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July - 2012

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Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:02 pm


1/12th scale Sea Monkey by Kenny Wong and ThreeA

July - 2012 J30Grt

Gregory about 3A Apparel TK SDCC t-shirts (which come with awesome bullet container) designs and prices:
"the information i have says 4 variants, but i haven't seen pics yet of all of them so i can't confirm which designs will be there"
"shirts are $50 and $40 for 3AA"

Guys, if you are current 3AA 2012 members and going to SDCC, please don't forget to take your 3AA membership cards with you - and you will receive 15% discount on 3A Publishing books and 3A Apparel t-shirts.

July - 2012 CDta1tJuly - 2012 OHgtmt

3A and Gundam Zaku review by toygodd can be read here. One of the pics from review, showing the weathering on Zaku.

July - 2012 WXbmKt

Speaking about reviews...if you made photo or video review of 3A figure, please do not hesitate to contact me. Would be happy to read it and hopefully put it to the news.


WWR Supplement, comes free WWR SDCC exclusive Mighty Squaro. 48 pages, 12" x 12" format.

July - 2012 HVtictJuly - 2012 WMjxatJuly - 2012 V08DetJuly - 2012 JIFu2tJuly - 2012 X1nW0tJuly - 2012 FSeqnt

Ashley about Lore Premier Convention Edition 2012 HC/b] and [b]Zombies vs Robots Premier Convention Edition 2012 HC books (links to IDW store in the message bellow).
For those attending SDCC, as I'm told its pick up only.. ZvR LORE

Bring your current 3AA card to redeem your discount on purchasable items. Items will be for sale starting July 11th. We will be located at the IDW booth # 2643.
If you happen to be 3AA 2012 member, who can’t go to SDCC (or missed the sale) , there will be Bambalandstore allotment on July 12th.

July - 2012 Vnfy4t

SDCC prices, cash only!

More photos of 1/12th scale Sea Monkey and female pilot by ThreeA and Kenny Wong.

July - 2012 InajntJuly - 2012 XG4s2tJuly - 2012 X4cGTt

As promised earlier, I received a shipping update and plans for this month , however I prefer to stick with weekly updates. So what's starting to ship out next week?
AK Zombkin (AP Zombs are shipping slightly later on)
AP Popbot
Popbot 7 Bones Kyoku
and Popbot Shadow & Light Oyas to contest winners

Gorgeous photo of WWR Rothchild and WWRp Armstrong by ikar11.

July - 2012 IoDnmt


SDCC signing schedule:
Ashley Wood, William Wray, Rufus Dayglo, Phil Hale and VALVe will be signing at our booth.
All signings are tentative and can change, and like mentioned previously – we will be located at the booth # 2643.

July - 2012 ZcVeut

Latest from Ashley's art blog:
A lot of people have asked if i was going to sell another print before sdcc or art for those not going etc. I was not going too, but it seems so many are not attending I would do something...dont know what yet, but ill post soon !

Ashley is talking about print sales at Ashley Wood Gallery store, which is located here:
Usually, Ashley puts the prints up at the Gallery and updates his blog. I can't update my news column in time to warn everyone (and it's not my priority in this case), so if you want a print, you have stay vigilant and keep an eye out.

Don't know about you guys, but I am always looking forward to photos from Ashley studio, like the ones in this update from his blog:
grainy studio shots
Here are some ropey studio shots, showing bits and pieces in progress. Im banging away for the Levine show, Im cautiously optimistic about these paintings.. to sound like an art pounce, they show a advanced in my art language. its kinda easy to make an obvious cool image, it kinda becomes superfluous, but to make something more, a deeper narrative etc takes more a more delicate touch.. yup that sounded pretty pouncey, but I thought I would share !

July - 2012 KbryRtJuly - 2012 S7JattJuly - 2012 0lcgCt

I noticed a bit of confusion about the update bellow:
US and EU 3A distro
From our next 3A retail toy, we are going back to our old ways for US and EU distro prior to our dealings with sideshow etc! To be clear as of now we have decided to have no exclusive deals for these regions and handle them in-house. Just like old times again !

Basically only retailers are affected by the changes and nothing happening with our exclusive shop – Bambalandstore and customers can still use it. Retailers in US and EU now can deal with ThreeA directly, like back in the day.

Gregory sharing some news about SDCC:
here will be posters available, but i don't have the dimensions nor what the posters will actually be of. everything is currently being shipped to IDW and i won't know until i pick up and sort stuff on the 10th or 11th.
plans change. you all should be used to this by now. ash says sell merch on preview night, we now sell merch on preview night. at least we're giving a week's notice. purchasable items ie books and shirts
you will not be able to pick up your pre-order on preview night though. those will commence thursday through sunday on the allotted days each individual chose.

As days go by , I am getting more & more excited about SDCC! Sadly I can't make it to SDCC this year, but I will do best in updating my news column, blog, Facebook, twitter and whatnot – with latest news and photos I can get. It's never hurts to have more eyes at SDCC, so if you want to help me with photos (and share them with the Legion) and whatnot, don't hesitate to contact me.

Kenny Wong keeps making us all happy, as he lets out new images of ThreeA and Kenny Wong 1/12th scale Sea Monkey into the wild:

July - 2012 BRovJtJuly - 2012 8nCkvtJuly - 2012 9pb8ct


WWR Punter Bot Sniper , which was BBICN exclusive, started to show up in Asia. I added shipping marker to the map: , so please feel free to use it.

Here are few pics by our boardies and which were shared on my Facebook wall.

Photos by: Joe Au-Yeung and DannyB

July - 2012 IgTnMtJuly - 2012 XL2B2tJuly - 2012 R2THXtJuly - 2012 FkhCWt

New photo of ThreeA and Kenny Wong 1/12th scale Sea Monkey

July - 2012 Tqjhht

As I mentioned previously: AK Zombkin , AP Popbot release and 7Bones Kyoku are about to ship out. Can't wait for you guys to receive them and make some awesome photos!


Solid Gold Death Mask prints from Rufus Dayglo: , great news (at least for t-shirts maniacs, like me) that SGDM t-shirts are coming soon!

I thought that tomsix6 has such a vivid and crazy imagination, that it would be just crazy, not to share his photos with bigger audience. Stripping WWR Dropcloth, AK Zombs, WWR Men from N.O.M , sounds so wrong and yet it looks SO fun.

July - 2012 CHQFgtJuly - 2012 659b2tJuly - 2012 4NUUVtJuly - 2012 KfupXtJuly - 2012 EyObBtJuly - 2012 JLB3DtJuly - 2012 V55MntJuly - 2012 KDjugtJuly - 2012 SJNp9tJuly - 2012 WVNmgtJuly - 2012 SJx6atJuly - 2012 TBbYGt

3A figures collection by iHump , more collection pics can be seen & shared here.

July - 2012 MAazat

WWR Punter Bot Sniper by Terry Chan

July - 2012 D5808t

WWR Rothchild Funeral Edition and DW Square by Custard4gravy

July - 2012 X4yF5t

AK Finger Gang by Firehazzard

July - 2012 HcUCUt

WWR Squaro and AP Hatchery Guard TK by terce

July - 2012 LmdYyt

You not often see AK Zomb being so peaceful and daydreaming...Nosferatu managed to capture that.

July - 2012 TTkyet

TQs and LUX3A 003 Caesars never looked so good together, photo by river1219

July - 2012 2ww4nt

Photo of 3A boxes at SDCC, coming from IDW publishing twitter:

July - 2012 DUsZKt

In SDCC thread at our forum, Gregory confirmed that there are four t-shirts designs , coming in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL and according to him, there are 130 t-shirts in total for SDCC.

