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August - 2012

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August - 2012  Empty August - 2012

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:06 pm


Halo Spartan MKV Commando and Halo S-A259 Commander Carter Spartan - III are up at , Spartan MKV Commando is exclusive to Bambalandstore and it will not be offered anywhere else. As for Carter - it will be available at our retailers.
Each figure costs 200USD and shipping is included in the price.

August - 2012  R2d2omAugust - 2012  TvAYbm

HALO S-A259 Commander Carter Spartan - III on video taken at Re-Venture, by S.Ryoma

August - 2012  NdagNm

AK Palm in the face Sunday JC photos, taken by wearejustdust.

August - 2012  RGWwwtAugust - 2012  WkNAMtAugust - 2012  8aqOctAugust - 2012  ZPB9stAugust - 2012  ZtkfwtAugust - 2012  DYiB5t

I got to say, that I love how the colors pop on him and how great he looks on the bike (which wasn't manufactured by ThreeA and doesn't come with the figure). Speaking about bikes, can't wait for Thumb King chopper!

More bikes and rock'n'roll!

AK Zombkin by Antonio Dit (taken from my Facebook wall)

August - 2012  XPvhvt

and AK Rehel by Wijaya Santoso

August - 2012  2JQkft

Absolutely kick ass photo, featuring Popbot Blanco and Negro TKs and Popbot Shadow & Light Oyabuns , by Saingonradio. More photos of these amazing b&w figures can be seen here.

August - 2012  1qvcSt

From ThreeA production blog: AK Shit Weather Bleak Fucking Robot Island teaser

August - 2012  DfDmtt


Sketches and art submitted so far:

August - 2012  Q4LgVtAugust - 2012  1innitAugust - 2012  HfV2ytAugust - 2012  XJdNutAugust - 2012  KlfZOtAugust - 2012  XyekPtAugust - 2012  ORxxHtAugust - 2012  XUKudtAugust - 2012  XACZFt

fink's son sketch is featured twice, because it's extra cute Smile

album link:

author names will be added later on

ThreeA HALO figures are still up and available at

New section by Ashley Wood at ThreeA blog, called: Ashley Wood's Sampling Table, featuring: WWR BcELL Logistics Harold

August - 2012  PT8IutAugust - 2012  4zoD5t

Welcome to my sampling table, its basically a small drawing desk in my studio where I check out new our new toys etc. I figured some of you might be interested in this and some vague thoughts I have on the toys. In this majestic debut, the BcELL Logistics Harold makes a first appearance. BcELL are Rothchild’s robot couriers in short, they get the hardware to the front line, and sometimes lay the strap down as well. When these guys deliver a smushed box, you say thanks and smile ! I guess they are a thinly veiled private army for Rothchild working both sides of the conflict.

After seeing this Harold, I though how cool the new Dropcloth would be in the BcELL colors. Thats the fun part of 3A, i get to design and see my ideas made into solid objects, cant beat that ( oh yea, I still design every character in my worlds at 3A, design the colorways and whatnot etc. If I didnt, it would be like listening to a band that played songs written by other people…LAME!).

Oh yea, thats the AP Fantome running around in the second shot, wondering whether he should be a pack in or otherwise…? Speaking of pack in’s, the Harolds sold on bamba all come with a great pack in, but more later when they go up for sale!

thanks ASH

one note, because will ask, the Harold doesnt have his pouches on!

I wonder what Harold will have in the box, besides interchangeable guns and arms.

WWR JDF Harold which is Goodsmile exclusive is up for pre-order at Goodsmile site: here - Order Dates: Orders can be placed between 29th July 2012 at 17:00HST until the 6th August 2012 at 21:00JST.

August - 2012  J794RtAugust - 2012  LceIPtAugust - 2012  Az9EAt

Few images showing ThreeA figures at Goodsmile booth, during Wondercon Summer Festival (which is taking place at Japan). You can see JDF Harold, WWRp 1G Armstrongs, WWRp JDF Large Martin, WWR JDF Mighty Squaro, WWR Punter Sniper Bot, Real Steel Midas and HALO Carter on the display.

August - 2012  HMTUftAugust - 2012  VVUXhtAugust - 2012  FEMXhtAugust - 2012  47WfstAugust - 2012  Ma7A6tAugust - 2012  Z9B3jtAugust - 2012  LYQDNtAugust - 2012  UeMN8tAugust - 2012  MMgIAtAugust - 2012  CDZz6tAugust - 2012  SVwtQtAugust - 2012  OfYIitAugust - 2012  ImicntAugust - 2012  IjS1Ft

Part of the photos is taken from Bambasia blog and rest was posted by our board member:;u=5723

Latest from Ashley's blog:
not for levine

August - 2012  BhjWwt

but still fun, well to me.. early on in the process, now for the cool bit and pieces and flicks of the pallet knife ! I find the non action scenes of WWR the most interesting, guns firing, explosions are rather boring, its the mundane and less flashy that have my thoughts

Ashley mentioned on August 1st on his blog, that he is planning to put one or two giclee prints at his gallery store:

And here are the prints , which went on sale today and quickly sellout:

It never stopped beating giclee print: 44" x 23" print, 50 editions, 280USD

August - 2012  GMMqtt

Corker giclee print: 25" x 20" print, 50 editions, 200USD

August - 2012  FuAlRt

Our boardie LaFed received his WarFixers prints (purchased earlier at Ashley's gallery store) and it's beautiful:

August - 2012  0Qf3Ft

Daniel Tan showing WWR Rothchilds and customized DIY mini Berties

August - 2012  ZKUmIt

We plan to start shipping of 2000AD Ro-JAWS next week (figures were available for pre-order back in March):

August - 2012  T0Z3ztAugust - 2012  AT2QRt

If you thought that WWR JDF Squaro ain't HUGE, checkout this photo by Pansy Chan

August - 2012  M4smHt


ThreeA Halo figures sale ended yesterday and books (including Fuck it 4 reprint) returned to Bambalandstore.

