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April - 2014

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April - 2014 Empty April - 2014

Post by gimbat Mon Mar 16, 2015 10:19 pm



Ashley Wood thanking everyone and ending the sale:

"Square race and Miyu was good fun, always good to see Bamba stress under attack!"

Time to lock down F5 bar and here is the fan-art summary:

Thank you guys for participating in this crazy and yet awesome race!

See ya soon in another F5 bar!

April - 2014 BJF1RfbtApril - 2014 VvGTJmrtApril - 2014 8kLXWR4tApril - 2014 TnNxCcRtApril - 2014 LSkCNqitApril - 2014 4DCOTXYtApril - 2014 DO3QjPStApril - 2014 CVr1OLVtApril - 2014 CYPyc05tApril - 2014 45Aaz4wtApril - 2014 HUGxPX3tApril - 2014 FpsfOFmt

album link: (authors names added)

HUGE thanks to all the fan-art authors: gundamben831, FrederickD, Wooly, Kei12, mtrx.45, SzuTsung, kedao (2), crem, Andrew Frank, Mouse9090, andrewty07


More hands on photos of AKlub Dead Easy Corp Set, Dead Easy Corp Potato Commander and Dead GID Easy Corp Ltdt this time by DarthGothikus and koonfasa

April - 2014 VxWFcSDtApril - 2014 FLP1J94tApril - 2014 MHPK7G0tApril - 2014 GdPJYgdt


Rather mysterious DISCORDENT teaser, which you can discuss here

"Our creator owned label. For many stuffs..."

March Photo Thread is reviewed!

First of all, I want to thank everyone who participated in the thread:

lone_idiot, IronChap, bubs67, miracle bubbles, BehindTheMask, Oracle, shikura, FrederickD, Plastic Robo, apple juice, dennisok, budakbdg,

Thank you guys, your photos are amazing and it's always a joy to go through monthly photo thread!

Top photo of March 14 goes to joshimus for showing Fighting JC, doing what he does best!

April - 2014 V6aKRSLm

Special mentions by chiendol, chatchawan, vincenano, GerardHKT, Grish, mardirex, Mouse9090, Albino, A-vin, JDF48

April - 2014 RR6B54qtApril - 2014 0fiFtgYtApril - 2014 Jr4Ba67tApril - 2014 BPWIcistApril - 2014 PiHRfpJtApril - 2014 2hDXb5PtApril - 2014 7UIm3EptApril - 2014 1g9XRLRtApril - 2014 Vl2kl4ntApril - 2014 VdMEmhvt

Thank you everyone and looking very much forward to your photos in April photo thread


3A Parade upcoming release: 1/6th scale Apple Hair + Shoe, now you can read their story and it's a touching one!

April - 2014 1iLWtkFt April - 2014 AmjxohPt

3AA exclusive OLIVER APPLE HAIR + GHOST SHOE Set – ltd 30, signed and numbered, price: $460 shipped

Then you turn away 30 times...

Oliver Apple Hair tossed the dead bird through the front door, the front door of house where Ursula Lilith Le Fey had made herself a home. A simple trick, if the dead bird begins to sing it mans she is home and it would be unwise to enter!

It didn't sing, Oliver skippeed through the door to find her prize, a transparent Heel that held a ghost. A ghost of Oliver Apple Hair.

April - 2014 RgPBpzjt

1/6th scale Parade release GARLAND + FAUST HELLPOP DUO

Does it still shine gold in the dark?

Necro Folk Darlings Spanish Cemetery signed a record deal from hell, literally!

Their children, who are Garland and Faust, now have to produce a world wide number one single within 666 days to liberate their parents from Hell!

Failure in this quest will see Garland and Faust also join their parents in Hell for all eternity, condemned to play infernal strip mall concerts as a supporting act for their parents band Spanish Cemetery!

As you can imagine Garlend and Faust don't want that outcome, but all the forces of Hell kinda do, and are out to stop them from their quest for a world wide hit!

Ghost with broken halos, largish snakes that can talk in broken English and a skeleton with a sailor's bowie knife are just some of the diabolic nasties on their tail!"

Wanna know track listing for GARLAND + FAUST'S ALBUM: CROWLEYS BAD DAY? Check the image below!

April - 2014 RU2E8Het

Parade sale details:

Date – April 10th

We have many options to enter the PARADE world, and here they are:

1. GARLAND 12”girl + 1 small apple
single $120 shipped

2. FAUST 12”guy + 1 small apple
single $120 shipped

3. Oliver Apple 10”girl + 1 glossy green apple
single $110 shipped

5. GARLAND + FAUST + OLIVER APPLE + 3 small apples
3pack $320 shipped

6. Oliver apple 10”girl + 1 Giant Mongolian Mountain Heel ( customer chooses color) Resin Cast
$360 shipped

3AA exclusives:

1. Large Parade Autumn Apples (Black + Clear)
$50 shipped

2. Oliver apple 10”girl + 1 Ghost Shoe - Set ltd 30, signed and numbered
$460 shipped


Here is the update for all TKLUB customers, who bought first three releases: you can expect an email from us soon with all the TK MOOK ordering details like shipping costs for different regions and how many your membership allows you to buy etc.

Sorry for the delay (as we went from 48 pages to 150) and thank you for your patience!

"Made for war against robots. Genetically bred autistic warriors who cannot dress themselves, but can shear off a robot’s head with nary a thought. Alone, even though their brothers number in the millions, yes we are doing fine, like the last time, like the last time.

They face death from steel, but do not know how to say hello. Today’s Princes, Tomorrow’s Kings.

The Tomorrow Kings are an innumerable amount of male clones in the Popbot Universe. Originally created by Luthor Bean Jr for corporate takeovers or so it was thought. These Elvis Ronin are the frontline against the growing Mortis threat. Designers of high end fashion and urban streetwear saw the perfect chance to commercialize their gear by clothing the agile and fearless warriors in their latest and greatest.

In 2013, Ashley Wood introduced the TKLUB, a 3AA exclusive line dedicated to the Tomorrow Kings. Each release exploring the unending variety in designs while expanding on the original aesthetic fans are drawn to. Members are able to order any TK, but in order to participate in the incentive offers you must have purchased one of each TK from a specific wave of TKLUB releases. Incentives are free (shipping not included) and will range from exclusive Head Sculpts, 1:1 shirts, Tomorrow Queens, Art Books, and more.

The Art of TK MOOK, a reward for supporting the first three releases of TKLUB; Oroshi, Nage, and the EDO. The deluxe 12” x 12” softcover mag is a grail for TK aficionados and art fans alike. Originally meant to be 48 pages, this project exploded into over 150 pages. Containing not just images of beautiful paintings, the MOOK dives into unseen territory with concept art and early production images, giving Klub members an exclusive look behind the scenes at 3A. A veritable smorgasbord of everything TK. Page after eye melting page of stunning Ashley Wood artwork and designs. Surely to be the envy of TK collectors everywhere."

April - 2014 FQZI6nYt


New Sunday Q&A session with Ashley Wood is up and added to our website


and added to 3AVOX notes on Facebook


Here are last weekend 3ALegion pics which were featured at our threeAtoys Instagram (please keep in mind that photos on Instagram are optimized in size for phone screens and don't come in high quality) by 76mart and johnnypastafrolla

April - 2014 PJcWZkut April - 2014 KkkBakrt

Look back to last Sunday Q&A with Ashley Wood:

Last week we had to skip one Sunday session, because of technical issues and whatnot. Thanks to everyone who kept asking and was looking forward for a new one to go up!

You can find featured in this one: new World War Robot Berties; Popbot New Heavy TK and TQ Shogun & Shogun+ mention; talks about WWR Square future (EVOL); possible sale time of AK Shadow Merde; mention of six new Adventure Kartel figures and many more questions answered.

If you have an original and interesting question or questions in mind, you can submit them by various ways: contacting me via mail ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at 3AVOX Facebook page wall or via 3Asupport twitter and your question might get featured in one of future sessions. Thank you for sending your questions and for your continuous interest!

