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September - 2012

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September - 2012  Empty September - 2012

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:10 pm



AK Action Portable Fighting JC plus unknown special guest will be available for pre-order on this Thursday (September 6th) 9-00am Hong Kong time.

September - 2012  ZnjXwt

First Fighting JC in 1/12th scale was AK AP Surprise Fighting Tracky JC, which was available as surprise release on 27th of July for 45USD + 15USD for shipping. Here is the Tracky JC photo from back in July:

September - 2012  3n11ut

Ashley Wood about Brent Ashe, joining our ThreeA team:

"A great friend and talent has joined ThreeA full time today. Since working in the 90′s with him at TMP I have never ceased to be amazed by his work and too say Im excited to see what he does at 3A in the future is a big ass understatement !
Welcome Aboard man!

My sincere congratulations go to Brent Ashe, as Ashley said: welcome aboard!


Popbot 7Bones Shogun preview:

September - 2012  PwVZDtSeptember - 2012  MKZWCtSeptember - 2012  YTkoMt

Ashley's announcement about ThreeA and BBICN participating at Sixth ACG Guangzhou-HK-Macao Comic Con:
come by and see us the…
Sixth ACG Guangzhou-HK-Macao Comic Con BBICN/3A booth and chat and even get a signature if thats your thing, Kim, Ash, Brent the whole crew will be there on the 30th !

September - 2012  9EHJft

Previous info about ThreeA participating at Sixth ACG Guangzhou-HK-Macao Comic Con:

September - 2012  MNhmQt September - 2012  W3ZcQt September - 2012  EurJ6t

AK Fucking Tracky Bleak reveal next to preview. The figure was surprise release during AK Shit Weather Bleak sale

September - 2012  FuBhft September - 2012  X1sV7t

Not sure if you remember the talk about AK Mumbs which started in 2012, but here is a full reveal of this entirely new Adventure Kartel figure....5000 years in the making!

September - 2012  G7gLMt

Painted Severed Leg for Ashley Wood's show at Levine gallery in New York.

September - 2012  RxYKlt

3A WIKI announcement from the blog:
Is damn great, if you have not seen it, go now !!!!!

Our art moderator eseffinga announced April - August 2012 3A toys photography top contest picks and special mentions.

Let's start with April photo thread

Top props go to Ikanimo

September - 2012  7iZUyt

Special mentions to Nael, iHump, and malcontentman

September - 2012  ZlhLNt September - 2012  YVHSut September - 2012  1msNwt

Top props of May photo thread go to chiendol

September - 2012  HewFxt

Special mentions to apple juice, chatchawan and tomsix6

September - 2012  7Xzevt September - 2012  PTNMNt September - 2012  3L10Wt

Top props of June photo thread go to tigerfeet

September - 2012  WRFAlt

Special nods to Bubo, ronlu and Nosferatu

September - 2012  Fk5l9t September - 2012  YljXdt September - 2012  Q8VzYt

Top props for July photo thread go to CallsignE27.

September - 2012  Q3GEst

Special nods for chinese_chicken, chiendol, Sideburns and mago

September - 2012  OpKmqt September - 2012  Q7kNFt September - 2012  1WUgHt September - 2012  DEM54t

Top props for August photo thread go to JDF48

September - 2012  392vmt

Special mentions go to Teimaru, jF and Grish

September - 2012  5pghZt September - 2012  ZScPVt September - 2012  MoW1zt

All top picks from previous photo threads started at our forum (starting from December 2008) can be seen here.

Finally we are done and now: September photo thread is open and waiting for you!

Let's proceed with latest shipping information:

Audrey slips on the butter-knife release figures, WWR Supreme NOM and Bambalandstore SDCC allotment figures shipped out and on the way to customers.

Here are few Audrey slips on the butter-knife photos in hand by TK Price and levitz

September - 2012  Uhifat September - 2012  TosPGt September - 2012  JaOjdt

WWR Supreme NOM figures, photographed by p36137 from BBICN (link for more photos)

September - 2012  OcSlltSeptember - 2012  PmeFPtSeptember - 2012  ZebIEtSeptember - 2012  LD3bZtSeptember - 2012  JvNMmtSeptember - 2012  49Fn9tSeptember - 2012  A3DU9tSeptember - 2012  TO73Jt

Adventure Kartel Action Portable Fighting JC assortment. Figures will be available only at Bambalandstore on September 6th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time and never going to be offered again.

September - 2012  RbJKEt September - 2012  B0xmEt September - 2012  MXcLdt September - 2012  SPtRJt

each AP Fighting JC comes with severed Zomb head
and Palm in the Face Sunday JC comes with severed Zomb head and towel of Turin

AK Shadow Tommy Mission

September - 2012  QnVSkt
which comes for free with Fighting JC 4pack

Right about time to open F5 Bar dedicated to AP Fighting JC sale. Please follow the link to check it out.


AP Fighting JCs are up for pre-order at Bambalandstore right now.
Singles are 45USD + shipping and Action Portable Fighting JC Boxset (4 Fighting JC + one Tommy) is 180USD shipped.

September - 2012  RbJKEt September - 2012  B0xmEt September - 2012  MXcLdt September - 2012  SPtRJt

each AP Fighting JC comes with severed Zomb head
and Palm in the Face Sunday JC comes with severed Zomb head and towel of Turin

AK Shadow Tommy Mission

September - 2012  QnVSkt
which comes for free with Fighting JC 4pack

There was a bit of glitch and miscommunication with Action Portable Fighting JC Boxset and now it's available for everyone. We are sorry for the confusion. Please check the store.

Got a word from Hong Kong: I asked what would be the best way for people, who wanted to buy Fighting JC Boxset, but ordered singles during first hour of the sale, because Action Portable Fighting JC Boxset was out of reach (when it was only at 3AA section of the store).

The answer is to buy Fighting JC Boxset right now and send an email to for refund on the singles.

If you haven't got necessary funds on your account for Fighting JC Boxset purchase (after buying the singles) please email straight away.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Somebody asked me, whether AP Fighting JC singles are carder or not. The answer is that it's still not decided.

Surprise for today's AP Fighting JC sale: Action Portable Dark Sarge Zomb, it's for 3AA members, but there is no 24 hours guarantee buying have to catch one in your cart. Limited to one per person, price: 45USD.

September - 2012  YeDw7t

Latest shipping update from the blog:
We plan to start shipping of following figures next week:

*Popbot Lady Sham release figures
*third batch of Real Steel: Ambush orders for International customers

What was shipped this week:

Ashley Wood collection: Audrey slips with butterknife

Bambalandstore allotment of SDCC 2012 exclusives, which consists of: Valve x 3A SDCC 2012 Exclusive Weighted Companion Square; Valve x 3A SDCC 2012 Exclusive 1:1 Sandvich; WWR Mighty Squaro.


