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December - 2011

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December - 2011 Empty December - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:17 am


As I mentioned in October on month summaries - I can't promise that I will keep on doing that, too time consuming and I already missed November because of my appendix. But still I wanna try doing month summary every now and then and organizing it in several simple sections: milestones from last month (it could be previous sale review, shipping or both); quick shipping update from VOX; sales plan for current month; and cool stuff which was seen in 3AVOX, production blog and etc. Let’s see how it works in January, but this month will be without a summary. I just feel that with 3AVOX coming out each week and my daily updates for people who are interested, there is not really much need for such summaries, feel free to contact me for suggestions , if you think otherwise.

Here is last day of November updates, entire October/November 2pack news & updates can be read here:


With less than 24 hours to wait before Popbot Lolli TQ goes on sale , it's that special time. The moment I always look forward it's an opening of F5 Bar and Grill! What is F5 Bar and Grill? It's a cool place, where we all hang out before the sale starts, sharing excitement, our thoughts and whatnot, and trying our best to stand on topic (we aren't always succeed though).
So, with F5 Bar going up Tomorrow Queens thread is reserved for Q&A about Lolli TQ sale and reporting problems, all the other chatter must go in F5 bar.
Have fun in the bar, but don't forget basic rules and maintaining positive vibes of our beloved 3A board. Since F5 Bar during the sale is really crowded and grows like several pages in few minutes, all the essential sales info + sketches will be posted in the first opening post of the F5 thread. So before asking a question, please check the first page of the bar for answers. You can always PM me (or other MODs) if you some questions and you don't want to post them publicly.
Usually we don't allow interpretations of 3A/Ashley Wood intellectual property and characters. But as our tradition goes only on sale nights, we are making an exception and looking forward to your sketches , featuring TQ on them. I'll be putting them up here and in F5 Bar, later on they will be added to online gallery on imgur as well, with captions, so it will be seen who is the author of each sketch, which is always nice. If I missed your sketch, please never hesitate to contact me.

Here is the link for F5 bar dedicated to Lolli TQ sale:
and please click here, if you are lost and confused about 9:00AM Hong-Kong time.

Ashley about all black NFS version of WWR Rothchild
is the all black roth even Rothchild ?

Posting in Entreat thread:
ill start by cloning myself

On 1:1 Kitty
glory hole...
poor kitty, actually, thats BS he is awesome !
drags sore body of for coffee and a reboot !

Ashley about the sketches:
digging the lolli pics !

Day 17th at Ashley's blog: Worked on art for my Levine show with Geddes all day, knocked this out not to miss a day. title, The Story so far
Its quite refreshing to do lighthearted things like, my Levine material is very dark.

December - 2011 JhwgZt

Answering what happened with Damn Large Martin for retail box art and who does frames for his paintings:
i have it defy
gimby I have some paintings done by framers, some i do.

On Popbot TQ Lolli and reminding that it's strictly one per person:
kinda cool to see it coming together, started this just after my birthday. weird thinking about a christmas fig in may.
remember, strictly one per customer, or you lose the ability to order a Lolli.
its a fun fig, a christmas TQ is the tradition. the pre-made might not tickle everyone but i like better, get it to you guys quicker.

Popbot Lolli TQ goes on sale, on December 1st 9:00AM HK time at , which is in less than 8 hours from now.
and please click here, if you are lost and confused with whole 9:00AM Hong-Kong time thing.

And let's focus on December updates:


Lolli TQ goes on sale in less than an hour.

Ashley posting in the bar:
damn, i gotta go get some bacon now `
the sketches are great !
back soon !

What a drop it was (and it's still going)! Bambaland was hit with heavy traffic, same happened at the forum. There few glitches at Bambalandstore with "chose your variant" column, however there wasn't any variants available, so it was just a glitch.

Here is what Ashley was saying at F5 Bar before the drop started:
"there are enough I think, not 20, or I think the emo would shut down the net, this is a good stress test for my new theories of selling !"
"im sure when i have deleted the 10+ orders and unpaying fetish orders, there will be 90% available"

Advice from Ash and same goes for right now, keep F5ing Bamba, because there is a chance to buy recycles (cancelled orders):
dont hang around here if you want the lolli
remember, 1 only

When forum and bambalandstore started to experience technical difficulties and denying that there are anything else for sale tonight:
i love how we are blamed for the f5 nuking !
nothing but lolli tonight !

no variants
bamba coughing issue
"stop refreshing and killing the bandwidth"
"3A doesnt control refreshing crazy, bots that search and eat bandwidth, you guys do..."

Joking about some people actions:
good times, easy toys, boring toys
target has shelfs full of these supposed future investments, only 500000 made 480000 kept mint in garages of the damned !

About Bambalandstore and forum meltdown:
i didnt do nothing, i dont sit here making up shit for you to do, im painting, you guys nuke the store, mistakes or fuck ups happen, i never put variant in.

On cancelling orders and putting Lolli TQ back to where it belongs:
we are cancelling orders now, people still got 2 or 3.. crazy!

How Lolli TQ is ready to ship and about rare variant for himself:
not long till she slides into your homes ! how cool is that !
I naturally have the one off variant ICE LOLLI !
runs off

We do things differently at 3A and thankfully we have support and love of the Legion, that means we are doing things right!
bummer the peeps who missed out, we are still culling the orders, the flippers, the ill just buy 2 no one will notice crew.
but remember, we are lucky enough to be able to even attempt to buy this stuff and other shit, many cant cover their electricity bills today, buying a toy would be the last thing on their mind.
if you dont like how we sell our toys or do business, leave, stop wasting your time and 3A's. its easy!
I see looking at the orders many if our legion fans were successful, so we are doing sumin right !

On sales in 2012:
how 2012 is for ordering is unknown, I have not nailed it down yet
lolli was way less than a normal fig, hence the ltd tag
3A will do what is does, as we always have, go play with other companies and their shit if you feel you dont like our ways

Some time ago Ashley mentioned charity auction, where he plans to sell some of the rare figures he has and here are more details:
I still have to set up my money for peep 3A auctions, just hard a im by myself down here. but essentially im gonna sell rare, and drawn toys, and give money to the peeps that really need it. so keep an eye out.

About greedy and vocal flippers:
you know, alot of the emo posts come from flippers we nixed, oh no, thats how its gonna be from now on !
anyone seeing peeps selling multi of this kinda stuff, drop us a line, so we have an idea of the scope

On his plans to make something cool in Perth (Australia):
steadu on def, i gotta shift my mountain
I was gonna have a 3A con here on perth, open my store room
but im to far away from the world, and 10 peeps rockign up would be weird
well i might, just for laughs see who turns up, and being in perth you known ill be relaxed !
you guys are great, i might do it, so stay tuned
gotta go paint box art

How soon we will see 2000AD Ro-Jaws figure:
no ro jaws, making sure his arms are swell, not rushing it, the rest is done though... kinda awesome I gotta say..
my theories could be way wrong on selling, but ya gotta

Sketches & art so far, dig them a lot!

December - 2011 QzVkmtDecember - 2011 WtesItDecember - 2011 CHDgXtDecember - 2011 W0pdKtDecember - 2011 0xZpztDecember - 2011 6ULxctDecember - 2011 ARZhitDecember - 2011 AYGXOtDecember - 2011 LRlXstDecember - 2011 SeeIttDecember - 2011 8dQZVtDecember - 2011 Q7RCqtDecember - 2011 MUpDltDecember - 2011 DH92HtDecember - 2011 ApDQetDecember - 2011 A8Y59tDecember - 2011 SYK8jtDecember - 2011 Fki7atDecember - 2011 WRevntDecember - 2011 6bn9btDecember - 2011 ZwYaNtDecember - 2011 ZwYaNtDecember - 2011 Vo3ZCtDecember - 2011 RUNHFtDecember - 2011 OC6JPtDecember - 2011 Q9LpvtDecember - 2011 AQ8VjtDecember - 2011 D8ZPktDecember - 2011 VN5qNtDecember - 2011 YygMZtDecember - 2011 1zC7rtDecember - 2011 ZpPxltDecember - 2011 3nNPrt

online gallery

Speaking about sketches from the bar and acts of kindness from the of our boardies decided to award the best sketch (which he will pick by himself) with his Lolli TQ , so we might see more sketches in the bar soon. I don't want to put the name of this boardie here yet, to save him from heavy flow of PMs, but he isn't staying unnamed for too long. Hit me up with a PM, if I missed your sketch in my summary! Sketches are placed in first opening post of F5 bar as well.

Now about the question everyone keeps asking, is Lolli TQ done or not. Usually Ashley warns us, when there is no more recycles and the sale is done, so now there is still a chance to buy TQ at the store. I just have a feeling that there will be some more up , as we usually want to give some chance to people in other time zones (as for example it's currently night in Europe and everyone is sleeping). But that's just my guess.

And information just came in, that Lolli TQ is sold out:
benny says all gone
Sorry if you guys missed it, that's was an intense sale. But we have plenty of other cool stuff this month and certainly next year, so please cheer up my friends.
And as always thank you for your support and being there for us!

On Popbot Blind Cowboy packaging and shipping:
the blind cowboy set painting is one of the best I have done for 3A, really chuffed, you will see this december !

Ashley revealing some plans and posting some information about figures in 3AVOX thread:
sham is close, but the mnew body caused for changes to parts
need to put that 7B member up for grabs....

When we will see Lasstranaut figure:
2012 snail, making no pants takes time.

Some information about AK Zomb MD, which is very mysterious character and some information about dirty version of Bleak Mission:
zomb md, he is too busy working on his zomb big boy,
shit weather bleak, mentioned ages ago, part of the next retailer Ak assortment, the first ships this month ( dec ) so we thought we would follow up with the second assortment etc
big boy zomb is all new, but he is just big zomb...

^First retail Adventure Kartel assortment is shipping in December, which is certainly great news for all AK fans! Here are the photos, if you forgot how the crew looks like:

December - 2011 44C57tDecember - 2011 WSHXvtDecember - 2011 5M8HNtDecember - 2011 0kcDPtDecember - 2011 JO3gXtDecember - 2011 8cWqetDecember - 2011 1s220tDecember - 2011 Ticwut

Old Zombs are retired and there is a new long hair Zomb for retailers:
re old zombs, all retired
there is a new long hair zomb for the retail assortment 2

December 15th is the sale date for 7Bones Oya TK Kyoky
15th it is for the oya tk

December - 2011 5cIk3t

Photos of WWRp JDF Damn Large Martin and Square set

one official photo first:

December - 2011 XYJaUt

now pics by Good Smile staff, kadoo and hari

December - 2011 VJPgttDecember - 2011 VJPgttDecember - 2011 RHwp2tDecember - 2011 RHwp2tDecember - 2011 VsKzotDecember - 2011 Il3BvtDecember - 2011 FA63tt

As newest VOX goes out soon, you got to sign up it to here: , if you haven't done it already.

F5 Bar is closed and as a tradition goes, here is my farewell post from the bar:
This bar was certainly a wild experience, but we pulled through.
Today's emo reminded to the old veterans and showed to the new Legionnaires, how crazy limited sales might be...I'm glad that nobody lost his temper and we stayed within non fatal EMO limits.
I feel sorry for every person, who was hunting and missed TQ, but unfortunately that's one of the cons, of pre-made sales. On positive side, she will ship soon and we all see her. I don't have one coming, so I'll be waiting for photos together with you guys.
Looking forward to 7Bones Oya F5 Bar, that sale promises to be far less stressful than today's one and everyone loves Tomorrow Kings, especially when they are rocking a jacket.
See you guys soon in the bar and thank you so much for your support and time spent in the bar.
As always huge thanks to all authors of the sketches and art at today's bar.

