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March - 2013

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March - 2013  Empty March - 2013

Post by gimbat Sat Mar 14, 2015 8:06 pm

Last days of February news:


Ashley Wood's interview about ThreeA & Marvel collaboration can be found here.

I decided to give early heads-up, as we plan to offer 1/12th scale Grunt towards the end of this week.

Here is Ashley confirming it:
"a grunt this week, end of week !"

I don't know if one WWRp Grunt per week place are still in motion, but here is what Ashley mentioned on the forum on February 21st:
"i have all the mini grunts here, was gonna drop them all at once, but thought that would be tough on you guys. maybe one a week"

WWR Bot Sniper Frank will be offered later in March.

March - 2013  SxAmUtMarch - 2013  ZwDYqt

Once we will have dates & prices finalized on WWR Bot Sniper Frank and WWRp Grunt, I'll share more news with you.

Here are more images of WWRp Grunts to remind you how cool they! Please keep in mind though, that mask isn't removable.

March - 2013  YkFK5tMarch - 2013  0zOLlcOt

Latest WIP teaser from 2D Animation contest thread, this time by WingedYeti

March - 2013  IEZNzWdm

Deadline for your submissions is March 31st and as always, click on that thumbnail , as it's a gif image.

It's always great to see ThreeA mentioned in the magazine, here is the scan brought to my attention by Dennis Chau

March - 2013  WRk2MlJt

Couple of cool photos by Justin Cook (showing a bit customized Popbot Vanilla POD TQ) and EMGY / yellow themed figures by Monster Tory

March - 2013  VhyACwmtMarch - 2013  P0PEKSyt

In conclusion photos inspired by Marvel Comics x ThreeA upcoming collaboration by our boardie koonfasa and JeAA

March - 2013  FpUIA6YtMarch - 2013  FIBR40Yt


Who would have thought that spring starts with mean & deadly WWRp Grunt?! We plan to offer WWRp Grunt on March 1st at Bambalandstore.

Price: 45USD + shipping (15USD).

It still a bit undecided , which Grunt goes up at Bambalandstore, as we have a few to choose from.

But here is closer look to WWRp EMGY TRG Grunt for you:

March - 2013  EKAmNxpt

Awesome WWR WF Squad outdoor pics by our boardie

[URL=]March - 2013  C6hZfnptMarch - 2013  2TyUTv3tMarch - 2013  9BlXxvltMarch - 2013  HfvtgsxtMarch - 2013  EH5EicVtMarch - 2013  JnY9Lect
March - 2013  Yvsa6mKt

Caesar pose with his weapon in hand reminds me of classic jungle scene from Predator.

March 2013

WWRp EMGY TRG Grunt hits Bambalandstore on morning of March 1st (Hong Kong time).

March - 2013  EKAmNxpt

F5 Bar and Grill dedicated to EMGY Grunt upcoming pre-order is up now: and waiting for you here

EMGY TRG Grunt is going up at Bambalandstore right now

Don't let Bamba trick you WWRp EMGY TRG Grunt is guarding the store and waiting for you bring him home!

Combined shipping info:
for 2: 25USD
for 3: 33USD
for 4: 40USD
for 5: 50USD
for 6: 60USD
for 7: 70USD

Large multiple purchases: after 7, there are huge shipping costs.

Popbot TK KDA box art and poster (not sure if it comes with KDA though):

March - 2013  2VL401It


Ashley Wood about TK KLUB , 1:1 TK t-shirts and Mortis!

March - 2013  8afaKt

After thinking about TKLUB and talking to you guys about it, I have thought maybe instead of limiting the ability to be part of the TKLUB to only those who can get every figure, I have come up with what is probably a more open and wallet friendly system. Basically you will be able to purchase any TK, but to participate in TKLUB offers you will have needed to purchase certain figures etc. Say to get a ART OF TK BOOK, 1:1 TK shirt ( man i still want that 1:1 box set of the original TK shirts. Write to CS and demand them! ), new exclusive TK heads etc for free ( you still have to cover shipping ) you will have needed to buy the first three TKLUB TK’s and so on.

TKLUB will start soon as I get the sample of Oroshi, Im hoping to be able to use the old-school box with sticker for each TK release, I miss those boxes !

So there ya go, thats it, just wanted to share with ya. One thought, I really think we need a mortis figure now, with all these TK running around they need some Mortis to play with!

have a good weekend


New WIP teaser for our 2D Animation contest submitted by BRiZL (since it's GIF, you have to click on the image bellow to see it in motion)

March - 2013  SzqBWkWt

February photo thread has been closed for review and here are the results:

Short month, but a lot of amazing entries!

And here are seven special mentions: squarehead, counterfeit, chatchawan, kaiserfrog19, Darthgothikus and moldie13

March - 2013  KoKmiFMsMarch - 2013  NqCVX2isMarch - 2013  0wWaGuesMarch - 2013  Dm3SBFfsMarch - 2013  Un3Jh2usMarch - 2013  HGTtn8Zs

and BEST entry of the month by jsun - very sexy and interesting role-play there

March - 2013  Fl3UJ1Sm

March photo thread open and waiting for your entries!

WWRp EMGY TRG Grunt is still up at Bamba and following our latest practice, we will do our best to keep it as long, as possible. Giving more people a better chance to buy one and having cool EMGY Grunt on patrol at Bambalandstore - that's win win situation if you ask me.

One more thing: our BLOG, 3AVOX Facebook Page and 3Asupport twitter got a reskin and I'll hope that some of you haven't been subscribed to the updates, will do it know. Check us out, we have a cool flow of updates and presence in social media! If you like Pinterest we are there as well.


Awesome outdoor pics by Mouse9090, featuring WWR Heavy Bramble Deimos, his NOM 35 custom and NW & DW MK2 Squares (more photos can be found in his profile).

March - 2013  GOMaoMXtMarch - 2013  QarrZ9ztMarch - 2013  GpQzxR3tMarch - 2013  LMKczdgtMarch - 2013  K8JeqLstMarch - 2013  SZDAnM7tMarch - 2013  4VvbsJwt


Even though F5 bar is closed, please keep in mind that WWRp EMGY TRG GRUNT is still up at Bambalandstore., it's time to pull a plug on the bar, thank you guys for your support!