After being 24 hours on pre-order AP Fighting JC release is gone from Bambalandstore, here is the post dedicated to it and thanking Legion for support:
Ends in 22 minutes, thanks for making Sunday on Thursday a success !
Just as a bit of info, as most opted for the very cool JC pack ( and who wouldn’t), it has made the single boxed JC’s very rare indeed, some more than others!

All 38 sketches & art dedicated to AP Fighting JC pre-order. All the sketches and art, were submitted to F5 Bar by our boardies.

September - 2012  M30zOtSeptember - 2012  WBD6htSeptember - 2012  Wo3kUtSeptember - 2012  1vtz8tSeptember - 2012  KqmVDtSeptember - 2012  Bh4xttSeptember - 2012  DtUdOtSeptember - 2012  UexAttSeptember - 2012  CuecMtSeptember - 2012  3BVjftSeptember - 2012  NZUgftSeptember - 2012  AvYhKtSeptember - 2012  DE1x9tSeptember - 2012  FYQiTtSeptember - 2012  WUaxctSeptember - 2012  Zok4stSeptember - 2012  QtUPdtSeptember - 2012  EaWqLt
September - 2012  FkrWDtSeptember - 2012  5ayNYtSeptember - 2012  QkkBVtSeptember - 2012  FICeqtSeptember - 2012  T4xNotSeptember - 2012  Ft2AstSeptember - 2012  Id8nNtSeptember - 2012  Vco6KtSeptember - 2012  BrG7htSeptember - 2012  X4CTztSeptember - 2012  QkqsbtSeptember - 2012  G2xg6tSeptember - 2012  Fq1DrtSeptember - 2012  KoD6ytSeptember - 2012  D0GwetSeptember - 2012  PaBqItSeptember - 2012  XtQmttSeptember - 2012  SJKb2tSeptember - 2012  CF7lutSeptember - 2012  BeB3At

online gallery:

Author names:

chanimation (3), skmonteiro (3), franksenstein, toygodd, fink, grish (4), illproxy (4), gunm, jdmusprime, bodysnatcher (2), Jahright, chatchawan, Eric, dienstag (2), ODB, thejikas (2), blankedboy, JeAA (2), smallahlee, mcdaniel, nicholasquah, BRiZL, mouse9090, TK Price

As always HUGE THANK YOU goes to the authors and please let me know if I missed your submission.

Gregory speaking about WWR EMGY Mighty Square, which is going to be NYCC 2012 exclusive:
all i can say right now is the price will be $155, $130 for 3AA
more details on the sales when it gets closer to the con

Pics of WWR EMGY Mighty Square, which have been shown so far (APTKs on top of the Mighty Square aren't NYCC exclusive)

September - 2012  7bScmtSeptember - 2012  6hsJnt

kadoo showing the difference between SDCC 2012 exclusive Mighty Squaro sold during SDCC (on the spot) and Bambalandstore allotment (which shipped out this week)

September - 2012  UjJJXt

WWR Supreme NOM in hand, photographed by our boardie and Legionnaire from FB:[i]Tan Gim Sim[/i ]

September - 2012  UAreTt September - 2012  1Vbmut

More photos as always in the related thread.

Mysterious WWRp photo titled OUCH! and with filename : KOWLOON42, was posted at ThreeA blog.

September - 2012  H4xjUt

And for your convince it's time to migrate September news to the new and separate thread, which is located here.

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September - 2012  Empty Re: September - 2012

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:12 pm


This have been in the works for a while and finally the news is out! Ashley Wood is bringing BAMBABOSS club!

Next week see’s the start of Bamba club, which is basically when I offer the first of the new line of Bambaboss, this is my personal platform and im going to use it vigorously! The ongoing series will feature old fav’s and many new colorways and body variations. Im also going to mess around with proof of purchase offers, original art versions secretly placed in boxes, anything I can think up to make the Bamba ride more fun!
Fuck the masons, the Bamba club is the most exclusive club going!

Here the a photo of Panda Boss

September - 2012  G631zt

and now we know for sure that this teaser, was dedicated to Bambaboss club

September - 2012  QTSE9t

Btw, If you don't know what proof of purchase is: it's when you send something, which qualifies as a proof of purchase (whether it's a piece of packaging, secret code, photo and etc) to redeem a rewards. Just thought, that I would explain what it is, as few people already asked about this.

For me it's always interesting to see how people personalize their figures and change things here and there. Shows personal connection with the fig and how it inspires them. Here is interesting touch by on WWR Supreme NOM Whitemother figure by POk

September - 2012  Y4z9ftSeptember - 2012  T7iuct

Ashley Wood collection: Audrey slips on butterknife GID (surprise release during the sale) and non-GID versions photographed by our Legionnaires on Facebook: Antonio Dit and Desmond Yeo (last pic)

September - 2012  D97jmtSeptember - 2012  KDDoztSeptember - 2012  Mat6GtSeptember - 2012  NTrEDt

It was tremendously hard to win Popbot Shadow and Light Oyabuns and our boardie Knives is sharing his joy with others in this detailed review.

September - 2012  6soPlt

A bit of news for all 2000AD fans out there: if all goes according to the plan Hammerstein and Dredd are still scheduled to be released this year. Can't wait for more pics!


Something big is coming our way and even though I might seem a bit vague, but it's a pretty straightforward announcement (you will see soon).

September - 2012  GSZ2Lt

On September 17th, G3A is coming to us! I don't want to ruin the surprise and stop you from guessing, I'll just say that it has no relation to "game", "gaming" or presenting new line of toys. You can discuss it here.

Audrey slips on the butterknife: Leopard pattern, photographed by: Daniel Tan (ThreeA Legionnaire from FB)

September - 2012  BIDjNt

Here are Audrey colorway variants we saw so far:

September - 2012  NTrEDtSeptember - 2012  TosPGtSeptember - 2012  JaOjdt

Ashley Wood collection: Audrey slips with butterknife variants shown during the sale (to remind you Audrey was offered blindboxed):

September - 2012  ZMqbet

AP Zombs horde, photographed by tigerfeet

September - 2012  TErNEtSeptember - 2012  Tg9M8tSeptember - 2012  2XGB7t

These WWR figures are up to no good:

September - 2012  EPf1nt

photographed by Davy Rice (ThreeA Legionnaire from FB)

and IDW ZvR Zombies next to ZvR Bertie (both were IDW SDCC exclusives)

September - 2012  HUuZLt

photographed by Ken Lee (ThreeA Legionnaire from FB)

And now it's time to show of the photos from September photo thread, which is waiting for your entries!

