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November - 2013

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November - 2013  Empty November - 2013

Post by gimbat Sat Mar 14, 2015 9:08 pm



AK HOT-FOOT pre-order is done and Real Steel: Noisy Boy is up for at

Here is Ashley talking about AK HOT-FOOT and introducing Real Steel: Noisy Boy

"Thanks for making the HOT FOOT sale a fun time, hope you are enjoying some sweet candy!"

"The great NOISEY BOOYYYYYYY Is available at Bamba now, this toy really is special, we at 3A pride ourselves on making robots, and Noisey Boy is really a cracker!"

November - 2013  X27oRSztNovember - 2013  J4ZbO07tNovember - 2013  JLWxI3CtNovember - 2013  HA0fLZ7tNovember - 2013  WrncHzXtNovember - 2013  Xhy8G2nt

Lots of more images and info about Real Steel: Noisy Boy can be found here at 3AVOX special.

AK HOT-FOOT F5 Bar is closed and here is all the selection of all kinds, of fan-art by our boardies:

Fan-art, photos and sketches inspired and dedicated by AK Hot Foot

November - 2013  FvBOMJdtNovember - 2013  LUfhzDrtNovember - 2013  EogjFcttNovember - 2013  Jp0dB2otNovember - 2013  Ho1SPGEtNovember - 2013  Rp3eMZItNovember - 2013  HB6xkEvtNovember - 2013  AWjOgETtNovember - 2013  EdtewP9tNovember - 2013  8HeL1XFtNovember - 2013  IP1IgywtNovember - 2013  FzYH5aRtNovember - 2013  VAqPBV1tNovember - 2013  9LRZe7OtNovember - 2013  VRmEJcmtNovember - 2013  QE1NGLCtNovember - 2013  HzLx1IutNovember - 2013  D6lSCoFtNovember - 2013  G9yyKAHtNovember - 2013  BzIT0dgtNovember - 2013  Jcsu1u3tNovember - 2013  DyCGrcNt

album link: (authors names added)

Huge thanks to authors for their fan-art & photos: Tham Kit Mun (2), William Chien, Mouse9090, chanimation (2), nixon (2), cromagnus (2), zbrushman (3), Grish, Cherry Bomb, mrtx.45, The Dr. Of Style, BRiZL, Forty24, g!ll3yman, Chivo, koonfasa

And specifically I want to mention 3A Halloween costumes by:
C R E M (Fighting JC), agilegiant (Dead Astronaut Gangsta), gloomy (Jungler Grunt), Oracle (Nom de Plume), SlowBrom (Johan), Chet loetchotivong (Zomb?), chanimation (Ronin TK Moon), Grish (Fighting JC), EnzoGarza (Charkin), mardirex (Milky Ghost), squarehead (KA-MUMB)

November - 2013  Q2xoWTQtNovember - 2013  8BXoYVftNovember - 2013  0zheZQvtNovember - 2013  LdXunu7tNovember - 2013  Sz4qms0tNovember - 2013  QQVRewPtNovember - 2013  L571iVatNovember - 2013  BwA1AvCtNovember - 2013  WOIPvsktNovember - 2013  Dmid6rwtNovember - 2013  Zta9uVltNovember - 2013  D5HhbdktNovember - 2013  OzKcIBitNovember - 2013  VlxrcL1tNovember - 2013  FyZMjOMtNovember - 2013  O1DaYEQtNovember - 2013  YMBynm7tNovember - 2013  870361ItNovember - 2013  HD1aE4ktNovember - 2013  DXjUTEzt

please PM me, if I missed your sketch/art/costume

Real Steel: Noisy Boy chatter is happening here on 3A forum.

And here is the relative size comparison of all released threeA Real Steel robots. From the left: Midas, Atom, Noisy Boy and Ambush.

November - 2013  6Lkxwanm

Ashley Wood about checkout process at and cash option (we had it active for Ailpay customers)

November - 2013  UdOJPvMm

"The cash option is causing issues for us on bambaland, so for now, only good ol paypal is working, select from the pull-down menu on the place order page etc
If you want to use Alipay, make the order and contact CS with your order details. please put a note in the message box mentioning alipay etc"

Our Customer Service Professionals can be reached at


I am happy to announce the winners of 3A Halloween costume thingy!

The winners are:

Winners, please contact send me your address info to and I will pass the info to our Customer Service, who will send you something cool.

Enormous thanks to everyone for submitting their entries and courage! Gallery with all the costumes can be seen in this album over 3AVOX Facebook page.

November - 2013  ISXBnsjtNovember - 2013  FYihnrMtNovember - 2013  K1SwdwStNovember - 2013  125UvKptNovember - 2013  EKz2axDtNovember - 2013  8Zrpr20tNovember - 2013  I1CXEn7tNovember - 2013  CePeEcptNovember - 2013  FN9PTFIt

October 3A Toy Photo Thread is reviewed:

All of you guys pulled an amazing month and I found myself in a very tough position, where I had to choose not only the winner, which is O with the following photo:

November - 2013  Rb0l7slm

but a scarce number of special mentions. In the end, I decided to go crazy and not limit myself with specials and picked 11!

So here are this month special mentions by: chatchawan, joshimus, chiendol, vincecano, Oakhead, Oscarlie7, Grish, Cyrion, Mouse9090, counterfeit, apple juice

November - 2013  LIA9NmItNovember - 2013  Y2IGZE9tNovember - 2013  DcUcAAYtNovember - 2013  6hY6dPwtNovember - 2013  WEhWVNjtNovember - 2013  NTHnt5ZtNovember - 2013  RPhV1dMtNovember - 2013  5ZpIw0dtNovember - 2013  2CTBWSGtNovember - 2013  SMV3pW4tNovember - 2013  BiPPAoXt

Everyone else did an amazing job too and your entries never go unnoticed. THANK YOU GUYS!
zbrushman (2), Oracle (2), adriancorn, dennisok, nixon, Skuldren (2), noble6, Hunterd1, pablolobo, scar, BehindTheMask, TheNox, sunnycrowe, jF, Eoraptor, A-Vin, Iosartan (2), miracle bubbles, rrayyy, OakMot, Print, A_Locomotive, Oyabun Oso (2), mtrx.45, JDF48.

November photo thread is waiting for your entries here.

WWR Meat is Murder hands on, photographed by SzuTsung and Chung-ChihChiang

November - 2013  F8zh4sptNovember - 2013  AjOm8xTtNovember - 2013  WBUrD3ztNovember - 2013  EiTMnkLtNovember - 2013  CBb98pbtNovember - 2013  Ji8QcfjtNovember - 2013  7BRHLzetNovember - 2013  SiZWClFtNovember - 2013  MffmUfztNovember - 2013  LLeYhY2tNovember - 2013  TXNNFeNt

And complete Isobelle collection by Sduu

November - 2013  2mGWpgut


And Real Steel: Noisy Boy is gone from the store, thank you for your support ladies and gents! Noisy will be available later on via our retailers, but without exclusive Bambalandstore accessories (1/6th scale headset and bot controller) and in slightly different packaging.

Sunday Q&A with Ashley Wood

Hope you guys are having a nice weekend! Here, we are back to our Sunday Q&A routine and for the next week, please send your interesting and original questions directly to; use "Ask" thread at threeA forum or you can submit your questions via messages at our 3AVOX Facebook page.

Q: How soon are we going to see villains from AK and Popbot? Do I understand correctly that TK Hunter is going to be first?
A: TK Hunter, then Sweeper bot, they work with the Hunter in the field. I will release a Mortis once we have a loverly skinned female body, as they don't wear clothes, they have to be kinda on point! Also working on the shitheels that the Blind cowboy is hunting, there will be 13 of them, plus the TK themselves become enemies of each other! Work has started on the 5 brothers too. You guys support my lines, ill deliver the gear, thats a promise, this whole show only works because your support.. And Misty Slush soon, she is kinda a villain, depending on your point of view.

