Shadow and who will be released first:
mrs shadow is released before mr shadow, and she will be a retailer exclusive !

Posting in M+M thread:
as in volume 2 ?
What have been accomplished:
i agree, I have 3/3rds done of 2
I really enjoy making it, and continue to do it for many moons.
I feel very lucky to have the audience for my stories, not something to be taken lightly !

New and exciting comic is coming: the rise of the TK UNLEASHED
im pottering around with the a cool comic, the rise of the TK UNLEASHED.. which I gotta say is kinda funny !

3AVOX #7 is coming soon! Sign up here if you haven't:


3AVOX #7 is out and can be read here.

Beautiful promo image for AK FInger Gang sale, which will happen on October 17th:

September - 2011 TqFsct

Ashley about Little Shadow and Ankou on the art above:
[color=green]"no more cherry
Johahn the trianer is a standard size ankou, not an EX etc. he is Shadows new personal Security. and yes he is pink. And wheres dodgy 80′s tennis shorts and shirt.. !"

AK 1/12th Zombs are coming:

September - 2011 NnxGXt

Ashley commenting whether 20pack of them is possible:
"i would love to offer 20 packs, but we just cant make that many, the hatchery would rebel.
gonna be a fun sale !"

3A x Konami MGS REX is practically on the doorsteps! Metal Gear RAY isn't far behind as well!

September - 2011 U6n6WtSeptember - 2011 531vNtSeptember - 2011 Ila3OtSeptember - 2011 NEyxKtSeptember - 2011 SOqfut

The wait is nearly over, soon we will be offering Metal Gear REX, from the epic game series METAL GEAR SOLID. It goes without saying we are very proud to work with Team Kojima and Konami to bring a large size REX toy to the world! Check out some photos of the prototype ( sans legs, due to a typhoon yesterday, a fully made up REX wasn't available for shots ), the full reveal is coming, with all the details! And don't forget , Metal Gear RAY is not far behind!

Solid Snake: "I had heard that the Metal Gear project was scrapped."
Donald Anderson: "On the contrary, it's grown into a huge joint project between ArmsTech and [DARPA]. We were going to use this exercise as raw data and then proceed to mass production."

Few previous photos of MGS Rex prototype from 2009

September - 2011 JOfx5tSeptember - 2011 UAktIt

Photo of the week by Knives , featuring AK Zombs, Tommy Mission and Fighting JC

September - 2011 BhgOit

Kid Sarge, which was exclusive to WWR Square MK2 10pack

September - 2011 KQL7st

Ashley about colors on figures and how it's difficult to capture them on photos:
i think red is always hard to judge via monitors, no funny business, just a photo, red not played with etc. but its not a new red or anything either.
the Sarge is a cool figure, a single photo can never capture the spirit of the 3A toy, every angle reveals a subtle yet complex emotion, different lighting opens up a plethora of nuances that only experiencing the figure first hand can reveal Smiley
enough crap I think, a day of moving boxes again....shit.... you guys are gonna dog the 10pack, just a ton of fun square !

Commenting on WWR Square MK2 10pack packaging (MK1 Squares 10pack, came with display windows , so you could see all 'em without opening the box)
"its a classic type box, no window though, im not fond of them, i want people to take them out and pay with them, not leave them entombed !
a fun release !"

Interesting information from 3AVOX and Ashley commenting about it and what changes it brings (basically no changes to customers, only for retailers):
We are very happy to announce our partnership with Sideshow Toys to bring our retail editions to the world. is one of the premiere destinations for Pop Culture Collectibles, so from now on you will be able to look for ThreeA at your favorite comic, hobby and gift stores, or online at

"nothing has changed for retail side, the same stores and sellers that get our retail will still get them, but through sideshows more robust system, we dont have the man power they do. all our web stuff is still though us, so nothing has changed for the end customer etc. Also Im sure Sideshow will use their EU warehouse for EU customers etc, I would assume"
James, sideshow will bring a standard, more simple system, you will save on shipping, as you dont have to pay internationals rates from HK to the US
But I dont do retail sales, and I dont want to speak out of turn for Kim, s. Best way is to talk to sideshow or Kim direct.
This is a positive move, we wouldnt do this if we thought is was crap, if hiccups happen we can fix as we go. Things have to change ( too many issues this year as you all know ), we want a better experience for all our supporters, from our end users to retailers. this is the first step of a master plan !
we also want to start offering retail exclusive designs, toy design, not just colorways etc. We need our manpower on that!
"to all retailers, speak to 3A through your normal retail means, or sideshow, explain your issue. this forum isnt the place to get these answers as everyone has a different situation !
all can be figured out !"

^I am particularly excited about retail exclusive toy designs. So far retails got only exclusive colorways, based on existing platforms.

WWR Doc Grunt & Nurse Betsy the MK2 Square , who comes with bonesaw and case (which can be opened)

September - 2011 Liritt

"the saw fits in the medic case etc, also has a inner removable tray etc."

And about "43" decals, which I bet will make our friend Robbie, very happy:
"main head detail has the 0043 , side has less space so a truncated version was used such as 43 or +43
same group, different applications"

Describing what kind of art work Ashley will do personally on each and every 1:1 Kitty
"im gonna do the painting of details, snout, markings etc
so, dont expect many !"

WWR EMGY Tactical Response Group trooper

September - 2011 DbZDet

Information about 3A Legion booth at NYCC

September - 2011 XdDOot

t is with great pleasure to represent 3A & the Legion at this year NYCC in which will be taking place starting October 13th thru the 16th at the Jacob Javits Center,
Booth # 883 at the Cultyard.

