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Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood

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Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Empty Re: Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood

Post by gimbat Fri Mar 20, 2015 8:21 am

Session #26 13.04.2014

Q: Will we see Isobelle as Race Queen girl, just like Miyu?
A: Mmmaybe!

Q: Thailand exclusive Thiddy looks to be a very unique and interesting TK. Does the extra-long sleeve have some practical application for battle, or is it strictly a fashion statement? Any chance of seeing a similar TK show up on Bamba? Thanks!
A: You could desk that about any TK, Thiddy just wears the long arm variant of a classic TK shirt, for personal taste and it comes it hand as a scarf!

Q: Any chance for a Dutch Merc Dropcloth one day?
A: A 1.5 definitely!

Q: When we might see how Snowblind Ronin TK looks like?
A: Soon!

Q: Can you please shed some light on next Ma.k/SF3D x threeA fig?
A: There is nothing to shed, or we would, we are not holding out info to be coy!

Q: Are the new Nablers going for sale this April?
A: Thats the plan, just waiting for revised samples! Should be a fun sale!

Q: Ash, if enough of us ask for a version of LIZ/Miyu portrayed in the Wonka sale ad , would it help to bring her into 1/6 life?
A: The vampire girl from the world of pascha ! I'm sure if you asked nicely!

Q: Could we get a hint as to the color of the new Zomb head sculpt (that is coming with Red Night JC)? I need to buy a body to put it on and would like it to match. Thank you!
A: Dunno yet, still trying some versions out !

Q: I just got my Dead Easy Corp set and they are so cool! On the box there is a logo that says "THREEPACK" with a larger "3P" over that. Will there be more "THREEPACK"s on the way? Will we get to see a WWR threepack with some Grunts or Martian Sloggers?
A: We have a few more 3P this year! Covering all worlds!

Q: Can you please share with us some news regarding 3A x Capcom 1/12 Vital Suits and 1/6 Mercenary?
A: Check the blog!

Q: Are all the Zombs in AK dopey brain eaters or are there a few different varieties? I'm not talking she zombs or fatties but something like an aggressive feeder Zombs or something?
A: Some are dopey, mainly the classic Boiler Zomb, but there are many variations of the state of Zombness! ZOMBMD has created a whole eco system of zomb to cover many situations!

Q: What is the story with Zombots? Will we see anymore on robot island or in Adventure Kartel Universe in general? Have they evolved? Are there different kinds?
A: A new zombot soon, because I like them, Robot island is a mainstay of the AK world, many more robots and tales from that musty island!

Q: What's so special about this Handsome Wu fellow!? Is he really handsome? Or is that a nickname cuz he's butt ugly? Is he a member/friend of the Adventure Kartel? Or a villain? Is he a monster hunter? His name sounds like he would be a monster hunter. Does he practice the martial arts or the mystic arts? Is he Asian? Could he be a Gangster Rapper? Thank you for your time!
A: Just wait and see, but he a merc, another left over from the OPENSPACE CONFLICT!

Q: Can you please tell us what "JBS" on the UKTK punk box stand for?
A: Oh that, mmm, maybe one day, it was going tone his original name, those are the initials etc. I still might use it !

Q: Will you install some extra equipment/weapon on some new EVOL Square? I mean like small turret on top or something, or backpack, or antenna radar, etc, would be cool if Square also have their equipment/weapon.
A: Well thats not their style, small weapons etc, they have never been an offensive weapon ( but they partial to a bomb strapped to their back for comedy tension), but the new one's design certainly makes it more deadly. Square4 is the largest upgrade since v1

Q: The idea of transparent apple and heels was cool, maybe one day we can see transparent Square as well?
A: Well the new one could due done in transparent!

Q: Besides Dropcloths and Squares, does Peaceday team have another bots?
A: Now they have them all as they have become a corp for hire!

Q: Does "WFP" stand for WF Patrol? Will their appearance change in EVOL now its revealed they work for Roth? Is it possible they help hide Roth when he flees the moon? WF YO!
A: WFP is Rothchild corp! All be revealed!

Q: Love the new painting on the Portable NOM Commander boxes. Any chance we'll see the walking tanks from WWR EVOL prelude cover in toy form? And what is the name of that bot?
A: Im gonna try!

Q: What are the next figures coming along that have electronics like Krote, Portal figures, etc.? Are any WWR EVOL figures this year (or ever) going to have electronic features like lights or a gattling that rotates would be cool?
A: Yup to EVOL

Q: I noticed with your illustrations, you use a lot of half tone dot patterns. And with the Dead Easy GID pack. I was able to see you use a clear transparent velum or transparent print material with the printed dots. Do you just scratch off the highlights on the transparency and tape the transparency over the original illustration? Also do you have any other tricks or tips that you can pass on to upcoming working artists?
A: Its not vellum and its stuck to the board directly like traditional mechanical screens! Love it, so sick of computerized shit, I like the organic nature! There are no tricks, just techniques, they are more fun when discovered on one own artistic journey.

Q: Have we seen the last of the original Dropcloths? Will they appear in any supersets in the future or have they all moved on to the 1.5 design? They are my favorite bot design to date, and I would love to see an original DC in GID at some point.
A: Supersets might see an original DC, still planning it!

Q: Do you have a date in mind for Thailand Toy Expo Mighty Squares Bambalandstore allotment? Will there be a notice?
A: I would check bamba at the time of the Thailand show, Im sure soon as its finalized we will announce. Re allotment very similar to the show!

Q: Just saw UKTQ teaser and she looks awesome! Can you please share some details about her and her relationship with UKTK? Are their fighting partners or they share something more in common?
A: They are part of a UK TK corp, who have taken to the Punk imagery and ethos. They act and perform more like a gang than a military unit, maybe lost in their own dreams of who they think they are, and not what they really are….

Q: Who will be the next figure, using 10" body? Maybe new Little Shadow?
A: Little shadow is it!

Q: Are we going to see AKLUB release this April?
A: Zomb MD is it, trying to get it done asap!

Q: So excited for TK MOOK emails, can't wait to get my hands on that book. Seriously, thank you for taking your time and jumping to 154 pages, really appreciate it! Do you have more plans to release compilation books like that or can you share what's your favorite page/section in TK MOOK?
A: It turned into a much larger book than thought , well MOOK, but there is so much material and we thought lets make it big. We have an idea of a 3A book that reveals much of the back ground design work and sculptures and interesting tales, but I figure the longer I leave the better! I feel very lucky to have the opportunities to do stuff like the Mook, privileged to have the audience !

Q: Will see more of mysterious VALVe Ghost figure (statue?), which was teased on the blog a while ago?
A: Im looking at it now, just kinda missed the Halloween deadline, it lights too!

Q: What doors Wonka Square will unlock?!
A: A box with a dried gnarly Ompa lumpa heart inside, fuck those spawns of satan, BUT really, a cool figure that only Wonka Square buyers can get!

Q: Do you have any time to watch tv shows and if so, what do you watch? Maybe you are watching some shows with your kids?
A: I don't watch much, still a documentary kinda guy!

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Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Empty Re: Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood

Post by gimbat Fri Mar 20, 2015 8:23 am

Session #27 21.04.2014

Q: Have you ever considered doing any "classic" kaiju or manga bots 12" or larger? Or do you think that's played? In particular, my two all-time favorites are Mogera from "The Mysterians", 1954, and the type I or Manga version of Tetsuin 28 (Gigantor). Mogera is a very unique looking robot, and a hyper-realistic version with all of his burrowing features would be amazing. Likewise T28 is a great look, and a weathered or battle-damaged look would be beautiful, especially if Black Ox could be worked in. Or are those types of properties isn't what you are looking for?
A: I don't think anything is ever played, and I'm fond of everything you mention, the reality is I'm time stretched and want to spend it on New ideas or stuff I absolutely love etc.. Though Black OX would be epic...

Q: Will we ever see more Punk figures? Maybe with facial piercings?
A: The UKTK was gonna have a brow piercing, but time got away from us. Want to do more sub culture TK's. a Mod TK is soon, and Goth!

Q: One of my favorite bots to date is the "Gerry" Armstrong. Is it possible to get some back story on these guys and will I ever see something in that color way again? It kicks so much ass I bought two and painted a DIY de Plume to go with!
A: I agree, but as some of you know, the Rothchild Moon base is no more and the Gerry brigade is considered terminated by the Earth Forces. Or where they???

Q: What does the 3AA S&D SHADOW TQ come with? Does it come with a bot head on the illustration? Really curious, thank you!
A: I wish, I thought about that, but the cost would have been much higher. If the fig had come with such a epic accessory we would crow about it in the description! The new bothead for the purchase of peppermint grove!

Q: Was thinking about your Marvel line and thought that a Marvel comic 1/6 green Hulk , and Red Hulk would be awesome!!! If your hulk could take knee and bend upper body foreword with head down--would be the greatest!!! Also marvel Zombie figures. Please do these things!! Thanks!!!
A: We are making a Hulk, I'm very fond of the Hulk, lumbering Hulk, more Kirby Hulk than a muscle bound roid looking one, red would due a cool variant too! The Marvel Zombies is a great idea, thanks!

Q: Really like the drawings you do for secret drops. Do you draw them up on drop nights or have the drawings done in advance?
A: A bit of both, I have the idea shortly before the sale, and normally draw them up on the day or a day before. My ideas are very liquid and nothing is set in stone till the last minute. Some of what I think are the best figures are on derived from on the spot decisions! Im very fond of the work I do for 3A, I'm glad you guys enjoy them too!

Q: Will shadow S&D TQ be an all black variant?
A: 90% black, but as we finalise, and that can can happen when they are almost 100% all made, I change to make better, well at least I think better. Ill show you guys soon, in the pages of 3ADEVENTURE!

Q: What's the story for the fox tails seen hanging from the UK TK & TQ's belts? Is it their fashion choice or there is more too it?
A: Well its a punky troupe, from what I know it has a few connotations. I like it mainly, its a fun visual hook, and makes you think huh, just like when you see a girl or guy on street sporting them! OR OR they hunt and kill foxes and collect their tails like boba fett collects wookie scalps. Don't forget Boba is a cunt for that!

Q: Will Bamba offers Thailand Toy Expo exclusive TK along with Mighty Square allotment? Thank you!
A: Squares yup, too cool not too!

Q: Ive been wondering, what is going on in the USA in the Popbot universe?
A: errr---- Stuff…ha, thats a joke, well the main cast is from the US, Punk King etc, the Mortis were developed in the US as the sex /marital aids and whatnot. Shit is happening everywhere!

Q: What kind of color ways will we be seeing for the WWR superset sales, besides Iron Panda who won the poll on the forum? And when it might happen?
A: June for the sale I believe, WF is the other one!

Q: Speaking about packaging, do you prefer slipcase packaging over regular one?
A: I think I like them all, sometimes I like really simple boxes, sometimes slipcase. There are many other factors that can come into play as well, regarding what is used and why. But mainly its a on the spot, lets do a slippy, or lets do this or that kinda thing!

Q: I bet you been asked a lot, but really can't wait to see some WWR EVOL actions from The Martians. Do you have any dates in mind?
A: ASAP, thats the date I have for most things, only other is FASAP FUCKING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE !

Q: We just saw a glimpse of the new EVOL Rothchild. Wondering, if we will see him in 1/12th scale as well?
A: I'm sure one day, the WWRp are fun… well to me!

Q: What are the UKTK and UKTQ's names or nicknames? Who is the Shadow TQ? Is she UKTQ in "Shadow Mode" or is she the "Night" version?
A: SHADOW UKTQ isn't a black version of the UKTQ , but a different operative. They all have names, ill allude to some on the packaging!

Q: Now that Rothchild has been revealed could you tell us how he got the way he is. What happened to cause him to lose an arm and an eye, and where were his personal guard during this situation ?
A: The comic that comes with the Nom Commanders et reveals in a truncated way what happened on the moon, any questions about it can be directed at me here!

Q: Huge Tomorrow King fan here and absolutely can't wait for next 7Bones and TKLUB figure. Can you pretty please share some estimated dates and who is next? Really need to set funds aside to buy 'em all!
A: Well the Next 7B is a slicer, brand new one ( as in new design ), i think he is may, fingers crossed.

Q: With all the stars that are drawn in the Kozo pics, it also looks like he has a rocket pack/ Oxygen tanks? Can he fly? Is he in Space? If not, then why must he wear the mask?
A: Well the stars were there to show the under-verse in a meta way , the under verse is similar to space but isn't influenced by the same forces that regular space is. A breathing type device is essential!

Q: Can we see a preview of Peppermint Soy before she begins to ship please?
A: I have here right here, I can get some shots on the blog soon!

Q: Have you ever considered the idea of selling a set of blind box/bullet figures? Some who collect gashapon figures or others closely related I think it would be a neat idea if they got a collection of 1/12 figures from the 1/12 dirty deeds Bertie to a 1/12 Nom and anything like AK and maybe Isobelle if she was done in the 1/12 scale but basically create a set of random characters over the 3A verse and make the packing random so that you have no idea what your getting until you open the box/bullet/grenade. I think it would be an awesome way for any left over stock and the molds are available still (one would assume) to sell them as singles or in cases, it would be a fun chase….
A: I think it should be fun, do you think there would be enough support, not a cheap exercise ? You guys tell me!

Q: Do you have any WWR Deluxe book news, which you can share with us or should I bug IDW?
A: Bug IDW, they will bug me! just a case of packaging it up, all ready... mm should do it!

Q: Just checking in to see if it's known when the Mortis head will go up for sale? Do you have the details finalized?
A: Will reveal soon. its a cracker!

Q: When might we see new POPBOTs? Have yet to add a 1/6 to my shelves( should have grabbed a Manchester back when I had the chance) but I'm starting to get antsy for one and don't know if it's better to hunt one of the OGs or wait fer the new…need some badbot in my life..
A: Working on a new Pop, named WAR POP at the moment, a more organic version that the first ~ naturally there will be a Badbot too !

Q: On the ad for the Choco hunter TQ it mentions only the Choco hunter can find the Mortis eggs. Are the Mortis eggs something we might see in the future as a special offer to those who bought Choco?
A: Mortis eggs are look like Giger ( not enough love for Giger I think in this world ) designed them, might be a cool little accessory one day !

Q: I saw photos of DIY TKs in the works, will they be only as prizes for 2D Animation contest winners or you might offer the unpainted ones later at Bamba or perhaps as prizes for the future contest? They bleed awesomeness!
A: The first lot is for the animation winners, they have waited long enough, and the rest are for a charity auction in Thailand. I wil be getting gore though, I have really enjoyed making these ones!

Q: So the new Rothchild is the next WWR EVOL release, will it come with the bot or on it's own?
A: He has a small Caesar to hold!

Q: When we might see you in Levine gallery? 2015 I assume?
A: April, the idea of a November show didn't feel good, April is better!

Q: I am really excited and looking forward to Thailand Toy Expo exclusives and hopefully I can say "Hi" to you there. Are you going to be there or very busy schedule?
A: Im there to meet you, best reason!

Q: Do you have a favorite song from the movie or perhaps a whole soundtrack, which you listen on regular basis?
A: I still enjoy the authentic Blade Runner soundtrack, also I'm fond of the Pretty in Pink soundtrack!

Q: What's your favorite country you ever lived/been at?
A: Australia is my home as much as I have tried to run away its still my first love, USA is a close second and HK is in there too! I guess these are the places I have been the most and feel homely but still kinda exciting. France is great too, the UK is super special due the family ties and TP is from there!

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Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Empty Re: Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood

Post by gimbat Fri Mar 20, 2015 8:23 am

Session #28 28.04.2014

Q: In the latest Q&A you mentioned the new Rothchild will come with "a small Caesar to hold", is there possibility of having bags of these small Caesars (similar to the mini Berties) available for sale during the Rothchild drop?
A: I think there might be a bag or two of Mini Caesars, almost a tradition now!

Q: Any hints on when the next TKlub release will be? Do I understand correctly that it's Slicer for 7Bones and Heavy Slicer for TKLUB?
A: Well we have a few options but I would like to have the Heavy Sliver be the best TKLUB.

Q: It's been a long time since figure from WWR/WWRp Universe came with a chase figure hidden within, I think last last chase was bramble mk2 NW and LM NW, rite? Maybe you can give us WWR fans some chase action again?
A: All our WWRp toys are chase figures! But ill see what we have in the future and see what is applicable etc.

Q: I was surprised to see Sam Slade in the first wave of 2000AD figures, though in hindsight he's an obvious threeA choice. Will he come with Hoagy, Stogy and Cutie? I hope so!
A: Why, Sam is 2000ad A list, and like you allude too, he is a Robo Hunter, gotta love that ! Im pretty sure it aint Sam without Stogey!

Q: Will you consider EVOL NOM Commander or EVOL Marine Commander for JEA faction? I think WWR's strongest – Marine army needs a Commander.
A: EVOL Commanders and Grunts are coming, and others!

Q: With both the WF and Iron Panda sets announced for WWR Universe, will we see the WWRp sets sold at the same time? Is it still going to be a 'minimum' sale offer? ie You offer the sets for sale, but it only gets made if there are enough orders.
A: Only 1/6th for now. We will offer them as planned and see what shakes out, you guys asked for them!

Q: Will Jungler Armstrong still be sold on it's own or is he now part of the superset?
A: Single for him, as promised!

Q: So...Zomb he really real? Do you have a treasure trove of drawings just waiting to show or is he just an enigma wrapped in a riddle? Also, any plans for Zombie Sharks?
A: He is, nearly there too, trying new stuff as mentioned with him. His Nurse is getting impatient too ! I do many sketches for every character, some changed so much from my initial idea to when it makes the toy, some stay really close to the first sketch. There is a AK feature slate for the second 3Adventure that has some interesting sketches from back before AK and WWR were fully formed, showing them all part of the same world!

Q: Is Lasstranaut an omnipotent being in the Popbot Universe? Do you have any sort to say EVOL plans for her?
A: Lasstranaut is the most powerful character, she almost represents creation, she is raw power and emotion! I don't intend to release another lass, special toy for me!

Q: With all the 3A books coming shortly is there any chance of getting a small run of them for sale on Bamba or even a few signed ones among them?
A: It will really depend on the book, we have 3A published books coming, and I have books via IDW etc. Ill play it by ear! Amazon is probably the best place to get them, always cheaper!

Q: Real Steel question, will there be a Charlie Kenton and Max in 1/6 scale with introduction of realistic human faces (Lost Planet Mercenary fig)?
A: Nope, our license doesn't cover the humans, and really he doesn't fit into the 3A vibe either… plus I'm not fond of realistic faces!

Q: You have mentioned that there are new Shogun figures in the works. I was wondering if you are redesigning the armor that came with the others or if anything new will be introduced with the Shogun like new weapons or something ?
A: I never said I was making Shogun Warriors, I said I love them and Im taking that love to create my own robot with similar vibe, ergo my MARS bot. Would I love to redo SHOGUN WARRIORS, of course, Mattel can drop me a line yo!

Q: Is there any chance you would be interested making 1/6 scale figures from the Tekken videogame franchise? Maybe styled versions?
A: mmm, I loved that game when it came out especially the ps1 versions of tekken and tekken2. Great to play in the arcade too! But I'm not sure those figs would fit my master plan, Kuma was cool!

Q: How about some vehicles in WWR, or EVOL! At least for the Grunts, or maybe even transports for WWRP Bots! I think you've said before you'd be interested in vehicle designers… well, who do we send the designs too?
A: It would be great, but I want 1/6th vehicles first, and we have some, but cost and time take a heavy toll, have to be careful we don't expend too much of other on something that might fall flat!

Q: Will there be an offer of a WWRp JDF 3 pack? I know that the colorway is exclusive to Goodsmile Company only but if possible could you offer it on the next Summer Wonderfest ?
A: Actually it isn't exclusive to anyone but me, as it s my design, and yea, I think a 3pack for JDF for the world would be cool!

Q: Would you be interested in making some sort of fighting Buddhist character?
A: Well I like the Monkey Legend, so maybe thats sum in. maybe…

Q: If the N.O.Ms have a special ability to easily take control of most robots, what does this ability look like? Is it a mind power thingy or more of a literal "pop the hood and hack the inside" kind of deal? Why is it hard for N.O.Ms to "hack" Ceasars?
A: Its a gift, augmented with certain medicinal drugs. Caesar uses a specific encryption that isn't easy so easy to link with. More Rothchild in their DNA than a normal bot!

Q: When we might see new feet/legs at Bambalandstore? Really need one, after missing Kowloon Ghost GID! And will there be any book or booklet containing all the stories and art of severed feet?
A: We have some more limited edition legs soon, foot wise, dunno, I have some ideas though!

Q: What did Jung De Plume say to Kuan Ti Plume in his final breath to make Kuan become the first fallen? Or was it Jung's literal act of dying that made Kuan separate? Or something else?
A: He pointed out the truth of it all, the war, the NOM etc. Kinda made Kuan see the world differently. remember one persons fallen, is anthers Risen !

Q: I want to ask question about Square MK1. These little guys are really cute!! But just wondering what if they went out alone, and fall down on the ground in battle, how can they get up?
A: ummmmm there legs are strong, also an internal counter weight system keep them horizontal etc, very very scientific hard to explain in this short form, throws a ninja smoke bomb and runs off!

Q: Will we have some sort of a summary or info post about Thailand Exclusives and Bambalandstore allotment? Please make TK Thiddy a part of it!
A: Well mmm, well we have the 3 mighty Squares, and the Thiddy, but a different thiddy colorway.. and he aint called Thiddy, they look similar , but are part of the team that prefers big fuck off hammers to swords!

Q: Big fan of yours Popbot Universe, I want to know if you plan on wrapping it up in the near future and is Popbot 9 a last one? Also how is the film is coming along? Keep up the good work!
A: Pop 9 is a catch up issue, with a TK story, then 10 will be the start of the end! Film is like many films, waiting for the guys with money to hand it over, but as Im not gonna let POPBOT be something that strays from my vision, it takes a little more time get the backing!

Q: In the 3AA S&D SHADOW TQ illustration,seems like she wearing a jeans. So is she wearing a jeans or am I see it wrongly? It will be super cool if she really come with jeans match with leather boot and jacket. And another related question, is there any chance to make bot head on the sketch of Shadow UKTQ and sell it at Bambalandstore?
A: No Jeans, like the UKTQ but all in black etc! Ill make a proto of the bot head from the illo, see what it looks like etc!

Q: There is Tomorrow King, is there any sort of PK (present/past king)?
A: Everyday, but the name is an aspirational position, something to strive, to fight for!

Q: In one of the previous Q&A's it was mentioned that Misty Slush would go up for pre-order this year. Could you maybe share some intel as to when this might be? Does she come with a bot? Maybe sharing an art to let us know she's coming?
A: Once I have a sample thats on point ill offer, she is a 10" female figure. Her normal bot of choice is a Ball bot, but they are kinda big...mmmm

Q: With the recent TK Mook info I was wondering, is there a lot of critical info storywise in this mook that fans of TK's en the Popbot series need to know for the story? Unfortunately i wasn't able to get 3AA membership until this year. So I missed out on the first TKLUB. I don't want to miss out on my favorite 3A series anymore.
A: Its a visual parade, the story of the TK is for the Popbot comic mainly. I have given much away via ads though over the years, its all there, just have to place it together! Anyway, as they say in the movies, the end is near!

Q: Would you consider releasing an artbook with only sketches and promo art from all 3A sales? And could we please get some new wallpapers for pc and or mobile devices? Maybe 3A stickers too?
A: ok, I like that idea ( someone can make a list for me though, I don't really keep good records ), I have to say, some of the 3A ad art is my best, I'm a fan ! Maybe we can get graphic maestro Brent Ashe to make a collection of wallpapers and back grounds!

Q: How soon your version of Marvel's Dr. Doom is going to be up at Bambalandstore and will we see a lot of colorways?
A: Soon I would think, waiting on a paint master, Im pretty sure we only have the classic Doom for now, though we are going to release a iron man + doc Doom 2 pack!

Q: Any news on the next Seven Bones pre-order date? Also, would you ever consider a Seven Bones super 7 set with all the characters (in different outfits or battle damaged for those who missed out and to avoid re-release)?
A: Next month if all goes well! the 7 only appear on their classic gear, then they DIE! no super sets.. which is a bummer as I want to make crazy sets... I want to release the 7 bones in a cool box though !

Q: I heard that some people are using loopholes to buy products which are not longer listed at Bambalandstore after the pre-order window closed, what is 3A's official position about this?
A: Well I would like to know more, details of what is bought, as we put the majority of items out of stock this trick wouldn't work on most items. ill look into it.

Q: As we are getting closer to threeA six years Anniversary, do you have any thoughts about it and will we see new Bambaboss (hence blurry teaser in 3A Adventure)?
A: That blurry is Handsome Wu. I think a cool figure is needed for the 6 big ones! may see's the 10 year anniversary of 7174, so to celebrate we are releasing a pre made 74 figure to celebrate it!

Q: Is there a place for customs at 3A Adventure magazine? If so, I have a couple, which I'll send to Gimbat!
A: Sure is, I love customs, love them ! Everyday I look at my Campbells Bramble custom and get a kick!

Q: Do you often go out or you are more like sitting at home/working in the studio kind of guy? What's your favorite place in Perth and what would you recommend to see in Australia?
A: Im at home and the studio making shit, only coz that is what makes me happy! Just come to Perth or Australia, you find something that makes you smile!

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Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Empty Re: Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood

Post by gimbat Fri Mar 20, 2015 8:23 am

Session #29 10.05.2014

Q: In the previous Q&A you mention that EVOL Commanders and Grunts are coming eventually, can we know roughly when are the dates or some other details? Gonna save up a bit for that.
A: This year, its hard to say, but it won't be till the 3rd qtr!

Q: Can we expect to see in a more or less close future Ladranaut and/or Alpha 65A?
A: Nope, not on the books!