Day 18th - Title - While they slept he looked over them.

December - 2011 OR42ht

Ashley about Popbot Nabler shipping:
mid dec for nablers !


Ashley about WWR MK2 Squares shipping:
they have left the factory, I know that, how they are being dispersed , I dunno, should be long though ! I want em too

On Omnipuss and 3A publishing books in general:
omni is an expensive book, i never expected iot to sell amazingly well, Amazon always want our books, and would place up front order that surpass the print run, but for now I like the cottage feel of my books Smiley
breaking even is my goal for all books !
"the print is run is small, thus the cost is high, but i do them coz I want them, no spreadsheets, no meeting, just coz it needs to be done, like all 3A stuff."
"nothing is gonna change, ill just keep at it, im happy for now"

Meanwhilet3AVOX - 16th is out , in case you didn't sign up to the newsletter you can read it here:

Giving advices on how to become 3AA member in 2012 (which will be offered in first half of January):
just be there at 9-00am, anyway, when we cancel flippers and multibuy customers there wont be a problem

Commenting on WWR New Dawn Fades edition of Rothchild

December - 2011 Z3xvVt

that figure is post NOM moon attack. the first time roth found out about the NOM etc he was impressed but naturally pissed as well
doh forgot the NFS - meaning that he forgot to add NFS on that photo, which means that this edition isn't for sale
you guys got enough rothchild or have you !

Posting in The Art of Bob Peak Book
fucking legend, i have the japanese book from years back, a star !

Ashley about AK long hair Zomb
"the new long hair zomb could be my new fav..."
he is fucking great, new headm new hands, new shoes.. funny looking fucker... could be out first slacker zomb !

AK Little Shadow from Ankou EX SXCLB Bouncer Little Shadow MK2 Latex Throwdown Set, pics are taken from 3AVOX16:

December - 2011 6LA4wtDecember - 2011 JSs9lt

Ashley commenting on this version and confirming that Security Ankou obviously isn't Ankou EX Bouncer from the 2pack:
"cool fig i think !"
the new cherry mk2 can kick their spikes straight or bent !
never said or implied that was the sxclb ankou ?

On selling art:
people now know I say, i dont really sell stuff willy nilly, Scott gets soe every SDCC as a tradition etc
Venture 2 will have much stuff, whether its forsale or not is an unknown

About Popbot Blind Cowboy which got to be shipping soon...and checkout this amazing box art (40" x sumin)!

December - 2011 ArDpot

Blind CB is really cool, fuck we could have just released that and been toy company ever for 2011...
runs off

On how confusing 9:00AM Hong-Kong time might be to some people and why we use it:
you have no idea how many US peeps bomb me for date, saying I suck coz I used another countries timezone over the US.. - meaning 3AA 2012 date
but we are a HK company, thats how we roll !

Day 19th at Ashley's blog: The Nabler still finds time

December - 2011 DcbMzt

OYA TK KYOKU the second member of the Seven Bones crew will drop December 15th only Bambaland!

December - 2011

3AVOX photo of the week by Keguang, checkout this thread for more 3AVOX photos of the week , if you want to submit your photo - email it to , and all winners at 3A ( like photo of the week ) will now receive the coveted GID NABLER, it will be ready to ship soon.

December - 2011 D6radt

Popbot Nabler packaging, I love how two boxes form one paintings:

December - 2011 RLhvXtDecember - 2011 RnX37t

WWRp Fucked Up Jungle Battle 2 pack, Excito set and 3AA exclusive Triste Fight Death Swingers 3 Pack, Stiffy set , which were offered back in April:

December - 2011 Wp6p8tDecember - 2011 2a9tQt

Two cool and mysterious photos from 3AVOX16

December - 2011 WWBZctDecember - 2011 6VL7et

Usual reminder about our customer service from 3AVOX:
3A Customer support, please remember, if you have any concerns or inquiries about your order from Bambaland, please do not hesitate to contact 3A customer support at or join @3ASupport on twitter

Promise from the VOX to hit us with more cool Tomorrow Queens
The Lolli sale was a fun and successful sale, we are sorry to the fans that missed out, but we promise to offer more great TQ's soon !

Heading from 3AVOX16 looks like Fighting JC image imprinted or something, right? Reminded me about Image of Edessa, or perhaps it's just my crazy vamp mind speaking.

December - 2011 QpnEAt

I love when people share photos of their 3A collections and I exceptionally love, when they share videos! Here is one by Vinyladdict

December - 2011 ZzAEGm


Day 20th at Ashley's blog: Title 20 The day job

December - 2011 Cc3cMt

Good news for all Bambalandstore fans, Ashley decided to offer new AK Universe releases, like long haired Zomb, new Fighting JC and others at Bambaland and not in retail:
in a act of ash ness, i have decided to sell the new Ak at bamba, so everyone can score easily...
AK retailer set is now gonna be split over time at bamba...

we try..
i want you guys to have easy access to my ideas, and discount !
lunch time
all, I want to keep all my creations in bamba, thats why I made it.

Answering whether retail assortment will still be offered at Sideshow:
not the new one, the AK retail 1 yea, but not Al retail 2, shit weather bleak, long zmb, cherry, Ankou ex etc etc
yea, the first wave is sold, retailers that ordered will get em, the next wave is for bamba.
and its the TOWEL OF TURIN !

Here is a quick reminder first ever AK retail assortment and how many figures were there, plenty of love I think. Especially that figure!

December - 2011 44C57tDecember - 2011 WSHXvtDecember - 2011 5M8HNtDecember - 2011 0kcDPtDecember - 2011 JO3gXtDecember - 2011 8cWqetDecember - 2011 1s220tDecember - 2011 Ticwut

Commenting on the statement that AK SXCLB Little Shadow design is too TQ like (as they share the same looking body)
and thats awesome !
thats the difference here, I design it all, so if I like it, its right. committee and test group toys are that way >>>>>>>>>>>

On 3AA membership renewal in 2012 and how it's easier for the existing members, but if you are an existing member, you still need to get your order in and pay for it within 24 hours:
"no, all members can renew guaranteed.
new members just turn up at 9-00am and snag a place once we hit a good number its gonna get nixed"

"BUT you still have to order it in the 24 hour window"
there shall be two sections a 3AA renewal one, and a new members one.

Please don't get nervous about 3AA membership renewal & signup , as closer to the date, I will focus more & more about this and will post more details, answers on questions and whatnot and I'm sure Ashley will cover it in 3AVOX as well. We don't want to get you confused!

A confirmation from Ashley on Popbot Blind Cowboy shipping:
this month

Speaking about shipping, got a confirmation from Hong-Kong that WWR Squares MK2 entered shipping process and about to enter WWRp de Plumes and Dropcloths , WWRp DIY de Plumes , AK Ankou EX. Lots of fun stuff shipping in December!

Ashley on new AK assortment at Bambaland:
dunno the details yet, ill figure it soon
diner time here, havea good one !

Commenting in the Art of Bob Peak Book thread:
and no computers... on no, no undo or 300 layers....

It's not a big secret, that I always was in love with DW&NW colorways, no matter whether it's older crispy clean version of weather and dirty NOM ones. And let's proof that NW&DW colorways are loved and appreciated! Click on the quote bellow and it will take you to the discussion thread, perhaps our support for DW&NW will shop to Ash, how we want to see WWR Berties MK2 in these two cool colorways. I got to confess that I always associated myself with DW bots, especially because some of them carry name of my country, vamp and fangs decal on their bodies. GO DW&NW!
ahh the DW/NW , i thought no one dug them ?

Ashley about making DW/NW versions of Berties and the photo bellow by ronlu:

December - 2011 CkAw5t

i dont care what the popular opinion i, i like em, and there will be a NW/DW set
nice shot ronlu !

Commenting about 30 Days - 30 pieces theme challenge:
sail ya a B/W wanker, thats we love ya !
keep tht shit going, books gonna look great the positioning of my stuff against yours !

Speaking about that, love the day 21st at Ashley's blog:
21st - The Sunday oil interlude

December - 2011 LIOqdt

7Bones Oya will go on sale on December 15th, which isn't so far from now...just reminding you about this upcoming sale.

Very cool photo, featuring AK Fighting JC by WIlliam Chien:

December - 2011 S2Inkt

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December - 2011 Empty Re: December - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:18 am


Ashley about Adventure Kartel books and how making characters and telling the story through them, matters for him the most:
supposedly, am i on trial ?
ill do them when they are done !
I always said the stories will be told with the toys ( the adbenture continues with you etc )and inserted one-pagers, anything else is a bonus. My main artistic outlet is painting, comics are a fun aside.
I have a desl covered in 8 new AK figures, fucking good fun !
UNSEEN - confirming that he is talking about entirely new AK figures (not second wave of AK assortment)

Commenting about Popbot Queenie TQ and WWR Supreme Nom Commander which might be seen on these teaser photos:

December - 2011 WWBZctDecember - 2011 V1FG9t

queeny, best TQ so far !
never said they were not.
its killer !
oh and for the maybe it supreme nom, couldn't be more different, they are standing together on my desk.

Whether we will comics involving characters like Popbot Queenie:
re comics, no time, im choka painting, and designing and ceo-ing 3A

To ease life for buyers in specific countries there will be blank shipping boxes (without large 3A logo on them):
blank shipping boxes for apt countries regarding customs.. first thread I saw so that went here ! this will take effect soon as we can, boxes are always pre ordered and custom made so it cant happen overnight etc.
blank boxes now lads, soon as we can get em going with orders
I'm exceptionally proud and happy that 3A listens and ready to walk an extra mile for such customers!

Day 22nd at Ashley's blog: Title - Meet the puppeteer

December - 2011 J5ZRSt

Ashley commenting about technique , which was used and giving us some idea, what kind of paintings will be at Levine Gallery show in NY, in 2012:
thats the ash skill, i can do a lot of shit
if ya like that lads, your gonna blow at levines..


Revealing more information about book by 3A Publishing , which will feature "30 Days - 30 pieces" art:
dunno what the title or format will be, I wanna make it cheap to get, 12"x12" of course...
it will be a fun book

This is great moment for our boardie Sail, which means that impossible is possible, when you work hard and go for your goal. Congratulations to our forum EMO-Viking!

Haven't done in a while, here is a quick selection of so different , but equally cool photos by our boardies, from my favorite section at our forum - 3A toys photography

December - 2011 CWNMmtDecember - 2011 OWosptDecember - 2011 R6jfStDecember - 2011 5LzTYtDecember - 2011 G3cONtDecember - 2011 20hSetDecember - 2011 AIID6tDecember - 2011 PwtHMtDecember - 2011 Ftsg1tDecember - 2011 MoIVWtDecember - 2011 V0nUftDecember - 2011 4Fhl9t

Pics by these boardies (not necessarily in the same order photos are presented above):
soulburn3d, Ail , goddamnanalog , memecomplex , Ultraman , ersico , SandDevil531st
Each username leads to his profile, where you see their posts and found where exactly the photos are coming from

My prayers were heard! Vampires are going to become one of Adventure Kartel characters! Latvian vamp is truly happy)
the only vampire shall be the AK Dracula, and why not !

Latest awesomeness from Ashley's blog:
Day 23rd: Title - The extraction

December - 2011 4Rl6nt

And what's happening in Ash's studio, perhaps it's the art for Levine gallery show in 2012?