Q: Who are the 13 Shitheels? Can we get a little more information on their characters individually? Are they bots, lopers, er something different altogether?
A: You will find out one by one, some are robots, some are kinda not!

Q: My friends and I are planning to go to the upcoming Thailand Toy Expo mainly for threeA. Will there be more events exclusives other than the Squares? Thanks!
A: Yup, there is a brand new TK called THIDDY and a Pascha, representing THAILAND YO!

Q: Are the majority of releases coming out of the Evenfall line going to be centered around aliens/monsters and robots?
A: And human characters

Q: If JC turns red when he is angry, what color does he turn when he's embarrassed? In this last Q&A you said that JC kicks the shit out of Hobos, but what ever happened to He does not love you, but he will save you anyway… ?
A: Except hobos ! and JC never gets embarrassed!

Q: Is there any chance of doing a WH40K collaboration, I mean with their strict licensing? It would be huge to be able to get a 1/6 threeA Space Wolf...or a DIY marine! I only have two loves in this world threeA and WH40K…oh and I guess my family too.
A: I asked them, tell them they should! 40K is great!

Q: The WWR squares have a big following. Might we see a MK 3 Square at some point? Maybe a stealth version, one able to move very fast or amphibious version etc.
A: SQUARE4 is coming soon!

Q: Will we see Girl R/C in 24" line?
A: Not for now, she would have to be 20" tall as well!

Q: Could we ever see a line or a figure that is a mix of say Game of Thrones meets Popbot ? Like the mix of sorcery and steel - like robots infected with/by magic ? There are bits of that kinda stuff in WWR and what not,maybe looking for a more overt version of the concept..maybe more is to come that we don't know…yet.
A: I have a story set in a fantasy type world, want to get it all down and designed asap!

Q: Who will be the next TK released under "Classic" label and when?
A: A new Heavy TK!

Q: Will we ever see "3A clothing sets" released for 1/6 figures? example - when you choose your character for certain video games, they might have an alternate outfits/clothes on to play as. Something similar, like some new threads and outfits that can be purchased to make alternate looks to your 3A characters, old and new ones, but without having to develop and promote a whole new set in order to do it. I am not saying do away "Shadow/Soy" modes, or "Cold" modes versions, but more along the lines of offering us a different look and display options via different clothes. You mentioned that you are into fashion so I think this could be a fun way for us to enjoy the styles on his characters even more!
A: Well the characters are who they are, and are dressed as they should be, at least when released by me!

Q: Will there be anymore TK Shoguns?

Q: Well it is no secret that my favorite character is AK Johan. I was wondering if we might ever get another version of him?
A: Ha, he is awesome, and being little Shadows personal trainer and sometime bodyguard I think he should get a another release!

Q: Can you give us an idea of how many new AK characters are coming this year? I know plans change but can you give us a rough estimate? I'm ready to start taking advantage of my 3AA membership!
A: 6 minimum, we got new F-legion, Handsome Wu, Zomb Md + nurse, 10" Little Shadow, Big Shadow, On the Run Tommy, Future Mort, and the very soon Mega Zomb mmm more than 6! and there are more!

Q: With the advancement in your GID process( doing Giddy and dirty GID) is there any room or chance a'crystal/glass/ice figure would ever be produced by threeA?
A: We can but then you see the joints, we have experimented with this… I guess we will see !

Q: What material is used to make the shoe for Parade April + Shoe release (especially crystal - clear one)? Is it crystal plastic?
A: No its a special resin, looks great, but hard to control hence the limited nature!

Q: Speaking about Parade is it still 3A Parade or it's now called simply "Parade" and second question, are Garland + Faust coming to Bamba in April as well
A: Because its a imprint label called PARADE, owned by threeA but marketed under simple Parade, April is Parade month at Bamba!

Q: I have a question about Miyu Race Queen, is she WWR or it's World of Isobelle Pascha Universe? I mean she is coming with beer bottle like beer girls and with Square (which are WWR), I am confused Smile
A: The race girls transcend the universal walls, and why not! Regarding the Square, as they were the race girls for the Square Race it only made sense they get a little Square!

Q: Can you tell us please what the initials on the UKTK punk box stand for?
A: huh ?

Q: Ash, why retire the MK1 Square? Everyone loves them and wants more. You've changed your mind and backtracked before, what would it take to keep the MK1s alive? Lists? Polls? Whatever just let us know how and the Legion will show the support.
A: Well the best thing about owning your own shit is you can change ya mind, but I think for the future Mk1 is retired, at least at 1/6th! but saying that, the Legion is always listened too!

Q: Is there any way we could get the original Bertie MK2 and MK1 Square in WWRp Gaistaz? One set I'd dearly love to own that was never released, a last farewell to the original MK2 and MK1?
A: ill put it on the list!

Q: Can you please comment what will be the next Killzone fig?
A: Lets see how the first does!

Q: So it's been a long time since we've heard anything about the Solid Gold Deathmask line, are threeA still likely to be doing figures for it?
A: Thats a Rufus question, and Im sure it will happen one day, the door is always open for Ruffy!

Q: Any progress on the witches of AK? Are we gonna see Tommy's Mother or some of her coven in toy form?
A: Totally! I love a good witch!

Q: Can we get any news on when the AK Shadow Merde will be available?
A: I was just thinking that, lets do it this month!

Q: Any chance of having a grunt army pack a la Harold sale. I would love to have a proper flesh army with my bots! Maybe for the next Grunt wave?
A: 1/6th right ? Well the WFP and IRON PAND STRIKE sets will have a Grunt 1.5 in them, no reason we cant offer that in other colorways!

Q: We know Jung is Kuan ti Plume's apprentice… so does Kuan hang in the jungle then? If so will we see a camo Fallen Hunter?
A: There is Deplume coming that is a Jungle hunter…

Q: Can you please give us some idea how WWR EVOL Square might look like?
A: Like a Square, but EVOLved.. its nifty, its always hard up against the classic one right, but I try! Has a fun feature, a little of this, some of that, all square, all ash!

Q: Any possibility to see NOM Commanders again in Gebi or maybe sand devil 666 color way? Our Sand Devil bot squads are already out of control. Need immediate back up.
A: We have been playing with their coats, different material and designs, we have a Dirty GID set and I agree a 666 Commander sets would be cool. 2014 will see much WWR, the 1/6th MK2 Bertie and ALBERTO are looking great, ROTHCHILD EVOL this month!

Q: Since MK1 Square 1/6 will never be offered again after 31st March, what happens to 1/12th MK1 squares? Will we see the set? If you decide to stop the MK1 forever, at least please give some love for WWRp squares in the futures too, 1/12 lovers need Square set too, maybe you can use pure color Square from Taiwan show, and give them decals/insignia?
A: I want that set too, 1/12th isn't being retired just yet! I guess I ll say it here, we are making a large MK1 Square, doesn't fit any general ratio of size, but its fun!

Q: Can we get some details in April on the new Spawn line? And maybe around when the first release is planned for? Hopefully sometime this year! (Crossed fingers)
A: Well we are working on a 1/6th Spawn, I have designed a fig and its at sculpt now,but this is Toddy's baby and will work with him to make as great as we can. But I say this, 2014 is the target for the first release!!!

Q In last weeks Q&A you mentioned that "you like trees more than squares" when someone asked about making wooden squares. A few years ago there was a line of vinyl toys called mighty muggs (maybe your familiar with them) they were "made from 100% recycled awesome". I've bought hundreds of figs over the years, probably 90% of all that was/is plastic of some sort, so ive got a little guilt over it. Have you considered making your figures out of something similar to lessen the impact? And my guilt?… to be honest, if it meant prices were to go up, Id happily cop it on the chin…
A: Maybe painted like a tree Smile

Q: Any chance of seeing The Warbot updated to the Bertie Mk. 3.5?
A: Maybe the new 1/6th Bertie

Q: What's a WWR colorway/faction that you're absolutely done with? That we'll never see a return to?
A: mmmm, I don't think any, they are all part of the family of WWR… Im going to re jig and change up many, but none are 100% gone!