Q: You probably heard this many times before but... When can we expect some more Bots from the Popbot universe? Also I was thinking, is it possible to put a severed bothand or botfoot instead of a usual bothead with some of the TK's in the near future?
A: Well the next bot is the TK Hunter, then a new Popbot!

Q: So it seems that Sun and Moon are TK defectors. And Snowblind, from the recent Thailand Expo pics, appears to be a 'loper. Could it be that Snowblind is a Mortis defector?
A: Not defectors, just path leavers, they didn't join any side, except that of their own! Much story to tell of the TK this year!

Q: Have you ever considered crowd-sourcing Popbot movie, maybe adding special benefits for different level donations to the project (exclusive Popbot related figure, etc)? I think your fans and patrons are devoted enough to really back and advertise in mass number something like this, and they wouldn't want anything other than your 100% creative vision being realized, as a finished product.
A: Well fingers crossed I don't have to ask! I need the POPBOT film to be 100% Popbot, and that kinda makes it a hard sell!

Q: The glossy finish/coating on Fat Cloud Square is very unique. What made you take that approach, and will you use that glossy style on future figures?
A: Well why, that would be Siu, when designing these guys I defer stuff to Siu for new approaches etc. Will we use again, yup, maybe on the MIGHT FAT CLOUD!

Q: The 1:1 Skullbombs look great! Any chance you'll sell a limited art piece at SDCC this year?
A: There will be a Valve/3A toy if all goes well at SDCC ! We have a small show at Parco Japan this July and there will be some kind of ART piece there, foot, leg!

Q: Which figure had the longest development cycle (from idea to final product), maybe MGS REX/RAY? And which 3A figure is your favorite right now?
A: mmm longest, probably Ray! Right now its the 71 figure!

Q: I see there are some 1:1 sculptures on display at your events. Is there any plan to make 1:1 clothing items (Squiddy suit for instance) that we can purchase? For example, I would love to buy: lil shadow hoody (and messenger bag!!, Pep Groove and King Thumb jacket!). I would happily pay for a pre-order on some new pictures of those and would understand if the pre-order didnt reach a minimum.
A: I think the minimum order test is a good one, I think you can expect to see this soon with more left of field items! I wanna wear the Squiddy suit!

Q: What's the price of 1:1 Bertie or Dropcloth, which we saw at Thailand? Is it for sale and will there be more?
A: We are moving towards making the 1:1, we are getting closer and hopefully this year we can offer them! I have a few in my house and they never get old!

Q: Would you consider making four-eyed version of WWR EVOL Square?
A: mm 4, well we have some variations so keep an eye or four out.. sorry couldn't help myself there!

Q: You mentioned that you might end up making JDF 3-pack, can we get a 1/6th JDF Large Martin and Mighty Square pack please?
A: That would be a mighty pack. It would shave to be a new JDF core though! I like big sets, this sounds kinda cool!

Q: Speaking about WWR movie, what would YOU want to see out of it? What visual/story elements do you want to see? How dramatic? What films would you use for reference when developing it? Would you want to see your own writing style for the dialogue?
A: I want to see what I did on screen, but that aint gonna happen because film is film. I hope to see some big robots smashing the fuck outta each other and the like, beyond that I expect nothing! Adaptions are just that, adpations...

Q: If the N.O.M are called to the Supreme Mother from birth, then do the fallen seek out potential N.O.M children/babies and kill them or just try to change their natural path?
A: Called, but the journey isn't taken till later in life, it can be any age, there isn't a set timeline. NOM are not restricted by dogma nor doctrine, they re-write their path as they go!

Q: Would you consider a section for fan fiction stories that revolve around WWR, Popbot, or your other worlds in the 3A Adventure magazine?
A: Well I would, but I would shave to pay of them and own them, or it would put me in a dicey situation etc. Maybe we can do it!

Q: Are there any mutations in WWR? N.O.M gone wrong? Rothchild turned organic in the making of his creations? Monsters?
A: Not in the classic sense, Roth just plays with machines and doesn't keep failures ( he doesn't have any ) etc.

Q: Will the N.O.M be wearing exo-suits in Evol or will just regular soldiers be wearing them?
A: Well eventually all, humans are just damned tired of these robots strutting around. Simple evolution!

Q: What is the elixir the N.O.M breath made of and what was so broken about the N.O.M "way" that the fallen had to separate themselves from it?
A: Point of view regarding Broken, Fallen say they have lost the meaning of the true calling, NOM say the Fallen have lost the true meaning of NOM. Whats in their gas tanks, NOM stuff!

Q: In the last Q&A I asked if you were redesigning the Shogun, what I meant to ask is if you were redesigning the TK Shogun. You had mentioned a Shogun+ and a TQ shogun on the way and I wanted to know if there was going to be a new design, new weapons, and/or armour for them?
A: HAHA fail, well regarding your question they are logical steps in design, different but flooding the same design etc

Q: With Batmans 75th birthday will you be doing anything creative to celebrate? Either comics wise or *ahem* you know with figs.
A: mmmmmmaybe! They never ask me for comic stuff, I think I would do a cool Batman...

Q: In last Q&A, you liked the idea to have the book with all 3A sales ads, but how about a collection of figure design illustrations? Far as I know, we've never seen much of the latter or will the book contain both?
A: Well I have many figure design illo's and they will all be used in a book one day. Actually we are keeping many documents to share one day, from all key 3A members!

Q: Hey Ash, Kozo was my first TK purchase and the concept art is really impressive..I was wondering what type of hands you'll give him?
A: New Hands! Thanks for the kind words about the art!

Q: Do you have any updates which you can share regarding WWR game?
A: meh… waiting for a good company to step and make history!

Q: Whatever happened to GID nabblers for prize winners, would it be possible to see more prizes more often for various competitions such as monthly photo, monthly sketch etc?
A: New GID nabber prize soon, wanna spread the GID prize love!

Q: We know of Zombots but are there bot zombs - or mechanically enhanced zombs? Or one with a metal jaw ( ala trapjaw from MOTU) who feeds on brains and bots perhaps….
A: No, Zomb MD doesn't like to get to funky with shit, the MEGA Zomb is kinda enhanced!

Q: Since we now have TP in toy form (WO7174 Anniversary fig)…we must have ASH toy! Will that happen? I know we saw you as one of the NOM commanders. But we need casual Ash.. maybe with brushes and canvas?
A: maybe… on my birthday! if we were, I'm not saying we are...

Q: Even though I'm 100% Iron Panda fan, I'm curios to know what bots are include in WF Superset? I know there are quite a few legionaries waiting for that info impatiently. Also: is the paintjob going to follow the style of previous bot releases, with both IP and WF? With regard to the superset, we know they are going to be pricey so could we please have plenty of advance notice of time, price and what bots are going to be in the set but mainly dates & prices.
A: Soon as we can, promise!

Q: The new TKs based off Thiddy appear to be using a new longer and thinner head type (which not everyone is a fan of). Will these be used on all TKs going forward or is it unique to Thiddy? Does the entirely different facial structure mean that Thiddy and company are from a different clone stock? Because all TK up to now have had the same round faces because they are clones correct?
A: Different clone stock, shit is changing! I have to follow my story, not what sells better! Classic face is still around, but they are thinning in numbers! Give it time people will dig the new face or not , but no one liked the original face TK at the start !

Q: EVOL Square is awesome, will we be getting him in WWRp as well as WWR? Is there anything you can share about the EVOL Square? Does it have a difference purpose on the battlefield? Looks like it can do damage to bots and humes with those legs, crushing etc.
A: No WWRp planned, have to enjoy the large for a while! The 4 legs make the FOURSQUARE an offensive bot now, up till now he was mainly defensive ! He is a mean little prick, and his eyes light up!

Q: The Handsome Wu panda suits are awesome! Really love the F-legion one. Will the F-Legion in the panda suit be sold as a single along side Wu or are they a two pack?
A: Figuring out now, Im very fond of them, there are 8 members of the Panda Merc Clan!

Q: Can you explain the meaning of the sticker on the Thiddy boxes - "Close To The Last"?
A: Whats to explain, kinda simple….right!

Q: I missed the Campbell's Soup Square, are you gonna make another Square based on Campbell's soup (MK1, MK2, or EVOLsquare)? Like you did with Squaro last time?
A: YUP, coz its too cool!

Q: Is 3A finally sucessfully acquired license for Star Wars? Just saw your Stormtrooper TK crossover, that's so cool! Will we see more Starwars-themed 3A stuff or was it for May 4th?
A: Thats the LONLEY STAR WARRIOR TK, not SW yo!

Q: Do you have any news regarding Beautiful War and when it will be available in the stores?
A: Very soon!

Q: Seeing the shows in Asia and US, makes me really crave for 3A show in Europe. I have friends in high places, who might be interested in sponsoring the show and helping to get big stuff (like 1:1 figures) shipped and etc. What kind of money are we talking about and perhaps you already have something in the works for 2015?
A: We need those big friends, and thats the bottom line, all these shows are sponsored and put on by our great partners in countries, without them, they wouldn't happen! Call you buddies yo!

Q: It's your second time in Bangkok, right? What you liked the most about the city and people? What was the most memorable moment of the show?
A: First, great people, great food! Best moment drawing a pic for a 12 year old girl, very good, emotional moment!

Q: When WO7174 figure hits Bambalandstore? Any specific hints you can share please?
A: This weekend yo, the 10 anniversary !

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Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Empty Re: Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood

Post by gimbat Fri Mar 20, 2015 8:24 am

Session #30 20.05.2014

Q: I was going through the WWR book the other day and I reread the part about the pleasure dens and the "working" girls that are there to service the troops. Have you ever thought about making a character from that "industry" ?
A: You know I have not, to me making that toy would seem to lighten what is a dark part of the WWR story. It would be hard to get across the character without lessening the gravis as a toy... at least to me.

Q: From the recent photo of the Thai-expo we could have the first glance of the Snowblind TK. It seems the headsculpt doesn't have beard or mustache. Any chances we can see him comes out with stubble beard?
A: Never said it was just a colorway of Sun of etc, the beard worlds for Sun, snow-blind is a different TK

Q: I really like the overall design of the TK Cornelius. Is there any chance a different TK with Corny's hairstyle and outfit will be offered on Bambaland?
A: Probably not, my intention is to make new head sculpts and hair as we progress! But in saying that a cool idea crops up or a way to show Corny again in a different way I might. I have thought on a series showing where certain TK ended up or how their look changed, but you know, time etc..

Q: In a previous Q&A you told us a Mod TK is coming soon. Can we please get a Mod TQ as well?
A: Of course, they always hang in pair or groups do the UK scene centric!

Q: Can we please hear the story and some info about the new Squares in the Grunt pack?
A: Come and say hi at a convention and ask me which you wanna know about, or ask here about a colorway etc. Ill say this, nine are just made to make a colorway, each has a purpose or story, or I would get bored real quick!

Q: Will Handsome Wu be the start of a new AK story arc set in China?
A: Wu and his Lucky 8 Panda Mercs are from the Sichuan province, where they have been engaged in an ongoing battle with robots. But after a call from WU's bud Lilttle Shadow asking for help with the small problem of hiring the Dead Astro to kill Tommy. Now she has changed her mind but Dead Astro has a 100% kill rate and won't stop a job once started! So Shadow hopes the lucky 8 can protect Tommy long enough for the Shadow family to come up with a way to stop the Astro..sumin like that

Q: What are your thoughts on digital comics and/or art books? With 3A Adventure being delivered digitally, would you ever release a digital copy of an analog book? Similar to how musicians offer digital downloads if you buy the vinyl. Purchase the hardcover Fuck It #5 from Bambaland and get a free digital download? Read at home and on the go. Best of both worlds!
A: I agree it is, and something ill try soon!

Q: What are the attitudes or personalities of the Hammer TK's? Are they aggressive, stoic, mysterious? Just trying to get an idea of their nature.
A: They are robot smashers, they are super aggressive and tough, they use hammers, thats pretty ballzy !

Q: Do the Mighty Squares from the Thailand event have a real place or story in the WWR World or are they just for fun?
A: Well I could certainly write a story that makes sense, but you know, they were done for the fun of it!

Q: Do you have a personal favorite Isobelle release? Is there a certain one close to your heart?
A: I love the space one, because that kinda showed to me the scope of the line, but I have to say the new long hair Iso could be my fav, ill show very soon!

Q: Any chance we see a skull faced TK produced? Maybe a Shadow/light set perhaps..the custom you did needs further exploration..
A: Did one years ago, just didn't get any further beyond sample, always an intention! Rekindled my idea when making the DIY's.. So in short, yes, expect some as they fit into the story arc I'm at with the Tk line.

Q: Im very attracted to powerful women, always have been so naturally i think the Supreme is sexy as all hell. Do you share those feelings for powerful confident women? It seems like you do in that most of your female characters kick ass literally like Lil Shadow and Sham or are very powerful like the Supreme. Is the Supreme and her other colorway White Mother the same character?
A: Of course, powerful smart woman are the greatest and most attractive to me, I think all my/TP female characters exhibit this, whether it be by embracing their sexuality ( via TP writings and ideas etc ), or just in a good ol fashion punch in the face way. Its such a great combo , the look and story that combine to create what I think are compelling moments! White mother isn't the same as the Supreme, they co exist, and are one. Almost psychic siamese twins!

Q: When will we see the new bot manufacturer take the stage in WWR Evol? Will they make a effort to sway mars and earth to buy bots from them rather than Roth with propaganda and the like? Are we going to have an iconic figurehead like we did with Rothchild ? And if there is can you tell us about him/them?
A: Soon as they can, like any change on a grand sale its small, you will see a new brand of robot soon! But that doesn't mean Roth is sitting back, all this change has made him dig deeper!

Q: Whoop, your finally coming to Sydney for Supanova, any chance of a exclusive TQ for the event? Or a TK even? How about a koala legion fig, kinda like the panda thats in the works?
A: Well we have a brand new figure, never seen or hinted at, well actually he has been on a few paintings! I guess we can show soon!

Q: Any plans for a tribute piece or fig to Mr. Hans Giger?
A: I'm not a fan of the 3D objects others have made over the years, I might find a sly way to show the love sometime. man I still remember seeing his art in an early Starlog ( if I remember rightly ), scared me, and intrigued me like all good art. Death. Sex, goofy dark god references.. cant lose!

Q: What does the terrain of Mars look like in WWR? Is it full of colonies? Do humans use special breathing mechanisms, or is it like The Martian Chronicles where people can breathe the air without assistance? Will WWR ever see actual alien Martians?
A: Ok, lots of it is under ground due to radiation, as the atmosphere is kinda fucked, they have erected large sail like devices on parts of the surface , REALLY BIG that can lesson the effect of the rad. Its a case of not trying to change the environment but work with it. Its purely a truncated pseudo science thingy really, Mars is quite the red shithole in reality, really tough to deal with... re martians, my friend we are said martians, where do think our shit came from!

Q: There were some special releases at SDCC a while back, the WWR Field Guide, and the WWR Illustrated History. Are the contents from those two books featured in the Complete WWR or the Upcoming Deluxe WWR book or are we missing some of it? We need the Deluxe book!
A: Well as IDW know, I destroy deadlines and the WWR deluxe is in that zone ( should have come out a year ago), pretty much good to go, but I would like to add the latest stuff to it now… Watch IDW and my blog for info, it really is time to get more WWR out there. Saying that PIE books in Japan will release the Japanese WWR book soon!.. July I think...

Q: Any chance of a sneak peak of the 2000AD range of figures?
A: Issue 2 of the 3Adventure has a sneaky blur kinda tease, its, cool, intact Ill say this, I'm very excited by our progress, the dress is great, Hammerstein is looking baller!

Q: Are you still planning to sell limited edition giclee art portfolios with an original piece in each of them?
A: Yes, my saucy art sets !

Q: Any details on this Darwin the Ghost character, which you can share with us?
A: Well we all become ghosts..if we are lucky

Q: Will Marquis/Sombre/Dead De Plume have a 3A shirt underneath their sweater? Also is that head cloth or cowl removable?
A: No, they never have had dual shirts, get too warm yo!

Q: What's the story with the crystal clear leg, which was shown in Thailand? And what happened with the GID leg on display, was it broken on purpose?

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Cvhsidgt

A: Clear leg aka the ectoplasm leg is well, a dance leg, the Nabler attacked the GID in thailand// little shit that he is!

Q: I love sculpted Nablers, which were shown at Thailand Toy Expo. Will they be available up Bambalandstore and when? Will we see more sculptured figures?

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 FqYQVYnt

A: wha, all out toys are sculpted, the Nablers at The THAI toy expo will be available soon, Deep Sleep and V2 of the Classic!

Q: Any 3A Publishing news or upcoming releases which you can share?
A: Well we have many Co books with IDW, but there will be one or two 3A specific, content or name just too much for diamond books!

Q: WWR illustrated is some of the most innovative storytelling I've seen, the only downside being that it left me hungry for more. Will the EVOL storyline be continued in similar books, or do you plan on letting it unfold through the toys and comics?
A: I think we shall stick to the WWR format for the next installment, I do enjoy the mini comics for toys too!

Q: Is it possible to release a 1/6 interheavy? Love him so much!
A: I didn't do it back int he day..shit, we need one then.. crazy I thought we had.

Q: Will we see a figure release of the space N.O.M. seen in the EVOL comic? The one that the supreme mentions as accelerating the trinity and influences Reginald defender 08 to "help" father? Please?
A: Of course that freak needs a toy, will be cool!

Q: Does Rotchild have a person or bot he loves? Maybe something unreachable…sort of a dream?
A: Rothchild wants to have people to love, but cannot find them, his standards are high. He want to be with his own kind, which is rare. He isn't a two dimensional dick who just want to make trouble and kill ( though thats need to get results in his book ), he believes his path for all is right and is rather surprised by the opposition to it. But things change, yesterdays monster can be tomorrow hero.

Q: Will we ever get to see what Thomas Thruxton (aka the Zombkin) looked like before he was found dead and buried in his favorite Pumkin patch? Perhaps this Halloween?
A: ha, that would be funny.. mmm

Q: What do you do to stay fit?
A: Well as I'm not that fit, not much but I have taken to riding a bike to keep the heart a pumping.

Q: During the years there has on and off talk about weapon packs and I wondered if it's possible, and maybe easier, to open the Bambaland armory for a couple of weeks? For example: threeA offers a couple of WWR Weapons (or all) in a standard and DIY colorway. (+ standard S/H like with AP releases). And after the sale threeA makes the weapons, bubblewrap the weapons and put them in a "threeA weaponcase" (or a couple of cases depending on the amount ordered) and sends them off?
A: We have planned for it many times, but I dunno, it just seems to fizzle into the background, I'm sure when we do we shall sell 80 sets and cry!

Q: What's your favorite Thai dish?
A: Green Curry!

Q: I heard that Bronze EDO might hit the Bamba soon? Is it true and will it be a limited sale or perhaps 3AA-only?
A: Actually he will be part of a new series of long term ( a week or so ) sales. We want to offer you guys a different way to buy some toys, see if works out etc. I think Bronze Edo is a good starter, then some Pascha characters.

Q: What's the most challenging thing about running threeA these days?
A: Time management, Im shit at it, I'm lucky I have a great team now, not only do they keep me on point but inside and make it fun… Im a lucky guy… But yea, I'm time poor, and money cant buy that shit!

Q: Is this May a Microman or AKLUB month?
A: AKLUB very soon,, and FINALLY Microman, it has been a complicated trip, not the toy side, that was fun and easy. So hope the support is there, want to go crazy with them!

Q: Happy Birthday Ash and Happy Anniversary to WO7174! Thank you for making threeA and for finding time to do these questions! I been thinking…how about making Mr 71 + Ms 74 set for 3AA members? Perhaps in different outfits than already sold figs and throwing Eddy and Emma into the mix? Fingers crossed Smile
A: HA the whole family, I think a super set somewhere is a go, or Ill lose way to much money on them.. 71 TK anyone Smile I think ultimately I want to have toys of all important and loved people in my world !

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Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Empty Re: Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood

Post by gimbat Fri Mar 20, 2015 8:24 am

Session #31 28.05.2014

Q: Shortly after the Harold release, you said certain Harolds only sold a few units, and so would be really rare. Would you be willing to reveal which of the Harold experienced the "Laurent Effect"? My guess is Modchip, even though its actually my favorite of the bunch.
A: Ill say this, all the Harolds are rare!

Q: Do the DIY Tk's for the Winners and Charities have a backstory? Are you going share these names of DIY TKs? I'm so eager to know!
A: Each box has their name on it, they are the LOST TK's!

Q: A while ago it was asked if we could get a tour of the 3A factory (or even your studio) through either pics or a video. Could we still hopefully see this one day? Also, is there anyway we could see how a figure is made at 3A, from start to finish?
A: I cant see us sharing the secrets of the Hatchery on video, nor my studio anytime soon. I'm actually a very private chap, I believe the only thing that matters is the material I put out, me and the place I create isn't that cool.

Q: Can you give us any intel on Terrence the Zomb that came with Inky Tommy? Does he have any backstory, why is he rollin with Inky Tommy? I could be wrong but I think he was described as Terrence the Intellectual Zomb at time of sale? Do like him a lot but gotta say Korma the rogue Zomb is still my fav, that paint app is so cool!
A: Zombs all have varying degree's of intellect, Zomb MD makes them for many different jobs. Sometimes this degree of intellect gives said Zomb a tad more control of his actions, Terrence just has a bit more than others and likes to hang with Tommy. As you can imagine Tommy aint a big fan of this!

Q: I've got a question about some details I noticed on my Harolds. On both my Seventh Div and Khrushchev Memorial Guard Harolds, there is text on the bots faces right below their eyes. Due to paint application and what looks to be the design of the text on the CCCP, neither is legible. Some letters can be made out but nothing that can be read. I am curious if you could share what was written on their faces?
A: Meant to be unreadable!

Q: Will there ever be 1/6 versions of the BcELL, Marine, Deimos II, and Modchip Caesars? Also any updates on War Nurse Jessica? I
A: don't see why not, maybe in very limited runs, with a new longer term sale policy kicking in soon for creation releases this is an option! Zomb Nurse first.

Q: Will Blanc de Plume return to EVOL WWR world? He's one of most iconic 3A figure!
A: Yes, one of my fav's!

Q: Would it be possible to set up a print to order service for all 3A publications? Might work for many and for 3A itself.
A: When the quality is good-- yea!, I'm yet to see a POD system that delvers the consistent colour and quality I want. I think its a dream of all for such s a system and ill be all over it the moment it arrives!

Q: Will MOD play an important role in EVOL. with NOM dominant is MOD still a threat?
A: MOD will be revealed for what they are soon, kinda dropped a hint years ago, buts it obscure… they will become a large part EVOL…LARGE

Q: Im saving money for the WF Armstrong so had to pass on the battlechild set, can that set pls come to 1/12 eventually? Another chance would be greatly appreciated!
A: Maybe one day for the 1/12th set, but the focus is 1/6th for the time being!

Q: We saw images of what appeared to be two new mk1 squares on your Instagram, any info on them? Can we have them?
A: Oh right, they are from a special edition book in Japan, not my place to say, I'm sure news will be released soon!

Q: Since the Animation contest winners have their TK's shipping out, I was wondering if there is any progress on the Cosplay and Halloween contest winner sketches as well.
A: Soon as I can get the cosplay finished as group! Halloween wasn't art!

Q: I remember hearing some new Kitty designs were coming down the pipe. Is Eddy (from MR71) based on the old or new design?
A: Brand new kitty sculpt for eddy

Q: Its been awhile since we have seen you put out a 'Fuck it', any word if we will see one out soon?
A: Well it became too regular and expected I guess, which isn't my thing! Have a Ash Goya soon!

Q: Just curious about the Mr 71 figure. Awesome idea! Is it going to be weathered or 'clean' version? Any ideas for a box? Something with some extra Mr 71-ness could be awesome! Also, is Ms 74 going to come in a Pascha style card or something new?
A: 71 isn't weathered I guess… 74 arrives in a loverly box, 71 will have similar!

Q: A photo showed up on your Instagram showing "Yama's last stand", are we going to see a new version of Yama, and if we do can we get an updated Naga too? Maybe TKLUB release? Been longing for more TKLUB!
A: Updated Naga and Yama are coming, not just re releases, they play a good part in the story, figured they should get a good send off Smile

Q: Do you have any thoughts about producing any Batman figures? Anything you can reveal to us pretty please?
A: Well we Im designing a bunch of DC characters around a vague storyline for 3A, so yea Bats is there!

Q: Always wondered if the elite or powerful families had their special-ordered squads for protection in the WWR universe (I remember something NW Bramble related was mentioned). A squad with a family crests and full-on regalia mmmm.
A: Well powerful families sometimes command nations, so yea, there would be some cross over. Its very simple though, if you can afford the bots MQO you can have them. But Rothchild has never been a cheap affair!

Q: All the new Mightys look great, how many will there be? We've seen partial shots of Mod, Freemantle, Family Album & Fong, are they all the new colorways or will we see older ones like Desert, Red etc? Oh and when will we see them for sale?
A: Around 30 colorway, August looks like the month!

Q: Will we see Johny Nemo offered at Bambalandstore?
A: No, I only did some pages for a new book coming out, I believe TITAN is publishing it, make a cool fig though!

Q: I like the Valve companion Square, wondering if any possible to make Valve Companion Mighty Square?

Q: Having just bought my first 1/6th Armstrong (Shadow Guard), I am in love! Any way I could twist your arm into doing my fav Armstrong in 1/6th scale, MOD7? Will we ever see any other MOD7 color way bots?
A: MOD are coming back real soon, mm I want a big MOD Armstrong

Q: What are the plans for releasing the Martian forces in EVOL, will we be seeing them anytime soon? Will there be 1/6 versions as well as 1/12?
A: Thanks! Soon as we can!

Q: Snowblind is looking good, wondering what is the backstory of this TK since it is quite different from Sun & Moon? Is he really a Loper?
A: No he isn't a Loper, just another TK that figured out the truth is ruined by adding to it!

