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June - 2012

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June - 2012  Empty June - 2012

Post by gimbat Thu 12 Mar 2015, 11:57


Lots of cool pics from ThreeA production blog.

Let's start with 3AA membership package which is about to ship soon (first week of June), featuring mysterious F-Legion figure:

June - 2012  Mmszlt

Action Portable (1/12th scale) TKs: Interbaka (which was extremely rare chase in 1/6th scale), Kyuuketsuki and Baka, revealed to general audience for the first time. No info about sale details yet.

June - 2012  FHIsNt

Adventure Kartel 10 Finger Gang release - first batch starting to ship out this week.

June - 2012  K6BZzt

ThreeA and VALVe Companion Cube Square, SDCC 2012 exclusive and it's actually one of two VALVe exclusives, which we will have there.

June - 2012  XI3aat

June 2012


A little bit of silence before the news storm...soon the new VOX coming out and if you haven't signed up to ThreeA weekly newsletter you can do it here.
And here, you can read past issues.

3AA 2012 membership packages, AK Finger Gang and WWR Rothchild release are shipping out throughout this week. As always, you can mark the progress on the map.

Here is a special box for Adventure Kartel Robot Finger Gang Faux Retailer set, which comes with all Finger Gang members and King Thumb.

June - 2012  3huoNt

Photo of replacements for Popbot Princess TQ/Vanilla POD release surfaced on our forum (I believe the photo comes from Japan), which shows Vanilla POD TQ in clothes and with full accessories (it comes with a shotgun as well):

June - 2012  ApUakt

I seriously can't stop looking at Popbot 7Bones Queeny! Here are few pics by Stevan Alberto and negative

June - 2012  TAQI8tJune - 2012  TO9jotJune - 2012  F7I3itJune - 2012  Xg73gt


We waited so long for this and some even had doubts, that she is making to Bambalandstore (after Shit Mood Lady Sham being Re-Venture exclusive)! But ThreeA loves it's customers and Lady Sham Pure versions is going to be up for sale at in less than 24 hours from now, on June 6th, 9:00AM HK time.

Price: 100$ (shipping included in the price)

Casual version (which was earlier mentioned as 3AA exclusive) is going to be delayed and offered at some time in the future, as Ash wants it to be absolutely stunning.

Lady Sham sales info from the blog:
Never to be offered again, the PURE WHITE SHAM makes an exclusive short lived visit to Bambaland! start at 9-00am 6th June !!!!!

June - 2012  V8RddmJune - 2012  OkhKxmJune - 2012  NHSWcmJune - 2012  OCyp0m

So, with less than 24 hours before, Popbot Lady Sham goes up on sale at www.bambalandstore,com , it's time to open F5 Bar and Grill!

Join our Lady Sham chatter, share your fan art and excitement with us here:

Microman and ThreeA teaser from production blog:
Images and pics soon, very exciting to get add to the legend of Microman -Ash

June - 2012  GrCyMt


Here are sketches & art submitted to the bar so far, all dedicated to the upcoming sale of Lady Sham Pure edition.
sketches & art

June - 2012  C98UetJune - 2012  ZlenDtJune - 2012  FwvLetJune - 2012  HdVCetJune - 2012  9oO1BtJune - 2012  HcnXrtJune - 2012  CuSogtJune - 2012  TOwUOtJune - 2012  QAXMVtJune - 2012  PibgGtJune - 2012  2fosxtJune - 2012  9XtW3tJune - 2012  LG6a2tJune - 2012  ZsU25tJune - 2012  N7FZMtJune - 2012  XysROtJune - 2012  D5aZktJune - 2012  RD0nEtJune - 2012  I9RSqtJune - 2012  MlW9OtJune - 2012  21qBjtJune - 2012  ZKNvVtJune - 2012  Lkmi0tJune - 2012  WROy1tJune - 2012  Gev5ztJune - 2012  Y3mfPtJune - 2012  JFgWKt

online gallery:

I will add author names - later on.

WWRp Berties MK3: NW and DP and WWRp Heavy Bramble Iron Panda already seen in the wild. Pics by chronokross , Ivor Cruz and size comparison pic by Dragonklien

June - 2012  LNjeytJune - 2012  XTSJWtJune - 2012  YY9KSt

Popbot Lady Sham Pure sale starts at in less than 15 minutes from this update time (June 6th, 9:00 AM Hong Kong time).

An urgent update from ThreeA blog:

Update from ThreeA blog:

June - 2012  5vszHm

If you need to see your toys before you buy it, dont buy, only buy because you believe and trust 3A. simple as that….

A little bit of explanation, while Red Devil Lady Sham goes up and down at Bambalandstore. Red Devil Lady Sham is surprise drop for 3AA members only. Since it's limited, 3AA members don't have 24 hours access to buy it.

If you read the rules of 3AA membership it says:
3AA 2012 VOX newsletter link:
3AA 2012 members are guaranteed access to purchase one ( more if applicable ) standard release and 3AA exclusive releases for the period of the 2012 membership. Standard sales does not cover special sales of limited nature, Ashley Wood 1:1 editions or 3A publications.

