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January - 2013

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January - 2013 Empty January - 2013

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:31 pm



Sale of warehouse stock at G3A

Don't know how long they will be up and if all is still available.

G3A news from Benny:

"Due to the heavy traffic, we decided to end the stash sale for today. There will be more stuffs go up in Bamba /G3A . We will tell you guys here when another wave takes place."

All the completed orders for today's sale been added to each user's G3A order history.

If you completed your payment and your paypal got charged and order ain't visible at G3A history, please contact our customer service professionals at and we will fix it as soon, as possible.

Thank you for your time and we are sorry for the inconvenience.

The first World class Toy Exhibition in Thailand starts on January 10th 2013 and lasts till January 13th, the event will be held at Central World in Bangkok. We are proud to be participating there, sharing some new stuff and exclusives; there will be the charity auction as well.

Here is the selection of updates made by Thailand Toy Expo organizers:

"3A and JP Toys are agreed to do the charity auction at Thailand Toy Expo in Bangkok as we think this is the great time to share and to give something back to the society. THis is a great chance since the event is taking place on the Thailand's Children days. We are going to give all the money getting from the auction (all-in) to the charity to help the disables the disadvantaged children. We hope you guys will come and help making our world society the better place for the Children, fulfilling the world with compassion.

Here is the schedule of the 3A x JP Toys charity auction:

January 10 2013 :

-Shadow and Light 1 set : 18.00-19.00

January 11, 2013:

- Darwin Rotchild (A new dawn face): 1 piece: 18.00-19.00

January 12,2013:

- Shadow and light 1 set: 18.00-19.00

January 13,2013:

- Shadow and light 1 set: 18.00-19.00

Thank you very much for your support"

Purchase rules for buying the exclusives and sales dates:

"3A: Passport to the new WORLD

Waza TK (90 pcs only at Thailand Toy Expo) and Irimi TQ (90 pcs only at Thailand Toy Expo)

Waza TK: 4500 baht
Irimi TQ: 4500 baht

January 11, 2013: 60 pcs release blinded
January 12, 2013: 60 pcs release blinded
January 13, 2013: 60 pcs release blinded


1. According to the theme, “3A: Passport to the new world”, for those who interest in buying Waza TK and Irimi TQ must carry something that is 3A together to the queue. For example: bring figure together to queue with you, wearing 3A uniform, etc (The item cannot be the same for 1 queue).

2. 1 piece per person. Each customer can queue ONLY 2 times (1 time per day only).

3. All items are blinded.

4. BE aware of Surprise"

4500 baht is approximately 145USD and please keep an eye on Thailand Toy Expo Facebook page or this thread on our forum, for more news and updates.

Photos of the known exclusives:

January - 2013 0RVEGtJanuary - 2013 UMnNft

Latest shipping update:

Most of these figures (mentioned bellow) left Hong Kong this week and the rest will be shipped during start of next week. If you need tracking number, please contact our customer service professionals at and if your order already entered the shipping system, they will get back to you straight away (during their working hours of course).

Action Portable The Two OYA TK 2pack (offered during Action Portable Slicer / Heavy TK release)
Action Portable Tracky Fighting JC (offered as surprise during Action Portable Slicer / Heavy TK release)
Dark Sarge Zomb (offered during Action Portable Fighting JC release)
Adventure Kartel Charkin pre-order version (pre-mades shipped out few months ago)
Adventure Kartel Cherry Bomb

I hope to share more shipping plans next week.

I already posted about this activity back in December, but today is the deadline for submitting your entries for this Thailand Toy Expo contest and perhaps this reminder will be worthwhile for some:

"Jp toys (event organizer) activity for the show (only for visitors of the event, will not ship overseas):

1. Choose which ThreeA character that you like the most. Write your feeling towards character that you chose and why you love ThreeA.

2. Send all of the information (picture,description) to by January 4, 2013.

3. In order to gain points from special referee, all of the participants can make a diorama (using ThreeA figs) or make a customised figure (must be ThreeA item).

4. There will be a special referee from ThreeA.

5. The first 3 participants who get the highest score will win a special present from ThreeA.

6. Have fun with this activity Legionnaires."

Winners will receive GID Nabler!

Latest shipping update:

Most of these figures (mentioned bellow) left Hong Kong this week and the rest will be shipped during start of next week. If you need tracking number, please contact our customer service professionals at and if your order already entered the shipping system, they will get back to you straight away (during their working hours of course).

Action Portable The Two OYA TK 2pack (offered during Action Portable Slicer / Heavy TK release)
Action Portable Tracky Fighting JC (offered as surprise during Action Portable Slicer / Heavy TK release)
Dark Sarge Zomb (offered during Action Portable Fighting JC release)
Adventure Kartel Charkin pre-order version (pre-mades shipped out few months ago)
Adventure Kartel Cherry Bomb

I hope to share more shipping plans next week.

Speaking about shipping and figures mentioned above, here is what everyone wants to see – photos in hand! Before I'll do that, I want to say that I added shipping markers to the map: , map project is becoming three years old in January and if this month it will not be getting enough feedback, I'll just cull it down and leave behind, in the end why to drag something from 2010 , if it's not that needed anymore?

So to photos, here is beautiful AP Shadow & Light Oyabun 2pack, photographed by Scott Bellwood

January - 2013 SYcnqtJanuary - 2013 1zGTut

Since people keep asking, no, AP Oyabuns aren't standing on Slicer TK packaging (which haven't shipped yet), it's just back part of the box. Did you notice 1000 Bamba points stamp? I wonder when we will hear more about that))

AP Tracky JC (surprise release during AP Slicer & Heavy TK sale) in hand, photo by Yang Siyong

January - 2013 NnicMt

AP Dark Sarge Zomb (surprise release during AP Fighting JC sale) in hand, both photos by Em Mon

January - 2013 8Hv7PtJanuary - 2013 PJLKJt

AK Cherry Bomb , photographed by 陳謙彬 and 黃耀南

January - 2013 UXb9etJanuary - 2013 VBjgDt

Brent Ashe, who officially joined team ThreeA last year is talking about ThreeA imprint: Goya
"Regarding the format and size - the Goya mags should end up having a very similar feel to the Apertore mag from 2011 that featured the photo/artwork of Expathos. It was 12 x 12 format as well. Personally I loved how Apertore turned out (overall format, print quality, look+feel etc) - so I know the Goya mags are going to end up really nice. I think you guys are going to like these!
Work is just finishing up on Kent's and John Cuneo's and as Sail mentioned his is ready to go as well. Starting on Ash's soon too... stay tuned!"

If you don't remember, here is Goya imprint layout for 2013: Kent Williams, John Cuneo, Sail and Ashley Wood (first issue should be offered this month):

January - 2013 XY8z3t

I haven't got time to make screenshots, but for those who ask , here is what I saw (there might have been few more figures) offered at G3A today:


Ankou EX Laurent Special forces Commander


Ankou EX Shadow Security



Palm in the Face Sunday JC



WWR Armstrong Medic 1/6th

WWRp De Plume 2 pack

Doc Grunt + Square (under 3AA tab)

Rehel (3AA - under 3AA tab at G3A and regular)

As was mentioned here and at the blog, G3A sale was stopped and all stocks which left, will be offered at the later date (maybe at G3A and Bambalandstore at the same time). Once it will be decided or the sale starts, info will be posted at ThreeA & Bambasia (in Chinese) blogs.

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January - 2013 Empty Re: January - 2013

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:32 pm


Looks like BBICN is offering Popbot Munich NTQ , Popbot TK KDO and AK Hard Nipple War 3pack. At the moment it seems that there is an open pre-order for retailers only, and they will be selling it to the customers. If you are interested, please contact BBICN for more information, since it’s their exclusive.

January - 2013 VnNAkt

I don't know the entire picture, but wanted to give you a heads-up.

Sorry for being a little slow in the new year, I badly damaged my back few days ago and can hardly sit , so I'm mostly on painkillers and in bed. Nice start of 2013, hope New Year is shaping up much better for you.

Another thing, I need to contact authors of four photos bellow, if you know the author or you recognize your photo, please send me an email to gimbat @ or personal message via this board, you can contact me via Facebook or twitter as well.

January - 2013 CYrc4tJanuary - 2013 V80LxtJanuary - 2013 1bBLLtJanuary - 2013 1VtYXt

As you all know 3AA 2013 sign-up is happening on January 15th, 9:00AM HK time. I talked with Ashley and he told me that information should be available early next week and shouldn't be very different from previous years.

We already seen plenty of photos showing ThreeA x BBICN display at ACG in all it's beauty, but I always think that when it comes to toys and beautiful setups - the more the merrier. You can find the entire gallery, with photos by ThreeA forum member atharich here on imgur:


Ashley Wood sharing details about 3AA 2013 enrollment:
"Next Tuesday is the 5th recruitment for 3AA, starting at 9-00am and continuing for 24 you will be able to join the 3AA LEGION. ONLY AT BAMBALAND!
And remember 5 year vets, you will receive a special T-shirt and NOM P.R.E.Y BOX as well when signing up for the 5th year! mmm what else, oh yea, the NOM Blanc Hunter you snag with this set is the last version of this type of NOM to be released, all new NOM designs for 2013!
The price for this years set is $190, for that you get the set and 15% discount at Bambaland and Gallery ThreeA for 12 months.."

I noticed that there is a lot of confusion about 3AA 2013 package and what comes with it, so let's summarize everything we know about it.

Sales date and place: January 15th, 9:00AM HK time at
Price: 190USD
What is included: beautifully designed packaging by Brent Ashe, BLANC HUNTER NOM 1/6th figure, 3AA NOM T-shirt with bullet container, signed Blanc Hunter print, membership card and 15% discount on everything at Bambalandstore and Gallery ThreeA stores for 12 months
On top of that: 5th year 3AA members will receive extra t-shirt and NOM prey box

Photos of what every 3AA 2013 members gets:

January - 2013 H8omVtJanuary - 2013 634ZItJanuary - 2013 9nwAbtJanuary - 2013 LGQMrtJanuary - 2013 QqYJ5t

EXTRA for fifth year 3AA members:

January - 2013 RgZ2utJanuary - 2013 CRAAPt

AK Charkin pre-order shipped and here is photo in hand, by Terry Chan

January - 2013 T5ynntJanuary - 2013 D9Zryt

ThreeA MGS REX photos from Kojima_Hideo twitter.

January - 2013 2on2itJanuary - 2013 Hk967tJanuary - 2013 WaBN8tJanuary - 2013 Zsbd0t


December photo thread was the toughest for me to judge yet! Huge thank you goes to everyone, who submitted their photos and enjoying ThreeA toys that much.

Top photo of the month by randallong:

January - 2013 FEO8am

For December 2012 we have SEVEN special mentions by: apple juice , ictoys, ihump, Takemaru, JDF48, ocyakumi and Ikanimo, you guys ain't making it easy for me and I enjoy that!

