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Q&A with Ash from H3ADLINES newsletter

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Q&A with Ash from H3ADLINES newsletter Empty Q&A with Ash from H3ADLINES newsletter

Post by gimbat on Wed Jun 10, 2015 11:23 am


Q: Do the Kruschev Guard employ prisoners into their ranks? What I'm getting at is, would we ever see tattoo'd up prison bots or vor style soldiers?
Ash: Sure bots can tatted up to compliment or show the allegiance. I think they would look great like this! Though the KG are very particular about members, they would see a prisoner as a fail as at some point he or she was captured, thus showing less than stellar skills!

Q: In the Adventure Kartel Shadow Empire newsletter you dropped a new name, the Merc bot - King Size. What is his story? Is he the same character as the combat trainer, King Cockler?
Ash: King Size is another vet from the bot wars STAR SWAMP MASSACRE to be exact, a merc for hire, an odd jobs robot if you will! King Cockler is a weapons master and king of shit and beat downs. Probably Tommy should have asked the Cockler…

 Q: Is the GID ghost Rothchild an indication that he will die during EVOL or do you have a different story behind why there is a GID Roth?
Ash: A part of Roth dies, for sure! War does that, stuff dies inside, while trying to keep the other stuff alive.

Q: What was the motivation to use the Rainbow Jersey for AK Johan's shirt?  Normally given to the World Champion in several cycling disciplines once a year, is Johan into pro cycling?
Ash: Oh, right, Johan is a gay robot, and likes to front his rainbow shirt to show his colors, I thought this was common knowledge? Now you can ask, how can a robot be gay, for which there isn’t an answer, it's just how it is. Shadow hand picked Johan for his job, taking into account his skills with a Banana! Johan is tough tough mutha, he is the bot that saved the day in the Robot Island debacle and brought all our so called heroes home! I kinda see him as rocking tennis chic with a subtle shout out to Warhol/Velvets via his banana.


Q: The DD's are brutal and merciless, but are the DDv2 also more skilled in combat, more crafty, sneaky and overall more bad-ass than the average Bertie Mk2?
Ash: The V2 are much more advanced and independent, having N.O.M tech and teachings make them a bigger threat to Rothchild than ever.
Q: Who is leading the DDv2 squad?
Ash: Nom de Plume has command of them as much as any human can command a pack of wolves, you're in command till you're not! The original DD were found by NOM de Plume, who brought them back to the Supreme N.O.M, as they were considered a special kind of bot, the N.O.M have a way of communicating with robots and were much impressed by their singular vision of hunting down Rothy. As mentioned before, NOM de Plume sensed that there was more to the DD when he came across them!
Q: Is there any particular reason N.O.M sends the DD after Roth again? It does seem so ironic that, again, he is hunted by them like no matter what a date with destiny has been set and Roth will be facing them. Is that the Supreme's idea of comedy?
Ash: DD and Roth are entwined by destiny, the DD won't stop until they hold his head high. Rothchild knows of all this, the DD coming back to Earth, the N.O.M getting involved, Rothchild and N.O.M are polar opposites, Rothchild is Darwin, N.O.M IS Nietzsche.
Q: Will this upgraded version of the Deeds see new weapons load outs more suited for the jungle territories? Possibly flame throwers or chainsaws?
Ash: The DDV2 will have new weapons, but that depends on the support, can’t make the 12 if no one is buying.


Q: About the F-legion Cyborgs, what part of them is still human? Their brains? Please tell us more about them I'm dying to know more! They are such cool characters!
Ash: Brains, the rest is metal, especially their hearts. They were made to be robots though, only on the rare occasion when a F-Legion head has the brains seen, and everyone goes, oh shit, there be brains in that head. The tribe of F-legion is one I have thought on many times, maybe it's time to release some more members ! Glad ya dig em!

Q: What's next in store for 3A Publishing in 2015? Are there any new and upcoming artists who's work you're enjoying? Or books planned from some of your peers and friends?
Ash: Well the publishing is a for the love only affair, even when selling all copies it breaks even at best. We have only the one outlet to sell and are not set up for much more beyond that. But saying that, we will have the first issue of William Wray's oversized comic HAPPY COMICS ready for SDCC, more from me, Phil Hale, Siuyin, and Crystal-Jade Vaughan! IDW will also be publishing many things from me and 3A, from a new art book series, a large hardcover Pascha book, the Starling series, an ongoing String Divers comic, and actually quite a bit more...

