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November - 2011

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November - 2011  Empty November - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:12 am

Quick update , while I'm working on summarize everything what happened, while I was in hospital after appendix surgery.

Omnipuss is available at right now! Two shipping options, please read product details for more information.

November - 2011  G2Ofbt

New 3AVOX is out and you can read it here.


It seems that I haven't been doing updates for eternity, but only few days actually passed. A bit of introduction on what happened: I started having weird stomach pains on Saturday, they became stronger on Sunday and hello ambulance. One hour later I'm lying on the operation table naked and not so sexy nurses are circling around me. Count back from 100 and hello EVEN MORE PAIN. Long story short, they removed my appendix and there were some complications during an operation , but I'm alive and kicking.

Before proceeding, I want to say that I don't see much sense in giving you each and every quote of Ash's from these days, it's fun when it's done immediately, especially while the sale is happening and not much of a use right now, when Zombs are gone from the store. So let's start summarizing everything what happened and hopefully it will be a fun ride.

Ashley about an email he got from me and his personal health troubles:
morning all
poor gimbs being taken out with appendix issues, not the same without our baltic vamp haunting the sale!
i have to find some help today for my left side, getting nervous now.. cant draw or paint like this...
happy halloweiner

On his willingness to make design studio in his own hometown - Perth:
i need to nail down the 3Astudio in perth here, get some talented people that can help me, with newsletters etc. cant rely on me for most stuff, or the 3A engine is gonna grind to a halt every time im fucked...
whether he can take any foreigners:
i need in house peeps Gimbs, a team of 4 designers, programmers etc. the 3A Skunkworks.. need to local, coz we cant afford to fly people and relocate..

There were some shipping price complications with AP Zombs singles:
we are working on the shipping for singles

Why shipping costs ain't included in the price:
the cost of shipping, is what it costs us, wish we could charge lower
there is no money made on shipping, fuck we lose all the time on it...

Buyers who overpaid for AP Zombs singles will get a full refund (as always with 3A, we make things right):
"shipping costs will refunded for early buyers"
"we as always will refund shipping costs made in error, we as always take care of shit."

Commenting on more shipping complaints:
shipping is what it is, if ya dont dig it, dont buy. we cant lose money, we are not in that position.
we always try and put the best price on our toys that  we can, we are not big we are not hasbro or mattel.

i get the complaints, shit is expensive, shipping is only getting more expensive... lame

As our intuition was talking, AP Zomb in a helmet is pretty special and his name is WAR ZOMB! You can see a small drawing of him bellow:

November - 2011  TH8Mlt

helmet =  war zomb...

Whether there were any secret drops during Halloween sale:
no secret drop, i cant make any assets for store

AP Hatchery TKs are shipping out soon:
hatchery tk ship very soon

Ashley on AP Zombs results and that Zombkin might be back one day? (not sure if it was not a figure of speech though, or next Halloween he will visit us AGAIN):
"mini zomb are doing great guys, thanks !"
"thanks again chaps, Zomb kicked of the mini AK in style !
Zombkin says thanks too, he got his required victims and will return one day !"

What's next in the Bambalandstore for us?
more MK3, Heavy Bramble, Nabler and the mighty drippy OMNIPUSS
off to prepare

And after that WWRp Berties MK3 Deep Powder and Night Watch returns to
i can put deep up for a couple of days more, but then we have to move on

So grab your Bertie, while you can!

November - 2011  KGY3etNovember - 2011  62Q0Yt

Ashley about offering more WWRp Heavy Brambles to us all:
deep and red HB
i meant iron panda HB, sorry
back drugs and all

On preparing Omnipuss for sale:
soon as I can take some pics, cant do much at the mo, will try later today.. the shipping isnt cheap, heavy book, as you know, we dont make money on shipping, we charge what it cost !

As prices on fuel are ricing worldwide, shipping gets more & more expensive, same about packaging. So last days Ashley talked a lot about it, explaining the details to everyone.
then many fingers will be pulled!
the shipping boxes for these fuckers cost a lot, but i do these because i love it, its my heritage, making images...
I get no one wants to pay high shipping, shit i dont, here is a true fact, we have spent more on shipping in the last 3 years than manufacturing....
it hurts us all

On offering for a first time two different shipping options at and first product which will feature that is Omnipuss
yea, option 1, standard trackable etc, 2, untrackable slow boat, if you take option 2, we cannot take responsibility for lost shit etc. its cheaper, but riskier and slower

Whether there will be a multi-shipping offer on Omnipuss
no multi shipping on the books, buy two, two times the shipping !
I pay a fortune all the time for books to be sent to australia, books are always worth it !

On WWR bots decals - WF Jungler in particular:
none of the decals are ever random, always prompt behind them!

Ashley about WWR Rotchild, who will be most likely on sale this November (not Christmas like we thought earlier):
roth is a 1/6th articulated fig, on sale this month
nov it is.
i feel like i had a fight with car, crushed nerves, strains, and now strains for compensating my left etc..
screw it, need to get back to normal though, too much to do
rothchild uses our new slimmer body

Apart from shipping, lately we been talking a lot about Sideshow becoming middleman between European and US 3A retailers and 3A, here is Ashley's answers on some questions.
so retailers from the UK who have accounts with us.
1-what are the issues you are facing ordering from sideshow, have you been told you cannot order, have you received the sale material etc?
2-have you contacted kim and expressed your concerns ?
3-you need to communicate with kim and 3a, the forum isnt the place to discuss this business, your views will not be seen.
4-what are major hurdles when ordering from sideshow in the EU, instead of 3A.
smartass, fuck you 3A statements are not gonna help or get this figured out. and email your retail contact or Kim!!!
if the issues are put to sideshow and us clearly we can figure it out

Ashley reminding what you need to do if you have any problems with your 3A figures:
remember, if you have a problem, send a photo to CS!!!

New 2012 3A/Ashley Wood calendar is coming to us soon:
on sale this month, if the printer comes through

Popbot Princess TQ, Vanilla POD and TQloper chase are shipping here are few photos by our boardies: ictoys, HelloPanda, a-vin, jf

November - 2011  NzgA6tNovember - 2011  4JyFItNovember - 2011  QanM7tNovember - 2011  Up41btNovember - 2011  YFJUNtNovember - 2011  S7mpDt

Please don't forget to mark TQs progress on the map:

Photo of the mentioned paint issues (yes, everyone will get a replacement, even if you don't have this) by pinkertonchew

November - 2011  EVFS5tNovember - 2011  Hw5vTt

If we ever do anything wrong at 3A, we are always doing our best to fix it. There were some paint issues on Princess and Vanilla POD TQs and we are going to make new bodies and send them to each and every customer who bought them. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but we will do everything to make it right and to make it as soon, as possible.
re paint, thats not gonna cut with us at 3A. We are gonna replace all the TQ's with a new body version.
spread the word. you have dont have to do nothing to get the replacement except hang in there waiting for it

Why 3A is so special:
guys, we want to be different, not just about taking money and saying suck it, you guys matter, your support matters !

Text from 3AVOX related to this issue:
It has come to our notice that the recently shipped TQ's have some paint flaking, we cannot have our TQ's sporting any blemish, so we are going to send out full replacement figures to all customers that purchased them. These will be slightly different as they will be sporting the new female body ! Sorry for the hassle.

So again, you don't need to do anything to receive the replacement, 3A CS will contact you (we have your addresses, as you ordered them at Bambalandstore) and will send you the replacements, once they will be ready.

Speaking about replacements, TQ replacement is second replacement of a whole run in three years (+ some months) long history of 3A. First was AK Acolyte Zombs, which are ready and shipping out right now:

November - 2011  ZnC4mt

Final Omnipuss details, photo and pricing:

November - 2011  G2Ofbt

OMNIPUSS+ is on sale at is onsale now. OMNIPUSS+ 244 12"x12" Hardcover contains the first 3 FUCK IT books plus new material.

Ashley's final word about Omnipuss
not out to bank here guys, really just like having the op to make these in a world that stifles more then nurtures such material.

Popbot Nabler photo and information from 3AVOX:

November - 2011  SaSy2tNovember - 2011  KdDcst

The sinister Nabler wil be hitting Bambaland soon, we have no idea what colorway lurks in each box, so it's luck of the draw !

Popbot 7Bones Oyabun on sale in November!

November - 2011  5cIk3t

Photo of the week by HOQ, send your admissions to , all winners at 3A ( like photo of the week ) will now receive the coveted GID NABLER, which will be ready soon.

November - 2011  TLRRQt

Cool stuff from 3A, which is coming to us soon, featuring WWR MK2 Squares (10 pack and 3AA 2pack), WWRp Plumes and Dropcloths sets - box art on these two is simply amazing, AP Yellow Hornets and close look on AP Hatchery Guard TK

November - 2011  Gpl1btNovember - 2011  SDiNBtNovember - 2011  1LzrDtNovember - 2011  TlnPetNovember - 2011  E1y4ZtNovember - 2011  VtWjXt

Very interesting thread about stop motion animation, which will feature Ash as art director is started by aloy61 here. Wouldn't it be awesome to see robots from these animation to be made by 3A?! Some images from that thread:

November - 2011  LGJQttNovember - 2011  Mb29vtNovember - 2011  IqeSbtNovember - 2011  BWuL9tNovember - 2011  VYFXqt

Latest shipping info
AK Ankou EX single figures will ship in early November
WWR Square MK2 will ship in November
WWRp Mini De plume sets and carded will ship in late November
AP Yellow Hornet TK set will ship in November

I said it far too many times, but I am always amazed how our figures inspired people. Here is a special project called LIFESIZE ZOMBKIN with his horde of mini zombkin helpers and entry for NYCC Zomb contest (which is happening at 3A forum) by OmnilimbO

November - 2011  TNDzxtNovember - 2011  1PHzct

Speaking about NYCC Zomb contest, there are still few days to apply for it....check this thread for rules and all the amazing entries:

Looks like it's all for now, been up for last 14 hours and sitting in front of the computer and catching up with things, not exactly what person must do after an operation and coming from hospital, right?) So F5 sketches summary coming to you after I'll get some rest, but it's def. coming. Thank you all for your PMs and emails, I'm sorry that i haven't answered on everyone's well wishes yet, but I have only two hands and no appendix))
Have a great day Legion and I hope that this update was fun for you!


Ashley about next Fuck it
"RAW FUCKIT is coming along well, just a heads up"
just like vinyl"

Whether Omnipuss or Fuck it have slipcase:
not fir this book, that was fat tarinio, the 100 buck book

NYCC Zomb contest is closed and I'll announce the winners on Monday.  Checkout all the entries here.