Q: I know this was asked several months ago but I wanted to see if you have any real status update on the production stage for Modern Girls and/or King Thumbs chopper…maybe a picture?
A: Just need time to finish them off! I have a severe lack...

Q: I just got a Square Bomb and I love him for being so unique! What does the little "v" symbol under his eye mean? Will we see 1.5 in other colorways, or at least other "unique" and "in-between" sub-versions of squares?
A: Square bomb is a one off, never to be seen again! The V is a representation on the bombs force. Keep an eye out for the NUKE NIGHTY though!

Q: Will we ever hear or see more about BORN OF STONE? Or that idea transformed to something else?
A: Im thinking of bringing it into AK, as it fits in nicely, time will tell!

Q: Are "Chunky" TQ's still happening?
A: I have them, one day when they are just right ill offer, a lot of ideas just ferment away, then it all comes together etc!

Q: "We looked into the shadows and saw absolution" "Radiance will rescind all shadow from its bursa" These two statements on each NOM Field Commanders box seem to conflict, does this mean that white and black NOMS have different philosophies? Do these philosophies possibly conflict a little?
A: You mean conflict across the NIGHT and DAY affiliations , of course they do, they represent opposite ideals under the umbrella of one path, NOM are not zealots with no individual thinking, part of their strength and weakness. All is needed though, all part of the whole.

Q: When we might see next HALO figure or Master Chief? Would love to see them offered more frequently!
A: I think July is the month we wanted to address some issues and thought previous releases brought up! We really do care and put a lot of thought into these toys, we could shave released last year, but it would not have been as good!

Q: Will we eventually get a WWRp version of the JDF Grunt and Square Mk 2?
A: As said earlier 1/6th is the focus for WWR!

Q: hi,ash.I'm a chinese 3afans.When will we see the CHINESE books or comics about WWR,AK or POPBOT? Maybe Handsome Wu will come with a chinese mini comics,so coooooooooooool!
A: I would love to do Chinese editions of the books, but its not so simple for me, cant just do a direct translation etc

Q: Recent Iron Man colorway you showed, when it might be offered? Really love the combinations of colors there! And do you have a date in mind for Dr. Doom?
A: I thought it had been offered mmm ASAP for Doom, we are excited to reveal the final!

Q: What Marvel character are you working at the moment and is sort to say on your drawing board?
A: Finishing off Ultron!

Q: Did you get some cool gifts for your birthday you wouldn't mind sharing with us?
A: My boys made me some awesome cards!

Q: If you could back 20 years, would you change anything in your life?
A: mmmm nope as it may have effected today, and I kinda like today!

Q: Do you have any country on your mind, which you really want to visit, but never been there yet? If yes, then what country is it?
A: Austria!

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Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Empty Re: Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood

Post by gimbat Mon Mar 23, 2015 10:06 am

Session #32 01.06.2014

Q: It was really very convenient when we got once, the announcement about a couple future sales more than a month prior or sort of regular pattern, when sales were announced with at least two weeks notice. Lately it seems that only a short notice is given and as much, as I would love to support the sale, I don't have the money for it and it's incredibly tough to use my 3AA status. Maybe you could revert to the old practice or give us pre-order dates ahead?
A: I know its tough but we really have no idea sometimes as in lately due us figuring out what figure can be made in what window etc. I agree it must be a pain and have had talk to figure this out, you can certainly believe if we had the exact info we would share it, we are not be coy or playing games as this effects our sales and your enjoyment. As an experiment ill post Junes predicted sales, some might change but its at least a heads up.

Q: Any chance of getting a 1/1 scale tee of the Wu/F-legion tee from the Panda set?
A: I would but sadly the shirts sell in very small numbers and kinda end up costing us. I don't really want to do the offer and see if its supported thing, and disappoint the people who ordered etc just because we didn't reach a goal. We have never not honored a sale in the last 6 years, even when the haunt ordered failed to cover costs, and I think thats how we will continue. I know I mentioned we might try the see what they order system but after much thought Im sticking to the old way!

Q: Since JC only uses his hands for battle (no weapons) would it be possible on future releases to get a few different positioned hands (ala Bruce Lee-ish) for action posing and beat downs?
A: No more JC for at the foreseeable, but If he does make another round I'm sure some new hands can be made!

Q: Hey Ash, any word on when we might find out the purpose of the Bamba points?
A: When we catch up with everything, as you know we have never mentioned or promoted them , just a thing for the future when we can do it right!

Q: Is there a Dead Asto origin story (apart from the comic which we saw during the sale) or will there be one?
A: There is a story and origin he has to be killed, but thats for another time, these stores are told via the toys and story lines that grow with each release etc. Dead Astro has some interesting linage!

Q: I would love to see WWR, AK, and Popbot characters with different skin tones to represent the rest of the people in the world. Nothing culture specific, but rather different skin tones other than just white, like tan and brown. I Would you consider for example a grunt with a brown skin tone, or a TQ with tan or brown skin? What do you say?
A: Making different colour skin for specific characters like a brown or tan Grunt would be cool and does make sense in the scheme of a world wide war, but the TQ /TK are specific and their origins are pre deposed to light skin and will stay as they are. When applicable ill see what can do about changing up skin colour, but I also don't want it to be a case of doing it for the sake of it or shoe horning it in, there is no integrity in that, and therefore no reason for me to do it!

Q: The UKTQ is coming along, when might we see another weathered TQ? Would also be good to see another loper soon?
A: Im sure some weathered TQ will rise from the dirt!

Q: Great to hear that Dr. Doom is close to final reveal and Ultron is almost done! Great to hear we are getting DC character from threeA too! Spider-Man is my favorite Marvel character and I was just wondering how is he coming along? And if there is anything about your design you can share with us without spoiling the fun of the reveal?
A: Well there are two figures in the box for Spidey!

Q: In the description of Soot Panda Wu, it says "The ink virus has reached China!" Now is the ink virus the same thing that let's the Mission Family change into Shadow mode? And if so is it something you get taught or is it an infection that happens to characters, does one get the ink virus from contact with another that is infected? Does it change the way they act? Are they aggressive and chaotic in shadow mode or do they have control over their actions? And is the ink virus the curse Merde talks about that affects his bloodline?
A: Well the INK virus or curse if you will goes back to the start of the MISSION bloodline and ties into the Shadow family. The original Mission adventurer ( Morbid Mission) started out digging in the tombs in Egypt, it went pear shaped from there.

Q: What does the F in F-Legion stand for?
A: Fucked , as in -- they are fucked the moment they are made sent to war…

Q: Since you reveal that 3A will making Transformers toys, will it based by classic G1 or by movie version?
A: 3A is making them, thats all Ill say for now!

Q: EVOL Square looks great! Do you plan to insert sound effects? I want to hear Square's voice.
A: I want to do that, just not there with the quality I want in a small package. Hopefully one day I can release a talking, fuck I wanna make a real one and have patrol your house, thats where my thinking is at!

Q: If you were going to make a soundtrack for each of your IP's what bands or sounds would you use?
A: mmm shit, thats a question and half! ill think on that!

Q: I just ordered Bronze Edo, my first 1/6th TK figure, and I am really excited to see it. Can you give us any back story on the different EDOs? Different colors for different missions?
A: Bronze EDO are commanders, each color reflects status and general mission status. The colour scheme is mainly for the human populations that they protect, when you see say a Bronze Edo you know that A, something is up, and B shit is covered and something is gonna get a kicking!

Q: I believe all of your supports are dying to know when will 7 bones and TKLUB release will take the stand at Bambalandstore. Will you be able to share which month this might happen?
A: 7B Slicer as mentioned 7th june at Bamba!

Q: You mentioned in previous Q&A that WWR focus is 1/6th scale. Is this a (lack of) support issue (of the WWRp range), or a personal preference to develop the 1/6th range, and we'll see a catch up later on down the line for the WWRp figures?
A: To be honest the 1/6th support drives the WWR line, WWRp is done as I like the size but does thane the same backing.

Q: I know this is a long shot of a question but... Ash I just recently purchased and finished your complete book ZvR and absolutely fell in love with Warbot have you considered making an EVOL version of Warbot or it's still a chance to see him among WWR Berties MK2?
A: No Warbot really isn't a WWR character, kinda was just a meta crossover but very different worlds, if any Warbot is to be made it wil be under the ZVR banner!

Q: Are Berties MK2 going to be WWR release or they will be transformed into WWR EVOL MK 2.1?
A: No more WWR releases, all WWR EVOL releases, as there are many MK2's on the battle field in the EVOL period its only apt!

Q: Do you have any news to share about Kozo and perhaps some news about Bamba version of Underverse Explorer?
A: News as in shipping? Well the masks being removable made it a longer production period, though its worked out really well, not too long !

Q: Any idea when the first 3AGO's will go on sale at Bambalandstore?
A: June, I would say 3-4th week if all goes well! I want them more than anyone!!!

Q: Any info on SDCC-exclusive figure(s) this year?
A: Yup there are.

Q: What happened to Shadow Merde? And if he about to hit Bambalandstore, could you please announce the time beforehand?
A: ha, I I thought we had sold him… crap.. mmm ok ill announce asap a sale date!

Q: Will Fighting JC ever have a disciple?
A: He has no time for such stuff, he is busting heads, not talking about shit, cracking skulls and taking names yo! The time for talk and conjecture are long gone, action over words this time around!

Q: Besides Fighting JC, Tommy Mission, Bleak Mission, the Drown, Fat Drown Ankou Ex and Rehel, are there other Adventure Kartel team members?
A: Yes…

Q: Would you ever consider doing a tribute figure to Jean Giraud / Moebius. Something like Arzach, Blueberry or Major Grubert to name a few. I would love to see some of his characters come to life as a figures. Thanks for your time, hope your doing great!
A: I have asked to do very similar type figures with many people, the bummer is these toys are break even at best, and when said parties hear there isn't any big $$ they basically close the door in your face… Contrary to most reports there isn't a goldmine in toys and if you aint doing it for love your gonna be a sad fucker! I would drove to make toys for many Moebius stories from Blueberry to Arzach!

Q: Question from Chinese fans here, would it be possible to have translation of all Q&A in Chinese section of WO3A blog?
A: Would love to see something like that! I agree, anyone want to do it ?

Q: Do you / your kids have any pets beside Emma now? Do you go on the long walks with Emma, like on the beach or what's your favorite activity?
A: We have a few pets, dogs and cats, Beaches are tough for Emma as beagles are a tad short and the sand blows up in their face, she enjoys a good walk n the park, tracking scents etc

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Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Empty Re: Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood

Post by gimbat Mon Mar 23, 2015 10:07 am

Session #33 18.08.2014

Q: Do you have your eyes set on next WWRp or AP release? And if yes, that what it might be?
A: The idea is to release small sets, two and some diorama, say a dropcloth and Harold or Bramble etc. Also want to ret con the bots, change stuff up where possible!

Q: Will we see the return of Blind Cowboy and his horse? Such an amazing characters and I have been always a big fan of spaghetti westerns and westerns in general.
A: Well the next releases are the outlaws, the guys on the Sock puppets hit list, they have the western tinge!

Q: I'm not sure, are the Finger Gang regular bots or Zombots? I'd really like to see a new version of Zomb MD's Zombot in the near future. Are there any plans for new Zombots? Perhaps we'll see a Mega Zombot chase with the Mega Zomb sale? Speaking of the Mega Zomb sale, how's that coming along?
A: Mega Zomb is really close, its massive, the kinda scale as the Ankou EX, and yea I want to do a new zombot, the larger head etc, but with tweaks, still one of my fav releases!

Q: With the Adventure Kartel book’s release looming I was wondering if you could give us a teaser of the direction AK is going. You mentioned a new arc dealing with Tommy on the run, but are there any other details of any new stories we are going to get soon.
A: Well the panda sale was the prelude to the FUCKING FAMILY COUP arc, where Tommy is on the run with Little Shadow being hunted by the Dead Astro etc. This story will introduce a bodyguard bot that Mr Shadow send along with them, while the do their emo run. Dead Astro enlists the aid of the Golden Dolphin for his hunt, which leads to a new version of him. A lot of AK is cooking, always one of the great joys of 3A for me is AK!

Q: Will we see variation of Stealth EVENFALL figure on Bambalandstore?
A: Maybe, the first Evenfall release had a limited response on Bamba so the idea is to get it out via other channels, the Strigoi should be in your hands soon who ordered, its a great figure and we have new versions coming soon too!

Q: Anything you can share about 6th TK, which is mentioned on your art for China International Comics Festival event?
A: Well its the 6th year of 3A, and the TK is a pillar figure for me so why not celebrate that! They hark back to the original TK release! There will be a 6th TK for the BBICN event, one for Taiwan and one for bamba.

Q: Will we be seeing anymore Krab Labs releases? Do they exclusively loan out Evol Squares? Any other bots in their repertoire?
A: They have a few, its a ROTHCHILD company, they are the field testers etc

Q: This is more of a possible request or idea for Ash. I know he loves Letraset rub down dry transfer for use with his drawings. When I was a kid in the 70s I use to love getting Letraset Action Transfers aka Presto Magix, i'm wondering if he or 3A has contacts with any company that can create threeA dry transfer of the 3A Universe.
AK line would be interesting because the term "The Adventure Continues With You..." we could make our own action art. Would be cool if we got in a 3A figure with a Ashley Wood mini scene layout and dry transfers of AK characters to rub onto the scene backdrop or anything really.
This could include the other lines, WWR, ISO, WBR, etc. Just like including a poster or catalog certain product lines could have them.
A: Show me where I can get it made, i had a Star Wars kit like this, a mos eisley scene etc.. loved it!

Q: Do you have plans for another AKLUB chapter and can you please share who we might see next?
A: Im not sure, I have not heard much in feedback whether its enjoyed or not, and with our new system thats gonna come in action in the new year it might not fit in. But who knows, im sure ill come up with something!

Q: Any news you can share on DONKER/Die Antwoord figures?
A: They are coming, want to get right , not rush them etc.. I think people will enjoy them!

Q: Would be so great to see MS Shadow teaser or hear something about her (who she is; what she likes; who she hates and wants to kill, and etc.)
A: Well she has been seen over the years, had a figure two years ago, just never worked for me, using out chunky giant female body, not long and the AKLUB members that can join in will hear from us!

Q: I’ve got a question about the Atrocity Exhibition set, does Tommy really get turned into a Zomb in the AK storyline? If it is part of the story, when does it happen and how does Tommy get turned back into a human? If he can be turn back...and if he can't be is he under Zomb MD's control?
A: Well I give you a little insight into our Tommy, he has never been alive, so being a zombie isnt a far stretch and the MD SERUM wore off..

Q: Will we see female figs from the Marvel line? Really hoping for Rogue and Jean Grey!
A: First up will be Black Widow, also have Madam Hydra and Spider Woman in the works. Speaking of Marvel, Doom will up for grabs next month and shipping this year! Which reminds you should have your Ironman soon, the boxes were just approved!

Q: Was there any truth to the notion that Iron Pandas went Martian sympathizers?
A: They become Martian supporters as their place of origin leaves the earth coalition , , this breaks down to what is really WORLD WAR OF ROBOTS. Good ol panda’s!

Q: Does Zomb MD controls the nurses with the cords/hoses or how he manipulates them?
A: He controls all the Zomb, those hoses are their feeding tubes, he wanted to keep their mouths pretty.

Q: AK Dead Astronaut Gangsta is so awesome and one of mine most favorite 3A figures, would you consider making another colorway?
A: No more planned, really happy to have got the ones out I did!

Q: We've just seen clear plastic used on the CyborgPascha and its a really distinct look, is this going to be used for other figures and does it have any limitations i.e. could we see WWRp bots in clear?
A: The clear works really well where it works, Im not sure transparent bots would look cool.. maybe oneday but not on the cards.

Q: Saw photos of World Best Robots Mars, Remus and Romulus at WonderFest and they are just brilliant! Can you please share something about each colorway/character? Do they have different purpose/enemies or belong to some fraction?
A: Well they all belong to WBR the group that send them to take care of shit on earth, There is MARS the main one, and Romulus and Remus the back up! The white and dark one are again my homage to Baron Karza and Force Commander from micronauts via their color. We are going to offer them very soon, early september! Also hope to offer SQUIDICORN ( the scourge of Mars ) soon too.

Q: Do you have any VALVe project/figures news which you can share with us?
A: We are working on DOG from HL, an updated version! that will come in a two pack with Alyx, also making a Gordon Freeman! Also if all goes well we will offer the Halloween TF2 ghost premade for well..Halloween! We are massive fans of Valve here at 3A!

Q: We already saw the new TKs, Lonely Star Warrior TK and Ninja TK they are so cool! Just wondering if you can tell us the stories of these new TKs and they role in Popbot Universe.
A: They populate the Underverse, where many realities meets, their revel in their loneliness and sorrow!

Q: Congratulations on Steel Age! Can you please share who you are working on at the moment and what stage the work is?
A: Well I have sketches for most major characters in the DC universe, Im a batman fan so he is first, but I have a love of the not so mainstream heroes as well.. Im very fond on my Green Arrow, Joker and Deadshot..

Q: You teased film studio news on your Instagram, does it mean that we will see Adventure Kartel animation series one day?
A: Well yea, thats the point, some stuff is right for the big guys, but some stories I have a passion to do myself, AK is one of them, even POPBOT isnt a normal situation, im deeply invested in that too. I think I can do some cool stuff in the motion world, lots to learn, but thats never stopped me!

Q: Anything you can share about upcoming 2000AD 1/12th scale wave?
A: Please support them, so we can make every character, they are looking nifty though!

Q: After seeing Zomb MD’s cloak, will we see more sculpted clothes on 1/6th figures?
A: I think so, sometimes a more controlled look is needed, and where it makes sense, rubber surgical cloak is one of those occasions!

Q: How was your trip to Japan, what's your favorite thing about Tokyo and what's 3A next destination?
A: Loved it, always amazed that there are so many supporters there, always a great city to visit! next stop China!

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Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Empty Re: Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood

Post by gimbat Mon Mar 23, 2015 10:08 am

Session #34 24.08.2014

Q: Just a simple and yet very important question for all WWR fans, can you please tell what is going to be next WWR bot release and will we see it at Bamba till the end of the year? Been rooting for Bertie for a while! 
A: Alberto and BERTIE MK2 1/6th this year, oh and the BIRDCAGE which is a Square variant, but a big difference.. you will see.

Q: Is the Heavy Slicer TK the next TKLUB release? I remember that it was referenced as next TKLUB some time ago.
A: Yes

Q: How do you think, is it possible to see Modern Girls pre-order or few more teasers this year?
A: I would love too, just never ready, many ideas, but I want to have some story out there before showing, they have a specific story. Im working with IDW on a 3A anthology to round out mine and TP's worlds, using writers and artists that I like. These stories are so overdue and I finally realise I cant do them all.. NYCC might see some info!

Q: Are we going to see / hear more about Popbot RC Girl? Really anxious to put her next to my TKYO!
A: Should be able to show her soon, just need a sample I like, Im shy of showing stuff early now, as it changes as I go and can give the wrong info. But ecpect spme TKYO and GIRL R/C info very soon!

Q: Can you please share any updates about MGS RAY or perhaps some photos, while we are waiting for the shipping announcement? And will we see another 3A x KOJIMA collaboration? 
A: Shipping very soon, had to get approvals on packaging and that can take a while, but everything is good, im thinking september, but without Kim to verify at this moment im half speculating but soon. Its an epic toy, will look great next too REX! We have some more MGS up our sleeves!

Q: We have AKLUB and TKLUB, but what about Pascha one? And offering some crazy versions or insane accessories for the rewards? What do you think?
A: There is something like that soon! CLUB ISO!

Q: Is there any confirmed date for fist 2000AD wave to make my funds ready?
A: This year, just playing with Death in HK and the figure, and we decided its better to have great articulation than a quick cheap toy, but this year for wave one!

Q: Have you started making prototypes for Steel Age? How far into the process and when do you foresee the Batman figure being released?
A: Will have the first figures end of year, Start with Batman then regular releases of other characters.

Q: Any news or comments about Transformers line, pretty please?
A: As mentionedin HK this last week, just played with Bumblebee, and saw the other favs too , comment>>>> I dont think there is a better one of the types we are making, infact there isnt hands down……...

Q: You’ve mentioned that Tommy and Lil’ Shadow will have updated versions coming out at some point, any news on that front ?
A: 10” little shadow this year, actually soon!

Q: Last time you said you want to make Mac Square, on incoming Mighty Square sale, maybe there’s a chance you will put Mighty Mac Square? Appel Caesar need a friends.
A: MMM that might be cool….. ok ill do that

Q: Is there anything you can share about 3A x Frederator collaboration?
A: We will show our collab soon, but it involves, Bravest warriors and Puppycat etc

Q: WWRp 1/12 Warscapes? Is it in the active phase or on back-burner at the moment?
A: Always working on them, just takes time, too many projects etc, not enough time or man power…

Q: Any plans for some more patches? Maybe with the new upcoming changes and VOX returning, they could be a cool regular competition prize?
A: We shall see, changes….mmmmm.

Q: You mentioned 10” Shadow and WWR Alberto in the comments on your Instagram, can you please share more details about them and when they might become available? both
A: This year, little shadow is well little shadow, Alberto is the last of the Bertie heritage in the WWR story.

Q: The last non TK/Q Popbot character we saw threeA release was Lady Sham (prior to that it was Blind Cowboy, and then Popbot/Badbot before it). What’s the next release likely to be, are we still seeing Misty Slush this year, and where do you see the line being by this time next year?
A: Mo Prostrate, 5 bros, new Popbot, Andy are all in production!

Q: Is there anything you can share about HALO Master Chief, I have all four threeA HALO figures and need Master Chief?
A: Should be by September, just need to slot in!

Q: Will threeA ever release a 1:1 Popbot Sock Puppet? Would be fun!
A: It would, maybe ill prototype some.

Q: You mentioned the 2000AD  figures are looking nifty, I can’t wait. Will adverts appear in the comics/online prior to release? Making a big a noise as possible will get this line the support it deserves!
A: Ads online and in press like 2000ad, well the toys are cool, but you never know about support, really hope its there, we will be showing much more soon!

Q: Curious about Dodgy Wonka Square and what doors it unlocks, could you please share some info?
A: Well its like we said, if you bought it, you will have access to a special toy! Once it shops we can reveal more, the packaging evokes wanka chocolate, its a nice thing!

Q: Most all of the WWR units I have seen have names on them. Some are after celebrities, and some are just normal names. I recently found out the Forsty Choad Large Martin has my name, cool! Anyways, are all the units with normal names named after your friends (Scott, Micah, Lena and etc) and family or sometimes it’s just a coincidence?
A: Some are friends, some are people I admire, or I just like the sound of their name, its more a tradition that I have enjoyed over the years!

Q: When we might see EVOL Commanders and Grunts at Bambalandstore? Can you please share some additional informations about them?
A: When they are cool, it can take over a year or longer to get  right, the process is long and with so many other takes daily it really can stretch out. All there and we do talk about catching up on these threads, we have plans to fix, the mentioned changes..

Q: I know how it’s expensive to make large WWR bots, maybe we can organize some sort of the KLUB with downpayment? Let’s say you gather certain amount of money upfront at Bambalandstore for a large period of time (let’s say few month) and if we can’t raise the amount, customers get refund and if we do, that bot will be available only to that group.
A: I dont want to do that, ill offer more large bots, we have never not shipped a toy due to sales, will not start! even when we lose money we still produce and ship, we dont want let you guys down, its super important to me and all of us at 3A to support you guys as much as you support us!

Q: Would you be ever interested in making Flattering Meg Mucklebones figure, from Legend movie (1985)? Or perhaps other horror movie classic, like figures from Hammer films?
A: Hammer yes, Im a hammer fan , big time, love the company and films, but Im not sure how many would want them, Cushing Van helsing, Lee Dracula, damn cool!

Q: Who is the most powerful Tomorrow King? I mean if there would be a death-match between all Tomorrow Kings ever created, who would win without breaking into the sweat?
A: EMPEROR TK, the first and the last of the TK….

Q: Will Lone Star Wars TK make it to Bambaland one day, in one form or another? Maybe chase figure in 1/12th scale?
A: If all goes to plan you will be able to get the LWTK soon ( who knows what else ), 1/6th and all..

Q: What is going to be first 3A x Spawn/McFarlane figure?
A: Hellspawn, being worked on, but something like this cant be rushed!

Q: What is your sons favorite movie? And are there any family screenings in Ashley Wood’s house, when all family sits together and you are showing your favorite films to your kids and they show yours?
A: Well the  mentioned Hammer get a few airings, gerry anderson stuff, the older James bond films, buckeroo banzai , the classics man!

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Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Empty Re: Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood

Post by gimbat Mon Mar 23, 2015 10:09 am

Session #35 01.09.2014

Q: Congratulations on 3AGO Wave One! Do you have plans to make bots in 3AGO scale as well and what might be among 3AGO Wave Two, maybe AK?
A: I intend to fill 3AGO with many characters from my own stable and the greater world of ideas, there will be bots, of varying size. The 8” human is the yardstick, some will be smaller, some much bigger within that 8” scale! Wonka Square purchasers will have a chance to add a 3AGO bot to their collection!

Q: How many Dropcloth 1.5 colorways are going to be released in December, I hope it will be different waves with more sales in 2015?
A: Have to wait and see, it's a balancing act between colors and figuring factory schedules!

Q: What kind (or kinds) of Berties MK2 will be released In December?
A: Well, as many as I can of the classics and some new!

Q: Is Automatic Hemingway called Hemingway because Kafka was erased in Auto K, or is it because of another reason?
A: Have no idea what you're talking about, Automatic Hemingway is just that...

Q: With Master Chief and Spartan being next in line for the 1/6 Halo Line, what do you guys have planned next? It's a huge franchise with a large number of people wanting products from. Will you guys be doing an Elite anytime soon? A 1/6 Elite and Grunt would go along very nicely with all the various Spartans you guys have released.
A: We are doing the Elite and a quite a few more, we will announce some very cool HALO stuff soon!