Q: Any new 1:1 items in development? Or perhaps what's the next Ashley Wood collection release might be? I'm still upset here about missing the 1:1 Kowloon leg!
A: Don't be upset, we have some other 1:1 legs coming soon, not GID but cool! we have some 1:1 AK busts, more feet etc

Q: In the latest Q&A you mentioned that the 1/12 Labs might come with the next 1/12 AK figure. Does that mean there will be a Bamba 1/12 AK figure soon?
A: yup

Q: Will the Bambaland version of TK Kozo be a 3AA exclusive or available for all?
A: mmm maybe all as TKLUB has its line up now!

Q: Whats the craziest and most insane 3AA exclusive or surprise release you have in your head for this year?
A: We shall see, a lot of the best stuff is adhoc, just spur of the moment, hey thats a cool idea shit! We really are quite bad at planning ahead!

Q: You had mentioned not being so sure about doing more Bertie Mk. 3.5's – what about doing something like you've been talking about for supersets? Put 'em up for order, and if enough don't sell, they don't go. Or hell, put some in supersets please!
A: Well we have some Supersets combos and options in May, ill use that to gauge the interest!

Q: Will the Bramble in The Iron Panda super set have a Gatling gun or a rocket launcher? We need more 1/6 Gatling guns for robots. Another question I have: are the upcoming super sets going to feature Evol versions of the robots or regular versions?
A: Gatling!

Q: What is a FLAK Bertie you mentioned recently? What does it look like?
A: Flak cannon etc, attached to his head basically…

Q: Would you be interested in making diecast figs one day?
A: yup, but thats an extremely expensive option, but a metal MK2 really makes me smile!

Q: You have great series of nudes paintings and drawings which study and expose female sexuality, what part in female body inspires you the most? Legs, breasts, neckline, cleavage? When you starting to work on the nude painting, what part of the body you draw first?
A: Its a combo, the female form, the nude in general is a fascinating landscape. I love it all, truly a lives work is needed just to scratch the surface of possibilities when portraying!

An opera of dust and a question that should have been asked – Garland + Faust Hellpop Duo will be a part of Parade day on April 10th at

April - 2014 ROAEtXAtApril - 2014 D5ucO6Wt

Here are upcoming details of 3A Parade pre-order including ALL the options:

1. GARLAND 12”girl + 1 small apple
single $120 shipped

2. FAUST 12”guy + 1 small apple
single $120 shipped

3. Oliver Apple 10”girl + 1 glossy green apple
single $110 shipped

5. GARLAND + FAUST + OLIVER APPLE + 3 small apples
3pack $320 shipped

6. Oliver apple 10”girl + 1 Giant Mongolian Mountain Heel ( customer chooses color) Resin Cast
$360 shipped

3AA exclusives

1. Large Parade Autumn Apples (Black + Clear)

$50 shipped

2. Oliver apple 10”girl + 1 Ghost Shoe - Set ltd 30, signed and numbered
$460 shipped


Our Customer Service Professionals started sending out emails to Bambalandstore customers , who bought first three TKLUB releases (#1, #2 and #3), with payment instructions for TK MOOK shipping.

April - 2014 FQZI6nYt

If you bought all first three TKLUB releases: Oroshi 18, Nage M.I.A and E.D.O, and haven't received the email from CS for some reason, please send the inquiry to

Thank you for your support of TKLUB and your patience!

Parade Apples for 3AA members: Large Parade Autumn Apples (Black + Clear). Available on April 10th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time for 50USD shipped, along with other Parade releases.

April - 2014 FwGjMeUt

TK THIDDY – SMASH ALL ROBOTS. Made for war against robots!

April - 2014 IdnRJ1btApril - 2014 BnEUtcqtApril - 2014 G6kcYTrtApril - 2014 1TC4NxBt

Ashley Wood about TK THIDDY in last Sunday Q&A session:

Q: My friends and I are planning to go to the upcoming Thailand Toy Expo mainly for threeA. Will there be more events exclusives other than the Squares? Thanks!
A: Yup, there is a brand new TK called THIDDY and a Pascha, representing THAILAND YO!


With 3A Parade sale starting at in 15 hours from now: on April 10t, 9:00AM Hong Kong time, F5 Bar is live at our forum:

And event page started at 3AVOX Facebook page:


Parade Day sale is up and running at

DEBBIE Apple Hair makes an appearance on Parade Day at ! Sister, best friend of Oliver Apple Hair. One thing is known, Debbie is a great thief!

Debbie Applehair + Glossy red Apple

Price: 110USD shipped

April - 2014 Z4Fv9rBt

Another surprise


Here is the description:

Limited to 100
Its a large Autumn that kinda glows, what a dodgy apple indeed, but comes in a nice box!!

Price: 50USD

April - 2014 6plBls9t

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April - 2014 Empty Re: April - 2014

Post by gimbat Mon Mar 16, 2015 10:22 pm


Parade sale ended and Ashley Wood says "Thank you"

April - 2014 U6P69vFt

Mighty Squares boxes:

April - 2014 JdI6KrVtApril - 2014 L7AWmaPtApril - 2014 FfRxbDKt

WWRp N.O.M Field Commanders (Caliginosity and Emanation) sets (sold out in 2013) are coming along with 12 pages long WWR EVOLprelude comic

April - 2014 K2AfcwBtApril - 2014 Z1qFiEQtApril - 2014 JqK8U7ut

Popbot UKTQ teaser and Ashley Wood mentioning her in Sunday Q&A session in the beginning of March:

Q: I dig the punkish look of UKTK. We already have Golden Doplhin and the question is: will 3A release more figures influenced by punk imagery? Also will there be a UKTQ?! That would be awesome!
A: Well Punk is important to me, on the level of the thinking behind it, DIY and shit, thats a major part of my ideal, also when I was a kid, and Punk was in its visual golden period, it was kinda scary, yet cool, alienating yet saying, join us, the world is wrong etc… Its fun to dip into that world, still looks good today! UKTQ is go! I think PUNK for me has always been a wink and nod that you are not alone, when you feel outside what the immediate surroundings offer! Go put on a Buzzcocks record, by some Docs, tartan skirts re timeless..

April - 2014 1c5ztE8t

Popbot Cornelius TK (sold out last year) packaging:

April - 2014 Yd0Gq7FtApril - 2014 JMmvJQHt

WWR EVOL Darwin Rothchild The War Has Evolved and So Had I!

April - 2014 8c5yZ1kt


Popbot UKTK and UKTQ will be up for pre-order at on April 12th, 6:00PM Hong Kong time

UKTK 150usd shipped
UKTQ 160usd shipped

April - 2014 5QH5TjdtApril - 2014 Nh9xalKtApril - 2014 QtaQ2ZFtApril - 2014 BpfeDmYtApril - 2014 CU5WoFBt

F5 Bar and Grill dedicated to the sale:

First fan-art:

April - 2014 9fIirYntApril - 2014 JhkvUpNt

and event page at 3AVOX on Facebook:

If you are in London, we have awesome Popbot UKTK exclusive for the TOYCONUK! You can find more info about the event and that UKTK here.


F5 Bar is closed and here is all the fan-art:

April - 2014 VX9AZEctApril - 2014 VDCxx5EtApril - 2014 VXHahHQtApril - 2014 YljYGI3tApril - 2014 JhkvUpNtApril - 2014 9fIirYntApril - 2014 MaORTa2tApril - 2014 IGSeQjQt

album link: (authors names added)

Thanks to all authors:

mrtx.45, Firehazzard, elMacuaMan (2), Grish, adriancorn, kedao, Albino

And here are some words by Ashley Wood (said on April 12th HK time):
"Thanks for supporting the UK in their war on the Mortis! The Shadow TQ will have unpaid orders recycled, so hang in there tomorrow if you miss out! You guys are the greatest and really inspire us to push on and try different stuff!!!!!"

