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January - 2010

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January - 2010 Empty January - 2010

Post by gimbat Wed Mar 11, 2015 1:02 am

January 2010

Happy New Year to everyone, I hope that this year would very good for you and your family. I trust that everybody (old legionnaires and guys who will just discover 3A soon) this year will find a piece of happiness in the form of 3A toys and finding new brothers and sisters on the board.

2010 is going to be one crazy ride for 3A! Lots of new toys, lines and exciting things.

What's cooking for us? WWR Dropcloth (4 packs, 6 packs and singles), Popbot Tomorrow Queens, Popbot itself with the kitty, Lady Sham, Harold the Fucktard and lots of many things, including collaborations with Kenny Wong (Sea Monkey and Coarsetoys).

As 3AA (3A associates) membership is going to be open really soon, here a repeat of my explanations, how things are going to be.

There are two 3AA memberships: for existing members with the discount benefits and for new members, without the discount benefits. So there is the same package for the new members, but without a discount. Both membership costs 150$. Both would be limited and both would get WWRp de Plume, as an exclusive figure. There would be a very limited amount of spots, for the 3AA membership with the discount (if existing 3AA members would refuse to renew, plus 3A adding some spots). For now, the date for the new members is 15th (being sold most likely for 24 hours). And 8th of January for the existing members. From now on all exclusives will only be sold to 3AA members, no general selling will occur, the amount ordered in a specified time of the said exclusives will be made . No minimum or maximum, made to order. 3AA membership, comes with the new member's card as well. And latest what we got was a confirmation about 3AA renewal for the existing members, 8th January 2010, 8:59 HKT. If you are 3AA and want to renew, you need - 150 bucks for that, and earlier this year, Ashley said that you would have 24 hours to renew. I would try to get a confirmation on that one. You can check the countdown at as well.

Here is one contest you need to be aware of, especially if you are new to 3A or you were celebrating the holidays all this time:

Do you want to win gorgeous DIY de Plume? Ashley has something in mind!
"how about this.
lets have a board contest, top five voted for designs win a DIY ?
A mod can arrange a thread, with a voting bit, you guys post DIY de PLUME designs, mods add you to the voting list etc, top 5 positions score.

Here is the link for the contest thread and please read carefully all the rules. Your design must be original.
The platform is DIY de Plume but you cannot copy Ash's properties (i.e.: No TK de Plume, Popbot de Plume, Noir de Plume, etc...).

Here is an awesome DIY de Plume photo by expathos:

January - 2010

More about DIY de Plume contest rules:
"one entry per person"

What else? There would be the DARKLAND set, featuring Tommy Mission and Boiler Zomb, limited to 100, released very, I mean very soon, but about that, you would read on the next "page" of my news.

And as always I want to thank you all again for all the positive and negative feedback I'm getting, this helps me make my news even better and be a better help for all of you. As you probably know, this news are getting updated daily, sometimes even hourly, when Ashley is active on the board and gives away all the new info or production pictures. As 3A community is constantly growing, like the 3A itself and more people are need to to understand things or have some questions, don't hesitate to PM me or any of our hardworking mods: ennui, eseffinga, Sir Dirty Girty, gar, gimbat and I promise that we will always try our best to help you, with any 3A related question. If we can't answer on your question, we will at least point you to the direction, where you can find the answer.

If you are new on the boards, please do check out this section.

I hope you will not only have a great time here and fall in love with 3A spirit and collectibles, but find lots of friends and alike thinking people, with whom you can share everything.

Repeat of the previous news of the last December day


Here is the continue of the Tommy two pack birth and thanks from Ashley to all the loyal 3A fans:
"ill never cease to be amazed and greatful, we dont take you guys for granted.
you guys have so many options and cool shit to do and look at, but you hang with kim and me, spend your hard fought money with us.. crazy and cool.
happy new year indeed !"
"all we want is that someday in the future, you guys think, damn 3A was fun, goodtimes.
art can be fun."
"well ok, when we are in our 80's then.."
"2 pack official name
"10 trackies left.. gonna wait a while"
"i think about that too anubis.."
"yea the ten will go up over the next 24 hours, or maybe sell with the sets..."
"anubis, not sayng you overstepped shit, i was agreeing with you, interesting to think about such stuff"
"true, but i said I would stagger, im gonna stagger.."
"i thought there was enough for a week, takin ginto acct the time of year..wrong again"

A bit about plans, the next Popbot release is the Tomorrow Queens, and next Popbot robot release is Popbot:
"popbot is the next robot release, TQ's are the next Popbot release"

So let's summarize what we know so far about today's Tommy Mission sale? Tommy was a tremendous success! All is sold out, even non-rare version, but there would be about ten figures, which are going to be available later on in the shop. Ashley decided to make set of two figures and release it tomorrow (more info and updates to follow), it would be called Darklands set. Limited to 100 pcs, and would include Tommy in the exclusive t-shirt, different packaging and amazing box art and a Boiler Zomb to make Tommy some company.
What we know about the set, from the man himself:
"two pack, standard and a boiler, hopefully a yellow suit boiler"
"tommy will have a different shirt"
"i mean a boiler zomb, in a yellow suit, and a standard tommy in new exclusive two pack shirt"
"just like the oya two pack.
100 will be made"
"two pack will be different styles, you dont lose.. plus two pack costs more than single etc"

What we know about ten remaining Tommies?
"yea the ten will go up over the next 24 hours, or maybe sell with the sets..."
"10 trackies left.. gonna wait a while"

Tommy Mission (both versions) photos from the newsletter:

January - 2010 Tm8.thJanuary - 2010 Tm6.thJanuary - 2010 Tm5j.thJanuary - 2010 Tm4.thJanuary - 2010 Tm3r.thJanuary - 2010 Tm1z.thJanuary - 2010 Dirtytracky2.thJanuary - 2010

Ashley answering whether the Darklands - the set of Tommy and Boiler Zomb, comes with the severed Bramble's head (like the old Boiler Zomb) and about the time, when this release is going to drop:
"no bot head in the set"
"no time has been given yet"

Ashley about the set itself and why it's going to be made:
"the pack is happening coz I think its cool, dont buy it if you feel any stress mentally or financially. thats not whats its about, if you have a Tommy, your cool, dont sweat it.
cmon, its on a yellow suit zomb with a K on his back..."

Darkland's set photo? I know that it's called Tommy and Korma, and Ashley mentioned before that new Boiler Zomb (which comes with a set), will have K on his back.

January - 2010


Ashley about Darkland set, sale date and confirming that Tommy would not be available at retailers:
"no retail for tommy.
2pack, no set time, it will probably just drift into the store sometime over the weekend."

Another exciting night at 3A board, here is the summarize, featuring direct quotes of the man himself:
"thata it man, thats what im doing, go enjoy the fam, if the yare around cool, if not, you have tommy, cant lose !"
"probably, i need to talk to KIm about some details, first day back open today. If I could make it easy for you guys I would, really. Not trying to make it hard, just want to make sure everything is 100% before I pull the trigger. Now that doesnt mean this isnt happening, there are just some details I need to know for myself."
"i wanted to make it, it will happen.
last trackys, will wonder out over the weekend too."
"I want AK tshirt now"
"in the set you say ?
best thing about this set, the zomb is a off yellow too... not pale blue etc.."
"or maybe ill have a 24 hour window for orders...
so many questions"
"cant sell single shirts, doesnt work in our system as mentioned before.
shirts are cool, but complicate things, sizes etc.. so it might be a hard one to wrangle.. im just musing here...
re 24 hours etc, its a factory thing, it might just not be possible to do any more than 100 on top of everything else.. thats what I need to know."
"100 sets is still the go for now.
thats a lot to me..
150 bucks"
"some will go up today, and ill stagger them so all times zomes get a crack.
be warned. the shop will recycle unpaid orders very fast"
"cats do it to show respect, damn straight !
i have killed more rats than him !
"we did, actually 15. I have said in the past ill put things in the store without mention."
"no newsletter, a quite release, tommy was the release, this is oneoff for me."
"anyway you buy, single or set, you cant lose ! you get cool figures that are not just mass produced sell as many as we can shit. maybe some of you want that, well tough shit, we aint doing biz like that. I could have sold 3 times the tommy yesterday, but I stayed true to our plans, make a amount that doesnt compromise quality. yea people will get pissed, but thats art baby !"

"you misread anub, its a figure shirt, not full size, too much trouble to make a shirt"
"dont stress, it will recycle, and ill put more up today"
"pain and pleasure, they are same, one is a four letter word"
"all paid... on to the next drop.."
"oh yea... tracky. wait up"
"20 went up..80 left"

"that was all the trackys... all gone"
"mm maybe"
"damn, yu guys really want them"
"a smidge left... wait till my evening for euro types"
"good on you guys hanging in there!"
"haha, rival, ill fuck the sade up !"
"i thought there wasnt much interest for the tommy, leading up etc"

"more to come martin"
"Im a lucky guy"

Ashley about BIG Square, which is going to be made for the big event, which is secret for now:
"he, this is cool, 1:1 square. all detail soon.. well vague details as its attached to a big event"
"to be sold at the event"
"secret for now"

More Adventure Kartel figures:
"next AK, FIGHTING JC, closely followed by Bleak Mission.. then Little Shadow,"

More Boiler Tommy and Korma news, Boiler Tommy will be sold as a set and more info about Tommy packs:
"boiler tommy and blue zomb 2 pack..40 only from kim"
" Kims master set !"
"thank Kim, he thought the chases would be better going to those who want them etc, not packaged at random.."
"i had better get painting"
"well its the famous boiler tommy, tommy is a boiler suit with a BT on the back, tommy all fucked up, and by his side, blue suit zomb, which in the AK world is like a red-hsirt in the trek universe.. "
" Korma is my fav zomb, a rogue zomb, escaped the home of Zomb MD !"
"for the record
tommy in jeans and exclusive shirt plus korma for 2pack one
tommy in boiler suit and blue zomb for 2pack twp
all coo!"

More Boiler Tommy and Korma news, Boiler Tommy will be sold as a set and more info about Tommy packs:
" blue boiler zomb in a blue boiler suit. has an F on his back for FODDER"
"more of both pack left"
" there will be a few chase figs, but people dont always like em, always want to swap for standard.."
"more later..
tommy turned out to be the most fun release yet...
cheers !

More action with the Boiler Tommy and Blue Zomb sets:
"not even close...stagger stagger"
"not even close in sleep etc, not shot"
"ill drop some more soon"
"gotta be ready!"
"blue is with boiler tommy, yellow is the korma set"
"blue is a mystery, no shots, but it will rock, and damn rare if thats ya bag"

Boiler Tommy photo from the Bambalandstore?

January - 2010

Don't worry there would be MORE both sets:
"4 blue left 15 korma later on"
Best of luck to everyone! Please be prepared!

Tommy + Korma

January - 2010

Sorry for the confusion and such a fast releases today, exciting times, huh? Such a rapid start for 3A this year!

So let's try to clear the confusion between sets. Darklands set feature Tommy + Korma Zomb seen on the photo above. Tommy is featuring an exlusive to this set t-shirt, this set was limited to 100.

Blue Zomb sets feature EXCLUSIVE and RARE Boiler Tommy and Blue Zomb, limited to 40 sets. Blue Zomb has a writing FODDER on his back.

