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August - 2013

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August - 2013 Empty August - 2013

Post by gimbat Sat Mar 14, 2015 8:43 pm

August 2013

July 2013 photo thread is reviewed

Top photo of the month by apple juice

August - 2013 QcTqsBSm

This month we have 10 special mentions:

August - 2013 2QfvLrBsAugust - 2013 AhyCEtCsAugust - 2013 CP57djRsAugust - 2013 5L8reaMsAugust - 2013 Nj8FXHxsAugust - 2013 8Y9I4YJsAugust - 2013 7yGP1x2sAugust - 2013 1NHlsYtsAugust - 2013 K2RtKPYsAugust - 2013 3y2Q66Bs

by chillywilly153, ikar11, ianross, woof!, Timbot, chatchawan, zerokill, moldie13, counterfeit, chiendol

Thanks to everyone bellow, who submitted their photos to July photo thread!

ersico, dennisok, Takemaru, Fugo1503, Niskio, squarehead, regalia, JDF48 (2), woof!, Hunterd1, CaptainCadaver, counterfeit, TheFallen, Wooly, tome (2), Oyabun Oso (2), chatchawan, Bob Harris (2), c r e m, iDed, joshimus, river1219, miracle bubbles (2), scumonkey, Print, Grish, Mouse9090, royvis, ggmm76

August photo thread is started here and waiting for your pics!

Adventure Kartel Dead Astronaut Gangsta will be offered for pre-order on August 7th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time for 160 USD. And 310 USD for the Black and White Dead Astronaut Gangsta set. Currently I can't comment whether this set will be part of AKLUB and go towards MS Shadow purchase. More information will be available in next few days..

August - 2013 YvzexZjtAugust - 2013 B4qpFHXtAugust - 2013 OFj4t8Yt

Ashley Wood collection: Lily (Elevator Mishap) - Severed foot Number 3 will be shipping out this August.

August - 2013 X9DUdvltAugust - 2013 PO60MwLtAugust - 2013 KiTaWw8tAugust - 2013 9sBzdzst

Ashley Wood about them:
"The culling of enough severed feet is at an end! These should be with the few that supported the LILY !"

Photos of AP Finger Gang set showing box art and some story on these figures by wutasi and counterfeit

August - 2013 Z9rcGp1tAugust - 2013 SW4HLEytAugust - 2013 JQ3pJGkt

Popbot custom by Seb's Customs

August - 2013 GqGb1fktAugust - 2013 CVleIdktAugust - 2013 ZeL6MkltAugust - 2013 ZJv9X9ltAugust - 2013 8Jrsfmtt


Awesome news for everyone, who asked and waited for EVENFALL TOTEM T.H.U.G suit one sheet model in 1/35th scale to hit Bambalandstore! It's coming to Bamba soon and it comes with the booklet. News about another kit coming soon as well.

Here are very detailed photos of SDCC exclusive EVENFALL TOTEM T.H.U.G suit by illproxy

August - 2013 YrToevTtAugust - 2013 MDOBlustAugust - 2013 TK0JK5rtAugust - 2013 FUF8n8xtAugust - 2013 5Vk5Xrjt

As mentioned previously, Adventure Kartel Dead Astronaut Gangsta goes up for pre-order on August 7th 9:00AM Hong Kong time at and here is some fresh info.

As part of standard pre-order, we will offer two singles and AKLUB set.

Singles price is 160USD and set costs 310USD.

Set of Black and White Dead Astronaut Gangstas comes with sweet escape thruster accessory. This set will be the second set purchase within AKLUB (Adventure Kartel club) which goes towards 1/6th scale MS SHADOW figure. To remind you: MS SHADOW will not be available anywhere else and to receive it you have to make four AKLUB sets purchases; MS SHADOW comes free, however you will have to cover the shipping charges. AKLUB isn’t limited to 3AA members only.

August - 2013 B4qpFHXtAugust - 2013 OFj4t8Yt

3A Parade x SWANK figures and Ashley Wood about them:
"The first release in our new line 3A PARADE, I would hit up our friends at SWANK if you want one!"

SWANK website (if you are looking for one):
Since it's SWANK exclusive, currently it's not known how they will be offered.


Review dedicated to WWR 1.5U EMGY Dropcloth by RadToyReview can be read here. Couple of dynamic photos from that review can be seen bellow:

August - 2013 GpJmFrvtAugust - 2013 Nltxz1ztAugust - 2013 NVfM6cvt

AK Dead Astronaut Gangsta comic, now that's quite some story!

August - 2013 Xl4ZkYit

Dead Astro Emergency Escape Thruster Unit - exclusive to White and Black Dead Astronaut Gangsta set (310USD), which will be up for pre-order on August 7th 9:00AM Hong Kong time, along with singles (160USD). Currently I don't know how big it is and what set packaging looks like (individual boxes or not), will keep you updated once I hear something.