Sketches & art, which were submitted to HALO F5 bar:

August - 2012  Q4LgVtAugust - 2012  1innitAugust - 2012  HfV2ytAugust - 2012  XJdNutAugust - 2012  KlfZOtAugust - 2012  XyekPtAugust - 2012  ORxxHtAugust - 2012  XUKudtAugust - 2012  XACZFtAugust - 2012  CfPQZtAugust - 2012  FChTSt

album link:

HUGE THANK YOU goes to all the authors of sketches, who are doing this because it's fun and ThreeA figures inspire them!

dienstag, fink, mouse9090, thejikas (3), lobojr (2), geopina (2)

Latest post from Ashley's personal blog:
RE Prints

Im very flattered that the prints do so well, I honestly believe they will take longer to sell, I have no fantasies that im a super popular artist with the world at my feet, and I certainly dont want that ( i guess my subject matter covers that base ), so thanks guys, its very cool I get to do what I do !
On to a day of painting and listening to Agatha Christie ! I know..., im the coolest artist ever!
Oh yea, i was just reminded i mentioned originals yesterday, ill put some up later, being a gentleman and all !

Original art , which Ashley mentioned above were put up for sale at his gallery store (and already sold): Supreme NOM Original painting. Will be in a WWR book someday !
12"x16" painting on canvas

August - 2012  5t1TFt

I already mentioned few times in the past, that Ashley Wood's Gallery sales ain't covered here in real-time - giving heads ups about sales. I only write about them post-factum, to show what happened there. Fist of all, that way it's more honest fro everyone who is passionate about prints and keeping his eyes on Ash's blog 24 x 7 and I'm positive that it's how Ashley would want me to do this.


August - 2012  Dfiget

Looks like we will see the return of Action Portable TK Unleashed Yo Set now in 1/6th scale. Here is how they looked like one year ago (they were 3AA SDCC exclusive) in 1/12th scale:

August - 2012  VTcbut]August - 2012  G4TwNtAugust - 2012  09r04tAugust - 2012  LZV5gtAugust - 2012  F6Eh2t

In case you missed what I said previously about 2000AD Ro-Jaws and Old Guard TKs 1:1 t-shirts shipping, here is a recap from ThreeA blog:
We plan to start shipping of 2000AD Ro-Jaws release figures next week.
Since many are curious about Old Guard TK 1:1 t-shirts, they will be shipping out this month (I’ll update you about the date soon).
Figures which already shipped out recently:
1/12th scale AK Zombs
AK Palm in the Face Sunday JC
AK Rehel release figures.

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August - 2012  Empty Re: August - 2012

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:07 pm


AK Shit Weather Bleak goes on sale, on August 17th at
Countdown at 3A blog says that it's going to be on 13:00 HK time, but I'm rather sure it's a glitch and it's going to be on 9:00AM HK time as always (well, in 98% of the cases). I'll confirm next week and let you know.

Here are all the images related to AK Shit Weather Bleak or his dog companion, we have seen so far:

August - 2012  1F9YTtAugust - 2012  YAGK6tAugust - 2012  DfDmttAugust - 2012  M3Thft


AK Rehel / Dragos video reviews by Yama86 and S.Ryoma

August - 2012  3kpUJm August - 2012  ApdABm
both clickable

Latest post from Ashley's blog (damn, I LOVE this painting)

August - 2012  AsT6Ft

It's interesting that original filename of the image is: itdidntmatternoonecouldsee

Mysterious Popbot KDO TK

August - 2012  JXjZ4t


I was correct about AK Shit Weather Bleak and that sale should start on August 17th, 9:00AM HK time. Now countdown at ThreeA blog is accurate as well.

2000AD Ro-Jaws photographed by Rufus Dayglo and some comments on design by Rufus:
RO-JAWS! 1/6 scale. Classis colour scheme. I tried to design him up as a cross between Mick McMahon and Kevin O'Neill's classic design!
He's a foulmouthed street cleaner/service robot... He even comes with a turd you can keep in his 'stomach' compartment!

August - 2012  OgwOBtAugust - 2012  GmoZItAugust - 2012  7qoXEtAugust - 2012  TtZcut

Image with words: Starts September popped up at ThreeA blog. What do you think guys? Could it be new Ashley Wood collection or something else?

August - 2012  QTSE9t

Btw, I asked Ashley about AK Cherry Bomb and he said that he still haven't decided about the sale (whether it's going to be a surprise drop or not).

Something interesting via Bambasia blog (especially if you are going to be in Hong Kong area in late September): ThreeA and BBICN at Sixth ACG Guangzhou-HK-Macao Comic Con (Sept 30 - Oct 4). Click the images for details (in English and Chinese).

August - 2012  MNhmQt August - 2012  W3ZcQt


Currently not much is going on in ThreeA world, we are waiting for AK Shit Weather Bleak sale, which is scheduled on August 17th, 9:00AM HK time. Answering on one of the FAQs, yes , 3AA members have 24 hours guaranteed buying window for this sale.

I contacted Ashley about AK Cherry Bomb, but currently he still haven't decided whether it's going to be a surprise sale or not. I'll keep you updated though.

Some shipping news:
2000AD Ro-Jaws figures and Old Guard TK t-shirts shipped out and should be already on the way.
If all goes according to plan, WWR Supreme NOM Commander (pre-order took place in late April 2012) is shipping towards the last weeks of August.
Same for WWRp MK3 Berties, which were in production (pre-order took place in April 2012). This includes:
Bertie MK3 Sand Devil Mode A
Bertie MK3 Sand Devil Mode B
Daywatch Bertie MK3
G.I.D Recon Bertie MK3A

AP Zombs unboxing by Yama86

August - 2012  Dzclxm

Few AP Zombs photos by our board members: chinese_chicken , Grish and Daniel Wong from Facebook.