Here is all art and sketches, which were submitted:

March - 2013  PVbX279tMarch - 2013  DuAbenVtMarch - 2013  W80VXcLtMarch - 2013  U8fBuAptMarch - 2013  IXPhKoTtMarch - 2013  1ldaoEQtMarch - 2013  MabjnDetMarch - 2013  DX4vfkUtMarch - 2013  BlXM4JztMarch - 2013  MG7mHkvtMarch - 2013  ANvqxIytMarch - 2013  P07neYxtMarch - 2013  7ntx7fZtMarch - 2013  CXpBqpltMarch - 2013  0DJ9hPXtMarch - 2013  WNZiBOKtMarch - 2013  Ojd2mQitMarch - 2013  4cYXsL5tMarch - 2013  1GsRBYntMarch - 2013  ZgTVSUjtMarch - 2013  NCWLyzqtMarch - 2013  Q7WhyictMarch - 2013  XfKWyqvtMarch - 2013  AxGbXJftMarch - 2013  CRqjWg0tMarch - 2013  RiyLfb9tMarch - 2013  HsNN7iQtMarch - 2013  Ai4aNzWtMarch - 2013  2OY9uu3t

album link: - with author names

Huge thanks to author for their support and art: squarehead, mtrx.45 (2), fink, sail (2), zeke01, bodysnatcher, BRiZL, smallahlee, chanimation (2), saintzenith, pann, dienstag, sandman22xxi(3), Mouse9090, smallahlee, chatchawan, saral, gunm, cromagnus, squid, thejikas(2), zbrushman

I'm waiting for more official news from Hong Kong, but here is an early heads-up:
Beast Kingdom Toys in Taipei, Taiwan will be hosting threeA exhibition on following dates - April 7th - 14th. Here is the thread on our forum dedicated to the event.
Based on Beast Kingdom Toys page info, there will be 100 figures displayed and debut of life-size figure, and other cool things happening.

If you wanted to participate in threeA legions AK Zomb anthology book for charity, but all themes where taken...then I have good news for you! Several themes are available now and you can check them here.


Latest shipping update and a note about WWRp Grunts.

We will be shipping out following figures this week:

Action Portable 2000AD ABC Warriors Mongrol and the Mess

Panda-Boss and G.I.D-Boss

Next week, we plan to start shipping:

WWRp Fantome and Barguest de Plumes

AP Interheavy

AP Fighting JC

I will bring you more shipping updates around mid-March.

Now onto WWRp Grunts, EMGY TRG will be leaving Bambalandstore soon.

March - 2013  EKAmNxpt

We been asked about our WWRp Grunt lineup, it's the same as for Grunts in 1/6th scale, like Deep Powder Corp Grunt, Sand devil 666th Grunt, After Hours Stealth Grunt, DIY and others.

If you want to get tracking number of your Bambalandstore orders, you can contact our customers service ( ) and if you have any questions whatsoever about your ThreeA orders (or special instructions/wishes in mind), please do it straight away. Never hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to help you! If you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice and direction to 3Asupport on twitter or engage with our official 3AVOX Facebook page.

WWRp BERTIE 3.5 DMG...don't know about you guys, but I love the look of this figure!

March - 2013  JIhDRWlt

Very cool custom squad by Matt Tomczek

March - 2013  FD0S2Ojt

Another teaser from 2D Animation contest thread, this time by WingedYeti (image bellow opens as .gif after the click).

March - 2013  J15BG3Ht


1/6th scale Popbot Shadow Slinger and Funeral horse, it will be available for pre-order this year.

March - 2013  RU5zQjPtMarch - 2013  H7RKOcCt

WWRp EMGY TRG Grunt is still up for pre-order and waiting for you at Bambalandstore.


WWRp EMGY TRG Grunt left the store and hopefully long uptime gave you guys a better opportunity to purchase the figure.

Next Grunt should go up tomorrow, if all goes according to the plan.

Here are new photos of AK KA MUMB - steam powered mummy

March - 2013  NwbnUejtMarch - 2013  FWRrNizt


WWRp WF Jungler GRUNT and camopure Square up for pre-order at Bambalandstore

March - 2013  VdpmGpNt

F5 Bar and Grill in WF Jungler Grunt honor, can be found here.

art and sketches submitted so far:

March - 2013  KYw8a1CtMarch - 2013  W46cn4Bt

album link:

author names will be added later on

please send me a PM if I missed your sketch

Awesome AK figures shots in mountains (cliffhanger style yeaay!) by our boardie: moldie13

March - 2013  48qr9JDtMarch - 2013  PcIQOALtMarch - 2013  Mcl3l31t

Enjoy your weekend!

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March - 2013  Empty Re: March - 2013

Post by gimbat Sat Mar 14, 2015 8:08 pm


WWRp WF Jungler Grunt and Square are still up at Bambalandstore.

AK KA-MUMBS will be invading Bambalandstore this week, more info soon!

March - 2013  NwbnUejtMarch - 2013  FWRrNizt

And official info and promo posters for threeA show at Taipei, Taiwan - at Beast Kingdom Toys:

threeA In TAIPEI
Apr. 7(sun) ~ 14 (sun) 2013
Beast Kingdom Toys Store (Eslite Wuchang )
B1F., Ln. 77, Sec. 2, Wuchang St., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: (886)02-2361-6393

March - 2013  WuKVrY5tMarch - 2013  1qTaaz3tMarch - 2013  DyKRmKst

You can discuss this event here on the forum.

Last week we shipped out:
Action Portable 2000AD ABC Warriors Mongrol and the Mess
Panda-Boss and G.I.D-Boss

so please contact , if you need a tracking number


Fan art and sketches submitted so far by our talented boardies and dedicated to ongoing WWRp WF Jungler Grunt sale and Square:

March - 2013  KYw8a1CtMarch - 2013  W46cn4BtMarch - 2013  RFQDShVtMarch - 2013  QgQworxtMarch - 2013  ZHX50lUtMarch - 2013  ZxMxPpBtMarch - 2013  YQ2tkQXtMarch - 2013  OPlS0cItMarch - 2013  OOB9QHStMarch - 2013  JS00JVLtMarch - 2013  PATpRTYtMarch - 2013  BwqYrEptMarch - 2013  BFRX3hwtMarch - 2013  4pZz8XWtMarch - 2013  8F82HHYtMarch - 2013  VoUfClktMarch - 2013  MfPlaAKtMarch - 2013  UgIZ9imtMarch - 2013  TGwy1imt

album link:

author names will be added later on

please send me a PM if I missed your sketch

Speaking about WWRp Jungler Grunt - I got confirmation from the office, that figure comes with machete and extra hand to hold it.

