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April - 2013

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April - 2013  Empty April - 2013

Post by gimbat Sat Mar 14, 2015 8:13 pm

April 2013


Teasers of upcoming stuff from VOX

April - 2013  GISO6AjtApril - 2013  MNNT3nctApril - 2013  KfMp42St

Cool timelapse by Japan Legion members, who were featured just now in VOX:

April - 2013  ANsQWifs

March photo thread is already reviewed and April photo thread takes off with a great start by print

April - 2013  YywgfT7t

But let's go back to March, which was a great month for our monthly photo thread and I want to thank everyone for their contributions!

I encourage everyone with passion for photography and threeA toys to participate in our monthly photo thread. I'm on the VOX team now, and I just might feature best photo of the month there as well (under different title , as we will be accepting & reviewing other photos as well), no prizes are guaranteed, but your photo will be seen by thousands of vinyl enthusiasts and threeA Legionnaires across the world, which I think is great already.

So, without further ado best photo of the month title goes to JDF48

April - 2013  ICi1rtpm

Monthly specials by squarehead, geturass2mars, chatchawan, fernando, nael, basyabasya1:

April - 2013  CXOp768tApril - 2013  ELkl6hjtApril - 2013  XL3s8uhtApril - 2013  8s7izaatApril - 2013  Gq14GjntApril - 2013  5mawXbUt

With our 2D Animation contest thread approaching deadline soon (April 6th, 9:00AM HK time), here is extremely cool work in progress by our boardie: gnaw

April - 2013  SLQLpJOt
clickable gif image

Very impressive threeA collection by our Legionnaire from Facebook: Hokiardi Adhi

April - 2013  RGtP4XYt


As it drives closer to April 5th, which will mark pre-order of WWR Bot Sniper Frank, we have an opportunity to read about his relationship with Snippy the Snow Square. It's a very complicated one to say the least.

April - 2013  8dy2sHTt

AK Johan LSBBG and Popbot Fuck Jenga! bot head in hand, photos by our board member: chronokross

April - 2013  Tg0Z2aQtApril - 2013  Fb3do1LtApril - 2013  H8Q5xuGtApril - 2013  KPW7NVntApril - 2013  8GKqWh3tApril - 2013  N1ga4wltApril - 2013  8EJpfPUtApril - 2013  LL0biLptApril - 2013  MRhPus0tApril - 2013  4i1naQqtApril - 2013  YiYcT6etApril - 2013  ATBQFCBt

Small shipping update and public holiday at our office:
We sent out most of International orders of AK Johan LSBBG, Popbot Fuck Jenga Classic TK Severed head and Popbot TKYO sets. We will finish shipping rest of International, local and domestic orders next week.
Our office and Customer Service professionals will be resting tomorrow, because of Ching Ming Festival, which is the public holiday in Hong Kong and return to work on Friday.

Beast Kingdom Toys, getting ready to host our show on April 7th till April 14th...with special TQ guest!

April - 2013  VK8c4bBtApril - 2013  NnJIorzt


F5 Bar dedicated to upcoming WWR bot sniper Frank and Snippy Snow Square set pre-order is up and running:

Pre-order starts on April 5th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time and 3AA members have 24 hours buying window for this set.

Price: 155USD shipped.

Unpainted Snippy and Snow Square, which will be available only as part of WWR bot sniper Frank and Snippy Snow Square set tomorrow at Bambalandstore and never offered again.

April - 2013  KA6Lz59t

Real Steel: Atom - coming to Bambalandstore soon.

April - 2013  UuMn8RRtApril - 2013  WoUtUOAtApril - 2013  GE921yot

First fan-art, dedicated to tomorrow sale:

April - 2013  DIe8LMktApril - 2013  LkpJq3At


WWR FRANK AND SNIPPY THE SNOW SQUARE SET are going up for pre-order at

WWRp (1/12th scale) Damaged Pinky MK 3.5 Bertie popped up at around 1:50 PM Hong Kong time for 75USD shipped to keep Frank and Snippy some company.

April - 2013  Avs82fttApril - 2013  JIhDRWlt

Here are first two entries for our 2D Animation contest, which ends on April 6th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time.

Entry by kalenov

April - 2013  NxggU5em

Entry by Dan

April - 2013  UPtFkyym

Adventure Kartel The Golden Dolphin was shown on the blog today:

April - 2013  UBbQc8Gm

Now we know, who this hand teaser belongs to:

April - 2013  MNNT3nct

What a classic punk he is, don't know about you guys, but I especially like his pants.

