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May - 2013

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May - 2013 Empty May - 2013

Post by gimbat Sat Mar 14, 2015 8:19 pm

May 2013


Ashley Wood about In Service of Him pre-order:
"Thanks chaps, Ol blindy would be proud of this sale, great support once again from the best patrons !
Sale ends at 9-00am!"

Since Popbot In Service of Him set and ASCEND BLIND THE WHITE surprise left Bambalandstore, it's time to summarize the sketches & fan art and pull the plug on the bar.

May - 2013 NAweDu7tMay - 2013 FBP3btYtMay - 2013 NJGz9BRtMay - 2013 RHU4BeJtMay - 2013 PB6nuq6tMay - 2013 2Wz6drYtMay - 2013 IIYHE2ntMay - 2013 Dchy5O0tMay - 2013 9gEXiD5tMay - 2013 22dP6x5tMay - 2013 TxI6Lk1tMay - 2013 ClE0ITctMay - 2013 LEHHerztMay - 2013 1vPmk8VtMay - 2013 154lJsftMay - 2013 9RRWBOmtMay - 2013 D9VWl8ztMay - 2013 MiNRXtEtMay - 2013 JhGicDzt

album link on imgur:

Authors: smallahlee (2), chatchawan (2), Mouse9090, illproxy, drunkdroid, raveer, BRiZL (2), MDART, thesuperfly, dienstag, sarai, fink, gregory, arti1605, abex44, squarehead

Just want to thank you for your submissions, time spent in the bar and of course for your support of this sale!

If you don't mind using google translator, you can find interesting interview with Ashley Wood and Kim Fung Wong by toy-people here.

This goes to TKYO (TKYO, Yellow Hornets, INTERYO and DIYs) release customers in United States: if you haven’t received tracking info from the shipping company, please send your inquiry to our Customer Service professionals at , it might take some time to answer as May 1st is a public holiday at Hong Kong and our office will be closed.

Popbot In Service of Him production sample review posted at toysdaily by zpchan, thanks for the headsup to slash1. Here are couple of photos from that review:

May - 2013 U2ZDYz3tMay - 2013 U55ZgI7t


April photo thread is closed and I'm happy to announce the results. Top photo of April goes to: iHump

May - 2013 NLt4TZrm

special mentions go to: drunkdroid, chatchawan, river1219, Floxz, homeway, foto junkaay, fernando

May - 2013 ESthqYItMay - 2013 Ub1x6zXtMay - 2013 YF8Oh5StMay - 2013 JlRT4vYtMay - 2013 HwNSeUQtMay - 2013 SGcE59stMay - 2013 HWmjBh9tMay - 2013 DRPC90Nt

May photo thread is open and waiting for you. PLEASE don't forget to read new rules on the first page and I'm constantly looking for threeA toy photos to feature in VOX newsletter, so if you want to get a chance to share your photo with thousands of newsletter subscribers, please send them to gimbat @

The Adventure heads to the stars! AK Dead Astronaut Gangsta coming up for pre-order soon.

May - 2013 0l9kR1nt

Nominations are open for the 3rd annual Designer Toy Awards, we will be happy to see you supporting us! Nominate and dominate! You can discuss Designer Toy Awards here.

In 2011 we won two awards: threeA as Manufacturer of the Year and Ashley Wood as Artist of the year

May - 2013 XrlpPIot


TKLUB (3AA only) #2 NAGE M.I.A has a pre-order date set and it's May 9th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time. Price ain't finalized yet and I will update you, once we will finalize it. If you don't remember, first TKLUB release was 120USD shipped.

May - 2013 O3VtvGotMay - 2013 S868KgwtMay - 2013 QVEjNGUtMay - 2013 OJNWUggt

Our HALO Commander Carter Spartan-III is a big star!

Here are three reviews by Rad Toy Review, 8bitfix and Tomopop. Couple of photo teasers bellow:

May - 2013 X0djho0tMay - 2013 YaYAXzdtMay - 2013 DiWG7Glt

I really recommend you guys to check 'em out, good reading during your weekend and lots of good toy photos! We have more Carter reviews for you coming as well, so you will have lots of opinions on Carter and many beautiful shots to look at.

It's an oldie but a goodie! Real Steel: Ambush review by our boardie Yama86

May - 2013 DklyAPxm


First photos of 3AA 2013 package in hand, photographed by Goway Lu and Luka Zou. Complete selection of photos can be seen here at 3AVOX on Facebook.

