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October - 2011

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October - 2011 Empty October - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:07 am


From now on, I wanna try doing month summary in several simple sections: milestones from last month (it could be previous sale review, shipping or both); quick shipping update from VOX; sales plan for current month; and cool stuff which was seen in 3AVOX, production blog and etc. Let’s see how it works and hopefully these summaries will be interesting for more people. I haven’t done them for last months, because there wasn’t much interest and therefore not so much inspiration, so I decided to bring you clear and clean stuff. But several very passionate people, managed to convince me to try again (you know who you are and thank you for that!).

So...ready, steady, GO!

September milestones

Obviously I can’t ignore WWR Caesar sale, which happened in September and was EPIC. One of the most frequent questions was: what version do I chose and why can’t I buy them all?! We at 3A think, that having lots of variants to choose from is much better than having no choice at all. And we proof this statement, by offering 13 colorways of Caesar, which were:

October - 2011 R6uVZtOctober - 2011 AEBwptOctober - 2011 BI913tOctober - 2011 LFtOqtOctober - 2011 ODkuWtOctober - 2011 GWz0LtOctober - 2011 77WHKtOctober - 2011 Kuu8etOctober - 2011 Gdm41tOctober - 2011 0zpg9tOctober - 2011 5sft2tOctober - 2011 AuYirtOctober - 2011 B0GxJt

DIY Caesar surprise (comes with different head versions and all weapons)

October - 2011 BxsHpt

Shipping in October

Before going further, let’s cover the shipping first.

So what’s shipping out in October, according to 3AVOX?

WWR Grunts ( Medic and EMGY troopers to ship later )
Popbot Princess and Vanilla TQ ( TQ-Loper chase as well ) will start shipping during first half of October
Ashley Wood colletion: Severed Foot Pink and Bella will start shipping during first half of October
WWR JDF Dropcloth and Square MK1 2pack will ship in October
AK Ankou EX single figures will ship in October

And we coming to very essential part, called:

sales in October

Without any doubt, one of the highlights of October, will be Adventure Kartel 1/6th FINGER GANG sale, 10 different colorways BLIND BOXED or the FAUX RETAILER CARTON SET featuring all 11 members in one carton. Images and details in a VOX newsletter, dedicated to the sale. Sale date: October 17th, 9:00AM Hong-Kong time, at

Here are all the images related to Finger gang, which we have seen so far:

October - 2011 TqFsctOctober - 2011 KonNRtOctober - 2011 FObpitOctober - 2011 8JjMGt

There is a chance, that Soot Diver will be offered in October as well. Here is what Ashley said about this and few photos:
”october will see the soot diver sold
600 bucks plus shipping that the buyer arranges at their expense with 3A
REALLY LIMITED! Less than the 1:1 Squares! like, damn, thats tight limited !”

October - 2011 HHGaVsOctober - 2011 N3L7ftOctober - 2011 6IeMat

Adventure Kartel 1/12th scale Zombs on Halloween?

October - 2011 FBotztOctober - 2011 NnxGXt

Ashley about Zombs sale date and Zomb hordes:
"Halloween 2011 - Oct 31 would be a good date"
"i dunno, gotta figure it all out, I think a bag o zombs is cool though"

Without a doubt, one of October highlights was long awaited shipping of 2000AD Mongrol! Here are few photos by rockysara

October - 2011 MC3zttOctober - 2011 HgIMBt

3A LEGION booth at NYCC

Information about 3A Legion booth at NYCC

October - 2011 XdDOotOctober - 2011 Y5LzZtOctober - 2011 IMQfTtOctober - 2011 V4PrHt

t is with great pleasure to represent 3A & the Legion at this year NYCC in which will be taking place starting October 13th thru the 16th at the Jacob Javits Center,
Booth # 883 at the Cultyard.

NYCC Exclusive - chose life Zombie: available in 6 variants, 3 white tees/3 black tees blind sale, sold at $90 each.

First batch goes on sale - Friday October 14th @ 1:00pm to those who names appear on the NYCC T-shirt list (list is closed, we know who you are).

Second batch will be sold on Saturday October 15th @ 3:30pm, by ticket only, please be sure to pick up your ticket at our booth, on Saturday to guarantee you a purchase.

Magnificent AW print will be available at our Legion Booth (Friday & Saturday same release time & date as Zombs) priced at $40, hand numbered & stamped signature, 6 colors in a combination of silkscreen/letterpress printing, Approximately sized at 14x18.
All of the above are very limited & will only be sold one per customer.
Besides exclusives, we have lots of cool stuff planned for you so please be sure to pass by booth, this is the first legion booth ever, you wouldn't want to miss a thing.
Hope to see you all very soon
Emo Adventure Style!! WOOT

You can read more about NYCC and learn about Legion activities in this thread.


September saw many releases of 3AVOX newsletter and lots of cool stuff was shown there, here are some teasers I loved the most:

3A x Konami MGS REX is practically on the doorsteps! Metal Gear RAY isn't far behind as well!

October - 2011 U6n6WtOctober - 2011 531vNtOctober - 2011 Ila3OtOctober - 2011 NEyxKtOctober - 2011 SOqfut

Few previous photos of MGS Rex prototype from 2009, believe me, Rex walked the long way and will be just PERFECT

October - 2011 JOfx5tOctober - 2011 UAktIt

WWR EMGY TRG trooper, Nurse Betsy the MK2 Square and Ghost (GID!!) & Kid Sarge Square MK2

October - 2011 KQL7stOctober - 2011 LirittOctober - 2011 DbZDetOctober - 2011 4YDCYtOctober - 2011 5voCZt

Belladonna and it’s packaging:

October - 2011 7ugMhtOctober - 2011 HS4k0t

Bandai and 3A Zaku (available in November)

October - 2011 HzKi2tOctober - 2011 OJuxotOctober - 2011 A3qMptOctober - 2011 Unnn8t

Nabler announcement, there will be GID version as well!

October - 2011 YHP5dt

Not exactly VOX territory, but still freaking cool! WWR 1.5 a Square , which was surprise during WWR Caesar sale:

October - 2011 S2lzqt

And many, many more. Checkout VOX or my news archive for more images and intel on what happened. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact me or any other of our MODS: anubis2night, ennui, eseffinga, gar and gregory. We will be happy to answer on your questions!

There is 3Asupport account on twitter, so if you have a question , never hesitate to drop a line there. And of course there is , where our skilled Customer Service specialists, will be happy to help with your orders and solve issues about the figures.

October news


Ashley about SHIT FUCK WANK comic:
think 2000ad format of old, the large size newsprint anthology type comic, 32 pages, 5 stories etc
it has a erotic comic, a war comic, AK, lesmort and sumin else it in. stupid, fun, and I think cool

Commenting in the thread, where we discuss 3A retail at Sideshow:
you guys can discuss this all you want, but im not gonna discuss other peoples business here, Sideshow are th distro, they do an awesome job for many companies such as hot toys and medicom and their own toys etc
3A isnt a distro company , we want to concentrate on design, not shipping and logistics!
discuss and enjoy, but if your a retailer and have any questions, email 3A or sideshow so we can get it sorted

On Apple and 3A comparison:
apple = think different
3A = act different
everyone is right in a way, I do this because I love it, have to do it, but we also have to pay lots of bills. Business is still business, but you can do it in way that isnt shit or just after bigger profits at the expense of quality and passion. It has to be that way for me, or I couldnt spend my life on it, my biggest cost is my time, I freely give it to 3A because I believe in it, and best of all, enjoy it !

About BBICN retail exclusive Pathfinder OYA TK Ono box art

October - 2011 WhjGYt

and yea, I dig the box art, especially the tshirt, thats some nifty work !

WWR Caesar TOGA King?
you gonna love the TOGA KING ~
its a great toy, fun to pose, looks baller and made with love !

Commenting in MOTU Classics thread:
i just want matrel to release a new greyskull so I can paint the box art

Telling how he and TP Louise are working on the story and on SHIT FUCK WANK in particular:
"TP and I always team up, I normally do the plot and high comcept then draw ,then TP and me will do the scripting. thats how the comics are done. Prose is 80% TP and then me meddling.
SFW is a one off chaps, until I do another, so dont expect too many, its a fun thing for me, not a new venture or anything serious !"

its all me, but the stories will have different looks !

Hinting what will be included in 2012 3AA membership package
his years kit has a cool cap...
bugger off back to work !

Commenting on WWR After Hours Stealth Grunt looks and decals:

October - 2011 8nKORt

I dig the stealth, and his decal is cool, and will be seen again !


Ashley answering which WWR colorway is his favorite:
"deep powder"

Commenting on AK Ankou EX size:
i think so, they are big, you have to see em to know their grandeur.. and yes before you say it..
"ship them and we can see"
said it for ya !
3A service is unmatched

About next 3A VOX newsletter, already #8!
vox is gonna be shirt this week, as all the computers and shit are be re-arranged
"the step beyond shit is shirt.."
"pert cancels most things !"

Saying what's going on with 3A and about "expand" issues (in the thread, where 3A is compared with Apple):
expand, nah, same office, same great people, we are not looking to expand,just make cool shit that we believe in and want to play with.
Kim and I have turned down many offers from many people and companies this year to make 3A giant toy war machine!
Only place for war machine at 3A IS ROTHCHILD'S company !
I think Apples image and culture will be tied to their products ( like us ), if they are awesome, they will keep the high gloss finish rep , make average shit, they will wither !

The image bellow surfaced in Facebook, can't comment much about it , apart what is obvious: boxing robot from Real Steel movie and that model plaque has 3A on it. Don't know how close it is to production prototype, waiting to hear more about it. So please just enjoy the image and don't jump to any conclusions (apart that it's awesome). The second image is Hugh Jackman , who plays lead role in the movie, standing to the movie prop (from the movie premiere).

October - 2011 FU6yWtOctober - 2011 DjCx6t

Previous Real Steel images from the newsletter:

October - 2011 Qsz0RtOctober - 2011 Vg6oytOctober - 2011 GCe5PtOctober - 2011 NuyWut


WWRp Heavy Brambles for retailers and as we established earlier, there will be three special colorways, depending on the retail region!

October - 2011 8dczUtOctober - 2011 PU0kitOctober - 2011 ShKAFtOctober - 2011 KO3DEtOctober - 2011 Bxq2Pt

Euro Defense (one of the region exclusives)

October - 2011 Jdycft

Here is Ashley talking about them:
retail Heavy Brambles should be up for sale in october, but its up to the stores how and when they offer
should have some Bromwich shipping info soon, cant update in VOX if there isnt any passed on from the Hatchery.

no I mean we can offer retail Stores Heavy Bramble, but when and how they offer is still up to them etc.
We are not offering anymore at Bamba for the time being!

On Real Steel figure:
its a pretty damn amazing figure, big too.. fully articulated as well !
will have the dropdate and price soon !

About Ankou EX SXCLB Bouncer Little Shadow MK2 Latex Throwdown Set
SXCLB is coming along great, really goong all put to make it cool, I could have thrown the ankou is a pink or white or black standard jumpsuit but that would have been boring ! its well worth the wait!

On WWRp de Plumes and Dropcloths sets
ill dig up some shots of the gatling asap, my computers are all packed away for a day or two, october is the month im told for shipping , I want my sets !!!!!!!

Ashley on WWR Grunts shipping and what is next release for Grunts: Guille suit sniper
its very annoying to be told no you cant ship stuff, or be told by customs you gotta wait why we go through ya boxes etc
the grunts just took a while, cant rush it, cant just say , fucking do it to our people. Good work takes time, we push every day wherever we can
it shouldnt be long now, next Grunt, the Guille suit sniper , or however its spelt !

And more photos of Showcase: Real Steel Ambush, damn he looks SO HOT! Please checkout all the pics, attention to details , rust, weathering is simply amazing. I'm literally speechless.

