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June - 2013

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June - 2013 Empty June - 2013

Post by gimbat Sat Mar 14, 2015 8:29 pm

June 2013


Ashley Wood about 3A "MARS" label

June - 2013 RRH7liNt

"As a creative person, being able to see my ideas be made into 3D objects is quite a thrill, artistically affirming and inspiring! This morning I was thinking about all the great ideas and designs by other artists that dont get made, a chance to be toys and whatnot due circumstance, whether it be financial or situation. With 3A i have the ability to make what I want, when I want which is an extremely potent gift, one which I want share with other artists, let them enjoy the thrill of making a toy or whatever. A gift that doesnt have any back end money concerns, a gift that lets their ideas get out into the wild using our various outlets from bamba to retail. I want to offer the best incentives, none of the bullshit 12-12% crap that i got saddled with when starting out on this road.

So with that im starting 3A’s MARS label, if you have a great design fully formed ready to go ( a full turn is a must, clear and detailed ), drop us a line at , I dont want any Ashley Wood looking shit, i have that covered, I want great toys designs, not static cute blobs, shit with character and verve. A good example of the ethic MARS is ROUGH TRADE records and how they started out, many of their releases were brought to them recorded and good to go, where the artist was paramount. This makes it easy to move forward quickly and easily. Whether your a seasoned pro or starting out, if you think your great and have the shit to back it up, drop us a line about it!

Mars will only work if you make it work, im fine, Ill do my thing, but I always want to see others do theirs.

ashley ( still sick after getting a flu in dubai ) wood"

And AP Ankou EX height and when FAT DROWN is coming down:

June - 2013 Ia8mLPHt

The AP Ankou EX are 8″ tall, Fat comes down today !

Since WWRp Dirty Dozen 12 pack were offered back in 2009, there were lots of photos, capturing different faces of Berties....but these ones by Anthony TheFallen are incredibly detailed ones (you can see Bloody Dirty Deeds Bertie there as well):

June - 2013 REMejbitJune - 2013 OVv6mIytJune - 2013 InijMSktJune - 2013 FxxjGS0tJune - 2013 IsZLxh5tJune - 2013 8gCqciCtJune - 2013 HYY1n5YtJune - 2013 HgKvIcPtJune - 2013 LBQJ0qQtJune - 2013 C6UOQn1tJune - 2013 XvZWSdutJune - 2013 HhM4cDItJune - 2013 W3MdkoTtJune - 2013 CZBWCbWtJune - 2013 K4RNtG2t

Couple of sweet photos from US Legionnaire meetup by c r e m, Intra and LordPiper:

June - 2013 7jqsQqQtJune - 2013 BFH5dsitJune - 2013 Fw9YRlUtJune - 2013 DghRzdttJune - 2013 URyOWp2t

More can be found here!

May photo thread is closed down and reviewed...and that was an another amazing and tough to judge month:

Photo of the month title goes to Tome for this beauty:

June - 2013 W9cJaBwm

special mentions go to Print, bubs67, counterfeit, Ritoon, Grish, Terce, abex44 for these incredible photos:

June - 2013 GAm4365tJune - 2013 FrfC1nbtJune - 2013 QjvWnc7tJune - 2013 UgcPyr9tJune - 2013 PObDT7XtJune - 2013 Q34tfTDtJune - 2013 N5seOLJt

June photo thread is started here and I am looking forward to your entries!


Ashley Wood about 3A presence and sales at SDCC and presenting one of SDCC 2013 exclusive figures:

June - 2013 RKBCPnstJune - 2013 7fGhNxet

"Figured we would start the 6 week countdown to SDCC, SD13 to us at 3A! One of the exclusive toys that will only be offered only at SD13 is the 1/6th Medic Zomb. This year is different, there will be no pre-orders or reserving, hence the LIVE F5 tag. Each day will have an allotment, im sure someone at the 3A booth on the day will be able to tell you when they will available etc. We will do out best to slap flippers and deny purchasers who should know better!
The thing we look most forward to is seeing you guys, chatting and having a laugh, the toys are cool, but the chance to hang out is tops!
and before you ask, yup, he comes with new gun holding hands!"