December - 2011 VooNKt

Commenting on format & style of 30 days - 30 pieces book:
yea, cant be making a expensive book that aint gonna cover its ass, the AK format is good, thick card cover etc


WWR MK2 Squares are here! Surfaced in China and Singapore...don't forget to mark the map:

All photos by p36137 with the exception of EMGY photo, which is made by HelloPanda. Damn, I was and am huge fan of MK1 (it was an instant vinyl classic and design triumph in my opinion), but these guys are really awesome and funny as hell!

December - 2011 C8e7xtDecember - 2011 HEOXetDecember - 2011 HC6YOtDecember - 2011 HC6YOtDecember - 2011 UrhfSt

I want to put separately WWR Square M2 Kid Sarge photos, he was exclusive to Square MK 10pack and he is just one crazy Square!

December - 2011 BaIUktDecember - 2011 VSvEFtDecember - 2011 JWglzt

Ashley about WWR MK2 Squares:
told ya they rocked !

Commenting on WWRp de Plumes and Dropcloth packs , which are shipping out this month, as well.
the boxes are really fun, not big, has a real toy feel. coz thats why we like this shit.

Awesome 3A collection video by our boardie LordPiper, featuring awesome figures, rocking some seriously tight poses!

December - 2011 L7iqYm

I think that even hardcore WWR fan , was once or twice lost with all the amazing colorways we have and I can certainly understand, how it's hard to find which bots were made in which colorways and what scale. Boardie OhMyGodPancakes decided to make this easier and shares the results with us all, just click here to view the gigantic table in google documents.


Day 24th at Ashley's blog - I have a wall water leak, im kinda bummed, no water for me....

December - 2011 1nHPBt

I wanna devote some time to more WWR Mk2 Squares action in this update, especially because they are already starting to land in US! Speaking of which, please don't forget to use the map and mark the progress: . People keep asking , why I'm reminding about map so much? It's easy, because if I don't , everyone is so excited about the figures , that they forget to use the map. hehe, but seriously, map helps us all to understand where the figures are at and makes the anticipation slightly easier.

Articulation and some crazy smiles, by SimonS (please pay attention to the new ball joint - which is clearly visible on the upside down photo)

December - 2011 Eg7U8tDecember - 2011 Pi2mvtDecember - 2011 4FwAit

Glow in the dark Ghost Square by HelloPanda

December - 2011 WVzf4t

Kid Sarge undressed (for all those who wondered,how he looks like without apron), by chrisorbit

December - 2011 PAAdvtDecember - 2011 LPkIGt

And my fav MK2 Squares so far NW & DW , by LordPiper:

December - 2011 A4rpqt

3A collection video by madmatty1, dig the music and cool animated transition between the figures.

December - 2011 34V9Um

Ashley speaking first time about doing Popbot Mo Prostate character:
i will do Mo, but hard to get the toy right... fun character, fun to write..
he is a big mutha, chunky bastard...

A bit of info about Light and Shadow characters aka Black and White Oyas, which were mentioned that they will not be for sale (currently we still don't know how they will be distributed and whether they will be chases or even more special) :
well the black and white OYA police all TKs, keeps an eye on them, in the past and future....

Added names of the authors to the online gallery of sketches, dedicated to Popbot Lolli TQ drop and here are they:
ictoys (2), soil (2), BRiZL (3), watanabekun, toygodd, thejikas (2), zobbsrombie, omega145, iroha, kei12, bsbaka, abex44, MrJack (2), ronlu, AndreTK421, dienstag, OyabunTT, piino, jF, Knives, RobotBacon, EnzoGarza, BoysWillBeToys, lobojr (2), shinjikun1, Blvdnit3

Huge thank you goes to all the authors, as you make F5 Bar even more alive and special. Can't wait to see how you will amaze us on December 15th, which is the date of Popbot 7 Bones Oya Kyouku sale

As I mentioned, you can see the sketches on imgur: or right here in the bar.


WWR MK2 Squares are dancing on these pics by chrisorbit and who said that Squares can't dance? More photos in the dedicated thread.

December - 2011 43EpitDecember - 2011 CqGeOt

Day 25th at Ashley's blog: A bleak day of water leaks. This is a self portrait...

December - 2011 SznxKt

Looks like Ashley wants to release more WWR MK2 Squares into the wild:
If I was to make a couple of new two packs of mk2 squares, any thoughts on color ways ?

If they will be happening, let's help Ash to understand what we want by submitting votes in this poll:

New 3AVOX is coming to us, you can sign up here:
i think the last vox had enough of the 7B Oya..
guess I better get onto vox...

New 3AVOX is out and you can read it here. Or right in my column.

Ashley about finishing VOX:
gotta go take a walk, good for the back im told !
fun putting the vox together, always reminds of how much fun we are all having!

Jan 2012 is very special to 3A, with the upcoming 3AA enrollment and if all goes to plan the sale of the Supreme NOM !

December - 2011 V6sGvt

Ashley about her and he plans to outdo this sexy look:
supreme is cool, 3A worlds classiest fetish toys !
outdo , easy, thats what I do , accept no interlopers ladies and gentlemen!

Mysterious TOTEM line - Ash's take on space, aliens and fuck off awesome, which can be discussed here, as it's already got new section. And we say goodbye to Newtons War.

December - 2011 Twq2Nt

"Totem has no reference to tommy, thats a size ref shot
Totem is my new epic... ITS A Big serious story..."
"Newtons war isnt totem, it just doesnt lend it self to toys, it will stay a movie and book.
TOTEM is my take on space. aliens and fuck off awesome"

It own section general gimbs, its MAJOR, lose the newtons war

On new long haired Zomb, who is called AK Boniface Rotten:

December - 2011 RnWZct

all new parts for boniface. except main body etc

Popbot Shadow & Light Oyas

December - 2011 COeX6t

3AVOX 16 photo of the week by Indra

December - 2011 XpIC9t

All the winners are getting GID Nabler, which is shown bellow. Did the card SO MUCH! Wanna try winning one? Send your pics to

December - 2011 GqqqitDecember - 2011 LIVIft

Popbot Lolli TQ is shipping out soon and here is her packaging:

December - 2011 RIMiyt

Could this be AK Ankou EX Bouncer from the infamous 2pack?

December - 2011 KcxKbt

All our prayers and best wishes to our friends Jessica and Robbie at this time, Jessica was recently diagnosed with lymphoma.

December - 2011 GcVn6t

Brillo Square MK2 coming or not? It's kinda hard to decipher this one:
brillo is a heaader card bag

Zaku is coming very soon to Bambaland from the mighty team of 3AXBandai !

December - 2011 HBwAGt
December - 2011

Latest shipping update from VOX:
abler Generation One will ship in mid December
Lolli will ship mid December
Blind Cowboy super set and single will ship in December
Adventure Kartel Retail assortment one will ship in December


Day 26th at Ashley's blog:

December - 2011 XH2fxt

Ashley commenting on "B" which is confused with "8" on AK Boniface Rotten photo:

December - 2011 RnWZct

its a B...
"boniface is a french name"
"B stands for Bamba"

On trying to have more stuff offered on Bamba and what exactly will end up in retail:
"Im gonna keep my stuff at bamba mainly, license and other stuff for retail."

Photos by Pansy Chan from Facebook, love the work:

December - 2011 PfjfptDecember - 2011 EQUVHtDecember - 2011 WzG5At

I love these random acts of kindness and support. As I mentioned earlier good and generous Legionnaire Soldierpnoy chose one of the sketches and sending his Lolli TQ to the author. Love the Legion!
And the person he picked is ronlu

December - 2011 LRlXst


Good news for all Brillo Squaro fans! Brillo was very hard to get and it was ToyTokyo SDCC2011 exclusive, very limited quantity were made and now this amazing colorway is going to see the light in Square MK2 form!
Pic of Brillo to show you how that edition looked like.

December - 2011 QU9emt

Ashley about Brillo:
im gonna put a bagged/header carded Brillo MK2 in Bamba in december, soon as I get the hatchery sample

So if you already cast a vote for Brillo in WWR MK2 Squares colorways poll, where you express which ones, you would love to see released, I suggest to change your votes , you gave for Brillo to something cough cough RIP or any other colorways.

We haven't heard Ash talking about WWRp Squares for a while, now he comes back with a big BANG! WWRp Squares MK2 are going to be released as well and there is a chance that we will see mixed packs:
ahh the mini squares.. i have the mini mk2 as well, maybe a mixed set of minis

Unboxing video of WWR MK2 Squares by our boardie Yama86:

December - 2011 2xqdqm

Day 26 at Ashley's blog: FOR MY BUD EDDY

December - 2011 DWUTvt

Popbot 7Bones Oya Kyouku will go on sale in less than four days from now, on December 15th, 9:00AM HK time at Bambalandstore, if you are confused with HK time , please click here to see it calculated for your timezone
And this goes to all the new Legionnaires, for whom first 3A sale was Popbot Lolli TQ , please understand that not all our sales are that stressful, majority of them are pre-order, where you go to Bambalandstore , put a figure in your cart , pay for it and enjoy your experience. Lolli was a special case, as the figure was pre-made and we could only offer very limited number of them at the store. So basically, unless you hunting for surprise editions (which just might show up at Bambalandstore or not), everything is pretty easy and stress free.


Not much happening on 12/12, but it's less and less time before 7Bones Oya Kyoku goes on sale at , on December 15th 9:00AM HK time.

Curious how 3A GID figures glow in night? Checkout WWR MK2 GID SQUARE video by toygodd

December - 2011 LHvqum

And click here to see lots & lots detailed photo of each MK2 Square by toygodd as well.


Let's start with some interesting things , which Rufus Dayglo posted on his twitter:
Just finishing another ThreeA robot toy design.. can't wait to see it in plastic and painted!
Today's work,drawing laser bazookas,assassin robot turnarounds, and blue soldiers of the future. While drinking coffee, poor moi!

Rufus answering about these designs:
Today's work,drawing laser bazookas,assassin robot turnarounds, and blue soldiers of the future. While drinking coffee, poor moi!

And commenting on Tank Girl (which we well know isn't happening)
TG Toy's deader than dead! but I'll be doing my own shit with ThreeA.We're gonna kick off with SOLID GOLD DEATH MASK

Day 29th at Ashley's blog: . Don't know about you guys, but I would kill few people to have this in my hands!

December - 2011 Ayfift

Ashley shedding some light on Shadow and Light Oyabuns, Kyoku prices and giving a chance for everyone to compete for one Shadow and Light set:
only Kyoku is up for grabs this week, the set isnt made for selling etc.
Ky is best, or I would be selling the set
I always sell what I think is best, take out the flippers and the interest in the set aint that much
re price, i think its the same as the oya have always cost ?
best shadow and light illo gets a set, only one on offer !

^In case you wondering about illo - it means illustration, will be impatiently waiting for your sketches in F5 Bar, but I don't know what rules Ash had in mind...perhaps he will mention something special in the VOX?

As for prices, Yama and Naga were offered for 150$ in 2009, Pathfinder Ono was offered for 120$ , 3AA Oyaloper was 120$.

Commenting on TK designs through the years:
i like the old, and new, and future

About Fuck it #4, Raw Fuck and Wasteland:
Fi 4 trundles along, with Raw Fuck and Wasteland..

Here is what Ashley mentioned about Wasteland back in June, if you are as curious about these upcoming books, as I am!
Just Finished my latest 12" release, Wastelands are preferential to Acceptance. in the bamba one day...
Providing a bit more details about this:
no detail to give, but there isnt a drawing in it, or painting. and a content advisory would be probably needed

On 3A Bandai x Zaku
its really cool, Ill post some new photos soon, really turned out well !

