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May - 2012

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May - 2012  Empty May - 2012

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:39 am


More sketches & art from F5 Bar and Grill, thank you for all your input and dedication guys!

May - 2012  Whf5DtMay - 2012  VfAfrtMay - 2012  SEcz8tMay - 2012  GCq3ktMay - 2012  ZVyGXtMay - 2012  25POPtMay - 2012  YctNItMay - 2012  CjeY5tMay - 2012  VGQRKtMay - 2012  1jJ8XtMay - 2012  HptzitMay - 2012  KQih8tMay - 2012  VZzgOtMay - 2012  ZSipftMay - 2012  MVFOptMay - 2012  JgurNtMay - 2012  MD6tjtMay - 2012  OBuiRtMay - 2012  QlXOWtMay - 2012  CgfTXtMay - 2012  PhHMttMay - 2012  GUNbDtMay - 2012  FRWzMt

online gallery link:

Re-Venture video by S. Ryoma and that particular link bellow is taking you to live painting by Ashley Wood and Rufus Dayglo:

May - 2012  MLsesm

I was told that you will definitely hear the date announced beforehand for Bambalandstore Re-Venture exclusives allotment sale, whether it will be VOX or blog.

Rufus Dayglo art at Re-Venture (sorry for flash and Re-Venture light system reflection in the paintings):

May - 2012  KnDDmtMay - 2012  RLluYtMay - 2012  YW5LQtMay - 2012  OwHQdtMay - 2012  GGXRkt


Some personal thoughts on Legion, 3A family and life:

Today group of us , who haven't been at Macau, had a little trip there and in the end , we said BYE and gave a strong hugs to our friend from Finland - Mikko, who is currently somewhere over Russia, on the way to Helsinki airport. It's funny that we shared the exact same flight and didn't know that both of us are going and met each other at the luggage station and were like WOAH, what are you doing here?!

Legion is truly a little family and you especially feel it during the conventions, when people start leaving. The feeling of sadness and fear that you will not see the person, who you became attached to in a really long time (or even never again - as life is pretty unpredictable) is quiet overwhelming and breathtaking (at least for me). You realize that life is such a miracle and you have to enjoy and treasure every fucking moment.

By making this sentimental and cliche statement, I got to say, that I really appreciate all the time I spent with my extended ThreeA family here and hope to see you again soon.


All the sketches & art from F5 bar (please PM me if I missed one)

May - 2012  Whf5DtMay - 2012  VfAfrtMay - 2012  SEcz8tMay - 2012  GCq3ktMay - 2012  ZVyGXtMay - 2012  25POPtMay - 2012  YctNItMay - 2012  CjeY5tMay - 2012  VGQRKtMay - 2012  1jJ8XtMay - 2012  HptzitMay - 2012  KQih8tMay - 2012  VZzgOtMay - 2012  ZSipftMay - 2012  MVFOptMay - 2012  JgurNtMay - 2012  MD6tjtMay - 2012  OBuiRtMay - 2012  QlXOWtMay - 2012  CgfTXtMay - 2012  PhHMttMay - 2012  GUNbDtMay - 2012  FRWzMtMay - 2012  J3h8CtMay - 2012  Zmid0tMay - 2012  Itv2jt

online gallery link: - will add all the author names in a few days

Thank you for the AWESOME drop and support!

Can't wait to PROPERLY be with you in next F5 Bar and Grill (few fun sales in May)

News from ThreeA blog

May - 2012  YuLV5t

For making RE-VENTURE fucking great, I was hoping it would be like the first one.But fuck me it was better. I know I can speak for Wray and Dayglo when I say how much fun we had chatting with you guys! 3A isnt just a company that makes shit, its my family from my co-workers to our supporters!

It incredibly inspiring and flattering the support 3A gets everyday, from emails of support, to so many fans joining us at Re-Venture and the support of our sales! I have to smile ,the Supreme Nom was an epic sale , glad to know that so many of you understand what Im doing and why!

We make great toys, we give a shit, because we know some you give a shit, some of you don’t want to the crap to win, some of you care.

So from me , Kim, and all the 3A crew THANKS for having our backs!


Oh and while I’m here.. thanks to the flippers and haters for all your free advertising and promotion on facebook, ebay and the internet in general, Im sure we wouldn’t have nearly as much profile without your briney work.

Re-Venture exclusives Bambalandstore sale allotment

As promised, 3AA members that didnt go to Re-Venture can have a whirl at purchasing the toy exclusives on the 7th of MAY 9-00am same ol place AS IN BAMBALAND. They are VERY limited and its a first come, first served situation. 3AA members that have already purchased the toys are exempt from this sale

Ash is here talking about Hong Kong time and I'll find out and let you know whether there will be singles or sets during that sale. And yes, I suggest you to check 3AA section and HOME PAGE just to be 100% sure.

ThreeA HK Legion represents and kaisefrog19 (a lot more pics, if you checkout his last comments , just click on his profile link) is sharing pics of full TKs and TQs crew.

May - 2012  KvcYctMay - 2012  QQJTXtMay - 2012  Kxn6QtMay - 2012  RQwT3tMay - 2012  UZ3IgtMay - 2012  O8KpRtMay - 2012  YDrY3tMay - 2012  7jCNut

Video review of Re-Venture exclusive TQ and TK by S.Ryoma:

May - 2012  RqYwImMay - 2012  PBYyPm
both clickable

Latest post from Ashley's blog and keep watching his gallery store, if you are interested in new prints:

Im back from HONG KONG !
Next up the LEVINE GALLERY with jeremy geddes in october... A new print this week, so keep a look out, dont know what, but ill figure out something !


