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July - 2014

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July - 2014 Empty July - 2014

Post by gimbat Mon Mar 16, 2015 10:49 pm

July 2014


Adventure Kartel Shadow Merde pre-made first batch is currently up at for 135USD shipped

July - 2014 PuLfKk8tJuly - 2014 ERMLUNUtJuly - 2014 EiCYrXSt

First batch sold out, more later on, US morning - according to Ashley Wood's post on our blog at

Adventure Kartel Shadow Merde pre-made LAST BATCH is up at

Adventure Kartel Shadow Merde recycles are up at


Inspired by the original 'Microman' Japanese toy line from the 1970's and re-imagined by artist and 3A co-founder Ashley Wood, each figure stands approximately 6-inches tall.

Pre-oder opens on July 4th 9:00AM Hong Kong time at

Single figures cost 45USD shipped at Bambalandstore.

July - 2014 Xa48HZtmJuly - 2014 8RtaBqymJuly - 2014 A9wGRHjmJuly - 2014 HoidxZdmJuly - 2014 K8P9o6Wm

Marcus is Bambalandstore exclusive.

July - 2014 2zxJiHum

LOOKBOOK3A with lots of photos:

July - 2014 VJ3kngwm

Packaging design blister card fronts and back

[URL=]July - 2014 CrusmuitJuly - 2014 Zk4hd6UtJuly - 2014 UyV7BWgtJuly - 2014 THdl0ymtJuly - 2014 Um4OdpatJuly - 2014 7p4eApUtJuly - 2014 SAvMiCft

F5 Bar dedicated to Microman – String Divers pre-order:

Event at our World of 3A Facebook page:


Microman are up for pre-order at right now!

And here is Ashley Wood about clear Microman, called Julian:
"Juilan the clear SD is only available at retail, and we can only offer Asian retail stores the selection as our license only covers the Asian region for now."


If you haven't signed up to our 3AVOX newsletter or haven't received the latest issue dedicated to MICROMAN – STRING DIVERS, you can check it out here.


Exclusives items to be sold at LGOT show PARCO venue has been announced! (and only those to be sold at PARCO; the exclusives for LGOT show WonderFest venue to be announced). Please check the LGOT blog for details.

Limited edition of World War Robot book's Japanese version with two 1:6th Squares included. Blister carded package, and its back card works as a silp case for the book. (World War Robot standard version will be sold at Gallery X as well, for 3,456 JPY)
13,000 JPY (tax included)

July - 2014 CcJTHPMt

8 inch de Plume of DIY colorway from 3AGO line.
6,000 JPY (tax included)

July - 2014 T0UjNWHt

A set of T shirt plus grenade container.
6,000 JPY (tax included)

July - 2014 QCtNuxVt

T shirt with LGOT illustration printed. Comes in 2 colors; black version and white version.
3,000 JPY (tax included) / shirt

July - 2014 MpGbCimt

Ashely Wood art postcard set. 6 different designs as a set, total of 3 sets.
1,500 JPY (tax included) / set

July - 2014 QM0vrrzt

3 clear file folders of different designs as a set.
1,000 JPY (tax included)

July - 2014 A9ornLNt


WWR EVOL 4Square is approximately 19cm / 7.5" tall

Pre-order opens on July 9th only at

Price: 80USD shipped.

July - 2014 MlloOoGtJuly - 2014 F0rVeiwtJuly - 2014 NQ8jDFxt

Thanks to all, who stopped by and supported Microman at ! Please check Good Smile Company and Amazon Japan or our other retailers in Asia (that what our license covers) after July 10th if you are interested in more Microman!

Here is fan-art by Cromagnus, Grish and card

July - 2014 GFWTkjItJuly - 2014 Jv5qE9atJuly - 2014 THAjV0ptJuly - 2014 5GDTHwet

Lonely Star Warriors Concept TK – See Us at PARCO and Wonderfest!

July - 2014 MA6GJgpt

And another shot from Ashley Wood's personal Instagram (source here)

July - 2014 IudLZNBt

The Adventures Of Isobelle Pascha - PASCHABORG 001 SDCC IDW Publishing 2014 packaging.

July - 2014 NK9qIndt

Couple of Adventure Kartel Dead Cosmonaut Golovorez (retail exclusive) hands on photos, you can find an album here at WorldOf3A Facebook Page with all the author names.