August - 2012  CsEfVt August - 2012  EIoIJtAugust - 2012  KVXeZt August - 2012  HPKOqt

AK Zombkin by our boardie: CallsignE27 and chinese_chicken

August - 2012  XFNYPt August - 2012  6ALoot

2000AD Ro-Jaws photographed by our boardies kadoo, chronokross , kaiserfrog19

August - 2012  H5b8Nt August - 2012  Tt4ont August - 2012  JrOv8t

Two more pics of Ro-Jaws from Facebook, by Terry Chan and

August - 2012  7boqDt August - 2012  Pm8ZPt

Few cool pics by mago and Salstadt

August - 2012  GBSjnt August - 2012  L46W5t

Popbot Universe figs by ictoys and Print

August - 2012  1FXJqt August - 2012  Ozhvdt

WWR JDF Harold pre-order closing date is moved further to Friday, Aug. 31, 2012 at 21:00 JST, which is good, if you are still on the fence or waiting for more funds to come in. You can pre-order WWR JDF Harold here.

August - 2012  J794RtAugust - 2012  LceIPtAugust - 2012  KDD9dtAugust - 2012  AWa1otAugust - 2012  N2YqTtAugust - 2012  Az9EAtAugust - 2012  S7DGjt


AK Shit Weather Bleak and Hooded Custard will be Bambalandstore exclusives (not available via retailers) and ROBOT ISLAND SAGA starts on August 17th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time at

August - 2012  PpJFvt

Bleaky is coming with bicast leather boots , same material, which was first used on 4th NOM and NOM27 figures.

Real Steal: Ambush[/s] is getting closer to make it's way to Bambalandstore customers.

August - 2012  Jp74mtAugust - 2012  Ti5bvtAugust - 2012  3GZ1ctAugust - 2012  SsviWt

Foreseeing questions, which always follow after packaging photos:
[b]Real Steal: Ambush
and MGS: REX are both huge and insanely complex project by ThreeA. Everyone is insanely excited about them and all the thoughts are to make them perfect. Estimated shipping during pre-order was late August 2012. I'm constantly keeping in touch with HK office and following these (and other projects), so once I hear a definite shipping plans, I'll let you know.

If you were following my SDCC coverage (which wouldn't be brought to you without help of James Brown) you already have seen new Dropcloth and Bambaboss. Here are more cleaner photos, showing some rad poses:

August - 2012  2bPrVtAugust - 2012  MSLzEt

WWR Harold MK1 TBRK 7th dual mode:

August - 2012  G5tjVtAugust - 2012  ULh59t


New Ankou EX figures for retailers:

August - 2012  NvOKtt August - 2012  PBOKft August - 2012  CHw8bt

Ashley about them:
Exclusive to retail! Big threats need a big Ankou ! These new Ankou EX also feature newly articulated arms!

Ashley Wood collection: Audrey slips with butterknife - Severed foot Audrey (soldout in May) boxart and packaging.

August - 2012  OaIpGtAugust - 2012  Ikdzvt

WWR Mighty Brillo Squaro which was offered at Bambalandstore (as part of SDCC figures allotment) box:

August - 2012  VgwOEt

ThreeA is going to have an official booth at NYCC and WWR EMGY Mighty Squaro as NYCC exclusive and there will be special EMGY t-shirt as well.

August - 2012  6hsJnt

Here is what Gregory (who is in charge of NYCC booth and ThreeA participation in conventions in general) said about NYCC:
NY EMGY will be the exclusive for NYCC ThreeA booth. There will be an official EMGY shirt as well. Details and all that will be released closer to the con

If you still think that WWR MIGHTY Squaro ain't that mighty, here are all the Squares scales (except 1:1) in one photo by 拾㈨

August - 2012  KcqE2t

Popbot TK KDO boxart popped up at ThreeA blog, under following heading: "KDO where will you turn up !"

August - 2012  R2DIht

Latest post from Ashley's art blog:
some really bad iphone photos of stuff!

August - 2012  F7Epzt August - 2012  VcSwqt


Metal Gear REX pics from Kojima_Hideo twitter, with some comments (sorry I am using the translator)

Sample final model of huge REX by 3A has arrived!

August - 2012  SgAcBt

This is how big REX by 3A is. The shot w Frank by Playarts.

August - 2012  I57kbt

REX by 3A, from side. Very cool!

August - 2012  AQBuVt

REX by 3A. The beak opens, so does maintenance hatch. The eye lightens w battery. And moreover, if you take off the armor it becomes damaged REX appeared in MGS4

August - 2012  OM32wt

REX by 3A. The missile hatch opens, the radome breaks and the eye lightens.

August - 2012  3nIsvt

REX vs Jehuty. Looks like poster for old shooting game.

August - 2012  2omjkt

Nothing escapes the eye of our boardie Stone. Remember discussion about screwplugs?

August - 2012  JK9JFt

Please watch Bambalandstore on September 30st:

August - 2012  ZORoUt

Filename is I guess infamous TK KDO has a relative, who will pay a special visit to Bambalandstore.


Adventure Kartel Robot Island chapter is starting with Shit Weather Bleak. Bleak will be accompanied by Hooded Custard (available only with Bleak) and the set costs 120USD. Bleak rocks some PU leather boots.

Sale starts on August 17th, 9:00AM HK time at

The pics:

August - 2012  XRc0bmAugust - 2012  PpJFvmAugust - 2012  DfDmtmAugust - 2012  YAGK6mAugust - 2012  1F9YTm

F5 Bar dedicated to upcoming AK Robot Island Shit Weather Bleak and Hooded Custard is open and here is first round of sketches and art coming from the bar, submitted by our talented boardies.

August - 2012  NatEctAugust - 2012  9aBJrtAugust - 2012  A7s3UtAugust - 2012  KHsAQtAugust - 2012  VuGl3tAugust - 2012  Zm1AatAugust - 2012  NsnJrtAugust - 2012  ZdkzgtAugust - 2012  Vbnn3tAugust - 2012  FcsaetAugust - 2012  IiXJit

online gallery:

author names will be added later now

Please let me know, if I missed your submission.