Creepy AK Zombkin

September - 2012  7R071t

photographed by chiendol

AK Zomb by pidr029

September - 2012  JkLkFt

WWR figures and DIY Bambaboss, photographed by noviart

September - 2012  8d3Snt

ThreeA x VALVe Sandvich, on very stylish photo by JDF48

September - 2012  TVV5qt


ThreeA Publishing: Fuck-It Omnipuss+ is back to Bambalandstore. Good opportunity to purchase one, for those who couldn't do it back in the day.
OMNIPUSS+ 244 12"x12" Hardcover contains the first three FUCK IT books plus new material.
Authors: Ashley Wood and T P Louise

September - 2012  Y9JsItSeptember - 2012  639gRt

Exclusives for Sixth ACG Guangzhou-HK-Macao Comic Con, which will be sold at BBICN/3A booth. Featuring: AK Hard Nipples War , Popbot Munich NTQ and Popbot TK KDO

September - 2012  T6DIzt

Shipping update:
Popbot Lady Sham release started to ship out yesterday. Same for Real Steel: Ambush Bambalandstore orders for International customers. If you haven’t seen previous Ambush updates, it’s shipping out in batches and orders to Hong Kong/mainland China and United States based customers already shipped a while ago.

Latest from Ashley's blog:
With the Levine art shipping, the catalog going to press, I feel the NEXT ideas coming on, which I have to say is fucking exciting to me, actually im starting today. I guess im not one to bask or think of what I have done, only to think of what needs to be done next !
Im off to find old frames!

Prints and shitty policies
Due to our giclee printer having a meltdown we have had to cancel and refund remaining print orders. We cannot hold the orders over while waiting for new parts due to paypal payment policy. The last shipment went today. We were hoping that it could be resolved quickly but it doesn't look good.
I know it's a bummer for those who missed out, we as always appreciate your support and understanding.

Of course those who missed out will be offered the chance to purchase again when available, we only have a working smaller printer now...gah !!


G3A details
Current 3AA 2012 members, please check your emails (the ones you use to login to Bambalandstore) for G3A info and details.
More info coming in a bit.

We were working on the new store for a while and currently, we are happy to announce that G3A is up and the registration is open. 3AA members already received the emails with all the necessary registration instructions. We migrated all
3AA members to the new store, so they are keeping the discount and all the privileges. Unfortunately we couldn’t migrate non-3AA members, who registered at Bambalandstore. Please go to G3A to register, it’s quick and easy procedure.

We made a couple of manuals to make your registration process smooth and easy. Registration and purchase guide are located in “Latest news” panel on the left.

G3A might be a bit on the slow side right now, as many people are registering and browsing the site. It’s a good test to see how it works on the load, change things here and there (we already filed a request for more bandwidth).

I’m aware that few people were stressing during registration procedure, thinking that there might be a sale going. There are currently no toys for sale at the store, so you aren’t missing on anything.

Store system is off for now, we need to change some things and adjust the registration procedure. I’ll will post more, when I can.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.

I'm currently waiting to hear on the registration procedure changes, I'll let you know soon. And now to our usual news...

Popbot TKYO

September - 2012  8EJ7Zt

I wonder who the special guests will be...earlier it was mentioned here that Popbot TK KDA is a bodyguard of TK YO.

AP Tommy Mission

September - 2012  JBNN9t

Latest from Ashley's blog:
Machine Sabbath 1

September - 2012  F1Srqt

As the show grows closer, im going to start showing the art for you guys to experience as I know most wont get to the show. Stay tuned as they say.

Our boardies discovered that ThreeA x VALVe Weighted Companion Square has a variety of different decals on it's back. You can find the start of this discussion here.

And here are few examples by our boardies: Arroneous422, A_Locomotive, jakesons , konfucious and ictoys

September - 2012  LWX2qtSeptember - 2012  Ht37XtSeptember - 2012  VjkistSeptember - 2012  KQl3jtSeptember - 2012  FGOkWt

Floating WWR Supreme NOM by Antonio Dit (from Facebook)

September - 2012  Sr9iSt

Newly generated codes were sent to existing 3AA members, please check your emails again. Maintenance mode will be taken down at G3A in 15 minutes or so.


Newly generated codes are getting send to existing 3AA members, please check your emails again. Maintenance mode is lifted now, however emails might take a while to reach everyone.

Password: you have to use new password, from that email you are about to receive, not your old Bambalandstore password and not “123456″ one. If you previously already registered, when G3A was up for the first time earlier today and changed your shipping info or other info: please change it again, because it was rolled back to the original state.

We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience caused.

What I posted doesn’t affect non-3AA members.


3AA members, if you haven't received the email from G3A with your newly generated password , please check your spam folder, as three people already complained about not getting the email and it ended up in their spam folder.

Btw, you can actually use "forgot your password" option at the store and you will receive new password to your 3AA email (the one which is assigned to 3AA privileges at the store). But I really suggest to wait for that original email.

Thank you for your time.


G3A is for everyone!

With me constantly mentioning 3AA members on the blog, I’m already receiving questions from non-3AA members, whether they can register at G3A.

Sure you can! Please complete quick and easy registration procedure and we will happy to have you here. We migrated only accounts of 3AA members (because of privileges and discount) , so if you aren’t 3AA member – you need to go through the registration process again.

Past order history for non-3AA and 3AA members will not be transferred to G3A , but you can view it at Bambalandstore (where you made the orders).

G3A has paypal’s express checkout functionality to make shopping faster and more convenient. Using either PayPal or Alipay, the customer must make an immediate payment after the checkout, for the transaction to be completed. We will not accept delayed payments.

One last thing though, if you are 3AA member and still can’t access G3A, you can use forgot your password process here. You will have to enter your email (the one you use to login to Bambalandstore) , enter captcha code and you will receive newly generated password in the email. After that, please change your password at my account – password window (direct link - only if you logged in to the store) and review your shipping information at modify your address book window ( direct link – only if you logged in to the store ).

Real Steel: Ambush started to land in US, here is a photo by our boardie JKS to illustrate how huge it is:

September - 2012  AG6Rut

And please click here for the super detailed review of Ambush written by Knives.

Quick of Popbot Lady Sham: Pure edition and Red Devil Lady Sham , which were posted by joey3d

September - 2012  8nhZjtSeptember - 2012  JF0Z5t

Latest post from Ashley's blog about Study of hands exhibition in Australia:

Very happy to be part of this show with very baller artists doing handjobs, My 3 pieces and the shows details follow this bit of text.