August - 2013 Rea1yaet

WWRp Jungler and EMGY Grunt first hands on photos, by our boardie Eastwood and Jeb Cheng from Facebook. Please keep in mind that Jungler Dropcloth and EMGY Square MK2 were sold separately.

August - 2013 VSXkN03tAugust - 2013 QqY5ATxtAugust - 2013 BB6Tq5dtAugust - 2013 29FKDqitAugust - 2013 C5RF2zUtAugust - 2013 8Hzp2NCtAugust - 2013 J6U38zxt

As it gets closer to Adventure Kartel Dead Astronaut Gangsta pre-order on August 7th, the event started at our Facebook page entirely dedicated to that pre-order. Everyone is welcomed! Event page will be updated with fan-art, answers on questions and info before and during the sale.


With less than 24 hours before AK Dead Astronaut Gangsta goes up at , it's time to open up F5 bar:


Here is all the art inspired by Dead Astronaut Gangsta and submitted to F5 bar so far:

August - 2013 ILWMUektAugust - 2013 FFLDzEutAugust - 2013 LXaqjmbtAugust - 2013 LmPtIQ8tAugust - 2013 BGDiy2JtAugust - 2013 MvPUaW2tAugust - 2013 CLjmKvBtAugust - 2013 Qb4saS4tAugust - 2013 HsbwNXdtAugust - 2013 QSzNWejtAugust - 2013 AtBhg1AtAugust - 2013 8G7DUSttAugust - 2013 IcTuO1PtAugust - 2013 XruxsgItAugust - 2013 7rYszkytAugust - 2013 PCzqHvztAugust - 2013 UKLX4RptAugust - 2013 CkbilJwtAugust - 2013 Pbz8nXNtAugust - 2013 M3QOyj9tAugust - 2013 Mzgk7VgtAugust - 2013 YkvgaKJt

album link: (authors names will be added later on)

please PM me if I missed your art

3AVOX_Special Edition entirely dedicated to upcoming AK Dead Astronaut Gangsta pre-order tomorrow:

All the necessary info from AK Dead Astronaut Gangsta 3AVOX_Special Edition newsletter


August 7th, 2013 at 9:00am Hong Kong time
Only at


August - 2013 5J41ET4tAugust - 2013 Ts3BLyVtAugust - 2013 TZLSqC6tAugust - 2013 RNlDuUutAugust - 2013 Sd8yRMStAugust - 2013 SPHOgspt
August - 2013 Sqr2EtRtAugust - 2013 STYALUyt

Dead Astronaut Gangsta 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure - White Edition: $160 USD

Dead Astronaut Gangsta 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure - Black Edition: $160 USD


August - 2013 KqfAorLt

Dead Astronaut Gangsta Black and White AKlub Two-Figure Set: $310 USD

Two-Figure Set comes with both the White and the Black Dead Astronaut Gangsta 1/6th scale figures and the set also comes with one EETU (Emergency Escape Thruster Unit) exclusive accessory that you can only get by purchasing this Two-Figure Set.

The Dead Astronaut Gangsta Two-Figure Set is the second of four AKlub Figure Sets that go towards the free (shipping not included) 1/6th Scale Ms Shadow figure.


* Figure is 1/6th scale and stands approximately 32 cm (12.5″) in height, when fully suited up.
* Outer space suit and space helmet are removable.
* Figure wears a two-tone black and white, zip-up under-suit beneath the main space suit.
* Each Dead Astronaut Gangsta features an Illuminated LED Helmet with tinted, slide down front visor.
* Comes with a two-tone communications head cap (aka 'snoopy cap') that is worn underneath the main helmet.
* A set of 4 Pistols and corresponding holsters are included with each figure.
* Also features 3 hoses that connect to the front control panel, backpack and oxygen tank.

All the additional art and images:

August - 2013 Kh3UlGFtAugust - 2013 SzHfwTMtAugust - 2013 TLaPJqytAugust - 2013 WyGW6citAugust - 2013 WDgPD7atAugust - 2013 BuSMfqvtAugust - 2013 OAkkYtXt

In addition to 3AVOX newsletter images, we still wanted to give you a good idea about what Dark Dead Astronaut Gangsta enjoys to wear underneath his space suit. Please keep in mind that it’s a quick photo of the prototype and white body / dark arms suit look for White Dead Astronaut Gangsta.

August - 2013 HU08Nx9t


And they are up at ...did you notice that AKLUB set comes with moon flag and there is a double-sided poster for singles and the set!!

August - 2013 T5FzkPQm


Ashley Wood about Dead Astronaut Gangsta pre-order closing soon:

"As promised we have left longer for you guys needing time, we are close to shutting it down though! Thanks to everyone who got behind the Dead one!"

And a bit of a news: White and Dark Dead Astronaut Gangsta set comes with extra hand, for Emergency Escape Thruster Unit.

