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January - 2011

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January - 2011  Empty January - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:14 am

January 2011

I can’t believe that it’s already 2011 and 3A discussion board in one form or another, exists for full two years and two month (since November 2008)! You hear constantly nuggets of wisdom, how time flies...but this time I can only say the same old thing - time flies when you have fun at 3A forum! I want to wish you truly the best in 2011, lots of health for you and your family, happiness and coolest toys your heart desire. May all your dreams come true!

I want to start this month and in fact this year, a bit differently. No desire to look back, as you can do it easily by checking mine news archive.

I want to talk about 3AA membership sale. In last couple of week, I received dozens of questions from new and old members and will try to describe what 3AA is as detailed, as possible. First all if you will not buy the membership, you can still buy releases at and enjoy all the good 3A brings. 3AA membership is just a sweet addition to the offer, so what you’ll get ? You will get an access to exclusives, 15% discount <- to me these are the main and most important aspects of the deal, but that isn’t it! In addition, you will get a cool looking box, with membership card, 1/12th scale Tomorrow King Oyabun figure (random color), 3A hoodie and Popbot comic about the figure. This time it’s a same date for existing and new members: January 15th , 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time at , around this time you will see membership popping up at the store, so you simply put it in your cart and pay for it. Maybe you will be requested to inform 3A about your hoodie size, but I still don’t know about that. Will 3AA membership be offered at Bambasia or will be working at Bambasia? These are the questions I asked, but still can’t give you any details on them. Another essential questions - price of the package. It was 150$ for last two years, existing members got it cheaper though, because they already had -15% discount. Current price is still unknown, but you can expect the precise details any day now. I asked Ashley good bunch of additional questions and will post answers on them ASAP.

Besides that, what else cool is happening in January?

We have information about two possible releases: 2000 AD Mongrol

January - 2011

and WWR Grunt

January - 2011

More WWR Heavy Brambles are about to leave Hong-Kong and hit the customers worldwide. Same for WWRp Noir de Plume, which already been seen in Asia!

January - 2011  20014.thJanuary - 2011

Adventure Kartel Ankou is scheduled to ship out this month:

January - 2011  Ankou1.thJanuary - 2011

WWRp Large Martin special sets: Under the bed Red and Frosty Choads will ship out in January as well

January - 2011  Choad1.thJanuary - 2011  Choad2.thJanuary - 2011  Redyredy.thJanuary - 2011

and lots of other stuff, you will find out soon enough, I figured out that sometimes it’s better to surprise you with shipping, than mention something and when it wouldn’t work out, there will be EMO and sad faces. So lesson learned. Smile

I must ensure you that everyone at the Hatchery is working super hard to finish all the toys and send it to your carrying hands, so please wait a bit longer and your patience will be rewarded with superb design, weathering and quality of 3A toys.

Let’s concentrate on what we all as Legion achieved last month.Our little fund raiser started on December 8th, less than in couple of days we gathered necessary funds for ipod nanos and decided upgrade to ipod touch...raised money and decided to go all the way for ipod touch 32gbs! 2608$ were raised and less than 17 full days from the start of fund raiser (creation of the thread) seven brand new ipods with engraving on them, landed up in 3A HK office! Thanks to everyone who contributed and special thanks goes to Wilbur, who helped us with HK Apple store! More photos coming soon (Kim isn't in the office and staff is waiting for him to get back for the group pic). Oh, and as you probably read flowers, cakes and balloons (bought on remaining money) were delivered earlier last week. So here comes the pics!

January - 2011  Img8890c.thJanuary - 2011  Img8888k.thJanuary - 2011  16386947673362354152179.thJanuary - 2011  Happyfn.thJanuary - 2011

And of course we couldn’t left Ashley without ipod, so actually there was 8th ipod touch 32 gb, with engraving on each of them! Ashley promised to post a pic of his soon, but here is what he said on the board:
”Thanks to Legion for my nifty new ipod, im blown away, I dont really know what to say... thanks, i dont deserve it, but Im super grateful !
Now Bleak, er Ash can dump all his crusty ol indie music on it !!!!!”

Couple of words I always say about 3A forum and your stay here. I hope you will not only have a great time here and fall in love with 3A spirit and collectibles, but find lots of friends and alike thinking people, with whom you can share everything.

Over last month people contacted me about giving direct url to Ashley's quotes, as very often it's hard to understand the quote, even with my explanation. And you know what? Not everybody understand that quotes in orange are direct links, to Ashley's quotes. So just heads up, if you see a quote in blue, it's a hyperlink and leads to a place where discussion happened and you are one click away from an opportunity to check everything by yourself, without using search option. I will try to maximize amount of hyperlinks, to give you a better opportunity for following the discussions at 3A board.

And one last thing, if you don't want to read FAQs, all buying/selling/trading inquiries are prohibited on our board and will get you in trouble, so please don't even try. Being on 3A board is a privilege and team of our MODS (ennui, eseffinga, Gar, Gimbat, gregory and Sir Dirty Girty) will do our best to keep this house of 3A clean from anger, bad vibes and regular discussion board bullshit.

In the end, one word about the future and who would say better about future of 3A, than the man himself - Ashley Wood?

A word

I thought at this time of year it might be apt to say a little something.

Firstly, thank you to all our supporters, the Legion, the bloggers, the casual nod’s in our direction, its all profoundly appreciated and never taken lightly. Both Kim and I feel damn lucky to be able to bring you the world of 3A everyday, and we are constantly looking at ways to make things better, from the actual toys to shipping on time Smile . We do not live in a dreamworld, we listen to all concerns and words of advise , we want nothing more than to deliver great toys, toys that you will remember many years from now, thats our aim, not collectibles, not trendy shit, but toys that are just plain fun and have some substance and love behind them.

Thats our goal !

I would also like to thank the core of 3A, the tireless office workers, the unsung hero of Benny Fok, the forum Mods and especially the amazing Hatchery workers who make the toys and deserve much credit for our success!

2011 promises to be a special year for us, not only will the ranks swell for WWR, Popbot, Adventure Kartel expand, but the 2000ad line will rapidly grow, Rex and Ray from MGS will be stomping their way into Bambaland soon, and new lines such as Modern Girls, Newtons War will make their debut. We also have just started on a project that is mind blowing, there wil be some kind of announcement soon. Also our publishing side will expand, with such titles as Easy Action, with comics by me and T P Louise, Rufus Dayglo and William Wray to start and the long awaited Adventure Kartel comic. Fuck It will continue and Im sure ill throw some more shit in the ring !

So in short, a big fucking THANKYOU, sure 3A doesn’t even matter in the grand schemes, sure most people ( even toy collectors ) dont know we exist, but I dont care, its fun, its inspring, we have met so many great people because of this venture, its a win regardless of what the future holds!

I would also like to welcome Goodsmile Company as our official Japanese Distributor, they will be handling all the distribution of our retail toys in Japan ! Together we have some super fun things planned, so keep an eye out !

Ashley Wood

January - 2011  20011c.thJanuary - 2011  20012w.thJanuary - 2011  200110.thJanuary - 2011  20014.thJanuary - 2011  20016.thJanuary - 2011  20017.thJanuary - 2011  20015.thJanuary - 2011  20018.thJanuary - 2011


I hope you had more fun reading it, than I had writing and summarizing this all Smile

Truly yours,

Previous news of last day of December 2010:


Enjoy the countdown to New Year time in Hong-Kong...and this will the time for the Zomb drop at

I'm sure we will see some teaser and hear from Ashley about the Zomb...I'll notify ASAP if there will be anything to update.

In the meantime, I want to wish Happy 2011 year to all of you! Thank you for supporting 3A, being at the board and reading my column. I really believe that 2011 will be a great year for all of you. I know that 2010 wasn't a best year financially for many of us, but I realized that your own health and health of your significant other/family members is one of the important things in life. So I will not wish prosperity, lots of money and fancy gadgets, I wish health to all of you, your friends and your family members. Stay safe in 2011. Love you all!
Truly yours,
Gimbat the LV vampire

Details about Zomb sale, there will be four different boiler suit colors: orange, black, yellow and secret one. Hair color would be random....and there will be a SPECIAL SET : 4 PACK MONTY! No Zombots!
"no bot heads, that has moved on the toy graveyard
three colors will be available for purchase, orange, black, yellow, random dark hair color etc.
and there might be a special set ... 4 zomb monty....
gotta run, and then hopefully be able to open the store remotely !!!!!
happy new years !"
"yes to Poster, the ACOLYTE ZOMB story must be told !"
"color refers to suit color hair will be random
there is a 4 ZOMB MONTY SET"
"no blind
each colorway has its own sku
just buy what you want, its 3A's new years gift, no stress !!!"

Yellow, Orange and Black Boiler Suit Zombs are for sale at at 80$ and shipping in April. Surprise of the night: 4 ZOMB MONTY. 4 x Acolyte ZOMB 1/6th figures, YELLOW BOILER SUIT< BLACK BOILER SUIT< ORANGE BOILER SUIT< and the exclusive mysterious original head ALBINO ZOMB ! Some pics for ya:

January - 2011  2011y3.thJanuary - 2011  2011b3.thJanuary - 2011

4 ZOMB Monty pack is 280$ with shipping included.

Heavy Bramble Gravedigger landed at Tom D. Kline's house. OMG!

January - 2011

More pics from Tom and he is from California, US.

January - 2011  16720017865299215588610.thJanuary - 2011

More Heavy Brambles landed in California, here is Heavy Bramble Bromwhitch by our forum member mechanic, Bramble is standing next to 1/12th scale Dutch Merc aka Zwarte Torens Bertie MK2.

January - 2011

Zombs been up & down at Bamba and up again, here is Ashley posting during the sales:
"happy new years chaps !!!"
"yea, I think I know why I have the sales start at 9-00am HK time, so I can take part !
still a cool way to start the new year !! Nice to see people dig the zomb !
the zombs will end soon, the whole drop is special!"

Ashley will be a special guest at SDCC this year, so I think it means that there will be a SDCC exclusive:
"thank you !
we are really gonna give it the ol school try in 2011 !
Check this, you heard it here first, im an official guest at SDCC this year... !"
"big year for me, lots of painting !!"

Thanking for Legion support during the sale and promising more Zombs:
"thanks for a great ZOMB invasion !!"
"always a good sale, I still think 1 sale is special!
"ill put up the unpaid zombs later !"

"hope everyone got what they wanted"

Currently black and yellow Zomb are still up for sale at

Looks like Zomb is gone from the , so main Zomb thread is back to normal mode. Ordinary I would close F5 bar, but tonight is a special occasion, so if you feel like chit-chatting, I'll hold F5 Bar open for 5-6 more hours, to let everyone congratulate one another with 2011 NY! Happy New Year again my friends!

