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February - 2014

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February - 2014 Empty February - 2014

Post by gimbat Mon Mar 16, 2015 10:01 pm



For all those who asked to keep us Kenny Wong x Ashley Wood Seamonkey and Snowpea 1/12th scale Collectible Set and GHG longer at the store - we listened and they are still up!

And there is a glitch at Bamba which limits purchases to one per standard item, Kenny Wong x Ashley Wood Seamonkey and Snowpea 1/12th scale Collectible Set or GHG are an open release and ain't limited to one per person. Thank you for your support and sorry for the confusion.

WWR Harold Dark Deed review by Yama86

February - 2014 QTaasnFm


Speaking about 1/35th scale range of WWR model kits: Square Farm

February - 2014 L7QsR5Mt

Keep an eye out on the 3A Blog during Wonder Festival in Japan (February 9th)!

February - 2014 0zWjbtft

Latest Sunday Q&A session with Ashley Wood is up here:

and added to 3AVOX notes on Facebook:



Look back at last Sunday Q&A with Ashley Wood:

Welcome to Q&A session with Ashley Wood, here you can find answers on many questions about 3A Worlds and hints about upcoming releases, including Marvel Invincible Iron Man; WWR EVOL Marquis de Plume; 3A Parade; World Best Robots: Mars; ZvR; Adventure Kartel Action Portable figures and many more!

If you have an original and interesting question or questions in mind, you can submit them by various ways: contacting me via mail ; by using Ask thread here at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at 3AVOX Facebook page wall or via @3Asupport twitter and your question might get featured in one of future sessions. Thank you for sending your questions and for your continuous interest!

Q: With the great success of EDO, and with the excitement about bronze EDO mention, can we expect a TQ style EDO? Does that even exist in the TK-less time period within Popbot? Thanks! (On a side note, we need that TK book explaining their full story!)
A: No TQ edo style on the blocks, and for a reason, one day ill spill the beans as they say ! Lets get the Bronze Baron EDO into action asap!

Q: Luther Bean Sr. is mentioned, I believe by Mort in a D'Airain Adventure. So, Mort is living in a past storyline to the Popbot universe in that? It has been speculated that Future Mort would be released under Adventure Kartel (unless that's bogus), is it that Adventure Kartel and Popbot happen in the same universe, but at far different points in time? Or can Mort or Luther Bean Sr. jump between universes?
A: Well Mort was gonna be a part of a shared POP universe but I thought him better suited for AK. There is a group of Skull faced characters n the AK universe, they are all related.

Q: SDCC is pretty much my favorite event of the year. Any chance you can give us some hints on what you guys have in store for this year? We have been clamoring for a 1:6 TK since 3A has been going to SDCC, will we see one soon?
A: Yea, you know, I know that, and thinks it cool too.. If we are gonna do SDCC ( we want a booth, but never seem to get one? please help us SDCC people!) and have a toy, ill make it TK. My aim this year is to up the POPBOT villain quota, the TK hunter is ready in the wings, see it at the NYC TF, I have a Mortis mobile gun, a TK Sweeper bot all close too!

Q: After seeing GHG and its great helmets, it came to my head that would be great to see NOM or Grunt as elite pilots in WWR EVOL? Those helmets on 1/6 scale figures would be just great! Thank you very much for creating amazing worlds… we will be there to live in them!
A: Well the Nom pilots where the Gas style masks etc, In the upcoming WWRp Commanders set's comic there is a brief sequence with a space deplume, which I now want to make, kinda a pilot thing… gah, jet fighter De plume does sound cool ! I have the Mego 8" astronaut ( jet pilot by any other name ) on my wall in my office, be fun to make a ropey jet de plume in 8"!

Q: Is there a room in WWR EVOL for some exoskeleton / combat suit and perhaps engineer to fix them?
A: There is now, as the field of conflict has radically changed due to events of EVOL!

Q: Could you give us any updates on any of the film or series please? Any chance of a sneaky peek from you and Pete Ford?
A: Lore is doing great, I hope to be able to share some news very very soon, WWR is looking for a director last I heard, same with ZvR. I kinda stay out of the movie stuff, until I make one. I like doing stuff, not discussing so to speak!

Q: You mentioned in one of previous sessions that Word Best Robots could come with each 1/12 pilot to feel the sense on there actual size. Will we get some comics to bring us more info on this world too?
A: Yes. you will, the world they are in is as important as the toys, they need each other, I think for everything I do that is the case!