Old quotes from Ashley (September 2011) about EXPIRED DOLPHIN character, who looks like have evolved into Golden Dolphin
"new Ak character that went into dev, EXPIRED DOLPHIN , friend of Tommy, enemy of everything else."
"no zomb, very much alive, just want to kill everything, Tommys mate form the UK"

First photos in hand of Popbot DIY TKYO; INTERYO and YELLOW HORNETS by our boardie homeway and Facebook Legionnaire Tome Worapivut

April - 2013  FCgHhAktApril - 2013  8IczHXAtApril - 2013  DaBYUZmtApril - 2013  C8BciKCtApril - 2013  5gaGau1tApril - 2013  MwFCZzztApril - 2013  CqOmjhWtApril - 2013  P6VlSDDtApril - 2013  T8zlmyTt

I love shiny tattoos on Interyo, clean white kicks on DIY TKYO set and damn, that 3A STAFF t-shirt is awesome!

A bit of a shipping update:

We shipped out all Easter Isobelle figures today and next week we will start shipping out HALO Spartan Mark V Commando, which was Bambalandstore exclusive. Regular version will be shipped slightly later on.

April - 2013  5LZXoB4t April - 2013  TvAYbt


All entries for our 2D Animation contest, which were submitted before the deadline (April 6th, 9:00AM HK time):

Entry by kalenov

April - 2013  NxggU5em

Entry by Dan

April - 2013  UPtFkyym

Entry by SamTK

April - 2013  SQaXWUUm

TQ Stroll by fluppeco

April - 2013  RVLLeBDm

Entry by WingedYeti

April - 2013  TJ2khM4m

Entry by gnaw

April - 2013  V1XEK8Mm

Entry by goway

April - 2013  FdqwCYkm

Entry by ruins

April - 2013  UePqqTSm

Entry by G!LL3YMAN

April - 2013  PhMBLRrm

Entry by BRiZL

April - 2013  0TPskcRm

Submitted after the deadline entry by Zbrushman and A_Locomotive

April - 2013  DV2AANKm

Winner or winners will be announced soon!

I'm waiting for a couple of late submissions as well (which will not be competing for the contest prize of course).

As a surprise Popbot TKYO sets come with a special tour guide in every set, each colorway gets their own booklet. 16 pages, 10.2"x10.2" each. Here is a closer look of DIY TKYO booklet, photographed by our Legionnaire from Facebook Tome Worapivut

April - 2013  ScdnXpVtApril - 2013  ZLz4hURtApril - 2013  AzO6u4btApril - 2013  CD4GzqftApril - 2013  ZILxKGPtApril - 2013  QgdyfSOtApril - 2013  1rb9fCNtApril - 2013  Nfa8pX8tApril - 2013  TN8bDd4t

Fan-art and sketches inspired and dedicated to this sale:

April - 2013  1ByYobntApril - 2013  RtVVu3gtApril - 2013  J9hvSqetApril - 2013  Dapay65tApril - 2013  Ma0rLKztApril - 2013  CPYR03ctApril - 2013  Q6E0YCatApril - 2013  LkpJq3AtApril - 2013  DIe8LMktApril - 2013  TE9MeNwtApril - 2013  NN8v0c6tApril - 2013  SILFgmWtApril - 2013  UgW6zuKtApril - 2013  EuVG7HytApril - 2013  S1yBUpEtApril - 2013  CCKMnPDtApril - 2013  T8BfrBVt

album link:

author names will be added later on

WWR Bot Sniper Frank and Snippy the Snow Square set and WWRp DMG Bertie MK3.5 are still up at Bambalandstore and hopefully extra time will give you guys a better opportunity to come up with funds and provide good home for these bad boys.

Couple of photos, showing final preparations before threeA show at Beast Kingdom Toys in Taipei, Taiwan starts tomorrow.

April - 2013  G1ct7fitApril - 2013  YCTTvpitApril - 2013  VrbN5lXtApril - 2013  CSnlEJLtApril - 2013  ZVR4G3qt

You can view full gallery right here at 3AVOX.

And here are the flyer with all the info about sales:

April - 2013  LBfncAvm

And Facebook event dedicated to the show.

Show exclusives, featuring AK Merde Mission and different variants of Adventures of Isobelle: Euro Nymph

April - 2013  BqgVllNtApril - 2013  Lr8AABFtApril - 2013  7W0fTDUt


Here is coverage of threeA show at Beast Kingdom Toys opening for my daily news column. I will try to be as short as possible and provide as many different photos from various sources, as I can.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to the show, but while searching for photos and talking with people who made it there, I am completely blown away by the support show received (and it’s been practically only first day of the show) and by how many people from all over Asia region and the world, traveled to Taiwan to see the show. Thank you so much for making it to the show, for your support, for standing in the lines and for everything you did for threeA throughout the years! We would never be here without a Legion of you watching our back.

I already wrote about this at threeA blog: post 1 and post 2, and you can find a lot more photos at this album over at 3AVOX Facebook page.

Sources I used for photos:
World of 7174 blog ran by Ashley Wood and T P Louise
Blog by kadoo
toy-people report by Jacob Lin
gallery at Beast Kingdom Toys page on Facebook
Massive photo post by our boardie lukaaa
Jme Liao

Thank you so much for your photos and couldn’t ever do such a coverage without you guys & girls! Another proof that threeA Legionnaires are the greatest and we are incredibly fortunate to have you playing on our side!

