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August - 2014

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Post by gimbat Mon Mar 16, 2015 10:55 pm

August 2014


What did you expect? It's Zomb MD! Zomb MD Albino nurse! 2PACK Zomb MD and Nurse, part of THE AKLUB – 8th of August at

It's 4th and last set towards 1/6th scale MS Shadow figure (figure comes for free to people who bought all four AKLUB sets, shipping for MS Shadow needs to be covered separately). And to avoid any confusion, here are three previous sets towards Ms Shadow which we already offered:
AKLUB1 No Shit On These Flippers Set
AKLUB2 Dead Astronaut Gangsta Set
AKLUB3 Dead Easy Corp Set

August - 2014 4Kkl797t

Ashley Wood about our another account (in addition to ) on Instagram:

"informal behind the scenes images and info on what we are working on at 3A via instagram."

And few photos from that Instagram:

August - 2014 VYj63QAtAugust - 2014 TpVCNkxtAugust - 2014 FZ32CrDtAugust - 2014 PupMJVbtAugust - 2014 2rZv0BgtAugust - 2014 HCNeEqotAugust - 2014 RcN09vdt


Recently shipped Kenny Wong x Ashley Wood Seamonkey + Catharine Snowpea 1/12th scale set, photographed by our Legionnaire from Facebook SzuTsung Ein and our boardies: bratt, koonfasa, Albino

August - 2014 8VNJd4ctAugust - 2014 GIl3fm8tAugust - 2014 ZKoC3F6tAugust - 2014 NRsiewetAugust - 2014 YIWlPGBtAugust - 2014 P6VM8f8tAugust - 2014 RffZdF4tAugust - 2014 Xrb7hl9tAugust - 2014 BO6tprOtAugust - 2014 BVzVZjNt

WO7174 Studio 10th Anniversary MS74 figure, photographed by our boardie darkmatter428 and 3A Legionnaire from Instagram: mafutoy

August - 2014 M65KkFUtAugust - 2014 LDSQaHQt

Recently shipped Adventure Kartel pre-made Shadow Merde hands on photos, by our boardies: Gerbil, Albino, Vaxillus

August - 2014 4uqv3EGtAugust - 2014 2htAK0XtAugust - 2014 JTiENkXtAugust - 2014 YvZ070dtAugust - 2014 Qq77dkltAugust - 2014 JQirvdOt

July Photo Thread is reviewed and first I want to thank everyone, who participated this month:

Albino, chalky, zbrushman, Hunterd1, YamiQ, Sideburns, pezbanana, illadvised, Mouse9090, elijahdrophet, chiendol, Skuldren, JDF48

Thank to everyone for the submissions and for making judging challenging and fun each month!

Top photo goes to dennisok for this Deep Powder WWR squad

August - 2014 J8CVSWum

Special mentions by saintsyn, GerardHKT, bza, IronChap, shinjikun1, Print, miracle_bubbles, Grish, bubs67, chiendol, counterfeit, Vincenano, DpM

August - 2014 4pL61ZVtAugust - 2014 6tmDX5FtAugust - 2014 3vhInXctAugust - 2014 UjJlanJtAugust - 2014 B24X2xjtAugust - 2014 3WgxIDqtAugust - 2014 Ul0VSsPtAugust - 2014 GQujXNatAugust - 2014 VpFBhlQtAugust - 2014 8vT4fEltAugust - 2014 WQHkkyutAugust - 2014 XG7c7AstAugust - 2014 9oKFYdVt

Thanks to everyone again and looking very much forward to your photos in August photo thread


It Will Have To Come Off! Zomb MD! Your appointment date is 8th of August 2014 at Bambaland Clinic! 2Pack Zomb MD and Nurse. Part of the AKLUB.

August - 2014 80Sz8djt

An update regarding 3AA 2014 membership package Lasstranaut from our Instagram (informal behind the scenes images and info on what we are working on at 3A via instagram)

August - 2014 PfjXdRkt

"As a thanks for being patient with us regarding the 3aa set we are putting lssstransuts first mission cloth patch in the box as well!"

Here are last weekend 3ALegion pics which were featured at our WorldOf3A Instagram (please keep in mind that photos on Instagram are optimized in size for phone screens and don't come in high quality) by xiaooglen, mafutoy and osamurai20

August - 2014 P82D0QhtAugust - 2014 E3iKkcEtAugust - 2014 KRX1ixBt


Hands on photos of IDW Publishing SDCC2014 exclusive Paschaborg 001 by our forum member: IronChap

August - 2014 WWYPCvGtAugust - 2014 NdlMRLFtAugust - 2014 5wwOuZxtAugust - 2014 7rpRhu8tAugust - 2014 OEr4lpytAugust - 2014 Dv6CmUVtAugust - 2014 7nmcHCztAugust - 2014 XFRx6IKtAugust - 2014 BIn5bu6t

And you can find the entire review of the figure here.

