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March - 2014

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Maarquis is about to vanish from

Here are few words from Ashley Wood:

"Thansk to all who supported our sale, the WWR EVOL story continues soon with DEPOSED ROTHCHILD!

With WWR EVOL Marquis de Plume leaving Bambalandstore, it's time to summarize all the fan-art.

March - 2014 HguoOzFtMarch - 2014 GRwjx9atMarch - 2014 CZHPRdFtMarch - 2014 7pi08GYtMarch - 2014 CnXSiCftMarch - 2014 4XtbCIPtMarch - 2014 EQtipTvtMarch - 2014 U3uMuCNtMarch - 2014 RwJnXJftMarch - 2014 VbAT6oEtMarch - 2014 FWLnxoutMarch - 2014 Kati9ExtMarch - 2014 BWwmutJtMarch - 2014 0j0hizqtMarch - 2014 KCkLV42tMarch - 2014 Vp09f8ntMarch - 2014 W2Y0GSEt

album link: - authors names added: Mouse9090, Kei12, Jahright, cromagnus (3), BRiZL (2), minion, Grish, card, chatchawan, chalky, Sarai, Mijho, thejikas, Gilles Vranckx

Again, huge thanks to all the authors and everyone who contributed and supported WWR EVOL sale one and hey, t-shirts are still at the store!

See you soon in F5 bar!

Popbot UK Tomorrow King...more here

March - 2014 RMLa3dIt

The next series of Nablers coming soon , introducing the DEEP SLEEPER NABLER!

March - 2014 XE8BP6jt


Latest Sunday Q&A is up at our production blog:

and added to 3AVOX Facebook page notes here


ADVENTURE KARTEL AP (1/12th scale) WAVE ONE – available via retail only:

March - 2014 AEBHstxtMarch - 2014 Zwi1e2ltMarch - 2014 3TNO5RKtMarch - 2014 ZYkeDwGt

Ashley Wood about Popbot KOZO TK UNDERNAUT (ORIGIN HUNTER), which was offered exclusively via Good Smile Company back in February:

March - 2014 NI8whTXt

"It was pointed out that the TK head sculpt is essential, as its a major part of the TK figure, I have to admit that shit is on point, so KOZO wil have a removable mask! Back to drawing desk with tail between my legs...."

Adventure Kartel Shadow Merde and Adventure Kartel Red Atonement JCpremade editions – currently we haven't disclosed any information when and where these will be made available

March - 2014 RoKdCait March - 2014 9XkZaPgt

Look back at last Sunday Q&A with Ashley Wood:

Welcome to our latest Q&A session with Ashley Wood! First of all, thanks to everyone for their messages, emails and whatnot, asking about Sunday Q&A and when our weekly sessions return. We were extremely busy during NYTF and needed some rest after it, but now we are back with the bang!

If you have an original and interesting question or questions in mind, you can submit them by various ways: contacting me via mail ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at 3AVOX Facebook page wall or via 3Asupport twitter and your question might get featured in one of future sessions. Thank you for sending your questions and for your continuous interest!

Q: Can we please have a EVENFALL naked Strigoi OSM kit sooner than later to battle our T.H.U.G suits?
A: Naked Striggy, you can have that when you want it? ill put buddy strig in the store, yea ? Great for autopsy type photos!

Q: Is TK Kozo's mask removable and can we get the version of Undernaut for Bambalandstore one day? And another question, what type of hair is on Kozo sculpt?
A: Not removable, why, because it make the aesthetics of the design change when accommodating the removable mask. Yes there will be a Bamba version, different in some way!

Comment: If you haven't read Monday news, Ashley thought about it and decided to make Kozo's mask removable.

Q: Would LOVE to see your take on Batman and some of the darker DC Universe figures (swamp thing, zatanna, sandman, black orchid)…would you be interested in something like that?
A: ….

Q: Do the 13 shit-heels the Blind Cowboy is hunting have anything to do with the illuminati or the occult? When can we expect them to make an appearance this year?
A: I want to make all 13, maybe do a shit heel club thing, buy them all, get a free ghost horse etc ? what ya think ?

Q: For your collaboration with Marvel you revealed few iconic characters, like Spiderman, Captain America, Doom and Ultron, but all of them is male, if you want and can make female character, who's the first on your mind? Storm, Psylocke, BW, or who?
A: We are making Black Widow and Ms Marvel. We are developing a new female body for these and upcoming female characters.

Q: In last Q&A session, you said that your first comic to read was Donald Duck comic, would you like to make your version of classic Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie? Classic is gold!
A: mmm, I dunno, I like Scrooge best, evil duck with the bucks!

Q: Do you have any estimated date in mind for when the first 1/12 2000AD figs might hit Bamba and what it might be?
A: Well we are working on 6 of them at the moment, its an ASAP thing for us and Rebellion!

Q: The 3A Parade line seems to be the umbrella for fashion figures/collaborations. Will we ever see releases from this line pop up on Bamba, especially two new figures shown at NYTF? Parade is our fashion line, but we have she other plans outside of 3A as well.
A: I think the two figures seen at NYC will be a March or April sale.

Q: Will EVENFALL see any human characters in toy form? Are there people who hunt Strigoi without THUG suits?
A: We will have the Thug pilot, a TOTEM agent male and female in the short term.

Q: Since you mentioned that the R/C girl TKYO is going to use the Queeny sculpt, will she be getting a staff-like weapon; like a mic with stand or some such ?
A: Not the same sculpt, same stock, as in genetic, Queeny is what would be considered an older TQ, not many TQ's make the age of Queeny, GIRL R/C is much younger, had her age! All new sculpt etc, she brandishes a Mic and quick witted verses as her weapon of choice. Or a snub nose blaster if that don't work!

Q: When we might see new Popbot and how he might look? VON5 maybe?
A: I want to do a new one, but have put it off so not to make it look like an annual event, its been a while since the first one, maybe the time is coming for a rework!

Q: Any estimated about WWRp MIM price?
A: Ill talk to Siu Yin about that Monday, ill get back to ya asap!

Q: Will The Beautiful War be available on Comixology? Or that's the question for IDW Publishing?
A: Well yea, I want it out there!

Q: Was amazed by 24" Pascha! What are the plans for the 24'' figures, is it just for shows or you plan to launch a new line?
A: 3A is going to launch a large range of female figs, 24", just to see what kinda of detail we can do, realism juxtaposed against stylized design. Going to be fun!

Q: When can we expect the first 3A Transformer fig to be released? Will they be modeled after the G1 characters?
A: I ask that myself, as they say, its complicated, they toys are very complicated but moving along, we have a few projects that are slow in the works and unannounced but will be worth the wait!

Q: Is the Mega Zomb slated to be released soon (after the Zomb MD)?
A: Just finalizing now, mid year I would say, maybe May!

Q: Great news on possible collaboration with Todd McFarlane on Spawn figs! Not sure how specific the details are around just creating characters from his Spawn property, but would love to see your take on the Creech, Poacher, Gravedigger, Mandarian Spawn and some of his Curse of Spawn characters (like Dessicator)! Any specifics you can share yet on this upcoming line like scale? I think many of your fans have been wanting this for a long time.
A: Well I have always wanted to make 1/6th Spawn toys, and at the start of 3A I talked to Toddy about it, Im glad the times has passed between now and then as 3A has grown in its tech and ability to give a series such as SPAWN the level that is needed. As anyone who knows me well, my time at TMP is important and special, and the chance to work with Todd again is exciting! More info soon!

Q: Will the new WBR MARS robot have a nemesis baddie to fight with? How soon will we see such a WBR evil bad bot if so.
A: I never said WBR were the good guys ?

Q: Can you give us an idea as to when the next TKLUB will come out, or even when this new chapter will wrap up - culminating with the bonus TQ? Thanks!
A: I know, give us the TQ yo!, well we have a new HEAVY SLIVER very soon, and some other options too, TKLUB will be picking up steam soon!

Q: We know there will be a EVOL version of Rothchild, are there EVOL versions of any other characters we already have in toy form as well? Any other characters undergo a visual change in EVOL?
A: Well some will see revisits, a Bramble in May is a EVOL version ( not that different but cool), there will be a new Earth Coalition peace keeper ( Grunt ) and so on.. Kinda excited to release Rothy soon, a cool fig I think!

Q: Have your kids ever came to you with character designs/ideas they wanted you to make into toys? Or are any of your existing or upcoming characters been inspired by an idea your kids came up with?
A: Hell yea, they say things, or throw ideas that mesh and make me think, OH YEA COOL!

