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April - 2012

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April - 2012  Empty April - 2012

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:36 am



Quick update:

New original art / colored prints come and go to

BENT – BENT Original painting, 18"x18" painting on canvas – sold

April - 2012  IkBQGt

Miss Tabator – hand colored print – sold

April - 2012  EqHmat

Nabler On Location – 24"x13.5" painting on wood panel – sold

April - 2012  LWmbstApril - 2012  U2n0EtApril - 2012  T9jjzt

TK Venture – TK VENTURE Original painting. Used for Venture TK toy box, 12"x8" painting on canvas – sold

April - 2012  Rhw29t

Lady Sham – Lady Sham Original painting. Used for Lady Sham toy box – sold

April - 2012  BAEwOt

Ashley Wood Gallery newsletter (click here to read it)

April - 2012  SMQx1t

Welcome to what is the third newsletter, but you can call what you want !

We have a new print going up today, the first batch of Lady Sham Stroll , yup we don't offer any pre order times, or whatnot like most others, that's just the way the Ashley Wood gallery is. Also please remember one per customer or your order will canceled!

Ash and I were crashed out on the sofa late the other night after a monster day of packaging, (we have not one but two exhibitions on this year), and packaging this time has been some kind of marathon, (this is just for Hong Kong Re-Venture…) But you’ll never hear us complain about how much work everything takes because every day of our lives we are acutely aware of just how bloody lucky we are. The support that Ash gets as an artist and creator, (that we both get as creative people in general), is just amazing and we never ever take that for granted. So, let me take a moment also to thank all of you once again, not just for this year or how you supported us last year, but for all the years we’ve been going and all the years we still have to come.

People write to us often and express how much happiness they get from everything that we do, whether it’s books, art, toys or prints but likewise, (and maybe we don’t get to say this enough), we also get to have the enjoyment of creating new things for all of you too. So thank you, thank you!

This week sees the release of another print, the organization and work that goes into each release is pretty full on. Our house from the outside looks insane to those who know us, the art biz runs 24/7, (literally because we deal with so many time zones there’s always something going on somewhere.) Those who occasionally get a look in at the cacophony wonder how the heck do we do it but when you’re in it, it’s like standing in the eye of the storm, you don’t notice that there’s a hurricane is going on, but what a hurricane it is!

The prints are probably the most personal and cottage industry style thing that we now do, and we do it because we love it. We like the craftsmanship of it, we like the intimate nature of it, so do stick with us throughout 2012 and beyond because there’s lots more coming up.

LADY SHAM STROLL - 50" x 17" print, 50 editions $220aud. first batch is sold out - and there will be more tomorrow

April - 2012  PXikhtApril - 2012  Lnr0atApril - 2012  70uIGt

Stuff around the studio (featuring awesome 1:1 kitty and what seems to be Re-Venture posters)

April - 2012  0vTqqtApril - 2012  JjUHqtApril - 2012  CE4N5tApril - 2012  35UcJtApril - 2012  YVArJtApril - 2012  YMSsGtApril - 2012  CgDBqt


April - 2012  Noh3otApril - 2012  L56hFt

And two WWRp Berties MK3 are up at and they will not be available anywhere else: Daywatch and Sand Devil Bertie (mode B)

April - 2012  Z4Iz4tApril - 2012  V3A1Rt

To avoid any confusion: Nightwatch Bertie MK3 in 1/12th scale was offered in October/November 2011.

Bambalandstore secret sale – price: 70$, just like other WWRp MK3 Berties:

April - 2012  Nuf7at

up right now and nobody knows how limited it is and when it's going down.

Latest news from Ashley's blog:
oh yea
New hand colored YAY print in the store...
Forgot to make..
good night, dinner time and a de-compress !


Lady Sham Stroll first batch sold out
Thanks, more tomorrow!


According to Ashley's blog:
Last batch of new print SOLDOUT
Thanks guys !

Some of 1:1 kitties, who will say "MEOWW" at Re-Venture:

April - 2012  YyzCst

One of three books premiering at Re-Venture – Raw Fuck it

April - 2012  BJ4ipt

Bertie GID is back to Bambaland, might be gone any minute.
So please keep watching the store and best of luck!

Looking for talented sculptors
3A is looking for super talented sculptors to help with a small toy soldier type project, if you can sculpt small drop us a line at:

Guys, please understand one thing. I don't know when GID is going to be up next, as each surprise release - is a mystery. But as long, as there is no word from Ashley that they are sold out, there is always a chance.
It's breathtaking to see such a tremendous support, but please don't go bitter about not scoring GID Bertie after countless tires.
Cart-jacking - can be extremely annoying and I certainly can relate to that, but that's what happens, when you have - let's say five Berties in the store and fifty people, who are putting it into the cart at the same time and someone is just a portion of a second faster during checkout or other actions.
I really wish best of luck to each and everyone, who is hunting for GID Bertie.


William Wray's - Cult of Beauty work in progress pics:

April - 2012  4E5KttApril - 2012  WTcG4t

Cult of Beauty is one of three books (Raw Fuck it ; Fuck it #4) which will be debuting at Re-Venture.

Some of Re-Venture exclusives boxes:

April - 2012  Pd1iYt

And photo from unknown HK magazine, featuring YESTERDAY PRINCESS and OLD GUARD T KING SBV, submitted by Pansy Chan:

April - 2012  BEdbmt

Crispy & clean photos of Yesterday Princess and Old Guard T King SBV t-shirts:

April - 2012  TPdVxtApril - 2012  0uMaMt


AK The Robot Island Series start with CHERRY BOMB , meat versus metal! Available soon at
April - 2012  Hg19zt

VOX RE-VENTURE special is coming:
biggest VOX ever, probably Sat Hong-Kong time.

Photos of Ashley Wood Gallery giclee prints by whitey and flayle

April - 2012  7T0FctApril - 2012  GPG2DtApril - 2012  RZiWwtApril - 2012  GSczUtApril - 2012  ASvhKt


VOX Re-Venture special link:

Biggest VOX so far, which features full reveal of Re-Venture exclusive figures, except NABLER GENERATION ONE RE-VENTURE SNOOGLER, which showed typical Nabler behavior and ran away from VOX and excluding 1:1 Ashley Wood collection (kitties, soot diver – announcement/info will be available later now).

Re-Venture, 3A returns to its original art and toy show, first seen in 2009! 2009's Venture is one of the most memorable event in 3A's history, a gathering of like minded minded people that loved art and toys. From displaying works by Jeremy Geddes, Kenny Wong and Ashley Wood, to the amazing people that traveled from around the world, it was truly a memorable and much loved time.