Few photos from 3A Custom show in San Francisco by: crestone, whenforevercomescrashing, hypnotiq

November - 2011  K9hxjtNovember - 2011  BknbftNovember - 2011  GFaLxtNovember - 2011  EFQTatNovember - 2011  OlRvptNovember - 2011  Cn8sLtNovember - 2011  Ugb7KtNovember - 2011  OaLmutNovember - 2011  NDdV3tNovember - 2011  M9LgZtNovember - 2011  FYAFttNovember - 2011  M8ROqtNovember - 2011  IWcqrtNovember - 2011  RvrqWtNovember - 2011  EC4AqtNovember - 2011  JQgbCtNovember - 2011  B2RFDt

Two online gallery filled with pics from the show by: - hypnotiq and - by mtomczek

Shipping update:
WWRp Heavy Bramble Bromwich
AP Hatchery Guard TK
WWR Dropcloth + JEA Square shipped out

Next: WWRp Plumes and Squares


First of all I want to thank everyone who submitted their entries to NYCC Zomb contest, it was a tough cookie to crack and here are all five winners! What you got to do guys? Please PM Dolly with your full shipping information and she will send you how much you need to pay (NYCC Zomb price + shipping) , pretty easy.

So again, here are the winners (arranged in the way they submitted their entries):

Darthgothikus and his 1:1 Boiler Zomb project. You already seen some photos in my news column and even Ashley noticed it and awarded it with signed copy of Omnipuss. His project and amount of details shows how much he loves Zombs and his family. Go Collin! I know that lots of people were rooting for you. You make your hometown proud!
Click here to checkout his entry.

November - 2011  RDBSat

robbieXeff - just two words: FREAKING HILARIOUS!

November - 2011  JkXvOt

OmnilimbO and his amazing life-size Ghastly Halloween ZOMBKIN. Click here for more photos. The amount of time and how it was made...simply stunning.

November - 2011  Kfysgt

Chivo and his animation video which gives me a certain Robot Chicken vibe...well makes sense, we know that Seth Green stopped at NYCC 3A Legion booth to get him some Zombs.

November - 2011  3VE0xm

Firehazzard and his emotional animation video about Zomb, who is looking for his long lost buddy. Who doesn't like Zombs, friendship and Tenacious D?

November - 2011  ZWvlZm

Don't forget to go through the rest of the entries and check them out, wish I had more NYCC Zombs to give out....
And last but not the least, tremendous thank you goes to Dolly Pena for reserving these NYCC Zombs for boardies and making the booth happen! Without her, we would never see NYCC Zombs brought to "life".

Ashley about bringing WWRp Berties MK2 into 1/6th scale and that doesn't mean that it will be exactly similar ones btw.
ok ill do it, my hate for cody has softened
actually, i want to make the definitive Dirty Deeds 1/6th Bertie.

dunno, i want some new colorways for these, while doing the classic DD, Desert redux

How tall will they be?
double the height of the wwrp
im excited, this will be the bext Bertie yet

On their weapons and layouts:
i think much will be new

And we will see WARBOT and Dirty Deeds in 1/6th scale!
oh ill make each DD, dunno about a set, but they will be available!
warbot yes[/url]

Perhaps we even will see each of 12 Dirty Deeds offered? WWR Caesar style sale, with lots and lots of options. Now that's the way! Here is how 12 Dirty Deeds Squad looked like and infamous Warbot and ZvR (1/6th) - photo by gar:

November - 2011  4Z1l6tNovember - 2011  OVUlst

Ashley about M+M
same amount of pages in vol 2 and 3, so beware if thats not ya thing !

Incredible WWR bots and Grunt photo by dedguy

November - 2011  18JPUt


More about WWR Bertie MK2 , looks like I was right about big variety of choice...but twenty colorways? It's going to be MAD!
maybe ill try for the mystical 20 colorway release.....
well, i wanna, but thats a huge undertaking for the hatchery, we shall see !

Which colorways are you looking forward the most? I am crossing my fingers for dirty and weathered Daywatch and EMGY.

Ashley about new calendar for 2012:
the cal is epic, much bigger, really quite dark... 22x34 " pages, so ya gonna need 68" wall space

Amazing photography by Nael

November - 2011  TJxACt

Ashley is already feeling much better, so get ready for more news! Lots of epic stuff is going to happen this month!


Ashley about LONG awaited WWR Sniper
the sniper is coming...

About upcoming Ashley Wood / 3A calendar and how it's going to look like:
"its awesome, but it might not be many peoples taste that haunt the forum, its the polar opposite to a TK fig, and I would suggest being of a certain age a plus. though it aint my job to police what anyone see's."
"also have to run the gamit of conservative printers and bores"

How soon we will seen actual photos?
duuno, ill put it up for sale. im not into a hard sell, i dont care if anyone buys it, i wanted it, so I made it !
when i have one in hande, ill take some pics

Ashley about daily drawing plan, so follow his blog:
"monday, daily drawing starts. or painting..."
"theme, fuck that, im just gonna spend an hour every morning painting or drawing anything"

Our local boardie Sail will be joining Ash in the daily art blogging as well, here is Ashley explaining how it's going to roll and what's the connection:
well yea, we are both doing the art, but other than that, no connection plan, that shit gets in the way of making images. these are not gonna be grand finished epics, 1 hour is all im giving it !

Wishing happy Birthday to anubis2night
happy b day James, and to think you gave us the gift of an awesome 3A custom show !!!

New MGS REX images in the next 3AVOX, which will see the light soon!
got some nic rex images in it for ya browny, fuckigm epic figure !

Popbot Dead Gangsta Astronaut ain't forgotten:
he is gonna rock, went back to the start on hm, didnt look good enough !

I love going to 3A toys photography section and browsing through people collections, here are two photos by our boardie iHump

November - 2011  KFgiztNovember - 2011  YBxFJt

Guys, where all the latest deliveries? Share the pics with us and mark em on the map!


Magical date today: 11.11.11 and we have new VOX!
Please click here to read it right now.

Checkout MGS REX, which stands 42cms/16.5" tall!
Metal Gear REX goes onsale Jan 2012, a legendary game like Metal Gear needed an equally legendary toy! Following are more shots of the unpainted prototype.

November - 2011  NvWrttNovember - 2011  BNcXLtNovember - 2011  Rqh8etNovember - 2011  GuoLbt

Old video of MGS REX light up rail gun, click bellow if you haven''s short, but really worth it!

November - 2011  RB1IOm

Ashley on whole 3A and Kojima collaboration and calling Rex - THE BENTLEY of 3A toys:
kojima and co asked me to do the box art, that kinda compliment cannot be denied, plus i have much experience drawing the rex
this is our bently, the rex is out most lux toy, it aint gonna be cheap, and its worth every fuckign dollar ! I love MGS, I have always wanted a REX, and soon as 3A started, this was one of the first projects i wanted to get going on !

As I predicted earlier, there will be a Snake pilot figure, to sit in REX cockpit
there is a snake pilot for it

Long awaited WWR Rotchild coming to us on November 24th! Most likely on our beloved time: 9:00 AM HK.
Rothchild the man behind the bots will go onsale 24th November at bambaland, he comes in three flavors, Here is the young man ,Funeral, and Father and Son Two pack. More details and images soon.

November - 2011  28RQUtNovember - 2011  5NSpSt

Here is a lot of quotes, where Ashley is talking about WWR Rothchild, who is got to be one of my most favorite Ash's characters:
"rothchild isnt a nice guy! have always said it!"
"im not trying to make beloved cuddly characters that most would want a figure of, fuck that, im staying to true to my ideas from way before this toy company started and all WWR was daydreams and fancies, Roth is a dick, evil, amusing yes, charming in some ways,but he would knife you without a care."

Dick, evil, amusing, charming and kills you without a care. Does it get any better than this?!

On WWR Rothchild dressing style and armband:
"but a nazi he isnt. and before you start throwing shit around, i come from a family that lost much directly related to said nazis and their shit, so unless its smart or insightful keep a lid on flippant or dick statements"
dont sweat it, just putting a lid on it.
I know many peeps that dress like this, minus the armband.
big boots are cool, gives him character !

Little wooden Bertie, we saw earlier is coming with Rothchild
the mini mini berite is rothchild.
the white shirt isnt the funeral edition
and father ans son pack has no father figure, as Roth killed him years ago

We are all curious to see WWR Rothchild face, here is a clue:
his face is rather simple, that of a young man, intent to kill everything.

Ashley about sets and variations of WWR Rothchild, which we will see on sale:
there is a 003-rothchild set Darth, make a desk for that, I know you can
funeral is 3aa and is a single fig
the 2 pack is the whiteshirt and red caesar 003
and the standard single in the whiteshirt
only funeral is 3aa
the set and whiteshirt are for all

About WWR Rothchild looks:
ian curtis is a good ref
hence the name of the standard fig..

On WWR Rothchild sale and that this guy is special:
im not sure rothy will be that popular, he is more left of center, not so easy to digest.. makes him cool to me!

Answering whether Rothchild is Ash's favorite character:
i like all my ideas as much as the next.

I'm sure with the release of WWR Rothchild , a lot of people will start looking for Lunar Camo and first 0G Armstrongs and Squares. You all know that he lives and designs his bots on the moon right? Here is the look of first WWR Armstrongs in lunar camo.

November - 2011  BsYG5t

Ashley confirming that we all need more lunar camo on our WWR shelves:
"thats true, classic ol Lunar armstrong, low numbers were made"
"more lunar stuff, but not ol 0G Armstrong"

On Rothchild accessories and story:
roth comes with a mini mini bertie wood proto. he is packing hell and black boots, he need nothing else
i really wanna finish writing Rothchilds life story part one, Someone had to do it. Its dark, but amusing too.. but im strapped for time

About Omnipuss, which is still up for sale at
people hate the shipping, its done well though

Signup for Ashley Wood gallery mailing list (link in the bottom corner), as something exciting is coming our way:
gonna experiment with a virtual exhibition soon, with my photos, finally get to use my ashley wood gallery mailing list.. keep an eye, its kinda cool
they are  !
so many peeps seem into them, and the calendar is using them, so I thought, fuck it ! - on photography

More from 3AVOX , Popbot Nabler is coming to us THIS WEEKEND and lil bastard is gonna make us smile! From pain...
The Nabler will be onsale this weekend at bambaland! The Nab is limited to ***. So if you want a prickley Nabler in you life, head over to Bambaland this weekend. Oh yea, blindbox is the way of the Nabler!

And this news made me scream, like a little girl and I'm a Baltic vampire! What's wrong with me?
The first week of December will see the sale of the limited edition XMAS TQ LOLLI. first come first served !

Latest shipping update, while we are waiting for WWR JEA Dropcloth and Square, WWRp Bromwhich, AP Hatchery Guard and Yellow Hornets to land:
Ankou EX single figures will ship in early November
Square MK2 will ship in November
Mini De plume sets and carded will ship in late November

Photo of the week by our boardie Nael (I already showed it to you before, but it worth seeing again and again, true masterpiece):

November - 2011  OqxaMt

Send your photos to 3AVOX and compete for GID NABLER!

AP Popbot , it's 2nd of Popbot after SDCC exclusive Ascended version:

November - 2011  Gv947t

Iron Panda never been my favorite colorway, I was always huge sucker for REDs, African Defense and of course NW/DW, but I know how many people will be happy about this:

November - 2011  2Po2Tt

^WWRp Heavy Bramble Iron Panda coming to and FUCK THE REDS!

And something special our way comes? I wonder what it is!