Ashley about his plans for today and 3A plans for first months of 2011:
"thanks Gimbs, im off painting..
3A is gonna rock this year, gotta get past chinese new years, then its on !
but some cool surprises between now and then!"
^Chinese new year : February 3rd

and First days of January 2011


F5 Bar and Grill dedicated to Zomb drop is closed and here is my message:
That's all guys, seems like bar is empty and no need to keep it open.
Time for me to turn off the lights and thank everyone for being here on New Years Eve.
Looking forward to see you again for 3AA enrollment night (bar opens on January 14th 9:00 AM HK time).
Have a great 2011 year, may it be full with pleasant surprise for you , your family members and friends.
Never lose hope and never forget that whatever happens you have a good bunch of friends , waiting for you at 3A forum.

Lots of Heavy Bramble Gravedigger photos by Ryno38, thank you Ryno! If single box is THAT big, can you imagine how 4pack might look like?!

January - 2011  5311796178546694590ab.thJanuary - 2011  531179575612483554e5b.thJanuary - 2011  531120411519fcea1a7cb.thJanuary - 2011  53112038671d76251174z.thJanuary - 2011  53117949660bda968029z.thJanuary - 2011  5311794228c37fd276e0z.thJanuary - 2011  53112022019cd6575184z.thJanuary - 2011  5311201799d694f3df2bz.thJanuary - 2011  53112015614e211d5d81z.thJanuary - 2011


Latest entry from Ashley's art blog: here is a sketch tooling around the studio !

January - 2011

An epic photo by Moldie13 and more cool stuff may be found in WWR Heavy Bramble photo thread!

January - 2011

Very moving speech by Ashley from 3A production blog, followed by LOTS of teasers:

A word

I thought at this time of year it might be apt to say a little something.

Firstly, thank you to all our supporters, the Legion, the bloggers, the casual nod’s in our direction, its all profoundly appreciated and never taken lightly. Both Kim and I feel damn lucky to be able to bring you the world of 3A everyday, and we are constantly looking at ways to make things better, from the actual toys to shipping on time Smile . We do not live in a dreamworld, we listen to all concerns and words of advise , we want nothing more than to deliver great toys, toys that you will remember many years from now, thats our aim, not collectibles, not trendy shit, but toys that are just plain fun and have some substance and love behind them.

Thats our goal !

I would also like to thank the core of 3A, the tireless office workers, the unsung hero of Benny Fok, the forum Mods and especially the amazing Hatchery workers who make the toys and deserve much credit for our success!

2011 promises to be a special year for us, not only will the ranks swell for WWR, Popbot, Adventure Kartel expand, but the 2000ad line will rapidly grow, Rex and Ray from MGS will be stomping their way into Bambaland soon, and new lines such as Modern Girls, Newtons War will make their debut. We also have just started on a project that is mind blowing, there wil be some kind of announcement soon. Also our publishing side will expand, with such titles as Easy Action, with comics by me and T P Louise, Rufus Dayglo and William Wray to start and the long awaited Adventure Kartel comic. Fuck It will continue and Im sure ill throw some more shit in the ring !

So in short, a big fucking THANKYOU, sure 3A doesn’t even matter in the grand schemes, sure most people ( even toy collectors ) dont know we exist, but I dont care, its fun, its inspring, we have met so many great people because of this venture, its a win regardless of what the future holds!

I would also like to welcome Goodsmile Company as our official Japanese Distributor, they will be handling all the distribution of our retail toys in Japan ! Together we have some super fun things planned, so keep an eye out !

Ashley Wood

January - 2011  20011c.thJanuary - 2011  20012w.thJanuary - 2011  200110.thJanuary - 2011  20014.thJanuary - 2011  20016.thJanuary - 2011  20017.thJanuary - 2011  20015.thJanuary - 2011  20018.thJanuary - 2011


Lots of cool and detailed photos of WWR Heavy Bromwhich can be found at toygodd's site.

Ashley about upcoming 3A Publishing project called "Easy Action", which will see the light in 2011:
"its gonna own, coz there are no restraints, just fun !"

About 3A Publishing in 2011, strongly recommend to re-read this bit of info:
"Also our publishing side will expand, with such titles as Easy Action, with comics by me and T P Louise, Rufus Dayglo and William Wray to start and the long awaited Adventure Kartel comic. Fuck It will continue and Im sure ill throw some more shit in the ring"

Grunst are coming soon! New teaser from 3A production blog:

January - 2011

Ashley about WWR Grunt teaser and Grunts in general:
"its s grunt, removable helmet and all !"
"3 colorways will be the first wave, then over the year we will release different types of grunt. !"

"grunts are from earth"

Couple of WWRp LM surprise set: Frosty Choads photos:

January - 2011  Choad2.thJanuary - 2011

As you know many 3A WWR and WWRp bots have names on them, Frosty Choads may have some cool names, which regular 3A forum veterans might recognize:
"they do
and when you see them, you might even recognize them !"


Adventure Kartel Ankou is coming soon! Pay attention to the box art, Ashley mentioned earlier that it's one of his the most favorite box art works!

January - 2011  Ankou2.thJanuary - 2011

Ashley explaining lack of the photos:
"sorry about the lack of time on the forum, my main computer perished and took mush of my work with it, and no I dont back up that often, so Im a bit put back.
Ill have some cool images soon, but need to concentrate on the most important sale of the year 3AA !
you guys rock !"

Posting in 3A Publishing "Easy Action" thread:
"Wray's comic is killer, funny FUNNY shit...."

More Action Portable (1/12th scale) figures coming to us this year:
"there will be more different mini figs including TK's coming down the line."

About 3AA sale, which is the most important sale of this year so far! January 15th, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time at and window will be open for exact 24 hours!
"24 hours, and the door closes for another year.
Im sure anyone that wants a sit at our table will have ample time !!"

Posting in 3A strategy (1/32th scale figures) section:
"what kind of game, a good one I hope !"

As you read WWR Grunts will be up for sale soon (my guess would be this month, after 3AA sale or in first half of February) and Legion demands DIY Grunt, Ashley answers that he will try and comes back with a decision, that DIY Grunt will be offered as well! I love 3A forum!
"DIY grunt...... hmmmm but it wouldnt cost any less, its the sewing that costs...
If possible, ill offer a DIY, but I have to find out if the hatchery is ok with the sewing etc"

"we will offer a DIY Grunt.
at the time of sale"

In the beginning of December we start fund raiser, to buy seven ipods for HK staff and guess what? Of course we haven't forgot about Ashley and today he got his ipod! Sorry that we kept it in secret, because Ashley is constantly on the board and that's was the only way to totally surprise him. Thank you Legion for your support!
"Thanks to Legion for my nifty new ipod, im blown away, I dont really know what to say... thanks, i dont deserve it, but Im super grateful !
Now Bleak, er Ash can dump all his crusty ol indie music on it !!!!!"

"self insertion..thats gotta hurt" commenting that Bleak Mission is Ashley in Adventure Kartel Universe

So there will be DW & NW Commanders after all?! Cryptic bits of info about them and Barguest de Plume:
"he is awesome, he was a nom..
also here is a nugget, there is a set coming, that features a bot and two human figs.. its the start of the NOM campaign. when they reveal them-selfs.. and everybody thought the NW/DW were just colorways for 3AA.... the third path is offered, take care what you pick.

"or are they, they are all over Europe now, many governments took the NW/DW option....
MOD are pirates, in it for grandeur and cash
NOM want to eradicate left or right thinking
Rothchild doesnt mind either way, long as they buy his wares"

Special version of Dropcloth for Milk to love small milk bottles:

January - 2011  Milkdc3.thJanuary - 2011  Milkdc1.thJanuary - 2011


Photos of WWRp Noir de Plume by memecomplex and lukaaa , more photos can be found here.

January - 2011  Lukaaanoir.thJanuary - 2011  Lukaaanoir1.thJanuary - 2011  Lukaaanoir2.thJanuary - 2011  Lukaaanoir3.thJanuary - 2011  Lukaaanoir4.thJanuary - 2011  Lukaaanoir5.thJanuary - 2011

Ashley about NW/DW Commanders sets:
"might sell as singles too, gotta wait and see"

Retail Heavy Brambles might be revealed tonight!
"mmm time to show some retail HB's soon..."
"today, ill post em.. if my computer stays up"

About 3AA membership:
"exciting for 3A too, to see how we have grown... i hope, funny if only 90 people wanted in.... ouch"

"maybe...." <- answering whether there will be any TKs, which will not be available in 1/12th scale

About upcoming WWR bot Caesar, which is extremely mysterious least we know that Ashley likes the results, which is always a good thing:
"he is awesome !!

Now I want you to remind about super cool thread, where our talented board member Sail is on the journey to make 60 sketches in 60 days! For me it's been such a pleasure to watch him evolve and experiment, and there is plenty of fun ahead, as he is only on 42 mark.

You got to check out and enter January sketch thread (month theme: eyes) and same goes about January photo thread

By all means do check out December photo thread, four months of photos of 3A toys by our talented boardies.

WWR Heavy Bramble MK3 info photo, made by our board member CMB

January - 2011

Somebody asked for Heavy Bramble photo next to regular Bramble? Check out eseffinga [photo!

January - 2011

We will see WWR Caesar earlier than Harold (bot on tracks):
"no, harold is later, the tracks are fuckers to engineer, no solid tracks with dinky wheels under the base"

Explanation about different squads in WWR:
"they are different groups.. just liking the pink ! and who doesnt, boom boom"

First of at teased earler two retail Heavy Brambles was shown to public!

January - 2011

Ashley about more info, quantity of retail Heavy Brambles and the looks:
"info soon, Kims dept, not mine, im just the picture monkey !"
"2 at retail"
"note the 5th pouch under engine... oooohhhhhhhhhh"

"no time to do any more than African and MArtian one. Skullfuckers some other time !"

As always some bombshells and teasers....NW Heavy Bramble in the works? Chase version for the retailers? Surprise drop at Bambaland later this year? Well, I don't know and you got to decide by yourself and hopefully you will be excited as I am, heh.
"the decay started with NW MK3, its get going with the NW... oh wait, you didnt know about that.. and no, retail dont get NW/DW.."
"cornys got a boner !"
"everyone runs from forum, GIMBY HAS A STIFFY !"

No price for retail Heavy Brambles mentioned yet, but you can expect it to be somewhere around 280$ + shipping. Original price at Bambaland was 280$ for Heavy Bramble, with worldwide shipping included...but you got to show some love for the retailers as well and hopefully introduce more people to the wonderful world of 3A toys.


Another retail Heavy Bramble MK3 was shown to public:

January - 2011

Ashley about retail Brambles and MK3 looks in general:
"the 5th pouch, game changer
actually I was photographing them and thought why is there a hook there, couldnt remember ( too much wine ), shoved a pouch on it, instant win !
"Cydonia sounds like fetish porn actress !"

