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Let's See Your 3A Collection

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Post by gar on Sat Feb 15, 2020 5:22 am

Wooly wrote:^ OOOooooOooh,... WWR Nightwatch: the original "Parade" line. . .  Wink

Love love love Sombre.

Yeah, Funny fact:
I couldn't say I was very happy to find that black guy in my Euro Bramble box since it meant I had to find an Olivier as well.
I wasn't very aware or didn't care much about edition sizes, special editions, etc. at that time. I wanted the Euro Bramble.
Luckily I made a reservation for an Euro Bramble via a guy in Zürich, Switserland, Makadi3000,
to get one of his 4 pack in case I would end up with the Black One. He even made me choose one.

Let's See Your 3A Collection  - Page 5 Untitl10

A pretty nice amount of these Euro Brambles ended up on eBay via an HK based seller for a very decent price since not all were sold during the sale.

threeA released a number of insanely cool de Plumes. More or less all of them...
and Sombre and Marquis are among my favourite despite the fact I absolutely have no idea how they fit in the WWR (WWR | EVOL) story arc.

alles sal reg kom

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