November - 2011  BNaBAt

So again, before I post this update, let's summarize what we know about WWR Rothchild sale:
Rothchild the man behind the bots will go onsale 24th November at bambaland, he comes in three flavors, Here is the young man ,Funeral, and Father and Son Two pack. More details and images soon.

Father and Son two pack: white t-shirt Rothchild and Caesar 003 (earlier it was mentioned, that it will be made with red accents)
Funeral - 3AA version , I reckon there will be different t-shirt
Single - white t-shirt and for everyone

Don't forget...this weekend - Popbot Nabler BLINDs and limited to only *** !!!

November - 2011  SaSy2tNovember - 2011  KdDcst


Popbot Nabler is up for sale at , little bastard is 4.5" high, comes in a blindbox and costs 50$ (with shipping included). Whole run is limited to ***, and many people are confused with's just means that there will be less than 1000 of these, but it could easily mean that it's limited to far to less numbers. But who cares about numbers? It all goes down to whether you like crazy Nabler or not! I wonder is there a GID between them, because earlier it was mentioned that VOX photo contest winners will get a GID Nabler.

November - 2011  SaSy2tNovember - 2011  1eiDTtNovember - 2011  TWXjEt

Ashley about Nabler and how many are okay to buy:
if i say one, people buy 3, so i say nothing now.
they have a finite amount as we have started making them..
tis up ! 4.5" tall for the interested parties

About WWR Rothchild and NAZI comparison:
i not offended, i dont really care what people think or say about what I do ( i would be fucked if I did ). People can say or think what they like, but there is always a reality to all situations.
Im glad a toy of my design can spark conversation.
but lets keep it on point.
I guess i have been outed by the vinyladdict about by WW2 influences

On WWR Rothchild singles prices and versions (general audience and 3AA - black clothed):
"80-85 bucks for the fig i think, unless the world goes into meltdown between now and sale day!
you know military police have arm bands..runs off"
"classic roth is all you need, the set is there as I promised it on this very forum. the black clothed version is too cool not to make.. but yea, you only need one.. hell one rothichild is enough to make trouble in anyones collection !"

There will be "father and son" - WWR Rothchild 2pack which consists out of Rothchild and 003 Caesar, here are the weapons Caesar comes with:
003 has two knives and two pistols.

On MGS REX prices and box art:
no oil Jeddii, its not MGS, stark graphic cuts and bravura are the go !
Rex aint cheap, it will be the most expensive toy we have released, the dev time and work have been years in the making, every part is ABS and requires injection molds, killer cost. But fuck, nothing less would have been up to standard !

Ashley about Nabler sale and some Volusion (Bambalandstore engine) problems, so please use Firefox with Bamba:
people are buying em, actually they will be gone by this time tomorrow if it keeps up, which is a bummer, was hoping to have a instock nab head.
im just happy to see every let a nabler into their life !
actually its volusion, not bamba, nothing i can do but wait

About Nablers going up and down at the store:
plus dicks are putting them all in there cart and no paying etc, taking them out of circulation, we are gonna nix those peeps and ips

On making more Nablers
hope to get to do more head scupts, there are many nablers, and sizes

gid is only a prize, its blister carded, and WOE anyone that flips a prize.........

Now we need Miss and Mrs figures (for Nabler):
"need Miss and Mrs now"
"just a two pack, M+M"

Ashley about gregory's statement:
that two pack sounds too good to pass up. so much stabby
so much stabby..
gre-gory takes the statement of the day award

So again guys! If you want to buy Nabler and can't get in into Bambalandstore, please use FIREFOX. Sorry for any possible inconvenience.


Ashley about Nabler sale:
have not recycled a sale, unless benny did.
you know the newsletter stated the nabler would be forsale this weekend, and the blog announced it soon as it was up.
if there are unpaid ill recycle them today.
awesome to see the Nabler do so well, sorry for the peeps who had volusion issiues, nothing we can do except move on and build a new bamba that is independent of a third party, and that is what w are doing !

About Nabler Generation one being sold out and reminding to always check and VOX for the latest info.
"head the vox and blog.
all the relevant info is always shared in them!"
"Generation two next, Gen one is done.
except for unpaid, for which there will be many, im sure."

On nixing unpaid orders and offering them to everyone:
all unpaid from yesterday are about to get nixed...

Again, speaking on how many are fine (mostly in general):
it doesnt matter what i say, people will just buy what they want, I think one is best, but thats me, sometimes two because i get the collecting side etc.
I like thinking this shit up, not telling people what hey should do...

On huge orders:
99% are cool, a small group go nuts, im sure they are resellers and not such fans they need it all ⁄

Guys, couple of times before, I already touched that issue, but here goes again. When there is no date beforehand, I don't know exact time when the sale is going to start and can't warn you properly. So you have to keep an eye on or just follow the board (of course if you have time for that), lately we don't have that much surprise drops and there is regular weekly VOX newsletter done by Ash, who has all the information about 3A in his head. It was mentioned in the VOX and I wrote several times that Nabler will go on sale during this weekend, it wasn't said whether it will be Saturday or Sunday though. But let's all cheer up, even if you missed Nabler, another generation is coming eventually and there are a lot of Nablers (in the visual form) in the Omnipuss, so grab this book while it's still up at
Plenty of other exciting things in November, take alone WWR Rothchild drop, this guy is going to cause so much impact!
I'm off to bed, my appendixless body still hurts...wishing you all to have a great weekend and lots of fun before working week.


WWRp Heavy Bramble Iron Panda is available for pre-order at right now

November - 2011  2Po2Tt

Ashley about Omnipuss and why it's gone:
not all sold out, but shipping the sold ones is a big undertaking, so we are holding off selling, not many left regardless

I'll do a proper update later on, having some health issues again. Cheers Legion!

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November - 2011  Empty Re: November - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:14 am


Now time to do a proper update. November been hell of a month for me so far, looks like my appendix triggered some kidney issues or I caught something at the hospital. But I'm back for now and hopefully for long. Alive and kicking!))

Lots of stuff was said on the board by Ashley and I would like this to concentrate on the most important and 3A related things.

Ashley about 3A Strategy (1/32th scale), basically saying that ball is on your field:
ok, if you can sculpt , and fancy you can make a figure in motion or cool stance from any of my worlds, do it, send us a photo, you might get a job. I want to basically release strategy sized figures that peeps can play with any game, as I dont think we are gonna release one, seems kinds hard.
i wanna see TK's, popbot, WWR, AK etc
amaze us !

AP Hatchery Guard TK photos by SCM06 and sci70716

November - 2011  Ov4aZtNovember - 2011  DaX6UtNovember - 2011  YDMywtNovember - 2011  4gJQzt

Don't forget to use our map to mark 3A products progress:

Commenting on AP Hatchery Guard TK packaging and how t-shirts needs to be:
thats no nabler, nabler's have no body
please pull his shirt from under the pouches, cant stand that, always ships like that, to piss me off I think..

Commenting in Edwin the Peaceday Dove (which isn't 3A release, just a thread where people talk about it):
go make an edwin someone ill hang it from my tree
3A will never make ornaments, though if someone wants too, drop me a line.
peaceday grunt would have been cool
- if somebody is interested in making ornaments, you know what to do

Confirming that Omnipuss ain't sold out:
not all sold out, but shipping the sold ones is a big undertaking, so we are holding off selling, not many left regardless

On Supreme Commander from N.O.M look:
no coats on the sup.
kinda got held up with the new female body, we jumped v.2 to v.3, which you guys will see next.
Sup Nom is quite the figure, as she is quite the Woman !

Commenting on 24 hours vs pre-making sales in general and WWRp Heavy Bramble Iron Panda which is on sale right now, in particular:
"people say sell heavy on bamba, then you complain there are too many, we only offer choice. We cannot have a store with nothing in it either, many would be collectors have no idea of how the 3A system works and only see an empty store, which doesnt work for any side.
also many peeps were waiting for an iron panda and didnt want the others etc."
"thats why we are gonna leave up, i want peeps have a chance, i know there kids etc who the money is massive, they need time to hussle. shit I could 24 hour it, an just move on, but im trying to work with you guys, to give more options.
The nabler situation just shows that pre-making is an iffy affair, I want toys to ship earlier so I premake an amount which should have been fine to keep instore for a while etc. based on bambaboss numbers. but the nabler blew through the stock, which sucks for me and the fans who missed out. but at least the nabler ships december. I did the same for the xmas TQ lolli, premade an amount for shipping before xmas, im sure it will be a emo situation for some."

On 24 hours sale, which if you haven't noticed is pretty much a standard for us, unless the quantity is limited and product is already pre-made or we are making a resident sale and trying to keep up the product at the store, as long, as possible:
i like the 24 hour sales, they are 3A, and will continue for my stuff !
but sometimes it has to be easy.
and yea, i not ever gonna try and please everyone, never works

Ashley sharing his thoughts on 3AA membership and giving some hints what might be happening with it in 2012. I strongly recommend you to check entire thread to give you better idea and context.
i think most just dig the discount, the rest is a bonus, and contrary to popular asshole believe, we dont bank on it, infact is loses money on 3AA every year, we do it for you guys.
next year should be a 1/6th fig, but after this years debacle, im not that gung ho
"we are seriously considering dropping pre-ordering guarantee next year and just making the amounts we want, regardless of 3AA or not.
We want to make cool shit, not sell bucket loads so flippers and profiteers can, er profit by buying preorders and selling etc.
times are changing"

On 3A being special and how making a big order will get you in trouble:
"we are not going to the way of the other companies, trying for maximum sell through, hence why we nix most sales after 24 hours, I want a different path.
shits gonna be strict, buy over the quota allocated to each sale, you lose ya order, I spent too much time nixing crazy big orders on the Nabler, it would have just shown up on a so called fan facebook thread trying to sell on etc,
Fuck collectibles that inflate for no reason, fuck positioning them as anything but good toys. if you want make money, get a job, become a wall street trader. Leave toys to be enjoyed as artistic objects, played with. anything else is crap and delusional."

i dont like it, i make 500, sell em, then ship the following month.
easy, no BS, no waiting.
yea, it be difficult to get online at the right time, but i see many legion that do it, always support us regardless of time. I make toys for them, the heart of 3A !
i wont let my company go the way of others, i would rather lose customers than follow the route of the others, fuck it.
my back has made me angry, and i like it. if you dont like our shit fuck off. end of discussion, go join the weak and insipid lovers, the status quo, the "accepting" as ill call them from today.

On crazy big orders:
the hatchery doesnt want to hack shit out, crazy big orders are only for flipping, only to prosper off others ideas and talent, low shit.

About 3AA benefits in 2012 (the only difference from previous years, that there will be no guaranteed 24 hour access / buying windows):
3aa gets access to special toys and discount, dont get it if you dont like

coz i can, and will
you get a discount, you get access to 3AA toys and you get an awesome pack, you show your support fro us I think thats fucking why
but if you dont dig that, dont buy ! the freedom is awesome !