1G Armstrong, who we earlier saw only in WWRp scale is coming to 1/6th world of WWR! And there going to be a black one....I instantly think about our most famous black colorway - Nightwatch.
"MK# is way to heavy to fly, Im sure with a retro fitted thruster magic from say the MOD group up he could limp about, but not like the glorious 1G Armstrong, 1/6th available soon... well in a pack.. and he is black.. PEW PEW PEW ~"

I'll soon create new section for 3A retailers on the board, which will make communication between retailers and Legionnaires, who are looking for 3A product easier. Stay tuned!

3AA membership goes for sale in 7 days from now, on January 15th, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time!

Ashley about MILK Dropcloth:
"i dont think it has been decided yet, when to sell etc.."


First DW Heavy Bramble photos by our forum member LordPiper [el-P] and it's a first DW colorway bot with weathering and rust...oh myyyyy!

January - 2011  Lordpiperelp.thJanuary - 2011  11bj3lv.thJanuary - 2011  244r1tz.thJanuary - 2011  2q8ze9x.thJanuary - 2011  Am2yaw.thJanuary - 2011

If you wondered if any Heavy Bramble 4packs (JEA, Bromwhich, Deimos and Gravedigger) dropped, please don't have any doubts, here is a photo by OmnilimbO

January - 2011

WWR Heavy Bramble is the first bot who can do this! (photo by CMB)

January - 2011

Crazy cool diorama by our forum member tigerfeet , you can check out more photos and read about it here.

January - 2011

Gravedigger Heavy Bramble feature the same number on the head (#80), which had to be exclusive to JEA division. So 3A will send replacement heads free of charge, to everyone who ordered Heavy Bramble Gravedigger in the US. Europe and Asia are fine, as their Brambles haven't been shipped yet.
"re head
its a mistake, we will send replacements"
"if you ordered a gravedigger, you will get a replacement head , only for US buyers though ! asia and europe are fine"
"we care, also its my vision right, GD has a different number to JEA, I would not tolerate it on a painting, so I dont on the fig"

WWR Weapons packs question, make your choice:
"we really want to make the set, but we are always behind the gun with the main toys, the fabricate new ABS plastic weapons thats might not sell much as a set make it hard to get to.
Maybe a super pack of exciting weapons and a knife or two ?
thoughts ?"

About WWRp Noir de Plume shipping:
"NOIR minis have shipped, I was just told.. go figure !"

If you want to have MOD colorway Armstrong , there is always a way:
"then get a WWRp MOD armstrong at retail.
MOD are not all the same, have many different decals and flava's !"

WWR Grunt is that complicated, that all his little details are impossible to transfer in 1/12th only 1/6th for this guy:
"one more thing, these wont see 1/12th , too much stuff and small details ! just a FYI"
"he is cool, I like my grunt !"

January - 2011

About 3A plans and moving forward this year:
"2011 is new phase for us, stepping it up , moving forward, still gonna have the classic stuff and look, but we are pushing in new directions!"

Reminder to stay on topic in 3A toy lines thread and on board in general, in the end this place is a home of 3A:
"stay on topic, not shit about others, I dont care whats others are up too, I just do my thing, and thats what these forums are for"

Popbot Blind Cowboy will see the light soon?
"also messing with the blind cowboy today, fucking cool, who does not want a fucked up cowboy fig !'

3AA sale will happen in slightly more than six days from now. Be prepared to buy one or don't go EMO later on, that you didn't.


Latest posts from Ashley's blog, featuring great art and information about Fuck it #3:

After a great computer system meltdown which gave my new year a shit start, im back at it !

Im going to start the daily or semi-daily drawing soon too.

January - 2011

JEA Bambaboss box art:

January - 2011

Slicer TK Baka box art and next Chud painting:

States of undress or in progress. the next Chud painting, long way to go, and a Sparc Slicer TK nearly there.

January - 2011  Nextchud.thJanuary - 2011

Ashley kidding about painting:
"moving my drawing as I type, rather a talent !"

5 days and 11 hours left (when I'm writing this update) for 3AA membership to go live at on January 15th, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time


WWRp LMs Under the bed Red and Frosty Choads landed in Singapore, according to our boardie expect photos soon!

Ashley about WWR Grunt:
"box art is fun to do !"

Ankou is going to leave Hong-Kong really soon, meanwhile here is Ashley talking about it and ANKOU EX:
"eye moves
just scoping the super ANKOU, big fucker he is, if you like ANKOU, ANKOU EX will make you smile !"

Got some info about upcoming 3AA membership 2011 remind you this time it's a same date for new and old members - January 15th, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time. Existing member can keep their number (the one on the card) if they like it and all members can chose what to have on their cards, IF they don't want to have their name + surname, here are easy guidelines for the card name:
must be in BLOCK LETTER
and numeric (0-9)
allow one spacing. and max : 10characters

Not sure, if you can access the archive...but that's how I gathered the info last year for t-shirt sizes (this time 3AA membership comes with a hoodie) and card names...pretty sure will do the same thing this year. And then 3A staff will email most of you to confirm everything.

WWRp Red under the bed pics by maskotero and Frosty Choads Corporation pics by SimonS:
and for those who wonder what says on Red set in Russian:
один - one
два - two
три - three
четыре - four
пять - five
Никита Сергеевич Хрущёв - Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev - one of the former USSR leaders, it's his Squad
box art - Бог правду видит, да не скоро скажет - God sees all the truth, but isn't telling about it right away. Meaning that: 1) you will find out that all your dirty deeds been seen later on 2)that everyone will be punished in time

January - 2011  Underthebedred.thJanuary - 2011  Picture37f.thJanuary - 2011  Picture36kc.thJanuary - 2011  Picture32qd.thJanuary - 2011 aJanuary - 2011  Picture33y.thJanuary - 2011  Picture34q.thJanuary - 2011  847.thJanuary - 2011  843.thJanuary - 2011  841n.thJanuary - 2011  837.thJanuary - 2011  838.thJanuary - 2011

Ashley about not showing Grunts box art:
"re boxart - see it when you have it in your hands !"

About SUPER Ankou:
"fits in, not all threats can be stopped by Ankou, sometimes muscle is needed !!!"

Remember how earlier Ashley mentioned that we might recognize names on the Frosty Choads Corp bots? Our board member Chas Brock came up with this awesome idea:
[quote author=ChasBrock link=topic=802.msg129732#msg129732 date=1294376520]
Yeah, it looks like the names of the guys from [s]New Order[/s] correction Joy Division. I posted that asking but no one responded. Sorry, looks like it is Joy Division and not New Order because of Ian.

Looks like

Peter Peter Hook
Berney Bernard Sumner
Gillian Gillian Gilbert
Ian Ian Curtis
Stephan Stephen Morris
and apparently he is right!


Ashley about desired name (if you don't want surname + name) on 3AA 2011 membership card:
"who said there is a limit on names ?
but there is a one per person limit on multi 3AA orders, one per person or they are nixed, no selling later with discount etc
not long now !"
"10 characters limit
"block letter and numeric only im told"
"im not sure why, but I think has to do with the card manufacturing"

3AA status process:
"after the sale, all accounts will be purged of 2010 3AA status, and then the 2011 members will be set before the first sale of jan"

Wasabi is going to be the first of epic Popbot 7 Bones set....CLASSIC TK line? Sweet news for TK fans!
"you mean wasabi the 1st of 7.
he is up in feb, and sold under the CLASSIC TK line, which is a cheaper, simpler way of getting the TK."

3AA hoodie with DIY option and it's sizes (in inches):

January - 2011  Hoodiesize.thJanuary - 2011

There will be no need to give me your hoodie size (after 3AA) ordering, like we did last your, as you will be able to pick desired size during ordering process. But there will be an option on the board for those who want to have special name/surname/nickname on their cards, instead of the ones you have in the store/paypal info:
"hoodie with DIY portion !"
"that is sale, really"
"when making the 3AA order, you will pick your size etc, thanks to benny's programming skills !
so no follow ups needed !"
"3A is like fucking nasa now, cant go to the moon, mars is dream, but we can log the size of your hoodie at checkout ! BENNYTECH"


3AA membership goes live on sale in two days and some hours from now. BE PREPARED!

Another view of 3AA 2011 hoodie:

January - 2011

Beautiful JEA Squad by primer:

January - 2011

Ashley about 3AA membership hoodie sizes and Oyabun figure (white - Naga?):
"to be really clear,
1 -that chart I posted is the sizes we are using, thats the manufacturing chart, all companies have different sizes for small, large etc, hence why there is measurements on the chart.
2 - Oya, will be white."

3AA price will be 150$:
"150 bucks, as I have said, always 150, until it isnt"

3AA package description and more photos of the package (fig, card and comic) from 3A production blog:
Available this Saturday the 15th of Jan, 9-00am Hong Kong time, for a period of 24 hours. It will cost 150usd and will get you a 12month membership in 3AA, which nets you 12 months of 15% discount at Bambaland or Bambasia ( depends on where you buy the membership ), also access to exclusive 3AA toys and variations. Included in the pack is a Action Portable OYA TK ( exclusive to this set ), membership card and a 2011 3AA Hoodie. But wait there is more, it comes in a fancy box ! woooooooo….
WHAT YOU WANT MORE, WEEELLL HOW ABOUT an Adventure Kartel comic by T P Louise and Ashley Wood, never to be sold again, holy shit bags, what a deal !

January - 2011  Comicak.thJanuary - 2011  3aacard.thJanuary - 2011  Oya1.thJanuary - 2011

I always said that main parts of 3AA package is access to exclusive and -15% discount are biggest parts of the deal, everything else is a SWEET bonus. But some people still stress badly about hoodie.
Some wise words from Ashley:
"fuck the hoodie, its a bargain, if it explodes and you lose an arm, still a bargain..
use it, stain it, throw it out, let you Girlfriend sleep in it after a good fuck, whatever, but dont get hung up on BS, shrinkage, size, does my ass look big in this... thats for lesser men, not the legion !"

Ashley about more Oyabun in 1/12th scale:
"later on or I might just change my mind and do 5 color ways, I want a red one, or it will be white
really depends on my whimsy
so Ill sell the pack as 1/12th OYA and leave the rest to fate !"

Legion figure is coming and it will be wearing 3AA will be 3AA exclusive and will see the light in 1/6th scale, somewhere around March....I wonder what his weapon is going to be? Keyboard or EMO?!!
"do you mean if we are gonna make a legion fig 1/6th wearing the hoodie ?
well yes, we are actually ! forum exclusive !"
"i meant 3AA exclusive toy"[/url]
"it wil be the spirit of the legion, an every head !
no part or clothes ever seen before"
"later, march-ish"

Ashley about decals on Yama:
"of course he will have a decal !"

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January - 2011  Empty Re: January - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:18 am


3A/Ashley Wood calendar shipped out yesterday with airpost and will reach you all soon!