Q: Have you ever considered grabbing the license for Indiana Jones 1/6th scale figures? Or that's not threeA / your thing?
A: Not my thing, I see INDY and think Fuck Han, whats with the hat, there are Greedo's to shoot!

Q: I dig the punkish look of UKTK. We already have Golden Doplhin and the question is: will 3A release more figures influenced by punk imagery? Also will there be a UKTQ?! That would be awesome!
A: Well Punk is important to me, on the level of the thinking behind it, DIY and shit, thats a major part of my ideal, also when I was a kid, and Punk was in its visual golden period, it was kinda scary, yet cool, alienating yet saying, join us, the world is wrong etc… Its fun to dip into that world, still looks good today! UKTQ is go! I think PUNK for me has always been a wink and nod that you are not alone, when you feel outside what the immediate surroundings offer! Go put on a Buzzcocks record, by some Docs, tartan skirts re timeless..

Q: With the announced next series of Nablers, is there an update on next Miss + Mrs book?
A: Update, Ash is working as hard as he can, really ( completely disregards health in this dept ), want to finish this more than anyone, very fond of the original book!

Q: When we might be seeing Archer TK or next 7Bones?
A: I want Archer first then another female 7bones!

Q: Any word on how limited is UKTK for Toycon and will there be Bambalandstore variant of him?
A: 50 for toy con, and there are some bamba version, all different, but at last you get a chance at a mohawk TK!

Q: Let's talk baddies! Without skeletor there's no he man, without mumra there's no liono, who is GiJoe without cobra? And to really drive this home, without vader, there NEVER would have been a Skywalker. So, TK hunter looks great! But we need more bad guys? What surprises do you have from the Dark side of Popbot?
A: Well its hard to answer without giving away the main plot of the TK, new we can make seamless female bodies I'm interested in a Mortis fig, I have some ideas there, the 13 shit heels are villains in a way, 5 bros etc. Remember Popbot isn't SW or GIJOE with a linear good vs bad storyline, its a story of a young man who loses himself, and needs to find his home. He is probably his own best villain and hero.

Q: Will we see a more general release Beer girl Isobelle at any point? Also, a cosplay Lizbeth.
A: Yea, more Beer Girl in March ( Pascha ) and we are also working on a Lizbeth + Pascha cosplay two pack!

Q: Did T.P. Louise write the Isobelle Pascha book? Your recent interview seemed to imply this.
A: Isobelle Pascha wrote it, we just published it.

Q: Will we for surely be seeing the Chief in different renditions throughout the years of him some time eventually in 1/6 scale? Also, would the Elites be doable with all the different joint articulations from a human?
A: We have an Elite.. We have a Chief..

Q: When you mentioned a Bramble in the Iron Panda super set, did you mean a 1/6 bramble with a mini-gun or rocket launcher? We need more Brambles with mini-guns.
A: I mean 1/6th

Q: Can you please tell us more about UKTK character, like his name, story and whether it's coming with EDO style hands?
A: Original hands, UKTK was deployed due the Manchester war bleeding out into the general UK, TK not only fight the MORTIS but are general peace keepers, especially DEVIL SOCKS!

Q: When Zomb MD might hit Bambalandstore?
A: Zomb MD and Female Zomb two pack is soon, not long and you can set up surgery!

Q: MGS REX been listed on some retail sites as the pre-order, is it re-release of MGS REX or they have their info wrong?
A: According to Kim we have some old stock and parts, the demand is there Im told due to RAY.

Q: How many pages are in Art of TK mook? Can't wait to get it in my mail and would love to hear more details!
A: It keeps growing originally it was 48 pages etc, much bigger now, Brent and me are moving to lock down asap!

Q: I stopped by at your NYTF booth and I must say that you had amazing displays and great team, and marking up the event with some vinyl boobs was freaking great! Thank you for that! What are your impressions of NYTF? Will you be returning next year?
A: Let me say this, NYC was great, 100% credit to the 3A team, I don't think enough is said about them, from Gimbys and Gregory for their hardwork in the back ground, to Brent for his design and Siu Yin who really was the gate keeper of the entire booth and the way it was put together and run! Anyway ill dry the tears from eyes and say NYC was a blast , we are what are and that was on display , its always fun to get our tits out too!


This week we are shipping out following releases to our Bambalandstore customers:

*The Adventures of Isobelle Pascha: Goodbye Voyager Lizbeth (and variants)
*Adventure Kartel Shit Got Real DJC (and variants)

I am waiting for more shipping updates and plans, and will share them with you as soon, as possible.

If you want to request tracking number or have any questions about your awaiting fulfillment orders, please never hesitate to contact our Customer Service professionals at , we will be delighted to help you! If you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice and direction to @3Asupport on twitter or engage with our official 3AVOX Facebook page

February Photo Thread is reviewed and first of all, I want to thank everyone who participated in the thread:

zbrushman, Oracle, Kei12, A-vin, mortifactor, JDF48, nixon, bubs67, JL2309, moldie13, BehindTheMask, budakbdg, dennisok, gundamben831, lone_idiot, advocatepinoy, chatchawan

Thank you guys, your photos are amazing and it's always a joy to go through monthly photo thread!

Top photo of February'14 photo thread titles goes to: chiendol for showing Harolds at WAR!

March - 2014 VqYRv4pm

Special mentions by chatchawan, squarehead, darth_myk09, shikura, Hotpanda40k, Mouse9090, IronChap, vincenano, bubs67

March - 2014 Ur0Zz9mtMarch - 2014 WCClwhWtMarch - 2014 DVkGrfztMarch - 2014 M93tNGAtMarch - 2014 EbHxCmCtMarch - 2014 OQ0C75YtMarch - 2014 DeSLUHytMarch - 2014 2beHF5GtMarch - 2014 SY4MYzvt

Thank you everyone and looking very much forward to your photos in March photo thread


WWRp (1/12th scale) JEA MEAT IS MURDER superset, available for pre-order at on March 14th.

Price: to be announced

March - 2014 8UAlKLit


WWRp (1/12th scale) JEA MEAT IS MURDER superset, now with MIM Squad embroided patch!

March - 2014 Q90PmFNt


Figures from our new 3AGO line stand 8" tall and we had a very limited amount of Tomorrow Kings alpha versions at our booth 4858 during NYTF. Here is a nice comparison by our 3A forum boardie: Devours , showing three classic Tomorrow Kings: Kenshiro, Hideo and Yoji in 1/6th, 1/12th and 3AGO 8" scale.

March - 2014 WOwRHLAt

And here are detailed shots by Devours with the addition of 3AGO Blanco and Negro Tomorrow Kings

March - 2014 IalWxyltMarch - 2014 LJaxHuItMarch - 2014 Kxnc1I2tMarch - 2014 N2nyFfntMarch - 2014 QCvrdzptMarch - 2014 NAdxEJ4tMarch - 2014 OjXhybjt

Adventure Kartel Shit Got Real JC release hands on photos by Legionnaires from Facebook gackta (please keep in mind that on Gackta photos, Shit Got Real JC is wearing AK Rehel pants, which are much darker and shorter than original ones[i])

March - 2014 OsK4G0htMarch - 2014 ZR0MRsPtMarch - 2014 LtlUD1UtMarch - 2014 Fk6pvu1tMarch - 2014 Vsgix4ItMarch - 2014 IR3Hc2Gt

and Gilbert Hayes

March - 2014 HdkuiIXtMarch - 2014 K9LkllptMarch - 2014 PRwLe5ItMarch - 2014 De28hpitMarch - 2014 W8YwDtZt

Couple of closeups and detailed shots by our boardie: ainxx

March - 2014 Oq4Qn3KtMarch - 2014 Yq99D3gtMarch - 2014 WYE0wMZtMarch - 2014 K2uoBlotMarch - 2014 GoSPoMPt

First hands on photos The Adventures of Isobelle Pascha: Goodbye Voyager Lizbeth release, by our boardies: hisoka44, aconners and Legionnaire from Facebook Haku D Chen

March - 2014 S5NtiYDtMarch - 2014 OPrEaBdtMarch - 2014 9LnmJoqt


Latest Sunday Q&A with Ashley Wood is up and available at our website:

and added to 3AVOX notes here


Look back at last Sunday Q&A with Ashley Wood:

It's not a round number, but still kinda hard to believe that it's our 22nd session! I mentioned it in the past, but personally I really love doing this, it's fun to go through all your submitted questions and then sitting on the edge of my seat, while waiting for answers.

In this one, you will find good number of things covered from World War Robot and 24" Isobelle Pascha to fast cars and parenting (one of my favorite Q&A here).