Q: How many Dr. Doom variants are you planning for the upcoming sale?
A: Two, and while I'm here, Doc DOOM has turned out great, we are very close to the reveal, couldn’t be happier!

Q: Are any of the future sales releases mentioned on the blog in 1/12 scale or are they among unmentioned surprises?
A: If they were 6” we would have mentioned it , but yes 1/12th scale is getting some cool stuff very soon in the WWR world!

Q: Do you have any comments on where the Lasstralander is in the pipeline?   Or how about some nifty glider type craft that was shown with the 1/12 underverse pilots?
A: The Lasstralander isn't a simple craft and developing larger toys is super tough, do not want a lump of plastic for ol Lassy to ride, but a wonderful Lasstralander for her to cruise in style in! This GHG craft would be great, but I think they might be better in 1/6th...

Q: This is so random. But where do the figures go that get photographed for teasers? Do you have a single figure made for photographs and then it gets put into a case at the hatchery? Do you have an entire room filled with the firsts of every figure?
A: Actually they end up everywhere, my studio, the 3A office and the factory, depending on what's needed where. I have many though… it would be crazy to think one day they might be displayed in a cool toy museum etc, but hey a guy can dream!

Q: EDOs have become some of my favorite figures 3A has made to date. Are there plans for any more EDOs to be released? Perhaps a clear one ala Paschaborg?
A: New EDO’s on the way, the idea of a small period where all TK have vanished is too cool for me, I want to fill out the ranks!

Q: Any chance you will ever return the the board? Join us for a WWR sale and drop intel like back in the day? Or are you ever here but hidden to see what inhand reactions are by the Legion to figures once they have shipped?
A: I'm sure I will, I have a few accounts there.. you never know when will turn up! Many fond memories of the F5 bar and the forum!

Q: Is there any plan to do a Morbid Mission figure? He sounds pretty fun!
A: Of course, sour adventure yo!

Q: I am very intrigued about upcoming Heavy TK Slicer sale, will there be TKLUB and non-TKLUB variants or you can’t comment yet?
A: Both...

UPD: Things changed, please check this post at our blog.

Q: You mentioned Emperor TK in your last Q and A.  Please do tell us more.
A: He sits at the head of the table, the strongest and purest of the original lineage..

Q: Can you explain what is the underverse in Popbot? I'm thinking about Kozo and Nage and why only one of them has a mask.
A: Imagine the UNIVERSE is an ocean, well the top half of said ocean at least. This top half moves at a slow metered pace in one direction, the bottom half (The Underverse ) moves chaotically and has no rules of direction. Within these chaotic waters worlds and ideas travel and exist in directions that the top could not...

Q: Not so much a question, but a suggestion on making ThreeA a bit better, especially since changes were mentioned for 2015.  For 2015, it would great if ThreeA implemented a production timeline on the website.  After a figure is mentioned, it could be added to the "Schedule".  Simple wording could be updated as needed for each figure, which would help the customers understand where in the timeline the figure they want or ordered is.  Have a set list of things so we know how far along the item is:  Early Design, Final Design, On Sale, Order sent to Factory, In Production, In Paint, QC, Packaging, Shipping, etc.  Update items on an as warranted basis.  It would cut down a lot of wondering on our part, and probably help stop the same questions from being asked over and over.
A: Well next year is going to be very different the way we sell toys, and lots of these queries will not be needed on lots of toys, but for some yes, I can see where that would be beneficial and fully warranted. I guess in short next year will have strict times on pre order toys, with complete refund when missed, and a more transparent outlay of info on the status of pre orders. We fully realize the frustration that arises and have made large changes for the coming year to hopefully make it a better experience. Of course change isn't easy but we have to try!

Q: What should we look forward to from 3A at NYCC this year?
A: Well we are making a con exclusive for IDW to sell, and will have 3A peeps there to help out. The bummer is it's the same time as the TAI PEI Toy Fair and we committed last year to this event!

Q: Steel Age will be awesome for sure( going to be a comics with it as well ?), wanted to know what is you plan on this, will you go first with the holy trinity?
A: Well the story is very important with STEEL AGE, and I want to get some of the well loved out ASAP, but also the more obscure ones too! So far I'm most pleased with my Green Arrow, always been a fan of the Adams Green Arrow from way back in the day..

Q: I was wondering if we may get another release of that WO3A magazine we had a little while ago? I loved reading everything that was in it and had fun speculating with everyone on the teasers and stuff that were at the end.
A: Oh we are on it, but time is a fucker and lots of the work falls to Brent who is flat out on other 3A thingys. It will happen soon, I think Brent created a great mag, I want a second.. fuck I want a Magazine empire, if truth be told!

Q: Is there anymore information on the bothead that we’re supposed to be eligible for when we bought Peppermint Grove?
A: Will offer soon, you will dig it, if you like bot heads!

Q: With mainstay DC character figures on the horizon, I was wondering if you had an interest in tackling the Vertigo universe, as well (Sandman, Constantine, Lucifer, Preacher, Transmetropolitan, Swamp Thing, etc. . . )? For instance, 1/6 Constantine by 3A in your style would be incredible! any chance of that?
A: Well I dig all of them, and yea I would jump at a Constantine! I would make Vertigo figures all day long!

Q: Handsome Wu has 8 Mercs, will they all be wearing Panda gear?
A: Yea, all kinda different though...

Q: I really loved the classic little shadow look. I love the new ones too, but that mean look and CHUCKS were great! Will the new one be on with chucks or she’ll be on heels?
A: Both and both.. I like both, the long hair, the bob hair, the heels, the chucks!

Q: 2000AD isn’t on the tentative sales list, will it be retail release or are they among non-mentioned surprises?
A: Well as we have to work with Rebellion within their scope ( it's their baby ) we can't just slap it on. They are lined up to start this year!

Q: Was really surprised to see Archer TK in October, does it mean the beginning of end to TKs as we know them?
A: The Mortis want that!

Q: I am fairly new to 3A, is it a safe assumption that when we only have a date (September 1st for example) and time isn’t mentioned on the blog, that the sale will always start at 9:00AM HK time?
A: You are right, that is the traditional time 9-00am HK time for the start of most sales. I guess we assume that it's a known, our bad, we are not the most on it regarding the sales, but we try!

Q: With the recent reveal of the shipping boxes for Marquis/Sombre/Dead de Plume I was wondering if those sketches you talked about would still be inserted into random boxes.
A: Yes they are in there somewhere… I want them back!

Q: You mentioned that new skin for Lasstranaut slowed the whole process down, what was the biggest challenge with Evenfall Strigoi? I am always curious about production and manufacturing aspects, sort of like watching Discovery Channel – How it's made.
A: Well yes for Lass, for the Strigoi it's similar, the structure and skinning etc, the paint app as well, that dirty look ain't that easy. Plus we added little details like names on suits etc, every little change can hold stuff up. I'm very fond of how they turned out, I'm sure the few that ordered will dig them, will offer a new version one day as not many got these and it's a shame. One of our best!

Q: Do you ever have dreams about painting and wake up with the fully formed idea in your head?
A: I dream I paint well, then wake up…...

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Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Empty Re: Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood

Post by gimbat Mon Mar 23, 2015 10:09 am

Session #36 07.09.2014

Q: Could you please let us know a bit more about WBR transition to 3AGO scale? Does it mean that we might see huge WBR with 8" tall pilots one day?
A: They don’t have pilots, they are robots hence the name WBR!

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 02cR9W3t

Q: One question, regarding Square Cosplay figures. ..why not a jack-o-lantern style like a pumpkin? The face is there but the extra effort to true fans of Halloween would deff buy...I remember watching the original Halloween as a kid with the three masks...pre-michael meyers...that would be a murderous hallows drop!...a witch, skull and a pumpkin!
A: Pumpkins are cool!

Q: On Johan's card it mentions he is from the Sheba Hills Gang. I was wondering if you ever plan to release more of the characters from this gang and are they all as delightfully retro as Johan?
A: Ha, good ol Sheba’s Hill Gang, well your in luck, the bots that feature in the FUCKING FAMILY COUP/ ON THE RUN TOMMY story are from that linage!

Q: Can you divulge any information on future releases for WWR EVOL? Will there be more Deep Powder or winter style colorways for new bots? Itching for some new robots in 1/6th and 1/12th scales.
A: Well you will see soon, as the MK2 Bertie and Alberto will answer these questions, even the new BIRDCAGE SQUARE covers some of this. I don’t want to get too ahead of them with info, won’t be long though!

Q: Please do tell us more about BIRDCAGE, is it Square variant from EVOL square or Mk1 Square..? Any background story for the BIRDCAGE? And of course, any pic (or at least, sketch)?
A: Well its the latest all military square, not so cute, and last of the Rothchild Squares. Im very fond of it, has a  ton of personality I think. Working on the release now, stay tuned, I might even give some blurries a go , but even blurred its trait will be obvious!

Q: Was there ever an idea of producing a Snake from the Metal Gear Solid licenses?
A: Yup, well a Peacewalker/portable ops wood style one, still might to, do you guys want that?

Q: This been asked many times before, but I can't really help myself. Are there any updates on the WWR Weapons Pack?
A: Well I ask as much as you guys do, but no one see’s it the same as us, I want it, but when everyone is stretched and I say hey, weapons pack yo, all I get is bins thrown at me!

Q: Can you please deny or confirm the fear of a lot of people thinking 3AGO will grab attention of 1/12 or take it's place entirely in 3A lineup?
A: Denied, we have much 1/12th in the pipeline, like a special worldwide WWRp line in conduction with Goodsmile and Hobby Japan coming for the new year, new waves of String Divers and vehicles and working on the next AK Wave, I would say about the same as in the past, we base the releases on the response from you guys, if the demand is there we will release more!

Q: So Ash, my TK's need some practice with their sword skills.  Can we get a severed Bot Head set up on Bamba please? Maybe a couple different styles and sizes in one pack?  I think they would sell pretty well as I know my other 3A TK homies on the forum here would like to see this as well.
A: We will try, I think a vinyl downed robot could be killer, no just the head, the whole thing, can’t articulate but cool for TK posing!

Q: So excited about 12" tall severed bot head! What colorway will the bot head be? Which shape? Will they be wires coming out of it? (That would be awesome) I hope we will be able to pose it like on the sketch too!
A: Kinda like the drawing, but better, movable eye etc, I might vary the colours, as I never said  what it would be, I’m pretty sure any colorway will be great! These kinda sales are what 3A is about, you support and trust us, we will do our best in return!

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Pzu2yu8t

Q: When the next volume of Popbot is released, can we please have a hardcover collected edition with the previous three volumes also included? It’s hard to get copies of Popbot comics on Amazon at a reasonable price. Speaking about books, anything you can share about Adventure Kartel book? Was excited to see that on your Instagram!
A: It all the AK stuff up till now plus new in a really big book, I’m proud of it, all in one spot you can really see the AK world and how its growing! Instagram is good, as its pictures, thats all Im good at, so it works well for me!

Q: Just received my Graveyard Shift Bertie Mk2.5, what's the story behind BGP - are they a Gaistaz offshot or their own faction?
A: Graveyard are a ROTHCHILD experimental division off shoot, now gone rogue after Rothy’s moon ousting. They are kinda  crazy and have a huge hate for the NOM, they have taken it upon themselves to hunt them all down and hang their masks from trees!

Q: Is the Heavy Duty Loper a TK disguised as a Loper or an actual Loper disguised as a TK? Or am I confused?
A: Or was there ever a loper at all, not like the MORTIS said hey TK, we are making these grey TK looking chaps, are you fooled ? Make sense I hope! The image of theTK wiping his finger down his face implies under that exterior is skin, the marking is called an undersell by those in the know!

Q: Whats the plans for next OSM sets? Did the second T.H.U.G suit and Squares did better than the first one? Really love them and want to see more sets!
A: Well to be frank, nor much support it seems, no one has ever really said "Ash love those models", I do, want to make models of all my stuff, just seems you guys don’t want them Smile

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Eu0rtsStQ&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 5s73VsRt

Q: Destiny is out next week, when are we going to see the first figures from it in your collab with Bungie?
A: Soon as we can, we want to show you soon, but when you see the main characters in the game, well imagine us making it !

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 PHHV5ujt

Q: With Halloween less than a couple months away, will we get the opportunity to buy 1:12 versions of Charkin and Ghost Head/Milky Charkin? Can you please hint what is coming?
A: You guys want a milky 1/12th? Siu, lets make some!!! Well we are making a pre made thingy, and Il ltry and offer sumin else too, gotta love halloween!

Q: Speaking about future HALO releases, please do ODST or a UNSC Marine! Are they in your plans?
A: If you guys support the line, il make them, these guys are extremely expensive to make, and when we offer them all the money has been spent on dev on moles, so we have to be cautious etc. I personally want a ODST!

Q: Please give us Lore figures! Kachinas, Willow Box, Mercenaries, and especially a Lantern Jack! What do we have to do, to make that happen?
A: Best Question, I guess why aren’t we, eel we are working on a few, guess I need help!..gah or time will end before I get around to stuff…

Q: Is it going to be a weathered version of the upcoming 10" Little Shadow? I'm looking forward for her since you first told about her. My favorite 3A character!
A: Yes, all the old and new! Was looking at the Beijing mega set, the saturday set thingy today, wanna do that again!

Q: After seeing Driven Snow, I been thinking, what are the chances to see whiteout Fighting Jesus or Tommie?
A: JC can never be that clean, but he would look super like that FAKE CLEAN JC, Tommy is too EMO to wear white, but there others with the whitey virus… Its funny I kinda went ahead and made a small run as I wanted one, now there seems much interest in it, you can never tell what people are gonna dig!

Q: Will EMGY Bertie MK2 or HKV exclusives like Hatchery Guard colorways be available in the upcoming Bertie sale? Will the Berties be equipped with handguns or gatling guns?
A: Both guns, and as many colorways as I can get away with!
Q: Does Rothchild listen to music when he watches his children kill through the monitors? Any heavy electronic stuff like dub-step?
A: He listens, the world talks.

Q: Is there any update on your possible involvement with Iron Giant? It would be cool to put a Deep-Powder color way on him in reference to the end of the movie.
A: Well we tried, and were told its all taken, as in the licenses, bummer but there you go!

Q: Can't wait for Worlds Best Robots release here, can you please share any estimates on Mars price?
A: Under 250, I want it under 240, 230 would deb best, thats a lotta bot for 230, right fellas!

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 C4YKItot

Q: That Cosplay Miyu shown on the blog this week, is that from SDCC'14 Bamba release? And is there a chance to see more girls like that? Maybe Cosplay and Beer Girls combo if that makes sense?
A: I have a ton of Pascha girls to photograph, ill post some soon, and yes thats the Choco Orange Square!

Q: When we might see EVENFALL 1/6 T.H.U.G robot? Really loving the design and want more EVENFALL period.
A: Good stuff, well I had a epiphany for that, I kept playing with pilots in different way and nothing worked with me 100%, and then I was just looking at it with its proportions and thought its a robot, Ash, stop pretending it isn’t.. So yea well its ready to go now. Its actually helped round out the story and world too, sometimes you try and keep stuff out, and it eventually you see its needed.

Q: What are you listening to lately? Any gems you stumbled upon?
A: Well Im enjoying Merchandised latest offering released via 4AD, Childhood is a good listen check their album Lacuna. Also French Films fills the void!

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Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Empty Re: Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood

Post by gimbat Mon Mar 23, 2015 10:10 am

Session #37 14.09.2014

Q: Can you please share a bit more about 6th Anniversary TKs? Is there one of each for Bambalandstore, TTF and Guangzhou? I guess red t-shirt one (Mae No Ni) is for Bambalandstore, green t-shirt (Tsuitachi No Ato) for Guangzhou and black t-shirt (Tsuitachi Ni Ushinawa) for TTF? How did you come up with these names and do they have any specific roles or tasks? Thanks!
A: Pre Made for Guangzhou, Taipei and Bamba, I came up with them in English then translated, they are the direct lineage of the original release TK’s, all are missing in the Underverse, these 3 are on the hunt for them!

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 RICg3M1t

Q: Will we see NYCC’14 EMGY EVOL Square at Bambalandstore as well or that’s strictly IDW exclusive?
A: Strictly IDW, more 4Square soon though!

Q: You mentioned that your decision to make T.H.U.G as a robot,  helped round up EVENFALL story. Can you please share some more about EVENFALL and how T.H.U.G robot is controlled? Is there a command center with pilots somewhere or robot comes with it's own AI?
A: Actually they kinda function like a modern jet, the main bot is autonomous but there is a control team that is seeing what it see's, etc, and can augment the decision making processes of the T.H.U.G.y, etc. Imagine if you will, the T.H.U.G. is deep underground in a crypt type environment, above in an OP’s base the handlers watch monitors etc, looking for movement, or sublet shifts that the A.I. couldn’t catch. 

Q: Will see Team Fortress 2 Ghost this Halloween or it will be 1/12th Ghost/Milky Charkin, or perhaps we will see few Halloween releases?
A: Well we are looking to make the ghost available for Halloween in a pre made fashion, and some other other surprises...

Q: Is there any progress on the Modern Girls line, which yo can share?
A: Too busy on other stuff, I think most of out female’s represent Modern Girls anyway, just have to release some vehicles!

Q: Now that there are 10” female bodies being made, are you any further along with the “chunkier" bodies that were once mentioned?
A: We have them, just never really found a character that fits, Ms Shadow was originally the chunky, have the samples somewhere, just didn’t suit… Have a few ideas for the body, a female Zomb hunter etc.

Q: When we might see T.H.U.G offered for pre-order and do you have your mind set on third release from EVENFALL? Really curious what it might be!
A: We have a new Strigoi/SWAT Totem thingy, an infected TOTEM SWAT basically, different version of Strigoi, the T.H.U.G. should be close to end of year, I'm very fond of it, looks good with most figures big or small, always a win!

Q: Are SGR JC still have another variant? Maybe something kinda like Tracky JC or Blood Splattered JC, or any unseen JC, maybe 2-pack JC with Zomb? Evil still too many and there's not enough JCs in AK universe to kicked out evil's ass!
A: A new JC, well I think REVELATION JC is soon… can’t have enough JC’s. Need an ESCAPE FROM NEW ALEXANDRIA JC too..

Q: In WWR universe, are there any factions who didn't belong to Rothchild, Terran, or Martian & Martian sympathizers? I mean any factions like a pirate, they move around and don't care about War, just care about themselves, stealing and raiding other factions…?
A: Well yea, but they use other machines, a company called CHERRY & PHILIP makes bots for groups without connections to large forces, C&P bots take cues from Rothchild design,  especially now Rothy is outta the mass production game! Naturally Rothy hates these guys!

Q: The TK Hunter drop is approaching in a few months, according to the tentative schedule, have there been any tweaks to the design of the Hunter since last we’ve seen prototype photos?
A: I tweak till the end, but it's essentially the same design, finalized the main design a while back, the engineering is what takes the time! Cant wait to show them!

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 KQC48b1t

Q: You mentioned in a previous Q&A that TK weaponry is made by TK forgers, as I remember. Is there a class to these swordsmiths, or is it safe to assume that they are all absolute masters of their craft in the utmost? Which leads to the question; is there a legendary Master TK Swordsmith, or particularly famous (named) swords among TK and their enthusiasts? Like a TK Masamune?
A: Of course, each weapon the TK use is made by a weapons master, though their names are not common knowledge and their origins and whereabouts are clouded in myth and lies! The TK primarily use blade weapons against big ass metal robots, if those swords were not bordering on the mystic they wouldn’t survive long!

Q: As we know, most TK/TQs don’t have long lifespans; what TK/TQ has reached the oldest age, and how old was he or she when they died?
A: Some are chosen to live longer as their knowledge and guidance is commanded by the Whisper, the TK and their lives is still an unknown, most info on them is  conjecture and speculation. Their story is indeed a complicated path...

Q: Will we see members of the Doom Patrol in Steel Age?
A: Well I would love to..

Q: What colorways will be available for the 1.5 Dropcloths in December? I know there’s a good chance stalwarts will be represented (Iron Panda, JEA, Medic, Desert, etc.), but I’m personally hoping that there will be an UNCLE5 available to go with the MK1 Grin?
A: The classics and new, as it should be!

Q: Who is girl Neptune and why there is one with green skin? Maybe some sort of virus or she is an alien?
A: Well she can change her skin, she is one of the SEVEN, which Lady Sham and Neptune can do just about anything...

Q: With the variety of weapons at a TK’s disposal, how do they decide which weapon suits them?
A: The weapons talks to them, they just know where and who to be!

Q: Earlier in the year, you had mentioned several AK releases (The Spank, Mort, Big Shadow, Tommy on the Run, F-Legion).  With the year winding down, are there several AK releases scheduled?  I know you want some surprises, just particularly curious about The Spank.
A: On The Run Tommy, Little Shadow and Cock Wobbler are close, the White Panda is ex F-Legion and he ships soon!

Q: Any chance we will get to see the first Transformer pre-order in early 2014?
A: That's the plan, but as we have to go through the process of working with other companies things do change.

Q: Can you share some ideas and concepts you are playing with for Batman and / or Steel Age in general? Also, any chance you can make a regular Batman figure based on your past artwork?
A: Each toy release will expand on the story, I'm really only interested in doing Steel Age design, so many regular Batman out there it would seem a little redundant etc.

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 BVTxu2xt

Q: With MARS and company up for preorder next week, when can we expect news the next WBR release and what it might be?
A: Well it could be the SQUIDICORN or a smaller bot, plus there is William Best the owner of WBR. The WB in WB originally stood for William Best, but then he thought, fuck it, they are the best in the world, it just kinda works due to the initials to call them… World's Best Robots.

Q: Do Tomorrow Kings still hold a sponsorship from Carnaby and Co.? Are TK with graphic tees a thing of the past?
A: And the future, they love their shirts, but there are many variants from today and tomorrow, remember the TK fight in the past, today and tomorrow, shirt companies come and go….

Q: Is it possible, that we will see Popbot 7Bones stand alone comic book release? Also is YOSHITSUNE of the 7BONES will be lined on TK Classics?
A: Well the 7Bones story is critical to the main Popbot story, it will be in there, one day, and yes the packaging for all 7bones follows the same line!  Seven lives for half a breath, that's all it took to change the future… or so they say!

Q: Is there a chance we see a threeA Astro Boy at some point? I'm a big fan of your 2-D takes on the character, and though It seems that you may be a bit bogged down in requests for licensed figures, I thought that I would ask. I'd give my left nut for a 1/6 3a Mighty Atom.
A: Well I might make an ASHTRO, that's the one I paint Smile

Q: You mentioned in the previous Q&A, that  you would like to do Metal Gear Solid figures as well. Would you base them on original game art or the comic you made? Or will you be given a choice to redesign them completely?
A: Based on my art from the work I did for the series.

Q: MARS! Loving the design and debating getting one, the price range is amazing its just the size. No idea where I'd fit him. Would there ever be a possibility of the big bots being done in a smaller 6 or 8 or 10 inch size? I guess the same could be asked of things like Zaku, Real Steal, Iron Man etc? Would really dig a smaller Zaku or will we ever see Zaku in its iconic green, or that's a done book and you don't want to return there?
A: Well some WBR will be small as it's the 8” line, some big, actually MARS is the biggest, you ask where, I say in the living room on the floor, shit's like furniture, hoist the flag high, just present! Thanks for recognizing that price is amazing, basically I’m giving it away as that will just cover costs if it does well, but fuck, c'mon who wouldn’t take a chance to make a big ass robot if they could… why I do 3A...

Q: I recently got Sea Monkey and absolutely love it, any plans for more stuff like this with Kenny? Or even just an alternate colorway?
A: Door is always open for Kenny, I want a 1/6th Seamonkey, love ya Kenny!

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Flg0kFit

Q: You mentioned on Instagram “Yama’s Last Stand". Could you please let us know a bit more about it? Would he look the same as the OG?
A: Well it's Yama, but shit ain't gone so well over the years for him. Plus he sports a big ass gun now, too many targets for one sword! Has the beard and shit!

Q: Not really a question, more of a request. Would love to see your take on the current incarnation of the Guardians of the Galaxy! Would that interest you at all?
A: Only the Raccoon , as I liked the ltd series as a kid, well liked the Mignola covers… I'm still waiting for HOT TOYS to send me a Raccoon figure….. waiting……waiting.

Q: Got JEA MIM set on hand, looks great indeed, when we expect to see other big sets, like IRON PANDA at Bambalandstore?
A: Soon as the samples are made, I know it sounds old, but we are so few trying to make so much, the production line for samples is long!

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 SlTjcYgt

Q: Are there any more Ronin TKs that you have not introduced to us yet?  Can you give us a name?  Are there any Ronin TQs as well?
A: Well there is an army of Ronin TK’s they are Ronin as they didn’t like who their master was, they are from the edge of time, they are not just shit heels on the take, but saw the unseeable and went fuck, we need to scamper.. that's the technical term the TK use…scamper… it all ties into the last TK story. I would love to make the Last TK comic, grrr nash grrr

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Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Empty Re: Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood

Post by gimbat Mon Mar 23, 2015 10:10 am

Session #38 21.09.2014

Q: Any news you can share with about unnamed 24’’ line of figures, which debuted at NYTF? I’m especially looking forward to a TK!
A: Working on them all, lots to figure out on these as you can imagine!

Q: Anything you can share regarding new YAMA/NAGA TK? Are they gonna be TKLUB members? 
A: They will be!

Q: The price for MARS is astonishingly low, is there a chance that TK Hunter will be in the same range due to similar size? Or not because of part count and complexity?
A: Completely different, the TK Hunter is a much more complicated undertaking. MARS was an experiment, it didn’t seem that the price made much difference, sales were no better than expected due to the basically break even price.

Q: Which sale are/were you looking forward the most this year?
A: Mmm Birdcage, Doom, the Pascha cosplay are super fun and have a great sexy edge, Alberto… actually sounds trite but I look forward to them all!