Red Devil Lady Sham
- List Price: $100.00
- 3AA 2012 exclusive
- She has two holsters and sock puppet (made in plastic 1.5″ )
- 12″ fully articulated figure
- Sale is only complete once the paypal transaction is done.
- ships in 4th quarter 2012
- Colors and design may vary from the pictures
- Please do not click "cash" unless you pay it by Alipay
- Orders are not transferable to third parties
- ThreeA reserves the right to cancel the orders if improper purpose is suspected
- ONE pieces max per account

Who is Mr. Bridger? it's sock puppet, which she comes with and character from Popbot comic. To illustrate Mr. Bridger looks: here is beautiful sketch by Ashley Wood (comes from dako gallery on CAF). Please keep in mind that this sketch has been drawn years & years from now and it just for an illustration purpose.

June - 2012  2S53et

Red Devil Lady Sham kept popping up & down at the store during the day and there is still a chance to score one (closer to 8-9AM Hong Kong time), currently it's night in HK and it's highly unlikely that somebody will put it up at the store.

Here is another interesting image from ThreeA blog:

June - 2012  X2vput

Different people presented various explanations about this, but I am sure it's Audrey sale chase and for those, who just discovering ThreeA - Audrey sale happened back in May and Audrey was offered blindly (random colorways in boxes). Here is Audrey sale promo pic:

June - 2012  ZMqbet

WWR Rothchild already seen in Singapore, here is standard and 3AA edition by jF

June - 2012  B57YMt

LUX3A Father and Son 2pack pics by chronokross

June - 2012  VcRsZtJune - 2012  LudmztJune - 2012  JtvSHt


Farewell to Pure Lady Sham
Lady Sham leaves Bambalandstore in 30 minutes.
"Kind of sad to see Ms Sham move on, thanks, always cool to see support my idea’s get, never gets old! -ash"

But since there have been two spottings of Ashley Wood Collection: GID Audrey foot on Bamba, I'm keeping F5 Bar open and you can discuss it there.
Here is a screenshot from Bambalandstore:

June - 2012  JpF6St

3A is looking for a translator
3A needs a French to English translation of a largish book, a mastery of both languages is a must. If this is your thing, please contact us at

WWR Harold MK1 makes an appearance. So far Harold remains the most intriguing bot release ever!

June - 2012  ULh59m

Here is what we have seen previously:

June - 2012  SZS0Dm

AK Finger Gang members, keep popping up! Here is detailed photo review of Finger Gang member 1, by toygodd. One of the pics from his review, to give you the taste:

June - 2012  Vmv2ct

Adventure Kartel Robot Finger Gang Faux Retailer Box photos by c r e m and Chen Reaction

June - 2012  M1YE6tJune - 2012  WIoYct


Two new sketches from the bar, with GID Audrey theme going:

June - 2012  LEHcPtJune - 2012  VwPqMt

I saw discussion about this accessory Popbot 7Bones Queeny comes with and few people contacted me personally, so I asked Ash what is it? He answered: that it's EMP grenade.

June - 2012  PnDLSt

Rufus Dayglo about SDCC: I'll be at SAN DIEGO Comic Con, at the 3A/IDW Booth, signing our new SOLID GOLD DEATH MASK book!
Come say hi!

June - 2012  D8y7tt

And there will be a special print there as well: A limited edition print we'll be doing with 3A Publishing at San Diego Comic Con 2012. I'll be at the 3A/IDW booth all weekend!

June - 2012  0ltEOt

Chris Ryall showing books: Lore HC and ZVR complete HC, which is going to be available through IDW Publishing (premiering at SDCC).

June - 2012  YAAf8t

Shipping schedule for next week:
3A Publishing: Fuck it: Raw
3A Publishing: Fuck it # 4r (reprint)
3A Publishing: Fuck it: Rawr (reprint)
continue shipping of 3AA 2012 Membership
continue shipping of AK Finger Gang release

In around two weeks, it will be full four years, since our first sale: WWR Nom de Plume. Time FLIES! Wish we all could gather and celebrate...and perhaps we will do it here in F5 Bar? We will see soon I guess.


If by any chance , you are still F5ing for GID Audrey or looking for answer whether it's gone or not...the answer is - it's gone.
Contacted Ash first thing in the morning and asked whether there will be more drops or it's gone, really don't want you F5ing for nothing and spending your precious weekend time on it.