Added author names to Supreme NOM F5 Bar art & sketches gallery:

Huge thank you goes TO:
E.Pun, BRiZL, Darthgothikus (2), thejikas (2), zangrief, watanabekun, sophora, soil (2), print (4), knightjar, Sail (2), skmonteiro (2), JeAA, chatchawan, nohda, dienstag, ail, mcocido, mouse9090

Special sale of Ashley Wood Collection Audrey is coming to us on May 17th. What does special sale exactly mean? Probably that it's going to be limited and going on sale at random time. I'm sure we will hear more soon.

May - 2012  Kwq0ztMay - 2012  TCCWOtMay - 2012  OVLjst

Severed feet on display at Re-Venture (I don't know whether they will be on sale, on May 17th or not):

May - 2012  Sq0QmtMay - 2012  E08OJtMay - 2012  9Law7tMay - 2012  IJrnGt

Popbot Lady Sham will be on sale soon! I wonder what version is it going to be...and remember, how I told you, that no need to worry , if you can't be at Re-Venture to buy Shit Mood Lady Sham!

May - 2012  YKK0Dt

Some news about upcoming Re-Venture exclusives sale, as I am trying to make it as easy for you, as possible:
Only 3AA members can participate (who didn't already participate in a first pre-order)
Only singles will be on sale (no sets and no t-shirts)
Prices will be higher (estimated - 10$), as they will include worldwide shipping
Singles will be in 3AA section (so you have to log in first to see the exclusives)
First come - first served , you got to be really quick, as they are limited

Photos from Re-Venture blog, taken at the opening of Re-Venture , featuring Machinen Krieger creator Kow Yokoyama signing:

May - 2012  LWl3BtMay - 2012  2SLAMt

Speaking about Re-Venture, on May 5th Re-Venture closed it's doors and here is a post about it at ThreeA blog:


Replacement bodies for Popbot Princess and Vanilla TQ release are coming:
Skin allergies have now been beaten, new TQ’s to help in the struggle against shit and apathy and the norm! check ya doorstep soon.

May - 2012  K0URjt

It's not decided yet, whether CS will contact everyone who bought them to confirm the address or there will be some sort of another sequence of actions for that, but I or CS will let you know , once we will have it written in stone.

Traffic during Re-Venture exclusives Baambalandstore allotment sale hit Bambaland hard. Of course not a lot of people scored what they wanted, but I was genuinely happy for people who did and upset for people who didn't. In the end, we at ThreeA , are just humans and can't make everyone happy.

We are glad that we could offer special treatment for 3AA members two times with Re-Venture exclusives. First, there was a pre-order for 3AA members, who were visiting the show , so they could pick up figures and then, Bambalandstore allotment for everyone, who couldn’t make it to Hong Kong. We are really thankful to all 3AA members, who showed their support and became 3AA members this year or prolonged their membership for another run.

3AA membership package is starting to ship this month and we hope that you will LOVE it!

What else is scheduled to start shipping in May? Actually a lot of stuff!
LUX3A Caesar (some of 13 colorways were already sent)
WWRp Heavy Bramble Iron Panda
WWRp Bertie MK3 Nightwatch and Deep Powder Corp
AK Finger Gang release
WWR Rothchild release

Introduction of ThreeA online catalog:
First ThreeA sale happened almost four years ago , on June 26th 2008 and it was Nom de Plume from World War Robot Universe. And what a four years it were! Since then, we introduced different lines and scales , worked together with coolest artists and now started doing robots under movie licenses. Even though some things changed over the years, in my opinion ThreeA always have been about evolving , but staying true to it’s origin and ideals.

So, to cut the long story short: our art & toy exhibition – Re-Venture closed it’s doors on May 4th and today I want to introduce you ThreeA online catalog ! It’s still very raw, doesn’t feature all of our releases (just 420 entries at the moment) and we will keep working on improving it, but at the same time, we are very anxious to show it to you and especially to all the new people who just discovering the world of ThreeA.

Catalog address:

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May - 2012  Empty Re: May - 2012

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:40 am


If you were hunting for prints or original art at Ashley's gallery shop, you probably noticed that nothing is happening there. Here is an explanation why (from Ashley's blog):
As per tradition, or my weak as piss immune system, I have a flu from traveling... Not just a normal flu, but a fucking stomach flu.... To be hindered from painting, getting shitting done is the worst.... THE FUCKING WORST..! I want to get some new prints going, work on my Levine art, make a comic..but noooooo, shitting my guts, gagging are the soup of the day... gonna drop a shitload of pills, bring it up, and get back on it.

Couple of fresh reviews of Re-Venture exclusives: Popbot Shit Mood Lady Sham and Adventure Kartel Ankou Ex SXCLB H Shadey by S.Ryoma

May - 2012  39sbNmMay - 2012  AdsxTm
both clickable

Re-Venture in three minutes and 32 seconds? Click bellow and you will see retty cool Re-Venture video by gumsb

May - 2012  ODKD0m

Our boardie Eric (who is know as well for his ThreeA podcasts) won a contest back in 2011 and received, as the prize - sample figure of 1/12th scale Boba Fett. ThreeA made an extremely small run of Star Wars figures to show Lucas , what we are capable of. Unfortunately these figures will never see the production light, but thanks to Eric (who released his Boba from the blister), we can checkout all the amazing details on this little guy.

But first two quotes by Eric (some facts and why he opened the figure):
"I'm discovering things about the jaw-dropping amount of detail that went into this thing that wasn't possible with it locked up in carbon-freeze."
"It feels like the Boba uses the standard AP body with all the articulation that goes along with it. With the boots, helmet, and armor, he's beefier than an APTK. He's also a tad taller. Hatchery Guard APTK stands just a hair under 6 inches; Boba Fett stands at 6.25 inches (counting to the top of his helmet)."