Ashley's quote:
"for the record
tommy in jeans and exclusive shirt plus korma for 2pack one
tommy in boiler suit and blue zomb for 2pack two"

All the sets are sold out, congrats to all the lucky owners and if you didn't manage to grab one, please remember it's only the beginning of year for 3A! Lots of fun ahead!

January - 2010

Ashley about all this:
"thats it, bar recycle..
thanks, been a ride, you guys are great audience and pals !"

So what do we know about 1:1 Square mentioned before, here is the text from 3A blog and newest Ashley's quote:

"nothing to do with comicon, or comics"

Close to the middle of 2010 there will be a limited number of 1:1 Squares available for purchase at a very special event, more info very soon !

Ashley speaks about 3A and another poster for Tommy sets (as all AK figures come with one - "each Kartel fig comes with a folded A3 character poster one side, a comic the other, fun and dumb stories, sometimes dark, all good !"):
"its all time, you know I do other shit for a living, if I can ill make a different something.."
"marketing, pfft, please, you think we consider marketing, marketing is about maximum profit and exposure, we have neither. but we make cool toys and have fun.. cant say that for any companies."
"thats what I think Fox, marketing is contrived, im firing from the hip, it could have sucked and gone over like shit.."

January sketch thread is started, click here to see it and read the rules. This month theme is Titans, previous one is closed for review. The same I can about January Photo thread, please feel free to participate and you might become a winner!


News about our "Thank you threeA HK Staff" initiative, please check this link, to read them and see if your nickname is mentioned (if you contributed money to the fundraiser of course). Huge thanks again, to everyone who made this happen and contributed their money on such a good cause.

Ashley reveals more about 1:1 Square and answers how to buy them:
"only 20 will be made, each different, works of art. no bambaland, no comic conventions, only from the next 3A art event.."
"(buying) only from the event silent where they will be exhibited. im sure we can arrange a pre-purchase though of a few.. they are gonna rule.."
"no price yet"
"mark june down lads... special month if all goes to plan.."

MK2 Venture in Hong-Kong is still happening:
"venture 2 is still on.."

Ashley about next Adventure Kartel release: Little Shadow
"pretty as a peach girl.."

Name for the second Tommy pack aka Boiler Tommy and Blue Zomb (and they are currently sold out)
"second two pack is called "Atrocity Exhibition"

Ashley speaking about Fighting JC and if this is Jesus Christ:
"ye of little faith..
being disrespectful is easy and for the dumb"

previous news for this date above

3AA Members renewal this friday 8th Jan

For 24 hours on the 8th jan , 9-00am HONG KONG time current 3AA members can renew their memberships for 2010 for 150 bucks. Log into bambaland and look under 3AA etc. after 24 this will close down and the following friday 15th, the remaining limited membership spots will be open to anyone else who want to join the club.

The membership pack includes:

*15% discount at bambaland

*Access to 3AA exclusive toys

*WWRp Nom de Plume ( exclusive to 3AA )


*2010 Membership card

You can see the countdown timer at

"in my wisdom, or lack of, all 3AA will have the same 15% discount, I dont like multi tier shit, too complicated etc.
So, if you have a 3AA MEMBERSHIP, YOU HAVE IT ALL..

XMAS02 aka NW, DW and DIY Bertie are shipping out this week:

January - 2010 331r.thJanuary - 2010 311tg.thJanuary - 2010


Ashley confirms that there wouldn't be any retail version of Tommy Mission:
"tommy was a bamba exclusive. no retail version coming.

More info about 1:1 Square size and which Squares would be made and about 3A art show location in June 2010:
"not europe..
not the ol USA
not Hong Kong
not Australia"
"a square should be just over 2.7 feet is da real world."
"i would say so, all squares seen to date plus others."

Ashley answering whether there would be any his art displayed and for sale:
"my art..of course, its 3A thing...
this is like Venture..but crazier.."

Ashley about the event:
"yea.. doesnt matter where the show, people will be unhappy.. hope you can pop along, it will be seminal, and have some crazy show only toys..
get saving !"

About WWRp Berties 12 pack box:
"the 12pack box is massive..."

Ashley talking about Men from N.O.M shipping dates:
"8 weeks ? would require it to jan 18th, it is the 5th is hong kong..."

More about mysterious June show and 1:1 Square:
"this will be bigger the venture..
or why do it !"
"no flatpack, this aint IKEA
they are being shown as art, along with the rest, which I might add is pretty amazing..."

"we have 20 extra set of xmas02, the will appear in bambaland today sometime"
Happy hunting to everyone!

Ashley confirmed today, that if there would be some remaining NOM Alpha recruit cards (after supplying each list member, that PM'ed their order number and nickname to, during the first 24 hours of pre-ordering), they would be put in the most earliest orders of Men from N.O.M
"the card will be a SOLDIER OF N.O.M Alpha recruits card.. Only those on the list that purchase will get it !"

Remaining 20 XMAS 02 SETS, are still up at now, go go go go! I'm sure they would be sold out soon!
All sold out in five minutes...Sorry if you tried and haven't got one..


Do you remember gorgeous figure, based on Ava (3A female body system) Tomorrow Queens revealed and sold at the HK Venture?
Here is a bit of more precise information on the variety of the TQ, from our boardie nyhousekid, who attained the event:
i know this for a fact based on Ash's comments to me that there are only 50 pc's...25 of short hair and 25 long hair...plain and simple...the makeup, clothes and hair color combo is what makes each one unique!! There are 2 variations in t-shirt color and shoe color..white t-shirt white shoes black t-shirt black shoes!!! They ALL have different lip stick colors & different hair colors..The eye shadow is only present on the short hair variation...that's the most precise way I believe

Here are the variants which I could find on our board, this are the amazing photos of our boardies (edmundw, rockysara, holiday, mattyp, piballwizard, SimonS, ennui, tigerfeet) :

January - 2010 Edmundw1.thJanuary - 2010 Edmundw2.thJanuary - 2010 Rockysara1.thJanuary - 2010 Rockysara2.thJanuary - 2010 Holiday1v.thJanuary - 2010 Holiday2.thJanuary - 2010 Mattyp.thJanuary - 2010 Pinballwizard.thJanuary - 2010 Simons1.thJanuary - 2010 Simons2.thJanuary - 2010 Img8389sm.thJanuary - 2010

Ashley speaking about 3AA box packaging and whether 3AA box (which each member will receive) has a number on it, like 3AA 2009 box, when each member had a corresponding number on their box and membership card:
"the box should have numbers on it, hell i might put names on it !"
"we have been working on the 3AA box for a while, this shit dont happen over night !"
"tin box... you might want to get the 2010 3AA membership.. though its not a lunch box.. and maybe not even metal........."

Ashley answering when 3A Venture - official 3A magazine would be released:
" h, it is.. we dont know when to say..stop !"

Ashley commenting the fast sell out of XMAS Bertie MK2 set, negativity of people and talking on 3A ways:
"they are just toys, hang at the forum, chat, if ya dont get one, im sure we will make something just as cool soon. We cant just mass produce stuff. yea, I could sell ten times the amount of every toy, but thats not the reason for doing 3A..
of course everyone has to sail their own sea !"
"some dont, but thats the way life is, if you please everyone, your doing something wrong..
Im happy and proud of 3A, everything it does"
"damn right, I have spent nearly 20 years making art, a lot of hate and bile thrown my way, im fortified against this shit. If I do it, its because thats how I want it done. I dont need to do anything , therefore I do."
" back to the set, which is dinky and cool, I like the box..."

DAMN Large Martin WWRp (1/12th scale) photos from the 3A production blog:

January - 2010 Dlm2.thJanuary - 2010

Ashley about the articulation on DMLM WWRp:
"thy articulate as much as they would, they dont do judo, or dance the fuck around.."
"that would silly, the size difference is pretty big.."


Ashley about WWRp Large Martin:
"im sure someone will !"
" they dont pick shit up, they are platform, hammers, etc. there are enough robots on the field to pick up stuff."

BOT FAC (DIY toys)
"well if retailers buy boxes of shit, yea, we cannot sell single parts as we are not set up for small transactions."

Judging by the amount of questions I'm getting via PMs, there is lot of confusion with the 3AA membership sale on the 15th of January. Please wait for more info, I'm sure it would be soon.

As for the 3AA in 2010, I want to repeat one very interesting thing, Ashley said:
"3AA is different this year, every member is promised a standard order fig if ordered in the first 24 hours etc.
we are doing our best to move with the times.."

So with 3AA membership in your pocket you could feel safer about scoring a standard figure from the bambalandstore. Same about the 3AA exclusives:
All exclusives will only be sold to 3AA members, no general selling will occur, the amount ordered in a specified time of the said exclusives will be made . No minimum or maximum, made to order.
thats the edict for 3AA 2010."

Please don't worry guys about the 15th, I'm 100% sure, that Ashley will give all the necessary data prior to the release.


Ashley answering on the question about shipping time of the WWRp MK2 Berties packs:
"7pack is shipping mid month if all goes to plan, with 12 not long after. the boxes, alwyas hold this shit up, as they are constructed at the printers etc where we have little control. "
"i want them now, i sent all mine back for hatchery ref, Im sans my mini berties !!"

Happy existing 3AA members, who are planning to renew, please have in mind that 3AA sales for the existing members, will start in less than 24 hours from now at You have to log in and it would be under 3AA section for you. You can use the countdown on to be better prepared or use this site , inputting 8th January, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time. According to Ashley Wood, existing 3AA members have 24 hour window to renew their memberships. New members will have to wait for 15th of January and more information for the new members, I believe would be released and available shortly.

I hope you guys remember our "Thank you threeA HK staff" initiative, I'm sure 122 members who participated in our fun fund raiser, remember it very good. Today two cakes, candy and flowers would be delivered to HK office of threeA and Benny (3A employee) promised some photos for us:
This is Benny from threeA.For your guys reference ,The cake will be delivered today. I will ask Candy to take the pictures .
Thank you all of you!


Ashley comments on WWR Squares pricing:
" pricey... pfft"
"mmmmm, priced right, the multi packs were cheap !"

Tommy Mission and his glowing hand of fate:
"put the glowing hand on, holy shit, its a hand of fate, look it up...
never said you could put it on....
same ol body, as mentioned, no changes.. we only have one male body. "
"dude, you cant put it on.. its holdy thing... gah"
"we are working on many things.."

Ashley about WWR Grunts:
" but everybody says slow down, too many releases bro.."
"but he is coming soon, a staple of the WWR world, expect many a variation !"

New awesome art at Ashley's blog:

January - 2010 Photo41.thJanuary - 2010

New info about WWRS (1/32th scale, World War Robot strategy):
"pre painted, need to launch these, just so busy.... busy"

Dirty Darkish Dropcloth? Here you go:
"dirty darkish ? there is one already, commando dropcloth"

please check news for the previous date above

Ashley confirms that if there is a Blanc de Plume sketch found (was randomly placed in early Tk boxes and etc) the sender of it, would get a Blanc de Plume and no more additional Blancs left:
"we have enough for sketches, thats it."

Ashley about ordering procedure for retailers and why some figs, may be shipped a bit later (please keep in mind 3A perfection in every way, takes time too):
"retailers have longer to order, so there orders come later, we start bambaland production before the orders are in for stores etc"

Currently it's less than three hours, before existing 3AA members can renew their membership at, you have to log in and look it up under the 3AA section. You can go to to check the countdown or please use any time conversion site..the sales start on January 8th, 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time.

