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October - 2012

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October - 2012  Empty October - 2012

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:18 pm


F5 Bar dedicated to Charkin is open and waiting for you:

AK Charkin goes up for pre-order on October 1st, 9:00AM HK time at

We had them in production for some time and wanted to offer only pre-made figures via limited 3AA sale, to ship it to you before Halloween. However because of demand, we decided to offer significantly more. Limited pre-made batch will be for 3AA members; pre-orders for everyone.

Price: 100USD

October - 2012  TUFj8t October - 2012  EwRZIt

AK Charkin story:
When the Robots start their pre-invasion they are savvy to any potential opposition and do some pre hits on these targets etc. Zombkins lovely turgid patch got torched by the Finger Gang and the general consensus was Zombkin was fucked and posed no threat. But from the fetid ashes arose Charkin to execute his revenge on the invading robots....

To start your creative juices flowing for F5 sketches, here is nice video by Daniel Tan , called "Waiting for Charkin"

October - 2012  RuSnFm

October 2012


Latest post from Ashley's personal blog:

October - 2012  EXpO4tOctober - 2012  7DO5ht

Messing around with the Iphone panorama stuff, thought I would share, old and newer stuff!

AK Charkin goes up for sale at Bambalandstore in less than 15 minutes from now.

Latest from the blog about AK Charkin

October - 2012  AAXQYt

Ol pre order Charkin will have a different color decal, box etc. The pre order will start soon after the Pre made sale is over, how long it will go for isnt known, as we dont want too many as the shipping date will slip, those lil charkin pants and bastards to make !

Charkin pre made 3AA ONLY (limited to one per person) is up at

October - 2012  8S4Kat

Charkin pre-made is gone, and pre-orders (shipping on December) will be up for limited time at

Here is Ashley saying thank you at ThreeA blog:

"Charkin says thanks which is weird as he is a charred pumpkin ! Hope he makes your Halloween more fun!
Thanks from me, as im always excited and amazed at the awesome support I get for my ideas!

October - 2012  LyqJSt

About refunds and Charkin coming to an end:

"Just a heads up, the title for pre order Charkin for some says premade, which isnt right, the text for it still says shipping in december which is correct, always read the text, the titles gets mixed up when similar products are offered. If you want a refund just contact CS if you ordered a Charkin pre order with the wrong title only!

The Charkin pre order is coming close to ending soon as well, just a heads up, we are close to maximum !"

What's the difference between pre-order and pre-made?
1) pre-made ones shipping this month; pre-orders estimated shipping time - December 2012
2) different box and accents on the decal

About the mixup with titles at the store:
When AK Charkin pre-made where gone from the store, they were exchanged with pre-orders, but the title remained: "AK Charkin pre-made" for few minutes, even though product description was different and stated that shipping starts in December 2012. If you got confused and bought within that time-frame (and your Charkin title in Bambalandstore product history says: premade) and willing to get a refund, please contact It might take some time to answer, as October 1st is a National Holiday in China.

And Charkin is gone from the store...

October - 2012  ZajFdt

^Mysterious image, which popped up later at the blog. I wonder if it can be new AK Finger Gang character and we might see it in upcoming 1/12th AK Finger Gang sale?

We had plenty of sketches and art at the bar, love the support from all the awesome and talented Legionnaires shown for AK Charkin !

October - 2012  IlrpWtOctober - 2012  TuIdPtOctober - 2012  4QChktOctober - 2012  Cl1dWtOctober - 2012  6Ey2StOctober - 2012  FfuMItOctober - 2012  FCTo5tOctober - 2012  SdL9TtOctober - 2012  QWt3ptOctober - 2012  PhbCatOctober - 2012  VIZB8tOctober - 2012  CXiYdtOctober - 2012  SLJV8tOctober - 2012  QSbzutOctober - 2012  QZN3etOctober - 2012  Hafb5tOctober - 2012  NZ0ottOctober - 2012  OUdTgtOctober - 2012  SAdSqtOctober - 2012  OlCw5tOctober - 2012  KSjKstOctober - 2012  J2LMVtOctober - 2012  UNxuXtOctober - 2012  SUTNDtOctober - 2012  79wWntOctober - 2012  CeIiutOctober - 2012  F24t6tOctober - 2012  KsejotOctober - 2012  AdgRFt

videos by Daniel Tan:

Please PM me , if I missed your sketch.

Online gallery: (now with author names)

Huge THANK YOU goes to sketch and art authors (in no particular order bellow):
squarehead, fink, sapien, toygodd, chanimation, crem, Grish, cromagnus, Sail (2), mouse9090, dienstag (2), cheaperthantherapy (5), workweak, BRiZL (2), illproxy, chatchawan, unbirthdayparty, tkprice, watanabekun, chiendol, thejikas, jdmusprime

September Photo Thread is locked and I'll announce top pick and special mentions soon. Meanwhile: October Photo Thread is open and waiting for you!