Gregory explains Ashley's signing policy here (click for detailed quote)

Cody (ennui), commenting about SDCC t-shirts fit and their quality here (detailed quote)
Partial quote here:
"The process has definitely changed. All the t-shirts from RVHK are using a bleaching and dying process in favour of silk screen so there are absolutely no breathing problems.
This is 3A Apparel's preferred method now, and will be used on all future shirts until we find an even better process.
The t-shirt quality itself has improved immensely as well, and they are softer and more comfortable than the old super-cotton ones."

Btw, Ash's signing schedule changed a bit for Friday, please check it out:

July - 2012 UYaFNt


AP TKs are coming to later this month and it's going to be a resident sale!

Here are few AP TKs pics, we have seen over last month (sadly can't say which TKs in particular will go for sale)

July - 2012 7jYBqtJuly - 2012 FHIsNt

Latest update from Ashley's blog, considering prints & shipping:
Prints Update
Just a quick thank you to all of you who ordered the "War Fixers" print. This is just a memo to let all know that we are currently shipping behind, due to studio and equipment damage. As many of you who read this blog know, we have been a little inconvenienced in the last few weeks due to a pipe bursting at the studio - and all of the wooden floors getting wrecked. We are just about over this problem now and the tradesmen are almost done finally. Over the course of this week we will be assigning DHL shipping numbers to all of your accounts - these numbers will be able to be tracked after pick up - pick up will occur after SDCC is complete. We apologize for the delay. TP

ThreeA and Gundam Zaku review by our boardie Knives, can be found here.

July - 2012 EdXtCtJuly - 2012 DPA6Bt

Remember awesome stop motion animation videos of 3A figures done by Nael? You can still find them at vimeo and you got to check them out if you haven't! Here is a new AK Fighting JC in stop motion by Moggie215

July - 2012 Jqp0xm

Just got a confirmation from HK, that first ever AK 1/12th & 1/6th scale 2pack set: Zombkin, comes with a poster, like all AK releases. Zombkin starts shipping this week!

Gregory shed some light on SDCC bullet shaped t-shirt containers size: "the t shirt container boxes are: 15.5" x 5" x 5"and weight: .45 kg"

July - 2012 CDta1t

This some people still ask about this: each person , who will be buying t-shirts at SDCC, can pick up their favorite design and size, t-shirts aren't blind boxed.

Cody about t-shirts , full quote here.

And oldie, but a goodie Simon Sim - WWR Deep Powder Bramble and Rothchild Funeral Edition

July - 2012 3xtqgt

SDCC exclusives allotment sale for existing 3AA members starts on July 12th, 9:00AM HK time at Bambalandstore, first come - first served basis, so please be there early.

July - 2012 XvTSQt

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Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:04 pm


Two days till SDCC madness starts and I can't wait for your pics (this goes to all lucky people, who are going)!

An updated price list for SDCC exclusives:

July - 2012 ZcVeut

SDCC t-shirts info:
We will have four different t-shirts at SDCC , with size range from S to XXL.
Here is a size chart for you and we will have an open t-shirt at the booth, to help you as well.
As mentioned previously, t-shirt costs 50$ and comes with an awesome container (shown bellow).

We will be waiting for you at the booth # 2643.

July - 2012 CDta1tJuly - 2012 XYujLm

IDW exclusive ZvR Zomb next to Zombies vs Robots Premier Convention Edition 2012 HC (which was offered directly via IDW shop)

July - 2012 Ps9Vat

If you bought ZvR Zomb from IDW, here is a reminder from their site about pick-up:
The ZOMB is ONLY available for in-person pick-up at the IDW Publishing booth at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. No items will be shipped. Because we really want to make sure that you and only you get your hands on you ZOMB, you will need photo id or the credit card that was used to purchase the ZOMB when you come to the booth to collect your purchase.
If you need to change the pick-up day for your ZOMB contact store@idwpublishing BEFORE July 7th, 2012. If you fail to collect your ZOMB your order will be cancelled, refunded, and the ZOMB released for sale.
If someone else is picking the ZOMB up for you, check out the Friend Pick-Up page.

And here is all the necessary contact info (including the phone number):

Our boardies (who purchased ZvR Zomb) are discussing ZvR Zomb and their credit card charges here.


Latest updates from Ashley's blog by T.P:
Okay so it's probably a little bit of a misnomer to call this post "Photo Tsunami" as this post actually doesn't come with any photographs. Hello again, my name is T.P and yes folks it's that time of year all over again - SDCC!! Every year we blog it, some years are more successful attempts than others - this year though I think is going to be our best coverage yet since Ash and I have made plans for a photo tsunami!!! (Man, I love exclamation marks - they're so useful but not - don't email me your grammatical arguments plz!!)

So let's talk SDCC - first and foremost I would like to thank 3A Legion's Kimberley for helping make our up and coming photo onslaught possible. And then I would like to say a special thank you to the ThreeA team which this year includes the following guests: The amazing Phil Hale, Phil is flying in from the UK to sign his new book (produced by 3A) don't miss it, it's awesome. The irrepressible William Wray (he's an amazing fine artist based in LA). And last but certainly not least the incredible Rufus Dayglo. Rufus as many of you know is producing a new book through 3A entitled Solid Gold Death Mask - coming soon, also fab. A get well soon also goes out to Rufus' creative partner - we hope that you're home soon and that you feel better.

Now - I also want to mention a couple of things as they come to mind - 1) if you're a subscriber - we love you, hang in there, I know, I fill up your inbox like a crazy lady every year around this time. And 2) We're inking another movie deal this year - this one for LORE - (if you hang around the IDW booth who knows what action you might catch). However! - last year people took photos off of this blog and spread em around - fine it's the internet - yadda yadda, whatever, but if you are a commercial site/blog and you make money off of your entries (take note that this blog is advertisement free!!!) - mention where you got the photos - it's courtesy people nuff said.

Coming up soon NYC art exhibition at the Jonathan Levine Gallery (October) and a smaller surprise happening (Decemberish) TBA.

Get your signatures and sketches in this weekend if you're attending SDCC - Ash and I are working flat out on The Beautiful War project for the entire of 2013 - no if ands or buts and we're doing it from an as of yet undisclosed location - it's gonna make this blog pop - hint it's not Mars.

^I am particularly excited about "The Beautiful War" and "Lore" movie, can't wait to hear more about this!

And SDCC update:
Breakfast and Schedules
SDCC is a hop, skip and jump away from commencement now - if you're attending the event please refer to the ThreeA blog for signing schedules.

Considering July 12th sale for 3AA members, I am still waiting to hear about few things. All I can say with a certainty that books and three SDCC figures will be available at Bambalandstore . Sale starts on July 12th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time.

I already wrote about AP Boba Fett figure few times, but it's such a small masterpiece that nothing wrong about covering it once more. Here you can find the review by Eric. Few pics from the review shown bellow:

July - 2012 TKB96tJuly - 2012 XkV0MtJuly - 2012 8P6fLtJuly - 2012 QP8vUtJuly - 2012 ITAsQt

An update from Rufus Dayglo, about his presence at SDCC: I'll be at the IDW COMICS / 3A TOYS booth all weekend! I have some official signing times on Thursday-Saturday, but I'll be at the booth most of the come say hello. If I'm not there, swing back around...I've probably wandered off to steal stuff, or kick cosplayers in the knackers.
I'll be signing the limited edition SOLID GOLD DEATH MASK SDCC exclusive print, and any Tank Girl tat you bring along.
Can't wait to see you all there!