In 2009 ThreeA brought you Venture, a unique and very special event for people who love art, pop culture and toys. We brought you the very latest in ThreeA toys, sculpture and design, alongside the art works of such renown modern artists as Jeremy Geddes, Kenny Wong and Ashley Wood. And now we’re set to do it all over again!
ThreeA are proud to announce that we are about to embark on the next installment of our Venture gatherings, Re-Venture! Whether you live in Hong Kong or you’re traveling from thousands of miles away, this is the one show not to be missed. This year will see the unveiling of 80+ works of original art by our brand new 2012 line up of artists, direct from the U.S.A we bring you the legendary William Wray, from the U.K we bring you the talented and always brilliant Rufus Dayglo and then to top it all off we once again bring you Ashley Wood. (Price lists for artworks listed for sale will appear on the ThreeA blog prior to the show’s opening night).

The team at ThreeA have been working around the clock to bring you a show that celebrates art, toys and friendship. We invite you all to come and see our newly remodeled gallery and HQ, to catch up with old friends and new. Our very latest toys and future designs will be on full display, we will also be featuring a new line up of art books, goodies and take home merchandise that you won’t want to miss. Meet and greet Three Zero, Benny, Lok and the whole crew from ThreeA.

Re-Venture will also feature several new book debuts; William Wray’s “Cult of Beauty” and Ashley Wood’s “Raw Fuck It” and Fuck It #4. We will also be previewing Rufus Dayglo’s comic book series “Solid Gold Death Mask”, a new series soon to be published by ThreeA.

See You There!!

Star of the show (for me at least) and VOX Re-Venture special

SHIT MOOD LADYSHAM 1/6th scale, price: 90USD.
April - 2012  JmPk8tApril - 2012  Jtkb5tApril - 2012  LsO90tApril - 2012  Q6Wapt

Ashley Wood Collection Severed foot – these will be available at Bambalandstore (not Re-Venture exclusives)

April - 2012  OVLjst

WWRp KID Sarge 10pack – in 1/6th scale there were DIY and JEA Square, in 1/12th pack they are exchanged with DW&NW MK2 Squares. Price - 150 USD.

April - 2012  KTMgKtApril - 2012  HeogLt

AK ANKOU EX SXCLB H SHADEY in 1/6th scale, love the hands on this guy. Pink SXCLB Ankou from 2pack, which is shipping out right now has clamp hands. Price - 165 USD.

April - 2012  Uv1fBtApril - 2012  UQrN2t

YESTERDAY PRINCESS ( two versions, random ) 1/6th scale , price: 90 USD.

April - 2012  Jq0jetApril - 2012  9Qbg3t

2000AD Blackhole Mongrol and Mess 1/12th scale, price: 55 USD:

April - 2012  8vDiKt

OLD GUARD T KING SBV ( four versions, random ) 1/6th, price: 90 USD:

April - 2012  JhLF4tApril - 2012  XdkNvtApril - 2012  Ec3PatApril - 2012  PmvkMt

One of Re-Venture invitation night (April 27th) gems: 1:1 TK mask, put it on and imagine what Tomorrow King would do!

April - 2012  TiOMvt

William Wray, Ashley Wood and Rufus Dayglo artwork – Price lists for artworks listed for sale will appear on the ThreeA blog prior to the show’s opening night.

April - 2012  V7L7VtApril - 2012  MSgFjtApril - 2012  35cbSt

New book debuts from ThreeA publishing: William Wray’s “Cult of Beauty” and Ashley Wood’s “Raw Fuck It” & Fuck It #4. And previewing of Rufus Dayglo’s comic book series “Solid Gold Death Mask”, which is entirely new series soon to be published by ThreeA

April - 2012  U5LbZt

How to find Re-Venture location / threeA HQs:

April - 2012  KfIVmt

Re-Venture FAQs:

1) What is the address of Re-Venture?
Room A, 3/F, Jone Mult Industrial Building, 169 Wai Yip St., Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

2) What are the dates and show working hours?
April 27th is an invitation night and it stars on 6:30PM.
On 28 April – 4 May 11:00am – 08:00pm, the event will be open to the public and entrance is free of charge.
Saturday April 28 and Sunday April 29, Ashley Wood, William Wray and Rufus Dayglo will be available to sign books and toys purchased at R-Venture. The exact time of this signing will be announced in advance.

3) Who gets invited to opening night on April 27th?
The Opening Night Event Party will take place on Friday 27 April and be opened only to invited friends and guests of ThreeA.
The first one-hundred (100) paid and confirmed 3AA pre-sale customers will be invited as guests to the party and they will be notified in advance.

4) When 3AA pre-order is happening?
3AA pre-order is ONLY for people, who will be able to pick up Re-Venture exclusives at the show.
Pre-sale will take place on 10th April, at 9am, at Pre-sale of Event Exclusives is available for existing ThreeA Associates 2012 (3AA) only, and is limited one (1) set per person. Only sets will be offered during 3AA pre-order:

set A includes:
TK (random)
1/12th scale Square MK2 10Pack
Lady Sham
FI 4 Book
$420 before 3AA discount

set B includes:
TQ (random)
Ankou ex
Wray Book
Raw FI Book
$400 before 3AA discount

Superset C (set A and set B combined) : $800 before 3AA discount

5) What are 3AA pre-order rules, which you must fulfill to make an order (besides being 3AA 2012 member and visiting Re-Venture)?

When placing the online pre-order, the buyer MUST enter his/her complete name, as written on his/her legal ID (e.g. ID card, Passport, Driver’s License), into the “Special Instructions” text field provided in the screen.
You must pay in advance (with PayPal or AliPay), or your order will be canceled.
Pick-up will take place at 09:30pm – 11:00pm on Friday 27 April, and at 11:00am – 08:00pm during the remainder of the event (28 April – 4 May).
You must be present at the event to collect your order for yourself.
When receiving your order at the event, you must present your legal identification (e.g. ID card, Passport, Driver’s License), as well as a paper print-out of both your Order Confirmation from Bambaland and your PayPal or AliPay receipt.
All the above three (3) items must be presented in advance when picking up your order. Absolutely NO exceptions will be made.

6) What are the sale rules during the event and when queuing starts?
A queue will be formed near the downstairs event entrance on the night of Friday 27 April, at 7:00 pm. The exact location will be announced in advance and marked.
To enter the queue, you must be ages 15 – 60.
A purchase pass will be issued to each customer and each person is only entitled to one purchase pass.
Anyone caught jumping queue will be sent to the back of the line.
Sale will begin on Saturday, 28 April at 10:00 am.
Each toy is available on a first come, first serve basis until it's sold out.
Limited purchase of one (1) of each available figure per person. You must pay immediately in cash (only HKD accepted) upon reaching the front of the queue and placing your order.
If you placed a 3AA pre-order, you may not buy duplicate items at the event.
In case of any disputes, the decision of ThreeA shall be final.

7) Which single figures will be on sale during the event?

ANKOU EX SXCLB H SHADEY 1/6th $165 usd

WWRP Square MK2 KID SARGE 10 PACK 1/12th $150usd

YESTERDAY PRINCESS ( two versions, random ) 1/6th $90usd


OLD GUARD T KING SBV ( four versions, random ) 1/6th $90usd



8 ) Will Re-Venture exclusives be available online?
After the event has come to an end, an allotment of Event Exclusives will be available on ThreeA’s Bambaland store for fans who cannot attend. Any duplicate orders, or orders placed by those who attended the event, will be canceled. Details will be released in advance.