September - 2012  GrEGxtSeptember - 2012  GgeQ0t


Bambaboss 01 aka Panda-Boss goes up for pre-order on September 17th 9:00AM Hong Kong time at our new store: G3A
To celebrate the opening of the new store , every customer , who purchases Bambaboss on September 17th - will receive a free 0DAY G3ANAUT T-shirt (t-shirts come in different sizes).

September - 2012  N57Gyt

Foreseeing your question about price, price information isn't available yet...but as sale starts in 14 hours, I'm sure it's coming soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

new Bambaboss platform articulation

September - 2012  2bPrVs

Looks great in GID mode

September - 2012  6LI98s

Panda-Boss himself

September - 2012  G631zmSeptember - 2012  SHGhzm

F5 Bar and Grill thread , dedicated to Bambaboss 01 aka Panda-Boss sale and G3A opening:
Looking forward to see you there and waiting for your art/sketches.

Speaking about G3A:
3AA members: if some of you for some reason (tech issues or you can't access your primary emalil for some reason and etc) still have problems to access Bambalandstore, please contact our customer service professionals at as soon, as possible. They will help you!
Thank you for your time and we are sorry for the inconvenience.

WWR 06 Blanc Hunter (there was a bit of mixup with WWR/WWRp logo...this guy is really 1/6th and not 1/12th scale)

September - 2012  Nd3tBt

We saw his boots earlier:

September - 2012  MbELUt

New reincarnation of Zobmkin: AK CHARKIN will be available in early October. It's pre-made and limited release...of course it means that it's going to be harder to buy one (in comparison with open pre-order), but good news that it's shipping and hopefully you will have it in hand to play during the Halloween.

September - 2012  EwRZIt

AK Charkin story from Ash, always love when he gives us these:
IRON RICHARD’S first war decree, burn that filthy pumpkin patch! The Robot King never thought from the charred smouldering landfill would a more powerful Pumpkin thing arise in the form of CHARKIN ZOMBKIN!

Latest art from Ashley's blog (for Levine show)
More Sabbath

September - 2012  2PnMVt

All Popbot Lady Sham figures, photographed by Aaron Tan (our Legionnaire from FB)

September - 2012  FdPLLt

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September - 2012  Empty Re: September - 2012

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:14 pm

Latest update:

Bambaboss 01 aka Panda-Boss is 140USD shipped before discount. Soon as midnight hits HK time the free t-shirt option with each Bambaboss figure goes away.

Knowing how many people are worried about first pre-order at G3A, here is what you will see tomorrow, September 17th 9:00AM HK time at the store (price is discounted for 3AA members, it will be 140USD for non-members).
T-shirt size guide is available in the description as well.

September - 2012  PNiqum

T-shirt size guide for tomorrow Bambaboss 01 pre-order. T-shirt will come for free with orders, submitted until midnight HK time (so they will be out of option on midnight, right after September 18th HK time). Hope it sounds clear, please let me know, if you have any questions or you can contact

September - 2012  CoQGq

We are delaying Bambaboss 01 for some time, as we are doing some more works on the server to ensure better quality and reliability. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


Bambaboss 01 is back to G3A.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Signed Polaroid sketches by Ashley Wood will be randomly placed in Bambaboss 01 boxes:

September - 2012  AyAHbm

If you have any problems with "add to cart" button at G3A, please click the button once, refresh the page and you will see that the product is added to the cart. Our tech team is still fine-tuning the store and we really regret that you have to experience all these imperfections.

Love this photo, showing Popbot Red Devil Lady Sham from all angles:

September - 2012  IJ94Ht

Nice Ashley Wood: Audrey slips on the butterknife "little" collection by Daniel Tan.

September - 2012  ZGGSvt

If you still haven't pre-ordered Bambaboss 01 and want to buy one, please use Paypal Express button for payments and if you already did and can't see your Bambaboss 01 order in the order history - please send an email to

Order history at G3A s accessible via "account" - "order history"

September - 2012  Ca0qfm

The event ThreeA and BBICN would be participating in end the of September: Sixth ACG Guangzhou Animation game show (Guangzhou) has been canceled and moved to the much further date , please wait for a notice from them to find-out more details.


GID Bambaboss hitting the G3A store at some point of time today:

September - 2012  DcZJEt

Ashley is posting in the bar, it's always awesome for me to see that!

heya guys, thanks for the hanging in there with the new store, such a shitty day for such stuff for us at 3A !
Im still as excited as ever to offer my ideas up, wish there wasnt hassle for you guys, but we shall get it right ! maybe.
GID bamba today, if thats ya bag.
Bambabag is epic !

^Bambabag - he is referring to one of the art objects submitted to F5 bar

GID coming to the store soooooon:
"well our new store makes everything rare. as a lot cannot still use it
well as the levine show is done ill be around more, i love talkign about my ideas and shit.
im going to hunt benny and get him to release the GID !"

On secret sales and WWR Blanc Hunter:
"oh another thing, unless I telegraph a adhoc secret sale, and im kinda obvious, it aint happening, i got grief over Blanc Hunter etc not being sold yesterday."

On whether GID Bambaboss comes with a t-shirt and on SIX ACG Guangzhou Animation game show being cancelled.
"no shirts with GID im told !
I wanted to drop the GID yesterday.... but every issue ever happened.. as you know !
hopefully G3A can handle some stress today, need to push it to find out where it breaks!
bummer about the China show, thought it was a joke yesterday when I was told... Had some nice posters and stuff made for it..."
"gotta go make some shit, ill return, fingers crossed for the GID sale, but im sure some teeth gnashing will occur !
good to see old faces, later !"

Ashley answering whether polaroid sketches can be scored with GID Bambaboss as well:
polaroids will be spread over them all!

Bambaboss 01 is leaving the store, G3A will be down for two hours till midday HK time to update the store engine.

G3A is back: , Bambaboss 01 is still there for now.

GID Bambaboss is up at G3A, 140USD with shipping included in the price. Please click once on add to cart...or you will end up with several GID Bosses.

September - 2012  DcZJEt

Currently Benny (head of our tech team) is trying to fix few things at G3A, so it explains most of the errors during GID Bambaboss checkout. People constantly F5ing the store, slowing his work. He informed me that more GID Bambaboss figs are coming, so don't need to be nervous right now and would be great, if you could stop F5ing for some time.

Bambaboss 01 is leaving G3A in 30 minutes or case you are still sitting on the fence.