May - 2012  Od33TtMay - 2012  UAtp7tMay - 2012  J2rimtMay - 2012  JIoJMtMay - 2012  Rtjb3tMay - 2012  2JdEytMay - 2012  PSvjTt

Re-Venture Exclusives and other cool stuff from ThreeA by [i]S.Ryoma, Terry Chan
and vinyladdict:

May - 2012  G86hDtMay - 2012  VmGM7tMay - 2012  HKn2It

More: 1/12th scale 2000AD Showcase Blackhole Mongrol, AK Ankou Ex SXCLB H Shadey and Ankou EX SXCLB Bouncer by Ying Choy, kadoo and zelevol:

May - 2012  WaeMotMay - 2012  SnLJMtMay - 2012  SBR5gtMay - 2012  BOdLWt

Amazing balance of Popbot Old Guard Tomorrow King SBV by shakey

May - 2012  MkPTjtMay - 2012  29Z6qt

Nice Adventure Kartel diorama by John Tiangco

May - 2012  TDFa3t

Currently ThreeA CS are contacting all the customers who bought Vanilla POD/Princess TQ figures for address clarification and to find out which figures they got.

Reminder of how busy ThreeA is going to be this month, here are the release which are scheduled to start shipping in May (in no particular order), if all things go according to the plan:
Replacements of TQ Princess/Vanilla POD release
WWRp HB Iron Panda
WWRp Mk3 Bertie Deep Powder (and waiting to hear about NW)
WWR Rothchild release
3AA 2012 Membership
AK Finger Gang
AK Zombkin
3A & Bandai Zaku


An updated shipping schedule for May 2012:
Here is Hatchery (as well call ThreeA factory) shipping plan for May 2012 in no particular order and we will be very busy, in order to deliver these figures to you:

Popbot 7Bones Queeny
Replacements of TQ Princess/Vanilla POD release (ThreeA Customer Service professionals are already contacting Bambalandstore customers to confirm their address and other info)
WWRp Heavy Bramble Iron Panda
WWRp Mk3 Bertie Deep Powder (NW a bit later on)
WWR Rothchild release
3AA 2012 Membership
AK Finger Gang release
AK Zombkin
Bandai & ThreeA: Zaku

Please keep in mind that, yes, it’s a plan for May, but shipping is long and complicated process and some things can slightly delay the process, however we will do our best to keep you updated at all times.

If you have any problems with your ThreeA figure or your order, never hesitate to contact ThreeA customer support via email: or ask for direction via our 3Asupport twitter.

WWRp Caesars are coming to Bambalandstore soon and I bet you guys, want it to be a resident sale (longer than 24 hours), right?

May - 2012  0UBxht

Some additional shots of TOTEM line figure (showing actual size, rust and weathering) from Re-Venture:

May - 2012  SF5WStMay - 2012  6D0h5tMay - 2012  XZvmWtMay - 2012  FN30st

For those who missed it: MGS RAY prototype , shown at Re-Venture:

May - 2012  Vqcsst

I know that some of you haven't paid attention to this pic, but it's AP GID GHOST Popbot (surprise release, during AP Popbot/Badbot sale):

May - 2012  HyCLwt

And these pics are for JENGO (who am I fooling...these pics are for everyone who loves TQs!)

May - 2012  GFG26tMay - 2012  VQhKkt

Rare clean shot of infamous Popbot Interbaka chase figure:

May - 2012  0BTAit

Important announcement
We are planning to do some heavy maintenance work on the forum , roughly in a week from now. No threads are safe, so please save what you want to keep.
Saying that, we are really excited about upcoming changes and I want next week to start sooner!

LUX3A Caesar pics, which are exclusive to this forum and official ThreeA page on Facebook:

May - 2012  GbMcrtMay - 2012  KmU5nt


Remember , how we mentioned couple of times that everyone at the Hatchery and 3A HQs, are working hard to ship out all 13 (!!) colorways of LUX3A Caesars? Here is the update: rest of LUX3A Caesars colorways are starting to ship this/next week (depending on colorway and customer's location).

Mighty Brillo Squaro (for special occasions , if you know what I mean)

May - 2012  9mZ5Rt

Popbot Princess TQ/Vanilla POD replacements will be shipped in these boxes to Bambalandstore customers:

May - 2012  JWsaot

This Thursday, Audrey makes a tactical error with her pet butterknife. Blindboxed and limited (so not an open release)! Bambalandstore, May 17th and I would start check early (few minutes before 9:00AM HK time, if you want to score one). 3AA members don't have guaranteed 24 hours buying window on this (as earlier was explained in 3AA 2012 VOX), as it's Ashley Wood collection release.
If it will be allowed to share more details (since it's a special sale), I would def. bring you up to speed on few things in next couple of days.

May - 2012  ZMqbet

What "limited" means? Mainly, that it's not an open 24 hours pre-order and it's first come - first serve, so once certain number will be met, release will be removed from Bambalandstore.

Text from ThreeA production blog:
JOHAN is coming…
show you love for 70′s sports wear now !

Who is AK Johan?! According to what we have seen during AK Finger Gang release, Johan is Cherry's Shadow personal trainer.

May - 2012  5UxmPt

‎70s, was such a weird time for fashion and haircuts....can't wait to see what Johan is rocking!


Ashley Wood Collection: Audrey slips with butterknife sale starts on May 17th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time at Bambalandstore. Audrey costs 110USD, it’s blindboxed and limited sale.

May - 2012  ZMqbet

There is some misunderstanding about Audrey "special" sale. What we meant at ThreeA production blog, under the word special:
Special in that case, that it's limited - so not an open pre-order for 24 hours and 3AA members don't have guaranteed 24 hours buying window for that release, so it's first come - first served policy.

Popbot 7Bones Queeny is starting to ship out this week!