Here is news extract and Ashley Wood's quote from January 25th 2013:
James (anubis2night) asked whether there is a chance to offer two classics WWRp Deep Powder and Euro Bramble Olivier in 1/12th scale and here is Ashley's reaction:
[color]"ok thats a 2 pack then ! ill have siu get on it now !"
"Olivier and Deep brambles are a good WWRp Remembrance 2 pack."[/color]

And BAM! WWR veterans: Deep Powder Bramble and Euro Defence Bramble Olivier in 1/12th scale

March - 2013  EaO452Lt

I just can't keep this terrific photo of all WWR MK2 and Heavy Brambles by Don Slater to myself:

March - 2013  R6J6zKht

Are you guys planning to buy yourself some WWRp retail exclusive Caesars? Or Grunts won you over completely? Here are four retail exclusive WWRp Caesars: BcELL; AUS REPUBLIC; Deimos II; USMC

March - 2013  SxPkFF0tMarch - 2013  1mLHBDjtMarch - 2013  Bks23xitMarch - 2013  3qnrUfNt

First photo of Action Portable 2000AD ABC Warriors Mongrol in hand by Thomas Chan:

March - 2013  D5jA8est

1:6 scale Pustefix Bambaboss w. Base custom by muffinman

March - 2013  DXOIlXQtMarch - 2013  TbrU39HtMarch - 2013  Pdeg1fPtMarch - 2013  WcAw69Et

Got an update from Hong Kong that everything is going according to the plan and we will ship following releases this week:
WWRp Barguest & Fantome de Plumes
AP Interheavy
AP Fighting JC release

Quote about upcoming threeA exhibition at Beast Kingdom Toys in Taipei, Taiwan from WORLD OF 7174 blog:
April 7-14th Beast Kingdom will be hosting a massive ThreeA display/show at their store in Wuchang, Taiwan. If you're a ThreeA fan this event is not to be missed, it's going to have more than 100 pieces on display, plus Kim and Ash! If you're within flying, driving, walking distance of this show, it's not to be missed.

If all goes according to plan – next week we will ship to you:
Popbot KDA TK and what became Popbot classic: Fuck Jenga Classic TK Severed Head

AK KA-MUMBS will go up for pre-order on March 18th, 9:00AM HK time at and here is info from Ashley Wood (posted at threeA blog):
"The KA-MUMB sale is on Monday the 18th of March, next Monday! It starts at 9-00am and run for 24 hours, after that, no Mumb will be offered again of bambaland again. They will be sold as blind singles with colorways that have not been mentioned and will be a surprise on delivery, or the classic 4 pack, which will net you all 4 colorways shown in a loverly box with exclusive poster !"

Teaser from countdown timer and photo from few month back:

March - 2013  Ej7RGUNtMarch - 2013  U0uvVNXt


Panda B-Boss in hand, photos by Mika Liu

March - 2013  GNhodwOtMarch - 2013  NWzwpk2tMarch - 2013  Aw12XootMarch - 2013  0TSMOYbtMarch - 2013  RbBivb1tMarch - 2013  3Yg80fJtMarch - 2013  YPUYSP8t

And more photos of GID and Panda Boss in hand by chronokross

March - 2013  J7aJtMVtMarch - 2013  DvPN6WrtMarch - 2013  HXEXlz9tMarch - 2013  UMixeKctMarch - 2013  FypmZirtMarch - 2013  BQ2cdIAtMarch - 2013  Ymx5k6utMarch - 2013  6AewEEXtMarch - 2013  RN4RsIStMarch - 2013  WmTiS4vt

These two figures: AK Merde Mission and The Adventures of Isobelle: Euro Nymph were posted on the blog with the text saying: "See us in Taiwan", which is reference to threeA show in Beast Kingdom Toys gallery in Taipei, Taiwan:

March - 2013  76uW1NftMarch - 2013  5R61McHt

Interest find about Isobelle by fluppeco (cover by Ashley Wood)

March - 2013  G9vVTkzt

Here is the story of AK Merde Mission:
Merde Mission: Father of Bleak Mission and the original adventurer. Upon giving Bleak his first adventure coat on his 18th birthday he set out on the mission to find THE SOURCE OF ALL SHIT as he put it. Never seen again but his legacy as an adventurer that knew how to wear a coat lives on!

Our official pinterest: reached 200 followers today! Huge thank you to all who follow and support us there!

2D animation contest work in progress submission by our boardie G!LL3YMAN

March - 2013  JyzksfMt
clickable gif image


Since WWRp Grunts had constant presence at Bambalandstore, we been in & out of F5 bars. Yesterday WWRp WF Jungler Grunt left the store and it's a bit of a break for Grunts now.

Here are name of all the sketch & art authors, who made WF Jungler Grunt F5 bar so special:
GasparBoar, mtrx.45, chatchawan, Nismo, illproxy, eastwood (4), chanimation, tome, sandman21xxi, thejikas (2), Mouse9090, zbrushman, BehindTheMask, dienstag, squid

You can see all the art here on imgur (with author names as captions):

AK KA-MUMBS go up for pre-order on March 18th, 9:00AM HK time at

March - 2013  DklsJw9t

^I really like how 3A logo says: WE CREATE MUMBS on that image

Singles (sold as blinds) price: 100USD with shipping included in the price
4pack's price: 320USD with shipping included in the price

3AA members will have guaranteed 24 hours buying window on standard figures

As was mentioned previously 4pack comes in a lovely box and with an exclusive poster.

You win some, you lose some:
kadoo's GID Boss lost his pans, by GID MK2 Square is pretty happy about it

March - 2013  Jg6MpRwtMarch - 2013  ISsKjoqt

Huge thanks to gregory for heads-up on this one:
World War Robot Deluxe
Ashley Wood & T P Louise (w) • Ashley Wood (a & c)
It's total robot war! In development to be a major motion picture, Ashley Wood's World War Robot tells the tale of a dwindling band of humans and robots who face off in a battle that will likely end humanity as we know it — on Earth, on the Moon, and on Mars! Badass battles, really intense human/robot drama, and even a little black humor and political intrigue are the order of the day in this oversize epic that collects both previous books into one deluxe hardcover with slipcase.
HC • FC • $39.99 • 150 pages • 12" x 12" • ISBN 978-1-61377-697-1
Expected in-store date: 6/25/13
• 50 pages of new material!

source at Comicbookresources

Dienstag who organized and curates threeA legions AK Zomb anthology book for charity posted new deadline, which is midnight EST Wednesday, March 20, 2013. Currently 92 themes are finished and only 8 are getting worked on!

Some good old fun by moldie13

March - 2013  0NgVpbgtMarch - 2013  7LeorcmtMarch - 2013  K1FY1OjtMarch - 2013  XDlVUztt

Small shipping update, before I'll know more on Monday:
WWRp Barguest & Fantome de Plumes
AP Interheavy
AP Fighting JC release
starting to roll out this weekend and continue to ship out throughout the next week

Have a good weekend guys and see you in KA-MUMB F5 bar in 16 hours or so!

AK KA-MUMBS pre-order at starts in less than 23 hours from now .