Q: You teased us greatly with all these AP figures ( in prototype displays for NYCTF ), my money is already waiting ! Any chance that whole boxes will be made available at Bambalandstore for 3AA members? For many of us it's hard to find retailer in our country or International retailer who would ship abroad. And I was wondering how those long boots are made on Merde and Bleak? Are they solid or some kind of PU leather to help with posing?
A: Retail is a super important part of what we do, it gets our stuff out and lets people see it etc, but also your support is just as valid to us as well, and I dont want you missing out due to locality restrictions etc. So Im sure we can work something out on a large level or work with individuals etc. Re boots, soft is the intent ( still need to get the final samples ) and these figures have been made ahead of time to let us fix issues and try and make the nest mini AK we can, like out 3AGO figures for NYC, alpha versions that are already well out of date, regarding the head sculpt and body articulation, and clothing material etc. We are spending more $ and time in R&D to make the best we can!

Q: Will you be doing the box art for Invincible Iron Man? Any chance of an illustrated comic with the figure on the back of a poster maybe?
A: Well I want to illustrate them, but thats a Marvel thing, fingers crossed!

Q: Can you please share a bit more about Bravest Warriors upcoming toys? Maybe you will be doing some art for kaBoom? And an ultimate question: will there be an Adventure Time figures?
A: We have teamed with Frederator to make toys for Bravest Warriors and Puppycat, to make killer 1/6th versions, show accurate, also to make 3ASH versions of them, which is kinda awesome too, for me Smile No Adventure Time for now, but I would love to make nice toys from that world, the more obscure characters in 1/6th, are screaming for toy life! I have varied tastes in many things, and I want 3A to reflect that, from WWR to Marvel, to Pascha to Valve to Popbot to Frederator!

Q: Drop some Marquis de Plume intel on us please?! What qualifies him to take on the fallen? Why was he chosen by the Supreme? Are there other fallen hunters or is he the only one? Does Barguest and Kuan know he is coming after them? Why does he not have N.O.M. issue guns – looks like he has reg Grunt handgun?
A: Every collective has an enforcer street gang, ice hokey, government etc, Ol Marquis is the NOM's goto guy to lay the strap down. He has taught the best, he has killed the best. Ill give a heads up soon, im hoping to show something with his sale announcement , but we shall see!

Q: Is WARBOT a single killing machine or is it a member of a crew or faction( are there more than one)? There has been a bit of debate in the superset thread (where we discussing what superset would be great next) about it, please help clarify if you can.
A: Warbot is a different world really, but If I had to write it into lore, Warbot got plucked outta the WWR universe using similar portal tech that brought Zombies into the ZvR reality. The journey messed his wiring up a bot and decided to go on a one bot Zombie killing spree. We are going to team with IDW to finally do a proper range of ZvR toys, cover some of the fun stuff in 1/6th! you heard it first here, THE SUNDAY Q and ASS.

Q: Any chance we see some new squares this year? - I'm not just talking colorways, I'm talking weapons,packs,doors,etc..such a great design with so much room for growth!
A: EVOLSQUARE is coming!

Q: It's been mentioned that the ZWARTE TORENS ( Dutch Mercs) only DOMED (headed) bots. Does this just apply to the CAESARS ( when this factoid was told to us) or is that faction wide deal (we have seen a 1/12 ZT Square so there is wiggle room)? This would make them basically a Bertie/Caesar built faction if that be the case, unless there are other domed bots we have yet to see..please elaborate if possible, since ZT appears to be the last of the MERC crews..
A: In the WWR universe what seems like a Merc could easily be a government or Rothchild operation. A lot of work is done under the premise of this or that, Merc and so on. Info coming soon!

Q: Any word on Misty Slush preorder date (hopefully sometime this year) and perhaps some info on the robots in that painting, please? Can they be included too for a Popbot Brainfreeze Superset?! (I really dig that painting)
A: Well the sisters have these Drink Handles so to cover their real identities. Lady Sham, Misty Slush, Shandy etc on sale this year, how great to make a toy called Misty Slush!

Q: Any chance of giving us a hint on the first 1/6th AK release for 2014. Who and when would be nice, I'm ready to use my new 3AA membership. Thank you!
A: Zomb MD, 10" little Shadow! I think we have a premade Shadow Merde coming too, very soon!