May - 2012  HWgDMtMay - 2012  KZOSZt

Photos of retail exclusive WWRp Heavy Brambles by our boardies and Facebook users (who posted them on our official facebook page and at my wall)

regional exclusive:Heavy Euro Defence Heavy Bramble by Facebook user: Joe Au-Yeung

May - 2012  Q9hiDtMay - 2012  Fmmpkt

Gravedigger Heavy Bramble[/b] by Facebook user MichaelLozano and our boardie rupertvalero :

May - 2012  0heottMay - 2012  ZOCfMt

regional exclusive [i]National Guard Defence Heavy Bramble
by our boardie: soulburn3d

May - 2012  ZSjMitMay - 2012  32PE7tMay - 2012  AagXNt

Deimos Defence Heavy Bramble by our boardie: ersico

May - 2012  XqNo1tMay - 2012  BYIXRt

JEA Marine Heavy Bramble and other members of Marine Squad by our boardie: bubo

May - 2012  GkH7ytMay - 2012  A7gtetMay - 2012  KxJ2BtMay - 2012  HAk8PtMay - 2012  Yk3Xlt

Here is the list of all retailer exclusive Heavy Brambles: African Defence, Cydonia Defence, Deimos Defence, Gravedigger, JEA Marine and 1 of the three regional colorways: Heavy Euro Defence, National Guard Defence, Asian Link Defence

May - 2012  8dczUtMay - 2012  Bxq2PtMay - 2012  KO3DEtMay - 2012  PU0kitMay - 2012  ShKAFtMay - 2012  YEiFutMay - 2012  Jww2KtMay - 2012  EkI8Ct


Second reminder about upcoming maintenance mode on the forum:
We are planning to do some heavy maintenance work on the forum , most likely during this weekend. No threads are safe, so please save what you want to keep. During the maintenance mode forum will not be available and you should look for the news at ThreeA production blog and on ThreeA page on Facebook, depending on what source of information is more convenient for you.
Saying that, we are really excited about upcoming changes and what they will bring to this community!

Latest post from Ashley's art blog:
Here are some works in early to mid progress, dont really know where they are heading, but that's the way I like it! as2, as1 are very large, already have a lot of impact in person! all headed for the Levine show in october in NYC.
*as1 and as2 are name of the images and since imgur is renaming the images, I put as1first and as2 second in the layout bellow

May - 2012  EjImetMay - 2012  NY5qmt

May - 2012  2OTRctMay - 2012  1ruSwtMay - 2012  SRmR8t

Ashley Wood Collection: Audrey slips with butterknife sale starts on May 17th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time at Bambalandstore. Audrey costs 110USD, it’s going to be blindboxed and limited sale.

May - 2012  ZMqbet

If you are new to ThreeA and whole 9:00AM HK time deal and have trouble calculating the time for your timezone, here is the link, which help you. Or just click on the screenshots bellow...

May - 2012  WP2BZt

Since this sale is "special" , I decided to make the special F5 Bar and Grill for it, which will open much closer to the sale..roughly three hours prior to the sale. Hopefully it will help us all to navigate in this special sale waters. So get your sketches & art ready!
What is F5 Bar? It's a cool place, where we all hang out before the sale starts, sharing excitement, our thoughts and whatnot, and trying our best to stay on topic (we aren't always succeed though).
Usually we don't allow interpretations of 3A/Ashley Wood or any other intellectual property and characters. But as our tradition goes only on sale nights, we are making an exception and looking forward to your sketches , featuring Audrey foot on them. I'll be putting them up here and in F5 Bar, later on they will be added to online gallery on imgur as well, with captions, so it will be seen who is the author of each sketch, which is always nice. If I missed your sketch, please never hesitate to contact me.


Audrey sale starts in less than three hours from the moment of this update. Mini F5 Bar dedicated to the sale is open and waiting for ya:

Best of luck to everyone, who will be hunting for Audrey!

Important notice about photos and sketches/art posted on this forum and in F5 Bar. Please don't put ThreeA logo on fan-art, use ThreeA Legion logo instead. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. Here is ThreeA Legion logo for instance:

May - 2012  TNVnBt

Audrey sale update from ThreeA blog:
Well the first batch came away from the bone quick. but as its my birthday, ill put more up as the day goes. Appreciate the support of my 1:1 shit, actually 3A in general, best birthday present indeed !

Ashley makes a special appearance in F5 bar!
"ha emo abounds !
love ya guys, back to painting !
love or hate, you fuel 3A !
oh yea, feet are popular, who would have known that..... well apart from me !"

So, answering on two most frequent questions:
1) Is Audrey sold out? - No , Audrey isn't sold out and just like most of the special sales, Audrey will be popping up and down throughout the day at
2) Were there any surprises? - No, until now, we haven't spotted any surprises.

And here is Audrey description from Bambalandstore and screenshot:
Ashley Wood Audrey Slips with bufferknife
- List Price: $110.00
- Blind box sale
- Sale is only complete once the paypal transaction is done.
- Orders are not transferable to third parties
- Please do not click "cash" unless you pay it by Alipay
- ThreeA reserves the right to cancel the orders if improper purpose is inspected
- 1 per account!
- Fixed shipping cost

May - 2012  8D9dHt

Maintenance mode

Boards will be in maintenance starting on 21st of May 09:00am Hong Kong time and maintenance mode will last for 6 hours (during that time board will not be accessible). No threads are safe, so please copy & save what you want to keep. We might clean entire personal messages database as well, to save more space for actual threads here on the forum, so again, please SAVE what you need, there is plenty of time before 21st of May.
While board is down, you should look for the news at ThreeA production blog and on ThreeA page on Facebook, depending on what source of information is more convenient for you.
Our team is excited about upcoming changes and what they will bring to ThreeA forum and this community!