F5 bar is open and waiting for you:

AK KA-MUMBs go on sale, on March 18th 9:00AM HK time.
3AA members have 24 hours guaranteed buying window on standards and exclusives.

Singles (sold as blinds): 100USD (with shipping included in the price)
4pack: 320USD (with shipping included in the price)

Ashley Wood about this sale:
"The KA-MUMB sale is on monday the 18th of March, next monday! It starts at 9-00am and run for 24 hours, after that, no Mumb will be offered on bambaland again. They will be sold as blind singles with colorways that have not been mentioned and will be a surprize on delivery, or the classic 4 pack, which will net you all 4 colorways shown in a loverly box with exclusive poster !"

photos & art:

March - 2013  DklsJw9mMarch - 2013  NwbnUejmMarch - 2013  FWRrNizmMarch - 2013  U0uvVNXm

MUMBS seen at ACG in December 2012:

March - 2013  34mGUtMarch - 2013  RB6eIt

A bit of a summary and hopefully it answers on most of your questions:

AK KA-MUMBs go up for pre-order on March 18th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time at

Blind singles (100USD shipped) and 4pack (320USD shipped) will be offered

4pack (lovely box and exclusive poster) will include four fixed colorways ; and with blinds you have a chance to score additional colorways (7 in total with signed DIYs)

3AA members will have guaranteed 24 hours buying window on standards as always.

Ashley Wood about AK KA-MUMBs which go up for pre-order in less than 1,5 hours from now:

March - 2013  68x77JntMarch - 2013  RQcdhhbt

"the DIY is just a white one signed by me. DO NOT UNWRAP, they are not designed to unwrap ! the wrapping is rather nifty and is designed to stay on the Mumb. WE DO NOT CONDONE OR SUPPORT UNWRAPPING, if you dom your own your own with yout naked Mumb!
There will probably be more than 6 variants for the singles. There cannisters will have color accents that are not really visible on the samples and decals.
Love the :The Mumb" poster, thats a great hammer film right there !"


AK KA-MUMBS invasion starts at

After one hour into the sale KAMO MUMB make surprise appearance (it means that batches of KAMO MUMBS going up and down at the store, at random time)

March - 2013  TiZoHvAt

Around 12:30 pm Hong Kong time: WWRp Euro Defence Bramble and Deep Powder go up for pre-order at Bambalandstore for 85USD shipped

March - 2013  PHcSK2vtMarch - 2013  DT7nlGEt

WWRp Euro Defence Bramble will be shipped with MK2 Bramble handguns, not the Bertie MK2 ones which are shown on the photos above.

Ashley Wood addressing Bambalandstore issues:
We are fixing a Bambaland mishap regarding some orders being marked as canceled, we are on it and no orders will be lost!

Ashley Wood about Bambarun print (which was picked by our boardies during "pick the next print" vote):

March - 2013  MDAS65Ut

" re bambarun i need to re-shoot the art, the file I have doesnt print well, its ok, but not good enough."

On his willingness to make the show in USA:
"Robbie, i would love for someone to help us do a reventure in the US, most of the shows we do are sponsored and supported by other companies. We have not heard from anyone that wants to help us do a show in the US. I would love to, you have no idea!"

WWR Bot Sniper Frank is coming to Bambalandstore soon:

March - 2013  SxAmUtMarch - 2013  ZwDYqt

"Frank this month, soon as i make the ad I guess..."


AK KA-MUMBS 24 hours guaranteed buying window ends soon!

AK KA-MUMBS left Bambalandstore and WWRp Euro and Deep Powder still up for pre-order.

Last batch of KAMO Mumb surprise went up around 9:50AM HK time:

March - 2013  OG7lqUhm

Our customer service professionals appreciate all the inquiries and questions about Bambalandstore order history, however they are still very busy working on fixing order this glitch (pending orders went missing for some customers), since it's a lot of work.

This issue will be fully fixed next week and as mentioned in the previous update , you have nothing to worry about and no awaiting fulfillment order will be lost. We have all entries in another database and of course your payment history in paypal.

A bit of follow-up from me:
There is no need to send email to CS about missing orders in your history, because it's still in the process of recovery and a lot of hard manual work. I'll make an update next week, once it will be fully completed and then you can check your history and if pending orders will be missing, your inquiry will be very helpful.

Since WWRp Euro and Deep Powder Bramble are still up for pre-order at Bambalandstore, I decided to keep F5 bar open for more sketches & chatter. For now here is a nice summary, including 60 sketches & art by our boardies and Legionnaires from Facebook.

March - 2013  Y45ocgNtMarch - 2013  HaIN6octMarch - 2013  C3M5TPotMarch - 2013  G18L38itMarch - 2013  NsWYBqxtMarch - 2013  ScF54SItMarch - 2013  E2Vh3QmtMarch - 2013  N7He3brtMarch - 2013  Wc1bB5itMarch - 2013  OLm1iQTtMarch - 2013  PHNYv5WtMarch - 2013  IwNjvlXtMarch - 2013  MtBIRsJtMarch - 2013  XhZEg4jtMarch - 2013  IHHvPXStMarch - 2013  HfiLWTEtMarch - 2013  NccGb4ttMarch - 2013  NcbbHYItMarch - 2013  ZdkEBAltMarch - 2013  KIluKv7tMarch - 2013  RfzG9fMtMarch - 2013  HNIZS22tMarch - 2013  EDfO2ywtMarch - 2013  ZKuQjXttMarch - 2013  EPDenkHtMarch - 2013  YjpOqm0tMarch - 2013  QyeEf5BtMarch - 2013  Wb14AuAtMarch - 2013  WlMtVVZtMarch - 2013  QdGphWNtMarch - 2013  OPEvczStMarch - 2013  InUEEAItMarch - 2013  FZ5wVq3tMarch - 2013  Bavql5utMarch - 2013  7ieR5L5tMarch - 2013  IqzBvtDtMarch - 2013  LPrkVDXtMarch - 2013  ZLO8NDGtMarch - 2013  K1HV3uNtMarch - 2013  IuC1j7mtMarch - 2013  RrgXQSYtMarch - 2013  Thmu4h8tMarch - 2013  EedtxNxtMarch - 2013  TwcDjyqtMarch - 2013  Jk4J74HtMarch - 2013  DXaghrutMarch - 2013  YTdF8lwtMarch - 2013  XpCCIPctMarch - 2013  ZTmeW5WtMarch - 2013  6yIOIRttMarch - 2013  1SZTMBwtMarch - 2013  L4Euht5tMarch - 2013  B26z1YttMarch - 2013  660ytHhtMarch - 2013  5fwg38LtMarch - 2013  DFGS9sStMarch - 2013  UMGkPENtMarch - 2013  NkTR3Ojt

William Chien, thejikas (Cool , c r e m (11), Grish (3), squarehead, chanimation, JD (2), syd, Mouse9090 (3), illproxy (4), dienstag (3), Darthgothikus, smallahlee, mtrx.45, fink, Ryno38, saintzenith, iHump, zbrushman (2), expathos, 4ever4eyes, BRiZL, chanimation's brother, dextercat, soil (2), Ken Lee, Pie, sarai, bodysnatcher, fubfub, squid.