Q: Do Grunts have direct Commanders on the field and what is there chain of command? For example were NOM Field Commanders stand in the chain and their ranks.
A: The Earth's human force function very similar to traditional armies, officers, sarge, etc. NOM field commander are around 6th in the chain, Supreme Nom is top, then 4 steps to NOM field commanders.

Q: Can we get a teaser shot of AK Zomb MD and Nurse? Is Nurse a Zombie?
A: No way, surprise!

Q: Will we be seeing more of Kuan ti Plume and Barguest de Plume in WWR Evol? Will we be seeing any more 'fallen' NOM agents?
A: Ha, I thought you guys were like, no more Ash, I want to release all of them. Fuck we gotta do one asap!

Q: How are Supanova Adelaide Iso's gonna be released, will there be a certain amount each day or will they be gone by the Friday. Also will there be any other cool stuff available such as tee's, prints or books. And lastly how small a run is piss weak, and what's the chance of getting Ash to draw on a skateboard at the signing?
A: You know, I don't know, I kinda have no idea if any one cares about 3A or me in Adelaide will play it by ear, im kinda sure ill be sitting with toys at the end of the show looking like sad fuck... pissweak means smallest run for any Pascha so far. I will have a free poster, and ill draw on a skateboard, fuck why not !

Q: I know Hobson and Dolch got the write out from WWR, but is there chance we will see them surface in another storyline?

Q: Any idea how much we need to save for MGS Ray in December? Can't wait for the price announcement.
A: Well, if you divide what it has cost to develop, times stress, time, divide by 3D output, I would say... Actually we don't know, we will nail down in November, im as eager as you to know! But I can say its a cool ass toy, and now Rex will have something to fight!

Q: Do you have any updates for us about AK Zomb Anthology book by Legion for charity?
A: Er pull my finger out, i love the book, so many cool illo's... feels guilty..

Q: Are we going to see more heavily tattoo'd TK's/Interlopers like Oyaloper in the future?
A: YES, there is a storm coming to the TK world!

Q: Being that 1/12th molded robot hands were made with the Action Portable Finger Gang, do you think we'll ever see molded robot hands in 1/6 scale? could probably make them less blocky and more streamlined by using human sculpts and just adding the robotic details on to them so that they look more like your paintings/drawings?
A: Maybe, never really thought about it.

Q: Mine question is concerning TKLUB #3 EDO set. I noticed that Blue EDO has a blue colored flick gun, so curious if Red EDO Commander and TKLUB #3 EDO set are colored matched as well? Also will they be in a two pack box set or individual boxes with posters of each?
A: Red EDO does indeed have red gun! And yes the EDO two pack has two boxes!

Q: I was wondering if there are any news on a new print for Bambalandstore, being produced soon?
A: Oh yea, we are preparing a 10 poster set, to be released soon only on Bamba, its cool, ill have some info this week on the blog!

Q: I like to pose figures with others that are part of a specific scene. Can you tell us who/what JC was fighting when Shit Got Real?
A: Zomb MD, and the MUNT ZOMB, they will come your way soon!

Q: What is the role of the Gravedigger colorway? Do they actually dig graves for the dead, or are they inspiring fear?
A: Its a WOOO WE ARE SCARY KINDA NAME. The GRAVE DIGGERS "were" renown for getting the job done, until they didnt, which in fact gave them more of a mythic quality. That story will be told.

Q: Since the Armstrongs are smarter than other bots, do they ever act as commanders for Brambles, Berties or Dropcloths? Are there bot engineers to fix damaged robots?
A: Well Smarter is a fuzzy term, it all depends on what rank the bots are pulling, and what version their software is and what experience they have! The AI software is content aware, the more battles it participates in, the more experienced the bot becomes, this in turn gives way to the bots having different positions of rank in their groups etc.

Q: Will there be any further Action Portable Tomorrow Kings and Adventure Kartel figures? I'm focusing on 1/12th scale collectibles and would love to have more.
A: Yea, but the size needs support, they cost a lot to develop and make, the smaller size is hard work! You want more, help us out and tell people about them! We at 3A do much for sake of doing it, long as we break even, thats the main goal, keep the lights on to make more cool figures!

Q: Will the retail Harolds come with different accessories, like an ever elusive 1/6 Gatling gun...on a Harold! I think you can imagine how Goldin Dolphin flippin awesome that would be.
A: We shall see, not making any announcements until the Harolds ship, we are putting Harold energy into that.. and trust me, that takes a shit load of energy..

Q: How big are the transport devices for the robots? Something must be huge to transport a 1/6 robot, or does it offer only 1/12 transport services? I know you need some help with getting them out on Bambaland, so if it helps you can tell Rothchild that I'll take two of everything.
A: I have a Bertie transport and Dropcloth sidecar bike etc for 1/12th, but yea, we are powered by your passion and if you want it, make some noise!!

Q: Is Marian slogger still in the works or it's for the new WWR EVOL chapter?
A: Yes, I want to focus on the Martians a lot next year, EVOL on all points!

Q: My question is whether you might consider making a Popbot robot severed leg and/or arm? Currently, we have the heads. And severed robot legs and arms, would be great to pose with 1/6 TKs and TQs.
A: That might be cool, ill try an experiment see what its like!

Q: I was interested, is there an Action Portable Zomb wave 2 in the works?
A: There will be a new AK 1/12th wave coming soon, all different characters carded for retailers.. in a cool display box, kinda like how we sold the original Squares back in the day!

Q: Is upcoming AK SHIT HOT ADVENTURE ANNUAL will be published by 3A or IDW?
A: Thats actually gonna be a tshirt, but yes there is a AK book collecting all the stuff up till now plus new material in the new year, published by 3A.


The Adventures of Isobelle Pascha – LIZBETHTQ JUST COZPLAY

November - 2013  MB3jp7Nt

One of mentioned chased figure from COO first release back in October (direct link to the original post on the blog, which mentions the chases) and Ashley Wood talking about it:
"The chase fig that is LIZ in TQ COZPLAY etc thought you guys might like to see!"

Ashley Wood about EVENFALL MOONBASE OMEGA PERSONNEL -INFECTED- (formerly known as EVENFALL STRIGOI ASTRONAUT), which will available for pre-order in November (date will be announced soon).

November - 2013  43PUXwxtNovember - 2013  998542jtNovember - 2013  Y9FWHH2tNovember - 2013  EzredejtNovember - 2013  AQ32iBbtNovember - 2013  EU04RyPt

"I was playing on around on the carpeted floor of my moonbase with the first 1/6th release for EVENFALL ( MOONBASE OMEGA PERSONNEL -INFECTED-) and I thought I would share some photos. This bugger will be available this month and starts what I hope to be a long line of cool toys from EVENFALL. Im a massive fan of the original mini books that came with the first 8 Masters of the Universe, so with each release for Evenfall ill create a new book kind along those lines tp pack in, I really want you guys to know about the world of Evenfall! Of course more professional photos and whatnot soon, but kinda fun to see him in what will be a natural habitat for many of them!"

First hands on photos of pre-made The Adventures of Isobelle – Milky Ghosts by our Legionnaire: 蔡小寶

November - 2013  9RP9GDctNovember - 2013  Dgd5ABwt


EVENFALL 1/6th scale release one: MOONBASE OMEGA PERSONNEL -INFECTED-, has the pre-order date set and it's November 23rd, 9:00AM Hong Kong time at

November - 2013  43PUXwxt

Price haven't been finalized yet and you can find enter gallery of the figure here at 3AVOX.