Time to close down F5 bar and summarize sketches and art. Special THANK YOU goes to sketch & art authors, for all their contributions:

June - 2012  C98UetJune - 2012  ZlenDtJune - 2012  FwvLetJune - 2012  HdVCetJune - 2012  9oO1BtJune - 2012  HcnXrtJune - 2012  CuSogtJune - 2012  TOwUOtJune - 2012  QAXMVtJune - 2012  PibgGtJune - 2012  2fosxtJune - 2012  9XtW3tJune - 2012  LG6a2tJune - 2012  ZsU25tJune - 2012  N7FZMtJune - 2012  XysROtJune - 2012  D5aZktJune - 2012  RD0nEtJune - 2012  I9RSqtJune - 2012  MlW9OtJune - 2012  21qBjtJune - 2012  ZKNvVtJune - 2012  Lkmi0tJune - 2012  WROy1tJune - 2012  Gev5ztJune - 2012  Y3mfPtJune - 2012  AKYP2tJune - 2012  Pzr0LtJune - 2012  99zmntJune - 2012  XSZlJtJune - 2012  IMxDTtJune - 2012  NK5vstJune - 2012  LKCZFtJune - 2012  CAck9tJune - 2012  VwPqMtJune - 2012  LEHcPtJune - 2012  J5VTat

^please let me know, if I missed any of your sketches

online gallery: with author names

BRiZL (5), toygodd, basyabasya1, iroha, soil (4), expathos, mouse9090, kaiserfrog19, abex44, hecate, yioy1482, chiendol, fink, skmonteiro, AliceAdrenachrome, gokokil, negative, ronlu, artoo, zangrief (4), sophora, VerdantViper (2), RainDog, custard4gravy, dienstag, nisseitattoo, BigAppleFan

3A publishing news from Ash.

June - 2012  DXfjtm

ThreeA publishing has some very cool new projects out soon! SDCC will the release of a new Phil Hale book and Mompty Tom Tom a collection of comics by Ashely Wood.

Soon after SDCC we will release the first Solid Gold Death Mask book by Rufus Dayglo.

We are also proud and excited to announce a major Bernie Fuchs monograph written by David Apatoff.

Books, comics are a major part of my life, making them, reading them are real joys to me, so heading up the publishing side of 3A could be better

3AA 2012 membership packages started to surface! I promised not to post clear photos of F-LEGION cyborg 002449 face, because few people want to see him first in person. But to satisfy everyone (d'oh), I will post these pictures as links.

Here are details of the figure by Dennis Chau

June - 2012  775uWtJune - 2012  25MlqtJune - 2012  SS2DgtJune - 2012  Z38pft

Pics where you can see F-LEGION cyborg face by Joe Au-Yeung, Terry Chan and Dennis Chau

Iconic 3AA messenger bag, photo by 林小馬 and I'm looking forward to cleaner pics of the bag & 3AA cap by you guys!

June - 2012  JkQDnt

To freshen up your memory about 3AA 2012 package deal:
It was offered on January 13th for 180$ and it consisted out of - 3AA exclusive membership figure with 3AA messenger bag, 3AA baseball cap ( regular size ), membership card - shipping was included as well, and 15% discount on all Bambaland purchases & 24 access access to 3AA & standard exclusives for one year.

Sadly 3AA membership is offered only once a year, so if you just discovered about ThreeA or wasn't there back in January, you have to know wait for January 2013 to enroll.

F-LEGION cyborg 002449 story & promo pic (early photo from January 2012)

June - 2012  SwaLKt

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June - 2012  Empty Re: June - 2012

Post by gimbat Thu 12 Mar 2015, 11:58


Latest from Ashley's blog:
WWR print soon
Midnight Surgery are leaving the studio soon, so its time for a new print. I will demo it today and get back to you guys once its ready!

Another painting for upcoming show at Levine gallery (NY):

June - 2012  0BCqbt

Some more from the Levine assault
back to the frontlines!

Like I mentioned previously, ThreeA is going to turn four years this month and we always do something special on our Anniversary.

June - 2012  GL1Sft

Mark this date at your calendar: 26-06-12

A little look back, how we celebrated our previous Anniversaries:

3A One Year Anniversary BAMBABOSS DIY - 24.06.2009

June - 2012  GoVzItJune - 2012  EUNZitJune - 2012  6zMuWtJune - 2012  PROprt

2nd Birthday Boss - 21.06.2010 - two different box art variants

June - 2012  IAtF0tJune - 2012  NVr1Gt

3rd Birthday Bamba 3oss - 25.06.2011

June - 2012  LsHxftJune - 2012  1E5wbt

^Date varies because of different release plans each month.


Today we have two examples of Legionnaires work, which made it to ThreeA production blog.

WWR Rothchild photos by Alice Adrenochrome
We are super happy to share these great photo’s by Alice!

June - 2012  HEcHDtJune - 2012  ZVPQnt

And bloody awesome e-book, called By Legion to Legions, created by kaiserfrog19 - Pansy Chan from Hong Kong.
This little something bellow is a perfect example of how amazing ThreeA Legion is and how to bring: “Start the riot! Don’t follow it!” motto to life.

Pansy Chan from Hong Kong created e-book with photos of ThreeA toys, called: “Legion to Legions” and I strongly advise to check it out. Since pdf file is a bit heavy (around 13 megabytes), here are two options to download the file:

Google Drive (please click “file” and then “download” , to save file to your computer and view photos in the flawless quality).


Rapidshare (please click “save file to your computer” , “free download” and then “save file” in the popup window).

You can discuss Pansy's e-book here.