Action Portable (1/12th scale) THE CIVIL OFFENSIVE Ankou EX 3pack is available now for pre-order at for 175USD shipped

June - 2013 G1mCaEyt


Ashley Wood about Modern Girls and tOtem lines:
"The second half of 2013 will see our new ongoing 1/6th series Modern Girls and TOTEM debut and one more!"

June - 2013 LVc2ZWPt

Here are the previous teasers, which were shown a good while ago for both lines and recent one from Ash's personal blog:

June - 2013 Twq2NtJune - 2013 D8itBZFtJune - 2013 8AbQZfPt

and tOtem suit and parasyte prototypes reveal at Re-Venture last year in Hong Kong:

June - 2013 Tjza2tJune - 2013 AryKztJune - 2013 5B1jWtJune - 2013 0cVMxtJune - 2013 RQCYZtJune - 2013 L1Mn5tJune - 2013 6D0h5tJune - 2013 XZvmWtJune - 2013 FN30st

AP Shadow Tommy Mission in hand, photographed by tigerfeet (far left on that epic group photo) and koonfasa

June - 2013 5T8PH8ctJune - 2013 CYUAKXht

WWR GID 1.5U Dropcloths, photographed by johnnyhaggis

June - 2013 DOHWCPptJune - 2013 EVy78Ftt

packaging and glowing in the dark, captured by Antonio Dlt aka mastter

June - 2013 IjgIrqqtJune - 2013 IwayHVRt

All six WWR Dropcloth 1.5U and their packaging photographed by jeep

June - 2013 7olxDjLt

More WWR 1.5U EMGY Dropcloth in the news, which is personally my favorite! This time photos are by Ail, where he showed comparison between EMGY Dropcloth from 2010 and EMGY TRG Trooper from 2011:

June - 2013 EaQ4IGBtJune - 2013 RcDfv1otJune - 2013 QgF3TfqtJune - 2013 FVDKvvDtJune - 2013 N7ceTdxt

WWR 1.5U Peaceday Dropcloth photographed by johnnyhaggis and epic shelf battle, photographed by A_Locomotive

June - 2013 IObM9hztJune - 2013 O0v2KfjtJune - 2013 Tk3HwMStJune - 2013 52IPXGpt

Fresh entries and work in progress submitted to Ashley Wood 1:1 character contest (deadline: July 1st) by our boardies: pugspaw and jF

June - 2013 UQlXTq8tJune - 2013 RFc4Btct

We don't have the F5 Bar going for AP Ankou EX sale, but I'm always happy to see your sketches and inspired fan-art during the are three made so far:

June - 2013 U3a9NP3tJune - 2013 UWwrGYTtJune - 2013 RzdrMU1t

One more thing, I talked with Ashley about AK Dead Astronaut Gangsta (shown bellow) and we plan to made that suit could be taken off, and the astronaut having an under suit on. How cool is that?

June - 2013 B4qpFHXtJune - 2013 OFj4t8YtJune - 2013 ZfcMvSstJune - 2013 0l9kR1nt


EVENFALL update from Ashley Wood:
"Known as TOTEM for development, but from today it will be known as EVENFALL. It was known as TOTEM mainly due to the first designs, the TOTEM THUG SUIT for interested types.
SDCC pilgrims will have a chance to score a special EVENFALL loverly co-produced with our great friends at the Goodsmile Company!"