Q: Is there special lore behind the TK's weapons? Where do they get their swords from? TK Sun looks like he has some old school katanas, are they given them at birth or is there some fabled blacksmith out there supplying them with their gear?
A: They are made by the Weapon forger TK's, outside of the TK forces their weapons are very popular, now the war is finished the black market is the place to buy them, most have forgotten that they were in fact TK weapons, most are sold as antique sword and what not from the past, not the future!

Q: Have you been thinking about 1/6 MK2 Bertie with crying baby accessory as seen in the ZVR prints?
A: I tried to push that baby with the original Bertie release, but everyone said NO! but as no I can make it yes, the little shit will make an appearance , maybe a Warbot 1/6th set or a single!

Q: I know you mentioned MARS would be revealed at NYTF. Any chance you can share when he is tentatively scheduled for release? Need to start saving for him and can we pretty please have more notice on upcoming releases? Personally speaking I allow a monthly budget on my spending and I've had to miss out on some 3A sales because I blew my spending a few days earlier (hours once) so the more notice the more I spend at Bambalandstore.
A: Mars will be late march/april, still need to tweak bits! We do discuss upcoming stuff, but we let chaos run our system, as you know chaos can be a bitch , but dammit we will try. I woudl say this, If I make a clear ad or show may images of it painted, its close, 2-6 weeks till sale!

Q: Will the AK Book tie in characters like Merde and Bleak? Will it cover the Robot Island story arc?
A: Its just everything done plus new stuff, most have not seen the early stuff so its a nice wat ot share it. Everyone gets a mention and hope expanded upon in non linear or linear fashion. Shit I dunno, I just put them together, whatever feels right at the time! I love LOVE AK, but most have never heard of it. not seen a toy or have a poster, the first years of AK were shipped in low numbers. actually it still is, so its a building exercise still. AK is still playing bars, homing its craft and skills.

Q: Will we see more 3A Parade figures this year and if yes, than what is the name of the next release?
A: You can see them at NYCTF and online at the same time, the guy has a kilt, the girl has tight jeans, nothing else is needed!

Q: As you've probably guessed by previous sessions - there's a lot of want/interest in a 1/6th MK2 Bertie and Warbot in particular (2nd popular choice in next superset poll on 3A forum at the moment), would there be a way we could get one with an Amazon using the new seamless body?
A: Well the new seamless is on bottom half now, as shown, I know we can make the entire body like that if needed. And yes Amazon are on the list, the sisters are some of the best characters from the ZvR universe.

Q: Would we be able to see another 3A hoodie, Maybe an Adventure Kartel Hoodie to go with the shirt ?
A: I want to, but do enough of you guys want to, out tshirts are break even at best, done for fun, a hoody is more expensive too, but yea, if you guys push for it, ill make it!

Q: With Peppermint Grove pre-order two months behind us, I was wondering when the exclusive Severed Bothead may be revealed and when we might get another specific sale like that (and if there will be an announcement beforehand)?
A: We will reveal soon and put in Bamba!!

Q: With the TK classics line going back to basics, will you ever have a TK with a black eye again like how Hideo had one!? Been dying to have a TK with a black eye or even a new Hideo 2.0 would work too!
A: Yup, I love that eye, looking at the 8" ones only made my resolve to give TK's more black eyes !

Q: Is there a final word on The Maxx figure or should we stop hoping?
A: Its not up to me, if it was as easy as me saying it so, we would have them!

Q: "SITROM" in reverse is "MORTIS"…. any coincidence here regarding G.H.G and / or Popbot?
A: It is , isnt it. I would never make a toy without a story behind it, now I dont talk for Maestro Kenny, but Snow Pea certainly is grounded in one of my worlds. As an aside, I have a great 1/6th Snow pea figure from 2009, love it, hopefully one day I can release!

Q: Wonder Festival Winter 2014 is coming up next Sunday (Feb 9), any word on exclusives (if there will be any) and what 3A will reveal for the first time there?
A: We dont do exclusives…

Q: Is threeA going to Thailand Toy Expo in 1-4th May in Bangkok?
A: I like Thailand.

Q: Did you ever think about doing Gorillaz themed figures or working closely with them to produce something entirely new?
A: No Gorillaz stuff in the works , but releasing music and making videos for a virtual band…. mmmmm that would be fun!

Q: How much roughly will the Invincible Iron Man cost? Would love to buy multiples and need to plan my budget! Will it be Bambalandstore exclusives or available via retailers as well?
A: Well with 3AA is a steal, without 3AA its a bargain! Bambaland will have two exclusive IRON MAN designs!

