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By your presence on this board, you agree with these rules and understand that if you fail to comply, you will be banned. 1. No Insults, Trolling, Name Calling, Harassing, Spamming, Flamebaiting, Etc.Use of racial or bigoted terms is not accepted. Posts intended solely to antagonize others are not accepted. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Ultimately be respectful to your fellow Legionnaire. 2. No Politics or Religion Please leave these topics and discussions off the forums. This includes signatures, user titles and avatars. 3. Adhere to the B/S/T Rules. See B/S/T Area for more info Abide by the BST Rules. No EBay Links. You may have a link to your webstore, website, or blog in your signature. 4. STRICT No Bootleg or Recast BST PolicyThese forums will not and do not tolerate the bootlegging and recasting of 3A's IP. Do not sell, promote, or advertise in anyway items that are considered copyright infringement. 5. Do Not Share, Link To, Offer Or Ask For Copyrighted MaterialsPlease respect the IP of the Artist(s) and Publisher(s). Please do not use the 3A logo on any fan created artwork or manipulated image. 6. No Alternate ID's/Multiple Accounts One Account per Individual. Creating an alternate ID will result in both the original account and the alternate ID being permanently banned immediately. 7. Deleted AccountsDo not delete your account. If you delete your account and wish to return to the boards it will be taken on a case by case basis by the Moderators. 8. No Public Discussion On Staff ActionsDo not mouth off or publicly question staff decisions. If you have a problem, comment or question, contact a Moderator via email or Private Message. 9. Do Not Use this Board to Host PhotosYou MUST use a photo hosting website to share images with the board. Uploading directly to the board is reserved for Staff and Admin only. 10. Keep Off-Site Drama Off This SiteIf it happened elsewhere then do not bring it here. Leave your grievances at the door. 11. Do Not Post Private Conversations or InformationThis includes PM's, IM's, personal addresses, and emails. Warnings and Banishments If you break one of the above rules you may receive a Warning. A Warning is an official reminder to follow the rules. After a Warning, repeat offenders will be take under account by Moderator decision for further action, or for a more severe offense you will receive immediate Banishment from these forums. Reasons could include: • Being repeatedly reported for posts/threads/visitor messages/pms • Posts triggering public or private arguments • Presence triggering strife among members or staff due to actions outside this forum. If these or any other unwanted actions happen, regardless of the quantity, duration, or spacing of events over time, Mods may immediately and permanently enact a ban if they feel it will benefit the community as a whole. Signatures You are allowed a single image in your signature. You are required to host the image yourself or on a photo hosting website. You may use your signature to advertise any store/sale/trade or Want ads. If you break these guidelines, your signature will be removed. By your presence on this board, you agree with these rules and understand that if you repeatedly fail to comply, you will be banned.