WWRp Berties are on the way to customers (given to the forwarder). Here are the Berties, which shipped out:
*Bertie MK3 Sand Devil Mode A
*Bertie MK3 Sand Devil Mode B
*Daywatch Bertie MK3
*G.I.D Recon Bertie MK3A

Latest update from ThreeA blog:

AND for 3AA members, you can also nab Cherry Bomb!

August - 2012  CbbQ3t

And entire Shit Weather Bleak announcement quoted from the blog:
For 120usd, you can join the fucking robot hunt too! AND for 3AA members, you can also nab Cherry Bomb!

Few photos (nothing entirely new) of the latest ThreeA products been added to online version of our catalog (still under construction) :

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August - 2012  Empty Re: August - 2012

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:09 pm

AK Shit Weather Bleak sale:

Unfortunately we have some issues with Bambalandstore (I'm sure you noticed), can you please check the store a bit later – in a hour or so? I'm writing this at 9:10AM HK time. We are trying to fix everything at the moment and we are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.

We managed to fix the store in under 30 minutes. Thank you for your patience! Now AK Shit Weather Bleak + Hooded Custard and Cherry Bomb (for 3AA members) are up for pre-order at

AK Shit Weather Bleak and Hooded Custard
120USD with shipping included in the price

August - 2012  XRc0btAugust - 2012  PpJFvt

AK Cherry Bomb - 3AA exclusive
90USD with shipping included in the price

August - 2012  CbbQ3t

Ashley about Bambalandstore glitches and Robot Island story:
“Sorry for the hassle, these things are waaay out of our hands!
Im excited today, the Bleak and Cherry figure start a new direction for AK, the comic and poster that come with each figure will expand on the FUCKING ROBOT ISLAND story, as an artist, thats the exciting part, through toys and story I can get across my ideas and share my fun !

AK Tracky Bleak makes a surprise appearance today, during Shit Weather Bleak sale. Since it's a surprise release - it goes up and down at Bambalandstore. 3AA members don't have 24 hours buying window for him and everyone is equal (3AA members have their 15% discount though).
From ThreeA blog: Fucking Tracky Bleak! Bleak finally sports the AK tracky for one day only, it was never seen again…

August - 2012  FuBhft

Details from the store:
Fucking Tracky Bleak 1/6th
- List Price: $90.00
- Fucking Tracky Bleak ( Bleak with mask in a AK tracky! )

Real Steel: Midas coming to Bambalandstore soon!

August - 2012  FvNTOt


Ashley about AK Fucking Tracky Bleak and that there will be no more (after final batch went up):
Fucking Tracky Bleak had taken it off for good..
After Custard has pawned Bleaks gear to cover a raging Goodo addiction, Bleak only had the choice of the AK tracky in his WAR-DROBE. Within 24 hours Bleak had retained his gear from the pawn store “SHOP O SHIT” and forcibly broke Custard’s addiction….!

Declaring that AK Shit Weather Bleak sale is done and announcing that AK MUMBS are next:
Sale end at 9-30am HK time
The Bleak sale comes to end at 9-30am HK time to covdr the snafu at the start of the sale. So cool to see my AK get the support it does, I think the next character to hit is the MUMB !

Who are the mysterious Mumbs? Mumbs were mentioned for a first time back in July 2011 and we thought that they might be Adventure Kartel version of Mummies.
they are awesome, and will make the AK universe more fun !
only one in the Ak universe, a while off still
- quote comes from 2011

I love when we have a lot of art submissions in the F5 bar, this time we have 46! Even though AK Shit Weather Bleak sale ended, I'll keep F5 Bar dedicated to Bleak open for some more hours, in case you want to discuss the sale , talk about Bleak and submit some more sketches.
sketches and art submitted to the bar so far

And we are done!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by at the bar and spent some time with us. Hope you liked this sale and managed to score what you wanted...see ya soon in the next one!

August - 2012  NatEctAugust - 2012  9aBJrtAugust - 2012  A7s3UtAugust - 2012  KHsAQtAugust - 2012  VuGl3tAugust - 2012  Zm1AatAugust - 2012  NsnJrtAugust - 2012  ZdkzgtAugust - 2012  Vbnn3tAugust - 2012  FcsaetAugust - 2012  IiXJitAugust - 2012  WNB2XtAugust - 2012  Bcjz9tAugust - 2012  GlEbRtAugust - 2012  2op5dtAugust - 2012  XFeoTtAugust - 2012  JCHpvtAugust - 2012  OjsSEtAugust - 2012  G29VHtAugust - 2012  TYmOAtAugust - 2012  BDtnQtAugust - 2012  ZQYZqtAugust - 2012  2WNQ4tAugust - 2012  TwFHztAugust - 2012  DHBr0tAugust - 2012  5mN6stAugust - 2012  MSTSOtAugust - 2012  7iEf7tAugust - 2012  TkXfKtAugust - 2012  ZItbptAugust - 2012  M4v2etAugust - 2012  W1HrotAugust - 2012  8prFetAugust - 2012  MOII7tAugust - 2012  3zy8xtAugust - 2012  AV4Clt
August - 2012  W5mvitAugust - 2012  BOrPJtAugust - 2012  HLhaltAugust - 2012  QtSNWtAugust - 2012  OZ3EhtAugust - 2012  T1R7etAugust - 2012  LK0tAtAugust - 2012  H0hYstAugust - 2012  3WPeMtAugust - 2012  BxrojtAugust - 2012  T3iX1tAugust - 2012  OTGbwt

online gallery: - now with author names


Our authors:

c r e m (2), abex44, bodysnatcher, jt4470, thejikas, soulstayer, expathos, dienstag (2), gerbil, soil (2), gunm, zangrief (2), mouse9090 (2), tkprice, dannyb, tome, sophora, scong, illproxy (4), grish (2), BRiZL (2), 4ever4eyes (2), firehazzard, saintzenith, JeAA, Ikanimo, chatchawan, skmonteiro, frargle, allenmatrix, kalenov, groucho, Jahright, Solodice, cromagnus (2)

Please let me know, if I missed your submission.