If you have an original and interesting question or questions in mind, you can submit them by various ways: contacting me via mail ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at 3AVOX Facebook page wall or via 3Asupport twitter and your question might get featured in one of future sessions. Thank you for sending your questions and for your continuous interest!

Q: How does N.O.M replenish it's ranks?
A: They actively search for new members that fit their cause! Like any organization! Granted most don't meet the minimum standard...

Q: Have you ever considered doing a Warhammer 40k line of toys or art? Have you ever played any board games in the past or do you still play any with your kids?
A: I think Warhammer would due great to make into 1/6th, fuck off crazy detailed figures etc, absolutely! I used to play trivial pursuit and monopoly a bit, good fun!

Q: As I understand 4th NOM is an anniversary style homage to original Nom de Plume, but is he also apart of WWR canon as the 4th disciple?
A: YUP, he just changed up his gear, same guy under that mask!

Q: You mentioned that the new Evol release coming soon is Rothchild, is he going to be a major departure from the clean cut Rothchild we had previously, like a beat up dirty bearded backpacker sort?
A: Well he is a departure but Rothy is still the same guy at heart, plus he cant seem to grow any facial hair! Actually the new Rothchild figure is a huge change for WWR, maybe it won't be that dramatic to most, but it is, and it opens a door previously shut firm in the world of WWR!

Q: Since the last couple years I have seen 3A grow substantial amount. How has the hatchery grown as well? I'm sure with so many releases and upcoming lines, there has to be many working hands producing our favorite toys.
A: The hatchery has grown the most I think over the years, I'm still in my bedroom on fold away table ( no shit ) but I kinda like that, guerrilla warfare style….. Its a growth of technology and skills too, not just work force. The future for toys is very different from now, with the advent of 3D printing and other less mainstream tech the possibilities and requirements of all toy/product makers will shift massively. It won't be good enough just to make stuff, you will have to make the best, with tech and features that push way beyond todays. This isn't just a situation for toys, but for many consumer products, its exciting, it will make us all strive and push beyond what we know! Which is in turn great for our audience, our supporters.

Q; Who have been the top 5 most influential people in your life, dead or alive? And how have they affected you to transform you into the person you are today?
A: It changes daily, where once I found inspirement, I see only failure and weakness now, so Ill have to wait and get back to on this list!

Q: For AK, do you have Public Opinion or The Spank on your radar for figures in 2014? I can't wait to learn more about these characters!
A: The SPANK yes, part of the Dolphin, Tommy Woo triad.

Q: It seems the web is buzzing with your Killzone figure with Sony. Are there plans for more Killzone figures?
A: Yup!

Q: After seeing Red Atonement or Palm in the face Sunday JC, is there any chance we'll see some more JC versions 'based' on biblical themes? Calming of the storm, cursing of the fig tree, cleansing of the temple, crown of thorns or transfiguration (GID?) could be tons of fun…
A: FIG TREE JC is must! JC will have many faces as AK continues!

Q: Any plans for Adventure Kartel 3AGO? A little 8" Zomb love would be tight (that's what she said).
A: Ha, well its like this, I want the 8" to feature heavily on new stuff, but it also brings up such must haves as TK and Deplume, and I have to say Zombi too. Best way forward will probably be a mix 70% new, 30% old. Time will tell, I thin kits fun to make 8" figs, hope the line can expand to rival the Mego lines of old!

Q: What's the story behind Red Atonement JC and Shadow Merde characters? And of course when we might see them up for sale? Will there be a prior notice?
A: Red JC is really SUPER PISSED OFF JC, when he goes beyond his sedate knee the evil state of mind, he basically turns red and beats the living crap outta anything that moves! Shadow Merde is the original of the shadow mode seen in AK, its like a virus, he was the first to get it and introduce it in to the family. Adventurers will adventure! Re selling, we never really know either, I think the best notice will be a new ad, once you see that, its close!

Q: Now that your making toys for Frederator, is there any chance they'll be making cartoons of your IP's? Perhaps an Adventure Kartel cartoon series on Cartoon Hangover?
A: Im happy with what I'm doing with Frederator for now, these toys are not easy throw stuff, want to make sure the energy is focused on them to make some special totems that fans of the show and the ideals of Frederator can enjoy!

Q: Any chance with the 24" Isobelle line on the way and the plan to sell the body once and the clothes afterwards that she could have removable, swappable hair pieces in different colours? Pack her with black, blond and red or whatever so we can mix and match her hair colour too?
A: Well this is how I intend to sell 2foot iso in May.. Iso will be sold separately with a basic set up of clothes and shoes, then you would buy the accessories/clothing packs and whatnot as you want them, Im going to launch with a separate Space Pascha pack ( like the sdcc 1/6th fig ) I would like to sell the ongoing heads separately to, and hands etc. Saying that each character will always get a full release like Lizbeth, Miyu etc, then the separate parts. Im hoping this size of action figure can lead to really nice details and inspire you guys to do your thing too and kit bash. Im not sure how this line will do, but I think its a fun and interesting experiment! We will also release a 24"TK experimental fig this year too, cant have big Iso getting lonely!

Q: You mentioned Farrah in Marquis 3AA set info, "time to replace Farrah!", who or what is Farrah? What is his/her/it connection with Marquis? Or was it a reference to the poster?
A: it was a ref to the 70s poster, nice catch.. maybe showing my age a bit.. actually I was all about the Barbarella film poster… mmmm

Q: Large Martin seems to be forgotten, so I want to know will we see another huge & bulky WWR bot, like Large Martin?
A: New version maybe, like with articulated fingers? And Oscar too, would love to see him made. I have not forgotten him, but we had many LM, I have a one more variation ill try and get too! Oscar would be fun too!

Q: In a previous Q&A you told us ON THE RUN TOMMY was coming this year, a Tommy in disguise. Will we also see who or what he is running from?
A: Running from everything, remember this kid is the king of emo! But as we know no one reads this stuff, ill tell you.. On the run with lil shadow ( note the name ), running from whom you ask, the DEAD ASTRO!

Q: Dead de Plume is GIDDY, is it going to be like Oppenheimer whit all the details, and color in the clothes?
A: Dirty GID in parts, but not all white etc, he is a character, has a reason to light colored he is cool, I think our direction with GID is better than just clean glory stuff, which is cool, but I think the WWR universe needs to show usage and age!

Q: Will we ever get a Hammerhead Bertie fitout as depicted in your painting "There" with duel engines. Is Hammerhead based on the MK3 frame with different loadout options, or a new model ie MK4?
A: I think that would be cool, I would say MK3 frame with mods, you guys need to push and remind too!

Q: Do you think we could have a warehouse sale on Bamba this year for anything that's in overstock? That would be awesome! Melting Bambalandstore server and all that…
A: Me and Siu have discussed that, but we don't hold much of anything, just for replacements, I know we have some stuff though… Il get back to you next week. Now if you can all get to West Australia, Ill sell my stuff at retail I have massed one the years Smile

Q: I think most people can only pay with paypal. You know how it works, if you don't want to have extra charge, you need to have money on it. But they take about 6-10 days to transfer the money from your bank account. The problem is that the sales are usually announced around one week prior, is it possible to make it 10 or 11 days prior announcement, so everyone can transfer the money before?
A: Good point, as said before we such of this, but this is a good point, will try for 14 days from now on, and keep asking this question, don't let us off!

Q: If you are able to produce an iron on/sew on patch for the MIM set, any chance of seeing them for other WWR factions too? There are cool symbols, great mottos (Dead Eyes Open, Counting Bodies Like Sheep, etc.) as well as some incredible imagery in the faction markings, so maybe an assorted pack? Pretty please!
A: Well because its cool to get it in context to the set or toy, not just a box or bag of them. Its also a price thing, the sets can absorb cost, to sell separately or even bundled will make them pricey coz that shit aint cheap as they say! Im not a guy to say thats it, ill think on it, maybe try an experiment to see how they do without toys etc.

Q: Can you please share any intel on Sombre de Plume and is the cloth under Marquis de Plume helmet and mask supposed to be like a kevlar/bullet proof cloth? Like found on bomb specialists protective suits? Added protection for Marquis going up against the Fallens, wondering why you decided to not have it frayed or worn around the edges? And it being not ordinary cloth would explain that.
A: The Drape is a ballistic shield to a point, and it also separates their clan if you will from other deplume. NOM attribute much strength to imagery and the way perceptions alter, so each deplume and his circle like to have the differences, whether it be mask or clothing etc.

Q: When we might be seeing single Squares in EVOL or maybe a whole new set? Have you thought about Squares development at all?
A: Well as we developed a ton of mini square colorways lately for WWRp sets, the consensus was these are cool, lets make a 1/6th box set for Squares fans, so thats next, but the next Square is coming, it doesn't take much to imagine the logical EVOLution of him!