WWRp Euro Defence Olivier and Deep Powder Bramble hands on by Facebook Legionnaire Ian Ross Lallen and our boardies: chronokross and raphmeister

August - 2013 LU4eyrxtAugust - 2013 L0mxPTntAugust - 2013 XHhk9EbtAugust - 2013 O0kGd6jtAugust - 2013 3tsBXTZtAugust - 2013 X1T1pxVtAugust - 2013 ZUfSWfMtAugust - 2013 Mc03gtYtAugust - 2013 KUUXJf0tAugust - 2013 5euYIUktAugust - 2013 FAU8JfXtAugust - 2013 VkN2KOftAugust - 2013 DARSOg6t

This September in ONE SIXTH SCALE! AK DEAD EASY CORP ZOMB MD CRACK ZOMB SOLDIERS. Normally found in sweaty dick pouches of jungles and other septic enviro's doing shit that is best left unmentioned. But when the robots have new Alexandria bent over the shitter ready to give them old private school welcome. Zomb and human alike have to join forces to send them packing!

Dead Easy Corp set contains:
Private - Cornowski
Corporal - Veal Edwards
Sergeant - Sweatbread Jones

August - 2013 YLWS2ddt

Here is all fan-art inspired by Dead Astronaut Gangsta and submitted to the F5 bar so far:

August - 2013 ILWMUektAugust - 2013 FFLDzEutAugust - 2013 LXaqjmbtAugust - 2013 LmPtIQ8tAugust - 2013 BGDiy2JtAugust - 2013 MvPUaW2tAugust - 2013 CLjmKvBtAugust - 2013 Qb4saS4tAugust - 2013 HsbwNXdtAugust - 2013 QSzNWejtAugust - 2013 AtBhg1AtAugust - 2013 8G7DUSttAugust - 2013 IcTuO1PtAugust - 2013 XruxsgItAugust - 2013 7rYszkytAugust - 2013 PCzqHvztAugust - 2013 UKLX4RptAugust - 2013 CkbilJwtAugust - 2013 Pbz8nXNtAugust - 2013 M3QOyj9tAugust - 2013 Mzgk7VgtAugust - 2013 YkvgaKJtAugust - 2013 GKHgpz9t
August - 2013 S7ZrECDtAugust - 2013 Z5XVOpDtAugust - 2013 BBe80CAtAugust - 2013 95nrMrTtAugust - 2013 SrWgsTwtAugust - 2013 OkeH5bltAugust - 2013 EKDHnX0tAugust - 2013 No5SX6DtAugust - 2013 025GreVtAugust - 2013 KnAw1pFtAugust - 2013 QwjXPPwtAugust - 2013 XAHkwsPtAugust - 2013 XMh3CLXtAugust - 2013 HzKujgjtAugust - 2013 FWJLDOftAugust - 2013 AAEfueEtAugust - 2013 M3ab4P4tAugust - 2013 T8sP7cbtAugust - 2013 Ua5r0i1tAugust - 2013 Y7VR88wtAugust - 2013 FHgFqLjtAugust - 2013 3Vep0w2tAugust - 2013 LjpliQFt
August - 2013 H5sASnKtAugust - 2013 HRnNSMVtAugust - 2013 Wg8R5TetAugust - 2013 PrbSnwxtAugust - 2013 KHXN2nTtAugust - 2013 PWAVlpgtAugust - 2013 RjHeg5ot

album link: (authors names added)

please PM me if I missed your art

HUGE THANKS TO ALL AUTHORS: Neeraj Menon, Dylan Kuhn, Kurt Papstein, Chong Wey Ming (2), smallahlee (3), chanimation (2), KCChoon (3), 4ever4eyes, sophora (2), cromagnus (2), watanabekun, JD (2), The Dr of Style (2), BRiZL (4), thejikas, Dan, grandpastern, Grish, sapien, expathos, Nunthachai_Phantharakrajchadej, UsedUniverse, Franksenstein (2), JeAA, dienstag, Cthulhu, zambbot72, zbrushman, Grish, Sail, Darnoc_Saidnal, Custard4gravy, goway, MoonLee, chirulazo, Brian Vallesteros, Mouse9090, BehindTheMask


AK Dead Astronaut Gangsta singles are gone from Bambalandstore, but bar is still open though, as set is still available for some of you the necessary extra time to purchase one!


AK Dead Astronaut Gangsta pre-order is closed and another look at all the amazing fan-art can be seen here at our 3AVOX Facebook page.

Many asked: What's next for TKLUB? Now you now! Four next TKLUB purchases will go towards classic 1/6th scale Tomorrow Queen figure!

August - 2013 M06rQLFt


Time to update you about our shipping plans for the second half of August and we will be rather busy. It’s always a huge pleasure for me to write these shipping updates, as I feel how all the figures are getting one big step closer to your hands.