Wanna spice it up with cool pics from 3A toys photography section, made by our boardies. Each boardies name mentioned here is a hyperlink a leads directly to his profile, so you can say "thanks" for pics or checkout their other stuff. A bit time consuming, but I'll try to do it more & more often from now on.

soulburn3d, showing articulation and balance of WWR Deimos MK2 Square

December - 2011 P82TdtDecember - 2011 Suy25t

Very different, but all so sexy TQs by soeasytohate , ictoys and catwalk

December - 2011 2pQGstDecember - 2011 Ul1xWtDecember - 2011 FGOylt

Adventure Kartel madness by tigerfeet

December - 2011 QtCwXt

AP and 1/6th scale Popbots having fun, by omega145

December - 2011 XMQkBt

Very atmospheric photo of Severed Foot aka Prom Night Disagreement by expathos

December - 2011 NRINgt

Adventures of Bambaboss in Russia, pic by ikar11

December - 2011 SpuiFt

Who started it?! Epic fighting scene by diego

December - 2011 JksOYt


Ashley about engineering solutions on 3A figures:
ash is a engineer at heart, my family linage is engineers, so figuring out shit like the legs and ball joints is a major attraction for me making toys !

On MK2 Brillo Square availability:
soon as I get a squaro mk2, ill shout about it !

Who is going to be next Popbot 7Bones character?
dunno about next 7B, I have 2 I can do, probably a TQ to change it up..

Answering in which book he made 29th day sketch:
its an old hardcover book with art torn out.

Day 30st (last day of 30 drawings in 30 days project) from Ashley's blog, one word: BEAUTIFUL
Well here tis, 30 days of quick daily images, its been fun.
Last title, Like father, like son. plus close-up

December - 2011 KJaB2tDecember - 2011 HPkzRt

Popbot 7Bones Kyoku goes on sale in less than 24 hours so it's that special time. The moment I always look forward it's an opening of F5 Bar and Grill! What is F5 Bar and Grill? It's a cool place, where we all hang out before the sale starts, sharing excitement, our thoughts and whatnot, and trying our best to stand on topic (we aren't always succeed though).
So, with F5 Bar going up 7Bones discussion thread is reserved for Q&A about 7Bones sale and reporting problems, all the other chatter must go in F5 bar.
Have fun in the bar, but don't forget basic rules and maintaining positive vibes of our beloved 3A board. Since F5 Bar during the sale is really crowded and grows like several pages in few minutes, all the essential sales info + sketches will be posted in the first opening post of the F5 thread. So before asking a question, please check the first page of the bar for answers. You can always PM me (or other MODs) if you some questions and you don't want to post them publicly.
Shadow and Light illustration contest rules:
Usually we don't allow interpretations of 3A/Ashley Wood intellectual property and characters. But as our tradition goes only on sale nights, we are making an exception and looking forward to your sketches , featuring Kyoku or TKs on them. Today sketches will be even more special, as Ashley mentioned that best illustration featuring Shadow and Light TK will get a prize:

best shadow and light illo gets a set, only one on offer !
Unless Ashley will mention any specific rules, I'll treat it mostly like previous F5 Bar sketch contests we had.
How many sketches one person can post? I want to limit it to three maximum (three - threeA, kinda logical). Sounds fair?
What kind of illustrations are acceptable? I'll be putting all sketches up, but since Ash specifically mentioned word "illustration" and Shadow and Light Oyas got to be on them, only this sketches will compete for a price. But anyway, it's for Ash to pick the winner and we know how unpredictable he can be.
Deadline - until TKs are at the store at least, might give one extra hour, but it depends. Usually I keep the bar open during some time after sale to let people talk about it, but I think this time I might close it within one hour from TKs being gone from the store. So let's say, if Kyouku will be up at the store for 24 hours, you almost have 48 hours to submit your art, which is more than enough.
Like previously l'll be putting them up here and in F5 Bar, later on they will be added to online gallery on imgur as well, with captions, so it will be seen who is the author of each sketch, which is always nice. If I missed your sketch, please never hesitate to contact me.

F5 Bar is open and everyone is welcomed to join the party! THE FUN STARTS NOW:

New pic of 7Bones Oya Kyoku and sales info from the blog:

December - 2011 9dV6Pt

Dig that quote, says a lot about him: I saw myself die, I know the moment, I thought I went well - Kyoku

1/6th KYOKU goes on sale exclusively at tomorrow - December 15th 9:00 AM Hong Kong time.
He is the last OYA standing! 120 bucks gets you the services of KYOKU, and as always the price includes worldwide shipping.

Latest entry from Ashley's blog:

December - 2011 TJZUPt

Goodbye Kitty
My good friend Kitty aka Edmund the cat has passed away, going on 17 years he has brought much happiness and craziness to me and my family, he has travelled the world with us, a constant that always brought a smile.
He was a special part of my life, and was the source inspiration for Kitty from Popbot. In his early years Ed would pretty much roger anything, and the more public the act the better, giving the seed for Kitty character.for that I say God bless you Ed!
Catch you on the flip side...

Ashley about Edmund:
thanks guys, Ed was sumin special, my familiar if you will..

Naturally, there were some EMO about Shadow and Light Oyas and here is Ashley's view on things and confirmation that there will be no surprises:
this is an emo free thread, the S+L is a prize set, nothing else, its not gonna be sold, now or ever, if you want to complain, go somewhere else.
3A shall pick a winner of the art comp.

only selling one TK oya from 7B, no surprizes sales or other stuff. the hatchery can take on no more ( the jackets of oyas are hard work )
This is the last OYA in this style. the TK is an endangered species, the OYA know this, as they skip time like the mortis, they have made plans.

On 7Bones:
the 7B are all similar, have a blue accent of some type, hair, gear etc tats, they will look like a family in victory and loss

About F5 Bar sketches:
the best thing beyond prizes is that you guys man up and show your art, that takes nuts, it shows your real side, thats epic, thats romance.

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December - 2011 Empty Re: December - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:18 am


What did I get myself into with all the sketches?)) 124+ so far and more surely coming! Guys, I really appreciate all the input, but please don't go EMO if I missed your sketch, it's certainly not intentional and just him me with a PM and I'll upload it to the gallery. Thank you so much for your hard work, but please keep in mind that with such huge numbers and people doing tweaks and posting sketches again, it's easy to miss one or two, plus I try not to include more than three from the same person. So, please calm down and hit me with a PM.

We noticed that many new people joined the board and have trouble to submitting sketches, this manual will help you:

Ashley posting in F5 bar:
keep it up, I need to go find coffee !!
Last main sale of 2011, cant believe how tie is flying !
back for the sale

One more thing, Kyoku goes up soon and people are intrigued how many are okay to buy. As it's general sale, you surely can buy more than one, unless store description says otherwise, but I assume it's no to excessive orders and crazy numbers. Two is okay.

Ashley about buying quantity, saying that there will be no surprises and some words on how limited 7Bones Kyoku is:
"no restriction on 2, anymore and well...."
"thanks guys !
no secret drops, we are too jam packed for anything else for this sale !
Ky is awesome, the 7B sets when complete will be things of wonder !"
"there is a limit, the jackets are hard to make, so yea, its counting down."

7Bones Kyoku tattoos:

December - 2011 WhHoUtDecember - 2011 TsmPrtDecember - 2011 D9GmXt

What Ash is up to:

not long till we wipe unpaid and bs orders
im off painting till then

Guys, you probably noticed that your post count went down, that's because we are constantly keeping amount of total comments on the board bellow 150.000 , it's painful to delete board history , but unfortunately that's what needs to be done for board to work. I deleted few old F5 Bar and Grill memories threads , my MOD brothers deleted huge threads in main sections and restarted them and etc. Sorry for the inconvenience.
you need to cull old posts gimby, the database cant handle it
needs more gimby, for some reason the database starts failing when it piles up
gimby, keep it tight, 150 max

WWRp de Plumes and Dropcloth sets already popping up everywhere, here are photos by SimonS and Chronokross

December - 2011 JH3SYtDecember - 2011 ROHLXtDecember - 2011 EWBnHtDecember - 2011 7Ha0XtDecember - 2011 Q1qdLtDecember - 2011 D8Ca7tDecember - 2011 NtZkit

Please don't forget to use the map:

Ashley about picking the winner, once the contest will be closed (it's open till Kyoku is at the store):
its been quite a show, I dug how even people w=who would normally not rock the images chipped in.
the winner will be in tomorrows vox !

Commenting on customized WWR DIY MK2 Square by yoshi

December - 2011 CnIiWt

no retailers got em,
good to see DIY being used !

Kyoku is on sale at and he will not be sitting there forever. Check him out, if ya dig TKs and want to collect all 7BONES!


7Bones Oya Kyoku sale ends soon, perhaps only one hour left now and same about sketch contest.

I can say that I'm overwhelmed and super tired after gathering all the sketches, the Legion really stepped it up this time. Couple of times I thought: what the hell did I get myself into? hahaha, but it's all good fun and thank you so much for the art.

Kyoku is sold out and gone from the store, so sketch contest is closed and you can see the final selection of all 230 sketches bellow.