October - 2011 TxUtYtOctober - 2011 Ol9Y6tOctober - 2011 OBPyXtOctober - 2011 KmYRvtOctober - 2011 QjGI4tOctober - 2011 HcMwKtOctober - 2011 SglFKtOctober - 2011 4eORhtOctober - 2011 QPRMYtOctober - 2011 RK5v8tOctober - 2011 QJ9cHtOctober - 2011 7gpQNtOctober - 2011 1DS5wtOctober - 2011 MJ5IUtOctober - 2011 C45PKtOctober - 2011 0ZWZgt


Latest post from Ashley's blog:
RIP Steve Jobs. The world has lost both a genius and an inspiration.

WWR Grunts are already in Europe! Checkout this video bellow by Pete Zobbsrombie Strafford, thank you so much for sharing it with us!

October - 2011 UTNHsm

I think that most of you aware by now, that Steve Jobs passed away today. It's extremely sad day not only for his friends, family and loved ones, but for all humanity. I'm especially proud that we are making Caesar figure dedicated to Steve Jobs. He was a great mind, true genius, he achieved so much (more than some could do , if they had 10 lives) and could do many more things. My thoughts goes to Steve's friends and his family.

October - 2011 B0GxJtOctober - 2011 AuYirt

AK Bleak Mission photos from letsplay3atoys forum, posted by chenreaction

October - 2011 9VpAAtOctober - 2011 Hg5uht

About 3AA 2011 in United States A-Sonic incident. Some already received 3A replacement cards in the mail. And I got the information that replacement hoodies for 3AA 2011 members in United States (who got the wrong size) are already in the works and will be send out next month.


I'm always open to feedback/criticism/proposals on my work and this column in particular. I got very interesting proposal, that it would be great, not only post the photo and give credit (which I always do), but give a direct link to the specific thread, where the photo is coming from. So that interested person, can comment on the particular photo. Of course it's a bit time consuming, as I post multiple photos and often photos can be from the same user and come from different threads for instance and I really don't know whether more people, will be interested in what I decided to do, I'll give credit to the person and if it's a boardie, there will be direct link to his profile, then you can click "Show posts" option and locate all his posts (if you are interested) and track the photo you liked. Don't know how many people will be using this, but worth a try.

More WWR Grunts are here! In hand photos by J3D1 , LordPiper, zobbsrombie , iamthestatic

October - 2011 AkNaatOctober - 2011 EuBD3tOctober - 2011 3MiJXtOctober - 2011 M9g3AtOctober - 2011 Kg5q7tOctober - 2011 OKu3HtOctober - 2011 GYmk7tOctober - 2011 KLtGHtOctober - 2011 TGIQDtOctober - 2011 A9xgJtOctober - 2011 YZ8HNt

No Jungler or Deep Powder photos so far and Medic Grunt + EMGY TRG Trooper, ain't part of this shipment, as they were sold at much later dates.

If you have time, please mark the progress on our map:
I removed the password, to make it even more easier for you. All your input is very much appreciated!
And if you are feeling nostalgic, map with old your entries is here:
Just please don't use it for new additions.

Check this out! Unofficial ThreeA Mini Exhibition by the Indo Legions, Jakarta 6-9 October 2011 , photos by marijuana, ictoys, BoysWillBeToys and ihump. More photos and information about this , can be found here.

October - 2011 AmqOptOctober - 2011 Hmev5tOctober - 2011 PsxBTtOctober - 2011 HIyJmtOctober - 2011 01EOotOctober - 2011 E913ZtOctober - 2011 CYxP6tOctober - 2011 Er3O1tOctober - 2011 PemfytOctober - 2011 QZS49tOctober - 2011 BjSMgtOctober - 2011 N8Dk9tOctober - 2011 K6ir6tOctober - 2011 3vxoSt

Sideshow Collectibles posted this text:
/0/]Sideshow Collectibles is very happy to announce that we are now the official North American distributor of ThreeA retail products! Best known for their collectibles based on the art of renowned artist Ashley Wood, ThreeA has been creating unique figures from the World War Robot, Popbot universes and more for many years! Remember to keep an eye on for your chance to pick up many of ThreeA Toys’ offerings in the very near future!

October - 2011 8IGfZt

Latest 3AVOX #8 is out and can be read here. Because Ash is moving the studio it's ain't big, but still has some cool images of Popbot Princess TQ, Vanilla Pod TQ (and bothead packaging) and chase figure - TQLOPER, which will be randomly packed in release boxes.

October - 2011 JADZ3tOctober - 2011 FvDintOctober - 2011 TcoC5t

TQLOPER chase - back at SDCC

October - 2011 Ru7XEt

3AVOX photo of the week by Jeffery Chong

October - 2011 2ghdlt

WWR Supreme NOM Commander first teaser - she is first female figure in WWR and is going to be EPIC

October - 2011 Fbzhut

And here are Deep Powder and Jungler Grunt + Square, photos by MDART and Siona

October - 2011 4zdW5tOctober - 2011 MwqLFt

More WWR Grunt photos can be found here:


Ashey commenting about WWR Jungler Grunt
comes with a machete indeed and a hand just for holding

On 3AVOX #8
"it wasnt a shit VOX, fuck its was a great one !"
"i dont send shit out, 3A dont make shit!
short yes, shit no !"

Fuck it 1-3 + some new stuff = OMNIPUSS and it's coming to us this month!
Omni is out this month.

How long will it be up for sale? 24 hours sale?
till they are sold out sale ! not printing to order, have a finite amount !

Reminding what Popbot TQLOPER is:
tq-loper is a chase, rare thing, not many at all !
but it doesnt matter, they are all cool !

We will soon see 3rd Anniversary Bambaboss in 1/12th scale, keep your eyes open:
mini 3rd birthday bamba AP very soon, by reuest, but it will be a shorter sale....

Not much to see, but still worth the attention - REAL STEEL teaser:

October - 2011 TQKpat


Omnipuss information, out this month only at Bambaland. OMNIPUSS+ collects Fuck it 1-3 + new material. 12"x12" hardcover.

October - 2011 FTO7Rt

More WWR Grunt photos by our boardies: F_seb, Alice Adrenochrome , dedguy , CMB and print

October - 2011 1eLIOtOctober - 2011 CLp6atOctober - 2011 DdlNXtOctober - 2011 1s0G9tOctober - 2011 RF4eGtOctober - 2011 BEZzotOctober - 2011 VGt5St

Gorgeous shot of WWR NOM Commander's mask by dedguy, 3A constantly keeps evolving and even gas masks design never stops!

October - 2011 ErqC9t

Ashley about WWR Grunts, how unique each figure is and how 3A always listens:
we always listen, and look at out products constructively, nothing can be perfect when manufacturing, especially our method that doesnt a simple mechanical method. There are different people painting the same parts etc, so there is always going to be differences. But saying that I want each to be great and will always push for that as does everyone at the 3A office.

Ash's favorite colorway is Deep Powder, here is he talking about DIY Grunt and white figures in general:
DIY is cool, but I like the white always!

On Caesar Steve
very glad I did the Steve J, a small nod to the man himself..
such a big loss, on many levels!

About helmets lines and fit:
i pull the liners.
i like the low helmet

Many people just don't realize how HUGE 2000AD Mongror (even Large Martin is scared) is and here are few pics by kadoo to illustrate that:

October - 2011 ZwByXtOctober - 2011 VCZ8mtOctober - 2011 EcYtVtOctober - 2011 MMttKt

AK Robotic Finger Gang goes on sale in less than 8 days from now, on October 17th, 9:00AM Hong-Kong time at , more information about this release will be available in special 3AVOX, dedicated to the release. So far , we know that there will be 10 different designs (blind boxed) + King Thumb with the sledgehammer and FAUX RETAILER carton set, featuring all 11 members in one carton !

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October - 2011 Empty Re: October - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:08 am


Latest post from Ashley's blog, dedicated to MGS book:
IDW have released a hardcover version of the book I put together a few years back, tis name Ashley Wood's art of metal gear solid ( very imaginative name ), featuring a wad of the art I made for the metal gear comic and games. Im sure Amazon will have it etc.

October - 2011 U9crytOctober - 2011 IrJxhtOctober - 2011 SMagwtOctober - 2011 Qti4Gt

Whole process of how we offer 3A figures is very simple: each time there is a sale, we offer figures via pre-order, by showing promotional images. When you buying something in the Bambalandstore, the there is a text, saying that Product color and design subject to change, to make it better. One thing is that itš really difficult how everyone sees the color, because of screen calibration and color setting on each monitor and Ash & Kim have their strong vision of every figure, which may evolve, so there is a chance that during production of the figure, some small changes will be made to get even better result. So naturally after we ship a certain figure there is a number of people, who like everything about it and a number of people, who don't like certain aspects of the figure (like weathering, colors and etc). Here is Ashley talking about it and explaining some basics and what can you do, if you don't like certain color/weathering choices:
i actually wanted the liners out, i like the low look, always rock that. still some dig the liner, so I guess its an option, or personal choice
re weathering, we have equal fans who want more, or less, more color, less color. I personally like them really grainy and dirty, but many dont. its a personal thing, cant fault personal choice or opinion.

write to 3A and ask about the suits, a single voice can be heard!
gotta go, have fun guys shit load of work, monday morning... no coffeee..

Speaking patiently about the same subject, Ashley and Kim really care about what they do and love it:
of course our number one concern s quality, we do care, I care, Kim cares.
We are always looking at out stuff, and want better, dont assume we are selling so much that we are hacking it out, thats BS! hence why we limit our sales, we could leave them up for a month and sell 10x the amount.
Like I said there will always be errant figures, or stuff that doesnt live up to your personal level, im the same, im not trying to tell you otherwise, but we have many really happy customers, that really like the current figures, to imply that they are fools or easily impressed is rather judgmental.
Like all ventures, as you expand, or move on from the early days, there will always be the , you suck sellout, your early songs were better, your not cool anymore coz now you play bigger venues shit slung in your direction, and sometimes its true. But not now , I have dealt with the shit for 20+ years, people hating on me and my art!
But saying that, quality, making better toys is our top concern, me and Kim do look into all the concerns and issues brought to our attention. If you think im here just to sell some toys and make a quick buck, your so fucking wrong, I have proved my shit is legit for many years, I have not changed my outlook, my work to appease anyone, not gonna do it now. If you think otherwise, or think im a fuck looking to make a quick buck, get of my forum and go find better yourself pastures.

i dont want blind adoration, or love. But im not gonna accept the line that im in it for cash or that we dont care and just overload the hatchery so they pump out BS. Plain fucking wrong!

Some guidelines for criticism, which we were and will be enforcing here, making our 3A forum , even more better place. 3A Customer Service email:
be careful guys, you support us, they will burn you the stake, and call you fools that like any old shit
Still it makes us more like apple, everyone loved bashing them, because they were owning
if you want to bash us and throw shit and jibes at us, go to the KR forums or wherever and do it, if yo have an quality issue with your toy ( if you actually purchased one, you would be surprised how many complain and dont actually have said toy ), contact 3A and by all means discuss here. but make shit up,be an asshat your gonna get bounced. this is my living room, your my guests here, show some decorum!
Mods please enforce this!

What Ashley wants to see here and what he loves about this place:
i want the 3A forum to be different, I want discussion, I want ideas and opinions !
I love the creativity I see, the photos, the art, its epic and is applauded !
I dont want the BS, the bullying, the negative, the fucktards here, I dont care if I lose sales, or people get upset they cant act like dicks here, tough shit, fuck off !
3A isnt just about selling toys, we stand for doing shit different, whether it be toys or forums!

About his interview to Juxtapoz Magazine #130 (November 2011)
did the interview on an iphone, damn tough to type on. Gotta heed the pussheads call !
I dont do many interviews, nor am I gonna start
cant wait to see what ol Puss serves up !