Q: What city would you most like to visit that you have not yet had an opportunity?
A: Vienna..

Q: Since WWR Harolds fully shipped a good while ago, is there a chance for more colorways?
A: We shall see, one of the best I think, and no doubt the dearest of all the WWR bots out there!

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 EZGUeObt

Q: How can WWR EVOL Roth/battlechild be effective or any help or a threat on the battlefield with no prior military experience or training? Seemed like per the art for the set he is on the front lines. Is that cuz he is being protected by his bots to the point where its near impossible to kill him? Does he stay in Columbia with the WF during EVOL?
A: When someone is trying to kill you, you learn quickly to fight back. Rothy ain't no fool either, he wouldn’t stand out in front taking the first bullets. I would imagine that shot would be an edit or a larger image showing the main battle some distance away. He doesn’t stay in Columbia, that is where he ponders his future and learns to be a leader, not an industrialist!

Q: Are we going to see Adventure Kartel classics in 3AGO scale anytime soon?
A: Over time, 3AGO is meant to represent a giant sandpit of fun, with all stories mixing and playing together from all my worlds and select IP that I love. If all goes well it should be an exciting time for 3AGO over the coming year!

Q: You mentioned that you will create WBR comic. Is there a plan for a mini-comic included with the figs and are we going to see William Best himself in 3AGO or 1/6th scale?
A: Whenever I have time and the reasoning to do them they will be there, I'll always make comics when possible. But I’m sure you understand when a toy just sells in the 200’s it's not possible to make a comic for it, the printing and time needed just to make it isn’t feasible. Best case, every toy has a comic, I mean that, nothing would make me happier, but to get that many comics made, keeping the quality bar high requires much work and many more people than I have access to…shame it is…William Best is 8”, part of the 3AGO line.

Q: What are the differences between MARS, ROMULUS and REMUS? Beyond the obvious colorway differences do they each have a specific purpose or personality?
A: Well MARS is the lead WBR robot, the most famous and recognized of William Best’s robots, Remus and Romulus are the back up, when multiple threats around the globe arise at the same time, they all go out and take care of shit. There are others too, unseen as of yet!

Q: I remember you mentioning an interest to do a NOM pilot. Is that still on the table? Sounds cool!
A: There are many NOM, I would like an example of them all, the Astro NOM is before the pilot.

Q: 1/12 is an excellent scale for me. We have Queeny...when will we see more AP Seven Bones? How about Ronin TK Sun? I think many of us are looking forward to them. Thanks!
A: I love the scale but as I have said before there doesn’t seem to be much support for it, we have supported the line over the years, the upcoming AK retailer box is evidence of this, it's really nice, great detailed toys with great packaging! We shall continue to offer this scale until we can’t, but I'm a huge fan of it, as it was my passion for the scale that got it started in the first place!

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 3TNO5RKt

Q: Will Dark Deeds be released on any other 'bots? I’d love the see a Dark Deeds Caesar in 1/12.
A: Yup, Mighty Square this month, then a Dropcloth in 1/6th.

Q: Will there be a case for the new iPhones coming? I always wanted to have 3A one and speaking about iPhones, will you be going for 6 or 6+?
A: Got a 6+, love it, I’m a big guy so it feels just right, the normal iPhone always felt too small to me. Cases would be cool, I guess we could, but I would need some with that design skill to lead it up, I’m more painter guy than case engineer!

Q: Will we see female NOM operatives or Grunts in WWR EVOL?
A: There are female NOM, basically they are the secret police of NOM, even the best NOM operatives fear them. Regardless of your dedication they will find a crack. Best to stay clear of them on either side of the conflict. Eir, Var and Gna.

Q: I like the EMGY colorway for EVOL Square. What’s MLTA means (rather than usual EMGY/TRG) and I hope to see more EMGY colorways for WWR EVOL! 
A: MLTA stands for Militia, the EMGY has been disbanded post EVOL due to causing more trouble than fixing, the newly formed MLTA is a group for hire, basically you need a militia call us at 1 800 MLTA.

Q: There are few retail figures this year, which I would love to get but I don’t know who is going to carry them. Maybe you could announce retailers list on the blog or have some sort of retailers section introduced or I could contact CS to find retailers in my area?  
A: Well the major guys carry them (ha, bet that helped a lot). Diamond distribute to many specialty stores as well, but yea, we should have a retailer list on the website! I’ll see if this can be done, Gregory ? ? ??

Q: Will Peppermint Grove come in a 1/12 scale, maybe with another wave of boxed Action Portable figs?
A: I would say the next wave - if the first wave is a success, the retailer counter box itself is a awesome, stuffed with the figs, a great sight!

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 FiYQzwXt

Q: How many Cosplay Paschas will be there? Loving all three shown so far! Will there be some Cosplay love for Bambaland as well?
A: 7

Q: Do you or your sons like Fallout game and how about making some figures from that game? Would love to see something like that!
A: They love it, if the Fallout people drop me a line we can talk!

Q: I was really looking forward to check out the Adventure Kartel book and The Beautiful War comic. I was wondering if there is any written in stone dates for them? I checked the IDW website, but there is no news.
A: AK should be in stores any time, there are copies floating around, I'm not privy to the exact dates, but anytime soon! BTW I held back so the gaps between issues wouldn’t be top crazy, just crazy!

Q: Once you mentioned CHERRY & PHILIP in last Q&A, I can’t wait to see some bots! Do they make unique bots or perhaps they replicate Rothchild’s ones?
A: They use classic Roth design troupes plus their new ideas to sell their gear, the CA001 “BIRDCAGE” is the first C&P release as mentioned, you will go, ahhh I see, but with a big difference.  Well from past iterations!

Q: I know that you love articulated figures, but would you be interested in doing some statues in smaller scale (1:4 kitty, maybe?) and not in 1:1 (as it’s expensive and so hard to get them)?
A: Well the 1:1 Eddy I’m making is vinyl so the cost will lower! We are working on a range of statues as we enjoyed making the Destiny Gift statue so much!

Q: You made a 1:1 Zombs and other Adventure Kartel characters heads for display at ACG event in October, 2013…would you be interested in making 1:1 Rothchild or de Plume heads runs for Bambalandstore? Basically any 1:1 heads at Bamba would be a win! 
A: Always trying to get right, I as of yet have felt I want to offer them, I want a combo of price and quality!

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 QGkSP5Pt

Q: In the Popbot Universe there is vast room and story to create a MMORPG with TK's being one faction, TQ's another vs Robots. The Combinations for players to build their TK Character would be endless. Have you considered this?
A: Everyday, just need a good game studio to step up, over the years I have been offered the opportunity for a TK game but the deal wasn’t right, or they wanted to change them, etc. The world is there, just need a helping hand!

Q: Really glad that you are making Marvel Comics toys, will you be making toys of these character: Dr Strange; Moon Knight; Ghost Rider ( Johnny Blaze ); Iron Fist; Machine Man ( Jack Kirby version ); The Invaders; Dare Devil? 
A: Machine Man Kirby style would be epic, cmon, who wouldn’t want that! Iron Fist is on the list! I have thought on Ghost Rider too...

Q: Hey Ash, have you ever considered doing a 3A version of the Classic Gundam Mech? I reckon that would be a huge seller for 3A, and personally I’d love to see/buy the funked up Ash Wood version!
A: Nothing is ever a huge seller, I would do a Gundam Mech, I’Il wait to be asked!

Q: Do you have plans for the new Bambaboss? Maybe for next 3A Anniversary, love Bambaboss and really curious how it’s going to look?
A: Well I have a new vinyl Bamba that we will hopefully offer…. been in sculpt mode for over a year…

Q: For me 2014 will be highlighted in 3A history, as the year of Isobelle Pascha and new lines and reinvented ones (adore WWR EVOL concept). What’s your vision for the next year and how you would like it to be remembered?
A: Well that would be telling, I think EVENFALL will gain traction next year, but we have tried to step out of our box for the coming years, to augment our classic stuff, I want to challenge and entertain with 3A, Pascha is a good example of 3A taking chances, but it also shows that our supporters are adventurous and willing to enjoy stuff out of the norm. I think we made the best female doll bar none of the last 12 months from SWANK to Pascha, we have plans to amp it up and push further! You know that ol' chestnut, you're only as good as your audience, well 3A has a great, diverse, intelligent audience so i think we are doing good and 2015 looks to be a great year, stuff will change, some will stay the same, but all the time pushing and striving to be better!

Q: There are couple of sales for this month in Tentative list…I wonder who are going to be next? HALO, Cowgirl, 10” Shadow, Dr. Doom or maybe Mighty Squares? 
A: I have that list somewhere, better find as time creeps up… Cowgirl I think, that's a cool Pascha right there! Doom is close too, just waiting for the powers that be to approve everything… Doom is cool, can’t wait to show how he turned out!

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Session #39 21.09.2014

Q: I remember reading about more than 20 colorways for Mighty Squares, do you plan to offer them all at once on September 28th or pushing the sale date to October? Would love to have some time to come up with funds, if possible.
A: The process requires that we do it at once, as it's more difficult to revisit over the months as we need to set up the hatchery to facilitate each project. We shall leave the Mightys up long as we can though, to help out etc!

Q: Is there any chance of a test figure being made to gauge interest on the metal gear toys?  It looks like support for the Metal Gears themselves was fairly strong, so I figure it might be worth a shot. I just got finished watching the graphic novel you did for MGS1, as well as PeaceWalker, and I'd love to see Ash styled renditions of Snake, Grey Fox, Meryl, Big Boss, and the full crew! 
A: Well we can’t do a test, it's in or out, the license and path to make them is compacted and really expensive. We don't want to fuck around, do it or do not! Might have some news soon on the MGS front!

Q: Any chance you could mention what Dr. Doom colorways we are going to see offered shortly?
A: Well there is Doc Doom and the ubiquitous Stealth Version, we should have the images and info next week!

Q: I noticed that the Juicy Racer Set had a previously unannounced chase color (white hair Miyu) inserted in it. I love chases and was wondering if any other upcoming sales/releases may have some chase versions ?
A: Well we like it too, but most times we get complaints, as we do throw in some chase/ rates etc. With our new selling system in the new year this will be easier and the scope for more oblique tracks possible!

Q: Are there any news you can share about “Reservoir Dogs” and when we might see the teasers?
A: Robots in suits, and colorful names!

Q: I read that Zombies vs. Robots line is in the works, is it possible to give us an update? Fingers still crossed for a new 1/6 Warbot!
A: Well I have the 1/6th Bertie coming, and I have a two eye’d head, so maybe just maybe throw that starfish on him this time !

Q: Just pre-ordered MARS - you mentioned William Best and Squidicorn next in the lineup.  Those (tentatively) slated for 2014 pre-orders? Can't wait to see Squidicorn!
A: Best soon, Squidicorn later, big toy!

Q: Now that we have a little more information on the three main WBR can you tell us a bit about the Ghost of Guangzhou and Blue Ghost? How do they fit into the world of WBR?
A: The Ghost was purchased by the city of GUANGZHOU to defend it against the terror of the SQUIDICORN which attacks on a regular basis, only to be bitch slapped by the Ghost of Guangzhou!

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 XmGsdV9t

Q: Any chance of seeing some Destiny figures in 2014?  With the game out now, I can't wait to see these guys. Do you plan on making vehicles with this line? Some of the speeder bikes and alien tanks look amazing!
A: We are aiming to offer the first TITAN before Xmas!

Q: I would love to know more about Mega Zomb! How big is he, are there a lot of them and what is Mega Zomb’s weakness?
A: Well he is really big and zombi-ish, it is kinda epic and silly, can’t wait to show him off! Mega Zombs weakness is the amount of energy needed to be, well mega! One of our proto’s was 15” tall,  that kinda height is the aim… shouldn’t be long now!

Q: Did you ever think about Paratrooper Grunt for WWR? Maybe a H.A.L.O paratrooper. That would be so cool!
A: Did A HALO jumper TK once, should finish and release. Need to just release more soldiers full stop!

Q: What's the deal with Devilbots? Where do they fall in the hierarchy of Mortis forces? There was one named Schattenform mentioned in Popbot. Was he a particularly famous Devilbot, and if so, why?
A: It's a big ass Dark bot ol' Schatten, only famous as a he existed before and after, that's a key position in the PB universe, before and after!. There are many robots at the disposal of the Mortis, they don’t like to actually sully themselves fighting etc. Devil bots are mid range at best!
Q: Mortis figures were mentioned as a possibility this year, but I assume that with so much on 3a's plate, that they may be pushed into 2015. Did the re-tooling of Lass' skin complicate the prototyping of the Mortis? In essence, how much closer are we to seeing some Supermenses?
A: Just manpower and time, we have little of each. The Lass tooling didn’t hold anything up except the Lass, the Mortis is different, as mentioned Lass is only half skinned, legs and groin, the Mortis will have to be full skinned, which now we know we can do. I can’t stress enough how small the team is making all of the toys, hopefully gods willing we shall make all the toys we dream of!
Q: Is there a character from any one of your illustrations/paintings/books that you just can't ever see working as a 3A figure? Have you ruled any characters out completely?
A: Nothing, I want to make them all, but I think time is the complexity I face!

Q: Are Tomorrow Kings motivated to kill because they hate the Mortis, because they love mankind, or are their motives not directed by anything other than blind duty? Are they capable of feeling love, even among their own ranks (does a TK feel sorrow when another TK dies)?
A: Where is everyone else ( other fighters, soldiers, why do they carry the burden of defending humans? They feel they should feel, yet can’t… the TK isn’t a simple linear beast, their story has not even started yet!

Q: It’s so upsetting that I haven’t seen anyone sharing Marquis de Plume sketches yet. Curious to know how many were there and how big were my chances to score one in Dead de Plume box?
A: Upsetting you didn’t get one, I don’t get it? Shouldn’t be upset! The % of sketches to ordered was minute, I am guessing people don’t like to share or they have not opened their boxes yet to see..OPEN THEM!! The chance was always small, never implied otherwise, just an aside to make it more fun! Eventually all the sketches turn up, I know last time it took forever, but eventually we get the pics of the happy owners and drawing!

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 DzFJInCt

Q: Just got Marquis with prey box, great set thank you! Can you give any more intel on Marquis? Is he able to track down and kill fallen plume Barguest? What about Kuan? Seems like Marquis is getting more gas than the average plume, based on the dual tanks on his back....  is that true? Does that give him more abilities?
A: The double tank denote a different make up of veil parting gases, they have many varied mixes depending on their path! Marquis are strong and talented bunch, but as evolution has shown there is always bigger and stronger, on both sides of the path. The NOM story is great fun for me, I will be introducing some new players soon, Fallen and the Callen!

Q: Why are pistols the adopted standard weapon for all NOM and nothing else. Do they prefer a close and personal combat style? Doesn't seem like the NOM rely on firepower.
A: Firepower isn’t the way on the NOM, though they don’t avoid it either, they rely on their smarts and cunning mostly!

Q: Any news about the orange space suit Tomorrow King (Bambalandstore Kozo variant)? What is his name? What’s the story behind him, KOZO and LONELY STAR WARRIOR TK? Can't wait to see more photo and have information about these guys!
A: We are pre-making the orange KOZO, on sale this year. Lonely TK too!

Q: I'm a huge WWR fanatic (WF for life yo!) There is so much to like about WWR, you and TP have fleshed out the world so much that its never boring. Some days I am all about NOM and the power of the supreme other days I am all about Rothchild and his metal children or the life of soldiers fighting along side robots etc. WWR will always be at the top for me I think because its so rich with intel but I am also really liking what we have seen of EVENFALL and WBR so far! Do you plan on fleshing out those worlds/stories as much as you have with WWR?
A: I think the only way to offer you guys a good experience is to flesh out these worlds, I am working with IDW and some super talented comic folks to do this, as much as I want to do it all, it would be a disservice to you guys and me to hold back the stories trying to do it all etc! More news soon!

Q: Hello, thank you for making Marvel series toys that I'm very interested in. Will we see the big boss Magneto in 3A Marvel line?
A: If the support continues I want to touch upon all the major characters, and Maggy is just that!

Q: Any chance of seeing another Gatling Bramble in 1/6? Lots of people have got into WWR since the Deep Powder was released, and they are crazy money, the molds are there, so production shouldn't be too bad. Personally I’d like to see Winter Defence, one of the greatest paintjobs ever or the MERCS as they were done in portable.
A: We are doing just that, we started making a HK LION ROCK 1/6th  Bramble with some tweak, but essentially it's the classic Bramble, slight different arms as I always thought they were too skinny!

Q: I am interested to know more about Wonka/Wanka Squares! How many variants are there in total and anything you can share about them?
A: 3 versions in the wild, plus prototype flavors. Actually you guys got the 3rd version, my youngest is in possession of all the previous versions. We might do more as one offs and show exclusives etc. I love them, Brent did a great job on the wrapper, I like my Square designs, probably not everyones thing, but I rate them a high point in Square stuff… I want a Mighty Wanka now!

Q: Does every EDO have different capabilities based on color? Are EDO sentient robots, do they have separate personalities?
A: They are aware, aware of their job, think of them as a prototype TK, each color does indeed indicate a different skill. Prototypes from the past, for the future!

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 To2Ng2at

Q: How did the supreme become the supreme? Was she a normal woman at some point or has she always been the supreme?
A: Well in the NOM world all women are supreme, as they represent a good balance, to become the supreme is based on genetic lineage and training, the first NOM mother was known to have existed in the 19th century, their path and mission is long and steeped in history!

Q: Who would win… Mars or Godzilla? Would you enjoy the opportunity to design your own ver of Godzilla? Or MechaGodzilla?
A: Mars would give Godzilla a bitch slapping, then blow his head of with the ol' love missile!

Q: You mentioned a strong tie in with magic and the Adventure Kartel universe. Was magic always there or did someone unleash it on the world. Considering Tommy's mom is a witch and him and the shadow family have definite ties to the supernatural. Could they be somehow involved ?
A: Not magic, the occult if you will, metaphysics etc is the backbone of the AK universe, much based on ancient lore, Egyptian being a pillar of it, mixed with classic 19th/20th century English mysticism!

Q: You know with the recent Cowgirl/Cowbot sale, it would be cool if you could release a Zombie Minotaur type figure...You know a Cow/Bull-man type figure...Do you think you would be interested in making that type of figure?.. And speaking of Cowbot, is there anything you can share about him and his looks?
A: Funny, TP said the same thing about a bull headed character, as in COW BOT etc.. so with that kinda blessing you never know! COWBOT is a classic Ash Wood robot rustler, and cutter offerer of feet, he will make you happy to have scored one!

Q:  Can we please have some intel on the current whereabouts and status of the Martians in WWR? What are their plans? Will they go on the offensive? How has NOM effected their plans? And will the reds do anything about NOM?
A: They are waiting with the other characters that have to wait, as only one guys works on all of it, don’t hate that guy he is trying!

Q: Moveable hands really add to the expressiveness of figures like Junglevet in 1:6 but do you have any thoughts on 1:12 articulated human-size hands? The 1:12 Dropcloth hands were an engineering marvel but very fragile so maybe just jointed at the knuckles so that the whole fingers move?
A: We decided to stick with molded as the articulated just caused too many headaches for us and you guys, the best way to offer multiple hands per figure when needed!

Q: I've always gotten the sense that growing up with toy lines like Action Man/G.I .Joe, Mego, Big Jim, and Action Jackson are a big inspiration for what you do with threeA. One of the really cool things about those lines were the accessory sets... Like they knew you already had the figures, but that you might want to just swap out the gear for a scuba diver or arctic explorer, etc. Is this something you've ever considered? Maybe cheaper blister-card packs with just the gear (clothes, helmet, weapons, accessories) would be another occasional way to extend the threeA worlds.
A: Yup and yup, but I guess this stuff is always on the back burner as we struggle to find time to work on all the main toys etc. I am always hoping to found that person to help with this stuff.. waiting waiting

Q: Like a fool I didn’t act fast enough and sadly do not have MARS on pre-order.. want one really bad now. Any idea of what the new colorway version will be? Any chance for a second version of MARS? Battle damaged maybe? Heavier weathering or one thats tied to a specific WBR storyline you may have in mind? Or a 2pack with William Best?
A: Don’t worry I will offer more down the line, different colors and tweaking! Don’t forget you can get Remus from your fav retailer, quite the stunner in person!

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Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Empty Re: Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood

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Session #40 12.10.2014

Q: Did I notice 3AGO Squares on display at CICF? Or these were regular 1/6th scale ones?
A: No 3AGO Squares shown yet!

Q: What are your plans to release the Valve Companion Mighty Square, will it be offered at Bambalandstore?
A: Actually I made it for my boys, and some Valve peeps, just a fun thing!

Q: Doctor Doom looks amazing! When we might see full reveal and lots of photos on the blog / LOOKBOOK?
A: We should be offering Doom very soon, so expect a Lookbook and other stuffs very soon!

Q: Since Bromwich is one of my favorite color ways I was wondering if you could tell me. You mentioned that a lot of factions had been revamped or changed in WWR Evol, did Bromwich crew go through a change and if they did, what is different ?
A: Bromwich stay pretty much the same in concept, part of the NUK in the WWR story, not a faction, but part of the greater NUK army ( NUK stands for NEW UNITED KINGDOM ).

Q: Seeing that Merde is ex-army, can you tell us what type of soldier he was (infantry etc.)? Maybe the next issue we can have a flashback storyline to cover his origins in the army and Dead Astros origin as well please? They’re my personal favorites.
A: Merde was a Major, classic adventure soldier, fighting in obscure skirmishes in the Himalayas against Nazi Yeti, to hunting war ghost criminals throughout Africa etc etc! Dead Astro origin and story will be told, that skull looks like another character of mine though….

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 RoKdCait

Q: Will Cowbot use F-legion head?
A: Nope, new head.

Q: Can you please share any intel on new Popbot? Is it going to be bigger than previous one and when it might be available?
A: Same size / similar to the last, it's more bulky, more in line with later versions, ready when it is!

Q: Any chance we'll be seeing any more Tomorrow Kings in the 1/12 scale? Whether it's some of the upcoming releases or 1/12 versions of existing characters, either would be extremely awesome. Some of us, while in awe of the 1/6, can only logistically support the 1/12, and there are ample supporters invested in the line. Spread the 7Bones love! But don't spread yourself too thin in the process. Cheers, thanks again!
A: I think at retail, as this gives us more scope for the support and a further reach that Bamba doesn’t give us with this size. I think a 7B set would be kinda epic!

Q: What's the latest on Spawn? Has Todd given his blessing for the first couple of figures and what are they?
A: Spawn will just pop up when you least expect it, that's Spawn's style!

Q: A while back, you mentioned a vampire character in AK. Are there still plans for one? What about Werewolves and ZOMBENSTEIN©?
A: The AK world has it all, vampires are there, if Tommy had fangs he would be a good vampire etc… vampire is a large umbrella term.. Were creatures are cool as fuck, but the wolf is kinda tired, maybe a werecat or werefox… As Tommy, Shadow, Johan and Livingston C-gull traverse the greater AK world while running from the Dead Astro you will see different shit!

Q: About Pudding Boss, what's the story behind him? Are another "pudding" exist in some of your project now? Pudding Square maybe?
A: Pudding Boss has a custard like secretion over his head, to which a passer by remarked , damn that shit make you look like a Pudding!

Q: Can you tell us more about the new Ninja Tomorrow Queens, which debuted at CICF? Will they be part of the upcoming Irimi TQ sale, or offered sometime later?
A: Being pre-made for our new world of 3A, no waiting!

Q: Really hoped to see Iron Panda Mighty Square, any chance that you can squeeze one into this sale or Iron Panda doesn’t use Mighties?
A: Ha funny story, well not so funny if you're a Panda fan, we kinda thought we had it, but we messed up, we are working on him and he will join the ranks. Actually we had a few more that never made it up, why, dunno, I guess that's just 3A… Keep an eye out for the Panda!

Q: What purpose does the mask serve for Tomorrow King Kozo? I understand it helps him traverse where he needs to, but is it filled with just plain oxygen, or something more interesting and magical (metaphysical)?
A: Oxygen as the Underverse is a void, needed when hanging out in it!  Which reminds me the Bamba “KOZO” will be on Bamba early Nov pre-made!
Q: Any interest in doing a N.O.M. origins 19th century style plume figure? Maybe a line of pre-WWR figures, a flashback line….who or what are the Callen?
A: I did some gentlemen NOM designs with that victorian feel, and some vintage Euro influenced designs, wasn’t sure you guys would be that interested.

Q: Is there a chance for reworked 6TH Anniversary Tomorrow Kings trio offered for 24 hours at Bambalandstore? Maybe as TKLUB? I am loving all of them and would love to have classic TKs in my collection eventually.
A: Maybe a 3pack, different decals… I will chat with Siu Monday, see what we can do, if it can be great, sure why not! Will get back to you!

Q: Will we see any blurries or some teasers for DONKER figures this year? I remember you said that you dont want to rush on them.. but after seeing new 10’' little shadow i just cant wait to see Little Yolandi!
A: Maybe, 10” body is kinda perfect for Yolandi!

Q: Please do 10” Little Shadow Cosplay: Tank girl; Lass; Bang Tidy; Lady Sham! How does that sound?
A: Shadow don’t play!

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 WqCPzcRt

Q: It may be the most anticipated 3A drop of the year: can we have a (blurry) peek at TK Archer?
A: Really, MOST ANTICIPATED? Well he has a bow thingy, and a cool poncho thingy...

Q: Anything you can share (release date, specifics, etc) about the 3A x Bravest Warriors collaboration?
A: ASAP, they are looking great too!

Q: Is there a Square even larger than the Mighty Squares? A SUPREME SQUARE or an EMPEROR SQUARE perhaps?
A: Mighty was the largest of all Squares!