Starting from August 20th, we will be shipping out:

* TKLUB #1 Oroshi
* Adventure Kartel Ka Mumb release
* Ashley Wood Collection: Lily – Severed foot Number 3
release (that includes all feet sold then)

Recently shipped out figures:

* WWRp Medic Grunt and Betsy MK2 square set
* WWRp WF Jungler Grunt + Purecamo Square
* WWRp Deep Powder and Euro Defence Olivier MK2 Brambles

To get tracking number of your Bambalandstore orders (which are shipping out) please send an inquiry to our customers service ( ) and if you have any questions whatsoever about your threeA orders (or special instructions/wishes in mind), please do it straight away. Never hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to help you! If you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice and direction to 3Asupport on twitter or engage with our official 3AVOX Facebook page.

TKLUB #2 Ghost Nage (chase figure - randomly inserted in Nage M.I.A boxes):

August - 2013 BGHdsWVt

EVENFALL TOTEM T.H.U.G suit one sheet model, customized by Grish and yamazaru123

August - 2013 Yl66R4qtAugust - 2013 QWBCQ7mtAugust - 2013 EFdBYWrtAugust - 2013 XAvHT9etAugust - 2013 ML1KYrrtAugust - 2013 XhbiJOEtAugust - 2013 KdqtH8vtAugust - 2013 YvhTGdSt

Couple of WWRp Grunt photos by our boardie chatchawan, and Facebook Legionnaires: 雲龍 and 呂行

And no, WWRp Doc Grunt does come with electric chainsaw, like shown on one of the photos, you can see the whole package on single figure photo (not the group shot).

August - 2013 KinXP9UtAugust - 2013 9VcYT3htAugust - 2013 PZUkzX5tAugust - 2013 DiJowUwtAugust - 2013 HUzOIN8tAugust - 2013 6sCP3witAugust - 2013 Uwv5MK8tAugust - 2013 S1xc3oetAugust - 2013 PteG4AWt

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August - 2013 Empty Re: August - 2013

Post by gimbat Sat Mar 14, 2015 8:45 pm


Ashley Wood presenting WWR EVOL and talking a bit about it:

"With the close release of Harold ( the first Rothchild Robot ) and the Nom commanders in 1/12th WWR series one comes to an end. Moving forward the next phase of the story called WWR EVOL takes over, upcoming books, toys and other mediums tell the story of the middle act EVOL. EVOL see’s an evolved line of bots, not just by Rothchild, and key events extrapolated on such as Darwin being driven from his lunar lair, the NOM ascending to dominance on Earth and Mar’s bring as much of the war to earth and the Moon in conjunction with their partners!"

On pre-order tomorrow in 1/12th scale:

CALIGINOSITY N.O.M Field Commanders - Two Commanders plus Caliginosity Bertie MK2 set

We looked into the shadows and saw absolution...

August - 2013 Hr3JaZht

EMANATION N.O.M Field Commanders - Two Commanders plus Emanation Bertie MK2 set

Radiance will rescind all shadow from their bursa

August - 2013 IDOArryt


F5 Bar dedicated to upcoming pre-order of WWRp N.O.M Field Commanders is up and running:

Answers on few questions before N.O.M Field Commanders in 1/12th scale invade

Pre-order starts today (August 16th).

Each set contains two N.O.M Field Commanders and matching colorway Bertie MK2 (not standard MK2 tho, special in a way)

Each set costs: 125USD

They will stay up slightly longer than 24 hours, to give you better opportunity to buy one. However we can’t keep them up too long.

Mask isn’t removable on them, partly because of their delicate 1/12th size and as they aren’t “Thrice Naut” and “Post Fire” Men from N.O.M but anonymous N.O.M members.

Event on Facebook dedicated to the upcoming pre-order started on our 3AVOX Facebook page

updated at 9:30AM Hong Kong time

WWRp N.O.M Field Commanders sets are up at right now

Btw, they don't come with regular MK2 Berties...these will be special in a way!

August - 2013 IDOArrytAugust - 2013 Hr3JaZht

On top of that, sets will come with WWR EVOLprelude comic, 12 pages long.

3A x HALO A239 EMILE SPARTAN-III on pre-order in late August

August - 2013 EGvbjRst

TKLUB #1 Oroshi 18 is ready and starts shipping next week, along with other releases (full list here on the blog).

August - 2013 Or5nywMt

fan-art and sketches inspired by WWRp N.O.M Field Commanders

August - 2013 Gdy1V06tAugust - 2013 PhKapCktAugust - 2013 I4aBsRBtAugust - 2013 W34TyJDtAugust - 2013 K4LFiprtAugust - 2013 LXKZM0zt

album link: (authors names will be added later on)

please send me a PM, if I missed your sketch

WWRp N.O.M Field Commanders pre-order ends on Monday morning (Hong Kong time).


On 9:30 AM Hong Kong WWRp N.O.M Field Commanders and Bertie MK2 sets left Bambalandstore.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and showed their support!