Posting in WWR Grunt photo thread about different eyes (see the image bellow by soulburn3d)

October - 2011 Qt2rAt

its the sight eye !
or scope eye

About Swallow
i miss swallow, but the same old was in effect, didnt sell, lost money and most shops didnt care, the fans did, they showed the love, fucking good fun, I got to chat to many artists and put them together, ill always be proud of them. I was toying with the idea of a Swallow annual, maybe for next sdcc and onwards.

On making more Swallow books:
ill see whats up, ill certainly try !
i love making books, and art, doing absolutely everything and having complete control is all artists dream !
when all books go the way of dino's, and everyone is rocking interactive widescreen digital versions, ill still be making REAL books, even if I have to print each page by hand !
back to work

On Omnipuss sale in October:
ill give a date soon as I know, promise

About Omnipuss cover painting:
my best painting to date, well for now at least !
but many will not agree, but as the artist fuck em, I know best Smiley
Painting is my world, nothing beats the thrill or pain of it for me... FUCKIGNG LOVE PAINTING

In AK The Nefarious 10 Finger Robot Gang thread and how jumpsuits are loved in Adventure Kartel world:
"then I wouldnt buy the gang if you dont like jumpsuits"
"jumpsuits are the clothes of choice for near do wells in the AK world, its not a lack of skill or design ideas, its just what I like !"

WWR JEA Marine Grunt is coming soon:
jea marine is coming soon

About WWR Grunts , how he likes 'em and on making best ever toys (which 3A was always about):
i dig it too, its how I wanted it !
and as I designed it, everthing about it, im a good gauge for if its what it should be.
making toys is a fun thing, yes they have to talk to you guys, but Im not gonna change my ideas or groove to garner love, you have many , many , MANY option for those avenues. 3A and ash dont want or do that

On spicing stuff up and surprising us even more:
i think I'll add more random stuff, not say anything just drop art, and other shit to spice up the occasional thing

And looks like new Swallow books are happening!
yay for swallow

Posting in WWR MK1 Square tribute thread:
awww lil ol square getting the love

Wanna see your photo in 3AVOX? Send your best photos to and the winner will be picked and included in next VOX!
remember guys, send in your pics to 3A for VOX!!!!

Will we never see MK2 Kid Sarge , which was exclusive to Square MK2 10pack
kid will never ride again !
only for the 10pack mk2

On EPIC Legionnaire Gathering in Indonesia:
how fucking great, im flattered....
please send a group of photos over to 3A for the VOX

I posted some photos earlier in this thread, but you got to check out this thread for new ones:

WWR Jungler Grunt and Square detailed photo review by toygodd can be found here and please click here for 3year Anniversary Bambaboss review.

And to stress again, bellow are some guidelines for criticism by Ashley.
We always were supportive criticism, suggestions and explanations why you don't like this or that, and were always against pure "you are shit, cause you are shit" comments and hate-storms, and of course trolling. Our Mod team, will do our best to keep enforcing Ash's edict:
if you want to bash us and throw shit and jibes at us, go to the KR forums or wherever and do it, if yo have an quality issue with your toy ( if you actually purchased one, you would be surprised how many complain and dont actually have said toy ), contact 3A and by all means discuss here. but make shit up,be an asshat your gonna get bounced. this is my living room, your my guests here, show some decorum!


Change of plans for AK The Nefarious 10 Finger Robot Gang, earlier it was planned that singles will be offered via blind sale, but today it was decided to give direct choice to the Legion:
didnt i tell ya ?, but we are gonna ditch the blind, let the laurent effect take place !
blinds are gonna bring to much hassle and emo on the back end

And here are the prices: singles - 85$ , King Thumb - 90$ and 11 fingers in a box 650$. All prices are prior to 3AA discount and include worldwide shipping.
the 10 finger gang blinds are 85, 11 fingers in a box 650, king fing is 90 usd and all prices include shipping
all prices are pre 3AA discount

How MASSIVE 11 fingers box will look like:
box is single color designed, not just a shipping box etc..
apart form that, dunno

About AK The Nefarious 10 Finger Robot Gang story (we don't know much about 'em yet):
there story isnt simply a case of a bunch of thugs, its kinda sad, but funny too

Posting in WWR Harold the Fucktard thread, who supposed to be next WWR bot release:
but im sure someone will make a radio controlled one etc!

Most of the people I know love posters & prints and earlier this year , it was mentioned that we will see more. Here is the latest about it:
posters proof to be a massive pain, too damaged in transit, until we can figure a good shipping system that doesnt compromise quality , but doesnt cost a fortune etc

Sad news for 1:1 Square admirers. Giant Cardboard Squares which was present to the public during Wonderfest in Japan, not going to be released. Here are few pics to show some love to GCS, you will be missed. I wonder what happened with these ones, I wanna go to Japan and kidnap one!

October - 2011 Curryq.thOctober - 2011 Solosquare.thOctober - 2011
^images are hosted on imageshack, not imgur like all the recent images in my news column

too costly to make big cardboard squares, insane price actually, so we walked away.

Ashley about Art of MGS book, which is going to be re-released by IDW publishing soon:
its a great book, so much fukign good art, I forgot about most of it, plus Eric, I made the book, my files and design etc so you knwo its all good
yea, I didnt even know they were makign a hardcover, or it slipped my mind

Whether hardcover Art of MGS version is different from previous (paperback) one:
same book, in a hard cover, should have updated it with peace walker stuff.

Posting in 3A Apparel TQ Clothing thread:
boxed girls undies!
Hopefully Ash isn't joking and we will see 'em soon, I know that it's girls panties and I can't wear them (or can I?)...but I know few ladies, who will be really happy about it and few Legionnaires , who will be buying them for their wives & girlfriends.

Ashley about Popbot Plusso&Minos characters (which will feature designs by his eldest sons) and about selling figures for autistic charity:
Plusso and Minos are very funny, insane.
they will be released as vinyl toys.
Darth, Autism has a a big advocate here, im planning to sell most of my 3A stuff for an autistic charity.
they will be there own drop, what makes them very special, is that they are design and created by my eldest sons.

About Popbot Plusso&Minos looks:
very proud, plusso and minos make ren and stimpy look functional

Popbot Lady Sham is coming:
sham is looking awesome..runs off

When we will see AK The Nefarious 10 Finger Robot Gang photos?
soon as I have em all in house !

NYCC starts this week and here is an exclusive print for the event!

October - 2011

Swing by Scott Eder's booth at month's NYCC and grab a new Miss + Mrs print. Scott is encamped at booth # 974.
Weighing in at 14"x19", silk screened and a edition size of 100 which will be hand numbered and Stamped with my W thingy. All it will cost is a mere 40 bucks !

Don't forget about checking out 3A Legion booth* and exclusive Zombs!
*Jacob Javits Center, booth # 883 at the Cultyard.


AP 3rd 3A Anniversary Bambaboss is up for sale at

October - 2011

Ashley about it and that there is a chance of 2nd Anniversary Bambaboss making an appearance as well:
3rd is up
maybe 2nd should be up too ?

limited time sale, dont want an overload of these!
if I can find it.. i have no idea where the sample is !

So I guess keep watching Bamba, as I'm hitting the bed soon!


Sadly 2nd year anniversary Bambaboss didn't show up on yet:
nothing, lil bastard has legged it... he will turn up !

Ashley about his plans to create private (soldier) in WWR
i wanna do a private, really stripped down basic gear and weapon, nick named Square Cleaners due to their low status.. kinda like our basic GI Joe figure

WWR Guille suit sniper plans:
maybe a new head! or maybe the mask will glued on so no can know his face!!

NYCC is about to start in less than a day from now, so here is a repeat of what I posted earlier this month:
Information about 3A Legion booth at NYCC

October - 2011 XdDOotOctober - 2011 Y5LzZtOctober - 2011 IMQfTtOctober - 2011 V4PrHt

t is with great pleasure to represent 3A & the Legion at this year NYCC in which will be taking place starting October 13th thru the 16th at the Jacob Javits Center,
Booth # 883 at the Cultyard.

NYCC Exclusive - chose life Zombie: available in 6 variants, 3 white tees/3 black tees blind sale, sold at $90 each.

First batch goes on sale - Friday October 14th @ 1:00pm to those who names appear on the NYCC T-shirt list (list is closed, we know who you are).

Second batch will be sold on Saturday October 15th @ 3:30pm, by ticket only, please be sure to pick up your ticket at our booth, on Saturday to guarantee you a purchase.

Magnificent AW print will be available at our Legion Booth (Friday & Saturday same release time & date as Zombs) priced at $40, hand numbered & stamped signature, 6 colors in a combination of silkscreen/letterpress printing, Approximately sized at 14x18.
All of the above are very limited & will only be sold one per customer.
Besides exclusives, we have lots of cool stuff planned for you so please be sure to pass by booth, this is the first legion booth ever, you wouldn't want to miss a thing.
Hope to see you all very soon
Emo Adventure Style!! WOOT

You can read more about NYCC and learn about Legion activities in this thread.

I'm still waiting for mine WWR Grunts and I can't grow tired of seeing their photos. I apologize for using controversial imageshack, instead of imgur (which I was using so far), they seem to be doing some heavy maintenance and site is still down. Photos bellow are by holiday, elektrox and print

October - 2011 Holidaygrunt.thOctober - 2011 Eletroxgrunt2.thOctober - 2011 Elektroxgrunt.thOctober - 2011

I stumbled upon this photo elsewhere and couldn't keep it to myself. It captures rare sight of ALL* released bot heads from Popbot. Photo is by tektiteinc

October - 2011

*first run TKs bot heads
APKT bot heads
Elite Hatchery Guard TK bot head
LW 53 Robot head
Mortis Soot Diver head
only DIY severed LW 53 Robot head is missing

WWR Grunt gear by nicocato, this guy comes with a lot of stuff!

October - 2011 3lZEFt

AK Robot gang sale , starts in four days from now, on October 17th, 9:00AM Hong-Kong time. F5 Bar and Grill dedicated to the sale, opens it's doors, 24 hours prior to the sale and I SO can't wait for that! Looking forward to seeing you all here and especially to all your sketches!

First in hand photo of Prom Night Disagreement : Maria surfaced and this photo is by pitu. I added shipping marker to the map, so please use it. I can't wait for more people to get their masterpieces! And since I know that some people are really nervous when somebody close to them gets the figure and they don't, please don't worry.

October - 2011 2cljKt

Can't wait for more photos of this masterpiece! And particularly of Belladonna (surprise release) - black foot!

Ashley about 3A retail at Sideshow
why make assumptions, why make statements I said if you ordered before you can still order from us. Has anyone been told they cant order, nothing has changed as I see it ?
But we are going to police ebayers who just jack prices and only sell on ebay or people that buy small amounts for personal use and friends alot more. But thats normal policy, so if you do that, lookout, we have you covered
candy or benny are not going to email you, thats not their job, the only people that decide who get our toys are me and Kim, simple as that.
i dont why the stress, its like people look for drama !
im sure we will do some for sideshow as we do for our china distro BBICN
we have and will support our partners, internet BS and mis information doesnt actually equate to reality, so unless me or Kim say it, its BS! lucky 99% know this, the other 1% is retarded and will complain of the shit smell even though its coming from them !"
- about doing some exclusives figures
nothing has changed at 3A, only difference is for where retailers order from, the fan who is paramount will not see any change, thats what really matters.