A few teasers of the mentioned book:

June - 2012  5Ici1tJune - 2012  2xmOvtJune - 2012  0Pm8qt

I love spirit of Legion and how people do awesome things to spread the love. They ain't looking for rewards or prizes, they are doing it just because they feel the connection and want to share the passion. Same happening in our monthly photo threads (June and May) at ThreeA forum. Never hesitate to contact me , if you did something awesome (involving ThreeA) and want to share it with the Legion. Can't always promise you blog coverage, but will be happy to include you in the news and share it on Facebook/twitter.

Ashley Wood collection: 1:1 TK t-shirts (no details for now on their availability)

June - 2012  OHgtmt

Small teaser of the figure, dedicated to our upcoming FOUR years Anniversary:

June - 2012  HMmVyt


2000AD WWRp Mongrol is coming to Bambalandstore on June 15th.

June - 2012  OQ5jjt

Legionnaires, who are here for a while , remember our chats about bot riders (girls riding bots theme on Ashley's paintings) and here is what we were lusting for - Modern Girls classic ThreeA blurry (we had a lot of them in first years of ThreeA existence).

June - 2012  MdjUrt

Need an army for an overnight attack ? Here is a clue for's from Adventure Kartel line (runs off).

June - 2012  QFeUpt

What Ashley previous said about dioramas in the past and willingness to make them:
"We are going to start making some Diorama sets for next year, so you get your coordinated figures and a cool space to show them. Kim is a bog fan of this stuff, so he is behind it in a big way."

And here is the first visual announcement and proof that they are in the works: WARSCAPE - WWRp Diorama sets

June - 2012  WerK1t


3A Publishing presents: Mompty Tom Tom - a collection of comics, written and illustrated by T.P. Louise and Ashley Wood.

June - 2012  O8FiQtJune - 2012  G80Hpt

And new book by Phil Hale, called EMPIRE

June - 2012  J2tBxt

SDCC 2012 IDW Publishing exclusive - ZvR Zomb (two versions, slim body).
ThreeA blog says:
If your are going to SDCC and like ZVR , email and demand some ZvR Zomb.
Nothing is for sale at the moment though, but when it comes to the exclusives - it's always good to show your interest.

June - 2012  RtTQkt

And here is the answer, our boardie: whitey received from them:
We haven't begun taking pre-orders for the SDCC 2012 Zombies vs Robots Zomb Figure Exclusive through the IDW online store yet. However, we have recorded your email address and will notify you prior to the order page going live for the item.
IDW Store

We always produce special bags for the events. Here is SDCC bag for your viewing pleasure. Is it weird to be excited about the bag? If yes, then I am officially weird.
There is ZvR Zomb (IDW SDCC exclusive) in the background.

June - 2012  QbkGnt

Special offer: buy a SDCC Mighty Brillo Squaro (1/6th scale) and get a bonus WWR Supplement for free.

June - 2012  U5Jlht

For all the people, who kept asking about AK Shit Weather Bleak, we can finally show the figure to you! He comes with hooded custard (Labrador) as well.

June - 2012  1F9YTt

Dig his classic rainbow t-shirt...

There are some tech. difficulties with CS email (majority of people, could reach us without any problems and few had their emails bounced back, with "undelivered" message), but we are working to fix it. Did you have any problems reaching us? If it's something urgent and you can't reach us, you can send me an email to and I will forward it to CS once the email starts working. I will contact the office tomorrow (14th of June) to check how the process is going and update the news. Sorry for the inconvenience...

previous news for this date are above

Ashley Wood Gallery store news, new print for sale tomorrow (Ash's time):

June - 2012  LW1Gnt

On sale tomorrow at the shop !
As the midnighters are shipping out, as asked im going to release the War Fixers print. 22"x22" same ol edition size. instead of batches, which are a pain, all editions will be offered at once.


And above mentioned print is already gone, according to Ashley's blog:
SOLDOUT at the shop !
Thanks, it seems like I always say it, but to have support for my work is flattering,. I always do what I want to see, nice to know other people out there feel the same!

Latest post from Ashley's blog, showing his sketching process:

June - 2012  9XzdVt

Comic stuff
A quick look at my comic process, from sketch/layout to starting the final.

AP 2000AD Mongrol is going to be up for pre-order at soon (June 15th, 9:00AM HK time). And since it's regular pre-order, 3AA members supposed to have 24 hours on this one. I'll open F5 bar closer to the sale time (like 4-5 hours start working on sketches, if you are in the mood). For those, who don't remember: we had another version of Mongrol made (Blackhole), but it was Re-Venture exclusive.

June - 2012  OQ5jjt

Good news for existing 3AA members!
Not going to SDCC, then join us on the 12th July at Bambaland ! - which only can mean one thing, SDCC Bambalandstore allotment for 3AA members! Don't know how limited it's going to be, but it's a great chance to score something.

June - 2012  XvTSQt

I think, this t-shirt container designed by Ashley Wood - is best looking container ever! I wonder what airport security is going to say about this...probably you will have to open it and show that it's not it's looking so real!

June - 2012  CDta1t

Earlier shots of the container and t-shirts. It was mentioned, that we will see it first at SDCC for 1:1 TK t-shirts (hopefully there are a lot more for Bambalandstore - at least for 3AA SDCC allotment).