Real Steel: Ambush different packaging for retail and Bambalandstore version
photos by Psycho Ming and John Eugene Atendido Avila

October - 2012  G1apptOctober - 2012  V06k8tOctober - 2012  CWRhut


Holidays in Hong Kong:
If you contacted our customer service professionals at and still waiting for an answer, it’s because most of our Hong Kong office is on public holiday (Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day) till Wednesday.
I will get back to you shortly with this week shipping update and our plans.

Latest from Ashley Wood's art blog:
Hand Studies

October - 2012  Th8AStOctober - 2012  NzaT3tOctober - 2012  TMxGht

Here are some clear images of the hands studies featured in the upcoming Backwoods Gallery show... for those who have asked!

And Ashley Wood Gallery newsletter, dedicated to Levine show can be read here.

September Photo thread top pick and special mentions. I wanna say that it's my first time judging monthly photo thread and it's a tough cookie to crack, because all entries are supper cool and it's absolutely clear that you been passionate and inspired about these figures.

Top props of the month go to: Ail

October - 2012  1snL6t

Special mentions: JDF48, EL Wray, jF, Wooly and Print.

October - 2012  2Lsqbt October - 2012  ZlSTLt October - 2012  JQYydt October - 2012  N6pdRt October - 2012  76Itmt

All the monthly photo threads (which we managed to save) are summarized here.

Loved this photo of Popbot Red Devil Lady Sham by Pansy Chan

October - 2012  AG3nlm

Real Steel: Ambush deserves more love and attention! Here is a review by wrangerbanger

October - 2012  ZXwv4m


1/6th scale Popbot TKYO go on sale, on October 17th, 9:00AM HK time. It's currently not decided whether they will be offered at Bambalandstore or G3A, but more details coming soon.

Previous teasers of TKYO band:

October - 2012  8EJ7ZtOctober - 2012  Dfiget

AP TKYO was offered last year (as SDCC 11 exclusive) and here few pics to get you better idea, how 1/6th ones might look like:

October - 2012  NexZhtOctober - 2012  PpXCPtOctober - 2012  Va5dwtOctober - 2012  Cygu8t

ThreeA collection by 林小馬 and here is his story about it: "i collect threeA fig since 2011/11, today almost one year,this is all my threeA fig"

What do you guys think, would you be up for group photos of your collections and telling a little bit about it and how it all started? I personally always love seeing ThreeA collections and hearing how it started, always adds more interest. If you are willing to participate and make photos, you can share them on the forum, 3A page on Facebook, or send them directly to gimbat at

October - 2012  GTbOlt

With NYCC almost upon us , Gregory (who is in charge of ThreeA participating in conventions) mentioned that WWR Mighty EMGY Square and EMGY t-shirt ordering details, will be finalized and revealed this week.

October - 2012  6hsJnt


Robo-Sandvich and Triple A Badge in Team Fortress 2 by VALVe

October - 2012  Ug2Hwt

Long awaited ThreeA at NYCC news and details:

ThreeA Toys
New York Comic-Con
11 – 14 October 2012

For ThreeA’s first attendance at NYCC 2012, we will have two (2) exclusives available at our booth (#3105) for purchase. The exclusives featured are a World War Robot NYCC EMGY Mighty Square and a 3A EMGY t-shirt w/ Artillery Shell Container. Due to the limited production time for this year’s convention, all exclusives will be sold on-site at a first-come, first-served basis. Each item is limited one (1) per person with valid NYCC badge. Since these items are limited, there is no guarantee that attending NYCC will secure you the opportunity to purchase an item. There will be a specified allotment for each day of the convention except for Sunday, which will be reserved to sell any remaining product. Both ThreeA Associates (3AA) and public allotments will be autonomous. There will be no pre-order and our booth will be accepting cash only.

3A NYCC Exclusives Sales Times

Thursday, 11 Oct - 18:00/6pm EDT
Friday, 12 Oct – 13:00/1pm EDT
Saturday, 13 Oct – 13:00/1pm EDT
Sunday, 14 Oct – (any remaining product, sold all day)

When the queue forms, we will issue tickets that mark your place in queue so that people cannot jump the line. We will also count the people in queue and cut it off once we have reached our capacity of sales for that day.

Public and 3AA members will be issued different tickets so please bring your 3AA 2012 member card to be permitted access to the 3AA sales allotment. You must also present your 3AA 2012 member card in order to receive the 15% 3AA discount on your purchase(s). 3AA discounts are non-transferrable and you will be required to present it while making your purchase. We look forward to seeing you in New York !

Prices: 155USD for EMGY Square and 50USD for EMGY t-shirt with container

October - 2012  PcPlmt

Speaking about container, I was told that it might be EMGY colorway styled as well. Will let you know soon!

Here is artillery shell container from SDCC 2012:

October - 2012  CDta1t October - 2012  BnH1nt

Oh and Gregory previously mentioned, we will have a limited amount of WWR Supplement book available for purchase.

NYCC floor plan and location of our booth: #3105

October - 2012  6F2YNm

Catalog for Ashley Wood show at Levine gallery (opens on October 20th):

October - 2012  YPTbOtOctober - 2012  7fZ0xtOctober - 2012  QYVAgtOctober - 2012  AO2dktOctober - 2012  KndRjt

Ashley mentioned that a limited edition Machine Sabbath catalog will be available at Levine gallery, along with Surgery 3 print. Newsletter link.