January - 2013 NCdXqt January - 2013 YXkrmt January - 2013 QiNyJt January - 2013 7gypzt January - 2013 EcTBHt January - 2013 Myizvt January - 2013 OJUfat

January photo thread is already live and you can see the photos and join it here.

MGS REX shipping update

I mentioned back in December, that we plan to send all MGS REX orders (Bambalandstore and remaining retail batches) before Chinese New Year (first week of February 2013). Few hours ago, I received final confirmation that all MGS REX Bambalandstore orders are starting to roll out.
Batch of Bambalandstore REX order to United States customers is already on the way (sent by boat) and other batches are starting shipping out next week.
If you need tracking number of your REX, please send an email with your order number to next week and once it enters the shipping system, they will get back to you.
Thank you so much for your patience during the extra REX wait and sorry if it sucked some fun of your upcoming REX experience. Extra wait issue aside – I think it’s one awesome 1:48th REX model and I was glued to REX display at Re-Venture and loved REX photos in all the reviews. It’s the most complicated & detailed figure of such scale, we ever produced yet (wait when RAY comes though) and we wanted to make it flawless and gave it a lot of extra love, care and attention. Huge thanks to KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS and all Metal Gear Solid fans for the support!

Recap of two REX reviews, if you still haven’t seen the beast in action:
MGS REX retail version detailed review by Toy-People (in Chinese), including two videos of working rail gun and 360 degree view of this massive beast in standing and sitting position.
In-depth review of MGS REX retail version (in English) by Rad Toy Review, featuring lots & lots of beautiful photos.

Ashley Wood announcing his decision to lower 3AA 2013 membership price:
"You know, everything seems to cost more these days, shit seems harder, people are doing it pretty tough. Now I cant change that, man I wish I could, but as a small token, and I know it aint much, but I have decided to make the 2013 the same price as 2012. So it will be 180usd. I hope somewhere that makes small difference. Back to lickign my arm in a dark corner…"

So here is the correction and 3AA 2013 summary:

Sales date and place: January 15th, 9:00AM HK time at
Price: 180USD
What is included: beautifully designed packaging by Brent Ashe, BLANC HUNTER NOM 1/6th figure, 3AA NOM T-shirt with bullet container, signed Blanc Hunter print, membership card and 15% discount on everything at Bambalandstore and Gallery ThreeA stores for 12 months
On top of that: 5th year 3AA members will receive extra t-shirt and NOM prey box

If you use Facebook, you can join the 3AA event at our our official 3AVOX Facebook page, surely you can ask there questions and share your thoughts about 3AA.

Thailand Toy Expo starts tomorrow (January 10th) at Central World, Bangkok and additional queuing rules were posted at their Facebook page and in the event dedicated thread on our forum.

ThreeA world section will be located on second floor of the complex – Eden 2 (Sky walk from Siam Paragon to Central World). Unfortunately, I’m not going to the event, but I hope to share with you many photos of our display there, during next couple of days. For now, here is massive JEA Bambaboss , photographed by Alu Card.

January - 2013 6gYGWt

If you are going to the event and want to share photos with our community, please share them here on the forum; send them to me via gimbat @ threeaonline .com email; or via Facebook or twitter. Will be happy to put them up!

I noticed that there is some confusion on the forum about ThreeA HALO figures and customers asking for updates. HALO figures approximate shipping time during the pre-order was December 2012. At this moment, I don't have anything to report about production process, I contact HK several times per week, asking about shipping plans and on how is the shipping going , once I hear something about Halo - I'll update ThreeA blog, this column and related thread immediately. We always reserve the right to work more on the figures to make them perfect and up to the standards. ThreeA is almost five years old (turning five in June) and in all years of our existence, we never not shipped a toy ; sometimes it takes us longer than we planned - but we always deliver. If you have any question about HALO or other pending orders, please don't hesitate to contact , or contact any of our forum moderators or engage with 3Asupport on twitter or 3AVOX on Facebook

Awesome Bambaboss custom by Richard Page seen at

January - 2013 VjjyvtJanuary - 2013 V4PSUtJanuary - 2013 Os5UGt


ThreeA display at Thailand Toy Expo (January 10 - 13 at Bangkok), photographed by Tatum Toystorely , Ken Lee and Sahawat Mettasat

January - 2013 L3eaIt January - 2013 Lh2hHt January - 2013 OQlc1t January - 2013 NZ2Flt January - 2013 XDL2Xt January - 2013 6iqmPt January - 2013 W9Or7t January - 2013 AplOkt January - 2013 4J8VXt January - 2013 H93cYt January - 2013 Mmtnst January - 2013 EMKMWt January - 2013 N7jSAt January - 2013 UTlFft January - 2013 RlBont January - 2013 Krejst January - 2013 NLyfRt January - 2013 Mi3Vit January - 2013 Z86mRt January - 2013 QnihYt January - 2013 KNoBnt January - 2013 BeKrAt January - 2013 4s3UIt January - 2013 Qa8Cot January - 2013 XUjact January - 2013 1vkrEt January - 2013 SrXyCt January - 2013 OrIQbt January - 2013 5YVyit January - 2013 Wj0cwt January - 2013 Qcl4wt January - 2013 H4Cipt January - 2013 QkHUft January - 2013 6P2N9t January - 2013 DIGDBt

Dioramas made by show visitors (there is a contest going), photographed by Ken Lee

January - 2013 4n2Owt January - 2013 KiMu6t January - 2013 KKOZet

Here is what caught my eye in particular:

WWR Harold

January - 2013 RGXUqt January - 2013 Nqm2pt January - 2013 Yv0iVt January - 2013 HNqC2t

AK Tracky Custard

January - 2013 TmRj3tJanuary - 2013 A8QU9t

Real Steel: Midas and Atom

January - 2013 RlBontJanuary - 2013 Krejst

WWR Noir de Plume (artist proof !)

January - 2013 7eP1dt

Chinese New Year Tomorrow Queen and Rabbit Year TQ

January - 2013 6E8RstJanuary - 2013 WC5SUt

WWR New Dawn Fades Rothchild special edition:

January - 2013 AUm51tJanuary - 2013 KSPRot

Event exclusive Popbot Irimi TQ and Waza TK:

January - 2013 PqIOctJanuary - 2013 9qqz1tJanuary - 2013 IXWKKtJanuary - 2013 0k3KvtJanuary - 2013 R6tJBt

WWRp Caesars

January - 2013 Nnvx0tJanuary - 2013 8rcDMt

Significantly more photos can be found at our 3AVOX Facebook page and here on imgur.

Source of most photos - Tatum Toystorely gallery on Facebook


More photos from Thailand Toy Expo surfaced today!

Cool fan built dioramas & customs photographed by Tome Worapivut and Desmond Chua

January - 2013 16lI6t January - 2013 Hc2NCt January - 2013 GPeBut January - 2013 8RMIit January - 2013 PsCq1t January - 2013 Mgk7et January - 2013 VmmFLt January - 2013 F9Eadt January - 2013 CzcBMt January - 2013 MotiLt January - 2013 JlXODtJanuary - 2013 NBR1ItJanuary - 2013 O61bhtJanuary - 2013 LoeaWtJanuary - 2013 1yXsntJanuary - 2013 AkKGIt[

Show exclusives: Popbot Waza TK & Irimi TQ opening + WWR Rothchild New Dawn Fades Edition, photographed by Tome Worapivut

January - 2013 VnjUItJanuary - 2013 2EFsDtJanuary - 2013 XGZ8VtJanuary - 2013 Z1M2JtJanuary - 2013 Aan48tJanuary - 2013 Trd8WtJanuary - 2013 L3DCJt

Charity auction photos from yesterday, photographed by Tome Worapivut:

January - 2013 QbRlwtJanuary - 2013 YAiRNtJanuary - 2013 RSAGvtJanuary - 2013 AJ9Eft

WWRp Caesars seen at Thailand Toy Expo, photographed by Tome Worapivut

January - 2013 InVPvtJanuary - 2013 ZMXYKtJanuary - 2013 HeQ16tJanuary - 2013 FPhJ0tJanuary - 2013 KJ7XetJanuary - 2013 TNqfJtJanuary - 2013 Y6QhptJanuary - 2013 EWnoJt

Here is the official teasers of Caesars from last year:

January - 2013 A0WXUt

Significantly more display & toys photos can be found at our 3AVOX Facebook page, my personal profile Gimbat on FB or on this imgur album (130 photos at the moment).


I already posted earlier that first Shadow and Light Oyabun set went for 91000 thb, in last two days - two more auctions happened.

Here are details from Patarin Leelayoova about charity auctions at Thailand Toy Expo:

Shadow and Light Oyabun second set went for 100.000 thb and there is third and last one scheduled for tomorrow (January 13th 18.00-19.00)

On January 11th, WWR Rothchild New Dawn Fades edition went for 9000 thb. So, so far approximately 200.000 thb were raised, which is around 6600USD, all raised money goes to disabled children charity foundation. Hopefully we will reach 300.000 thb / 10.000USD mark tomorrow!

Here are two photos by Joey Thunyaluckpak showing auction for Shadow and Light Oyabun 2pack and Kim Fung Wong signing the pack to the auction winner. And one photo done by Alu Card , showing Patarin Leelayoova accepting Rothchild New Dawn Fades edition.

Popbot Waza TK photos by CallsignE27

January - 2013 IrajOtJanuary - 2013 ZEytKtJanuary - 2013 4eg6atJanuary - 2013 ZlWc7tJanuary - 2013 VtI4YtJanuary - 2013 RIcDatJanuary - 2013 80RKBtJanuary - 2013 Qu6AKtJanuary - 2013 2ZVRjtJanuary - 2013 2NArptJanuary - 2013 5A7PUt

Diorama done by JP Toys for Thailand Toy Expo...this is what DIY figs are made when people are really customizing their DIY figs and doing crazy stuff with them.

January - 2013 LigB3tJanuary - 2013 425AvtJanuary - 2013 WO5ZutJanuary - 2013 Zarh6tJanuary - 2013 EpQoYtJanuary - 2013 CcsaUtJanuary - 2013 MRG2Nt

Beautiful Popbot Munich NTQ photographed by ULTRAMAN (she doesn't come with pistols or bot head though)

January - 2013 NyI6NtJanuary - 2013 Mxp7HtJanuary - 2013 NnwKvtJanuary - 2013 T7CUWt

And some more photos from Thailand Toy Expo photographed by Ken Lee and Desmond Chua

January - 2013 AL1GStJanuary - 2013 XuSzJtJanuary - 2013 CYVxutJanuary - 2013 GjrortJanuary - 2013 A1T2XtJanuary - 2013 9mlAttJanuary - 2013 STpnMt


Yesterday was last day at Thailand Toy Expo, I participated in few conventions and know how it’s hard, when you have to say “bye” to all your new friends, pack your things and leave…especially after feeling your belonging to that group of people and finding brothers & sisters who understand and share your passions.