I might be a bit wrong with crem and thejikas entries numbers, will double-check it later tonight!

Easiest way to see them with author names is using imgur gallery:

A bit of an update about Popbot TK KDA - it will ship next week and I'll do an update on WWRp Barguest & Fantome de Plumes , AP Interheavy and AP Fighting JC release shipping progress on Wednesday or Thursday.

Speaking about TKs, TK KLUB starts with Oroshi TK on March 28th:

March - 2013  5f5XLFnm


Shipping updates and upcoming plans

First I want to start with Halo.

I am very excited to announce that: HALO S-A259 Commander Carter Spartan-III and HALO Spartan Mark V Commando will ship out in first half of April.

We understand that extra waiting on a pre-order isn't fun and it's always great to have figure in hands as early, as possible. We apologies for 3,5 month delay (they were listed with late December shipping time), but our mission has always been to make coolest toys and all the extra time always goes to make them as perfect, as humanly possible. And I believe that you will realize that it was well worth it, once you will have your figures in hand.

Here are the figures, which shipped out this week:

WWRp Fantome and Barguest de Plumes

AP Interheavy

AP Fighting JC

Next week we will ship:

Popbot KDA TK

In last update I mentioned that we plan to ship Popbot classic: Fuck Jenga Classic TK Severed Head together with KDA TK, but unfortunately early shipping plans can change from time to time and Jenga Head is pushed back a little, ain't far behind though.

To get tracking number of your Bambalandstore orders (which are shipping out) please send an inquiry to our customers service ( ) and if you have any questions whatsoever about your threeA orders (or special instructions/wishes in mind), please do it straight away. Never hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to help you! If you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice and direction to 3Asupport on twitter or engage with our official 3AVOX Facebook page.

Image bellow was first shown at Ashley's art blog, saying that it's: "From the D.I.Y.S Tour booklet."

March - 2013  JILsq1Wt

Today Ashley shared more info on the forum:
"the DIYS, the Yo, Hornets and INTERYO all have different booklets. each has the flavor of the band. a nice addition to the sets. 16 pages, 10.2"x10.2" each"
"nope, they will never see print again in the booklet style, might use some of the DIY art, as its some of my best ink work I think and kinda funny, also the INTETRYO is all photography so some might potentially see print in another format. The booklets are my way of saying thanks to the supporters of the TK sets. they were not mentioned in the sales guff , my surprise"

About DIY TKYO booklet:
"i had such fun making the DIYS booklet, real mechanical tones and ink are like a playground."

Here are TKYO release sets, if you missed that sale or forgot how they looked like:

March - 2013  KSIkatMarch - 2013  KJl80tMarch - 2013  LU0ketMarch - 2013  2HSwPt

In addition to that I can add that Popbot TKYO & Yellow Hornets booklets are more graphic and DIYs and INTERYO are more centered on Ash's art.

Ashley confirming that upcoming TK KLUB is 3AA only and that Oroshi & Waza sculpt will not be used again.
"always been 3AA for the TK KLUB, part of the 3AA package if you will.
3AA members can buy a few, so they can help out buds im sure. Forums are good for that stuff, not just about saying how much we suck"
"7bones is not TKLUB and not all tks will be TKLUB. Each sale will feature one TK, no other variants or secret drops.
Oroshi/waza head gets retired after the sale.
I see the TKs as a important part of my artistic umbrella, im very happy to be able to share and make them!"

Ashley about final 7bones gang members released towards end of this year and dropping big news about 20" TK Hunter robot:
"well maybe end this year, shit takes a while to make right, but then its just really my fault, only one of me, and 3A has to wait for me to do it. Better than have ghosters or assistants !
Im working on a 20" Tk hunter robot that is kinda nifty, very complicated and full of tubes. has a pointy nose so you know its all good"
"TKs have to have something cool to fight"

Sharing some info about Adventure of Isobelle and In search of series:

March - 2013  76uW1Nft

"there will be more Iso figs, too much fun and adventures
there will be an illustrated version of the book in physical form for the free of mind."

Ashley about WWR prints:
"yea i need to do some WWR prints.."

In conclusion I want to summarize all what is known about TK KLUB:

March - 2013  8afaKtMarch - 2013  5f5XLFnt

TK KLUB starts on March 28th with Oroshi TK (who is Waza's brother).
Oroshi/Waza head will not be used anymore.
TK KLUB is for 3AA members only.
TK KLUb releases will not be limited to only male figures.
It's allowed to buy more than one figure and if there will be any limitations, it will be notified in the figure description at the store.
Each TK KLUB sale will feature one TK, no other variants or secret drops.
Not all Tomorow Kings (and 7bones) released in 2013 will be limited to TK KLUB. So if you aren't 3AA member and love TKs, we will still have TKs for you.
3AA members will be able to purchase any TK, but to participate in TKLUB offers you will have to purchase certain figures. For example: Oroshi is first of three TK KLUB Tomorrow Kings towards the ART OF TK mook.


AK Tracky Custard went up at Bambalandstore around 12:30pm HK time at Bambalandstore for 60USD shipped. Limited sale - first come - first serve basis

March - 2013  DE7LCayt

Once first batch will be sold-out, we will have more at later time to give people in other time zones a better chance to have Tracky Custard at home. Just like we usually do with these kind of sales.

Shadow Tommy Mission notice

Action Portable Fighting JC Boxset was sold with Shadow Tommy Mission figure in 1/12th scale, as an extra.

Currently we shipped out AP Fighting JC Boxsets to customers, but we will ship Shadow Tommy Mission in late May, once the figure will be ready. Just came to my mind that it would be even strange if everything went well with first Tommy in 1/12th scale, in the end he is Emo of Adventure.