We are keeping Bambaboss release at the store , to give everyone better opportunity to buy one. There is a lot of interest in Bambaboss and keeping them for a longer time makes sense and compensates for slow work of G3A shop during first hours of the sale. Long life to the Legion!

The boys:

September - 2012  GX98cmSeptember - 2012  Cvftam

Added new markers to ThreeA products delivery progress map:
I been asked about the map few times during last week, I thought that there is close to zero interest to it and people don't want to update
it. I'm sorry for not adding new markers earlier, but it's really discouraging to maintain the map, seeing how Legionnaires aren't using it that much (just few markers please release) and deleting old ones takes a lot of time. If you want map to be as accurate, as possible please keep it alive!
Feeling nostalgic and missing old entries, you can check them here: (1382 - now that's a proper Legion activity!).

In the spirit of Bambaboss GID, here is cool GID photo by koonfasa and Salstadt

September - 2012  GLMDjtSeptember - 2012  CXH1zt


Bambaboss 01 is gone from Bambalandstore and it's time to call it a day.
Here is thank you from Ashley Wood (posted at ThreeA blog): thanks for the support, and stress test of G3A!

I'm closing F5 bar and saying huge THANK YOU to everyone for their patience and your spirit during G3A opening and for being in the bar!
And of course special thank you goes to all the sketch authors!

Here is their work:

September - 2012  BKTm6tSeptember - 2012  Gla9VtSeptember - 2012  YBtKytSeptember - 2012  NWugetSeptember - 2012  9c5G0tSeptember - 2012  RsI54tSeptember - 2012  85SSHtSeptember - 2012  00988tSeptember - 2012  PeOeStSeptember - 2012  UiHmktSeptember - 2012  SC9hvtSeptember - 2012  TC0IytSeptember - 2012  W3A8BtSeptember - 2012  HDB9LtSeptember - 2012  OGM0TtSeptember - 2012  NhtWXtSeptember - 2012  L8vlRtSeptember - 2012  2dTLwtSeptember - 2012  MBmaNtSeptember - 2012  HZZJatSeptember - 2012  UFLybtSeptember - 2012  CBTH3tSeptember - 2012  USBnntSeptember - 2012  LAEtMtSeptember - 2012  MkAcbtSeptember - 2012  DoxFCtSeptember - 2012  NKlp5tSeptember - 2012  IL9PqtSeptember - 2012  Y7vuWtSeptember - 2012  POdZvtSeptember - 2012  IIs92tSeptember - 2012  LzzZRtSeptember - 2012  6LzVZt

online gallery:

Authors: nicholasquah, smallahlee, tkprice, grish (4), chiendol, chronokross, illproxy (2), expathos, fink, allienmatrix, bramble21, smallahlee, dienstag (2), boyswillbetoys, gunm, chatchawan, VerdantViper, mouse9090, BRiZL (2), haghverdi, basyabasya1, chanimation, illproxy, jankdev, squarehead

please send me a PM, if I missed your sketch

I been told that Real Steel: Ambush is starting to ship out this week to retailers. So if you have bought one from our retailers, it's coming your way soon!

Awesome Badbot custom by DoktorA:

September - 2012  Qu2ZptSeptember - 2012  NZZCYt

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September - 2012  Empty Re: September - 2012

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:15 pm


Many people kept asking, whether we will see entirely new character: Popbot Shogun , as member of were asking and here is the answer by Ashley Wood:
i was gonna post a new shogun image, but i cant see the image upload button anymore...
the 7bones shogun will be coming.

September - 2012  V4uLwt

Very cool initiative , called GOYA for new artists:

September - 2012  OtFEMt

We love art here at 3A, and frankly we want to get more out there, not just ours but other artists. So im going to create a publishing imprint called GOYA to get as many cool mags out as we can featuring known and unknown artists. Kinda like what I did for swallow but a larger size of 12″x12″ etc. Think of GOYA as a record label, we will release mags that are like EP’s for the artist, and then go from there whether it be more books or toys etc.

No kickstarter, no crap printing on overpriced POD systems just cool mags.

mail with your work and spread the word of GOYA.

Speaking about is printing of Levine show catalog:

September - 2012  43rRRtSeptember - 2012  DeiyNt

Latest from Ash's blog:
trying to do a new series

of very quick daily paintings.
here is the first.

September - 2012  Sc6wlt

The black void appeared for 3 nights in their room.

September - 2012  R720zt

Ashley about WWR Harold and that 7th colorway is for him..but too early to tell about others popular colorways like 666th or that Harold entered production earlier than bots, who wear 666th and other colorways.
BUT one thing for sure, Harold is coming to us in October!
october will see the harold sale
7th is it for harold, too early a bot for 666th or the like.

Previous images of WWR Harold and 7th colorway:

September - 2012  ULh59t

And all *three* which were shown for now...third is hiding in the back though

September - 2012  FJK58t


Massive , 14.5 inches tall AK Ankou EX Thruxton Industrial Army Hire Dirty Swine Mode full reveal (shown bellow next to clean version). This version of Ankou EX along with others were mentioned at ThreeA blog back in August: here. Currently, they are becoming available via our retailers right now. Shipping in first quarter of 2013.

September - 2012  3L80Nt

Other versions (available via retailers, not offered at G3A)

September - 2012  CHw8btSeptember - 2012  PBOKftSeptember - 2012  NvOKtt

We have a list of worldwide shops and possible ThreeA retailers here. Sadly full list of all official ThreeA retailers, ain't available yet.

ThreeA x VALVe Weighted Companion Square and 1:1 Team Fortress 2 Sandvich came with Steam (VALVe online store system) activation codes, which were unlocking secret items at Team Fortress 2. Secret items were revealed yesterday (huge thank you for the heads-up and in-game images to Salstadt).

September - 2012  CCTP0tSeptember - 2012  G60n0tSeptember - 2012  33xkrt

A bit of info on each of them from Official TF2 WIKI:
Triple A Badge , Friends Forever Companion Square Badge, Robo Sandvich

Couple of cool photos Miguel Esteve[/b]

September - 2012  Yi5AetSeptember - 2012  3tkjdt

And WWR Punter Bot Sniper by [i]William Chien

September - 2012  YlnFDt

WWR bots family reunion, captured by Hokiardi Adhi

September - 2012  KZtKat

Popbot Red Devil Lady Sham by ainxx

September - 2012  9OEBttSeptember - 2012  Way7UtSeptember - 2012  GcrhPtSeptember - 2012  F0GAwtSeptember - 2012  KwXXatSeptember - 2012  DLiuYt

3AA 2012 messenger bag customized by Daniel Tan with badges made by Daniel Tan as well. Daniel Tan was giving out these badges for free at Re-Venture in Hong-Kong. Looking cool, ain't it? I specifically like Gangnam style badge (hope you ain't too tired of that song yet).