Posting in 3Ax Microman thread, commenting on some designs:
not ours, not what we are doing

First photo of 3A Legion booth at NYCC surfaced in this thread:

October - 2011 G5fsvt

Severed foot aka Prom Night Disagreement by candela07

October - 2011 NEhaut

Few customs from 3A Custom Show San Francisco - Nov. 2011, you got to go through that thread to checkout the action. That custom show will be sweet! Here is just a small portion of customs (mainly full reveals , which were posted on last ~10 pages) by: ultraman, illyblack, F_seb, wwwetworks, KidAkira

October - 2011 Suc1ZtOctober - 2011 MljIVtOctober - 2011 LRr8ztOctober - 2011 Y0eZStOctober - 2011 Vsoy1tOctober - 2011 M6R8XtOctober - 2011 T9RywtOctober - 2011 MlXNtt


First photos from 3A Legion booth at NYCC, all by Dolly/chillywilly153:

October - 2011 4vRg2tOctober - 2011 M0OG6tOctober - 2011 HtjZKt

Ashley posting about NYCC and Dolly's work (she was in charge of the booth, with few great Legionnaires helping her - I will post the full list soon)
awesome dolly

3A/Ash&Kim coming to NYCC next year?
i promise NYCC 2012, legions honor !

On making new severed foot for Ashley Wood collection line:
have a new foot, different show and story coming, but after that, no more !

Cool Seamonkey photo is spotted in Kenny Wong's FB. If you don't know much about the project, you have to check this thread

October - 2011 TSGBot

Popbot Oyabun Patfinder Ono by SCM06 and phonic

October - 2011 T1HxztOctober - 2011 LuI9UtOctober - 2011 C8Cd0tOctober - 2011 9SSb2tOctober - 2011 IchNRtOctober - 2011 SGrAhtOctober - 2011 6odhMtOctober - 2011 PRrrVt

Followup to photo I posted in the previous update, author - tektiteinc

October - 2011 OTm59t

Commenting whether he will shoot a video, showing how he paints:
well as royd posted very old art, he aint ever comign back !
i dont wanna explain or show how I do my work, fuck that, my images are the stars, not the technique or me
figure it out your own way, Im asked everyday, what paint, what board, what influence whats this, or that. Im asked to lecture, give classes etc. I always deny, im not into that.
I like to paint, make art, not talk about the boring mechanics..

3rd Anniversary Bambaboss in 1/12th scale is still available at , check him out if ya dig!

October - 2011 Wq8sQt


3AVOX #9 can be read here:

Let's start AK 10 Finger Gang sale promo...they are approaching:

October - 2011 L6ZVIt

On October 17th, 9:00AM Hong-Kong time, you will be offered a choice to walkaway with any Gang Member/Members you like , from . Again, 2nd sale after WWR Caesar, when we offer you so much choice: 10 different members and Thumb King!
The Gang is Exclusive to Bambaland and will never be offered again. Gang members 1-10 are $85usd, King Finger is $90usd and the FAUX Retailor ( all 11 members ) set is $650usd. All prices before 3AA discount and all included shipping.

October - 2011 G90rJtOctober - 2011 PAi21tOctober - 2011 QV8fttOctober - 2011 CU9BotOctober - 2011 JtmGDtOctober - 2011 PAe0wtOctober - 2011 OgwWttOctober - 2011 U8CwztOctober - 2011 Y2Di4tOctober - 2011 V7DWst

Thumb King (comes with sledgehammer):

October - 2011 McV5zt

Ashley about AK Robot Gang
they are fun figs!
its grey, no doubling of colors, just a washed out grey yo ! - commenting on Finger Gang colors

We are very excited to announce that the next 2000AD 1/6th figure will RO-JAWS, check out some earlier DEV shots, he will have a opening hatch so you see a lumo of SH.. er waste in it... COMING SOON !

October - 2011 SLxIftOctober - 2011 RKB9Vt

3AVOX photo of the week by propainCK , please send your best photos of 3A figures to

October - 2011 IsD6Wt

October 31st.........will be a SPOOKY day at

October - 2011 PKDg6t

Looks like AP Zombs are coming! What do you guys think?

As you know by far, 3A Legion booth is open at NYCC! NYCC exclusive Missionary aka chose life Zombie, which is available in 6 variants, 3 white tees/3 black tees (offered blindly). Photo bellow by piino and cosplay TQ photo, Dolly asked me to put up.

October - 2011 J1MFZtOctober - 2011 PRgQat

Def. one of the biggest highlights of Legion booth is 1:1 EMGY Square and here is what he does there on regular basis:

October - 2011 IFZHXm

3A Customer support, please remember, if you have any concerns or inquiries about your order from Bambaland, please do not hesitate to contact 3A customer support at or join @ 3ASupport on twitter

Ashley continues to speak about 10 Finger gang & variety of choice we offer:
this is pretty much it for large colorways for now, just the way it goes that they fell together, when we are making stuff, we have no idea what will be ready when. luck of the draw when they are offered.
funny thing is, if there was only a pink one, a group of you guys would say, you suck, why isnt there other colors.
I just do what I think is cool, plus the story has ten members, so the toys had to follow this. Zombots as they are called were the first street level defence against the zombs, once the ankou came into town, many were sold off or just went underground. The Finger gang all have a common tie from early in their careers.

Who makes the photos of 3A toys? (one of FAQs lately)
i pose the figs, and photograph, always have, every fucking one..
I spent all yesterday waiting for the courier to bring 100% samples, then sat in a dusty photo studio,.
Im all DIY man, even with 3A

On support we have and why he makes figures:
Darth, 99% agree, we get the direct emails, I see the support, it grows every month. Negative forums, haters etc, dont represent the 3A status.
We make cool toys, if I thought different I wouldnt put my name behind them
I think 3A is the luckiest toy maker in the world, we get to make toys we want, no compromise, we have bar none the best fans, the LEGION is mind blowing and humbling !
If it all stopped today, I would not think anything than it has has been a great success, fucking love it !

I said it multiple times, one of many ingredients which make 3A so special, is the fact that Ashley really loves & enjoys what he does and does it for right reasons.

Ashley about Black Rainbow (I foresee surprise drop!)

October - 2011 CQsQ0t

ill say this, its fun, its dumb, its an AK character that only appears on one day a year.. it comes in a set too...
Black Rainbow is the band Zomb MD was in during his college years...
coffee time lads !

Many pics added to 3A Legion booth at NYCC photo thread, check them out here. I'll post just a few for ya (pics by: konfucios, chillywilly153 and fung430:

October - 2011 Wg17PtOctober - 2011 Mi2s2tOctober - 2011 GQH9gt

Ashley commenting on pics and LEGION power!
makes me proud to see, you guys should all take a bow, the LEGION is indeed a force !

Text about I AM LEGION custom show in San-Francisco:
For years the art of Ashley Wood and the quality of ThreeA toys have brought both collectors and artists together to share the love of toys and art in a unique environment that is the legion. The first official 3A Custom Toy art show will introduce 3A Toys to the art world in a way that has not yet been attempted and create a show that challenges people to look at toys in a different light. In the ThreeA "Legion" community, we do our best to promote the camaraderie of like-minded individuals and the ethic of seeking that which brings personal joy and spreads that joy to others through whatever creative endeavors one may pursue; and we hope the 3A Custom show will give visitors an opportunity to experience the talent within the 3A Legion community and witness how a unique independent toy company, always looking forward, can inspire individual artists worldwide.

This art show will feature a mix of artists and collectors from all around the world uniting to share ideas and a common love for toys and art. The exhibit will be open for a full month and we invite everyone from around the globe to join us and delve into our world for a while!

In selecting the artists, curator James Brown chose to invite both commercially unknown artists who are fans of 3A as well as more renowned artists new to 3A (and those bridging the gap !) in order to combine both converse dynamics; creating a multifaceted Art Show with a variety of interpretations that offer contrasting perspectives and aesthetics as applied to the customized toys.

But “I am Legion” is much more than a show, we invite all fans and members of the legion in the area to come out and meet your fellow friends and artists. Please join us for the opening November 4th at the 1Am Gallery in San Francisco, CA. Most items in the show will be for sale, though there may be a few items for display only. The show will run through Dec 4th so if you cannot make it out during the opening and are in the area at another time be sure to come by the gallery and share as some of the finest artists in the world come together to celebrate Ashley Wood’s unique universe’s. All made possible with the help of Ashley Wood, ThreeA toys and 1AM Gallery.

1Am Galley is located at: 1000 Howard St San Francisco, CA

One of the highlights of Legion booth at NYCC, is Zomb house by Pie, here is he talking about the house:
And btw...this is no fucking dollhouse! Our intention was to build the house based on your awesome poster. We didnt want this to be just a static display...we wanted for the Legion to be able to play with this thing. Just some of the features we included:

1. Working lights...just flip the switch!
2. Trapdoor! Drop your favorite zomb from the Surgery Room to the Zomb flophouse below!
3. Boiler? Err Are you in your Boiler? Video Animation of the Comic Poster with Voiceovers and Sound Effects
4. AK Figure Box Storage...felt lined storage compartment for your 3 OG boiler Zombs
5. Rolling Stairs...position the stairs on the boiler or on the scaffolding!

Some pics of the house, by Pie, konfucious and fung430

October - 2011 NT6BntOctober - 2011 QvKLqtOctober - 2011 C4N5wtOctober - 2011 8cbpXtOctober - 2011 HuPfGtOctober - 2011 3mftUtOctober - 2011 Rizf0tOctober - 2011 ETSWntOctober - 2011 QZCRXtOctober - 2011 HezuitOctober - 2011 KvMvAtOctober - 2011 S7S8ctOctober - 2011 5WhqUtOctober - 2011 1O9Cct

NYCC Zomb by konfucious, these guys are really something:

October - 2011 In277t

Zombs sale plans for tomorrow:
dolly, cody, and i decided we wanted to have some fun with the sale tomorrow. each of us will have the tickets for the zomb. you have to come find us. we'll be walking around the convention floor. a little emo adventure if you will. good luck and good hunting.
once you have your ticket you can come claim your zomb after 3:30pm.

Here are photos of Dolly, gregory and Cody (2nd pic) , in case you don't know how they looks like:

October - 2011 U3WI2tOctober - 2011 2EUFDt

AK King's Chopper is coming next year!
the king chopper is coming, early 2012
not now, on sale next year,

I'm wondering what's happening with scooter for Little Shadow, mine LS already buzzed all my hair off about it!

Ashley about 3A Legion booth at NYCC and appreciating what Dolly did for the booth:
Dolly you have made 3A very happy, please take bow, all im hearing is good things !

NOW THIS IS EXCITING! Popbot and AK crossover is coming:
i think ill do a crossover story for AK and popbot, just had a funny idea !
a one of set of relevant players.
and a comic with it !

About Prom night disagreement foot:
i love em
the foot and the box !

gotta say, I really dig it, but then, I would not have done it otherwise..
I have mine in the entry hall, for all to see

Ashley posting in AK Black Rainbow thread:
"you will find nothing but a bucket of shit at the end of the black rainbow"
They started each show with that manifesto, granted not the greatest one ever, but the smallish crowds enjoyed it.

Clarifying how long AK Finger Gang will be up at the store:
soon as the numbers make the hatchery stress, we gotta down. the sewing is the hardest part, any toy with sewing always had limits attached

3rd Anniversary Action Portable Bambaboss coming down from the store soon, so it's right about time to make a move, if you are still sitting on the fence.
3rd coming down soon, still no 2nd, I have one palce left to look, of course its under a ton of boxes..fingers crossed

October - 2011 IkoZDt

Ain't he cute?

On choices and that it's okay to buy two of each AK Finger Gang members (not more than two though)
they are good choices, they all have very different personalities and style!
two is fine, after that we think ebay reseller etc
2 is awesome, 2 is 2x better than 0 !

If you are in worry about your wallets, AK King Thumb bike and Popbot/AK set are for the next year:
bike , popak next year etc

Oh beautiful, so desirable and so spoiled! Photos by eseffinga

October - 2011 Alyt7tOctober - 2011 VFuw5tOctober - 2011 4Z8vstOctober - 2011 LIw8nt

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October - 2011 Empty Re: October - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:09 am


I wanna show you two videos of 3A Legion NYCC booth and few pics by toygodd, click here for the pics
And of course this thread is filled with new photos from the event.