AK Ankou EX SXCLB 2pack is shipping out and already been seen in the wild, here are few pics by apple juice

April - 2012  OlxPXtApril - 2012  R7u0btApril - 2012  GaYPytApril - 2012  EEs4ItApril - 2012  5TGTltApril - 2012  CdZJftApril - 2012  YOVuPt

Please use the shipping map and mark Ankou EX SXCLB 2pack, when you receive one:

Latest post from Ashley's art blog:

April - 2012  LTOd1t

Saturday varnishing
Nothing is better than varnishing the paintings, not only is it finished, you get to see all the colors lift and nuances come through


Re-Venture exclusive pre-order for 3AA 2012 members (local pick up at the show) will be up at Bambalandstore in 7 hours from now, on April 10th 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time.

April - 2012  JMf70t

Reminder of the rules and please have in mind that *no exceptions will be made* and I suggest to be at Bambalandstore early.

The Re-Venture toy exclusives pre-sale will take place on 10th April, at 9am, at 3A’s online shop . Pre-sale of Event Exclusives is available for ThreeA Associates (3AA) only, and is limited one (1) set per person.

Three (3) sets will be available for pre-order.
When placing the online pre-order, the buyer MUST enter his/her complete name, as written on his/her legal ID (e.g. ID card, Passport, Driver’s License), into the “Special Instructions” text field provided in the screen.
You must pay in advance (with PayPal or AliPay), or your order will be canceled.
Pick-up will take place at 09:30pm – 11:00pm on Friday 27 April, and at 11:00am – 08:00pm during the remainder of the event (28 April – 4 May).
You must be present at the event to collect your order for yourself.
When receiving your order at the event, you must present your legal identification (e.g. ID card, Passport, Driver’s License), as well as a paper print-out of both your Order Confirmation from Bambaland and your PayPal or AliPay receipt.
All the above three (3) items must be presented in advance when picking up your order. Absolutely NO exceptions will be made.
In case of any disputes, the decision of ThreeA shall be final.

Sets & prices:

set A includes:
TK (random)
1/12th scale Square MK2 10Pack
Lady Sham
FI 4 Book
$420 before 3AA discount

set B includes:
TQ (random)
Ankou ex
Wray Book
Raw FI Book
$400 before 3AA discount

Superset C (set A and set B combined) : $800 before 3AA discount

Where to put your complete name at the store:

April - 2012  JMf70t

We apologize for the strict rules, but we want to make it as honest , as possible. So again, please don't forget about: that the buyer MUST enter his/her complete name, as written on his/her legal ID (e.g. ID card, Passport, Driver’s License), into the “Special Instructions” text field provided in the screen and that the pre-order is only for local pick up at Hong Kong and ONLY a person, who put & paid for the order can pick it up at the show. Absolutely no exceptions will be made.

New Totem teaser: "Floorboards creak with breath"

April - 2012  GhY5Xt

Previous teaser from a while back:

April - 2012  Twq2Nt

Totem is a new intellectual property by Ashley Wood and T.P. Louise that is also being developed as a new toy line produced by ThreeA. Ashley described it as "spooky sci-fi".

If you dig cool and detailed reviews of 3A figs, click the links bellow to see WWR 1.5 A-Bomb Square by toygodd and Knives:
Review of 1.5 Square by toygodd
Review of 1.5 Square by Knives


This place (link is bellow) ain't typical F&F bar, I'm just placing it there for more people to see, as it's convenient for people to have a thread, where they can ask about pre-sale and be quickly noticed. I know that a lot of you want these exclusives and can't go to the event, but please let's keep this thread emo free and don't forget that there will be after the show allotment at Bambalandstore!

3AA Re-Venture exclusives pre-sale starts in less than hour from now at , on April 10th, 9:00 AM HK time. All the rules are posted above (09.04 news).

And it's sold-out.

Pics from the store, featuring 1/6th scale Nabler for a first time:

April - 2012  15QA5tApril - 2012  AmjzNtApril - 2012  PAQ7yt

This goes to: every 3AA member, who is going to Re-Venture and who bought set A or set B and willing to have a full set (since set C was sold first, followed by set A) , please put your nickname in this list and send me your Bambalandstore login email via personal message (please don't post it on the board, as we don't want your personal details to be stolen). 3A CS will go through recycled orders in next couple of days and will contact you on RANDOM BASIS (to make it honest), if there will be any. There is no GUARANTEE that there will be any recycled sets, but this way you have a chance.

And of course, you can hunt for missing set/figures during Re-Venture itself, as only double figures aren't allowed.

Answers on some questions:
1) you will be able to choose t-shirt size at the time of picking up your order
2) 3A will send emails to people who made their order within first 100 orders , next week , as these people qualify to visit invitation night on April 27th.


Two sketches from Re-Venture F5 thread, by Sail and JENGO, thank you guys for cheering everyone with your art.

April - 2012  6m9iOtApril - 2012  FX3P3t

Since Re-Venture visitors, who will be walking away with exclusives, need a way to ship them home, here are location to closest post offices:

April - 2012  L5aARt

BE TK! mask for Re-Venture opening night:

April - 2012  LmXevt

First reveal of Nabler Generation One Reventure Snoogler

April - 2012  BO8Fft

Re-Venture space, preparations before the show:

April - 2012  62CtWtApril - 2012  8aMFNt

Sorry for lots of Re-Venture news lately, might be a bit painful to read for people, who aren't able to come...I will keep my fingers crossed for more threeA shows in future and that everyone, who wants to score Re-Venture Exclusive figures, will walk away home with them, after Bambalandstore sale happens (date is to be determined).

Cute pic, featuring WWRp Brambles by Facebook member: River Tsai

April - 2012  NiD29t

AK Ankou EX SXCLB 2pack already seen in United Kingdom and US. Please click here to checkout review by our board member toygodd , two pics from his review:

April - 2012  VzTwAtApril - 2012  SWZPyt


There seem to be a slight misunderstanding with t-shirt quantity , if you ordered set C , during 3AA pre-sale of Re-Venture exclusives.
Set C comes with one t-shirt.
We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this misunderstanding.
If you want more than one of the t-shirt designs, you can buy the other two (as there are three variants) when you pick up your Bambaland purchase.

Latest from Ashley's blog:
In October, with my bud Jeremy Geddes we will be doing a joint show the Jonathan LeVine Gallery, the actual dates escape me. I guess im kinda excited about it, the first time I have a exhibited a singular vision, a collection etc..
Just wanted to say, was thinking about it this morning...

Levine dates:
October 20 - November 17 2012

Fuck it #4 sale is approaching: this week at Bambalandstore - $35usd, 56 pages, price includes shipping, amounts are limited!