July - 2012 FHkBLt

From IDWPublishing twitter: We've found a few extra of ZOMBs! We'll be drawing names at random for a chance to buy 1 at SDCC

And last, but not the least. Guys, if you are among lucky people who are going to be at SDCC, please take plenty of pics of ThreeA booth for me and send them to my [email]gimbat at[/email] or via PM, will be happy to share them and give you credit (of course). There are few colleagues and friends who will be helping me with the pics, but the more pics - the better! Thanks.


With less than one hour to wait for SDCC allotment sale for 3AA members at Bambalandstore, I thought it would be convenient to make a quick F5 Bar and Grill thread, where people can discuss the sale (even though, I wasn't planning on having one, thinking that this sale will be quick, so F5 bar loses it's purpose).

Photo by Gregory Prout from our SDCC booth and SDCC related pics:

July - 2012 9sVA6tJuly - 2012 BXlawtJuly - 2012 IZjjOt

And not SDCC related, new photos of 1/12th scale Kenny Wong and ThreeA Sea Monkey and female pilot (Snow Pea) by Jacob Lin

July - 2012 TZbTXtJuly - 2012 FDHv4tJuly - 2012 QorrUtJuly - 2012 N0JjDtJuly - 2012 01nFntJuly - 2012 3uleEt

Latest posts from Ashley's blog by T.P

Old Friends

July - 2012 IUtBSt

Meet Brent Ashe. Brent is one of the most talented designers/art directors working in the field today. Brent and Ash have worked together since their days with Todd McFarlane and have worked together on and off in the years since. In the industry that we work in, you work with someone on a project and then when the project is over usually everyone moves on, but sometimes you make friends and those enduring friendships last. I think also this applies to professional relationships too. Ash, as many of you know, is exacting when it comes to his own sense of design and Brent is one of the very rare few whose design aesthetic Ash trusts when it comes to his work. As a side note, if you're a video game fan, Brent is one of the fine people who brought you the Assassin's Creed franchise.

Thank You William Wray!

July - 2012 Yy5Nrt

Now these are the kinds of things that you would see nowhere else but on this blog!! Today you would know the artist William Wray for his fine art, his amazing paintings of bleak urban landscapes made spookily beautiful, his great hulking trains... but in the 1990's William Wray was also the creator of a cartoon called Ren and Stimpy which was a phenomena and is still well loved today. Scary to think that we used to see the episodes new! Our kids discovered the cartoon through re-runs and were hooked. Their favorite character is the Surly Chicken and they're always going on about it so Bill, (who has well moved on into the fine art realm), took a step back in time to put a smile on the kids faces - and hopefully on yours too - thank you Bill!

Getting Ready to Move...

July - 2012 6N4SSt

Here is a link to an a pic of the very first ThreeA booth!!!!! Thanks to Gregory, Cody and the crew:)

This is a pic of Brent and Bill in Ash's hotel room. Don't underestimate the majesty of getting a closet to stay in during San Diego this time of year!! We usually book our SDCC rooms for the next year when we're checking out from the last...

More from Ashley's blog, this time about "The Beautiful war"
This weekend marks a really cool milestone for me and Ash. We're book people, we love books, we love reading them, we love making them but as we've gone on we've become sticklers for detail, enjoyment, richness. I saw a post by someone who was commenting on the need to create and how ultimately he'd love to be able to create like Ash. So as we're waiting for the photos to come down I thought I'd talk a little about our new project: The Beautiful War.

The Beautiful War series is going to be the main focus of our personal projects come 2013. Once again it's a full collaborative effort and we hope at this stage that the series will work out to be about four times longer in span than Lore.

The way we work together makes it a long process to create a series of books like this, in this case even before ink hits the paper, The Beautiful War has so far been four years in the making, and that's just the prep.

The original working title for this project was Le Jardin or The Garden. Four years ago we discussed creating the story and then I went away and wrote a full length novel based on our ideas. The novel was then read to Ash during his evening painting sessions and then little by little we exploded it and reimagined it, (taking detailed notes along the way), a second full length novel was then written, bringing the story closer to that which we had envisioned together.

As it goes you will likely never read the novels, the creation of novel length stories in this case was part of my own working process, the story is complex, detailed and rich (just like we like it). And then comes the magic moment - Ash breaks out a blank sketchbook and then it's definitely on!

In Ash's studio he keeps a pile of well used sketchbooks and each sketchbook is full of every detail of every story, property and toy design carefully imagined, re-worked, fine tuned and re-imagined all over again. WWR has several sketchbooks devoted to it of varying sizes but the thing that was most exciting about that project is that I got to watch as he literally translated those amazing images into fully realized paintings.

Perhaps for me the project is closer to Lore than WWR, as even though I wrote the words in the WWR books, Ashley fully originated that story by himself and I merely translated it for him onto the page, he'd already crafted the WWR world from start to finish before I ever came near it.

So, what does it take then to create like Ash? Well I think it's silly for people to compare their own working process to either of us because everyone is different and should allow for themselves to be different or you'll just mentally lock yourself up and get nowhere. I think it is also important to acknowledge that every creative person has to start somewhere, and yes, 1000 pages from now you will be a better creator than when you started on page one but if you don't have the courage to put pen to paper on page one, then the point is moot because you will never see page 1000 to reflect.

Somethings happen faster than others but on collaborative projects... on average the prep is actually about 3-4 years in the making. As for Ash, his career is 20 years plus in the making... so go easy on yourself if you're starting on page one today, knowing that page 1000 is in fact only 999 pages away and in the grand scheme of things when spread out over years 999 pages isn't all that much after all:)

Pics from our booth at SDCC, by James (anubis2night)

July - 2012 IKwSetJuly - 2012 Gp7EStJuly - 2012 OponAtJuly - 2012 IFdmotJuly - 2012 Ss9DNtJuly - 2012 BnH1nt

SDCC allotment sale is still happening at Bambalandstore (few things are gone though). There was some confusion with Mompty Tom Tom during first minutes of the sale, as it was mentioned in the description that shipping was included in the price and yet, it's still was calculated during the checkout. "Shipping included in the price" was a mistake, it was noticed by HK office and was removed from the description. The thing is that SDCC exclusives back in June (for local pick-up at SDCC) were offered cheaper, as shipping wasn't included in the price.

Here is a comparison for instance. Price at SDCC:

July - 2012 Jz8amm

Price at Bambalandstore (without shipping):

July - 2012 U6rfZm

It's the same price, 3AA price just more rounded up (30$ instead of 29.75$) for SDCC sales at the spot to make dealing with cash easier.

Not everyone read WWR Mighty Brillo Squaro description, which said that it doesn't come with WWR Supplement (unlike SDCC pick-up version) and that raised some confusion as well.

July - 2012 BMSfRm

Estimated shipping time for SDCC exclusives offered today is 4th quarter of 2012. That's because they aren't manufactured yet, unlike SDCC pick-up ones, which are already at San Diego Convention Hall and waiting to be picked up.

As I mentioned previously, t-shirts will be offered at a later date (once I know more, I will notify about it).

Sadly Bambalandstore version of Zombie wasn't offered today, as there were some serious complications which stood in the way. I'm waiting to hear more about it, so I can give you a full breakdown. Our boardie C R E M, provided some details, quoting Toygodd's words (who is currently at SDCC and asked Ashley about the Zombie). You can read it here. Currently I can't confirm or deny anything.