Q: I'm so excited about Donker! How did the collaboration with Die Antwoord come about?
Ash: Free spirits haunt the same graveyards!

Q: Any updates on Mrs Shadow or when might we see a glimpse of the final figure for the AKlub members?
Ash: Well this is how it is, I designed and had a sample way back in the day, but I just didn’t like it after all was said and done. That's my internal QC speaking. If I don’t think "fuck, this is cool!" then it probably isn’t and I junk it. So I went back and redid it, you guys will see soon!

Q: Will we see some more classic Popbot figures this year? I'm dying for an Andy or Misty Slush or even Les Mort!
Ash: I'm only one man, I do this and the rest every day man, never does a day pass without me pushing somewhere. If I could get the mentioned characters out any sooner I would, If I could do better I would! But I'll say this, I was talking to Howard from How to Work this past weekend about Les Mort and maybe working together on re-vamped version, we shall see!

Q: What role do the Fallen play in SOTF?  
Ash: They are the shadow cast by NOM, their opposite reflection, their job is chaos, to retard light, to corrupt, their mission is the same as it always has been throughout the ages!


Q: Congrats on getting Star Wars! What are you most looking forward to putting your spin on? Does this mean we'll finally see those 1/12th Stormies?
Ash: I'm kinda excited about making a heavy blaster rogue Jawa, but actually I’m kinda excited by it all! Of course the Stormy, Vader, the Bounty Hunters, more obscure stuff too… I'm very fortunate to have this opportunity!

Q: What's next for WBR? Will Saturn have a new headsculpt? Needs me some more two foot spring loaded bots!  
Ash: Saturn is more than just a head! You will see soon, WBR is a fun line, and hopefully I can continue to make a collection that rivals the Shogun Warriors of old!
Q: I've always wondered how long does it actually take to develop a toy from initial design, to prototype, to tooling, to the image is up on the blog? 
Ash: It has taken anything from weeks to years, many things affect it, from my mood to technical or just lack of man hours. It's a funny ol' thing toy design and production, no real way to know, just jump and in see what happens!
Q: Any chance of making a little figure of the boy and his buddy bot from the current ZvR series? 
Ash: I would like to! Not long til a new Warbot!

Q: Anything you're reading right now you'd recommend? 
Ash: Anything by Robert A. Heinlein, Story of O, and early occult investigation books by Andrew Collins. Oh and also a cool book on Australian Poltergeist’s called funnily enough Australian Poltergeist…

Who or what is Fong John and what role do they play in WWR?
Ash: Fong John is an exiled commander that has taken it upon himself to make trouble for all sides!

Who do the Wanpi Squares fight for?
Ash: Trouble, broken phones, crazy friends, Singha, and elephants inside snakes!

Outside of Deimos, what factions are considered Martian?
Ash: MDL...

Will most figures see a retail variant or exclusive? Is TK Hunter gonna have a retail colorway?
Ash: Depends. TK Hunter will have a variant at retail!

What's Gala Milk? Some sorta new collaboration with Milk Magazine?
Ash: Nope, it's a new company that will deal in specific figures and apples. Gala Milk is its own thing, of course there are ties to 3A, but as it goes it will have its own new lines and outlook. As an artist I want to try different things, this is one of them!

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Q&A with Ash from H3ADLINES newsletter Empty Re: Q&A with Ash from H3ADLINES newsletter

Post by gimbat on Wed Jun 10, 2015 11:49 am

Q: Super stoked about the announcement about the String Divers comic. Will it be a mini series or ongoing? I have no clue what to expect, what can readers look forward to?
Ash: Well we are all hoping ongoing, but as in all things, it’s up to the support of you guys! I think the readers can look forward to fun sci-fi adventures as the conflict and worlds are revealed. I always enjoy working with Chris, and if all goes well this will be the first in a series of comics we make together!

Q: Who are the String Divers? What do they do? Are there going to be lady String Divers?
Ash: All will be revealed in the comic, but in short the String Divers are a group fighting an enemy that is systematically destroying parallel universes in an attempt to snuff out life, an oldie but a goodie!