Lines for the exclusives and info about the show on the streets:

April - 2013  IePOh7HtApril - 2013  VrbN5lXtApril - 2013  YZ1E7qLtApril - 2013  EO6tpZ3tApril - 2013  URvut6StApril - 2013  OEK27AFtApril - 2013  P2Xizhit

Look at displays and dioramas:

April - 2013  UsG8TXZtApril - 2013  OU55DSQtApril - 2013  Cx6SZNctApril - 2013  A0cCbBStApril - 2013  KOLCeLetApril - 2013  JTh8ZpbtApril - 2013  KFbYy8StApril - 2013  SrNoGR3tApril - 2013  OT32M2ytApril - 2013  Wys4y9MtApril - 2013  JrjG4zXtApril - 2013  Q5VCEmhtApril - 2013  G8xlYAwtApril - 2013  Th1WMmhtApril - 2013  A4xThHFtApril - 2013  K665INQtApril - 2013  PoRaRzFtApril - 2013  Iuswwnvt

threeA timeline and about threeA lines

April - 2013  QLZTTtCtApril - 2013  Zy6LOHxtApril - 2013  KeAXBwTtApril - 2013  QJggTVktApril - 2013  1DOXs4st

1:1 TQ and TK figures....and of course with everyone's favorites 1:1 heads:

April - 2013  YCTTvpitApril - 2013  2XftxTBtApril - 2013  Es8iWC1tApril - 2013  ZExoybNtApril - 2013  ZExoybNtApril - 2013  OS9JqjQtApril - 2013  Ve4otuhtApril - 2013  TUJiGpWtApril - 2013  PzmuoGCtApril - 2013  Q0nFHjutApril - 2013  W7V5NVot

Rare and not so rare figures on display:

April - 2013  7Ld9soFtApril - 2013  JsoBkXOtApril - 2013  OpuvEn7tApril - 2013  CIFfVJEtApril - 2013  LVTpMELtApril - 2013  XxmOqU2tApril - 2013  5ANJp8KtApril - 2013  XV2O6ZhtApril - 2013  D5wIO19tApril - 2013  LyPo3yDtApril - 2013  ZXQNvXttApril - 2013  9k7bPXVtApril - 2013  ZtqKlpqtApril - 2013  IMGz3t4tApril - 2013  BO9XozstApril - 2013  YAMoKFCt

AK 1/6th scale War Zombs

April - 2013  0bg4U5ktApril - 2013  MTn0RgutApril - 2013  TGpm7W4t

threeA x Kenny Wong Sea Monkey in 1/12th scale

April - 2013  TXNqEsBtApril - 2013  ZdsQR9MtApril - 2013  PlYb6B1tApril - 2013  Ftp2bFJtApril - 2013  LKXO3Eet

Real Steel: Atom and Noisy Boy (unpainted prototype)

April - 2013  WTb43sXtApril - 2013  RM5IPQ0tApril - 2013  FIoU2QatApril - 2013  WFZw5g4tApril - 2013  NE3fAVgtApril - 2013  UWtsM2ytApril - 2013  QNvXtMyt

threeA x VALVe Atlas & P-Body

April - 2013  T37jZUStApril - 2013  Lfkq11PtApril - 2013  9n2BoEGtApril - 2013  PPbP2XatApril - 2013  VPdqg0otApril - 2013  5gxfjagtApril - 2013  C3Qx9Mft

Shown for the first time: threeA x CAPCOM Lost Planet figures:

April - 2013  VUxWYlZtApril - 2013  NHxFmlytApril - 2013  TMOvClxtApril - 2013  CBln3nGtApril - 2013  6EoTtuvtApril - 2013  MOBSJIktApril - 2013  BWfOo2pt

Ankou EX for retailers

April - 2013  7UfRw6itApril - 2013  PAIVK8GtApril - 2013  ROxMH1stApril - 2013  RKwwg94t

Signing session and happy visitors with sketches:

April - 2013  UbkDCCPtApril - 2013  NtBzEwytApril - 2013  4vYWcpLtApril - 2013  V5jSuV4tApril - 2013  AYktOPktApril - 2013  Xo7MN4RtApril - 2013  Qa1c0gXtApril - 2013  MXvg2VOtApril - 2013  57uOzbgtApril - 2013  Yo48UpwtApril - 2013  MJuFGGwtApril - 2013  Ty0LVjft

Show exclusives: Adventures of Isobelle: Euro Nymp, AK Merde Mission and 1/12th scale Pure Color Squares (from the machine) shown in hand:

April - 2013  5m4JZurtApril - 2013  JAfDHvjtApril - 2013  QeOkMXEtApril - 2013  Hq7IXKhtApril - 2013  JpQ3dQ0tApril - 2013  VFNagCBtApril - 2013  VlqxnsYtApril - 2013  Iz9yYqZtApril - 2013  GDP2AuotApril - 2013  CKOwfRbtApril - 2013  16lUOOVtApril - 2013  AD673vVt

Finally everyone's favorite: cake and beautiful ladies

April - 2013  PFCALmWtApril - 2013  Fe4QlrVtApril - 2013  GIqA6IZtApril - 2013  9ArAj76tApril - 2013  S8jOBEptApril - 2013  V5jSuV4tApril - 2013  RJ1c5DDtApril - 2013  Y49wAmptApril - 2013  PuahLg7tApril - 2013  YSkxoQEtApril - 2013  Mc85oL6t

Sorry for a bit messy post, I am torn between willingness to show you as much as possible and this forum limitations (awfully complicated to post lots of thumbnails as text links without seeing what you are posting). Please checkout threeA blog or this album over at 3AVOX Facebook page for more structured and easy to view report.

Fan-art and sketches inspired and dedicated to WWR Bot Sniper Frank and Snippy Snow Square and WWRp DMG Bertie MK3.5 sale:

April - 2013  1ByYobntApril - 2013  RtVVu3gtApril - 2013  J9hvSqetApril - 2013  Dapay65tApril - 2013  Ma0rLKztApril - 2013  CPYR03ctApril - 2013  Q6E0YCatApril - 2013  LkpJq3AtApril - 2013  DIe8LMktApril - 2013  TE9MeNwtApril - 2013  NN8v0c6tApril - 2013  SILFgmWtApril - 2013  UgW6zuKtApril - 2013  EuVG7HytApril - 2013  S1yBUpEtApril - 2013  CCKMnPDtApril - 2013  T8BfrBVtApril - 2013  Y6rvBwAtApril - 2013  VAZcj7ltApril - 2013  EqItvDZt

album link:

Authors: mtrx.45, squarehead, smallahlee, Darnoc_Saidnai(2), storedhighintransit, Mouse9090(2), JD, fink, solus, shellshox, kaiserfrog19, cromagnus(2), Sarai, RainDog, cosmitron, victorchew, hecate

Guys, I am pulling the plug on the bar, even though Frank & Snippy and DMG Bertie MK3.5 is still up at the store.

I don't think there will be more sketches and art, but if there will...please send 'em to me via PM!

Thank you for you time and for all the art!

You can keep discussing WWR Frank and Snippy the Snow Square here and here you can find the thread dedicated to damaged Berties MK3.5 in 1/12th scale.

Before we will switch the subject, here is WWR Bot Sniper Frank looking good on display at Taiwan:

April - 2013  CEgkE7ktApril - 2013  RpTxnWNtApril - 2013  FrjMLgWt

Real Steel: Atom will be up for pre-order at Bambalandstore on April 14th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time:

April - 2013  GE921yotApril - 2013  WoUtUOAtApril - 2013  UuMn8RRtApril - 2013  LvMddoKt


If you haven't please be sure to check yesterday news above, there is LOTS and LOTS of photos from threeA show at Taiwan!

WWR 1/6th scale Frank & Snippy the Snow Square left Bambalandstore, but WWRp DMG Bertie MK3.5 in 1/12th scale is still up for pre-order, for 75USD shipped.

April - 2013  JIhDRWlt

Ashley Wood about 2D Animation contest entries (which can be found above as well or here on the blog) and announcing the NEW contest:
"This kinda stuff means the world to me, to see the effort and time put into representing my shit is mind blowing, I dig them all, even the 3D rendered one, gotta love the Nabler. Sure I have and Im sure you all have favorites, but the point is all the chaps put the effort and time in and had the nuts to show it. Thats the kinda shutzpa I like, so they all win, and what do they win, well they each will receive a DIY TK drawn and painted on by moi. A round of applause for all the entrants!

As I enjoy these contests,lets get the next one cracking, it’s a photography contest, a 1:1 ash wood character photography contest. Get someone to dress up as a TK. NOM, TQ etc and make an EPIC photo, i wanna see it, I know many other will want to as well ! deadline is July 1st !


I'll ask Ashley tomorrow, what's the contact email for that photography contest he just mentioned above.

More photos of Adventure Kartel Johan LSBBG in hand and his lovely yellow banana, photographed by our Facebook Legionnaire – Tome Worapivut

April - 2013  ZPf58c4tApril - 2013  I5OIp22tApril - 2013  9kiNgZ7tApril - 2013  9BqjAp5tApril - 2013  VjbXFCotApril - 2013  PfdXMortApril - 2013  KBUSglWtApril - 2013  E2CVJletApril - 2013  IlCx4BRtApril - 2013  G4IWihgt

Popbot TKYO, Yellow Hornets, INTERYO and DIYs box art and figures in hand, photographed by our boardies chillywilly153, tango12 and our Facebook Legionnaire – oey Thunyaluckpak

April - 2013  WqFKGmKtApril - 2013  AGOxlu7tApril - 2013  HNFh05OtApril - 2013  4zQBOlCtApril - 2013  UAok1AXtApril - 2013  SkOWV4UtApril - 2013  YjFCvfxtApril - 2013  FiomW1XtApril - 2013  M5jZykjtApril - 2013  HqsjAZht

Don't know about you guys, but I really like how they turned out and how different each set is, starting from box art, booklets and of course the figures itself.