Huge thank you to everyone who came to check out our section, showed their support and participated in the charity auctions, hope you guys had plenty of fun and got what you wanted. And of course thanks to JP Toys for organizing this toy madness!

Charity auctions update, last Shadow and Light Oyabun set went for around 45.000 thb, which means that we raised approximately 245.000 thb (8100USD) for disabled children charity.

Based on what I read Three Thai Legion is really awesome group of people, thank you guys for being awesome and sharing your photos of the event with me! Here are few photos by Kanaruck Keaokanlaya and Tome Worapivut.

January - 2013 TNqExtJanuary - 2013 Ir3DmtJanuary - 2013 OsJAVt

Awesome de Plume custom seen at Thailand Toy Expo by Anusorn Banjongkhajorn

January - 2013 GYGmmtJanuary - 2013 WVe8StJanuary - 2013 UFUh9tJanuary - 2013 E6j6vtJanuary - 2013 Z8j8rt

3AA 2013
During last days I answered on so many questions about 3AA 2013 and here is a quick summary, which covers everything and I hope that it’s going to help you guys. If you still have some questions / issues on your mind, please send your email to

Sales date and place: January 15th, 9:00AM HK time at
Duration of the sale: 24 hours
Price: 180USD
What is included: , WWR Blanc Hunter NOM 1/6th scale figure, 3AA NOM T-shirt with bullet container, signed Blanc Hunter print, membership card with your name on it and 15% discount on everything at Bambalandstore and Gallery ThreeA stores for 12 months
On top of that: 5th year 3AA members will receive extra t-shirt and NOM prey box

T-shirt size chart:

January - 2013 U7oXst

3AA 2013 promo art by Ashley Wood:

January - 2013 HOAl4t

TK KLUB for 3AA 2013 members:
3AA members for 2013 have the option to join the TK KLUB for 2013, the details will be posted soon!

January - 2013 8afaKt

I asked Ashley, whether you have to pay some additional money to enter and he replied that TK KLUB is free of charge to enter, however you have to be 3AA 2013 member to join.

F5 Bar dedicated to 3AA 2013 is open and waiting for you. 3AA membership sale starts in less than 12 hours from now! Here is how 3AA 2013 sign up date (January 15th 9:00AM HK time) corresponds to other time zones: direct link.

F5 bar sketches & art

January - 2013 AORN5tJanuary - 2013 Dls82tJanuary - 2013 L9fQZtJanuary - 2013 LxLEWtJanuary - 2013 YriLItJanuary - 2013 2k8hIt

imgur link:

please PM me if I missed your sketch


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January - 2013 Empty Re: January - 2013

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:33 pm


3AA 2013 day!

3AA 2013 membership package goes up for sale at in 30 minutes from now.

Once purchased, membership is valid for one year and costs 180USD. It will not be offered again till 2014!


January - 2013 JnhIJm

3AA 2013 info from the store:

the member pack consists of 15% discount to any product purchased directly from 3A via Bambaland and G3A (not include any conventions!)for the period of 12 months ( under the account name the 3AA 2013 was purchased ).The member pack includes a NOM T-shirt with container ,NOM Blanc Hunter, member card and Blanc Hunter print.
And remember 5 year vets, you will receive a special T-shirt and NOM P.R.E.Y BOX as well when signing up for the 5th year!

Please refer the size on the image
3AA 2013 is not transferable, if it is resold it becomes null.

The 3AA discount will be applied online at the Bambaland and G3A store to the account under which 3AA was purchased.

3AA 2013 members are guaranteed access to purchase one ( more if applicable ) standard release and 3AA exclusive releases for the period of the 2013 membership. Standard sales does not cover special sales of limited nature, Ashley Wood 1:1 editions or 3A publications.

3AA exclusive toys will not be offered outside of 2013 3AA members

One 3AA membership per account and delivery address.

ThreeA reserves the right to cancel the orders if improper purpose is inspected

Name on the card must not be excess 10 characters and symbols (eg : !@#$%^&*)

ships in mid of 2013

UP right now at:

Covering more frequent questions for 3AA 2013:
As mentioned previously, 3AA 2013 will be up at Bambalandstore for 24 hours, so no need to F5 the store right now (Bambalandstore tends to be slow during first 30 minutes of the sale, because of the load).

If your Paypal got charged , money went to us and you got Paypal confirmation , then you placed your order, we got your money and you are absolutely fine.

Name on the card: you can go with your nickname, your first name or whatever you please. Please stay reasonable though and within 10 characters limit (restrictions are mentioned in 3AA description at the store).

Existing members number (for 3AA 2012 members only): if you don’t remember your 3AA 2012 number or you aren’t attached to it, and don’t care about numbers, just leave it blank. If you are attached to your 3AA 2012 number and want to see it on your 3AA 2013 card, please mention it in the details. If you don’t remember your 3AA number, you can purchase the membership, and add message in the message window at the store, asking to keep your last year number. Here is an another alternative option how to find your 3AA 2012 number: you can go to your order history at Bambalandstore, locate your last year order for 3AA 2012 and check the number in your order details. Or you can just write an email to , after purchasing your membership and ask to keep your 3AA 2012 number.

Hope it’s all clear, I’m writing answers on the go.

Ashley Wood was posting in F5 Bar today:
"howdy chaps, cant believe we are doign this for the 5th time !"
"tough month here crem, but this day makes me happy, worth dick hat i do without a cool support base and audience !"

On 3AA benefits in specific:
"3AA will get some choice stuff this year, actaully it will have many benefits this year, but they will be revealed later."

About packaging:
"yea, the boxes mount up, I like the bagged header card best !"

On coming more to the forum:
"i love talking about the toys and stories, thats my thing, thats what I like to do ! I just hate the hawkers, the shouters, pimping shit. Anyone that meets me, know I love to gab on about shit. I find the digital world too impersonal. But saying that, and as I will never get to meet most of you guys I guess its the only option. So yea, ill make a better effort on the forum."

About Adventure Kartel figures in 2013 and TK KLUB:
"AK will just carry on, Have PEPPERMINT GROVE with bike and GOLDEN DOLPHIN soon, and MERDE MISSION.
THE TK KLUB will be fun, offer some cool TK's outsiode the norm, we have all discussed it, I thought why I can, I should."

On coming to SDCC in 2013 and health issues:
"SDCC is the only time I get to see many friends, so ill be there im sure!
not my hand, its the whole left arms thats stuffed, but its amazing how you learn to deal and adapt to pain and shit."

On Micronauts
"micronauts will go to takara now for approval, thay are cool, not a massive departure from the original, I love and respect hose toys too much. you guys will see soon !"

2000AD news
"more ABC warriors and Dredd soon, we have a deciated crew to this now, so hopefully shit will move quicker"

Answering on Popbot Lasstranaut and Dead Gangsta Astronaut question:
"ha, whitey you old broken record, soon, Dead astro first, he is great, big, chunky fig, brother of LES MORT or LES MORT ?"

WWRp Dropcloth and Wascapes (WWRp dioramas) in 2013
"yes to warscapes and WWRp dropcloths"

On ThreeA x Kenny Wong Sea Monkey project:
"I know nothing of the sea monkey, thats Kennys bag, I will still add my pilot if wanted, but I have not hear anything

Popbot Waza has a brother:
"Waza has a brother Oroshi"

A bit confusing whether Ashley is answering here about surprises or Oroshi, so click the link to read into the context:
"not tonight
maybe next week"

Ashley about vampires and Totem
"no vampires in totem like you know, not softcore erotic romance shit that is!, vampires in the loosest use of the name will appear but their origin is very different"

About Popbot Archer TK, which made last appearance on TK KLUB promo:

January - 2013 8afaKt

"Archer is TK KLUB
more 7 bones soon"

"TK KLUB later on, end of this month, its really simple and not a stress !"

About 3AVOX newsletter and regular flow of updates at
"VOX will happen when there is time, I have to find the time.
the blog gets the up to date stuff!"

On prints:
"I just got word that my tube order has still not been completed, Im never gonna get to sell prints again, or go back to the old tubes....."
"prints are awesome, i get ot infect the walls of houses !
might just use the same ol tubes, 90% were fine!"

Popbot 9 and Beautiful War news
"pop 9 and BW are coming along great, just a little slow over december.."

Another look at 1:6th mega elephant diorama by Kanaruck Keaokanlaya, previously seen at Thailand Toy Expo:

January - 2013 GF8X6tJanuary - 2013 DiHPMtJanuary - 2013 O1C5atJanuary - 2013 FWwDZtJanuary - 2013 Vc2MutJanuary - 2013 VavCTtJanuary - 2013 T5FQ5tJanuary - 2013 0AsWKtJanuary - 2013 XnoxBtJanuary - 2013 OR3rFtJanuary - 2013 FNe0ZtJanuary - 2013 U20CQtJanuary - 2013 KmSxjtJanuary - 2013 IMrSbt


Less than 1,5 hours left before 3AA 2013 sign-up ends at

3AA membership is gone from the store, but F5 Bar thread is still open, as I'm waiting for few last minute sketches. We all love F5 bar art, right? At least I know that I do!

Want to say THANK YOU to all 3AA members who renewed for the next year, your support means a lot to us and it's always great to see, how people stay around and renew for another year. Thank you and welcome in order to all the new members, who discovered us and decided to give it a go, I hope you will like enjoy the ride and do the same in 2014!

Now, small notice to all the new members, 'cause members from the previous years know it well already. After 3AA 2013 membership purchase your 3AA privileges at Bambalandstore & G3A, will be activated right in time for the next Bambalandstore / G3A sale, no need to do anything from your side – 3A staff will go through the people , who bought memberships and assign privileges to their accounts, that's how we roll each year.

Even though 3AA members have guaranteed access to purchase one ( more if applicable ) standard release and 3AA exclusive releases, there are no special 3AA emails and you need to keep an eye on 3A blog, forum, Facebook or twitter - whatever is best for you, to know about upcoming sales. Standard sales does not cover special surprise sales of limited nature, Ashley Wood 1:1 editions or 3A publications.

Ashley Wood about 3AA this year and whether there is special email about upcoming sales:
"shit just pops up, coz we dont really know whats gonna happen !
Thanks for the cool support, goigng to be a good year for toys and books!
Off to the docs!"

On returning to the forum:
"talk later lads, i might start an ash thread to chat, so I dont miss shit! stay tuned!