May - 2013 O2KVwMptMay - 2013 LDUfvV7tMay - 2013 UHuKmoxtMay - 2013 QFVjfistMay - 2013 XIExEv1tMay - 2013 76EF3SctMay - 2013 D2i9hKQtMay - 2013 YjR8ZKMtMay - 2013 PDWediGtMay - 2013 EkA0RqltMay - 2013 44uFFZ0tMay - 2013 LDgsvzktMay - 2013 HADCmd9tMay - 2013 9h8mH29tMay - 2013 VKcmkFltMay - 2013 Gc0O8EbtMay - 2013 FgTMDhetMay - 2013 Qk1CJatt

Adventure Kartel Removalist 2pack & their little friend, photographed by our boardies: kadoo, drunkdroid and jakesons

May - 2013 ZZfhH1NtMay - 2013 BbylcATtMay - 2013 Iyg9H16tMay - 2013 TeEh4mXtMay - 2013 WUS3IlztMay - 2013 IDrtl3Ct

TKLUB NAGE M.I.A pre-order starts on May 9th, 9:00AM Hong Kong price and it costs 120USD...a bargain if you ask me, considering all the weapons it comes with!

May - 2013 QVEjNGUtMay - 2013 S868KgwtMay - 2013 O3VtvGot

TKLUB releases are for 3AA members only and if you are 3AA member and you didn't buy first release: Oroshi 18 TK, you can still buy NAGE. The only thing: you will not get the Art of TK mook (art book), because for that book you have to buy first three TKLUB releases in a row. And it's not likely that NAGE will be limited to one per person, so if you want to, you can hook your non-3AA friends or buy multiples for your collections.

One more thing, I been asked whether our threeA x VALVe Portal 2 release, will be set only or singles...the answer is: there will be set & singles option. More info soon!


We are very excited to present our first Marvel collaboration prototype (still work in progress) teaser: THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN

May - 2013 1DA8ARft

WWR Blanc Hunter and pray box (only for 5th year 3AA members)
photographed by kadoo

May - 2013 WZ8lg2btMay - 2013 IOdg2c3tMay - 2013 HznLIDzt

And a bit of story on the pray box from kadoo as well:
"NOM Pray box was bigger than I thought!
The pipes are bendable, and has wires in them.
Ash told me when he visited Japan in Feb, that the NOM Pray boxes are boxes that each NOM builds their own, and used to store the herb/gas that gives them super natural abilities.
They keep their boxes hidden in their secret hideouts! Cool"

Articulated TK hands were shown on the blog today, it's been a long way coming! First humanoid figure (not bot or Popbot) with articulated fingers were HALO figures and I'm really happy to see that technology making it's way to Popbot Universe!

May - 2013 NeoT6WVt

Ashley Wood reporting about the hands:
Playing with some new articulated TK hands that just landed on my desk, threw them on a zomb ( no TK handy ) and I gotta say, said zomb took on more personality due to the hand gestures now possible. I can report the now default BIRD GESTURE works well !

threeA x VALVe Portal 2 Atlas & P-Body eye light up features shown on the video bellow:

May - 2013 TYDQIg4m

The Adventures of Isobelle: threeAA Gentleman's club Pascha teaser...this release is going to be for 3AA members only. More details once I will have 'em in hand!

May - 2013 GtPl3EXt


With less than 24 hours before Popbot TKLUB #2 NAGE M.I.A goes up for pre-order, it's time to open up F5 bar! Here is the quick link for ya and you can follow the event here on Facebook as well.

TKLUB #2 second release: NAGE M.I.A goes up for pre-order on May 9th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time for 120USD. TKLUB releases are for 3AA members only.

Since it was a popular question, I'll answer straight away: it's okay to buy more than one NAGE.

May - 2013 O3VtvGotMay - 2013 S868KgwtMay - 2013 QVEjNGUtMay - 2013 OJNWUggtMay - 2013 6awO7gCt

Ashley Wood reminding about Popbot TKLUB #2 NAGE M.I.A release:
"Dont forget NAGE the second TKLUB TK goes on-sale tomorrow 9-00am HK time only at bambaland. And remember, this is the second TK needed to score a TK MOOK!"