3AA membership for the existing members is less than 40 minutes away...please remember, that existing members have 24 hours window to renew their membership.

As for the new members and 15th of January, don't worry about it please, all the updates about 3AA for new members, will be released soon. Just follow my news (links at my signature) or 3A blog -

3AA renewal is up at the, under the 3AA section, you need to long in, to see it. Here is the info from the store:

3AASSOCIATES 2010 membership

Each member will receive >

**WWRp NOM de PLUME, exclusive to 3AA. It will not be offered again.
*15% discount on 3A product at for 12 months starting January 08th 2010.
*3AA T-shirt, please state preferred size in paypal message box. we cannot guarantee exact size availability. first come first served.
*pre-order status. Access to the 3AA section section in Bambaland, guaranteed toy stock for 24 hours.
*Access to 3AA Club exclusive toys and esoterica.
*Membership card that to this day has not got anyone laid..
*3A's admiration !

Shipping :late march. shipping is included in price.

read carefully !

Non Transferable
Expires in 12 months, you will have the choice to renew at a given time.
There will limits to all 3A stock, we cannot guarantee availability after 24 hours !
One membership per customer.

Since people are having problems with the t-shirt sizes, please put your t-shirt size and order number here:

It would be emailed to 3A, once the list will be more or less complete.

Ashley explaining 15% discount for the membership, current members got and why it was nothing for twenty minutes in the shop:
"15 coz it was too much work to change.."
"server melt down.. i think some thought it was for everybody today !
hopefully avialable now !"

Ashley speaks about his art:
"eder doesnt have that piece , I do admiral ( i will sell and have sold packaging art, it builds up too fast, and gets in the way !, lots of shit sits in my cupboard of dooommmmm.
lots on th ego, FUCK IT will feature it , finished and unfinished.. its slated for an April release, just did the Previews thing.
oh yea, Eric does a good art breakdown, very astute !"
"eder is a top chap, been there since the start..."
"my doom cupboard is the greatest Wood gallery.. hard to move around it it though"

Ashley about 3AA renewal and 15th of January:
"next week will be more fun !!!"
"if you try, ill think you will score"

Information regarding the 15th of January, when new members can sign up for 3AA:
Make sure you swing by early Bambaland friday 15th jan 9-00am Hong Kong time, to grab a spot in 3AA !


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January - 2010 Empty Re: January - 2010

Post by gimbat Wed Mar 11, 2015 1:03 am

please check the news for this date above

Information regarding the 15th of January, when new members can sign up for 3AA:
Make sure you swing by early Bambaland friday 15th jan 9-00am Hong Kong time, to grab a spot in 3AA !

Success of the "Thank you ThreeA HK staff" initiative! Thanks to all the 122 people, who participated in our fund raiser, here are the photos from Master Kim and Benny!

January - 2010 Img1727d.thJanuary - 2010 Img1725qk.thJanuary - 2010 Img1726r.thJanuary - 2010 Img1712q.thJanuary - 2010 Img1722u.thJanuary - 2010 Img1720l.thJanuary - 2010

One the photos you can see, our humble gifts: Godiva chocolate, flowers, we love you balloon (because we love 3A) and two cakes. And the whole staff from office on the group photo, from left: Benny, Ivy, Kim, Lok, Sammy and Candy. They enjoyed the cakes and are happy with out gifts, we managed to return some of the pleasure and positive emotions, we are getting from them, through all their great work on helping us!

There seem to be a bit of confusion of the 3AA benefits in pre-ordering the items from the store, here is how I understand this part:

Standard release:
Goes on sale same time for 3AA and non-3AA. Guaranteed for 3AA if they order within 24hrs from the start of the sale.

3AA exclusive:
3AA only - one per person; 3AA members can order it within the 24hrs from the start of the sale, made to cover all the orders (no certain quantity before the sale start)

Limited/surprise/not scheduled release (whatever you want to call it):
Open for everyone, 3AA and non-3AA, very limited production numbers. First come, first serve basis.

WWRp Berties MK2 Christmas Set: NW, DW and DIY is starting to arrive, to it's lucky and fast owners (was sold out under two or three minutes).

Here are some pics by our board member TK4949:

January - 2010 Image5415.thJanuary - 2010 Image5414.thJanuary - 2010

January - 2010


There are less than three hours, before 3AA sign up procedure would be closed for the existing members. Please hurry up, if you are an existing member and want to renew. It's a great opportunity now..without stress and only for 150$ minus discount. , is the place to go to and don't forget to log in under your account to see 3AA section. After that, you have to post your preferred t-shirt size, with the order number in this thread.

Ashley talking about exclusive and non-scheduled toys, that 3AA advantage will not cover them:
[color:bc61=green"it refers to standard and 3AA, crazy ash 3A shit is free for all !"[/color]

What I told you earlier on the board guys? Less math and more faith in 3A! Ashley and Kim love this community and us all!
"if your on this forum , and a part of this community, ill fucking make sure you get in.."
"i personally would do it just for WWRp De plume, those berties will be lonely without him, plus after market prices will be stoopid, making the WWRp fan sad.."
"5 minutes and the renewal is over !"

TQ is coming, featuring Chinese New Year TQ, which is not for sale!
"just waiting on the new hair, jan shoul dsee a drop date..
the real emo will come when you guys try and secure a Chinese New Year TQ.. not for sale !!
raaallllleaseeeeeeeeeeee the EMOOOOOOO"

More about 3A June art even dates and info:
"ill have all th einfo soon, need to make sure everything is written in steel
ill announce dates and artists soon !"

Lasstranaut female figure is in production and shaping up very interestingly:
"already in production, not a simple fig, even without pants !"
" rocket .... mmmmmm"

Ashley about Men from N.O.M Alpha recruit cards:
"Everyone who ordered a nom commander set has to email 3a with their realname and forum handle, we have to verify the list. thanks
please spread this message !"

Email: , I would include my order number as well.
To remind you: you could get in for the cards, ONLY if you were on the original list. But Ashley said, that if there would be any cards left, they would be put, to the first orders on Bambalandstore for the Men from N.O.M!

Ashley says that WWR Bot Sniper, will come as a three pack or accompanied with two other figures:
"3 pack"

Huge thanks from Ashley to all the guys, who participated in monthly photo threads! Check out the December photo thread, lots of great entries there. And don't forget to enter with your photo, the January photo thread, which is already open.
"these photos rock, you guys bring a lot to 3A !"

Killer WWRp Bertie MK2 aka XMAS02 shots, by musahi-13, accompanied with WWRp Brambles from the 3AA pack! This lil and deadly Berties are started to land in US as well!

January - 2010 Img07101.thJanuary - 2010

Ashley once again explains that there is no ZvR Bertie in the WWR and they have significant differences:
"no relation, ZvR isnt WWR. this is a WWR section. WWR bots dont chit chat."

About Sniper Bot painting in the WWR 2:
"the painting is cool, never caught a good shot of it, too much transparency and shit... bummer"
"err no, try and photograph it better, more like..
you mis-read my post, painting is cool, never took a shot ( photo ) of it.... but I will, have a new lighting rig.."


Ashley about disclosing 3A toys production numbers:
"one day we will release all info, but for now its a secret..ohhhhhhh"
"even the most common is limited in terms of production !"

Heavy TK photos (please keep in mind that Heavy TK comes with RPG, not a gat gun, gatling gun is taken from the WWRp Brambe) by our board members anubis2night, if you have your Heavy TK, make some photos for us and share the joy here please:

January - 2010 Cimg7721.thJanuary - 2010 Cimg7719b.thJanuary - 2010

Ashley explaining that Dirty Deeds Dropcloth doesn't exist:
"dirty deeds are 12 berties, some squares and there boss Nom de Plume..

Gorgeous painting from Ashley's blog with his comment:
still going..but nearly there.. sometimes the smallest detail or highlight can make an ok painting great.

January - 2010 Th_stillgoing

Ashley about this painting (that it would be Bertie 7pack art and Nom is on the painting, because Ash decided to put him on the box art) and whether Nom de Plume would be included in the 12 Dirty Deeds pack, as a surprise:
"nnot financially... we already are skirting it with the 12pack
"7pack, nom is there, coz i though it was cool."


Great news about Dropcloth release date and Pink (Peaceday) Dropcloth shipping:
"pinky will ship sooner than the 4-6 packs, already in production.
soon as 3AA NEW RECRUIT DAY is done, ill get into dropping the Droppy"

2000 AD line figure news and about Tharg release:
"tharg will hit soon..
then some A.B.C Warrriors and so on, there isnt a in-stone release schedule, just as they are ready.
Rogue Trooper is a fav, Johnny Alpha, Apocalypse War Dredd, Robo Hunter, Mean Machine, Fink, City of the Damned Dredd, gronk, RO-jaws..Nemesis, Sov Judge..... gah, so much
thats a just a start, this isnt a short term license dodgy job, this is 3A and rebellion thinking far down the line.
I believe a Jan issue of 2000ad will sport a 3A 2000 AD ad !"
"Dan Tanner Junction.. indeed
Tharg is first, very apt...."

Please read about 3A Legion Round Robin Exchange (sketch card exchange), sounds like a pure fun to me!


In case you have forgotten about WWR Dropcloth, I must remind you that he comes in singles, four pack and six pack (3AA exclusive). Six pack is going to feature new Square with pouches.

Ashley about multi pack prices:
"the 4 pack and 6 pack are priced really well... as our multi packs always are..."

Ashley posting in the 2000 AD thread:
"have the book, I want the original painting on the cover.... !
thanks anyway"

I've been asked a lot about 15th of January..whether 3AA membership will appear on the front page or under some be honest I wouldn't be stressed out about it, because it's not important. Everything new on the bambalandstore, always appears on the front page of the store, unless it's 3AA exclusive. Plus I'm sure Ashley knows how you all are stressed out and would provide all the necessary info and hooks, before the membership sale goes online.

Text from 3A production blog:
Two more sleeps
Till new recruit day, this is your chance to join 3AA !

Ashley about 3AA in 2010:
"some info
there will be no 3AA overspill of exclusives to general sale anymore.
two more sleeps !"

So in 2010, there would be an exact amount of each 3AA exclusive made, just to cover the orders made by 3AA. Nothing is going for general audience.

In 2009 3AA exclusives were in general, the variations of the existing figures, but this about to change in 2010!
"there will be 3AA only original toys, not just colorways ! we gotta celebrate our 3AA'ers !"
"ill always do as I please, new ideas come up all the time.. well im gonna rock at least one 2000ad fig thats 3AA only.. and a female fig.. ideas"

More about Dropcloth, featuring info about secret sale and pricing policy:
"4 pack cost 320 usd"
"mmmm 6 pack..."
"jungle is exclusive to both sets, with a second exclusive for the 6 pack...join 3AA !"
"err there is a thread called limiting yourself in 2010 on my forum.. its toast !"
"cough..thats too good..
buy singles !!"
"i hoped everyone would realize that it was sarcasm.."
"re NW/DW, secret sale, 100 sets..."

Tomorrow Queens would be available in the middle of February:
" tq in feb, mid i would say"

Will Popbot be 3AA exclusive or available for general audience?
"why would popbot be no general ? he will be one the most popular figs yet !"