July - 2014 ErFyFOItJuly - 2014 NN0p9DitJuly - 2014 I8mEmgRtJuly - 2014 Q1a55kttJuly - 2014 5VAB5yEt

Recently shipped WWR Square2 Box Set hands on photos by our boardies nixon and jetwin (including photos of very cool effect, achieved when you place Squares against the light)

July - 2014 81BzhiRtJuly - 2014 R4uYJBltJuly - 2014 DEeRpyqtJuly - 2014 IOrWHZ2tJuly - 2014 Aln029utJuly - 2014 EXWnlvptJuly - 2014 Es0Wm7ktJuly - 2014 QcHUJ0btJuly - 2014 7cTj8FPtJuly - 2014 3kWYBhCt

Information on how to purchase The Adventures Of Isobelle Pascha - PASCHABORG 001 SDCC IDW Publishing 2014 exclusive.


June Photo Thread is reviewed and first I want to thank everyone, who participated this month:

1054hits, Albino, mtrx.45, A_Locomotive, Oyabun Oso, chiendol, Wooly, DpM, bubs67, tome, rahu, Goopiag, Niskio

Thank you guys so much for your photos and for making judging challenging and fun!

Top photo goes to vincenano for this mix of Maschinen Krieger and WWRp Universes

July - 2014 S0Ma4wOm

Special mentions by Teimaru, denissok, JDF48, counterfeit, Grayfox117, chatchawan, Mouse9090, IronChap, Print, wide_snow, Jeroloper

July - 2014 R7lv6gftJuly - 2014 6NKxih1tJuly - 2014 CdgpWkNtJuly - 2014 YZzeHZstJuly - 2014 4lOCcXPtJuly - 2014 Nu8WFWBtJuly - 2014 0cTRUM7tJuly - 2014 MXwwjYitJuly - 2014 WMx4AIDtJuly - 2014 TTuGKgLtJuly - 2014 0WUlwf4t

Thanks to everyone and looking very much forward to your photos in July photo thread

F5 Bar dedicated to upcoming WWR EVOL 4SQUARE pre-order at (July 9th, 9:00AM HK time) is up and running here on the forum:

and you can find the event page on Facebook here:

KRAB LABS 4SQUARE or PANDA CORP 4SQUARE cost 80USD shipped and will be available only at

July - 2014 Sag7BCStJuly - 2014 1PpJrxatJuly - 2014 MxJ4Ic5tJuly - 2014 NQ8jDFxtJuly - 2014 F0rVeiwtJuly - 2014 MlloOoGtJuly - 2014 1rVMu7RtJuly - 2014 IrgBEilt

This photo was posted on our blog with the heading: "Undone by his kiss, just the idea of it."

July - 2014 PsQy8QUt

And these photos were posted shortly after, with the following heading: "it was a sticker, but it was a statement too!"

July - 2014 INT9xOntJuly - 2014 P3DKmDztJuly - 2014 Njqp3petJuly - 2014 KYbbyv6t


WWR EVOL 4SQUARE are up for pre-order at


Thanks to all who supported WWR EVOL 4SQUARE sale and here is all the inspired fan-art:

July - 2014 UEuISK1tJuly - 2014 OGjfspotJuly - 2014 IoDEGRRtJuly - 2014 NpiSPWWtJuly - 2014 LX4JbqktJuly - 2014 PAkeI67tJuly - 2014 Gi5tOUvtJuly - 2014 0rvZU4LtJuly - 2014 0QBYDXwtJuly - 2014 Y7cWzkDtJuly - 2014 Earnj09tJuly - 2014 8AW8DoftJuly - 2014 JykjhQHtJuly - 2014 YoFdhjJtJuly - 2014 HBIFEcKtJuly - 2014 X4HnxsstJuly - 2014 CVwT5DjtJuly - 2014 RbKF9nEt

album link: (authors names added)

Inspired Fan-art authors:
pezbanana (2), bza (2), chanimation (3), card, Grish, Mouse9090, BRiZL, Chong Wey Ming, Noveltycross, Vaxillus

And we have rather cool teaser image at for next AKLUB!

July - 2014 WRN63cHt


FONG JOHN EXILED FOXHOLE T-SHIRT (blister carded) is up for pre-order at for 55USD shipped

July - 2014 OszmCSVtJuly - 2014 2nMGRqwt

Some details from the store:
Feeling not part of the status quo, the rigid and shit, well this is the shirt for you!
ship in 3rd qtr, sale will go down without warning at any time


Upcoming sales at

July 23rd SDCC SALE ( CYBORG ADVENTURES, COSPLAY SQUARE MIYU AND IRONMAN, all different to previously mentioned versions)
AUGUST 25TH 3AGO wave one ( Hemmingway's, DePlume's and TK's)

Ashley Wood's art for July 23rd SDCC sale mentioned above.