Q: Maybe it's a ways off, I dunno, but will William Best be in 3AGO scale or 1/12th scale? Do you think we'll see him come out this year or maybe potentially released with Saturn? Any chance of making a WBR comic?
Ash: 3AGO scale for him! Willy Best will be this year, Saturn is next and wave 2 of the 3AGO series! Regarding the comic, above all I know the stories and art are the driving force in all things, and we are planning to follow this path balls deep. Yes WBR will get a comic, as will all of our main stays. Me, Brent and Greg just had a meeting about this yesterday and have some cool stuff planned!

Q: Will there be a new female 3AGO body?  
Ash: I hope so, and a new male body too, it’s a slow growth thing, we need to ship the first wave out, let you guys see how much fun they are and move from there. Regarding the 3AGO Wave One - not long now, just waiting for packaging and they will be arriving at your homes soon!

Q: Are we going to see AP Mumbs? Such a great design; I'd love some pocket-sized versions.
Ash: We will be showing off our next 1/12th wave at the Thai Toy Expo, keep an eye out! Glad you dug the Mumb, I’m very fond of it!

Q: Finally was able to track down Brambleton Statue (absolutely chuffed) and can't help but wish it was articulated. Any plans to revisit that classic design and make a sixth scale toy?
Ash: I would like to, how many of you guys want it? I’m willing to make this stuff, but I need to know where you guys are at! Don’t wanna plan a concert and 3 people arrive. All the robots are sooooo costly to develop and manufacture, so it’s always a large risk! Brambleton? Up to you!

Q: What're you most looking forward to releasing this quarter?  
Ash: The Last TK, ULTRON, 24” PASCHA’S, NEW STRING DIVER, the next 1/12th Wave... Lots I guess!

Q: What’s Zomb MD’s deal? Why’s he gotta make trouble and turn everybody into Zombs? What’d the Mission family ever do to him to put that bug up his ass? 
Ash: It’s more the other way, the Mission family have a bug up their collective asses about MD, though typically any adventurer will always fall on the side of dislike for the psychotic! Zomb MD! Reason for being is like all great villains - tragic, but for now, a mystery. The piss and vinegar level needed to sustain his level of hate for all living things is quite extraordinary and awsome to sniff at, truly his greatest power is the sustained emo he has attained, maybe Tommy should shave a chat to him about it!

Q: Who creates the elixir and drugs that make the Oracle Zombs speak? Is there someone above manipulating all the changes and dealing these elements into that world?
Ash: Zomb MD creates the juice that powers all Zombs, in the case of the Oracle it’s introduced into their limited system (head) via the feeding canister. Zomb MD is the brains behind the MD Empire with the help of his loverly nurses of course!

Q: Is the Meta-Popbot just a bit of fun to make some figures of the creators involved at 3A? Will we see a Kim TK or Ms74 TQ? Are there other staff you wanna make toys of?
Ash: Popbot is a meta story, it doesn’t just follow a classic fiction narrative, much of the story exists outside what is seen as fiction. The meta line won’t be for parody or just because, the characters are pivotal and not throw away at all. So don’t expect to see anything that won’t appear in the comic or just for shits or giggles!

Q: What factions do Herbert and Spencer adopt? Will there be multiple faction options for Alberto when he gets released?
Ash: Always! As H/S release their company cannot survive by supporting one faction, the robots cost a lot to make for a single outing!

Q: I always see you say make some noise, show the support, but how? Who do we need to talk to? Or- more importantly - what do you need the legion to do to show the support is there? I desperately want to see that Brambleton happen and for the Bertie mk2 to see every colorway imaginable (mmm like the Caesar sale of yore) and especially a Stealth or Medic Dropcloth 1.5 and I think there are enough people out there that would buy them! Kickstarter? Polls? Petitions?
Ash: Well it’s kinda hard to answer, as to show support is quite a nebulous request. Ever since Nom De Plume there has been nothing but support, 3A is built on that support, the Legion, that passion. 

I’m not fond of Kickstarter, we have always delivered on toys even when the sales have missed the financial waypoints, I don’t and won’t offer toys and then say sorry, not enough want it, it won’t happen. Seems counter productive to me. So I’m not asking for that, I guess I’m saying on the most basic level if we are to make more say 1/6th WWR robots, then we at 3A have to see there is a market, whether you guys want them, so we don’t take a bullet on them. On many of the large WWR we have taken hits. I love making them, but there is a point where Kim and me go, well maybe this is silly, all this work and $$ and we don’t break even, eventually that will kill us.