Ashley posting in 2000 AD thread:
"nothing we are doing has been seen, that render is nothing to do with us, so im gonna jack it as I dont want any confusion"
"no halo jones..ever !"

Be scared!
"boiler zomb, the new cabbage patch kid.. each personally "touched" by ZOMB MD !"

Final version of the amazing painting by Ashley Wood, which is going to be used as WWRp Berties MK2 7pack box art:

January - 2010

Very cute photo of WWRp Marine Bramble, made by our boardie Cherieshipwreck:

January - 2010


One day left before 3AA sign up for the new members at Be prepared and don't forget to check the countdown timer for 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time at Best of luck to everyone!

Ashley about Dropcloth NW&DW set drop time and figures:
"NW/DW could be a week, or a month, secret.. nothing more to say"
"chase dropcloth.. DW-condemned..."
"its a two pack, similar packaging to xmas02"

Ashley posting in the 2000 AD thread:
"re halo jones, fucking great strip, Gibson is awesome and under-rated, Moore rocks too, its just a too complicated situation to get into. Most older 2000ad fans know this and why.
Original 2000ad posting cool, it brings some the Zarjaz here.!"

Ashley about Dropcloth packs and chases:
"4 pack, 4 assigned robots, 6 pack, 6 assigned robots
and singles, you cant get a chase from our store, you buy what you want, and get it"
"NW DW are not chases, only in a set"

Since 3AA membership comes with the t-shirt, you can chose your desirable size, but 3A don't guarantee that you will get the exact size you want, because of the unknown quantity of orders, here is a direct quote from the 3AA newsletter, for the existing members - "*3AA T-shirt, please state preferred size in paypal message box. we cannot guarantee exact size availability. first come first served."

Since it was impossible to put your size in the Paypal message box for many people, I created this thread, where you can leave your order number and t-shirt size. Please don't chat there, just leave your size and order number, unless tonight Ashley will offer something more convenient.

Here is a size chart, that could be helpful:

January - 2010

Please if you want to have a better chance in getting the 3AA membership, be at on time! 3AA membership goes on sale at January 15th, at 9-00 AM Hong-Kong time. You can check the countdown timer for 9:00 AM Hong-Kong time at, currently it says 8 hours and 45 minutes from the time, I'm writing this. Best of luck to everyone!

If you are still don't know much about 2000 AD world, you can read the following two comments by Ming, who did a great job, trying to tell us the 30+ years story of this Universe.

previous news for this date are above

Three more hours, before 3AA membership becomes available at , most likely it will be visible in the home page of Bambalandstore or under the toy section. Please have in mind that it's not 9-00 AM Hong-Kong time, but one minute earlier - 8-59 AM Hong-Kong time. Best of luck to everybody and keep an eye on my updates. As soon as I will get any new info from Ashley, I will post about it here, and simultaneously on my twitter and facebook. Btw, you can sign up for ThreeA newsletter at , under the Newsletter section. Or just use this link directly:

If you are looking where to discuss 3AA sign up for new members, here is the thread you need:

So the question is answered:
2 hours to go Till the 3AA new recruit drive. on the frontpage !

Newsletter is out:

Ashley about 3AA:
"you will see it where the shirts are etc.
server is acting dicky already... need more bandwidth"

Guys, Ashley Wood asks to stop refreshing the shop, it's not time yet and you can crash everything!
"er stop refreshing..."

3AA membership will be up for buying at in just under five minutes!

January - 2010


3AA membership is sold out! I'm very happy for everyone who got in, my congrats guys! Please don't forget to put your t-shirt size and 3AA order number in this thread:

Lets summarize today's excitement via Ashley Wood's quotes:
"anytime now...
so start rogering the server i guess"
"your killing the server, refresh"
"ha , cant acess the admin!"
"yay for everyone, gotta access my storeeeeeeeeee"
"ash is locked out..."
"welcome aboard, well we have enough for exclusive toys now ! Smiley
small thsirts for all !"
"paypal confirm is all you need, bambaland has to chrun ll the emails going out now"
"small shirt for you i think..."
"xxxxsmall, tk size"
"WARNURSE TQ, first of the exclusive figs/// more info and dates soon.."
"gotta tell kim I went over our quota"
"well yeah, but everyone seems happy, thats the point of this shindig.
we can now do some crazier shit.. at least thats what im telling kim"
"nO WHErE 800< thiNK HALF OF tHAt"

All the new members can see if everything is correct in relation to t-shirt sizes and order numbers, just click here.

A bit of silence after this night's 3AA madness, but you will here more exciting news soon!

New painting for an upcoming ZvR comic from Ashley's blog:

January - 2010

Ashley posting in his art thread about this painting above and release date of Fuck It magazine:
"its an incentive cover i believe, there wont be a virgin one, as I didnt supply it without da logo !"
"just buy fuckit, it will have the full image in it, the painting is square, but the cover is not, so quite a bit is lost etc"
"april im told....
maybe a little earlier"
"or never..."

Please check this list of 3AA t-shirt sizes for new members, and if you see some mistake add your comment, if you haven't added up your size, please do it as well. T-shirt sizes list for existing members, is on the first page, if you were existing member and prolonged your membership on 8th of January, please comment that thread as well, but specify that you bought membership on 8th of January.


Thread with the t-shirt sizes for new 3AA members, is constantly growing and being updated by me and send to 3A office. Currently we have three people pairs, with the same order number, I think there is nothing to worry about, as each customer, has a unique assigned number as well. But just in case I emailed this to 3A as well.

Please do check out this, looks like pure fun to me!

Ashley saying when 3AA section will be active for new members and about t-shirt sizes. And please have some patience and respect for a man, who gave this tremendous opportunity yesterday, even with -15% discount. By the time first 3AA exclusive in the 2010 would be up, your 3AA rights will be active. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!
"yea, gregory speaks the truth ( as in, i gotta do it manually ), if ya dont like, i have people lining up for ya membership or any other..dig."
"thank the gimby, i would just give you pre-shrink small shirts and say enjoy..."

WWRp 3AA Nom de Plume:
"how small ? 6 fucking inches, they are 1/12th ?
not gi fucking shit joe size, star put it away wars size.."

"gi joe = 3/3fuck off small toy !
we are gonna do stuff with 1/12th that will blow ya heads off !
hey, while im here, first 1/12th ride-on, dropcloth motorbike and gunner sidecar.."
"did i mention its in 1/6th as well.. just coz we can !"
"not 3AA, for everyone"

Summary of 3AA t-shirt sizes on two simple pages, please read the words on the first page carefully, all is explained there:

And you thought, that it's the end of the exciting news? No way!

January - 2010

Ashley about this painting shown above:
"you would do that with little shadow and her scooter..

More about 3A madness!
"'what the hell have i gotten myself into!'
best damn toy company, ever, run by two guys who say FUCK IT sounds cool to me !"
"im holding back!
we got cool shit on the stove !"

I wonder how legendary Popbot figure would be in some time in future. Here is Ashley about Popbot movie:
"well as im the visual guy on it, when it happens, it will look great, or it aint gonna happen !
nothing to say really, wait and see."

Cool bike (no relations to Dropcloth's bike) we saw at HK Venture in 2009, no doubt that Dropcloth's bike is going to be different, but I want to show you this one, because it's RAD and shows the amount of perfection, which without a slightest doubt would be reached on WWR or WWRp versions of Dropcloth's bike! By all means, please keep in mind, that this bike wasn't made by 3A, it was just shown at the HK Venture, by the artists who were invited there, to show their stuff.

January - 2010 705823510j5ugbl.thJanuary - 2010

WWRp Large Martins:
most without their lunchbox pouches. they all come with them..

January - 2010

Ashley about WWRp LM:
"yea they do, they all have top half armor.
still more colorways to come"

Benny from ThreeA HK Staff contacted me and asked me to do this:
3A needs your desired name which would be printed on the card, max 17 characters, included spaces. What I need from you, to give your order number and desired name in one line, like that:
8000 Gimby the Vampire
Thank you for understanding and time, you will put into it. I will send the link to this thread to 3A, once we will have enough orders and of course I will summarize them as well.
Here is the thread:

Heavy TK, Warbot Bertie and Bloody Dirty Deeds Bertie (need a confirmation on that one) fresh and hot from 3A production blog:

January - 2010 Sp1x.thJanuary - 2010 Sp2w.thJanuary - 2010

Dropcloth is going to be a next WWR release and the drop date is set to: January 29th 8-59 AM Hong-Kong time, you can check the countdown at 3A production blog.

Ashley about Dropcloth:
"completely different head"

Ashley about Nom de Plume and his 3AA packaging:
"play and enjoy, rip em out boys !!"
"gonna get torn then !"

Commenting interesting use of WWR book:
" use of a WWR book!"

His comment about WWRp Large Martin:
"mercs cant get this sort of hardware"

Ashley answering about more Zombies vs Robots art books in 2010:
"ash needs new stuff.. i loved the ones I did, stoopid ideas, best fun.
still fun to do covers!"


Ashley with more details about WWR and WWRp Heavy Bramble, and new Wave of Brambles:
"the new heavy bramble 1/6th is cool, new arms/handsbackpack and bits and pieces..
there will be a WWRp Heavy Bramble , but I dont know when ! 1/6th first.
We want to do a new wave of bramble, just hard slotting it in an already straining hatchery !"

In regards with the 3AA cards and desired name, you can follow this thread, to see the list, which I have for now. Please keep in mind that it's for new and existing members, and if you want your card to have your name&surname from the Bambalandstore data or Paypal, just don't bother to comment, as it's could be a default choice.

Ashley about Dropcloth six pack price, to remind it features exclusive new Square with pouches:
"450 for the 6 pack."
"best value with the EXCLUSIVE SQUARE !"
"im still finalizing stuff.."
"worht it for the jungle killer dropcloth"
"are you taking the piss nicklee, have you even bothered to look ?"
"yea, your piss taking.."
"very new."
"this isnt a thread about money or how you spend, there is a thread for that. this thread about dropcloth"
"6 DROPCLOTH AND A EXCLUSIVE SQUARE.. i dont expect to sell many of these, well i hope not as the shipping is a cunt for us. big box etc..
still I wanted it, and some of yo guys will enjoy it too."
"not multi boxed, so no ebay runs."
"LM wasnt a 3pack, was sold as set of three individual boxes."
"all singles might be retailer exclusive.."
"coz the dropcloth weigh more, the ems charges for singes slips into another price bracket, which pretty much eats into any over head we have, we are looking into this..
I want singles, fuck i want different art for each design !"
"we shall see,
box art for each bot would be great.."
"there will be singles, but maybe only at retail.
just remember, there will be single, so you guys who dont want a 4 or 6 csn get them at many stores down the line"
"no multi packs at retailers, only singles as mentioned many times, they are bambaland exclusives."
"no jungle at retail"

Let's summarize the facts about Dropcloth. 6 pack price is going to be 450$, it would have six Dropcloth (one of them exclusive) + new WWR Square MK2 with pouches. Four park price is going to be 320$. Multipacks and Jungle Dropcloth (not sold as a single) will be only Bambalandstore exclusive, currently there is still no info whether there will be singles at Bambalandstore, or only at retailers.