How not much will change for most of the supporters and 3AA members:
sail is right, for most fans nothing will change, im not gonna start making just 5 of shit, its the best way.
take some to participate and all will be cool

Thinking about rotating sale times and PERHAPS introducing some different time other than 9:00AM HK time:
i think to make in somewhat more fair, ill start rotating times or find a better time that covers more peeps. but shit 99% always buy their stuff within the first hour anyway. So there wont be that much a bigger deal for most. I think its part of the fun, I stay up late for my loves..

I was always sharing this philosophy with Ash, that if you want something bad, you need to work for it, however we will do our best to inform you and give headsup:
devours hit the nail, this is about quality, about getting great toys made. end of story. of course we will make numbers that should cover peeps, start buying 4-5, your toast.
this isnt an attack, its just the reality of the situation, I want our toys to be better, mean more work for each fig, cant just say, suck it up hatchery, we need 4000 of these. I dont want to go there.
if your a 3A fan, you will make the time, most of you already do, we will do our best to inform and and keep you up to date.
being a legion member isnt for the pissweak, or lazy.
lets see how it goes, most of the toys are sold within the first hour of sales, 90% fans, nothing will be that different, just have to put some effort in, like i do, im up late working, up early workign to make this shit happen, no one promises me success, or they will support everything i do. I just do it.

All we want at 3A is make the best toys, which will have the best possible quality and will be accurate representation of Ash's and Kim's ideas and of course fun:
the toy is what matters, a good toy, not a toy made at maximum quantity to make even someones granny happy.
reality is, cant mass produce what I wanna do, I dont want toys in target or some shit toy store. My ideas are worth more to me than that.

chaps, we are not doing this to make shit, its for the best. we can figure shit out as we go, help out where we can. We always have.
I want the best, you want the best, thats the path to take, its never easy, but it wont stop me.
3A will always win, coz its done for the right reason.
you cant lose!

Commenting in Sky Pit - 3D animation thread:
i never mentioned money
i know im doing it for the love of it......

About 3AA version of WWR Rothchild, going on sale , on November 24th, 9:00AM HK time at
"the funeral Rothchild is killer, best human figure so far !"
"funeral aint that different, just what im saying"

Any chance we will see sneak peak of WWR Rothchild in the upcoming VOX? The answer is YUP!
nope, i have not taken the shots yet
gotta say, a giant red caesar is a sight !

Commenting on discussion progress in 3A New Direction Discussion thread and once again repeating our main statements and why we are doing this:
good to see the discussion lads, all will be fine, it will pan out as for the best
figures sooner, best possible quality, ash happy as he doesnt helm a boring company that only exists to sell more shit. I said from day one, I want to see every character I have thought up as a toy, still want too, thats what drives me.
we are gonna try and figure out who just flipped their 3AA packs this year and ban them from ordering again, that really pissed us off, made life tough on many levels.

On WWR Squares MK2, which are shipping out soon:
im excited too, the 10 pack is gonna sit mighty high on my self !
Im looking forward to seeing the photos you guys do with em!

About WWR Rothchild boxart:
single figure will have a painting for sure
the roth is just staring at me on my desk, skinny bastard looking all nuts...

A bit more on WWR Rothchild looks:
"he has a crazy stare, but you know, i didnt do simple 10grade evil shit, scowl, gnashing teeth, cliched bad guy look here.
if your looking for that, you might as well leave the thread now."
"this figure is roth at 20, just realizing he can change the future."

For all those who fancy Medic Rothchild:
medic rothchild is easy
buy the standard, swap his armband for a red one, with white circle and red cross...

About 3AA account suspension and how there will be a warning:
crem, thats gonna be in the small print, 3AA is for supporters, not a soft retail option, no selling on, no flipping, coz shit will be suspended and not refunded

Again guys, it's not the move against flippers, it's done to ensure better quality of all our products:
his isnt primarily a move for flippers, but for 3A to control our output quality, thats 90% of the reason for the change.
im most converned with my creations and how they are presented to world.

i protect the customer by making the best i can, thats the only thing i can do.
and on that note, ill not say another word till its in action
we are moving forward, be a part of it, or dont. its that simple.

Explaining what is flipping by 3AA members in our understanding of things:
onespot, thats fine, but buying a membership just to get discounts and exclusive toys to flip on mass is out, actually it is now but we will be harder even next year.
i have nothing else to say.

On how decision on 3AA 2012 is made and things will be happening:
"oh i cant keep away
but there isnt much point in discussing it, ill enact the changes, keep you guys informed, then you do what you do."

its the only way Colin
kinda nothing left to say, im all out of info for now.
over the past years there have been quite a few finite sales, world didnt end.
im off to think vox.

As you can see, we are a bit going in circles, but here is again, why these changes are happening:
one last thing i love our quality now, im protecting against the future, every month the interest in 3A grows, im gonna control that and make sure it doesnt out pace 3A
its all basic stuff, many companies do this, unless their shit

Yes to another change to buy Omnipuss

Whether we will see more WWR Armstrongs soon:
nope, no more armstrong for now, if ever, moving onto new stuff

About Ashley Wood and 3A calendar for 2012:
due to some printer issues that required compromise, which I denied, so no cal, the image sand more will be in a new book.
bummer, but i aint changing my ideas for a calendar !

One of the last entries from Ashley's blog, before sketches challenge:
Some works in progress aka the Paul Brown update !
I must admit, I always like putting the work in progress up, only because its interesting to compare them when I have finished them etc.

November - 2011  5WEFgtNovember - 2011  LV77Ot

Ashley and our boardie Sail are doing 30 sketches in 30 days and you can discuss this awesome challenge in this thread.

Here is text from Ashley's blog: about it and all the masterpieces made so far:

November - 2011  0TFzgt

Im going to create a daily image just for my blog, a warm up for the day if you like. I found a stack of old comics I did with blank covers, so im going to use these until they are gone ! My good friend Sail over at is gonna do 30 day thingy as well, check it out !
For interested parties, the medium is acrylics, 1 hour, 20 odd minutes to finish, hardest part was waiting for layers to dry. The matt varish on the cover made for a very nice surface. I used a similar surface for the Omnipuss cover painting.

Second entry from Ashley's blog:

November - 2011  QVqcMt

No method or material commentary this time, only the title "It was the end of summer, i found it behind some reeds, it had a nice smile for human"

And third entry from Ashley's blog called Fatherhood, keep watching it for more artistic craziness and awesomeness!

November - 2011  5vQEst

Don't forget to check as WWRp Heavy Bramble Iron Panda is still holding there and waiting for you!

November - 2011  2Po2Tt

And of course, please sign up for 3AVOX if you haven't done it already:

Now that was a hell of an update, hopefully you liked reading it and your eyes weren't too tired. See ya soon Legion!


Photos from Grunts meeting in Tokyo (organized and coordinated by kadoo), our Legionnaires in Tokyo sure now how to have fun and when they do have fun, they take a whole army with them! A lot more photos here:

November - 2011  E0WpStNovember - 2011  9WYHdtNovember - 2011  7A0qNtNovember - 2011  7ZGmBt

Speaking about mighty Legion and how awesome it is!
First of all, I would like to congratulate everyone with three years Anniversary of official threeA forum. Our first forum, which was located at was opened for general audience on November 17th, 2008. Then we moved to this place in 2010. I can't state with pure confidence that 3A Legion (as a force and support for 3A) was born at our first board, as there were lots and lots of supporters, who were spread on many other discussion boards. But I'm absolutely certain that Legion as an idea and community of friends was born here. I want to say "THANKS" to everyone who was here with us through the years, it doesn't matter whether you made 1 commentary or 10000, you left the mark and will be forever remembered. Through the years, I'm even calling some of you - my real friends and my extended family and this is what matters!
Even bigger THANK YOU goes to our MOD team, who sometimes spend days and nights to make this place work, leaving their personal life and interests behind.
I'm raising my glass and wishing many more years to 3A forum, Legion and 3A. To perfection and beyond!

3AVOX14 is out and you can check it here

Anniversary text from the newsletter:
The 3A Forum turns three today, a truly important part of threeA that has inspired us and made for some very enjoyable times. To past and present members, a tip of the hat !

Information about WWR Rothchild release: truly a historic figure for 3A and the WWR universe. Rothchild will go on sale on the 24th November at 9-00am Hong Kong time. Rothchild is exclusive to and will not be offered anywhere else. He comes in three flavors, Here is the young man edition, Funeral Party 3AA exclusive and the Father and Son two-pack.

November - 2011  P2rcotNovember - 2011  YOVKEtNovember - 2011  H3cDmtNovember - 2011  WNbket

Don't know about you guys, but I'm the MOST excited about Funeral party version and of course: the Father and Son two-pack. How can you say "no" to red WWR Caesar 003?!

3AVOX photo of the week by Julius Landau/memecomplex - congratulations buddy! If you wanna show your skills and get something cool (GID Nabler) if you will be the best? Send your 3A figure photo to

November - 2011  AMWLtt

Upcoming stuff from 3A, featuring two mysterious pieces and AK Ankou EX packaging:

November - 2011  WFQH5tNovember - 2011  UfUG5tNovember - 2011  Wcdp7t

Ashley about WWR Rothchild
[color=green]roth has left the building
i gotta to see a doctor about a dodgy shoulder.
have fun guys ![/url]

Latest daily painting from Ashley's blog:
The Birthing aka the happy escape.

November - 2011  WKaLGt

Posting in 30 days - 30 pieces thread:
gotta say, this is really nothing special for me, i actaully do this anyway, normally i do a pic a day to start off, worl on big paintings, do designs, comic pages etc. fuck Ill do a hundred pieces easy in the next 30
these color pieces are mainly for fun, to hang with snail, to see what dumbass shit I can do !

Commenting in his art thread:
the scooting nabler has a great expression, almost groucho marx !
i dont sell much, but then I will, it depends on so many things, these paintings reall kick ass in person, nicer colors etc I probably will just keep em. but then I might sell. fuck knows, I certainly dont think about such stuff often

Latest shipping changes from VOX:
AK Ankou EX single figures will ship in late November
WWR Square MK2 will ship in late November
WWRp Mini De plume sets and carded will ship in late November


Sorry guys for lack of my intense activity, still gathering strengths and fighting with pain. But I'm constantly lurking from the shadows and keeping my eye on you)

Ashley about WWR Rothchild looks and what he likes in 3A figures:
i love it when my design divide and make for conversation, im not trying to make toy candy that everyone loves.

On people talking about red t-shirts for Rothchild
get those 1/6th synths out, i wanna the red shirts !

Whether we will see WWR Rothchild in 1/12th scale:
no 1/12th planned

WWR Rothchild comes with little wooden Bertie and no weapons, unless you are gunning for 003 Caesar 2pack, because Caesar is armed to kill!
roth has no weapons except his mind, said it before.

How many versions of WWR Rothchild Ashley wants to make, where each version would be representing specific age of the evil mastermind:
if i can, there will be 3 rothchild figs, this is as the name states, the young man. next would be age 35, after he is booted from the moon, then the final is the 60 year version, a very different roth.
still. I feel lucky to have made this one, anymore version will be a bonus.
coffee for me

So, young man (current version) - around 20 years old.
Next version - 35 years old.
Final version - 60 years old, different Rothchild.
But for only, we only have Darwin Rothchild...everything else is distant dreams.