I try not to write my own thoughts that much here, but today I feel like saying something. Unfortunately I don't live in US and traveling to SDCC, always been pretty impossible and expensive for me. First time I visited SDCC last year and I for one know, how it is heartbreaking when you see SDCC exclusives for sale and knowing that you can't get them. So I really love how we went above and beyond for 3AA members and general audience this year with Re-Venture and SDCC sales, offering a convenient way, when you can buy something from the comfort of your home. All three SDCC exclusives: WWR Mighty Squaro, ThreeA and VALVe Weighted Companion Square and ThreeA and VALVe 1:1 Sandvich were offered today and 3AA members had fair chances to buy them.

July - 2012 Rl88rt July - 2012 XI3aat July - 2012 VDtYEt

All 3A Publishing books which premiered at SDCC , made it to Bambalandstore today as well: Mompty Tom Tom (56 pages full color, 12″x12″, hardcover) and Phile Hale – Empire (175 pages, 12′x12″) plus William Wray's "Cult of Beauty", which premiered at Re-Venture earlier this year.

July - 2012 VhHmitJuly - 2012 3AdPWt July - 2012 Uyb1rtJuly - 2012 TjMyat July - 2012 OySTct

And while I was writing this update , James (anubis2night) took a photo of Adventure Kartel Palm in the Face Sunday JC for our viewing pleasure

July - 2012 Ab06kt

WWR 4TH NOM and NOM 27th (Nom di Sciple) by James (anubis2night)

July - 2012 JWRNmtJuly - 2012 5xwIhtJuly - 2012 V0q6xt

Couple of more pics from James (anubis2night), concentrating on new WWR Dropcloth details:

July - 2012 LeqO9tJuly - 2012 IbNaltJuly - 2012 X9poat

Three newest entries by T.P from Ashley's blog
This Made Us Smile

July - 2012 XsGbEt

One of the best things about going to events such as SDCC is the amazing people that you get to meet. Custom toy maker/sculptor Ronald Lu is one of those amazing people. If you followed our previous events coverage you might have seen a picture that we posted of a super cool handcrafted carded Stormtrooper that was made to look just like Ash. This year Ron is back with yet another super cool creation. As many of you know we lost our beloved Eddy this year, (Eddy being the true kitty of Popbot fame), and so Ronald has paid tribute by encasing him in carbonite - Eddy would be thrilled, we certainly are - thanks again.

T-Shirts and Sandviches!

July - 2012 9YYKat

This year we have our own booth space for ThreeA and there is one product there that I was kinda worried about shipping. Ash decided earlier in the year to make the T-Shirt container look just like a tank shell and I said to him at the time - "Customs is going to stop that and we're going to get a bill in the mail!" To my surprise the container didn't worry anyone and our samples got through....

One week later... we were expecting samples for the Valve Sandvich. Let's face it if you love Heavy as much as we love Heavy... you can't be a girly man.. you just gotta have a sandvich. So we waited, nothing arrived and we waited, nothing arrived and then we got a notice and a bill in the mail... seems that the quarantine dept. had scanned our package and found something in the shape of a... well a Sandvich! We eventually got the package... but we also had to pay the bill... quarantine checks it seems are not free.

Some Scenes From the ThreeA Booth

July - 2012 WUjEytJuly - 2012 VTB6TtJuly - 2012 L5ngKt

Do you see not weathered WWR Mighty Squaro above? Looks bloody well and it has nothing to do with regular SDCC Mighty Squaro , as this one is a special version.

Just to be clear, current books: Mompty Tom Tom, Phil Hale - Empire, William Wray - Cult of Beauty , which are available at Bambalandstore at the moment, will be available until they are sold out and books aren't 3AA exclusive (unlike figures were).


Lots of pics and info from Ashley's blog by T.P

Thursday Signing

July - 2012 C0VOVtJuly - 2012 ZgauvtJuly - 2012 8HPo4tJuly - 2012 4kIQatJuly - 2012 Q0ycet

Here are some photos from the Thursday signing that just took place with Ash and Rufus side by side at the ThreeA booth. Photo 1: crowd, Photo 2: Rufus drawing, Photo 3: Completed Ash drawing, Photo 4: Completed Ash drawing, Photo 5: Rufus and crowd.

Thursday Signing Part 2

July - 2012 RV7GatJuly - 2012 P30VotJuly - 2012 ZFNSEtJuly - 2012 QymD4tJuly - 2012 W0uH3t

Here are some more photos from Thursday's joint signing with Ash and Rufus at the ThreeA Booth. Photo 1: Completed Kitty drawing, Photo 2: Rufus with T-Shirt tank shell, Photo 3: Rufus drawing, Photo 4: Ash signing, Photo 5: Yellow TK poster.

Ash Inspired Body Art

July - 2012 XO6nTt

And you can checkout other posts and pics from SDCC, which I didn't include in my column directly at Ashley's blog.

If you want to share your pics, please put them on my wall on FB or send them via PM and I upload them here as well. Currently James Brown is my eyes (and our eyes) at SDCC. Thank you James!

William Wray and VALVe signing, photos by James Brown

July - 2012 P2KAhtJuly - 2012 WftCVtJuly - 2012 FUHE4t

Posters (as far as I know, they are free and random, just like single posters were at Re-Venture) by James Brown

July - 2012 F7rFCtJuly - 2012 ZCAm5tJuly - 2012 OuZEZtJuly - 2012 U5x1ntJuly - 2012 PO10ntJuly - 2012 6UAZJtJuly - 2012 1VkLrt

IDW ZvR Zombies by James Brown

July - 2012 DEv8TtJuly - 2012 VTGKotJuly - 2012 OHffbtJuly - 2012 YmB4btJuly - 2012 MtMC5tJuly - 2012 RkTiJt

And some more IDW ZvR Zombies by Jason Grote and Jared Johnston

July - 2012 SVeldtJuly - 2012 73eXYt

TK t-shirts by James Brown and Jared Johnston

July - 2012 HJfY6tJuly - 2012 BCJh9tJuly - 2012 1U3CttJuly - 2012 HfWK2tJuly - 2012 GTqmnt

Speaking about TK t-shirts, they will be available at a later time , at and each t-shirt comes with an awesome container.

Absolutely beautiful AP 1/12th scale Popbot TQs and Little Shadow , pics by James Brown and Jared Johnston

July - 2012 DSHKCtJuly - 2012 H6SmUtJuly - 2012 SO23RtJuly - 2012 AvHkotJuly - 2012 ZRvIptJuly - 2012 6Y1nptJuly - 2012 6YnLht

Halo Commander Carter A259 (which we already saw at Re-Venture), pics by James Brown

July - 2012 NXyyRtJuly - 2012 AlyEOt

Additional images of Edmund the cat custom by Ronald Lu (you can read more about it above or at Ashley's blog directly), kindly sent to me by Ronald himself.