Fan-art and sketches inspired by N.O.M Field Commanders

August - 2013 Gdy1V06tAugust - 2013 PhKapCktAugust - 2013 I4aBsRBtAugust - 2013 W34TyJDtAugust - 2013 K4LFiprtAugust - 2013 LXKZM0ztAugust - 2013 Sny15AitAugust - 2013 QLh95VLtAugust - 2013 RUk8cdDtAugust - 2013 Lwqx3UctAugust - 2013 ResIT6StAugust - 2013 O0XlKj9tAugust - 2013 LY0vBwqtAugust - 2013 LgHmCOFtAugust - 2013 YrRkOL4tAugust - 2013 TGaUm6ntAugust - 2013 MyLFXzPt

album link: (authors names added)

THANK YOU to fan-art authors: PsychoMing (2), chatchawan, dienstag, Kei12, zzzzz, Forty24, chanimation, Grish, Nismo (2), illproxy

If you have any last minute sketches coming, please send them to me via PM and I will add them to the selection.

See you all soon in F5 bar, 3A x HALO Emile is the next known sale, which is scheduled for late August!


Blistered carded WORLD OF 7174 IT t-shirt on pre-order right now at for 45USD shipped.

Limited sale!

August - 2013 FWp4jtot


After twenty hours or so WORLD OF 7174 IT t-shirt left Bambalandstore.

3A x HALO A239 EMILE SPARTAN-III will be available for pre-order at our official webstore: on August 30th

August - 2013 Vr6kFhBtAugust - 2013 LkXCP85t

figure stands 13.5 inches tall

*Fiber-optic illuminated combat armor
*Magnetized Shoulder Shields
*Rubberized suit over a fully articulated body with complete outer armor attachments
*Fully articulated fingers
*Cloth utility pouch with functioning clasps

Weapon loadout:
M45 Tactical shotgun
Removable Kukri knife with sheath
Removable grenades canisters
Magnetized grenade shells

Wanna see "flying" WWRp Armstrong and hear some funny noises? Then you got to click below and check video by Thomas Chan

August - 2013 NSGXhMBm

Speaking about Armstrongs, here is the thread, where you can show support for WWR WF 1G Armstrong. I for one, would love to see that bad boy made!

Resurrecting this October!

August - 2013 DFdsFwot

AK KA MUMB hands on photos

by aixnn

August - 2013 B3C3arTtAugust - 2013 Se7cLuntAugust - 2013 TXiy0QMtAugust - 2013 6RqslhNt

by our boardie JL2309, including photos of GID Ghost KA-Mumb

August - 2013 1iBlQ13tAugust - 2013 1y72KVStAugust - 2013 0Hak6BKtAugust - 2013 0SFyuWstAugust - 2013 7NBz4o7tAugust - 2013 VzgD3KitAugust - 2013 Jslgg2OtAugust - 2013 TyrkZyKt

closer look at KAMO Mumb surprise release, photographed by Desmond Yeo

August - 2013 VYs8V0Pt

KAMO Mumb 4pack, photographed by DarthGothikus

August - 2013 Zvaqi1St

Now let's see photos of Popbot TKLUB #1 Oroshi 18 and chases!

Oroshi 18, photographed by our boardies: A-Vin and JL2309 (next to Waza TK)

August - 2013 IUhbyH5tAugust - 2013 U2FQKsstAugust - 2013 Ts00SRSt

Oroshi Darky chase figure, photographed by KenGo / mazkeng

August - 2013 F4GLUV6tAugust - 2013 H4VGQvMtAugust - 2013 VCLaeXbtAugust - 2013 YmrAEyJtAugust - 2013 AZSVPrEtAugust - 2013 LWMXg0At

Oroshi Interloper chase figure, photographed by our boardie Marjin O

August - 2013 KO0QmZWt

AK The Bitch: lowblow specialist!
Custard has rejoined the Satanic Lab Circle, leaving Bleak no choice but to break out THE BITCH aka EMMA THE BEAGLE.

August - 2013 12olqMUt


It came to our attention that some TKLUB #1 Oroshi 18 figures are missing the decal (tattoo to be particular). At the moment, we are working on solution to the situation and once we will finalize how to fix it, we will update the blog with all the necessary info.
One thing for sure: we will make it right!

Ashley Wood 1:1 Character Photography Contest reviewed and winners are announced!

Before I’ll do the honor and announce winners (personally picked by Ashley Wood) I want to say few things. These contests are always incredibly tough to judge (trust me I did judge a few back in the day) and please don’t get me wrong, it’s so awesome that it’s tough, because with each contest you guys are taking it right to the next level! Huge thank you goes to everyone who put their mind and talent into participating, and found courage and passion to submit!

Ashley Wood 1:1 Character Photography Contest winners are:


August - 2013 IZ2KLaot


August - 2013 Kxw0SDMt


August - 2013 R1y2U91tAugust - 2013 Yo9lHM6t


August - 2013 H5XXrKetAugust - 2013 NkHZvT9t


August - 2013 TXjvry0tAugust - 2013 JEcvGoUt


August - 2013 SbWa57ptAugust - 2013 RngQCa6t


August - 2013 C01B02btAugust - 2013 E20E5hpt

All winners will receive the sketch (naturally by Ashley Wood) of the character they represented. I will contact you all for addresses shortly.