About writing Rothchild story:
one day when I have time, with TP ill write the entire saga. I really want too, but it would mean a sabbatical from 3A !

How stories and figures go hand in hand:
well i love making the toys, and they tell the story for now, i like how you guys have your own versions etc
gotta run !

well guys,, we aint going anywhere, 3A is more than me anyway, but also I really enjoy it, the unconventional way of telling stories, interacting, chatting, reading your theories etc.
and yea, without a cool story, I dont give a fuck about most things, pretty is cool, pretty and smart, thats hot !

Two latest daily drawings from Ashley's blog:

Day 5th: just dropped and broke my canon 5d, so I had to use a iphone.. bummer day. This one is called Mother and Child.

November - 2011  Knr46t

Day 6th: Entitled - Meanwhile

November - 2011  XISF5t

Less than five days left, before WWR Rothchild goes on sale, on November 24th 9:00AM HK time, ONLY at !

November - 2011  WNbketNovember - 2011  H3cDmtNovember - 2011  YOVKEt


Ashley about WWR Rothchild look and what he thinks about end result:
discuss away, but he is on point, I know my stuff, I did for me first. I dont short change myself or phone shit in as I dont have too
Roth is a huge success for me, i dont care if I sell one, I had fun making it, I have em on my desk so Im ok !
Im off to make stuff.

WWR Rothchild prices are announced and YES , all versions of Rothchild come with super awesome mini Bertie.
"both single roth re 85 each shipping included in price
two pack is 285 shipping included"
awesome figures, awesome prices

"my back sucks
more photos of 003
every roth comes with the mini bertie
the mountain of work calls !"

I got to say that I really impressed to hear the prices, Rothchild is first ever human WWR Universe figure, which is bellow 120$! And to remind you, WWR Caesar was 230$, so 285$ with shipping for Father and Son 2pack is great deal in my book. Especially considering that 003 Caesar, comes with two knifes and two pistols.

Commenting on WWR Rothchild looks discussion and how he might seem emotionless:
rusteh is close too, look he is really young, this version of roth is early on, he has only been on the moon 2 years, rothchild has only been going 4 years. He isnt ya normal kid. its hyer fantasy im making, not realism, thats fucking boring...
there is a reason he looks expressionless!
he isnt a simple evil dude, wanting shit, he cares not for money or false power, he is on a mission, a zealot of himself.
emotions are for lesser humans.

Day 7th at Ashley's blog: ill try and re-shoot in the morning, shit light at the mo. Titled, The search for father. better late than never.

November - 2011  TJLfbt

WWR JEA Recon 2pack photos by our boardies: iroha , chronokross and ainxx

November - 2011  Zs407tNovember - 2011  K4G7htNovember - 2011  Q2Dt0tNovember - 2011  YhBZwtNovember - 2011  KxsBntNovember - 2011  DvsJGt

Speaking about photos, you can always find more photos in this section of our forum, which is certainly one of my most favorite ones!

I bet you remember NYCC Zomb contest! Three winners already received and posted their Zombs, here are the pics by OmnilimbO, Chivo and Darthgothikus

November - 2011  B0LZ2tNovember - 2011  P3y17tNovember - 2011  GkjxXt

Toygodd sent me links to detailed photo review of WWRp Bromwich Heavy Bramble and WWR JEA Recon 2pack

Speaking of which...please , PLEASE, PLEASE!! use the map: , because without you using it, it's practically dead. Of course I can follow what's happening on the board , when somebody mentions that he got the figure and use his IP to locate the approximate touch down point, but that's a bit too much)) So don't turn me into a creepy stalker! Btw, you can add your photos there as well, let me know if you have any questions about this or just post here


It's hard when you are in pain and despair to find inspiration, today I found it in 3A figures photography. So please don't be surprised that this update is filled with them. And I did some thinking and decided that it's silly to start separate thread for new month right now, so October/November will come as 2pack))

First of all, let's start with top picks from September and October photo thread, which were announced by our art mod eseffinga just recently.

Top pick from September photo thread is therethere and please click here to read the review of the thread by eseffinga.

November - 2011  LIdGkt

Special nods to:

November - 2011  SLp68tNovember - 2011  A0iIOtNovember - 2011  BD3Ovt

And more cool stuff from October photo thread, this time top entry goes to dedguy and click here to go through the tread and read review by eseffinga.

November - 2011  SgnOut

Special mentions:
BoysWillBeToys :

November - 2011  TkZlOtNovember - 2011  I3Zx1tNovember - 2011  GdKSltNovember - 2011  Uyv3It

If you are 3D modeller and want to work in coolest toy company in the world, here is the info:
3D Modelers
Want to work with Ashley Wood on the next generation of 3A toys, think your up to it, please send your work to

And comment from Ash:
please send images to if you want to work with me on the best toys ever.
dont use these forums as a way to talk to me, i miss too much !

Commenting on WWR Harold painting and whether that's how Harold will look like:

November - 2011  KvgACm

thats pretty close, in form
i dig that painting..

ballyhooed, err, its cool, but i dont know about ballyooed

Day 8th at Ashley's blog: The search continues.

November - 2011  Rsmict

I decided to gather all best weekly photos from 3AVOX in one thread, here are all 12 of them so far: - please click the link to comment and tell what ya think.

November - 2011  LmpUktNovember - 2011  TLRRQtNovember - 2011  XJ9eVtNovember - 2011  AMWLttNovember - 2011  OqxaMtNovember - 2011  CO9MFtNovember - 2011  IsD6WtNovember - 2011  2ghdltNovember - 2011  BhgOitNovember - 2011  D3CDWtNovember - 2011  UQMXCtNovember - 2011  H8W9Vt

Day 9th at Ashley's blog: title - Meanwhile the Nabler does what he does best
Really hard to photograph this quickly tonight, all the subtle shit is lost and color. For the interested parties, my buddy Scott Eder is looking at doing a small show with 30 paintings in the new year at his gallery, Ill of course keep you guys up to date with any info etc.

November - 2011  R8v1Wt

And I updated Best entries from monthly photo threads, which covers most of the best entries from December 2008 till October 2011. Unfortunately some months were lost...but currently we have 31 super cool photos! I must confess that I'm guilty of checking out this thread too much, what can I say...I love good photos of our figs!

WWR Rotchild goes on sale on November 24th, 9:00AM Hong-Kong time, which is less than 36 hours from means that F5 Bar and Grill dedicated to Rothchild will open it's doors in 12 hours! Everyone is welcomed! Looking forward to your sketches and other cool stuff...thinking how to name this one..if you have good ideas, don't hesitate to send a PM my way.


I bet you know too well by now what F5 Bar and Grill, but I always give some additional info, so it's already part of the tradition.
During release nights in the thread dedicated to the release, only serious questions/problems can be posted. Everything else would be deleted by us, the Mods. This is done, to get rid of all the nonsense and help to people, who have some serious questions and problems about the release. The thread where you can make relatively on topic friendly chat or go insane during the releases would be called F5 Bar and Grill, under Release night board's category. The thread is going to be unlocked 24 hours before the sale takes place and that's any minute now, and will be locked, after the figure is going to be removed from the store and I will give you some time to vent and share the excitement about the sale . Have fun there, but don't forget basic rules and maintaining positive vibes of our beloved 3A board. Since F5 Bar during the sale is really crowded and grows like several pages in few minutes, all the essential sales info will be posted in the first opening post of the F5 thread. So before asking a question, please check the first page of the bar for answers. You can always PM me (or other MODs) if you some questions and you don't want to post them publicly.
Usually we don't allow interpretations of 3A/Ashley Wood intellectual property and characters. But as our tradition goes only on sale nights, we are making an exception and looking forward to your sketches , featuring WWR Rothchild and Caesar characters on them. I'll be putting them up here and in F5 Bar, later on they will be added to online gallery on imgur as well, with captions, so it will be seen who is the author of each sketch, which is always nice. If I missed your sketch, please never hesitate to contact me.

And here we go: , make Rothchild proud!

Sale starts in 24 hours from now, so be well prepared!

First sketches and art from F5 Bar, dedicated to WWR Rothchild sale:

November - 2011  4BjBRtNovember - 2011  Bxz0RtNovember - 2011  EffFVtNovember - 2011  X4Fr4tNovember - 2011  Wy9sQt

Nice PS work by Mikko (zzzzz), featuring all three WWR Rothchilds on one photo:

November - 2011  UDb63t

Ashley about new chase figures policy and that we will see 7 Bones Kyoky up for pre-order in December (we thought that it will be up for pre-order in November) and hinting that there might be two chases - Blanco and Negro perhaps?:
as this is the first thread i saw, im gonna post here.
re rare figures, im so sick of peeps just flipping them for dumb ass money, im going to use a new method that isnt random but rewards the great supporters of 3A. peeps who have been on this forum, racked up many helpful insightful posts, not just 3A sucks, how do you a get a rare figure posts etc. Peeps who have gone out of their way to help 3A and 3A fans are gonna be the receivers. I had hoped that the random method would be fun and add a little sumin to sales, not to line pockets...
profiteering sucks balls, abusing fans and screwing em for higher prices sucks, you fuckers ( you know who you are ) aint getting the rare shit no more.
December for oya 7B. and yea, there is a rare variant of him, well two.. harkening back to the original TK release.

changed my mind, good to be the king right - earlier it was mentioned that Blanco and Negro looking figures , will never be produced again. But be careful, we aren't talking about making exactly similar figures, just something with Blanco/Negro vibe, that's how I understand it at least.

An advice from Ash, how to earn some figures:
beewax hang around, add to the experience, do the good. simple as that

And the names of these figures are:
shadow and light will not be forsale. just ol 7B oya

Devours is being rewarded with a set of shadow & light TKs, for being such an awesome person, which she certainly is! Congratulations Kim!
devours will love them, and will get a set, coz she deserves them !
its not new or original to reward peeps, its natural....
no biggie...

Ashley about WWR Rothchild
best figure everrrrrrrrrr

AK Acolyte Zombs replacements by chenreaction

November - 2011  XDqZ6t

Posting in his art thread:
ashshade from now on
soon as I can get it done, the lil online show will go up of photos, they look great framed up etc..

emulsion lift is easy, but i find it strays to far from the polaroid for me... still fun to see what you can do
Im quite the photo guy, have been for years, just dont talk about it. tries many, grew up on the real deal, darkroom's etc.
you know I dont, i hate wearing a watch, let alone carrying a mobile. plus im a medium format kinda guy, or polaroid.
gotta get the show up !
i actually sold a polaroid 2 image construct last night to a local curator.. they have a good effect on people

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November - 2011  Empty Re: November - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:15 am


And WWR Rothchild is up at

Here is Ashley denying that there will be surprises (more variants on sale than announced three):
no secret sales, 3 toys are enough for the lil hatchery

Sharing how he feels about Rotchild:
all is ok, the arm is better, all trussed up, keeping shit where it should be !
Kinda feels like the start of WWR for me today, Rothchild marks the end of the prelude.