July - 2012 XsGbEtJuly - 2012 BkxkBtJuly - 2012 Ahvtvt

WWR Mighty Squaro left Bambalandstore and it means that July 12th SDCC exclusive sale for 3AA members is over. Books are still available for everyone though at


Lucky SDCC attendees already picked up their exclusives at our booth and started sharing them with us. Here is the photo of WWR Mighty Squaro and ThreeA and VALVe weighted companion Square by Adam TIerney

July - 2012 GecZ4t

It's hard to do the news, when you are thousands of miles away from SDCC. Unlike Re-Venture updates and photos, when I had good camera and laptop on me, and could do photos request and constantly taking pics for you guys. But thankfully James Brown is helping me and I hope my recent updates are interesting for you. Here are photos of signing sessions from our booth, all taken by James Brown

Signing session by William Wray

July - 2012 UCYkXtJuly - 2012 OdEm9tJuly - 2012 4KbCrtJuly - 2012 Koy3YtJuly - 2012 UCYkXt

Signing session by VALVe: Bill Fletcher and Laura Dubuk

July - 2012 JLqFktJuly - 2012 SLtwBtJuly - 2012 CZc8Tt

Signing session by Ashley Wood & Rufus Dayglo

July - 2012 Koy3YtJuly - 2012 MhJa7tJuly - 2012 WEoZftJuly - 2012 UYO3utJuly - 2012 V26NFtJuly - 2012 Fqb9FtJuly - 2012 CXrC4tJuly - 2012 QITrWtJuly - 2012 8SivxtJuly - 2012 UuvBetJuly - 2012 JVnKWtJuly - 2012 2oEYGtJuly - 2012 Igaget

Speaking about signings: There are still more signing sessions planned by Ashley Wood, Rufus Dayglo, William Wray, Phil Hale (who couldn’t make it today) and VALVe team members at our booth over the remaining days of SDCC, please check this image bellow for info & times.

July - 2012 UYaFNt

AP Tomorrow Queen - even though, I'm huge WWR fan, APTQs and AP Little Shadow are definitely the biggest bomb of SDCC.

July - 2012 UlF4BtJuly - 2012 15Ph0t

WWR NOM Disciple boots closeup

July - 2012 883ect

Photo of our booth by molokoplus

July - 2012 FLMTRt

What's special about that photo you might ask? Look at it again and check what says on our ThreeA banner under Totem. heh...psyched about this! While we are waiting for official announcement, you can discuss what awaits us here.

Our forum MODs and members of ThreeA Internet Division team are currently at SDCC. Gregory and Cody are busy working at the booth, James is our eyes (kindly agreed to take photos for us) and is willing to be our mouth as well, as he offered that he can ask Ashley Wood and Kim Fung Wong questions. Please use this thread to submit your questions.

And here are some answers and personal comments from James:
The new bambaboss is great, ash mentioned that he had a few variations on it and many ideas for colors and such. As we all know The original bamba has been around since 2009 so it's likely we will see the new version for a while at least in a few styles (more on that I'm sure)

Capcom news is awesome but I haven't seen t announced so can't say anything much yet.

Aptq's I got to play a bit with them the attention to details is amazing. Very stylized .

Microman is moving along well. Ash mentioned that he was originally going to use 1:12 bodies as they had the design but he changed his mind and is doing something new. More info I'm sure to come.

New dropcloth 1.5 has a Gatling

Botrider ladies - as seen months ago in a blurry - ash is very excited about these lots of details like nothing we've seen yet. He went into specifics a bit but I think that it's better to wait, sound like hopefully around December for those (again I think it's just based on when he feels they are ready as well as production window opening)

Direct link to that comment.

WWR JDF Harold for Goodsmile:

Now we know precise height of the Harold and it is: 36cms tall.

July - 2012 Az9EAtJuly - 2012 S7DGjtJuly - 2012 N2YqTtJuly - 2012 AWa1otJuly - 2012 KDD9dtJuly - 2012 LceIPtJuly - 2012 J794Rt

Order Dates: Orders can be placed between 29th July 2012 at 17:00 HST until the 6th August 2012 at 21:00 JST.


SDCC exclusives: ThreeA x VALVe Team Fortress 2 Sandvich, WWR Mighty Squaro and ThreeA x VALVe Weighted Companion Square by our boardie Salstadt

July - 2012 J7auZtJuly - 2012 QaxEctJuly - 2012 IjAGJtJuly - 2012 4sYb1tJuly - 2012 49B6ptJuly - 2012 HSpEStJuly - 2012 ON9bStJuly - 2012 6BeWbtJuly - 2012 C2ZVotJuly - 2012 G21aKtJuly - 2012 AqjQ1tJuly - 2012 CPauMtJuly - 2012 ZmCxrt

Interesting detail btw, STEAM cards , which come with ThreeA and VALVe SDCC exclusives. I believe they unlock some surprises in the game.

July - 2012 KdCgxt

Photos of figures at our booth, featuring WWR 4TH NOM, WWR NOM27 , AP TQs, AP LS, AK Sunday Fighting JC, AK Rehel, WWR White Mother, ZVR Zombie and HALO by our boardie Salstadt

July - 2012 FWUPktJuly - 2012 AHbAItJuly - 2012 18WThtJuly - 2012 CUOHwtJuly - 2012 HnqghtJuly - 2012 XuQSVtJuly - 2012 QkbB4tJuly - 2012 BaU1YtJuly - 2012 UoWbPtJuly - 2012 3fhWetJuly - 2012 WiXV7t

Saturday at SDCC photo coverage:
Andrew Wilson, Wade Schin, Bill Fletcher and Laura Dubuk from VALVe were signing at our booth earlier on Saturday. Signing session by Ashley Wood and Rufus Dayglo just ended at our booth and here are some highlights from both signing sessions , taken during the day by James Brown.

Even though tomorrow is the last day of SDCC , we will have three signing sessions at our booth # 2643. Please click here to see who is signing and when, swing by if you are at SDCC , we will be happy to see you at our booth!

July - 2012 EilqntJuly - 2012 RjC82tJuly - 2012 BZFxntJuly - 2012 LSHFQtJuly - 2012 S1k2EtJuly - 2012 HBhPytJuly - 2012 Q8KWWtJuly - 2012 OQW3ptJuly - 2012 BEXSmtJuly - 2012 1Dsy9tJuly - 2012 ZVzmwtJuly - 2012 WrBXetJuly - 2012 UGJHwtJuly - 2012 T9pzOtJuly - 2012 BxFE2tJuly - 2012 S07kUtJuly - 2012 G6T3dt

And three photos by James again, showing closeup of WWR NOM boots and headshot of WWR Dropcloth 1.5

July - 2012 QidUQtJuly - 2012 6xiz7tJuly - 2012 WoN6yt

Few posts from Ashley's blog, please click here to check other posts

The Phil Has Landed

July - 2012 MupnQt

Here is a photo of Phil Hale. We have a beautiful new Phil Hale book (Empire) debuting at the convention and he will be signing this weekend too.

Phil Hale Signing

July - 2012 8YDRctJuly - 2012 Ot3vht

Originals (at Scott Eder's booth)

July - 2012 YzFb9t

Speaking about Phil Hale and 3A Publishing books:
Phil Hale – Empire is available at , along with Ashley Wood’s – Mompty Tom Tom (56 pages, 12″ x 12″) and William Wray’s – Cult of Beauty (60 pages, 12″ x 12″).

First ever 1/12th & 1/6th scale set by ThreeA: AK Zombkin started to land in Asia, here is a photo shared on our forum, by Jack:

July - 2012 JIjQyt

Popbot 7Bones Kyoku started to land in Asia as well, here are pics from BBICN forum by sirymq and Jay.