Q: I'm a little curious about the mentioned Goth TK (and hopefully TQ) mentioned a while ago. It's super early and they might not even exist in sketches yet, but I was wondering what era of Goth fashion you'll be shooting for? Are we talking more modern bondage pants with straps, more recent cybergoth, or the classic Sisters of Mercy aviators and leather jacket style? I'm kinda hoping for the latter classic look, but I can also see a lot of potential strapping grenades to all those straps on bondage pants. I guess it could also be the more Japan inspired Gothic Lolita look, but with the UKTK figures being so heavily inspired by classic punk style is it safe to assume you'll be going back to the genre’s roots?
A: Well I’m old school goth, so don’t expect anything from the new school, think, Sisters of Mercy to Xmal Deutschland and the stuff that would would go in-between!

Q: Any chance of a teaser of the new Caesar from the Rothchild Battlechild set? It is getting closer to Q4 and was just wondering if the hatchery had any tidbits they could release?
A: Yup, I’m sure very soon. I have a final Roth Caesar to share!

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 GfFwEHZt

Q: I have a question about GID Bomb Mighty Square. Is it going to be weathered GID and is the bomb removable?
A: Light weathering to show details and no the bomb isn’t removable, carries the bomb to the target and goes up with it!

Q: I absolutely love that you guys have the Destiny License!. You said the Titan is gonna be the first figure. Are there any plans for a Warlock?
A: Warlock is there. With all our lines we set out to make as many as we can, the rest is up to the support the line gets, like Halo, not fast output but we keep going. Two releases very soon for Halo!

Q: Obviously, your fans owe a lot of inspiration to you (as evidenced by the Bamba drop sketches), but do you find yourself inspired by the Legion in turn? What, if any, specific threeA figures would not have existed without fans being involved in (at least inspiration for) the concept?
A: I'm always inspired that you guys are there to support my worlds, I think the greatest influence is when I see there is support for ideas that I have mentioned or used, that always gives me the energy to go for it! I'm fond of band references so here is another one, when band plays live to a great audience its lifted to put on a better show, that's very much me/3A, a great audience I have, so I strive to put on a better show, that's a great inspiration!

Q: Mo Prostrate and Andy were mentioned as being 'in the works'. Do you find it to be more pressure to create the more iconic Popbot characters?
A: Nah, actually easier, not delayed - just in line, limited sculptors and hands on deck make it slow going sometimes. Andy is cool, but needs skinnier legs than we had, so that alone takes a little while to get sorted etc!

Q: Is De Plumes prey box a living thing? The shape of the wires in Marquis' suggest they are organs of some kind. If so, how are they created?
A: Each box is constructed by the De Plume, the design is unique per De Plume and normally arrives while exploring their inner world, on the vapours! De Plume see all as living, a trinity of existence !

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 XjyxdDvt

Q: Who is behind visual mapping on 1:1 TK at Taiwan Toy Festival? Really loved it!  
A: It was damn cool in person, Beast Kingdom should know I'm sure, I'll ask them!

Q: Saw couple of photos of Doctor Doom from Guangzhou and he looks amazing! Is his cloak going to be green? Any change to see proper photos on the blog soon? And finally, who is going to be next after Doctor Doom?!
A: As mentioned earlier a load of DOOM soon, all info will be revealed! Soon as Doom is up and about we will reveal the next Character in my Marvel universe!

Q: Can you divulge what the extra space garb is in the 2014 3AA pack for renewing members, and what the difference is for the 6 year vets?
A: It's Lass’s panties, kinda obvious man, c'mon 1:1 size , common knowledge! Comes in a loverly gift box too! I hope to see some photos online. Legion, rock that shit! This info was all there!

Q: What’s your favorite movie ever? And is there a movie, which you would love to make figures from?
A: Ever is a long time, I’m not ready to commit to that marriage! Figures from a film, I would like to make the Frank character, the Fassbender film thingy etc.

Q: I appreciate that you are keeping Mighty Squares sales as long, as possible. In the process of collecting funds for several colorways and wanted to ask you: could you please do a heads-up 24 hours prior to closing the sale?
A: Hope leaving it up helped some of you guys , have to take down soon though! I will make a blog post to announce its closing!

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Post by gimbat Mon Mar 23, 2015 10:12 am

Session #41 19.10.2014

Q: I love Custard and Emma, thank you for making them! Is Laika going to be a retailer sale or Bambaland? Is it going to be polystone or vinyl? I personally prefer vinyl or plastic.
A: Resin or some similar material as we don’t sell enough to cover costs, the mold costs just make it not an option when it comes to some stuff, shit, but reality!

Q: Do Tomorrow Kings have childhood of some sort or are they ‘harvested’ after maturity?
A: They train from childhood, when they hit certain skill levels they go into active service.

Q: Was Astro N.O.M. one of the N.O.M. members that attacked Rothchild’s Moon Base?
A: No N.O.M. attacked Rothchild directly, during the moon exodus a N.O.M. operative helped by convincing a defense bot to bomb Rothchild's Moonbase etc.

Q: What does Barguest want? Whats his end game? Total domination? The supreme under his boot? We know he has the gravedigger faction of bots but does he also have his own plumes? Like a army of fallen plumes? Is Barguest allied with Kuan or is Kuan doin his own thing? If Jung de Plume is Kuans disciple why is he not fallen with the cloth face mask? Will We see a fallen version of Jung?
A: That's not to reveal here…

Q: Is Handsome Wu shipping soon?  I'm positively ecstatic for his release, as I and a friend split the pack!  One question though, does he have pants under his suit, or just the suit?
A: Ha, they have stuff on, no free bagging pandas!

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 HQyIgZNt

Q: This is classic question and recurring question and maybe boring one, but I (and we) feel never enough about squares, and you said WWRp Square MK1 hasn't retired yet, so.. are the super pack of WWRp Squares MK1 are still in the project? 20 or 30 pack of WWRp Squares MK1 would be cool!
A: It would!

Q: So, Girl Neptune is one of "The Seven". Who else is in this group (Sham, Lass, Misty Slush?), and what is their primary motive? You mention they "can do just about anything", care to elaborate? Thanks!
A: I will one day, these stories and concepts are my life's works and will be told over time. MS and MRS are in there to, they all represent a circle around Lasstranaut who sits at the middle!

Q: About the Elite Hatchery Guard, as I’ve only ever heard him referred to as the before-mentioned, or simply "Hatcher", I was wondering if he has a proper name?
A: Aiki

Q: What's the story behind HARD 30 CORP in WWR universe? Do they have another bots (not only Mighty Square)? Because I love to build colorway squad, and their color and insignia is very cool.
A: HARD30 are an engineering corp, so far there has been Mighty and a regular Square, but keep a look out for some upcoming stuff very soon! I am very fond of the name and design too!

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 BdpXw6Vt

Q: When are we going to see more WWR EVOL 4SQUARES colorways?
A: When we can sample them, hopefully soon!

Q: Regarding Wanka Square and golden ticket, I missed one, but was thinking about buying one on the secondary market. Will the rights to buy 3AGO Square will be transferred as well? And can you please share more about 3AGO Squares, are they only for Golden ticket holders or that’s for specific colorway?
A: At this time only customers who got it directly from us will be offered, as it's the only way to be sure of the purchase, as we are not asking for the ticket to be returned etc.

Q: Are you planning to introduce Pascha figures in 3AGO scale?
A: Nope, Pascha is 1/6th all the way, she demands that size! Or bigger!

Q: I have a question regarding the Popbot Ninja TQs, what did you mean saying on last Sundays Q & A "Being pre-made for our new world of 3A?" What is "New World of 3A", is it an upcoming toy show/festival or revamp of the World of 3A site? Thanks!
A: Well 2015 will see a new way of selling at 3A, we want to take the wait out of toys, at least for half the releases that are not beholden to the traditional pre-order system, some lines like licensed ones really have to stay in that realm. January will see the new system start to be rolled out!

Q: Any chance for Silver or Gold E.D.O after Bronze one? 
A: I would love to do a dirty chrome version, DEATH STAR EDOI!

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 YIFhhOJt

Q: So are we going to get to see AK MegaZomb in time from Halloween? Any hints for Halloween drops this year?
A: Bummer, but no, I’m waiting just like you, somewhere the Mega Zomb waits in sampling! Halloween is a strange and mysterious time , who knows what will appear… But if all goes well we are sure excited to introduce a new branch of 3A...

Q: We didn’t have a lot of TKLUB releases this year (about to have a couple now though), but I wanted to know where this line is going and what are your plans regarding TKLUB for the next year?
A: Well I want to wrap up this TKLUB asap, before end of year, so you guys can get those TQ’s. Then rethink it all, I think the KLUB part is great and a fun way to say thanks, but it becomes complicated when not managing it correctly! Due to a relatively large setup (as in output) and the main output managed and designed by basically two people (Hi Siu) it can get a little complicated and we are in the process of streamlining and making it all work in a better way, this takes time and there is no simple overnight fix, but as hinted at 2015 will see us putting our new systems in place so you guys have a fun experience with 3A! I know that many think we have huge teams doing everything, and why the fuck doesn’t it just run smoother etc, but simply we are few doing much and really reburning our candles at both ends to deliver the best we can!

Q: With the release of Little Shadow coming up soon, is there a chance for a new Zombot ? I was not part of 3A when the first few were released and I would love a chance at it.
A: Well I will tell ya now, SUNDAY MORNING ORGY OF ADVENTURE, has a Zombot.. I still love the 4pack set from the Beijing show...

Q: I'm excited to learn more about Merde and his particular story arc. Any plans for the Downside, Golden Zombot or Lemon Guard in 2015?
A: Ol Lemon, really should have his day stands in my studio guarding away.. Golden exists already too.. Don’t forget the Golden Dopiness Combat Trainer, KING COCKLER….

Q: Who would win in a fight a Mumb or a Zomb? How dangerous are the Mumbs? is there a Mega Mumb?
A: Mumbs are strong and fast, they mince the Zomb.

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 K6oUeOjt

Q: I wanted to know more about clear body Micromen shown at latest conventions? Are they Series two or you improved the first one?
A: They are from our ongoing retail String Diver series, the ones shown are from our retail selection for territory outside Japan etc, where our first release was restricted too. Will have much info soon!

Q: Who or what did the hand of fate belong to originally?
A: Mmmm, good question, my notes say it belonged to Merde Mission's nemesis THE GALLOW! So I guess, it belonged to THE GALLOW! The sketch is cool too, must get around to making him!

Q: I was curious about The Destiny license ? You will probably make every class: Titan, Warlock and Hunter. But will you do both sex ? Female and male of every Class ? What about Race ? Human, Exo and Awoken? I am just curious If I could buy the character I am playing. 
A: We will make as many as we can, but really, the longevity of the line relies on the support, we have them all in active development, but need your support to make them all happen!

Q: The 6th TK drop caused a stir (not in a good way), and the manner of the sale is raising some questions. When you described the changes that 3A is making, regarding sales, you mentioned that things could be getting more "dangerous". Is this last drop an example of how further sales will take place for 3A?
A: It wasn’t that different from LTD we have done over the years, in fact there were quite a few, a lot of the restriction came from some customers buying 10 of each etc, which we recycled on return to the office after sale. Never want to make you guys upset, but we could only get a certain amount pre-made in time, originally there were only going to be the show versions but we thought Bamba should get a chance too.

Q: What will be the next 3A Parade release? Any guesstimate on a sale date?
A: SEAFIGHT, and soon as we can, Parade release one is shipping very soon, I think you guys that supported the line will be very happy!

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 I4NCNejt

Q: Can you give us any indication of what might be in the 3AA 2015 pack?
A: Made quick and delivered in a timely manner.

Q: Hey Ash! Missed you at NYCC this year, but fully understand how you can't be at Taiwan and NY at once. Any chance you will be in town for the convention next year or it’s April 2015 for the Levine show?
A: Well we are rethinking our shows, looking at ways to make the experience better and different!

Q: Just got Adventure Kartel in my hands and it’s awesome, thank you so much for doing that! What is next? Are we going to see WWR book shipped soon?
A: Thanks, I believe the WWR book is December. Felt good to see the AK book, have quite a few books lined up!

Q: Can we get an update on how the more recent events in the WWR universe have effected some of the classic forces (Bromwich, Deimos, Gravedigger, etc)?
A: As the toys released these stories will be revealed, part of the story telling of WWR.

Q: Are you finished working on Kowloon Ghost Leg? Can’t wait for it and when we might see another leg like that?
A: Soon as we ship them, which is this month I’m told ( I kinda dropped the ball on the prints in the boxes, so don’t blame 3A, blame Ash) ! We have the clear and TAT legs good to go. All part of the ASH WOOD Collection … Will be dropping onto on our first 1:1 SQUARE SALE soon, bought and shipped from Bamba, pre-made and good to go!

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Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Empty Re: Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood

Post by gimbat Mon Mar 23, 2015 10:12 am

Session #42 27.10.2014

Q: With the recent World War Robot Mighty Square sale, I was wondering what the Mighty Squares actually do on the battlefield and what advantage they have over the smaller Squares?
A: They are like hubs, mobile logistic centers. They can also be fitted to haul heavy shit, etc.

Q: Any chance to see entirely new Adventure Kartel Fighting JC at Bambaland this or next year? I love this guy!
A: I think next year will herald BFTG JC.

Q: You mentioned there was a possibility of a 6th Anniversary Tomorrow King 3-pack to be made available as general sales, any update on that? And what are the chances for offering these classic TKs bundled with some new bot heads (killer for new collectors and veterans who have OG ones)?
A: With our packed schedule it doesn’t seem possible at this time, we have new TK’s to focus on anyway, great to see the classic again, but our eyes are firmly on the future!

Q: I'm a huge VALVe fan and own all of threeA Portal related stuff. What are the chances of seeing the Half-Life figs that was mentioned earlier in the year?
A: We are working away on Half Life 2 in 1/6th and we will be having a range on the 8” 3AGO line. More info when closer to release!

Q: Seems that a lot of Tomorrow Kings are searching the Underverse lately, why is that?
A: Because it's where everything started and will end. Plus they, like all of us, are looking for their home.

Q: I'm curious about the Irimi Mortis Hoaxer, why does she have a gas mask? Is it Irimi disguised as a Mortis or the other way around?
A: Not a mask, that's the face.

Q: Anything you can share about upcoming 1:1 Squares sale you briefly mentioned? Like a price and how shipping options would be handled?
A: Price includes shipping, which is actually the largest part of the price. Price and other info when it's time, these are my brillo boxes, this is what 3A gives me the ability to create - large items without the hindrance of market forces. These Squares represent a path I have been going towards since I started 3A. So I guess I can clear up some stuff. The Squares will in fact be on Bambaland now, as well it's my store and everyone knows it and won't have any issues that using my other store might incur! As said the price is including shipping. There are 20 variants made, 15 will be sold on Bamba, instead of artist editions I'm just keeping some them, and not diluting the market with AP editions. There are also 5 DIY versions to be painted by yours truly, but not sold with these editions, but for later gallery or show events. We will have the final price this coming week, once the shippers finalize the costings.

Q: Huge Microman fan here and you have my envy! Please do share, how does it feel to design your own? And what Microman awesomeness is coming our way?
A: Feels Great, a dream come true! If all goes well we will have some new designs very soon!

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 9jPqpZEt

Q: Any info you can share about the AKLUB Ms. Shadow figure? Will we see any photos before she ships or you want to surprise us?
A: Soon!!

Q: Any chance of doing one of those Tomorrow Kings masks again from Re-Venture? Would love one of those! TKLUB thingy or some sort of anniversary?
A: They were creepy and great, maybe a new one one day if we do a 3A show!!

Q: The addition of the Ronin solidified that a certain amount of Tomorrow Kings are able to turn away from the primary mission. Are there any outright nasty, bad-apple, criminal TKs wandering around (Lopers aside)?
A: Lopers are not bad, infact they are probably the best chance the TK have! There are many TK’s that fall away from their teachings, some just wander, some make a difference, some change the universe.!

Q: Can we please get Future Mort for 3AA 2015?
A: He is on the list!

Q: Why has it come to “the last TK” what happened to the DNA samples?
A: Well it's because…………….

Q: Excited to see what plans you have for the Halloween release!  Would love to see your take on a monster line!?!
A: Well Halloween is special this year as we get to introduce our new designer Crystal! Watch the blog!

Q: You mentioned that Dead Astronaut Gangsta is going to be employing the help of Golden Dolphin to hunt Tommy but what does Peppermint Grove think of her brothers actions. Is she going to be a “villain" also or is she siding with Tommy and the gang?
A: She wants her brother's robot hand and quite willing to kill him to get it. Peppermint doesn’t really think much of the Dolphin, her plans and thoughts are on bigger things.

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 XMsYyvlt

Q: Do you have any plans for a 2015 calendar? I really need one!
A: I do, but do you guys really want one?

Q: Will we see more hand options included with figures down the line. Fists, better gripping sword hands, eta?
A: Some have come with them already, some don’t, depends on the toy and my thinking on it.

Q: With Daywatch & Nightwatch bots being confirmed as NOM ever since "the parade",... are there any other “NOM bot factions" out there under their regular sway? Emanation & Calignosity stork eyes look to be the start of something newly revealed, so I’m curious if the 1/6 world will see NOM's bots broaden out.
A: I'm sure they will….

Q: I don't know that much (really anything at all) about Adventure Kartel, but seeing the inclusion of JC, one would think that there is somewhat of a Judeo-Christian presence in the AK universe. Are there other biblical entities present in that world (angels, demons, Saints (besides the obvious Saint of Vengeance), Lucifer, etc.?
A: AK has everything going, it's my sandbox, you name the combo, it can happen!

Q: You mentioned threeA show in Hong Kong this December, very excited about it and hoping that I can make it there. Are there any dates? Is it going to be up for few days / weeks?
A: Well we have a booth at Toy show in December in Hong Kong, all info dates on the blog soon!

Q: There was talks about a Transformers line a while ago. Is there anything you can share about it? 
A: On sale very very soon! Really, watch the blog!

Q: I have always been a fan of 1/6 and 1/4 scale articulated figures and I see them as a form of art, which is why I also want to make them as well. However I do not know how to begin and would like to ask for your advice so that I may start my path to make them for fun and have a career doing what you love to do like you.  What do I have to do or learn to make 1/6 articulated figures like you and other well known 1/6 scale artists? What skills or experiences do I need to acquire? Thank you very much for your time, I hope you can help me and I look forward for your response.
A: Just do it, get a 1/6th body and go for it ( make the heads hand and feet, hand sculpt, use 3D software and cheap 3D printers to produce etc ), but the best skill, don’t  follow or do what is being done, the world needs your vision and originality, not more Hot Toys, or Ash Wood 3A looking stuff, the best path is your path, and it will be the most successful. A hint, sure you can take and build on successful stuff out there, but at best it's a remix, you're not the originator nor really an artist, just an engineer of minor change and smoke, be an artist, be original and not look to be popular, but a way to serve a new vision!

Q: it’s revealed that three original Tomorrow Kings (Hideo, Yoji, and Kenshiro) have brothers (the 7th TK), but how about Tomorrow Queens threeway (Yubi, Odayaka, Yumiko), do they have any sisters? Yubi is my favorite TQ so far..
A: The TKLUB FREE TQ’s are pretty much that, the same lineage!

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 8aUo3A2t

Q. Before I renew my 3AA I would like to know, will the majority of figures released during 2015 be available for 3AA Members for a 24 hr period as they have been in previous years? Several times now you have mentioned changes in 2015 to improve things, and also more pre-made figures to avoid waiting. Based on previous pre-made releases this seems to mean limited numbers and a frenzy on Bamba to grab toys. Will 3AA members get any guarantees with this new approach? I certainly would be very concerned about renewing if not. I am sure I am not alone in being unable to regularly monitor a website and wait for random drops over a 24hr period. I certainly cannot be awake regularly at 9.00am Hong Kong time either. Please can you reassure that 3A toys won’t get harder to buy for 3AA members? 
A: I get that, but the problem with guarantee per figure is we cannot make stuff ahead of time, which is a path for 3A, sure many toys require pre-order, expensive or toys that cannot fall easily into pre-made territory, etc (but with guaranteed delivery dates and short production windows). But I think the ability to buy and get a toy the same week is a good trade off, sure there is chance you can’t get them all. From all accounts as we talk to the members at shows and online, is that the discount is paramount, the biggest complaint is the wait, the delays, so we have taken note. We have a good idea on the amounts needed for toys, we can gauge what's needed, but someone will always miss out I’m sure, not fun, but we want to change the way things are done and that will be met with opposition. I hope the reason you collect our toys is because you love them, not because it's easy to collect or simple, I concur that doesn’t make up for the fact that you might not get something you really want either. So in short 2015 3AA will be similar, but there will be pre-made ready to ship toys that have no guarantee attached for anyone. Maybe this time next year I won’t be writing these responses as 3A is a ghost due to my ideas of selling toys, but you know, at least I didn’t just keep my head down with my eye on your wallet stick with the status quo, enjoy 6-12 month pre-order windows to milk the toy market down the last dollar, etc and take no risks, bring a different (actually the old way of selling toys) way of doing things to market. We love every 3AA member, and never would we want shade brought to your world, but we have to try and do things differently, it's in my blood, and I think many of you will get that.

Q: With all the bots you make, did threeA ever thought about diecast? Berties for example would be jaw dropping…
A: It would be great, fully agree!

Q: Is there still a possibility of getting a threeA Covenant Elite as part of the Halo line, or are only Spartans like the Master Chief being developed at this time?
A: We have the Elite, actually one of the first figures we started, we want to release it too!

Q: Are there any Fallen or Hive figures in development for the Destiny line? I’d really love to see a Fallen Captain or Hive Wizard figure.
A: When we get these licenses we do with the intention of making all the cool characters , the only thing stopping the line covering all the bases is the success of it. I know our Destiny figures will be unmatched, like our Halo toys are the best going, we take great pride in these and really hope to deliver the characters we all  want to see!

Q: When are we gonna see a photo or teaser of the World War Robot 1/6 Birdcage? Really want a look so I can see what I am saving for. There are a few WWR things coming up for preorder in December, but cant get them all unfortunately. So need to plan a little.
A: When it's ready to show, over the years I have found it detrimental to show before finished, opinions are forged without all parts in place! Birdy is moving along great and we will reveal ASAP! I do appreciate your needing to plan as well!

Q: What was the most fun and challenging part in making your own Doctor Doom?
A: Actually not a challenge, it's just fun, I grew up with this stuff, spent life thinking about Marvel comics, kinda just flows out. Such a privilege!

Q: Any chance you make use of the clear body (like used on Paschaborg) in the world of AK with a ghost character maybe? With GID eyes?
A: I think of the design of Paschaborg and it made sense and worked, has a machine like feel etc. To get a cool ghost effect would take some re-thinking, who doesn’t love a ghost right !!!

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Post by gimbat Mon Mar 23, 2015 10:13 am

Session #43 09.11.2014

Q: Hey Ash! I know you’ve got changes coming up next year.  Do those plans involve releasing more figures from your in-house brands (AK, TK, etc.) to every couple of months or so? I know you've got a lot of projects going on but would LOVE to see more 1/6 AK figures in 2015!! Thanks for all great work you and your team do — taking the time to answer all of our questions every week means a lot!
A: My main love is my own creations,  AK, POPBOT, WWR, EVENFALL and ISO etc are the main focus for 2015 re 12”, also my versions of Marvel and DC fall under that creative umbrella too. I am going back to what i know best, over 6 years we have tried this or that, but I still think my original outlook for 3A is best and that's what you can expect. My main interest is to make great things, I have no interest in Walmart, Target or Toys R Us selling my toys or shit, in fact I go against that by making sure I never tone down or dilute for a quick fuck. I will be wearing white at the funeral!

Q: Is there a chance that the upcoming releases you have planned have some unusual accessories to go with them. My first purchase was the Bromwich (Pinky) 3.5 Bertie and that Gas can is what made me to fall in love with him. Anything like that coming up ?
A: Well maybe, it's just what seems right, and makes sense I guess. I just trundle along, just do it and see what pops up!

Q:  Will the OG style Popbot make a reappearance at all or no plans yet?
A: Nope not in 1/6th, a new version is coming, I am thinking of doing a 3AGO version, but I’m not sure, see how the line goes. I think the first Pop figure is great, proud of that!

Q: A: Do TK children get to eat sugary cereal and watch Saturday morning cartoons, or do their early lives strictly consist of learning battle strategy and physical training? B: Do TK children look up to, or admire their full grown brothers? Or are they automatically indoctrinated with the understanding that we are all just meat for the grinder?
A: Sure they can have those memories.

Q: Has there ever been an adolescent TK so amazingly gifted that he graduated into service early? A sort of ‘Wunderkind TK’?
A: Most are young, 18 etc, when they start.

Q: When can we expect the Last stand of Yama and Naga? And will they drop as a TKLUB release or a standard Bambaland release?
A: When they are ready, we work everyday on everything, just some stuff has priority, Archer has it now!

Q: threeA does great weathering, but it would be so cool to see a TK very heavily weathered and bloodied after a right good fight. What do you think about this?
A: Never like the way it sits on a toy, also my art doesn’t have blood really, they are an extension of my art so they have a pretty blood free time of it.

Q: Saw pic of Eddy on your Instagram, such a great cat! Now what are the chances to see 1:1 Eddy at Bambalandstore?
A: Doing a 1:1 version, this year…

Q: Severed Bot Head has been offered more than few times, have you been thinking about other supersized parts? Maybe Bot Hand? I think it would be very fun to have big hand to grip Tomorrow Kings.
A: Well I like the heads, like busts almost, they have a presence with or without other toys, the other parts don’t talk to me as much, though a giant hand could be cool I agree!

Q: We assume, that the 7 Bones colorway may be coming to an end, in the not too distant future. Is there another squad of particularly interesting characters in the TK universe that you will be concentrating on, in lieu of the ol' Bones?  Or, is it a bit premature to give any information at this time.
A: Well in my mind there are many groups, take TKYO they are not just a group of stupid fuck pop singers but an A-TEAM style spec group, they use the pop band guise to freely move around without anyone knowing the wiser. I have always envisioned their end as epic and pivotal, a stand of a few against many… GIRL R/C as mentioned before has heritage and isn’t just a pretty face, but a master strategist and key member for their final act. With TK, some are what is called enlightened some are what is know as asleep at this stage. But getting back to your question yea, there are many, whether I will do them, or if in fact you guys want them is still a question for later on!