September - 2012  FLM0Tt

Have a good and relaxing weekend my friends, I hope you all are doing well.


WWR Deep Powder Sniper Bot

September - 2012  F0QRHt

First version of WWR Sniper Bot was WWR Punter Sniper Bot and it was exclusively offered via BBICN:

September - 2012  PGnKnt September - 2012  Capzgt

AK retail Ankou EX on display at Beast Kingdom Toys Taiwan retailer:

September - 2012  JVoFbtSeptember - 2012  0VMmNtSeptember - 2012  N2rrBtSeptember - 2012  XOXu3tSeptember - 2012  NaZAXtSeptember - 2012  H0EGhtSeptember - 2012  FxFyFtSeptember - 2012  FA7LFtSeptember - 2012  ZHkz2tSeptember - 2012  SSz6etSeptember - 2012  4L8fut

AK Finger Gang , which consists of 10 members on one King Thumb is coming to 1/12th scale...I wonder if there will be the massive set option:

September - 2012  BPtujt

Here is how they were offered in 1/6th scale back in October 2011

sale promos and story:

September - 2012  TqFsctSeptember - 2012  KonNRtSeptember - 2012  L6ZVIt

All 10 members:

September - 2012  G90rJtSeptember - 2012  PAi21tSeptember - 2012  QV8fttSeptember - 2012  CU9BotSeptember - 2012  JtmGDtSeptember - 2012  PAe0wtSeptember - 2012  OgwWttSeptember - 2012  U8CwztSeptember - 2012  Y2Di4tSeptember - 2012  V7DWst

All 10 on one pic and in one FAUX Retailor set (which included them all):

September - 2012  QZWx1t

Thumb King (came with sledgehammer):

September - 2012  McV5zt

^Again please keep in mind that these were photos of 1/6th scale figures

Ashley Wood passionately speaking about ThreeA, his plans and VOX (3A newsletter)


3A is something I think a lot about , how to make better, how to make more fun, how to reach the goals I set myself for it when we started.

Never doing anything like 3A before its all a new experience everyday brings unique issues and problems. Sure I have worked at companies that made toys in the past, have been privy to many situations that have aided my thinking with 3A, but there is so much more to consider when your at the helm. I still do all my own designs, every toy apart from the licensed stuff is 100% me, its quite a responsibility I gotta say.. I love it though, the chance to create worlds and put them out there is a rare gift! Plus I have a the best supporters, passionate and smart. You can always judge an artist by their audience they say, well then I must be doing something fucking right! But yea, I still feel the pressure of making great stuff, not adding to the pile if shit toys !

Im just thinking out loud here, thinking about what I love about 3A… which is just doing it, I dont want to sit back and lets others design my stuff, do this or that, I want to be in the trenches, I want to make the fucking newsletter, sure it didnt look great or have bells and whistles, but fuck, i did with my voice. So im going to start doing it again, my own shitty way, with spelling errors and missing shit, but its real, and thats why 3A is great to me–REAL. We are not company strung together with business plans and accountants projecting our future, we are still two guys ( thats Kim ) figuring out what to do on the fly, stuff thats excites us, stuff we care about. Shit even when its not my worlds I get to be involved with ideas and stories I really dig, no licensed stuff is done at 3A without us loving it, that’s our motivation. you grab me anywhere and ask why we did MGS or 2000ad etc, ill tell you from the heart why!

Yup we aint the slickest operation, but I love this group that is 3A, from our main office in Kowloon, to our hatchery of hard workers to the fans! I fucking care about it enough to rant on a Sunday and that’s enough for me to know im doing it right!!


i didnt spell check nor read through this for grammar, thats giving in !


Adventure Kartel Fucking Robot Island Charkin Zombkin is exceptionally creepy and it's going to be 3AA exclusive (sorry to non-3AA members). It's even limited to 3AA members (so most likely no 24 hours on this one), as we pre-made specific amount in order to ship it to you, before Halloween.
It will be offered at G3A on October 1st, 9:00AM Hong Kong time.

September - 2012  TUFj8tSeptember - 2012  EwRZIt

Popbot Tomorrow King KDA will be available at G3A on September 29th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time.

September - 2012  Wblm6tSeptember - 2012  0FpcXt


Fresh pics of AK Ankou EX from another retailer, this time from Good Smile.

Already available at Good Smile as well, here are few pics from them:

Shadow Security

September - 2012  LwTwotSeptember - 2012  QJM4ptSeptember - 2012  YCETwtSeptember - 2012  VotlttSeptember - 2012  BUYwstSeptember - 2012  IIbnvt


September - 2012  EGT8htSeptember - 2012  RiwPUtSeptember - 2012  JuGnwtSeptember - 2012  TEeobtSeptember - 2012  GijdSt

Thruxton Industrial Dirty Swine Mode

September - 2012  NN97TsSeptember - 2012  LnZ5ssSeptember - 2012  SGQxesSeptember - 2012  CrV1DsSeptember - 2012  JCK50tSeptember - 2012  S17Sot

Thruxton Industrial Clean

September - 2012  VsZYTsSeptember - 2012  U2LTEsSeptember - 2012  4ciNLsSeptember - 2012  UY6vpsSeptember - 2012  QkoKosSeptember - 2012  H5yWts

I know that a good few people are scared to replace hands on their Popbot Lady Sham figures, here is nice and short educational video by our boardie jF:

September - 2012  PlUGgm

^If you are wondering why Red Devil Lady Sham has different head, that's not because it's a chase figure, it's because jF exchanged heads there.

Popbot Pure Lady Sham looks so good next to Popbot and Kitty on this photo by holiday.

September - 2012  Ojyqht

I talked with Benny (HK office staff) about upcoming Popbot TK KDA sale and he said that unless something drastically changes, it's going to be 24 hours sale. So you might wanna go easier on G3A , on September 29th.


Latest from Ashley's blog:
The beautiful war

September - 2012  CBAsRt

As people actually notice us because of the Lore film stuff, thought I would post a Beautiful War promo, T P and I are gunning to release a part this year!

More about The Beautiful War can be found in the specific blog World of 7174.

Art from Ashley's blog:

quick and fun

September - 2012  Qa5Ict

Hanging out on a robot

Popbot Tomorrow King KDA will be available at G3A, on September 29th 9:00AM Hong Kong time. Here is the link showing how September 29th 9:00AM HK time corresponds to different time zones. KDA comes with 1:1 Lasstranaut t-shirt and Tomorrow King posters (no price yet).