Q: When will might see Action Portable Labs and Bitch Emma made available?
A: If there was any justice in the world, it would due today, if you wanna buy from a labby drawing it can Smile

Q: Is there any chance that we will see the return of the mighty Bamba Boss? I really miss that guy and pretty sure that I am not the only one!
A: mm I love the boss, but I never feel there is much love him.. cue the awwwwwww audio, but I have a big ass JETPACK bamba vinyl nearly ready and want to make some more of the articulated one, mainly a time thing, maybe I should offer DIY articulated one, let you guys do your thing! Actually I want to offer a DIY of all our robots on bamba...

Q: You seem to be a very honest and open person about using adult imagery and language, so i`m curious do you have any censor policy for your kids or they have free access to your world? Thank you!
A: Well as a parent I make sure my children are only exposed to material they can handle, and as their parent I know what that is. I think the key to sexual imagery/any kind of hyper imagery or thinking is to make sure that there is an inherent maturity to understanding the real from the fantasy of what they are viewing. I don't believe in censorship, as it can lead to repression and control of our basic liberties , but I also do not want my children being exposed to hyper sexual or violent images until they can digest it in a mature way and not come to unrealistic and dangerous views of the world, which is simple as I give a shit and take time to care and talk to them about such stuff, I do not rely on the powers that be to handle it for me and bitch and moan when it goes pear shaped! Like anything, some simple logical thinking and care can negate most of life's tribulations!

Q: You are asked a lot of WWR questions, hope you aren't tired of them…but that's only because we do care about the story and would love to see more development and bots! My favorite is Jung de Plume, is he going through any significant changes in WWR EVOL and what is his story?
A: The NOM play a major part in EVOL, and I want to bring together and tie up much of the threads I have laid! I appreciate the questions and interest in the WWR, very flattering and the questions never get old!!

Q: After UK TK do you think it would be a possibility to create a US TK? Something along the lines of a WWII pilot, painted bomber jacket, cigar & guns…
A: mm well it has to be canon right, the Manchester war is Popbot lore, makes sense the TK are there, the US has another fate, or doesn't time lines are funny like that.!

Q: Do you like fast cars and racing in general? If yes, which brand you like most?
A: I do, but its the engineering I'm attracted too, not the speed, I'm crap at driving so thats probably why.. Im a BMW fan I think, M6 is a great car, the general finish is alway stood, and they look tough. I like AUDi for the finish too. If your listening BMW send me DIY car, ill paint it, really... WAVES TO BMW!!!!

Q: I know for a fact that you enjoy listening music and have very particular taste, are you picky about the sound quality? I mean, whether you listen your tunes everywhere you go or specifically on nice hi-fi system at home?
A: I like a warm deep sound, my parents HI-FI system from the 70's made me fall in love with that rich sound. I personally like listening to music in my car, blue-toothed from spottily on iPhone, not the greatest sound I'm sure, but the car makes it sound rich and have a depth that doesn't fizzle on the top end. Cmon one of lives greatest things is listening to music while driving!!!

Ashley Wood about WWRp (1/12th scale) JEA MIM set pricing (pre-order opens on March 14th, at ):

March - 2014 8UAlKLit March - 2014 Q90PmFNt

"160usd shipped, 3AA deduct 15% which makes it 136usd. Also 3AA members have the option to get the MIM deluxe set featuring HAROLD MIM! Thats a lot of 1/12th action for anyones war!"

3AA exclusive WWRp JEA MIM deluxe set pricing haven't been announced yet.

Non-3AA exclusive set consists of following figures in 1/12th scale: Grunt, Square, Square MK2, Dropcloth MK1 and 1G Armstrong

I don't know how many of you news readers are following our official account on Instagram (we have 6000 followers at the moment), but each weekend, I pick couple of photos by 3A Legionnaires on Instagram and repost them, here are last weekend pics (please keep in mind that photos on Instagram are optimized in size for phone screens and don't come in high quality) by [i]gopiek, bennynormal, footekz

March - 2014 K8IHvU2tMarch - 2014 ThrnSrFtMarch - 2014 UwAyD1st

Our boardie: soulburn3d did lots & lots WWR FS Harold photos, much more in his profile here

March - 2014 LBuauWJtMarch - 2014 2ZwMlUStMarch - 2014 AHzEcx3tMarch - 2014 QtAOJvHt

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March - 2014 Empty Re: March - 2014

Post by gimbat Mon Mar 16, 2015 10:13 pm


WWRp (1/12th scale) JEA MIM set pre-order opens on March 14th at Bambalandstore and as mentioned previously, it's 160USD shipped (prior to 3AA discount).

We will be offering 3AA exclusive JEA MIM deluxe set as well, it will feature Harold MIM and will be 200USD shipped.

Here are couple of more images, showing Adventure Kartel Shit Got Real JC release figures and to avoid any confusion, here is the clarification about pants color:

AK Shit Got Real Dark JC is coming with dark grey tone camo pants.

AK Shit Got Real JC is coming with army green camo pants.

AK Pale as Fuck JC, comes with pale grey camo pants, white hair and his tattoos are pale as well.

Photos below are by our Legionnaires from Facebook: Chong Wey Ming and Gerard Hkt

March - 2014 YKsMDsNtMarch - 2014 UabT1EmtMarch - 2014 DiIVJdWtMarch - 2014 R0jNM1qtMarch - 2014 LJhxzumtMarch - 2014 S59qGRFtMarch - 2014 VcA0HbFt

The Adventures of Isobelle: Goodbye Voyager Lizbeth, photographed by our boardies: FrederickD and koonfasa

March - 2014 2zfIWYztMarch - 2014 46xddGIt

WWRp (1/12th scale) JEA MIM set pre-order opens on March 14th 9:00AM Hong Kong time at Bambalandstore and as mentioned previously, it's 160USD shipped for the regular superset and 200USD shipped for 3AA exclusive.

Non-3AA exclusive set consists of following figures in 1/12th scale: Grunt, Square, Square MK2, Dropcloth MK1 and 1G Armstrong

March - 2014 8UAlKLit March - 2014 Q90PmFNt

3AA exclusive mega set consists of the same figures in 1/12th scale with the addition of Harold FS

March - 2014 QCYuBU9t

3AA exclusive is limited to one per membership

F5 Bar for the event is open and waiting for you here on the forum and here is the link to the event page at 3AVOX Facebook.


WWRp (1/12th scale) JEA MIM and JEA MIM 3AA sets are up for pre-order at right now!

Surprise release:

March - 2014 F2gXMBV

WWRP GRAVEYARD SHIFT BERTIE Mk2.1 – description from the store –
( stork eye, new gun, and hinged feet )
1/12th scale, fully articulated figure Giddy style (weathered GID parts). 4 different giddy colorways, random what color you will receive!
Price: 60USD shipped

Fan-art dedicated to WWRp (1/12th scale) MIM JEA superset pre-order

March - 2014 Vz0J2QCtMarch - 2014 8oreDEMtMarch - 2014 Mm7FUzRtMarch - 2014 H8bdJ8NtMarch - 2014 Aa15kLXtMarch - 2014 DMHxeFctMarch - 2014 D8OdVA8tMarch - 2014 O2U0RrotMarch - 2014 BkpRXUgtMarch - 2014 PUO2UL2tMarch - 2014 CdtuNWNtMarch - 2014 2XjlCmstMarch - 2014 LlyXe44t

album link: (authors names will be added later on)

And for those of you guys who haven't been here during WWR (1/6th scale) MIM JEA superset sale back in the day, here is a lot of amazing art:


Sale ends on March 15th at 9:00AM HK time and follow-up by Ashley Wood about, where he is thanking everyone for WWRp MIM JEA set pre-order support and announcing future releases:

"MIM down in 15
Thanks guys, appreciate the support of the WWRp, and 3A in general! As you guys have asked for a heads up for sales, I can say in short term we have MIYU, New Square colorway boxset (timed sale), and RED JC. Then going into April we have EVOL Rothchild and PARADE release one.
cheers ash"

To remind you guys, MIYU is female character from The Adventures of Isobelle Pascha line (MIYU sculpt shown on the left on the photo below)

Since WWRp JEA MIM sale is over here is all fan-art dedicated to the pre-order

March - 2014 Vz0J2QCtMarch - 2014 8oreDEMtMarch - 2014 Mm7FUzRtMarch - 2014 H8bdJ8NtMarch - 2014 Aa15kLXtMarch - 2014 DMHxeFctMarch - 2014 D8OdVA8tMarch - 2014 O2U0RrotMarch - 2014 BkpRXUgtMarch - 2014 PUO2UL2tMarch - 2014 CdtuNWNtMarch - 2014 2XjlCmstMarch - 2014 LlyXe44tMarch - 2014 9ZlYEaRt

album link: (authors names added)

Huge thanks to all the fan-art authors, who supported this release:

JeAA, jahright, kei12 (2), cromagnus (2), card, BRiZL, Grish, Chalky, zbrushman, albino (2), counterfeit

And for those of you guys who haven't been here during WWR (1/6th scale) MIM JEA superset sale back in the day, here is a lot of amazing art as well:

Here is Ashley Wood thanking everyone for the support and hinting future sales:

"Thanks guys, appreciate the support of the WWRp, and 3A in general! As you guys have asked for a heads up for sales, I can say in short term we have MIYU, New Square colorway boxset (timed sale), and RED JC. Then going into April we have EVOL Rothchild and PARADE release one."