May - 2013 FCAa8Npt

3AA 2013 membership package review by shiroidevil aka S.Ryoma

May - 2013 S4gYTKsm

Very cool customized WWRp DIY Square by Thomas Chan

May - 2013 Mzp20oKm

F5 bar fan-art sketches:

May - 2013 MFbaqiWtMay - 2013 C1h510xt

and video (which doesn't happen very often) by Dan:

May - 2013 FsY09fEm

Our boardie c r e m is organizing unofficial meet up for US members in Pasadena area on May 22nd at 5:00PM. Click here for more info and have fun if you are going!


TKLUB #2 NAGE M.I.A is up for pre-order at Bambalandstore, here is the product description:
1x 1/6th scale, fully articulated figure, comes packaged in oldschool box with sticker label. Second of the three TK's needed to redeem for ART OF THE TK mook. ( TKLUB ONE, TWO and THREE required for free mook, customer pays shipping for the mook). Also included TKLUB Nage poster!

Latest from Ashley Wood, posted at threeA blog:

May - 2013 WMA1SyBt

"Remember tkmook
And no the Geist isnt a F5 fig, but a chase that some will get…"

By 2/3 on that drawing Ashley means that those who bought Oroshi (1st TKLUB release) and NAGE M.I.A (2nd TKLUB release) need now only third release to get TK illustrated book.

Geist colorway was mentioned for the first time with on DIY Shogun TK teaser during that sale. He was referred to as: Lost in the Underverse – white on the outside, black inside.

May - 2013 Vuhe8t

What is the chase figure?

I noticed that people are asking what’s the chase figure and what are the difference between chase figure and secret (F5) drop.

Chase figure – is placed randomly in regular figure boxes, you don’t know whether you got it or not, until you opened the box. In past we had couple of cases, where customers asked to replace chase figures with exactly what they ordered (there are people who don’t like surprises), so it’s not a trouble for us.

Secret drop – goes up for pre-order at Bambalandstore at random time and out of nowhere, has to be bought separately and is tough to score (or easy, if you are at the right time and fast enough) and involves lots of F5ing, while you are hunting for one.

AK Shit Weather Bleak boots replacement, which was sent to all Bambalandstore customers. Photographed by our Facebook Legionnaire: Em Mon

May - 2013 U9ug99Dt

Popbot TKLUB #2 pre-order is closed and NAGE M.I.A left Bambalandstore and we want to thank all 3AA members who support TKLUB and made what would seem impossible just a year ago, so real and very possible!

So it's time to summarize F5 Bar and Grill fan art and show it to you guys:

F5 bar fan-art and sketches inspired and dedicated to NAGE M.I.A sale:

May - 2013 MFbaqiWtMay - 2013 C1h510xtMay - 2013 WMnGMDPtMay - 2013 J07Zk7ttMay - 2013 XFH8EGwtMay - 2013 E8hfRyVtMay - 2013 RqhKQoctMay - 2013 Xksrk1ktMay - 2013 OEhxtE5tMay - 2013 DSr6BjttMay - 2013 5vvtoDOtMay - 2013 QiLD0aztMay - 2013 90oEcxktMay - 2013 AbRLZv8tMay - 2013 Qd7cDcStMay - 2013 UAD9lDftMay - 2013 HaGt2a5tMay - 2013 3aWoSxdtMay - 2013 Sa4rNB1tMay - 2013 SjY4msktMay - 2013 N3f83KrtMay - 2013 LDDk51mtMay - 2013 DGjWiPTtMay - 2013 A8zXvpbtMay - 2013 GKPqtvJtMay - 2013 K3xvRRetMay - 2013 Qge0maQt

and video by Dan:

May - 2013 FsY09fEm

album link: - authors names added

Huge thank you to all the fan art authors for their time and love put to in each of the entries:
smallahlee, chatchawan, Mouse9090, BRiZL (3), fink, DragonDavy, cromagnus (2), ChasBrock, Grish, straytoaster (2), chanimation (2), iHump, watanabekun, Sarai, Hidy, chalky, chirulazo, sail, abex44, dienstag, Intra, soil, Chong Wey Ming

Please send me a PM, if I missed your sketch


3AVOX_4.4 newsletter is out and can be read here check it out, especially if you want to see 3A x VALVe Portal 2 Atlas & P-Body photos.

Here is the quick coverage where I will mention things which didn't make an appearance in this column, please check the link above for the full coverage:

Ashley Wood Q+A

Q: Will you be making female soldiers for the terrans & martians? Is War Nurse still in the plans?