October - 2011 OzNfamOctober - 2011 U3PCPm
all clickable

Boiler Zomb House by Pie, is a true highlight of NYCC, here is a list of names, who helped with this super complicated project:

October - 2011 OKTrht

Another t-shirt variant of AK NYCC Missionary Zomb, which has 6 variants in total (different t-shirts), photo by Doc Arapaima

October - 2011 C8Nrst

With less than 24 hours away from WWR Caesar drop, starts my favorite time of any sale, which is marked with opening of F5 Bar and Grill!
Don't know what F5 Bar and Grill is and you never been in one? Here is the info:
During release nights in the thread dedicated to the release (The Nefarious 10 Finger Robot Gang), only serious questions/problems can be posted. Everything else would be deleted by us, the Mods. This is done, to get rid of all the nonsense and help to people, who have some serious questions and problems about the release. The thread where you can make relatively on topic friendly chat or go insane during the releases would be called F5 Bar and Grill, under Release night board's category. The thread is going to be unlocked 24 hours before the sale takes place and that's any minute now, and will be locked, after the figure is going to be removed from the store and I will give you some time to vent and share the excitement about the sale . Have fun there, but don't forget basic rules and maintaining positive vibes of our beloved 3A board. Since F5 Bar during the sale is really crowded and grows like several pages in few minutes, all the essential sales info will be posted in the first opening post of the F5 thread. So before asking a question, please check the first page of the bar for answers. You can always PM me (or other MODs) if you some questions and you don't want to post them publicly.
Usually we don't allow interpretations of 3A/Ashley Wood intellectual property and characters. But as our tradition goes only on sale nights, we are making an exception and looking forward to your sketches , featuring AK Finger Gang characters on them. I'll be putting them up here and in F5 Bar, later on they will be added to online gallery on imgur as well, with captions, so it will be seen who is the author of each sketch.

F5 Bar is open and waiting for you:


Less than three hours before AK Finger Gang sale starts. Can't make your choice? Perhaps this pic of FAUX Retailer set, will help you:

October - 2011 QZWx1t

It's going to be one hell of a set, 650$ per 10 figures packed in one super cool box. Shipping alone would be a killer, wait?! Shipping is included in the price, this deal is a STEAL!

Ashley about WWR Grunt boxes (they feature graphic packaging, not paintings by Ashley):
[color=green]I dig the graphic boxes, but im glad you miss my paintings too ! most never mention them ![/url]

Already lots of sketches were submitted to the bar! As always I'll do the shout-out later on and same about author captions at online gallery:

October - 2011 NKqdptOctober - 2011 4zj8DtOctober - 2011 WMCgatOctober - 2011 PAt1stOctober - 2011 98KLgtOctober - 2011 OlbtFtOctober - 2011 HdmFxtOctober - 2011 QRyDStOctober - 2011 M96HItOctober - 2011 OX1UwtOctober - 2011 GlLHLtOctober - 2011 Dy6oRtOctober - 2011 HwGeytOctober - 2011 2kndZtOctober - 2011 G8BUatOctober - 2011 Qz67DtOctober - 2011 NzMtftOctober - 2011 H6OFItOctober - 2011 Tmo82tOctober - 2011 ZslN3t

gallery link:

Btw, you can checkout previous F5 galleries online:

Remember Boba Fett contest, which was won by Eric? 3A BOBA FETT arrived and here are few pics...shoot, checkout all the sketches on the box and all the little instruments in Boba Fett pockets, too bad we will not be making Star Wars figures.

October - 2011 AuG58tOctober - 2011 JRapbtOctober - 2011 Tc2JHtOctober - 2011 BBFvbtOctober - 2011 L973ht

And they are up at , go get your FINGER GANG Shipping in Feb/March 2012!

Ashley posting in F5 bar, about something exciting coming our way:
the 3A house will be next, designed for displaying and playing !

Commenting on interesting Helmetgirls news:
should be fun, already have the comp !
Me and D E go way back, when we were doing Ride snow board designs 2004-05 ?

Whether AK Finger Gang members will be re-relist and whether we will see King Thumb one more time (together with bike):
nope this is it, none these members will ever see release again, the bike will Kings, but anyone else's too, kinda the AK choppa.
so no, this is it, the gang only rides once, there ar eno variations, no re-releases

Commenting in his interview photos , which can be found here (click me) , thank you for your help Juan
thanks for the link gimbs, the article looks fun, I like the write up at the start. The Pusshead is king !

Ashley posting in F5 bar:
the WSS soundtrack can be played to most things, its epic !
When your FING, your always a Fing
"found 4 missing WWR from back in the day yesterday, thought I had long lost em.. really damn happy to see em !"
"they were oil painting

On WWR Grunts packaging:
I guess nudes just dont sit well on WWR boxes, I think it would be awesome, a complete juxtaposition or genre.
But yea, we are always gonna mix up and change shit, still waters are for the lesser !

3AA members will have 24 hours buying window on singles, but not for 10 Fingers + Thumb King Faux Retailer set:
24 hours for 3AA
the singles that is

10 Finger Gang singles and King Thumb are represented as one icon at the store, so you have to click this one and then you can make a choice:
click on the single image, and then pick your crew, its easier than having 11 listings etc

On Faux Retailer set packaging:
nothing like the square box, not full color as stated, its an illustrated shipping carton
just saying

Whether we will see any secret drops tonight? Sadly NO. Why sadly you might ask? I'm always excited for surprise and rooting for people to get lucky and snag them, plus always curious how Ash&Kim will surprise us this time. But plenty room for surprises this month....October 31st approaching fast.
no secret drops today.
11 figures is enough !

Thanking everyone for support:
thanks for the awesome support ! gotta get back to work, ill be back later on !!
King Fing says thanks!


Ordering single Gang Members, if you try adding singles to cart and click add to cart button and get error 404 screen, just go back and check your cart, your desired items will be there.
Sorry for any possible inconvenience.

Last batch of F5 bar sketches, looks like it's all for the day:

October - 2011 NKqdptOctober - 2011 4zj8DtOctober - 2011 WMCgatOctober - 2011 PAt1stOctober - 2011 98KLgtOctober - 2011 OlbtFtOctober - 2011 HdmFxtOctober - 2011 QRyDStOctober - 2011 M96HItOctober - 2011 OX1UwtOctober - 2011 GlLHLtOctober - 2011 Dy6oRtOctober - 2011 HwGeytOctober - 2011 2kndZtOctober - 2011 G8BUatOctober - 2011 Qz67DtOctober - 2011 NzMtftOctober - 2011 H6OFItOctober - 2011 Tmo82tOctober - 2011 ZslN3tOctober - 2011 EpRFEtOctober - 2011 EV0xZtOctober - 2011 ETnSAtOctober - 2011 E1wHntOctober - 2011 AQioOt

gallery link:

By all means, please let me know if I missed anyone.

Talking about sketches:
im very fond of this sales FG artwork by you guys..
eat me.. good ol Cherry !

Naming the obvious difference between these two Gang members and how AK line will rival on WWR.:

October - 2011 PAe0wtOctober - 2011 U8Cwzt

re 6 and 8 they are not the same color, one is white, one is grey
Really stoked how the FGang did, AK is really gaining steam, I bet it will rival WWR one day !
So thanks from 3A !
yea but AK has the characters , tommy, Shadow, Bleak, Zomb MD, Fighting JC and so on.
but yea, all my shit rocks
AK, POP, WWR thats a good run there...

WWR Rothchild, which most likely will see the light on Xmas, will be one hell of a personality:
but Rothchild is..
well to some !

244 pages large Omnipuss will see the light in November and it's going to be one HEAVY book!

October - 2011 MSBi1t

its not a gonna be a cheap seat !

Ashley about AK Finger sale
only I know the truth which is popular and which isnt. !
ill say this #2 is doing great !

Btw, if you are still sitting on the fence, now it's really time to make a choice, as sale ends on October 18th, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time (which is in less than 30 minutes from now):
all will be popular !
FG come down at 9-00am on the dot here

Posting about Severed foot /Laureen/Belladonna
its great, I got some shit thrown at me for this foot, some dumb fuck emailed and said it was gonna fail etc. I knew it was special when i got those.
It could be one of my best outings yet, just yesterday a blind saleswoman was leaving my home and commented how awesome the Bella foot was. I thought that was cool.

For all those who missed this release, here is booklet story (posted on the forum by Myhkel
Lauren wore a size 7
Maria's friend Lauren, well she was yesterday, lay there motionless with a missing foot.
Nearby Lauren's slender severed foot n a tight heel caught the moonlight like a, err, severed foot
In a tight heel. Earlier with a deft stroke Maria had cut it clean off, It was her exclamation point to
an argument that had to be settled.
Maria wondered, if they could still be lovers? Could the Mortis even love?

Ashley about Legion and this photo by Pie, who helped Dolly to organize NYCC Legion booth and built that Zomb house we saw.

October - 2011 Zmijht

nice to the young lads rocking the 3A legion shirts.
Re Dolly and Alex and all the guys and gals, what they have achieved is epic, these things are nto without stress and shitty moments, it takes real heart and soul to deal and keep smiling ! I had no doubt it would be a success and that Legion would pull it off !
3A Legion isnt made up of great 3A fans, its made up of great people !

Awesome custom bot rider by KidAkira, made for 3A Custom Show in San Francisco

October - 2011 4Dx1RtOctober - 2011 IYhLht

And AK Finger Gang is gone from Bambalandstore....Ashley about the sale:
finger did well !

My small F5 bar closing speech, which you can always ignore:
Time to close down the bar, even thought it was small page wise, we had great amount of fun and cool thing happening here.
Can't wait to open F5 bar again and see whether we can beat 77 pages =)
See ya guys soon and thank you for all your overwhelming support, whether it was purchase of figures, sketches, hanging in the bar or simply checking Bambalandstore and thinking about these guys.
Truly yours,

Three latest F5 Bar sketches, it's closing down with a BANG!

October - 2011 OSM6TtOctober - 2011 YPU6mtOctober - 2011 Szz3Ct

gallery link with all the sketches:

I'm working on adding all the author names to the gallery and proper shout out, with all your nicknames is coming as well. Thank you so much for all your artwork.

Ashley about Omnipuss price (70$ + different shipping options, it's a heavy book):
it will probably be 70 bucks plus shipping, there will be multi options for shipping, speed, price etc.
its a classy book, thick paper, highend binding etc

NYCC exclusive Zomb review by Yama86

October - 2011 RyuDOm

Board layout update:
2000AD got it's own mini-section now, it's located under the Showcase as a child board.
We decided that it's right about time, with Ro-Jaws coming to Bambaland in near future and all the other have a nice time there all the 2000AD fans and supporters, now you can create threads and do all kinds of 2000AD related shenanigans there. Have fun!


More photos of 3A Legion booth at NYCC by toygodd can be found here.

Added F5 sketches author names to online gallery:

and here are they:
thejikas (5), crem (4), sail (2), expathos (2), BRiZL (2), soil (2), chienpion, dienstag, VerdantViper, sophora, Onaux, E. Pun, watanabekun, Firehazzard, Kiwidu, abex44, holiday, Grish

Thank you so much guys, means a lot to us, that you are inspired by our figures and not only hanging in the bar, but going out there and making these sketches!

Speaking about sketches, I decided to make one common online gallery, with all the recent sketches (starting with de Plumes/Dropcloth sale) so far and it consists out of 313 entries! Took me some time and hopefully I didn't miss anyone and gave everyone proper credit:

Couple of super cool photos from October photo thread, by Danmar and expathos

October - 2011 Skl2BtOctober - 2011 U7veLt

You got to checkout that thread for other cool entries and post some of yours!