Less than two days left before 3AA membership goes on sale LIVE at and . Keep in mind that if you'll buy membership at Bambaland it will be working only at Bambaland, same with Bambasia. So , January 15th, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong...time to joint 3AA family!

Best entries picked at December sketch thread! Here is a word from Eric. My since congratulations go to Papray, who was the best. And to
hanouman and
cakeypigdog. Btw, dear readers you have an opportunity to show us what you all capable of in January sketch thread.

Still curious how big WWR Heavy Bramble is? Here is a pic by Rolf Vetter

January - 2011

Our forum member toygodd prepared some cool detailed photos of XXXmas TQ and Heavy Bramble at his site.

Don't forget to check this two threads , which are currently filled with fresh and cool photos: WWR Heavy Bramble photos and WWRp Large Martin photos.

I have a feeling that our European and Asian boardies will soon have something to share in Heavy Bramble thread!

WWR Grunt makes an another his gear and new weapons!

January - 2011


3AA 2011 F5 Bar and Grill is open and waiting for you!
Don't know what F5 Bar and Grill is and you never been in one? Here is the info:
During release nights in the thread dedicated to the release, only serious questions/problems can be posted. Everything else would be deleted by us, the Mods. This is done, to get rid of all the nonsense and help to people, who have some serious questions and problems about the release. The thread where you can make relatively on topic friendly chat or go insane during the releases would be called F5 Bar and Grill, under Release night board's category. The thread is going to be unlocked 24 hours before the sale takes place and that's any minute now, and will be locked, when the figure is going to be removed from the store. Have fun there, but don't forget basic rules and maintaining positive vibes of our beloved 3A board. Its home and lets keep it nice and comfy, in the end toy collecting should be fun, so no HOODIE RANTS!
Here is the link to the bar and drinks are on the house! Common guys, we are waiting you with arms wide open!

[quote author=Ashley Wood link=topic=846.msg135465#msg135465 date=1294966604]
ohhhhhh, 24 hours to go
cant wait to see if we have grown as a family or the kids are leaving home Smile

Final word about 3AA 2011 hoodie:
ONE more important thing, 3AA hoodie comes with pretty unique sizes so I suggest everyone to measure their clothes, to find which size you need to pick for 3AA hoodie during ordering procedure. Here is the chart:

January - 2011

Adventure Kartel Shadow Security Ankou photos by ikkoku

January - 2011  Ankou7.thJanuary - 2011  Ankou3.thJanuary - 2011  Ankou2.thJanuary - 2011  Ankou1.thJanuary - 2011

Couple of fresh and super cool Retail Heavy Bramble pics in the wild, bug your favorite retailers to get one of those:

January - 2011  80713462.thJanuary - 2011

Guys, I'm sure most of you got the email that Candy is out of office till 20st of January. So please send all your problems and questions to this two emails: or
Or contact us mods on the board and we will direct you in the right way.

Dropcloth + Square Japan Defense Force set more photos on the Good Smile site
The sale will start on 2011/02/07 - 2011/02/13 at their shop.

Ashley about this:
"I believe they will be available after the show on their web store ?
You can pick up a set at the show if your there !"


3AA membership is minutes away from going LIVE! I'm sure you all know what to do.

Ashley posting in F5 Bar dedicated to 3AA drop:
"morning Legion
the big day..."
"cant believe its the 3rd 3AA membership, seems like yesterday I put Ol Nom de Plume up...
gonnna grab a coffee !"
"no other stuff for sale today 3AA cannot be beat!"

About different grins on Adventure Kartel Ankou:
"the ankou grins are funny, crazy looking bastard, thanks for noticing !"

No more Creed, we pushed it too hard...

BENNYTECH rules this year, keeping your old 3AA card number (for existing members) is much easier this year. And it's just an option, 3A doesn't need your's all for you, as some people are attached to their numbers:

January - 2011

3AA members will be up for sale, for full 24 hours:
"join up
the war start in 24 hours.."
"we shall see, I dont think it will grow that much, which is cool with me, but lets see in 24 hours !"

No matter what, existing members can re-new their membership with 15% discount from already bargain of 150$. 3A rules and loves us all! Finally can welcome all the people who find out about 3AA later than January 2010....welcome to the family my friends! YOU FOUND US!
"purge will happen after sale, sail.
a bit cheap to end 15% before sale of 3AA
thats for lesser companies"

After first 30 minutes of sale this are the FAQ and biggest problems:
for those who forgot their 3AA 2010 number, don't's only needed for you to keep it , if you want to. If you forgot it right now, I think you will still have an opportunity to contact 3A ( / and tell about your number. Same if you made mistake in your desired card name, it's not like package is shipping tomorrow. Don't stress! 3A is about fun!

Ashley confirms that there will be different versions / colorways of 1/12th scale Oyabun figure from 2011 3AA package:
"there will be different colors of oya...."

Oh snap, now we have another "problem". People asking how can they get their 3AA privileges right now.
You will get it soon and by all means you will all set by the next sale at Bambaland. I know that you all are excited guys and I'm more than happy to welcome you all in 3AA club, but don't stress. ALL WILL BE GOOD Smile

3AA membership info from the store:
3AA 2011 membership

Includes 15% discount at for 12 months
Access to exclusive 3AA toys and 24 hour buying times for standard release toys.
1xAction Portable 1/12th OYA Tomorrow King figure
1xMembership Card features your name of choice, 10 characters max.
1xAdventure Kartel comic
1xHoodie, features space to write you own legion name in marker if you want, a DIY hoodie !

*One per customer,
*non transferable, if sold onto another party it becomes void, as in, no discount or access to exclusive toys
*no refunds
*Only valid at, not Bambasia ( go to to get a Bambasia membership.)
*Shipping is included in purchase price
Paypal only

Ashley about 3AA , Oya and future:
"year one that bought everything
gotta earn that pack"
"I actually hope we are going in two years
the US dollar need to make a come back !!!!"
"we pay for everything in US dollar, get pad in us dollar
we lose everytime it slips
nothing is done in Australian money, I would get less if it was the case."
"you can buy a bambasia and bambaland, dunno why you would ?"

"oya will never be released again in 1/12th
Im sure we could sell shit loads, but that isnt the point
Im not sure what the point is, but it isnt to sell crappy, inferior figs due to larger volume"
"i wanna a camo OYA,
and a yellow one
and a fucking pink one, coz it will freak people out !"

Ashley posting in F5 Bar dedicated to 3AA 2011 sale about Oyabun figs (never will be released again), that as always you can buy just one membership package, but this time (as I said many times), you can buy one at Bambasia and one at Bambaland, if you dig that idea:
"gimby, I said OYA will not be released again, one per 3AA pack.
no packs"
"1 region pack per customer...."
"you can buy a membership for each region, but only one of each
Benny needs the company !"
"I have had a crazy day, gonna grab a drink, and read the crazy email..
nah, just a drink, Membership is going well!
"all good fellaz"
"i live in the dry part of australia"
you lads are in form tonight !
those memberships are coming through still, feel very proud of lil 3A !"
"ok, im off for some relax, ill be back, hold the fort !"

3AA membership will be up for sale, for about 13 hurry up if you want one, chance like this - once a year. And there will be a toy sale this month, so you can immediately try your access to exclusive and 15% discount. Woot Woot!

Ashley's art blog is featuring this awesome art on the banner and most of us were curious where we see full reveal....answer is - Fuck It #3, which will be released soon!

January - 2011

Zomb 2.0 from Adventure Kartel Ankou 2pack, more awesome Ankou photos can be found here.

January - 2011

Guys, Benny asked me to manage this, SO if you didn't manage correctly mention your 2010 3AA card number and you want to keep it or you misunderstood 10 symbols limit for your desired card name, please instead of rushing and contacting 3A, go to this thread:
Thank you!


Last 15 minutes of 3AA sale, so hurry up...window closes any minute now! and 3AA membership will guarantee you the right, to buy 3A Legion figure!

Ashley about the sale and sharing his joy, that 3AA fam is growing!
"only surprize, I just inherited a ginger cat.. naturally I shall know her as the " GINGER INGE " from today
the legion has grown, people beware !"
"gonna grab the pussy now.. ohhhhhhhh err guvnor
best thing about membership, you can buy the legion figure !
3AA will end when I return with the minge...
thank guys ~"
"well large compared to year one, but compared to say HOTTOYs or Sideshows armies, we are still a merc operation ! 1/8th the size approx "

3AA membership is gone from the store and F5 Bar and Grill dedicated to the membership is closed, final words from F5 Bar:
Nothing better comes to mind than what Ash said on the blog:
3AA has gone for another year !
Thanks to all the old members that renewed. and the new recruits !
We will do out best to deliver some fun stuff in the following year.
A tip of the hat from all of 3A !!!

Really happy to see 3A grow and become one year 3AA older. Heh, sure it doesn't sound like right English.
Want to thank everyone who participated, hanged in the bar and showed support.
If you unfortunately missed out, don't be sad, there will be plenty of non-3AA releases this year and next year you will be armed and ready.
Can't wait to see you again in the F5 Bar , dedicated to next this month sale.
Cheers guys.
Love ya all.

Ashley about what's coming to us this week (classic TK - first figure from epic 7 bones set):
"this week we will show new stuff
first of the TK classics
Princess TQ, also of said Tk classics.
and who knows what else...."

About problems which some people had while ordering, which as I heard was easy fixed with browser change:
"I saw some emails, but then saw they purchased, so I dunno whats up, nothing now
3AA 2012, open in 12 months"

On members quantity:
"re members
dunno, till we cancel multi orders and unpaid.. which as always sucks.."

I know how we all excited are about special Dropcloths (Milk and Japan Defence), but still don't forget about our NO LISTS policy:
"no lists, its a Goodsmile thing"

Lots and lots of Ankou photos from our boardies, but let's start with tommy88 first, who bought 15 blinds and collected THEM ALL! For those who are curious he got only one of each chases among those 15 blinds.