Kenny Wong x Ashley Wood Seamonkey & GHG Pilots hands on album at WorldOf3A Facebook page can be found and it contains 25 photos with authors mentioned in the caption. I already shared few hands on pics in this column, but here are some more:

[URL=]August - 2014 Ne8iSnotAugust - 2014 Ysj36jvtAugust - 2014 LEOeSbLtAugust - 2014 FFGJSUct


August 8th at

1/6th scale AKLUB ZOMB MD AND ALBINO NURSE SET: $260 (price update)

1/6th scale Adventue Kartel BLACK ROSE ZOMB NURSE ( NOT AKLUB ): $120


August - 2014 Yis5VOztAugust - 2014 DdVh62wt


Zomb MD single and AKLUB set is up and available for pre-order at

August - 2014 EzREgwGt

And we updated the price for the set, it's 260USD shipped now and 140USD for single Zomb MD (NOT AKLUB).

Adventure Kartel BLACK ROSE ZOMB NURSE (NOT AKLUB) is 3AA exclusive and costs 120USD shipped

August - 2014 Mo5QADUt

Adventure Kartel GID ZOMB MD AND GID NURSE JESSICA SET surprise appears in batches at random time, at !


August - 2014 T2zSSE3t

3AVOX newsletter special, dedicated to Adventure Kartel Zomb MD can be found [u]here.

Here is Ashley Wood talking about our 3AVOX newsletter and future changes. Btw, if you haven't signed up to 3AVOX yet you can do it right here:

"The weekly 3A VOX newsletter will be returning soon, as we get close to 2015 we want to be able share all the changes that next year will bring for 3A, we have spent much time looking into making the 3A experience better and more exciting for you guys, and those changes will be implemented in early 2015. Also with so many outlets for info we want to make sure that there a 100% verified news outlet, VOX is it!

We know the shipping times are not up to scratch, and we have plans to make them much less an issue and make sure you guys get a great toy in a better than timely matter.

So yea, expect a 3A VOX soon, and as it goes on we shall impart the 3A of 2015 plans and other cool stuff.

You guys give such great support, and have patience beyond the call of duty its never lost in us!



Meet Adventure Kartel TAWERET NURSE ZOMB surprise! As all surprises it goes up at random time in batches at

August - 2014 RWADUt4t

Price: 120USD shipped

An update regarding The Art of TK Mook from wedonttalkaboutlove3A Instagram (informal behind the scenes images and info on what we are working on at 3A via instagram)

"Some of the tk mook books had out order pages and had to reprinted. All orders will be shipping soon."

August - 2014 TD5qCYSt

The Art of TK Mook is exclusive to all the customers who bought TKLUB 1 Oroshi 18, TKLUB 2 Nage M.I.A, TKLUB 3 E.D.O Momba 001 + 002 set at and covered the shipping fees earlier this summer.


Ashley Wood about Zomb MD ( while singles are gone, AKLUB Zomb MD and Albino Nurse set is still available for pre-order at ) , mentioning upcoming changes and his willingness to release another Zomb :

Thanks guys, kinda amazing that after all these years that Zomb MD is finally on pre order, to me it seems like 6 months, but the years have flown by since his frist mention in the boiler Zomb's comic ( man I wanna release a zomb this weekend to celelebrate that )... In a world where shit comes and goes and stuff is forgotten I'm humbled that I get to make these crazy characters and have the support for 3A!

Siu, Brent and me have spent much time chatting these weeks about changing things up here, we dont want to be like the others, we want to forge a new way! stay tuned...

thanks guys


New Adventures of Isobelle Pascha will be up next. Please keep an eye on our future updates for more details.

August - 2014 S3FUwpAtAugust - 2014 IFgbjICtAugust - 2014 FTtljcdt

Text on the image: EVENFALL Infected Stealthnaut. Taiwan Infection October 2014.

August - 2014 BqMM2oit

And another teaser from wedonttalkaboutlove3A Instagram (informal behind the scenes images and info on what we are working on at 3A via instagram)

August - 2014 FmKNm47t


AKLUB Zomb MD set left Bambalandstore, thanks to everyone who supported the sale and we have this new header image at Bamba:

August - 2014 UUNcDylt

Here is all the fan-art inspired by Zomb MD:

August - 2014 7vcwp2QtAugust - 2014 Xt9poPdtAugust - 2014 Mo2LaOPtAugust - 2014 ENzgSpbtAugust - 2014 ZhZ8tHwtAugust - 2014 YRmfuK4tAugust - 2014 QWkISkJtAugust - 2014 FoHy1jVtAugust - 2014 HFgiF8StAugust - 2014 BVwgW9utAugust - 2014 Icmv8hatAugust - 2014 Bzhx6QxtAugust - 2014 Up7oUHRtAugust - 2014 GW56qK1tAugust - 2014 JQhXDdjtAugust - 2014 OAFFBYktAugust - 2014 N2ZT0PRtAugust - 2014 P7JBSCMtAugust - 2014 FuClKi7tAugust - 2014 C7QaTFQtAugust - 2014 R0MjJpytAugust - 2014 Tvtp48EtAugust - 2014 S3P57JGtAugust - 2014 Z201V9FtAugust - 2014 IFxupe8tAugust - 2014 LJv3PpktAugust - 2014 I0SuP8dtAugust - 2014 YfiThvYtAugust - 2014 NsOmyvDtAugust - 2014 Fn4MrDRtAugust - 2014 JJz8lI5t

album link: (authors names added)

Thanks to these authors for the art: SlowBrom, Pie (6), BRiZL (2), Grish, abex44, soil, zzzzz, Nevo (2), BeetoBot, Jubal Stainmaster, thejikas (2), pezbanana (2), Chong Wey Ming, Albino, Grish (2), Darthgothikus (2), Mouse9090, frargle (2), x43x

The Sleeper Hisa & Cho. For When The Children Sleep Eternal She Arrives To Take Their Hand. Designed and Sculpted by Siuyin.

Take their hand this coming week!

Price: 150USD shipped each

August - 2014 QIvp1o9t August - 2014 LsJPvktt


Popbot Heavy Duty Slicer Yoshitsune. Text on the image: The Race To Die Like A Sun Begins September One.

August - 2014 DbAkL2qt

First Syoupee release (designed and sculpted by Siuyin): will be available on August 13th.

25 EDITIONS HISA: 150 USD shipped.

25 EDITIONS CHO: 150 USD shipped.


Limited to 1 per account.

August - 2014 TmfAfyVt August - 2014 HUbtoint August - 2014 5NEeibJt

Popbot Search & Destroy Shadow TQ from (follow for more pics)

August - 2014 B10C1d0t

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Post by gimbat Mon Mar 16, 2015 10:59 pm


We have few Syoupee The Sleeper recycles of unpaid orders available at (after fast sale), first come – first served!

First release from Syoupee: The Sleeper is fully sold out. We want to thank everyone for the support and congratulations to Siuyin!

Bone day at on August 18th!

The Adventures Of Isobelle Pascha Obedience Training set – 200USD shipped.

Text from the blog: Tired of the same of the same ol missionary position popular movie tie in toy , then come grab a bone with Isobelle Pascha on the 18TH! $200 Shipped

August - 2014 B29jDuUt

Lost Planet 2 Mercenary 1/6th scale figure is shipping out this week. Enormous thank you goes to everyone for the patience and looking very much forward for your photos!

Recently shipped figures and releases (for you to keep easier track of things):
World Of 7174 Studio 10 years Anniversary figure: MS74
Kenny Wong x Ashley Wood Seamonkey + Catharine Snowpea set
GHG Pilots (Kaitlin, Gertrude, Amber, Underverse and Dark Zoom)
Adventure Kartel Shadow Merde

If you haven't received tracking of the recently shipped releases and want to request tracking number or have any questions about your awaiting fulfillment orders, please never hesitate to contact our Customer Service professionals at , we will be delighted to help you! If you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice and direction to @WorldOf3A on twitter or engage with our official WorldOf3A Facebook page.

Here are few first hands on photos by Chong Wey Ming:

August - 2014 ZMHoHwstAugust - 2014 W4gEYkGtAugust - 2014 XXHMJRxtAugust - 2014 QaOT4HktAugust - 2014 YkA23WstAugust - 2014 9ZZyp43tAugust - 2014 HrjRNd5tAugust - 2014 SnthRebtAugust - 2014 AfSk4IRt


BBICN and 3A at China International Comics Festival (please check the image for details)

August - 2014 FGN7NZXm

Beast Kingdom x threeA at Taipei Toy Festival. October 9th – 12th 2014.

August - 2014 JSsw7yom


Sale dates comment from our Production blog:

Since we pushed back AKLUB Zomb MD set pre-order earlier this month, all the upcoming sale dates we mentioned on our blog in mid-July are shifting. Dates announced ahead are an indication of upcoming sales, but dates do and will change, so please use them as a guideline and follow our official updates. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Q&A session with Ashley Wood:

on the blog

At WorldOf3A FB page notes

Here are this weekend 3ALegion pics which were featured at our WorldOf3A Instagram (please keep in mind that photos on Instagram are optimized in size for phone screens and don't come in high quality) by jiveseven and boba_kid

August - 2014 BTWRYMitAugust - 2014 Bj0nYs4t

And here is full text of this Sunday Q&A:

Our Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood are back and below you can find answers on a good numbers of questions, which was on your mind lately, lots of amazing news and bits of info there!