3AA members, please do check this two threads: 3AA t-shirt sizes summary and 3AA card desired name summary , because as it already happened with four people, who posted their wrong orders. Plus I could make mistake as well, since it's nearly 400 entries and my hand could slipped. I double checked everything, but it would be better if everybody check by themselves as well, so there wouldn't be any hard feelings.


Ashley about remaking MK1 Desert Rat Bertie:
"desert rat bertie, as in the orange original one..
I would, BUT we cant ship singles, the the would be 30-35 ems omn average around the world. so If I can get around that, ill make an exclusive forum Desert rat bertie."

"its not the production, thats easy, its shipping cost for a single bot, thats hard..."
"EMS is really expensive, i think people thinks it s cheap shipping method, hell no !"

About 3AA and 3A:
"dont speculate or judge me or 3A bu previous standards or lines, you do not know our practices or setup , 90% of all toy companies use OEM factories, 3A uses its own 100% "ONLY" 3A toy factory, everything is setup for 3A, of course shit happens, stuff slips through the cracks, but quality is paramount for me and 3A.
plus the day its not great, im done, i have many places I can be, im not gona pump out shit like other companies."
"if you buy 3A to be cool, or exclusive, fuck off, if you buy coz you want cool toys, stay.
you fuck me off by becoming a whinny bag of shit, ill cancel ya membership, then you have nothing to worry about !"

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January - 2010 Empty Re: January - 2010

Post by gimbat Wed Mar 11, 2015 1:04 am

more news for this date above

Ashley continuing to speak about 3AA and now about 3AA t-shirts as well (which come with the membership package):
"it wasnt, its aimed at who ever knows in their heart its aimed at..
3A is simple biz
I like to make cool stuff, kim likes to make cool stuff, never said we were underground, or mainstream, your parents can keep those labels.
lets keep it simple, if you dont like 3A stuff or our practices, just leave. no reason to waste your ebbing time here."
"shirts, im playing with designs, it will be different in look..
a different design per size..."
"they are all cool !"
"some more colorful than others"

More about this month hero - Dropcloth:
"ok, no singles on bambaland, we are already heavily discounting the RRP of dropcloth, added in cost of EMS, makes it impossible to do.
only 4 pack, 6 pack, and NW/DW will be sold on the store. which are all exclusive to Bambaland"

WWR Heavy Bramble news:
"giant fucking RPG"
"he has way bigger srms, new engine mount, and new head, plus new style pouches."

Ashley's advise in the 2000 AD thread:
"start with the cursed earth storyline, and go from there. To me JD started with that epic, yea some previous stories were cool, and had some great characters, but the cursed earth story really brought home the mad world of JD !"

Ashley about Complete WWR artbook cover, which is going to be released soon:
"hardcover, i have them, ill photograph asap for the blog.."

Two beautiful Dropcloths (without a decals): Jungler (Bambaland 4pack exclusive) and
Zhivago Dropcloth

January - 2010 Zhivago.thJanuary - 2010

About Dropcloths pouches and content (in a sense of which Dropcloths would be included) of multipacks. There would be only one variant of 4pack and one for the 6pack:
"all pouches a=can be removed and set up as desired, all open etc"
"1 x 4 pack
1 x 6 pack"

Ashley answering whether Heavy Bramble's RPG would be bigger than the one Heavy TK's have, plus more info about the Bramble:
"waaaayyyy bigger"
"head aint bigger just different, still a bramble.."

This might be very sad, for all 3AA members who want lower&upper cases on their desired card names.
I just got message from Benny (threeA staff), who said that only capital letters are possible.

More about Dropcloth: Only Jungler gets severed heads for his pouches and he would be in both multipacks (4pack and 6pack):
"both packs"
"only jungler get a severed head, as he is the only dro with a machete"

[s]It may seem strange, but 3A wants to think about everything and to make people happy. I been contacted by Benny (threeA HK staff again), and he asked me to do this. So if you are an old member of 3AA and rewed the membership on 8th of January, and you want to keep your membership number (the one on the card), please post it here.
It should be done like this: eg. order number |current member no.| email | - an example - 8000 010
I suppose you have to give your bambaland account email.
If you don't want to keep the number, just don't bother. [/s]

Please check out this post, dedicated to the help of Haiti people.

Since we all are anticipating Men from N.O.M shipping, our boardie zzzzz, decided to cheer us up with fun Shadow N.O.M photo (on duty and off duty, without trench coats)

January - 2010 Thricenautoffdutybyzzzz.thJanuary - 2010


Remember the thing about keeping card numbers for 2009 3AA members, who renewed? I received many messages from people, who don't want to flash their email address, I contacted Kim and Benny, and we decided that since it's such a problem, to close this thread. Benny said, that 3A will contact via email everyone personally. I managed to gather info from 39 people, unfortunately not all of them with emails, but it's all sent to 3A as well. Sorry for all the inconveniences.

Ashley about Dropcloth:
"more images, its a while to the sale, im gonna draaaaaaggggg it out, or maybe I wont.
the price is pre-discount.
more people will buy the 4 pack
soon as it hits 24 hours on bambaland im taking down the 6pack.
buy the singles at retail!"

One cool thread is started here, it has "something" to do with our ThreeA HK staff initiative. The thread is locked for now, because we are waiting for Ashley's and Kim's answer.


Ashley about making more humanoid figures in 1/12th scale (WWRp):
"we cannot tool a new 1/12th fully articulated body and just make a few deplumes..."

WWR Hardcover pics from Ashley's blog (featuring Men from N.O.M):

January - 2010 Wwrhc4.thJanuary - 2010 Wwrhc3.thJanuary - 2010 Wwrhc2.thJanuary - 2010

more ZvR pics, from Ashley's blog and a bit of text:
ZvR stuff is always fun, so stupid and goofy.. not enough of that around. So behold, another goofy silly ZvR cover in the works.

January - 2010

Our surprised reached HK office of threeA, here is what was posted in the ThreeA production blog:
This makes it all worthwhile! Not only the greatest toy company EVER, but we have the greatest supporters ever, we are humbled here at 3A !!! Thanks to the legion, a great day at 3A HQ

January - 2010

Ashley about Men from N.O.M packaging and some info:
"two boxes in a hefty slipcase"
"Nom commanders are harder than Nom

Tommy Mission shipping info and about Berties MK2:
"long time before may, everything is going well. Ill have better sense of dates after Chinese New Years, next to ship, Bertie 7pack."

Tharg from 2000 AD photo is coming up soon:
"tharg shots very soon... very soon..."


Ashley answering about cyborgs in WWR:
"cyborgs ?
ill tell the story as I do, slowly, fast, back of a napkin, in a mag."
"no cyborgs... humans and robots. and nom.
no cyborgs..

About scooter for the Adventure Kartel character Little Shadow:
"no sidecar with scooter."

WWR complete only in hardcover:
"only hardcover, fuck amazon !"

EMGY Dropcloth exists!
"there is an EMGY Dropcloth."

Ashley about collecting art:
"art collecting is a nasty habit..."

Soon more info about 3A June event:
"you will regret it......."
"soon as the dates are locked down, waiting for the paperwork, ill spill.
I dont wanna let the hounds loose, then try to recall them if there are changes !"


One week is left until WWR Dropcloth goes on sale, on 29th January 9-00 AM Hong-Kong time.
Ashley about the Dropcloth packs configurations, as what bots, would be in the pack:
"im still figuring out the packs, to cause maximum pain.. some more photos today though."
"me too !"

Ashley about WWRp Brambles:
"you can never have too many....."

And about his gallery site, which would be active one day:
"your the last one eric, turn the lights off when you leave..."


New WWR Dropcloths (Monty and Uncle2, both without the decals) from 3A production blog. About the decals, it's currently a regular practice, that pre-production 3A toys are shown without the decals, but finished and shipped ones, will have them. Don't you worry about that:

January - 2010 Monty1j.thJanuary - 2010

Ashley about Dropcloth:
"all Drops get a single pistol"

Ashley about his gallery:
"when i find some time I might update..."

Kenny Wong continue to work on his Sea Monkey, which is going to be released under 3A Lines, with the female pilot Snow Pea, designed by Ashley Wood.

January - 2010


Ashley about WWR Dropcloth (apparently no more 6pack, but we will know more soon):
" buy singles at retailers, these sets re for me, i like em. no need to have them all, support your retailers !"
"maybe ill only do a 4pack.. keep it simple"
"too much confusion, which is odd as its simple, yet there is.
maybe a 4 pack and 3AA only dropcloth single.
save ya dough !"
"4 pack can have the square."
"EMGY for 3AA , give him a riot shield and Baton?"
"the singles are paramount, thats what I want out there, 98 bucks, the packs were for me.. maybe two different 4 packs..
mmmm mmmmm mmmmm"

Obviously there are more news on Dropcloth to come.

And more news about our Dropcloth:
"too many packs, need to focus, sell singles...
if I do A EMGY single, he will come with a Pink Peaceday square."
"where Im at>
1 4pack general release
1 EMGY Drop and peaceday square apck for 3AA ( 24 hour sale )
1 NW/DW/DIY set, secret sale
retailer singles"
"girty relax, ill probably change my mind..
two packs are dumb though... 4 pack is cooler, not overkill"
"chaos is good, order is shit with a porcelain mask Sam.."
"i like my futon."
"just random on the sets, but ill give hints"
"random SALETIME on the NW/DW/DIY sets.. the 4 pack will be defined."
"one 4 pack, only "ever" one. exact rollout unknown a this time, but do not assume there will be more than one, a huge undertaking in itself to make."
"jungler in 4 pack, only ever in 4 pack. plus 3 others..."
"ill sell 4packs until I stop, but 24 hours is minimum"
"snowball is in the 4 pack, with jungler.
and others"
"EMGY dropcloth with shield and baton, plus pink peaceday square all in a cool box for 3AA"
"130 for EMGY and pink square set. FUCKING CHEAP, anyone thinks not, ill cancel their 3AA membership today and ban em from the forum Smiley
and there isnt any meat to the 8pack premium set featuring iron panda dropcloth, not sold on bambaland.. none"
"there isnt a 8 pack 2.8 feet of dropcloth, thats crazy..
not on my bambaland"
"there will be a 8pack sold on bambaland,
"only" a 4pack and 3AA pack... !"
"1 4 pack
1 3AA pack
"for foxy
3AA pack is EMGY and pink square
general release is 4pack,"

Super exciting huh? So what we are potentially looking at? 1 4pack, with Snowballer and Jungler inside (24hours sale time). 1 3AA pack, with EMGY Dropcloth and Pink Square for 130$ (pre-discount price, like always), available for 24 hours for 3AA members. And NW/DW/DIY pack, available at surprise time. Plus read into a text...about 8 pack, hehe.

Ashley about WWR complete HC edition:
"its a killer painting ( well its a good WWR painting at least ), i like it.. I guess thats why its on the cover..."

More about Dropcloth:
"the 4 pack is
" the 4 pack get you 1 of each weapom load-out
jungler - machete
ash is thinking !"
" the others will be available at retailers etc, some maybe not, you will have to hunt if you want a full set... highly unlikely as it is..."
"well, they had better be in for an adventure..."

A hint about Chinese New Year TQ?
"are you talking about the new year TQ gift ?"