The Adventures of Isobelle Pascha – Milky Ghosts (which all shipped out) hands on photos by our boardie drunkdroid

November - 2013  DynCwNitNovember - 2013  KPLvP0ntNovember - 2013  5Ux2hq4tNovember - 2013  CiNGIVQt

And Milky Ghost next to Darkside of the Moon Pascha, photographed by Desmond Yeo

November - 2013  1Rf6TC2t

Detailed photos of WWR 1G JEA Armstrong from b]WWR JEA Assault Meat is Murder set[/b] by our boardie soulburn3d and more photos at his Flickr page.

November - 2013  RJXBjettNovember - 2013  UZA6zBltNovember - 2013  OmXZ4GLtNovember - 2013  QqMuD8btNovember - 2013  BwAxFXatNovember - 2013  UXcRJhItNovember - 2013  5hfhGhhtNovember - 2013  J4c1aYFtNovember - 2013  8MhPRgFtNovember - 2013  YBjpJh9tNovember - 2013  K0qP49lt

and photo of the entire WWR JEA Assault Meat is Murder set by our boardie Beeto Bot

November - 2013  F0G8s0Tt


I want to welcome you to eight Sunday Q&A session with Ashley Wood, it's unbelievable how fast time flies! Few people approached me and shared how Sunday Q&A became part of their weekly routine, when they pour some coffee, distance themselves from all the worries and intently get to reading. To lift a curtain a bit, that's close to what I do, when Ashley answers on questions and send them back to me. Now back to our Sunday routine...If you want a chance for your question to be featured in next one/ones, please send your interesting and original questions directly to ; use "Ask" thread at threeA forum or you can submit your questions via messages at our 3AVOX Facebook page.

Q: Do you have any rough idea of what the exclusive drop for ToyCon 2014 will be like? A punk or mod themed figure would be sweet!
A: I think you will be happy then!

Q: I have the Sorrento Assault print purchased from Ashley Wood's gallery website and was wondering if there is any backstory to this piece? Also, are there plans to ever release a 1/6 of this (obviously, supremely badass) TK? I, for one, would be extremely interested in owning one to compliment the print. Coming to Sorrento Assault, does the TK have an 8 or zero on the back of his jersey (or some other character)?
A: From memory, its the 8baller logo, Tk's love the 8baller brand, you know what would be cool, a figure and the platform! Maybe a TKLUB 2014 release, better get your 3AA on in Jan!

Q: Will you ever consider making a MOD character ? I mean a real MOD Char not the hacked robot by MOD and does Darwin Rothchild live completely alone ? Doesn't he has any family or wife or girlfriend around him?
A: I have one, but he is kinda simple, looks like a guy with a laptop and caffeine infused beverage! Maybe a WWRKLUB release for 2014! Rothchild lives very alone, his family was found wanting in his eyes at an early age, they all passed away shortly after from obscure accidents! He never had a girlfriend, maybe it would have helped!

Q: Do you have any news for us, regarding Iron Man or maybe other licensed figures from Marvel?
A: Iron Man on sale December, then Doom, Spidey and Ultron!

Q: Have there been any developments with the highly anticipated 3A x Kenny Wong Sea Monkey recently?
A: Very soon, the Sea Monkey looks awesome and is done from I have seen!

Q: I have an intense passion for steampunk wings with copper, brass, leather...those sort of things. Have you ever thought of incorporating wings on your robots or other figures? Maybe an alternate universe with a medieval/victorian Experimental Rothchild division? Maybe incorporate time travel in the WWR story?
A: I like me some steampunk too, but my designs are kinda just what they are, I don't really think, mmm I need to do this, or so something like that etc. I have a story about knights I wanna do, that i think is kinda cool, so maybe!

Q: Will Rothchild ever participate in the battle, wearing a MECH suit, like a boss fight?
A: Well you will see the new Rothchild soon, he is entering his CHE period now!

Q: Is Noir de Plume and the Dirty Deeds the final chapter of Nom de Plumes story in WWR?
A: No very early on, the first act if you will!

Q: Are we going to see new Dropcloths in 2014? As in design or colorways?
A: Retail will see new colorways of the 1.5 Dropcloth. A new design I dunno..

Q: Are figures from M+M book/Universe still happening?
A: In my head!, I have 2/3rds of the second book done, this is the first bit of interest i have in years, I didnt think anyone really cared...sniff sniff.

Q: With the return of H&D will there be powered suits in WWR? Or will they be a rival robot manufacturer and you will explore powered armor suits in EVENFALL?
A: RIVAL ROBOTS for H&D, their company moto is, PUTTING CLASS BACK INTO WAR. They are opposite to Rothchild in every way, except the joy of cash and death! No robots in EVENFALL, all powered suits etc..for now.

Q: When will we see the 1/6 Bertie MK2 and will there be a version with classic machete and heads or maybe a new WARBOT? And slightly related question, is there a chance we'll see a WWR Bertie Mk3.5 with the insanely cool revolvers? We've seen the Harold with the optional guns / arms, is it possible to do something like that with said Bertie MK3.5: battle damaged arm, parts / non battle damaged arm parts?
A: Well I guess anytime... we have it! I think there will be a few options, with different weapons etc. Early in the new year they be unleashed !

Q: I love the concept of Isobelle and Lizbeth doing cosplay, like bear, astronaut, and even TQ, maybe in the future we will see them cosplaying as De Plume? Sounds a bit weird, but might be cool.
A: Nope thats a good idea, send me more ideas! Even if they are not 3A related cosplay. The Lizbeth cosplay is a great toy, sad but maybe of the best TQ, and not even a TQ!

Q: Will WWR ever see bots/troops for aquatic or naval combat?
A: Robots and water dont get on well, but I would like to see a navy Seal type soldier etc...

Q: Do you still have plans for 1/32th scale mini-figures or the idea shifted and transformed into EVENFALL OSM?
A: OSM ( stands for One Sheet Model) is the name of the model range that we do with GOODSMILE CO, there are upcoming WWR and POPBOT models, small and fun!

Q: Once you mentioned that Lasstranaut was being "ushered through the veil". Is there any chance she is coming with a Bot Head or something just for her from which to perch beautifully on?
A: Well ill say it here, she id the 2014 3AA, we will also offer the LASSTRALANDER soon after. Its a really nifty LASS themed 3AA.. Figure, book, tshirt, all wrapped up in a cool Brent Ashe design thingy!

Q: Will we see more of the Big Red and Kruschev Memorial Guard colorways in the future? I want to see the new 1.5 droppie with a hammer and sickle accessory!
A: I must read you guys wrong, I didn't think anyone dug the new droppy, but I keep getting asked for more, shit knows what else i'm missing : )

Q: I've just spent a long time posing my Pathfinder Oya TK Ōno, and realized I really don't know much about him. I went looking for information, but there doesn't seem to be much out there, is there anything interesting or significant you can share about this character? Is he the only Pathfinder? Also, would it be possible to see bios and in-depth information about existing characters released regularly in the future? Maybe can be regularly covered in WO3A?
A: Well WO3A should help in filling in story and info for all Ash IP's. Pathfinder in the UNDERVERSE refers to finding ways to go forward and back in time without being crushed, its a pretty important role, but many TK go mad or go missing doing it! Im not the kinda guy to give to much of a detailed lowdown on anything, I guess its a style thing, not a lack of knowing it ( as anyone who meets me with questions finds out ) just my way of doing it, I blame French cinema for this!

Q: Most of the recent female figures are wearing high heel shoes. Will wee see them wearing (or have them included) chucks or sneakers again, like OG Little Shadow and Queenie?
A: If the character wears heels, it heels, if it s sneakers, its sneaker, I dont dictate what they wear, the character does, they whisper to me as I surf the waters of half sleep, and leave messages in steamed up mirrors in train stations etc, pretty standard I hear. Hey, our 3A XMAS BEER girls wear boots!

Q: How's the mighty TK Hunter coming along? Is the color finalized?
A: COLORS my friend, the MORTIS do like to represent their clans through color and design! Im hoping, to release in December, at least one! But TK Hunter isnt simple so Im guessing early 2014!