Annual 3A Legion SDCC 2012 t-shirt pre-order thread is located here. Please read the rules carefully and if you are going to SDCC, jump on this train, while it's still at the platform! This year designs:

May - 2012  Q0dtxtMay - 2012  P9ROit

Sketches & art from F5 Bar and Grill, dedicated to Audrey sale:

May - 2012  VsLBHtMay - 2012  PNbowtMay - 2012  FcMK3tMay - 2012  CKlIrtMay - 2012  WwRMitMay - 2012  W1yZ3tMay - 2012  M8oPGtMay - 2012  JgB03tMay - 2012  Ae0fftMay - 2012  QZojctMay - 2012  9cPgttMay - 2012  FysMgtMay - 2012  BRaUBt

album link:

Ashley's blog is filled with news today!

First some personal updates and thanks:

So, it's my birthday today, and I'm really knocked over by the emails I have received, best wishes for today etc. I kinda live far away from where my heartland is, USA, Europe etc, no one gives a shit about me or T.P where we live, which is cool, partly why I live where I do I guess, or I'm a sucker for punishment. I don't have much in the way of extended family, and most of our friends have moved on or away so celebrations of most events are modest at best. I'm a softy at heart, and having emails come in from around the world frankly makes me feel fucking happy, not alone and on the right path. Art is the panacea! Happy Birthday to me !

Happy Birthday Luv T.P!
I just caught sight of the last post and I wanted to (HIJACK!!!) and add my own thanks and happy birthday:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY WOODY!!! Emo aside Ash forgot to mention in his post that things are changing up around here and that we have some super exciting life events in the works, which we hope to share with you in the coming year:)

ZvR HC complete book and first 1/6th Zomb figure from ZvR will be making an appearance at SDCC! Zomb figure is IDW Publishing exclusive and will be offered via their store (more information to follow soon). If you are interested, how WWRp Daywatch Heavy Bramble was offered last year? It was pre-order at IDW Publishing site, with local pick-up during SDCC days and there was plenty of notice given , before pre-order happened.

May - 2012  ZpC3it

Finally a oversized ZvR book with all mine and ryall's ZvR work up to the current annual and Free comic book day strips. And of course available at SDCC and naturally published by IDW ! Oh yea, IDW will also have a exclusive new sculpted ZvR zombie at sdcc 1/6th etc. Actually the first true ZvR toy i think.... Email IDW and demand one!

LORE HC book and I got to say, I was REALLY waiting for it to happen!

May - 2012  8lwPzt

A new printing of the LORE oversized HC with new cover ready for SDCC, i think 2 people wanted it, well me and TP !

[bi]Prints news from Ashley's blog and note about handmade erotic art folios

May - 2012  Lv9PwtMay - 2012  UWIfTtMay - 2012  Cww3ztMay - 2012  Cb6kftMay - 2012  XWhi9t

here are some of the upcoming prints, im going to sell in small pre printed batches so there is less wait hassle for me. No need to email and tell me that's not how you sell prints according to the GICLEE WORLDWIDE RULE COMMITTEE , coz I dont care HOW shit is done, ill do it my way. Im putting together a set of handmade erotic art folios, 8 prints and 1 original, if that interesting drop me a line, i would like to know how many perv's are down for sumin like this, it would be around 800-1000 bucks, As always, all my prints are limited, nothing has changed. nice too know there a few pervs out there too!

Audrey slips with butterknife shipping estimated: third quarter of 2012. And some shipping confirmations from HK: Popbot 7Bones Queeny starts shipping out next week and LUX3A Caesar shipping out this week.

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May - 2012  Empty Re: May - 2012

Post by gimbat Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:42 am


We completed maintenance work on the forum, it took a bit longer, than we initially planned and we are sorry for any inconvenience. As you can see, we created a set of new rules: and by your presence on this board, you agree with these rules and understand that if you fail to comply, you will be warned & banned.

Here are some essential changes:
We want to encourage more people to register and that's why most of the forum (except news, rules and shipping info/announcements) aren't visible to guests. Since we have constant space limitation (150K), we decided to make main sections reply only, so only moderators can create topic. If you noticed that, let's say, Popbot section is missing something important (like a character) , you can always send personal message to any of our moderators and we will be happy to create the thread.

Sections , where you can create threads/start topics:
General Art Discussions
General Toy Discussions
Everything Else
Customized 3A Toys
Showcase General Discussion
3A Toys Photography

Some shipping news from HK (more to come):
Shipping news: Fuck it #4 and William Wray's "Cult of Beauty" started to ship out last week. Fuck it: Raw - starting to ship out soon.

And since a lot of people are asking and worried about this (even though, it's resident sale - which lasts longer than 24 hours and you shouldn't worry): WWRp Caesars most likely go up at Bamba, within 24 hours form now (now , as time of this posting - May 22nd , 9:30AM HK time).

May - 2012  GpPIOt

Action Portable Heavy TKs from ThreeA production blog (sale time - not determined yet)

May - 2012  7jYBqt

Previous AP Heavy TK photos, which we have seen a while ago:

May - 2012  FUDrwtMay - 2012  NJemCt

WWRp Caesars are up at , they are around 7" tall and there are packs & singles. Singles are limited and at the moment, Caesar Steve is soldout and only available as a part of Toga 10pack.

Here are the photos and info on the packs.

WWRp Caesar Fat Toga 10pack - 10 pieces in a set (plus includes one WWRp Square bomb), price: 650USD

May - 2012  PWzqyt

WWRp Caesar Internal Investigation Set - 3AA 2012 members exclusive, price: 140USD.