April - 2012  VjMkzt

Real Steel: Ambush stands 42cms tall and will be up for pre-order on April 17th, 9:00AM Hong - Kong time at
Price : 290$ and if you buy it from Bambaland, it comes with 1/6h scale exclusive bot controller.

April - 2012  TaGs0tApril - 2012  JsmlSt

LUX3A Caesar shipping update:
First LUX3A release by ThreeA – Mighty Caesar (16.6 inches tall and super articulated bot) started entering shipping system. Please keep in mind that there was thirteen variants (different head & shield modifications , colorways and weapons) and it will take us some time to ship them all.
Please make plenty of photos and enjoy your Caesar!

To avoid any confusion or conflict at Re-Venture: if you pre-ordered sets during 3AA pre-sale, you can pick them up without long waiting in the line, but it doesn't give you the right to jump queue and try to buy something. Everyone will be equal and has to stand in the line with the purchase pass.
One more thing, book prices and t-shirt prices were just finalized, everything in HKD and please keep in mind, that we accept cash only.

T-shirt : 200HKD / 160HKD (price for 3AA members)
Fuck it 4: 230HKD / 200HKD (price for 3AA members)
William Wray's Cult of beauty : 230HKD / 200HKD (price for 3AA members)
RAW Fuck it: 350HKD / 310HKD (price for 3AA members)

Message from Ashley Wood and Kim Fung Wong:

Hi ” I am Kim of ThreeA. I am here today is to thank you sincerely for all your support of ThreeA since the first toys we made. Ashley and I never be expect we can gain these much support from you all. We here at ThreeA are doing all our best for our fans , we are working on production delays everyday and have placed many new systems to speed up production in the near future , the way we make toys is very labor intensive and we have had to delay toys to make sure they are as good we can make them. But please do not doubt interest to make good toys for your support. ”

Hi, Ash here, I also want to convey the same sentiment, our mission has never changed from day one, make great toys for you guys, we have never worried about making 3A a big company and churning crap on mass to bank or being popular with the cool toy guys. Our toys are late, yup cant pretend or double step that, and actually I don’t want to, they are late because we are trying to make great stuff, it always seems to take longer than planned and every change or rework adds to the production time (I would rather have you pissed at us for waiting than some generic shit toy that could be made anywhere ) I know it sucks, i know it doesnt make it any easier to wait, but at least you know we give a shit! Kim is working very hard to fix these missives and soon the benefits of these will be seen in shorter turn arounds.

Oh yea The response to RE-Venture has been stealing and showed what great support we have AGAIN, this really gives us energy to keep doing what we are doing , thanks from both Kim and me!

please contact if you have concerns about your order from threeA

Small message from me: guys, we remind about all the time for a reason, as it's professional customer service, which is created to help you with your 3A figure / Bambalandstore order and to gather feedback from you. If you aren't happy with your purchase or something is broken, never hesitate to email and explore your options.


Friday the 13th, nothing horrible happening though.

Tomorrow at some time (there is no exact time announced, but I would start checking around regular time) , at Bambalandstore there will be a limited pre-order of three books by 3A publishing :
William Wray’s Cult of Beauty $35USD Shipped
Fuck It 4 by Ashley Wood $35USD Shipped
Raw Fuck It by Ashley Wood $50USD Shipped
Limited stocks, only available from Bambaland

April - 2012  0H6mjtApril - 2012  OjdvytApril - 2012  OySTct

New Totem teaser, I really enjoy the weathering:

April - 2012  Tjza2t

We saw the same part of the figure, without the weathering earlier, I always loved weathering and rust on 3A figures, even though I'm huge fan of DW & NW glossy colorways as well:

April - 2012  GhY5Xt

News from Ashley's blog:
The Beautiful war
It was once the called Le Jardine, but over the years the story has evolved outside said garden. I think this could be our best work, and no robots ! I know, no robots, what the hell am I doing !
Out this year !

April - 2012  5ERlDt

Please click here to read Lore: The movie news and you can discuss it , in this thread.

WWRp Caesar and 1.5 Square

April - 2012  WH5Xpt

And yes, we will see RIP 003 Caesar colorway in 1/12th scale as well!

One more thing:

April - 2012  TaGs0tApril - 2012  JsmlSm

I'm receiving so many question about bot controller and what it does.
Some even think that it has working LCD screen...
So just for the record, except being nice and thought through accessory , it actually does nothing.
Only Ambush orders from Bambalandstore (starting on April 17th, 9:00AM HK time) will come with one.


William Wray’s Cult of Beauty $35USD Shipped
Fuck It 4 by Ashley Wood $35USD Shipped
Raw Fuck It by Ashley Wood $50USD Shipped
Limited stocks, only available from Bambaland RIGHT NOW

April - 2012  0H6mjtApril - 2012  OjdvytApril - 2012  OySTct

Books are gone from the store at the moment, but Ashley promised to put more batches up in order to give more chances for people, from different timezones. So you can expect more at Bambalandstore towards the evening Hong Kong time: - to give you some idea
when the first batch has sold, ill hold off till my evening to give other parts of the world a go !

3A HK staff sent out invites to first 100 3AA members who participated in Re-Venture exclusives pre-order and that invite will open the doors and get them into opening night on April 27th! Check your emails to see whether you scored one or not (all invites are +1, so you can bring your date / partner with you).


Books were sold-out really quickly and Ashley promised to make another run, so don't you worry guys. If you want the books - you are covered!
FI and RAW second batch SOLDOUT
But dont worry, ill make a new printing ASAP, its hard to guesstimate the amount needed. Please dont go buying them on ebay, off dicks trying to extort you by charging double or whatever, we will get them back into Bamba as soon as we can !


Real Steel: Ambush goes on sale in less than 24 hours from now, on April 17th, 9:00 AM Hong - Kong time and it's time to open F5 Bar! What is F5 Bar and Grill? It's a cool place, where we all hang out before the sale starts, sharing excitement, our thoughts and whatnot, and trying our best to stay on topic (we aren't always succeed though).
So, with F5 Bar going up Real Steel thread is reserved for Q&A about Ambush sale and reporting problems (bambalandstore issues and whatnot), all the other chatter must go in F5 bar.

Full reveal of Ambush:


April - 2012  TaGs0mApril - 2012  JsmlSm

3A Ambush articulation video

Using the same data as the toy, to show some possible articulations..

April - 2012  TOYXYm

Have fun in the bar, but don't forget basic rules and maintaining positive vibes of our beloved 3A board. Since F5 Bar during the sale is really crowded and grows like several pages in few minutes, all the essential sales info + sketches will be posted in the first opening post of the F5 thread. So before asking a question, please check the first page of the bar for answers. You can always PM me (or other MODs) if you some questions and you don't want to post them publicly.
Usually we don't allow interpretations of 3A/Ashley Wood or any other intellectual property and characters. But as our tradition goes only on sale nights, we are making an exception and looking forward to your sketches , featuring Ambush on them. I'll be putting them up here and in F5 Bar, later on they will be added to online gallery on imgur as well, with captions, so it will be seen who is the author of each sketch, which is always nice. If I missed your sketch, please never hesitate to contact me.