It’s hard to tell what will work and what doesn’t and normally I just follow my heart and go with what feels right, stuff you think has the support and interest flops, and stuff you think well this isn’t gonna fly really shines through like Pascha of example. We have support, I guess I mean if say you all wanted a 1/6th Gravedigger Bramble, keep telling us, e-mail, Facebook us, let us know, and we can see if it's possible!

Over the last 7 years the support for 3A has been stunning and I’m grateful for the chance the chance to make and offer what we have!

Q: Where do Zombots fit into the equation? Security? Myths? Joke gone too far? Speaking of - any plans for more Zombots? Maybe ones with articulated hands?
Ash: Zombots are just that, like Zombs are infected with a virus, Zombots with a code based infection in their case. As we have a film in dev with them, no one else can claim such a mighty title/name! If the powers that be don’t seem to have what it takes to get the ZvR film made (so called Inherit The Earth - I mean who changes a cool title like ZVR to Inherit The Earth, wtf) maybe ZOMBOTS can take that place on the big screen!

Q: Now that there's the 10" female body, what are the odds of seeing a shorter male body or a taller stockier one? I looooooove playing with scale and having those sorts of options. The 1/6th world is too bent up on everything being the same height. I want more diversity. I like shit that reflects the world I see in my mirror and out my window.
Ash: Well I have the short person body from the Threezero Game Of Thrones figure, anyone want a TK like that? We have a shorter stockier female body nearly finished, which I think is all kinds of cool. I agree there should be all kinds of bodies, but I think the lack of sizes is all down to $$, as moulding a 1/6th body of any size is an expensive proposition and taking risks isn’t on everyone’s must do lists!

Q: Is there any chance of making the Mobile Kunstler in 1/12th or 1/6th? Design of the suit is fucking awesome! Will we see WWR suits like this?
Ash: That’s a Kuntsler design for now, not related to WWR. I was thinking of making a vinyl of the pair one day though!

Q: Any plans for more 1/12th Bertie Mk 3.5 this year? Maybe a box set of colors like the previous ones, but with a variety of battle damaged and regular editions?
Ash: We have some street battle scene sets coming and a Bertie or two via the GS HOBBY JAPAN 1/12th Shitty 9 Series! The first release from that is a Martian Harold which will be in stores next month, pre-made and ready to go!

Q: Just seeing that Saturn preview is awesome. I’ve been eyeballing and from the blur alone does this mean that Saturn is taller than Mars? Or will it be a smaller bot?
Ash: His design makes him taller, but they are similar in size, prototype was at the Thai Toy Expo last week!

Q: Will you be doing your interpretations of Han Solo or Chewie for Star Wars Alternate? Not as in realistic likenesses, but your styled faces and hands? OR the idea of a 10” Leia is just too cool
Ash: Yup, I’m very lucky to have this opportunity, it’s gonna be fun!

Q: I want more EVENFALL! Are there Modified THUG suits or different strains of Strigoi? Do the THUG suits have a personality A.I. or do they act as avatars of their Operators?
Ash: More aliens next, and of course you can read all about how the THUG operate in the upcoming comics for free online or you can buy a monthly or so printed round up of them! There are many THUG suits, well variations, and yes they have personality, the term TOTEM refers to a system, of digital and human combining their minds in a virtual sense, hence the totem, head on a head.

Q: What’s next for HALO? The Jorge proto at SDCC looked fucking beastly!
Ash: Need to ship Master Chief and co first, clear the decks and figure it out, I want the Elite!