Q: Modern Girls or Miss + Mrs news / updates?
A: Modern girls is going great, hopefully will have some photos soon, trying to get them into the SDCC catalogue.

Q: Any chance that FLEGION head gets used again? Or maybe more cyborgs?
A: I was thinking of making the Actual F Legion soldier, so yeah, I think a revisit is in the cards.

Q: When we can expect more Bambabosses?
A: I'm sorry, I thought only I liked Bamba? I think a new one is needed!

Q: Is it possible that some of TKLUB releases will be in 1/6th and 1/12th scale, like Charkin?
A: mm that's a good idea, ok I'll think on that.

Q: New Kitty sculpt?
A: With the new Popbot figure

Q: What's the next two releases for 3A/Maschinen Krieger?
A: That;s easy they are ****************************************, I'm sure you guys will dig them. I'm excited to get to paint more box art in the Ma.K. world... quite the thrill!

Q: What are we going to see at SDCC from threeA this year?
A: Well we have two toys, they are *********************** and a ************************!

Q: Will threeA publishing release Adventures of Isobelle Pascha?
A: I have no idea what you're asking about...

Q: Possibility of doing Star Wars figures after Disney bought the license?
A: I hope so!

I hope you enjoyed reading the Q&A section, as much, as I did! I don't know whether it will be a regular section or coming & going (which is most likely), but if you like to see your questions answers on VOX, please send them to or use "Ask" thread at threeA forum.

Shipping Updates

Recently shipped out figures:
- HALO Spartan Mark V Commando
- Adventure Kartel Removalist 2pack
- HALO S-A259 Commander Carter Spartan-III
- Replacement boots to all AK Shit Weather Bleak Bambalandstore customers
- 3AA 2013 Membership Set

We plan to ship the following releases next week:
WWR Dropcloth 1.5U

And late May shipping plans for AP Shadow Tommy Mission.

Ashley mentioned his artwork for Ma.K. in the Q+A above and here is a look at the final threeA x Ma.K. Kröte packaging by Brent Ashe featuring the painting that Ashley mentioned.

On the left is the Bambaland Edition, in the middle is the Bambaland Exclusive Edition (the silver and white color Krote w/ the orange accents) and on the far right Retail Edition (the same darker Krote colorway as the Bambaland Edtion, but with a distinction in the packaging).

May - 2013 AzjurlWt

More shots:

May - 2013 9AQeuDJtMay - 2013 1VGjZTwtMay - 2013 Y6wSs8Pt

3A x VALVe Portal 2 Atlas & P-Body figures in all their beauty.

These figures are:
* 1/6th scale collectibles
* fully articulated and detailed*
* feature Light-Up Optical Sensor
* and Light-Up Handheld Portal Device
* planned pre-order time: May 2013

May - 2013 ZHq9vwTtMay - 2013 HwUIazqtMay - 2013 JixLWwZt

May - 2013 FGVjMWotMay - 2013 MNVuPVutMay - 2013 HZ9rOdHtMay - 2013 KUQp4IUt


It's last day of nominations for Designer Toy Awards, in case you haven't nominated your favorite 3A fig yet!

Shipping update and 3A x VALVe Portal 2 Atlas & P-Body FAQs:

3AA 2013 membership package fully shipped out.

We will start shipping out WWR Dropcloth 1.5U release figures next week.

There is a lot of interest about 3A x VALVe Portal 2 Atlas & P-Body figures and while we are preparing for the pre-order, here are answers on the most frequently asked questions:

* Height of the figures: Atlas around 27.5cm (10.8″) and P-Body around 30.5cm (12″).
* Batteries: Altas & P-Body 1 x CR2 battery for each figure and each Portal gun needs 2 x AG4 batteries.
* Their Aperture Science Handheld Portal Devices (aka Portal gun) are removable and not attached to their bodies.
* Bambalandstore will have set and singles for pre-order. Singles will be offered to retailers later on (so no set option for retailers).
* Price for singles at Bambalandstore will be under 200USD and even better price for two figures, if you are going for the set. We will announce the exact price soon.

To get tracking number of your Bambalandstore orders (which are shipping out soon) please send an inquiry to our customers service ( ) and if you have any questions whatsoever about your threeA orders (or special instructions/wishes in mind), please do it straight away. Never hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to help you! If you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice and direction to 3Asupport on twitter or engage with our official 3AVOX Facebook page.