One of three retail - area exclusive WWRp Heavy Brambles. Meaning that certain regions will get one exclusive colorway, on top of FIVE regular ones (African Defence, Gravedigger, Cydonia Def, Deimos Def and JEA Marine). Here is one for Asia/Pacific, called Asian Link.

October - 2011 YEiFut

Earlier we saw teaser of Euro Defense and now waiting for US exclusive.

October - 2011 Jdycft

Ashley about his interview in Juxtapoz magazine:
funny, I got like 3million emails wanting to buy originals..
good ol Juxta

Btw, thanks to Juan, you can checkout interview here.

Whether we will see sketches on random Omnipuss (which goes on sale, on November 1st) copies:
no sketches, causes too much confusion, find me at a show, ill sketch in it !
yup, books aint cheap, unless your printing in the thousands, use cheap ass paper etc. 70 bucks is what it is, I need to cover my ass, to break even will require a lrge sell through that wont happen overnight. Book publishing isnt a sport for the feint of heart !

To remind you, Omnipuss features Fuck it 1-3 and new material. So I was curious, how soon we will see Fuck it #4 now:
fuck knows

Ashley answering whether there is any connection between Bleak Mission and Thumb King/King Fing , as they seem to share same looking clothes:
are connected ?
or do they just shop at the same same surplus store !
re sets, few more than I thought, but as a general item its not gonna be common, never was gonna be ! its gonna be special indeed ! - about set sale numbers and how it went

Posting in Jeremy Geddes art thread:
i love my Geddes pre-lims...

A bit more information about AK Cherry Shadow
good ol cherry, once a month the cherry appears, even Tommy keeps it on the downlow then !
coffee time

About Omnipuss expenses:
the omni is cheap in my book

We all knew that Prom Night Disagreement: Belladonna is special, now it's even more special to some:
there is only a handful, actually rarest release ever is the bella!

3A 2nd Anniversary AP Bambaboss is available at right now, good way to start the day!
in store today !

October - 2011 Xijskt

Latest entry from Ashley's blog:
Im playing with, just two of many for next years shows!

October - 2011 SJBZttOctober - 2011 T2g9ct

On new issues of Apertore (3A toys photo magazine), first one featured photography by our boardie - expathos , next one might feature photos by several authors.
i think the next apertore could be a joint show, ill think on it !

Ashley about 2000AD Ro-Jaws
arms are articulated, every that should be is, like mongrol

Our 2000AD expert, giving a lecture on Ro-Jaws and it's a BIG one (with pics as well), please click here to read it.

I believe that the fact, that 3A will not be making Star Wars figures is great loss for entire 1/12th collectible is Ashley commenting about not giving up and on Boba Fett figure (won by our boardie Eric)
I so so wish I coukld have brought these to all, Lucas arts loved em too.. shame shit aint as simple as best SW toys, easy , lets make em !
Enjoy Eric, DONT OPEN IT !!!
Coz there are only around 5 sealed in the world ! plud they are fragile man.. be careful @

i would say , never say never, 3A doesnt give up
I want these, not for $$ or anything else except, this is how I imagined the figs were as a kid, I grew up and saw they kinda fell short. I want to nail it !
the weathered stormy we did is so cool too..arghhhhhhh

Shots of 3A Star Wars figures at SDCC Stormtrooper, Dirty/Weathered Stormtroopr and Boba Fett:

October - 2011 PGyk3tOctober - 2011 4MacZtOctober - 2011 5hxIYtOctober - 2011 ULq06tOctober - 2011 8w6VBtOctober - 2011 GEKyet


Ashley asking for Bella/Lauren photos for 3AVOX:
great photos there, i want some for VOX !

So send 'em to , if you have some!

Answering whether he has any special plans for 3AVOX #10

About next 3AVOX:
next weeks VOX will be on the weekend, gotta goto beijing on movie biz.. flying..gah !
movie stuff is always a secret
box is killer indeed, I have a load of those kinda photos

On book with polaroid photos (just like Bella/Lauren packaging)
one day the book will come out !


Thanks to Dolly/chillywilly153 , I have five NYCC exclusive Zombs for ppl who couldn't get one or who didn't make it to NYCC. I'll soon put up the contest and winners will get an opportunity to buy these guys. Stay tuned!

October - 2011 QkpCbt

Who said that only women like shoes?! Bella and Lauren are pretty much starts of today's update, here are pics by BRiZL (he does a comparison with 1/6th TQ shoe), gre-gory (Bella and Lauren on one pic) and toygodd (shoe shopping!)

October - 2011 SduYNtOctober - 2011 Q6dnutOctober - 2011 ZRGPNt

More pics of toygodd shoe shopping here.

Fun video featuring threeA figs by Frank Nordmenn

October - 2011 PIb8Xm

And WWR Desert & Jungle Grunt review by Yama86

October - 2011 Ydh35m

New 7 Bones Oya is coming! On sale in November, date & other info - coming soon:
the 7B oya is kicking, on sale NOV
last of the OYA 1.1...
back to work

Ashley on Coarsetoys and 3A collaboration:
i have the toys we are releasing, our version of up will, still need to figure out the sale etc !
they are great, super cool !

3A 2nd Anniversary Bambaboss in 1/12th scale is still up for sale at , don't miss your chance to collect 'em all!

Ashley about Jeremy Geddes & 3A Cosmonaut figure:
same plan as always for Jeremy and all the collabs, when they are ready..
Levine show is for paintings, no toys !

WWrp retail Heavy Brambles are coming:
should be in 58 range im told, Im pretty sure retail prices are gonna be watched closely now by us and others, best bet, dont support the price hikers !
we need retail support, with the cost of shipping and low US dollar we need there support, plus many like to order from stores they know, not us Smiley
Support the honest retailer, just no the ones that go for the higher $$$ grab and are not in this for the long term !

Whether there will be more WWRp Heavy Bramble colorways, in addition to 8 retail ones (5 standard and three regional exclusives):
i might have 1 or 2 up my sleeve for bamba!

WWRp Heavy Bramble colorways, we saw so far:
NOM Night Watch
Day Watch
African Defence
Cydonia Defence
Deimos Defence
JEA Marine
Euro Defence (partial teaser in VOX)
Asian Link

October - 2011 8dczUtOctober - 2011 PU0kitOctober - 2011 ShKAFtOctober - 2011 KO3DEtOctober - 2011 Bxq2PtOctober - 2011 YEiFutOctober - 2011 TyRTJtOctober - 2011 JdycftOctober - 2011 JPE7wtOctober - 2011 Q8aket

Posting in Monocyte #1 thread (which becomes available tomorrow):
incentive cover huh.. bummer !
got the original proping up my lamp in the studio

On differences between Popbot Oyabuns 1 and 1.1 versions:
there are many tweaks, nothing radical, so only a .1 rating

3A AP 2nd Anniversary Bambaboss is leaving soon and WWRp Bertie MK33 is making it's way there! So excited about the colorway, who will it be? What ya think guys?
MK3 in the bamba soon, this weekend I think when the mighty 2nd birthday boss comes down

Speaking about WWRp future releases:
MK3 Bertie.
then there will be a FILTHY FUCKS brigade set of DC's in da WWRp

WWRp Berties MK3 teaser, we saw some time ago:

October - 2011 D68fbt

VOX10 is out and it's bloody AWESOME!

October - 2011 UoGj6t

^3AA 2012 cap text? Legionnaire figure? Speculate here!

You can see it here:

3AA 2012 membership details:
3AA sign-up will occur on the 13th January 2012, for a period of 24 hours. All previous members have a guaranteed 3AA 2012 place, if they want to renew. There will be a limited amount of new places for new members too, so be early! This is the only time 3AA sign up will happen, so please take note if you want to join !
Don't miss that date!

Next week VOX is going to be late, because Ashley will be busy traveling.
Next week's VOX will be late, possibly on Sunday, due to the one-man VOX team being away from the VOXery!

AP Zombs invade Bambaland on the 31st, the 1/12th world will never be the same again, they will be available in 3-packs or single carded random!

October - 2011 Truvpt

First ever 1/12th + 1/6th figure set in 3A history: AK Zombkin!
Every Halloween, the GHASTLY ZOMBKIN rises for one hour to claim its 31 victims ( that's more than one victim every two minutes for the math impaired ). The smell of sod, the grinding of teeth, yes its the ZOMBKIN !
If you dare you can get your own ZOMBKIN on the 31st of OCTOBER in the first 1/6th - /12th set from 3A !

October - 2011 QNLvptOctober - 2011 ThjcntOctober - 2011 PqpjXt

Ashley about Zombkin (don't afraid to miss him, as he will be available for one full hour on Halloween)
"im glad there is Zombkin love, im fond of him too.. so simple and dumb.. cant beat it !"
"1 hours sale, whatever is sold in that hour is made !"

his falls off after an hour, and the ground consumes the body, and year later a new head has grown, and it all starts again !
"its a one hours sale on the 31st"
"he will be a classic, one day ill see him the cartoon, and have a chuckle !"

WWR Harold - comes with guns & arms, and you decide what to put on.

October - 2011 VYJ0utOctober - 2011 UsaYft

"Harold is awesome, he comes in two versions, guns or arms, both come packed in box etc"
" you get the guns, and the arms, you decide what he has, two arms, two guns, or one arm, one gun."

Lauren photo and best photo of the week by AliceAdrenachrome.

October - 2011 XJ9eVt

All winners at 3A ( like photo of the week ) will now receive the coveted GID NABLER, it will be ready soon.

Speaking about Nabler, that's what we saw in VOX (1/6th scale btw):

October - 2011 TWXjEt

Newest Popbot 7Bones member:

October - 2011 T0Liht

that new OYA shirt features their fav medium, THE OLD BAG !
told ya he was cool, has awesome sideburns too..always the sign of a tough guy !

WWR Dropcloth and Square MK1 2pack (shipping out soon):

October - 2011 Uy7F5t

AP Hatchery guard card (shipping out soon)

October - 2011 SBmnAt

Ashley about Monocyte #1 (his cover) and showing the original to us:

October - 2011 YJFDdtOctober - 2011 ZPWUMt

nope, I have the cover here, no one has ever had it but me.. might paint over it too..
"and here is a pick of the lil sucker..actually not that little, and I might add, never offered, not for sale yet !"
"nah ill keep it, i like it, has awesome texture, im sur eit will be all lost in the printing"


Great news for everyone, who wanted NYCC exclusive print by Ashley Wood and couldn't go to NYCC. First here are some details about the print : hand numbered & stamped signature, 6 colors in a combination of silkscreen/letterpress printing, silk screened and a edition size of 100 , approximately sized at 14"x18"

October - 2011 MzL6Lt

Click here to contact Dolly/chillywilly153 , as she has around 11 left and offering them for 75$ shipped worldwide. Why 75$ you might ask, as it was 40$ at NYCC? Because at NYCC, it wasn't sold in a tube and without shipping. Yes, you heard it right, Dolly will put in a tube to protect it and will ship it right to you, wherever you are. First come/first don't waste your time on thinking, if you want one!

And speaking about NYCC exclusives, I will put full information on how to win the right to buy one (five Zombs in total) next week.

Ashley about Badbot
i think he is one of the best bots so far, good score !

I added bunch of new markers to the map, since Popbot TQs and WWR JEA Dropcloth and MK1 Square got to start popping up next week (at least in Asia), please use it:

Fueled by blood , customized bothead for 3A custom show in San Francisco by FERG

October - 2011 D8WLwtOctober - 2011 9HgeXtOctober - 2011 5OI8Mt

I must say that it's bloody gorgeous and I really happy that not only talented Legion members are participating in this show, but there are few heavyweight, like Ferg and Luke Chueh!
Wanna know more about this show, which starts on November 4th? Click here for more.