Here is in hand video review of all three sets: Popbot TKYO, Yellow Hornets and INTERYO by S.Ryoma aka shiroidevil:

April - 2013  6AuXxjgm

Small shipping update:
We will start shipping out HALO Spartan Mark V Commando, which was Bambalandstore exclusive this week.


WWR Snippy the Snow Square which comes with Frank bot Sniper revealed and I think it looks just great.

April - 2013  4NEz3xrt

Real Steel: Atom goes up for pre-order on April 14th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time and Bambalandstore exclusive comes with 1/6th scale controller.

April - 2013  31S7Oi9t

Photos of Real Steel: Atom prototype in hand by Dick.Po from toysdaily, who visited our office in Hong Kong.

April - 2013  SkRtA4qtApril - 2013  YhWqg6ntApril - 2013  HP5aiCVtApril - 2013  DqbmhhVtApril - 2013  PBtxeiZtApril - 2013  EC4TZ9ltApril - 2013  UpWHlc3tApril - 2013  OzucdGltApril - 2013  KfDnNtkt

New VOX is out and here is the link to read it, in case you haven't received it in your mail.

The Adventures of Isobelle: Euro Nymph and AK Merde Mission in hand:

April - 2013  UFXkZJDtApril - 2013  LMk5GjptApril - 2013  Eqvo70ZtApril - 2013  ZtJykmutApril - 2013  KxMQ6WxtApril - 2013  JYjvVuStApril - 2013  PgBSFG0tApril - 2013  BM5pYPitApril - 2013  B9dHkKbtApril - 2013  VlHEjCptApril - 2013  WPV9z65tApril - 2013  MDSrrGQt

photographed by our boardie homeway and Facebook Legionnaire Goway Lu

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April - 2013  Empty Re: April - 2013

Post by gimbat Sat Mar 14, 2015 8:15 pm


AK Removalist 2pack box photos and comic/poster. Shipping out this month and I'll have precise date for you soon.

April - 2013  CXRh4UgtApril - 2013  SRiXufHt

Real Steel: Atom pre-order info

April - 2013  AvOnG1Ct

A bit of info from me about Real Steel: Atom, which will be offered for pre-order at Bambalandstore on April 14th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time.

There is a bit of confusion from people, who are just discovering threeA. Bambalandstore exclusive version means that it’s exclusive to Bambalandstore and will not be offered anywhere else, please don’t confuse it with 3AA exclusives – which are for 3AA members only.

So Real Steel: Atom Bambalandstore version is coming with 1/6th scale controller and everyone can buy it on April 14th at our official online store:

Retail version of Real Steel: Atom will be offered via our retailers and will not come with the controller mentioned above.

Atom price is 320USD with shipping included in the price.

If you are active on Facebook, here is the link to the event at our official Facebook page: 3AVOX.

Popbot Dark Cowboy hits Bambalandstore on April 30th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time.

April - 2013  C3WRjxkt

One of my weaknesses DW & NW figures, love them to I just can't not share these awesome custom built display by our Legionnaire from Facebook River Tsai.

April - 2013  YdMOJf7t

We are shipping out HALO Spartan Mark V Commando this week. If you haven't got tracking info please contact


Real Steel: Atom goes up for pre-order in 30 minutes from now at

Here you can find F5 bar and Grill thread, dedicated to the sale. Let's root for Atom in today's fight!

Atom thorough review by RadToyReview is up: here , featuring video showing lights effect on Atom and his motorized fans

Video and couple of great photos from that review, to give you a proper taste (read that review tho!)

April - 2013  PdwIClOm

April - 2013  KgXdeYltApril - 2013  HVlatrwtApril - 2013  Z9UYSjQtApril - 2013  En24Jodt

And ATOM himself is up for pre-order at Bambalandstore. Keep in mind that only Bambalandstore version comes with 1/6th scale remote controller.


HALO Spartan Mark V Commando review by Dick.Po was posted at BBICN forum.