Here is how you can submit your interesting and original questions: by contacting me via mail ; by using Ask thread here at 3A forum; submitting them by posting at WorldOf3A Facebook page wall or via WorldOf3A twitter and your question might get featured (as sadly we can't answer on each and every questions here) in one of future sessions. Thank you for keep sending your questions and for your continuous interest in seeing these Q&A on the blog again!

Q: Do you have your eyes set on next WWRp or AP release? And if yes, that what it might be?
A: The idea is to release small sets, two and some diorama, say a dropcloth and Harold or Bramble etc. Also want to ret con the bots, change stuff up where possible!

Q: Will we see the return of Blind Cowboy and his horse? Such an amazing characters and I have been always a big fan of spaghetti westerns and westerns in general.
A: Well the next releases are the outlaws, the guys on the Sock puppets hit list, they have the western tinge!

Q: I'm not sure, are the Finger Gang regular bots or Zombots? I'd really like to see a new version of Zomb MD's Zombot in the near future. Are there any plans for new Zombots? Perhaps we'll see a Mega Zombot chase with the Mega Zomb sale? Speaking of the Mega Zomb sale, how's that coming along?
A: Mega Zomb is really close, its massive, the kinda scale as the Ankou EX, and yea I want to do a new zombot, the larger head etc, but with tweaks, still one of my fav releases!

Q: With the Adventure Kartel book’s release looming I was wondering if you could give us a teaser of the direction AK is going. You mentioned a new arc dealing with Tommy on the run, but are there any other details of any new stories we are going to get soon.
A: Well the panda sale was the prelude to the FUCKING FAMILY COUP arc, where Tommy is on the run with Little Shadow being hunted by the Dead Astro etc. This story will introduce a bodyguard bot that Mr Shadow send along with them, while the do their emo run. Dead Astro enlists the aid of the Golden Dolphin for his hunt, which leads to a new version of him. A lot of AK is cooking, always one of the great joys of 3A for me is AK!

Q: Will we see variation of Stealth EVENFALL figure on Bambalandstore?
A: Maybe, the first Evenfall release had a limited response on Bamba so the idea is to get it out via other channels, the Strigoi should be in your hands soon who ordered, its a great figure and we have new versions coming soon too!

Q: Anything you can share about 6th TK, which is mentioned on your art for China International Comics Festival event?
A: Well its the 6th year of 3A, and the TK is a pillar figure for me so why not celebrate that! They hark back to the original TK release! There will be a 6th TK for the BBICN event, one for Taiwan and one for bamba.

Q: Will we be seeing anymore Krab Labs releases? Do they exclusively loan out Evol Squares? Any other bots in their repertoire?
A: They have a few, its a ROTHCHILD company, they are the field testers etc

Q: This is more of a possible request or idea for Ash. I know he loves Letraset rub down dry transfer for use with his drawings. When I was a kid in the 70s I use to love getting Letraset Action Transfers aka Presto Magix, i'm wondering if he or 3A has contacts with any company that can create threeA dry transfer of the 3A Universe.
AK line would be interesting because the term "The Adventure Continues With You..." we could make our own action art. Would be cool if we got in a 3A figure with a Ashley Wood mini scene layout and dry transfers of AK characters to rub onto the scene backdrop or anything really.
This could include the other lines, WWR, ISO, WBR, etc. Just like including a poster or catalog certain product lines could have them.
A: Show me where I can get it made, i had a Star Wars kit like this, a mos eisley scene etc.. loved it!

Q: Do you have plans for another AKLUB chapter and can you please share who we might see next?
A: Im not sure, I have not heard much in feedback whether its enjoyed or not, and with our new system thats gonna come in action in the new year it might not fit in. But who knows, im sure ill come up with something!

Q: Any news you can share on DONKER/Die Antwoord figures?
A: They are coming, want to get right , not rush them etc.. I think people will enjoy them!

Q: Would be so great to see MS Shadow teaser or hear something about her (who she is; what she likes; who she hates and wants to kill, and etc.)
A: Well she has been seen over the years, had a figure two years ago, just never worked for me, using out chunky giant female body, not long and the AKLUB members that can join in will hear from us!

Q: I’ve got a question about the Atrocity Exhibition set, does Tommy really get turned into a Zomb in the AK storyline? If it is part of the story, when does it happen and how does Tommy get turned back into a human? If he can be turn back...and if he can't be is he under Zomb MD's control?
A: Well I give you a little insight into our Tommy, he has never been alive, so being a zombie isnt a far stretch and the MD SERUM wore off..

Q: Will we see female figs from the Marvel line? Really hoping for Rogue and Jean Grey!
A: First up will be Black Widow, also have Madam Hydra and Spider Woman in the works. Speaking of Marvel, Doom will up for grabs next month and shipping this year! Which reminds you should have your Ironman soon, the boxes were just approved!