As mentioned by Ash earlier, AP 2nd Anniversary Bambaboss is going down over the weekend and MK3 Bertie will go up (not immediately though), so please make your move if you want that Bamba or don't go EMO, when it will leave


Ashley sharing what he been up to:
i have calculated I move 3 tons of boxes today.. im so fucking wiped..
and now onto packaging, have a good day or night lads !

nah, I meant I spent 9 hours lugging boxes into storage, and now its an all night-er making packaging for 3A stuff, or they will be held up !
its all good !
just wiped
coffee here I come

Whether it's Omnipuss (which is going to be up for sale on November 1st) boxes
no the books are in HK, getting the boxes finished off for shipping etc.
I feel crap.. I think ill have to start rocking the papa smurf now, ash is getting old

Commenting on this photo by Grish

October - 2011 2hi9Zt

best zombkin installation or costume gets a cool prize !

Detailed photo review of NYCC Zomb by toygodd can be found here.

October - 2011 EZVEut

1/12th scale Zombs (singles are random or three Zombs set) will be available on October 31st, 9:00AM Hong-Kong time and Zombkin (1/6th and 1/12th set) is going to be available for one hour only (most likely it will be first hour of the sale).

October - 2011 AUxagtOctober - 2011 T9D94t


Good news for all people, who will be hunting for Zombkin on Halloween! Countdown timer at 3A production blog, shows that first ever 1/12th and 1/6th set from 3A, will be available on October 31st, 21:00 Hong-Kong time, for one hour only (as the legend says). In order not to get lost in whole time conversion shenanigans (especially considering that last Sunday of October is daylight saving time date), please click here, to get the timetable for different zones and cities. And as always keep your eye on 3AVOX, the forum and this update column for more details!
AP Zombs have usual release time, which means they will go for sale on regular 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time.

About AP Zomb having proper hands:
already said ages ago the hands were prototypes, AP Zombkin has the latest hands.

A bit more facts about Zombkin
Zombkin actually doesnt eat people, he needs their flesh for his patch , to bring nutrients to the ground so he can rise again the following year.
you are correct sail ! Zombkin has no love Zomb, nor anyone !
re Zombkin, i see it like this, its a cool set, with a large and small Zombkin, or its a Master Zombkin, and his creepy miniself, which he can control to gain access to houses through small windows or pet flaps. then unlock the front door for the big Zombkin, or something like that

Ashley about AP Zombs and that we will definitely see some very interesting ones among blinds:
"or it could be multi color , no promises.. the carded could be any !"
"so, there is the pack, and then there will be carded zombs, now, when you buy that, who knows what you will get, head, suit etc could be any from the past. there will be no way to control who gets what when buying singles !"

there will be a few carded, some never seen... but hey, we dont do chases or rare shit........

Friendly advice for a boardie, who will be paid right on the very next day of Zomb sale:
order then tell CS your gonna pay next day, thats fine, just the week later or month later doesnt work for us
We at 3A , always try to understand people and satisfy their needs.

AP Zombs like these, will not be available at again
one other point
we are never gonna release a mini zomb again like these, no boiler, no whatever. this is the onetime the classic boiler will see release !

On combined shipping for AP Zomb singles:
probably be like the AP bambaboss regarding shipping, up to three or so.
For example combined shipping of 3 AP Bambass is 25$ for three and 12$ for single.

About cancelling orders and how many multiples are okay:
"per amount all within reason, we will just cancel excessive orders. simple as that"
"1zombkin set per customer !"

well we set the combined shipping at 3, thats a good hint to what we see as an ok limit
So three carded singles and one Zombkin 2pack per person.

3AA members will have access to 1/12th scale Shadow Zomb (just like during 1st ever Adventure Kartel sale, back in 2009):
"3AA will have access to the black boilerzomb carded"
yea shadow zomb, I say black so its really clear what he is etc. but shadow it is

WWRp Berties MK3 are coming to today:
some MK3 today
wish I could get them up quicker, but im only one guy !
not long

Ashley a bit more about chase AP Zombs among singles:
all will be laid out next sunday in detail.
ill say this, Wa*****.
its awesome, and only found on cards, and the *******

Why Sunday you might ask? Sunday is new VOX day, 'cause Ash is busy traveling next week.

WWRp Berties MK3 Deep Powder (mode A) and NW are up for sale at , price is 70$ each and shipping is included.

October - 2011 62Q0YtOctober - 2011 KGY3et

Ashley about WWRp Berties and why we aren't offering them as a set:
till the first two, more in the coming weeks - there will be more at Bamba
awesome, didnt think they would zip along in sales like they are !
ill be off soon, have, play nice or gimby will get angry
singles have proven just me popular then sets, the boxes and shipping also killed us in the past. so its singles for now on the larger WWRp

Confirming that surprises are only within carded AP Zomb singles and not in the 3pack:
3pack is a set menu, card is random.

Like mentioned earlier there is 12 hours difference between AP Zomb and Zombkin sale, so 9:00 AM HK time for Zomb and 9:00 PM HK time for Zombkin, and don't worry guys , as everything will be summarized nicely in 3AVOX dedicated to the sale or right at the store. Keep an eye on this column and you will not miss a thing!
yup, the zombkin is for sale at 9-00pm hk time, 12 hours after the ap zombs.
all the details will be in store or a newsletter before the sale, the info has not all been finalized, and wont be until im in HK tomorrow or later on in the week

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October - 2011 Empty Re: October - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:10 am


WWRp Heavy Brambles for retail are unleashed! Checkout all the photos and since it's a lot of them, perhaps it's more convenient to click here and checkout whole gallery:

Cydonia Def

October - 2011 JfDvwtOctober - 2011 O3aD3tOctober - 2011 5ePCCtOctober - 2011 NkX2rt

Africa Def

October - 2011 AugxttOctober - 2011 GPFrstOctober - 2011 Y5ziTtOctober - 2011 R3g5at

Deimos Def

October - 2011 FBAc2tOctober - 2011 PqewCtOctober - 2011 XRpjhtOctober - 2011 VJUOut

JEA Marine

October - 2011 S3hiqtOctober - 2011 IzokqtOctober - 2011 6lNC4tOctober - 2011 XXn1at


October - 2011 VaAvMtOctober - 2011 QWBbdtOctober - 2011 QsOZbtOctober - 2011 Lj3xit

regional exclusive EU Def

October - 2011 JdycftOctober - 2011 OIcOetOctober - 2011 DSvpSt

regional exclusive US Def

October - 2011 X4UF9tOctober - 2011 Jww2Kt

regional exclusive Asian Link

October - 2011 YEiFut

If you dig polls, you can vote for your fav. WWRp Heavy Bramble retail colorway here.

Awesome admission for 3A custom show by Keithing, this baby stands 40" in height!

October - 2011 8Haqlt

And this ones are by Luke Chueh and Nikejerk :

October - 2011 QxubotOctober - 2011 3G0Sqt

Please checkout more entries and full information about show here. The show starts in San Francisco on November 4th.

Ashley is going to be back home on Sunday, hopefully he will have time to blown us away with 3AVOX dedicated to AP Zomb and Zombkin sale, which starts on October 31st 9:00AM HK time, followed by Zombkin one hour sale, which starts on October 31st 9:00PM HK time.


If you want to take a look on what happened in Beijing with Ash & Kim, you can check this thread, just please don't jump to any conclusions yet. It's fun to use google translator, but I don't want to put any facts here, but we can always discuss it all in the mentioned thread, while we wait for more information. Here are two pics from Beijing , which I found here , their all made by: 碎骨
Huge thanks to awakeless for all the info!

October - 2011 Beiat.thOctober - 2011

Damn, I so can't wait for Ashley to come home and tell us all about what happened! Meanwhile, we all keep counting the hours to AP Zombs and AP Zombkin sale. Which are taking place at on October 31st 9:00AM HK time and October 31st 9:00PM HK time (Zombkin).

Benny ensuring that Sideshow will deal with all previous 3A retailers:
sideshow will get back to all retailers soon, as promised, all retailers will be covered from the past.

Latest entry from Ashley's blog, featuring Popbot Nabler

October - 2011

...back to Hong Kong again. Ash pinched a nerve in his back during this trip and here is a first look at the expression he had on his face when the pain hit!
Thanks to everyone who came out to see Ash in Beijing, it was an awesome trip and now it's back to the studio again to knuckle down and work!


As I come from former USSR , I never understood or liked Halloween. Looks like this year, it's about to change! Who doesn't love some Zombs? And with introduction of Zombkin it became even more special and interesting. So with slightly more than 25 hours (before daylight saving time kicks in), time to open F5 Bar and Grill and have some ZOMB FUN!

October - 2011 AUxagtOctober - 2011 TruvptOctober - 2011 NnxGXtOctober - 2011 QNLvptOctober - 2011 ThjcntOctober - 2011 PqpjXt

I bet you know too well by now what F5 Bar and Grill, but I always give some additional info, so it's already part of the tradition.
During release nights in the thread (this time it's actually two dreams: AP Zombs and Zombkin) dedicated to the release, only serious questions/problems can be posted. Everything else would be deleted by us, the Mods. This is done, to get rid of all the nonsense and help to people, who have some serious questions and problems about the release. The thread where you can make relatively on topic friendly chat or go insane during the releases would be called F5 Bar and Grill, under Release night board's category. The thread is going to be unlocked 24 hours before the sale takes place and that's any minute now, and will be locked, after the figure is going to be removed from the store and I will give you some time to vent and share the excitement about the sale . Have fun there, but don't forget basic rules and maintaining positive vibes of our beloved 3A board. Since F5 Bar during the sale is really crowded and grows like several pages in few minutes, all the essential sales info will be posted in the first opening post of the F5 thread. So before asking a question, please check the first page of the bar for answers. You can always PM me (or other MODs) if you some questions and you don't want to post them publicly.
Usually we don't allow interpretations of 3A/Ashley Wood intellectual property and characters. But as our tradition goes only on sale nights, we are making an exception and looking forward to your sketches , featuring AK Zombs and Zombkin characters on them. I'll be putting them up here and in F5 Bar, later on they will be added to online gallery on imgur as well, with captions, so it will be seen who is the author of each sketch.

F5 Bar is open and waiting for you: - please read opening comments , as they summarize all the info (known at the moment), about this release.

Ashley about 3AVOX delay:
sorry for the delay in the newsletter, im just fucked up, and its taking forever. nerve issues, not wasted by the way..which is a bummer

Halloweiner 3AVOX is out and can be read here.

All the necessary information about this drop, from 3AVOX newsletter and of course few pics.

TOMORROW, 31st of October see's the release of the Action Portable Zomb and the Ghastly Zombkin set !

At 9-00am 31st October Hong Kong time, the Action Portable Zomb will go on sale:
The Threepack which will cost $68usd + plus shipping
The mighty single blindbox and the 3AA Shadow Zomb will both cost $28 + shipping None of the blindbox colorways include Zombs from the 3 pack or Shadowzomb.

And then at 9-00pm ( for one hour only ), The Ghastly Zombkin set will go on sale costing $130, the price includes worldwide shipping, and oh yea, it comes with a poster too !

So again, pack of three has unique colorways: Classic, Medic Prevention and Trauma Command, which will not be available among blind singles. But when you are buying single carded Zomb, you have an opportunity to score one of ten different colorways and designs (Zombot and ...!).

October - 2011 Sf1hWtOctober - 2011 ARps5tOctober - 2011 QV6ROtOctober - 2011 TH8MltOctober - 2011 C1enTt

Since it's Halloween special, I'll put up not only sketches, but Zombkin inspired photos and PUMPKIN stuff. So hit the bar with your entry!