June - 2013 MxV2FBdt

Adventure Kartel Golden Dolphin has his philosophy all worked out:

June - 2013 4LKC1jXt


Reveal of another SDCC 13 exclusive:

June - 2013 YqRsF3mt

So this leaves us with three SDCC 13 figures for now:

June - 2013 7fGhNxetJune - 2013 RKBCPnstJune - 2013 MxV2FBdtJune - 2013 YqRsF3mt

And if you like statistics and numbers, here is SDCC exclusives breakdown from previous years:
2009: IDW Security Bramble;
2010: WWRp Toy Tokyo SDCC 2010 Armstrong 0G;
2011: IDW Publishing SDCC2011 exclusive WWRp Daywatch Heavy Bramble; WWRp Slaughterhouse Dropcloth; WWRp NOM Night Watch Heavy Bramble; Popbot Action Portable TK Unleashed Yo Set; Popbot Action Portable the Ascended Popbot; WWR Toy Tokyo SDCC2011 exclusive Brillo Square;
2012: IDW Publishing SDCC2012 exclusive ZvR Zomb; VALVe x 3A SDCC 2012 Exclusive Weighted Companion Square; Valve x 3A SDCC 2012 Exclusive TF2 Sandvich; WWR Mighty Squaro

For those who wondered: EVENFALL Alien figure (shown on the teaser above) is articulated.

Adventure Kartel Golden Dolphin speaks again:

June - 2013 OOiOCYit

AP Shadow Tommy Mission (comes with GID hand) review by thefwoosh, can be found here. Bellow you can see couple of photos from that review and some stunning shots by chatchawan1985

June - 2013 C8Kd3tptJune - 2013 YDEY4fstJune - 2013 11uR5a6tJune - 2013 PF1ffr3tJune - 2013 Cn8sbMFtJune - 2013 UFy5aRNtJune - 2013 CD33rOFtJune - 2013 KwLCOjEtJune - 2013 63zdC0Mt

AP Ankou EX 3pack is still rulling Bambalandstore:

June - 2013 G1mCaEyt


Show us yours...

Ashley Wood and Kim Fung Wong will be at SDCC and giving an exceptional chance to designers, comic artists and creative people, who are coming to SDCC to help expand our worlds.

"Thought I might add some info, we are looking for artists who would fit into the 3A family in style and content, im guessing if you dont know what they are by now then, well…. Our search is for designers, comic artists and everything between to help expand our worlds. These positions are vacant and need filling, this isnt a classic vague folio review with no tangible jobs available etc Really looking forward to seeing what you guys bring, dont by be shy, just bring it along and dazzle us!"

June - 2013 Mn9Srint

AK Golden Dolphin speaks again and just can't shut up:

June - 2013 2Kcn86ct


New teaser of TKLUB #3: E.D.O

June - 2013 6r4kPRYt

Late June for this bad boy!

9 WWRp Droppcloths ( plus a couple of surprises ) in a box! $230usd shipped, will be up for pre-order on June 15th, 9:00AM HK time.

June - 2013 OgyZTHktJune - 2013 Piwy9Ett

The event dedicated to WWRp Dropcloth pre-order at 3AVOX Facebook page, to follow the sale more closely, ask questions and etc.


First photo of the prize for 2D Animation contest winners and Ashley Wood speaking about it:

June - 2013 0vK5mFzt

"Just wanted to make your TK custom by me a special piece, here is a shot of an unpainted TK and the box it comes with and to know we appreciate the time you put into the vids !"

If you haven't seen the videos, you got to check all of them in one place here:

In a light of nine WWRp Dropcloth set pre-order on June 15th (230USD shipped, which is 22USD per Dropcloth if you have 3AA membership), I decided to share good old review with you by Rad Toy Review done in December 2011. Please keep in mind that reviewed Dropcloths were made in 2011 and I will do my best to get for additional info of this year WWRp Droppies improvements and features.