September - 2012  C8YYotSeptember - 2012  ZORoUt

Noisy Boy will be the latest addition to figures made by ThreeA under Real Steel license. We already made Ambush and Midas (shown bellow).

September - 2012  JsmlStSeptember - 2012  P46Yvt

You can discuss the figure here. He will be extremely movie accurate and will have pretty rad light-up function.

September - 2012  PX9t4t

Noisy Boy introduction on youtube.

ThreeA x VALVe Atlas & P-Body are already in production for a while , I've talked with Master Kim yesterday and he mentioned that there will be animated light-up eyes on both figures. Here are early prototypes, which were shown at Re-Venture (April 2012)

September - 2012  C1b2utSeptember - 2012  9ayiSt

Ashley Wood is working on VOX newsletter and waiting for photo submissions of ThreeA toys. If you are interested: please send them to

Here are few photos by our boardies, for your inspiration:

September - 2012  F11SYt September - 2012  YsVzrt September - 2012  KLzvGt September - 2012  QV48mt September - 2012  32dart September - 2012  Eelmct

authors: Danmar , Soundwave , jF , randallong , Print and Ail


NEW VOX 3.1 is out and you can read it here.

Let's start with 3A VOX photo winners and we have three this time!

September - 2012  IKw3yt September - 2012  DCdMVt September - 2012  4PCOzt

You can check previous 3A VOX photo winners here, all nicely summarized in one thread.

September - 2012  1dCJJt

I'm going to keep VOX pretty informal, a way for me pass on what we are up to at 3A, show some exclusive images, highlight cool photos from you guys and anything else we think you guys will dig. They will come out when they do, a surprise newsletter! I'm sure you guys would rather I be painting and designing stuff not fiddling around with HTML newsletter stuff too often!

So whats going on at 3A, well this week see the sale of KDA Slim Body TK on the 29th-9-00am at G3A. It's a nifty set for a few reasons, its the first TK with realistic 1/6th sneakers and it comes with a 1:1 T-Shirt and TK Poster. KDA is basically TKYO's minder, from Mortis assassination attempts to overly zealous fans, KDA is there to make it easy going for TKYO!

September - 2012  C8YYot

Then there is the Charkin sale on the 1st, premade so there isn't an insane wait like the Zombkin, I wanted to do a Ween figure that actually comes out for Halloween! I know some will miss out, or maybe not, but it doesnt work to do it any other way. And no, before some say, its doesnt take away from any toy being made that is pre-ordered, as they are planned ahead and fitted in so no delays occur due to its production! The story for Charkin goes like this-When the Robots start their pre-invasion they are savvy to any potential opposition and do some pre hits on these targets etc. Zombkins lovely turgid patch got torched by the Finger Gang and the general consensus was Zombkin was fucked and posed no threat. But from the fetid ashes arose Charkin to execute his revenge on the invading robots....

September - 2012  TUFj8t September - 2012  EwRZIt

Mmm what else, oh yea 3AGO. My favorite toy company of all time is MEGO, I loved there 8" figures as a young lad and to this day still hunt them down! Just because its fun, we here at 3A will release a special series of 8" 3AGO figures hopefully before the year is out!

September - 2012  NXo3Qt

Usual reminder about 3A customer service and how to get info:

If you have any questions about your ThreeA orders, you are more than welcomed to contact our customer service professionals at . Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to help you. And if you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice and direction to 3Asupport on twitter or checkout our official 3AVOX page on Facebook.

Ashley about ThreeA, what it means for him and people behind the curtain:

I get asked on a regular basis- why do 3A, with your art, books and movie stuff your time is thin and you don't need to do it. Well the main reason, its too cool not too, I love seeing my ideas made into solid forms, I feel very lucky to have this opportunity and do not intend to waste it!

And please remember I'm not ThreeA, well im the A part but the Three is made up of many great people who are tireless in there work for 3A, so I want to highlight the hardwork of ThreeZero, Benny Fok, Siu Yin, Gimbat, Darius, Brent, Tommy, basically the whole Kowloon office and Hatchery who really do the hard work and make sure you guys get the best toys we can make! I think they are overlooked too often and its not right! Thanks guys!

Ill not be putting shipping dates in VOX as they are covered in many places and my info is sometimes out of date here.

MGS REX shipping breakdown:

More detailed breakdown on MGS REX shipping:

September - 2012  Y5JRTt

Shipping starts in October. It will take some good time to ship out everything, as each big & heavy figure, it will ship in batches and we want to be as careful with it, as possible.

This time it all starts with retail orders. In comparison with retail versions, Bambalandstore version comes with Snake pilot and it will be spending a little more time at the Hatchery (ThreeA factory).

Looking very much forward for you guys to receive your REX and spoiling us with your photos.

Images of upcoming 3A figures:

September - 2012  XmKClm

AK Johan , who we first heard about in October 2011 (comic shown bellow), right before AK Finger Gang sale. Johan is going to be 3A first blister carder 1/6th scale figure:

September - 2012  5UxmPt September - 2012  8cFcbt

WWRp Caesar second wave is coming and here is nice BcELL Dropcloth teaser.

September - 2012  6IHdot

Ashley Wood collection: Severed Foot 3

September - 2012  TzBWIt

And Popbot: Subarashī ken ... wow, I'm just speechless here.

September - 2012  9IEg5t

Our forum veteran and great animator: Nael is made new stop-motion videos of ThreeA toys, you can see & discuss them here. Little something for the taste of it (might take a while to load on your machine):

September - 2012  HMX9hm

WWR Supplement , 48 pages, 12" x 12" book is available at G3A :

September - 2012  QFRICtSeptember - 2012  FQqoutSeptember - 2012  Pn7tyt

Great news about AK Charkin
It seems many want a Charkin, Now we cant change the limited amount pre-made that will ship before Halloween, but when the pre-mades sell out we will offer another batch that will ship in December. They will have different boxes and maybe sumin else, who knows !

And 3A publishing WWR Supplement is gone from G3A. If you will be going to NYCC, Gregory informed me that we will have some copies at our booth. Please stop-by!

Btw, some cool details for you. This is MGS REX retail packaging:

September - 2012  Y5JRTt

Bambalandstore version will be slightly different. When I mentioned that REX is big & heavy, I wasn't exaggerating at all! As each box is 55.5x47x53.5 CM and weights over 8kgs.

Bambalandstore version will not only be coming in a different box, have miniature Snake figure, but it will be coming with a poster.