Q: A couple of years back 3AVOX newsletter featured some shirts that were only available at a particular show. As I remember there were both olive and black shirts featuring insignia such as the Nightwatch, Dark Deed, Grave Digger etc. Point being, they actually looked like military shirts. I always thought they were the best shirts I've seen from 3A, or anyone else for that matter. Any chance any such things will ever be made available at Bambaland?
A: I think we sold some on bamba, lt me talk to Brent Ashe about teaming up to make some more new designs!

Q: You mentioned (in past Sunday Q&A) that you wouldn't say NO to Iron Giant figure…any chance 3A Legion could assist to make it happen?
A: mmmmm Legion help is always appreciated, good ol Iron Giant huh…

Q: What is your morning routine? Bacon & eggs and daily comic maybe?
A: Eggs, coffee, drawing, design, paint, set to repeat.. bacon is good, I mean cmon…good lord... crispy bacon...

Ashley Wood about OSM (1/35th scale) models: EVENFALL TOTEM Zero G T.H.U.G suit and WWR Square Farm which are going to debut at Wondefest in Tokyo and mentions different colors for Bambalandstore boxed versions:

February - 2014 Eu0rtsSt

"Dont forget to ask for your OSM models by name at next week's Goodsmile booth at WONDERFEST in Tokyo! The names are Zero G Thug and Square Farm to be able to make model is awesome, a big thanks to the folks at Goodsmile Co for making it happen!
A note, the versions Goodsmile will have next week are a different colorway to the boxed Bambaland versions!"

December and January are reviewed!

Honestly guys, these were just amazing two month to judge: I combined December photo thread with January one, as forum was offline from first half of December to very first days of January. Everyone did such an amazing job and it was a torture to select just a few special mentions and one top entry...

so this month we have TWO best entries and a lot of amazing special mentions:

Top photos of the month are these two beauties by between2worlds and sandbox

February - 2014 P4o6VNamFebruary - 2014 R5DZvYCm

Amazing special mentions by chiendol, abex44, drunkdroid, chatchawan, Wooly, skuldren, A_Locomotive, x43x, shinjikun1, lone_idiot, ianross, JDF48, Mouse9090, ironchap, Oracle, valiant, GerardHKT

February - 2014 K3unQDdtFebruary - 2014 LMXupWctFebruary - 2014 FyrPmURtFebruary - 2014 N7lugsDtFebruary - 2014 BfxMhfMtFebruary - 2014 BYHjHaDtFebruary - 2014 1GB9sd3tFebruary - 2014 UqtngputFebruary - 2014 TJ0kDfPtFebruary - 2014 2dLvAGptFebruary - 2014 16rZQMLtFebruary - 2014 W7Jny4YtFebruary - 2014 7mmHXcDtFebruary - 2014 H6XDoI6tFebruary - 2014 NKH2UeWtFebruary - 2014 EQLsCtRtFebruary - 2014 XV1sewCt

And an enormous thanks to everyone, who submitted their photos (hope I haven't missed anyone):
zbrushman, sandbox, bubs67, dennisok, apple juice, Jeqi, Forty24, Grish, miracle bubbles, A-vin, advocatepinoy, dennisok, oscarlie7, EvanMorgan, darth_myk09, ha3asang , Oracle, jetwin, DpM, Hunterd1, fernando, ZF15, Firehazzard, Ming, moldie13, dtrain, Print, FrederickD, squarehead, TheFallen, Sideburns, TheNox, counterfeit, joshimus, JeAA

February photo thread is started here and waiting for you!


Ashley Wood about Marvel The Invincible Iron Man, which goes up for pre-order on February 13th 9:00AM Hong Kong time at

"Feb 13th will see the release in our ongoing MARVEL line, I'm super excited about this line! Soon we can share Doctor Doom, Ultron, Spidey, Thor and Cap and more! I grew up in Perth Australia, reading Marvel, dreaming of drawing comics for them, so to be able to make our own versions of Marvel characters here at 3A is incredible. Now If only I could make the comics based on the toys, these designs are linked in my mind, a 3A secret war if you will!
The Prototype (3AA only) and Stealth Iron Man are exclusive to Bambaland. As a side note, the shipping version of Stealth Iron Man will have red eyes, not blue like the images show!"