Couple of awesome Adventure Kartel photos...dark and bloody one is by Ken Lee and Finger Gang Medic custom is by Terrance Kong Chai Kien

October - 2012  Le4Nyt October - 2012  TCbjdt

ThreeA x KOJIMA MGS REX first batch starting to ship to retailers next week. I'll soon inform you about precise date and to which retailers it ship first (geographically). If you haven't seen MGS REX shipping breakdown, please go here.


AK Johan LSBBG, first ever carded 1/6th scale figure from ThreeA, will be offered via limited sale. Blog hints about Johan: "Carded 12″ fig, limited time sale. Remember the finger gang ads !"

October - 2012  HNm9bt

Finger Gang ads from last year, cough cough. I'm speculating here of course.

October - 2012  5UxmPt

WWR Fantome de Plume will be coming to 1/12th scale and offered for sale, more info soon. Previous teaser (doesn't come with the dog):

October - 2012  M3Thft

Speaking about WWRp Fantome de Plume, I hope we will see Barguest de Plume offered as well...huge fan of weathering on this guy.

October - 2012  Sj3lmt

AP (1/12th scale) Finger Gang teaser

October - 2012  W1iFOt

Previous one:

October - 2012  BPtujt


Latest update from Ashley's art blog, informing that he will be there at Levine Gallery opening (October 20th):
See ya next week in NYC
At the Levine gallery on the 20th!

A little warning: I always use professional account on imgur to upload and share photos, but since today it's acting up on me, next three photos are uploaded to photobucket.

AP Fantome de Plume special drop to celebrate NYCC.
Ashley Wood's post from the blog: "for all those not going like me, im going to drop AP Fantome on Bamba! When I have the exact info ill put it right here"

October - 2012  Th_apfantome

1/12th scale AK Thumb King for upcoming AP (1/12th scale) Finger Gang sale.

October - 2012  Th_kingfing11p

First photo of our booth at NYCC (more pics today/tomorrow and of course during Conventions days) and if you are going to the Convention, please come to us and say HI! Photo by Dolly Penna

October - 2012  Th_threeAtoysnycc


Few quick pics and small teasers featuring our booth banner, EMGY styled t-shirt container, EMGY t-shirt and WWR EMGY Mighty Square teaser, which are NYCC exclusive.
We will be delighted to see you at our Booth#3105 from 11 – 14 October.
Please read this post, which has all the sales info and details.

October - 2012  Th_nyccblogOctober - 2012  Th_nyccblog2October - 2012  Th_nyccblog3October - 2012  Th_nyccblog4October - 2012  Th_nyccblog51

Peaceday Dropcloth 2.0 teaser surfaced at the blog. First WWR Peaceday Dropcloth and in fact first Dropcloth, was offered back in December 2009 as XMAS03 release, which was limited surprise sale and came with a poster. I wonder how this 2.0 version is going to be offered...I guess we will know soon.

October - 2012  Th_peaceday2

Teaser from 2009 (figures were often shown without decals back then) and photo of an actual bot by subotnik

October - 2012  Th_PeacedayDropcloth October - 2012  Th_subotnikpeacedaydc

Cards for Ashley Wood and Jeremy Geddes show (heads-up from dako) at Levine gallery (opening on October 20th):

October - 2012  Th_dsc00675hp October - 2012  Th_dsc00676yx October - 2012  Th_dsc00677h October - 2012  Th_dsc00678yw

Action Portable packaging for sold-out figures: AP Heavy TKs and AP Slicers with couple of Fighting JC

October - 2012  1nDP2t October - 2012  MM2qxt October - 2012  YmMIEt October - 2012  Pgx0Ut

MaK x ThreeA Krote in 1/12th scale, sale time and info: TBA

October - 2012  GNyJst October - 2012  N28kmt

People keep asking me about WWRp Fantome de Plume sales date and time. I can't comment about it, as it's Ashley Wood's personal call and he mentioned on the blog that he will put it online during NYCC dates (11-14) and said that he will put it up, once info will be finalized. Here is the blog post I am talking about:
So, I would be watching for more details, as I'll be working at the booth and can't be online 24x7, like I usually am.

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October - 2012  Empty Re: October - 2012

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:19 pm


Preview night is over at NYCC and it was great! Lots of familiar faces stopped by and we met a lot of new and extremely people. We sold our today's allotment of WWR Mighty EMGY Squares and EMGY t-shirts, but we will have more tomorrow and on Saturday. T-shirt and WWR Supplement books are available during the day, EMGY Mighty Square friday sale starts on 1:00PM (same time for Saturday) and we will be delighted to see you! Squares and t-shirts are limited to one per person. We have various posters at the booth as well, come on by and get one for free. Oh and did I mention that Squares come with different names on them?

I'll upload a lot pics tomorrow (right after EMGY Square sale), working on getting more decent internet connection to upload bigger and nice quality photos.

See ya all at NYCC, booth #3105 in 8 hours from now.