October - 2011 M8w64tOctober - 2011 0Qx4ctOctober - 2011 1XtVFtOctober - 2011 NJulytOctober - 2011 G22Q6tOctober - 2011 EvskgtOctober - 2011 KZkVktOctober - 2011 92lG8tOctober - 2011 A0U9etOctober - 2011 8XabYtOctober - 2011 Z90bdtOctober - 2011 MnLvNtOctober - 2011 T9e2Gt

Ashley about making his best to offer us Omnipuss next week:
hopefully i can sell it next week !
fucken ell, my left side is almost dead, the caught nerve is fucking me up......

maybe nov1, just need to lock down shipping costs cost

About this poster (seen at Ashley's blog back in April) & beautiful art bellow:
that poster was done this year for the film, which im the art director and 3A will be heavily involved

October - 2011 LGJQttOctober - 2011 Ml3h8t

Damn, so what we read about Beijing trip and stop motion animation film was right on point!

Click here to checkout Darthgothikus 1:1 Zomb - Exeter Zombie Walk project. Here is a quick selection of pics on various stages of completion, pay attention to his daughters, who are wearing the suits as well (lil Zombs!!):

October - 2011 XkMjztOctober - 2011 LJyPUtOctober - 2011 HCMuHtOctober - 2011 RDBSatOctober - 2011 CrVuCtOctober - 2011 BZDLytOctober - 2011 LkdpgtOctober - 2011 LhqgVtOctober - 2011 NiSLHtOctober - 2011 V4INTt

Ashley recognizing Darth's efforts and giving him a prize!
Darth is the first winner of the season, well done, you get an sketched OMNIPUSS
ebay it and see a dentist about your choppers

Answering on my comment, that Darth's daughters are blessed with fun and loving dad.
thats why he wins Gimbo
newsletter almost there.. got to hit the pain killers, shits making me contort from pain...
see ya in the morning all !

Quick update , while I'm working on summarize everything what happened, while I was in hospital after appendix surgery.

Omnipuss is available at right now! Two shipping options, please read product details for more information.

October - 2011 G2Ofbt

New 3AVOX is out and you can read it here.


It seems that I haven't been doing updates for eternity, but only few days actually passed. A bit of introduction on what happened: I started having weird stomach pains on Saturday, they became stronger on Sunday and hello ambulance. One hour later I'm lying on the operation table naked and not so sexy nurses are circling around me. Count back from 100 and hello EVEN MORE PAIN. Long story short, they removed my appendix and there were some complications during an operation , but I'm alive and kicking.

Before proceeding, I want to say that I don't see much sense in giving you each and every quote of Ash's from these days, it's fun when it's done immediately, especially while the sale is happening and not much of a use right now, when Zombs are gone from the store. So let's start summarizing everything what happened and hopefully it will be a fun ride.

Ashley about an email he got from me and his personal health troubles:
morning all
poor gimbs being taken out with appendix issues, not the same without our baltic vamp haunting the sale!
i have to find some help today for my left side, getting nervous now.. cant draw or paint like this...
happy halloweiner

On his willingness to make design studio in his own hometown - Perth:
i need to nail down the 3Astudio in perth here, get some talented people that can help me, with newsletters etc. cant rely on me for most stuff, or the 3A engine is gonna grind to a halt every time im fucked...
whether he can take any foreigners:
i need in house peeps Gimbs, a team of 4 designers, programmers etc. the 3A Skunkworks.. need to local, coz we cant afford to fly people and relocate..

There were some shipping price complications with AP Zombs singles:
we are working on the shipping for singles

Why shipping costs ain't included in the price:
the cost of shipping, is what it costs us, wish we could charge lower
there is no money made on shipping, fuck we lose all the time on it...

Buyers who overpaid for AP Zombs singles will get a full refund (as always with 3A, we make things right):
"shipping costs will refunded for early buyers"
"we as always will refund shipping costs made in error, we as always take care of shit."

Commenting on more shipping complaints:
shipping is what it is, if ya dont dig it, dont buy. we cant lose money, we are not in that position.
we always try and put the best price on our toys that we can, we are not big we are not hasbro or mattel.

i get the complaints, shit is expensive, shipping is only getting more expensive... lame

As our intuition was talking, AP Zomb in a helmet is pretty special and his name is WAR ZOMB! You can see a small drawing of him bellow:

October - 2011 TH8Mlt

helmet = war zomb...

Whether there were any secret drops during Halloween sale:
no secret drop, i cant make any assets for store

AP Hatchery TKs are shipping out soon:
hatchery tk ship very soon

Ashley on AP Zombs results and that Zombkin might be back one day? (not sure if it was not a figure of speech though, or next Halloween he will visit us AGAIN):
"mini zomb are doing great guys, thanks !"
"thanks again chaps, Zomb kicked of the mini AK in style !
Zombkin says thanks too, he got his required victims and will return one day !"

What's next in the Bambalandstore for us?
more MK3, Heavy Bramble, Nabler and the mighty drippy OMNIPUSS
off to prepare

And after that WWRp Berties MK3 Deep Powder and Night Watch returns to
i can put deep up for a couple of days more, but then we have to move on

So grab your Bertie, while you can!

October - 2011 KGY3etOctober - 2011 62Q0Yt

Ashley about offering more WWRp Heavy Brambles to us all:
deep and red HB
i meant iron panda HB, sorry
back drugs and all

On preparing Omnipuss for sale:
soon as I can take some pics, cant do much at the mo, will try later today.. the shipping isnt cheap, heavy book, as you know, we dont make money on shipping, we charge what it cost !

As prices on fuel are ricing worldwide, shipping gets more & more expensive, same about packaging. So last days Ashley talked a lot about it, explaining the details to everyone.
then many fingers will be pulled!
the shipping boxes for these fuckers cost a lot, but i do these because i love it, its my heritage, making images...
I get no one wants to pay high shipping, shit i dont, here is a true fact, we have spent more on shipping in the last 3 years than manufacturing....
it hurts us all

On offering for a first time two different shipping options at and first product which will feature that is Omnipuss
yea, option 1, standard trackable etc, 2, untrackable slow boat, if you take option 2, we cannot take responsibility for lost shit etc. its cheaper, but riskier and slower

Whether there will be a multi-shipping offer on Omnipuss
no multi shipping on the books, buy two, two times the shipping !
I pay a fortune all the time for books to be sent to australia, books are always worth it !

On WWR bots decals - WF Jungler in particular:
none of the decals are ever random, always prompt behind them!

Ashley about WWR Rotchild, who will be most likely on sale this November (not Christmas like we thought earlier):
roth is a 1/6th articulated fig, on sale this month
nov it is.
i feel like i had a fight with car, crushed nerves, strains, and now strains for compensating my left etc..
screw it, need to get back to normal though, too much to do
rothchild uses our new slimmer body

Apart from shipping, lately we been talking a lot about Sideshow becoming middleman between European and US 3A retailers and 3A, here is Ashley's answers on some questions.
so retailers from the UK who have accounts with us.
1-what are the issues you are facing ordering from sideshow, have you been told you cannot order, have you received the sale material etc?
2-have you contacted kim and expressed your concerns ?
3-you need to communicate with kim and 3a, the forum isnt the place to discuss this business, your views will not be seen.
4-what are major hurdles when ordering from sideshow in the EU, instead of 3A.
smartass, fuck you 3A statements are not gonna help or get this figured out. and email your retail contact or Kim!!!
if the issues are put to sideshow and us clearly we can figure it out

Ashley reminding what you need to do if you have any problems with your 3A figures:
remember, if you have a problem, send a photo to CS!!!

New 2012 3A/Ashley Wood calendar is coming to us soon:
on sale this month, if the printer comes through

Popbot Princess TQ, Vanilla POD and TQloper chase are shipping here are few photos by our boardies: ictoys, HelloPanda, a-vin, jf

October - 2011 NzgA6tOctober - 2011 4JyFItOctober - 2011 QanM7tOctober - 2011 Up41btOctober - 2011 YFJUNtOctober - 2011 S7mpDt

Please don't forget to mark TQs progress on the map:

Photo of the mentioned paint issues (yes, everyone will get a replacement, even if you don't have this) by pinkertonchew

October - 2011 EVFS5tOctober - 2011 Hw5vTt

If we ever do anything wrong at 3A, we are always doing our best to fix it. There were some paint issues on Princess and Vanilla POD TQs and we are going to make new bodies and send them to each and every customer who bought them. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but we will do everything to make it right and to make it as soon, as possible.
re paint, thats not gonna cut with us at 3A. We are gonna replace all the TQ's with a new body version.
spread the word. you have dont have to do nothing to get the replacement except hang in there waiting for it

Why 3A is so special:
guys, we want to be different, not just about taking money and saying suck it, you guys matter, your support matters !

Text from 3AVOX related to this issue:
It has come to our notice that the recently shipped TQ's have some paint flaking, we cannot have our TQ's sporting any blemish, so we are going to send out full replacement figures to all customers that purchased them. These will be slightly different as they will be sporting the new female body ! Sorry for the hassle.

So again, you don't need to do anything to receive the replacement, 3A CS will contact you (we have your addresses, as you ordered them at Bambalandstore) and will send you the replacements, once they will be ready.

Speaking about replacements, TQ replacement is second replacement of a whole run in three years (+ some months) long history of 3A. First was AK Acolyte Zombs, which are ready and shipping out right now:

October - 2011 ZnC4mt

Final Omnipuss details, photo and pricing:

October - 2011 G2Ofbt

OMNIPUSS+ is on sale at is onsale now. OMNIPUSS+ 244 12"x12" Hardcover contains the first 3 FUCK IT books plus new material.

Ashley's final word about Omnipuss
not out to bank here guys, really just like having the op to make these in a world that stifles more then nurtures such material.

Popbot Nabler photo and information from 3AVOX:

October - 2011 SaSy2tOctober - 2011 KdDcst

The sinister Nabler wil be hitting Bambaland soon, we have no idea what colorway lurks in each box, so it's luck of the draw !

Popbot 7Bones Oyabun on sale in November!

October - 2011 5cIk3t

Photo of the week by HOQ, send your admissions to , all winners at 3A ( like photo of the week ) will now receive the coveted GID NABLER, which will be ready soon.

October - 2011 TLRRQt

Cool stuff from 3A, which is coming to us soon, featuring WWR MK2 Squares (10 pack and 3AA 2pack), WWRp Plumes and Dropcloths sets - box art on these two is simply amazing, AP Yellow Hornets and close look on AP Hatchery Guard TK

October - 2011 Gpl1btOctober - 2011 SDiNBtOctober - 2011 1LzrDtOctober - 2011 TlnPetOctober - 2011 E1y4ZtOctober - 2011 VtWjXt

Very interesting thread about stop motion animation, which will feature Ash as art director is started by aloy61 here. Wouldn't it be awesome to see robots from these animation to be made by 3A?! Some images from that thread:

October - 2011 LGJQttOctober - 2011 Mb29vtOctober - 2011 IqeSbtOctober - 2011 BWuL9tOctober - 2011 VYFXqt

Latest shipping info
AK Ankou EX single figures will ship in early November
WWR Square MK2 will ship in November
WWRp Mini De plume sets and carded will ship in late November
AP Yellow Hornet TK set will ship in November

I said it far too many times, but I am always amazed how our figures inspired people. Here is a special project called LIFESIZE ZOMBKIN with his horde of mini zombkin helpers and entry for NYCC Zomb contest (which is happening at 3A forum) by OmnilimbO

October - 2011 TNDzxtOctober - 2011 1PHzct

Speaking about NYCC Zomb contest, there are still few days to apply for it....check this thread for rules and all the amazing entries:

Looks like it's all for now, been up for last 14 hours and sitting in front of the computer and catching up with things, not exactly what person must do after an operation and coming from hospital, right?) So F5 sketches summary coming to you after I'll get some rest, but it's def. coming. Thank you all for your PMs and emails, I'm sorry that i haven't answered on everyone's well wishes yet, but I have only two hands and no appendix))
Have a great day Legion and I hope that this update was fun for you!


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