Q: Will we see more than one type/model of "bike" for the Modern Girls line and is there any update on King Thumb's chopper?
A: Yup, Im working with my new 3A designer on Modern Girls, she brings much skills to designing such stuff! King Thumb bike soon!

Q: Are you thinking about possible revision of F-Legion figure?
A: Yea, I wanna do his buds, I imagine them like the A Team... yup, A TEAM!

Q: If it ever came down to it, who would win in a fight, Schwarzenegger or Stallone…I mean: Merde, Bleak or Tommy?
A: Merde would clean em all up, ruthless cunt of man, i mean Stallone, Schwartz, Die Hard era Bruce Willis any fucker actually! Cmon his name is french for shit, you have to be tough to wear that mantle!

Thanks to everyone for submitting your questions, whether they were answered in this session or not and thank you for being interested in 3A and thinking about us!


Important information regarding upcoming EVENFALL RELEASE ONE MOONBASE ASTRONAUT STRIGOI pre-order. First of all, the pre-order date is November 21st 9:00AM Hong Kong time (and not November 23rd).

The first EVENFALL release MOONBASE ASTRONAUT STRIGOI will come in a few combos:
*Single Standard suit
*Two pack with Standard and Shredded suit
*Single White suit Nightide Strigoi

November - 2013  XXTdqm9tNovember - 2013  RLm5D5GtNovember - 2013  JQbnKoqtNovember - 2013  McBYPUstNovember - 2013  61aoWzMtNovember - 2013  SVl1H5gtNovember - 2013  3s6uYNSt

Personally, I can't enough of WWR JEA Assault Meat is Murder set, so here are more detailed shots by our boardie: soulburn3d, including comparison shots with 1/12th WWRp JEA 1G Armstrong

November - 2013  PQ46Rx8tNovember - 2013  ZyVNNR6tNovember - 2013  RVoFWS3tNovember - 2013  W0F5d5ktNovember - 2013  XAZ4xSmtNovember - 2013  YS96eectNovember - 2013  UWCUOyttNovember - 2013  NfMFfPTtNovember - 2013  VHpkQ5pt


Adventure Kartel OPPENHEIMER GID ZOMB in 1/6th scale available right now at for 95USD shipped.

November - 2013  Vb5uDvAt


Adventure Kartel OPPENHEIMER GID ZOMB is still up at Bambalandstore and even though this sale is on the surprise side of things and there is no F5 bar, our boardies and Legionnaires still came up with bunch of cool fan-art!

November - 2013  C2KnxpHtNovember - 2013  6sk5gE7tNovember - 2013  HHL6qDFtNovember - 2013  PzsAe3DtNovember - 2013  Cw5DDxZtNovember - 2013  IYyoeiYtNovember - 2013  7vfofest

Entire gallery with author names, can be seen here:

Retailer wave of WWRp Caesars: BcELL Logistics / USMC / Deimos II / Aus Republic, photographed by our boardie: SzuTsung

November - 2013  CxcnKvmtNovember - 2013  ZJRd6xdtNovember - 2013  PSs49uutNovember - 2013  FS3C0GftNovember - 2013  OjuqTdytNovember - 2013  Gw08q6ctNovember - 2013  X9UCJUAtNovember - 2013  ZvChvUdtNovember - 2013  Du3sHEQt

More detailed shots can be seen at our forum or after the jump at 3AVOX Facebook page.


Ashley Wood about our MAGANDA BUKAS WHITE/BLACK t-shirts, all proceedings will go to the charity. T-shirts are up at right now:

November - 2013  H6kxrEptNovember - 2013  0R5HUCzt

"The Philippines has suffered a great tragedy of late, and naturally our thoughts are with them. We were thinking how we could help, even in a small way, and we figured a T-shirt would be a good. We will send every prior Philippine customer of bambaland a t-shirt as a small gesture. ( I’m sure our great CS will help with sizing etc ) As well as this we will offer the shirt on Bambaland and give the proceeds to a charity such as the Red Cross in that part of the world, like we did for Japan.

When I see the children and displaced families on news feeds it really touches me, as a father I cannot imagine the fear and stress these families are feeling! Let’s not become cold to these situations, as death is shown daily as nothing but a by product of differing opinions, fuck that thinking, don’t give into apathy, say fuck no! -Ash

The shirt is up on BAMBA, these have to go to press asap, so they cant be up for long, dig deep!"


Ashley Wood showing prototype images of THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN, while we waiting for the approval of fully painted ones and sharing how it feels like to design his own version of super popular Marvel characters:

November - 2013  CuuhWiBtNovember - 2013  Mitz12QtNovember - 2013  04sKatlt

"I thought I would share some prototype images of our IRON MAN with you guys ( We have some nifty colorways to show you soon ) I’m having a killer time designing Marvel Universe characters, getting to play with iconic characters is pretty amazing. I still remember reading IRON MAN 200 as a kid, dreaming of being a Marvel comic artist etc, never did I think I would have a toy company and the chance to make my own! I should mention that Marvel has been nothing but supportive and hands-off, I’ll tell you that its a rare thing with such popular and well known characters! After Iron Man we have Doc Doom, Ultron and Spiderman and his Pal, actually many more, but I wanna keep some surprises!
Ill have much more info on Iron Man and what he do soon!!"


Shipping update

Haven’t done shipping update for a while, very excited to announce that we will be shipping multiple releases/figures towards the end of next week. So, here is what will be shipping out your way soon:

*WWRp Pinky Bertie MK3.5 (normal and damaged version)
*Adventure Kartel Action Portable The Civil Offensive Ankou-EX 3 pack
*Adventure Kartel Action Portable Ankou-EX Fat Drown
*Adventure Kartel Cold Merde

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Recently shipped out figures and releases:

*WWR JEA Assault Meat is Murder set
*The Adventures of Isobelle Pascha – Darkside of her Moon Pascha
*WWRp Caesar R.I.P. Zero Zero Three
*The Adventures of Isobelle Pascha – Milky Ghosts

If you have any questions about your orders or general threeA related questions, please never hesitate to contact our Customer Service professionals at , we will be delighted to help you! If you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice and direction to 3Asupport on twitter or engage with our official 3AVOX Facebook page .

During this weekend Ashley Wood is at SUPANOVA in Adelaide (South Australia), I suggest keeping an eye on his personal art blog or WORLD OF 7174 one for coverage.

November - 2013  UExpZQgt

Fan-art by our boardies and Legionnaires, dedicated to Adventure Kartel OPPENHEIMER GID ZOMB pre-order at
Zomb is still up there along with blistered carded MAGANDA BUKAS t-shirt in BLACK or WHITE. All proceedings will go to Red Cross, in order to raise help for Philippines.

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album link with author names:


Hey guys,

If you are wondering where is did Sunday Q&A go, the thing is that Ashley Wood been insanely busy this week and was at SUPANOVA in Adelaide whole weekend.

Once, I will have the answers in hand (most likely this Monday), they are going up on our blog and here or we will skip this Sunday Q&A and do BIG ONE next week.

Will update the news, once I will have some info from Ash.

How is your weekend 3ALegion? Hope all is well on your side!


I want to welcome you to ninth Q&A session with Ashley. Sorry for not doing it on our regular Sunday time, but hey, we did it anyway and it’s A LARGE ONE! I want to THANK everyone, who keeps asking questions and supporting these sessions! If you want a chance for your question to be featured in next one/ones, please send your interesting and original questions directly to ; use “Ask” thread at threeA forum or you can submit your questions via messages at our 3AVOX Facebook page.

Q: Are there any plans of 3A Publishing to re-print a series of books about Isobelle Pascha?

A: Yes!

Q: Did you ever think about releasing some more Mighty Squares? Will we be seeing the Mighty Squares with mounted turrets anytime soon?