Here are awesome images of that figure (I'm sorry, but I couldn't limit myself to just a few):

April - 2013  PC8QBfptApril - 2013  5kwr3rOtApril - 2013  9226LcbtApril - 2013  UddCGwCtApril - 2013  2Mhl83atApril - 2013  PjY9NdVtApril - 2013  OmJccYCtApril - 2013  OnWDxlVtApril - 2013  Ir7N8BotApril - 2013  8yBbMEBtApril - 2013  H5HALwgtApril - 2013  KZ6SsJDtApril - 2013  NYHxqBmtApril - 2013  KIDc0njtApril - 2013  7jt6M65tApril - 2013  O9tPy7atApril - 2013  PMG9xHitApril - 2013  XpmMlBItApril - 2013  XEnwwkTtApril - 2013  JI8dN3UtApril - 2013  5VgNaL3t

One of the most complex figures we ever made: Real Steel: Atom is still up for grabs at Bambalandstore.

I usually don't repost news from Ashley's art blog, but I couldn't not include these two.

First one is painting in progress for 3A x Ma.K Maschinen Krieger Kröte box:

April - 2013  8T5bbC0t

The Adventures of Isobelle Pascha: Gay Paree edition, for more information you got to checkout Ashley's art blog

April - 2013  US0CYrCt

Another Real Steel: Atom production sample review, this time by CollectionDX, here are couple of photos from that review. And if you dig, they have more threeA reviews on their site.

April - 2013  D1VsjJRtApril - 2013  YWFyPr5tApril - 2013  GIhefXVtApril - 2013  LowY597tApril - 2013  D8bI3nht


We finished out shipping of all HALO Spartan Mark V Commando this week, so if you haven't received your tracking number, please contact our customer service professionals at

Real Steel: Atom left Bambalandstore, as always huge thank you for those, who supported that sale.

Fan-art from Atom F5 bar, created by our boardie: smallahlee

April - 2013  YCV92tjt

Another Real Steel: Atom production sample review, this time by The DaytimeNINJA can be found here. It has videos of Atom articulations and of course many photos of the fig. To give you some taste:

April - 2013  NVhSomytApril - 2013  IGXOthtt

Currently WWRp Bertie MK3.5 Bromwich is up for grabs! It's first non-damaged MK3.5 Bertie offered at Bambalandstore.

April - 2013  ZTtf6Cyt

WWRp Dropcloths reinforcement coming soon!

April - 2013  Piwy9EttApril - 2013  0SG2QcVt

Please say your opinion about colored WWRp Squares set possibility at Bambalandstore (since we can't re-release already released Squares) in this thread. Let's make some Squares magic happen! Here are couple of photos featuring pure color WWRp Squares, which were offered during our exhibition in Taiwan this April:

April - 2013  JAfDHvjtApril - 2013  QeOkMXEt

HALO Spartan Mark V Commando in hand, photographed by our Facebook Legionnare Ian Ross Lallen

April - 2013  DY1CFAGtApril - 2013  9Qk1aj8t

As many keep asking: YES, HALO figures have articulated fingers to hold weapons and do cool poses.


Another bit of news from Ashley's art blog, which I just can't skip.

Painting to be used as WWR Dropcloth 1.5U box art .

April - 2013  5oXVFFct

The Adventures of Isobelle: Easter Nymph in-hand, photographed by lucky Legionnaire from Facebook Goway Lu

April - 2013  4S1rlM5tApril - 2013  8L82zRbtApril - 2013  Zr70F0StApril - 2013  PvwgTubtApril - 2013  Nc873CvtApril - 2013  EkaZciNtApril - 2013  AJy3j1RtApril - 2013  7jKIvqJtApril - 2013  BG14NwPtApril - 2013  Qq4tFvst

Popbot TKLUB Number two: NAGE M.I.A t-shirt teasers. NAGE will be packaged in oldschool whitebox with sticker illustrated by Ashley Wood. Second of three TKLUB figures towards the ART OF TK mook.

April - 2013  OJNWUggt

I talked with Ash and most likely NAGE will be offered in early May, I will keep you guys updated about this.

HALO Spartan Mark V Commando video review by one6scale

April - 2013  BUycb1Am

Not exactly threeA news, but again I'll be damned, if I'll not share them with you....and that's coming from a vamp! You guys got to click here and see the awesome motion capture session. Here are couple of shots:

April - 2013  WNCkL3qtApril - 2013  ZYh475JtApril - 2013  AcHl4Clt

Have a good, fun and relaxing weekend guys, wherever you are!

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April - 2013  Empty Re: April - 2013

Post by gimbat Sat Mar 14, 2015 8:16 pm


Popbot TKLUB two NAGE M.I.A full reveal:

April - 2013  QVEjNGUt

Coming to Bambalandstore in early May


Second half of April, been a bit quiet...but as always, it's calmness before the storm!

Shipping update from 3A blog:

We are looking to ship out following releases till the end of this week:

Adventure Kartel Removalist 2pack
HALO S-A259 Commander Carter Spartan-III

3AA 2013 membership package starts shipping out in early May.

Today is the 9th day since undamaged WWRp Bromwich Bertie MK3.5 is up for pre-order at Bambalandstore, so it might be gone soon. It’s 75USD shipped, fully articulated 1/12th scale figure and it comes with GO-FAR fuel cannister and SWEETDREAMS landmine.

