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3A Retail Assortments

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3A Retail Assortments Empty 3A Retail Assortments

Post by Guest Fri Jul 01, 2016 6:17 am

I've noticed for a while that the vast majority of 3A Retail Assortments are not available from 99% of officially licensed Diamond Comics Distributors.

Let's use the recently announced Action Portable Wave 2 as an example:

These are the only US based online stores where I could find them!

Here's one UK based one too:

What are my options for a TK Hunter Vali?

These are the only ones I could find! Not even Sideshow Collectibles, my new favorite retailer, has this up for pre-order.

There's one other option that I've been contemplating, but it's a little perilous as it would require both leaving my home and social interaction. I could ask a LCS to special order 3A products for me.

Any information on this subject would be very much appreciated.


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3A Retail Assortments Empty Re: 3A Retail Assortments

Post by miracle bubbles Fri Jul 01, 2016 11:21 pm

I think you have figured it out for yourself Vince. Small local comic book stores that work on super thin margins don't want to take the risk on buying toys that will only sell to a few people. The store I frequent will get me any ThreeA they can, including books, as long as I pay before they order it for me. Something like the retail assortment I could never talk them into getting mainly because they know I would buy one or two and the others would sit on a shelf and collect dust. If you have a local shop you like ask them if they will order you something. It is good to go outside and interact with humanity Smile
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