The bar is open , please check it out:

Price: 290 USD, with shipping included in the price and don't forget that Ambush stands 42cms (16.5") tall!

Bambalandstore Ambush will come with EXCLUSIVE 1/6th scale bot controller (doesn't do anything, just a cool accessory). Ambush itself will be offered via retailers later on, but doesn't come with controller.

Small explanation about what Re-Venture purchase pass is:

It came to our attention that there is misunderstanding what Re-Venture purchase pass is, in reality it’s simple order form.

Some even started to spread rumors, that if you have it, then you are entitled to guaranteed purchase of exclusive figures at our show. In reality it doesn’t guarantee you anything, think of it, as just a sort of menu with all the exclusives (and prices) on one list , where you need to mark what you want, while standing in the line - basically it’s done to speed things up and to guarantee that you haven’t jumped the queue. As mentioned previously in the rules we posted, all Re-Venture exclusives are offered on first come – first served basis, so if something is already sold-out, it doesn’t matter whether you have it marked on your purchase pass.

Of course purchases passes aren’t required for 3AA Re-Venture pre-sale participants, who will be picking up their pre-orders, unless they want to buy something else at the show (they will have to queue in the line).

If you have any questions please re-read Re-Venture rules and information here and please keep following ThreeA Production blog and Re-Venture blog for more info.

First LUX3A release: Caesar landed at one of our boardies house. Here are the photos by chronokross, showing RIP 001, RIP 002 and Steve.

April - 2012  J6jrrtApril - 2012  W9VUttApril - 2012  9XEmttApril - 2012  A0h1ftApril - 2012  VMf8ctApril - 2012  AOGi6tApril - 2012  TIeuStApril - 2012  EZJCltApril - 2012  SXVHatApril - 2012  A67lctApril - 2012  98NnstApril - 2012  HAZLGt

Ashley about Fuck it #4 and Fuck it: Raw reprints - which are coming next Thursday to Bambalandstore. They have different covers , but SAME content, as the ones which were put up last week. To remind you: Ashley didn't think that demand for books would be so big and they were quickly sold-out and to support buyers, he ordered to print another run.

April - 2012  2DLMJtApril - 2012  B7dYUt

On sale next Thursday Hong Kong Time! Only from Bambaland !
same contents, just different covers so the flippers cant fool anyone !

Real Steel: Ambush newsletter images and text, if you haven't received one earlier last week:

April - 2012  Ym1MMmApril - 2012  QMhtsm

ThreeA is very proud to announce the sale of AMBUSH from the film REAL STEEL, Ambush is a 1/6th fully articulated ( SUPER ARTICULATED ACTUALLY ).

The Articulation on Ambush is second to none, with countless moving parts, that faithfully mimic all the articulation from the film version. From pistons to sliding biceps, all the details are there! Ambush also features illuminated eyes for the low light photo op. ThreeA has spared nothing in making AMBUSH truly film authentic, we are carrying on the tradition of HYPER attention to detail that we started started with MGS REX, this same care will also be seen in our soon to be released HALO 1/6th line.

Ambush will be available to pre-order on April 17th, 9-00Am Hong Kong time at Bambaland for the pre 3AA discount price of $290USD (PRICE INCLUDES WORLDWIDE SHIPPING ). The Bambaland version also comes with the exclusive AMBUSH 1/6th controller!
We would also like to announce that our premiere distributors BBICN, Good Smile and Sideshow will be taking per-orders on May 1st. The SRP is USD 330, PLEASE TAKE NOTE, RETAIL VERSION DOES NOT COME WITH THE CONTROLLER.

Illuminated eyes:

April - 2012  LhL70m

First sketches from F5 bar:

April - 2012  KWcWLtApril - 2012  GkgjetApril - 2012  QPtrCtApril - 2012  NZ9X6t

online gallery:

US A-Sonic hold at FedEx store news from 3A, presented by ennui here. Check it out, if you are in US, might be convenient option for some of you.


While Real Steel: Ambush is still up for sale at Bambalandstore, here is COLD-BLOODED KILLER MIDAS , which is going to be next bot in our Real Steel collection:

April - 2012  HqNTAmApril - 2012  UK3XTm

If you haven't seen Real Steel movie, here is a quick two minutes video, showing some of the boxing robots (maybe it will be fun trying to guess, who will be next, after Midas)

April - 2012  BtluRm

Interesting screenshot from VALVE's Portal page on Facebook (perhaps it's related to upcoming VALVe and threeA collaboration?):

April - 2012  Jv3gYt

And the image itself:

April - 2012  PkFoet

Shipping in May

May is going to be busy month for ThreeA, as these is what is going to be send your way (not in particular order):

LUX3A Caesar (some of 13 colorways were already sent)
WWRp Heavy Bramble Iron Panda
WWRp Bertie MK3 Nightwatch and Deep Powder Corp
AK Finger Gang release
WWR Rothchild release

More information (on other products) in May, as we want to be absolutely sure and to avoid any confusion.

HAZCHEM by 3A publishing premieres soon - I am for one, excited to see, what Ashley, William Wray and Rufus Dayglo gonna show us:

April - 2012  LY0eQt

HAZCHEM - 3A’s Premiere magazine that will feature comics from around the world and 3A, Art folios and interviews! This cover is a mock-up, not final, just to give a taste of things to come!

Re-Venture Exclusive: Ankou EX SXCLB H SHADEY boxart:

April - 2012  JyBcht

Photos of the figure (in case you missed 'em)

April - 2012  UQrN2tApril - 2012  Uv1fBt

There was a glitch (after service provider redesigned few things) with one of the categories of the 3A products delivery progress map: , which is now fixed and you can add your AK SXCLB ANKOU EX 2pack to the map. In future, if you can't add something to the map, please send me the message straight away.

Some pics of the Little Shadow from the mentioned set, by our boardies: Nael , Print and OmnilimbO

April - 2012  DLO1dtApril - 2012  QSIJwtApril - 2012  YnrPgtApril - 2012  LJzCpt

LUX3A Caesar Surgeon G and entire Medic Squad (1G Armstrong, MK1 & MK2 Squares, Doc Grunt and Caesar) by kadoo

April - 2012  Vohz1tApril - 2012  PJQdKtApril - 2012  87QVytApril - 2012  Jo9wTtApril - 2012  I17Alt

^featuring comic - each LUX3A Caesar comes with one (same content)


Final selection of sketches & art from F5 bar (some old which you saw above and some new):

April - 2012  KWcWLtApril - 2012  GkgjetApril - 2012  QPtrCtApril - 2012  NZ9X6tApril - 2012  EHSG3tApril - 2012  XJ7WgtApril - 2012  80u0htApril - 2012  Hx0TutApril - 2012  FasoKtApril - 2012  BC3kTtApril - 2012  JUg1qtApril - 2012  Q75IFtApril - 2012  QprbXtApril - 2012  HyAo9t

online gallery:

names of the authors:
print (2), kaiserfrog19, thejikas (2), mouse9090, BRiZL, chatchawan, watanabekun, JeAA, eastwood , JESTER (2) and mcdaniel!