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 ZVqokNUt

Q: I beg of you please! Ashley Wood styled 1/6 John Constantine would be so great, like world stopping good. A headsculpt that would fit in with Adventure Kartel, a nice slightly weathered trench coat that only 3A could do and maybe some clear plastic parts for magic effects and of course his smokes! I can imagine it now... and want bad, take my money. Take it please!
A: Well the AK world has its own magi, such Aleister Left, or his counter Madam Down. Appreciate the idea that I could do a great Constantine, man I dreamed of drawing an issue of Hellblazer back in the day...

Q: Many of the books you released on Bamba over the last years were great stuff. KUNTSLER will be another fine publication, no doubt about it. Can you please share a bit more about the technical side of the making process of your books? What program is used to make the books, who makes the layout and who actually puts them together? Where are they printed etc.? Thanks!
A: Well it varies, sometimes I make them, sometimes Brent Ashe will put them together etc, standard programs, Photoshop, Indesign etc. Always obvious when I or Brent does it ( plus there is always a credit for Brent ) no credit its my work. I will say this, the only person who I let make books for me is Brent, If I’m not doing it, Ashe is the man. I love books, putting them together is a pain though as you have to look at your own work, and be subjective without getting caught up in your own shit.

Q: I was thinking about future pre-made sales, would you be considering splitting the batches to offer few times per day for different timezones or you prefer to offer them all at once and at the same time?
A: Well these are the issues I have, first there is timezones, then the peeps who order and don’t pay for one reason or another and that holds stock from serious buyers etc. I am thinking on this and discussing ways of getting around this, I want the true fan to get the toy, but it's not that simple. Any ideas how to battle these issues are welcome here at 3A. Like I said I know how many figures are kinda needed for say AK, we are not trying to build the market there, but cover the fans who support it. Say we make 500 figures, because we normally sell 500, as this should cover the market, but alas flippers will take a portion etc, leaving some fans left out (which is bad ). We are aware of this, but also we want to change things and be able to deliver quicker toys to our supporters so it's gonna be a bit hit and miss at first, but we will try and make it as best as possible experience. Now before you say fuck 3A, think about what I am doing, I’m not trying to sell as many toys as possible, but try to deliver good quality pre-made toys in a timely manner. We want the experience to be different and fun, not boring as the majority of toy buying is, I am not a business guy, or I would just put every toy on 12 month pre-order window, but to me that's so boring and counter to what I’m about, that's a “business” plan that makes sense, I don’t make sense. I see myself as an artist, not a machine to make higher profit and build a bigger market for the sake of it. That will end in tears and be fucking boring, why should I dedicate myself to a boring path, I want to give you something I’m passionate about, fucking I believe in! So yea, we will have pre-made toys, we will have shorter turn around pre-order toys as well. Let's see how it turns out, but my main focus is to offer you guys toys that are fun, exciting and different. We can always fix as we go, this is the adventure of 3A!

Q: Can you tell us please who is the first up in the Transformers line? Will it be from the Bay Universe or classic? Thank you, I’m dying to hear!!!! 
A: Well it's Bumblebee and he should be a December sale, this is really Kim’s side of 3A and he should talk about it, though I will say they are pretty amazing, remind of our Real Steel toys.

Q: Will you be attending Supernova Adelaide later this month? If not, any plans for the future events in Australia? 
A: Wasn’t asked, guess I’m persona non grata at Supanova…. I really enjoyed Adelaide last year, hanging with Joe Casey, meeting you guys, super cool, guess I’m not sexy enough comic guy.. slumps in chair and tries to draw Wolverine hoping for phone to ring..

Q: Is there a way to get a physical LOOKBOOK from you guys in the future? Would love to buy one!
A: Well I hope to publish a book of them one day, I think Brent does a wonderful job with them, you know what would be great, if a toy that has a look book gets a proper copy.. maybe I will see if this is possible!

Q: Will you be interested in ever doing Kang the Conqueror figure?
A: Love Kang, love all the classic villains, I don’t see why not, I would buy him! Actually I guess it's up to Marvel, some IP is off limits or they have plans for it, I will ask!

Q: After I POed 3AGO Hemingway I tracked down the full set of Automatic Kafka comics at one of my local comic shops, reading now for the first time and loving the fuck out of it, so great! Any chance we will see more members of the $tranger$ in the next wave of 3AGO? Would be awesome to have a fig of The Constitution of the United States!
A: Wha, no connection , different, Hemmingway is another bot in the tradition of fine writers, would love to do an origin of Hemmingway with Joe Casey. Funny thing, when me and Joe did Auto Kaf, the general mood was fuck you, its shit, and it was for all purposes a flop in sales and a stain on the haughty comics scene, though I thought it was some of our best work, I always say it’s my Watchmen, hoping to seem cool, but it really is a good comic and can be read on many levels, Joe really gave me great stuff to work with with that series…DC PLEASE REPRINT THE BOOK, I'LL DO A COVER FOR FREE C'MON GUYS, GIVE A K A SECOND GO….. isn’t there a website where you can petition or sum in, now getting A K back into print is a worthy cause…. Baby bombs my friends, baby bombs!

Q: Is William Best planned for a 2015 pre-order or maybe some sort of surprise release later this year?
A: Well soon as I can, Mars wants his boss around!

Q: I been checking tentative Bamba sales schedule and was curious about TK Hunter price? Is there some sort of estimated you can share?
A: Well the TK hunter is taking longer than thought as it's quite a feet to make a large articulated robot toy, price won’t be known until close to the sale when all costs are known. Soon as I have a candidate I will let you guys know more!

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 5rTKuHOt

Q: Is the Deimos DIV/Faction colorway no longer being used?  I know its a very small team of bots that occupy the little moon but I have always been curious if there is any plan on continuing this faction?  I am familiar with the 1/12 Caesar that was a Deimos II faction which does add some question did they change once they were liberated?  I only own the small number of bots that was produced for Deimos and would always love to collect more. 
A: I like Deimos, don’t count them out !

Q: How do you come up with Adventure Kartel characters? Do you remember the moment you came up with Tommy Mission, Cherry Bomb or Handsome Wu?
A: I just have laugh and think what I always want to see in comics or cartoons, normally I have a name, then work backwards. I like to take what is seen as pretty normal clothes or a look, and just twist or add to it etc.  AK is me not be concerned with logic, or having any rules. I find many are years old, small sketches or ideas that just resurface etc.

Q: What’s the situation on the Iron Panda and WF supersets? Will we see them offered this year or they are slipping into next and going to be pre-made? As it’s a big set, some notification well in advance would be much appreciated to make sure funds are set aside.
A: Well we want to ship Wu and Co first, we have the Little Shadow Panda soon!
Q: Are you planning to make a TK print in which we can follow and enjoy the story? I'm a big fan and it's impossible for us to get the whole story so far. The very little Intel you give us with the toys is not enough and I would love more!
A: You're not supposed to have all the story, you can continue your own story, different threads and universes, or wait as I tell mine. I don’t see storytelling as a simple one-way street, the story of TK isn’t simple nor the way I’m telling it, the toys themselves have much to say, without me writing a word of story for them.

Q: The new ball joint on 3AGO Bertie, which you shared on your Instagram looks great! Is it possible to confirm if the new 1/6 versions will also have them?
A: Yes I have right here, working on colorways now for the 1/6th which is on sale in December, December is WWR month at 3A!

Q: After seeing how great the 3AGO Bertie is, any chance of a ZvRvA 3AGO box set with Warbot, a Zomb and Amazon?  3AA version could come with a merman as well! 
A: I think so!

Q: Several months ago you had mentioned that the Downside was one of the craziest looking characters in the AK universe. Any plans to make him in 2015? Also, is Public Opinion coming in 2015?  I'm looking forward to him and the Spank!  We need some villains.
A: They are all on the go, but other priorities arise, I get into other stuff, then change course back. Sometime when a natural break happens in the process you just move on and almost forget them, then rediscover and get it done in no time. Its a weird process how I do it, some stuff sits fully designed on my desk for months till I scan and start the sculpt, dunno why, I just go with it!

Q: Ever since you mentioned that Tommy On the Run was wielding magical weapons I've been intrigued, what sort of magic weapons will Tommy be coming with? Any hints? Swords? Daggers? Axes? Perhaps a magical baseball bat? Or an enchanted machine gun? Please do tell!
A: You will see, still playing around with ideas, but I want some absurd as swell as cool!

Q: Dear Ashley, thanks for your art. But packaging is worth revising. My husband keeps ALL the boxes because they are beautiful. May be you'll switch to ordinary boxes or "bags" and include a poster inside? We are now thinking about where to put the future boxes, as my husband is awaiting 3 orders. Oh my.
A: Indeed, I can concur with your issue, but for every toy we make it could be someone's first 3A toy and we want to give as best a box as we can! I say build a space fortress with them all, eat ice cream with your husband in it, I can promise you will both smile!

Q: I am trying to come up with funds to buy all three Doctor Doom editions. Can you please tell me when the sale is going to end or post announcement 48 hours prior? Do you have more Doom editions in mind?
A: I am leaving up as long we can, though as of this writing they will probably come down on Monday 10th.

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 TQcs6h8t

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Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Empty Re: Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood

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Session #44 30.11.2014

Q: Anything you can share about Marvel Ultron or Spider-man?
A: Ultron on sale soon, Spider-man early next year!

Q: I am loving the AP Adventure Kartel retail set! They are so well executed and the selection is brilliant. Could we possibly get a Bambaland release of the 3 remaining Ankous ( orange , blue & black ). Possibly a three pack? Maybe throw in a AP Custard the Satanic Labrador as a bonus please?
A: Maybe, let me see what I can do to side that up!

Q: Can you share any intel on the processes of infection in the word of Evenfall? Does a Strigoi feed off you then your dead body rises infected and you are now a Strigoi? Or do the Strigoi only turn specific victims they want by choice? Are the Strigoi in Evenfall light sensitive? Stay in the dark? Can they talk or communicate with each other?
A: Well they do communicate , but the Alien is a parasite almost, a drone for the Aliens, they're low-level soldier and spreader of darkness. Next is the TOTEM Robot that will lead into more info!

Q: S&D UKTK/TQ are some great figures, they seem to encapsulate the look of 2nd wave UK punks (some of the best punk music ever made). You've mentioned interest in undertaking other 'scene' specific TKs in the future (Mod and Goth), and that's awesome. Punk rock is such a lush and broad genre to draw inspiration from, there are so many eras and locations to represent, is there a chance that you continue to visit the genre in ongoing TK/Qs?
A: GOTH next, the music genre TK is so much fun to mess with, and I gotta say how lucky I am to have such cool supporters where I can dabble in this stuff. MOD after GOTH, C86 TK Smile

Q: What kinda music does Tommy and Shadow listen too? Whose their favorite bands?
A: Anything that isn’t popular and has subversive lyrics and the like. They love BLACK RAINBOW and many of Tommy's and Shadow's shirts are Band shirts.

Q: Why did you go with changing and flashing lights on 4Squares sensors over solid color? Do they use it specifically on the field?
A: Yup, spectrum filtering sensors, some Squares have solid, some the spectrum, just depends on their locale and job at hand!

Q: We have been in desperate need of more WWR drops this past year and I am very excited for December but all of those WWR drops at once is gonna be rough for a lot on limited budgets including myself. Could you please consider all those drops in December from a customers standpoint and maybe push one into earlier next year?
A: Well it's not a case of planning it, just turned out like that, we will try and leave up , but due to the factory schedule I’m kinda trapped in a hard situation. We really want to deliver on time and good quality and part of that is being tight on stuff. But I will see what I can wrangle. We got Dropcloth, Bertie, Birdcage and more!

Q: So, what exactly is WWR SOTF? Is it a chapter within WWR Evol or maybe a side story? Could you please divulge any new characters to make an appearance?
A: It will be the ongoing storyline in WWR told by the toy releases, Rothchild is in South America, the Earth Faction has disbanded and countries are going to war with each other over support for Mars. In between all this, the NOM will push harder to be a known force and an alternative path for mankind. Also HERBET AND SPENCER are starting to fill the void Rothchild has left! S O T F Survival of the Fittest

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 GLIYuNKt

Q: How many Dropcloths will be for sale and will we have preview pics for them all? Same questions for the Bertie sale. Any info regarding colourways and pricing would be gratefully appreciated. 
A: You will see soon!

Q: What’s the status of Beautiful War? Been asked few times in the past, but really can’t wait to flip through the pages and read it!
A: Well that's for the IDW Q+A , but seriously, it's case of doing it well, and maybe some bad time planning by me, blame me for all things!

Q: How do slicer swords work? Anything you can share about them?
A: They are electrified and vibrate at a unique frequency that can cut anything, pretty standard really!

Q: Would you be interested in making 1/12th scale Marvel figures? Would love to have your Iron Man, but don’t have space and funds for 1/6th scale ones.
A: Our deal is for only 1/6th, 1/12th would be cool, but I’m not sure we could achieve the same kinda toy at that scale!

Q: Any hint on what next years membership will offer and is it Les Mort by any chance? If you can’t tell yet, can you please just wink or find another way to hint us what’s coming, haha? 
A: Contains 3 figures, mm maybe 4 if you look at it a certain way….

Q: Since the TKLUB has stretched out over this past year from last year, will it be necessary for people wishing to complete the KLUB purchases to renew their membership, or will membership be waived for remaining KLUB purchases?
A: They can still complete the latest KLUB, won’t leave them out! Even if not a member.

Q: There was the Companion Cube Square, do the other licenses allow for cross-over toys like that? For example, a Pascha dressed like Cortana from Halo?
A: Well we can ask, but seems obvious to me, like the Companion Square. I want to see HALO - PASCHA - for all characters!

Q: Anything you can share about Obsidian TK, is he close to Negro TK in looks/appearance? Will we see White one now?
A: He was the first Shadow TK, and sent packing as his powers were considered heresy back in the day.. He is a Warlock TK, there isn’t a white version, but there is a skull faced VOODOO version, will offer sometime.

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 B3sw8GJt

Q: Can you please talk about the paint application of the new WWR Evol Square versus the new WWR SOTF Dropcloth? Is the new Dropcloth made of vinyl or ABS?
A: All ABS, no vinyl involved.

Q: Is MOD still NOMs biggest threat in WWR EVOL or has that changed?
A: MOD is a threat to some, savior to others, NOM have a keen dislike of MOD, that has not changed! MOD’s identity will get the reveal this coming year, the clue was laid years ago, something I said online or somewhere!

Q: Would the TK Undernauts die if their masks were pulled off?
A: Slowly…

Q: Always love your depictions of fashionable women working on robots, will we see any bot and lady sets in toy form?
A: That would be cool, Pascha and bot… that’s a fine idea, if I do that, you get it for free! I’m sure Gimbs can work it out with ya!

Q: What WWR set are we going to see shortly? Is it going to be Iron Panda, WF or maybe both?!
[/b]A: Both, we wanted to offer a new Bramble version with, but it took longer than thought, just a minor arm rework etc, but as it's not a priority it took ages. but mm, bramble yo, gotta love the bramble![/b]

Q: What is your favorite Tomorrow King design/look? Is it Oyabun in big and puffy jacket or perhaps one of the Slicers?
A: The original, the simplicity of the look and design really makes me feel I did well there, but that's more of an artist's view I guess, I like them all naturally or I wouldn’t offer! The slicers for their over-the-top-ness, the Ninja are cool too, Shogun etc.. I am a TK fan!

Q: Hey Ash, my TKYO yellow hornet boys are what really pushed me into the TK universe, and are by far my favorite set. Will the Girl RC group be being getting the Yellow Hornet / Interloper / DIY spin that the original boys got?
A: Of course, was gonna offer last week, but figured there was enough for sale.

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 HK0NVVEtQ&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 RdYoEQ3t

Q: When we might see next EVENFALL drop and is going to be Totem T.H.U.G? Really excited about EVENFALL and can’t wait.
A: THUG next up, soon as the sample is done, I’m pushing for asap!

Q: As far as the new way of premade figures go, maybe the solution to the supply and demand issue would be to offer them again at a later date if there is enough demand?  With the old system, it was something you wouldn't do, but it might fit better with the new style of preorders.  It might discourage flippers from buying them all up, and it'd give people another shot a little later down the road if they missed out. Advance warnings help too!
A: Well yea, that's kinda what I’m thinking, basically multi runs if the demand is there, change up the packaging and other details from pre made and offer a pre order. We are looking to balance it out, not to make stress, you would be surprised that with the last pre made stuff, like the TK it was pretty close to demand, so we are getting a feel etc. 2015 will be pre order with hard shipping times and pre made, and if there is enough interest a pre order version of the pre made. I will be honest I don’t have the complete system worked out, no way to really know what the best fix is, but I want to try and make things better and more fun, I’m sure we can figure it all out as we go!

Q: What’s Halloween like in the AK World? Do people still dress up or are there so many monsters and creatures running about that it's just a time to fuck things up? Are there any unique holidays that aren’t in our world like Shadow City Remembrance Day (Since Newandria is on top of it)?
A: The AK world doesn’t really see the world of Halloween as that special a date, like you said it's kinda Halloween every day. The Robot War is remembered with glee, as many citizens got to shoot guns and blast robots etc, the Shadow family like to push ancient Egyptian religious periods as holidays in Newandria etc… It’s a fucked up place, any sane person would move to the next city, which is called IVANHOE for the curious...

Q: The TK’s have 2 styles of gloves, will the TQ’s ever see a more form fitting glove too?
A: RC has a tighter form fitting glove, Queeny did has a smaller glove too, mix and match! Use Little Shadows fists!

Q: Does the Last Stand Yama still keep his double swords along with the gun?
A: Nope, his swords shattered, he took that as a sign to change his path, after attempting to jump time to change the path of broken swords was fruitless. As past and future now conceded to the breakage!

Q: Would love to know the progress of Modern Girls line, if you can share of course?
A: Well we have vehicles, and we have sampled riders, but I’m not sure the market is there to support them and a figure, as it turns really pricey to do them. If it ain't a movie tie-inn it's pretty hard to get large support for something, and 1/6th vehicles really need that. I know many say just offer, and if no takers don’t make it, thats not us, we always deliver when we offer etc. Maybe a comic is needed to kindle interest etc.. but I’m so busy and have so many pending projects its hard to get too...

Q: As we are getting closer to 2015, I am curious to know what was your favorite release this year or you are saving up the best surprises for Christmas?
A: Parade is is high on my list of best of the year, Lasstranaut, 3AGO ( as I have seen them all already ). I think December will be a great month too… I am always looking forward, I’m always happily surprised when I see stuff we have done over the last year and think, that's pretty cool, only we would have made that etc.. that’s a good feeling!

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 QQdStStt

Q: Are you still calculating the shipping for 1:1 Squares sale? Any hints whether they will be offered this month or in December? Or it will be surprise sale?
A: I am just making sure each is as good as it can get, I don’t want to rush them out, no need etc. I will give fair warning before the sale date!

Q: What does R/C stand for in Girl R/C name?
A: Secret, but it will be revealed as the story of her and TKYO follow to their conclusion !

Q: Any clues what will be included in Xmas XXX set?
A: Well, it consists of 3 different XXXMAS girls from the Pascha world, each comes with a sack, each different Xmas girl's sack comes with a piece of 1/6th clothing ( pants, shirt, shoes ) selling as singular if I remember, so more people get a chance, it's pre made and will be shipped ahead of Xmas, we were gonna sell on the 1st, but nah, not enough heads up, but it will be this coming week.

Q: Would you be interested in making enemies from Halo, for our Spartans to shoot at?
A: We are making an Elite.

Q: You been asked few times about music, movies and whatnot. But I don’t think that anyone asked you or T.P about your favorite book yet. Is there a book, which you like to re-read from time to time? Is it fiction, biography, sci-fi or something else?
A: I like bio’s for books and doco’s for films, nothing is more interesting than the human condition and how it reacts under less than normal situations etc. Bio’s and the like are good insights into this. T.P reads all the smart stuff that I just quote lines from to sound smart, as C3PO quotes just don’t seem to open doors like a good Oscar Wilde quote or line from Keats does!

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Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Empty Re: Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood

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Session #45 07.12.2014

Q: Are the WWR Berties going to be made with ABS too and any plans on offering the members of the Dirty Deeds squad individually? I definitely want to pick up Unforgiving with the machete.
A: Most of the bots are going that way, vinyl is cool for certain things, but ABS gives more control. Gonna offer a DD set in 3AGO!

Q: Will you be coming to Toysoul?
A: Yup, with Siu, Brent and Crystal

Q: Are there any male figures in The World Of Isobelle Pascha?
A: Yup, many, first male out in Jan if all goes well!

Q: Anything you can share about Bot Factory and Steam Workshop?
A: Yup, sure, it will be of course of my designs for the TF2 world etc.

Q: Would it be possible to see a clear plastic Pascha Cyborg style TK?
A: If there is a character that fits, sure!

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 HYDoBRXt

Q: Are Hatchery TQ exist? TQ with meat cleaver sounds cool…
A: Yup, we made some years ago!

Q: Considering Last TKs, do you already know how Popbot ends or it keeps evolving?
A: I know the final scene well, have always known it, it's the best bit and probably the driving force in me wanting to finish the series. The TK are bit players in the Popbot story, major players in their own story.
Q: We Popbot collectors suffer from a severe shortage of 'baddies' for our collections, and every story needs its antagonists. I understand that TK Hunter should be on the horizon (and he looks fantastic), but can we expect subsequent Mortis releases in 2015?
A: Well we have the TK Hunter soon, another bot called the Sweeper, Mortis are there and few others like the 5 Bros etc.
Q: As year is coming to the end, will we see Ms Shadow? Or she is coming to AKLUB chapter two supporters after the holidays?
A: Soon as we can, have to ship the Zomb MD still, takes time, but we have never not delivered, hang in there!

Q: WWR is where I get my real meat and potatoes from 3A. Your comics, WWR books and snippets of intel nourish me. Any plans to drop a little more WWR knowledge by way of comic, or something less production-intensive like a propaganda pamphlet, during the upcoming Bertie sale? It’s definitely a bot worth celebrating with something. (p.s. - we need the Ash man back dropping nuggets of WWR during this drop!!!).
A: I am always dropping nuggets, hopeful the SOTF chapter will satisfy, new bots, new characters and old fav’s get a reboot!

Q: I know the 1.5 Dropcloths are coming up soon.  One of my favorite is Slaughterhouse. Sadly I started collecting 3A figures after both the 1/6 and 1/12 had come out and went way up in price on the secondary market. Will you think about doing another Slaughterhouse Dropcloth? Also have Slaughterhouses made it into this new chapter of WWR? BTW LOVE the Strigoi! He is very well done and was well worth the wait. Thanks Ash. 
A: Thanks for the Strigoi comment, such a small run of toys, but one of my fav’s, I guess I can’t expect a new line without much story out there to attract a legion of fans, maybe over time, but Striggy is a fun fig! A new slaughter house is coming, because he is too Slaughtery not too!

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 DibzqdCt

Q: I noticed WWRp Wanpi Square for Toycon…does it mean that long wanted and desired WWRp Square set is coming?
A: Siu seemingly had hijacked the WWRp square army and has gone rogue with them, I have sent a Caesar mk2 after them all!

Q: Are there any Spawn WIP happening at your studio? Can you pretty please post some sneaky teasers?
A: It is, but just the same ol story, limited time, want to do it well, as that's the only reason to do it!

Q: You hinted several figures for 3AA members and that got me thinking, what scale are the 3AA 2015 membership figures? My first guess would be 3AGO!
A: or 3.5: format, really small format yo!

Q: Can you tell us the name of each member of TKYO? So often within the Legion they are referred to as “Baka-head" TKYO, "Soh-head" TKYO, etc. It would be great to finally know the name of each member.
A: Baka head etc is a cool way to refer to them. The TKYO will get their final curtain call soon, as some of you know the YO are not a goofy band really, but a covert ops team, 5 members are seen, many more behind the scenes!

Q: Do you plan to make more Nabler Guys? They are so mischievous and fun to play with!
A: Well, I kinda think the small run we shipped is it, do you want more Nabler guys, then make some noise !

Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Akt8ewst

Q: Do you still have thoughts about making larger than Large Martin bot –– Oscar?
A: I will see how the new WWR stuff sells, the costs are really high on large bots and NEEDS LOTS OF FAN SUPPORT! Have a new Bramble coming, also some Haroldy stuff for retail.

Q: Who is JJ McGee? Is he like an imaginary friend and companion?
A: Imaginary Whoa, JJ is like the biggest drug lord in the Paschaverse, don’t let the lack of movement and speech fool ya, everyone want to be in his crew in London. JJ McGEE hails from HK!

Q: Is there a running joke you have at home, which always makes you smile?
A: Mmm shit, we live on them here at 7174 and 3A, hard to explain in writing though.

Q: Would like to know, if you can share any progress on 24” tall Pascha or Tomorrow Kings?
A: 24” Pascha should be at Toysoul.. A super niche product, but one we really care about!

Q: Do you still have plans to make Plusso and Minos Friends of TK set or that idea evolved into something else?
A: Ha, I want that, but I fear maybe only you and me want it!

Q: Can you please share what Microman are you working on and what’s in the store for us with the next release?
A: Next up we have a rest of the world ( as the first release was Japan only for retail etc ) STRING DIVERS retail only release, more transparent colours and a solid black one, these should be hitting the retail market in Jan for pre-order, then we have my Hoodman take the THETA EXPLORER. And if all goes well a vehicle to jet around in, its up to the market!

Q: What is the hardest or most favorite game (console or PC) you ever played?
A: Mmmmm , arcade Zaxxon, couldn’t get my dumb ass brain around the controls, and when that rocket early in the first level appeared I was toast, regardless of how many attempts I tried, though in my defense I was young.