January - 2011  Tommy881.thJanuary - 2011  Tommy88.thJanuary - 2011  Ankousfam1.thJanuary - 2011  Ankousfam.thJanuary - 2011

More Ankous featuring two different Shadow Ankou grins (photos by: slimjim, chinese_chicken, TP4949, Stue, Zach):

January - 2011  Slimjimankou2.thJanuary - 2011  Slimjim1.thJanuary - 2011  Slimjimf.thJanuary - 2011  Tk4949ankou.thJanuary - 2011  Tk4949.thJanuary - 2011  Tk4949image7290.thJanuary - 2011  Ankouzach.thJanuary - 2011  Chinesechicken.thJanuary - 2011  Stueankougrins.thJanuary - 2011

Official photos of the Chase Ankous:

January - 2011  Ascg.thJanuary - 2011


Looks like 2011 will be the year of Tomorrow King!
"these are the cheapest TKs yet, designed for people who missed out on the original TK's that was the point of the line. the cost of a interlocking part would make it much higher in price etc.. i dont want that.
Princess isnt part of 7B, just a cheap way to buy a single TQ.
The Numbering of the figures will be 1 for Wasabi, 2 for Princess etc, as they are releases in the Classic TK range. 3 might be another 7B, or the Archer, or a member of TK Unleashed
hope that makes sense, no coffee yet.."
"you know TK Unleashed the suspect boy-band, I think Benny bases hos fashion on them !" - Popbot 8 reference

New character - Punky King:
"the fig of the PUNK KING, is coming this year, the 7B are his personal guard..... or curse......
ta daaaaaaaaa"

Interloper MK2?! Oh my, oh my, oh my!
"also a new INTERLOPER MK2"

Ashley about quotes from old board, which are from 2008-2010:
"dont quote me, things change or not.
but I hate being quoted.
im riding ya today gimby ~"
"its just old quotes and stuff restrict my thinking and create a expectation etc, everything I do is constant flux
plus I dont want anyone to get upset when it isnt a certain way !"

Archer TK painting which we saw a while ago (not necessarily that Archer TK will look like that):

January - 2011

Information for those who bought Bambasia membership, instead of Bambalandstore membership and doesn't read Chinese. In three-four days from now, you will get confirmation letter with your Bambasia login and password.

Bambalandstore - different process. Don't worry, all will be done and you will get your 3AA membership privileges (if you bought 3AA membership) right in time before next sale happens.

Ashley about showing Wasabi TK today:
"ill drop a shot today !
ol Wasabi has a cool shirt, I think"

Wasabi TK teaser:

January - 2011

Ashley teasing about Princess TQ:
"then you might like... the PRINCESS TQ


Ashley dropping BIG bombs about Japan Defense Dropcloth AND 3AA JDF Dropcloth with stiffy gatling gun:
"200 at the show, I believe $150 is the price I was told.
already made the 200 set for Wonderfest, if your there you can pick it up onsite, where are all the Japanese legion members doing the hook up?, buy them all, ship em out to the legion ~
They are gonna sell from the website after the show, those are not made yet. they have shipping and tax issues with their store that makes it hard to deal with international orders, I believe come July this will change. Again just have some Japanese members play pointman, and score them for you guys.
I think I want a gatling JDF DROPCLOTH now, giant backpack and restructured engine housing, that can be a 3AA fig. mark it down lads , DROPCLOTH JDF, with STIFFY GATLING GUN ~
Thats the lowdown, deny no other stories, unless I ( ash ) say it or Kim its speculation and BS."

About Punking TK:
"imagine a taller slightly skinner Henry Rollins
The TK adore him, they see him as a living deity, he has the biggest sword
popbot isnt excalibur"

MORE RAD NEWS! New Square is coming and different variant of JDF Square is coming as well?! :
"im sure there will be a JDF square of some sort for everyone, never the same, thats not how we roll, and Im sure you dont want us to change now
I think a new square version is needed to, MK1.5 / 2 ?"

Dropcloth 2.0 and more about JDF set hook up:
"and dont forget the DROPCLOTH 2.0 coming your way
re GS, as we know as collectors, if you want sumin hard, you will get it, sometimes there isnt a soft option and you have to fight. it all comes down to how much you want it. If you cant get a JDF set, im sure there will be something as cool soon that fits your bill. Just dont let it fuck you up, or over step its position !
still, where are the JAPAN LEGION MEMBERS.... maybe they were all taken out in a dawn raid......
"i didnt mention D2.0
oh, well I have now
meaner, and taller"

Btw, one of Japanese boardies is actually working with Goodsmile on this and maybe he will help us out with the mass order, check this link please:

JEA Dropcloth set first mention out loud in the news:
"pretty much

Ashley about Dropcloths in 1/12th, who we will see as part of sets, this year:
"they are coming, but as part of sets"

It was said many times that WWR Heavy Bramble will not be seen in 1/12th scale, but 3A isn't ordinary toy company....3A listens to fans and supporters, and we all begged for it in 1/12th. And HE IS COMING:
"the demand for Heavy Bramble WWRp is pretty big, so maybe a Heavy Bramble , Dropcloth set from bamba !
say desert set, two drops and a Heavy, Deep Powder set etc.
maybe have a forum pick colorway as well"
^I'm extremely excited about this, if forum pick colorway happening please vote for weathered DW and NW versions , j/k.


This goes for people who bought analogue of 3AA membership at or who are worried that they haven't and Bambasia will have exclusives, which wouldn't be available at Bambaland:
"here is a note , a very important note to consider
as said before, There will not be any exclusive figures offered on Bambasia and not at Bambaland.
Bambasia is there for Chinese speaking fans that cannot order easily through Bambaland, not for exclusives.
there isnt need to have both!"

Apparently some people were confused by untruthful rumors, so here is a confirmation: IF YOU BOUGHT TWO 3AA PACKS (one at Bambasia and one at Bambalandstore), you WILL GET TWO MEMBERSHIP PACKAGES.
"If you bought two, one bamba, one bambasia you get two sets
kinda a no brainer and was already discussed on sale day,
there isnt an issue"

Ashley commenting about Fightinc JC painting colors which can be seen in his art blog or in this thread (already posted in previous news) and about retail Adventure Kartel toys:
"paint what I fancy , not the reality of the toys
and yes there is a retailer assortment of AK, coming, new and old, mix and matched !"

3A was always known for superb quality and even is something gets broken, 3A customer service ( always there helping to fix it and offering solutions to the problem.
"any problems with your toys, email candy or 3A, they will fix it, as we always have."


No shots of Grunts yet and sale date is going to be moved...all thanks to customs:
"customs have my grunts, since last week, until they release em, no shots... and I was gonna sell em next week too. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

Same situation with Wasabi TK and Princess TQ:
"ha, I dont think I have much pull.. actually I know I dont
Just have to wait... which im shit at.. also have Princess TQ and Wasabi trapped in customs prison..
fingers crossed for tomorrow !"
"still no updates on them..gah"

Ashley posting in Adventure Kartel Ankou thread:
"poor zombs gonna get pasted"
"i dont have them yet, only the protos, glad you like them
ANKOU EX is gonna make you guys smile !"

Mentioned earlier JEA DC set, comes with a Square as well:
"JEA DC comes with square
recon pack"

Lots of exciting info about Daywatch and Nightwatch Commanders...ohhh....I love so much when Ashley gives us insights into what's going on in WWR world:
"NW/DW commanders for sale soon only on the bambs.
still figuring, single or set ?
Basically NW/DW were always NOM, they used this cover to get close to EURO leaders, and on a dark night in November revealed there intentions to the world, by basically killing all European leaders that were anti Martian ( Martian NOM did their own thing, which is another story for another time ). Some say the Shiny bots rusted overnight, their true nature shown.
or some shit, maybe it rained and they didnt dry off etc"
"all bots end up looking fucked up, they are death machines, they exterior just shows their hearts, rusted and scratched with no Humanity. These guys are not Robbie the robot, if your not packing a correct WID tag, your meat to them !"
"my lawyers have"
"NW/DW are grimey
They shower in shit and tears, their garb freyed with dis-content, their minds filled with non compliance !"

"I meant not Robbie
Ha thats funny"
"the commanders are among us."

Teaser pic of NW Commander, we saw back in the day:

January - 2011

Commenting that there will be NW&DW Commanders + bot three pack, not even close, costs will be too massive:
"um.. thats really wrong, nothing like that"
"dunno now, its gonna be a while, and the cost will be massive for a set, so Im gonna probably release as singles"

More info about dangerous and mysterious NOM:
"NOM are the world best best, the Balance
they offer a different path that includes, doesnt deny.
"the NOM are what are needed
a mother gentle hand
or the devils hoof
you cannot define an unspoken ideal"


Heavy Brambles been seen in Europe , same with 3A/Ashley Wood calendar.

Let's keep fingers crossed for customs releasing Grunt, TQ Princess and Wasabi TK today.

Special forum version of Wasabi TK:
"ol wasabi with RPG, a forum exclusive. A fun accessory !"

January - 2011

More cool stuff coming!
"expect some cool shit over the weekend !
Grunts etc

Ashley about classic TKs and why they are classic:
"its classics, coz they are, too me !"

One more Wasabi TK photo AND Princess TQ (she is such a gorgeous lady):

January - 2011  Tkc1.thJanuary - 2011


Ashley pointing out the difference between Classic TK line and 7 Bones. So again, 7 Bones are characters from Popbot Universe and TK Classic is a line of Popbot toys, where TK , TQs and probably some other characters will be releases. So in case of Wasabi TK, he is part of Classic TK line and member of 7 Bones.
"its merely a name to sell single TKs under, nothing more, its nothing but a name I like.
Over time all the 7B will be releases under this line. Not to be re-released any other way ever !
so yea, your correct Giimby"
"coffee time
Ill say 2011 should be the best year for a 3A fan ! "

As you probably read earlier , Interloper 2.0 is coming and he will have be not a chase like first one....he will be a regular toy. So win win for people who want to have one.
"INTERLOPER 2.0 soon, its sold as a fig, not a chase..."

Ashley joking about TK swords:
"two handed bastard sword, you and your cock references goaty !"

FlipCanuck shared with us his photos of 3A/Ashley Wood calendar, if you don't want to spoil the experience, just don't click on the thumbnails, heh. Oh, and rad figure next to calendar is 3A Heavy Tomorrow King.

January - 2011  P1000044s.thJanuary - 2011  P1000045r.thJanuary - 2011  P1000041x.thJanuary - 2011  P1000047i.thJanuary - 2011

Top entry of 3A toys December photo thread is announced and it's wwwetworks! My sincere congratulations!

January - 2011

Special mentions by our art mod Eric:
"Special mention to BFLV, who was also right there.
uniluu, Bubo, Takemaru, Judgepup, Ex... really all great shots."
Full post dedicated to the top entry and special mentions is here.

Here are photos from guys, who were "specially mentioned":

January - 2011  Expathos.thJanuary - 2011  Bubo.thJanuary - 2011  Uniluu.thJanuary - 2011  Takemaru.thJanuary - 2011  Judgepup.thJanuary - 2011

January photo thread is still open and waiting for ya!

Again, if you forget or you think you supplied wrong info (card number - only for 2010 members, t-shirt size or desired card name) while ordering your 3AA 2011 membership , here is a chance to make it right:

WWR Grunt

January - 2011

Ashley about WWR Grunts, which will be for sale soon:
"first grunts are Deep Powder, L.R.S and Desert 666"
"120 bucks if all goes well, sets will prolly run a little lower"

Grunts sale and 3AA membership activation....could it be that something special will be up at Bamba or it's just a date when your 3AA 2011 membership privileges will be activated? I'm just speculating here, but we will see how it goes soon enough!
"soon, next week, maybe week after....
Monday by the way is when you 3AA memberships at Bambaland will kick in !!"