May - 2012  KofX9t

Singles purchase manual

May - 2012  NPi0nt

WWRp Caesar singles , price: 75USD

May - 2012  Fp2zutMay - 2012  KZhLktMay - 2012  JjZYKtMay - 2012  GLVXGtMay - 2012  CqzLytMay - 2012  92CYltMay - 2012  Y6sletMay - 2012  PXzQPtMay - 2012  Y0lURtMay - 2012  Ay75ntMay - 2012  ZHuxzt

Information from the blog:
onsale today ONLY AT BAMBALAND !
Including the the Toga 10 pack! with mini bomb square exclusive!!!
please use the adding system at bambaland, everything except the 3AA two pack is under the same entry

and about singles:
Single boxed Apple Caesar is limited Just so you knows!…..

Again to confirm: currently Steve Caesar is gone and available only as a part of Toga 10pack.


WWRp Caesar sale is still going at , currently everything available, except Steve. Answering on one of the frequent questions: Why DIY Caesar is more expensive than others? - Because, it's a bigger package, compared to the single. To remind you, here is 1/6th scale size DIY Caesar description: Needs some assembly, comes with parts for single or dual shield configurations, dome or flat head and knife, pistol, Bertie SMRTGUN and CLAXTON80).

May - 2012  JjZYKt

Ashley confirmed that WWRp Caesar Toga 10pack comes in a different packaging (so not just singles) - special box. Don't have any additional details to share with you...

WWRp GID Caesar popped up at ThreeA blog (currently: May 23th, 14:00 , it wasn't offered at the store)

G.I.D Caesar
what will they think of next !

May - 2012  ZCQBot

Latest entry from Ashley's art blog:

May - 2012  WJyq5t

Mompty Tom Tom
Trying to put together a 12" square collection of some old and new comics for SDCC, as its a comic convention too I hear. To be published by 3A.

Quick shipping update:
3A publishing, Ashley Wood’s: Fuck it #4 and William Wray’s: Cult of Beauty shipped out and Fuck it: RAW is next.

WWRp Heavy Bramble Iron Panda and WWRp Bertie MK3 Deep Powder & NW are shipping out next week.

Part of the Re-Venture Bambalandstore allotment exclusives shipped out and more will be shipped soon.

Waiting to hear on 7Bones Queeny shipping process and will update this post shortly, right after I hear from the office.

Confirmed, 7Bones Queeny is starting to ship out this week.

LUX3A Caesars keep landing all over the world and you can use the map, to mark the process:
Here are the pics of EMGY TRG (by ThreeA Legion member from Japan - looking for his name on the forum, to give credit) and Deep Powder Corp (by vinyladdict and FuriousPurpose)

May - 2012  CwmzutMay - 2012  FQR1KtMay - 2012  Oq7Qqt

WWR Rothchild release was scheduled to ship this month, so no wonder , I have these beautiful packaging shots to share with you (featuring Father and Son 2pack and four version of Rothchild):

May - 2012  CNIWftMay - 2012  PtAURt

On four Rothchild versions pic , from left: a means to an end , new dawn fades , furneral (3aa) and regular version.

A means to an end and New dawn fades versions weren't offered for sale:

May - 2012  Z3xvVtMay - 2012  3UQR5t

WWRp GID Caesar surprise release popped up at the store few times already, it's for 3AA members only and here is an info from the store:

May - 2012  ZCQBot

WWRp Caesar G.I.D LTD
- List Price: $75.00
- 7 inches height approximately
- colors may very on shipping figure for better quality
- Preorder for 4th quarter 2012
- Sale is only complete once the paypal transaction is done.
- Orders are not transferable to third parties
- Please do not click "cash" unless you pay it by Alipay
- 2 sets max per 3AA2012 account
- ThreeA reserves the right to cancel the orders if improper purpose is suspected

WWRp Steve singles popped up at least two times as well.

Since this sale becomes more & more intense and exciting, I opened F5 Bar and Grill , and moved all the chatter there:

Looking forward to your sketches & art as well (dedicated to WWRp Caesar drop of course)!

MGS RAY proto (other fig - just for size reference) from @Kojima_Hideo twitter

May - 2012  EWGYntMay - 2012  UIeSMtMay - 2012  6zRIBt


A lot of boxes from ThreeA production blog, featuring:

First ever 1/12th and 1/6th scale set: Adventure Kartel Zombkin box

May - 2012  DgXZYt

And photo of Zombkin standing in the display, which I took at Re-Venture and Zombkin sales promo:

May - 2012  B2LVitMay - 2012  QNLvpt

1:1 TK T-shirts for SDCC , which come in love shaped container:

May - 2012  5CoiQt

Popbot Shadow & Light Oyabun boxes (this set was never on sale, it's reserved for prizes and such - currently 6 people won this set and at least one was gifted)

May - 2012  UgEBOtMay - 2012  E8iBJt

Here is how they look like:

May - 2012  COeX6t

More LUX3A Caesar pics by our boardies: memecomplex and nixon

May - 2012  YTFDptMay - 2012  KpXTktMay - 2012  OLU9vt

Popbot 7Bones Queeny left Hong Kong and already surfaced in Asia. Here is a pic, by San Wong.

May - 2012  GRfhlt

Finally added author names to Audrey F5 Bar sketches & art online gallery:

album link:

toygodd, soil, BRiZL, basyabasya1, JeAA (2), DaNono, kaiserfrog19, chatchawan, mouse9090, print, mcdaniel, RainDog
Thank you for sketches!

Speaking about questions, which are most likely on everyone's mind...there were small GID Caesar waves at the store, but no Steve, which is mostly like gone. Some people don't believe me, but I got to say, that I can't expose information (even though, in most of the cases, I don't even possess such info in the first place, as I'm not the one, who puts products at the store) about limited sales and especially surprises , so they are real surprises and called like that for a reason. Best of luck, if you are still camping out and hunting for figs! And don't forget that while you are hunting, there is no precise date and time, when other singles or packs will go down...just a heads up, as I think that 11 single Caesars, two different packs (especially if you are 3AA) - provide astonishing variety of choice and 3AA discount gives plenty of opportunities.