Marvel The Invincible Iron Man: Classic

February - 2014 1KANLTit

Marvel The Invincible Iron Man: Stealth – exclusive to Bambaland and the shipping version will have red eyes

February - 2014 04nmVBVt

Marvel The Invincible Iron Man: Silver Centurion

February - 2014 JY2BKkHt

Marvel The Invincible Iron Man: Stark Industries Prototype – exclusive to Bambaland and for existing 3AA members only

February - 2014 UIhLizwt

LOOKBOOK3A with more photos:

February - 2014 JqsiGbDm

We been told that for some people it doesn't open in the browser, so if that's your case please 'right-click' and 'save link as' you can download PDF to your HDD and open it.

Ashley Wood about TK MOOK – which is exclusive to all customers who bought TKLUB #1 #2 #3 releases at Bambalandstore:

"TKLUB buyers of the first three can start thinking about their TK MOOK order as 3A CS will contact you soon!"

February - 2014 IgFOIgvt

Kenny Wong x Ashley Wood - Seamonkey + Snowpea - 1/12th Scale Collectible Figure Set and GHG are done and gone from the store.

Thanks to everyone for their support and spending their time in our bar!

Here is the summary of your fan-art inspired and dedicated to this release:

February - 2014 OvSUsq3tFebruary - 2014 QyUNYOvtFebruary - 2014 GZ9fGhYtFebruary - 2014 152Yp8AtFebruary - 2014 RdLU4aWtFebruary - 2014 OJnFc5EtFebruary - 2014 NvHNR5mtFebruary - 2014 VMa9YobtFebruary - 2014 TfyerOFt

album link:

Thanks to these authors for their fan-art:
BRiZL, cromagnus (2), Mouse9090, thejikas, G!LL3YMAN, sixfish, David Cornelius Tan, kedao

As mentioned above, next known and announced pre-order is Marvel The Invincible Iron Man, which goes up on February 13th, 9:00AM HK time at

February - 2014 LdT7bQpm

LOOKBOOK3A with photos:


Now it's time for Popbot Popbot TK Hunter, who is over 24" tall and here is Ashley Wood about him:

February - 2014 KQC48b1t

"See this chap at next week's NYCTF at the 3A booth!"

1:35th scale glow in the dark OSM EVENFALL TOTEM ZERO G THUG SUIT and WWR OSM SQUARE FARM will be sold at Wonder Festival in Japan:

WonderFest is a ONE DAY ONLY event, held on February 9th in Tokyo.

Please take a note that both JDF Squares are for the size reference only and will NOT be offered for sale at Wonder Festival.

February - 2014 PVCXtXhtFebruary - 2014 ExevE4wt

Ashley Wood about Marvel The Invincible Iron Man articulation:
"Some have asked about Iron Mans articulation - Our Iron Man has very good elbow and knee articulation, clutch joints in the knees to hold poses etc , the photos so far don't show it but expect good articulation. We will have them at NYC toy Fair for all to see and ill try and pose to show what they can do!"

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February - 2014 Empty Re: February - 2014

Post by gimbat Mon Mar 16, 2015 10:03 pm


We have a voting going at threeA forum to test the waters and see what WWR superset in 1/6th scale (like WWR M.I.M superset) you would like to see next. Please read the opening post of the thread (link below) carefully tho.

The voting closes on February 17th 9:00AM Hong Kong time, so if you haven't heard about it yet, you have plenty of time to show your interest and cast your vote!

Here is WWR Meat is Murder Assault JEA superset in 1/6th scale, for those of you, who haven't seen one.

February - 2014 2QpZkDCm


Popbot Tomorrow King Undernaut Kozo, please keep an eye on for more updates and such.

February - 2014 P8VqYK1t


Wonder Festival exclusive 1:6th scale figure Popbot TK Undernaut Kozo is now up for pre-order at GoodSmile webstore! It's a 24 hours limited sale, so he will dissapear into the Underverse on February 10th 10:00AM Japan Time (which is 9:00AM Hong Kong Time)!!

Link for International Customers:

February - 2014 NKcXBAct

A bit more info from the item description page at GoodSmile website:

Mystery TK emerges from the Underverse
Fighting Mortis bots to protect humanity, Tomorrow Kings are rumored to be genetically engineered clones created from generals and military commanders that once existed in Japanese history, but their true origin is unknown. Kozo himself is said to be named after a naval general. Rumor has it that some TKs are able to side step time utilizing the Underverse, and could it be that Kozo has such ability as well? And what could be the purpose of his diver-like gears?

Well-known for its fun and excitement, 3A's Ashley Wood illustration only sale has taken place for the first time outside of the official Bambaland Store! As a Wonder Festival exclusive item, its 24 hours limited sale starts from February 2nd 10:00AM JST at Good Smile Online shop!