I hope everyone managed to score what he wanted during AK Shit Weather Bleak drop and if not, we have plenty of fun sales in the future and plenty of great figs coming.

Quick touchdown photos of WWRp DW and GID Berties MK3, which landed in Singapore. Photos by Dragonklien

August - 2012  M9OHjt August - 2012  GJZEjt

While we are waiting for more to land, please don't forget to mark yours on the shipping map: , this project can't exist without your support (or maybe with more shipping updates on the blog, it became not that useful)

Hope you all had a nice Friday and wishing you to have a relaxing weekend. News doesn't stop here though , will browse the forum for photos during the weekend and post them here. Cheers!


A micro studio video tour can be seen directly at Ashley's blog: here (0.27sec of video).

World of 7174 blog announcement:
If your interested in T P Louise and my world's and stories head on over and join 7174. It is a precursor to our new journey and projects coming on 2013.

I will cover updates of World of 7174 blog as well here (like I do with Ash's blog).

Fresh photos of Real Steel: Ambush in hand, posted by ULTRAMAN here on the forum.

Just one note though: I'm waiting to hear from HK whether it's shipping to everyone this/next week or ULTRAMAN got something before of others. Because last week I asked about Ambush and I received a note, that it's not ready for shipping yet.

August - 2012  GWVy4tAugust - 2012  Jss7AtAugust - 2012  CFsd4tAugust - 2012  QHZictAugust - 2012  S6XBUtAugust - 2012  2w6wctAugust - 2012  VOWnJtAugust - 2012  MphiztAugust - 2012  2hzuXtAugust - 2012  LAtKWtAugust - 2012  BoeD3tAugust - 2012  EnVrGtAugust - 2012  BxCS8tAugust - 2012  TN9nytAugust - 2012  FNaGat

Shot of Real Steel: Midas from HK magazine:

August - 2012  ZRBSzt

WWRp Berties MK3 Desert Sand Devil Corp (mode A & B) photographed by Jeff Chung Chen

August - 2012  G7Olyt

WWRp G.I.D Recon Bertie MK3 photographed by kadoo , Jungo99 and showing the glow by 林小馬

August - 2012  V1bhstAugust - 2012  Hc6v6tAugust - 2012  VPSObtAugust - 2012  3dPElt

WWR JDF Mighty Square and WWRp JDF Armstrong by soulburn3d

August - 2012  JQ5brtAugust - 2012  X2Kvlt

Beautiful polaroid style shot of AP Popbot by Alice Adrenochrome

August - 2012  YD043t


Popbot Red Devil Lady Sham box (3AA exclusive , offered back in June).

August - 2012  0H5mmt

Real Steel: Midas goes on sale , on Friday 24th 9:00 AM Hong Kong time at Bambalandstore. 290USD with shipping included in the price. Following the tradition set by Ambush, Bambalandstore exclusive version of Midas will come with bot controller (no controller for retail version).

August - 2012  FvNTOm

WWR Harolds are on their way according to ThreeA blog. Did you notice mysterious third colorway in the back? The ones on the front are: TBRK 7th and BcELL Logistics Harold.

August - 2012  FJK58t

Previous shots of WWR Harolds

August - 2012  ULh59tAugust - 2012  PT8IutAugust - 2012  4zoD5tAugust - 2012  G5tjVt

BBICN exclusive Popbot Munich NTQ, love 1/SEXth and intrigued by NPTQ decals at the bottom.

August - 2012  BbWtMt

BBICN exclusive AK Hard Nipple War Threepack, the pack contains: Cold Dick, Flakey Frost and Snow Paw.

August - 2012  1DWsJt

BBICN exclusive Popbot TK KDO

August - 2012  JXjZ4t

In the light of BBICN exclusives revealed today, here is a reminder about ThreeA and BBICN participating in the Sixth ACG Guangzhou-HK-Macao Comic Con from September 30th to October 4th. Event will be held in the Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center. At this very moment, I can't say with 100% certainty that the exclusives will be available online after Sixth ACG Guangzhou-HK-Macao Comic Con (which is taking place from September 30th to October 4th), please monitor BBICN for more updates or send them an inquiry via email, as showing some interest directly to BBICN (who these exclusive figures are for) never hurts.

August - 2012  MNhmQtAugust - 2012  W3ZcQt

Thankfully we already seen Popbot TK KDA t-shirt and know that we have to check Bambalandstore on September 30th.

August - 2012  ZORoUt

Shipping update from ThreeA blog
A lot of exciting stuff were mentioned on the blog today: BBICN exclusives , Harolds, Red Devil Lady Sham , you name it! And now it’s time for me to do my deed and announce another shipping update.

WWRp MK3 Berties, shipped out and should be already posed and standing on the displays in many homes. Here is the list of Berties, which were shipped to the customers:
*Bertie MK3 Sand Devil Mode A
*Bertie MK3 Sand Devil Mode B
*Daywatch Bertie MK3
*G.I.D Recon Bertie MK3A

Now on to Supreme NOM, as I mentioned earlier this month, we were planning to ship it towards the end of August. At the moment, I have an estimated about last days of August and will keep you updated.

Massive and super articulated Real Steel: Ambush starting to roll out. It’s a bit more complicated with Ambush shipping, as it’s a one big figure (42cm / 16.5″ tall). Shipping will be made in batches, this week we are ready to ship orders to US and HK clients and next week we will proceed with the next batch. Ideally we would love for all our clients order to be dispatched at the same time, but unfortunately logistics of shipping can be really sophisticated sometimes.

I hope you will get your Ambush soon and will be able to spoil us with many photos. Meanwhile, here is another photo of Real Steel: Ambush standing next to AK F-Legion by ULTRAMAN, showing how huge this robot is.