June - 2012  5CoiQtJune - 2012  OHgtmt

While we are waiting for more SDCC news, here is gregory (who is part of 3A SDCC team), sharing what he can at the moment:
since we're still waiting on the newsletter to be finalized, here are details i can share:
On the 3A side:
Limited to 1 of each figure per person.
there are an allotted amount of figures for each day for pick up. You'll have to pick during the preorder which day you'll be picking up.
No pick ups on Preview Night.
You must have an ID that matches the name on your SDCC badge and the bambaland/paypal order. You cannot pick up for someone else.
Nothing wil be shipped, everything must be picked up from the convention.
I havent had a chance to speak with IDW so I'm not sure what/when their preorder will be up. I'd imagine they'll follow similar rules as to what they've done in previous years.

we're keeping SDCC pretty light. the toys available for pre-order:
mighty squaro
valve companion square
valve ********

Link to his post one and two.


With 2000AD AP Mongrol coming up for pre-order today, on 9:00AM Hong Kong time at, it's a right moment to open up quick F5 Bar, dedicated to this not so little fellow. - there you can share your sketches & art and your thoughts about this sale.

June - 2012  OQ5jjm

AP Mongrol price: 65$ shipped.

3AA 2012 membership package review by shiroidevil:

June - 2012  VIGe9m

membership packages shipped out this month and electronic part of the deal (access to exclusives + 15% discount on everything at Bambalandstore, came in force back in January - right after membership sale).

Sketches and art dedicated to ongoing 2000AD AP Mongrol sale:

June - 2012  DbEu8tJune - 2012  BWcBDtJune - 2012  RCDXZtJune - 2012  XwBCYtJune - 2012  LwJYSt

online gallery:

I hope there will be more soon, little Mongrol needs creative love and support!

Additional images of Mongrol:

June - 2012  GFwwotJune - 2012  ItUe9tJune - 2012  HflAZtJune - 2012  SyIYZt

In case you are wondering how big and how accurate was AP Blackhole edition Mongrol , which was Re-Venture exclusive. Here are pics by kadoo and knightjar.

June - 2012  WSFmltJune - 2012  HSGHXtJune - 2012  CMHwjt

Another teaser pic directly related to what will be at the store, to celebrate our Four years Anniversary. See ya on June 26th at Bambalandstore for full reveal!

June - 2012  ZRWNzt

Latest entry from Ashley's art blog:

June - 2012  DR90Zt

Drop the fine people at a line if you interested in the ASHtro in Paris original painting. Seen here with Oliver of the Maghen clan for a size thingy


AP Mogrol is still available at

Sketches and art submitted to the bar:

June - 2012  DbEu8tJune - 2012  BWcBDtJune - 2012  RCDXZtJune - 2012  XwBCYtJune - 2012  LwJYStJune - 2012  JXCU7tJune - 2012  AJWIVtJune - 2012  W5Q1KtJune - 2012  8Prc8tJune - 2012  Ywz1ctJune - 2012  UfqQAtJune - 2012  N0QHCtJune - 2012  UPszwt

online gallery: - authors names added

Sketch & art authors:
fink, defcon, A_Locomotive, soil, custard4gravy, juna, mouse9090, zangrief, watanabekun, BRiZL, mastter (2), illproxy
Thank you guys!

Latest from Ashley's blog:
Supanova Perth 23th June
Ill be doing a Q&A at Supanova next Saturday in Perth Western Australia. Im sure the details of it are somewhere on the ( I cant see my name on the site, maybe im not going to the there? ). Come by, ask a question, say hello!

Shitty week, as some of you know I had some house flooding early in the year and was told all my floor boards are rotting and have to be replaced etc. Spent the last 5 days relocating my shit so they can replace it etc... ill pot some art soon, which is a lot better than some floor news....

And speaking about Supanova and visiting artists, thanks to Dako caught this bit of "news" on David Mack Facebook.

June - 2012  WlGGvm

SOLID GOLD DEATH MASK print for SDCC 2012 by Rufus Dayglo and original art itself.

June - 2012  IhsBftJune - 2012  UKqbct

And now few cool photos by our forum members.

AK F-Legion figure by expathos and LaughingMan

June - 2012  5QnAItJune - 2012  Vj3HOt

Whole AK Finger Gang and Thumb King by nixon:

June - 2012  B3jrdt

WWR and WWRp figs by Darthgothikus - red shirt is modification from the original , ronlu and fadeworks

June - 2012  5OGI3tJune - 2012  PVy6ktJune - 2012  VDV1Ut

Gundam x Ashley Wood Zaku is starting to ship out next week to Bambalandstore customers!

June - 2012  JOtKTt


Lore Premier Convention Edition 2012 HC & Zombies vs Robots Premier Convention Edition 2012 HC are up at IDW Publishing store : local pick up only though. Both Convention Editions are limited to 500 copies each (according to IDW publishing) and cost 75$.

Sorry for hosting photos on photobucket, I prefer imgur , but it is down at the moment. I re-upload photos there, once it starts working.