You guys asked how 3AA S&D SHADOW TQ surprise art looked like...and here is the biggest image I have

April - 2014 TZctTTTt

3A x CAPCOM Lost Planet 2 GTF-11 Drio vital suit! Figure stands 15.5" tall and comes with 6" tall pilot! Available at your favorite retailer for pre-order soon!

April - 2014 EY8z7PSt

Latest Q&A session added to WO3A website:

and 3AVOX notes:


Here are last weekend 3ALegion pics which were featured at our threeAtoys Instagram (please keep in mind that photos on Instagram are optimized in size for phone screens and don't come in high quality) by saaaa_muel, intothestratosphere and between2workds

April - 2014 YMgKvoutApril - 2014 DQE0hnmtApril - 2014 EJDNTq0t

Some picks, which I took at TOYCONUK:

April - 2014 X9VwuNmtApril - 2014 U8xEkDLtApril - 2014 IFrzThitApril - 2014 VAJa2m6tApril - 2014 JyUxsaCtApril - 2014 5woz0qqtApril - 2014 H38gvBatApril - 2014 Gq4kNX8t

And more fun by DpM:

April - 2014 BnnU2yGtApril - 2014 AFM8VAjtApril - 2014 IQl5s8MtApril - 2014 61A8NwWtApril - 2014 9TVp7fbtApril - 2014 DxTNwmdt

Group photo by Dean (posted by Mouse9090)

April - 2014 VUd3yS5t

You got to check TOYCONUK, where people share their TOYCONUK and show exclusive UKTK experience.

Speaking about Popbot TOYCONUK exclusive UKTK (different from Bambalandstore), here is the detailed photo review by: and few selected photos:

April - 2014 WRetrYmtApril - 2014 9S1ehXFtApril - 2014 LlqRY9mtApril - 2014 W1SWEkFtApril - 2014 BHl07FXtApril - 2014 CcBmsndtApril - 2014 CajhblWtApril - 2014 Ll23rxgtApril - 2014 TgPf7LDtApril - 2014 BmpbSlUtApril - 2014 GW9ur2kt

Look back to last Sunday Q&A with Ashley Wood:

Welcome to another Sunday Q&A with Ashley Wood and hope that everyone having a nice weekend. Today we have 30 various questions for you, so prepare to fully emerge in our Worlds!

If you have an original and interesting question or questions in mind, you can submit them by various ways: contacting me via mail ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at 3AVOX Facebook page wall or via 3Asupport twitter and your question might get featured in one of future sessions. Thank you for sending your questions and for your continuous interest, and of course HUGE thanks to Ashley Wood for finding time to do these!

Q: Will we see Isobelle as Race Queen girl, just like Miyu?
A: Mmmaybe!

Q: Thailand exclusive Thiddy looks to be a very unique and interesting TK. Does the extra-long sleeve have some practical application for battle, or is it strictly a fashion statement? Any chance of seeing a similar TK show up on Bamba? Thanks!
A: You could desk that about any TK, Thiddy just wears the long arm variant of a classic TK shirt, for personal taste and it comes it hand as a scarf!

Q: Any chance for a Dutch Merc Dropcloth one day?
A: A 1.5 definitely!

Q: When we might see how Snowblind Ronin TK looks like?
A: Soon!

Q: Can you please shed some light on next Ma.k/SF3D x threeA fig?
A: There is nothing to shed, or we would, we are not holding out info to be coy!

Q: Are the new Nablers going for sale this April?
A: Thats the plan, just waiting for revised samples! Should be a fun sale!

Q: Ash, if enough of us ask for a version of LIZ/Miyu portrayed in the Wonka sale ad , would it help to bring her into 1/6 life?
A: The vampire girl from the world of pascha ! I'm sure if you asked nicely!

Q: Could we get a hint as to the color of the new Zomb head sculpt (that is coming with Red Night JC)? I need to buy a body to put it on and would like it to match. Thank you!
A: Dunno yet, still trying some versions out !

Q: I just got my Dead Easy Corp set and they are so cool! On the box there is a logo that says "THREEPACK" with a larger "3P" over that. Will there be more "THREEPACK"s on the way? Will we get to see a WWR threepack with some Grunts or Martian Sloggers?
A: We have a few more 3P this year! Covering all worlds!

Q: Can you please share with us some news regarding 3A x Capcom 1/12 Vital Suits and 1/6 Mercenary?
A: Check the blog!

Q: Are all the Zombs in AK dopey brain eaters or are there a few different varieties? I'm not talking she zombs or fatties but something like an aggressive feeder Zombs or something?
A: Some are dopey, mainly the classic Boiler Zomb, but there are many variations of the state of Zombness! ZOMBMD has created a whole eco system of zomb to cover many situations!

Q: What is the story with Zombots? Will we see anymore on robot island or in Adventure Kartel Universe in general? Have they evolved? Are there different kinds?
A: A new zombot soon, because I like them, Robot island is a mainstay of the AK world, many more robots and tales from that musty island!

Q: What's so special about this Handsome Wu fellow!? Is he really handsome? Or is that a nickname cuz he's butt ugly? Is he a member/friend of the Adventure Kartel? Or a villain? Is he a monster hunter? His name sounds like he would be a monster hunter. Does he practice the martial arts or the mystic arts? Is he Asian? Could he be a Gangster Rapper? Thank you for your time!
A: Just wait and see, but he a merc, another left over from the OPENSPACE CONFLICT!

Q: Can you please tell us what "JBS" on the UKTK punk box stand for?
A: Oh that, mmm, maybe one day, it was going tone his original name, those are the initials etc. I still might use it !

Q: Will you install some extra equipment/weapon on some new EVOL Square? I mean like small turret on top or something, or backpack, or antenna radar, etc, would be cool if Square also have their equipment/weapon.
A: Well thats not their style, small weapons etc, they have never been an offensive weapon ( but they partial to a bomb strapped to their back for comedy tension), but the new one's design certainly makes it more deadly. Square4 is the largest upgrade since v1

Q: The idea of transparent apple and heels was cool, maybe one day we can see transparent Square as well?
A: Well the new one could due done in transparent!

Q: Besides Dropcloths and Squares, does Peaceday team have another bots?
A: Now they have them all as they have become a corp for hire!

Q: Does "WFP" stand for WF Patrol? Will their appearance change in EVOL now its revealed they work for Roth? Is it possible they help hide Roth when he flees the moon? WF YO!
A: WFP is Rothchild corp! All be revealed!

Q: Love the new painting on the Portable NOM Commander boxes. Any chance we'll see the walking tanks from WWR EVOL prelude cover in toy form? And what is the name of that bot?
A: Im gonna try!

Q: What are the next figures coming along that have electronics like Krote, Portal figures, etc.? Are any WWR EVOL figures this year (or ever) going to have electronic features like lights or a gattling that rotates would be cool?
A: Yup to EVOL

Q: I noticed with your illustrations, you use a lot of half tone dot patterns. And with the Dead Easy GID pack. I was able to see you use a clear transparent velum or transparent print material with the printed dots. Do you just scratch off the highlights on the transparency and tape the transparency over the original illustration? Also do you have any other tricks or tips that you can pass on to upcoming working artists?
A: Its not vellum and its stuck to the board directly like traditional mechanical screens! Love it, so sick of computerized shit, I like the organic nature! There are no tricks, just techniques, they are more fun when discovered on one own artistic journey.

Q: Have we seen the last of the original Dropcloths? Will they appear in any supersets in the future or have they all moved on to the 1.5 design? They are my favorite bot design to date, and I would love to see an original DC in GID at some point.
A: Supersets might see an original DC, still planning it!

Q: Do you have a date in mind for Thailand Toy Expo Mighty Squares Bambalandstore allotment? Will there be a notice?
A: I would check bamba at the time of the Thailand show, Im sure soon as its finalized we will announce. Re allotment very similar to the show!