Q: Was there any truth to the notion that Iron Pandas went Martian sympathizers?
A: They become Martian supporters as their place of origin leaves the earth coalition , , this breaks down to what is really WORLD WAR OF ROBOTS. Good ol panda’s!

Q: Does Zomb MD controls the nurses with the cords/hoses or how he manipulates them?
A: He controls all the Zomb, those hoses are their feeding tubes, he wanted to keep their mouths pretty.

Q: AK Dead Astronaut Gangsta is so awesome and one of mine most favorite 3A figures, would you consider making another colorway?
A: No more planned, really happy to have got the ones out I did!

Q: We've just seen clear plastic used on the CyborgPascha and its a really distinct look, is this going to be used for other figures and does it have any limitations i.e. could we see WWRp bots in clear?
A: The clear works really well where it works, Im not sure transparent bots would look cool.. maybe oneday but not on the cards.

Q: Saw photos of World Best Robots Mars, Remus and Romulus at WonderFest and they are just brilliant! Can you please share something about each colorway/character? Do they have different purpose/enemies or belong to some fraction?
A: Well they all belong to WBR the group that send them to take care of shit on earth, There is MARS the main one, and Romulus and Remus the back up! The white and dark one are again my homage to Baron Karza and Force Commander from micronauts via their color. We are going to offer them very soon, early september! Also hope to offer SQUIDICORN ( the scourge of Mars ) soon too.

Q: Do you have any VALVe project/figures news which you can share with us?
A: We are working on DOG from HL, an updated version! that will come in a two pack with Alyx, also making a Gordon Freeman! Also if all goes well we will offer the Halloween TF2 ghost premade for well..Halloween! We are massive fans of Valve here at 3A!

Q: We already saw the new TKs, Lonely Star Warrior TK and Ninja TK they are so cool! Just wondering if you can tell us the stories of these new TKs and they role in Popbot Universe.
A: They populate the Underverse, where many realities meets, their revel in their loneliness and sorrow!

Q: Congratulations on Steel Age! Can you please share who you are working on at the moment and what stage the work is?
A: Well I have sketches for most major characters in the DC universe, Im a batman fan so he is first, but I have a love of the not so mainstream heroes as well.. Im very fond on my Green Arrow, Joker and Deadshot..

Q: You teased film studio news on your Instagram, does it mean that we will see Adventure Kartel animation series one day?
A: Well yea, thats the point, some stuff is right for the big guys, but some stories I have a passion to do myself, AK is one of them, even POPBOT isnt a normal situation, im deeply invested in that too. I think I can do some cool stuff in the motion world, lots to learn, but thats never stopped me!

Q: Anything you can share about upcoming 2000AD 1/12th scale wave?
A: Please support them, so we can make every character, they are looking nifty though!

Q: After seeing Zomb MD’s cloak, will we see more sculpted clothes on 1/6th figures?
A: I think so, sometimes a more controlled look is needed, and where it makes sense, rubber surgical cloak is one of those occasions!

Q: How was your trip to Japan, what's your favorite thing about Tokyo and what's 3A next destination?
A: Loved it, always amazed that there are so many supporters there, always a great city to visit! next stop China!

Bone day at starts on August 18th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time and is Liz in black catsuit is 3AA exclusive.

August - 2014 B29jDuUm

F5 Bar dedicated to this release is up here:

Event at WorldOf3A Facebook page:


The set and single figures joined for BONE DAY at (happening right now!)

1x 1/6th articulated figure, Liz in her F1FP SUIT WITH HELMETED HEAD!
August - 2014 LVOzGSr

2x 1/6th Articulated figures, Liz in her white non stick dress, and Iso in the LAB-RA-DORE bone hunter get up!
August - 2014 GrrcNVb


Bone Day ended at Bambalandstore and here is fan-art from F5 Bar by IronChap and BRiZL

August - 2014 PxVngnrtAugust - 2014 ZpDuJd7t

Later this week we are shipping out following releases:

*WWRp JEA Meat is Murder set
*Choco Hunter TQ YO

Recently shipped figures and releases (for you to keep easier track of things):

*World Of 7174 Studio 10 years Anniversary figure: MS74
*Kenny Wong x Ashley Wood Seamonkey + Catharine Snowpea set
*GHG Pilots (Kaitlin, Gertrude, Amber, Underverse and Dark Zoom)
*Adventure Kartel Shadow Merde
*Lost Planet 2 Mercenary

If you haven't received tracking of the recently shipped releases and want to request tracking number or have any questions about your awaiting fulfillment orders, please never hesitate to contact our Customer Service professionals at , we will be delighted to help you! If you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice and direction to @WorldOf3A on twitter or engage with our official WorldOf3A Facebook page.