WWRp Fantome and mysterious guest (cough cough Barguest) will be on sale, from Saturday 13th till Sunday 14th only at

October - 2012  JwWMmt October - 2012  7QmwHt

ThreeA at NYCC on camera

As promised earlier, many pics from today: showing the booth , WWR Mighty EMGY Square, people checking out the booth and Kuan ti Plume, Barguest and NW Commander cosplay. Wish somebody would dress-up like DW…would be such a cool couple!

Please enjoy the photos and if you are at NYC area, we would love to see you at NYCC! Booth #3105.

October - 2012  JRGJPtOctober - 2012  0RujUtOctober - 2012  DW62qtOctober - 2012  OtraFtOctober - 2012  IJxpytOctober - 2012  Qe6owtOctober - 2012  OB80TtOctober - 2012  RUSPztOctober - 2012  28VOYtOctober - 2012  ZtBv2tOctober - 2012  VNNkftOctober - 2012  HjfFctOctober - 2012  FqbSrtOctober - 2012  Y8SLwtOctober - 2012  TGP34tOctober - 2012  WNOhhtOctober - 2012  IQYFAtOctober - 2012  UV25ItOctober - 2012  Wm8gEtOctober - 2012  KtTOmtOctober - 2012  GmoCetOctober - 2012  GQ040t
October - 2012  FqoIftOctober - 2012  JCNiItOctober - 2012  SP7wQtOctober - 2012  L5W4JtOctober - 2012  XSdyrtOctober - 2012  ElESMtOctober - 2012  IOtIHtOctober - 2012  MAe0ctOctober - 2012  2zteXtOctober - 2012  A0XDatOctober - 2012  Cx36EtOctober - 2012  9diG7t

Popbot TKYO, which are going to be offered on October 17th, 9:00AM HK time. More details & prices are coming. For now, don't forget about WWRp Barguest and Fantome de Plumes , which will be available tomorrow at Bambalandstore.

October - 2012  2HSwPt


WWRp Barguest and Fantome de Plume are currently up for sale at Bambalandstore. I just love new packaging:

October - 2012  N5qlit

Today's surprise (which goes up and down at Bambalandstore is): AP Interheavy

October - 2012  IUd4ht

If you are paying close attention, we saw them earlier on top of WWR EMGY Mighty Square

October - 2012  7bScmt

Ashley about new WWR Peaceday Dropcloth
PD DROPPY 1.5 is fun, funny story too, hope you guys will dig it. He comes with a pistol a shotgun and hatchet's, becuase they are a peace keeping force, thats way !

Speaking about new Dropcloth in general:
there will be more, its too much of a fun figure, really poses well, looks dynamic and goofy.

On World War Robot Universe and story being open-ended:
well its open ended with a solid ending, which Ill drop before the film opens. I want to have a last say in my version of the world.
"all my films are rocketing along, when I say mine as in inception not final outing etc.
But yea, i have a ending, I want to see out there just for my own ends."

WWR Harold info and customization challenge:
"Harold is next month, my fav is the Snow Harold, I love the idea of robots in the snow, dunno why.. guess im a romantic!"
"Harold is a tank, just a robot tank.
You guys are epic for modding, im sure you can take the snow shovel and run with it !
the tracks are great on Harold, really solid!"

some tweaking like tightening the tracks would be needed, as its powered by push along at the mo, its needs more slack.
if it can be done, the legion will do it. A prize for the first to do so !

Talking about Adventure Kartel Universe and bringing it to the screen:
"working on a proof of concept for AK, animated etc. just costly and time consuming etc. I so want to do it, I want to direct it!"

Ashley speaking about Reds (Martian Soldiers) and what kind of gear, they are wearing:
well ya see, large areas are covered on mars, the radiation needs to be shielded from the humes and these coverings add to a artificial environment etc
The REDS have different gear for each type of atmosphere, they are more advanced than Earth in tech and dont like leaving shit to chance

There is a quick F5 Bar dedicated to WWRp Barguest and Fantome de Plume, but since I'm working at NYCC, I'm not exactly fully online to do all the sketch gallery stuff, but I'll do it later (Monday most likely).

Here are couple of sketches from the bar:

October - 2012  Dq8LPtOctober - 2012  QyWjTtOctober - 2012  SdTJwt

One of the most frequent questions, which was asked this year at NYCC , was certainly: Can I please buy this figure of your display?

We had on the display a lot of figures, highlighting moments of ThreeA 4,5 years long history...Our EMGY themed displays were an absolute eye-catcher! Here is the better quality photos of all displays, to show what we had on them. I decided it will be great to share it with the rest of the world and all the amazing Legionnaires, which couldn't go to NYCC.

One last thing: we will continue selling WWR Mighty Emgy Square, WWR Supplement and EMGY t-shirts tomorrow, so if you have the opportunity definitely stop by our booth #3105 from the early morning and we will be happy to see you!

October - 2012  UcVrptOctober - 2012  L3jb6tOctober - 2012  NjBhjtOctober - 2012  HwQfXtOctober - 2012  QUAp7t


WWRp Barguest & Fantome de Plumes and AP Interheavy are gone from the store, thank you for your support!

F5 sketches from the bar....even when bartender isn't in town, the fun never stops here and art keeps flowing!