William Wray's "Cult of Beauty" is back to , 60 pages, 12" x 12"

June - 2012  Th_wraybamba1

VALVe and ThreeA Companion Square is getting ready for SDCC (it's one of three SDCC exclusives).

June - 2012  Th_csquare


IDW SDCC exclusive Zomb was up for pre-order at , limited to 250 pieces and is only available for pick-up at the San Diego Comic-Con. Sold out at the moment.

June - 2012  RtTQkt

But there are already great news for 3AA members
Dont worry if your 3AA, coz come 3A SDCC day at Bamba you can catch a Zomb Bamba variant if you want !
So dont go paying crazy prices with pilot fish !

News about 3A shot and VOX re-launch:
As we seem to have the best photographers shooting our toys we want to show that to the world ! So we are going to publish a book showing that off. So if you think you want to see your work in the book, send a low res jpeg to Please do not send zip or links, only jpegs! We want to get this book out sooner than later so dont hesitate in submitting work !

Since day one I have enjoyed seeing the work you guys produce with our figures, how you take my ideas and present them, always a joy!

while im here, VOX will get sent to the front lines soon, the guys are putting together a great re launch!

I'm sure that people, who are around for a while, remember Apertore Volume 1, which was threeA photo magazine featuring images by Expathos and it turned out awesome.

June - 2012  8tlkrt

It was free and you only paid for shipping...really looking forward to 3A shot , as I know very well how many great photographers we have within Legion and what they are capable of!

From Rufus Dayglo Facebook:

June - 2012  JWSdvt

Proof that blood is thicker than water...
Art for an upcoming SOLID GOLD DEATH MASK print!
Come along to threeA/IDW's booth at SAN DIEGO COMIC CON, and pick up

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June - 2012  Empty Re: June - 2012

Post by gimbat Thu 12 Mar 2015, 12:00


Latest from Ashley's blog:
Supanova Saturday
Thanks to everyone who came by to say hello, catch up and attend this year's Q&A. Ash will be signing at the convention for another half an hour. - T.P

And finally full reveal of our WWR surprise for ThreeA four years Anniversary sale:

June - 2012  CFqidtJune - 2012  ZdkD2t

4 short years

It has been nothing but a great 4 years for me at 3A, the challenges, the toys, the books, the people all make for memorable and exciting time. I still remember the for NOM sale like it was yesterday! To celebrate the 4 years of 4A, tomorrow we will release the 4th NOM, a 3AA exclusive. The 4th NOM harks back to the original NOM de Plume release in colors, but is based on the new NOM foot soldier design (all parts are new). Also tomorrow we release NOM27, the first NOM Disciple release ! 4 years on and I have not really even scratched the surface of WWR!

So from me, and all the great folks at 3A THANKS, but you will have to excuse me, I have another 4 years to get on with !


NOM27 - first NOM Disciple - it's really interesting to see the figure, as we have Nom di Sciple rank for many years now (illustrated by tigerfeet)...and now we can all put a face to a name.

June - 2012  Actybm

WWRp Barguest de Plume - sale details later on

June - 2012  Sj3lmt

F5 bar and Grill dedicated to 4 Years Anniversary sale is up:

Later than usual, 9 hours prior to the sale (unlike usual 24 hour), as I was waiting for more details & info to open the bar. F5 Bar and Grill tradition (when we have a special thread prior and during the sale, where people can share their thoughts, excitement and whatnot) is three years old (give it or take few month), so let's celebrate it as well this time and I am looking forward to all your sketches, art or just seeing old & new faces in the bar. And last, but not the least - let's all have some fun!


NOM27 - first NOM Disciple and 4th NOM are up at

Each figure costs 125$ and shipping is included in the price. As people were asking me - mask can't be removed from the figures and leather boots are made from PU. leather.

N.O.M 4th is limited to two per person.
NOM 27 - since it's a standard release, it is okay to buy more than two.

As always with scheduled and not limited sales, 3AA members have 24 hours buying window on 3AA exclusive and standard figures.

June - 2012  VTqAOt

Since people keep asking: there wasn't any surprise sales spotted so far at Bambalandstore. Just a short sighting of Mighty Squaro (for local pick up at SDCC), which was a glitch.

Here are some news which all fortunate people (you have my envy guys) , who are going to SDCC, were waiting for.

SDCC onsite pickup pre order
Starts 9-00am Hong Kong time at Bamba. Pick your day and toy etc, each day has a limited amount due to space constraints. So be early!!!

I foresee some questions and here is some additional info, which might help:
Blog update is referring to tomorrow: June 27th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time. Sale is only for local pick up at SDCC , there will be no set option, just single figures for different pickup dates (Thursday-Sunday). Only people, who made an order will be able to pick up the figures (just like with Re-Venture exclusives pre-sale).

Three figures will be on sale (not sure about t-shirts):
WWR Mighty Squaro
ThreeA and VALVe 1:1 Sandvich
ThreeA and VALVe Weighted Companion Square

June - 2012  Rl88rt June - 2012  XI3aat June - 2012  VDtYEt

There will be a special allotment of SDCC exclusives at Bambalandstore, sale will start on July 12th and it's for 3AA members, who can't attend SDCC. Bamba version of ZvR Zomb will be available to 3AA on July 12th as well. I don't know how limited Bamba Zomb will be, so can't say anything on this matter.