And more Dropcloth (now in 1/6th scale) on youtube, this time by yamata86 were he is covering WWR 1.5U Peaceday Dropcloth

June - 2013 1qtSjl8m

If you still on the hunt for WWR EMGY and Peaceday 1.5U Dropcloth photos in particular, checkout this review by our boardie zelevol and few photo examples from his review:

June - 2013 XtOxotYtJune - 2013 W209RN4tJune - 2013 Xll44yRt

And here you can find AN AMAZING set on Flickr, covering five out of six WWR 1.5U Dropcloths released so far, by lillyshia, I REALLY recommend to check it out! Where else you will find 84 photos of five Dropcloths in great quality?...and here is what you will see, if you follow that link:

June - 2013 PCVkba3tJune - 2013 H2IIzqDtJune - 2013 QVT2WNqtJune - 2013 M4fCjTutJune - 2013 Qci2j9QtJune - 2013 8DKWGlZt

Shipping update & plans

My hands were itching to do the shipping update! It’s been a bit calm during the start of June in that department, but next week we are starting shipping out:

Popbot Shogun TK release
WWRp Super Duper Double Death Square MK2 NW+DW pack

Towards the end of June, we plan to begin shipping of WWRp Deep Powder Corp Bertie MK3B and Dutch Merc Bertie MK3A; followed by Ashley Wood collection: Lily Severed Foot (including singles and sets) dispatching to it’s rightful owners.

Each time I do the shipping update, there is a storm of questions asking about not mentioned figures. Shipping plans and schedules are complicated and tend to change, so we prefer to give updates once we are certain, instead of crying wolf. So, once there will be concrete info in my hands to share with you ladies and gents, I will do that immediately and that’s a promise.

To get tracking number of your Bambalandstore orders (which are shipping out) please send an inquiry to our customers service ( ) and if you have any questions whatsoever about your threeA orders (or special instructions/wishes in mind), please do it straight away. Never hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to help you! If you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice and direction to 3Asupport on twitter or engage with our official 3AVOX Facebook page .

AP Ankou EX 3pack left Bambalandstore, thank you for your support and I hope he was up long enough for those of you who wanted it, to make the purchase!

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June - 2013 Empty Re: June - 2013

Post by gimbat Sat Mar 14, 2015 8:31 pm


AK Medic Zombs for SDCC 13:

June - 2013 IJ2DtKMt

Decided to talk a bit about upcoming WWRp Dropcloth set pre-order.

June - 2013 Piwy9EttJune - 2013 OgyZTHkt

Pre-order starts on June 15th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time at , the set costs 230USD shipped worldwide and consists of 9 Dropcloths and some surprises, which Ashley briefly mentioned in this post.

Here is the set layout:

*Slim Red,
*Iron Panda Shock Trooper,
*Deimos Liberator,

There will be a special and limited appearance of WWRp NW&DW Dropcloths, old school style.


With less than 24 hours before WWRp Dropcloth set pre-order, it's time to open up F5 bar:

Another appearance of WWR Snow Square on the blog:

June - 2013 QdhUCEot

We are excited to say that there is a set date for 3A x Capcom Lost Planet Mercenary pre-order, which will start on June 22nd, 9:00AM Hong Kong time.

June - 2013 DkXuCRdt

We have THE BEST FANS EVER! Thank you guys for always taking it to the next level! First F5 art dedicated to upcoming WWRp Dropcloth set pre-order by chanimation and chatchawan:

June - 2013 Y9YkXdPtJune - 2013 T1pKp92tJune - 2013 SmoP36Bt

SHH SECRET PASCHA FUNKAKE - pick up only at WONDERFEST, a Goodsmile exclusive.

June - 2013 WdxBDput


WWRp Dropcloth set is up right now at and waiting for you!

9 Dropcloth and surprises, for 230USD shipped worldwide.

Each Dropcloth is around 6" tall.

WWRp NW&DW limited surprise drop popped up at for 75USD shipped

June - 2013 AnyxMPmt

We plan to pull Dropcloth set from the store, once it will be 24 hours into the sale, so right after June 16th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time they might be gone-gone.

That's just a heads-up, for those who keep asking whether it's 24 hours sale or not.


And WWRp Dropcloth pre-order is done, thank you for your support!

With them gone, it's time to close F5 bar and summarize the sketches.

Thank you for your time and your art contributions...and I hope to see more in next F5 bars, which will be most likely dedicated Lost Planet 2: Mercenary figure and TKLUB #3 later this month.