WWRp Caesar 3AA 2pack & Fat Toga 10pack left the store. Currently only singles are available, but they are leaving the store soon as well, so perhaps it's time cave in?
WWRp Caesar 10pack and 3AA 2pack are gone from the store. WWRp Caesar singles (10 different variants are currently in stock) are leaving Bambaland soon, as for now, they are still available at
Thank you for your support and interest in WWRp Caesars!

More pics of Popbot 7Bones Queeny in the she is shown with Wasabi and all the photos are from BBICN forum and made by 阿牛, you can find additional pics from that poto-review here.

May - 2012  CATImtMay - 2012  TIBbFtMay - 2012  LDA72tMay - 2012  MdLzgtMay - 2012  EvxHPtMay - 2012  92YdNtMay - 2012  0uYdVtMay - 2012  NwpOFtMay - 2012  UYl89tMay - 2012  JyXqft


LUX3A Caesars by memecomplex, chronokross and Fant0mas

May - 2012  Wv09ltMay - 2012  7xltMtMay - 2012  P9Cm1tMay - 2012  QGsVVtMay - 2012  VkPfytMay - 2012  UyHXjtMay - 2012  DLnAPtMay - 2012  8Hq3FtMay - 2012  VHjydt

Devil is in the of LUX3A EMGY TRG Caesar by our boardie Train

May - 2012  BzdvZtMay - 2012  YFWpVtMay - 2012  XowDztMay - 2012  UXtxQtMay - 2012  RGBpDtMay - 2012  UTgHhtMay - 2012  CZU2ytMay - 2012  ZqFLvtMay - 2012  LlAevtMay - 2012  Jwec3tMay - 2012  0dh3St

Ashley Wood collection: 1:1 Kitty by 3aChick

May - 2012  3TSgIt

If you are hunting for WWRp GID LTD Caesar , here is an update for you - they haven't been spotted at Bambalandstore for more than 24 hours and people still keep asking me for intel, but unfortunately I have no idea whether there will be more or it's done & gone.

3AA 2012 membership packages are staring to ship out soon. There have been a bit of a language barrier issue and I'm waiting for Monday to confirm whether they are shipping during first week of June or first half of June. Just wanted to update you about the package ASAP, as I can't wait for you to get them and post some pics of F-Legion fig, which is first ever 3AA membership package exclusive in 1/6th scale.

Added WWRp Caesar profiles to mighty 3A Dossier - and hopefully we will be able to show you soon an updated version of it (as we still need to change few things here & there).

And guys, while new products keep landing all over the world, please show some love to the shipping map - !


WWRp Caesars are gone from the store and F5 Bar is locked and gone.
WWRp Caesar sale has ended
Thanks for making the Caesar sale a success !
- by Ash, from ThreeA production blog

Final selection of art & sketches submitted so far (PM me , if I missed yours), I'm always amazed about how many creative and passionate people we have on this forum!

May - 2012  EBIdHtMay - 2012  KNq6FtMay - 2012  PdpJjtMay - 2012  2aHK2tMay - 2012  62yjhtMay - 2012  K2KD2tMay - 2012  EqqlitMay - 2012  EBLIitMay - 2012  OBPF7tMay - 2012  5JmultMay - 2012  2HgEHtMay - 2012  Dmm8itMay - 2012  DdDVGtMay - 2012  Z9DE8tMay - 2012  UmwPRtMay - 2012  VoG0xt

online gallery link: (with author names)

art was created by: solus, fadeworks, ModerneKunst, hornet, illproxy (2), zangrief, cromangus (5), basyabasya1, illproxy & Solodice, mouse9090, JeAA, BRiZL, dienstag (2)

Thank you guys for this fest and a lot of fun, in this urgent F5 bar. Can't wait to open another bar and welcome you all here! Let's hope that Sham (or other sale) isn't far behind!

Latest entry from Ashley's blog, showing art from upcoming Levine show in NY:
states of undress
more stuff for in various states for the Levine gig. As you can see, im going for a breezy more upbeat feel.

May - 2012  DKHGrtMay - 2012  V7t1MtMay - 2012  Xfqoqt

Popbot 7Bones Queeny enjoying short moments of romance, photo by Terry Chan:

May - 2012  X1RBBt

LUX3A DIY Caesar LTD landed in SG , photos by Dragonklien

May - 2012  TpWVrtMay - 2012  BQiyPtMay - 2012  UVtfDtMay - 2012  KV27nt

I really love LUX3A Caesars and variety they come in, wish I had the space and money to pick all of them.

Here are Caesars by defcon , chronokross, kadoo and memecomplex

May - 2012  MncJttMay - 2012  OuEj7tMay - 2012  Vy7QEtMay - 2012  GzXuDtMay - 2012  XG1hGtMay - 2012  KzzcmtMay - 2012  CI6POtMay - 2012  Jy3IHtMay - 2012  IxAjbtMay - 2012  HMd1It

We have exceptionally cool monthly photo threads at ThreeA forum, where people submit photos (no prizes, just for fun). Then they are being judged by our moderator Eseffinga and he announces top picks and special mentions. Here are January, February, March photo threads- top props and special mentions.

Let's start with January first, top props go to Mouse9090

May - 2012  W2SD6t

special mentions: toygodd, kaisefrog19, tigerfeet, x43x, therethere

May - 2012  W8PGGtMay - 2012  C1oditMay - 2012  DMRNptMay - 2012  NyDPWtMay - 2012  6r3aHt

February top props go to Pyromaniaa

May - 2012  Dp2Tft

special mentions go to: expathos, iHump, Print, ULTRAMAN.