You rule guys!

October - 2012  4jND8tOctober - 2012  6cS0etOctober - 2012  DhJHbtOctober - 2012  NK3uJtOctober - 2012  Lm8VAtOctober - 2012  MD0YWtOctober - 2012  V1MEjtOctober - 2012  4AlzstOctober - 2012  VIDdEtOctober - 2012  YjxkAtOctober - 2012  HEg5DtOctober - 2012  FnMXItOctober - 2012  SdTJwtOctober - 2012  QyWjTtOctober - 2012  Dq8LPt

authors: dienstag, JeAA, chanimation, chiendol, bennynormal, straytoaster, jakesons, thejikas (2), franksenstein, sail, smallahlee (2), mouse9090, jahdev

online gallery:

And there are less three days , before Popbot TKYO concert at the store, on October 17th, 9:00AM HK time!

Gorgeous photo of WWR EMGY Mighty Square by Mark Linsky

October - 2012  4fPw9t

Btw, here are EMGY Mighty Square name variations: Lena, Micah, Eder, Jordan and Dolly!


Sadly all the good things are quickly coming to an end…Tomorrow is our last day at NYCC.

And here is a quick update of what we will have for NYCC visitors on Sunday at our booth #3105: a few WWR Mighty Emgy Squares and handful of EMGY t-shirts with super heavy and EMGY colorway styled container (ran out of XXL size already).

So far: we sold out all WWR Supplement books; gave away all our posters (we had a lot of them and they were free); met insane amount of absolutely superb people! Huge thank you to everyone who stopped by and showed their support and of course to NYC for the hospitality!

Here is kitty on the display (brought by Dolly), to put nice point to NYCC madness and toy packing. Btw, all toys on displays were brought by Dolly, Gregory and Cody. It was not only lots of heavy lifting and careful packing, but a lot of risk (especially with the kitty) to bring them and yet they still did it. Huge THANK YOU goes to them for making our booth extra special and awesome!

October - 2012  BKMIQtOctober - 2012  BQDSYtOctober - 2012  WqqLOtOctober - 2012  H29tItOctober - 2012  44qT7t

As I mentioned in ThreeA x MGS REX breakdown here on the blog, we are starting to ship REX this month and we start with retail orders first. We are starting distributing orders to Hong Kong, Australia, Thai, Philippines and Korea based retailers. In comparison with retail version, Bambalandstore one has slightly different packaging, miniature Snake pilot and poster which is 73,2 x 71,2cm big (approximately 29" x 28") and taking a little bit more time to manufacture.

Can't wait for first photo and REX reviews!

Here are first photos by REX, posted by watt from (direct link)

October - 2012  7xmTbtOctober - 2012  UbTwUtOctober - 2012  RXhq9tOctober - 2012  F2j26tOctober - 2012  Yy4nCtOctober - 2012  OXSiPtOctober - 2012  Y6k3itOctober - 2012  XrI9ttOctober - 2012  OiQzItOctober - 2012  GM4ZMtOctober - 2012  2i2MZtOctober - 2012  B5oFStOctober - 2012  Ce23Nt

Railgun size and light-up video:

October - 2012  1qAj1m

With TKYO going on sale in less than 20 hours from now, it's time to open up F5 bar!

Sale starts on October 17th, 9:00AM HK time, so long wait is finally over and TKYO go on tour and will be at our bar live really soon and this concert will be really epic, especially for all TK fans!

So, there will be TKYO , Yellow Hornets and INTERYO on sale.

Yellow Hornets - 320USD
TKYO and Yellow Hornets in special slip for both boxes - 600USD
3AA only: TKYO, Yellow Hornets and INTERYO - 900USD

Pics, which were shown so far:


October - 2012  8EJ7Zm October - 2012  Dfigem October - 2012  2HSwPm


October - 2012  JIv9fm

Yellow Hornets in 1/6th scale:

October - 2012  KSIkam

New INTERYO teaser:

October - 2012  KJl80m

Popbot TKYO sale starts in few minutes from now at

TKYO are going up at , so the concert starts now! Each figure comes with a sword and microphone.

Since people keep on asking: there will be no Johan or other surprises released today, but there are lots of awesome TKYO , who want to go, to good homes! I'm sorry, if you were really looking forward to Johan today and misread the blog post Ash made and Johan coverage, but TKYO and Johan deserve a special night! As a bartender in F5 bar, I'm so used to people hoping for surprises each time (and frankly we are the ones to blame, as we have surprises pretty often), so I noticed a bit late that there is a misconception and general belief (based on Johan add from 2011 , see the VOX link here) that he is coming to the store. I'm sorry for your extra F5ing and tired fingers. On the positive note - it means that Johan will drop at some point in future and there were no additional temptation at Bambalandstore today and your wallet can rest for Harold (if you are into WWR) and for other stuff which is coming.