Q: Just saw UKTQ teaser and she looks awesome! Can you please share some details about her and her relationship with UKTK? Are their fighting partners or they share something more in common?
A: They are part of a UK TK corp, who have taken to the Punk imagery and ethos. They act and perform more like a gang than a military unit, maybe lost in their own dreams of who they think they are, and not what they really are….

Q: Who will be the next figure, using 10" body? Maybe new Little Shadow?
A: Little shadow is it!

Q: Are we going to see AKLUB release this April?
A: Zomb MD is it, trying to get it done asap!

Q: So excited for TK MOOK emails, can't wait to get my hands on that book. Seriously, thank you for taking your time and jumping to 154 pages, really appreciate it! Do you have more plans to release compilation books like that or can you share what's your favorite page/section in TK MOOK?
A: It turned into a much larger book than thought , well MOOK, but there is so much material and we thought lets make it big. We have an idea of a 3A book that reveals much of the back ground design work and sculptures and interesting tales, but I figure the longer I leave the better! I feel very lucky to have the opportunities to do stuff like the Mook, privileged to have the audience !

Q: Will see more of mysterious VALVe Ghost figure (statue?), which was teased on the blog a while ago?
A: Im looking at it now, just kinda missed the Halloween deadline, it lights too!

Q: What doors Wonka Square will unlock?!
A: A box with a dried gnarly Ompa lumpa heart inside, fuck those spawns of satan, BUT really, a cool figure that only Wonka Square buyers can get!

Q: Do you have any time to watch tv shows and if so, what do you watch? Maybe you are watching some shows with your kids?
A: I don't watch much, still a documentary kinda guy!


Mortis all covered in warm sticky choco have hidden their eggs on the Easter planet bunny yo. Only the expert Choco Hunter TQ can find them.

April - 2014 XfHdObGt

Choco Hunter TQ is up at for limited amount of time and here is the message from Ashley Wood:

"Enjoy Choco, enjoy Easter, we will put up Choco TQ for preorder for a short limited time, instead of the normal limited pre made amount to hopefully bring some choco hunting happness! Head to Bamba!"

April - 2014 Happy


Adventure Kartel Dead Astronaut Gangsta and The Bitch aka Emma the Beagle are shipping out soon! Please watch our official sources for more updates.

April - 2014 QDfHpAMtApril - 2014 Llo3RoUtApril - 2014 AbJ9XnGtApril - 2014 0ky7lactApril - 2014 AqfkYn6tApril - 2014 ODZcg1pt


Ashley Wood working on custom DIY TKs:

April - 2014 RWhuuE8tApril - 2014 YivOfoLtApril - 2014 6IpHR0Gt

"Im working away on the DIY with Siuyin at my studio as type, they are for the Contest winners and a charity auction in Thailand! Each TK will have a name! Nearly finished the under-painting and onto weathering etc !

Fun doing these, have plans for another set!

Happy Easter

And here is the recap of 2D Animation Contest and all the winners:

Entry by kalenov

April - 2014 NxggU5em

Entry by Dan

April - 2014 UPtFkyym

Entry by SamTK

April - 2014 SQaXWUUm

TQ Stroll by fluppeco

April - 2014 RVLLeBDm

Entry by WingedYeti

April - 2014 TJ2khM4m

Entry by gnaw

April - 2014 V1XEK8Mm

Entry by goway

April - 2014 FdqwCYkm

Entry by ruins

April - 2014 UePqqTSm

Entry by G!LL3YMAN

April - 2014 PhMBLRrm

Entry by BRiZL

April - 2014 0TPskcRm

Submitted after the deadline entry by Zbrushman and A_Locomotive

April - 2014 DV2AANKm

It's a big day for us all! 3A Adventure - Issue 001 added to our website and you can find it here:

Below is the introduction word by Ashley Wood:

April - 2014 ONWMTzut

"I started out making magazines, photocopied zines etc. Way back in the day me and TP started a mag called Alarum, initially a photocopy thingy then it made the leap to traditional print. It had comics, music articles etc. I thought it couldn’t get any better, then it got cancelled pretty much as fast as it started, this first issue makes think back to that time and the raw let’s just do something we think is cool vibe, which is the only real reason to do anything!

So this first release of 3A Adventure is a big deal to me, being able to mix toys, art and design wrapped up in a mag is what I kinda live for, being able to share it makes it even better!

I’m very lucky to have Brent Ashe along for the ride bringing his design powers, they are instrumental in making this happen and this collab kinda brings together years of thinking on what we could do together! When we first met, our friendship on many discussions about design and typography, a lot of them revolved around Raygun magazine, Bikini and H uh. This period of publishing (mid to late nineties) is profound and made many rethink the way magazines could look and read, me included!

So enjoy this bumper kick-off issue, going on from here we will have future toy features to give heads up on 3A stuff , brand new 3A comics with Brizl and me and much more as we find our feet and voice! Don’t forget to send us 3A toy photo’s, hell any kind of photo! We want you guys involved in this too, send stuff to Gimby’s email, I’m sure it will make its way to us here at Adventure HQ somehow!

See you in issue two!


Latest Q&A with Ashley Wood is up at our production blog:

and added to 3AVOX notes here


3AAdventure update from Brent Ashe, our online magazine is now downloadable after completing quick registration at and you can follow us there at:, plus we have new section added to website.

Please read the detailed post below:

Hey all,

An update for you on the launch of 3A Adventure magazine. First off, thanks to everyone for taking the time to check it out - we have close to 8000 impressions already since Sunday and that's all because of you guys. We really appreciate the love and support! Work on Issue 002 is already under way!

Second - we got a ton of feedback asking for a downloadable option on the magazine so we have that going now. You have to register directly with in order to be able to download. It's free and relatively painless and this allows you to have a local copy to read offline so it's definitely worth the trouble. You can still view the mag online like before without an account or if you're not logged in - but account = downloadable, got it? good.

We also went ahead and uploaded all 9 issues of the Lookbook 3A catalogs from last year. They're hosted on Issuu to browse and download - same as the 3A Adv. mag. There will be more Lookbooks in the future - maybe something with a certain video game robot that likes to burn things - his Heavy brother gets lonely you know. ; )

I'm going to dig through the crates and try to find the mini-catalogs we did that shipped with some of the previous toys and upload digital versions of those as well - stay tuned.

Lastly, at the top navigation of is where you'll find our 'Publishing' section. There's a drop down menu that you can use to get directly to either the Lookbook or 3A Adv. issues and what was the previous 'Books' section lives there now too under 'Print'. (speaking of print - we also got a ton of requests for a print version of 3A Adv. so that's being chatted about as well - no promises but we'll see! ; )



Here are last weekend 3ALegion pics which were featured at our threeAtoys Instagram (please keep in mind that photos on Instagram are optimized in size for phone screens and don't come in high quality) by petibowom, mumekata and hadibullz

April - 2014 Sspg5aCt April - 2014 F6H6r86t April - 2014 Q48030ht

Look back at last Q&A session with Ashley Wood:

Hello folks and happy Easter! I want to welcome you all to another Q&A with Ashley Wood! Each session is very unique, as you guys ask all kinds of different questions, but this time I want to highlight Popbot 7Bones question (Brand new Slicer is coming); WWR Supersets (June for them if all goes according to the plan); some intel on Popbot 3AA S&D Shadow TQ and Ashley Wood's version of Marvel's Hulk!

If you have an original and interesting question or questions in mind, you can submit them by various ways: contacting me via mail ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at 3AVOX Facebook page wall or via 3Asupport twitter and your question might get featured in one of future sessions. Thank you for sending your questions and for your continuous interest!

Q: Have you ever considered doing any "classic" kaiju or manga bots 12" or larger? Or do you think that's played? In particular, my two all-time favorites are Mogera from "The Mysterians", 1954, and the type I or Manga version of Tetsuin 28 (Gigantor). Mogera is a very unique looking robot, and a hyper-realistic version with all of his burrowing features would be amazing. Likewise T28 is a great look, and a weathered or battle-damaged look would be beautiful, especially if Black Ox could be worked in. Or are those types of properties isn't what you are looking for?
A: I don't think anything is ever played, and I'm fond of everything you mention, the reality is I'm time stretched and want to spend it on New ideas or stuff I absolutely love etc.. Though Black OX would be epic...