Fan art and sketches submitted to the bar during the sale:

June - 2013 Y9YkXdPtJune - 2013 T1pKp92tJune - 2013 SmoP36BtJune - 2013 WH0iqXQtJune - 2013 7e9tmpOtJune - 2013 PveEEf5tJune - 2013 BsTaOP2tJune - 2013 YyeCvSPtJune - 2013 Th_9051456857_0f246098f1_o

album link: (author names added)

Huge THANK YOU goes to authors: chatchawan, chanimation (2), Mouse9090, smallahlee, dienstag, shinjikun1, mrtx.45, G!LL3YMAN

3A X CAPCOM 1/6th scale Mercenary from Lost planet 2 Universe will go up for pre-order on June 22nd 9:00AM Hong Kong time at for 160USD.

June - 2013 1l2iOTZtJune - 2013 JU0TRKAt

Very cool online collection of photos in a form of magazine, called Legion for Legions, can be found here, photographed by Hong Kong Legion member: kaiserfrog19, with special thank you going to Pyromaniaa. It's kaiserfrog's second issue of 3A toy photos, grouped together in online magazine. 2nd issue is all about Adventure Kartel characters and here are couple of images to make you follow that link

June - 2013 UWlwWq7tJune - 2013 J0FAnyGtJune - 2013 WoscpoktJune - 2013 IrGTqrpt


More photos of 3A x CAPCOM Lost Planet 2: Mercenary figure and as we are getting closer to pre-order date (June 22nd, 9:00AM Hong Kong time), it's time to open an event on our 3AVOX Facebook page, everyone is welcomed!

June - 2013 VDA4LoEtJune - 2013 31tUc94t

Summary for Ashley Wood 1:1 photography contest, still time to submit your entries, as deadline is July 1st.

Here are all forum submissions to Ashley Wood character 1:1 Photography Contest (submissions sent over email will be posted few days before July 1st, which is the deadline):

All entries will be reviewed by Ashley Wood, so for his convenience let's keep it two photos for each submission (number of tries ain't limited).

by Grish

June - 2013 GM0aJuNt

by fink


June - 2013 GNv1s6BtJune - 2013 AMwV2fHt

2 (more photos here)

June - 2013 ULBxn6itJune - 2013 Yit8ifyt

3 (more photos here)

June - 2013 N5FAfRCtJune - 2013 Nnv2pTPt

by zbrushman

June - 2013 XR7ijKGtJune - 2013 ZN5UzLOt

by rusty

June - 2013 ZIJCjXxt

by jF

June - 2013 RFc4Btct

WIP by pugspaw

June - 2013 UQlXTq8t

by konfucious (more photos here)

June - 2013 4AYSYWstJune - 2013 QrWxz3Lt

by x43x

June - 2013 IZ2KLaot

by chanimation and his brother

June - 2013 ZaEsMSrtJune - 2013 KGo2wrGt

If you want any of entries or photo selection changed please don't hesitate to contact me, as everything is possible till July 1st, 9:00AM Hong Kong time

There is a discussion about doing 3A US Legion t-shirt by our boardies (so not made by 3A) in this thread and bellow is the proposed design.

June - 2013 Erq2Htlt

This week we started shipping out:
Popbot Shogun TK release
WWRp Super Duper Double Death Square MK2 NW+DW pack


I know that many of you were waiting a while for Popbot Shogun TK hands on photos, so I will upload a lot.

First let me remind you the variety of Popbot Shogun TKs, which were offered:
Shogun Gorei
Shogun Tsuki
Seven Bones Shiho
Shogun Holdout at dumper two figure set: Gorei & Tsuki (different packaging and exclusive poster)
Shogun DIY (Gorei) - limited surprise drop
Shogun Shadow and Light set Ltd - limited surprise drop

It's interesting that all of the boxes (except Shadow and Light set – which I haven't seen yet) sport unique box art.