Here is the photo of few boxes in our office, to show you what starts shipping this week and about to ship soon! Please check previous shipping update for more details.

August - 2014 Duf7pmttAugust - 2014 XRvWuCKt


Ashley Wood about 3AA 2014 membership package, shipping and other stuff:

I want to apologize for the lateness of the 3AA 2014 set , to be really honest we followed a path for the skinning that didn't turn out to be satisfactory so we had to change direction mid course and rework the technology. This had a knock on effect that pushed the set to a September release, which I know is pretty shit and way off course. The final pack is the best yet and we are all super proud of it, just not the tardiness and lack of info regarding its delay. When your in the trenches with this stuff, the months go by very quick and easy things like updates can go astray! Actually this goes across the board for all late toys, we are looking to give updated info from this point on the status of all toys!

We absolutely know the greatest asset we have is our fans and supporters, we have spoken at length how we can make the process of being a 3A supporter easier and put a stop to long waits and the like. 2015 will see these changes put in place. We are still finalizing the new way, a balance that will see 24 hour shipping times for some toys and guaranteed short shipping dates for pre-order for others.

We at 3A believe not to continue doing or following what is considered the norm or the simple way, we want to explore new ways to deliver great toys in a short time frame and make sure collecting our toys is exciting, fun and maybe a little dangerous too!

Oh, to say show our gratitude for waiting we are going to give every 3AA 2014 member a Lasstranaut cloth patch, its rather nifty and we hope it takes the edge off!



August - 2014 8wYjZUYt


Latest Sunday Q&A with Ashley Wood added to our blog


And to World Of 3A Facebook page notes



August - 2014 TZ4jvlWt


August - 2014 Md3MQxbt

And here is something from last week Sunday Q&A with Ashley Wood:
Q: Any news you can share on DONKER/Die Antwoord figures?
A: They are coming, want to get right , not rush them etc.. I think people will enjoy them!


Welcome to another Q&A session with Ashley Wood, below you can find answers about WWR (including Bertie MK2 and mysterious BIRDCAGE), Popbot, TKLUB releases; mention of Lone Star Wars TK, Transformers, Spawn, DC Comics and many more!

Here is how you can submit your interesting and original questions: by contacting me via mail ; by using Ask thread here at 3A forum; submitting them by posting at WorldOf3A Facebook page wall or via WorldOf3A twitter and your question might get featured (as sadly we can't answer on each and every questions here) in one of future sessions. Thank you for keep sending your questions and for your continuous interest in seeing these Q&A on the blog again!

Q: Just a simple and yet very important question for all WWR fans, can you please tell what is going to be next WWR bot release and will we see it at Bamba till the end of the year? Been rooting for Bertie for a while!
A: Alberto and BERTIE MK2 1/6th this year, oh and the BIRDCAGE which is a Square variant, but a big difference.. you will see.

Q: Is the Heavy Slicer TK the next TKLUB release? I remember that it was referenced as next TKLUB some time ago.
A: Yes

Q: How do you think, is it possible to see Modern Girls pre-order or few more teasers this year?
A: I would love too, just never ready, many ideas, but I want to have some story out there before showing, they have a specific story. Im working with IDW on a 3A anthology to round out mine and TP's worlds, using writers and artists that I like. These stories are so overdue and I finally realise I cant do them all.. NYCC might see some info!

Q: Are we going to see / hear more about Popbot RC Girl? Really anxious to put her next to my TKYO!
A: Should be able to show her soon, just need a sample I like, Im shy of showing stuff early now, as it changes as I go and can give the wrong info. But ecpect spme TKYO and GIRL R/C info very soon!

Q: Can you please share any updates about MGS RAY or perhaps some photos, while we are waiting for the shipping announcement? And will we see another 3A x KOJIMA collaboration?
A: Shipping very soon, had to get approvals on packaging and that can take a while, but everything is good, im thinking september, but without Kim to verify at this moment im half speculating but soon. Its an epic toy, will look great next too REX! We have some more MGS up our sleeves!

Q: We have AKLUB and TKLUB, but what about Pascha one? And offering some crazy versions or insane accessories for the rewards? What do you think?
A: There is something like that soon! CLUB ISO!

Q: Is there any confirmed date for fist 2000AD wave to make my funds ready?
A: This year, just playing with Death in HK and the figure, and we decided its better to have great articulation than a quick cheap toy, but this year for wave one!

Q: Have you started making prototypes for Steel Age? How far into the process and when do you foresee the Batman figure being released?
A: Will have the first figures end of year, Start with Batman then regular releases of other characters.

Q: Any news or comments about Transformers line, pretty please?
A: As mentionedin HK this last week, just played with Bumblebee, and saw the other favs too , comment>>>> I dont think there is a better one of the types we are making, infact there isnt hands down……...