Most of people dig little Berties, which come with each version of Rothchild and here Ashley's reaction to that:
bag o mini berties you say
they are coming later on, DIY etc

More about little Berties (not surprise of this night though, they will be available at some point in future)
there will be another set that will be harder to get, the MINI DIRTY DEEDS POCKET SET ! aka the all black mini berties 12 pack

Here are the sketches from F5 Bar, please send me a PM with yours , if I missed it:

November - 2011  4BjBRtNovember - 2011  Bxz0RtNovember - 2011  EffFVtNovember - 2011  X4Fr4tNovember - 2011  Wy9sQtNovember - 2011  JHwX3tNovember - 2011  PwXd2tNovember - 2011  UrC94tNovember - 2011  ODitKtNovember - 2011  2UX9xtNovember - 2011  Jng0ktNovember - 2011  OAM3VtNovember - 2011  ZCOWZtNovember - 2011  TuWSWtNovember - 2011  5D7IWtNovember - 2011  JrovStNovember - 2011  0LUFDtNovember - 2011  B48pDtNovember - 2011  MooohtNovember - 2011  TciYDtNovember - 2011  M4LHjtNovember - 2011  6FVintNovember - 2011  C2x8GtNovember - 2011  FZz66tNovember - 2011  IuPjhtNovember - 2011  Wl5djtNovember - 2011  FFFFntNovember - 2011  W9HvWtNovember - 2011  IgHYutNovember - 2011  7ZONutNovember - 2011  SR7CztNovember - 2011  JY5RVtNovember - 2011  DGLZVtNovember - 2011  V5pzYtNovember - 2011  BTUUGt

and gallery link:

And I want to use my position , to congratulate our forum mod, Dutch Merc and vulcan: gar with very important thing, which happened yesterday. We love you gar and thank you so much, for everything you do for this community. Will not say anything else, as it might give some hints, and that's your story to share. Sending some positive vibes, filled with love to you and your family.

ThreeA wouldn't be threeA without surprises, so guess what's up on sale at Bamba?

November - 2011  RFB6jtNovember - 2011  L4IEDt

Information from the store:
Dirty Deeds in My Pants 12pack
12 x Black Weathered Mini Berties
Header Card Packaging.

Bag O mini Berties
20 x DIY Mini Berties
Header Card Packaging.
30$ as well

Ashley about them:
gotta grab some food, enjoy the mini berties, the Dirty deeds are td, they will go sooner than the DIY etc
talk later

Latest entries from Ashley's blog:

Day 10th - Title - He kinda looks like this, only bigger...

November - 2011  CHCbOt

Day 11th - Title - Her cries for vengeance were heard in his slumber.

November - 2011  VRyrCt

Don't know about you guys and your taste in things, but I'm not a huge fan of lists and selections , made by a small & privileged group of people (may it be Oscars or something else), I prefer the most the awards when people can chose the winners and support they favorite artists/actors/movies. Even though it's still awesome to see 3A figures on this list by Complex magazine, which features 50 Greatest Designer toys , made me proud.

Little Berties are still up at and hopefully they will be making a lot of people happy. Here is to give you some idea, how tiny little Bertie is:

November - 2011  5NSpSt

Ashley saying "thank you" to everyone for the support:
thanks chaps for making he roth sale a huge success and making possible for these kind of figs to be made !!


After being up for 20 hours mini Berties are gone from the store and WWR Rothchild might follow them soon, so please don't sit on the fence if you want one. Go check them out at

Ashley commenting about the sale and on 2000AD ABC Warriors:
Mongrol for me, spent the night reading progs 100 -145, my youngest lad is ill and lept me awake..
so im boning for ABC warriors !
gotta get some coffee injected in to my shoulder, fucking ell, what an ache..
BUT I gotta say thanks, Roth did so cool,3A supporters are the greatest, no question..

How soon we will see 2000AD Rojaws and Hammerstein
rojaws soon
hammerstein is really complicated, so a little longer!
stronty soon too
coffee, no more mini berties, cant wait to see what is done with em, who will articulate him first !

And I updated list of sketches above, soon I'll add captions to the online gallery to reference all the authors. Please let me know if I missed your sketch.

Happy shipping news: WWR 1G EMGY & MEDIC Armstrongs are going to enter the shipping soon. Can't wait to see the photos and so jealous of you guys!

I said entering shipping system? Here comes the devil! Photos by SImonS

November - 2011  6lUjZtNovember - 2011  RSE2BtNovember - 2011  ARzGtt

Please use our map to mark the progress of Yellow Hornets TKs and Armstrongs, as markers are already added to the map.

F5 Bar dedicated to WWR Rothchild sale is closed and here is my usual small farewell and thank you to the Legion:
Guys, to be honest I don't know what to say this time...
Epic character, armed to kill 003 Caesar and lots of great art.
Truly epic drop, exactly what I was expected from an Evil Genius!
Want to say "thank you" to everyone who spent some time in a bar, raised his glass to Rothchild and was here even on Thanksgiving! Huge "THANK YOU" goes to all sketches and other art authors, it's overwhelming to see how Ash's characters inspire you. Keep up the good work and never forget that we appreciate your sketches!
See ya soon for 7Bones Oya sale or for Loli TQ (not sure if we will have F5 bar for her, if there will be no scheduled time).

Review of APTK Yellow Hornets by my fav. blogger ever ANDY TRE:

November - 2011  8dI4Vm

Stock sale at , featuring lots of cool and sold out figures, like WWR Heavy Brambles, MK3 Berties, 2000AD Mongrol and etc. New items getting added and since stock are really small stuff is leaving Bambalandstore fast as well.
Text from our blog:
Stock take sale now on at Bambaland
we are clearing the warehouse of stock left over. Go check it out at

Here is a thread dedicated to Bambalandstore recycles sale:

Happy Thanksgiving from Ashley's blog:
Day 12th - A quick Thanksgiving interlude, for the Nabler has much to give thanks for !

November - 2011  PeIoot

3AVOX15 is out and can be read here.

Photo of the week from 3AVOX, featuring Princess and Vanilla POD TQs:

November - 2011  HSgO3t

If you want to see your photo in 3AVOX, please send it to

About WWR Rothchild sale:
Thanks to our awesome 3A Fans, you guys helped make the Rothchild sale kinda epic, and let's not forget the mini bags O Berties !

To continue our tradition of offering limited amounts of pre-made TQs, which will be shipped to you around Xmas, we bring you Popbot Loli TQ:
Lolli the XXMAS TQ goes onsale December 1st at 9-00AM Hong Kong time, not US, not UK, but Hong Kong, so set your clocks accordingly !Lolli is premade and will be in your hands before Christmas ( pending screw ups by postal systems ). 100 bucks shipped, and please remember, these are not pre-orders, they are made and are limited! Be early and work that F5 at if you're so inclined. STRICTLY ONE PER CUSTOMER!

November - 2011  WiIftt

Latest shipping plans from VOX, keep in mind that WWR 1G EMGY/MEDIC Armstrongs and APTK Yellow Hornets already shipped out:
Ankou EX single figures will ship in late November
Square MK2 will ship in late November
Mini De plume sets and carded will ship in late November
Nabler Generation One will ship in December

Speaking of Armstrongs, photos of WWR 1G MEDIC Armstrong by p36137 , he is huge!

November - 2011  Ob9QbtNovember - 2011  RMDFKtNovember - 2011  U3MqVtNovember - 2011  7PWS2tNovember - 2011  4QA36tNovember - 2011  PHB0ut

A means to an end edition & NFS version of WWR mean looking!

November - 2011  3UQR5t

I like that chase (if it's a chase) is hinted right after the sale, it's much more an exciting and such an expected surprise.

WWRp DIY de Plumes are ready to ship soon:

November - 2011  Lqmwvt

1:1 kitty from Ashley Wood collection line, earlier it was mentioned that we will see them at Hong Kong REVENTURE show, which will take place in the end of April / beginning of May 2012. You can read more about it here. Ashley even said that he wants to add some finishing touches to the kitties by himself, which will without a doubt make them even more special.

November - 2011  5Ggyet

WWR MK2 Bertie teaser...just recently an announcements was made, that these babies are coming to us in 1/6th scale and Ashley wants to make whole 12 Dirty Deeds squad!

November - 2011  K6OiDt

Pretty cool Adventure Kartel stuff was teased at newest VOX as well:

November - 2011  D4MsXtNovember - 2011  FSZJBtNovember - 2011  09lPOt

I got to say that these robots from Real Steel movies feature the best robot design EVER. Dig them so much, can you imagine how cool the final product will be?!

November - 2011  SlG30tNovember - 2011  Lish4t

Here are photos of Showcase: Real Steel Ambush which we saw earlier in October.

November - 2011  TxUtYtNovember - 2011  Ol9Y6tNovember - 2011  OBPyXtNovember - 2011  KmYRvtNovember - 2011  QjGI4tNovember - 2011  HcMwKtNovember - 2011  SglFKtNovember - 2011  4eORhtNovember - 2011  QPRMYtNovember - 2011  RK5v8tNovember - 2011  QJ9cHtNovember - 2011  7gpQNtNovember - 2011  1DS5wtNovember - 2011  MJ5IUtNovember - 2011  C45PKtNovember - 2011  0ZWZgt


Ashley really likes WWR Armstrongs and wants to make more one day, here is he speaking out loud and sharing his thoughts during last two days:
really, but I want to have the only one ever made, EVA !
"i think the Armstrong is one of the best WWR bots. I have a jungler 1G as well thats pretty cool".
"they are boxed in da vault now, maybe its bad timing but no one seemed as excited for 1/6th 1G Armstrongs as me. Maybe we can try again ?"

never a bad word, but no one buys em when offered

Whether we will see some WWR 1G Armstrongs anytime soon:
well no more for now im told, no window to make him at the hatchery for the time being. i wanna make that JEA set oneday !
funny thing, they almost sold exactly the same, so none is more popular, just low ordered. I dont give a shit, I have them sitting happily in my studio, so its a win!
Armstrong is awesome, does killer in wwrp!
no more untill i can get a window, and premake them...

Here is the JEA - Meat is murder set, Ashley is referring to above:

November - 2011  6jxWat

3A Publishing: Omnipuss shipped already:
anyone have the Omnipuss yet ?

First photos of Omnipuss, showing bulletproof packaging. Photos made by: memecomplex

November - 2011  RPC5ctNovember - 2011  BvFiCt

Ashley commenting on packaging:
mmmm, i dont see amazon doing that !

Day 13th at Ashley's blog - Back to it. title - The cry that raised vengeance

November - 2011  Vp8fyt

There were expensive shipping variant for Omnipuss, if you went for this one, you can email 3A CS - and ask for tracking number:
if you have paid for express drop CS aline for a tracking

Commenting on WWR Rothchild Father and Son 2pack and whether newest Rothchild we saw is a chase:
F and S 2pack are boxed in one box, not sep
not chase figs for the short term, too much hassle and heart ache

So what is newest WWR Rothchild - Means to an end edition?

November - 2011  3UQR5t

the black roth is a prize, a gift, tip of the hat. given for many reasons, none of them of how much you buy!