August - 2012  FoScPt

I feel that Bambaboss ain't getting a lot of love lately, here is one awesome collection of 1/6th and 1/12th scale Bambaboss figures by Bajo-Ninja

August - 2012  FgSkot

Very cool photo of 3A collection in action by John Eugene Atendido Avila

August - 2012  OuZ8gt

Real Steel: Ambush is a HUGE boxing star now! Highly detailed review and even 360 view, right here:


August - 2012  L0Qp7t


Latest post from Ashley's blog dedicated to the Great Sergio Toppi.
The Great Sergio Toppi has passed away. Mr Toppi was and is a great inspiration to me...
It is a sad day, a light has gone out.

Real Steel: Midas is approaching and will be up for pre-order at Bambalandstore in 10 hours from now. Pre-order starts: on August 24th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time for 290USD shipped.

Midas is 42cm tall and as articulated as his boxing opponent: Ambush. Speaking of him, you can checkout highly detailed review of Ambush by Toy People (lots of photos and 360 view). I'm confident that Midas will be even better looking (or I just love rusty golden color on my bots)!

Latest production photo of Midas:

August - 2012  P46Yvl

Earlier photos (which might not be as accurate as production photo above)

August - 2012  YRAhBtAugust - 2012  WVGRWtAugust - 2012  Z3f5stAugust - 2012  0sC8GtAugust - 2012  FgYXLtAugust - 2012  NnFnGt

F5 bar dedicated to Midas, will go live closer to the pre-order (3-4 hours prior to it, so around 5 / 6AM HK time).


F5 Bar dedicated to Midas is open and waiting for you. I don't think it will be that full, as most of F5 Bar talk is about surprises, but would be still great to see you there and talk about Midas.

Speaking about Midas, he is up at Bambalandstore and estimated shipping time is listed for 4th quarter of 2012. Midas will be offered via retailers later on, but Bambalandstore versions comes with an exclusive 1/6th scale bot controller.

Midas in the movie:

August - 2012  JNvmGm

Latest from Ashley's blog about upcoming show at Levine gallery (still time to book the tickets and hotel btw):

a thin silver of red broke the distant horizon and she laughed.

August - 2012  VXSOMtAugust - 2012  WxRkIt

Pretty much finished the Levine art, really happy and proud of it!
Oct 20 — Nov 17, 2012
Jonathan LeVine Gallery | 529 West 20th Street, 9th Floor | New York, NY 10011

Just realized that I didn't devote any attention here to new header on Ashley's blog, which happens to be Popbot Lasstranaut...hopefully we will see the figure soon, we been waiting many long years for it!

August - 2012  UUAPPt

Btw, Audrey Severed Foot release is getting ready for shipping and I will keep you updated about it here and on ThreeA blog.

Here first posts from World of 7174 blog, which was started last week by Ashley Wood and T P Louise
Creation, Birth and Rebirth

August - 2012  HeVfCt

Upcoming exhibition: Jonathan Levine Gallery NYC 20th October 2012

I always tell people that taking up a writing project is like having a child, I know it sounds cliche but starting a project and having a child have a lot of hallmarks in common. It's an exciting time, it's a worrying time, it's a "What the heck are we going to name this person?" time... And I'd be lying if there wasn't a little brain sex involved in creating a story, it's rewarding to write something you're into at that moment.

There is one way however, in which having a baby and writing a book is dissimilar and it's all to do with space... But don't worry, if you want to know what it's like not to be able to bend double, see your toes or sleep normally in your third trimester, all you have to do is to hook up with an artist... or go and visit one in the throes of finishing works for a solo exhibition.

The art studio, (and the artist who occupies it), is currently experiencing all the joys of the third trimester, there are expectations, short fuses, no room to move for shit and not just a few "Watch your toes please in case you kick or step on something!"

It's a very cool time to be around our house at the moment, the walls of the studio are lined with paintings newly varnished and hung up to dry and just walking into that place is to be hit in the face with a wall of scent that is both acrid, sweet and chemical.

Soon, very soon we shall be down to the packing stage, one fraught with it's own set of circumstances too. How to pack, when to crate, who is sending what and how will they send it? Reams and reams of Fragile tape, stickers, Hands off! This way up! And then finally... is it there yet?

All of this leading up to the doors of the gallery opening and... then it's your turn to come and see the baby.

Audrey and the Leg

August - 2012  Fym5OtAugust - 2012  JnZsHt

Here are two pictures for you all to enjoy. The first is because it made me laugh. I'm not always present when Ash names things and so I almost burst a blood vessel this morning when we received a package for his Audrey Shoe entitled: "Audrey Slipped With the Butterknife"

The second photo I'm putting up is of an item which may or may not appear at the Jonathan Levine exhibition in October. The item is a hand painted leg, and I have to say it's my favorite piece. I love the way that all of the women in Ash's paintings are so strong and liberated and this piece is just so beautiful to me, for that reason and so many others.

Few Real Steel: Ambush photos, posted by ThreeA Legionnaires on Facebook.
Authors: Pansy Chan, Chi Man Ng and Terry Chan

August - 2012  UQkavtAugust - 2012  FkO2StAugust - 2012  0vLwIt

A bit of information about MGS REX since there was some circling confusion about REX colors, after Hideo KOJIMA posted these photos on twitter

August - 2012  SgAcBtAugust - 2012  I57kbtAugust - 2012  AQBuVtAugust - 2012  OM32wt

I decided to contact HK and ask about color. I got the confirmation that color wasn't changed and it's just quality and lighting on the photos taken by Hideo KOJIMA, which add specific tone to the color. There was some confusion between our boardies (who I think represent all the hardcore MGS series fans) about MGS REX head (cockpit) articulation, I got the confirmation that head moves up and down.

