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Feedback for aospace

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Feedback for aospace Empty Feedback for aospace

Post by x43x on Wed Jun 29, 2016 1:32 am

aospace messaged me out of the blue stating he had the Medic Harolds to sell. I've been looking for the 1:12 version for over a year without much luck so I was extremely excited. Communication was good as we agreed on a price and shipping options. aospace had never shipped outside his country before so he enlisted the help of his brother. They wanted to protect to fig during shipment so they built a little wooden cage around the box. The Indonesian mail service thought it was okay. I followed the tracking as it made its way to the US. After exiting Customs, I noticed it was shipped to Japan. A call to USPS revealed it was shipped back to the sender for an "unallowed item". A few days later I received a letter from US Customs stating it was shipped back because of their restrictions on importing wood items. Since the wooden cage wasn't stamped with proper country code and method of treatment, it was rejected. Rather than call me and/or just remove the wood, they shipped it back. Fuckers. Shipping EMS was crazy expensive. aospace received the package back, removed the wood, and reshipped it. It was well packaged when I finally received it and the item was as described. aospace might be a fairly new member of the forum community, but you can trust he will go above and beyond if you are looking to buy from him.

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