We apologize for the longer wait for this figure, but that’s unfortunately how production works sometimes. Our mission is to make the best toys and we rather delay shipping, than ship not perfect product your way. If you plan to move or have any other instructions related to your order, please send them to

Here is a first photo in hand of AP Fighting JC Boxset by our boardie: phantomzone and by our Facebook Legionnaire Em Mon

March - 2013  GaH5QSKtMarch - 2013  V5E2Z0Vt

And AP Heavy TK Interloper (which is full name of this release), photographed by jF next to APTK Kyuuketsuki

March - 2013  QdG2tPFtMarch - 2013  AgyXrILt

Wonderful shot, showing the difference by Sean Soo

March - 2013  ZzpJ59Et

I just can't NOT share with you these beautiful photos of Waka TK , photographed by chatchawan

March - 2013  NCnErYOtMarch - 2013  NNoooShtMarch - 2013  CExylY9tMarch - 2013  XnLw6sitMarch - 2013  M9hDxWvtMarch - 2013  PKf0BrwtMarch - 2013  FYLg2LJtMarch - 2013  U4zOR74tMarch - 2013  LzHQXgutMarch - 2013  HKqkxVst

Popbot Dead Equine Super Set on sale very soon!

March - 2013  YjkZgADt

Some of the production still by kalenov, showing his WIP on his 2D Animation contest entry , btw, deadline is move slightly forward to April 6th (instead of March 30th), but if you are participating - you have to absolutely submit your finished entries till April 6th, 9:00AM HK time.

March - 2013  UvjKBfxtMarch - 2013  IqqLzyqtMarch - 2013  1X0KDuFt

previous news for this date are above

Last batch lot of AK Tracky Custard went up around 8:50PM HK time , so it's all sold out now.

Followed by final lot just one minute ago (around 9:11PM HK time), which was gone in a blink of an eye. My guess it was couple of culled orders...

Ashley Wood about AK Tracky Custard:
"You guys are great to support my Tracky Custard. The world aint so fucked, this is proof!"


Ashley Wood updated threeA blog with new photos:

Adventure Kartel: Merde Mission (which will be available this April at threeA event in Taipei, hosted by Beast Kingdom Toys) - I saw her, motionless just inside the door, i had lost my last restraint. It was a merde mission that lay ahead.

March - 2013  BqgVllNt

Adventure of Isobelle Taiwan variations - A 3A collectors advisory!

March - 2013  7W0fTDUt

Real Steel: Atom which turned out great, if you ask me. Since people keep asking about price, Ambush & Midas (which we already offered at Bambalandstore in 2012) were 290USD each.

March - 2013  LvMddoKt

These photo bellow, showing WWRp Squares promo and WWRp Caesars with something looking like promo cards (by the gallery, not threeA) were posted at threeA event in Taipei Facebook page by Beast Kingdom Toys.

March - 2013  ZoHereXtMarch - 2013  TTlaSQ2t

I don't have any official information yet, that Squares set will be Taipei exclusive and will not make it to Bambalandstore. I'll contact HK office in the morning and will let you guys know, once I hear something about them.

WWRp Barguest & Fantome de Plumes by our boardie slash1 and Em Mon (our Legionnaire from Facebook)

March - 2013  F6fHo4AtMarch - 2013  8VKSZZkt

I noticed that some were surprised that WWRp Barguest & Fantome come with both long sleeves, but that's exactly how they were shown on sales promos.

March - 2013  JwWMmtMarch - 2013  7QmwHt

AP Fighting JC - all variants unpacked and photographed by our boardie phantomzone

March - 2013  GB3n1Rzt

Panda and GID B-Boss shipping out with Ashley Wood's polaroids randomly spread within the whole run. It's Happy Bambaboss day at our boardie's gateau home!

March - 2013  FEvSStAtMarch - 2013  YQaFpd3t

Here is the photo of Polaroid sketches Ash showed back in September, if you want to scratch this one off:

March - 2013  GAuwQVbt

Post about threeA in Taipei (April 7th - 14th) by Toy - People (in Chinese):


Ashley Wood about WWRp Squares sets at Taiwan, which were mentioned above:
"heya Guys
I just saw the ads for mini squares, and i have to say im really bummed, they shouldn't be, i was told they would weathered flat colored mini squares in a capsule machine, not set ever mentioned.
Fuck me i would offer bamba that set first, and if you want that set, just tell me or gimby

And clearing the situation about Squares:
"i was just told that the squares in the capsule machine have no decals, the ad is wrong, the sqaures have no decals ! as I requested"

So, NO WWRp Squares sets in different WWR fractions colorways will be offered at threeA show at Taipei, Taiwan.

WWR FRANK DEEP POWDER SNIPER + FLURRY THE SNIPED SNOW SQUARE MK1 has a pre-order date and it's April 5th, 9:00AM HK time at Bambalandstore

March - 2013  EAy28kat

Do you like goggles? Very cool look I must add!

According to Ashley he is coming with Snow Square as well and April is the month for Popbot Dark Blind Cowboy as well!
"well then april is ya month Beaumont, i consider Frank and DBC some of my finest work. The snow square that comes with Frank is cool too."

Ashley answering about Snipped Snow Square:
"its MK1 snow Square, preying the sample is ready, if not ill draw it
its similar but different..."


EASTER ISOBELLE – super LTD Easter F5 sale , with pink lips and milky drip – going up for sale on good Friday March 29th (HK time)

March - 2013  DZpxdwGt

If you aren't following threeA for a good while, Easter Isobelle is a second Easter figure by threeA. First one was gifted only and was released in 2010:

March - 2013  97nXbI8t

Another polaroid surfaced with B-Boss , photos by shinjikun1

March - 2013  Y1UefDPtMarch - 2013  7TsUS4qt

Here are two cool photos of GID B-Boss & Panda B-Boss by our boardies: JDF48 and basyabasya1

March - 2013  EStqkdUtMarch - 2013  Fj5objMt

WWRp Barguest & Fantome de Plume photos by slash1

March - 2013  RN40ppStMarch - 2013  KXiHfYrtMarch - 2013  S7CGLDktMarch - 2013  9itYlgWtMarch - 2013  I1l5iW1tMarch - 2013  KJayerAt

Another work in progress for 2D Animation contest thread by kalenov

[center]March - 2013  FFoRZZBm
clickable gif image

That's all for Sunday news update , hope you guys having fun and relaxing weekend. See ya on Monday and if you haven't checked for a while WWRp Euro Bramble and Deep Powder are still up for pre-order at

March - 2013  DT7nlGEtMarch - 2013  PHcSK2vt

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March - 2013  Empty Re: March - 2013

Post by gimbat Sat Mar 14, 2015 8:11 pm


TKLUB Oroshi 18 price is 120USD before 3AA discount. Oroshi goes on sale, on March 28th HK time and it's 24 hours sale. It's TKLUB release, therefore it's for 3AA members only.