Here is a retrospective of REX photos starting with early prototype, shown at HKV in November, 2009. (photos by Monkey)

August - 2012  UQgRqtAugust - 2012  DgSGUtAugust - 2012  E0zgltAugust - 2012  EjnW3tAugust - 2012  ZRHfotAugust - 2012  JOfx5t

Two years later:

August - 2012  Uot9ltAugust - 2012  Fs8nttAugust - 2012  0LFcxtAugust - 2012  ETFTWt

Followed with this:

August - 2012  4xgYCm

Full reveal from VOX newsletter dedicated to REX:

August - 2012  ZTUmnm

I hope to announce the shipping update for REX soon, as I literally can't wait to see this monster in your collection and to hear about your experience with the figure.


Real Steel: Midas by Dick.Po from Toysdaily, direct link to his review: , who according to the text got an invitation to ThreeA HQs and was allowed to make these photos of Midas production prototype. One thing though...batteries were already almost empty on the prototype, so his eyes ain't lighten up as strong, as they are built to.

Huge thank you to slash1 for the heads up

August - 2012  YRuhptAugust - 2012  37bCstAugust - 2012  ZweTqtAugust - 2012  O0VUetAugust - 2012  Er9uLtAugust - 2012  QiPsEtAugust - 2012  RaFVNtAugust - 2012  I7ReltAugust - 2012  0AGPqtAugust - 2012  WV7NjtAugust - 2012  VWrqqtAugust - 2012  4ooIJtAugust - 2012  ELfpntAugust - 2012  XFz2ltAugust - 2012  N1aMotAugust - 2012  MN8rgtAugust - 2012  KS4yctAugust - 2012  Fq1FctAugust - 2012  GgO1otAugust - 2012  BA9l9tAugust - 2012  OviXEtAugust - 2012  VgN7otAugust - 2012  Nc3rctAugust - 2012  Z474CtAugust - 2012  ThWIAtAugust - 2012  AtGadtAugust - 2012  4VAGktAugust - 2012  PrAqBtAugust - 2012  90aRItAugust - 2012  YEtGLtAugust - 2012  DIr0ptAugust - 2012  TKAmItAugust - 2012  UUYIAtAugust - 2012  BB63YtAugust - 2012  QUVuPtAugust - 2012  PjoVEtAugust - 2012  Kj4UdtAugust - 2012  3Ekh8tAugust - 2012  CMYDNt

Audrey surely knew how to sharpen her knifes:

"Audrey prepared her toast like every other morning, she always had to 'pop' it out manually or the
edges would burn and smell like dead accordion players. As always, she pulled her butter k
from the draw, as King Arthur would Excalibur from the stone. Instead of triumphantly holding it
high, her right foot's heel slipped on the linoleum floor and she fell...

Audrey lay there, quite shocked, she could see her left foot laying there severed,
she mused what a pretty shoe, what a shitty butterknife!"

Story from Audrey slips on the butterknife box:

August - 2012  Ikdzvt

According to ThreeA blog, more Action Portable figures might be coming to the store soon:
"I think its time for some more AP ! ill get back to you guys soon !" written by Ashley Wood.

Is it me or "Lore" Premier and "ZvR" Premier exclusive convention editions are back to stock at IDW Publishing shop?
If so, that's great opportunity, if you missed them during SDCC. Here is the link to IDW store.

Sketches and art dedicated to Real Steel: MIdas sale:

August - 2012  VhlYFtAugust - 2012  3sC1ctAugust - 2012  AplCstAugust - 2012  WoOrStAugust - 2012  Jjj1LtAugust - 2012  KHG6wtAugust - 2012  CAKyjtAugust - 2012  DAsr4tAugust - 2012  31DGkt

Huge THANKS YOU goes to the authors

mouse9090, JeAA (2), mcdaniel, thejikas, BRiZL, jdmusprime, fink, Ikanimo

and to everyone who found time to stop by and say HI , see ya next time!


Thank you for your support for ThreeA Real Steel license, Midas was taken down from Bambalandstore today and will be available later on via retailers, who carry ThreeA products (without Bambalandstore 1/6th scale bot controller though).
If you are interested in carrying ThreeA products, please send an inquiry to:

Very nice t-shirt on one certain TK (KDA cough cough)

August - 2012  Wblm6t

First variant of this Lasstranaut love t-shirt was shown earlier with the following text: Watch Bamba 30th September…

August - 2012  ZORoUt

It's interesting that Ashley mentioned Popbot Lasstranaut figure in the blog: I really should get that Lass figure released !

Of course it's a bit of speculation from my side, but currently all leads to upcoming reveal of Popbot Lasstranaut, which is in the works for many years now, starting from month theme on Ashley's blog , proceeding to Lasstranaut love t-shirts and now direct mention of Lasstranaut.

August - 2012  UUAPPt

This is clearly de Plume style boots and pants...but what's interesting is that they are rocking winter theme. So far only de Plume, which had winter camouflage was infamous and legendary WWR Blanc de Plume , which was available only as gifts / prizes in the contests. I wonder when we will hear more about this new mysterious figure...Blanc Disciple would be a cool name (I'm speculating again here).

August - 2012  MbELUs

WWR and WWRp Blanc de Plumes (if you don't know how these guys look like)

August - 2012  S2AcHs


WWR EMGY Mighty Square which is going to be NYCC exclusive and some new Action Portable TKs on top of it (they aren't NYCC exclusive):

August - 2012  7bScmt

Popbot TK KDA: KDA Bodyguard of TKYO!

August - 2012  0FpcXt

Earlier it was mentioned that KDA is coming to Bambalandstore on September 30th. Usually all ThreeA sales info gets revealed and finalized much closer to the sale, but I'll try to bring you more news about KDA over the next couple of days.

A bit of Daywatch love by hadiwinata from (ThreeA Indonesia discussion thread) and hokiardi

August - 2012  ND1lztAugust - 2012  KDGRKt

ThreeA GID goodness by Salstadt

August - 2012  CXH1zt

Some Q&A about ThreeA and KOJIMA MGS REX. Questions were gathered at MGS REX thread on our forum and addressed to ThreeA engineers.