Click here for the jump to Real Steel discussion.

Thank you for spending your precious time in the bar, even if it was just for one second.

Next announced toy sale is going to happen on April 30st and it's going to be Supreme NOM Commander! And Fuck it #4 + Fuck it: RAW reprints on April 26th.
See ya soon!

There will be 80+ original art on display (and some for sale) at Re-Venture, here is a taste of Ashley Wood original art:

April - 2012  ZwsDrtApril - 2012  DYKH9tApril - 2012  MjqbttApril - 2012  O7aWntApril - 2012  ChzmUtApril - 2012  NGEKPt

Signing session at Re-Venture - Ashley Wood, Rufus Dayglo and William Wray:

April - 2012  PK56Mt

Something exciting from Rufus Dayglo facebook:

Come along and check out some SGDM paintings and threeA's amazing sculpt of my new character!!!

Real Steel: Ambush is gone from Bambalandstore. Thank you for your support during this sale! We can't wait to bring you Real Steel: Midas now! If you missed Ambush, he will be available via our retailers, suggested retail price: 330$ and he doesn't come with 1/6th scale bot controller (which was exclusive to Bambalandstore).

A shot surfaced in the internet, showing Ambush next to MGS REX and he is huge (MGS REX in his fully collapsed position).

April - 2012  DnwPXt

I will post more shots from this series later on. Photos were taken at ThreeA HK office, by HK photographers/bloggers! There are photos of MGS REX , MIDAS and AMBUSH , eye candy stuff!

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April - 2012  Empty Re: April - 2012

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:37 am


Lots of Real Steel: Ambush photos and MIDAS proto pics can be seen here and there are glimpses of MGS REX model as well.

Here are the selection of photos, I loved the most. Not sure if you noticed, but Ambush's mouth opens and there is a tremendous amount of little details, rust and weathering on this guy.

April - 2012  OEppZtApril - 2012  EQJjztApril - 2012  ICQbstApril - 2012  XlUNrtApril - 2012  WlVDmtApril - 2012  WGjCOtApril - 2012  Oji28tApril - 2012  LPPnHtApril - 2012  9LgYItApril - 2012  SXojytApril - 2012  Cp6H5tApril - 2012  I0eXFtApril - 2012  QvKO2tApril - 2012  DoJ1jtApril - 2012  ZUivxt

In case it somehow slipped your mind: Fuck it 4 and Fuck it: RAW reprints (same material - different covers) are going to up at Bambalandstore, on next Thursday: April 26th Hong Kong time. Only at Bambalandstore!

April - 2012  2DLMJtApril - 2012  B7dYUt

Another reminder:
If you are in United States (where we are using A-Sonic as our forwarder) and buying 3A products and not always can pick up stuff from FedEx, please read this information from 3A CS and Cody.

Basically here are the keypoints:
1) Starting from April 17th all 3A parcels should be held at FedEx location after 3 delivery attempts (earlier it was send back to 3A).
In addition, Ling (3A CS) offers this assistance:
2) If you know that you are not free to receive the parcels and must hold it on FedEx location for pick-up, when you place the orders OR before the parcels were shipped, you have two options:
(1) Write the address for the FedEx location closest to you and write “hold at location” in the text option field at Bambalandstore when placing your order
or (2) send 3ACS an eMail after every purchase containing your order number and include the above information for them to reference.

Here's additional information for how deliveries should work:

1. FedEx will try to deliver 3 times, if consignee still not available, FedEx will leave pickup note on consignee’s door, consignee needs to pick his shipment up from nearest FedEx hub.
2. FedEx hold the package in the hub 7 business days after three attempts, consignee must pick parcel up before due day or call FedEx hold to request extra days.
3. Consignee can call FedEx directly & schedule a pick up at Fedex Hub.

Re-Venture TQ Yesterday Princess packaging - bottom and cover box:

April - 2012  EMtbht

Lots of photos by our boardies , from 3A Toys Photography section:

Starting with Action Portable and WWRp photos by Hans and yioy4082. I think that both of these pics are hilarious!

April - 2012  KGbGMtApril - 2012  Kk0xet

Badbot by danmar

April - 2012  EXGEit

My name is Zomb, Boiler Zomb. By A-Vin

April - 2012  I89yLt

More AK stuff featuring Penumbra, Junglevet Ankou, Fighting JC and Zombs by zelevol and gotboat.

April - 2012  IhZyntApril - 2012  Srut9t

WWR LUX3A Caesar and other goodness, by JKS, ULTRAMAN, jakesons, mcdaniel, Ikanimo, and basyabasya1.

April - 2012  SGaLBtApril - 2012  WqqHCtApril - 2012  RGJGZtApril - 2012  55QBltApril - 2012  28iqjtApril - 2012  TFuWHtApril - 2012  WnZlGt

Last calm weekend before Re-Venture post at ThreeA blog.


From Ashley blog, explanation about his prints and good news that new hand colored and single edition prints, will be available at his gallery store next week:
(usually no time is announced for that):

April - 2012  ELfDHm

Re my prints and signatures
Please do not buy my prints if you don't like a real signature. I use a traditional pen with ink to create them, so they spit and scratch, that's actually great, not machine like pencil stamps. So stay away from my shit if the old boring ways of the giclee is your thing! There are many people that would like them and dont get the chance.

I find there are many defacto rules when it comes to prints, and naturally i say fuck off to those, how to sign, how to make, what size of editions, ho to sell etc. I remember when the image mattered, not if the paper was pristine and the signature was compliant to giclee regulations. how shit, how boring.

oh yea Im going to offer some hand colored and single editions prints over the following week. Im sure real signatures will abound!

Re-Venture exclusives and there is 7Bones Oyabun Kyoku and Severed Foot in the background:

April - 2012  VFb0At

Review of LUX3A Caesar Surgeon G by toygood can be found here. Few pics to give you some idea:

April - 2012  FtY1CtApril - 2012  P6ubyt


Latest from Ashley's blog:

April - 2012  Y3kGbt

Ashtro lad
What I think is my best Astro ( 24"x36") created for my good friends at the Daniel Maghen gallery. Its for a show they are having in July called "The Book Show" with many other great artists. Drop them a line if interested in the Astro or to find out more about their gallery!

ill post a good image soon, but for now, the iphone classic !

Daniel Maghen gallery link:

It's been a bit calm in the world of ThreeA news, but soon Re-Venture STORM is going to start!

Some information about queuing at Re-Venture, from 3A blog:

A selected amount of Event Exclusives will be available to the public for purchase on-site at the event.
A queue will be formed near the downstairs event entrance on the night of Friday 27 April, at 7:00 pm. To enter the queue, you must be ages 15 – 60.