Two new reviews for threeA x HALO S-A259 Commander Carter Spartan-III:
review by collectiondx can be found here:
and review by legendary Michael Crawford:

two teasers from these reviews:

May - 2013 Xb6qiRAmMay - 2013 FATDesCm


WWR Blanc Hunter photographed by Alice Adrenochrome

May - 2013 ItVYS9tsMay - 2013 HmWRKL7sMay - 2013 Mxn8jUzsMay - 2013 OBIADllsMay - 2013 Mp8Pxops

Pray box (only for 3AA 5th year veterans), photographed by x43x

May - 2013 RRqS8BUsMay - 2013 Atu4t1isMay - 2013 Rkx4PYAs

View from all angles, clickable gif image:

May - 2013 XuHwWrgs

3AA membership 2013 package review by Yama86

May - 2013 CAlFNgRm

AFT review of 3A x HALO COMMANDER CARTER S-A259 SPARTAN III can be found here. Preview from what you can find here, showing Carter all light up:

May - 2013 SnyxB2ys

A bit of additional and exciting info on 3A x VALVe Portal 2 Atlas and P-Body figures:
1) their torsos can removable from their bodies (you can see it on the photo bellow)

May - 2013 FGVjMWos

2) their eyelids can be open & close manually anytime.

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May - 2013 Empty Re: May - 2013

Post by gimbat Sat Mar 14, 2015 8:27 pm

Everyone keeps asking us for the date, so here is the announcement:
3A x VALVe Portal 2 Atlas & P-Body pre-order opens on May 25th (Hong Kong time) at


MGS RAY unpainted prototype photos from Kojima_Hideo twitter, with following comments “3A’s gigantic RAY followed by gigantic REX. This one is original model. With Yoji." and “Gigantic RAY. It opens his mouth. Toe is made of rubber.":

May - 2013 D10cK0asMay - 2013 H2nPElbs

Popbot TKLUB #3 teaser:

May - 2013 MfUfO9fs

3A x VALVe Portal 2 Atlas & P-Body prices are finalized and announced:

Because of how we do pre-orders and currency exchange rates, we finalize prices close to the sale. Final price for 3A x VALVe Portal 2 Atlas & P-Body singles is 190USD and set (which is Bambalandstore exclusive) is 340USD.
Atlas & P-Body singles will be offered via our retailers as well.
Pre-order starts on May 25th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time at


3AVOX Special, dedicated to 3A x VALVe Portal 2 Atlas & P-Body is out and can be read here.

It has all the necessary pre-order info (shipping included in the price of course) and lots of new photos!


In addition to 3AVOX special newsletter entirely dedicated to Portal 2 figures release, here is all the necessary information and of course photos.

Pre-order of 1/6th scale 3A x VALVe Portal 2 Atlas & P-Body figures starts on May 25th, at

Prices of the figures:

ATLAS 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure: $190 USD shipped
P-body 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure: $190 USD shipped

ATLAS and P-body BAMBALAND EXCLUSIVE 2-Figure Set: $340 USD shipped


*ATLAS is approximately 27.5 cm (10.8″) in height
*P-body is approximately 30.5 cm (12″) in height
*ATLAS and P-body each need 1 x CR2 battery to power their Optical Sensor light-up feature
*Portal Devices need 2 x AG4 batteries
*Each character comes with their own Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device
*The Portal Devices are removable and not permanently attached to the characters
*Each character features illuminated Optical Sensor displays with animated boot-up sequence
*Both figures feature torso sections that are removable from their bodies
*The eyelids on each character can be manually opened or closed to create different expressions

Singles will be offered at our retailers at a later date and different price but the 2-Figure Set is Bambalandstore exclusive.

Bellow you can see the video featuring the boot up sequence for P-body and ATLAS optical light-up sensor display. The flickering you see is due to the video camera and is not indicative of the final product.

May - 2013 6QmwON0m

Beautiful imagery showing 3A x VALVe Portal 2 Atlas & P-Body figures can be seen bellow:

May - 2013 Up5j0FXsMay - 2013 PKMg4bHsMay - 2013 HX7dFAxsMay - 2013 9CTKzZVsMay - 2013 6EjTTbbsMay - 2013 JPzoOlHsMay - 2013 NOlE4zLsMay - 2013 WelqScjsMay - 2013 2njXzMpsMay - 2013 NI3ThuksMay - 2013 YQ2Quu0sMay - 2013 LRIbGxesMay - 2013 P9ScPPfsMay - 2013 6qVy2mWsMay - 2013 ToW3MZ7sMay - 2013 XprRQwqsMay - 2013 Cb22FdmsMay - 2013 4otXWfrsMay - 2013 MQ6GajPsMay - 2013 M9PywqIsMay - 2013 Gwia9PLsMay - 2013 XxmoNkBsMay - 2013 SKVFGKIsMay - 2013 4wCXtMksMay - 2013 SnX59ZWsMay - 2013 LQRq2jDsMay - 2013 EBC32Aus