F5 sketches & art inspired by 3AA 2013

January - 2013 AORN5tJanuary - 2013 Dls82tJanuary - 2013 L9fQZtJanuary - 2013 LxLEWtJanuary - 2013 YriLItJanuary - 2013 2k8hItJanuary - 2013 GzAJ7tJanuary - 2013 UHb4utJanuary - 2013 GLqMstJanuary - 2013 AdSDCtJanuary - 2013 VBIgmtJanuary - 2013 6rvc4tJanuary - 2013 ASVuztJanuary - 2013 ZT1txtJanuary - 2013 QOgkxtJanuary - 2013 JMjrMtJanuary - 2013 Tay9stJanuary - 2013 MQQnetJanuary - 2013 SE3tPtJanuary - 2013 XI9z4tJanuary - 2013 M34D0tJanuary - 2013 VtIgntJanuary - 2013 UpuTNtJanuary - 2013 UcWhBtJanuary - 2013 24QwEtJanuary - 2013 LuhCvtJanuary - 2013 ChB9btJanuary - 2013 MRUMvtJanuary - 2013 Zms1atJanuary - 2013 821rotJanuary - 2013 BwbLGtJanuary - 2013 AUKKmtJanuary - 2013 EkA8xtJanuary - 2013 Sti7BtJanuary - 2013 3koyHtJanuary - 2013 5nECntJanuary - 2013 B6tBWtJanuary - 2013 ShG59tJanuary - 2013 TKEjztJanuary - 2013 XXMLjtJanuary - 2013 Y5agat

imgur link: - now with names added

Sketch & art authors: C R E M, Grish, thejikas (3), chanimation (2), JeAA, shellshox, chiendol, chatchawan, TK Price, illproxy (2), thesuperfly, MDART, Gerbil, Mouse9090, BRiZL(2), jdmusprime, DragonDavy, musahi13, Frankenstein, ianross, watanabekun, nowhere, hornet, zbrushman, saintzenith, tuatalokjobsamud, pann, squarehead, sophora, toygodd, Saral, Firehazzard, abex44, Gerbil, skmonteiro, ULTRAMAN

Popbot Irimi TQ, photographed by CallsignE27

January - 2013 4RSRYtJanuary - 2013 1O093tJanuary - 2013 Ehaq5tJanuary - 2013 RHMHdtJanuary - 2013 GFCfetJanuary - 2013 TKvkLt

Action Portable Tracky Fighting JC (rest of the Fighting JC haven't shipped yet) in hand photos by wutasi

January - 2013 4enHLtJanuary - 2013 ZvLhhtJanuary - 2013 ZjJSstJanuary - 2013 0qXr4tJanuary - 2013 Uk0KCtJanuary - 2013 MDuv3t

Absolute majority of Bambalandstore MGS REX are already on the way to customers. Our ThreeA forum boardies reporting that according to the tracking info Bambaland REX should land really soon in USA, Canada and Europe.

Please don't hesitate to send an inquiry to to get your tracking number....and after it lands, please spoil us with your REX photos!


Ashley Wood is back to posting news on the forum, so I'm returning to posting his quotes in this column as well. But a little story first, I started doing my column in December 2008 and you can still see an awful looking (because of imageshack image hosting) news archive here. Basically after ThreeA forum was created in the middle of November 2008, Ashley Wood was daily on the board, talking with fans about figures, ThreeA future, WWR and etc, board been moving extremely fast, it was really hard to follow (especially with old board's engine) and I wanted to create one news place, where person could go and catch up on latest news and get the essence of craziness we had going on, it remained like that until 2011. In 2011 and in 2012 Ashley Wood was extremely busy for the forum and tried different approach, I (and I'm sure many others) was constantly reminding Ash how we all miss him and he promised to come back , once all art shows will be done and he will have more time and looks like it's finally happening.

About what's next? - posting Ashley Wood Collection: 1:1 severed feet
"I think ill sell this weekend, i will try"

Ashley might be referring there to any of these feet, teased in Christmas VOX

January - 2013 RhpGbtJanuary - 2013 SZq2xtJanuary - 2013 KxrOzt

More WWRp Dropcloths are coming:
"im going to do a 4 pack of EURO DROPPIES soon
martian hunters!"

Ashley started the thread, where you ask him a question regarding his art or toys, but there is an important notice: Ask me about toys or stories, if you have an issue with a toy contact 3A direct, i have no access to info!

So that thread isn't for reporting problems with figures and other stuff, for that there is , moderators on the forum or support and moderator assistance section.

Here is an opening post from "Ask" thread: "Please ask away if you have any questions regarding stories or toys etc. , but be a dick and ill have you nixed, this is my house and I expect manners and a good spirit!"

Answering about Extreme Finale art book and a chance to see WWR MK2 Bertie in 1/6th scale:
"re extreme finale, i think thats this month, but im not publishing it , IDW are, they woul dbe the best bet to ask. I want to see it too!!!

Re MK2 Bertie, yea, but its different, similar but i wanted to do something different, upgrade him etc, arms, feet are different etc. I kinda imagine them as customized MK2, upgraded and tweaked.

On difference between de Plumes and NOM Disciples:
"There is a difference, the Plumes were moderate, the disciples are extremists"

Let's go to quicker and more straightforward questions & answers format:

January - 2013 JClpot

Are there wood splint in the legs of the new ghost horse ?
"re splints, yes they are under the bandages."

When we getting MORE LORE?
"re LORE, thats a TP question"

2000AD Judge Dredd question (we already know that it's coming though)
Will we see a 1/6 2000AD Judge Dredd ever?
"re 1/6th DREDD, very soon"

More prints coming?
"re prints, yes"

Are the Big Last Witch prints going to surface?
"re Last Witch, i wouldnt think so, unless i do some more 1:1 scale versions"

Any plans to produce the flame throwing Ten Finger Gang that we saw in the Charkin Sale teaser?

January - 2013 OJld9t

"flame thrower finger is coming!"

Any plans to produce the Zombie Sargeant / Soldier from one of ZVR covers?

January - 2013 BChplt

"i like that bot soldier on the cover, ill do it !"

Why there is no xmas / CNY figure this time?
"no CNY, as we are focused on delivering late toys"

Is there a chance to see Real Steel bots in 1/12th scale?
"re real steel, nope, we only have the 1/6th license at the moment, btu I think they would be great at 1/12th.

Will later WWRp Harold 1/12 going to be sold by single piece (not pack with 1/6)?
"also a good challenge to see if we could retain the detail etc re Harold 1/12th solo, depends on how well he does."

On Popbot TK Waza and his brother Oroshi look:
"re Waza and Oroshi pack the same hair."

Is there any information you can give us on 3A X Spawn?
"3A spawn, I dont think so"

Will we see the Canadian Dropcloth in 2013?
"Canadian droppy, actually , the Maple would look nice.. ok"

Since Disney now owns Star Wars, you think the 1/12 SW figures could see the light of day?
"re Star Wars, i wont give up, everybody that sw them from top to bottom loved them, one of those things i guess.. Still at least I know we made the best 1/12th boba and Storm Trooper ever.. even if there are no others"

When Popbot 9 is going to be released?
"Pop 9 this year, but I cant stress enough, im an artist, I wont to do them quicker, but shit changes in my mind, i trash much stuff, have new ideas, BUT sayign all that, its on track and I woul dlove to release at sdcc"

I wanna know your plan about Tomorrow Queen this year Ash...
"Many more TQ's chunky body TQ next"

Answering on his favorite music, while painting and creating art:
"il lbe back later to do more, need to draw stuff now.
I always listen to music or watch old Hammer films or in search of etc.
distraction is good.
4ad, creation, beggars, sarah etc im an old indie/gothy fan, so anything that falls into that realm, which is a lot.

Any chance to see EMGY Bramble?
"re no EMGY Brambles planned, but I would like one! ill see what i can do, maybe a bramble 2.75"

Will there be any more WWRp MK3 Berties released in the near future?
"bertie MK3 retail wave will be within the first half of 2013! regarding seen prototyes that have not sold-- make a list and ill sell them, i guessI forget or get caught up in stuff."

About Modern Girls and more bots from Popbot:
"i want to do more popbot robots, the Stroll one is on the cards, also Devil bot and full Soot Diver
Juat finishign the first Modern girl bike and figure, not long!"

Here are Stroll paintings, which were being referred to above:

January - 2013 0sEqbtJanuary - 2013 A8kuJt

On ThreeA x VALVe collaboration and ThreeA x VALVe Portal Atlas & P-Body figures:
"Portal 2 figs are goign to be up for sale very soon, we have a good load of stuff we are doign with Valve, we will drop more info soon!"

Will there be any damaged bot this year?
"damaged bot next month!"

On offering more silkscreen prints:
"I made some silkscreens, and will sell them soon! watch the store"

Whether we will see any damaged bots offered?
"damaged bot next month!"

Could this be it?

January - 2013 VLIgDt

On long awaited Popbot Lasstranaut coming to us this year:
"lasstranaut this year!"

More WWR Grunts and Winter bot sniper Frank coming to us next month:

January - 2013 SxAmUtJanuary - 2013 ZwDYqt

"More Grunts, martian Sloggers and more
Snow Sniper next month, Im very fond of the Snow Sniper, the face is just how I imagined it!"

I wanna attract your attention to "martian sloggers", it was mentioned first in 2011 and it's laser equipped bot to kill Caesars.

About AP Finger Gang set sale date:

January - 2013 Q6NLst

"AP finger sale..... feb, its a fun set"

There will be an art show (not toy show) in Paris this year, if all goes according to the plan:
"artshow, a retrospective type one in Paris in May, i tempt the gods by saying this now, but Europe will have to be going up in flames for me and TP not to go, plus its my birthday then, um its the Maghen gallerie if your interested"

Ashley is referring to this gallery

Whether there will be any 3A mono-shows in 2013 and why there is no show in Australia, and where next ThreeA show might be:
"no Venture this year im told, the plan is one every two years, realy make them special, and not in Hong Kong or China, probably USA i would think
Perth Venture would have 4 people turn up!"

First photos of Bambalandstore REX in hand by and [url=;u=1355]NomadicSoul

January - 2013 VmrWOtJanuary - 2013 ZatUZtJanuary - 2013 QuDiWt January - 2013 ECmONtJanuary - 2013 Y5aqstJanuary - 2013 SxqnxtJanuary - 2013 QLG6nt

And good news for everyone, who is still waiting - all MGS Bambalandstore REX left Hong Kong, so please feel free to contact for the tracking number. Most of the retailers should have retail REX soon as well and I recommend you to contact your retailer and ask for progress, as they should have REX coming as well.

AK Charkin pre-mades and pre-order comparison photos and a little story, why there are two versions in the first place.

Here is original post from ThreeA blog few days prior to the sale, by Ashley Wood:
"It seems many want a Charkin, Now we cant change the limited amount pre-made that will ship before Halloween, but when the pre-mades sell out we will offer another batch that will ship in December. They will have different boxes and maybe sumin else, who knows ! " - direct link to that post

So pre-made Charkins were gone within less than five minutes and pre-order Charkin was introduced. Pre-order version, has different box, comes with one side poster (no poster for premade ones) and different color accents on his t-shirt. Here is a photo by Bincho1977[i] and by [i]黃耀南 (pre-made one), where you can clearly see how boxes are different and another photo by EmMon

January - 2013 Gm7lYtJanuary - 2013 TXgvktJanuary - 2013 LhLIjt January - 2013 LEDcEt


More questions & answers covered by Ashley Wood:

Is the Rothchild Engineer figure still on the cards?
"engineer is coming this year PAUL THE ENGINEER"

Will we see Iron Panda bots this year?
"threre is PANDA DROPCLOTH coming"

Questions about work and 3D:
"re 3D, we need a PRO E guy, if youy have the skills in PRO E, we need ya !"