A purchase pass (which is an order form) will be issued to customers. Each person is only entitled to one order form. Anyone caught jumping queue will be sent to the back of the line.

Sale will start on Saturday, 28 April at 10:00 am. Each toy is available on a first come, first serve basis until sold out.

Limited purchase of one (1) of each available figure per person.

You must pay immediately in cash (only HKD accepted) upon reaching the front of the queue and placing your order.

Full set of Re-Venture rules and guidelines is available here.

Please see the direction of formed line bellow (based on who got to form the line first, second, third and etc.) and image bellow is clickable , so you can see full resolution image after the jump.

April - 2012  TXBoBt


First HALO teaser magically popped up and disappeared. I blame evil Nabler!

April - 2012  FLzs7t

WWR Supreme NOM Commander photos - are coming tomorrow, if all goes according to plan. She goes on sale, on April 30th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time. This figure have been hinted first back in 2010 and I can't wait for it to be up for sale at Bambalandstore!

Previous teasers:

April - 2012  TInRktApril - 2012  V6sGvtApril - 2012  7mH8Gt


SOLID GOLD DEATH MASK by Rufus Dayglo and threeA : FAUX BRONZ 1/6th scale. I don't know yet, but I'm pretty sure that it's not for sale, just a teaser sculpt of what is coming in 1/6th scale to us soon! Sculpted by ThreeA, bringing Rufus ideas in 3D form.

April - 2012  0GACst

Rufus Dayglo about it:
SOLID GOLD DEATH MASK.... Death Gods, Girls, Penguins, and soggy rich tea biscuits....
This summer in partnership with threeA.

I'm very proud to unveil the first sculpt at reVENTURE bu the amazing threeA toys, in Hong Kong this weekend.

SGDM will conquer the fuckin' World... then stop for a picnic somewhere on the motorway sidings...

Join our FB page now for more updates!

See you in Hong Kong!!!!

KNEEL on the 30th - 9:00 AM Hong Kong time: WWR Supreme NOM Commander sale! Which will feature two versions: standard and WHITEMOTHER 3AA exclusive.

April - 2012  OgpY1mApril - 2012  S5Hjdm

Click on the images to read character's story.

I already got PMs from few people, who are concerned that breasts, might get deformed by the tight clothes and I'll ask Ashley and Kim about this and get back to you, when I hear something. Though I am sure, that it's just a specific prototype and you have nothing to worry about.

And I want to finalize this update with post by Ashley Wood from RHKV blog:

I know that it's crazytough and even probably annoying to read all last month about HKV and not having a chance to be there, but it will unveil some new designs, which will end up at Bambalandstore one way or another. As we look on all previous years exclusives, they were offered as other variants at Bambalandstore, to share the love with everyone else. Take AP Unleashed TKs for example, which were SDCC exclusives...remember how people were upset about not getting them? And few month later, 3A introduces AP Yellow Hornets for everyone. What I am trying to say...cheer up guys, I'm sure we will see Lady Sham in another variant at Bambalandstore soon! And of course there will be Bambalandstore allotment of Re-Venture exclusive (date and other details will be announced later on).

One last thing though...we have to keep our forum's total post count bellow 150.000, so from time to time, our MODs restart long threads (which are longer than 100 pages), my heart bleeds when we have to do that, but unfortunately that's the only solution for now. As we realized some people put a lot of work in their posts and would appreciate 24 hours notice, before we delete unless it's critical: life & death situation for the server, we will post a notice in the thread, we plan to restart - 24 hours prior to it, in order to give people a chance to copy their comments and whatnot. Sorry for any possible inconvenience caused by this...


Latest post from Ashley's blog:

Hi Everyone - T.P. here with an update for all of you who will be following the Re-Venture crowd this weekend!

Re-Venture is about to hit the ground running, with mere hours left until opening time we are all really excited and raring to go. Since this is Ash's personal blog we will be posting all of the relevant info and updates on the Hong Kong Re-Venture blog. Follow this link for all of the breaking news, photos and updates.

We ask all of you who have been lining up well in advance of opening to be respectful towards our security staff. They're not trying to mess with your experience, it's just a fire and public safety hazard to have so many people sleeping out on the street. Your hotel pillow loves you and promises you sweet dreams - unlike the pavement.

Prints And Art

Ash and I are currently gearing up for two events, The Book Show at the Daniel Maghen Gallery in Paris and then a major exhibition taking place at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in NYC. We will be attending the Paris gig in spirit and we wish everyone at the Daniel Maghen Gallery all of the success for that show. Ash and I have been aware for sometime that our prints are harder to come by in Europe due to inport duties etc. So I am proud to announce that we will be creating an Ashley Wood print exclusively for the Daniel Maghen gallery sometime in the near future. Follow the link to the gallery website for info on The Book Show and keep it here for updates on the exclusive Paris print.

Thank Yous!!

And in closing, I would just like to thank the crew from Circle of Confusion, CAA and all of our assocs in L.A. Ash and I made it into the entertainment press again there this week. Thank you guys for all of your hard work.

Thank you also to all of the people who have worked so hard to put Re-Venture together, Kim, Benny, Xu and all of the crew up in Hong Kong - we couldn't do it without you.

Latest pics & posts from Re-Venture blog:

After a full year of planning, we're almost ready to go! Here are some set up pics for you all to enjoy. The white boxes are for the toy displays;)

April - 2012  KsuQgtApril - 2012  KUsqPtApril - 2012  Gk3fRtApril - 2012  9eVvGtApril - 2012  CqNNZt

More Arty Goodness
Photos 1 and 2 feature the work of one of Southern California's most beloved artists, the amazing William Wray. Photos 3 and 4 show some more of Ash's work, both paintings and black and white.

April - 2012  ZCxGQtApril - 2012  LeHHitApril - 2012  Gk3fRt

Hanging is a Precise Business...

April - 2012  WwMPot

More Crew and Art Gallery Pics
Here are some more pics of the Re-Venture Gallery.

April - 2012  B3eaGtApril - 2012  3RnwVtApril - 2012  L7FKht

Quick video from Re-Venture, showing retrospective of art:

April - 2012  OjgB8m

Rumors say that there will be huge (bigger than 1:1) kitty at the show. Soon, we will know whether the rumors are right or not, wink, wink.

Some more pics from Re-venture by head ThreeA painter: Master Lok:

April - 2012  OrDxPtApril - 2012  Po0Out

RAW FUCK IT NUMBER ONE R and Fuck it #4 R are up at right now. It's reprints of previous RAW: Fuck it and Fuck it #4, just feature different covers, for all the people who missed them during the last drop.

April - 2012  2DLMJmApril - 2012  B7dYUm

Quick reminder of Re-Venture opening time, queuing and whatnot:


Sorry guys, it's pretty slow bandwidth here and I'm trying to focus on 3A blog and 3AVOX page for now, you should checkout Re-Venture blog as well.

ThreeA blog and 3AVOX FB are regularly updated with new Re-Venture pics.