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Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Empty Re: Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood

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Session #46 11.01.2015

Q: Could you please let me know, if 3AA membership will give me buying window of some sort or everyone is equal in front of pre-made sales? And what about 3AA exclusives? Thank you Ashley! 
A: 3AA will give discount and access to special versions of the toys over the coming year, as many sales will always be 24 hours minimum a guaranteed window isn’t needed. And yes 3AA will always have first crack at all pre-made toys, they will still be limited, but only 3AA will leave access at first, then any unsold will go general sale.

Q: I want to commit to 3AA Membership again this year but I would love to know if there will be any 3A IP AP figures so that I can use my discount?
A: There will be some, but historically only you buy them from Bambaland. And the rest buy from retailers. But I joke, so far the support is from the wilds of retail for AP stuff, always wondered why, but I guess that's just how it is. We plan to re-up the WWR 1/12th stuff this year, old and new etc. We still have the Scene packs as well. Long story short, some will be Bamba, some retail. It's hard to give a concrete answer, so I would defer from the 3AA if that is your path!

Q: Do you plan to offer some sort of 3AA exclusive KLUBS this year?
A: Yup, it's fun, doesn’t make any difference to sales, but it makes it different and that's what I’m about!

Q: How high is the 3AGO NOM BERTIE MK2, really curious how it would look next to my Bertie MK 2.1?
A: 8.2 inches, dwarfs the WWRp version.
Q: Please tell me more about JJ McGee and why does he love me?
A: He loves you in all the ways you like, and ways you never knew existed, he will always back you up in a pop culture debate even if you're majorly wrong! Apart from that he runs the rival drug business in the East End of London, Isobelle Pascha’s father is the major gangster in that part of the world!
Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 1420777582574
Q: What is the significance of the types of birds used to title the series of art books that you produce and curate?
A: Just a lyrical way to string the books together in a loose collective.

Q: Will the DROP-POD include in any DC1.5 future release (other colourways release)? looking forward to this, coz after securing DDV2 and Mechanic, I can’t buy Civic DC due to membership drop on 15th... my budget are tight for now, but I want that DROP-POD?
A: Not sure to be honest, I sure would like to though!

Q: Any military manhunter (spec ops) Terran units designated to react to threats like Nom de Plume or other heavy hitters? Would love to see a Spec Ops grunt for SOTF.
A: The Shitty9 is a group out together to combat the NOM, but yea, as the NOM become a bigger threat to the Earth league, the response is always bigger and heavy weapons, that includes soldiers as well!
Q: Is Bertie MK2 DD V2 coming with ammo tank solely or perhaps there is lighter back engine as well for Machete & pistol mode?
A: Only one back pack as stated online, the lighter back pack is a different member..

Q: Are we going to see photos of next 1/6th scale Berties DD2 figures or they will be sold based on art?
A: Hope so, kinda tight at the moment ( Chinese New year is looming and we have so much to cover before it hits ) to sample them up. 3A is lucky to get support for unseen toys, but I understand those who don’t want to participate in that as well!

Q: Did Bertie MK2 DD V2 raise enough support to come with new severed heads?
A: Have to see, just tallying orders now, the large toys are not easy sells, actually nothing is, but I hope we can throw a head in, DD is kinda emo with his heads!
Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 WWR_SOTF_DD_V2
Q: What MK2 Berties colorways you plan to make, besides Dirty Deeds and Civic Defence? Any chance of Warbot one day?
A: Warbot will come out under a ZvR line, and soon!

Q: Did Herbert/Spencer steal Rothchild’s schematics to make the upcoming Alberto model? The H/S designs we’ve seen so far look very Rothchild in their aesthetics, will we see any radically different-looking designs?
A: Steal is a harsh word, inspired more like, H/S understand that change must be gradual and almost invisible.

Q: What kinda music do UKTK and UKTQ listen to?
A: I can totally picture them rocking out to Discharge, Judas Priest, Crass, Danzig, and Black Flag! Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks, Sham 69, Joy Division, X-Ray Spex etc. They are rooted in the early punk, not so much the metal/US punk stuff. Good ol Judas Priest, that's a name I have not heard since, before the c….

Q: Is there anything you can share about WWR SOTF Birdcage? So intrigued about it! 
A: It’s a heavy duty transport bot basically you can load it up with much stuffs and it will always deliver, also can tow shit, it's handy in battle too, quick on its feet, can kick down walls, or kick in doors with ease etc. There are cannon mounted versions, and ret conned hybrids for other types of jobs. H/S don’t lock down their robots like Rothy did, they are open source in all aspects!
Q: If Alberto is the last of the Bertie heritage in the WWR story, does that mean there’s no chance for the previously mentioned Bertie MK4, Bertie Fatty MK6, FLAK Bertie, Bertie Hammerhead and Bertie +?
A: I never said he was last ? Did I? There are many Berties, but to be honest only you guys can make them happen by supporting the line. The large robots are a break even affair at the best of times! In a meta way you guys are the Earth and Mars factions buying the bots, and 3A is Rothchild or H/S selling them. Our fortunes rise and fall on you! Alberto is a H/S robot, not Bertie lineage etc.
Q: Do the Civic Berties or Dropcloth play the same role or do some of them carry specific kit for other purposes (some with gat, some with say a baton and shield)?
A: Their role is to crack the heads of anyone the Civic league believe is a threat to their plans for harmony. They all have different weaponry for different threat levels, but a Civic Bertie has been know to use a Gat on an overly loud dog that it considers is countering harmony etc..
Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 WWR_SOTF_Civic_Def_6pack
Q: During the period that all TKs vanish, we figure that all the TQs are also gone. So, are there TQ EDOs? Girl bot with a big gun sounds pretty awesome.
A: TQ’s do vanish as well, though no EDO style bots have ever been seen. I think a TQ with a gatling gun would be great!

Q: What is going to be next Microman release?
A: String Divers for the region that didn’t get the initial release, which was region locked! Basically a transparent wave, you will see soon, about to drop the promo for them, the boxes are cool, agh you will see!!

Q: Would you be interested in designing War Machine from Iron Man?
A: I would, might get to it, but with so many in dev, and so many to do, and man, there are so many Iron Man toys around now, do we need one more? I mean I would rather have a Skrull, the Crimson Dynamo, hell I would rather have a Kingpin figure before another Iron Man toy! Next week Ash releases War Machine and 100 variants… Smile

Q: Recently you mentioned that you had made a Hatchery Guard TQ already, any chance for a Bamba release of her?
A: The fan support would definitely be there for that drop. Sure, shouts to Siu, load up the HATCHERY TQ! Speaking of the fans, the TK/TQ fans have been so supportive over the years, to have been able to make so many and still have vibrant support is so unusual in this quickly in and out of favour world. I am a lucky fucker!

Q: The Strigoi is the best threeA fig I have gotten in long time, so good! Much like the first time I had a TK or Plume in hand it’s a instant classic. Feels like you really went out on a limb with this design and it worked out so well (hope that made sense), please push the expectations of what figure can be like this in coming year. Again well fuckin done! *claps* its so different compared to the rest of my collection and I am now even more excited for more Evenfall!
In the evidence book we see "parasite Vietnam longworm" ver  and it looks like a infected hume but stomach is all tentacles, be a cool fig... bendy tentacles, wire inside. Are there diff types of parasites/infections that will be figures as well? Looking forward to the totem thug bot, how about the 1/6 OG thug bot? Will that happen as well? How about a totem agent 1/6 figure? Agent Ash perhaps? Also can we a 2nd chance at the 0g thug kit next time there is a Evenfall order, put that up as well? Still plan on making 1/35 scale Strigoi's kits?
A: So glad you liked the Strigoi, I really thought it was a great toy, but alas the charms of a new line didn’t seem to work that well with his release, shit takes time. But at least you have a great toy that there are not many of. There will be a re-issue of the Strigoi at Bamba next month with the helmet, so I hope there is some support there! March will see the release of the THUG BOT. Then another alien and a TOTEM SWAT!
Q: Would you be interested in making The World of Isobelle Pascha figures, using chunkier/fatter body?
A: Yes, I love the chunky body, toy and life, but the initial Isobelle figures are all true to their form, but the World of Iso just isn’t them, ISOBELLE is a pillar of 3A and 2015 will see the line expand to different female and male characters! Our Frederator toys have a nice chunky feel, our love of the female form in all guises, don’t get me started!!!!!
Q: Ash will you please bring back the Nabler guys? If possible sell them as a complete set along with the single blind box sale?  I really love the first release design they are simple but completely awesome.  Oh and not to forget can you make them smile instead of frown, I would love the iconic smile Nabler guy.  Thank you for your time. 
A: I dig the Nabler guys, I think a new round of them is needed! I really enjoyed drawing the faces on them at shows, the all white ones, fun lil fuckers! Nabler Gal is needed too.. Glad some of you like them, felt a little alone in my like for the stranger toys...
Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Nabler_Guy
Q: Hey Ash! Can you please tell us if there will be any Martian colorways with the new Bertie and Dropcloth run or any Martian colorways in 2015 in general?
A: Yes, yesssssss, YUP, absolutely !!!

Q: Do you have any confirmed pre-order plans Mega Zomb sale? Is it going to be one colorway or different singles and perhaps sets?
A: There will be a few, but it's huge, a big ass toy! As we like to have the toys ready to go, all molds are done now, he is a little delayed, but soon !

Q: Can you fill us in on why the Shosuke shipping box is labeled as Kensaku? Another Underverse TK to come along soon or some inside joke lost in translation?
A: I dunno, I didn’t make that box! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN.

Q: If threeA had the opportunity to make a swamp thing or man-thing 1/6 figure in your style which one would you make? The rubber skin used on either of those would be cool to cover joints.
A: Swamp Thing!

Q: Any interest or plans in working with George Miller and Warner Bros. on Mad Max: Fury Road figures? The newest trailer has created a lot of excitement for the film, and the overall Mad Max series has such a rich visual style, it feels like a good fit for 3A to me.
A: I wanted to, and asked, but I guess Georgy didn't want to or didn’t hear. Been great for an Australian to rock them though.. oh well.

Q: Are we gonna see a new Adventure Kartel JC? Maybe a Risen JC or Resurrected JC? Coming back to life and being even more bad ass? I’m just trying to get a new JC here!!!!!!
A: Every year must have a new JC, as the years pass JC gets frustrated, adds more tats and ups his carnage, the figure has to represent!
Q: Will a regular version of 10” Little Shadow be offered alone or only in a two-pack with Tommy. I’ve already got a Tommy, but not a 10” Shadow. Also - when she going up for sale?
A: Singles will be available, don’t wanna force you to ever buy the On the Run Tommy!
Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 %22
Q: Do you have any favorite colorways/fractions in WWR and what are they?
A: I like them all, fond of the pink ones, the bright colours etc, but then I always dig the dark too!

Q: I am thinking about Ankous here…anymore in the works? Panda Merc Ankou perhaps?
A: I have a Panda Ankou, Pandas everywhere !

Q: I know that you love music and really interested, what’s your song/band discovery of the last month? And speaking about music, what band you would choose for WWR main soundtrack?
A: Last month – I would say, not really a new discovery, but someone that really clicked was Ariel Pink. WWR, maybe Handel!a.

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Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Empty Re: Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood

Post by gimbat Mon Feb 01, 2016 3:34 pm

Session #47 25.01.2015

Q: Really excited about a ZvR headered 1/6 Warbot! Can you tell us about what accessories it'll come with?
A: Guns and starfish for now, Warbot travels light!
Q: Will the 3A Parade line continue? And what might be the next release?
A: Yes, Me and friends… er I mean SIU, we are on it! (Hi Greg ) Next release is the SEA FIGHT SET with ol' Apple Hair and co, Faust and Garland are set to enter the EURODEATH SONG CONTEST! PARADE WAS A HIGHLIGHT OF 2014, me and Siu have many plans for more Parade!
Q: Will you ever release the Mr. 71 figure in another scale? 1/12 or 3ago perhaps? Maybe a little corona bottle accessory yo!
A: Mm I think we have had about enough of that Kunt-sler… BUT a 1/12th in a bottle would be cool...
Q: Curious what is happening on Kuntsler meetings? Are you working on some sort of short movie or animation by any chance?
A: Bunch of Kunts-slers talking about death, destruction, night eating day and sour dough. Pretty standard stuff.
Q: We recently found out that TKs are cloned on a home planet, called Jomon. Are TQ's also made there, or do they have their own home world?
A: TQ’s are from another world!
Q: Will we get more info concerning the NOM please? I was curious as to the meaning of the 9 dot symbol, 3 dot symbol, and triquetra as seen in the membership pack this year. Any reason why you chose those symbols to represent NOM?
A: The dots represent the corp’s, the trinity symbols embodies the main doctrine of the NOM, which is balance, the trinity represents MIND, SPIRIT and BODY.
Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 3AA_2015
Q: A little over a year ago you mentioned a third and final Blind Cowboy set. I think you said Undead Blind Cowboy if my memory serves. Will there be a possibility that he may come to light in 2015 or is that maybe a future plan.
A: I want to, not sure if there is a market, really hard to know these things, the design is there… you guys want this?
Q: You mentioned a new Adventure Kartel Sunday 4-pack a short while ago. I was wondering if the 4-pack will be the same characters as the Saturday Adventure (Tommy, Little Shadow, Zombot, Zomb) or we might see a change in the lineup. (Johan perhaps?)
A: The new set has Tommy, Shadow, JOHAN Safari Fuck Star, and a Zomb Merc called Minzi. Coming soon to 3AA members!
Q: Will the next WWR EVOL Dirty Deeds Bertie MK2 be a small arms engine ver? Any idea as to when that will go on sale? I imagine getting another in while hatchery are making the Civic and DD Berties would be good? Any chance one of the new DD's will have a stork eye and poncho?
A: Small engine, soon as we have a sample, so you guys have a good idea of the final, I hate to use art, but it was what it was, love you for backing me up. Mid to late Feb for second Dirty! mmm maybe a poncho, if we can make it cool looking, not so easy!
Q: Is jungle prophet Rothchild the same as Evol Roth or does he change his look as jungle prophet? Such as –  beard, rusty robo arm and cammy poncho? No longer as clean cut?
A: Nope, the names like Jungle Prophet are given by others, Roth is crazy, but he ain’t mad.
Q: I'm very excited for the new coming characters and situations from WOIP. I wanted to save up for that! Can you please tell us more information on that and what’s next (eg, how many female/male)? Thank you.
A: We have Bambi soon, ISO’s greatest nemesis and competition. Then French the first male character in the series for new characters. We also have SCI-SPY ISO 2 pack, and bits and pieces. We have a CNY MIYU for 3AA members soon too. ISO is a pillar of ThreeA, so expect much this year!
Q: Ash any updates on Die Antwoord Donker figures? Will we see them this year and when first teaser might go up?
A: Early March, rats rule as they say!
Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Donker
Q: Are you still interested in doing the art (and not only the covers) for a writer's comic series or are those days long gone?
A: Long gone, my time is only for ideas or TP. Not enough time to do it all, so I pick my words.. Anyway never get offered Batman…sigh.
Q: Getting excited about the Girl Neptune and Blind Nabler sets that should be coming around soon. What do you think the likelihood is, of seeing the Miss and Mrs. set in 2015?
A: If I can make it great and compelling without showing their faces etc. be a fun set, need to print the second book too!
Q: Ash, I really crave for Bramble in 1/6th scale, any chance of it happening? I know that many are feeling the same. Some new weapons would be Über-cooll! And perhaps new armor plates, like on WWRp Cavalry Bramble version?
A: You are in luck it’s coming!
Q: Hey Ash can we please get Hemingway in 1/6 and 1/12? Please!
A: 1/6th would be great.. Ok you twisted my arm!
Q: WWRp Cavalry Bramble is beautiful, do you have plans for Bambaland version or other WWRp Brambles at Bamba in general?  
A: Thinking on it regarding a Bamba version, have to say getting the WWRp version was great, still a great figure, so much character, expect more!
Q: I love 1:1 Eddy the Cat, absolutely amazing! Do you have plans to make more and put them up for Bamba?
A: There will be a limited selection offered sometime soon, different colours though, representing cats I have had or have known!
Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Eddy
Q: Will the long awaited WF Armstrong see any design changes or new weapon? Are Armstrongs prevalent in EVOL and SOTF? Will you ever do a new version of the Armstrong, like MK2?
A: Still looking for it….
Q: Myself and some of the other WWR fans have noticed some of the recent bots have been a little less grimy and are worried this is a continuing trend.  Is this just happenstance with the nature of recent releases or has the era of filthy bots ended?  
A: Some are filthier than others, depending on the corp and locale. No trends at 3A, just the way some are!
Q: Are you a fan of the Punisher? Will Frank be making an appearance in the Marvel line?
A: Yup! This year.
Q: Are there any plans regarding WWR supersets this year? Could we please have the date in advance, so we could save some funds and support it?
A: We have them figured, just need to figure out the dates, we are going to start giving the coming month in advance starting in the next newsletter, anymore than a month ahead and too much can change at 3A!
Q: Hey Ash! Which is the strongest and most powerful TK? And which one is your favorite?
A: EMPEROR TK, sword only had one strike in it, but what a strike, cut a planet in half or make waves felt in Heaven and Hell!
Q: In regard to Evenfall: Can you give a hint as to what we will see in terms of other aliens and their looks? Will there be different kinds of robots to fight different kinds of aliens?
A: I have ideas for many, but have to move slow, the first alien release was very limited in ordering, but now it's out there, there is more interest and as mentioned, we will release a remix version next month, then the THUG robot, then a TOTEM Swat, and see where we are at after that, I have loads of ideas for this series!
Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 EVENFALL_T.H.U.G
Q: Hi guys! Judge Death looks awesome and looking forward to 2000AD figures! My question is do you have any plans on making Rogue Trooper in 1/12? That will be sweet! Any chance of seeing Hammerstein and Joe Pineapples this year?
A: It will come down to how much support there is for the line, if the support continues we would like to make them all! Would love to make the Gronk for SDCC.. too cool
Q: Can we please have a teaser for what is in the next wave of the retail AP line?
A: I wish the interest in AP translated into sales Smile but we have AK series 2, WWR and some TK’s for Bamba and retail!
Q: Ash, two-sided question: Nabler's drooly smiles are so iconic. Is there a reason why Nabler Guys didn't feature this smile? only straight mouth and frowns... And may we have a Wave 2 in 2015, this time with drooly smiles, maybe a 2-pack with one of those pretty ladies they like to hump.
A: Coz that's the way he was feeling, BUT he is feeling better, and had allowed us to offer a new series soon, with a smile… which is the scariest NAB GUY of the all! I think a Lady is needed to kick them all in their asses!
Q: Will the Caesar that comes with Evol Rothchild (Battlechild) be rusted and dirty or clean and slick?
A: Dirty, it's a field bot!
Q: Do you have another WWR book lined up for 2015? And if you don’t mind, couple you please tell what books you and T.P work at the moment?
A: Well Beautiful War will arrive soon, then we have GREAT THINGS OF OUR TIMES later on. We are also dabbling in a Pascha strip too.

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Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Empty Re: Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood

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Session #48 08.02.2015

Q: Could you please tell a bit more about updated 1/6th scale male bodies? Would love to see the engineering closer!  
A: Just a retooled mold, so much tighter in joints, etc. The older one had seen a lot of action, as some of you had noticed!
Q: Will we see the fabled life size bot head hand bags this year?
A: Yes, these projects just take a while, if I worked on just one thing, much quicker, but as I have many many hats, and many projects, things take a while, worth the wait though!
Q: Is there something more you can share about new EVENFALL alien figure? Really excited here!
A: It's a re-release of the first, different name and colour now with helmet as that seemed well received on the black version, after the T.H.U.G. BOT there is a new version of the alien to go with the TOTEM SWAT.
Q: Looking forward to see 2nd Dirty Deeds Bertie! This February right?
Q: I was wondering if we can get any hints as to what's coming this year from Adventure Kartel?
A: We have the new Little Shadow sale next week, with some friends, then it's the MEGA Zomb, then the FUCKING FUCKERS characters will get their release!
Q: Now that Gorillaz are reforming, PLEASE grab em and make us some groovy as fuck 1/6 scale figures? And vehicles!
A: I would rather do my own animated band and toys!
Q: Ash, what's the latest on your Spawn project with Todd? Do you have several characters lined up or does it all depend on how well Spawn does?
A: Working on Hellspawn, it's more a labor of love, just want to make the best Spawn toys, there is no rush, just a need to make an epic figure!
Q: Any upcoming figures planned for WBR past William Best and Squidicorn? Any pics, info or blurs of William Best you can tease us with?
A: 3AGO William Best very soon!
Q: Are sets of clothes, which you mentioned a while ago in the works for The World Of Isobelle Pascha figures? Or that’s for 24” Pascha now?
A: 24”.
Q: So, the Mortis Sweeper bot has sparked some excitement! How big (tall) will this figure be, comparable to a past release (human size, Dr. Doom size, Popbot, Mars, etc. . . )?
A: 12.5” tall, they hang with TK hunters.
Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 3A_blurry
Q: Hi Ash! I love the Pascha with the bangs hair style on your Instagram just few days ago! Can you please tell us is she upcoming Bambi? Thank you!
A: Yup that's Bambi on sale in March.
Q: Will you be coming to the Adelaide Oz Comic-Con or Supernova this year? Would love to meet you and talk about Action Portable!  
A: Um dunno, have not been invited….cue the violins!
Q: Last August in the Q&A, you said that "Mo Prostrate, 5 bros, new Popbot, (and) Andy are all in production". How is the progress coming with these, and can we expect some of them for 2015 release? The call for toy versions of mainstay Popbot characters is definitely on the rise these days. Are there any others currently in production?  
A: All are moving along, but when I’m the guy responsible for 90% of the output here, it's slow going, but that's better than me just having others design my stuff right, wouldn’t be authentic Ash shit!
Q: Recently a bot (Cavalry bramble) and TK (Deathmask) using skull logo similar with the pirate ship flag, makes me wonder, do Pirate TK exist in Popbot universe?
A: Nope, skulls just look cool, and have long been associated with fighting, war and death, soothing the TK and WWR all know very well!
Q: Do you have anything to share about TK Classics and your plans on reviving the line?
A: The retail ones on sale next week are TK classics, the initial run got side tracked by the Seven Bone ensemble !
Q: When's the next NOM sale and is it going to be the Astro NOM?
A: This year sometime, Astro NOM is a while off.
Q: Are there plans to make full Devil Bot and/or Soot Diver figures? Would love to get some 1/6 bodies attached to those severed heads!
A: Always plans.
Q: Love H&S Alberto, so good! Is there a WF version or because they work for Roth they have no need of H&S? Do H&S supply to factions now as well since Roth fled moon? Are H&S MOD?
A: HS are the main supplier of new robots for war, but the majority of the battlefield is still the Rothchild brand. WF is Rothchild's group, always have been, Rothy knew how shit would go down, and planned in advance!
Q: Can you tell us what is on your radar in 2015 for other characters like:
The Downside
The Gallow
Public Opinion
I would love to see some more baddies in the AK world!   
A: See the Fucking Fucker answer.
Q: Really curious here about retail Tomorrow Kings. So far you shared one, but mentioned that two are coming. Can we please see the second one?
A: 2 TK 2 TQ, will show this coming week!
Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Retail_tk
Q: Are you guys going to NYTF this month or perhaps planning to have some toys on the display there?
A: Not really anything, we enjoyed our time at the show last year, but it was kinda apparent it's not our scene and the cost vs outcome doesn’t add up. NYC is the best part, I miss that!
Q: Yo, will Peppermint Grove buyers still get a crack at the promised Mortis bot head sale? What's a bot hunter without her severed-head throne to sit on!
A: Of course, not long, we have not forgotten this!
Q: Are all Tomorrow Kings generally positive characters or there are some batshit crazy and evil types among them?
A: Oh there are less than stellar TK, as the have been seen, many TK fall from the path, but that's ok, that's life! In fact many of the less than stellar TK are their best fighters and leaders!
Q: Hi Ash, I really like the Newel Medic bots in WWR. Will we ever see a surgical robot used out in the field to patch up VIPs or something like that. Maybe with lots of little arms for scalpels and syringes and little pincers... oh and guns, definitely some guns on there too.
A: Mmm most robots in the WWR are military , or industrial in nature, the delicacy of surgery is still carried out by the humes, etc. A field surgeon would be cool though!
Q: Do you have any plans for 1/12th scale Rothchild?
A: I would like to see everything in 1/12th, I’m the guy that pushes of this scale, just need a new way of selling, the price point puts many off, but the cost of making them is really high. I think most assume smaller means cheaper, not when you make them like us! If were selling 10000 of each, the price would be much lower, but we shall continue to think on it, the AK retail set did ok, that's an avenue we shall keep exploring!
Q: Any chance you'll make a figure of the Bear you've been drawing recently?
A: No chance.
Q: Have you thought about offering new severed feet/legs from Ashley Wood Collection?
A: Always, have a new LTD leg ready to sell soon, the clear one, and the tat leg.  
Q: Will we see all 7Bones in 1/12th or you will bring them to 3AGO scale eventually?
A: I imagine a box set one day, I really wish there was more support for the 1/12th scale, I would be making the stuff 24/7, but the main interest is 1/6th, where all the 1/12th fans at!
Q: We saw the 24" Isobelles, do you have a 24" TK prototype or will it depends of how well the Pascha sells? If you do, can you please share it with us?
A: If it was about sales, I would release a TK first, but I wanted a 24” Pascha , the idea of making really well tailored clothing and such was the appeal there. There will be 24” TK’s, this year, looking forward to them as well!
Q: Can you please show a wee tease of Steel Age Batman? Do you have a rough idea of when you hope to have this on Bamba?
A: Very soon, and then a monthly figure from my DC universe, spent some time developing a new body for them, can’t just use a normal 1/6th body on them etc.
Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood  - Page 2 Steel_Age

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