One thing I want to ask you all, you got to spend some time and check ALL the other amazing entries here on 3AVOX Facebook page and at this album you can find the extra images.


More photos of TKLUB #1 Oroshi 18

by our boardie koonfasa and Facebook Legionnaire Sean Jl

August - 2013 NzqsI5ItAugust - 2013 DxB6DC4t

gorgeous photo showing TKLUB #1 Oroshi 18 and Popbot Interloper Oya by Facebook Legionnaire 黃耀南 (Diego)

August - 2013 JbjHSyjtAugust - 2013 KW60nvLt

First hands on photos of Ashley Wood Collection: Lily – Severed foot Number 3 by our boardie mattyp and Facebook Legionnaire Nelson Lim

August - 2013 OFQ6ZMTtAugust - 2013 QgewsJOtAugust - 2013 BGUp2Eyt

AK KA Mumb 4pack photos

by Facebook Legionnaire Dennis Chau

August - 2013 AJDost9tAugust - 2013 3BLpstItAugust - 2013 ZJ7jHc3tAugust - 2013 HaKWHRst

AK KA Mumb singles, including GID Ghost KA Mumb, photographed by our boardie and Facebook Legionnaire [url=]Sean Jl

August - 2013 Gka17WatAugust - 2013 QZNTbqLtAugust - 2013 7BgVFOHt

And more photos of AK KA Mumbs, including shots of the poster / comic by our boardie scumonkey

August - 2013 ZDVyWlftAugust - 2013 CLhxSZltAugust - 2013 44oGYgmtAugust - 2013 6NurPVptAugust - 2013 QVzHOoyt


ACTION PORTABLE (1/12th scale) ANKOU EX SXCLB BOUNCER LITTLE SHADOW MK2 LATEX SET is up for pre-order at for 120 USD shipped

Set contains:

2x 1/12th figures: an Ankou in a creepy sexclub suit, a latex clad Little Shadow MK2, A 1/12th strap on.

August - 2013 FnandOXt

Ashley Wood about the sale:
"If it does well, ill throw in a poster of the ad image, i like it!"

On images below you can see SXCLB Ankou EX (biggest one in pink suit) shown next to regular ones and if you haven't seen the set in 1/6th scale - he comes with Little Shadow, who is wearing very sexy black dress and of course strap on!

August - 2013 XCD37V4tAugust - 2013 14nc2pst

Ashley Wood showing HaroldFS 1/6th and 1/12th mode Box Set samples (who were sold along with their WWRp versions) and saying some words about them:

August - 2013 EZGUeObtAugust - 2013 HghQaUIt

"Thanks for waiting guys ( This many colorways was quite the undertaking ), Harold is close to be deployed so I thought I would show some sample prototype shots, we will have more info and images soon!"

Here are all 15 colorways, which were offered back then, in case you need to refresh your memory:

Harold samples:

August - 2013 WsF5AOzmAugust - 2013 Rd3QfbYmAugust - 2013 PKtddHWmAugust - 2013 YJEo15pmAugust - 2013 OAbGEEdm

And ten colorways, which were offered unseen:

August - 2013 Tf75L8YmAugust - 2013 KensikRmAugust - 2013 IYYiLc8mAugust - 2013 PpgXliPmAugust - 2013 T5edUWCmAugust - 2013 XzRaClumAugust - 2013 VH5OnwSmAugust - 2013 3lD2gKRmAugust - 2013 VEOHZK6mAugust - 2013 ReSdtKam

Coming soon...

August - 2013 QU0eNyYt

That art really looks like massive Popbot TK Hunter, which unpainted prototype was revealed at SDCC:

August - 2013 SCLEc0BtAugust - 2013 TvXEA0UtAugust - 2013 TrwK6jWt

Popbot In service of him aka Dead Equine set packaging:

August - 2013 VASGjV2tAugust - 2013 Q8jXHxvtAugust - 2013 WjbdLhkt

Today we have two figures revealed to you in one form or another for the first time!

Popbot Outerverse RONIN TK MOON first shot - NOT part of TKLUB program

August - 2013 SIKgKRdt

Adventure Kartel Potato Commander

August - 2013 AcFNSy4t

Here is our engineer answering on some questions about 3A x HALO series and on 3A x HALO A239 EMILE SPARTAN-III specifically, which is coming up for pre-order to Bambalandstore on August 30th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time

August - 2013 Vr6kFhBtAugust - 2013 LkXCP85t

Commenting on materials:
We are using the same rubber material but we make a bit different from Carter by enhancing the articulation. Specially the H4 MC, new parting with the rubber suit cos the structure of the tech suit is different from Halo Reach, more challenging! Now we are testing with the rapid model and making some revisions.