March - 2014 Z0ZUo0rt

And question from Ashley Wood:
"Do yo guys wanna see Stork eye Bertie in more traditional colorways ? or even a 1/6th version ?"

You can answer on his question here on Facebook or here at our forum

Ashley about Ashley Wood Collection 1:1 Kowloon Ghost Leg

March - 2014 YWa0zBPt

"Kowloon Ghost leg goes onsale very soon too, in an edition of 20."

Further reveal of WWRp Bertie MK2.1 aka The Storkeye retrofit BERTIE MK 2.1 from previously soldout WWRp NOM Field Commanders sets and Ashley Wood speaking about it:

March - 2014 Muvy6ZatMarch - 2014 MlTJSLcm

"The Nom Com Bertie come with all weather coats, you can check those out soon in your NOM COM box set for yourself!"


Latest Sunday Q&A with Ashley Wood is up and available at our website:

and added to 3AVOX notes here


Campbells Mighty Soup Square...wanna bowl?!

March - 2014 Xnd0tqEt


Look back at last Sunday Q&A with Ashley Wood:

Below you can find thirty questions about many of our words (WWR, Popbot, Adventure Kartel, our upcoming 24" Tomorrow King name it!), hinting few releases (AK Red Atonement JC for instance) and very interesting question about civilians and how they are affected in World War Robot Universe.

If you have an original and interesting question or questions in mind, you can submit them by various ways: contacting me via mail ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at 3AVOX Facebook page wall or via 3Asupport twitter and your question might get featured in one of future sessions. Thank you for sending your questions and for your continuous interest!

Q: There had been talk about getting into making spaceships a while back. Is that still in the works and if so, in what context? Steampunk spaceships? Retro Rockets? I thought that would be a cool line to make.
A: I think any kind, I have the desire to make ships that I design, and also make ships from universes that I enjoy, I think its a great un-explored area for us.

Q: Will WWR Evol include the Newel 43 faction, or have they disbanded? Or perhaps Evolved into something new?
A: They are always there, good money in that part of the war, long as people are being named, there will be NEWEL!

Q: When War Nurse is released, she should come with a Medic patch. Do you agree and perhaps you can hint when she is coming?
A: Soon as she is ready, I think a patch is a must, she is a member of NEWEL!

Q: After seeing the fantastic new JC head sculpt, are there any other classic figs that will get an updated older look?
A: I think all will get a polish and tweak, as I refine my ideas and the story continues! Glad ya dug it!

Q: Can we please get some WWRp super and mega sets for other colorways (Gravedigger would be great for instance), freaking epic deal - offer em up as sketches, we never mind!
A: This is how Im gonna do it, I know you guys want different sets, so Ill offer them all( as in colorways), if enough support it gets made! easy! The fact that you guys buy off my mangy sketches is a great compliment, never fails to make me chuffed, I'm honored

Q: Could we get a 1/6th Barbarella style fig? Big hair, boots, pvc…

Q: When 24" TK is made, which TK will it be? If it sells well will we see future releases of 24" TK's?
A: TK's a TK. Be cool to release many different ones, but have to see what the response to the larger size is. I imagine this size will work great for the photographers.. Guess we will see!

Q: Can you please hint the colorway of Popbot Kozo? Is it red? Any update on Bamba version? Hoping hear to hear some good news soon.
A: All we give is good news, I guess a Bamba version of an Underverse explorer is needed, won't be KoZO, but a different character with similar gear!

Q: Whatever happened to the Stasia and Rouge feet? Were these made for a show? Any more news on these?
A: Made for me, I guess, have a quite a few more too now, will display here and there, or sell, never thought on it too hard!

Q: It was awesome to hear Nom 4th is the Nom de Plume in disciple gear, will we ever see him as Noir in disciple gear? Green lenses like the OG etc. ?
A: maybe..

Q: Why did the supreme choose a Plume to hunt the Fallens instead of a more fanatical Disciple? Is it a advantage to have a Plume hunt the fallen Plumes oppose to using a Disciple? Or is it Marquis is just the perfect man for the job? Known for his Legendary hunting skills or brutal nature to all Nom?
A: NOM have their reasons, but the Fallen actively move against the NOM, they are a direct threat to the Supreme NOM and her plans of trinity.

Q: How can Rothchild stand a chance when Nom's have the ability to take control of robots? We know that its a challenge for a Nom to take control of a Caesar and more often than not loose there life trying to do so but it can be done… will Rothchild ever develop a bot completely immune to the influence of nom?
A: Rothchild isn't a robot, hence he has a chance!

Q: Can you show us any box art for Dead Astronaut Gangsta? Would be great to see and help with the wait, thank you!
A: I had some on my blog a while back, let me get the office to dig op some photos of the boxes etc. they will ship soon, but as always we tweaked bits to make it better, delays suck, and we apologize, but its not coz we are lazy, but we are making stuff better!

Q: Do Gaistaz still have a role in WWR Evol, and will any of the GID Bertie Mk2.5's be Gaistaz aligned?
A: Yes, most of the same parties are there in some way, but as the name suggests, they have evolved whether in look, ideals or just plane changed sides etc.

Q: I was really hoping to see Zomb MD and Nursey soon, any chance of seeing preorders in April?
A: Thats the plan, we are trying some new techniques with Zomb MD, re clothing etc, might work, might not! Its a fun set!

Q: What's the story behind MiM squad? What's their target operation? Are they assembled for special mission?
A: They are a strike force, for the JEA Marine corp, say a beach head is making a landing difficult for the grunts, they send the MIM in to clear a path etc. MIM is larger than the set etc, thats the core standard load out, but a MIM force could consist of 5 Armstrong 1G only if the mission dictates. I think there should due a MIM Large Martin... what ya think?

Q: I really like the original Ghost Color Little Shadow (Beijing Gathering exclusive), do you have plans to make Ghost Color variant of LS2, right?
A: I hear that a lot, I think I can swing that, or maybe redo the set with new versions.. SUNDAY MORNING FUCKDOWN SET! yup, thats it..

Q: Talking about WWR supersets and Iron Panda which was the most popular set, would there be any difference in terms of layout for a African-Defense or a Warbot superset (if they will be ever made), as opposed to the Iron-Panda super set?
A: When you say layout, you mean load out as in what robots in the set. If so, yes I want to mix it up, have two of something, add in Brambes, Berties and LM etc.. Iron Panda soon, see you IP supporters are up for a challenge!

Q: Really excited for up coming releases of Marvel The Invincible Iron Man figures, and upcoming release of Dr. Doom. Have you thought of doing both stylized version of Marvel figures and traditional figures? Have you thought about 1/6 Rhino or Juggernaut in ether style. I'd love to have those two figures – I think your company would be the ones to do it right, as well as the 1st company to do it at all. And what about Doom bots? Need them too!
A: Well they are not stylized, but my versions, I guess you can see them as either or either depending on what side of the table your on… I love the Juggernaut, some of my favorite X-men are the one's with Juggy in them around the time JR JR was illustrating the comic so maybe, be a big ass toy too!! which is awesome!

Q: As far as i know, from movies, literature and history, war is hell and civilians are suffering governments are prick, how's the civilians in WWR ?
A: Well up to the EVOL storyline most were not effected directly, sure their children joined the War effort on Earth, robots deployed, walls put up, same old stuff, but actually seeing or being affected was still largely kept to a minimum. Much of what has happened has been unseen by the general populace. Most on Earth see a PR push against MARS, using left and right politics to tell different sides of varying tones to build up a fair view of Mars conflict, but the subtext was always, FUCK MARS< THEY HATE US, AND THINK WE ARE GOD FEARING MORONS! This constant barrage made many feel they were in the conflict personally, in the trenches with the bots. That being said, the EVOL period brought the war home, as countries tired of this began to back MARS and call for an end to hostilities, which lead to more traditional conflict on Earth. War isn't simple, just looks it, there isn't a way to win, just a way to lose less.