morning, the tk is coming down !
good stuff
now to make a vox

December - 2011 Vz9XCtDecember - 2011 MwgC0tDecember - 2011 JSxIEtDecember - 2011 RTYWztDecember - 2011 ItoH1tDecember - 2011 NzZZItDecember - 2011 TAvqktDecember - 2011 LogfNtDecember - 2011 DwvPntDecember - 2011 HkQ1ctDecember - 2011 QhImTtDecember - 2011 PpIGOtDecember - 2011 VbQ7XtDecember - 2011 BY0sptDecember - 2011 KDiFutDecember - 2011 ZLOZdtDecember - 2011 4U1dFtDecember - 2011 66Y2jtDecember - 2011 TRf79tDecember - 2011 IFhHbtDecember - 2011 T6p50tDecember - 2011 XXQoFtDecember - 2011 9EwHTtDecember - 2011 LS3kNtDecember - 2011 Rnl8VtDecember - 2011 NMJ9JtDecember - 2011 67ch1tDecember - 2011 UMU5itDecember - 2011 G14GptDecember - 2011 1knwitDecember - 2011 BJyvNtDecember - 2011 VWlXrtDecember - 2011 VDMMmtDecember - 2011 1jn7dtDecember - 2011 Q5jNWtDecember - 2011 GVR4xtDecember - 2011 YxGpStDecember - 2011 OFr9itDecember - 2011 BHFmLtDecember - 2011 ZmyEAtDecember - 2011 KXeLktDecember - 2011 0ZvsetDecember - 2011 E7IeNtDecember - 2011 GJCHytDecember - 2011 VOuhgtDecember - 2011 C0vdbtDecember - 2011 GAGmNtDecember - 2011 CgS8stDecember - 2011 IWdtitDecember - 2011 MCKaotDecember - 2011 FMEXKtDecember - 2011 DrKa9tDecember - 2011 XqnbLtDecember - 2011 NrW00tDecember - 2011 PTRi8tDecember - 2011 Hd6HRtDecember - 2011 McmFptDecember - 2011 ZFrKPtDecember - 2011 X0evRtDecember - 2011 UZ0wltDecember - 2011 DLkpatDecember - 2011 VmgD7tDecember - 2011 TYkMLtDecember - 2011 3tfPztDecember - 2011 VoLDctDecember - 2011 Gg1aKtDecember - 2011 LEkYBtDecember - 2011 1EjRqtDecember - 2011 3oQ2ntDecember - 2011 IyY1xtDecember - 2011 Q2MaStDecember - 2011 QACwVtDecember - 2011 OtUVrtDecember - 2011 S7xNZtDecember - 2011 EaksdtDecember - 2011 WYlUFtDecember - 2011 Nh9TTtDecember - 2011 Q2XyZtDecember - 2011 Kby77tDecember - 2011 VqPD3tDecember - 2011 4a8eQtDecember - 2011 Im7AXtDecember - 2011 U59TvtDecember - 2011 Br9EjtDecember - 2011 3203itDecember - 2011 T5bl6tDecember - 2011 Q5J6ztDecember - 2011 MCtBitDecember - 2011 TvuFptDecember - 2011 Ikt1XtDecember - 2011 5ksk2tDecember - 2011 PJPNTtDecember - 2011 ZBc9mtDecember - 2011 6m5P3tDecember - 2011 NJabitDecember - 2011 HaNOJtDecember - 2011 POVJAtDecember - 2011 2pZj7tDecember - 2011 Kiv2StDecember - 2011 6IgkYtDecember - 2011 VefIrtDecember - 2011 N8ijLtDecember - 2011 Or7zOtDecember - 2011 MbLgDtDecember - 2011 Tf02vtDecember - 2011 XjLyDtDecember - 2011 ZhYWNtDecember - 2011 HhnQQtDecember - 2011 F4BejtDecember - 2011 OLFVstDecember - 2011 ApxjhtDecember - 2011 9srirtDecember - 2011 Fn5CZtDecember - 2011 Rut0mtDecember - 2011 4HTkatDecember - 2011 EVCQ8tDecember - 2011 Tv6litDecember - 2011 8nUyLtDecember - 2011 RcbKEtDecember - 2011 3l6w9tDecember - 2011 Ro02TtDecember - 2011 HHWq1tDecember - 2011 ChlfptDecember - 2011 23B0CtDecember - 2011 CxymZtDecember - 2011 V2xvLtDecember - 2011 G6ZFvtDecember - 2011 VjqjvtDecember - 2011 AGxkAtDecember - 2011 HLhsWtDecember - 2011 NGiqYtDecember - 2011 UOzS7tDecember - 2011 4SR8ptDecember - 2011 Bhi50tDecember - 2011 LmaQetDecember - 2011 MJ8sUtDecember - 2011 0aHIAtDecember - 2011 OrGzstDecember - 2011 8bY2OtDecember - 2011 ZWCl8tDecember - 2011 KFLXitDecember - 2011 5CRZftDecember - 2011 QS7OWtDecember - 2011 EdbCktDecember - 2011 75e5WtDecember - 2011 3WGRAtDecember - 2011 EDawhtDecember - 2011 Gd4EftDecember - 2011 HObZ6tDecember - 2011 K1fDAtDecember - 2011 VQj7qtDecember - 2011 XgN5ltDecember - 2011 ITbpKtDecember - 2011 Xxc9dtDecember - 2011 KwUPJtDecember - 2011 Q4T61tDecember - 2011 UHUXGtDecember - 2011 EWuGgtDecember - 2011 4RMBxtDecember - 2011 3OCqstDecember - 2011 LNg8ktDecember - 2011 RjLkotDecember - 2011 PiUCbtDecember - 2011 H88xTtDecember - 2011 M5YK3tDecember - 2011 Hc8IKtDecember - 2011 I4a3LtDecember - 2011 TjfohtDecember - 2011 XGOFStDecember - 2011 By5s0tDecember - 2011 FOFo1tDecember - 2011 OmtjptDecember - 2011 OMtcRtDecember - 2011 WUl9AtDecember - 2011 1mKFhtDecember - 2011 KS70ytDecember - 2011 XvpW3tDecember - 2011 Rk531tDecember - 2011 O3JAitDecember - 2011 RloeqtDecember - 2011 LViTWtDecember - 2011 AQpLCtDecember - 2011 ZK55qtDecember - 2011 K3rmRtDecember - 2011 SsdXUtDecember - 2011 E0wmAtDecember - 2011 BJZKmtDecember - 2011 HLJzztDecember - 2011 OaMu2tDecember - 2011 ESrZYtDecember - 2011 Jbu9ctDecember - 2011 DoJyHtDecember - 2011 Wi8wVtDecember - 2011 4f7HdtDecember - 2011 YbI8ltDecember - 2011 R3XEttDecember - 2011 MZEc6tDecember - 2011 95ACvtDecember - 2011 Hg01mtDecember - 2011 AfGnVtDecember - 2011 VRly4tDecember - 2011 NDTr2tDecember - 2011 NDTr2tDecember - 2011 JwS6KtDecember - 2011 MdAmbtDecember - 2011 XgrCltDecember - 2011 FOrnStDecember - 2011 KMHuEtDecember - 2011 Qz0IftDecember - 2011 Ad9jFtDecember - 2011 0rByYtDecember - 2011 HfCD3tDecember - 2011 T9PnPtDecember - 2011 Auz1xtDecember - 2011 WZ9bEtDecember - 2011 KkVZxtDecember - 2011 UDAnHtDecember - 2011 TyGLotDecember - 2011 PPjtztDecember - 2011 6VHQhtDecember - 2011 JfGrZtDecember - 2011 PjeB6tDecember - 2011 TOkT3tDecember - 2011 VoDSUtDecember - 2011 7AXxMtDecember - 2011 4bzHPtDecember - 2011 LfaHOtDecember - 2011 QurArtDecember - 2011 TWSjjtDecember - 2011 IHacvtDecember - 2011 IVdtJtDecember - 2011 EyGWKtDecember - 2011 FBNnutDecember - 2011 WAK3rtDecember - 2011 ENttUtDecember - 2011 STmxdtDecember - 2011 4p2uzt



Newest 3AVOX is out and can be read here.

Here is the information and images from it:
Welcome to our last 3AVOX for 2011, it has been good fun putting VOX together, from getting to show new toys we have in the works to the weekly 3A toy photograph! I'm going to hopefully change things up next year for VOX, start taking contributions from the Legion, also run collector profiles and other stuff that will showcase the amazingly talented 3A Legion ! Soon as we have it figured, the call will go out.

9-00AM Jan 13th 2012 will see the 3AA membership drive kick into effect yet again at Bambaland, all the details are still being fleshed out, we are trying to find a good balance that will cater to our supporters and allow us to create a better system for delivering our toys in a more timely manner with higher quality, we want the best of all worlds here at 3A ! The first VOX for 2012 will have all the details, so keep a look out!

I want to say thanks to you, the Legion, from day one you have been great supporters, patient and at many times have had great things to add to 3A experience, it wouldn't be fun or possible without you all, even you whinny emo merchants ( you know who you are, we sure do ) are a part of the whole show. I think 2012 we will really show what 3A is about, from our own IP to select licenses such as Halo and Microman. We don't take you peeps for granted, we don't just assume you will just be there, so with every sale we will always try our best to deliver original, fun and exciting toys.

This past week saw saw the sale of the second Seven Bones member Kyoku the OYA TK, and with it we saw an awesome out-pouring of art from the legion, these great works of art made a successful sale even better, thanks to all that contributed. Follow this link for a gallery featuring them all! A big thanks to Gimby for taking care of the contest. Keep scrolling down in this very VOX to see the winners.

I cant let the last Vox of 2011 go without thanking Benny Fok and Siu Yin, who day in and out have to put up with my un-realistic demands, constanlty asking for images of upcoming toys and naturally assuming they can read my mind, without them there would no VOX !

And a special tip of the hat to our forum Mods, you guys continue to do a great job.

So there ya go, volume one of VOX comes to end, im going to have a little break then get back to it for 2012!

Now to the winners of Shadow and Light illo contest, frankly speaking I think that everyone who submitted the sketch and overcame shyness and fear is a winner. Huge thank you goes to all the sketch authors and people who spent time in the bar, and showed their support! I got to say that it was really mixed experience for me, as some people were EMO and impatient during whole 46 hours of the contest , but it's all part of the game. If there will one more contest like that, I'll step it up on the rules and everything to deliver even better and crystal clear layout for you guys!

And the winners are (originally Ashley mentioned that there will be only one, but the amount of sketches made 3A step up and Benny chose the second winner):
saigonradio and Beeswax

December - 2011 CPfRWtDecember - 2011 B1YHOt

HUGE CONGRATS you lucky two! You own me your first born and lots of photos of Shadow and Light Oyas as I'll unlikely ever see them with my own eyes.

Speaking about sketches, as promised to people who submitted they sketches after the deadline, I included them at the gallery as well (after the winners were announced) and put them here, sorry that you were late guys and thank you for your artwork!

December - 2011 ZPILDtDecember - 2011 GtboCtDecember - 2011 2C1f3tDecember - 2011 JHZQVtDecember - 2011 YPouKt

Online link , featuring all 236 sketches (that's more than EVER by several times - biggest bar so far was Halloween with 63 sketches) and all author's names:

Teasers of something special, which comes with 3AA 2012 package:

December - 2011 U0gPXtDecember - 2011 UoGj6t

Ashley about 3AA in 2012
later guys, gonna go drink and chill
3AA will cost a little more this time, shipping and printing have all gone up, we cannot absorb or control these prices and we are losing ground to em !
the set will have a card, bag, cap, 1/6th figure etc, and anything else I can wrangle
ash out!

Winner, of the VOX photo of the week contest:

December - 2011 2ciOXt

All the winners are getting GID Nabler, which is shown bellow in a bright day light. Did the card ESPECIALLY (but I already mentioned that once)! Wanna try winning one? Send your pics to

December - 2011 DtjKOt

Popbot Blind Cowboy & Ghost Horse set beautiful packaging (shipping out soon)

December - 2011 OZ0H0tDecember - 2011 JIJJpt

Next and perhaps final sale of this year WWR MK2 Brillo Square is going to happen on December 25th, do not miss this one!

December - 2011 WTaR7t

Ashley about Brillo and confirming that it comes with a print, just like MK1 one :
it does have a print, and yes, ill make sure yours is crumpled as requested ohhh so scary andy!
Andy Square..kinda on point.
later chaps, gonna go drink and be merry !

On WWR MK1 and MK2 Squares differences , likes/dislikes:
i remember everyone was like, mk1 is better, ash sucks, mk2 will never sell Smiley
I know a good square when i see em !

2000AD Ro-JAWS on sale in February 2012!

December - 2011 4hVIVt

Popbot Miss+Mrs Nablers shipping soon.

December - 2011 LvzeIt

WWR EMGY TRG Trooper ...ohhh....I remember the EMO! He was a tough cookie to get!

December - 2011 IdgRgt

Previous images of the Trooper , including first image from the store (when he was up as a surprise drop)

December - 2011 WApbOtDecember - 2011 4YDCYt

New AK Little Shadow or something even more special?

December - 2011 DqTJVt

Ashley about MOD as WWR fraction:
MOD are hackers, tinkerers, adventurers etc. they do it for knowledge..
and a bit of fun !
Roth aint the only smart person in this war

AND HUGE BASTARD AK Ankou EX have been seen! Photos by Knives and P316137

December - 2011 Uyin4tDecember - 2011 KyV8qtDecember - 2011 QmLUCtDecember - 2011 WZSUWtDecember - 2011 GbS49t

More pics in this thread and please use the map to mark his progress:

Ashley On Ankou EX looks from Ankou EX SXCLB Bouncer Little Shadow MK2 Latex Throwdown Set and how he is different from others
"sxclb aint the same as the boiler suit, he has a cowl type thing but they are still ANKOU, he is cool, clean and mean ! suit is white, bot is pink a classic 3A set !"
"different material for sxlcb too, silly and cool, best combo !"

soon, I kinda wanted embroided patched on him, so he is coming, just a complicated build. ill dig up some images soon for ya !
the Ankou EX comic is my fav so far..
coffee, im dying here !