Q: Will we ever see more Punk figures? Maybe with facial piercings?
A: The UKTK was gonna have a brow piercing, but time got away from us. Want to do more sub culture TK's. a Mod TK is soon, and Goth!

Q: One of my favorite bots to date is the "Gerry" Armstrong. Is it possible to get some back story on these guys and will I ever see something in that color way again? It kicks so much ass I bought two and painted a DIY de Plume to go with!
A: I agree, but as some of you know, the Rothchild Moon base is no more and the Gerry brigade is considered terminated by the Earth Forces. Or where they???

Q: What does the 3AA S&D SHADOW TQ come with? Does it come with a bot head on the illustration? Really curious, thank you!
A: I wish, I thought about that, but the cost would have been much higher. If the fig had come with such a epic accessory we would crow about it in the description! The new bothead for the purchase of peppermint grove!

Q: Was thinking about your Marvel line and thought that a Marvel comic 1/6 green Hulk , and Red Hulk would be awesome!!! If your hulk could take knee and bend upper body foreword with head down--would be the greatest!!! Also marvel Zombie figures. Please do these things!! Thanks!!!
A: We are making a Hulk, I'm very fond of the Hulk, lumbering Hulk, more Kirby Hulk than a muscle bound roid looking one, red would due a cool variant too! The Marvel Zombies is a great idea, thanks!

Q: Really like the drawings you do for secret drops. Do you draw them up on drop nights or have the drawings done in advance?
A: A bit of both, I have the idea shortly before the sale, and normally draw them up on the day or a day before. My ideas are very liquid and nothing is set in stone till the last minute. Some of what I think are the best figures are on derived from on the spot decisions! Im very fond of the work I do for 3A, I'm glad you guys enjoy them too!

Q: Will shadow S&D TQ be an all black variant?
A: 90% black, but as we finalise, and that can can happen when they are almost 100% all made, I change to make better, well at least I think better. Ill show you guys soon, in the pages of 3ADEVENTURE!

Q: What's the story for the fox tails seen hanging from the UK TK & TQ's belts? Is it their fashion choice or there is more too it?
A: Well its a punky troupe, from what I know it has a few connotations. I like it mainly, its a fun visual hook, and makes you think huh, just like when you see a girl or guy on street sporting them! OR OR they hunt and kill foxes and collect their tails like boba fett collects wookie scalps. Don't forget Boba is a cunt for that!

Q: Will Bamba offers Thailand Toy Expo exclusive TK along with Mighty Square allotment? Thank you!
A: Squares yup, too cool not too!

Q: Ive been wondering, what is going on in the USA in the Popbot universe?
A: errr---- Stuff…ha, thats a joke, well the main cast is from the US, Punk King etc, the Mortis were developed in the US as the sex /marital aids and whatnot. Shit is happening everywhere!

Q: What kind of color ways will we be seeing for the WWR superset sales, besides Iron Panda who won the poll on the forum? And when it might happen?
A: June for the sale I believe, WF is the other one!

Q: Speaking about packaging, do you prefer slipcase packaging over regular one?
A: I think I like them all, sometimes I like really simple boxes, sometimes slipcase. There are many other factors that can come into play as well, regarding what is used and why. But mainly its a on the spot, lets do a slippy, or lets do this or that kinda thing!

Q: I bet you been asked a lot, but really can't wait to see some WWR EVOL actions from The Martians. Do you have any dates in mind?
A: ASAP, thats the date I have for most things, only other is FASAP FUCKING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE !

Q: We just saw a glimpse of the new EVOL Rothchild. Wondering, if we will see him in 1/12th scale as well?
A: I'm sure one day, the WWRp are fun… well to me!

Q: What are the UKTK and UKTQ's names or nicknames? Who is the Shadow TQ? Is she UKTQ in "Shadow Mode" or is she the "Night" version?
A: SHADOW UKTQ isn't a black version of the UKTQ , but a different operative. They all have names, ill allude to some on the packaging!

Q: Now that Rothchild has been revealed could you tell us how he got the way he is. What happened to cause him to lose an arm and an eye, and where were his personal guard during this situation ?
A: The comic that comes with the Nom Commanders et reveals in a truncated way what happened on the moon, any questions about it can be directed at me here!

Q: Huge Tomorrow King fan here and absolutely can't wait for next 7Bones and TKLUB figure. Can you pretty please share some estimated dates and who is next? Really need to set funds aside to buy 'em all!
A: Well the Next 7B is a slicer, brand new one ( as in new design ), i think he is may, fingers crossed.

Q: With all the stars that are drawn in the Kozo pics, it also looks like he has a rocket pack/ Oxygen tanks? Can he fly? Is he in Space? If not, then why must he wear the mask?
A: Well the stars were there to show the under-verse in a meta way , the under verse is similar to space but isn't influenced by the same forces that regular space is. A breathing type device is essential!

Q: Can we see a preview of Peppermint Soy before she begins to ship please?
A: I have here right here, I can get some shots on the blog soon!

Q: Have you ever considered the idea of selling a set of blind box/bullet figures? Some who collect gashapon figures or others closely related I think it would be a neat idea if they got a collection of 1/12 figures from the 1/12 dirty deeds Bertie to a 1/12 Nom and anything like AK and maybe Isobelle if she was done in the 1/12 scale but basically create a set of random characters over the 3A verse and make the packing random so that you have no idea what your getting until you open the box/bullet/grenade. I think it would be an awesome way for any left over stock and the molds are available still (one would assume) to sell them as singles or in cases, it would be a fun chase….
A: I think it should be fun, do you think there would be enough support, not a cheap exercise ? You guys tell me!

Q: Do you have any WWR Deluxe book news, which you can share with us or should I bug IDW?
A: Bug IDW, they will bug me! just a case of packaging it up, all ready... mm should do it!

Q: Just checking in to see if it's known when the Mortis head will go up for sale? Do you have the details finalized?
A: Will reveal soon. its a cracker!

Q: When might we see new POPBOTs? Have yet to add a 1/6 to my shelves( should have grabbed a Manchester back when I had the chance) but I'm starting to get antsy for one and don't know if it's better to hunt one of the OGs or wait fer the new…need some badbot in my life..
A: Working on a new Pop, named WAR POP at the moment, a more organic version that the first ~ naturally there will be a Badbot too !

Q: On the ad for the Choco hunter TQ it mentions only the Choco hunter can find the Mortis eggs. Are the Mortis eggs something we might see in the future as a special offer to those who bought Choco?
A: Mortis eggs are look like Giger ( not enough love for Giger I think in this world ) designed them, might be a cool little accessory one day !

Q: I saw photos of DIY TKs in the works, will they be only as prizes for 2D Animation contest winners or you might offer the unpainted ones later at Bamba or perhaps as prizes for the future contest? They bleed awesomeness!
A: The first lot is for the animation winners, they have waited long enough, and the rest are for a charity auction in Thailand. I wil be getting gore though, I have really enjoyed making these ones!

Q: So the new Rothchild is the next WWR EVOL release, will it come with the bot or on it's own?
A: He has a small Caesar to hold!

Q: When we might see you in Levine gallery? 2015 I assume?
A: April, the idea of a November show didn't feel good, April is better!

Q: I am really excited and looking forward to Thailand Toy Expo exclusives and hopefully I can say "Hi" to you there. Are you going to be there or very busy schedule?
A: Im there to meet you, best reason!

Q: Do you have a favorite song from the movie or perhaps a whole soundtrack, which you listen on regular basis?
A: I still enjoy the authentic Blade Runner soundtrack, also I'm fond of the Pretty in Pink soundtrack!

Q: What's your favorite country you ever lived/been at?
A: Australia is my home as much as I have tried to run away its still my first love, USA is a close second and HK is in there too! I guess these are the places I have been the most and feel homely but still kinda exciting. France is great too, the UK is super special due the family ties and TP is from there!