March - 2013  YTNQUGUt

Here is a short summary I did last week to explain TKLUB:

TKLUB starts on March 28th with Oroshi TK (who is Waza’s brother).
Oroshi/Waza head will not be used anymore.
TKLUB is for 3AA members only.
TKLUB releases will not be limited to only male figures.
It’s allowed to buy more than one figure and if there will be any limitations, it will be notified in the figure description at the store.
According to our plans: each TKLUB sale will feature one TK, no other variants or secret drops.
Not all Tomorrow Kings (and 7bones) released in 2013 will be limited to TKLUB. So if you aren’t 3AA member and love TKs, we will still have TKs for you.
3AA members will be able to purchase any TK, but to participate in TKLUB offers you will have to purchase certain figures. For example: Oroshi is first of three TKLUB Tomorrow Kings towards the ART OF TK mook.

Popbot TK KDA is shipping out and our boardie Eastwood already has one in hand, here is quick pic:

March - 2013  OItlpSPt

And small review by Eastwood can be read here.

Flyer in English for threeA show in Taipei, Taiwan this April:

March - 2013  LBfncAvt

There is a bit of inconsistency with no queue overnight line, but we are currently waiting to hear back from Taiwan side. Please contact us, if you plan on going and have any questions about the event.

Got a word about Easter Isobelle, that figures are pre-made and shipping out in April. Easter Isobelle goes on sale, on good Friday (March 29th) sometime HK time and it's super limited F5 release (so you have to refresh Bamba to see when it goes up for sale on some random time).

March - 2013  DZpxdwGt


Time, date and how Easter Isobelle sale will be handled:

March - 2013  5LZXoB4t

Details for super LTD F5 sale of Easter Nymph Isobelle: 10-00PM 29th MARCH HONG KONG TIME , note that its PM. All figures will be sold in one lot, unpaid recycled very quickly, one per customer. 100USD price includes shipping. 50/50 Ratio for closed or open eyes.

Events for TKLUB Oroshi and Easter Isobelle started at our official 3AVOX Facebook page
Direct links:
Oroshi event
Easter Isobelle

Shipping update and Easter Holidays

Time for another threeA shipping update! This week we will finish shipping out Popbot TK KDA.

And we plan to start shipping following releases this week and will continue shipping them out after Easter Holidays (April 2nd):

Popbot Fuck Jenga Classic TK Severed Head
Popbot TKYO
(TKYO; Yellow Hornets; Interyo) release and THE DIYs TKYO
Adventure Kartel Johan LSBBG

Our office will be closed from March 29th till April 1st, so our Customer Service professionals will answer on all your inquiries, sent around March 29th on April 2nd. To get tracking number of your Bambalandstore orders (which are shipping out) please send an inquiry to our customers service ( ) and if you have any questions whatsoever about your threeA orders (or special instructions/wishes in mind), please do it straight away. Never hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to help you! If you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice and direction to 3Asupport on twitter or engage with our official 3AVOX Facebook page.

Popbot TK KDA in hand, photos by our boardies ULTRAMAN and Facebook Legionnaires: Amon Lin and Ian Ross Lallen

March - 2013  XRvnRa2tMarch - 2013  4wD7rvStMarch - 2013  FS5qZeFtMarch - 2013  EtMswRxtMarch - 2013  RRkZTBJtMarch - 2013  Jq5Xhg9tMarch - 2013  ZW94wT7tMarch - 2013  CuYaJnht


Since TKLUB Oroshi pre-order is approaching (March 28th , 9:00AM HK time), it's time to open F5 Bar:

Ashley Wood about TKLUB and the ART OF TK mook
""gonna be a start of an epic line, i imagine all the boxes lined up, that gets me hungry to do this !
the second one is almost ready too, cool new weapon, new head etc..
and lets not forget the TK art of MOOK, im gonna stuff every Tk painting in it, a fun catalogue of the TK world !"
"some info, you dont get a chance to get a TK MOOK unless you buy TKLUB TK 1, 2 and 3. As in the first 3 releases, buying 3. 6 or 12 of the first fig wont get you it !"

As I mentioned previously in my column each TKYO set comes with special booklet and here is fresh update from our blog:
"TKYO live in your house soon
It was never mentioned at the time of the sale, but i wanted to say thanks for the support for these sets with a special tour guide in every set, each colorway gets their own tour thingy!"

Slips for sets:

March - 2013  VwpUktPt

TKYO booklet:

March - 2013  DXqdb9Xt

Yellow Hornets booklet:

March - 2013  JDRDSUCt

INTERYO booklet:

March - 2013  LYUQiJMt

DIYs booklet:

March - 2013  PSVDaN7t

All four booklets covers:

March - 2013  T6afWKwt

Popbot TK KDA review by S.Ryoma

March - 2013  5Inv2Vfm

Latest WIP teaser from 2D Animation contest thread, this time by WingedYeti

March - 2013  AmKQSS8t
clickable gif image above

Bambalandstore order history update

There was a glitch with Bambalandstore order history, when it was missing for some customers.

Today Bambalandstore order history is fully recovered (from 2010 until now).

Please check your history and if you see that something is missing, please contact our Customer Service professionals at and we will be happy to help you.

threeA on instagram

We are happy to announce that threeA can be followed on instagram now! You can find us at:
Thank you for your support and see you there!

Our other official homes besides threeA production blog and website:
3AVOX on Facebook
3Asupport on twitter
threeA on pinterest


TKLUB Oroshi is up at Bambalandstore

from store description:

1x 1/6th scale, fully articulated figure, comes packaged in oldschool box with sticker label. First of the three TK's needed to redeem for ART OF THE TK mook. ( TKLUB ONE, TWO and THREE required for free mook, customer pays shipping for the mook). Also included TKLUB Oroshi poster!

Updated at 9:15AM HK time

Bamba is hit with crazy traffic right now, apparently everyone wants to see how Oroshi looks like at the store Smile

Please remember that if you are getting "service unavailable" message , there is nothing to worry about , as Oroshi will be at Bambalandstore for next 24 hours.

Thank you for your support!

ONLY AT BAMBALANDSTORE Oroshi 18 will never be offered again, his head is being retired after the sale ends. All black Interloper Oroshi will be inserted in random boxes, if you receive one and dont want it, we will exchange.

Exchange comment: we already got used that some customers don't want chases and that's why we offer exchange option, for customers who want exactly what they purchased.

Our boardie and vivid TK collector Devours was talking with Ash and he dropped classic update via email: There are TWO Interloper Chases in the OROSHI boxes. Shadow Interloper which is BLACK and Classic Interloper in GREY.

To remind you: Oroshi TK AIN'T limited to one per person

And since people keep asking: if you buy let's say THREE Oroshi TK ; THREE TKLUB #2 ; THREE TKLUB #3 - you will end up with a right to get THREE "ART OF TK" mooks (magazine in form of th book), but you will have to pay shipping for all three.