April - 2013  ZTtf6Cyt

To get tracking number of your Bambalandstore orders (which are shipping out) please send an inquiry to our customers service ( ) and if you have any questions whatsoever about your threeA orders (or special instructions/wishes in mind), please do it straight away. Never hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to help you! If you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice and direction to 3Asupport on twitter or engage with our official 3AVOX Facebook page.

Here are the photos from our headquarters in Hong Kong showing 3AA 2013 membership package. I fully agree with Ashley Wood that it's our best membership package yet! Brent Ashe did insane work there and every detail looks stunning.

April - 2013  RjQ1mY8tApril - 2013  CfKopa2tApril - 2013  458VDx4tApril - 2013  AQONpDptApril - 2013  1MC5njatApril - 2013  EceKzOZt

New photos of TKLUB two: NAGE M.I.A, which I'm sure will bring huge smile on the face of all TK fans, who love katanas. NAGE will be offered in early May, date will be finalized soon.

April - 2013  O3VtvGotApril - 2013  S868Kgwt

WWRp pure color Squares (which were offered at Taiwan) registry by our boardie soulburn3d

April - 2013  Vliofmrt

Cool GID photos by our boardies: Niskio, koonfasa (poor BOO Square there)

April - 2013  OUqQnf0tApril - 2013  VMZkjOMt

This one ain't photoshop, it's actually lots of Suicide Club Armstrongs, from private collection of our Facebook Legionnaire River Tsai

April - 2013  PSw71bpt

Popbot Universe characters, photographed by our boardies catawalk and fubfub

April - 2013  ZFRMKZQtApril - 2013  XTaJakgt


WWRp (1/12th scale) Caesar Rothchild Internal Police 003 available for pre-order right now at Bambalandstore for 75USD shipped.

April - 2013  2xvpYHtm

Ankou EX are making it into Action Portable scale! According to the blog, they will be offered in May: Drown will be sold as a single, The Civil Offensive 3 will be sold in a box set.

April - 2013  FXwZHTQt

In Service of Him pre-order details:

First a bit of a personal intro: I was a huge fan of Ghost Horse and Blind Cowboy super set; everyone who knows me, heard that I’m a big supporter of Daywatch (bats!) and Nighwatch bots…but that set really found an open highway to my heart. First of all, box size was taking me by surprise, as it was enormous and heavy! Once I opened it, it was completely mind blowing how perfect the set was from packaging till every last bit of detail on Blind Cowboy and on the Ghost Horse. Once I saw photos of Dark Blind Cowboy and Tombstone the Horse, I thought to myself: there is a new legend and hero in town. I’m always been a sucker for darker colorways and apparently dead horses.

Now to the pre-order info:

In Service of Him aka SUPER DEAD EQUINE set will be offered for pre-order on April 30th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time for 270USD shipped and comes with Red Devil Sock Puppet (different from Red Devil Lady Sham one and not shown on photos yet).

April - 2013  H7RKOcCtApril - 2013  YjkZgADtApril - 2013  RU5zQjPt

threeA x HALO S-A259 Commander Carter Spartan-III in hand, photographed by Luka Zou. Luka informed me that more photos are coming in next few days.

April - 2013  5dSZxuOsApril - 2013  NXsMl1BsApril - 2013  J7P2ZjYsApril - 2013  XN34ijQsApril - 2013  FVb7oq2sApril - 2013  QqcZu9TsApril - 2013  Sj87ESPsApril - 2013  GZ046rrs

Now I want to quickly cover couple of FAQ:

I noticed that our customers in US keep asking about TKYO release and when it's starting to land. I received an information that TKYO release (TKYO, Yellow Hornets, INTERYO, DIYs) will hit US soil next week, so late next week you can start sending email to , asking for the tracking info.

WWR Blanc Hunter has the same style overcoat, as WWR NOM27 - first N.O.M Disciple, so only one sleeve is long. Not everyone knows that, so some people are confused by Blanc Hunter photo on the blog. Bellow you can see that image and NOM27, photographed by River Tsai. So to cut the long story short: Blanc Hunter will have the same clothes, as was shown on the promo image.

April - 2013  EceKzOZt April - 2013  UAcsHt

Another look at threeA x HALO Spartan Mk V Commando (Bambalandstor exclusive) review by CollectionDX here.

April - 2013  LwJanNAt


AK Dead Astronaut Gangsta will join Adventure Kartel figure family very soon!

April - 2013  ZfcMvSst

Here is Ashley Wood speaking about it:
I think it was late 06 or early 07 i did some silly one page comics ( some are in Extreme Finale I think? ) with What I though at the time was a fun idea, a dead astronaut gangsta, a gun for hire that cant be killed, skull face etc, . To say im happy that 6 years later I can release that character as part of the Adventure Kartel line via 3A is an understatement, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have said opportunity. Ol Gangsta has been a while coming but I think he stands up as one of my best, you will be able to grab one soon!