Grunts evolution:
"The grunts will change and evolve over the coming year.
Martian Soldiers are different again"


Daywatch and Nightwatch Commanders, which most likely will be offered for sale this Monday (January 24th) at , just in time for your 3AA 2011 membership activate, for 120$ EACH (not sold as a set). Worldwide shipping is as always included in the price. 120$ - is a price prior to 3AA discount, if you have one.

January - 2011

"I kinda dig these, the white eyes on black mask is killer..
but the black skin version of Posty is weird and cool to me..
a set huh, buy one of each !, maybe ill make a slip for it if you buy two etc..
remember your 3AA goes into effect monday.. might be worthwhile checking bamba after that..."

Daywatch Bertie MK3 (sold out during MK3 release), I wonder how cool double cannon Nightwatch looks like:

January - 2011

"thats the not a finished gun, it has black accents"

Action Portable TKs are almost ready to ship out, it will be either this month or right after Chinese New Year. 3A tries to make all possible to ship them out. Stay tuned.

January - 2011

Looks like the bot head which comes with 3AA TK Baka aka Kyuukesuki will be offered again:

January - 2011

"we are gonna find away to release it again, too cool if you ask me ?
would you guys buy it by its self ? with an interloper AP ?"
"the demand for that head is too much... after half a day, ill release it again soon, white and black version etc.. in some config.. I always under-estimate the interest..."
"White and weathered
no DIY with these for now"

Action Portable Interloper will come with a bot head, but it will be a way different from the one which comes random within first Action Portable release in September 2010:
"well its would be a different interloper, nothing like the one from the AP TK sale..
mark it down, there wil be a set"

Latest post from Ashley's art blog featuring a lot of great art:

Some stuff in my studio, sketches and paintings in states of undress.
Also check out the Square painting at top with the super glossy varnish, pretty damn awesome finish! Its like glass, super tough too !

January - 2011  Ss6v.thJanuary - 2011  Ss5y.thJanuary - 2011  Ss3bb.thJanuary - 2011  Ss1iu.thJanuary - 2011


After all hints by Ashley Wood, about checking , once your 3AA account will be activated....[s]it's a safe guess that DW&NW Commanders might be on sale today![/s]

There are lots&lots of questions from new members, about 3AA option at Bambaland. Once your membership will be activated, when you will login at the store you will see 3AA tab on the left (in the store navigation bar). So please don't forget to log in.

January - 2011

We can abort our F5 mission for Nom Commanders:
"nothing like that, if i did a slip, just a cover etc. But thats not a certainty either.
I like them as singles, with their own boxes, thats how I imagined this sale, and I think thats how I will leave it. if you want both grab em, if not buy one or none. a lot of choice
they will be around this week, dont hammer the store, I tell when they start going up."

Ashley telling lots & lots of info about NW&DW Commanders, NOM and Barguest de Plume:
"the commanders have noting to do with the clean NW/DW, only once there seed protocol are activated and the they reveal their true identity do the commanders appear and everything get dirty and shitty"

"you missed it
they are not needed why they are "pretending to be nice shiny bots" they are nom bots, but are in deep cover"

"but when the bots start a killing, the commanders appear, with all the action going on, they get dirty fast and dont really have time for their mums to do their washing
and yea, they come with helmets, I like em without though!"

"painted white be the eyes on NW, and painted black on the DW. regardign eyes that is"

"surprise surprise , I have the work of 5 people to do."

Barguest and NOM relationship:
"Barguest is a Fallen NOM, he does not agree with the path to unite all, he wants to stomp and crush all.
Barguest theory is " If its dead, it cannot pick up arms and challenge " he digs that, the Fallen are a dark bunch. BUT NOM dont see them as bad or wrong, just another thread in the overall scheme of balance.
NOM are complicated and contrary"

Quick summary of your 3AA 2011 card names/hoodie sizes/3AA 2010 card numbers is located here:
Post there if you gave wrong info on any of these, while rushing with your order. Thank you!

Incredible 3A and Kenny Wong collaboration called "Sea Monkey" isn't forgotten. If you don't know what I'm talking about, do click here. To be brief: Kenny is designing enormous 20" bot figure and Ashley/3A are working on Snow Pea (female pilot).

January - 2011 January - 2011

"snowpea, meh I have redesigned her, I have the original snowpea on my shelf, never to be seen.
Once Kenny has finished his part ill jump in and rework snowpea !"

Ashley and Kim (threezero) will make an appearance at Wonderfest:
"speaking of the NOM commanders, looks like they will be making a showing at Wonderfest..
dont look them in the eye, and you should be ok"

3AA 2011 accounts are activated, when you login with your username and password to the bambalandstore (if you bought the membership, d'oh!) , you will see 3AA tab on navigation menu on the left and prices will be with 15% discount. Welcome to the club!
"the 3AA bamba accounts are up, but log out , then log back in to activate the membership!
welcome aboard !"

Ashley about Grunt sale, that it's coming when he will decide to put it up at the store:
"never was, I say when they are going up"

Thread dedicated to Wonderfest located here.
"Uncle Kim will be there signing ANYTHING !"
"ill make sure he dont sign that, as Ill be there watching in the shadow!"
"both me and Kim will be there barring anything weird
Korean BBQ is my food of choice on Japan"


Some of 1/12th scale figures, which are planned to drop in 2011!

January - 2011

"here are some upcoming mini figs for 2011, dunno when !"
"oh yea, the kitties.. calls the sculptor on the 3A phone !"

"for? popbot, pink , camo, yellow etc"

About 1/12th scale Action Portable Popbot articulation and possible chase figure:
"they are the same as their big counterparts in every way !"
"and kitty too !
also a two handed Pop !"
"mm there is a rare, like SUPER rare two handed large Popbot you know...

Looks like Action Portable TKs, will be shipped right after CNY in February. They turned out absolutely gorgeous and I'm sure you will like 'em!

Ashley posting about Wonderfest in Japan, where he and Kim will be participating...along with JDF Dropcloth + Square (Goodsmile exclusive).
"if all works out, it will be a first for 3A!"
"im sure ill get nothing, no time to look around, but Im super interested in the garage kits !"
"JEA might be there..."


While our brothers and sisters, who are located in US are still waiting for the Ankous....our Ankou photos thread is filled with great photos. For example, here are some from memecomplex, goatbot (cool photo story, featuring Tommy Mission and Little Shadow) and J3D1. Ankou looks so damn good in groups, same as Zombs, can't wait for them to be released in 1/12th scale.

January - 2011  Paulankou.thJanuary - 2011  Memeankou3.thJanuary - 2011  Memeankou2.thJanuary - 2011  Memeankou.thJanuary - 2011  Goaty.thJanuary - 2011  Goaty1.thJanuary - 2011  Goaty2.thJanuary - 2011

DW and NW Commanders, are going up for sale tomorrow (January 27th at 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time) at
Price - 120$ per one. If you buy a set, there is a chance for common packaging.
"on sale tomorrow, a special sale... starting at 9-00am HK time"
"and maybe a special sumin too..mmmmmm we shall see !"

Ashley about how hard it is to produce 1/12th scale toys and that Zomb and Tommy will be made in 1/12th scale toys + many others.
"trust me, there is nothing economic about making the small figs, if we were selling 10000+ costs would go down, but as it stands we couldnt even make that number even if there were orders etc
Small figs are a fun thing, I enjoy them, the cards, packaging etc. We have a zomb, and a tommy, and quite a few others prototyped, soon as we can figure out the best way to get them to ya, we will !"
So hell yes to Zomb hordes!

About new WWR colorway and fraction?:
"glossy clean pink.... now thats NOM faction everyones gonna want.
the Pink Ladies !"

F5 Bar and Grill dedicated to DW&NW Commanders sale is open and waiting for you! All drinks on the house, have some fun...but please stay more or less on topic. DW&NW Commanders thread under WWR is reserved for questions and problems. Thank you for understanding and I'm waiting for you at the bar!

Even more good stuff! Surprise - not the Barguest, but something even more interesting!
"its a friend of the commanders, well friend isnt right either..
its not barguest , he wouldnt share a sale day !"
"well aint sugar bud !"
We are currently speculating about female de Plume!

WWR Grunt has a sale date: February 16th , 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time. Now his and NW&DW Commander teaser from threeA production blog.

January - 2011  Screenshot20110126at050.thJanuary - 2011

Here is an answer for all people, who were interested if DW&NW Commander sale will be 24 hours thing:
"If your there in the morning you will be fine
we dont want stress, we will do our best !"

JEA Bambaboss is shipping out this week, check out his awesome box art...
"shipping this week"
"the drawing has an ASH feel to it...."

January - 2011  Jeabby.thJanuary - 2011

Tradition of Chinese New Year Tomorrow Queen continues, but unfortunately only one out of ten made, will end up at , at absolutely random time. So please don't be stressed or disappointed that you can't buy one, consider it as one of a kind custom, to celebrate Year of a Rabbit.

January - 2011

"10 only made to keep tradition going, and one for bamba, the rest are gone already !
dont start hitting bamba, its not up there, and its not known when it will... start your emo !
and no, this isnt the un-mentioned buddy of the commanders !
end of transmission......."
"would have made more, but hatchery is shut down for CNY, 10 was it !"
"no hints, or full shots, coz im already getting hate mail.."

1G Armstrong will drop later on in 1/6th scale, so it will be not the unknown buddy, which will be the surprise of NW&DW Commanders sale:
"1G are later
adding little bits"

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING AND GORGEOUS IN EVERY WAY, latest Nabler painting from Ashley's art blog:

January - 2011


NW&DW Commanders drop are almost upon us! Just 40 minutes to go and we still haven't got a clue, what special DW&NW friend might appear as a surprise release, during this sale.
Plus it's still unknown whether it's 24 hours thing or there is a certain number and once it will be reached - bye bye bamba. But I'm rather that if there are really low production numbers, there will be staggered releases, giving European and other boardies more chance to buy one. Either way, it's all my speculations for now.

Here are couple of really good Photoshop pics by our board member zzzzz, who thinking out loud, how WWR weapons packs might look like:

January - 2011  Wwrtransitcase.thJanuary - 2011  Wwrtransitcases.thJanuary - 2011
^It's not official photos of 3A upcoming products, just really good fan art

NW&DW Commanders are up at

If you 3AA membership isn't working , you need to log in first. if it's still doesn't work log in -> log out and log in again. Should be working like a charm. Oh and as always, you should log in first - to see you 3AA tab.

If not, then report please.

Surprise of the night - NOM NW Heavy Bramble, 280$ per one and shipping in April.

January - 2011

Ashley about how many NW&DW Commanders you can buy:
"im not a radio operator gimby, our policy never changes, unless I say."