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September - 2012  Empty Re: September - 2012

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:16 pm


Ashley Wood about Popbot TK KDA being the last standard slimbody TK and upcoming TKYO sale:
"heya guys, thought I would pop in here with some info for KDA. KDA is the last of the standard slimbody TKs, with classic head etc ( i guess we have the TKYO next month but they are not standard TK etc ) All future TK’s will be new and different like the Shogun ( gloves, head shoes all specific to the design ). Take it easy chaps!”

TK KDA will be on pre-order at G3A ( ) on September 29th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time. TK KDA is an open pre-order and 3AA members have 24 hours buying window to buy one, it comes with 1:1 Lasstranaut t-shirt and TK poster.

September - 2012  Wblm6t September - 2012  ZORoUt September - 2012  C8YYot

T-shirt size chart:

September - 2012  CoQGq

Ashley Wood about TK KDA:
[quote author=Ashley Wood link=topic=1762.msg540905#msg540905 date=1348796012]
heya guys, thought I would pop in here with some info for KDA. KDA is the last of the standard slimbody TKs, with classic head etc ( i guess we have the TKYO next month but they are not standard TK etc ) All future TK's will be new and different like the Shogun ( gloves, head shoes all specific to the design ). Take it easy chaps!

Price: 130USD (before 3AA discount for members).

Our boardie Teimaru celebrated September (month of GID) and turned 1:1 TK mask from Re-Venture into GID miracle.

September - 2012  KeShmtSeptember - 2012  Bt97Mt

Latest from Ashley's blog:

September - 2012  10X2It

many have asked to buy some if my polaroids in the past, im normally dont sell, but with some being exhibited at the Levine Gallery I thought I might offer some to the world on my store. So sometime today ill get around to that. Im also putting the final touches on my book of polaroids which should be out this year !

I'm experimenting lately with classic F5 Bar idea (opens 24 hours prior to the sale), but nothing changes: it remains open until figures are up at the store; it's fun; and there will be sketches! Speaking about F5 Bar, it's open and waiting for ya:

Popbot TK KDA sale starts in less than twenty minutes from now at

Ashley about KDA, TKYO and first Tomorrow King sale back in 2008
"heya guys!
couple of things, no TKYO or Hornets etc today they are mid next month, too awesome for a secret sale. I see them as the coolest TK sets set ever and want them to have their own special day.
I remember the first Tk sale like yesterday, I always enjoyed the Fuck Jenga ad... oh well, you know what I say, live in the past, die on the future.
take it easy fellas!"

Fuck Jenga image Ashley is referring to and old sales promo :

September - 2012  2rFyLtSeptember - 2012  H293lt

Ashley Wood about G3A being slow right now:

"you know all the f5 ing creates a DOS attack, the servers then shut down. im just saying when you have 500+ unique people all refreshing it creates a bottleneck etc that nothing can fix
Im not involved anymore in the online shop stuff ( im our to pasture with bambaland!),
of course I wish it went better, of course benny is on the phone with our server people, this is not fun for anyone Sad
try later on , or meet around back of the park and buy outta my boot !
fuck jenga i say !"

Don't forget that 3AA members have guaranteed 24 hours buying window and it's an open pre-order, so it's safe to come back in two-three hours from now and do the purchase. We are really sorry for the inconvenience.

While G3A is down, you can purchase TK KDA from Bambalandstore:

September - 2012  ENjdjm

you all love bamba, i knew it, all that moaning and now its the greatest ever Smile

Remember Ash's "FUCK JENGA!" words earlier today?

FUCK JENGA CLASSIC TK SEVERED HEAD pops up and down at good old Bambalandstore.
Price: 60USD

September - 2012  DYUrNt

Beautiful polaroids from Ashley Wood Gallery store:

September - 2012  WDjYzt September - 2012  UeFXtt September - 2012  H4vset


Polaroids mentioned above are sold out at Ashley Wood Gallery store.

Popbot TK KDA and Fuck Jenga severed bot heads are gone from Bambalandstore and the sale is done.

Thank you again for your support and patience during this sale. Like I mentioned previously, it's sad for me to end this's been a classic one: plenty of art; Ash popping in a bar and we have Bambalandstore back!

Here are all the sketches and art submitted at the bar:

September - 2012  6OpJGtSeptember - 2012  Qyp1ztSeptember - 2012  LN9dktSeptember - 2012  JJtretSeptember - 2012  FBCq9tSeptember - 2012  EQz4atSeptember - 2012  Nv25XtSeptember - 2012  H51oBtSeptember - 2012  C8L7atSeptember - 2012  Rk559tSeptember - 2012  IQmDltSeptember - 2012  LfWUatSeptember - 2012  Q3gwFtSeptember - 2012  0BYuxtSeptember - 2012  Hw0qytSeptember - 2012  SYkyVtSeptember - 2012  6WeiptSeptember - 2012  IoOp7tSeptember - 2012  JNXfwtSeptember - 2012  MjvWGtSeptember - 2012  NeyXttSeptember - 2012  JPTq1tSeptember - 2012  Q1lHRtSeptember - 2012  S2TfLtSeptember - 2012  Z6Wv1tSeptember - 2012  CQDyStSeptember - 2012  4udP0t
September - 2012  5sEbCtSeptember - 2012  YCuoCtSeptember - 2012  X0JgWt

Online gallery: - author names added

Youtube: (by mcdaniel)

Please send me a PM, if I missed your art

BIG THANK YOU goes to all the sketch authors (mentioned in no particular order): mcdaniel, fadeworks, soil, thejikas (2), mahnster, toygodd, Grish, watanabekun, chanimation, chanimation's little brother, groucho, JeAA, smallahlee, bodysnatcher, 4ever4eyes, cromagnus, chatchawan, dienstag, smallahlee, chiendol, koonfasa, frankenstein, BRiZL, anubis2night, AliceAdrenochrome

Looking forward to see you all again in F5 bar, for Charkin...and Charkin goes on sale, on 9:00AM HK time at Bambalandstore.

Speaking about AK Charkin, it was supposed to be limited 3AA sale, so even 3AA members wouldn't have 24 hours buying window on that one. However we decided to offer more batches. Currently we cant change the limited pre-made amount , that will ship before Halloween, but when the pre-mades sell out we will offer another batch that will ship in December. According to Ash: "they will have different boxes and maybe sumin else, who knows !"

Since I just closed down Popbot TK KDA F5 Bar, I'll wait for some hours before open AK Charkin one, even though it's already 19 hours till it goes up at Bambalandstore.

AK Charkin sales info:
pre-made will be available for 3AA members
pre-orders for everyone

price: 100USD


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September - 2012  Empty Re: September - 2012

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