Q: I know it has been asked a bunch of times already. But just for good measure I'll ask as well, when exactly will the premade figures JC and Merde be for sale? I never was able to get JC yet so I'm really excited for this release. Especially now that I am part of 3AA.
A: Red JC this coming week, see the ad, head to Bamba, everyone needs a pissed off red JC in their life!

Q: I understand exact release dates can’t be given but can you give a hint in which state of development WWR Bertie MK2 is?
A: Soon as I can, we are working on it, we had one, but it wasn't the right size, might use as a 2.5 one day , the transition between MK2 and MK3.

Q: With the release of WWRp NOM Field Commanders Berties and Graveyard Shift Bertie Mk2.1, does the design of the previously announced WWR Bertie MK2 have design cues of them, like the Stork Eye and Hinged Feet? Or it's WWRp Bertie MK2 look?
A: Its a little different, the larger size demands some changes, but the MK2 is the base model, I would like a stork eye version, or even the unseen FLAK Bertie!

Q: Will we see the old school and insanely awesome bulky revolver (30mm) of WWR Bertie MK1 and Bramble MK2 return with WWR Bertie MK2 or will we see different weapons?
A: Different, and just as bulky!

Q: In last Sunday Q&A you mentioned a Dual Engined Hammerhead Bertie MK3. Would these be a WWR or WWRp release and if this is WWR would such a release bring a WWR Damaged Bertie MK3.5 release any closer?
A: 1/6th is my thinking!

Q: You just mentioned New Square Colorway boxset, can you please elaborate a bit about it, what scale, version and etc? Really love the Squares and can't wait!
A: 1/6th, last time ill sell a square Mk1 on Bamba!

Q: Will see Zombacle prophet coming to Bambalandstore?
A: yea, a red hair version would be fun!

Q: How are the Micronauts doing? Really looking forward to the release one!
A: April for wave one!

Q: How often do you read these Sunday questions and think: wow, that's a good one and what's your favorite questions / theme?
A: Every week they make me think, remember stuff! I look forward to this, nice to know that there is thinking beyond what you guys see. We all put in a shit load of effort to keep this going, the level of interest we get makes it easier to get through the harder days!

Q: What are the weekends like in Ashley Wood's house?
A: mmm like weekdays, but I see no difference in them really , I try to enjoy, achieve and use everyday to its fullest!

Ashley Wood about Adventure Kartel Red Atonement JC sale:

March - 2014 ZYTx2NPt

"So I think we under-estimated the interest in the RED JC, so are gonna do the sale like this, tomorrow we shall offer the RED JC for a limited time and get making the extra for a delivery ASAP to give you guys a better chance of getting Reddy if ya want. We are also gonna throw into the deal a newly sculpted Zomb head with neck joint so you can slap it onto a Zomb body if you wish to rock it like Zomb MD!

So if your into HBD (Holy Beat Downs) and Zombs mark tomorrow as RED NIGHT, errr DAY!

We will post a time of sale soon!"

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March - 2014 Empty Re: March - 2014

Post by gimbat Mon Mar 16, 2015 10:17 pm


Red Night JC goes on pre-order on March 19th, 10:00AM Hong Kong time.

it's a limited pre-order which can end any time.

Figure costs 130USD shipped and limited to one per person

Zomb head wants to be in the spotlight as well!

March - 2014 VOzlWMct

Adventure Kartel Red Night JC is currently gone from , however we will have some more for our supporters in Europe later today.

Price: 130USD
Limited to one per person
Estimated shipping time: 2nd quarter 2014

Please keep an eye for more updates and you can follow our production blog here:

Best of luck if you are hunting for one!

Second and last batch of Adventure Kartel Red Night JC is up at


Ashley Wood thanking everyone, who supported AK RED Night JC limited sale:
"Thanks guys, and Red JC says thanks!"

Even tho, technically we didn't have an F5 bar for that sale (since it was limited and there was no precise date given), our boardies submitted few fan-art works during the sale and you can see them below:

March - 2014 Iyys98FtMarch - 2014 YhLpmmItMarch - 2014 WZEInNpt

Authors: chanimation, Grish and Forty24.

WWR Square box set will be available at on March 31st, 9:00AM Hong Kong time for one hour ONLY

March - 2014 XPrmh1FtMarch - 2014 NCkD3zft

I know that lots of you guys been waiting for Adventure Kartel book, so I got to give you the heads up! Please do check this thread to find more info.

March - 2014 WRqtRHKt


Ashley Wood Collection 1:1 Kowloon Ghost Leg (edition of 20 and 400USD shipped) was offered today via surprise sale (without certain given time and etc) at and soldout within seconds , here is the beautiful art showing the Leg

March - 2014 Iup3EYatMarch - 2014 C7BfPtTt

April is the launch month for Parade!

1/6th scale Apple Hair + Shoe, figure is rocking 10 inch body

March - 2014 VyRTlFwtMarch - 2014 MoEomK7tMarch - 2014 WGvi5QntMarch - 2014 AE9N3cktMarch - 2014 OJ3KcG7t


More Parade figures: Hellpop Duo Garland and Faust

March - 2014 RsqCFhft

We showed this lovely couple for the first time at our booth #4858 at NYTF (shown here next to previously released 3A Parade x Swank figures):

March - 2014 1qWVc5Pt

Latest Sunday Q&A with Ashley Wood is up and available at our website:

and added to 3AVOX notes here


Look back to last Sunday Q&A with Ashley Wood:

Good Sunday to you ladies and gents, I hope you are having a nice one and if you aren't, it's about to get better (especially if you are into threeA)!

Thanks to everyone who keeps submitting their questions and anxiously awaiting for the next Q&A to go up! In this one, you can find answers about WWR Square Box set and Campbells Mighty Soup Square; WWR WF set; Popbot Irimi TQ; 1:1 and 1/12th scale stuff; 2000AD figures and many more!

If you have an original and interesting question or questions in mind, you can submit them by various ways: contacting me via mail ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at 3AVOX Facebook page wall or via 3Asupport twitter and your question might get featured in one of future sessions. Thank you for sending your questions and for your continuous interest!

Q: What would you like to release as the next TKlub release? What would you like to release as the next TK Classics release?
A: Well I know who it is, but ill wait a little to announce to make sure its all ready, its in April, I want to get the TKLUB moving so you guys can get your TQ's!

Q: Were you ever a fan of the cartoon/toy line/comics M.A.S.K by Kenner?
A: As a kid I had a passing interest in the toys, more a fan now, be fun to play with the idea!

Q: Can you please name some of 1/12th 2000AD characters which are in the works and in which quarter of this year we might see one for pre-order?
A: We are looking for a mid years pre-order as we want a to release a bunch together, We have Dredd, Sov Judge, Nemesis, Hammerstein, Robo Hunter and Judge Anderson slated for the first wave!

Q: Will we ever see a release of WWR female soldiers with the same awesome tactical combat gear as the male soldiers? Any written in stone or approximate date set for War Nurse Jessica?
A: I don't see why not, female Commando would be cool!

Q: Can the Dirty Giddy Graveyard shift Bertie MK2.1s come with the all weather coats, just like WWRp NOM Field Commander ones?! Pretty please!
A: Well the Coats are NOM coats, they care for their bots a little more, the Stork eye doesn't have them by default… they are cool without them!

Q: Caesar type WWR preorder, Bertie mk2.1 some of them have the stork eye some dont depending on faction but all have new feet. Any chance of that happening? DIY could come with both stork and non stork heads etc.
A: Yup, I want to offer a few options for the 1/6th MK2, also working on ALBERT a Bertie EVOL variant in 1/6th.

Q: What's the transformation process to become N.O.M…Can anyone survive the gas that augments their abilities?
A: There is no process, they are NOM from the day they are born, they always find their way to Supreme mother. There they learn to use their natural gift more effectively.

Q: How Irimi TQ plans are coming along? She has the best looking TQ headsculpt and we need one at Bambalandstore. Thanks you!
A: May at the latest, she is on the schedule, we have an internal list of projects, but ultimately its just me and Siu chewing through it all, so sometimes stuff is held up a little!

Q: Will threeA make an SDCC appearance this year? Will you again be sharing space with IDW if so?
A: mm Im not sure, SDCC is fun, but I feel we need our own booth now ( not so easy to get it seems) I feel like the younger brother of IDW, kinda getting in the way of them and their date. Which is kinda cool but I also recognize the aggro that can bring. We will have some kinda of toy regardless selling somewhere, a TK is the target, ill bring this up Monday morning!