COCK-TAIL PASCHA and WANPI 2xet for 3AA members:

May - 2013 Q707kbAtMay - 2013 GbtcmBVtMay - 2013 J000mB6tMay - 2013 Ejsu3TatMay - 2013 YEbe9bptMay - 2013 MpQvmE4tMay - 2013 NXPhuf1tMay - 2013 Xkn4tgKtMay - 2013 UDq8YLWtMay - 2013 F5skHgatMay - 2013 G7bmILht

Because how mysterious Isobelle Pascha is, I can't say anything about these girls at the moment, other than advising you to keep an eye on the blog/store for more updates!

Shipping update and plans:

Currently we shipped out most of WWR Dropcloth 1.5U release orders and will finish shipping the rest by the end of next week.

At the middle of June we plan to ship out Popbot Shogun TKs release and WWRp Super Duper Double Death Pack Square MK2 NW+DW.

To get tracking number of your Bambalandstore orders (which are shipping out soon) please send an inquiry to our customers service ( ) and if you have any questions whatsoever about your threeA orders (or special instructions/wishes in mind), please do it straight away. Never hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to help you! If you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice and direction to 3Asupport on twitter or engage with our official 3AVOX Facebook page.

I want to make a reminder about 1:1 Ashley Wood character photography contest and show few cool entries to motivate you in the right direction. Deadline is July 1st and you can submit your entries here on our 3A forum or if you have problems with registration, please send them directly to , naturally Ashley Wood will do the judging!

Entries bellow are by fink and zbrushman

May - 2013 Yit8ifytMay - 2013 N5FAfRCtMay - 2013 ZN5UzLOt

And guys, sorry for small squares instead of regular thumbnails in few places. Image hosting service, which I'm using for last two years dropped the support for generating the code for them automatically and I'm currently talking with their staff about getting that option back.


Ashley Wood with the update about 3AA Isobelle Pascha sale:
"I have been asked to update you guys on the COCK-TAIL sale, as Mondays are dreary days, I think it would be fitting to offer the first online Pascha sale at bambaland for 3AA members to commence on Monday 27th, 9-00am to make it less dreary etc. LIZBETH, Pascha’s good friend will be appearing soon followed by MIYU, The PASCHAVERSE grows!
Hope that helps

3A x VALVe Team Fortress 2: Mann vs Machine Robot Heavy teaser and Ashley Wood talking about it:
"As its PORTAL2 day tomorrow
I thought i would share this! and just to be clear, these are 1/6th size, so he is BIG !

May - 2013 VaFMC3Gt

Speaking about 3A x VALVe Portal 2 Atlas & P-Body pre-order, it's time to open F5 Bar and Grill dedicated to the sale...which starts in 12 hours from now. Click here to join F5 Bar chat and share the excitement. Since people keep asking, it's an open pre-order and 3AA members have 24 hours buying window on Bambalandstore exclusive set and singles.

3A x VALVE Portal 2 Atlas & P-Body are available at right now

Ashley Wood about keeping 3A x VALVe Portal 2 Atlas and P-Body till evening (Hong Kong time) at

"We will leave the P2 figs up till this evening as per many requests, then you will have to frequent the fine retailers who who stock our toys!
Dont forget Cock-Tail Pascha slips into bambaland tomorrow!"

inspired fan-art submitted to Portal 2 figures F5 bar so far:

May - 2013 NsO4gDJtMay - 2013 Do2wHKitMay - 2013 RcwBFDEtMay - 2013 Ln9tp3dtMay - 2013 E3TmuEftMay - 2013 MpdigpttMay - 2013 LBPu9XTt

please PM me if I missed your art/sketch

album link on imgur: (authors names will be added later on)

First photos of WWR Dropcloth 1.5U release in hand by our Legionnaires from Taiwan: HungWei Chen, Mika Liu, 劉查克, Amon Lin, including photos of Dropcloth 1.5U: Peaceday 2.0; DIY Ghost; EMGY; GID Blue