July - 2014 QjslLact


Ashley Wood about Popbot Interheavies in 1/6th scale (we offered them in Action Portable in the past): "It took a while, but the INTERHEAVIES found their way outta the Underverse"

July - 2014 XSHgOq3tJuly - 2014 UvOPA0pt

WO7174 special Anniversary MS74 figure is shipping out later next week. Here is Ashley speaking about it:

July - 2014 CxKtXIXtJuly - 2014 XtQyAPEt

"Sorry for the delay guys, but we wanted to make Ms 74 better, glasses and extra hand etc."

And an update regarding our CS email, as some still send emails to email:

Please use the for any order concerns, the info@ will not reach the people that can help with your order.
If you bought MR71 figure, it was sold at Bambalandstore with September 2014, as an estimated shipping time.

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July - 2014 Empty Re: July - 2014

Post by gimbat Mon Mar 16, 2015 10:50 pm


Popbot Interheavies will be coming to soon

July - 2014 CcK9yQTtJuly - 2014 Vpc8kwrtJuly - 2014 E7G3QoitJuly - 2014 M6XXxitt

Art by Ashley Wood for Popbot Interheavy TK LIMITED sale on July 21st at

July - 2014 1JzKXNBt

The Invincible Iron Man new colorway on July 23rd at

July - 2014 IBiJwkDm


SDCC WITH 3A 2014. 23rd July 11PM Hong Kong time only at Bambaland ( IRON MAN EG: 220USD shipped; World Of Pascha Cyborg: 150USD shipped (shown on this teaser); Spearmint or Vanilla Square Cosplay MIYU: 120USD shipped each; 3AA (only for current 3AA 2014 members) SDCC Set includes: one Iron Man, one Cyborg and one Miyu + exclusive 3A SDCC Poster: 460USD free shipping. This is a LTD sale, no times or length is guaranteed.

July - 2014 99o4nyht


Onsale now, Single Interloper Heavy IH001 and 3AA 2PACK containing IH001 and IH002. Each figure comes with a poster with the prelude story to the LAST TK.



World Of Isobelle Pascha Cyborg on sale on July 23rd (11PM Hong Kong time, part of our LTD online SDCC sale, no times or length guaranteed) at

We already announced blind singles priced earlier and they cost 150USD shipped.

July - 2014 0tnF45Kt

Steel Age: 3A x DC Comics 1/6th scale collection

3A is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Entertainment. The Greatest DC Comics Super Heroes as you’ve never seen them before! Ashley Wood has envisioned a new universe where the villains have won. The rebirth contingency plan is initiated – Steel Age. Robotic versions of the fallen heroes are forged. Constructed to wage war on crime. A new League to carry on their legacy of Justice.

July - 2014 L8oijdit

And new teaser from World Of isobelle Pascha Universe:

July - 2014 JkyxWaMt

Ashley Wood about not going to SDCC 2014 and about our online sale on 23rd:

"Cant believe I'm missing not going to SDCC so much, have been going since 1995, kinda bummed I'm not going, its where my extended family of troublemakers reside, it's where I get to see so many of you guys! That's hard to miss!

So yea, I admit it, I'm bummed.. But then again Im excited for PARCO and Wonderfest in Tokyo and seeing my friends there! BUT dammit I want both!

I hope one or two of the toys we are offering this week give a little of the SDCC feeling even if your not there!

Excited and bummed


Oh yea, cmon, I get to make a storyline within the DC universe with STEEL AGE TOYS, cmon, kudos to Warner/DC for letting me do it! And we will reveal many new Marvel toys soon! Back to it, as you can imagine, im kinda busy!"

You can find mini-blog dedicated to LGOT 3A art and toys event here:

Closer look at World Of Isobelle Pascha Cyborg 4pack SET: Long/Miyu/Lizbeth/Pony
Each ISO CYBORG comes with 5 hands and two pairs of shoes.

July - 2014 TnDILfgt

Worship The BP Girl at Her Altar! BP Girl 001 Mallory , Bandage + Purrs. And for those who asked she is available for pre-order at for 120USD shipped.

July - 2014 NNXiaKJt

Popbot Underverse NINJA TK DARK available on JULY 27th at - 120USD with worldwide shipping included in the price.

July - 2014 ZAWG0JGt

F5 Bar dedicated to upcoming SDCC sale is open and you can find it here:


Let's Grow Old Together WonderFest exclusive: Ninja TK white aka Ichihito, which will be offered at WondeFest on July 27th.

July - 2014 W6pq1ddtJuly - 2014 Pl3vyfHt

Please check LGOT blog for more details:

The dark version (Underverse Ninja TK Dark) will be sold at Bambaland on July 27th, as we mentioned earlier.

