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threeA TOYS Catalogue

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Post by gar Fri Jan 18, 2019 9:06 pm

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threeA has ceased its operations on August 1st, 2019.
You can find more info on Ashley Wood projects on ashleywoodart, Ashley’s photoblog on Instagram, and World of 7174.
Information on threeA licensed releases like Hasbro Transformers and Bungie Destiny 2 can be found on

threeA licensed Toy releases will be sold on threezero Store
Hasbro Transformers and Bungie Destiny 2

World of 7174 Store releases
Original Art and (Giclée) Art Prints are not listed, due to their habit to sell out almost instantly
Also digital downloads aren't listed either since they are available almost infinitely

Isobelle Pascha World Safari HC - 2017.08.22
US$25 USA / US$35 Worldwide shipping Isobelle Pascha's first erotic adventure, 10 year anniversary edition / by Isobelle Pascha + Ashley Wood / 6"x9" 115 pages / 2 possible variant covers / Ltd War Rat Books edition/ WRB001

Level52 Studios releases

Cornelius and The Fight of The Next - 2019.08.19 -
US$399,99 - Limited Edition / 24.5" (62.2 cm) tall polystone statue / payment plans: Half Now/Half Later and Over the course of 3 payments

Hasbro Pulse exclusive Toy releases

Hasbro Pulse Exclusive - DLX Scale Nemesis Prime - 2019.07.19 -
US$199,95 - Limited Edition / DLX Scale Collectible Series / only available at

Bungiestore exclusive Toy releases

Destiny 2 Titan Mercury Vex Shader Bungie Store Exclusive - 2019.02.12
US$199.99 - Bungiestore Exclusive Version Includes Ghost - EDZ Shell / Sentinel Shield / Sweet Business Exotic Auto Rifl / Better Devils Hand Cannon / Bungie Store Exclusive Scout Rifle - MIDA Multi-Tool

threeA Retail Exclusive Toy releases
currently on order at your Local Comic Book, Toy, Hobby, or Online Retail Shop* (see also the threeA Stockists list):
* or sold out

Tenacious Toys Exclusive Siamese KittyPillar - 2019,02.04 -
US$90 + S/H - Tenacious Toys exclusive -100 pcs

Spoke Art Gallery exclusive - Calico KittyPillar - 2018.12.18 -
US$90 + S/H - Spoke Art Gallery exclusive -100 pcs

The following toys might still be available with retailers:*
Good Smile Company exclusive WWRp | SOTF Shitty 9 Snow Panda Damn Large Martin / Tsuen Wan 888  New Territories Patrol Bertie MK2 + Sniper Set - Good Smile Company exclusive Isobelle Pascha x Otome No Teikoku - Mask Senpai - BBTS Exclusive - Transformers Generation One Nemesis Prime - Retail Exclusive AP Shogun TK[/b ] - [b]Retail exclusive Destiny Titan / Hunter Autumn Splendor Shader Edition / Warlock Lunar Elegy Shader Edition - DC Comics The Steel Age Batman DAY or Night - Gala Milk World of Isobelle Pascha Retail Waves 1 + 2 + 3 - Retail String Divers

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