A: To be honest, I didn’t think you guys wanted more, I love the fucker, great for posing figs, looks funny, had leg flaps! Maybe ill do a XXXMAS one, see if you guys love ol MIGHTY!

Q: Are there multiple sculpts for EVENFALL Strigoi Astronaut and can you please tell us the price?

A: For the Astronaut version, there is only the one head sculpt etc , as thats how they look, there will more types down the line, and they will have different heads and hands etc. They will cost 160usd each.

Q: When we might get to see a Future Mort? Is there a chance to see that happen before 2014?

A: Yup, he and the Dead Astro are related so I want to have him appear!

Q: I have lots of questions about 7Bones, huge fan of them! How did Punk King selected his personal guards? What is so special about the 7Bones rouges to be chosen by The Forth. Which rank of TKs does these 7bones belong to, can you please tell us more about them? Was the blue colorway for 7bones intentional choice and why blue?

A: The Punk king was assigned them by Luthor Bean JR. They are considered 7 of the best in their individual skills, so its natural they were given the task of guarding the King. As mentioned, they all know the day they die and how, so they fight without fear, they know their part in the history!

Q: Are there going to be some new 1/6 Caesar bots in WWR EVOL?

A: Caesar, well they have kinda gone rogue…. You can say it was their destiny to, not unexpected!

Q: Can we maybe get a little I do on these Xmas BEER girls you mentioned in the last Q&A?

A: Are they going to be anything like the XXXmas TQ’s? It will be a surprise, why mess that up!

Q: Were the Strigoi vampires human, then transformed into these creatures because of the parasites, or are they an alien being? How is it that the astronaut suits are designed to fit the elongated Strigoi bodies, and not human proportions?

A: Well there are two answers to this, The suits are super stretchy made from a hitech substrate that conforms to most in not any body type, a true one size fits all if you will! Second version, the shredded version accommodates the idea the suit ripped and got shredded as the body changed shape, so Im offering the solid suit or the shredded suit to cover all bases as I like them both!

Q: What is the story behind the G.I.D Oppenheimer Zomb. Is he one zomb or one of many Oppenheimer Zombs? Is he good at chemistry or an experiment which went wrong?

A: He is an early Zomb that basically got messed up by ZOMB MD and his early RAD experiments. He doesn’t work for ZOMB MD, nor is he a friend of the AK. Due to be an early version, he has a little more self control than the everyday Boiler Zomb.

Q: You mentioned that we should let you know , remind you , prod CS etc for stuff to keep it in mind, and with reference to your reply to the AP Ankou sale and since we have seen protos of AP Tommy and Little Shadow, can we have them for sale soon? Nice lil 3 pack maybe?

A: We shall have some news for 1/12th AK!

Q: Will the Lasstranaut figure come with the cute little whistling star or any other accessories?

A: The Criminal Star supplies the power need by Lasstranaut to do her work, the star is small in size but FUCKING HUGE IN THE POWER STAKES! So yea, I assume he will pop along for the ride!

Q: Since we have many AK universe monsters and supernatural figures such as witches, mummies and the eventual Dracula, will we ever get a AK Frankenstein style Zomb or something along those lines ?

A: Well, I have A Dracula style figure coming soon for another line, AK doesnt have vampires in that tradition, I think the idea of ZOMBENSTEIN© is to funny not too! It has a name now, so it has to happen!

Q: Are we still going to see the 1/12th MK1 Square pack (avoiding re-release of the same Squares of course) and if yes: will there be newer colorways in there too?

A: We will, but for the time being the schedule is really full up!

Q: Are we going to see TKLUB Tomorrow Kings in Action Portable scale? If yes, how they will be sold?

A: I think variations/versions will be released , but The TKLUB characters are exclusive for that line.

Q: Which WWRp Bertie MK 3.5 might be next? We seriously need more!

A: I agree! I want a 1/6th one too!

Q: Does threeA plan on releasing more hoodies, or perhaps some more 1:1 scale versions of any 3A character clothing in the future?

A: I think weekly about releasing the TK shirts we have done over the years, then the work wave hits, and its another week till I have the thought again, thats why this Q and A is so great, it also reminds me of stuff. I have always imagined them box, with 3 or so shirts in each illustrated box!

Q: Could we see Hot Foot’s flamethrower (or any flamethrower) in the hands of 1/6 size robots?

A: Maybe a new design of Flame thrower, a flamer Bertie etc.

Q: With the Marvel reveals does Wolverine happen to he on the horizon?

A: I can hear a mumbled BUB somewhere ???

Q: Is the special signed print for Pudding Boss contest participants still in the works?

A: Yup.

Q: Out of the Marvel figures you are working on right now, you have listed Spidey is one of the least metallic. Are we going to see a 3A cloth suit or the whole thing being vinyl? Have you given thoughts to the variants? Regular suit and black suit are obvious, but please give some thought to (In my opinion) one of the best spider suits the original Scarlet Spider outfit with the blue hoody.

A: Um cant really say, you will see, a little different from the traditional story, but still very familiar.

Q: At this point we have seen a Zombkin the past 3 Halloweens. Have you given thought as to making him the permanent Halloween drop? Even if he is a secret drop like this year it would be amazing to keep seeing variants of him. Even love to see some 1/12 scales of the Charkin and Ghostkin to hang out with the 1/12 Zombkin.

A: Well the Story of Zombkin and Hotfoot will continue, as I like Zombkin greatly, I shall push it in new directions, maybe a reforming of his band etc.

Q: How would you describe H&D and Roth if they were car companies. Would Roth be like Ford and H&D BMW?

A: Roth is more like the Tesla car co, H&D are more like Jaguar…

Q: Is there any chance of ever producing t-shirts in typical ‘girly sizes’ as well as the regular sizes?

A: Well we would, but the cost of inventory could add up and cost us dearly, we have a tight bottom line at 3A and need to be careful. Maybe we can maybe 20 or so for each shirt for the next couple and see if indeed there is any after the ends interest etc.

Q: Will the WWRp line up ever see Bot Sniper release?

A: If you guys support the line YES, its a simple case of demand, we cant continue any line without you guys getting behind it, sounds a bit trite, but its the reality of the situations for any line, and toy from any company. I have always said, I want to see all my characters available in all sizes, nothing has changed!

Q: My question is for the future of the Marvel line and I understand if you’re not aloud to answer due to it being down to license but would the Marvel line ever be considered to be made in 1/12th? or even part of the 3AGO line?

A: Not at the moment, Im only interested in the 1/6th size, I cant see that changing as the work and abilities of these toys require the 1/6th size to fulfill my brief. 3AGo is close to launching, as I have mentioned its 3A’s 8″ MEGO format line, totally done for the fun of it, the first releases are some old buddies from the early TK line, but I intend to do many 8″ versions from all over the spectrum, I would love to make some super heroes figs based on Image Comics lines, maybe some of that Joe Casey stuff etc. Bottom line it will be fun and diverse. Imagine, you can hunt down older 8″ playsets and use them, or have a TK fucking up a Planet of the Apes Soldier Ape by Mego…

Q: I have a few questions about Ronin TKs, really interested in them. Is there any relation between Sun, Moon and Snowblind? Did they all know each other at some point? How are their skills compared to that of a regular TK? Or even an Oyabun?

A: They are related indeed, Well Sun and Moon run together, Moon operates after sundown, Sun during the day, they share their spoils. Snowblind is a bit more esoteric, one minute he will save a cat in a tree, the next level an apparently average town killing all the inhabitants without remorse.

Q: Ash, do you ever go back to some of your very early sketches and think about a revisiting? A superb drawing in Leggerboot Volume one of Iron Shoe – looks like a bot gumshoe detective maybe? Be cool to have a range by 3A of just some of the various characters that might not be affiliated with AK, WWR, Pop and other existing lines.