Is there an exact date for art show in Paris? and answering about moving to France:
"re art show, soon as the gallarie confirm all detail ill post em."
"Paris show is more legendary for not happening there will be art forsale, as it costs a fortune to ship framed art there!"
"France is a special place and I intend a long stay soon, but as you mention its close to Rufus, i might have to change my mind..."

About AP Tomorrow Queens and whether there is a month set for them:

January - 2013 IMIuDt

"mini TQ, will start soon, maybe weekly, no box sets as i love the single boxes. but im not set in stone yet on the details."

On 3A x Capcom Lost Planet
"3Ax Capcom, well Lost Planet stuff will be revealed soon"

About remaining three Popbot 7Bones figures:
"re 7B they all go at once, doing what they love best, they believe in a valuable death, and make sure they get it !"

On Popbot Les Mort and Lady B figures:
"I want to do a new Les mort and Lady B, i work everyday, i really try and get around to this stuff, but its only me designing it, drawing, tweaking sculpt images etc, wahhhhhh so wish I could move quicker!! fingers crossed for this year!"

With MGS: REX out and RAY in the horizon, will there be any chance that we will see 1/6 character figs of Snake and his gang 3A style?
"re MGS, we are lookign into another line of MGS toys, but info will have to be kept on the low for now"

Our biggest 2000AD educator on this forum Ming, asking about 2000AD Universe figure:
"Can I have a Two Ton Tony Tubbs, please?"
"Ming, if you can find 500 others you have it ! I really want a toy of every 2000ad character ever, even SHAKO!"

Answering to another boardie about 2000AD Hammerstein
"ill get some hammerstein images up soon, he is ace !"

On still willing to make Ashley Wood Squadt with Ferg (if you don't know about Squadts, click here):
"I would like to do a Squadt still..."

On news line Totem and Modern Girls:
"re Modern Girls and TOTEM are my main goals for new stuff this year."

Couple of cool Totem photos, we saw at Re-Venture back in April/May 2012:

January - 2013 RQCYZtJanuary - 2013 L1Mn5tJanuary - 2013 5B1jWt

Can we expect 1:12 Ro-Jaws soon?

January - 2013 T0Z3zt

"re 1/12th rojaws, no really."

Answering whether he will have time to do a podcast with our enthusiast:
"re podcast, im sure one day"

On threeA legions AK Zomb anthology book for charity project:
"re zomb book, well it has to be baller

Speaking about that project, I really recommend you to check it out, especially if you can draw and willing to participate. We still have 15 themes left and 85 already taken!
Click here:

About 2000AD Rogue Trooper

January - 2013 FImM7t

"yes to Rogue"

On 2000AD 1/12th scale line:
"the smaller 2000ad figs are cool, if the big version does well, the smaller will follow. they go hand it hand and support each other. But i have a soft spot for em!"

Our boardie soulburn3d came up with figures list, which been shown on photo, but for some reason didn't make it to the sale and here is Ashley Wood reaction:

January - 2013 EGMqct

"thanks for the unsold images, consider them sold, fuck il ljust use that image you posted ! the GREAT PROTOTYPE SALE WILL START SOON"

On ThreeA x Bandai collaboration and Gundam:
"Mazinger is still on, I need a studio full of assistants to help speed me up, shame i cant stand that... arghhhh"
"I would like to do more Gundam too"

More ThreeA x HALO figures are coming, here are two which me offered for pre-order in 2012:

January - 2013 TvAYbtJanuary - 2013 R2d2ot

Many more HALO figures to go, and they are getting freaky, the Master Chief is up soon, incredible stuff in the art of toy making.

Interesting WWR Universe question:
The Gaistaz are my favorite faction in WWR, but I've always wondered what their story was? How can they render themselves invisible and why do the Ghosthunters want to stop them?
"Re Gaistaz, they are a spooky group of Occultine followers and can do many cool things. Ghost hunters want to keep a level field and keep a balance of war."

Will we ever see Jungler Bertie?
"yes to jungler Bertie"
"yes to mini jungler droppy"

On WWR Nom Commanders in 1/12th scale, as I understand - after plans to bring highly detailed WWR Grunt to 1/12th - nothing is impossible!
"yes to 1/12th commanders"

Two more Bambalandstore MGS REX photos in hand, by EspadaKiller and gregory

January - 2013 CTAWRtJanuary - 2013 A8y0KtJanuary - 2013 FwnNwtJanuary - 2013 HoptQt January - 2013 3gquitJanuary - 2013 Tf88tt

WWR Hara Patrol Good Smile exclusive:

January - 2013 MqxwftJanuary - 2013 NSKu0tJanuary - 2013 OQDGAtJanuary - 2013 CuKjstJanuary - 2013 OpPXLt

Price: 15000YEN (around 160USD) and buying window: 10th February 2013, 17:00JST - 18th February 2013, 21:00JST.
Additional details can be found at Good Smile site

And Good Smile has updated shipping dates for WWR JDF Harold, which was offered earlier in 2012 at their site - shipping starts on Monday, January 28, 2013 from Good Smile.

January - 2013 Az9EAt


Latest shipping update
Before proceeding with ours next week shipping plans, here a summary of what releases / figures already left Hong Kong this month:

Action Portable The Two OYA TK 2pack
Action Portable Tracky Fighting JC
Action Portable Dark Sarge Zomb
Adventure Kartel Charkin pre-order version
Adventure Kartel Cherry Bomb
MGS REX Bambalandstore exclusive version

We plan to start shipping of following releases next week:

Action Portable Slicer Tomorrow Kings (singles & packs)
Action Portable Heavy Tomorrow Kings (singles & packs)
Adventure Kartel Fucking Tracky Bleak
Adventure Kartel Shit Weather Bleak Mission (comes with Hooded Custard)

If you bought WWR JDF Harold from Good Smile, they homepage was updated with January 28th, as start of shipping date.

If you want to get tracking number of your Bambalandstore orders, you can contact our customers service ( ) later next week and if you have any questions whatsoever about your ThreeA orders (or special instructions/wishes in mind), please do it straight away. I know that some people are shy and prefer not to disturb our CS, but please never hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to help you! If you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice and direction to 3Asupport on twitter or engage with our official 3AVOX Facebook page.

Ashley Wood keeps on answering on questions in Ask thread

On ThreeA x Coarse collaboration, which was teased back in 2009:

January - 2013 PoYFRe1t

"re Coarse
the molds and sculpts are done, I have the 3A verisons ready, for nearly 18 months now, up to coarse though, its there thing !
fingers crossed ! I love my set!

On Popbot 7Bones (four figures were already released out of 7)
"7B will end this year !"

Whether there is Slicer Tomorrow King in remaining Popbot 7 Bones
"yes their is a slicer 7B, different head though and a little different from the previous"

On ThreeA imprint: Goya 12 x 12 art books:
"Goya will come out in pits and spurts, though I want to release manhy this year, but ultimately its up to how well it goes, people dont want them, i wont make them."

Answering why our female figures have high figures and tower over male figures:
"My females will always tower over the males, i love that!"

On making MAXX character from The Maxx by Sam Kieth:
"no MAxx from us, last i heard all the rights were toed up with another company, if I could make a MAXX i would!"

Adventure Kartel Zom MD is coming:
"Zomb MD is coming soon, someone has to fight the Brain on tentacles !"

Whether we will see Mean Machine Angel (another character from 2000AD Universe)[/url]
"re mean machine, i need the 2000ad fans to rally behind what we are doing!"

Are NOM agents superhuman in some way or only highly intelligent/violent?
"re NOM, Surpreme NOM rules all, like a pope, then the power struggle under her is nebulous and fleeting. there is only one leaderm the rest follow, how they follow is their path. It either leads to light or darkness!"

I was digging through my image archives and found this image, which was popped up almost four years ago:

January - 2013 GBCBb1xt

And here is an image of MGS REX box....devil is always in the details:

January - 2013 QX80ut

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January - 2013 Empty Re: January - 2013

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:34 pm


Ashley Wood collection Severed Foot special sale today!

Ashley about the sale: "Severed feet onsale 9-00pm ish Hk time today, thought I would flip the am/pm so the other side get the easier path for a change."

Sale starts in 11 hours and and some minutes from now, on January 20th, 21:00 HK time

here is the link for different time zones

January - 2013 SZq2xtJanuary - 2013 KxrOztJanuary - 2013 RhpGbtJanuary - 2013 4zFf8Abt

F5 Bar dedicated to Severed Foot sale went live, in case you want to amaze us with some fan art!

Ashley giving green light to 2D animation contest, which will have cool prizes without a doubt!
"2d animation contest it is then, bring it on guys, 3A theme. no other rules. you guys can set the deadline. go start a 2danicontest thread."

And here is the link to the contest thread. I am proposing 10 weeks deadline, should be enough - unless majority wants to do it longer, theme - 3A theme, as Ash mentioned.

Ashley about MAXX:
"i only make real MAXX by Sam Keith, thats the one I want ! thats Sam's thing, but the option is always there !"

On infamous WWR Meat is Murder set and release it at Chinese New Year , as I am reading it:
"Gonna Make the MEat is Murder set with a JEA Marine, A CNY sale, biggest set ever!"

Another cool figure coming to us:
"Im gonna make a Non Warhol figure....."

Stating that new WWR Meat is Murder set will be different from what we saw earlier:

January - 2013 F57u8t

"MIM set will different from what you see, they will sport MIM insignia's and other details will be different."

But it will keep JEA aesthetic:
[color=green]"of course they will have it, infact the they will retain the look of the photo, but with new details. I love that photo, but as i dont gloat and jerk off over my shit and keep a i tight ship, i kinda forgot about it, luckily you guys reminded me and now that shits gonna happen."/color]

Price update for Severed Foot sale:

In addition to previous news, here is a quick update:

Ashley Wood collection: Severed foot sale starts on January 20th, 21:00 PM Hong Kong time (not 9:00AM as usually).

The colored feet are blind box, the sets (three foot per set as seen on photos) are 3AA exclusives. There is 24 hours buying window for 3AA 2013 members, for general audience feet will go down from the store sooner. Price: 100USD for singles, sets – which consists of three foot are 3AA exclusive and cost: 280USD (prior to 3AA discount).

Severed Foot are up at right now

3AA members have 24 hours on this drop, so till January 21st, 9:00PM (21:00) HK time.