May - 2013 Nq23ECDtMay - 2013 CwxbrgvtMay - 2013 Ay3npYOtMay - 2013 Un235Y9tMay - 2013 CKdiFlHtMay - 2013 MSIg6JUtMay - 2013 9V32miztMay - 2013 MD83IBhtMay - 2013 VjHAMqdtMay - 2013 IqqdmUKt

May - 2013 2OzUjl7tMay - 2013 8dI4rOOt

May - 2013 WEdvsnPtMay - 2013 ILf27qRtMay - 2013 ABrrZd4tMay - 2013 Kg3vRm8tMay - 2013 AdwS7lytMay - 2013 PygpeqytMay - 2013 Ch9lRnqtMay - 2013 0tOq1YEtMay - 2013 5KOAKuNtMay - 2013 0jloPcStMay - 2013 LTNuUMDtMay - 2013 Ojc9Gb4tMay - 2013 CB4YM1pt

AP Shadow Tommy Mission got shipped out to all Adventure Kartel Action Portable Fighting JC Boxset customers. To remind you what happened there: we shipped AP Fighting JC release first in late March and promised to ship Shadow Tommy Mission separately, once it will be ready. Thank you for the wait and we are sorry for the inconvenience!

3A x VALVe Portal 2 Atlas & P-Body left

Thank you for your support and for your interest in this release!

And please remember, even though the Portal 2 sale has ended, you can still grab both singles at 3A retailers.

inspired fan-art submitted to the bar:

May - 2013 NsO4gDJtMay - 2013 Do2wHKitMay - 2013 RcwBFDEtMay - 2013 Ln9tp3dtMay - 2013 E3TmuEftMay - 2013 Mpdigptt

please PM me if I missed your art/sketch

album link on imgur: - author names added

authors: BRiZL; Grish; dienstag (2); zbrushman; Mouse9090


3AA Isobelle Pascha Cock-Tail goes up for sale today on 9:00AM Hong Kong time and the price is 110USD prior to 3AA discount.

And it's up for sale along with Pascha Wampi-set at

May - 2013 XLD5yYEm

Update from threeA blog by Ashley Wood:
Pascha says: I guess I had better be more clear than Isobelle, this sale is not 24 hour, and will come down without notice!

May - 2013 WyMk88ym

Another update by Ashley Wood for 3AA Isobelle Pascha sale:
"Wanpi has gone, maybe a recycle later of unpaid.
Cock-Tail party continues for now!"

And a follow-up by Ashley Wood:
"Cock-Tail party has ended, there might be recycle of unpaid orders later!"

My advice: please keep your eye on or store, if you are 3AA member and hunting for some.


ThreeA UK Legion, show photographed by DpM and more photos can be found here.

May - 2013 3quYFHrtMay - 2013 JtAxDritMay - 2013 PbVJ755tMay - 2013 V5rEjfmtMay - 2013 BZZaKIhtMay - 2013 ZoNJsO6tMay - 2013 GAKU2qCtMay - 2013 XRCd1UStMay - 2013 NnhDEwXtMay - 2013 LpnS6lytMay - 2013 RHGiRvttMay - 2013 Gr0zEsytMay - 2013 PxbX2i5tMay - 2013 K8p4R0ItMay - 2013 AOtxaAKtMay - 2013 JnPlMfRtMay - 2013 M3skaxltMay - 2013 LpAwBBltMay - 2013 BrT3pXjtMay - 2013 VJmxNAstMay - 2013 DIjUrrStMay - 2013 1sKSj7mtMay - 2013 1wGGGP5t

New entry for Ashley Wood 1:1 character contest, submitted by rusty

May - 2013 ZIJCjXxt

Custom TK, by Mouse9090, photographed out in the wild:

May - 2013 R41yO7QtMay - 2013 YasNBrgtMay - 2013 95dg7wetMay - 2013 AWxeWput

And some beautiful photos of WWR 1.5U EMGY Dropcloth, photographed by ULTRAMAN

May - 2013 QT1s9rItMay - 2013 SaoacJJtMay - 2013 FCo34VrtMay - 2013 Bxa548htMay - 2013 9vbR6g5tMay - 2013 AjJFuV6tMay - 2013 6PkZQLbtMay - 2013 AnSH6eSt


Action Portable FAT DROWN Ankou EX up for pre-order now at for a limited time only!

May - 2013 Ia8mLPHm

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