More photos of ThreeA x KOJIMA MGS REX, this time by captaintam from Toysdaily forum (direct link)

October - 2012  Ks1FdtOctober - 2012  C3laZtOctober - 2012  3BXYQtOctober - 2012  OzMGStOctober - 2012  YDNcntOctober - 2012  USa5RtOctober - 2012  HfWd8tOctober - 2012  LU7uwtOctober - 2012  FRlHStOctober - 2012  ChheTtOctober - 2012  Od4MytOctober - 2012  OgdwTtOctober - 2012  EunXctOctober - 2012  6GNIXtOctober - 2012  FcbDutOctober - 2012  7I9uqtOctober - 2012  YOq2EtOctober - 2012  EG0PYt

Without any doubt there is huge interest about REX, so I'll keep constantly searching for photos and adding them to this online gallery on imgur:


Popbot TKYO are all gone from Bambalandstore, thank you for your support!

Time to summarize everything and lock down the bar. Here are sketches & art dedicated to TKYO:

October - 2012  6dWJFtOctober - 2012  EDVmrtOctober - 2012  QWgOZtOctober - 2012  DwV1LtOctober - 2012  WnZuOtOctober - 2012  0Rs1wtOctober - 2012  ZvNHFtOctober - 2012  ZtUJ1tOctober - 2012  EegAjtOctober - 2012  UeopKtOctober - 2012  SNuX3tOctober - 2012  Trp4ltOctober - 2012  K2RDttOctober - 2012  Fyhw3tOctober - 2012  CkDCytOctober - 2012  9V8RptOctober - 2012  F5pUqtOctober - 2012  NgeHFtOctober - 2012  7TMpQtOctober - 2012  TTTMdtOctober - 2012  Od84PtOctober - 2012  MtU3GtOctober - 2012  Q5WZntOctober - 2012  9j4Q1tOctober - 2012  VHfmQtOctober - 2012  R3d6ntOctober - 2012  WahO5tOctober - 2012  JjyKutOctober - 2012  ZPTIetOctober - 2012  FViVvtOctober - 2012  HI2mrtOctober - 2012  Ij0PItOctober - 2012  FsTp8tOctober - 2012  SRyAVtOctober - 2012  XRU96tOctober - 2012  UEAfPtOctober - 2012  Y8rrAtOctober - 2012  MWEErtOctober - 2012  5h3umt

online gallery:

Authors: chanimation (3), thejikas (Cool, grish, BRiZL (2), shakey, zzzzz, dienstag, allenmatrix, denissok, cosmicbaby, JeAA, mouse9090 (2), sail, Siona, fink, gunm, maskotero (2), chatchawan, smallahllee (2), mastter, squarehead, ihump

Please send me a PM, if I missed your sketch.

As always huge thank you goes to everyone who spent their time in the bar , showed their support and of course to all the sketch & art authors!

Looking forward to see you in F5 bar again , when I'll be able to be fully here and accommodate all your requests.

Latest posts from Ashley's blog, as he is on the way to NYC to be at his show at Jonathan Levine gallery.
The exhibition is being blogged on the World of 7174 blog, which can be found here

Ashley Wood and Jeremy Geddes preview can be found on

Video showing our displays at NYCC, shot by RestlessEye

October - 2012  WRUuSm

And complete booth shot, by toygodd can be found here. He did photos of practically every figure we had on our displays.


More ThreeA x KOJIMA MGS REX photos by watto from (direct link here)

October - 2012  OYyfNtOctober - 2012  Hp5B2tOctober - 2012  OFreMtOctober - 2012  4qGW9tOctober - 2012  XVPrTtOctober - 2012  Sj96HtOctober - 2012  LtkE5tOctober - 2012  6oHUptOctober - 2012  4PZnqtOctober - 2012  GX0FvtOctober - 2012  Z4CADtOctober - 2012  L3gB9tOctober - 2012  Sw9yotOctober - 2012  Ix7ZNtOctober - 2012  Bj450tOctober - 2012  Um3tEtOctober - 2012  8yS40tOctober - 2012  FYNZAtOctober - 2012  Rig8wtOctober - 2012  0Fjl3tOctober - 2012  O74iOt

And answer from our engineer, whether REX can stand on his own, without stilettos/back heels support:
yes, it can. but need to find a balance point, as you know, it really huge and heavy. you need to adjust both its head and back pack angle to make it standing alone with just 2 legs, no back heels support.

I noticed that there are no grenade launchers on these and previous photos, so I asked about them as well:
we have 3 SMOKE GRENADE LAUNCHERS on each side of Rex knee cap. those will need customers assembly.

Adventure Kartel Charkin pre-made orders shipped out this week, I hope he will be able to spice up your Halloween celebration.
Please keep in mind that there were two types of Charkin figures offered: limited pre-made batch and pre-order (December shipping).

October - 2012  EwRZIt

Three WWR RIP Caesars and Rothchild himself + handful of miniature Berties , photographed by DannyB

October - 2012  QXh0Yt

AK figs, showing amazing balance and custom made t-shirts, photographed by 蔡小寶

October - 2012  4705st

Gangnam style is everywhere, even 1/12th scale Yellow Hornets are doing it! Photo by Clement Soh

October - 2012  MrVmXt

Kim is in the city and I bet he will be at Ash's show opening, at Jonathan Levine Gallery. Here is a lovely photo, showing Scott Eder, Kim Fung Wong and Lev from ToyTokyo.