Q: When working on a licensed line that you get to redesign, how do you pick the characters and line up? Is it chosen by the licensor? If you get to pick, does it simply come down to personal preference or is it an itch you’ve always wanted to scratch?
Ash:  I pick what I want to do, soon as I’m told, I run away. I’m lucky that the companies we deal with are incredibly gracious and pretty much let me do my thing! Anything that I redesign is only because I have a love for it, the Marvel and DC stuff is integral to me, I’m a comic geek for over 35 years! Star Wars again, I still remember that first day I saw it, I know the change that happened in my mind, Microman the same etc. Contrary to popular belief doing license stuff isn’t a way to print money, for me its a chance to play in park I never thought possible!
Q: The logistics behind making a Weapons Pack seems insane. I know its been long rumored for years, but what are the odds of it finally happening this year? Gun-metal or black/neutral colors could go with any faction. I guess the other question is is the weapons pack meant to be for Grunts or for Bots?
Ash: I want it, just we are always too taxed to get to it. It’s a true for the fun of it thing, it will lose money, but it’s still worth it just to do it! The only reason anything is delayed is due to lack of man power, whether it be samples or shipping, never because we don’t care, or give a shit, we work 7 days a week to bring you the best we can! I did the box design for the set 3 years ago for the weapons set, maybe we can break with tradition this year and release it!
Q: Seriously though - that Star Wars trailer - thoughts?
Ash: All great except Solo, looked old and fucked, made me feel old and fucked and that fucking Wookiee looks younger! Fucker is going the DYE! I thought it looked great, shit wish I was making SW films!
Q: Will we see any of the characters age like Roth or some of the TK's? Does Tommy ever get older and start looking like Merde? Will JC's beard go grey?
Ash: WWR is being told in a different way, the story is moving at a different pace, the AK world is moving much slower as it’s more a soap opera, where WWR is almost a trilogy of films!

Q: In regards to the new Shitty9 group, will each toy release through Goodsmile represent a group member of the Shitty9? If this is so, and since you only mentioned six months worth of releases, are the last three members going to be on Bambaland?

Ash: Each release is a member and yes the 6 releases will cover the 9, the next set is a Dropcloth two pack, so 3 members over two releases!

Q: Will the Hobby Japan comics be translated and collected in a book at some point?
Ash: I’ll just put them online for free for now, I’m sure they will turn up somewhere, as a point, the Hobby Japan are translated from English, they are ready to go… maybe I should post em!
Q: If extreme religious rhetoric is the major force running the Earth Coalition, are there any visible signs of it? Any symbol or background information on what exactly it stands for? Is it a cult? Is it a fanciful twist on any real world religion? Like in Marvel comics is there any type of “Hail Hydra" greeting or secret password between people of extreme devotion?
Ash: FUCK MARS is their inner cry, they are like a more forceful United Nations, they are a bunch of powerful nations that have chosen to gang up and make Mars get into line. They represent the old, Mars represents the new.
Q: Since there are conflicts between different factions of the Earth Coalition over Earth’s treatment of Mars, do the less extreme factions think that Mars should be free to do as it pleases? Is there a sense of a renaissance on Earth in regards to freedom of expression and individual rights that fight against whatever oppressive religious rhetoric rules the Earth? What do the resisting Earth factions think should be done with Mars and the Earth?
Ash: Yes ,there are nations that believe Mars should have free reign and that diplomacy and working together is the right path, these nations are at or on the brink of war with the coalition nations. This part is really the back bone of the WWR title, Earth is falling into war while Mars watches. It’s actually where the cool stuff is happening, inter planetary war is slow and boring, the shit on the ground is where the good stories are!

Q: Are the N.O.Ms agents of chaos or something more? It is said that some of them are truth seekers (the Fallen), so that must mean that Supreme's plans would be no more good for the human race than whatever extreme religion is currently running the Earth Coalition. The fact that there are fallen N.O.M must mean that there is a way to some truth or good that Supreme, Earth, Mars, and Rothchild don't represent. Are the N.O.M just in existence to defeat Rothchild? What purpose do the N.O.M serve if not to only advance the agenda of the Supreme's plans for Trinity? What is Trinity?

Ash: NOM believe they have the right path for all, the Trinity is a balance of Mind, Spirit and Body. They embrace all aspects of humanity, their leader, the Supreme NOM, represents the Divine Feminine harking back to the dawn of religion before organized church made it a man only affair. The NOM are complicated and do not want anyone but them running the show!