A: I never revisit anything I have done really book wize, I had forgotten about Leggerboot, now I remember having to sign and draw on so many…gah! I do have ideas that bubble away and make their wat to the top. But saying that, ill go look at some old stuff and see whats what!

Q: Does Nom/Noir become a Fallen de plume? What does the Supreme think of the Fallen Plumes? Who would win in a fight between a Nom disciple and a Fallen Plume? Will we see a Jung Hunter Nom disciple?

A: Surpreme NOM want them all dead, flayed like eels in front of her! Noir isnt fallen, FALLEN is a very different way of thinking from the NOM, Noir is more a independent NOM member, still follows the Supreme NOM, but in his own way.

Q: I remember there was a mention of BOT FACTORY, some good time ago. Could there ever be a threeA Customizer sale? Sell odds and ends, maybe some factory seconds,some DIY pieces – shit laying round?

A: Oh we got some news soon, back int the day I dont think we had the set up to do it, Im hoping to give budding Rothchilds a avenue to make shit, it wont be cheap, it wont be for everyone, but it will be good, NOPE, GREAT!

Q: Will we see African Defense colorway ever used again and hopefully on Bertie MK2 in 1/6th scale, missing that colorway a lot!

A: Me too, need to rev that emo up again ( cmon, remember the decal emo, shit, a decal can make people get so pissy, but they dont give a fuck about single mums doing it hard, or child abuse, weird aint it! ), Germany plays a great role in the WWR story, they are one of the good guys!

Q: When can we expect the next 7 bones?

A: Can’t wait to collect ‘em all! I wanna do a TQ, I miss those tight ass suits!

Q: WWR Harolds are really taking their time in the production and could we see photos of all 15 colorways please? Would be great if you could show them to us all on the blog, would feed our hunger and anticipation for them for a bit.

A: They are ready, ill grab some shots soon, my house has a fort of boxes. Thanks to the peeps that ordered a Harold, you nearly have some heavy ordinance !

Q: I have a questions about LASSTRANAUT: it’s my most anticipated figure, and coming in the membership pack, I know I will be getting one. Will there just be one version/color way in the packs or there will be more variants released during the year?

A: No, only one Lasstranut is needed, I only do colorways when I can make it work in my head, there is only one LASS, she is a unique force of nature.

Q: How expensive are the Moleskines you recently showed on the blog? I would love to buy one…maybe do a timed release to test the waters? Or perhaps a timed release of a simple two-three color silkscreen print, that would then be printed to order?

A: I think they cost me like 40 bucks each, plus shipping, I would offer if they had a system like lulu or sumin where you could just buy them etc. The longer i have them, the more I like them!

The World of Isobelle Pascha is about to get a lot bigger in 2014!

November - 2013  Z0ZUo0rt


EVENFALL release one: MOONBASE OMEGA COMMANDER ASTRONAUT NIGHT SHADE STRIGOI (will be offered along regular orange suit version).

Our absolutely new line in 1/6th scale: EVENFALL starts at on November 21st, 9:00AM Hong Kong time

Each figure costs 160USD

November - 2013  AI1at2stNovember - 2013  BUePOaOt

EVENFALL DISCORDANT PART TWO comic by Ashley Wood and for your convenience I'll put it next to the first one:

November - 2013  W8D6qMftNovember - 2013  XxbIsZlt


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November - 2013  Empty Re: November - 2013

Post by gimbat Sat Mar 14, 2015 9:10 pm


What do you think about this creepy photo of STRIGOI SPECIMEN 211113 OMEGA? I like how it resembles the footage from famous alien autopsy video from Roswell UFO crash.

November - 2013  Xaua3JRtNovember - 2013  TL0BMYCtNovember - 2013  0VMO9Z5t

With less than 17 hours to EVENFALL: MOONBASE OMEGA ASTRONAUT STRIGOI sale, F5 Bar is live and the event page over 3AVOX at Facebook can be found here.

As mentioned previously, single MOONBASE OMEGA ASTRONAUT STRIGOI costs 160USD and we just finalized the price for the 2pack, which consists of regular fig and figure in the shredded suit at 310USD. Pre-order starts on November 21st, 9:00AM Hong Kong time at

We been asked a lot about articulation on MOONBASE OMEGA ASTRONAUT STRIGOI from our entirely new – EVENFALL line. So here is detailed description of planned articulation on the final production figure, as detailed and simple, as possible:

Head – one ball joint
Neck – one ball joint
Shoulder – ball joint and the crutch joint
Upper arm – crutch joint
Middle arm – crutch joint
Wrist – ball joint
Each hand – 14 pintle joint
Chest – ball joint
Pelvis – crutch joint and ball joint
Knee – crutch joint
Ankle – ball joint

As you can see, for a figure with such unusual proportions, it has a very fair amount of articulation and can pull some pretty interesting and creepy poses!

With less than 17 hours to EVENFALL: MOONBASE OMEGA ASTRONAUT STRIGOI sale, F5 Bar is live and here is the first fan-art by our talented boardies and Legionnaires:

November - 2013  LiWMZRGtNovember - 2013  EIDlHwJtNovember - 2013  AkatiEPtNovember - 2013  GoTWTXUtNovember - 2013  3DEMZSDtNovember - 2013  G34LuvetNovember - 2013  Gcrx2VItNovember - 2013  298rkiitNovember - 2013  M4rzOy0tNovember - 2013  KDDi6T3tNovember - 2013  QJytV63tNovember - 2013  FxNrpvitNovember - 2013  RCmcbPAt

album link: (author names will be added later on)


Ashley Wood about EVENFALL release one:
"Its a special day for me, EVENFALL finally gets going with the release of the 1/6th STRIGOI ASTRONAUT, it’s been a while since we started a major line here at 3A and I cant wait to share the story and upcoming releases with you guys from this world!

this ones for Carl Sagan!"


EVENFALL STRIGOI - MOONBASE OMEGA ASTRONAUT SET costs 310USD (shipped worldwide) and it includes normal and shredded suit.

November - 2013  61aoWzMtNovember - 2013  SVl1H5gtNovember - 2013  RLm5D5GtNovember - 2013  McBYPUst

EVENFALL STRIGOI - MOONBASE OMEGA ASTRONAUT singles cost 160USD each (shipped worldwide)

November - 2013  XXTdqm9t

EVENFALL STRIGOI - MOONBASE OMEGA COMMANDER ASTRONAUT singles cost 160USD each (shipped worldwide)

November - 2013  AI1at2st

Please check the store for full info and each option, includes EVENFALL book-let #1.

fan-art by our boardies and Legionnaires dedicated to EVENFALL release one:

November - 2013  RCmcbPAtNovember - 2013  FxNrpvitNovember - 2013  JzbUg76tNovember - 2013  M4rzOy0tNovember - 2013  KDDi6T3tNovember - 2013  QJytV63tNovember - 2013  LiWMZRGt
November - 2013  EIDlHwJtNovember - 2013  AkatiEPtNovember - 2013  GoTWTXUtNovember - 2013  3DEMZSDtNovember - 2013  G34LuvetNovember - 2013  SKD22FftNovember - 2013  HXd1DABtNovember - 2013  ETM8cWYtNovember - 2013  CMu3SN5tNovember - 2013  Pqth1bvtNovember - 2013  7aATeQ6t

album link: (author names added)


Grish, Chong Wey Ming, Print (5), Kurt Papstein, chatchawan, Mouse9090 (3), BRiZL (2), watanabekun, Gilles Vranckx, Jahright, sail, Tham Kit Mun, Alex Tuis, TheDrOfStyle

EVENFALL STRIGOI - MOONBASE OMEGA COMMANDER ASTRONAUT single (Strigoi in white suit) is more on the limited pre-order side, so if you don’t see one at the store, it means that the particular batch is gone. For those who just discovered us, it’s basically means that figure goes up and down during the sale in batches, and you have to be at Bambalandstore, at the right moment to grab one and go through checkout process.