July - 2012 GllwXtJuly - 2012 EXChGtJuly - 2012 8aRHEt


Unfortunately I never played in VALVe's Team Fortress 2 game, so I asked our all knowing Legion about Steam Codes for the game and what exactly they do (ThreeA x VALVe Team Fortress 2 Sandvich and ThreeA x VALVe Weighted Companion Square come with Steam cards). Here is a quick review by Salstadt:
I entered the Valve codes today and apparently each card unlocks a unique item in Team Fortress 2 (including one that is DEFINITELY Ash-related). Exactly what they are is unknown, as they can't be revealed (or used) in-game until an undisclosed later date. Once they go live, though, I'll snatch some more pics and video for ya.

Here are few screenshots from the game, showing cards backside and gifts in the game characters inventory:

July - 2012 DvkretJuly - 2012 MVjPYtJuly - 2012 UcN0Gt

AP Popbot photos by nixon and chronokross (boxed, not carded ones)

July - 2012 VYUhRtJuly - 2012 PH3CotJuly - 2012 UfKBLtJuly - 2012 Vr5M7t
July - 2012 EzbS9tJuly - 2012 PtkXut

To remind you, singles were carded and 3AA 4pack was boxed.

Popbot 7Bones Kyoku photos by our forum boardie wearejuststardust

July - 2012 XjHJwtJuly - 2012 W1HkRtJuly - 2012 YBOiYtJuly - 2012 Mq5wot
July - 2012 WmygCt

AK Zombkin pics from BBICN forum by 08MS.

July - 2012 K1IY8tJuly - 2012 Teng7tJuly - 2012 YAfGctJuly - 2012 M3JgutJuly - 2012 ME6ALt

I added shipping markers to our shipping process map for Popbot 7Bones Kyoku , AK Zombkin and AP Popbot release: , please use them , so Legion members (who are waiting) could watch the progress.

Good news from Gregory, that if all goes according to plan MGS REX is going to ship in the end of August. Direct link here.

And more about shipping:
SDCC magic is sadly over and it’s time to cover some shipping news.

What we have shipped last week?

AP Popbot release (all figures)
Popbot 7Bones Kyoku release
AK Zombkin

We plan to ship three Adventure Kartel line releases: 1/12th scale AK Zombs, AK Palm in the Face Sunday JC and AK Rehel figures towards the end of July.

Please don’t forget that you are more than welcomed to contact our customer service professionals at , if you have problems with your figures or want to find out something about your order (whether it’s tracking address, additional information or anything else). And if you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice to 3Asupport on twitter or checkout our official 3AVOX page on Facebook.

Ash thanks everyone for the support in his blog:
Alive and Kicking
Im back and I have to say that was the most fun SDCC I have ever had on many levels!

I really want to thank everyone that swung by the 3A booth, it's absolutely inspiring as an artist to have such great fans and supporter's, I feel re-energized after such a great time.

I also want to thank the Ladies and Gentlemen that made sure the 3A booth ran smoothly and took care of many problems with a smile and good humor.. Serious issues like finding me Adventure Time toys for my sons!

Back to finishing the art for the great Jeremy Geddes / Ashley Wood art show in October, the the adventure begins !

Lovers and Haters, your all awesome !

And thank you post by T.P Louise
Thank you to everyone who has made this trip so great this year, old friends and new, it was nice to see and hear from you all. Ash will make a brief appearance Sunday before heading off to catch a plane to make the long journey home.

A special thank you also to the whole ThreeA team, to Ted Adams, Robbie Robbins and the whole IDW team, Rick J and Rick P and everyone else who pulls for the home team!

Stay tuned for future awesomeness - I've enjoyed being your hostess this year as always,

Best T.P Louise (Paula)

Our boardie , well known TK collector and forum veteran Devours speaking about upcoming Popbot 7Bones Shogun , who is not so far away from Bambalandstore pre-order.
Ash said I would be so excited by Shogun, I would pee my pants.
And considering that has not happened since I was nine, it must be a pretty big deal.
Shogun sounds like an ambitious TK.


AK Cherry Bomb, which was teased some time ago is coming this month to Bambalandstore. According to Ash's post on ThreeA blog: "maybe slippery sale....maybe not." It means that AK Cherry Bomb might go up at Bambalandstore, without any a sort of surprise sale. To remind you: 3AA members don't have an advantage for surprise sales (except 3AA discount).

July - 2012 CbbQ3t

TK T-shirts seen at SDCC will go on sale next Wednesday, July 25th at 9:00AM Hong Kong time, at , I was told that each t-shirt comes with a shipping container. I got to warn you, that Bambalandstore prices for t-shirts might be more expensive than SDCC prices – which were 50$ , as they didn't include worldwide shipping. Here are pics of t-shirts from SDCC, taken by James (anubis2night)

July - 2012 HfWK2tJuly - 2012 HJfY6tJuly - 2012 BCJh9tJuly - 2012 1U3Ctt

Signed t-shirt container (Bambalandstore t-shirts containers will not be signed, this photo is just to give you an idea, how big the container is)

July - 2012 QITrWtJuly - 2012 BnH1nt

T-shirt sizes:

July - 2012 XYujLm

Latest post from Ashley's blog:

July - 2012 DQdMDt

some art is progress for Levine, its funny how many get so bent out of shape over sexual material in the art world, from artists to curators to viewers... I think its great the Levine gallery has imposed no rules on me, a nice change!

You can read more about Jonathan Levine Gallery here. Ashley Wood exhibition starts on Oct 20 and lasts till Nov 17, 2012.


Action Portable Slicer TK Baka and Kyuuketsuki on sale next week, only at Bambalandstore! Previously on the blog , it was mentioned that they will be offered via resident sale – which basically means that they will be up at Bambalandstore for a few days (but it depends on a demand, as we can produce only certain amount of these APTKs). These are in 1/12th scale and super fun to play with!
July - 2012 FHIsNtJuly - 2012 O5ELQt

It doesn't know yet, whether Interbaka TK (which was a chase during Baka sale) going to be offered together with AP Baka and Slicer, or there are special plans for him.

If you never played with 1/12th scale Tomorrow King bodies by ThreeA, please checkout this review of AP Hatchery Guard TK by our boardie Yama86.

July - 2012 UupKim

ThreeA Shot – which is 3A photo magazine, with photos by our Legionnaires, update and thank you from Ashley Wood :
"Thanks to all who have sent in their photo’s, Im finalizing this weekend and wil start the process of picking and making the book! Very cool to see such epic work by our supporters!!!!! We will be in contact with successful entries soon !"

If you finding out about it for a first time and have some great 3A toys photos you want to share , you can try sending some late submissions (better late than never right?)
to (please don't send heavy images, entries must be low res, bellow 1mb).


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July - 2012 Empty Re: July - 2012

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:05 pm


While we are waiting for AP Slicer TKs sale date, here is a photo showing 1/12th scale bothead (would look great next to Kyuuketsuki, right?) and AP Tommy Mission

TK t-shirts , which premiered at SDCC are going up for sale tomorrow: on July 25th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time at

Please refer to the news above (19.07) for pics and other info.

Clean WWR Mighty Squaro , which was given out by Ashley (one was sold) at ThreeA SDCC booth. Photo by lucky owner: StevenAwesome and here is how he got it: I was the guy that was gifted the Mighty Square for giving Ash my Adventure Time medallion.

July - 2012 SXob5t

AP Ghost Whisper Popbot , pics by Dennis Chau and Antonio Dit

July - 2012 UZGAutJuly - 2012 Erghht

AP Zombs , AK Sunday JC and AK Rehel release figures are shipping out this week. They are already given to the forwarder , but signal 10 Typhoon , which lashed on HK yesterday slows shipping a bit down. However, we can expect photos of these Adventure Kartel releases popping up soon here and there!