Q: The DDV2 look amazing! Will they be available in 1/12 scale like the original Dirty Deeds set? I was really surprised the latest Bramble was released in two scales at the same time. Really hoping DDV2 can do the same. Or at least get them in Dirty Dozen pack like the old set which the price is incredible high now if you can find them.
Ash: Sorry, no more DD packs in 1/12th, that was a one time only affair. I did think about making 100 in 3AGO size. I love that old set, still a great thing to be able to have made it!
Q: Will the 3AGO Evenfall THUG and Strigoi be up for PO this year? Will the Strigoi include helmets? Will the THUG have different color variations? Are there plans to include the new comics with them?
Ash: Sure, the big one is a lux toy that is kinda price prohibitive, we know that. It’s a great great toy, but we want others to be able to enjoy the Thuggy at a lower price point! There are many colorways for thug and variations so hoping to offer those over time, but as always it’s up to the support it gets! And yes, the mini Strig will get a helmet, well at least the astronaut version will.  
Q: Since we’ve had a new version of 1/6th Brambles, will the 1/6th Armstrongs make a comeback? Maybe an upgrade or are there submersible variants?
Ash: I’m still looking for the bloody Jungle Armstrong sample, maybe we can try a new Armstrong soon!
Q: Speaking of 1/6th Brambles - what are the chances of OG color ways happening with the new arms?
Ash: When we have shipped the latest, I’ll look into more, maybe with some new upgrades!
Q: How old is King Thumb and do the Finger Gang ever need to be repaired? Do they have a maker and if so why’d he make so many jerks?
Ash: They take care of each other, standard built in care protocols, that’s why they are very successful. They have each others’ backs and when they are fucked up they fix each other! They were made by a Robot, for a Robot War, but now they are are a rogue group of piss takers and trouble makers with keen obsessions and dislikes. Jerks are petty small time dicks with nothing more than to project their own insecurities onto others. The finger gang is way beyond that, they are high level combat robots, and don’t do things out of pettiness or just to malign!

Q: Slade looks great! It’s really good to see 2000AD figures rolling out! We know Hammerstein is next, but what are the chances of a 1/12th Ro-jaws to go with him?
Ash: I think so, but to do that we have to get there, the 2000AD line is like all our lines, dependent on the support. I have always said I want to see all the characters from 2000AD as figures, this is my childhood comic love. SDCC will see some great 2000AD exclusives that have been begging to be made and I’m super excited to know I got the chance to make them!
Q: How are the Dirty Deeds v2 doing? Since its clearly gone past the one a month kind of deal, how often do you expect to get them out? Are you going in any specific order from the original Dirty Dozen or are you tweaking the head decals as you go along?
Ash: We we have the next two made, but as many said monthly was a little tight. We pushed the next back and are on number 5 now. They are what they are, don’t wanna mess with what has not changed in the story world. As I never got a chance in the past to do the Dirty Deeds in 1/6th this is it, not looking to re-invent the wheel but to have a great set of them in 1/6th!

Q: How soon until we see the 1/6th Warbot v2 and some Amazons? Dying for them! Absolutely dying!
Ash: Well 3AGO Warbot might be at SDCC…

Q: Is Von De Plume the heavy De Plume? Will we be seeing a four hosed De Plume any time soon?
Ash: Von de Plume is Von de Plume, it would be cool to have him commanding the Shitty 9 as he does in the comic!
Q: Who's up next in the Starling line?
Ash: William Wray is next, then a French chap, but I wanna keep that a secret for now and concentrate on Wray. Speaking of Wray, first issue of his oversized comic HAPPY COMICS available at SDCC!
Q: How are the Archer and Ninja TQ sales going to work for the people who are "in" TKlub Phase 2, but aren't 3AA?
Ash: They will be open sales, so anyone who isn’t on 3AA now, but were collecting the TK FOR TQ series can still buy them. Archer is looking great, the infant TK is great too, a fun figure and one I have waited for!

Q: Yo Ash! I finished reading Automatic Kafka, that last issue was so good, loved it! I had no idea what I was in for when I slid that last issue out of the plastic sleeve and sat down to read it, epic. In an unrelated note can we have a Hemingway with both reg arms in coming wave of 3AGO or even 1/6th?
Ash: Thanks, Automatic Kafka is one of my pillars, I have said many time, I’ll stand by Casey and AK till the end of…well comic-dom, derided and pretty much maligned at the time of release — but now it seems to have found an audience, which me makes me very happy, you have no idea! That two gun Hemingway is a 3AGO, it will appear soon!
Q: I'm curious about these new Shitty 9 bots that are coming down the pipe: Will each member be from a different regiment/faction? Will they have a shared color scheme? Who leads them?
Ash: They are from many different corps and groups, all brought together under the command the of Von de Plume to hunt down Rothchild!
 Q: What is the story of The Last TK? Is he a member of 7bones?
Ash: Well his name kinda indicates his story, the last TK isn’t the Archer, he is the infant that the Archer protects until passing him off to the 7B

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