For those who don't understand ThreeA and VALVe SDCC Sandvich exclusive:

Pics of AP Popbot release figures:

June - 2012  GuuqYtJune - 2012  YZyGttJune - 2012  37AwktJune - 2012  W09VitJune - 2012  Bk6fFt

AK Hooded Custard - comes only with AK Shit Weather Bleak - more info later on.

June - 2012  YAGK6tJune - 2012  1F9YTt


SDCC sale rules were put up at ThreeA blog here: (written by Benny and Cody), basically it wasn't much different from Re-Venture pre-sale (with local pick up as well), however few things changed in comparison with Re-Venture itself (no sales during the show with exception of t-shirts and pick up strictly on selected dates and etc).

Here is entire text of the rules:

ThreeA Toys

San Diego Comic-Con

12 – 15 July 2012


This year, for SDCC 2012, we are going to utilize a Pre-Sale method similar to that offered for 3A Associates (3AA) at the Reventure Hong Kong art event. All three (3) of ThreeA’s SDCC Exclusive products will be available for pre-order on 3A’s official online store, Bambaland, for pick-up at our booth at San Diego Comic-Con. This means that there will be no toys sold on-site at the event. As with all 3A sales, this pre-order is on a first-come, first-serve basis and there is no guarantee that all who attempt to participate in the pre-order will be able to purchase the product they desire. Once you have placed your pre-order, completed payment, and successfully received order confirmation from ThreeA, you are guaranteed to receive the toys that you ordered when you arrive for pick-up at San Diego Comic-Con to pick up your order.

Due to limited space, we cannot carry our entire stock every day, therefore, each SDCC Exclusive will only have a predetermined allotment for pick-up each day at the event. Our solution to this is to offer items per-day in Bambaland during the Pre-Order. This means that you will see three (3) total products in the online store, available for each of the four (4) consecutive event days . It is up to you to place your own order for the pick-up day that you prefer; each available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Our details and guidelines for the SDCC Pre-Sale follow.

3A SDCC Exclusive Attendee Pre-Sale

· ● Pre-sale begins on Wednesday, 27 June at 09:00am HKT at Bambaland, 3A’s online store

· ● Pre-sale is available to the public.

All items are limited to one (1) per person per product (3AA members will receive their standard discount).
It is up to the customer to purchase the item for their preferred pick-up day. If you are only attending one day please log-in to Bambaland early for the sale so that you can secure the day you are attending.
When placing the online pre-order, the buyer MUST enter his/her complete name, as written on his/her legal ID (e.g. ID card, Passport, Driver’s License), into the “Special Instructions” text field provided in the screen.
Complete checkout and pay for your order. You will receive an Order Confirmation eMail from ThreeA.
You must pay in advance (with PayPal or AliPay), or your order will be canceled. You will receive a PayPal receipt.

· ● Order pick-up will take place at 10:00am-12:00pm PDT and again at 01:00pm-04:00 PDT on Thursday 12 July through Sunday 15 July, during the event, at the ThreeA side of Booth#2643.

You must be present at the event to collect your order for yourself.
To receive your order, you must present your legal identification (e.g. ID card, Passport, Driver’s License), your 2012 San Diego Comic-Con badge, and both your Order Confirmation from Bambaland and your PayPal (or AliPay) receipt.
All the above four (4) pre-requisites must be presented in advance when picking up your order. Absolutely NO exceptions will be made.

· ● The SDCC Pre-Sale ends when the products sell out. All items are subject to availability and on a first-come, first-serve basis so please be early to raise your chances of acquiring the items you desire.

· ● All sales are final. There are NO REFUNDS so be sure that you can personally pick up your own purchase at San Diego Comic-Con 2012 before you participate in the pre-order.

· ● Products cannot and will not be shipped. This option is available for pick-up at SDCC only and solely available to San Diego Comic-Con 2012 attendees. Note that badges will be required during pick-up verification.

· ● In case of any disputes, the decision of ThreeA shall be final.

Since the exclusives that ThreeA produces for SDCC are limited, they are available only to SDCC attendees and must be picked up by the individual who placed (and paid for) the order. 3A Publishing books and 3A Apparel t-shirts will be sold on-site at the event.

SDCC onsite pickup pre-order started on 9:00AM HK time and lasted for around 1 hour and 20 minutes. Currently everything sold out.

Prices of SDCC exclusives (might change for Bambalandstore allotment sale on July 12th, as prices bellow doesn't include shipping)

SDCC 2012 Exclusive - Mighty Squaro - 155$
Each comes with a booklet - WWR Supplement

SDCC 2012 Exclusive Weighted Companion Square - 40$

SDCC 2012 Exclusive 3A X Valve Sandvich - 50$

SDCC pre-order figures replaced NOM 4th and NOM 27 which were offered at the store for full 24 hours.