Are we going to use more stronger magnets for weapons?
Yes, for sure! This time will be totally different as well as more easy to stick onto Emile's back but won't be easy drop down. With previous figure the were some complaints about them falling off. This time it won't be happen again!

Is there the same placement for battery and lights switch?
both of the arms remained the same.
for the rear part, we keep open the back armor for insert the batteries but the on/off switch will change to outside of the armor this time. so for the customer it will be very easy to turn on the LEDs by just pressing the button on the back. The button is part of the pattern of the armor so it won't be standing out , unless you've read the instruction sheet. For the numbers of the batteries & model number are same as on Carter. The mechanism of the button is press once, it lights up, press again to turn it off.

Please post here, if you have more questions on your mind before pre-order starts.

First fan-art (by kaiserfrog19) from F5 Bar and Grill dedicated to AP ANKOU EX SXCLB BOUNCER LITTLE SHADOW MK2 LATEX SET resident sale:

August - 2013 UbR2A0Lt


3AVOX newsletter dedicated to 3A x HALO Emile A-239 Spartan - III and Spartan Mark V EVA is out and you can check it here:
3A x HALO special

Newsletter coverage:


Welcome to a special edition of the 3AVOX newsletter dedicated to the second series of figures in our 1/6th Scale Collectible HALO series: EMILE A-239 Spartan-III from Noble Team Six and the Bambaland Exclusive Spartan Mark V EVA.

Below is all of the pricing and info for the pre-order event as well as tons of detailed images featuring both figures.


August 30th, 2013 at 9:00am Hong Kong time
On sale at


HALO - Emile A-239 Spartan-III 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure $220 USD

HALO - Spartan Mark V EVA Bambaland Exclusive 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure $220 USD


Emile A-239 Spartan-III
Spartan Mark V EVA

*Each Figure stands 13.5 inches tall

*Fiber-Optic Illuminated Combat Armor

*Magnetized Shoulder Shields

*Rubberized Suit Over A Fully Articulated Body With Complete Outer Armor Attachments

*Fully Articulated Fingers

*Cloth Tactical Soft Case With Functioning Clasps

*M45 Tactical Shotgun

*Removable Kukri Knife With Sheath

*Removable Grenade Canisters

*Magnetized Grenade Shells

Photos of HALO - Emile A-239 Spartan-III 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure

August - 2013 NXqlCmmtAugust - 2013 VY8F9SBtAugust - 2013 BOopjQmtAugust - 2013 KeHOabMtAugust - 2013 AWVoBAAtAugust - 2013 8tZ9PiRtAugust - 2013 6ezPEE2tAugust - 2013 QrqwonCtAugust - 2013 F9mh3SUtAugust - 2013 AwJL2R2tAugust - 2013 KExrcCItAugust - 2013 ST5hEh9t

Photos of HALO - Spartan Mark V EVA Bambaland Exclusive 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure

August - 2013 Ao5vdm9tAugust - 2013 AykWX9utAugust - 2013 OrRzGOvtAugust - 2013 4ZfooSdtAugust - 2013 YsyKXy9tAugust - 2013 OnKpLy3tAugust - 2013 NYx55phtAugust - 2013 DSAdNQrtAugust - 2013 OzQ6HSltAugust - 2013 SfF8a62tAugust - 2013 MSwV64KtAugust - 2013 DdioW59tAugust - 2013 Y9cFf4YtAugust - 2013 GwskdY7tAugust - 2013 CdxUWRttAugust - 2013 PhrclECt

Fan-art and sketches inspired by AP ANKOU EX SXCLB BOUNCER and LITTLE SHADOW MK2 LATEX SET resident sale at

August - 2013 R0G0KW6tAugust - 2013 A0bTSgktAugust - 2013 KoLCSvNtAugust - 2013 OxuZxIFtAugust - 2013 SGnrmz4tAugust - 2013 CLhZGoZt

online gallery: (author names will be added later on)

TKLUB #1 Oroshi 18 update and signed DIY KA Mumbs chase:

If you received DIY KA Mumb chase, which was supposed to be signed by Ashley Wood, please contact as soon, as possible and our Customer Service professionals will explain to you, how to return the figure (at our cost) to threeA HQs for Ashley Wood to sign. We plan to ship signed DIY KA Mumbs back to you this October, so please don't hesitate to contact us, once you read this message.

Here is the promised update, regarding TKLUB #1 Oroshi 18 missing tattoo issue:
We will send replacement body with tattoo on the left arm to all TKLUB #1 Oroshi TK customers. We will send ONLY THE NAKED BODY, with no accessories/hands/feet/head/joints and etc. Once we will have the replacement body manufactured, we will update the blog with the photo, so you will see what exactly is coming. You don't need to contact our customer service, as we will send the replacement body to all Oroshi TK customers, according to Bambalandstore records. Please keep in mind that Darky and Interloper Oroshi chase don't have any tattoos on their bodies, as they are Mortis and aren't VIC40 members.