NYCC Exclusive - chose life Zombie: available in 6 variants, 3 white tees/3 black tees blind sale, sold at $90 each.

First batch goes on sale - Friday October 14th @ 1:00pm to those who names appear on the NYCC T-shirt list (list is closed, we know who you are).

Second batch will be sold on Saturday October 15th @ 3:30pm, by ticket only, please be sure to pick up your ticket at our booth, on Saturday to guarantee you a purchase.

Magnificent AW print will be available at our Legion Booth (Friday & Saturday same release time & date as Zombs) priced at $40, hand numbered & stamped signature, 6 colors in a combination of silkscreen/letterpress printing, Approximately sized at 14x18.
All of the above are very limited & will only be sold one per customer.
Besides exclusives, we have lots of cool stuff planned for you so please be sure to pass by booth, this is the first legion booth ever, you wouldn't want to miss a thing.
Hope to see you all very soon
Emo Adventure Style!! WOOT

You can read more about NYCC and learn about Legion activities in this thread.
Ashley commenting about Dolly's plans:
"you guys are gonna have a great time at NYCC, nice work Dolly and co !"

About ready & willing to create more M+M books on what else he is working on:
and thirds even !

nah, i wish, i have abotu 5 books im working, one I have not mentioned whch is quite cool
SHIT FUCK WANK #1 a tribute to english newsprint comics of old ! SHIT FUCK WANK #1 - sounds really interesting, right? Tribute to English newsprint...mmm...that's classy!

WWR Strategy , which features 3A figures in 1/32th scale is not forgotten and things are happening:
im looking for our figs in a cool pose in the warhammer size

Information about WWR MK2 and MK 1.5 Dropcloth
"i dig the droppy bigtime, its the grunt of bots !"
"i tell ya this, the droppy mk2 sports the same head mechanism as the Harold MK1, rothchild aint afraid of retro ideas !"

heavy drops carry the heavy weapons and have shielding, I would call them 1.5, and they are coming. mk2 is different again.
"shits only gonna get better!
I promised 3 years ago, we make great shit, or nothing !
best robots ever !
diner time, have a great night or day !"

And now the info from this quote is the diamond of the day for me:
damn, ill think use the Harold mechanism on the Largest Martin!
I gotta make these, its my thing, whether they sell 50 or 500, gotta do it !

What I am particularly interested about: Ash said "Largest Martin" instead of Large Martin, this means that giant will be different in height , even bigger, because he will be standing on Harold's tracks? Oh this project is so damn interesting! Let's discuss this creation here.

Retail exclusive Pathfinder OYA TK Ono packaging and he is shipping in the first part of October:

September - 2011 WhjGYt

Commenting on wellsybeer photo of 2000AD Mongrol and confirming that Ro jaws is coming to join him soon enough!
yea wellsybeer, nice !
Ro jaws is almost done , and he is looking great !!!!!!

2000AD Mongrol photos by Swarf, Darthgothikus and Alice Adrenochrome , I love that Legionnaires not only notice Mongrol (who is frankly speaking hard not to notice), but giving some special photo time to Mess as well.

September - 2011 GHT6RtSeptember - 2011 LDzkftSeptember - 2011 LPc77tSeptember - 2011 0ducEtSeptember - 2011 21vOQtSeptember - 2011 AAMhBt



Ashley about SHIT FUCK WANK comic:
think 2000ad format of old, the large size newsprint anthology type comic, 32 pages, 5 stories etc
it has a erotic comic, a war comic, AK, lesmort and sumin else it in. stupid, fun, and I think cool

Commenting in the thread, where we discuss 3A retail at Sideshow:
you guys can discuss this all you want, but im not gonna discuss other peoples business here, Sideshow are th distro, they do an awesome job for many companies such as hot toys and medicom and their own toys etc
3A isnt a distro company , we want to concentrate on design, not shipping and logistics!
discuss and enjoy, but if your a retailer and have any questions, email 3A or sideshow so we can get it sorted

On Apple and 3A comparison:
apple = think different
3A = act different
everyone is right in a way, I do this because I love it, have to do it, but we also have to pay lots of bills. Business is still business, but you can do it in way that isnt shit or just after bigger profits at the expense of quality and passion. It has to be that way for me, or I couldnt spend my life on it, my biggest cost is my time, I freely give it to 3A because I believe in it, and best of all, enjoy it !

About BBICN retail exclusive Pathfinder OYA TK Ono box art

September - 2011 WhjGYt

and yea, I dig the box art, especially the tshirt, thats some nifty work !

WWR Caesar TOGA King?
you gonna love the TOGA KING ~
its a great toy, fun to pose, looks baller and made with love !

Commenting in MOTU Classics thread:
i just want matrel to release a new greyskull so I can paint the box art

Telling how he and TP Louise are working on the story and on SHIT FUCK WANK in particular:
"TP and I always team up, I normally do the plot and high comcept then draw ,then TP and me will do the scripting. thats how the comics are done. Prose is 80% TP and then me meddling.
SFW is a one off chaps, until I do another, so dont expect too many, its a fun thing for me, not a new venture or anything serious !"

its all me, but the stories will have different looks !

Hinting what will be included in 2012 3AA membership package
his years kit has a cool cap...
bugger off back to work !

Commenting on WWR After Hours Stealth Grunt looks and decals:

September - 2011 8nKORt

I dig the stealth, and his decal is cool, and will be seen again !

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