How many are made?
i know, thats all thats needed

Saying that white shirt version of WWR Rothchild is his fav and how he is posed:
not as cool as the white shirt, which now reigns supreme on my desk !
he stands next to my monitor, makign sure the bots are designed to his standard
i have lost the mini bertie, cat? sons ? who knows ?

On more Omnipuss coming at the store, but don't expect a lot of them being up:
a restock on monday now the omnis have shipped @

Whether more different figures are coming to RESTOCK sale, which is happening now:
I dont think benny has any more stuff left, from what I understand, though i could be wron.g. not my dept

On bringing lots of different Berties MK2 colorways into 1/6th scale:

November - 2011  K6OiDt

i think I gotta do every bertie mk2 colorway ever..
fuck i think ill do the most epic diry deeds set ever, 12 pack...

And there is a countdown time for Popbot Lolli TQ at
So the time of the sale is: December 1st, 9:00AM Hong-Kong time. She is limited to one per person, first come - first served. Ready to ship, so the quantity is pre-made and once she is gone - she is gone. Don't miss this one, if you fancy to be playing with it somewhere around Xmas (depending on how busy the shipping systems will be around the world, but we will try our best).

November - 2011  3DfihtNovember - 2011  WiIftt


On WWR Bertie MK2 prices:
i want cheaper than that for each fig, i want people to be able to afford them. Im going try !

About large paintings, which Ashley is doing for his and Jeremy Geddes show at Levine gallery in New York (2012):
best stuff is the large paintings im doign everyday, the levine stuff, really feel im getting my shit together now....

Day 14th at Ashley's blog - Title, Waiting and exercise.

November - 2011  9UFNgt

Commenting on that drawing:
its leash, the baby nabler leash, ribbons are well... ask sail,,,,,,
its not a ribbon, its the leash...
only emo Olympic gymnastic fans would want to do.

Omnipuss, which covers Fuck It 1-3 + new stuff (around 40 new pages) is back to

November - 2011  WE4BatNovember - 2011  RPC5ct

Stunning photos of WWR 1G EMGY and MEDIC Armstrongs by aixxn:

November - 2011  5C1FrtNovember - 2011  KKx3ZtNovember - 2011  PPwVWtNovember - 2011  AYOEvtNovember - 2011  WWn9EtNovember - 2011  Z3WObtNovember - 2011  LM39ytNovember - 2011  CFH4FtNovember - 2011  EoHrdt

Added authors names to WWR Rothchild F5 Bar and Grill sketches & art online gallery:
and the authors are:
Knives, soil, dennisok (2), illproxy, BRiZL, zzzzz (5), watanabekun, bsbaka, thejikas (2), gre-gory, pugspaw, chienpion, expathos, Kei12, Blark, chrisorbit, jF, tigerfeet, OyabunTT, E. Pun, crem, Pie (2), UsedUniverse, abex44, therethere, omega145, Darthgothikus, AndreTK421
Huge thank you for all your time and talent.

Day 15th from Ashley's blog: Title - The White Nabler makes a deal

November - 2011  YVktot

MGS REX is epic! As blog says: One last teaser before the painted final is shown soon. We are very proud of this exceptional toy here at 3A.

November - 2011  BjBVjt

Commenting on MGS REX pics, price and how he feels about it:
"some cool pics on the blog for REX, this is an epic toy, fucking classic !"
"price, super expensive, this is the Ferrari of toys man, not a hyundi
but you get the best toy probably ever made.. lofty quotes ash"

And another addition to 3A and Kojima productions - RAY is coming as well:
ray is just as cool too
2012 will 3A's year !

If you aren't familiar with MGS , you can read about Ray here.

Answering how many variants of MGS Rex will be available:
i know there will be the game colorway, and maybe an ash colorway, depends, these are super complicated to make, so making too many versions will complicate things
told ya it awesome !

you only need one
this is what we want to do , and this is were we are going, this toy is our alarum bell !

Whether 3A will be making other figures from MGS and on Snake pilot (which sits in Rex cockpit) figure articulation:
best mech design ever... ?
the snake isnt articulated as we dont have that license

no mgs figures from us, only the mech

Commenting that MGS REX isn't going to be priced around 1000$ and that 3A's mission ain't to make a lot of money, we are here to make and deliver this figures to you!
"not 1000 or anywhere close
thats crazy prices"
"though other un-named companies would charge that, its truly something to behold
Konami, Kojima and Yoji all deserve a bow for letting it happen"
"you forget, we 3A beleive in getting our toys into your hands, not making massive profit. we could easily charge that price, and shift as many as the safs, retailers are lining up etc. but thats not us, i want to aimn for half that price, take a chance."

Ashley about his wish to make another version of 3A figures catalog - Entreat , which would cover newly released figures. As Entreat was released back in 2010 and naturally covers only first two years of 3A.
i want to do another entrea, the next part, many more toys since then, pus i want to make a catalog with every toy ever in so far, but thats a lot of work, just remembering them all

Commenting whether the mask is removable on this figure, which was teased in latest VOX and closer look by omega145:

November - 2011  FSZJBt

AND unofficial closer look and comparison next to AK Bleak Mission made by our boardie: omega145

November - 2011  DuoZgt

Introducing new AK character - The cyborg F Legion, which If I'm reading it correctly is going to be part of 3AA 2012 package
no removing
and just coz im here
the 2-12 3AA figure is a AK charActer, the cyborg F LEGION
"well cyborg on coz it has a human ish head, its all robot"
"1.6th Ak 3AA fig F LEGION"

Detailed photo review of AK Acolyte Zomb replacements by Toygodd can be found here.

How many WWR MK2 Berties will be available at once?
not gonna drop 27 at once
maybe over a year, or maybe only 10, who nows, i have not made any sold plans yet


Day 16th at Ashley's blog: Crash Nabler, coz I crashed my car today..

November - 2011  Sdakdt

Ashley about car crash:
crased my car, shit day..stomps off
im ok, only me in it..
fucking pissed off now...grrrrrrrrrr

About doing 30 days drawings, as a show (via Scot Edder gallery in NY):
if all goes well he will show the 30 day stuff, but that depends on when I wanna show em, can frame them nice.
you know gimbs, i aint saying shit, im weary of saying stuff and things change and im blamed. I just make the art, everything else is what it is.
scott is the one to ask about his gallery, i dont want to speak out of turn for him.

On Fuck it singles and collections (like Omnipuss):
dont buy the singles no collection
and yea, cant promise ill ever do a collection again, cost too much, breakign even seems far away
or maybe i just put out one book a year ?

As some of you might noticed, 3A production blog countdown for Popbot Lolli TQ sale, which is located at is fixed and back to normal. However sales date never changed: December 1st 9:00AM Hong-Kong time at - limited to one per person, first come - first served. Please be there early, if you want to be sure that you will be playing with Lolli by Xmas - if holiday shipping goes well (as they are pre-made and ready to ship).

November - 2011  WiIftt

F5 bar dedicated to Lolli TQ goes live soon!


With less than 24 hours to wait before Popbot Lolli TQ goes on sale , it's that special time. The moment I always look forward it's an opening of F5 Bar and Grill! What is F5 Bar and Grill? It's a cool place, where we all hang out before the sale starts, sharing excitement, our thoughts and whatnot, and trying our best to stand on topic (we aren't always succeed though).
So, with F5 Bar going up Tomorrow Queens thread is reserved for Q&A about Lolli TQ sale and reporting problems, all the other chatter must go in F5 bar.
Have fun in the bar, but don't forget basic rules and maintaining positive vibes of our beloved 3A board. Since F5 Bar during the sale is really crowded and grows like several pages in few minutes, all the essential sales info + sketches will be posted in the first opening post of the F5 thread. So before asking a question, please check the first page of the bar for answers. You can always PM me (or other MODs) if you some questions and you don't want to post them publicly.
Usually we don't allow interpretations of 3A/Ashley Wood intellectual property and characters. But as our tradition goes only on sale nights, we are making an exception and looking forward to your sketches , featuring TQ on them. I'll be putting them up here and in F5 Bar, later on they will be added to online gallery on imgur as well, with captions, so it will be seen who is the author of each sketch, which is always nice. If I missed your sketch, please never hesitate to contact me.

Here is the link for F5 bar dedicated to Lolli TQ sale:
and please click here, if you are lost and confused about 9:00AM Hong-Kong time.

Ashley about all black NFS version of WWR Rothchild
is the all black roth even Rothchild ?

Posting in Entreat thread:
ill start by cloning myself

On 1:1 Kitty
glory hole...
poor kitty, actually, thats BS he is awesome !
drags sore body of for coffee and a reboot !

Ashley about the sketches:
digging the lolli pics !

Day 17th at Ashley's blog: Worked on art for my Levine show with Geddes all day, knocked this out not to miss a day. title, The Story so far
Its quite refreshing to do lighthearted things like, my Levine material is very dark.

November - 2011  JhwgZt

Answering what happened with Damn Large Martin for retail box art and who does frames for his paintings:
i have it defy
gimby I have some paintings done by framers, some i do.

On Popbot TQ Lolli and reminding that it's strictly one per person:
kinda cool to see it coming together, started this just after my birthday. weird thinking about a christmas fig in may.
remember, strictly one per customer, or you lose the ability to order a Lolli.
its a fun fig, a christmas TQ is the tradition. the pre-made might not tickle everyone but i like better, get it to you guys quicker.

Popbot Lolli TQ goes on sale, on December 1st 9:00AM HK time at , which is in less than 8 hours from now.
and please click here, if you are lost and confused with whole 9:00AM Hong-Kong time thing.


Lolli TQ goes on sale in less than an hour.

Ashley posting in the bar:
damn, i gotta go get some bacon now `
the sketches are great !
back soon !

What a drop it was (and it's still going)! Bambaland was hit with heavy traffic, same happened at the forum. There few glitches at Bambalandstore with "chose your variant" column, however there wasn't any variants available, so it was just a glitch.

Here is what Ashley was saying at F5 Bar before the drop started:
"there are enough I think, not 20, or I think the emo would shut down the net, this is a good stress test for my new theories of selling !"
"im sure when i have deleted the 10+ orders and unpaying fetish orders, there will be 90% available"

Advice from Ash and same goes for right now, keep F5ing Bamba, because there is a chance to buy recycles (cancelled orders):
dont hang around here if you want the lolli
remember, 1 only

When forum and bambalandstore started to experience technical difficulties and denying that there are anything else for sale tonight:
i love how we are blamed for the f5 nuking !
nothing but lolli tonight !

no variants
bamba coughing issue
"stop refreshing and killing the bandwidth"
"3A doesnt control refreshing crazy, bots that search and eat bandwidth, you guys do..."

Joking about some people actions:
good times, easy toys, boring toys
target has shelfs full of these supposed future investments, only 500000 made 480000 kept mint in garages of the damned !

About Bambalandstore and forum meltdown:
i didnt do nothing, i dont sit here making up shit for you to do, im painting, you guys nuke the store, mistakes or fuck ups happen, i never put variant in.

On cancelling orders and putting Lolli TQ back to where it belongs:
we are cancelling orders now, people still got 2 or 3.. crazy!