Ashley's sketch from the blog:

March - 2013  QJ1wXPDt

And sharing the teaser of next TKLUB figure NAGE M.I.A - who is TK RANGER and UNDERVERSE SLEEPER and reminding of Easter Isobelle sale, which is crazy F5 LTD sale - there will be one lot only and it drops on March 29th, 10:00PM Hong Kong time:

March - 2013  6awO7gCt

Thank you for the support for TKLUB, off to a great start, so I thought I would share the preview of NAGE today. Nage will be fully revealed soon and will be on-sale end of April. Dont forget our F5 Easter sale tomorrow night at 10pm, best of luck to everyone!


After being up for pre-order for 24 hours TKLUB ONE Oroshi 18 left Bambalandstore.

Here is the text I posted at threeA blog:

First Tomorrow Kings were offered back in December 2008 and it was one of our first releases. Since 2008 we had many different Tomorrow Kings released and there was an recurring talk of having special Tomorrow Kings Club and just now it became reality, it’s amazingly pleasant feeling to finally have an actual TKLUB and be able to say that after 24 hours pre-order TKLUB One Oroshi 18 is gone and huge welcome goes to everyone who made their first TKLUB purchase and jointed the club!

Thank you goes to every threeA customer, who supported us over the years as well, without you we wouldn’t able to make it happen!

And another update: from now on, we will have an official presence at Instagram under threeAtoys name. Please follow us there, if you are there! No pressure though if you aren’t, keeping eye on the blog is enough to stay in touch with us and know about our shipping plans and sales.

If you are hunting for Easter Isobelle, please remember that it’s an extremely limited F5 sale and all figures go up at Bambalandstore on March 29th at 10:00PM Hong Kong time. Since people keep on asking: everyone can participate in this sale, it’s not 3AA only. Easter Isobelle is pre-made and figures shipping out to you in April, that explains why it’s limited that much.

And addition by Ashley about Easter Isobelle
Nicely put Gimby
Oh yea, the first Bambaland Isobelle will be offered soon as the sample is ready! So dont stress if you dont get an Easter version. The Isobelle line will grow to cover many characters in her world this year, I hope you enjoy the adventure of discovering them!
Happy Easter

Now it's def. time to pull the plug on the bar Smile

If you have some sketches coming please send 'em my way via PM!

Wrote a bit of a text for the blog:

Basically congrats to us all for TKLUB and of course thank you for your support , art and time here!

Final selection of art and sketches submitted to F5 bar:

March - 2013  TM5Acc5tMarch - 2013  R8aonoWtMarch - 2013  4Ur43Z9tMarch - 2013  H5v7waCtMarch - 2013  67gDcpjtMarch - 2013  QRzbnSRtMarch - 2013  EVmIX7mtMarch - 2013  UqJyzistMarch - 2013  VHgS2mDtMarch - 2013  OdQQUgitMarch - 2013  8x0UMKYtMarch - 2013  U4Ilqm9tMarch - 2013  XTYIOAptMarch - 2013  BYs1deJtMarch - 2013  StRN58etMarch - 2013  VbBshXXtMarch - 2013  E6BK7e4tMarch - 2013  PouC9DntMarch - 2013  KRiXnistMarch - 2013  GTWYjwItMarch - 2013  GTWJig3tMarch - 2013  JLSEH7ntMarch - 2013  Lyv2TmktMarch - 2013  KHyFOdjtMarch - 2013  LnTOUnwtMarch - 2013  J8tHpHztMarch - 2013  OIHWGw9tMarch - 2013  VwaBfXltMarch - 2013  W1JiG2ZtMarch - 2013  LOpwvjYtMarch - 2013  9J0NmyptMarch - 2013  PeWenGytMarch - 2013  VhxrXx3tMarch - 2013  Iqoax28tMarch - 2013  LDM90q9tMarch - 2013  Cw1ZVCItMarch - 2013  HUMZQ26tMarch - 2013  6dmOoWmtMarch - 2013  9y6aYtrtMarch - 2013  IgTiJ39tMarch - 2013  QvQmztctMarch - 2013  WjuGuPet

whole album on imgur: - with author names

Hidy, c r e m (6), chanimation (3), thejikas, zanexnation (4), chanimation's brother (2), JeAA, Grish, chatchawan, Mouse9090 (3), gunm (2), custard4gravy, cross2M, Dreamtoys, Sideburns, Sail, nanakamura(magni), mtrx.45 (2), fink, smallahlee (2), 4ever4eyes, cromagnus, basyabasya1, Darnoc_Saidna, BRiZL, kenjie, frargle, dienstag

Real Steel: Atom prototype from zpchan11 weibo:

March - 2013  GFfEOShm

TQ head teaser, posted by Beast Kingdom Gallery who will be hosting our exhibition at Taiwan this April

March - 2013  SN970Eyt

Guys and since Easter Isobelle is so limited, there is no classic F5 bar with 24 hours prior to it...I'll might make one 30-40 minutes prior to the sale (sale starts at 10:00PM on March 29th HK time).

Easter Sale is done:

Happy Easter and fist Bambaland Isobelle will be offered soon as the sample is ready!

Couple of recycled Easter Isobelle went up at Bamba shortly after the announcement that sale is done on the blog (quoted above).

My guess is that it was bunch of multiple orders by flippers, who guessed product link.


Even though we didn't had an F5 bar for Easter Isobelle, our boardies still made bunch of fan-art

March - 2013  SigMFKEtMarch - 2013  SGE46oOtMarch - 2013  KGQ1WZQtMarch - 2013  AgvoI8WtMarch - 2013  8CLXS6HtMarch - 2013  7nSwZSmtMarch - 2013  XH2XaantMarch - 2013  8eM0Rx7tMarch - 2013  HTFfPwMtMarch - 2013  UTY7RmZt

online gallery:

authors: c r e m (2), mtrx.45 (2), mischievousecho, Mouse9090, raveer, smallahlee, AliceAdrenochrome, dienstag

And usually I silently add last minute submissions to the common gallery, but I think that Soil's submissions for TKLUB deserves your extra attention:

March - 2013  JVpjtXJtMarch - 2013  BSNJHqQtMarch - 2013  CFsl6N5tMarch - 2013  9iAGTdStMarch - 2013  CzdaPhXt

GID awesomeness by our boardie koonfasa:

March - 2013  2OCHHtytMarch - 2013  FJd7mdftMarch - 2013  9vW3p1Tt

Mysterious t-shirt from our production blog, with post titled as: With a word, they all stopped…

March - 2013  MvqvKwRt


Just couldn't not share this image with you, which was posted at Ashley's art blog:

March - 2013  IRspzSIt



New season of VOX:

In case you haven't signed up to VOX previously, please do it here

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