Today, we have two new 3A LOOKBOOKS (Drio Vital Suit from Lost Planet 2 in Issue 009 and the Robot Pyro from Team Fortress 2 in Issue 010) for you and both are added to 3A Digital Publishing section at our WO3A website:

And you can find the full post by Brent Ashe (regarding both LOOKBOOKS) below:

The 3A Lookbooks are back with two brand new issues featuring the Drio Vital Suit from Lost Planet 2 in Issue 009 and the Robot Pyro from Team Fortress 2 in Issue 010. Tons of brand new, never before seen images in both.

Each issue is available for viewing and downloading by clicking on the cover thumbnails below.

The 3A Digital Publishing section has also been updated here


And here are both LOOKBOOK covers, each is clickable and leads to the specific issue:


GTF-11 DRIO VITAL SUIT collectible stands 15.5" (39.4cm) tall, has multiple light-up features, comes with the pilot and will be available via our retailers only. SRP: 350USD. Please click on the LOOKBOOK cover to read all the info and see tons of photos.

April - 2014 LfzXQ8xm


Fully Posable Robot Pyro Figure Stands 10.9" (27cm) Tall, has more than 30 Points of Articulation + illuminated LED eyes. You can find all the features, prices and lots of photos at the LOOKBOOK itself:

April - 2014 9y0FYqkm

WWR Mighty Squares for Thailand Toy Expo

April - 2014 E2XU6FOt

World of Isobelle Pascha – Thailand Adventure Pascha

April - 2014 2XcmMrNt

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1/12th scale Collectible Figure Set - Lost Planet 2 GTF-11 DRIO VITAL SUIT WITH PILOT, will be available at on April 28th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time.

April - 2014 WGzjbyOt

You can find more photos and info about Drio in it's LOOKBOOK3A here.


An event page on dedicated to upcoming pre-order of LOST PLANET 2 GTF-11 DRIO VITAL SUIT with PILOT 1/12th Scale Collectible Figure Set is open on 3AVOX Facebook (F5 Bar will be open closer to the sale):

Pre-order starts on April 28th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time at

April - 2014 WGzjbyOt

And updated LOOKBOOK 3A – ISSUE 009:

some of the specs:

- Fully Articulated Drio Stands Approximately 15.5-Inches Tall
- Incredibly Detailed Mechanical Parts Throughout
- Create Poses As Seen in the Lost Planet 2 Video Game
- Realistic Paint Application with Weathering Effects and Decals
- Two Fully Poseable Side Gatling Guns
- Moveable Front Shield with Detailed Cockpit Area
- Real Fabric Utility Pouches on Both Sides
- Light-Up Features on Front Shield Area, Front Lights,
Cockpit and Back Fins
- Includes 6-Inch Mercenary Figure with Detailed Armor
and Fabric Clothing

Price: 350USD

Latest Q&A session with Ashley Wood up at our blog:

and added to 3AVOX notes on Facebook


LOST PLANET 2 GTF-11 DRIO VITAL SUIT with PILOT 1/12th Scale Collectible Figure Set is up at for 350USD shipped.

April - 2014 QgKm5pxt

LOST PLANET 2 GTF-11 DRIO VITAL SUIT & PILOT newsletter is out and if you haven't received one, you can access it here


LOST PLANET 2 GTF-11 DRIO VITAL SUIT & PILOT is gone from the store and here is the fan-art by BRiZL, which he shared at F5 bar:

April - 2014 BdPngytt

Very special header image from Bambalandstore

April - 2014 PgFF4J6t

May 1st at

April - 2014 VGaF0oKtApril - 2014 K5XDaUEt

3AA exclusive 4pack (only for existing 3AA members)

April - 2014 Wt1Bprlt


F5 Bar dedicated to upcoming May 1st sale is open and waiting for ya here.

Here is first fan-art:

April - 2014 OAKkm2ZtApril - 2014 LLxNlDBtApril - 2014 Vp2x447tApril - 2014 3hXx4XZt

Teasers from Thailand Toy Expo (opens tomorrow in Bangkok) from (blog ran by Ashley Wood and T.P. Louise)

April - 2014 WrJK6eytApril - 2014 1LiQeo6tApril - 2014 3mRjdVmtApril - 2014 5LvfBNrtApril - 2014 Xi748bmtApril - 2014 D6OWvQUt

Here are last weekend 3ALegion pics which were featured at our threeAtoys Instagram (please keep in mind that photos on Instagram are optimized in size for phone screens and don't come in high quality) by jeroloper, chindo6 and omgitsgordy

April - 2014 6HuJ3XUtApril - 2014 EiJ9IMhtApril - 2014 NMzbZr3t

Look back at last Q&A session with Ashley Wood:

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you guys and gals are enjoying your weekend. Below we have more than 30 questions asked by our Legionnaires and answered by Ashley Wood and this is one of our biggest sessions yet. Hope some of this questions were on your mind and if not: you can submit your interesting and original questions by various ways: contacting me via mail ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at 3AVOX Facebook page wall or via 3Asupport twitter and your question might get featured in one of future sessions. Thank you for sending your questions and for your continuous interest!

Q: In the latest Q&A you mentioned the new Rothchild will come with "a small Caesar to hold", is there possibility of having bags of these small Caesars (similar to the mini Berties) available for sale during the Rothchild drop?
A: I think there might be a bag or two of Mini Caesars, almost a tradition now!

Q: Any hints on when the next TKlub release will be? Do I understand correctly that it's Slicer for 7Bones and Heavy Slicer for TKLUB?
A: Well we have a few options but I would like to have the Heavy Sliver be the best TKLUB.

Q: It's been a long time since figure from WWR/WWRp Universe came with a chase figure hidden within, I think last last chase was bramble mk2 NW and LM NW, rite? Maybe you can give us WWR fans some chase action again?
A: All our WWRp toys are chase figures! But ill see what we have in the future and see what is applicable etc.

Q: I was surprised to see Sam Slade in the first wave of 2000AD figures, though in hindsight he's an obvious threeA choice. Will he come with Hoagy, Stogy and Cutie? I hope so!
A: Why, Sam is 2000ad A list, and like you allude too, he is a Robo Hunter, gotta love that ! Im pretty sure it aint Sam without Stogey!

Q: Will you consider EVOL NOM Commander or EVOL Marine Commander for JEA faction? I think WWR's strongest – Marine army needs a Commander.
A: EVOL Commanders and Grunts are coming, and others!

Q: With both the WF and Iron Panda sets announced for WWR Universe, will we see the WWRp sets sold at the same time? Is it still going to be a 'minimum' sale offer? ie You offer the sets for sale, but it only gets made if there are enough orders.
A: Only 1/6th for now. We will offer them as planned and see what shakes out, you guys asked for them!

Q: Will Jungler Armstrong still be sold on it's own or is he now part of the superset?
A: Single for him, as promised!

Q: So...Zomb he really real? Do you have a treasure trove of drawings just waiting to show or is he just an enigma wrapped in a riddle? Also, any plans for Zombie Sharks?
A: He is, nearly there too, trying new stuff as mentioned with him. His Nurse is getting impatient too ! I do many sketches for every character, some changed so much from my initial idea to when it makes the toy, some stay really close to the first sketch. There is a AK feature slate for the second 3Adventure that has some interesting sketches from back before AK and WWR were fully formed, showing them all part of the same world!

Q: Is Lasstranaut an omnipotent being in the Popbot Universe? Do you have any sort to say EVOL plans for her?
A: Lasstranaut is the most powerful character, she almost represents creation, she is raw power and emotion! I don't intend to release another lass, special toy for me!

Q: With all the 3A books coming shortly is there any chance of getting a small run of them for sale on Bamba or even a few signed ones among them?
A: It will really depend on the book, we have 3A published books coming, and I have books via IDW etc. Ill play it by ear! Amazon is probably the best place to get them, always cheaper!