October - 2012  RO0U3t

The photo above is taken from World of 7174 blog and coverage of Ash's show is available there

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October - 2012  Empty Re: October - 2012

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:20 pm


Adventure Kartel Charkin pre-made orders shipped out last week, I hope he will be able to spice up your Halloween celebration.
Please keep in mind that there were two types of Charkin figures offered: limited pre-made batch and pre-order (December shipping).

Here are first photos of AK Charkin pre-made by 黃耀南 and korditekid

October - 2012  RIx89tOctober - 2012  LhLIjtOctober - 2012  Croimt October - 2012  1d8Vlt

Added AK Charkin marker to ThreeA products delivery map: right here

From Ashley's blog:
I am cross posting this one!
Here is a link to a photo posted on the Jonathan LeVine Gallery Facebook Page The photo shows people lining up, (some of them overnight no less!) in New York for the 1PM print releases for the Machine Sabbath and Exhale exhibitions. The support that Ash and Jeremy have received since opening at the gallery has been phenomenal, and this image just goes to show, how very welcome NYC has made everyone feel - thank you, thank you all.

Here is the photo, if you have problem accessing Facebook:

October - 2012  OOOiwt

As I mentioned previously Ashley Wood art show at LeVine Gallery been blogged here:

Many asked, so I did quick photo of extremely stylish 12" x 12" MACHINE SABBATH catalog, published by ThreeA publishing and cards, all were available at the show. Please keep in mind that my quick photos don't do it any justice.

October - 2012  VyO4mt October - 2012  0LMDDt October - 2012  BJfVRt

Btw, am I the only crazy person who is constantly F5ing Lore movie page on IMDB and hoping for updates? Or some of you are doing it as well?

Link to another review of ThreeA x KOJIMA MGS REX retail version posted by gary at HKfigureclub discussion board. gary even made a quick video review, which is unfortunately not as long, as I hoped. We certainly need more REX on videos and photos! And if you ordered Bambalandstore version, we plan to start shipping it in November, I'll be bring you more news soon once November starts.

October - 2012  K4tbfm

Cool Bambaboss custom by Scott Belwood

October - 2012  VAeLbt


Halloween is approaching and here are extremely cool photos of ThreeA Japan Legion meeting, which was invaded by Zombs and Zombkins! Photos by cross2M, yamazaru and skunkworks

October - 2012  SLUFUtOctober - 2012  7lh2ntOctober - 2012  1o2T9t October - 2012  3qmvJtOctober - 2012  CNT7CtOctober - 2012  Cqnmst October - 2012  R3A2Jt

More pics here.

And what Halloween without AK Charkin? Photos by kadoo and nixon

October - 2012  0JcOLtOctober - 2012  ZqSKOt

Scary looking customized Zomb by nanakamura(magni)

October - 2012  Lpm2HtOctober - 2012  2x4OktOctober - 2012  9ddnut

More pics of this custom after the click.

Latest from Ashley's blog:
Wow, I could not have imagined what a fun exhilarating time I would have. Such a great response to the Levine show, I really felt for the first time in my life I'm doing OK, maybe I can make this art thing work.. Naturally that wore off quick and I'm already planning my next attempt to do some good work.
Of course these types of moments are not just a result of me making some pictures and letting the universe make it happen, I'm lucky enough to have a epic support system, from amazing, fun,interesting and inspiring supporters, to a gallery that was nothing but and backed up my work without any interjecting what could make a more popular and more commercial show!
A big shout to Scott Eder for having three great cats and letting me defile his bathroom!
Thanks to all who came and showed much love for me and Jeremy it was an honor.
But the biggest thanks goes to PAULA, without her support, wisdom and being my muse, none of this would have ever happened, not even close.
I hope I never wake up!

Just couple of cool photos by rraayy (showing Popbot Lady Sham: Pure edition with WWR DIY Grunt gear)

October - 2012  BMW15t

Squares enjoying the walk by chatchawan

October - 2012  3up9st

WWR Mighty Squares needed to be repaired as well...very detailed and thoughtful photo by Uriel Chaves

October - 2012  Ojsspt

News of the day from ThreeA blog!
And just coz i can , I introduce FFE FOR FUCKING EVER as a new standard for saying im with you on the internet thingy! 3A FFE !

October - 2012  LU0ket

I know that a lot of you are excited and need more info...but that's all what I can share right now about these DIYS.

Just a heads-up: I'll stop updating this column with Ashley Wood personal blog updates ( ) I guess, if you are interested in Ash's art you already following his art blog and if you are here only for ThreeA news, this should be ThreeA related news only.


THE DIYS 1/6th four TK figure set is up at right now.

October - 2012  LU0kem October - 2012  MoK3Mm

I thought that it's not right that DIY TKYO secret gig doesn't have F5 bar and Grill, so here is one for you. Looking forward to your sketches and art!

Almost 13 minutes long ThreeA x KOJIMA retail version of MGS REX review on youtube:

October - 2012  0ObPzm

Machine Sabbath - The catalog for Ashley Wood Machine Sabbath show in Jonathan Levine Gallery is available currently at Bambalandstore. It's 26 pages long, full color, 12"x12", paperback and costs 30USD shipped.