Let's start with hands on photos posted by 4949 and purplesoso from letsplay3Atoys

June - 2013 FsZ1O2UtJune - 2013 PRuWpHwtJune - 2013 ERMHfXPtJune - 2013 BtilpyItJune - 2013 3PeG1uYtJune - 2013 UeNFwwAtJune - 2013 QltNXqytJune - 2013 1pA4nP1tJune - 2013 IWkpqmQtJune - 2013 CexlzxjtJune - 2013 ZHRP5oetJune - 2013 PNunYTTtJune - 2013 YmcdbXKt

more photos by our boardie saintzenith, including photos of DIY Shogun TK

June - 2013 JlDsstitJune - 2013 ZgGYg4TtJune - 2013 VGzWC3wtJune - 2013 DRVnwUttJune - 2013 MJDUDI7tJune - 2013 CVXGM73tJune - 2013 HItaCSGt

Very cool group shots by Ian Ross Lallen

June - 2013 FtHyYDstJune - 2013 K8c7rAMtJune - 2013 L18JoNFtJune - 2013 7ajmOnwtJune - 2013 T2XCY6ct

Different details, photographed by Rob Ansell

June - 2013 Eo3KnbotJune - 2013 WiLKtvItJune - 2013 7hghZ2ftJune - 2013 BBCw0MqtJune - 2013 3OsmIyjtJune - 2013 KJDEFfet

Shadow & Light Shogun TKs, photographed by 陳謙彬

June - 2013 PD85Q30tJune - 2013 JjvJksbtJune - 2013 89vv7QUtJune - 2013 5jLAPXYt

3A x CAPCOM has it's own separate section on our forum, which can be found here. Just in few days, we plan to offer Lost Planet 2 Mercenary figure in 1/6th scale and later this year, we plan to offer two different vital suits in 1/12th scale with 1/12th pilot figures. If you don't know anything about Lost Planet 2 or vital suits, here is a good WIKI with all the info. And bellow you can see photos of GTF-11 Drio unpainted vital suit prototype which was on display at Beast Kingdom Toys at Taiwan, during our exhibition.

June - 2013 XhdQ0iymJune - 2013 WlTnl7cmJune - 2013 PZ0hVHum

Speaking about upcoming 3A x CAPCOM Lost Planet 2: Mercenary figure pre-order (June 22nd, 9:00AM Hong Kong time for 160USD):

June - 2013 2V05OJHtJune - 2013 EtICUFctJune - 2013 VDA4LoEtJune - 2013 31tUc94t

Our engineer answered on some questions by our boardies:

Is there be a rubber undersuit like on Halo Carter? - yes, there is.
Will the fingers be articulated? - no, but we have 4 pairs of hands for exchange.
Are there magnetic bits holding part of the armor together like Carter? - no magnetic parts.
Are there any ligthup parts? - no lights up parts
Is his mask removable? - yes.
Are any parts of his armor removable? - it can be if the costumer applies some force, but that's not what we are we suggesting to do (so we will not be giving any replacements in case of such inflicted damage.
Is the body a new type or one used before? - not a new one, regular 3A male body.
Whats the total height of the figure? - around 12 inches

This might be really interesting, if you are going to SDCC. Our boardie base, has lots of friends in the city and will be happy to organize something special for our Legionnaires or guide through all the right places in the city. If you are interested, here is his profile on our forum. Don't be shy, he is a really cool dude and I'm sure he already has plans about organizing Legion meet-ups with plenty of fun, good beer and food involved.


3A x CAPCOM Lost Planet 2: Mercenary figure pre-order starts in 7 hours from now at, on June 22nd 9:00AM Hong Kong time. Figure costs 160USD.

June - 2013 2V05OJHtJune - 2013 EtICUFctJune - 2013 VDA4LoEtJune - 2013 31tUc94t


3A x CAPCOM: Lost Planet 2 Mercenary figure in 1/6th scale will go up for pre-order in two hours from now at , and it's time to open up F5 bar thread:

It's basically the place, where you can hang and chat before, during and shortly after the sale...we have a custom of sharing fan-art as well...let's see how it goes this time.