Introducing whole new world in Adventure Kartel Universe:
Im going to introduce ROBOT ISLAND soon in AK , I know, amazing name huh !

More about this Robot Island
all robots come from the island, the finger gang are vets from the SUBURB wars, zombots originated there, the Ankou, the F Legion was the first to come from said island.

You can discuss Robot Island right here
"its the next ARC, ROBOT ISLAND YO ! "
"it came about during my AK comic work, I needed a third group, to make humans and spooks have a common enemy, makes for better stories. Robot Island grew from that. I was gonna stay away from robots in AK, but they wouldnt let me !
i have a ton of ideas, pretty exciting when stuff writes itself ! "

Mentioning what lies for us in the future (2012):
and with that, I gotta run, I have said too much anyways
2012, 3A's year of the robot... wait up, every year is that !
runs off


Ashley posting in Boba Fett thread, speaking about the ones 3A made as sample (along with Stormtroopers)
Boba has become the new hope diamond...
well kinda.. a little bit...
I wish I could say open it, there will be thousands soon..... I was lookign at mine last night, remembering a 1980 Christmas where I got a shitload of kenner star wars stuff.. still resonates.....
open it, dont open it.

On future plans:
nope, im moving on.
ill do my own star wars

About Popbot The Nabler variations and shipping:
they have left the factory im told, expect em soon. I lookign forward to getting boxed ones, ill say this, there are 15 variations, excluding the GID If im remembering right ! More Nabler in the new year

December - 2011 LvzeIt

It's currently don't know whether Ashley meant that there are fifteen different color variants in total (excluding GID) or it's five color variants x three different facial expression of Nabler. Either way , can't wait for your photos of the Nabler and added his shipping marker to the map:

Saw this image (at JME7315 blog), featuring some information about 3A Bandai Zaku

December - 2011 Sf2KUt

Direct link to the image, as imgur seems to be acting up:

Translation of the text by Pansy Chan: Pre-order will be at bambaland, and that will also sell at the "C3 show" in HK(MARCH). - I can't guarantee that it's 100% accurate translation or information, just keeping you informed about all things around 3A, as I planned to do it from day one.

Here is AK Shit Weather Bleak , which was supposed to be part of AK retail assortment and now coming to Bambalandstore:

December - 2011 R1oRot

We have day and date for WWR MK2 Brillo Square sale: it is December 25th, 9:00AM HK time at , mark it in your organizers! And here is event time announcer for different time zones , or please check countdown at

December - 2011 BvXpGt

Ashley about Star Wars:
the light sabres are some of the star wars stuff i find kinda lame, nothing beats a trusty blaster at your side !
swords are cool, not pink glowing sticks
Luca is epic, so is star wars.

And gorgeous Popbot Lolli TQ has been seen in Taiwan! Here is the photo by Amon Lin , fingers crossed for fast and safe delivery to other parts of the words. P.S. Please use the map.

December - 2011 H0p6Ot

Everyone needs some rest on Christmas and here is 3A office in HK and working time during holidays:
3A offices are closed from the 22nd to the 28th of December !
No email will be replied to for this period.

So if you need to find out something, now is the right time to write the email.

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December - 2011 Empty Re: December - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:20 am


Ashley about AK Bleak Mission mask we saw yesterday:
actually its a disguise he wears once a month.
its always bleak weather when bleak is about !

Making us think about AK Cherry Shadow , there is def. some link between these two (as they both appear once a month):
who else appears once a month ?
...... cherry shadow
fullmoon, werewolves... not in my world.. the holwing and American werewolf in london covered that nicely

About WWR Square MK2 Brillo looks:
just got my sample, very cool !
prefer to MK1 Squaro

If you are around 3A for some time, you know that nothing is static here and things are constantly in motion. We moved the sales time for MK2 Square by one day and it's going to be a bit on the tough side sale, so please be early if you want one.
"just informed squares are being premade , also prints need to be made ahead of time, so be early, coz now its a limited sale !"
"only way is premade, cant have too many, we are being strict with hatchery time now, and this is was not on schedule etc."

About change of date:
"so change ya calendars, the blog had been updated !"
"we always meant the 24th...
runs off"

Andy the MK2 Square 24th DECEMBER SALE – Goes up at bambaland at 9-00am 24th Dec, its a limited sale, so if your into the Andy, be early !

New header at Ashley's art blog -

December - 2011 Z1TqYt

its an epic piece 4 feet long, with a small piece that goes with it.
Its really fuckign nice, in person it shows why painting is king, real paint, texture, cannot be beat !

Commenting on Popbot Lolli TQ popping up all over the world, just like we planned (it's nice to see that even with Xmas traffic, she is arriving in most of the places, fingers crossed for more distant areas) :
merry XXXMAS

About AK SXCLB Ankou , which we still haven't seen yet (only heard a lot of good things):
"speaking of, the embroided SXCLB ankou suit is epic EPIC !!!! shit just needs a space helmet now !"
"i dunno, i might post some... "

And some Ankou EX pics, even NUDE ones by our boardies goatbot and kadoo

December - 2011 KUmSJtDecember - 2011 KjhmUtDecember - 2011 InKNetDecember - 2011 W8PhItDecember - 2011 W8PhIt


WWR MK2 Brillo Square which goes on sale, on December 24ht 9:00AM Hong-Kong time, comes with 12"x12" print:
comes with a 12"x12" print

Will the print be the same as image we saw in latest VOX and commenting on what type of sale it would be:
nope it aint the same image.
not as limited as lolli, and I dont think squares resonate as much s TQ's
we are very close to nailing the amounts needed, for every 10% unhappy, there is 90%, thats a good ratio ! Cant make everyone happy

WWR Square MK2 is limited to one per person:
one per customer

Ashley posting in his art thread about huge paintings (1:1 scale) and about Levine show in NY and REVENTURE in Hong-Kong:
the ascended pop is a good piece, i want to do 1:1 scale one day
I will, I have a cancas thats stained just for it, but its a year or two job, to build the texture and under painting take forever, the one on my blog header is nearly a year now, every version and painting under it is needed for the colors and tones to work. and peeps wil laskm why does it cost so much.. well I spend a year of my life on it !
yup, it will, for me, its a epic piece, im proud of it, doesnt work unless its in the flesh, the way it will be framed with the satellite piece framed and hung next to it. the effect will be lost in a book. To be frank, all the effect is lost for large pieces, the presence, the translucent color, texture, its a physical affair. - on having huge paintings displayed at the show
i dunno, im gonna show some levine stuff at HK, plus stuff that will not be shown, its horses for courses as always.
Plus Ill be at HK for a bit personally , NYC might just be my art , sowho knows, too far away at the moment

Commenting on people debating whether they should go to NY to meet Ash:
nah, do what you want, im not lure, the art is the star.
ill always be a let down the art never will be !

i said i dont know, nearly a year away. ill know mid year - about coming to Levine show personally

Whether there will be any art for show at SDCC 2012:
[coior=green]nothing for sdcc, probably, between venture and levine thats enough ash art for 2012[/color]
ill be at sdcc, im da ceo, gotta be there for 3A ! like talkign to you guys, focus is not on me, but the toys too

Here you can find out about Ashley's and Jeremy's show in NY 2012: , if you are lazy to click, the show starts on October 20st and runs all the way till Nov 17th.

WWRp DIY de Plume customized into JDF colorway by our boardie rraayy

December - 2011 Ali9FtDecember - 2011 Xj7ExtDecember - 2011 O6BRHtDecember - 2011 PEkaNt

Popbot Blind Cowboy single packaging (earlier we saw the super pack)

December - 2011 H6WsQt

Latest art from Ashley's blog: a small prelim for a big painting

December - 2011 SvQSct

Ashley commenting about the painting and how big it will be:
"17"10" or close, the final wil lbe really big..if it works out
its great prelim, canvas is nifty when it comes to prelims"

"canvas is easy to frame"

Whether there will be anymore shows in 2012:
v2hk and Levine for art shows, and if it can swung, the eder 30 day show
nothing more !

Famous AK Ankou EX Laurent , who gave the name to the Laurent effect – when regular releases become more rare than limited ones, as pre-order is determined by numbers. Dig the colors on this not so little guy! Photo by f_seb

December - 2011 HXWvmtDecember - 2011 Oi0KUt

Ashley reminding why giant cardboard square didn't happen (cause they were too expensive to build):
not at the price it would be, you wouldnt !

WWR MK2 Brillo Square goes on sale in 2 days and 6 hours from now , on December 24th 9:00AM Hong-Kong time, limited to one per person, please be there early , as they are limited and pre-made (not an on pre-order). Thank you!


AK Ankou EX review by our boardie: zobbsrombie

December - 2011 D9uzgm

Click here for newsletter, dedicated to Andy the MK2 Square!

December - 2011 M0eMGtDecember - 2011 ZRKYut

ANDY the MK2 Square goes onsale on the 24th December, 9-00am Hong Kong time. Andy will cost $65usd, the price includes a signed 12"x12" exclusive Ashley Wood print, AND SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!

Remember, Andy is limited, so be early at if you want to give a home to him !

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our supporters and friends!


Commenting on WWR MK2 Square Brillo numbers and advising to be there early:
we aint getting into the numbers at all, we offer our stuff, thats it.
just be early, flippers will be flipped!
this is our 3A xmas toy, not trying to make trouble or hard, we wants smiles !

Ashley about quantity of art shows in 2012:
2, maybe 3 ash art shows is enough, then 2013 is gonna be scant

Remember 30 days - 30 sketches project on Ashley's blog? The work will be displayed at Scott Eder's gallery in NY somewhere around March 2012! You can find out more about Scott and his gallery here:
just spoke to Scotty eder, the show will happen in march, details soon
so if you around new york and wanna see the daily stuff, mark ya calender or contact scott.
Im really excoted for the HK show !

Answering how long art will be on the display:
i dunno, its scotts gallery, I have done my work fo rit, the rest is outta my hands, email scott for details

About Popbot Blind Cowboy single and super set packaging and we finding out that super set comes with a poster!

December - 2011 H6WsQtDecember - 2011 OZ0H0tDecember - 2011 JIJJpt

"box set doesnt have a single figure box in it, the horse and cowboy are packed together in one box. SO only the single figure has the single box.."
"i think there are more sets than singles "

horseset has a poster, wouldnt fit on the single box im told.

Ashley answering whether this beautiful painting is sold or not:

December - 2011 ArDpot

not for sale yet mr defcon, there are 20 peeps on a so called list for it too.. i thought no one liked cowboys ?
but it will be at the HK Venture show for peeps to see

well there isnt really a list, but 20 have7 wanted to buy it, so if I sell it, your 21st offer, start saving gimby

Whether we will see more animals made by 3A:
when there is an animal character ill make a toy, but I dont have many in my worlds, kitty, labs and horse are it i think..

AK SXCLB ANKOU EX is revealed!

December - 2011 E3Lc5tDecember - 2011 ZzsNYtDecember - 2011 Q8enptDecember - 2011 6LA4wt

On SXCLB Ankou Bouncer looks:
our fav figure of 2011 at 3A
as voted by me , benny and siu

Im sorry its late, but the look I wanted was hard to achieve, we have many versions that were not up to snuff !

To remind you a bit about AK SXCLB ANKOU EX and Little Shadow 2pack , they were offered BLINDLY during Ankou EX sale and all people saw was this image:

December - 2011 DOzxYt

So you risk it and you get an awesome product, really envious of everyone, who has the 2pack coming!