[URL=]October - 2012  GWJ6It


Quick heads-up: DIY TKYO 4pack pre-order closes soon at

DIY TKYO 4pack and "Machine Sabbath" catalog are gone from Bambalandstore. Thank you for your continuous support!

Special F5 bar dedicated to Popbot DIY TKYO 4pack sale is closed. Thank you for your sketches and 11 pages of awesomeness during this special!

October - 2012  6aJv7tOctober - 2012  KJot9tOctober - 2012  EIakCtOctober - 2012  N3FEztOctober - 2012  SIm9ftOctober - 2012  QAAW4tOctober - 2012  JBZVNt

imgur online album:

authors: smallahlee, AliceAdrenochrome, mouse9090, chatchawan, illproxy, squarehead, BRiZL

Thank you again for your sketches and everyone: thank you for your support!

If you wanna look again at photos of our booth at NYCC, here is coverage by Tomopop.

Impressive looking Tomorrow Kings (including some customs) by Nosferatu

October - 2012  WBvpOt


Our boardie: Teimaru is fully ready for Halloween! Anyone plans to match that? There is still time!

October - 2012  1CNCdtOctober - 2012  JvMvdtOctober - 2012  0N19stOctober - 2012  XT6P8tOctober - 2012  LrJtkt

Link to more photos and discussion here on the forum.

Another Halloween themed custom, based on AK Zombkin by godofcat from HK figures club.

October - 2012  ONqYat

AK Charkin pre-mades review by S.Ryoma.

October - 2012  M64lem

Chui Tuck Kheung revealing cruel and violent nature of AK Charkin

October - 2012  L6QO2t

Our boardie Knives is working on ThreeA x KOJIMA MGS REX retail version review and promised to put it up on Sunday. I'm impatiently waiting to see it and you can use this thread to nicely ask Knives , to consider answering on your questions during his review.


While we are waiting for ThreeA x KOJIMA MGS REX retail version review by Knives in English, here is highly detailed review from Toy-People, including two 360 degree view (one in REX sitting position), lots of photos and two railgun light-up videos.

Here are some photos from the review, to give you an idea

October - 2012  Qhe0TtOctober - 2012  Ze2TltOctober - 2012  TTYMptOctober - 2012  J2U0btOctober - 2012  QuVt4tOctober - 2012  Lnv1jtOctober - 2012  L7MfEtOctober - 2012  Jm4dctOctober - 2012  ZLZ9StOctober - 2012  CdGGptOctober - 2012  JO1ULtOctober - 2012  OJc1GtOctober - 2012  ErB23tOctober - 2012  RGC6QtOctober - 2012  9JvL7tOctober - 2012  IrtQCt

REX shipping situation reminder:
As you can see REX is incredibly complex and massive beast. First MGS REX retail batch shipped out and November should see more rolling out. I'll keep you updated, once I get the dates from our Hatchery and HK office.


Shipping update from ThreeA blog:
[WWRp Caesar release will ship in mid-November. It consists out of twelve different Caesars (666th Clint E, Bromwhich Pru Support, Surgeon G, Deep Comm, Jungler DBG, Dutch Merc, EMGY NYC TRG, Gravedigger, JEA GSC, AP-PEL, Caesar GID LTD and Toga White DIY LTD), 3AA 2pack (R.I.P. 001 and R.I.P. 002) and of course little Square Bomb MK1.5a (exclusive to Caesar Fat Toga 10pack). We in ThreeA always prefer to give people great choice , especially with more affordable 1/12th scale releases.

3A Publishing "Machine Sabbath" catalog shipped out this week to Bambalandstore customers.

As for LUX3A Metal Gear Solid REX retail and Bambalandstore exclusive version, everyone is working super hard to fulfill our plans and ship more batches and Bambalandstore version by end of this month. Again, huge thank you to REX customers & fans for your support, trust and patience! I hope that you will love REX and I am confident that the wait will be worth it!

I copied new and most essential stuff, since some things were covered already in my column, but here is direct link to that update.

1:1 Ankou costume by Patarin Leelayoova

October - 2012  PdylSt

and is there anything without Gangnam style these days? Here are AK Zombkin and AK Charkin doing the thing, photo by 黃耀南

October - 2012  Ofizpt

Photo of beautiful and scary looking work in progress of this customized DIY Bambaboss, posted at Facebook by Clogtwo Eman.

October - 2012  NcA9Ht

I always told that I love when people gather specific WWR bots and build entire squads. In the end it's war bots and they are especially powerful in groups. Here are WWR EMGY themed and other matching color ThreeA figs by Amon Lin

October - 2012  UqWbttOctober - 2012  LMNmJt

WWR Desert Devil themed squad (featuring custom fig) by ULTRAMAN

October - 2012  TFA4atOctober - 2012  A7HOSt

New figures in November!

November will see the Action Portable Finger Gang set hit Bamba. Peace Day Dropcloth 2.0 will patrol Bamba in November, and dont forget Johan the pink Ankou! If all goes well we will have a very cool new line debut this month!

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