More photos of threeA x HALO S-A259 Commander Carter Spartan-III in hand, photographed by Luka Zou been posted to 3AVOX album (the link works even if you don't have account on Facebook). Here are few detailed shots:

April - 2013  6W24rUPtApril - 2013  89lnoZMtApril - 2013  KnoNg09tApril - 2013  K9iWfKptApril - 2013  M2vJFZHtApril - 2013  PATg1tAt

That's all for today, have a great weekend guys!


Quick Sunday update:

The Adventures of Isobelle Pascha: GAY PAREE PASCHA will be available at the Maghen gallery in May (during Ashley Wood art show).

April - 2013  BFh1LJ5t

AK Removalist 2pack in hand, photographed by Tome Worapivut

April - 2013  TALm2WSt


With less than 24 hours before In Service of Him pre-order, it's time to open F5 Bar and Grill to celebrate this release and I am looking forward to the inspired fan-art!

April - 2013  RU5zQjPmApril - 2013  H7RKOcCmApril - 2013  YjkZgADm

First fan our boardies smallahlee and chatchawan

April - 2013  NAweDu7tApril - 2013  FBP3btYtApril - 2013  NJGz9BRt

3AVOX_ 4.3 newsletter went out earlier today and if you haven't received, please click here to read the online version. We placed "sign up" link to the header, so you can immediately sign up to it if you haven't. Personally it's my favorite of all three yet, because I can speak about DW, NW and dead horses (I kid, I kid).

What Red Devil Sock Puppet has to do with Blind Cowboy? What deal they have made?

April - 2013  DkouWMxtApril - 2013  F01pP1wt

After very long run WWRp Bromwich MK 3.5 Bertie left Bambalandstore, thank you for all your pre-orders!



is up at Bambalandstore right now!

In Service of Him update from Ashley Wood: "Oh yea: I forgot to mention, each of the In Service Of Him sets come with a poster etc…"

Another update from Ashley Wood:
Thanks for the support for the Dark Cowboy aka In Service Of Him aka Dead Equine set! ill make sure the comic is in the box too!

And surprise release which hit Bambalandstore at 15:00 Hong Kong time, which was huge surprise even for me.

April - 2013  Y7yZlAQt

- List Price: $120.00
- 1/6th scale, fully articulated figure + Devil robot head
- Sale is only complete once the paypal transaction is done.
- ship in 4th quarter 2013
- Orders are not transferable to third parties
- Please do not click “cash" unless you pay it by Alipay
- ThreeA reserves the right to cancel the orders if improper purpose is suspected

For those who don't know, surprise release means that it will be available as batches and dropping at random time. To illustrate with the example (and completely made-up numbers): batch of 40 hits Bambalandstore at 15:00, once 40 people complete checkout for it, it disappears from the store, until another batch hits Bamba and circle goes on.

Fan art by our boardies

April - 2013  NAweDu7tApril - 2013  FBP3btYtApril - 2013  NJGz9BRtApril - 2013  RHU4BeJtApril - 2013  PB6nuq6tApril - 2013  2Wz6drYtApril - 2013  IIYHE2ntApril - 2013  Dchy5O0tApril - 2013  9gEXiD5tApril - 2013  22dP6x5tApril - 2013  TxI6Lk1tApril - 2013  ClE0ITct

album link on imgur: (author names will be added later on)
please send me a PM, if I missed your sketch

Noticed people asking about the Ghost horse which comes with Dark Blind Cowboy and other stuff...I'll say better to see it on video by yourselves, than to hear it from me, bellow are couple of original set reviews (by yamata86 and AwesomeRoboMedia) on youtube. And if you prefer writeup reviews, you can check one by Rad Toy Review here.

April - 2013  RynCCm5mApril - 2013  UeFdoMLm
both clickable

threeA x HALO S-A259 Commander Carter Spartan-III in hand, by MAX can be found here on 3AVOX. Few teasers for you:

April - 2013  OMaCuG8tApril - 2013  RUCtsYStApril - 2013  1XhBqBttApril - 2013  1FKX5sitApril - 2013  Q2DHOeDt

As people keep asking about threeA x HALO future, the answer is that we are working on more characters (like Emile and Master Chief) the future is pretty bright!

threeA UK Legion are stepping up to show their collection and enthusiasm to the world this May (from 16th till 26th at London)!

April - 2013  HHCumbwtApril - 2013  SwZYvIOt

Couple of shipping updates:

3AA 2013 membership package starts shipping out during this and next week.
We will send replacement boots for AK Shit Weather Bleak next week to all Bambalandstore customers who bought this fig.

I talked with Ash and Popbot In Service of Him is most likely leaving the store on May 1st, 9:00AM Hong Kong please don't sit on the fence for long, if you don't want to miss this set.

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