WWRp Pinky Bertie MK3.5 (normal and damaged version) boxes, shipping out this week:

November - 2013  JIhDRWltNovember - 2013  ZTtf6CytNovember - 2013  XrDNJSUt


Ashley Wood about keeping EVENFALL: MOONBASE OMEGA ASTRONAUT STRIGOI longer at

"Thanks for the Evenfall supporters, we have been asked due to the Console releases of late to leave the Strigoi Alien up a little longer, we will but we will have to end it sooner than later! Cant wait to release the 1/6th THUG suit and see you pose the fight scenes!
best Ash"

And speaking about the calendar for 2014, which is coming to

"If you want organize 2014 with style, i suggest you grab a 3A 2014 calendar, illustrated by me! It has a limited run as we had to pre-make them etc, its a nice large 17″ x 23″ and will even be signed, again by me if you order from Bambaland before December 10th, it will set you back 50 bucks – that includes shipping anywhere in the world. It will be onsale soon, ill give you a heads up when its about to drop!"

Yes, you read it right! IF you order the calendar before December 10th, it will be signed by Ashley Wood!

November - 2013  UbFxhJftNovember - 2013  YjEkcPKtNovember - 2013  SYrFuB7t


The World of Isobelle Pascha - Bear / Kuma Pascha

November - 2013  55yywDXtNovember - 2013  YBaSHBstNovember - 2013  UVcLqdqtNovember - 2013  F99mjAIt


Today is our 10th Q&A session with Ashley! We are really keeping it going and thanks to everyone who keeps sending their questions and hungry for more! If you want a chance for your question to be featured in next one/ones, please send your interesting and original questions directly to ; use "Ask" thread at threeA forum or you can submit your questions via messages at our 3AVOX Facebook page

Q: For folks who missed out on WWR standard Brambles (the quintessential WWR robot) the first time round e.g. may not have started their 3A collection when they were released, might they ever be re-released?
A: I guess I could, might be fun!

Q: Why did you and threezero merge? And slightly another question, do you and Kim talk for hours each day of the week to push design/production and how not to get tired of each other? What interest you share besides making coolest toys?
A: ThreeA and Threezero didn't merge, very different companies. We dont get ired of each as we have the same goal, going into our 6th year still feels exciting and challenging!

Q: What makes the Bertie SMRTgun so smart? I've noticed the little Bertie head on the tip of the barrel; does the gun have it's own A.I. built into it? Are there any other A.I. assisted guns in WWR?
A: Yes, its basically a self aware gun, that tracks its marks, and assists the main bot in targeting.

Q: Who is the woman on Snowblind TK's drawing? Does he in love with that woman or something?
A: Thats a secret! but it will all make sense one day!

Q: Will you ever consider doing Gorillaz figure, would be interesting to see your approach to them!
A: I like them as is, I don't think anyone can offer a new valid take on them as they are very well defined and designed! Actually I'm sure Hewlett could, it just doesn't feel or sound right for anyone else to play with them!

Q: I just received the Dark Side of her Moon Pascha (which came out amazing! by the way) and placing her next to some of my TK figures, it really stood out how much they tower over the boys. I know the male figures are gonna debut soon from Pacha-world so I was wondering if a new male body is going to be used for them. It seems like the men of Pacha would be considerably disproportionate to the ladies if they didn't use more...erm, robust bodies.
A: I like the ladies tall, but we are going to start releasing our ladies in in a 10" mode when apt! So I like em tall and not so tall!

Q: We got a lot of mean and lean looking grunts, did you ever thought about making some muscle bound freaks and or some fat slob of a monstrosity in terms of grunts/humans?
A: We do, and work on said bodies, but it takes a while to fully realize stuff, much to my horror, im a lets go now, have it in a week kinda guy, but I have learned that stuff takes a while and is better for it !

Q: Any chance we see a IRON PANDA/ ROGUE PANDA set or something of the sort? Would really be into knowing more of their history and there EVOLution in WWR.
A: Good ol Panda, one of the classic Corps, I think a set would be cool, does anyone want that ?

Q: What can you tell us of either Bastard or Hammersmith at this point ? Do they have history with Merde or each other? Any chance we see either of them in 2014?
A: Bastard is a bastard to all, from Merde to Tommy, he has been a dick for so long, he is only known as the Bastard, or to some The complete and UTTER BASATRD! 2014 will see many AK characters hinted at and not mentioned, its a fun world for me, I intend to push it even further into the crazy.. actually the upcoming MEGA ZOMB is pretty cool!

Q: As you requested more love for the Mighty Squares, can we see the blue and white FAT CLOUD data tower as a mighty square?
A: This fresh new design deserves this size! I totally agree, I might offer a large range made to order, I will in fact soon!

Q: Will Evenfall have factions with different colorways like WWR? Does humanity have different defense/attack forces with different colors?
A: Well there is TOTEM - keeping Earth safe, and the adversaries trying to do their thing, not really factions per se!

Q: Will the production ver of the Srigoi astronaut include the name of the astronaut on there suit? Be cool if so and they were random much like the name decals on the Lunar Armstrongs! Maybe even some sort of 1:1 patch to go with it?
A: Maybe, will see how they look.

Q: November's nearing an gorgeous Peppermint Grove still slated for this month?
A: She will pop up soon!

Q: You said that you have a lot plans for Martians and War Nurse Jessica is happening in WWR EVOL chapter too. Maybe you can share something more with us? Can't wait for Martians and fire is burning for Jessica!
A: She looks good!

Q: Have you ever thought of the possibility of making the "masks" and "helmets" of the WWR NOM COMMANDERS or GRUNT the 1/1 scale, it would be really amazing don't you think? And I got to be fair with you, we all WOULD REALLY love to buy those 1:1 AK heads too!
A: I think about such things, maybe we can try, we will release some 1:1 heads for AK!

Q: Can we get some more intel on the 13 Shitheels the Blind Cowboy hunts?
A: Well yes, you can buy them as well, well in 2014!

Q: I enjoy reading comics on the retina ipad, and was wondering how do you feel about digital comics? ZvR is available on Comixology, but will you (or IDW) ever release Popbot? Physical copies are hard to come by, so a digital version might hold people over until a reprint comes along.
A: I dont want to yet, when its done yes!

Q: To mark EVENFALL ONE release (again congratulations!), I have lots of questions and I hope you will answer on them. Do the Strigoi run? Shuffle? Like are they fast and aggressive or slow and night of the living dead zombie like? Can the parasite that infected humans turning them into Strigoi infect other animals? How does a T.H.U.G suit kill a Strigoi? Do they have a weakness? Will we see other versions of the Strigoi from different environments, like a earth type? Is there anything you can tell us about the T.O.T.E.M. organization/group?
A: You will have to wait and read the upcoming booklets and ads, all will be revealed. The Strigoi are very quick and strong when needed, but like to lope around when not attacking! The Strigoi come in many variations, the heads are always different, depending on the source. The upcoming Security Guard Strigoi will have the different head etc. You will see, its all very cool!

Q: How tall is 1/6th scale T.O.T.E.M suit and is there still a plan to have a 1/6th scale human pilot inside it? At ACG there was a prototype on the display and it doesn't looked big enough to fit 1/6th scale human and give him some comfort at the battlefield (I assume they spend a lot of time in those mechs).
A: Yup it fits a human, you will see, its a nifty toy!

Q: Where on earth do you keep all the toy prototypes you have? There must be well over 1000 at this point. Do you have a full basement? A barn behind the house? A rented storage unit? My garage I know is bulging at the seams with the boxes alone.
A: I have them in my studio, my home and my secret warehouse. I hope one day to show it all, a giant 3A exhibition, but I think we have many years of producing toys to gain that kinda of interest!