Info about Bertie MK2 7pack shipping, Men from N.O.M, Bertie 12pack and Peaceday Dropcloth:
"pinks ship when they are ready.
chinese new year is fast approaching !7 pack goes into shipping processing very soon, then bambaland NOM commanders and 12 packs. Retail stuff always ships later as their sale ends later etc"

Snowballer Dropcloth:

January - 2010

please do check previous news for this date above as they are very important (Dropcloth)

About Dropcloth head and mysterious 8 pack:
" very different to brambles head."
"the unicorn 8 pack, what a fancy.........
not available on bambaland..."
"nope no lists, no nuthin"

So what we are potentially looking at? 1 4pack, with Snowballer, Zhivago, Monty and Jungler inside (24hours sale time). Weapon wise: Jungler - machete
1 3AA pack, with EMGY Dropcloth (with riot shield and baton) and Pink Square for 130$ (pre-discount price, like always), available for 24 hours for 3AA members. And NW/DW/DIY pack, available at surprise time. Plus mysterious holy grail and unicorn 8 pack, but as mentioned by Ashley, not available on Bambalandstore.

Final confirmation on the Square absence in the Dropcloth 4pack:
"4 drops in 4 pack, no square
EMGY and Pink square in 3AA box"

This could be very interesting for new boardies..if you want to see photos featuring lots, I mean LOTS of toys, please follow this link, to see most of the Hatchery (3A toy factory) photos we saw so far, beautifully summarized by our mod Sir Dirty Girty.


It's going to be a day of reminders.

Less than a week left to add your entry for the January Photo thread and January sketch thread. Cool prizes may be won.

1st February is the deadline for the DIY de Plume contest, where five top entries have a good chance to win gorgeous DIY de Plume! Please read the rules there carefully.

I want to remind you about 3AA t-shirt size thingy (follow the link to check the summary and to read the rules) and desired name on the 3AA card (only capital letters can be put on the card, due to the hardware limitations). If you want your real name/surname on the card and you have those at bambalandstore in account data, just don't bother, 3A will put them automatically. And I assume that in two weeks or so, I will end this two threads, because 3AA packages are scheduled for March or so. But I'm still waiting for the deadline from the ThreeA HK office. Oh, and one more thing about 3AA t-shirts, as was mentioned in the 3AA description at the bambalandstore, there is no guarantee that you will get the requested t-shirt size, because the sizes are limited and Ashley opened the gates for lots of people.


Ashley resurrects and modifies Lunar de Plume idea here:
"Moon de plum e, moon de plume, moon de plume or
Lunar de Plume, Lunar de Plume
"nah no more deplumes
there are many NOMS, and Rothchild is a target for them.. and he is on the moon.
take ya pick, i know I do"

Dropcloth singles and retailers:
"suicide club was for Armstrong only.
re retailers, only when we start selling to them will we know, im concentrating on the Bambaland sale, not thinking beyond that yet.
Im sure there will be something.
singles are not blind-box, some will be rarer than others though. As the cases will be fixed load-outs. IE, retailers buy by the carton, not single figs etc"
"No lists...."
"nope have not sold a single dropcloth to retail that I know off, though I dont handle that part.
Im sure it will be the same shops, with the normal 10-15% pick up"

Bambaland orders, always ships out before than retailers:
"bambaland orders always ship before retailers."

More pics of the amazing Sea Monkey interior by Kenny Wong:

January - 2010 Monkeyinterior2.thJanuary - 2010

previous news for this date are above

Large Martin, Suicide Club Armstrong, Bramble, WWRp Bramble, Dropcloth and Square pic, posted by Ashley for people, who can't see the difference between Dropcloth and Bramble:

January - 2010 Photo59za.thJanuary - 2010 Wwrbot.thJanuary - 2010

Ashley about Dropcloth critics, Dropcloth from different countries, future 3A toys (don't overlook Tank Girl), "angrier than ever" 3A t-shirt and how he feels about 3A toys:
"for onekae, the difference is HUGE, anyone questioning the value is a fuctard, simple..
You show me toys of better value, and you will just be showing me 3A. A 12" fully articulated figure for 98 bucks is insane.
You think you can swan around saying shit, I dont think so, not on my forum.
a mini bramble with longer legs...pfft."
"you know guys, i dont mind discussion of our stuff, I dont care if you dont like it, or its not your thing, but there are some "things" that im gonna crunch on, our prices for one, unless you know what this shit costs, or actaully have the toy, dont thow around speculative one-liners, Im going to have to sell a shit load of DC to break even, these are not cheap shit vinyl toys, the set up and molding costs are huge.
We really keep our costs low, and ill be damned if im going to listen to any shit about them."
"what can i say, im not a CEO, or an exec, im angry fucking artist that will go to punches damn quick when defending his shit..
so dont go asking who designs this shit Mr Nubis"
"i know the difference, I would just kick you off this forum otherwise."
"I have scrapped all my career, im not going to sit back now and listen to crap,
"angrier than ever, 3A!"

"thats the next 3A shirt.. ANGRIER THAN EVER-3A
with a red Large Martin container!"
"only brambles and their square buddies go under the EURO moniker.
Their are individual French, Russian, German, Italian DC corps etc"
" yup, when we roll out a new wave of colorways ofr bramble, the demand is there, we just dont have the hatchery time.. I keep pushing everyweek !"
"no worries, happy as shit here, doing exactly what I want"
"cool shit, personal faves at this, Little Shadow, and Bleak Mission. But Popbot is 14" of awesome, Grunt is ready, vechicles, TQ's, lady Sham, Battlesuits... ANd all designed by ME MR NUBIS ! befgore you ask..
plus Coarse, Kenny, Mcfarlane, 2000ad, TanK g-- , MGS..

Larger than Large Martin and it's not Bertie MK3, it's Oscar!
"you know, I think I need a bigger bot than LM... yea, I do.."
"and yea, it will cost a lot, but remember 3A is a kings sport, princes can step off !"
"mk3 is tall, but not bulky... Im gonna do the Heavy of all heavy Bots.
OSCAR be thy name!"
"co pilot square mk3 on board !"

Ashley posting in the 2000 AD thread:
"me too, great story... I want a 1/6th killdozer !"
"it was a toy promo with matchbox that 2000ad did, mcmahon was probably just told to make it happen.. But I could be wrong.
Quite true on the 1:1.. my bad"

I've got an email from Benny (threeA HK office staff) that 31st of January is going to be the deadline for 3AA members to give their preferred t-shirt size and name for the card. I want to remind you again about 3AA t-shirt size thingy (follow the link to check the summary and to read the rules) and desired name on the 3AA card (only capital letters can be put on the card, due to the hardware limitations). If you want your real name/surname on the card and you have those at bambalandstore in account data, just don't bother, 3A will put them automatically. And I assume that in two weeks or so, I will end this two threads, because 3AA packages are scheduled for March or so. But I'm still waiting for the deadline from the ThreeA HK office. Oh, and one more thing about 3AA t-shirts, as was mentioned in the 3AA description at the bambalandstore, there is no guarantee that you will get the requested t-shirt size, because the sizes are limited and Ashley opened the gates for lots of people.


Ashley posting in the Tank Girl thread:
"never said Tang Girl..could be tank guy ?"

More about Chinese New Year Tomorrow Queen and scratches the surface about Easter TQ:
"no amount of money buys a CNYTQ..."
"every time there is a holiday or special day 3A will make a special fig, sometimes we shall sell it, ( if we can make enough, ergo, plan ahead ) sometime we shall gift.
CNYTQ was a spur of the moment thing, 30 or so, not enough to sell etc.
we have a easter TQ coming, thats gonna be a secret sale item at bambaland !"
"easter TQ is the bunny"

A bit of info about what EMGY Dropcloth has to do with a Peaceday incident:
"when the Peaceday DC started their slaughter, who do you think were first to respond... EMGY"

Ashley about Dropcloth singles differences and NW/DW/DIY pack:
"all 4 pack Drops will be hard to get in retail, or different in some way from the retail , decals, corp affiliation etc
there will be enough none 4pack to fill retailers.
re NW/DW, no notice, no lists, no gimby.. SECRET !"
"or ill make em all exclusive for the pack buyers Smiley
everything is liquid !"

Kenny Wong continue to show more photos at his Facebook account, of the Sea Monkey interior.

January - 2010 Seamonkey3.thJanuary - 2010

WWR Dropcloth would be available, just in 2 days and 5 hours from now, precise countdown (based on your location), could be seen at


Ashley talks more about Men from N.O.M and Dropcloth packaging, plus more details on the 4pack:
"im thinking of making the pack bots exclusive to the 4 pack, or there isnt really a reason to do it... apart from making a box."
"there will be other DC's many if I have my way, different weapons etc, im focused on the 4 pack and EMGY why now, the singles are down the line.
I also want to make sure people who support bambaland get something special.."
"the box will be a slip case type affair, thats our new thing, the Nom commanders sport the slip case first. Like books, but they are toys, oh my !!"
"the boxes have design and art on them.... not just bland boxes shoved in a bland slip"
"NO EACH BOx WONT have a painting in hte slip.. there goes your ebay dreams, though they have design and fit together to form a whole !"

Gorgeous Suicide Club Armstrong (Sideshow Exclusive, sold out at Sideshow in December), by our boardie OmnilimbO:

January - 2010 Th_IMG_7487January - 2010 Th_IMG_7480January - 2010 Th_IMG_7485January - 2010 Th_IMG_7481January - 2010 Th_IMG_7482January - 2010 Th_IMG_7486

More about Dropcloth, featuring important and written in stone data:
"not before the 4pack/3AA pack sale.." (gimbat: as for NW,DW,DIY set sales time)
"final 4 pack info, written in stone>>
4 DC are: Jungler, Snowballer, Monty, Zhivago
price = 320
all are exclusive to the 4 pack.
3AA set of EMGY DC and Pink girly square = 120, exclusive to pack"
"dropcloth are gonna be many and varied over the next year, from ghillie suit, to Gatling gun to sidecar moto."
"i like them all.."

Dropcloth line up of the 4pack (Jungler, SNowballer, Monty and Zhivago, all exclusive to the 4pack), put together by our board member - SilentStage. Keep in mind that all the bots are without decals, which would be placed on the bots later on:

January - 2010 Th_4packfinallineout

Finally we have info and dates for the 3A June show (25th of June!!) in the Beijing and more info about Hong-Kong Venture MK2 in 2011. And Phil Hale toys!!
"june 25th, Bejing, runs for two weeks.."
"its me, get your skates on mate !
and phil hale
"format = INSANE..."
"did I mention we were making phil hale toys... no, well.. there ya go.."
"3A airlines, im the new virgin..."
"are ye man enough to take a cheapo dodgy flight to chine paul, and man up with us ?"

"was that a yea or nay ?"
"venture 2 is gonna be pushed back, art cannot be produced quick to handle two shows in 2010
so your covered paul, or are Durham lads all a bunch of blouses ?"
"venture 2 will 2011"
"april 2011 venture 2"

"not even close sam.. plus we are secretive about our setup.. being of alien origin etc..."
"the factory is a secret
the place of the show will be revealed tomorrow ! as I can cant translate it !"

More about Dropcloth:
"YEs, all exclusive !!!"
"i know how to keep the lights on to make more toys Kris, the trick is getting past that bit"
"monty is a devilish prick, so..."