Q: Any chance we could/would ever see a wooden Square become available ? With the tech of today this seems like it could be a possibility without an insane manufacturing cost ( I might be totally wrong). A little laser engraving and a few wood stains,they could turn out quite nice. Hell, I would even take a oversized MK1 just painted like wood to be honest…
A: I like tree's more than squares… but I kinda like the idea of a large Vinyl MK1 painted in a faux wood style. I wonder how big we can make a MK1 without getting into crazy money...

Q: Have you considered doing more 1:1 scale stuff? A 1:1 De Plume mask and 1:1 TK sword or jacket would be killer.
A: I would love to make the Deplume 1:1 mask and helmet, I guess we are not set for that kinda of stuff, but yea, that on some kinda of stand, baller! Likewise for the TK jacket!

Q: Would you ever consider including interchangeable heads with different expressions for the 1/6th scale Adventure Kartel or World War robot figures? It would be cool to have different expressions for characters like Tommy or Shadow.
A: Be great to have heads that can change expression, Tommy doesn't change his expression much, only the MY NADS ARE AFLAME expression is an option, post Little shadow kicking!

Q: Do you have any updates, which you can share about new F-Legion Cyborg?
A: Working on some weapons for him, then we can drop, be great to make the whole F-Legion, the idea of war vet mercs never gets old, robot or hume!

Q: Please give us a clone of andy Warhol in 1/6 form, with all his packaging squares tagging along, that would be so great!
A: It would, I can make the Popbot version, as he isn't Andy Warhol, and like I said before there is a chance to make an official one too, its on the list!

Q: Do you have any news about EVOL AMMO DROP set? And speaking about accessory packs, what do you think about offering clothes packs for humanoid figs?
A: The bottom line on the AMMO RECHARGE pack, its there, but we are so stretched on the figures and waypoint toys that the smaller things kinda slip through. But its on the list, the load out is done, maybe ill spend a weekend and get it sorted!

Q: So I was wondering if you plan on releasing a figure with the new books coming out, because it would be awesome if we could get some sort of special figure released with the Adventure Kartel book.
A: Every AK is special, but hey I want the book to kinda be its own thing, we have a slew of new AK characters coming and they are all kinda special!

Q: Now that JC has most of his Upper body covered in tattoos, the logical next step should be his lower body. Will we see a JC with leg tattoos down the road? And will we see some extreme and funny versions of JC, like let's say Hobo JC with the shopping cart and "Repent, the end is nigh!" sign?
A: Funny, his shit is getting more serious, his war on Zomb MD and evil in general is just warming up, leg tats are next, glowing tats too, the story of JC and the AK is really just out of beta, I think the release of ZOMB MD kinda heralds in AK V.1. No hobo, fuck man, HE IS FIGHTING JC, he kicks the fuck outta hobo's for shits and giggles, lazy fucks he thinks they are!

Q: Actually not merely a question, but an answer for your question about Large Martin MiM, it's great to have MiM squad addition, please throw in MiM LM on sale, Damn Large Martin would be cool!
A: One day, ill make a 1'6th one.. ill put it up via art soon! Its been too long since DLM made an appearance!

Q: What's the story behind graveyard shift Bertie MK2.1? Are they following Dead de plume? What's the target of Dead de plume and GS Bertie MK2.1? Are they rise to haunting other factions?
A: Graveyard shift Bertie is more a term, operating at and after midnight etc, the term Graveyard shift I think refers to working after midnight etc. If Im wrong about, meh it sounds cool anyway! Certain sides in the WWR enjoy the imagery and myth certain names and operating tactics conjure. Humans have always thrived on it, no different in the WWR universe!

Q: Will the Campbell Mighty Soup Square be a normal Bamba release? Or perhaps slightly different variant for Bamba please?
A: Actually, they were made for the Thailand Toy expo with two other epic Mighty squares. PYJAMA and LOGO PORN, but we also made some for Bamba as well of all 3, ill have more info on it and the availability soon. Kinda cool that it got some love, its a guilty pleasure to mess with such iconic art, Im a Warhol fan, big time.. but I guess you guys know that!

Q: In regards to SGRJC: what happened to his blind oracle head? The atonement version is being offered with a Zomb head - would this be the head of the oracle or a new head/oracle? Is there a story behind its absence? Also is there a chance us owners of SGR/PAF/DSGR could buy a Zomb head for our JCs? Maybe a tattooed head one? Thank you for considering!
A: The Oracle/Oracle's works for Zomb MD, not for JC. The head with RED JC is a Zomb, not an Oracle. We are gonna offer a Oracle pack, too small to sell separate! The shipping costs these days are nuts, so to offer the single head in limited numbers would cost around 10 bucks with limited packaging + shipping. I can speak with Siu on what can be done etc. but if it was simple as offering them at a reasonable price, I would put them up today! The new head will be used on a new Zomb, different colors and whatnot just an FYI. Lets me see what we can do!

Q: What is your main inspiration for the robot designs in the WWR Universe?
A: Me mostly, but a love for real military shit like tanks, canons,trains and other heavy machines. Of course thats too simple an answer, I'm sure on a meta level Star Wars with its grimy world of robots and used machines had a huge impact, Astro boy because the human robot interplay ( at least as a kid it seemed important ), and vintage Hammer films.

Q: Any chance we could see you at Sydney Supanova this year Ash? Getting my copy of ZvR signed by both Chris Ryall and You at the same Con would be fucking awesome!
A: That would be cool, at least you can get a real sig on the book, not that wispy Ryall thingy. If I can make it, I will be there, I want to hang with my IDW lads, do a panel, take the piss outta them. So maybe, fuck I should make a toy, 10 of them for a one day visit.. actually they shoulda demanded 3A have a booth there, right ????

Q: Could you elaborate a bit more on how and what future TK releases might be?
A: Well I have a ton of characters on the go, I just completed two new ones SLIP OYA and an UNDER SNIPER, which could have the largest gun ever made for any 1/6th, intact it has to be, and if it isn't ill add an inch!

Q: Can you share any progress on the development of Lasstralander? Always cool to see your drawings showing different variants and angles!
A: Banging away on it, vehicles are not my strong point, so I have to work harder at it!

Q: Will the rubber covered body be applied to the other female figure in the future? Who will be next to get on?
A: Well as I have said at the moment we have a the lower half covered, but we are working on a full body solution with the latest tech!

Q: Is the WF Armstrong still on track and going to be offered and would you be able to give us an estimate (or specific date) of when it will go on sale? While I'm at it, will we ever see another WF Grunt/Soldier?
A: The bloody sample is AWOL, I'm moving a load of stuff this cooling week and hope to find it, I want to offer it and a WF set asap, I know some of you want it!

Q: What are the names of the 8 color ways featured in the square 8 pack? Thank you!
A: ummm, err, names, wow, ahhhh , only joking, using the last image on the ad, and starting top left moving right >> LEGION PRIDE SQUARE, iSO Square, Fremantle Dock Square, Fong John Square, now to the lower square, from the right >> Rothchild Maid P18 Square, Family Album Square as seen briefly in the Nom Com comic, Fat Cloud Square and 0day MOD Square.

Q: Any chance of a line of band shirts from the AK universe? 1:1 Cloven Heart and Black Rainbow shirts!
A: I would love too, but tshirts are break even on a good day, maybe I can try to figure out a better way to sell them.

Q: Future Mort news please? Mort is one of you classic characters, one that solidified my enjoyment of your art and stories. Not having a threeA ver of Les Mort is just… so, so sad. This year? Please?
A: I agree, he is on the list, and pretty far gone in the process, I really want to get him out, as he plays into the Dead Astro storyline which is the next soft toy release arc.

Q: Can you please share any estimated date (quarter of the year would be great) for HALO Master Chief release?
A: If all is approved Apri! Master Chief isn't a simple design nor did we want to just dash it out, totally worth the wait for Halo fans I think!

Q: Will we see Beer girls in March? Or they are pushed to the later date?
A: Well we kinda have sumin in for March, and you know you just gave me an idea to tie it in with the whole thing!!!!

Q: Aside from the Mr. Bridger hand puppet, will we ever see a full Devil figure (or any other super-spiritual figures like JC) and speaking of Mr. Bridger, how about a wearable 1/1 hand puppet?
A: I was once given a wonderful Bridger hand puppet, I agree there should be one! There are many devils in my worlds, all wearing sheep suits! The devil might be seen a soft option compared to them. Here is a funny ref for you to hunt, in a Hammer film called The Devil Rides Out, there is a scene near the end showing the what could be considered the devil sitting on a small hill thingy overlooking some worshipers etc, BUT the face on the devil is priceless, kinda smiling etc. Worth the hunt to see it. Actually its a cool film, might seem hokey by today standards but I could make it sing today! Someone give me 10mil for a remake!