Adventure Kartel Cold Merde hands on photos by our boardies: scumonkey, gateau, A-Vin

November - 2013  FceOcxTtNovember - 2013  ILTpFrTtNovember - 2013  D3l1JHitNovember - 2013  K4D70s7tNovember - 2013  EmyCHUut


EVENFALL: MOONBASE OMEGA ASTRONAUT STRIGOI is gone from the store, we did our best to keep it up as long, as possible.

Just wanted to take an extra time and thank everyone, who supported EVENFALL one sale, we have a lot of future plans for this line and you will be blown away!

Here is all fan-art by our boardies and Legionnaires dedicated to EVENFALL release one:

November - 2013  RCmcbPAtNovember - 2013  FxNrpvitNovember - 2013  JzbUg76tNovember - 2013  M4rzOy0tNovember - 2013  KDDi6T3tNovember - 2013  QJytV63tNovember - 2013  LiWMZRGt
November - 2013  EIDlHwJtNovember - 2013  AkatiEPtNovember - 2013  GoTWTXUtNovember - 2013  3DEMZSDtNovember - 2013  G34LuvetNovember - 2013  SKD22FftNovember - 2013  HXd1DABtNovember - 2013  ETM8cWYtNovember - 2013  CMu3SN5tNovember - 2013  Pqth1bvtNovember - 2013  7aATeQ6tNovember - 2013  LwzEQsdtNovember - 2013  Umm2gfetNovember - 2013  T5Kj1FJtNovember - 2013  QAbzHITtNovember - 2013  OPpSRBytNovember - 2013  Dw9nz6FtNovember - 2013  2nWlk6KtNovember - 2013  EFqgujotNovember - 2013  2XkpMHYtNovember - 2013  NjcMRoLt

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THANKS TO ALL authors:

Grish, Chong Wey Ming, Print (5), Kurt Papstein, chatchawan, Mouse9090 (3), BRiZL (3), watanabekun, Gilles Vranckx, Jahright, sail, Tham Kit Mun, Alex Tuis, TheDrOfStyle, pann (2), William Chien, Steven Dhondt, fink, cromagnus, defcon, abex44

WWRp Damaged Pinky Bertie MK3.5 DMG quick photos by Ying Hom.

November - 2013  K2T2c4ztNovember - 2013  Ip1bFhKtNovember - 2013  KaUBG7Dt

Adventure Kartel Action Portable Ankou-EX Fat Drown and The Civil Offensive Ankou-EX 3 pack first hands on photos, by our Legionnaire from Facebook Chong Wey Ming and our boardies: nixon and TSR

November - 2013  HsiWTIHtNovember - 2013  A0x9bbctNovember - 2013  5JjJr2gtNovember - 2013  I4odbaHtNovember - 2013  NuEeDwZtNovember - 2013  Pv8XF2qtNovember - 2013  GEUKHmBtNovember - 2013  EGoMJMZtNovember - 2013  Vp5kcoXtNovember - 2013  13aKn9mtNovember - 2013  CQOKYfRtNovember - 2013  ZicVAt5tNovember - 2013  F2T7J8ItNovember - 2013  ZSJ170mt

Scale comparison next to WWRp (1/12th scale) Grunt and next to 1/6th scale Ankou EX:

November - 2013  4JxshsatNovember - 2013  K0PY66ht

Popbot TKLUB #4 Ronin TK Snowblind's SUP BOMB

November - 2013  IK5ay71t


Popbot NYCTF Tomorrow King Cornelius

November - 2013  ZcShxDIt

Long awaited: Adventure Kartel Peppemint Grove, who is Indie Music Critic and Robot Bounty Hunter and sister of Golden Dolphin at the same time, will go up for pre-order on December 3rd for 100USD.

November - 2013  GM0UXYntNovember - 2013  DGEWlCPtNovember - 2013  NsbschEtNovember - 2013  LBJnyL1tNovember - 2013  IanqSOAt

And here are the older photos, which we showed earlier this year:

November - 2013  AWktYzgtNovember - 2013  CR0ZiFztNovember - 2013  6pO9BJRtNovember - 2013  SromBWFt

Who can forget 1:1 Adventure Kartel Peppermint Grove from ACG?!

November - 2013  1XpvzPGtNovember - 2013  EQjvSKotNovember - 2013  EIqylcktNovember - 2013  QDlpSrjt


Something we been working on for a while! Kenny Wong x Ashley Wood Sea Monkey and Catherine Snowpea in 1/12th scale. Sea Monkey is around 12" tall.

November - 2013  8YZ2KjUt

AK Peppermint Grove says: "I want my dickhead brothers left hand, then I can hunt the link!" Dickehead brother is of course Golden Dolphin…but do you guys have any ideas who the Link is? Answering on some of the questions I noticed: AK Peppermint Grove will be available for pre-order on December 3rd, 9:00AM Hong Kong time for 100USD. Figures will be boxed (not carded) and boots color will be random.

November - 2013  YzJNxgltNovember - 2013  Dw5dtYutNovember - 2013  FiYQzwXt

Art by Ashley Wood:

November - 2013  DOD1iYXt

I wonder what bot head is doing in AK Universe...can't wait to find more!


Ashley Wood commenting about upcoming pre-order of AK Peppermint Grove by Ashley Wood:
"Boot color are blind box’d, due to production limitations we cannot offer a choice of color boots. Upside is, all the colors are great, you cant lose with any color! Ill also state some colors are more rare than others! Pep comes boxed with poster!

Pre-order starts on December 3rd, 9:00AM Hong Kong time and the price is 100USD.

Hope all Legionnaires in United States had a great Turkey Day!

Now to shipping updates and whatnot, next week we will start shipping out following threeA releases your way:

Adventure Kartel Golden Dolphin release
WWRp NW&DW Dropcloths
WWRp Dropcloth Superset

November - 2013  JibpboHtNovember - 2013  AnyxMPmtNovember - 2013  OgyZTHkt

If things will go according to the plan, we have a very BUSY schedule in December and lots of stuff shipping your way. Will share the updates, once I have the final confirmation in hand.

Recently shipped out figures and releases:

WWRp Pinky Bertie MK3.5 (normal and damaged version)
Adventure Kartel Action Portable The Civil Offensive Ankou-EX 3 pack
Adventure Kartel Action Portable Ankou-EX Fat Drown
Adventure Kartel Cold Merde

If you want to request tracking number or have any questions about your orders, please never hesitate to contact our Customer Service professionals at , we will be delighted to help you! If you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice and direction to 3Asupport on twitter or engage with our official 3AVOX Facebook page.

Here are hands on photos of WWRp Pinky Bertie MK3.5 (normal and damaged) versions by our boardies and Legionnaires:

November - 2013  F8KaIpVtNovember - 2013  CB94PJVtNovember - 2013  DL2Fpb6tNovember - 2013  RzBbK52tNovember - 2013  RR9RpKLtNovember - 2013  2oGHGQJtNovember - 2013  8NWQZirtNovember - 2013  VkYAxG0tNovember - 2013  ExSgUyNtNovember - 2013  ZKo3coetNovember - 2013  BV5WIbYtNovember - 2013  Zf7zwZ7tNovember - 2013  5DgGqOttNovember - 2013  Ygp0ZOGtNovember - 2013  O4lrMnTtNovember - 2013  ISyXwS6t

Much more photos (with author names) uploaded to 3AVOX Facebook page and can be seen here.

And Adventure Kartel Cold Merde photographed by Peter Phuah

November - 2013  9A0HnZntNovember - 2013  Gu3EI38tNovember - 2013  Od578eQtNovember - 2013  OYOTRxstNovember - 2013  I2mxykxtNovember - 2013  WHTQ6lCt

More photos by our boardies with author names here at 3AVOX Facebook page (no registration needed to check the photos).

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