Q: You’ve mentioned that Tommy and Lil’ Shadow will have updated versions coming out at some point, any news on that front ?
A: 10” little shadow this year, actually soon!

Q: Last time you said you want to make Mac Square, on incoming Mighty Square sale, maybe there’s a chance you will put Mighty Mac Square? Appel Caesar need a friends.
A: MMM that might be cool….. ok ill do that

Q: Is there anything you can share about 3A x Frederator collaboration?
A: We will show our collab soon, but it involves, Bravest warriors and Puppycat etc

Q: WWRp 1/12 Warscapes? Is it in the active phase or on back-burner at the moment?
A: Always working on them, just takes time, too many projects etc, not enough time or man power…

Q: Any plans for some more patches? Maybe with the new upcoming changes and VOX returning, they could be a cool regular competition prize?
A: We shall see, changes….mmmmm.

Q: You mentioned 10” Shadow and WWR Alberto in the comments on your Instagram, can you please share more details about them and when they might become available? both
A: This year, little shadow is well little shadow, Alberto is the last of the Bertie heritage in the WWR story.

Q: The last non TK/Q Popbot character we saw threeA release was Lady Sham (prior to that it was Blind Cowboy, and then Popbot/Badbot before it). What’s the next release likely to be, are we still seeing Misty Slush this year, and where do you see the line being by this time next year?
A: Mo Prostrate, 5 bros, new Popbot, Andy are all in production!

Q: Is there anything you can share about HALO Master Chief, I have all four threeA HALO figures and need Master Chief?
A: Should be by September, just need to slot in!

Q: Will threeA ever release a 1:1 Popbot Sock Puppet? Would be fun!
A: It would, maybe ill prototype some.

Q: You mentioned the 2000AD figures are looking nifty, I can’t wait. Will adverts appear in the comics/online prior to release? Making a big a noise as possible will get this line the support it deserves!
A: Ads online and in press like 2000ad, well the toys are cool, but you never know about support, really hope its there, we will be showing much more soon!

Q: Curious about Dodgy Wonka Square and what doors it unlocks, could you please share some info?
A: Well its like we said, if you bought it, you will have access to a special toy! Once it shops we can reveal more, the packaging evokes wanka chocolate, its a nice thing!

Q: Most all of the WWR units I have seen have names on them. Some are after celebrities, and some are just normal names. I recently found out the Forsty Choad Large Martin has my name, cool! Anyways, are all the units with normal names named after your friends (Scott, Micah, Lena and etc) and family or sometimes it’s just a coincidence?
A: Some are friends, some are people I admire, or I just like the sound of their name, its more a tradition that I have enjoyed over the years!

Q: When we might see EVOL Commanders and Grunts at Bambalandstore? Can you please share some additional informations about them?
A: When they are cool, it can take over a year or longer to get right, the process is long and with so many other takes daily it really can stretch out. All there and we do talk about catching up on these threads, we have plans to fix, the mentioned changes..

Q: I know how it’s expensive to make large WWR bots, maybe we can organize some sort of the KLUB with downpayment? Let’s say you gather certain amount of money upfront at Bambalandstore for a large period of time (let’s say few month) and if we can’t raise the amount, customers get refund and if we do, that bot will be available only to that group.
A: I dont want to do that, ill offer more large bots, we have never not shipped a toy due to sales, will not start! even when we lose money we still produce and ship, we dont want let you guys down, its super important to me and all of us at 3A to support you guys as much as you support us!

Q: Would you be ever interested in making Flattering Meg Mucklebones figure, from Legend movie (1985)? Or perhaps other horror movie classic, like figures from Hammer films?
A: Hammer yes, Im a hammer fan , big time, love the company and films, but Im not sure how many would want them, Cushing Van helsing, Lee Dracula, damn cool!

Q: Who is the most powerful Tomorrow King? I mean if there would be a death-match between all Tomorrow Kings ever created, who would win without breaking into the sweat?
A: EMPEROR TK, the first and the last of the TK….

Q: Will Lone Star Wars TK make it to Bambaland one day, in one form or another? Maybe chase figure in 1/12th scale?
A: If all goes to plan you will be able to get the LWTK soon ( who knows what else ), 1/6th and all..

Q: What is going to be first 3A x Spawn/McFarlane figure?
A: Hellspawn, being worked on, but something like this cant be rushed!

Q: What is your sons favorite movie? And are there any family screenings in Ashley Wood’s house, when all family sits together and you are showing your favorite films to your kids and they show yours?
A: Well the mentioned Hammer get a few airings, gerry anderson stuff, the older James bond films, buckeroo banzai , the classics man!