About NOM NW Heavy Bramble
"easy to get"
"who really wants the forst NOM robot..really, pass, and wait for other stuff"
"actually served up in lots of 20
1 pfft, thats a tq number"

NOM Commanders are going to leave the store soon, don't sit on the fence!
"nom commanders are doing fine, but they will be around , not 24 hours or 12 etc.. when the hatchery says no more, they are toast !"

No TQ at Bamba tonight:
"no TQ today..."

NOM NW Heavy Brambles comes with a knife!
"NW is the first BOT to have NOM markings, and basically reveal NOM to the world
I think he needs a big ass knife. bummer should have done that...."
"NOM NW now with knife!"

More info about African Defense bots:
"African is a cool HB, the whole AFrican corp is cool and an important player in the WWR universe"

About the knife:
"nope, they are full slicing humes, not fancy sword play, like shucking oysters etc.."

Oh and of course NW&DW Commanders, come with helmets, just like their "brothers" - Men from N.O.M
you still dont have one... ok, some recycles
January - 2011

WWR Caesar's knife:

January - 2011

Another surprise of the night, which was really limited and sold out in a few:

January - 2011

Ashley about two hands Popbot:
"2 hand pop... really ?"
"2 handed sounds cool, now that would be a rare fig"
"well your wrong, gimby, two handed pop is the winner for me, always, my best bot !"
"all pop are gone, and you thought these sales were getting soft !"

There are still some NW NOM Heavy Brambles left:
"you still dont have one... ok, some recycles"

On two hands Popbot quantity:
"more than one, but I cant say"

Latest stats about rare surprise figures and DW&NW Commanders itself:
"thats a wrap, the commanders will wither sooner than later, the curtain has fallen on the Heavy Brambles for now
2 hand pop can now rest east
thanks chaps, always a pleasure... and to think, this wasnt even a proper sale !!!"

Ashley about NW&DW Commanders saying goodbye to the store soon:
"sale is ending very soon...."

Ashley making comments in January photo thread and TK photo thread:
"great stuff guys !!!!"
"thats quite a tank !"

NW&DW Commanders are gone form the store, congrats to everyone who got one and please don't be sad about Heavy Bramble or Two Hands Popbot...with 3A surprises, you never know which surprise figure is going to be next .... there will be even cooler and maybe more appealing stuff for you, which you will end up with during the next sales. Thank you as always for fun time and occasional EMO in F5 Bar, can't wait to welcome you all again for the next sale.
And the next standard sale, we are aware about it - is WWR Grunt, February 16th 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time.


More lil de Plumes coming to WWRp scale, including DIY de Plume, Barguest and Kuan ti Plume (which was Beijing Gathering exclusive in 1/6th scale). Gebi de Plume will be offered after Chinese New Year (February 3rd + some days to celebrate it) and like I mentioned before, Action Portable TKs will ship right after celebrations are over.
"or they look cool packaged, there is a quality to it blistered !
really, its up to the individual, so many rules and crap telling what to do and think these day, if you wanna cut a glory hole in the card I dont see a problem.
the DIY and GEBI will be after CNY, but premade etc. We dont know how we will sell etc But sometime after CNY
I want a Jung, Beijing and Barguest mini now... also the AP TK's after CNY im told !"
"actually DIY will be the rarest......
most people want them finished so we have to concentrate on those, the sewing and production are pretty much the same for finished or DIY etc"

Just landed in Asia, so looks like 3A staff made another miracle happen and manage to send them out before CNY shipping jam! Photos by pro-pain. Love the packaging...

January - 2011  Kiba2k.thJanuary - 2011  Kiba1.thJanuary - 2011


JEA Bambaboss landed in Japan, photo by 3A forum member iroha:

January - 2011

Don't know about you, but I constantly keep checking 3A toys photography section for more Action Portable TK pics. Only five original TKs (Negro, Blanco, Kenshiro, Yoji, Hideo) had severed bot heads, so I'm really interested how for instance Interloper bot head will look like.

It's a bit old news, but if you dig listening to long podcasts about 3A toys, made by our boardies (win-win), here is a link to podcast number 10, dedicated to 3AA drop. One day , I got to participate in one of those, I tell ya!


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January - 2011  Empty Re: January - 2011

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:18 am

Guys urgent news you need to know

As always Ashley observed what happened, listened to the reasons and acted up. Because of huge demand NOM NW Heavy Bramble is available for 24 hours at !

F5 Bar dedicated to the release:

Some of Ashley's words (I'll do the full update later on)
"ok how about this, we have discussed this at 3A this afternoon.
Ill sell pre-sell some more heavy NW, maybe shipping after the first lot, just depends on demand.
But I can only do it for 24 hours period as Chinese new years is cutting in and this info has to be slotted in for production.
I have always said, we make toys, and not speculator fodder, hopefully we can find a balance that works
ill put them up soon, so if you know anybody that wants one, please tell them."
"guys, seems we mis judged the NOM HEAVY NW demand, so we are gonna open the sale for 24 hours for people who missed out, ending 5pm sunday Hong kong time, that 24 hours, more than enough time I hope for interested parties.
and please email candy if you have concerns regarding your toys!" ends at 5pm Sunday Hong-Kong time. Go for it, if you dig massive NOM NW Heavy Bramble!

Now here is a full summarize of the news:

Ashley asking do we want to see some retail Adventure Kartel Ankous?
"is the demand there for retail Ankou ? you guys want more ?
Im really happy to see people enjoy them, they are kinda goofy !"

Important notice about EU customs and 3A distribution points in if you are from Europe, you got to get more friends into order for 3A to have more EU orders and then one day we will be free from all the freaking customs problems, heh. I'm from EU, so I know how painful customs may be.
"oh yea
re customs, we would love to use a logistics group for UK/EURO, ship all UK/EURO orders to them and then have the ship from a EU warehouse, which would negate customs for you and save us a bundle in shipping charges. But so far we have been told to piss off, too small etc to get said companies attention. If anyone has any ideas regarding this we are listening."

Our hardcore 3A veteran Tigerfeet aka Martin , shared his points on collecting in [ur=l]this thread[/url], very interesting points and I really appreciate how honest he is with us.
Here is Ashley answering in the thread pointing out lots of important moments and thoughts about collecting and 3A surprise releases:
"Martin always has interesting and intelligent points to make, and of course we here at 3A can see his position.
the first sale of the year was meant to be "special" sale due to fact they were not brand new figures and we didnt think it was a big deal sale, hence no newsletter or 3AA 24hr window . Its not easy for us to estimate or take into account demand, coupled with the production limitations it makes its a guestimate at times. We dont take any enjoyment from having to say no to anyone, I would rather everyone gets what they want, but logistics and company size make it not possible.
We will try to make it more simple and there are no sales in the medium term that will not garner 24hr 3AA access for the toys.
From Ashley Wood, me, always balance this shit, dont let it overpower or unbalance your life, they are only meant to bring enjoyment, the moment it doesnt stop!!! I dont want unhappy people buying anything , if your not enjoying 100% on all levels ! You dont need every toy, none are better than others, its all so relative its brain numbing !
I like this forum, the people regardless of whether they buy our toys, I have met Martin and many other members of this forum, that matters way more than being customers to me!
and please remember, your free to do what you want, enjoy that position !
ill bugger off now, chat away"

follow up of the situation , which will make lil DIY de Plumes fan jump around and which ended in NW Heavy Bramble available to general audience for 24 hours:
"we listened and will do a pre-order for new mini deplumes. DIY gebi etc
balls in your court guys"

Some Heavy Brambles have a bit loose arm and foot joints, here is a quick (but I must say scary fix) written and photographed by memecomplex, huge thanks to him for that.

after that your Heavy Bramble will be a hell of a trooper and heavy weight champion:

January - 2011

As always 3A customer service will do miracles for you, if your toy arrived broken or damaged, here is a reminder about that from Ashley:
"guys, you can email candy with these concerns, so we always have knowledge of shit, and then we can so our best to fix it. I know for myself, I would be kinda freaked with some fixes... but im lame in that dept !"

Ashley expresses his opinion and thoughts about going to SDCC...but don't get him wrong, he is attending:
"I dont wanna go"
"dude, I can cover my fam, just hard to trek as a group,
love the kindness, but im cool !!!!!"
"bar is open, gotta run, hope this helps some people !"

Putting NOM NW Heavy Bramble for sale, explaining that shipping and production will now take longer and opening F5 bar first time for this sale (poor me, always it was my duty, hehehe):
"they might take longer to get now, but hopefully you can get them if wanted this way"
"ok how about this, we have discussed this at 3A this afternoon.
Ill sell pre-sell some more heavy DW, maybe shipping after the first lot, just depends on demand.
But I can only do it for 24 hours period as Chinese new years is cutting in and this info has to be slotted in for production.
I have always said, we make toys, and not speculator fodder, hopefully we can find a balance that works
ill put them up soon, so if you know anybody that wants one, please tell them."

"really, we dont want you at the hands of the flippers or ****, shit we get nothing from it"

Ashley correcting his mistake, as he early mistyped and said that DW Bramble will be for sale, EMOOOO
"NW sorry, Im lame like that !"

F5 Bar stuff:
"ok there there, 24 hours"
"they should be up !
have a great weekend guys, got a cyclone looming here, time to hide the Beamers"
"how do I do it !
after hours bar ?"
"bar is open, gotta run, hope this helps some people !"

As you probably heard NW Heavy Bramble comes with a knife as well, here is Ashley about knife design:
"i just sent the design over, its cool, close range shucking knife..
gotta scoot, storms a coming !"

One of the final points considering surprise sale and that buying surprises should be fun, if it's not fun for you...then maybe it's not your thing?
"stress, and upset is not the point of this,
Cant always do this sort of thing, but I never recycled the unpaid orders back onto bambaland yesterday its a soft option today.
Going forward hopefully we can balance all aspects, .
Will there be rare figs, of course. but like last year, the rare figures are naturally made, some figs and colorways were very under-ordered, some rarer than so called rare figs !"
Go for what you like, don't go for the stuff just because it's rare or it's a chase. Ashley said many times, that his favorite are the standard versions and that's why he makes them standard and mass produced...everything else just a sweet bonus, that makes it fun. I will rather see two hands Popbot for instance made in small numbers, than not made at all.

Don't know if you heard about this, I wrote about our forum member's Sail challenge - 60 sketches in 60 days (personal challenge with Bertie MK3 prize in the end). Now the challenge is over and you can checkout this thread to relive the memories, here is Ashley saying his words about this and that Sail deserved his Bertie MK3. Thank you again Sail, for extremely fun ride!
"Sail rules
this is why this forum is great, to see an artist nail the daily drawing challenge, with deftness and aplomb is awesome.
Just to do the art is a challenge, but to show the world and open yourself up is epic, I tip my hat to sale Smiley
A well earned MK3, but I think we all got the best apart of the deal.
A salute !"