Ashley Wood recently illustrated for The Swank Autumn/Winter campaign and based on these illustration 3A Parade and Swank line was started.

Toy-people did a great review of 3A Parade and Swank (HK) exclusive figures: Giselle and Dante and you can see the full review here:

Here are few shots from that review:

August - 2013 IBEJcKqtAugust - 2013 YcCZgiVtAugust - 2013 2AHfIfBtAugust - 2013 OfSMM1stAugust - 2013 6YwTpl8tAugust - 2013 SQtV7PhtAugust - 2013 VnukcKhtAugust - 2013 BPhpvDztAugust - 2013 BjVSZHotAugust - 2013 TWETSNMt

Btw, all clothes on these two figures are miniature versions of actual clothes that can be bought at Swank (HK) during this Autumn/Winter season.

Something mysterious popped up at our production blog today with this title It does destroy but with love in its black heart!

August - 2013 JHHfRQat

Shipping update:

Time to update you about our shipping plans for the next week and it's a little bit tricky, so please read the info carefully.

Starting from next week, we will be shipping out:

*The Adventures of Isobelle Pascha - Isobelle Cock-Tail release
*WWR Frank Deep Powder Sniper + Snippy the sniped Snow Square MK1LR

And here is the tricky part: next week we will send out Bambalandstore version of Popbot Dead Equine In the Service of Him Super Set (that doesn't include Ascended White Blind Cowboy orders) to all USA customers by sea (it will be processed with usual shipping services once it reaches USA). At the moment we aren't ready to ship sets to rest of the world yet and same goes for Ascended White Blind Cowboy surprise. To remind you, estimated shipping time during pre-order was 4th quarter 2013.

Our Customer Service professionals asked me to pass the following info to you:

We prepared all of shipping documents for above mentioned figures, and it is too late to change the address, declared value or cancel orders.
We don't have tracking numbers yet and we will be able to provide them on September 9th or 10th.
For the tracking number of Popbot Dead Equine In the Service of Him Super Set we will be able to provide tracking in October, once figures will reach US and tracking numbers will be assigned.
For the next batch of Popbot Dead Equine In the Service of Him Super Set and Ascended White Blind Cowboy surprise shipping we will make an update later, once we will have the info in hand.

Recently shipped out figures:

TKLUB #1 Oroshi 18
Adventure Kartel Ka Mumb
Ashley Wood Collection: Lily - Severed foot Number 3 release (that includes all feet sold then)

Never hesitate to contact our Customer Service professionals at , we will be delighted to help you! If you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice and direction to 3Asupport on twitter or engage with our official 3AVOX Facebook page.

The Adventures of Isobelle Pascha - 3AA exclusive Wampi 2xet blister packaging

August - 2013 Kbkp9yOtAugust - 2013 HRkl166t

With less than 10 hours away from HALO - Emile A-239 Spartan-III and Bambaland exclusive HALO - Spartan Mark V EVA pre-order hitting Bambalandstore, event page dedicated to the pre-order is open on our 3AVOX Facebook page here. Everyone is welcomed to join!

Since AP ANKOU EX SXCLB BOUNCER and LITTLE SHADOW MK2 LATEX SET resident sale F5 bar is still up and running, I will be opening F5 Bar dedicated to HALO closer to August 30th 9:00AM Hong Kong time, in order not to confuse anyone with two F5 bars.

Meanwhile, here is an awesome fan-art by cromagnus dedicated to Action Portable resident sale:

August - 2013 T4JNm5et


And HALO - Emile A-239 Spartan - III and Bambaland exclusive HALO - Spartan Mark V EVA[/b] are up at for 220USD

August - 2013 OzQ6HSltAugust - 2013 DSAdNQrtAugust - 2013 SfF8a62tAugust - 2013 NXqlCmmtAugust - 2013 F9mh3SUtAugust - 2013 KExrcCIt

F5 Bar dedicated to HALO pre-order, can be found here.

Fan-art dedicated to HALO - Emile A-239 Spartan - III and Bambaland exclusive HALO - Spartan Mark V EVA[/b] pre-order by our boardie stored high in transit

August - 2013 CbQKYZRt

Ashley Wood about these upcoming figs: Adventure Kartel Shit Got Real JC and Popbot Moon Ronin TK (not TKLUB release)

August - 2013 Fz1j2Cmt

"Here is quick shot of SGR-JC and Moon Ronin TK, hanging on my desk, no staging or fancy camera work, just two fun toys! The astute 3A fan will notice the beards, a mainstay of great 12″ figures and even 8″ such Action Jackson with MOD STYLED HAIR! Thats some shit-hot heritage right there!"

Closer look at Adventure Kartel Shit Got Real JC, which is BBICN exclusive for ACG GUANGZHOU 2013 - The 7th Ani-Com and Games Expo. I don't know the details about the particular case, but based on my past experience BBICN exclusives aren't hard to purchase for customers outside China. Best of luck if you are after one!

August - 2013 UoupUAFt


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