January - 2013 SZq2xtJanuary - 2013 KxrOztJanuary - 2013 RhpGbtJanuary - 2013 4zFf8Abt

Love the description from the store:

January - 2013 Kl3HFkatJanuary - 2013 JSbqR44tJanuary - 2013 LSrZWKDt

GID foot popped up during first minutes of the sale and went down, so it's a surprise drop...I'm sure there will be some more popping up. As for now, GID severed foot seems to be 3AA surprise, so it's still surprise release, but only 3AA members can buy it.

To new 3AA 2013 members: if your privileges aren't working, logging out and logging in to the Bambalandstore helps in most of the cases.


Ashley Wood collection: Orange GID foot made a surprise appearance at the store:

January - 2013 PwC7a98t

Ashley continues to answer on questions and chat with our boardies, here is he speaking about requirements for Pro-E position at ThreeA:
"3D sculpting ala maya, but in pro E, if someone can say sculpt a bertie in pro e, with all the parts for articulation and production , then we want to know them !"

Speaking about ghosts:
"i dont think has ever been a 100% baller image of a ghost, i also dont believe that ghosts are blurry, spectral etc, nor shoul dthey just appear at night, bad weather etc. I have been in homes, middle summer, midday with all windows open that have made me feel uneasy."
"your right JDM, all this paranormal hunting shit is BS, none of the science has a baseline and cannot be substantiated, EVP my ass!
Its hard to say, what the fuck is up with some areas, im also not a believer in gjosts haunt fucked places or where they died in a shit way or whatnot, or freeways would be cluttered with ghosts, hospitals and many homes etc. I spend much time thinking about this!

In 2012 it was mentioned that Ashley would love to make some spaceships , here is a confirmation that plan isn't dead:
"I want those ships too ill, this years im dropping some, well if people want them too that is"

Quote from before on making Three x VALVe Team Fortress 2 comic figures:
"we have epic figures for TF2 comic, the Robot Heavy is first"

Few days ago, Ashley was asked whether he has plans to offer figures which were spotted on photos, but for some reason didn't make it to Bambalandstore, like WWRp Deep Powder MK3 Mode B Bertie MK3, Dutch Merc Bertie MK3 and WWRp NW&DW MK2 Squares. Ashley said that he will try to offer them as soon, as possible and they went up while Severed Foot was on sale, around 9:00AM HK time, on January 21st. Our boadie soulburn3d came up with the list of WWR/WWRp figures, which were shown, but didn't make it to the sale:

January - 2013 EGMqct

By mistake WWR MK2 DW&NW Squares were put up and sale was killed, if you bought one during short moment, while they were up - you will get a refund:
Ashley about this: Sorry about that chaps, it should have been WWRp and not WWR, we shall re-configure and offer again soon ! Everyone will be refunded asap! RUNS OFF

Then MK3 Berties went up (and still remain up as for now):

January - 2013 ZbZq3bWtJanuary - 2013 StnAvDgt

and WWRp MK2 NW&DW Squares followed:

January - 2013 KnnQoIjt

Answering whether WWRp MK3 Berties will be up for 24 hours or not:
"not 24 hours. just gonna nix em when we have enough to cover the production, all the WFTS sale items will be like this."

On people's positive reaction for WWRp Berties:
"im happy you guys still dig the robots like me."

Answering on what other intellectual properties & figures ThreeA would like to produce:
"anything either I or Kim likes, thats it pretty much, Im mainly focused on my stuff, which is taxing enough, but I couldnt not do Microman etc and the like. Not looking to do much more license stuff, we have enough for now!"

On whether WWRp Big Red Heavy Bramble is a possibility:
"if i can find the red bramble ill sell it, I dunno where it is, ill keep looking !"

On WWRp MK1 Squares 10pack
January - 2013 LNTbSNat

"the10 pack would be fun though, maybe later "

It's a bit more complicated with MK1 Squares, as we don't do releases and some of the Squares on that pic, were offered with WWRp MK2 Berties 7pack back in end of 2009 and in first half of 2010 with Berties MK2 singles for retailers. Our forum member Zach pointed it out as well and Ashley said:
"i know Zach thats what I was looking into, but thanks for clearing it up"
"dude, i love the help. you guys actually have helpe much over the years for info. always appreciated Zach and all the other legion who kick in with the info and such."

About having figures / something up at Bambalandstore at all times:
"I would love to have toys in the store 100% of the time, i have spoken with Kim on this, will keep pushing for it !"

Will we see any big bots today? and WWR Harold has a date:
"no big bots , harold this monthm near the end. Thats going to be a good day !"

Commenting about this lovely Popbot bothead, which never saw the light:

January - 2013 H2GI9C7t

"orange head was a sample, never to used i guess. i like it too!"

Answering, whether it's possible to see Chocolate Bamba from our old forum header at the store:

January - 2013 ZqMbKHat

"the choc bamba was actually a desert Bamba, just really dark etc
no one wants the ol bamba anymore, except well me !"

Whether we have plans to offer more WWR Harold colorways, like Medic and such:
"if the harold does well we will offer more! I hope so"

On SDCC 2013 (July 17 - July 20) plans:
"re SDCC, we will try and get more space etc, or try somethign different, dotn want to do the same thing every year etc"

WWR Meat is Murder super massive set has a date!
"as a heads up, im looking to OFFER the MIM set on feb8th as the CNY special set. I think it will be our biggest set ever !"

Here is the only image for now, but as you remember Ashley mentioned that MIM will have new decals to make it even more special:

January - 2013 F57u8t

Update made at 20:30 HK time
3AA 24 hours window for buying Severed Foot ends in 30 minutes and then they MIGHT be pulled from the store. If sale indeed ends in 30 minutes from now, I hope that everyone got what he/she wanted.

Message to all 3AA 2013 FIFTH year veterans from Benny:
5 year vet
You will received the email if you are 5 year vet. Please email us if you did not received it.
Thank you for your support ,and keep support 3A!

Our contact email is:

Severed foot left Bambalandstore, currently WWRp Berties MK3 are still up and WWRp MK2 Squares DW&NW came back up and joined Bertie's company.

Update mode: on January 21st 22:28 HK time: WWRp MK2 DW&NW Squares[/b] were pulled from the store.

So only two MK3 Berties are still available at Bambalandstore:

January - 2013 ZbZq3bWtJanuary - 2013 StnAvDgt

Final selection of sketches and I'm pulling the plug!

Thank you for your time at this unexpected F5 bar and for your support!

January - 2013 KqE4p14tJanuary - 2013 Y1W3AlVtJanuary - 2013 FlvS4WqtJanuary - 2013 CGoapLptJanuary - 2013 ZpgQCKBtJanuary - 2013 YZwTgpxtJanuary - 2013 RfVoOVUtJanuary - 2013 NgP1uuTtJanuary - 2013 IQ1ualptJanuary - 2013 5kvtdvwtJanuary - 2013 99pCjHVtJanuary - 2013 PeCDgvbt

album link: - with authors names added

And thanks to the authors for their art and sketches: hornet, ianross (2), defcon (2), mouse9090, thejikas, Oneluckyboy, sophora, sapien, squarehead

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January - 2013 Empty Re: January - 2013

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:36 pm


WWRp Berties MK3 are gone from the store.

Adventure Kartel Mumbs - invasion in February!

January - 2013 U0uvVNXt

MGS REX , photographed by our boardies - zelemmy and lupus6:

January - 2013 JULdOiPtJanuary - 2013 VXqYyaitJanuary - 2013 QZA1enwtJanuary - 2013 I5QmuIytJanuary - 2013 Qow4tLZtJanuary - 2013 RzIAOWVtJanuary - 2013 EatH9uLtJanuary - 2013 IiH6GpZtJanuary - 2013 X4SGpwwt


Ashley about AK Mumbs
"i think so, or blind box like the original zomb
the Mumbs are the Shadow family's minion of choice, reminds them of the homeland"

On putting We are catalog for sale today:
"WE ARE 3A toy catalog thingy in bamba today"
it will go up later, benny will do it. I have no real idea"

About providing some We are pages photos:
"im sure there are many images of the WE ARE book online right, i cant even find my single battered copy to take shots of it."

Answering whether 60" Tomorrow King is a possibility:
"we would need 200 min to cover the costs, as we have to use a fabricaton factory for it. "

On future ThreeA x MaK releases - whether Ashley knows what's coming next:
"i do but its a way off and not my place to say!"

Answering whether we can have some 2000AD Hammerstein photos now:
"when they are approved to show, not my IP"

What figure are you looking for the most in 2013?
"all of them gimb, the amount of time I spend on each of my toys requires me to love them all. If not i couldn't do this anymore

And Ashley shared these WWRp Grunts - EMGY and Medic photos on the forum:

January - 2013 Crq1E0stJanuary - 2013 0zOLlcOt

1/12th scale 2000D Mongrol update: Unfortunately I am bringing some not so fun news, as little Mongrols are taking a longer time at the Hatchery and I'll make another update after Chinese New Year / February 14th.

ThreeA publishing: We ARE - 120 pages of ThreeA toys, 12" x 12" catalogue available right now at for 45USD

January - 2013 INNsF2OtJanuary - 2013 Q89PibKtJanuary - 2013 ZrlwDc0tJanuary - 2013 GMvdAVItJanuary - 2013 UYKW0KEt

WE ARE can be discussed here on the forum.

Quick update on WE ARE catalog:

We are catalog, which is currently up at Bambalandstore is already printed. So once the certain number is reached, they will be gone from store.


Popbot TK KDO ACG BBICN exclusive review by S.Ryoma:

January - 2013 LE8Tzjmm

Brent Ashe about WE ARE - 3A toys softcover catalog essence:
Thanks to everyone who's been picking up WE ARE so far. It's like a big 12 x 12 120 page spiritual successor to the 10 x 10 catalogs that came with the 1/6th Caesar's.
We're really happy with how it turned out. Lots of great pics along with clean, minimal typography. A book that you could show anyone that's never seen 3A before and get them instantly hooked.

Time for more questions & answers from Ashley Wood!

On women at TK KLUB
"whats this about no woman in the TK Klub"
"one other thing, TK Klub has TQ's as well, i think i mislead some peeps, but there you go!"

On preparing WWR Harold sale:
"one last thing, ill get all the harold info over next week, with some other cool harold news for some"

Saying that classic Popbot Oyabun TKs are all done:
"no more classic oya tk"

Confirming that Popbot Waza TK ain't Oyabun:
"not an oya, just packs a large jacket."

About Tomorrow Kings clones origin:
"nah, they are clones of great fighters throughout Japans history."

On offering WWR MOD colorway this year:
"yes, MOD a personal fav of mine, they are the hackers, crackers amd freakers of the WWR universe!"