How Lolli TQ is ready to ship and about rare variant for himself:
not long till she slides into your homes ! how cool is that !
I naturally have the one off variant ICE LOLLI !
runs off

We do things differently at 3A and thankfully we have support and love of the Legion, that means we are doing things right!
bummer the peeps who missed out, we are still culling the orders, the flippers, the ill just buy 2 no one will notice crew.
but remember, we are lucky enough to be able to even attempt to buy this stuff and other shit, many cant cover their electricity bills today, buying a toy would be the last thing on their mind.
if you dont like how we sell our toys or do business, leave, stop wasting your time and 3A's. its easy!
I see looking at the orders many if our legion fans were successful, so we are doing sumin right !

On sales in 2012:
how 2012 is for ordering is unknown, I have not nailed it down yet
lolli was way less than a normal fig, hence the ltd tag
3A will do what is does, as we always have, go play with other companies and their shit if you feel you dont like our ways

Some time ago Ashley mentioned charity auction, where he plans to sell some of the rare figures he has and here are more details:
I still have to set up my money for peep 3A auctions, just hard a im by myself down here. but essentially im gonna sell rare, and drawn toys, and give money to the peeps that really need it. so keep an eye out.

About greedy and vocal flippers:
you know, alot of the emo posts come from flippers we nixed, oh no, thats how its gonna be from now on !
anyone seeing peeps selling multi of this kinda stuff, drop us a line, so we have an idea of the scope

On his plans to make something cool in Perth (Australia):
steadu on def, i gotta shift my mountain
I was gonna have a 3A con here on perth, open my store room
but im to far away from the world, and 10 peeps rockign up would be weird
well i might, just for laughs see who turns up, and being in perth you known ill be relaxed !
you guys are great, i might do it, so stay tuned
gotta go paint box art

How soon we will see 2000AD Ro-Jaws figure:
no ro jaws, making sure his arms are swell, not rushing it, the rest is done though... kinda awesome I gotta say..
my theories could be way wrong on selling, but ya gotta

Sketches & art so far, dig them a lot!

November - 2011  QzVkmtNovember - 2011  WtesItNovember - 2011  CHDgXtNovember - 2011  W0pdKtNovember - 2011  0xZpztNovember - 2011  6ULxctNovember - 2011  ARZhitNovember - 2011  AYGXOtNovember - 2011  LRlXstNovember - 2011  SeeIttNovember - 2011  8dQZVtNovember - 2011  Q7RCqtNovember - 2011  MUpDltNovember - 2011  DH92HtNovember - 2011  ApDQetNovember - 2011  A8Y59tNovember - 2011  SYK8jtNovember - 2011  Fki7atNovember - 2011  WRevntNovember - 2011  6bn9btNovember - 2011  ZwYaNtNovember - 2011  ZwYaNtNovember - 2011  Vo3ZCtNovember - 2011  RUNHFtNovember - 2011  OC6JPtNovember - 2011  Q9LpvtNovember - 2011  AQ8VjtNovember - 2011  D8ZPktNovember - 2011  VN5qNtNovember - 2011  YygMZtNovember - 2011  1zC7rtNovember - 2011  ZpPxltNovember - 2011  3nNPrt

online gallery

Speaking about sketches from the bar and acts of kindness from the of our boardies decided to award the best sketch (which he will pick by himself) with his Lolli TQ , so we might see more sketches in the bar soon. I don't want to put the name of this boardie here yet, to save him from heavy flow of PMs, but he isn't staying unnamed for too long. Hit me up with a PM, if I missed your sketch in my summary! Sketches are placed in first opening post of F5 bar as well.

Now about the question everyone keeps asking, is Lolli TQ done or not. Usually Ashley warns us, when there is no more recycles and the sale is done, so now there is still a chance to buy TQ at the store. I just have a feeling that there will be some more up , as we usually want to give some chance to people in other time zones (as for example it's currently night in Europe and everyone is sleeping). But that's just my guess.

And information just came in, that Lolli TQ is sold out:
benny says all gone
Sorry if you guys missed it, that's was an intense sale. But we have plenty of other cool stuff this month and certainly next year, so please cheer up my friends.
And as always thank you for your support and being there for us!

On Popbot Blind Cowboy packaging and shipping:
the blind cowboy set painting is one of the best I have done for 3A, really chuffed, you will see this december !

Ashley revealing some plans and posting some information about figures in 3AVOX thread:
sham is close, but the mnew body caused for changes to parts
need to put that 7B member up for grabs....

When we will see Lasstranaut figure:
2012 snail, making no pants takes time.

Some information about AK Zomb MD, which is very mysterious character and some information about dirty version of Bleak Mission:
zomb md, he is too busy working on his zomb big boy,
shit weather bleak, mentioned ages ago, part of the next retailer Ak assortment, the first ships this month ( dec ) so we thought we would follow up with the second assortment etc
big boy zomb is all new, but he is just big zomb...

^First retail Adventure Kartel assortment is shipping in December, which is certainly great news for all AK fans! Here are the photos, if you forgot how the crew looks like:

November - 2011  44C57tNovember - 2011  WSHXvtNovember - 2011  5M8HNtNovember - 2011  0kcDPtNovember - 2011  JO3gXtNovember - 2011  8cWqetNovember - 2011  1s220tNovember - 2011  Ticwut

Old Zombs are retired and there is a new long hair Zomb for retailers:
re old zombs, all retired
there is a new long hair zomb for the retail assortment 2

December 15th is the sale date for 7Bones Oya TK Kyoky
15th it is for the oya tk

November - 2011  5cIk3t

Photos of WWRp JDF Damn Large Martin and Square set

one official photo first:

November - 2011  XYJaUt

now pics by Good Smile staff, kadoo and hari

November - 2011  VJPgttNovember - 2011  VJPgttNovember - 2011  RHwp2tNovember - 2011  RHwp2tNovember - 2011  VsKzotNovember - 2011  Il3BvtNovember - 2011  FA63tt

As newest VOX goes out soon, you got to sign up it to here: , if you haven't done it already.

F5 Bar is closed and as a tradition goes, here is my farewell post from the bar:
This bar was certainly a wild experience, but we pulled through.
Today's emo reminded to the old veterans and showed to the new Legionnaires, how crazy limited sales might be...I'm glad that nobody lost his temper and we stayed within non fatal EMO limits.
I feel sorry for every person, who was hunting and missed TQ, but unfortunately that's one of the cons, of pre-made sales. On positive side, she will ship soon and we all see her. I don't have one coming, so I'll be waiting for photos together with you guys.
Looking forward to 7Bones Oya F5 Bar, that sale promises to be far less stressful than today's one and everyone loves Tomorrow Kings, especially when they are rocking a jacket.
See you guys soon in the bar and thank you so much for your support and time spent in the bar.
As always huge thanks to all authors of the sketches and art at today's bar.

Day 18th - Title - While they slept he looked over them.

November - 2011  OR42ht

Ashley about Popbot Nabler shipping:
mid dec for nablers !


Ashley about WWR MK2 Squares shipping:
they have left the factory, I know that, how they are being dispersed , I dunno, should be long though ! I want em too

On Omnipuss and 3A publishing books in general:
omni is an expensive book, i never expected iot to sell amazingly well, Amazon always want our books, and would place up front order that surpass the print run, but for now I like the cottage feel of my books Smiley
breaking even is my goal for all books !
"the print is run is small, thus the cost is high, but i do them coz I want them, no spreadsheets, no meeting, just coz it needs to be done, like all 3A stuff."
"nothing is gonna change, ill just keep at it, im happy for now"

Meanwhilet3AVOX - 16th is out , in case you didn't sign up to the newsletter you can read it here:

Giving advices on how to become 3AA member in 2012 (which will be offered in first half of January):
just be there at 9-00am, anyway, when we cancel flippers and multibuy customers there wont be a problem

Commenting on WWR New Dawn Fades edition of Rothchild

November - 2011  Z3xvVt

that figure is post NOM moon attack. the first time roth found out about the NOM etc he was impressed but naturally pissed as well
doh forgot the NFS - meaning that he forgot to add NFS on that photo, which means that this edition isn't for sale
you guys got enough rothchild or have you !

Posting in The Art of Bob Peak Book
fucking legend, i have the japanese book from years back, a star !

Ashley about AK long hair Zomb
"the new long hair zomb could be my new fav..."
he is fucking great, new headm new hands, new shoes.. funny looking fucker... could be out first slacker zomb !

AK Little Shadow from Ankou EX SXCLB Bouncer Little Shadow MK2 Latex Throwdown Set, pics are taken from 3AVOX16:

November - 2011  6LA4wtNovember - 2011  JSs9lt

Ashley commenting on this version and confirming that Security Ankou obviously isn't Ankou EX Bouncer from the 2pack:
"cool fig i think !"
the new cherry mk2 can kick their spikes straight or bent !
never said or implied that was the sxclb ankou ?

On selling art:
people now know I say, i dont really sell stuff willy nilly, Scott gets soe every SDCC as a tradition etc
Venture 2 will have much stuff, whether its forsale or not is an unknown

About Popbot Blind Cowboy which got to be shipping soon...and checkout this amazing box art (40" x sumin)!

November - 2011  ArDpot

Blind CB is really cool, fuck we could have just released that and been toy company ever for 2011...
runs off

On how confusing 9:00AM Hong-Kong time might be to some people and why we use it:
you have no idea how many US peeps bomb me for date, saying I suck coz I used another countries timezone over the US.. - meaning 3AA 2012 date
but we are a HK company, thats how we roll !

Day 19th at Ashley's blog: The Nabler still finds time

November - 2011  DcbMzt

OYA TK KYOKU the second member of the Seven Bones crew will drop December 15th only Bambaland!

November - 2011

3AVOX photo of the week by Keguang, checkout this thread for more 3AVOX photos of the week , if you want to submit your photo - email it to , and all winners at 3A ( like photo of the week ) will now receive the coveted GID NABLER, it will be ready to ship soon.

November - 2011  D6radt

Popbot Nabler packaging, I love how two boxes form one paintings:

November - 2011  RLhvXtNovember - 2011  RnX37t

WWRp Fucked Up Jungle Battle 2 pack, Excito set and 3AA exclusive Triste Fight Death Swingers 3 Pack, Stiffy set , which were offered back in April:

November - 2011  Wp6p8tNovember - 2011  2a9tQt

Two cool and mysterious photos from 3AVOX16

November - 2011  WWBZctNovember - 2011  6VL7et

Usual reminder about our customer service from 3AVOX:
3A Customer support, please remember, if you have any concerns or inquiries about your order from Bambaland, please do not hesitate to contact 3A customer support at or join @3ASupport on twitter

Promise from the VOX to hit us with more cool Tomorrow Queens
The Lolli sale was a fun and successful sale, we are sorry to the fans that missed out, but we promise to offer more great TQ's soon !

Heading from 3AVOX16 looks like Fighting JC image imprinted or something, right? Reminded me about Image of Edessa, or perhaps it's just my crazy vamp mind speaking.

November - 2011  QpnEAt

I love when people share photos of their 3A collections and I exceptionally love, when they share videos! Here is one by Vinyladdict

November - 2011  ZzAEGm

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