Lots of people ask if NW Heavy Bramble will be heavy weathered like DW Heavy Bramble, here is my take on things:
Yes he will be different from previous NW, but we don't know HOW dirty he will be. Remember Ash's story about NW/DW glossy bots transition to killers (check the link)? Some decal ideas and compare them with the ones on good old NW Bramble from 2009

January - 2011  18703416.thJanuary - 2011

So in my opinion, he will be waaaaaaaaay dirty.

I'm done, this was extremely fun update to good old days in the beginning of the board, when I had to process lots & lots of info for you guys and present it in the clearest way possible. If you have any questions, PM always, truly yours Gimbat.


Heavy Bramble sale will end up an hour earlier than previously mentioned. So today at 4:00 PM Hong-Kong time, if you are confused, here is a link to find out current time in Hong-Kong:

Ashley about this and now we know, that next big NOM (WWR) bot coming for sale - will be 1G Armstrong! WWR Caesar will hit the store relatively soon and we will see Harold MK1 (bot on tracks), yeaay!
"Im thinking everyone thats want a NW HB NOM has it now or close, 4 pm my time ill stop the sale, so thats a little while left.
Next Nom-bot 1/6th is a 1G Armstrong, and of course other colorways.
Caesar will be appearing soon, and my personal fav now, Harold MK1, this isnt the Harold you have seen.
The Surpreme nom will also be popping in to say hello and run a rubbery hand over her rusty robots !"
I personally can't wait to see so called female de Plume - Surpeme NOM Commander!

You probably know that 3A is planning to make clothes (currently it's been only super rad t-shirts and hoodie - 3AA 2011), here Ashley talks about female clothing:
"I would dig making ladies gear, infact I believe in my abilities enough to think they would be damn cool . only hurdle, will enough buy to cover the expense, I dont care about making money, just owing it sucks!
Ill look into iron on transfers and other avenues, but I tells ya, 3A panties in a vinyl robot of some type would be awesome. Rubber, PVC would be great Smiley
I would never ban a photo of panties with a 3A angle... I see that as a win for everyone !"
So sisters...who wants some panties with 3A logo?

CNY Tomorrow Queen photo by nyhousekid:

January - 2011

Retail Heavy Brambles: AFRICAN DEF FREIHEIT and CYDONIA WESTERN DEF (saw the photos at ABC express , but for obvious reasons removed their logo from the photos):

January - 2011  Adh8.thJanuary - 2011  Adh7.thJanuary - 2011  Adh6.thJanuary - 2011  Adh5.thJanuary - 2011  Adh3b.thJanuary - 2011  Adh1.thJanuary - 2011  Adho.thJanuary - 2011  Western.thJanuary - 2011  Western2j.thJanuary - 2011  Western3.thJanuary - 2011  Western4.thJanuary - 2011  Western5.thJanuary - 2011  Western6.thJanuary - 2011  Western8.thJanuary - 2011

Like 'em? Ask your local retailer who carry 3A to sell you one, or if your local favorite store doesn't carry 3A...well educate them about these toys! They are worth having. My personal favorite is AD, love cross decals.

NW Nom Heavy Bramble sale is done and F5 bar is closed, next known release is - WWR Grunt, February 16th, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time.
"shutting down the sale, gotta turn of the computers now !
thanks, hope everyone got what they wanted, see ya soon"

Never forget that 3A forum is a place where miracles happen and legends are born. Ashley actually listens to a fan and tries to find a golden middle that would satisfy 3A (and don't make company broke) and makes the most fans and supporters happy.


Don't know about you guys, but I am a huge fan of Big Red colorways in WWR and WWRp...always wanted to see more WWR 1/6th scale bots in this colorway...Bertie , Brambe, Armstrong...looks like there is a chance that Big Red Heavy Bramble will be made. Please hold your fingers crossed for one! First Big Red bot - Large Martin, to give you some idea:

January - 2011

"hmm Big RED Heavy
yea, I really thought you guys would be done with that colorway... I think we can arrange sumon, after CNY ill have a sample made, see if its cool etc.."

Ashley about female clothing (panties) in 3A style:
"ok il gonna make sumin panti-ish , Kid Akira is gonna get a pair for free so he can strut his photos online !"

Cool Action Portable TKs pics , you probably forgot about...featuring all Action Portable TKs + black and white botheads, which most likely will be seen with Negro (black one) and Blanco (white one):

January - 2011  Ap1z.thJanuary - 2011

And Action Portable TKs pics by our boardie nikechen and Brock Watson:

January - 2011  Nikechen.thJanuary - 2011  Brockwatson.thJanuary - 2011  Brockwatson1.thJanuary - 2011

Oh and some people are really surprised that I do 3A coverage and post about news column updates in twitter & facebook...common guys, links are in my signature!


More Action Portable TK's pics, featuring comparison shots of 1/6th TKs and OG bot heads (from first TK's release in 2009) next to new bot heads. Original bot heads have bright yellow colors. The photos are by: slimjim, ckvan and MalcolmLittle:

slimjim comments about bot heads comparison: "As you can see, the one on the left is the OG TK Bot Head, and the one on the right is the AP TK Bot Head
The OG TK bot head is a more bright yellow, and the AP TK Bot head is a dull, matte yellow."

January - 2011  Comparisonv.thJanuary - 2011  Ckwan4.thJanuary - 2011  Ckwan3.thJanuary - 2011  Ckwan2.thJanuary - 2011  Ckwan1.thJanuary - 2011  Ckwankiba.thJanuary - 2011  Slimjim1.thJanuary - 2011  Slimjim.thJanuary - 2011

Ashley joking in "What's on your walls" thread:
"it was a bootleg
sorry eric, I never painted that
only unicorns and rainbows !"

1:1 Nabler is coming, but sadly for Ashley only....and here is Ashley speaking about this and his art:
"not really that different , just have more nuts to do what I think is cool, and not so concerned with with making it appealing, the Nabler is actually my most focused works to date, they have a narrative , yet its unclear to a general viewing, if you ever see me in person, ill explain it. If I had to define my art periods, the Nabler is my first 100% thought out movement. 2012 will see the fully finished versions and ideas. All the stuff you are seeing is sketches, apart from the Chuddy painting which was a proof of concept.
I need a full size nabler head to paint from.. KIMMMMMMMMM !"
"start saving gimbs.
The nabler is for me only, not gonna sell it.."
"sad about nabler, you dont want a NAbler in your house..
just for me, only I can tame it"

Chinese New Year is coming...I want to wish lots of fun to all our boardies , who are celebrating CNY and best of luck with the final preparations!

Our Japanese boardie kadoo, offered his help in obtaining infamous JDF Dropcloth + Square set. BUT PLEASE read through his rules, as it's not first come - first serve basis list.
and knowing how lists are going here and that we have "no list" policy, this case is an don't make me regret, that it was allowed, SO PLEASE BEHAVE.


WWR bot sniper figure is coming (he is a human who is killing bots, not a bot):
"the sniper is coming..... BIG GUNNNNNNNNNN"

Ashley about Grunts possibility in WWRp (1/12th scale)
"if its possible, and at the moment its looking a bit suss we will, but the reality is it doesnt look cool yet, we are trying, we wont give up, but for now its all R&D"

Don't forget that we have a date for WWR Grunts sale, February 16th - 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time at

Latest post from Ashley's art blog, featuring magnificent painting:

January - 2011

a picture
showing the progress on Ocean Totem, as seen in a previous post etc, it's a friendly WWR painting.

About the person on the painting:
"not a grunt, a Rothchild field Inspector"

Exciting news from 3A production blog:
Oh yea
Kim and Ash will be in Japan this weekend, hanging out with Goodsmile at Wondefest, they might even mention 3A’s collaboration with Japan’s biggest toy company Bandai …. its gonna be big!
And here is a thread, where you can discuss it for now.

Ashley joking and being secret about 3A & Bandai collaboration:
"3AxBandai will make the greatest DIY Korean BBQ set ever !!!"

Barguest de Plume is coming soon! Hopefully we will hear lots of more news about him after Wonderfest:
"Barguest is nearly here....."

Posting in "Artist you like" thread:
"shit happens, with dog food and art
to the universe they are the same, it just depends on what time of day it is when you look at it !"

Explaining how he wants "Popbot" game to happen and that there will be something very exciting (if you like Popbot) at SDCC:
"I just want a popbot game ! sighhhhh
Still be at SDCC, and you might leave with a grin if your down PB !"

Happy 4709 Chinese New Year to all my friends , brothers and sisters in Asia. Have a good family reunion meal and lots of fun! Wish you happiness, prosperity and lots of health to you, your friends and family members. Gung Hey Fat Choy!


Our boardie memecomplex is pushing WWRp Bertie and Action Portable to the extreme! But looking all these TK poses and capabilities, I think that even meme haven't pushed him to the fullest! So guys, if you bought one or two, brake this bad boys free, pose them and share the pics at Action Portable TK's photo thread.

January - 2011  Memetks.thJanuary - 2011  Memetks1.thJanuary - 2011  Memetks2.thJanuary - 2011  Memetks3.thJanuary - 2011  Memetks4.thJanuary - 2011  Memetks5.thJanuary - 2011  Memetks6.thJanuary - 2011

Almost all Bambaboss on one pic (except PuddingBoss) by Facebook user and our boardie: julianjim , box art on Bambaboss are so cool.

January - 2011  Julianjimbamba.thJanuary - 2011

WWR Barguest de Plume is revealed! On sale in March, exclusively at Bambaland and Bambasia and I got to say, he is looking even better than we all imagined! Leg holster is such a nice touch. He will look especially great next to Kuan ti Plume (Beijing exclusive)...who was the first Fallen.

January - 2011

February summarize is coming, just need to sit in front of the keyboard in the right mood, to pass all my emotions and excitement to you in the right words!

Wishes from 3A blog: "Happy Rabbits to all, 3A wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!"

And from me personally, once again I want to wish everyone who is celebrating Chinese New Year: lots of health, happiness, love and understanding from your significant others, people that you love and value their company. May all the bad things stay in the previous year and New Year bringing only joy and good things to you. Gung Hey Fat Choy!


Ashley about Barguest de Plume and about upcoming weekend in Japan:
"have a good weekend lads, gotta jet, hectic week, feel wiped !
Glad to see love for Ol Barguest, two guns, standard but holster and leg."

Couple of awesome images, one by Nicolas Calda featuring all Heavy Bramble RPGs (except retail Brambles) and ARMY of Ankous by crestone:

January - 2011  Nicolascalda.thJanuary - 2011

Gravedigger Heavy Bramble heads have been sent out to all the US customers, since decals on the heads are a bit different. All the other Heavy Bramble Gravediggers heads are fine, so you don't need to worry.

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