Ashley commenting on the statement that AK SXCLB Ankou EX looks different from the drawing, shown at the store:
sorry ya dont dig moldie
but Im always gonna deliver what I feel is best, yup, it dont look like the image, but fuck, if it did, you would be happy I bet!
I think the buying blind is a shaley premise for both sides, there wont be any in the short or long term.
Selling a toy coz yaa dont dig isnt flipping eithr, buying 2-3 and sending facebook messages out asking for more than bamba is flipping.
SXCLB is the Ankou I envisioned, not everyone will like, god hel us if they did !

if ya hate that much, and feel misled, email CS after the holiday break regarding a refund. ill put it back in the store, no prob.

On AK SXCLB Ankou EX and Little Shadow 2pack shipping:
back to ankou
they will ship int he new year, but with chinese new year shutting stuff down its a race to the line

WWR Square MK2 Brillo goes on sale in one day and seven hours from now. It means that I'll open F5 bar and Grill in seven hours (where we can chat and celebrate – perhaps the last 3A sale in 2011), as it goes open 24 hours before the sale starts. Again, ANDY the MK2 Square goes onsale on the 24th December, 9-00am Hong Kong time , limited to one per person and please be there early.


WWR MK2 Brillo Square goes on sale in less than 24 hours so it's that special time again. The moment I always look forward it's an opening of F5 Bar and Grill! What is F5 Bar and Grill? It's a cool place, where we all hang out before the sale starts, sharing excitement, our thoughts and whatnot, and trying our best to stay on topic (we doesn't always succeed in that task though).
Have fun in the bar, but don't forget basic rules and maintaining positive vibes of our beloved 3A board. Since F5 Bar during the sale is really crowded and grows like several pages in few minutes, all the essential sales info + sketches will be posted in the first opening post of the F5 thread. So before asking a question, please check the first page of the bar for answers. You can always PM me (or other MODs) if you some questions and you don't want to post them publicly.
Looking forward to your art dedicated to this sale, will be as always patrolling the bar and making the gallery at imgur and of course putting the images in my news column.

F5 Bar is open and waiting for you!

A bit of today's news.

Ashley on his desire to make new and even BIGGER (WHAT?! - as you know the current Ankou EX is already not so small boy) Ankou:
i think we need a Ankou EX-TRA
24" err
or not.

cue he-man music

Mighty Square makes me REALLY excited, I wonder if Ashley is talking about 1:1 or 1/6th scale:
2012 will see the release of the MIGHTY SQUARE, the biggest square of all !
wonderfest might be a good place to spy him first
i have said tooo much !

Posting in his art thread:
fuck, I have 20 framed awesome polaroids that are fucking hard to photograph, hence the lack of the polashow..
sigh, could be a cupboard job

Our boardie - NYHOUSEKID has the most complete 3A collection I know about and I couldn't keep this images to myself, once I saw that he collected all six different NYCC Zombs:

December - 2011 NkdQdtDecember - 2011 PcwlCtDecember - 2011 GNS0Dt

You all heard that AK Ankou and Zombs look great in hordes, now I can tell the same about Popbot Lolli TQs - photo by [i]Amon Lin
, which was took at Taiwan 3A Legion meeting.

December - 2011 CUe2Mt

Ashley reminding that 3A HK office ( and ) are gone for Christmas Holidays and will be back after 28th, so please don't be scared that nobody hasn't answered on your emails so far.

December - 2011 MS0stt

yup 3A is closed, benny and me are coming back for the square sale, but no one else is around.
I just found this guy under the tree.. happy christmas indeed
"he is awesome, but im biased, all cats are grey, I mean cool !" - about the kitty

On polaroids and showing these awesome images of Severed foot:

December - 2011 9YjmPt

"no big polaroids here, still need a camera and film, looking looking"
"well i have the 4 polaroid piece somewhere of the toy, ill that if I can find it
regarding the human foot, framed up, and im rather lost s to what to do with them"
"what severed foot, there are a few, toy or real ?"

tis my lively hood, I dont say work for free do i ?
thats the bottom line, my art pays my bills..
strange but true

Posting in nyhousekid collection thread:
jordan, no yellow zombot ? i like the book display

Very cool photos of AK Adventure Kartel Ankou EX by memecomplex

December - 2011 BapQmtDecember - 2011 V2o4BtDecember - 2011 IKElZtDecember - 2011 9pyBGt


Ashley posting about mysterious Yellow Zombot chase (from good old days):
"i have one in my studio, scoping it right now ! even has a name, LEMON GUARD"
"its old too, 18 months, there out there"

Commenting on AK Ankou EX Bouncer
white latex is always sexier than black
cat ch ya the andy sale

We might see photos of upcoming Mighty Square tonight? Don't know how to interpret that one.
see at the ANDY SALE !

WWR MK2 Andy Brillo Square goes on sale in less than 40 minutes from now, on December 24th 9:00AM HK time at , these are limited -> first come , first serve! LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON! So please be there a bit early or on time (sharp!).
Event time announcer for your timezone:
click here please

And they are up at Bambalandstore!

Ashley posting in the bar during WWR MK2 Brillo Square sale:
you will be fine, i keep telling ya, it not super limited, but there is a number.
well my christmas is sucking, after replacing and fixing my last leaks, the pressure in my house changed makign all the old suspect fittings nuke..
christmas flood... sighh
Benny will be handlign the tech side of sale , ill pop in when I can, need to help the plumbers....
ANDY !!!

"its killing me, and insurance wont pay, not storm or accident..

the pipes are too close, and are rubbing. originally a bad build I guess, so after all these years they are just getting too thin etc

Andy – out of stock situation – as some people ignored the warning and ordered more than one:
"fucker ordered 10 - 20
i got water everywhere and flippers dancing around !"

all orders more than 1 are being nixed

On putting Andy back to the store - after cancelling multiple orders:
next time you wanna bag on me or benny etc, remember on xmas eve, flooded and pissing my family off here deleting orders so you guys have a better chance, there are not many peeps or companies that would do that...
3A loves ya !

benny is handling it guys, keep trying
the amount was right, just the abusive flippers wanked it

If you accidentally ordered two, please email
better email cs and explain yea goof if you went two andys!

Oh and Brillo Square – estimated shipping time - April 2012.

WWR MK2 Brillo Square is soldout and gone from the store.
"there wil be some more, just keep checking benny is on it"
"there going up now"
"last of em !

Thank you SO MUCH for being here with us almost on Xmas and sorry if you haven't scored Andy...

One of our usual FAQs: where there any surprises? no, just Andy.

Christmas wishes from Ash:
later guys, gotta fix some shit
merry christmas, hapy holidays, stay safe !

Ashley about Andy character in Popbot and denying that it was actually an Andy Warhol:
"well IF YOU READ POPBOT, YOU WOULD NOW KNOW IT WASNT ANDY AT ALL, so no, there will never be a WARHOL figure...
didnt medicom make one ?"
"andy wasnt real, a figment of a mind"

There is a possibility that 3A might make Andy
i might make a figure that looks like andy, but it aint andy

Why it's not going to be Andy Andy?
coz it aint, its not andy, never was warhol. it was a fantasy of the 5th knight

You can discuss Andy , fantasy of the 5th knight in this thread:

No Mighty Square images for us tonight:
mighty will be at wonderfest

Cutest DIY Square MK2 customs I've even seen! Made by pollyanna's wife.
A bit more about them:
They are Maman of an American Shorthair, and Sounan of a Maine Coon.

December - 2011 Fb6bqtDecember - 2011 2kWVKt


Christmas at 3A forum, not much happening at 3A world right now, everyone is celebrating , HK office is gone to Holidays and everyone is gathering strength for 2012, which is going to be one EPIC year for 3A, mark my words.

Closed pre-orders, which will ship through first months of 2012:
Adventure Kartel Ankou EX - singles shipping out through December - 2pack - January 2012
WWR 3AA Doc Grunt + Nurse Betsy Mk2 Square - January 2012
Popbot Blind Cowboy - January 2012
WWRp JEA Bertie MK3 - to be announced
AK Finger Gang - estimated shipping time- February/March 2012
WWRp NW and Deep Powder Bertie MK3 - estimated shipping time- late February 2012
AP Zomb - estimated shipping time - March 2012
Popbot M+M The Nabler 1/6th - estimated shipping time - December 2011/January 2012
WWRp Heavy Bramble Iron Panda - estimated shipping time - late March 2012
WWR Rothchild - estimated shipping time - March 2012
Popbot 7Bones Seven Bones Kyoku - estimated shipping time - April 2012
Andy Brillo Square - estimated shipping time - April 2012

Here is a small part, which awaits us in 2012 (information taken from threeA toys Catalogue, carefully gathered and put together by gar)

3AA 2012 membership - 13.01.2012
$xx (new members: first come first serve starting on 13.01.2012 at 09:00AM HK time / renewal has a 24h order period)

Supreme Nom - xx.01.2012
$xx (January release, if possible)

Konami x 3A Metal Gear Solid REX -xx.01.2012
$xx (no info on retail availability, yet)

Bandai x 3A Gundam Zaku - xx.xx.xxxx
$xx (no info on retail availability, yet)

Ashley Wood Soot Diver 1:1 - xx.xx.xxxx
$600 (+ $xx shipping costs, very limited)

Popbot Action Portable Heavy Tomorrow King - xx.xx.xxxx

Dreamworks x 3A Real Steel Ambush -xx.xx.xxxx
$xx (no info on retail availability, yet)

WWR Harold - xx.xx.xxxx
please keep in mind that all these information is subject to change

And of course two major shows:
Toy and art show in Hong-Kong: REVENTURE - will take place on April 27 - May 4, 2012. Like the previous Hong Kong show, it will take place at ThreeA headquarters.
Art show: Ashley Wood and Jeremy Geddes - Levine gallery, NY, US: will take place on October 20 - November 17.

Sketches summary from F5 bar:

December - 2011 PfMcktDecember - 2011 Fta6htDecember - 2011 RbutTtDecember - 2011 TKb3ztDecember - 2011 15PsQtDecember - 2011 0QbBrtDecember - 2011 ZjoxCtDecember - 2011 IFpDPtDecember - 2011 Ro6w3tDecember - 2011 QvdxetDecember - 2011 BYGFttDecember - 2011 NlySctDecember - 2011 SRc69tDecember - 2011 WZiFutDecember - 2011 RjHg8tDecember - 2011 S1uRotDecember - 2011 CcOTstDecember - 2011 ZRnzitDecember - 2011 N6IRftDecember - 2011 ZzTjctDecember - 2011 D6UPEtDecember - 2011 Wcb1ptDecember - 2011 6fpu4tDecember - 2011 NKk9MtDecember - 2011 ShRvbtDecember - 2011 B4yt5t

and all in online gallery:

And my usual farewell from F5 Bar, wishing Merry Christmas to the Legion
Don't know if Ashley has something else up in his sleeve for this year, but officially we are done and next F5 Bar will be only in 2012 (which isn't that far way).
It was a fun year of 2012 bars, we had A LOT of them and each one was special in it's own way. I wish we had still all the memory threads and I could comply something fun for you, but well, they will live in our memories. Huge thank you to everyone who showed support through the year and spent some time in F5 bar, made art and was there to offer helping hand to another boardie. I have a feeling that Legion grow a lot this year and already overwhelmed thinking about 3AA 2012 sign up.
And last, but not the least:
I want to use this opportunity to wish everyone Merry Christmas. I want your houses to be filled with love and mutual respect, give hugs , don't hesitate to say how you love and value each other and treasure these magic moments.
In the end family and friends is what matters the most.