Our online SDCC sale is taking place right now at and all the information is mentioned in each product description.

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July - 2014 Empty Re: July - 2014

Post by gimbat Mon Mar 16, 2015 10:51 pm


Latest updates from LGOT blog ( ):

WonderFest [Summer] exclusive Popbot Ninja TK white aka Ichihito face reveal:

July - 2014 EP7cTsgt

3A's first art & toy show in Japan "LET'S GROW OLD TOGETHER!" starts from 25th tomorrow at Shibuya PARCO Part1 Gallery X (B1F)!
The gallery opens from 10AM, and the queue line will be made at the stairs shown below (The stairways that leads to the nearest entrance of PARCO to Gallery X).
Please do not queue up over night.
The earliest possible will be from the time when the first train of the day starts at Shibuya station on 25th.

July - 2014 M15a7bvtJuly - 2014 NjqgnBOt

Items to be sold at Shibuya PARCO Gallery X from July 25th. WWR book LTD edition, 3AGO DIY de Plume, and grenade container + T shirt is limited to 1pc per customer.

July - 2014 P0dfPnVt


Underverse NInja TK Dark is available for pre-order at Bambalandstore right now for 120USD (with shipping included in the price) and we want to thank everyone, who supported and enjoyed our online SDCC sale! We plan to end both SDCC and Wonderfest pre-orders tonight.

July - 2014 ZAWG0JGt


Thanks to all who supported our special SDCC and WonderFest online sales (which ended earlier tonight)!

Here is all the submitted fan-art by: cromagnus (2), Vaxillus, Mouse9090 and pezbanana:

July - 2014 UhXdz0ltJuly - 2014 IvYt7xxtJuly - 2014 CU1770RtJuly - 2014 KvDbgzVtJuly - 2014 FQvF4xwt

album link: (authors names added)

Shipping update

This week we plan to fully send out following releases:
*World Of 7174 Studio 10 years Anniversary figure: MS74
*Kenny Wong x Ashley Wood Seamonkey + Catharine Snowpea set
*GHG Pilots (Kaitlin, Gertrude, Amber, Underverse and Dark Zoom)

Recently shipped figures and releases (for you to keep easier track of things):
*Real Steel Noisy Boy Bambalandstore orders
*WWR Square2 Box Set
*OSM Square Farm

Few more shipping updates will follow shortly (once figures will be at the door and ready to ship).

If you haven't received tracking of the recently shipped releases and want to request tracking number or have any questions about your awaiting fulfillment orders, please never hesitate to contact our Customer Service professionals at , we will be delighted to help you! If you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice and direction to @WorldOf3A on twitter or engage with our official WorldOf3A Facebook page.

LGOT at PARCO Gallery X

Here are the photos of Let's Grow Old Together art and toy show in PARCO Gallery X (including pics from Ashley Wood's signing session and opening)

July - 2014 AApretUtJuly - 2014 TPe59vvtJuly - 2014 EM14WCItJuly - 2014 JLRfjLNtJuly - 2014 EPG0vdltJuly - 2014 AhIvTFctJuly - 2014 JKFJC91tJuly - 2014 IwrkzXitJuly - 2014 KDlJgH2tJuly - 2014 CbwPhYdtJuly - 2014 KGNUXhptJuly - 2014 BThr5ANtJuly - 2014 KGBu8RFtJuly - 2014 NWUXgANtJuly - 2014 GBdfujFtJuly - 2014 6l4wbtktJuly - 2014 4M4qVYTtJuly - 2014 MMOP6ZwtJuly - 2014 A4J80BNtJuly - 2014 6CA7FfStJuly - 2014 Te4QClxt

Full album available at World Of 3A Facebook page here:

More photos (including time-lapse) and all the info about LGOT show can be found in this blog:

LGOT at WonderFest

We want to thank all the amazing people who came to Ashley Wood signing session and stopped by to see our toys on display at WonderFest.

July - 2014 FGRGRu2tJuly - 2014 9SYVcMqtJuly - 2014 0FkrJA6tJuly - 2014 CWhPv0jtJuly - 2014 EYB6WQktJuly - 2014 SPXuqvVtJuly - 2014 KK80Ao1tJuly - 2014 Q1ATG5PtJuly - 2014 FYzFA16tJuly - 2014 VTuz2dDtJuly - 2014 YzOw1ttt

Full album available at World Of 3A Facebook page here:

Please check this website: for all Let's Grow Old Together art & toy show details.


Your appointment date with Adventure Kartel ZOMB MD is 8th of August 2014 at the Bambaland Clinic!

July - 2014 LpcF1Dht

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