Here are this weekend 3ALegion pics which were featured at our WorldOf3A Instagram (please keep in mind that photos on Instagram are optimized in size for phone screens and don't come in high quality) by oldboy_ak and pockytoy

August - 2014 UurLkkttAugust - 2014 LOobjk5t


August - 2014 X0EixYytAugust - 2014 VC8Q4PXt

3AGO (8" inch tall figures) shot from our wedonttalkaboutlove3A Instagram, which is the place for informal behind the scenes images and info on what we are working on at 3A. The image was posted with the following comment: "3ago onsale this wednesday"

August - 2014 S7y9OkJt

The epic new gaming universe by Bungie
Striking 1/6th figures from 3A
Become Legend

August - 2014 PHHV5ujt


Admire the past, scoping the future with 3AGO.

August - 2014 Qe0OSYdt

WAVE ONE on sale tomorrow (August 27th) at 8" tall, articulated action figures to play with.

Automatic Hemingway
August - 2014 UxGLPhCtAugust - 2014 Iks7hfrt

Tomorrow Kings
August - 2014 DrKLkD6tAugust - 2014 YsLEFFBtAugust - 2014 QYzoEmut

3AA exclusive
August - 2014 0nVQjOSt

WWR de Plumes
August - 2014 V0Qh9yytAugust - 2014 I1zN5rotAugust - 2014 BR3ttAHtAugust - 2014 XdK6KHZtAugust - 2014 Udv0WxVt

F5 Bar is open here at the forum:


3AGO Wave One at and singles cost 45USD each


August - 2014 OCIoKlft

All 3AGO Wave One sale details here:

Tentative Bambalandstore sale details:

Everything can change drop back, be earlier but this is our internal plan, wanted to share with you guys. We have a couple of surprises planned too!


MARS x 2






BERTIE MK2 1/6th

Again, please do keep this in mind: Everything can change drop back, be earlier but this is our internal plan, wanted to share with you guys. We have a couple of surprises planned too!

Bareback Rider in September! Don't know about you guys, but I love her poncho and Blind Cowboy will have a female friend now!

August - 2014 KQlizG9tAugust - 2014 YH0BdD2t

Fan-art posted by our boardies so far and dedicated to 3AGO sale at :

August - 2014 2N3pNAqtAugust - 2014 RjndXoRtAugust - 2014 YdLHJu4t


3AGO Wave One is still available for pre-order at

Lasstranaut – Take her hand in September

August - 2014 LQdjeCWt


WWR EVOL packaging: Marquis De Plume (3A + 3AA Version) / Sombre De Plume / Dead De Plume

August - 2014 QIeGwbat

Hands on photo of recently shipped:

Popbot Choco Hunter TQ, photographed by our boardie terce

August - 2014 JW575u8tAugust - 2014 S3wTPzvtAugust - 2014 UzPhhObtAugust - 2014 J3qyyKOtAugust - 2014 FB1fARutAugust - 2014 Rk2HLg5t

and WWRp JEA Meat is Murder 3AA and regular sets, taken by our boardie Kei12 and Legionnaires from Facebook: Durdenn Tyler and Coffee Cup Robot

August - 2014 3KyOZwVtAugust - 2014 XbVfIIEtAugust - 2014 IEEskOPtAugust - 2014 WF5LjbvtAugust - 2014 Fq25MjrtAugust - 2014 8w9gYTntAugust - 2014 MrhQpXmtAugust - 2014 Xf0geXmtAugust - 2014 Prstrlpt


TK Mook is shipping out next week! TK Mook was exclusive to TKLUB customers, who bought all releases which went towards the Mook and covered the shipping.

August - 2014 OF9Agukt

Ashley Wood about Popbot Tomorrow King Heavy Duty Slicer Yoshitsune

Just a tear away, you may remember me
YOSHITSUNE of the 7BONES, the catcher - if memories were real, and they seldom are - you would hold a drink high in his memory... If you could remember... you would remember a cat that sings and says fuck, a guy who cant find himself but can stop Death with a touch, and an orange robot that was once a...
$145 to build your own future memories on September 1

August - 2014 FHrkYOPt


If you haven't received 3AVOX – August 31st, 2014 newsletter, you can access it here or by simply clicking on the image below:

August - 2014 HKnn91um


The PRE-ORDER starts at 9:00AM HK time and will last for around 24 hours or so. YOSHITSUNE is priced at $145USD and that price includes worldwide shipping! Estimated shipping is around December 2014.

Latest images from 3AVOX:

August - 2014 SlAHlzWmAugust - 2014 De2eP0ym

Previously shown photos:

August - 2014 VC8Q4PXtAugust - 2014 X0EixYytAugust - 2014 TZ4jvlWtAugust - 2014 FHrkYOPt

F5 Bar for Yoshitsune:

Event dedicated to the sale at our WorldOf3A Facebook page:

BBICN x 3A Guangzhou exclusive:

August - 2014 XmGsdV9t

Latest Q&A with Ashley Wood up on our blog:

and added to WorldOf3A FB page notes:



August - 2014 OtqW5yPt

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