As mentioned several times previously, today on 9:00 AM Hong Kong time Old Guard Tomorrow King lifesize t-shirts were offered at Bambalandstore. Wide range of sizes were offered from small to XXL. T-shirts were quickly sold out at the store as they were pre-made. I am waiting to hear from Hong Kong, how soon they are shipping to the customers. Oh and t-shirts were 50$ + shipping.

July - 2012 MncHxt

News about 3A and HALO first figures:
In our tradition of making best video game related toys ever !
On sale next Wednesday HK time, 200usd ( before 3AA 15% discount )
Also retailers from the US and EU can order direct from us at 3A!

I got to say that I've seen these HALO figures at Re-Venture and they are amazing!

HALO SPARTAN MKV Commando - Bambalandstore exclusive

July - 2012 TvAYbt

HALO COMMANDER CARTER SPARTAN-III - going to be offered at Bambalandstore and later at our retailers

July - 2012 R2d2ot

Both figures stand 13.5" tall and feature:
* Fiber-optic illuminated helmet and armor
* Magnetized shoulder shields and rear pouch that all weapons can be attached to
* Rubberized suit over a fully articulated body with complete outer armor attachments
* Fully articulated fingers
* Weapons: M392DMR (designated marksman rifle), M9 HE-DP APG Frag Grenade (x2), Combat Knife with sheath

Speaking about fully articulated fingers, checkout these photos by Knives taken at SDCC.

July - 2012 JrZTqtJuly - 2012 PITByt

So, both figures will be offered at Bambalandstore on August 1st, 9:00AM HK time for 200 USD (prior to 3AA discount for current members).

First figure fromThreeA and Kow Yokoyama Ma.K/SF3D-Maschinen Krieger collaboration – Krote was teased multiple times and unpainted version was shown at Re-Venture.

July - 2012 9Tgcct

Here is what seems to be there final version:

July - 2012 1P3bptJuly - 2012 GTsVqtJuly - 2012 Wq4y8t

I was always interested in Ma.K figures, but somehow I was always observing this figures from distance and now I'm really looking forward to laying my hands on Krote and looking forward it's Bambalandstore sale. Meanwhile, if you are in Japan or going to Wonder Festival, you can see Krote there:

Swing by Wonderfest Japan this month, and check out the Ma.k. Krote 1/12th at the 3A-Goodsmile booth! (from ThreeA blog)

Wonder Festival in Japan starts on July 29th, here is their official site: (Japanese only)

News about our exclusive retailer at Taiwan:
Beast Kingdom is now our exclusive distributor for Taiwan!

As there is usually language barrier and confusion with such news, I'll explain in details what it means. This will not affect private customers, who want to keep shopping from Bambalandstore in any way. It means that Beast Kingdom will exclusively carry our retailer products and you can pre-order retailer versions of our products from them.

If you are long time around ThreeA , you know well what an essential role Ashley Wood has and how he participates in each and every process. Unfortunately he wasn't feeling well this week and that's why APTK sale date was hanging in the air and there wasn't much information about them. Today it got confirmed, that APTK are going up at Bambalandstore on July 27th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time. I'm waiting to hear for more information (prices and whatnot) to share them with you.
Thank you for your patience with this upcoming release (which already attracted some serious EMO, as everyone loves TKs)!

I got to admit that ZvR Zombie was my favorite SDCC exclusive, even dwarfing impressive WWR Mighty Squaro. What can I say? I love Zombies! Here is an interesting review of IDW ZvR Zombies by can be found [url=]here. Couple of photos from his review:

July - 2012 LsEfrtJuly - 2012 YFBrOtJuly - 2012 3dHs7t

Sometimes we all need a smile and I hope that this photo of AK Zombkin by Terry Chan will make your day and cheer you up.

July - 2012 ZGd8ft

Latest update from Ashley's blog:

Mompty Tom Tom
Some have asked where to get Mompty Tom Tom, well there are some copies left on, should be on the front page etc.

3A Publishing Mompty Tom Tom: by Ashley Wood, 56 pages full color, 12"x12", hardcover.

July - 2012 G80HpmJuly - 2012 3AdPWt

Phile Hale – Empire (175 pages, 12′x12″) plus William Wray's "Cult of Beauty", which premiered at Re-Venture earlier this year are available at Bambalandstore as well.

July - 2012 Uyb1rtJuly - 2012 TjMyat July - 2012 OySTct


Some more details about upcoming: APTK sale surfaced at the blog. Turned out that AP Heavy TKs will be part of the sale as well!
AP Slicer Tk and Heavy TK go on sale at Bambaland tomorrow 9-00am ( HONG KONG TIME ), sale length is based on demand. The figures will be sold as singles, and or set. There might even be a surprise sale!

July - 2012 VsjBYtJuly - 2012 MhhzUtJuly - 2012 KEbEHtJuly - 2012 Gv2DptJuly - 2012 L74iItJuly - 2012 RMdCut

It's great that AP Kyuuketsuki comes with severed LW 53 robot head, just like his 1/6th scale brother. And I think we already saw LW 53 robot head in 1/12th scale on this shot next to AP Tommy Mission:

July - 2012 MgaTMt

Everyone is naturally asking about prices, but sadly I don't have any price data to report. If we look back and don't take into consideration: Action Portable Tomorrow King Oyabuns, which were offered as part of 3AA 2011 package (150$) and Action Portable Tomorrow King with severed bot head (100$ and limited to one per person) only Popbot Action Portable TK Yellow Hornets Set (65$ + 20$ for shipping) and Action Portable Hatchery Guard TK (30$ + 12$ for shipping) made it to Bambalandstore.

I hope that APTKs will be up at Bambalandstore for a while, giving a good opportunity for everyone to buy one. Sale starts on July 27th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time at

Meanwhile we have F5 Bar and Grill dedicated to the sale to concentrate on:

I am really looking forward to your sketches and I hope that it's going to be a fun bar (even though it opened slightly later than usual, but it's somehow becoming a new pattern for F5 bars)!

Latest update from Ashley's blog (which partly explains lack of APTK news this week):
a heads up
Naturally I got the flu from going to SDCC, so im feeling pretty out of it with lots of work to do for Levine adding to the melee. Just thought I would share that uplifting moment.
Prints are shipping out due to Paula's hard work ( thanks to all for being patient ), ill just languish in the corner pale and removed.

AK Rehel and Dragos Eraphis already surfaced in Asia. Here are first pics by our boardie Arroneous422 and Dan Teo, who posted pics on my Facebook wall (and I am certainly looking forward for more!).

July - 2012 N0dWntJuly - 2012 KwOKgtJuly - 2012 NvmILtJuly - 2012 1pdSCt

Action Portable Heavy and Slicer TKs are up at

Action Portable TKs are currently up at , 45$ for singles (Heavy or Slicers), Action Portable Baka / Heavy TK 3 pack - 145$ (price includes shipping) and Action Portable Baka TK Kyuuketsuki (comes with a bothead) - 55$. Single prices doesn't include shipping.

July - 2012 VsjBYtJuly - 2012 MhhzUtJuly - 2012 KEbEHtJuly - 2012 Gv2DptJuly - 2012 L74iItJuly - 2012 RMdCut

AP Fighting JC surprise:

July - 2012 3n11ut

Surprise for 3AA members: TWO OYA TK 2pack:
"For 3AA only and still limited ! start your ACTION PORTABLE F5 engines"

^Two Oya TK 2pack is a surprise release and is for 3AA members only. It's going up and down at the store inventory, just like any other surprise release...with the only exception - that it's for 3AA members.

