For sale - WTS

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For sale - WTS

Post by Firehazzard on Thu May 25, 2017 11:58 am

Hello all, trying to make some room in my micro apartment,
I have been collecting threeA since 2009, living in Vancouver Canada, shipping will have to be calculated later, US dollar prices, please/thanks
Will be adding new items as I go. I have prints, books etc. please check back for updates

2017 membership - 3AA17 death buddy set tank squares (without membership card) $155
3AA Dodgy Wonka Square 1/6 (only opened shipper box) $40
3AA WWR Nightwatch Daywatch Square MK2 (sealed)
1/6th Square MK2 2pack DW-NW 3AA $60.00

Search & Destroy Shadow Uktq 1/6 (displayed) $130
RVHK exclusive Sh_t Mood Lady Sham (opened but never displayed) $110

Adventure Kartel
1/6 Charkin pre-made (opened but never displayed) $85
1/6 Little Shadow "Shadow Mode" (SEALED since 2010) $150

3AA-Ashley Wood
1/6th Severed foot Butterknife 3AA White (opened but never displayed) $95
3AA Large Parade Autumn Apples - (leaf on clear apple arrived broken, no replacement arrived) $30

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