Q: Real Steel question, will there be a Charlie Kenton and Max in 1/6 scale with introduction of realistic human faces (Lost Planet Mercenary fig)?
A: Nope, our license doesn't cover the humans, and really he doesn't fit into the 3A vibe either… plus I'm not fond of realistic faces!

Q: You have mentioned that there are new Shogun figures in the works. I was wondering if you are redesigning the armor that came with the others or if anything new will be introduced with the Shogun like new weapons or something ?
A: I never said I was making Shogun Warriors, I said I love them and Im taking that love to create my own robot with similar vibe, ergo my MARS bot. Would I love to redo SHOGUN WARRIORS, of course, Mattel can drop me a line yo!

Q: Is there any chance you would be interested making 1/6 scale figures from the Tekken videogame franchise? Maybe styled versions?
A: mmm, I loved that game when it came out especially the ps1 versions of tekken and tekken2. Great to play in the arcade too! But I'm not sure those figs would fit my master plan, Kuma was cool!

Q: How about some vehicles in WWR, or EVOL! At least for the Grunts, or maybe even transports for WWRP Bots! I think you've said before you'd be interested in vehicle designers… well, who do we send the designs too?
A: It would be great, but I want 1/6th vehicles first, and we have some, but cost and time take a heavy toll, have to be careful we don't expend too much of other on something that might fall flat!

Q: Will there be an offer of a WWRp JDF 3 pack? I know that the colorway is exclusive to Goodsmile Company only but if possible could you offer it on the next Summer Wonderfest ?
A: Actually it isn't exclusive to anyone but me, as it s my design, and yea, I think a 3pack for JDF for the world would be cool!

Q: Would you be interested in making some sort of fighting Buddhist character?
A: Well I like the Monkey Legend, so maybe thats sum in. maybe…

Q: If the N.O.Ms have a special ability to easily take control of most robots, what does this ability look like? Is it a mind power thingy or more of a literal "pop the hood and hack the inside" kind of deal? Why is it hard for N.O.Ms to "hack" Ceasars?
A: Its a gift, augmented with certain medicinal drugs. Caesar uses a specific encryption that isn't easy so easy to link with. More Rothchild in their DNA than a normal bot!

Q: When we might see new feet/legs at Bambalandstore? Really need one, after missing Kowloon Ghost GID! And will there be any book or booklet containing all the stories and art of severed feet?
A: We have some more limited edition legs soon, foot wise, dunno, I have some ideas though!

Q: What did Jung De Plume say to Kuan Ti Plume in his final breath to make Kuan become the first fallen? Or was it Jung's literal act of dying that made Kuan separate? Or something else?
A: He pointed out the truth of it all, the war, the NOM etc. Kinda made Kuan see the world differently. remember one persons fallen, is anthers Risen !

Q: I want to ask question about Square MK1. These little guys are really cute!! But just wondering what if they went out alone, and fall down on the ground in battle, how can they get up?
A: ummmmm there legs are strong, also an internal counter weight system keep them horizontal etc, very very scientific hard to explain in this short form, throws a ninja smoke bomb and runs off!

Q: Will we have some sort of a summary or info post about Thailand Exclusives and Bambalandstore allotment? Please make TK Thiddy a part of it!
A: Well mmm, well we have the 3 mighty Squares, and the Thiddy, but a different thiddy colorway.. and he aint called Thiddy, they look similar , but are part of the team that prefers big fuck off hammers to swords!

Q: Big fan of yours Popbot Universe, I want to know if you plan on wrapping it up in the near future and is Popbot 9 a last one? Also how is the film is coming along? Keep up the good work!
A: Pop 9 is a catch up issue, with a TK story, then 10 will be the start of the end! Film is like many films, waiting for the guys with money to hand it over, but as Im not gonna let POPBOT be something that strays from my vision, it takes a little more time get the backing!

Q: In the 3AA S&D SHADOW TQ illustration,seems like she wearing a jeans. So is she wearing a jeans or am I see it wrongly? It will be super cool if she really come with jeans match with leather boot and jacket. And another related question, is there any chance to make bot head on the sketch of Shadow UKTQ and sell it at Bambalandstore?
A: No Jeans, like the UKTQ but all in black etc! Ill make a proto of the bot head from the illo, see what it looks like etc!

Q: There is Tomorrow King, is there any sort of PK (present/past king)?
A: Everyday, but the name is an aspirational position, something to strive, to fight for!

Q: In one of the previous Q&A's it was mentioned that Misty Slush would go up for pre-order this year. Could you maybe share some intel as to when this might be? Does she come with a bot? Maybe sharing an art to let us know she's coming?
A: Once I have a sample thats on point ill offer, she is a 10" female figure. Her normal bot of choice is a Ball bot, but they are kinda big...mmmm

Q: With the recent TK Mook info I was wondering, is there a lot of critical info storywise in this mook that fans of TK's en the Popbot series need to know for the story? Unfortunately i wasn't able to get 3AA membership until this year. So I missed out on the first TKLUB. I don't want to miss out on my favorite 3A series anymore.
A: Its a visual parade, the story of the TK is for the Popbot comic mainly. I have given much away via ads though over the years, its all there, just have to place it together! Anyway, as they say in the movies, the end is near!

Q: Would you consider releasing an artbook with only sketches and promo art from all 3A sales? And could we please get some new wallpapers for pc and or mobile devices? Maybe 3A stickers too?
A: ok, I like that idea ( someone can make a list for me though, I don't really keep good records ), I have to say, some of the 3A ad art is my best, I'm a fan ! Maybe we can get graphic maestro Brent Ashe to make a collection of wallpapers and back grounds!

Q: How soon your version of Marvel's Dr. Doom is going to be up at Bambalandstore and will we see a lot of colorways?
A: Soon I would think, waiting on a paint master, Im pretty sure we only have the classic Doom for now, though we are going to release a iron man + doc Doom 2 pack!

Q: Any news on the next Seven Bones pre-order date? Also, would you ever consider a Seven Bones super 7 set with all the characters (in different outfits or battle damaged for those who missed out and to avoid re-release)?
A: Next month if all goes well! the 7 only appear on their classic gear, then they DIE! no super sets.. which is a bummer as I want to make crazy sets... I want to release the 7 bones in a cool box though !

Q: I heard that some people are using loopholes to buy products which are not longer listed at Bambalandstore after the pre-order window closed, what is 3A's official position about this?
A: Well I would like to know more, details of what is bought, as we put the majority of items out of stock this trick wouldn't work on most items. ill look into it.

Q: As we are getting closer to threeA six years Anniversary, do you have any thoughts about it and will we see new Bambaboss (hence blurry teaser in 3A Adventure)?
A: That blurry is Handsome Wu. I think a cool figure is needed for the 6 big ones! may see's the 10 year anniversary of 7174, so to celebrate we are releasing a pre made 74 figure to celebrate it!

Q: Is there a place for customs at 3A Adventure magazine? If so, I have a couple, which I'll send to Gimbat!
A: Sure is, I love customs, love them ! Everyday I look at my Campbells Bramble custom and get a kick!

Q: Do you often go out or you are more like sitting at home/working in the studio kind of guy? What's your favorite place in Perth and what would you recommend to see in Australia?
A: Im at home and the studio making shit, only coz that is what makes me happy! Just come to Perth or Australia, you find something that makes you smile!

Shipping next

here is another shipping update for you guys!

Late next week we will be shipping out following releases:

*Popbot Cornelius TK
*Adventure Kartel Oppenheimer the G.I.D. Zomb
*Team Fortress 2 Mann vs Machine Robo Heavy

These releases are already passed to our forwarder and shipping out shortly as well:

*WWRp Grunt Bumper pack
*WWRp N.O.M Field Commanders sets
*Adventure Kartel Hot-Foot
*Blister carded T-shirts five & six

If you want to request tracking number or have any questions about your awaiting fulfillment orders, please never hesitate to contact our Customer Service professionals at , we will be delighted to help you! If you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice and direction to 3Asupport on twitter or engage with our official 3AVOX Facebook page.

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