WWR Harold sale update – more colorways coming:
"actually while i await my ride ill tell my Harold news, as making them is a hard thing indeedm and once the factory in set up for them, i might as well do as many colorways as I can, as it will be a long time before we can get to them again. So along with the sample I have made we shall offer classic colorways, just not samples on hand. so if you trust us, you will have a bigger choice of Harold."

A LOT of WWR and WWRp Harolds photos taken at Thailand Toy Expo and ACG at Guangzhou:

January - 2013 HNqC2tJanuary - 2013 Nqm2ptJanuary - 2013 RGXUqtJanuary - 2013 Yv0iVtJanuary - 2013 GH079tJanuary - 2013 T1ZQ9tJanuary - 2013 IIgeVtJanuary - 2013 BYe38tJanuary - 2013 BtJAjtJanuary - 2013 VSZ0ltJanuary - 2013 PYTU9tJanuary - 2013 3d4fhtJanuary - 2013 B4zoRtJanuary - 2013 9c3a7tJanuary - 2013 OtxpstJanuary - 2013 CqYcxt

And some official shots:

January - 2013 PT8IutJanuary - 2013 G5tjVtJanuary - 2013 FJK58tJanuary - 2013 StakLtJanuary - 2013 CCVVYtJanuary - 2013 C4Kskt

Since Harold will be offered in packs of 1/12th and 1/6th scale figures bounded together, here is Ashley answering whether there will be an option to buy one as a single:
"no single sales for harold until the 1/6th sales cover all our costs, it has to be a success to move onto more. it cost a bundle to dev and mold ! fingers crossed"

Answering whether we might see DW&NW Harold during upcoming sale as well:
"i think so gimb, i dig that colorway, the dirty ones though, as they would have been the first in that line they will have slight changes though."

I don't know about you guys, but I been wanting to see damaged WWR Universe bot for a good while and this year it's finally happening! Here is WWRp Bertie MK3 shot, shared by Ashley on the forum next to the teaser from 2012:

January - 2013 Avs82fttJanuary - 2013 VLIgDt

We know that early this week Ashley was looking for WWRp Red Heavy Bramble photos to offer it for sale at Bambalandstore and here is an update:
"this weekend ill look through boxes with samples from that era. i think a grunt/bramble two is needed for it though."

Good news for all WWR Bromwich colorway supporters:
"there will be a bromwich harold."

On doing more damaged bots:
"im going to damaged across the range, but also update and modify too."

James (anubis2night) asked whether there is a chance to offer two classics WWRp Deep Powder and Euro Bramble Olivier in 1/12th scale and here is Ashley's reaction:
"ok thats a 2 pack then ! ill have siu get on it now !"
"Olivier and Deep brambles are a good WWRp Remembrance 2 pack."

Here are WWR Deep Powder and Euro Bramble Olivier images from 2008 and 2009:

January - 2013 OMOimBUtJanuary - 2013 XJrERfKt

And one shot, where you can see the difference between WWRp Euro Bramble Daniel District 24 and WWR Euro Bramble Olivier

January - 2013 WnGTbcZt

Answering whether it's a possibility to resurrect classic Brambles and offer them in 1/6th scale as well:
"no, wwrp only we dont re release stuff, unless I forget and post it, then take it down !"

3A publishing: 3A shots and GOYA are coming along:
"3A shots is coming, GOYA next week"

To remind you, 3A shots - was a project consisting of Legionnaires photos of 3A toys.

Ashley sharing some 2000AD Universe love:
"we have them all on the go, takes time to get right, i dont want rush and make shit.
The 2000ad is a labor of love for me."
"Im hoping this years figure's bring support, especially the Hammerstein as these are really expensive to make and we really need the fans of 2000ad to rally around them !"

More on 2000AD Hammerstein and 2000AD in general:
"I spend everyday surrounded by art from the greatest comic ever, I really love this stuff, and want to be the guy that made the best toys possible for it. I think when people see hammerstein, they will dig him, check out the cover to the second ABC Warriors album by Titann for a good idea of how he will look"

Here is the cover Ashley is referring to:

January - 2013 DS5lb9ut

More info 2000AD Hammerstein can be found in the opening post of this thread as well, where a lot of info is summarized by Ming.

In the end of covering another Q&A session, I want to quickly address something. Surprisingly, I saw a discussion about this and got PMs from few of the guys, who exposed their concern about lots of 2000AD answers and titbits, and how there is not enough Popbot, Adventure Kartel and TK KLUB updates, but guys, if you have something on your mind – you wish to ask Ashley, there is an "Ask away" section on the forum , I encourage you to be more active and ask your questions there, everyone has an opportunity to do that!

Action Portable shipping update and upcoming plans:
Here are the releases, which been fully passed to our forwarding company for next stage of shipping:

Action Portable Slicer Tomorrow Kings (singles & packs, which includes: Slicer Tomorrow King Baka; Slicer Tomorrow King Kyuuketsuki with bot head and Slicer Tomorrow King 3pack )
Action Portable Heavy Tomorrow Kings (singles & pack, which includes: Heavy Tomorrow King Kato, Nasu, Soh singles and Heavy Tomorrow King 3pack)

Action Portable The Two Oyabun 2pack already shipped out some time ago.

Few people were asking about Action Portable Interheavy TK shipping. This figure was offered as the surprise during AP Fantome / Barguest de Plume sale, which took place two month later than AP Slicer & Heavy Tomorrow Kings and estimated shipping time for it was listed as 1st quarter of 2013, therefore it’s not shipping together with AP Slicer and Heavy TKs.

I already made an update about this, but since people keep sending emails: we shipped out all MGS REX orders this month.

Speaking about upcoming plans, we plan to start preparing shipping of Real Steel: Midas soon and I’ll keep you posted about our progress.

If you want to get tracking number of your Bambalandstore orders, you can contact our customers service ( ) and if you have any questions whatsoever about your ThreeA orders (or special instructions/wishes in mind), please do it straight away. I know that some people are shy and prefer not to disturb our CS, but please never hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to help you! If you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice and direction to 3Asupport on twitter or engage with our official 3AVOX Facebook page.


ThreeA Publishing imprint: GOYA goes on sale next week, according to the blog!

January - 2013 AmAODRpt

AP Tomorrow King Kyuuketsuki first photos in hand by River Tsai and 呂行

January - 2013 AF8RQ7ttJanuary - 2013 S1JdEKDtJanuary - 2013 9MdI2I8t

Very cool DW & NW Grunts customs by Don Slater

January - 2013 OrAVum6t

Ashley Wood about Totem (new line, which was presented in 2012) figures coming to us soon:
"Totem alien ans suit soon! Alien thingy first !

About ghosts in general (this theme is very interesting to Ashley):
"ghosts and all that involves is great, i love it, but I take a very metered approach !
keep bringing the stories !"

Good news for all pink colorway admirers: Bromwich Grunt is coming!
"GRT2.0 for bromwich"


Sharing information about 2000AD Dredd
"the first Dredd isnt a Bolland or Mcmahon perse, its a 2000ad Dredd. it has elements of all, not saying we wont do versions. Would love to do a dredd bike, but we need the support to do it!"

Popbot Slicer TQs has been designed:
"Slicer TQ has been designed, i just have to get to it !"

Do you set a plan for your creative agenda or do you just go with what tickles your fancy at any particular moment?
"just what takes my fancy for my stuff, but for licensed stuff its more ordered, but thats not my dept"

Answering about AK Mumbs

January - 2013 U0uvVNXt

"Mumb love ! 4 pack, blind singles, unseen random in singles."

Our boardie jsalsa23 is doing unofficial Legion Hats giveaway absolute for free (he has four) and if you want one , please participate in this thread.

WWR Harold has a pre-order date and it's February 6th 9:00AM Hong Kong time. Harold sets (one in 1/6th scale and one in 1/12th scale) come in many colorways...I'm sure each World War Robot Universe fan, will be able to find his favorite one or two among 'em:

January - 2013 RkP14Lmt

Ashley giving some idea about WWR Harold price:
"the Harold set will be around 300 for both figures, which is a bargain, considering large martin was 300 all those years back! have to confirm prices though, should know soon"

Will the 1/6th and 1/12th figures in the backs be the same colorway or will we have options to choose 2 different one? I'd love to be able to get Desert in 1/6th and then choose a totally different little buddy.
"they are the same"

So, when you are pre-ordering let's say DIY Harold – you are getting two figures: one DIY Harold in 1/6th scale and one DIY Harold in 1/12th scale

January - 2013 StakLt

Answering why WWR Harold is offered together with his WWRp Harold version and it's not possible to purchase them separately:
"economics, contrary to believe we do not make bundles of cash , or sell like hot toys or sideshow etc. The big Harold is an expensive toy and the mini version is an incentive for the fans willing to support our stuff. The Harold would have cost the same regardless if it came with a WWRp or not."
"I just hope for the best, you guys decide whether the show continues, its the purest way !"

is Nightwatch .2 Harold a non-N.O.M. Bot? or is it the same as N.O.M. NW Heavy Bramble?
"they wil be original style NW DW, as they are the early members in the story."

Saying that Dark Deed colorway offered for Harolds, will be different from Dirty Deeds one:

Can we have a comparison pic of a human and a Harold together, Ashley?
"no you cant gar !"

Speaking about WWR Harold 1/6th scale size, here are the facts from WWR JDF Harold profile at Good Smile store: Height: 36cm (14.2 inches), Length: 30cm (11.8 inches), Breadth: 35cm (13.8 inches), Cannon Length: 38cm (15 inches).

Btw, WWR JDF Harold (which was first Harold and Good Smile exclusive) is starting to ship from Good Smile, so we got to see Harolds photos in hand soon, I'm sure it will to many people, whether jump on Harold wagon or not.

So , I'll try to summarize all what we know about WWR Harold release right now. All 15 shown colorways will be offered for pre-order on the same day: February 6th, 9:00AM HK time. Each 1/6th scale Harold comes with 1/12th scale Harold fig, sharing the same colorway and costs around 300USD (haven't been finalized yet though). Since Ashley decided to offered bigger selection of colorway for Harold release – not all of them are manufactured and you will be have to make your choice, without photos for some of them – like in good old days, when WWR Mr. Frosty Large Martin was offered or WWR Dropcloths were shown without final decals.

All AK Shit Weather Bleak and Fucking Tracky Bleak orders been passed to our forwarder. So if you need tracking number, please contact our customer service at

AP Slicer Tomorrow Kings, photographed by Boris Lam

January - 2013 VWDZYC0t


Ashley about upcoming Harold sale (February 6th, 9:00AM HK time):
"Harold sale is set , just have to see how it goes, it will either be the start of a classic Harold period or the one and only sale!"

On WWR Hatchery Guard LM (Beijing Gathering Exclusive) to 1/12th scale:

January - 2013 Lglw5PSt

"the hatchery version ? have no idea, ill see if there a spot to do it."

About more WWR bots getting made in various fractions colors:
"all factions will get filled out over time, they all matter!"