3A x CAPCOM: Lost Planet 2 Mercenary is up at

Art submitted to F5 bar so far and inspired by Lost Planet 2 sale:

June - 2013 6H41lhmtJune - 2013 TOL7B2ntJune - 2013 Eu0xbB1t

album link: (author names will be added later on)

New entries submitted to 1:1 Ashley Wood character photography contest

by shellshox

June - 2013 LNdBCPWt

by abex44

June - 2013 Kxw0SDMt

by catawalk, more photos here

June - 2013 R1y2U91tJune - 2013 Yo9lHM6t

WWRp NW&DW MK2 Squares hands on, photos by our boardie

June - 2013 N7RDpPptJune - 2013 LmHpayQtJune - 2013 KT4bKUDtJune - 2013 LuwUYp3tJune - 2013 VBjXJ8CtJune - 2013 DI3J4sut


As I mentioned earlier, the mask is removable on 3A x CAPCOM Lost Planet 2: Mercenary figure ( which is still on pre-order at ) and here the face behind it.

By the way, it's first "real" human face, which we made, as our figures are more styled. What do you think about it?

June - 2013 EUUfQVRm

Popbot Shogun Holdout 2pack comes with the poster, which contains more info and a cool story on the characters. Photos by our boardie: wutasi.

June - 2013 JFnSn67tJune - 2013 Ta5F8t4t


Popbot Tomorrow King Shogun Holdout at dumper two figure set (contains Gorei and Tsuki) video review by shiroidevil:

June - 2013 N3wUUApm

Ashley Wood about Kent Williams book, printed by 3A Publishing and which will make it's debut at SDCC:
"The Mighty Siuyin is hard at work doing a presscheck today making sure the 3A published Kent Williams art book is ready for debut at SDCC next month! Attached is a shot from the printers !"

Ashley Wood's Adventure Kartel presents: THE GOLDEN DOLPHIN and why he wears a dolphin head.

June - 2013 UXcI9DetJune - 2013 GHUYqS0t

3A x CAPCOM: Lost Planet 2 Mercenary figure in 1/6th scale is still up for and as usually with our licensed figures, there will be retail version later on (slightly different packaging and price of course). Here is the figure in all beauty:

June - 2013 2V05OJHmJune - 2013 EtICUFcmJune - 2013 VDA4LoEmJune - 2013 31tUc94mJune - 2013 F3yYlZim

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June - 2013 Empty Re: June - 2013

Post by gimbat Sat Mar 14, 2015 8:31 pm


Just wanted to say that after staying up for three days straight at Bambalandstore, 3A x CAPCOM: Lost Planet 2 Mercenary pre-order is closed and thank you for your support.

Update of what's next is coming soon!

Bellow you can see all the art submitted and inspired by this sale:

June - 2013 6H41lhmtJune - 2013 TOL7B2ntJune - 2013 Eu0xbB1t

album link: (author names added)

THANK YOU for images goes to smallahlee and chanimation (2)

Ashley Wood about 3A 5 years Anniversary:
"5 years is great, but this is a life long adventure, I have been making books, toys and creating art for over 23 years, so ill leave anniversaries to the romantic!
It goes without saying that your interest is priceless, as they say, “an artist without an audience is just wanking” ( well i say that, but hey im 5 ), so Im glad your all there!"

And few words on my part:
Ashley already have said everything beautifully on the matter here.
But that just wouldn’t be me, to miss the unique opportunity today and say few things, so please bear with me. This June 25th is full five years since Nom de Plume sale, hell of a start I must say. I close my eyes and think about all five years and all pre-orders go running through my mind, like a crazy roller coaster of awesomeness. We all went a long way since and we could never do it without your support and everyone who helped making 3A what the company is now. HUGE thank you goes to everyone who is part of team 3A and who works every day to bring these toys to live. Special thank you to our fans & supporters for standing by our side at all times, thank you for believing in us and thank you for finding us in the first place!