"pistol, shotgun and machete"

Thread for planning Beijing trip is started.

New ZvR3 art in Ashley's blog:
A cover I just finished for ZvR3. astute viewers will see recognize the ongoing story all covers up till now have continued.
now with added other cover.

January - 2010 Zvr3incentive.thJanuary - 2010

Ashley posting in his art thread:


Dropcloth sales information from the 3A production blog
Available this friday the 29th at 9-00am, thats Hong Time, the amazing exclusive to bambaland cure all Dropcloth 4pack. 4 x 12″ ( 1/6th scale ) fully articulated Dropcloth figs ! The colorways are exclusive to this pack. Different colorways will be offered through retailers ! A mere 320usd, less with 3AA discount !

January - 2010

I must add that Dropcloth is only 1 day 2 hours and *some* minutes away from us.

Ashley about new tablet from Apple:
"that my friends is the first shot in th future of publishing, im so with it, im gonna get a 3A toy catalogue app on it asap !"
"im with apple !"

"martians are just humans gar, look the same,so it could be anyone... BUT , how do we know jungler isnt from a Martian insurgency corp ?"
"wow, if only people were happy with my choices...
I guess that aint an option, continue>>"

" because the never expected it"
"they missed it"

Ashley about location of 3A huge event in Beijing:
"Exhibition site is...
Sanlitun Village
We have a giant gallery space there."

15 hours and 10 minutes until WWR Dropcloth would be available at , same sales time for 3AA members and general audience.

Berties 7pack shots, featuring Warbot with the matching Square, he was exclusive to 7pack only. And of course next to each WWRp MK2 Bertie is the WWRp Square! So 7pack contains 14 bots, awesome isn't it?

January - 2010 Th_b11January - 2010 Th_b21January - 2010 Th_b31January - 2010 Th_b41January - 2010 Th_b51January - 2010 Th_b61January - 2010 Th_b71

Ashley about WWRp Bertie 7 pack shipping dates plus some info:
"going into shipping now, some of you guys will have next week I assume"
"mini euro jumped desert and demanded a place in the pack"

Chinese New Year Tomorrow Queens fresh picks and breathtaking info, that 10 of them will slip into the Bambalandstore at surprise time. One of them was already sold today!

January - 2010 Th_cny12January - 2010 Th_cny21January - 2010 Th_cny31

Ashley about this:
"there will be handful put on bamba over the week..
go emo Kris, just like old times"
"and she will ship next week !!"
"there are hardly any ranking as one of the smallest runs yet."
"10 on the store that is.."

"nope nuthin similar again"
"you get one gar, your a mod, tear him apart boys !!!"
"pink sword is the best"
"they gotta sell before shipping next week !"
"none sold, cant be arsed making a store entry"
"1 down..."
"no more till tomorrow and beyond"
"someone must have been camping on the bambalands.."

Dropcloth 3AA pack info and shots:
3AA EMGY set and pesky pink girly square, 120 dollars tomorrow for 3AA members. *The Dropcloth comes with two shotguns, riot shield and baton.

January - 2010 Th_3aa-copy

More Dropcloth info:
"dont forget the riot shield and baton, which I dont have so no photos !" My comment: As for 3AA pack Emgy Drocloth
"baton is a big piece o steal, not a fancy billy club thingy."
"err why would I have a pic of two shotguns if you didnt get em.. EMGY is a show pony, very impractical to wield dual shot guns, but looks awesome ~"

Ashley answers Popbot 8 questions, if Yesterday Kids the younger versions of the Tomorrow Kings and joking that collectors are kids:
"nope they aint... they are the oldest children ever.."
"ha, you know it, we are smart ones, let them be mature, ill be a kid.."
"hot rod chairs"

Finally some advice from Ashley in "How do you work" thread:
"wacom, big as you can afford, the bigger the gesture you can impart, works good with photoshop and painter..
or buy some paint and man up !"

Dropcloth awaits you on Bambalandstore in 11 hours from now!

January - 2010 Th_dcfront


Dropcloth goes on sale in slightly more than 30 minutes from now at

Here is Ashley talking about Dropcloth sale, rules and limitations:
"always the money,... if you rather have the mans control method stuffed in ya back pocket, you can tell ya grandkids, I remember Dropcloth day, I kept the cash, my parents were proud, my wife nodded in agreement, my friends said I was now cool enough to hang at strip joints with them.....
But in reality boys I have hated since that night.. My parents are now dead, my wife left me, my friends all died of VD.. and I dont have the EXCLUSIVE 4 Dropcloths...
life is empty, worthless, but I"
"one per person, though it wont stop some... If i put the limiter on and you mess up an order ill have to fiddle around to much to reset it, so I normally trust people, and 99% are good, there are always the 20 set orders that get canned"
"yup 19 set is fine."
"nope buy anywhere, it will still work.."
"emgy will show up on the front page, but only members can buy it"

Ashley about WWR:
"i wouldnt trust any Sam says about what I says.....
I dont throw story gems willy nilly.. Read the books or toy packaging, if it aint on there, it aint WWR.
or maybe it is.."

So, the essentials about today's WWR Dropcloth sale:
Available this friday the 29th at 9-00am, thats Hong Time, the amazing exclusive to bambaland cure all Dropcloth 4pack. 4 x 12″ ( 1/6th scale ) fully articulated Dropcloth figs ! The colorways are exclusive to this pack. Different colorways will be offered through retailers ! A mere 320usd, less with 3AA discount ! 3AA EMGY set and pesky pink girly square, 120 dollars tomorrow for 3AA members. *The Dropcloth comes with two shotguns, riot shield and baton.
Dropcloth line up of the 4pack (Jungler, SNowballer, Monty and Zhivago, all exclusive to the 4pack). Keep in mind that all the bots are without decals, which would be placed on the bots later on.

January - 2010 4pack1.thJanuary - 2010 Th_3aa-copy

3AA exclusives are limited to only one per person. Four packs are not limited, unless you are going to buy 20.

WWR Dropcloths packs are up at the, please read the newsletter text, if you haven't got one:

Ashley about Dropcloth sales:
"kicking back, i never kick back.
working on stuff, as always !"
"need some breakfast
enjoy guys... !"
"good sale lads, 24 hours and nixed !"

Dropcloth sales will end in 24 hours.

One more Chinese New Year TQ was sold at the store, 8 left:
"8 to go"

If you are a new 3AA member and can't log in into 3AA section, after you tried everything at the bambalandstore (loged in to the shop, cleared browser cache and etc), please send me personal message on the board, giving me your 3AA order number and email you use to access the bambalandstore. I will send it to 3A and Ashley Wood and they will fix it.
As I'm not 24/7 on the board and you are not sensitive about giving out your information openly on the board, please post it in this thread, that way Ashley can see it immediately and help you, once he will have time and be on the board. I'm very sorry again for all the inconveniences
An advice from Ashley, that might help:
"log in, log out"

Another advice from Ashley, considering 3AA problem described in the paragraph above:
"they should contact 3A for issues, not through the forum"

Dropcloth 4pack sales will end soon for general audience, 3AA members will have 24 hours time as promised, some NW&DW&DIY were already sold:
"general 4pack sales will be curtailed soon."
"3AA will have the full 24 hours.."
"they are very cool, a fucking institution !!"
"force commander in da house !"
"some today, later on.."
"battledamaged is a retailer variant chase"
"only is daywatch scheme too"
"nw/dw/DIy 3 boxes in a slip"
"not bad for small ass company to knock out so much coolness"
"they all have designs on there dresses"
"dude, i said later on, as in today.. got other stuff to, watch cricket"

Ashley talks more about Dropcloth sales, NW/DIY,DW pack price and etc:
"the ol DW drop is up there with my fav toys i have made so far"
"always watching cricket, I have cable just for it !"
"more to come, im sure if you want one, you will score, hang in there"
"204 after discount, all buyers were 3AA"
"yup, thats a haul"
"unpaid recycled in 2 or so minutes, got it on churn.."
"more later and tomorrow"
"peaceday should be first"

More about Dropcloth and NW&DW&DIY packs:
"cats will do that"
"shit andy, you just gotta ask ash, I want a set.."
"you have a set andy pm me."
"yay more"
"ill stagger a bit . half gone though"

"they all fit together to form a cool unit, twas the plan"
"comes in a 3 box slipcase does the NW/DW/DIY"
"thin slip
nom commanders have the heavy set slip like a book set etc"
"not many peeps around, best time ~"
"weiny hut jr!"
"5 more"
"some more, rest tomorrow, my tomorrow that is"

NW and DW Dropcloth photos, some of the packs were sold at random time today, more coming up tomorrow (Ash's AEST time). They will come in an awesome packaging.

January - 2010 Nw2s.thJanuary - 2010 63597712.thJanuary - 2010 Dwdc225x300.thJanuary - 2010

All ten of the Chinese New Year Tomorrow Queens were sold out over night, congrats to lucky ten who scored them! And if you are interested, price of the TQ was 150$. Here is more info:
"wish I had more, that 10 were mine and kims stash.."
"well we made these to order, for our gift list plus shit for me and kim.
I wanted you guys to have a chance, ill find one..
course I forgot to mention the stinger different haircuts and colors by the by for each.."

Ashley posting in the WWRp Berties MK2 thread:
"same as the big one, i like it just fine.. sell it if it ya dont dig"
"skull fits the eyes perfecty, perfect zomb fucker.
sell it.. ther is a waiting list"
"you know im not THAT excited about you making "customs of my ideas and selling them, using my art in your ad etc, but I say nothing coz im easy going...
maybe if you dont dig it, you could just say to yourself, nahh not for me, why post it here..
"im like a father protecting his children, his art,
nothing personal"
"back on topic
retailer will ship later as they just finished there orders not long ago. Bambaland orders are always shipped first"

Ashley about 3A Legion Sketchbook:
"need at least 100 drawings too make it a nice book too....."

Slightly more than three more hours left for 3AA members to buy their Dropcloths 4packs and/or EMGY packs. After that Dropcloth would be removed from the store. Don't miss your chance and don't sit on this, it's now or never, as singles for retailers, would be totally different.

3A boardies who can draw and willing to contribute to the making of 3A Legion Sketchbook, this is the thread for you. We want many artists involved, so by all means, please check it out ASAP, it's cool, interesting and challenging. Plus it would be a perfect gift from you ThreeA!


Ashley about Dropcloth, how 3A does things and NW/DW/DIY packs:
"morning all..."
"master, hardly...
not many left.. next drop is it..."
"we are very small,and sell small amounts the bambaland sets dont sell shit loads, you would be very surprised at the small number, the WWRp sets are good examples, the bramble set was just break even, the 7pack scrapes in, even oll tommy aint even 10% of a popular hot toys release.
Ill say it again, we are small, we dont have giant resources to throw at stuff and take chances.
I really hope if you want a certain toy you get it, no joy seeing people miss out."
"final 10 going, time to move onto the next thing.
wave goodbye droppy, you will see them all soon again."

There is still some time left to make that final decision and buy a Dropcloth (if you are 3AA member):
"32 minutes and the dropcloth sale is done" is waiting for you!

Ashley asks about iPhone applications:
"i would love a Iphone/ipad 3A ordering app...
that would be cool.."
"are there any iphone app people on the board ?"