Here is selection of all sketches/art/photos submitted to the bar so far (unless I missed someone - please PM me or there will be last minute submissions - cause F5 bar is open for now and it's perfect opportunity to congratulate us with our FOUR years Anniversary)

June - 2012  8F3VItJune - 2012  FojsutJune - 2012  N99UCtJune - 2012  BpKbhtJune - 2012  FPKBZtJune - 2012  DTCVetJune - 2012  J8csWtJune - 2012  Os3uttJune - 2012  YYlpgtJune - 2012  LBwzhtJune - 2012  0bWodtJune - 2012  Lir1ctJune - 2012  3uQxhtJune - 2012  SROaKtJune - 2012  UDjxLtJune - 2012  JWEYktJune - 2012  QOiyztJune - 2012  WsZZKtJune - 2012  VYIAMtJune - 2012  U3qP6tJune - 2012  GsHkJtJune - 2012  Vl4TKtJune - 2012  IyXiWtJune - 2012  VYtQ5tJune - 2012  Zqi75tJune - 2012  9vXpdtJune - 2012  84eXbt
June - 2012  QviOgtJune - 2012  6U5MOtJune - 2012  FNYwVtJune - 2012  SQCIztJune - 2012  Cq851tJune - 2012  48GwxtJune - 2012  M1QHitJune - 2012  BvlK0tJune - 2012  DsUHLtJune - 2012  FhR9JtJune - 2012  8ZQbxtJune - 2012  Qgbv6tJune - 2012  OEIFttJune - 2012  XrX9LtJune - 2012  KuUKXtJune - 2012  QfpxTtJune - 2012  Ni23HtJune - 2012  IY2v3t
June - 2012  4dJertJune - 2012  MoxMCtJune - 2012  J6DAXt

gallery link:
(author names added)

Huge thank you goes to the authors!
bsbaka, chenreactions, grish (3), fink, clanimation, custard4gravy, workweak, defcon, mcdaniel, ULTRAMAN, jakesons, beeratt, sophora, gar, siona, zzzzz, dienstag, ictoys, watanabekun, yoshi, BRiZL (3), BoysWillBeToys (2), Gimbat, bubs67, straytoaster (3), allenmatrix, thedrofstyle, rightnut, NISSEI TATTOO, firehazzard, jam, nicholasquah, skmonteiro, gokokil, chiendol, yioy1482, chamination, frargle, expathos (2), victorchew


Popbot 7Bones Kyoku and Popbot Shadow and Light Oyabuns (gifted and prizes in contests).

June - 2012  0MsdftJune - 2012  P5CXwt

Few awesome images from Ash's instagram (currently there are 10 images in total). Don't know about you, but now I got to step up my game and change my ancient Nokia to something new!

AP Fighting JC and what seems to be Popbot Red Sham

June - 2012  Z5FmFt

WWRp Fantome de Plume on top of AK Hooded Custard (comes with Shit Weather Bleak

June - 2012  M3Thft

WWR Harold

June - 2012  SrtsRt


June - 2012  FsW7dtJune - 2012  Qem4st


Zaku shipped and gloriously marches throughout the world. Here are few pics by our boardies: shellshox , ULTRAMAN and awd182]

June - 2012  F3QnXtJune - 2012  Cz1GJtJune - 2012  KgHtyt

Zaku marker added to the shipping process map:

And since I am huge fan of WWR squad pics, here is one truly EPIC photo by holiday

June - 2012  Ti4z6t


3A Publishing Mompty Tom Tom a collection of comics by Ashely Wood and T. P. Louise , which is going to premier at SDCC in two weeks from now.

June - 2012  EMx4atJune - 2012  WC3tstJune - 2012  Zl4Xut

New photo of long awaited ThreeA and Kenny Wong Sea Monkey project, now in 1/12th scale. Photo comes from Kenny Wong Facebook.

June - 2012  BBbret

Early photos of Sea Monkey in 1/6th scale from back in the day (2009)

June - 2012  Pjm6rtJune - 2012  YoGh9t

About 3A Shot Magazine

We are getting great photo’s submitted, amazing actually ! But we want more, we want to put a big ass epic book out, it needs your skill, so dont forget to send in!

Previous 3A Shot news here.
Email for submitting photos of 3A toys: Please do not send zip or links, only low res jpegs!



1/12th scale Sea Monkey by Kenny Wong and ThreeA

June - 2012  J30Grt

Gregory about 3A Apparel TK SDCC t-shirts (which come with awesome bullet container) designs and prices:
"the information i have says 4 variants, but i haven't seen pics yet of all of them so i can't confirm which designs will be there"
"shirts are $50 and $40 for 3AA"

Guys, if you are current 3AA 2012 members and going to SDCC, please don't forget to take your 3AA membership cards with you - and you will receive 15% discount on 3A Publishing books and 3A Apparel t-shirts.

June - 2012  CDta1tJune - 2012  OHgtmt

3A and Gundam Zaku review by toygodd can be read here. One of the pics from review, showing the weathering on Zaku.

June - 2012  WXbmKt

Speaking about reviews...if you made photo or video review of 3A figure, please do not hesitate to contact me. Would be happy to read it and hopefully put it to the news.

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