Rather mysterious EVENFALL teaser:

June - 2013 VV6meF7t

All I can say for now that OSM stands for ONE SHEET MODL.

New entries submitted to 1:1 Ashley Wood character photography contest

by konfucious

June - 2013 BAWFmoEt

by chiendol

June - 2013 DYJpaHlt

by raveer

June - 2013 LtsxSVHtJune - 2013 2OZiORIt

So called not an entry by Abex44, but I think it deserves to be included in the selection as well. More here.

June - 2013 NiZUbBhtJune - 2013 KaWBc4wt

by x43x

June - 2013 V5D3uRft

by Teimaru, more photos here

June - 2013 RJyN8LttJune - 2013 5c6c1RIt

by Wards

June - 2013 Mo13Uaht

Kent Williams: OPHTHALM will debut at SDCC '13 next month.

3A Publishing presents: Kent Williams: OPHTHALM. Redolent with carnal force and brimming with erotic volatility, Kent William's highly personal approach to "uneasy realism" casts focus on the emotional states and expressive personalities of his subjects. Presented in large 12" x 12" hardcover format, this 160 page volume exhibits numerous drawings culled from William's personal sketchbooks as well as those that served as the basis for this collected selection of his often terse and physiognomically poignant paintings.

June - 2013 TgPEJ9CtJune - 2013 WtTnAXNt

And here are the backs of our SDCC '13 carded t-shirts:

June - 2013 XHLghvtt

Popbot: TKLUB #3: E.D.O SET will go up for pre-order on July 5th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time at

June - 2013 KGlynf6tJune - 2013 N5NYdbKt

Popbot Shogun TK in double armor (using armor from another Shogun TK) by Kit Lau

June - 2013 Udbh3EAt

and here are another two wearing double armor (again, using armor from another Shogun TKs) by our boardie koonfasa

June - 2013 XDXQgv0tJune - 2013 9Wgpp4zt

I think it's a very great look...what do you guys think about FULLY armored Tomorrow Kings in the future? m?

And cool group photo of ALL Popbot Shogun TKs[/url] by iHump

June - 2013 0IyFYyJt


Some of you already noticed that countdown timer on our blog, shows July 10th as pre-order date for Popbot TKLUB #3 E.D.O now.

The thing is that we decided today to give you some extra time to get ready, would be a shame to miss awesome TKLUB #3, after pre-ordering Oroshi 18 and NAGE M.I.A

So, 3AA members please mark July 10th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time in your calendars, as start of EPIC TKLUB #3 E.D.O pre-order.


With around 10 hours till deadline, here is the selection of entries submitted to 1:1 Ashley Wood character photography contest

by between2worlds

June - 2013 H5XXrKetJune - 2013 NkHZvT9t

by chanimation

June - 2013 EWpYsXutJune - 2013 HynQF3wt

and his brother Andrew

June - 2013 Edkxn0Pt

by Tears of Envy

June - 2013 YtO5212t

by Kedao and cute little extra

June - 2013 AcOjIQatJune - 2013 FVRjQpTt

June - 2013 ZFRb84Qt

by Bob Harris

June - 2013 QGgDhuIt

by plasticcomics

June - 2013 T151nGLt

by gloomy

June - 2013 JEcvGoUtJune - 2013 TXjvry0t

by shinjikun1

June - 2013 DDt54rqtJune - 2013 RLxTRpet

by chanimation's brother Andrew

June - 2013 0wButvUt

by Teimaru

June - 2013 MPIcWfqt

by pugspaw

June - 2013 RngQCa6tJune - 2013 SbWa57pt

by Darthgothikus (more here)

June - 2013 C01B02btJune - 2013 E20E5hpt

by Kevin Forbes (more here)

June - 2013 1RMxGwTtJune - 2013 OsTXJoYt

ALBUMS with ENTRIES and author names on imgur: - contest images - extras

And album on our official 3AVOX Facebook page, can be found here.

Legionnaires in US, if you want cool t-shirt designed by our own forum member: got to checkout the following thread.

June - 2013 XVJxIRit

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