After filling other fractions, immediately came a question about some rare ones and here is the answer:
"African defense is a classic, going to release a cool solider hopefully for them, they are important and play a large role in the WWR world. Of course the gimps will whine about decals and insignia.

PFloyd are moon based armstrongs and dont really extend beyond that. Man I love the armstrong design.

Dawn Patrol might see some love

Dambuster might have a wait.."

Here is the image of African Defense Heavy Bramble, to give you some idea about decals and insignia:

January - 2013 ShKAFt

As you know WWR and WWRp Harolds are offered as a set and each comes in it's own box:
"they each get a box"

What does the DBG stand for on the WF/Jungler bots?
"DBG refers to Major my Dad was stationed with."

Can you tell us anything more about the DARK DEEDS colorway?
"Its Dark Deed, not the plural, before the much loved dirty deeds failed attempt on ol Rothy, the powers thats be has tested the idea much earlier with harold. A hit on the Martian Magistrate Theodore Roosevelt Adams. good times"

We waited for a while and WWR War Nurse comes out this year!
"war nurse this year"

Whether War Nurse is from WWR Universe:
want to upset the puritans again, who were fuzzled by the Supreme NOM"
"WAR NURSE JESSICA sounds too cool not too. there ya go, thats her official name, at least the Brunette version !"

First details about TK KLUB
"TK Klub is easy
in feb sometime ill offer a TK, a drawing, by pre ordering it you are a member, BUT if you dont get the next one, your out. Harsh yes, but its better than me asking for all the money in advance or sumin. But thats the KLUB, you either in with it and fly the flag supporting the TK,my time and 3A's to do it, or not. If your in, you get access to cool TKs and TK 1:1 shirts etc. If the support base isnt there, it stops.
Your at the controls, you can opt out anytime and it costs you nothing, I think thats fair. I of course will have to design them, illustrate and generally spend my time making them awesome, so really the only risk is mine.
hopefully by next FEB we will have 10-12 TK. Im happy to make one!
thats basically it, a little different, a little fun!"

Confirming that there will be other TK releases outside TK LUB:
"of course TK will get normal release, 7B and the like. the KLUB is for more obscure or re imaginings etc.
The TK Klub is there because i have been asked to do it many times, I have ideas and stories for TK to fill many years of figs."

So if we buy the first TK but for whatever reason miss the next one we can't order the one after that? Ouch! So they will be a monthly TK drop then?
"well I have to deliver a new design and spend my dwindling time way before i know it will work ( actually no different to 3A normal ) but thats TK KLUB, or it wouldnt be a KLUB, you have my back, i have yours !"

We'll have notifications about the drop thought right? They won't be a blink and miss it thing will they?
"if you blink you miss 3A!" (direct link so you could understand the context better)

On next WWR book, which is cooking for some time now:
"re WWR book, Im working on new stories with Paula for a complete edition WWR, basically the older two books and the supplement etc. Will add new stuff in.
The problem is, I dont make my art in PS or with computers much anymore, its all analog and takes longer etc. plus i dont have assistants, help or any system sin place to assist, which i like. so yea, shit takes way longer than i hope. I always appreciate my audience and their patience."

About making a specific print for us.
"3A is my art
you guys pick sumin and tell me."
"much of the older art was shot with inferior digital cameras etc, which is a bummer!"

About Running painting:
"really, no cared for it at venture nor ever mentioned it too me till this thread, i was just chatting to a chap about it, hanging in the first story of my studio now.
I have to say its one of the best 3A related paintings I have done, im glad it was mentioned !"

January - 2013 MDAS65Ut

Pick the print [b]thread is started...for a week we all will be offering Ashley's art , which we want to see as a print and then we will vote for one. Here are slightly more details, from thread rules: We will stop the image listing on February 4th. The images will be compiled and put up for a vote which will end on February 11th. We'll send Ash our top picks and see what he says.

Answering on ThreeA x Jeremy Geddes Cosmonaut figure:
"i dont think so fung, Jeremy has not taken it much further since 2009, the only astro's that are slated are the Dead Astro and Lasstrnaut."

Ashley answering on MGS RAY questions:
A.First, how long will it be before we can expect to see a fully painted Metal Gear Ray statue?
B.Will it have some sort of light up system[like rex], and if so, what will it be?
C.Are you planning on attending the 2013 New York Toy Fair[feb 10-13], and if so, will Ray be on display, fully painted?
D.And finally, will Metal Gear Ray be available through sideshow collectables website[like rex, which is now sold out], and if so, when will it be available for pre order?Cheers!
P.S, i check the 3AVOX facebook page EVERY day looking for an update on the production status on Ray, so if you could please answer all my questions as best as you can, that would be great.Thanks!

"mgs questions
A: I would say mid year, but its up to Konami when and where we show,
B Yes it does, its pretty nifty too !
C:No, we are not really part of that scene, which means, no one mentioned it or asked us Smiley
D:Im sure it will

And some answers on upcoming MGS RAY figure:
"no tail
no more answers as all is liquid till finished, excuse the pun!
But expect something as great as REX if not better, the Ocelot pilot is cool
if I dont answer the question, its because i have nothing really to say or I cant !"

First photos of WWR JDF Harold (Good Smile exclusive) in hand by: Iroha and HISAO

January - 2013 C5CjeJPtJanuary - 2013 5bRUqWbtJanuary - 2013 W2qJHOrt

AP Heavy & Slicer TKs in hand, photographed by Ian Ross Lallen

January - 2013 JnN6eRitJanuary - 2013 S7NE8BVt

2D Animation Contest thread reminder: , 9 days already passed.


AK Fucking Tracky Bleak in hand photos by kaiserfrog19

January - 2013 CeJ594itJanuary - 2013 Z0VANVstJanuary - 2013 FFaYlJwtJanuary - 2013 WVkoyMvtJanuary - 2013 7pVoAEqt

Tracky Bleak doesn't come with Custard though, he was just used for kaiserfrog19 to make better photos. Btw, significantly more photos by kaiserfrog19 can be seen here.

3AA 2013 t-shirts samples for members and 5th year 3AA veterans (3AAV one):

January - 2013 ARZDNBitJanuary - 2013 O4J08b3t

Estimated shipping time for 3AA 2013 membership package is middle of 2013, but all online privileges (like discount and access to the exclusives) should be working already.

WWR JDF Harold next to good old Zhivago Dropcloth from 2009, photographed by 無銘の刀

January - 2013 DtsWrmPt

Awesome custom Bambaboss work in progress by Carson Catlin , posted by Jason Fujioka - who will be the owner of this amazing piece.

January - 2013 LM3fvtit

I don't know about you, but I can't get enough of REX photos! If you are the same , please click here to see MGS REX photo breakdown by are some shots of that review:

January - 2013 EFH4ntvtJanuary - 2013 MRPoZ02tJanuary - 2013 VXmTmf9t


Better look at all 15 WWR Harold FS promos:

January - 2013 RD2MvlYtJanuary - 2013 ReSdtKatJanuary - 2013 VEOHZK6tJanuary - 2013 3lD2gKRtJanuary - 2013 OEBPvMBtJanuary - 2013 7BaZTgHtJanuary - 2013 YNwinVStJanuary - 2013 PpgXliPtJanuary - 2013 T5edUWCtJanuary - 2013 XzRaClutJanuary - 2013 VH5OnwStJanuary - 2013 FcxctsgtJanuary - 2013 Tf75L8YtJanuary - 2013 KensikRtJanuary - 2013 IYYiLc8t

Ashley about next Dawn Patrol bot:
" ill call the next one Private Howson !
My father was stationed in Bovington too !"

Whether TK KLUB releases are limited to one per member:
"crem, yup one per member"

On pushing WWR Meat is Murder set back, since it's too close to WWR Harold FS release:
"still have to cost the meat is murder figure out shipping etc, it aint gonna be cheap, I dont think many will be made !"
"you know i might push the MIM back a bit, thats too close, 22nd it is !"

WWR Harold FS will cost you 300USD shipped, you get both WWR and WWRp versions of the same Harold colorway in every box. It's first time when we are offering WWR & WWRp in one box!

January - 2013 OP0GhTLt

Ashley commenting about beautiful Harold FS art shown above:
"those are sloggers in the painting"

On figures which were mentioned, but haven't been offered yet:
"re stuff mentioned, well its all on the go, but situations arise where shit gets pushed back etc, sometimes stuff changes over time too, gets better i hope."

Answering about ideas and inspiration to the paintings:
"good ideas are always when im not ion the studio, the really good ones stay in close memory for when im back at the board."

On making Hellboy:
"If Mike Mignola asked me to make A HB I would, no problem !"

Can we get some pics of the new studio and some hints at what you're working on now? Expanding with the dark themes of the Levine show or going in a new direction?
"I have got much on the go, I figured i was getting too public and showey with all the levine stuff, so I just thought I would hold back on my new stuff, but its a continuing theme, levine wasnt a new thing really, just a road in the journey etc. Sex, death, the unknown are the way marks !"

Favorite samurai movie?
"Shogun assassin is my fav."

About his new studio:
"my new studio is the best, it has 25 foot windows and all the light and space i need, im deep in hock for it and will have to sell some paintings to pay for it"

On WWR Harold FS tracks:
"the tracks move, you can push it along, kinda shit if it didnt"

Is there any reason DP Harold uses the 'new' paintscheme even though it's older than the Bramble and Bertie?
"the DP is the first style, remember DEEP POWDER refers to large group of winter soldiers and robots, they all have their own idiosyncrasies and style. the Snow Sniper ( on sale soon ) comes under the Deep Powder group but has a different decal design."

WWR Snow Sniper Ashley is referring to:

January - 2013 ZwDYqtJanuary - 2013 SxAmUt

There will be TK Mego this year (since we are doing a line of 8" toys):
"3EGO TK this year !"

Sergio Toppi art-books news:
"toppi books are coming !"

Ashley answering about will there be a poster with WWR Harold FS sets:
"a poster as well!
ill be back later, some quick crap photos on the blog of stuff." - hard for me to say with 100% certainty though, I'll check later about that

I seen mentioned above ( Q&A in "Ask" thread) Ashley promised to update his blog showing his latest paintings and stuff around the you can click here to check that update.

Not sure if Ashley is joking here, since there is a smiley on the please take it with some consideration, until there is no confirmation on the blog or more details posted closer to the sale:
"yea, if you buy all the harolds ill throw a discount in and sumin else, maybe that poster Smile"

Some images of WWR JDF Harold in hand giving you better idea of Harold looks (direct link to more:

January - 2013 BTCFEnhtJanuary - 2013 LNchIlxtJanuary - 2013 Wo0uuqztJanuary - 2013 EtPsqF7tJanuary - 2013 UtMpc6etJanuary - 2013 Ac5NetutJanuary - 2013 Ln51dsit

Fucking Tracking Bleak in hand photo, next to Tommy Mission by EM Mon

January - 2013 0GiINVyt

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