WWR EMGY TRG Trooper made first landing in US and it's bloody awesome! Photos by chrisorbit and LordPiper

December - 2011 12OG5tDecember - 2011 QtvIgtDecember - 2011 7cf8ktDecember - 2011 9FBJ7tDecember - 2011 DwGoHtDecember - 2011 TB7NAtDecember - 2011 H7d5ft

EMGY TRG Trooper marker is added to the map: , unfortunately the map engine is running out of the markers, only three empty ones left, so I will have to delete old and long shipped releases. Never fun...

WWR EMGY TRG Trooper and AK Ankou EX Fat Drown & Shadow Security reviews by toygodd can be found here and here.


Ashley about new opportunity to win Popbot Shadow & Light Oya:
coz im here, new contest for the TL oya set.
a 3D animation of any WWR or AK character, end of jan for the deadline

Talking with BRiZL, who made an animation (not a 3D one) some time ago:
3D mr Brizl, or I might as well give ya the prize now.
dont worry, your time will come !!

As 3A toy & art show – REVENTURE is approaching, Ashley is talking about his plan to visit Hong-Kong soon , to paint 1:1 kitties

December - 2011 5Ggyet

im going up to HK in the early new year to paint them all !
cant wait

About Le Jardine – which is according to Ashley is "best comic he have ever done". What can I say? Can't wait for 2012 to get it in my hands!
nice polaroids, i like em fucked up, my camera is so bad it makes shit look awesome... love it
As we near 2012 im getting excited as its the year me and t p release Le Jardine.

best comic I have ever done period
best story, best art
but as Im putting it out myself, might distro through 3A, dont know yet, im not really sure about the logistics.
its 12x12"
its an ongoing story presented in 64page chunks, 1 min a year, hopefully 2.
venture will have a prelude, but part of the contents will be in the first book.
its being done for love, we are not paid to do it, it wont make a cent, but we feel we have to do it.

Thinking out loud about WWR Bertie MK2 and whether it will be more like WWRp version or taking another direction:
easy, photograph ua mini one, blur, and thats it !
actually, im debating adding details and other stuff.. stay true to WWRp or move forward... mmm

As mentioned earlier AK Ankou EX 2packs will ship in January:
not till the new year!

Same goes about AK retail exclusives
i think so, but you never know, im not so in loop for shipping stuff, I normally get stuff after you guys.

I absolutely love, when 3A Legionnaires meet up in different part of the worlds and show their collections. Here are the pics from Shanghai and huge thanks goes to organizers: AHAO,KK,Train列车,鸭子,zeci,cj

December - 2011 JTDSItDecember - 2011 UCxNrtDecember - 2011 UCxNrtDecember - 2011 WD4wFt

More pics here.

Ashley about this meeting:
who cares it looks awesome and makes me feel proud !
great stuff SHANGHAI
- who cares part – as an answer to people discussing how the organizers know who each figure belongs to
i think its all one persons collection !

Commenting on the fact, that not everyone knew the size of the Nabler:
yea, said it many times, but bottom line is is, 80% of our customers dont even frequent the boards etc. I kinda assume they do, or at least get vox, but many dont ?

Speaking about which! Here are the pics by our boardies: ainxx, a-vin and dkaa. More Popbot Nabler pics here.

December - 2011 WHeLotDecember - 2011 WcLt4tDecember - 2011 MHojbtDecember - 2011 8HCint

A bit more information about Le Jardine and what we might expect:
no robots, no super heroes, not wanna be movie looking comics, it will enjoy being a comic, and use what ever is needed to be one, thought balloons, descriptive boxes, whatever, fuck post modernism, fuck tradition !
that covers it


Looks like I'm not the one, who likes photos of Legion meetings! Ashley is offering regional Legionnaire contest!
... we need an international 3A toy battle royal, each country does sumin liek this, you guys judge it.
damn, you know this shit makes me inspired to make toys

ill make prizes, 3A will, epic prizes worthy of a planet sized battle !

Talking about Nabler – more coming! Maybe even pre-paid Nabler club.

"I want to do more, colors, head shapes, expressions !
maybe a pre paid nabler club
I can dig that, the nabler is a deep character that is featured in many of my paintings, not simple spirit, he represents many emotions, views, mistakes , wins, lies, truths etc."

"nablers like what you like, bring your own boobs, go find them!"

On different versions of smoke on Nablers:
didnt like the smoke being painted, so I nixed it, simple as that, I have both, and dig the clean smoke more.
plus in the sale image its very clear its clean.

Whether we will see 1:1 scale Nabler:
1:1 will happen

When we might see Popbot Lady Sham for sale? There is a chance we will see again the QUEEN of EMO - CNYTQ 2012.*
feb or march, depends on the hatchery and working around chinese new year, shit gotta hustle the CNYTQ !

*New Legionnaires are probably wondering what is so special about Chinese New Year Tomorrow Queen, well, where do I start? So far threeA made only two runs: first was made in 2010 and only 10 were offered at Bambalandstore, rest of them (limited unknown quantity) were gifted to staff and business associates. Second run: Year of the Rabbit TQ – only around 10 were made. Pics:

December - 2011 ZmazutDecember - 2011 HSjjutDecember - 2011 Oh6Gyt

All ladies, featuring rare ones like first TQ from 2009 - Hong-Kong Venture TQ , Beijing Gathering TQ, Easter TQ and of course both CNYTQ in nyhousekid collection:

December - 2011 IQRKUt

About comics made into movies and how he feels about them:
comics are not a path to movies, a step stone or poor cousin, no movie has ever made me feel as good as a comic does. "batman year one" is the best batman story, the movie dont come close. The Dark Knight returns wont be matched my any film, regardless of actor or director.
for me that is.
from Bode and crumb to john buscema and jack kirby I dig em.

Speaking about the date of next Action Portable Tomorrow King sale:
not jan, dunno when, i have 3 more ready but as they are extremely hard to make we are waiting till there is a spot etc.
once you see them in VOX you know they are getting close !

Explaining why WWR MK2 Brillo Square shipping date was listed as April at the store:
the plastic and vinyl is done, but the chinese new year will be holding them back till april or sooner due to shutting down in jan and not being back to full speed till late feb. alo the print has to be made. April is the max date im told, it could be sooner

Old forum veterans probably remember FUCK Jenga – Tomorrow Kings photos, so they will especially smile about this one by awd182:

December - 2011 0Oenjt

And here is old an classic photo , I am referring to above:

December - 2011 KLIA4t


Ashley about hooded version of AK Ankou

December - 2011 KcxKbt

im going to offer the the hooded ankou in the new year, the one with hands etc.
there is only one colorway and its shadow security.

simple isnt 3A

Popbot 7Bones Queeny is coming to us in January, she is going to be third member of 7Bones and first lady so far:
Queeny is jan, cos she is ready to go !
I hate saying this, but she is my fav 7B so far, and maybe TQ...

Queeny is the squad commander of 7B, can kick any of their assess, her only weapon in the pole !

Whether 7Bones Queeny will be different from previous TQs:
look different, she has no parts form any previous TQ except main body.. 4 hands, two holding, two open etc

About 3AA 2012 membership advantages:
speaking of 3AA, we have settled on a plan to let 3AA members have access to all standard figures, with a prior 24 hour ordering period to regular customers. basically anything not purchased by 3AA members gets offered to all after 24 hours. or sumin like that. the details will all be in the first vox or special 3AA vox in jan. We will work to the 3AA membership, that wil be our guide for production !

Whether 3AA 2012 membership owners, will have a priority access to exclusive or limited stuff:
no, limited will always be that, just thrown into the mix in small numbers, if they were small numbers we couldnt make them due to hatchery constraints.

And 3AA exclusives will remain 3AA exclusives:
we wont offer exclusive 3AA to fans, only regular
easier just not to make em!

So basically, if you have been 3AA member and will prolong membership, nothing will change for you:
its no different to how its been this year, just gonna change for non members !

Ashley posting in HK Venture thread:
can someone start a list of peeps coming, I want a handle of local and international attendees

And here is the planning thread itself, awesome to see that many people going!

Ashley about his cat, VOX and more pluming issues:
Monty is his name
I got another leak.. my whole house's system is stuff, bad copper...
even old eternally happy ash is starting to be ground down...
VOX is so much easier than house issues!

Two big dates (so far) for January 2012: January 6th, 9:00AM HK time - Gundam x Ashley Wood Zaku sale and January 13th 9:00PM HK time - 3AA membership sale (many waited almost whole year for that!). Please mark your calendars, of course if you are interested.

December - 2011 6r5k1tDecember - 2011 HBwAGtDecember - 2011 HzKi2tDecember - 2011 U0gPXt

WWR Doc Grunt and Square are shipping out soon:

December - 2011 Liritt

medic is in the system, you guys should have soon in the new year.

Popbot GID Nabler strong glow , captured by ictoys:

December - 2011 KtynSt

More cool pics from 3A Legion meeting in Shanghai, just checkout all 3A goodness!

December - 2011 ZJeMPtDecember - 2011 Jc16VtDecember - 2011 XNRCAtDecember - 2011 C5YS5t

Nice photos, showing actual size of Popbot Nabler and his nature. Photos by jF

December - 2011 BEekBtDecember - 2011 Gti4OtDecember - 2011 R6lWUt

AK Ankou EX and Little Shadow love story, captured by two_hand

December - 2011 Y5tk8tDecember - 2011 W8M6rtDecember - 2011 BFjTrt

AK Ankou EX and Zombs/Fighting JC + Tracky team by holiday and chrisorbit

December - 2011 S7QvFtDecember - 2011 D4G9StDecember - 2011 BZkzjtDecember - 2011 HcqfrtDecember - 2011 YRqcItDecember - 2011 X0Sdwt


Ashley about 3A Zaku, which will be up for sale January 6th, 9:00AM Hong-Kong time at and the price is: 330$
only one edition for now, I have no others in the works, we have to see how this goes sales wise
Ill have shots of the final version over the weekend I believe
price is 330 usd , costs a lot to make and Bandai has to be paid first!

Commenting on the price and more versions:
yea, as its not our IP, and a team up between two companies etc, lots of stuff is outta our hands here at 3A etc.
I have no idea how it will do, bit Im happy to have on

never know, maybe they will be, who knows how they will sell. Some have asked if euro or US shops wil have them, thats a no as we dont the right to sell in the US Europe etc

On how many will be offered:
i think thats fine, these are being made to order !

MAZINGER is coming as well!
"im too busy with Mazinger ~"
"i dont mess when Mazinger is concerned, i have a Gundam idea, gotta see if anyone wants Zaku !"

So guys, wanna see Mazinger?! Show some love to Zaku! hehe

Very nice banner, representing RVHK, did you notice William Wray?!

December - 2011 SBsvUt

all details will be known after Jan

Happy New Year from Ash:
Happy New year, see ya in 2012 !

And a small note from me:
Here New Year starts in less than 9 hours, but in some places it's already 2012. Wishing Happy New Year to everyone! Lots of health, happiness and LOVE! It's been a tough year for a lot of people, hopefully next year will be much better and economy goes up. Unfortunately we can't control it or what's going on in the world, but 3A brought some awesome figures in 2011 and will continue doing it in 2012. See ya on the other side!

January 2012


Ashley about 1:1 kitties, which will be shown (and hopefully for sale) at REVENTURE in Hong-Kong.
no lists!!
i still have to paint them, fuck I might only make 5, who know, so no listsssss

im sick of saying how shit things are, shocking new years, what can ya dop but move on.
there are no specific kittys, im just gonn apaint them as I feel fit, some will be sparse, some much mor labored, whatever the feeling on the day, i might keep them all
art is adventure, scary and exciting.

On Linkin Park and 3A WWRp Bramble Thousand Horizons shipping:
yup, asking them is best. we have no info!

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