August - 2012  XaDQrt


These aren't direct quotes, I edited it a bit for better understanding.

1) Removable armor plates on REX and their quantity, and how they attached to REX.

Not less than 20 pieces.

We needed to base on the damage version of the drawing from Konami, so just the damaged area can be removable. we will attach a construction sheet to show the customer how to play with it.

Panels are connected with pinholes & tubes.

2) Whether upper lip can light up?

Upper lip of the front cockpit now can light up.

3) Lights on REX and what can light up?

Both side of it's eyes, cockpit inside & lazer cannon. It's hard to tell with 'how many', just only the lazer cannon, we used 35 LED to work for the effect.

4) Where are the switches and battery ports for the lights?

Lazer cannon (railgun) - battery case at the end of the cannon, right hand side. Button on the top with the on/off switch at the bottom of the lazer cannon.
Head lights and cockpit-battery case and on/off switch are both under it's chin.

5) Can REX stand on his own without any support?

Yes, that is one of the most challenging mechanism that we needed to solve. It can stand with his own even fully extended. Of course it needs some patience to find the balancing point.

6) How much / far does the mouth/cockpit open up? Also how tight is joint used for the mouth? Is it lockable? What kind of joints are used for the jaws of Rex?

As seen on display at Re-Venture. Mouth is operated: using clutch joint. The final product will be more firm than you saw in RVHK one. Not lockable.


Shipping update and plans for the next week:
We are ready to start shipping of WWR Supreme NOM release figures next week.

Same time for Ashley Wood collection: Audrey slips with butterknife release.

And we plan to start shipping Bambalandstore allotment of SDCC exclusives soon (most likely next week). The allotment was exclusively offered at Bambalandstore on July 12th 2012. Which includes: Valve x 3A SDCC 2012 Exclusive Weighted Companion Square ; Valve x 3A SDCC 2012 Exclusive 1:1 Sandvich; WWR Mighty Squaro.

I previously wrote that first batches of Real Steel: Ambush orders started to ship out and few Legionnaires already made pretty rad photos of this monstrous fighting robot. Currently, we are waiting for more robots to arrive from the Hatchery, in order to proceed with the following stages of International shipping. I will keep you informed about this.

Ashley Wood will be visiting ACG Cuangzhou-HK-Macao Comic Con (based on the flyer info bellow), where ThreeA and BBICN are participating. BBICN posted an update about this here.

Here is the flyer with additional information in Chinese:

August - 2012  EurJ6t

Another look at BBICN exlusives: Popbot TK KDO, AK Hard Nipples War and Munich NTQ

August - 2012  1DWsJt August - 2012  BbWtMt August - 2012  JXjZ4t

I'm waiting for an official translation , which is coming soon. Meanwhile our boardie kaworu17 presented his quick translation here.

In absolutely majority of the cases, ThreeA always offered a variant of the show exclusives (or exact figure) at Bambalandstore. Currently only: Popbot TK KDA was revealed and it was stated that it's coming to Bambalandstore on September 30th. Of course everyone has his own likes and dislikes, but I think that KDA is much more interesting narrow shoulder types TK (take his new kicks alone) and more appealing than KDO (BBICN exclusive).

August - 2012  0FpcXt


Card for Ashley Wood art show at Levine gallery, featuring gorgeous paintings.
Machine Sabbath

August - 2012  AHFONt

Dates and contact information of Levine gallery can be found here.

People who deciphered this image bellow with words: Starts September as new Bambaboss promo were right.

August - 2012  QTSE9t

As ThreeA blog says that: September the month of GID and shows this lovely image of new Bamba, glowing in the dark

August - 2012  6LI98t

Here you can see previous shot of new Bambaboss figure and even a glimpse of him on the video (by ansol2006 ), filmed at ThreeA SDCC booth

August - 2012  2bPrVt

August - 2012  YM9tNm

While we are waiting for the official translation from Chinese of ACG Cuangzhou-HK-Macao Comic Con information flyer released by BBICN (shown bellow) our boardie slash1 presents his version.

August - 2012  EurJ6t

Please keep in mind that it's not official translation

1. Queue for limited "purchase card" everyday starting 0900hrs at 3A counter (open to both 3AA & non 3AA members)

2. Fill in detail at purchase cards

3. At the sales front desk :

2012 3AA members : Show purchase card , ID/passport with corresponding 2012 3AA member ship card

Non 2012 3AA members: Show purchase card with corresponding ID/passport

4. 2012 3AA members: Purchase hard war nipple pack (full cash payment and immediate pick up) 1 set only

Non 2012 3AA members: Answer a random question from event sales team

Incorrect answer: Disqualified to purchase any event items/lucky draw

Correct answer: Purchase hard war nipple pack (full cash payment and immediate pick up) 1 set only

5. Get a chance for lucky draw:

Red ball: Get to purchase KDO and Munich TQ (full cash payment and immediate pick up) each for 1 set only

White ball: Get to pre-order KDO and Munich TQ ( full cash payment and shipping Jan 2013) each for 1 set only


a. Must complete step 4 in order to get to step 5

b. Customer only get 1 chance to answer the random question correctly.

c. A special small gift from BBICN will be given away upon the purchase of hard nipple war pack

d. Customer are advise to write their details(correct name and shipping address) in a half A4 paper for KDO and Munich TQ pre-order. Shipping is free.

All 3 sets are BBICN event exclusive.


TK KDO: RMB 650 each

Munich NTQ: RMB 650 each

Hard Nipple War pack: RMB 1200 set

Event date:

2012 Sept 30, Oct 4 0900~1700hrs

2012 Oct 1~3 0900~2000hrs

Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Centre

Ashley Wood signing session:

2012 Sept 30 starting 1400hrs lasting 2hours

Only sign for 3A products or signing board ( will be provided )

Sign for 2 items only for each person

Please keep in mind that it's not official translation


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