May - 2012  CQL8KtMay - 2012  Lz7z6tMay - 2012  PrEuNtMay - 2012  2Sr3nt

March top props go to chiendol

May - 2012  JfH7wt

March special mentions go to: expathos, alinea, Teimaru, Pie

May - 2012  9vljjtMay - 2012  TjlZltMay - 2012  RKyrotMay - 2012  PtyW6t

You can checkout rest of March photos, April photos and current May photo threads in this section of our forum:


Latest news from Ashley's blog, about prints coming up at his store (first batch sold out) and other updates.

Ashley's gallery store is located here:

Midnight Surgery giclee

May - 2012  FZOQam

new print today
Midnight Surgery giclee release today, 43cx83cm 190aud 50 editions.
maybe some original art too.

Expressing a wish to devote more time to make comics:

May - 2012  GpFwVt

finding time
to make fun little comics is a pleasure, I hope oneday to be able to dedicate a year or two to a big story..

Heads up: Ashley lives in HK time zone, if you have doubts , here is current local HK time link.
First batch of Midnight Surgery giclee soldout
I'll put another up for other regions tonight my time... looks like my glorious stoer failed to charge anyone, ill look into this, it will recycle soon if I cant fix.....


Guys, it's so difficult to make updates about Ashley Wood gallery, as a lot of people are constantly F5ing the store and the next second giclee run or original comes on sale, it will be long sold out, by the time I make the update. But I'll continue to write updates about Ashley Gallery store sales to keep you informed.

This original came up for sale today and was quickly gone from the store:

Blind Cowboy original painting on board framed
Used for Blind Cowboy toy
7"x15" plus frame

May - 2012  MD8LNtMay - 2012  BzcZxt

Ashley Wood is coming to SDCC 2012 and can sign your Mighty Squaro

May - 2012  Rl88rt

This Squaro will be offered via pre-sale and it's the same size, as JDF Square, which was Goodsmile exclusive and was approximately 270mm (10.6") in height.

Popbot Lady Sham Pure edition: on sale June 6th, 9:00AM HK time, 100usd shipped. There will be 3AA exclusive as well (photos of the exclusive, will be shown later on).

May - 2012  V8RddtMay - 2012  OkhKxtMay - 2012  NHSWctMay - 2012  OCyp0t


Two originals: "Stroll" and "After the War" were offered at Ashley Wood's gallery store (located here):

May - 2012  A8kuJmMay - 2012  Q8rcim

AFTER THE WAR ORIGINAL is still available and here are some details from the store:
my favorite one...

Zombies vs Robots : Annual 2012 information & details from IDW Publishing website:

May - 2012  OfEypt

Latest shipping update from ThreeA blog:
Before I proceed, please keep in mind that this is the most recent and solid shipping update, which covers only this & last week. I’m constantly keeping in touch with Hong Kong and notify you about shipping updates, once there is something to report.

For those, who missed previous update & to help with keeping track of things (while we are waiting for 3AVOX newsletter to return), here is a summary of products, which were sent out recently:

1) Replacements of Popbot Princess Tomorrow Queen to buyers who confirmed their address (by answering on email from 3A CS).

2) WWRp Heavy Bramble Iron Panda

3) WWRp Bertie MK3 Deep Powder Corp and Nightwatch.

4) Popbot 7Bones Queeny.

5) 3A Publishing Ashley Wood’s: Fuck it #4 (first run, not the reprint) and William Wray: “Cult of Beauty”.

What’s shipping out this week?

)WWR Rothchild release
)Part of Adventure Kartel 10 Finger Gang Members orders (more will be shipped throughout June).

3AA 2012 membership packages are almost ready to leave and will be shipped during first week of June. I will bring you all up to speed, once there will be more info.

In conclusion, I want to say, that it's all the information I have for now, once I hear something new on Monday, I'll make another update. I can't give solid dates yet, but I'm sure that AP Zombs, AP Popbot and Popbot 7Bones Kyoku ain't far behind.

WWRp Heavy Bramble Iron Panda already surfaced in Singapore. Photo by Mujib Jameen.

May - 2012  LJ81ot

Guys, each couple of days somebody is asking me about VOX (especially closer to Friday). All I can say right now, that VOX isn't dead (like some tend to speculate) and will come back , and when it will - it will be one hell of a newsletter!


Lots of cool pics from ThreeA production blog.

Let's start with 3AA membership package which is about to ship soon (first week of June), featuring mysterious F-Legion figure:

May - 2012  Mmszlt

Action Portable (1/12th scale) TKs: Interbaka (which was extremely rare chase in 1/6th scale), Kyuuketsuki and Baka, revealed to general audience for the first time. No info about sale details yet.

May - 2012  FHIsNt

Adventure Kartel 10 Finger Gang release - first batch starting to ship out this week.

May - 2012  K6BZzt

ThreeA and VALVe Companion Cube Square, SDCC 2012 exclusive and it's actually one of two VALVe exclusives, which we will have there.

May - 2012  XI3aat

June 2012


A little bit of silence before the news storm...soon the new VOX coming out and if you haven't signed up to ThreeA weekly newsletter you can do it here.
And here, you can read past issues.

3AA 2012 membership packages, AK Finger Gang and WWR Rothchild release are shipping out throughout this week. As always, you can mark the progress on the map.

Here is a special box for Adventure Kartel Robot Finger Gang Faux Retailer set, which comes with all Finger Gang members and King Thumb.

May - 2012  3huoNt

Photo of replacements for Popbot Princess TQ/Vanilla POD release surfaced on our forum (I believe the photo comes from Japan), which shows Vanilla POD TQ in clothes and with full accessories (it comes with a shotgun as well):

May - 2012  ApUakt

I seriously can't stop looking at Popbot 7Bones Queeny! Here are few pics by Stevan Alberto and negative

May - 2012  TAQI8tMay - 2012  TO9jotMay - 2012  F7I3itMay - 2012  Xg73gt

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