Price: 120$

July - 2012 YZpCkt

There is some confusion about this surprise release, however, I'm pretty confident that these are AP Shadow and Light Oyabuns in 1/12th scale. If you will look into these photos bellow, which show Popbot Shadow and Light Oyabuns in 1/6th scale, you will see the same boxart.

July - 2012 Pd5bPtJuly - 2012 BFltlt

According to ThreeA blog, there is high demand for some APTK figures and they might leave the store earlier than planned (earlier than usual 24 hours pre-order).

Some answers from Ashley Wood:
Everything, which was up at Bambalandstore so far: TK Heavies, Slicer, JC and of course 3AA 2pack surprise set is Bambalandstore exclusive and will not be available anywhere else.
Packaging for sets: might be carded, might be boxed, still not decided (as we are still calculating costs).
Interbaka is limited to 3pack only, unlike some thought that it might end up in single Slicer TK orders.
And there will no AK Cherry Bomb sale tonight/today.

Action Portable Baka Slicer TK Kyuuketsuki is now available for 3AA members only (because of high demand). As we can produce only certain amount of the figures. Sorry , if you wanted Kyuuketsuki specifically and thank you for your huge support for this vamp TK!

Old Guard TK t-shirt container photographed by Amon Lin:

July - 2012 Yt3QJtJuly - 2012 EubTutJuly - 2012 53FKvtJuly - 2012 HcMtBt

While we are waiting for AP Zombs to show up and photographed by our boardies (most already shipped out), here is awesome 1/6th scale Zomb kitbash by elektrox. I simply love how these Adventure Kartel creatures look in WWR outfits and gear.

July - 2012 BTYKWtJuly - 2012 RBrFAt


Action Portable Tomorrow King: Slicers and Heavy TK sale ends in an hour from now, on 9:00AM HK time. Thank you for your support!

Sketches & art submitted to the bar:

July - 2012 BhqxItJuly - 2012 FcZtJtJuly - 2012 Xa2dutJuly - 2012 RL9x2tJuly - 2012 UG3CitJuly - 2012 WymU7tJuly - 2012 JVLrBtJuly - 2012 I1TMgtJuly - 2012 8PsZgtJuly - 2012 SRJdAtJuly - 2012 Nb3tLtJuly - 2012 MhnBGtJuly - 2012 WwCaftJuly - 2012 90mXItJuly - 2012 AmA5NtJuly - 2012 ZJDbqtJuly - 2012 M86bTtJuly - 2012 DPQbAtJuly - 2012 0nbi4tJuly - 2012 IQEN5t

link for online gallery:

author names:

thejikas, fadeworks, illproxy, cromagnus, BRiZL, mouse9090, bodysnatcher, straytoaster (3), ChasBrock, chatchawan, cromagnus, chanimation, JeAA, alienmatrix, skmonteiro (2), Zangrief, Kiyoshi

HUGE THANK YOU goes to all the authors for their time and work!

Please PM me if I missed your sketch.

Final post in F5 bar:
Thank you so much for this awesome sale, with 136 pages of F5 bar madness and good amount of inspiring sketches , I know that plenty of people didn't score AP Tracky JC or 3AA AP Oya 2 pack or even Kyu with the bothead (when it became 3AA exclusive), but I hope that you managed to chose what you want out of 3packs or singles. Plus don't forget that AP Fighting JC is def. coming back!
I know that you all are waiting for some AK Cherry Bomb news, all I can say that we will not see her this week.
I hope to see you again at the Halo sale on August 1st (F5 bar opens earlier though).
Cheers guys!

After I posted 1/6th scale Zomb kitbash by elektrox , I received the personal message from Mouse9090 showing his kitbashes , which show a clash of Ashley Wood Universes. I got to say that AK F-Legion figure looks exceptionally interesting, wearing WWR gear.

July - 2012 R9MqutJuly - 2012 EFfQGtJuly - 2012 C2ChktJuly - 2012 HojACt

3A newsletter VOX is going to return soon and if all goes well, it's going to include Q&A section , where 3A staff and artists will be answering on the questions. Please use this thread to read more about it and post your question. Thank you!

Here are few shots of Popbot Shadow & Light Oyabuns, which are gifted & limited to prizes only. Noviart got these as the prize for his animation, along with three other entries (who have Shadow and Light Oyabuns coming as well):

July - 2012 JrrigtJuly - 2012 PDdxvtJuly - 2012 DzuSPt

Slightly more about animation contest:

And if you haven't seen animation contest videos, I strongly suggest to check them via February's VOX here.


ThreeA and HALO sale starts on August 1st, 9:00AM Hong Kong time at

14 hours remains till the start of the sale and it's time to open F5 bar and Grill thread, dedicated to the sale. F5 Bar is a special place , where we hangout, chat about upcoming sale and anticipate the drop. On top of that, it's a place to go for essential and latest information about the sale (on this forum).

Here is a recap of all the facts about the upcoming sale:

Starts on August 1st, 9:00AM HK time at , each figure costs 200 USD, prior to 3AA discount.

HALO SPARTAN MKV Commando - Bambalandstore exclusive

July - 2012 TvAYbm

HALO COMMANDER CARTER SPARTAN-III - going to be offered at Bambalandstore and later via ThreeA retailers

July - 2012 R2d2om

Both figures stand 13.5" tall and feature:
* Fiber-optic illuminated helmet and armor
* Magnetized shoulder shields and rear pouch that all weapons can be attached to
* Rubberized suit over a fully articulated body with complete outer armor attachments
* Fully articulated fingers
* Weapons: M392DMR (designated marksman rifle), M9 HE-DP APG Frag Grenade (x2), Combat Knife with sheath

Post from the blog, dedicated to ThreeA and HALO sale:
Carter goes on sale tomorrow at, and don’t forget the exclusive to Bamba never to be offered again Stealth version also goes on sale!!!

Two unboxing videos by Yama86

Punter Bot Sniper (BBICN Exclusive) review:

July - 2012 4BtyMm

AK Zombkin set review:

July - 2012 HdCE5m

Variety of AP Zombs photographed by chinese_chicken

July - 2012 OiFlltJuly - 2012 4iVe0tJuly - 2012 H3jGutJuly - 2012 IrCN2tJuly - 2012 ZepW9tJuly - 2012 Jnh5EtJuly - 2012 Bvh5dtJuly - 2012 O9qwvtJuly - 2012 BVL5ut

Latest from Ashley's blog:

WIP Surgery 3

July - 2012 CvPrpt

one of the SURGERY paintings for levine, somewhere in between the process...

Legs are cool

July - 2012 MkwkqtJuly - 2012 DN7Dat

here is a shot of some legs I have started for my Levine thingy, and my friendly art shelf with some small works on it.

1:1 Old Guard TK t-shirts are starting to ship in August to the customers.

An update about change of order in favor of email submissions to VOX, posted by Gregory:
VOX Q & A will be taking questions via email.
Appropriate questions chosen will be submitted to the ThreeA Artists and Staff. Please limit it to 2 Questions per submission.
Questions about shipping, product status, or upcoming releases ("when will we see X?") do not qualify for VOX.
Only a handful of questions will be chosen for each issue of VOX.
Please submit questions for the Q & A portion of VOX to

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July - 2012 Empty Re: July - 2012

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