Q: When will the 1/12 or 1/1 Labs go on sale?
A: Maybe Ill pack them in with the next 1/12th AK fig, or maybe a mini set like the big one, that large set still sits near the top for 3A releases for me, the figure to the box, just works for me!

Q: Speaking about different figures, characters and variants – are you moving creatively at the pace you want to?…Or are there things you wish you could finish so that you could move on to something new?
A: Always want to be better and faster, but Im feeling on the right path, which is nice, for me being an artist is having the ability to express and show what i do, I have that these days, a privilege to be sure! I don't think I move on from stuff, I evolve and push the initial idea further, its still sex and death, shoes and swords, raising one' head where the suckers duck. Faster, better, honest and cast a deep shadow.

Q: You dedicated the first Evenfall release to the GREAT Carl Sagan. What part of Sagan's Life / Work is most influential to you and your body of work and or life?
A: Everything, a great man there, smart, funny, and kept it real, showed that the real magic, the meta, the profane happens everyday, every second close to us and light years away, that kind of insight elevates and informs.

Q: Do you think that anything what humans do can be called an art? I keep noticing that nowadays people tend to overuse word art and artsy, and use it regarding making porn or carving pumpkins. Or art is in the eye of beholder, just like beauty?
A: Well there is an art to most things, if art pertains to a specific technique or skill that elevates ones position above the average. I think calling it an art, as opposed to art is different, and basically a contextual line. Or what is art? Mostly a load of old wank sold to us as being special yet it falls flat when viewed or experienced without a doctorate or gallery expert to fluff the art erection. I see more art in porn these days than I see in many galleries, I can say that, coz I can. That's the art debate right there. Old wank, at least with porn you can wank. Severed animal parts covered in a childish drawings showing a day at the circus, to counter the brutality in infinite failure of the human spirit is just wank, or is it? Art is great, it causes debate and conversation, both such moments can introduce you to a new person or situation that you might have missed out on. If said Animal parts with drawings covering them never existed, there would be no need for debate, and that's a bad thing! I personally never say, "Hey honey, I just made some art yo", I might say, "hey honey I just painted a nude sitting on a robot's head", which I'll hear, "AGAIN!" from TP!!! Which leads to the conversation, nude on a robot's head, or humanity sitting on God's shoulder?... C'mon that at least sounds good.. or a load of ol wank, or art, or...

Here are last weekend 3ALegion pics which were featured at our threeAtoys Instagram (please keep in mind that photos on Instagram are optimized in size for phone screens and don't come in high quality) by area105, wen0610, theonecam

March - 2014 NtIwGWOt March - 2014 7UngFSWt March - 2014 HjNA38Ct

And nice photo by our boardie: Zezuel, showing all three Adventures of Isobelle Pascha Lizbeth figures and TQ chase

March - 2014 NqpORAzt

Starting shipping out this week:

*AKlub Dead Easy Corp Set, plus Dead Easy Corp Potato Commander and Dead GID Easy Corp Ltdt set


Here are first hands on photos of AKlub Dead Easy Corp Set, plus Dead Easy Corp Potato Commander and Dead GID Easy Corp Ltdt set by different Legionnaires by 王致隆, 呂行(gackta), 俞偉豪 and LukaFPS:

March - 2014 Ct2Vsd4tMarch - 2014 Gm2hurBtMarch - 2014 K3oWxPatMarch - 2014 2TgBJzgtMarch - 2014 X0MFmJltMarch - 2014 C5RyLlntMarch - 2014 X7HJGGvt
March - 2014 RCaN4YXtMarch - 2014 5f1t5jotMarch - 2014 I1lZXVet


Ashley Wood about 1/6th scale UKTK packaging (ToyCon UK fig]):

March - 2014 SbFYX5ntMarch - 2014 IoYajOPt

"Quite fond of this box, and I thought I would show you TK hunters what to look for at the UK toy show!"

WWR Square set goes up for pre-order at Bambalandstore on March 31st, 9:00AM Hong Kong time and sets will be offered for one hour only.

March - 2014 XPrmh1Fm

Set price: 190USD shipped.

Ashley Wood replying about Square names in last Sunday Q&A:

Q: What are the names of the 8 color ways featured in the square 8 pack? Thank you!
A: ummm, err, names, wow, ahhhh , only joking, using the last image on the ad, and starting top left moving right >> LEGION PRIDE SQUARE, iSO Square, Fremantle Dock Square, Fong John Square, now to the lower square, from the right >> Rothchild Maid P18 Square, Family Album Square as seen briefly in the Nom Com comic, Fat Cloud Square and 0day MOD Square.

Ashley Wood providing additional details about WWR Square Set sale on March 31st:

"Re the 60minute Square, I was thinking that the sale falls on a Sunday evening for many so It might stretch a little longer as many have expressed some concern being online at the time etc. There will also be a special 3AA JUICY RACER Square and 3A Juicy Racer Race Queen set ( the set is sponsored by JUICY RACER LAGER ). Mm what else, oh yea, lets not forget the WOnka Square dodgy gold square either! As this sale is the absolute last time the Mk1 Square wil be sold at Bamba I want it to be somewhat special! A new EVOL Square will make his debut mid year!

As we are talking squares here are some boxes for a couple of MIGHTY SQUARES!"

March - 2014 OA0saHLt


Ashley Wood, introducing JUICY 3AA set:

March - 2014 A6VJpwUtMarch - 2014 JCMlS0OtMarch - 2014 4DVWgGJtMarch - 2014 R1bKpf6t

"3AA only, comes with a mini Juicy Racer Square! onsale same time as Square set!!"

So to summarize the info which we have for now:

JUICY 3AA (available for existing 3AA members only) set will be available at the same time as limited WWR Square Set sale: March 31st, 9:00AM Hong Kong time at

Set consists of: Miyu as Juicy Race Queen, Juicy Racer Mini Square and Juicy Racer Lager bottle, as it's sponsored by Juicy Racer Lager! Price: 150USD


Ladies and gents, as we mentioned in the previous ads it's 60 minutes sale and in addition to what Ashley Wood mentioned here on the blog (clickable) about extending the set sale, I just wanted emphasize so everyone would be on the same page: Square sale is limited (for ALL items offered) it's a race and it starts on March 31st 9:00AM Hong Kong time at

* WWR Square 8-pack costs 190USD
* Juicy 3AA set costs 150USD

If there will be any additional updates, they will be posted here on the blog.

Have a good weekend everyone!


As we are getting closer to the Square race, it's time to start F5 bar and you can find it here:

Square race starts on March 31st, 9:00AM Hong Kong time at , originally it was planned that the sale will be going for 60 minutes only, however we might keep the sale a bit longer.
Here is what Ashley Wood mentioned on our blog regarding the sale:

"Re the 60minute Square, I was thinking that the sale falls on a Sunday evening for many so It might stretch a little longer as many have expressed some concern being online at the time etc."[/u]

Following products will be offered:

WWR Square Box set – price: 190USD

March - 2014 XPrmh1Fl

JUICY 3AA set (available for existing 3AA members only)

March - 2014 A6VJpwUmMarch - 2014 JCMlS0OmMarch - 2014 4DVWgGJmMarch - 2014 R1bKpf6m

Set consists of: Miyu as Juicy Race Queen, Juicy Racer Mini Square and Juicy Racer Lager bottle, as it's sponsored by Juicy Racer Lager! Price: 150USD

And besides these:

"Mm what else, oh yea, lets not forget the WOnka Square dodgy gold square either!" was mentioned by Ashley Wood

And here is the link to event page on Facebook: - as always, everyone is welcomed!


And Square set race starts at

Answering on one of the most popular questions:

It's okay to buy more than one WWR Square Box set

Thank you for your support and huge interest about this sale!

As Bambalandstore is hit hard (and we are very thankful for the love and support), we will extend the sale, giving more people an opportunity to go through slow checkout and complete the purchase.

Please keep an eye on our blog for further updates and sorry for the inconvenience.

Wonka Surprise!

March - 2014 EqUNPyat

JUICY RACING LIZ SET surprise, as she wants to be a Juicy racer too!

March - 2014 TU8pgCFt

Description from the store:

1/6th scale, fully articulated figures + 1 Vinyl Beer bottle and 1/12th mini square.

Price: 150USD

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