WWR Supreme NOM sale on April 30st 9:00AM HK time , some photos of the proto for you to kneel in front of Whitemother (3AA version - 120$ shipped).
There is a regular black version as well - same price.
I arranged it few weeks ago, and I'll confirm it again tomorrow: If you are at Hong Kong for Re-Venture and don't have laptop or wifi to pre-order WWR Supreme NOM , you can go to Re-Venture and we will find a way for you.
And of course 3AA members have 24 hours guaranteed buying window.

April - 2012  WjzrYtApril - 2012  AqkTXtApril - 2012  HMAsVtApril - 2012  QLAwQtApril - 2012  NPXIvt

P.S. Huge thank you to memecomplex for helping with the photos and posting!

Some Totem pics for you:

April - 2012  L1Mn5tApril - 2012  RQCYZtApril - 2012  RQCYZtApril - 2012  5B1jWtApril - 2012  AryKzt

Some AP Zombs pics:

April - 2012  1M3qTtApril - 2012  UglAZtApril - 2012  Gyn8VtApril - 2012  5u815t

Kitties (all 10 are gone by now)

April - 2012  RB7LNtApril - 2012  NHRgXtApril - 2012  LwMLbtApril - 2012  HF6XxtApril - 2012  UZmMstApril - 2012  Vw7AotApril - 2012  Y6wh9tApril - 2012  Lw32YtApril - 2012  GCAjXtApril - 2012  VGp3ltApril - 2012  VpfRLt

Real Steel

April - 2012  Ens0LtApril - 2012  NnFnGtApril - 2012  2uWVkt

Solid Gold Death Mask faux bronz statue:

April - 2012  QXJhdt

MGS RAY proto & REX

April - 2012  OciAwtApril - 2012  L677pt

ThreeA & VALVe

April - 2012  9ayiStApril - 2012  C1b2ut

ThreeA & MaK

April - 2012  9Tgcct

HALO figure with the lights on

April - 2012  XhU3wt

Supreme NOM on display:

April - 2012  OkZp7tApril - 2012  NlQuRt

AK Shit Weather Bleak and Mrs. Shadow

April - 2012  HzMfFtApril - 2012  NVVL9tApril - 2012  ZYechtApril - 2012  PpwpXt

All Re-Venture exclusives in the wild (except Nabler):

April - 2012  VmeojtApril - 2012  7zfPVtApril - 2012  FPGB2tApril - 2012  M1gSytApril - 2012  VFtcStApril - 2012  TfsI3tApril - 2012  JOmNStApril - 2012  GlvOdtApril - 2012  THbUKtApril - 2012  O0RLlt

And here is the Nabler

April - 2012  BO8Fft

In case you are wondering how many different TK masks are there, there are three different hair colors and one has a small beard (stache) = so four variants in total.

A lot more pics here:


Part II

Special print by William Wray (limited to 25)

April - 2012  AS3nxtApril - 2012  JdrmytApril - 2012  L6OuAtApril - 2012  LCi8yt

William Wray original art (sorry for poor photos, art is WAY better, I'm just can't not to share it with you)

April - 2012  WLupttApril - 2012  WtdpItApril - 2012  UNRQdtApril - 2012  0gGPJtApril - 2012  ZtioitApril - 2012  BhqW3tApril - 2012  DXE3otApril - 2012  PqqNStApril - 2012  PLGFmtApril - 2012  IpgFCtApril - 2012  Z9oHWtApril - 2012  XJTiatApril - 2012  5HNDitApril - 2012  CscsKtApril - 2012  5xyYYtApril - 2012  AYOETtApril - 2012  OEhYctApril - 2012  VtKnotApril - 2012  SaISytApril - 2012  N9n1DtApril - 2012  2MqSWtApril - 2012  HMkngt

MGS Rex rail gun activation button:

April - 2012  ZxuDgt

Some of 3A posters (full package consists of 13 and unfortunately it will not be a part of Bambalandstore allotment)

April - 2012  71DSTtApril - 2012  FP9BttApril - 2012  ZKoGdtApril - 2012  7EuqptApril - 2012  BSen1tApril - 2012  HoImftApril - 2012  WzhE1tApril - 2012  39C2ftApril - 2012  JXDNltApril - 2012  McaiDt

F5 Bar dedicated to WWR Supreme NOM upcoming sale is open and waiting for you:

Here is our good friend Martin, telling Supreme NOM story:
[quote author=tigerfeet link=topic=363.msg477018#msg477018 date=1335618292]
When Ash was taking about her it remind me in ways of the film The 13th Warrior where the bad guys, couldn't remember their name, had a female shaman back in their cave......supreme was described as someone that never went to the battle field but the 33 Noms went to her. The tanks hold the gas which effectively gives them the ability to command robots and others and if they take too much and mix with the flow then they could turn into the fallen !!!!! Noms work very much between the worlds of science and religion and of course spirit. Supreme really does sound like the mother that they go to, when I was listening to the back story the figure became more and more sense to the style Ash has done rather than someone in the field with weapons etc as that would be too obvious......damn I wish I could remember all of it.


WWR Supreme NOM is up for sale at right now, 3AA members have 24 hours on this one and as I am being told, there will be no surprises, so pretty straightforward sale for you guys.

April - 2012  S5HjdmApril - 2012  OgpY1m

As people usually ask these questions: 1) 3AA versions is limited to maximum of two per person 2) standard version – no strict restrictions, but ThreeA reserves the right to cancel excessive orders.

And in case you are new to ThreeA, you have to be existing 3AA 2012 member to get Whitemother figure. 3AA membership goes for sale : one time per year on January.


More sketches & art from F5 Bar and Grill, thank you for all your input and dedication guys!

April - 2012  Whf5DtApril - 2012  VfAfrtApril - 2012  SEcz8tApril - 2012  GCq3ktApril - 2012  ZVyGXtApril - 2012  25POPtApril - 2012  YctNItApril - 2012  CjeY5tApril - 2012  VGQRKtApril - 2012  1jJ8XtApril - 2012  HptzitApril - 2012  KQih8tApril - 2012  VZzgOtApril - 2012  ZSipftApril - 2012  MVFOptApril - 2012  JgurNtApril - 2012  MD6tjtApril - 2012  OBuiRtApril - 2012  QlXOWtApril - 2012  CgfTXtApril - 2012  PhHMttApril - 2012  GUNbDtApril - 2012  FRWzMt

online gallery link:

Re-Venture video by S. Ryoma and that particular link bellow is taking you to live painting by Ashley Wood and Rufus Dayglo:

April - 2012  MLsesm

I was told that you will definitely hear the date announced beforehand for Bambalandstore Re-Venture exclusives allotment sale, whether it will be VOX or blog.

Rufus Dayglo art at Re-Venture (sorry for flash and Re-Venture light system reflection in the paintings):

April - 2012  KnDDmtApril - 2012  RLluYtApril - 2012  YW5LQtApril - 2012  OwHQdtApril - 2012  GGXRkt

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