Dropcloth is officialy sold out. Thanks to everyone! Now be prepared for the retailers variants!
"cool cool, that was cool, chers everybody. retailer info im sure will be leaked to the net soon enough, dont forget about ol slim red, commando, iron panda, junkyard, slaughterhouse the mad ( with meat clever ) etc"

More about Dropcloth singles:
"slaughterhouse is a assassin bot, a lil loopy loopy"

Remember 1:1 Square, which would be shown at 3A June show in Beijing? More info:
"if your concerned with shipping, you aint a 1:1 square guy
this is the grandest of all 3A shit, and will probably reign supreme for quite a while.
im keeping 3 of the lot, so the run got smaller !"

Ashley about NW and DW themes:
"NW/DW are from Germany, germans corps, as said before... .. nothing like that on the moon.
no story to tell other than what I have previously said about them."

If you will check ThreeA production blog, you will see new countdown (stopped for now) for WWRp Large Martin release.

WWRp Berties 7packs are starting to ship next week:

January - 2010 7b2.thJanuary - 2010


Ashley about WWRp Large Martin:
"next pack is different.."
"actually very cool, well i think so....
these packs are gift sets, remember, not an all in one, get em all ,fuck trying set.."

Ashley about 1:1 Square availability at 3A June show in Beijing and about the show:
"the art will cost much more than a 1:1 square
anyway, the squares are my campbell's soup cans
just sayin... but nobody be listening."
"you gotta get the medic, we can work it out.. gregory..."
"i know my three, but ill say nada till bejing... Ill probably sell em to whoever asks there, cant say no if someone has made the journey !"
"guys, you guys just turning up is more than I can ask for !"
" its an art/toy convention baby. 2 weeks of art show and shit, first 3 days will have exclusive toys, mags, books and other cool stuff. open to the public, no exclusive people crap, we want you guys there!"

2000AD Tharg is coming:
"tharg will be released two ways..
one easy
one hard
ill show him soon, but there isnt a rushm and Chinese new year is coming, that holiday really puts the skids on anhy biz for us"

Ashley posting in the 2000 AD thread:
"it stays on, im doing the comic toys, not movie"
"you can relax ded, its not!

More exciting info about WWRp Large Martin (which is currently marked as coming soon on the 3A production blog)
" the will be cool, they are really beefy figs, the packs will be cool!"

Ashley about 1:1 Squares:
"do what you want with them, no refunds or replacements for these after the fact"
"yes, whether you can sit or stand on them has no bearing sam.
fucking awesome"
"you will come to bejing if you can buy the EMGY sqaure
its yours, see ya there chilly."
"1 down !"
"man the squares are gonna make great photo ops.. and the large martin..."

Ashley's starts interesting Space Travel thread, with this comment:
"Cmon, what the fuck, why have we not gone to the moon since back in the day, we should have at least a moon base..cmon
discuss the science or theories you might have.

And another one started by Ashley, now about Ghosts and monsters:
"Whad do you guys think?

Perhaps we up for some ghosts and monsters...and space travel?

Next two paragraphs is Ashley's personal views, but I decided to include them in the news, because they are very interesting and we admire and respect Ashley, so it's valuable to know what he thinks about such eternal themes (as what are we, what are we doing here and when we will start space exploration to find another galaxies and living entities).

Ashley posting in the Space Travel thread:
"its criminal that we are not more into exploring space and what that entails as a race. more interested in what some fucktard actor is doing more than blackholes.. like holy shit, fuck, adlfkchlvjd gnjkvh!
I say any means necessary get into space, make space-stations, get to mars, the moons of Jupiter.....
thats the shit that get ne interested, we are born of space, time to check out our backyard."
"gimby I understand the reason why we are not in space,
its fucked that the nations that have the minds and wealth to pull it off are run by tards traditionally.
Still China is making a play! Im sure once they set up base on the moon, other countries will become more interested..."
"thats true foxy, the vanguards of space are mostly boring and overly snooty.. for the public to be interested, it has to be made sexy and cool.."
"im with nael.
fuck virgin and their high altitude joy rides, and the ancient space shuttle..
I was so certain when I was a child we would have a man on mars by now, rigby usborne said so !!"
"if I could I would lads... i never figured I would be where I am today, so hope springs eternal...
give me the reigns old man, ill steer from here ~"

Ashley posting in Ghosts and Monsters thread:
"i think as history shows, what we believe as fact and written in stone will be debunked or countered to varying degrees as time marches on.
Do ghosts exist ? but what is a ghost, a living persons spirit, an entity without a living origin, aliens that habit the 4th or dimension, and so on. Where do ghosts go, and do when not hassling the living, I mean cmon, no one ever asks this, why the seem to only haunt shitty dark areas, or old derelict hospitals as general lore. Fuck people are dying in operational hospitals by the bucket load, you would think they would be fucking haunted right, Iraq should be awash with the moans of ghosts if the belief that ghosts haunt the place of a brutal or unjust death.
fuck the world should be swimming in ghosts then !
Without any conjecture or proof of what they are, their power source etc, its hard to define or logically investigate them without a large degree of speculation. Which when used pretty much makes it a crap shoot.
but it still fun to talk and throw shit out there !"
"is there a god with no ghosts"
"who made that clock ? to put the cogs in."

Beijing in June, everybody welcomed!

January - 2010

Ashley about the event, there would be exclusives, new posters and lots of more:
"this event is gonna be stuff....."
"no way im shitting myself, its not time to me !
sooo much to do.. "
"tentative name
běi jīng j? hu?"
"bejing gathering"
"exclusives from free to $$$$$$"
"Milk magazine"
"new posters, new show

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January - 2010 Empty Re: January - 2010

Post by gimbat Wed Mar 11, 2015 1:04 am

please check previous news for this date above

Guys I'm giving it one last day, for all new and existing 3AA members, who haven't posted in this thread, to provide their t-shirt size and 3AA card desired name. After it, the threads are going to be locked. You can also check the summary for the t-shirt sizes, to avoid double postings and same goes for the 3AA desired card names summary.


Here you can see Ashley's office floor, WWRp Large Martin and WWRp Squares, next to 1/6th scale TK's:

January - 2010

Ashley about WWRp Large Martin sale dates, packs and that there would be 1/12th size TK's released at some point in future:
"19th feb martin day
each pack will contain:
1 damn large martin
1 large martin
1 RPG bramble
130 per pack, 4 different packs
"nw/dw/diy set for 3AA"
"no squares, thats a bertie thing"
"mixed packs"
"those are 1/6th tk's, but yea, 1/12tk's are coming !"
"i confirm nothing~"
"already posted that shot a while back, he is exactly the right size, half the big one"
"i know what he meant, I had a pick of the damn large martin proto with a mini bramble and bertie on the forum"
"if I had it handy I would post it
ill take some new shots with them all running around together ! so you can see his large ass"
"NW/DW/DIY martin set for 3AA
which would have a NW martin , DW martin and DIY double canon martin in it"
"its bramble with an rpg.
depending on the chinese holiday it might be iffy, but I suspect no one will doubt our shit, and miss out on a exclusive bambaland RPG bramble coz they cant see it ! the rpg that is"
"rpg bramble is a bramble with a rpg, heavy bramble would be called... heavy bramble"

New art in Ashley's blog and info:
progress is being made on the ashley wood gallery ( dont forget to subscribe to the newsletter , link on the blog somewhere ).. the world seen through nudes and robots will be upon us soon !
Here you can subscribe for the newsletter.

January - 2010

Ashley about this painting and talking with people in his art thread:
"its a cracker, took FOREVER to get right... but thats painting baby!"
"dude, i always painting, i dont show it, coz I guess I dont have to
ill show em all done at my new site thats in the works
these pieces are the best, not for anything but love of it, not a cover, illo, comic etc.. just coz I want to ."

About 1:1 Square, prices, variants, shipping and Ghost Square:
"3 squares are gone. 14 left !"
"dibs, i only takes souls !"
"there are 20, maybe, depends if we make em all, lot o work
im keeping with that 3 are mine, 3 are sold, ergo 14 left, based on the conjecture that there will be 20. there could be only 10 which means 4 left."
"ghost hunter square..."
"GH square aint really a part of the WWR world, but has meaning to sumin new."
"if you wnt to secure cool, BUT YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY AND TAKE IT NO BUTS.. long as you understand that cool,, reserve away!"
" we can arrange shipping, buyer has to pay, but we can probably get better deals through out contacts."
"costs have not been stated, dont know yet.. it will be lower than some would think, and higher than some would think"
"800 bucks
they will all be at the show.
im only gonna reserve one or two more.."
"yea, as always I wanna get them into yoru hands, not count the money..
I wanna see peoples smile, and say, hey fucker, thats my squae in bejing.. thats the art of this"
"fibreglass.. good quality stuff"

Ashley posting in the 2000 AD thread, about his tastes, new figs and etc:
"anything going for 30 odd years will have shit periods..
Im a fan of the first 500 big time, then stuff like Zenith later on, bisleys abc warrios, big dave.
but im an oldschool fan, digging the oldschool characters and creators."
"covers, pin up for 2000ad, stories and cover for megazine, long time ago !
im going to use a combo of art for packaging, you shall see."
"some figures represent a very focused idea, say Apocalypse War Dredd, that has a lot of cool art to choose for packaging and would be very apt."
"we can arrange that"

DIY de Plume contest is closed for judging, check out the entries, there are a lot of awesome entries there.

Ashley posting in the ghosts and monsters thread:
"thats a pretty traditional alternate view of ghosts and the afterlife there cody."
"fun discussion..
nice to see people talking from the heart."

Ashley posting in the space travel thread:
"build the parts factory in space to counter bringing anything up which would still be a pain.
or on the moon..mmmMMMMMMmmmm moon"

There would be no Medics in the WWRp Large Martin packs:
"no medics here, they kill, not help.."

Ashley about Popbot figures in 1/12th scale:
"no 1/12th popbot for a looooooong time, maybe middle of 2011"

WWRp Large Martin packs:
"3AA get the NW/DW
4 packs for all"

Popbot figures in 1/12th scale and Devil Bot:
"not news, no release or idea yet, if the big dont sell, we shall never get to the small"
"topic locked.
only release of 1/12th pop stuff is a devil bot full of tk;s at bejing."

WWRp Large Martin packs clarification:
"3AA's special is the NW/DW pack
the 3 figure sets, for which there are 4 load-outs are for anyone to purchase.
am I crazy, i think that makes sense... fuck the medium is getting to me i think..."

Ashley posting in the "Ghosts and monsters" thread:
"ghosts and the like", do not derail my thread or ill give you a first hand experience with the possibility of an afterlife !
start a afterlife thread if ya want.
I dont sub-sribe to an afterlife but a constant string that has no start nor end.."

Ashley about his upcoming gallery online, critics , nostalgia and etc:
"i deleted my rant , you can all fuck off
the vagueness of subject is whats cool to me, representing life, or realistic 3d objects is of no interest to me, I have talked of my reasons for my approach many time, im bored of hearing it so im not gonna do it here."
"dunno, soon, its gonna be lowkey, representing the stuff I want to be known for.
I might even show art from "the emigre" the french comic album we are making here."
"but only new art, from dec 09 onwards.."
"any yea, selling is no motivation at all for the site.."
"the old is done, the door is shut and there are books for you nostalgic types !"

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January - 2010 Empty Re: January - 2010

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