Latest and twentieth Q&A with Ashley Wood is up at our website:

and added to 3AVOX notes on Facebook here


Pre-order for Popbot KOZO TK UNDERNAUT (ORIGIN HUNTER) closes in a one hour from now (on February 10th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time) at GoodSmile store:

February - 2014 NKcXBActFebruary - 2014 P8VqYK1t

February 9th was the day of WonderFestival in Japan. Although Tokyo was blanketed in heaviest snow in almost half a century, that didn't stop the people from visiting our booth!

February - 2014 4FZnacRtFebruary - 2014 HejYzMntFebruary - 2014 Q7MOoPZtFebruary - 2014 Zk4gpc1tFebruary - 2014 A8VR6SztFebruary - 2014 Ga55cyytFebruary - 2014 7UKeE8vtFebruary - 2014 PMcDQFmtFebruary - 2014 WItXrFKtFebruary - 2014 B9gSLbKtFebruary - 2014 MPXbr5utFebruary - 2014 BUQirXZt

OSM EVENFALL TOTEM ZERO THUG SUIT (price: 28USD) and OSM WWR SQUARE FARM (price: 25USD) are up for sale at

February - 2014 5klk6GWtFebruary - 2014 Bk1YcWntFebruary - 2014 B6G13n3tFebruary - 2014 ALMfh8stFebruary - 2014 PNQSIVwtFebruary - 2014 5s73VsRt

3AVOX newsletter dedicated to Marvel The Invincible Iron Man is out and if you haven't received it with your mail, please do click here:

February - 2014 Ldk2Deim

Pre-order for Marvel The Invincible Iron Man starts on February 13th, 2014 at 9:00am Hong Kong time at

Price: 220USD for singles and 800USD for Boxed Collection 4-Figure Set

Ashley Wood about upcoming week:

February - 2014 XqZHAA3t

"Not only do we get to offer IRON MAN this Thursday 13th, which is like a crazy childhood dream, I think I mentioned before that I lived next door to a kid who had a Mego 8" Iron Man and would taunt me though his bedroom window with it, fucker was good at drawing too. Well I get to release my own version of IRON MAN, and I draw good too, so fuck you neighbor kid Smile

Also I get to goto NYC-TF with the 3A crew this week and show our stuffs at the fair, I have no real idea of what to expect, never have I been to such a fair, but im looking forward to seeing toys from companies I enjoy and getting a chance to show our toys to an audience that will have probably have never heard of us! As some of you know we have some give away stuff at the fair, Im hoping some nifty 3A fans figure out a way to infiltrate and swing by our booth for some free toys! Maybe hunt field agent Gregory down and get a drop point arranged in a seedy back alley!

Also, without you guys we would be going nowhere and showing nothing, this is never forgotten or taken for granted!

**OH YEA I know there are some uber toy hunters out there, well I need help, I have searched for a carded LOBROS for years, so If anyone knows of where the bugger is hanging out, drop me a line!"


Look back at last Sunday Q&A with Ashley Wood.

As usual, here you can find answers on many questions about 3A Worlds and licenses, including EVENFALL; Popbot (Irimi TQ in particular); World War Robot; Adventure Kartel; Marvel The Invincible Iron Man; Bravest Warriors; Killzone; HALO; a number of NYTF questions (which starts next week and we have the booth there); 1/35th scale OSM figures and many more!

If you have an original and interesting question or questions in mind, you can submit them by various ways: contacting me via mail ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at 3AVOX Facebook page wall or via 3Asupport twitter and your question might get featured in one of future sessions. Thank you for sending your questions and for your continuous interest!

Q: You already mentioned in past Q&A that you will think of ways how to offer Action Portable figures teased recently on the blog on Bamba. Any chance that they can be sold on bamba in a AP AK cathedral box? So the box will double as a play set? Making that release diff to the retail?
A: I want to do a Cardboard Cathedral in a big way just need a cardboard engineer designer, I dont have those skills! cmon world, send me a cardboard cathedral designer!

Q: Will 2014 see the unveiling of a new, never before seen or mentioned, robot for the WWR Universe in either scale?
A: yes, I dont talk about many of the toys we are making, I still want a sense of surprise for much of our output!

Q: Have you ever considered making a map of the Popbot world? It'd be pretty crazy with the Underverse, outerverse, Europe is a wasteland, etc. Maps of AK and WWR would be cool too.
A: I have, but im no map maker, have to be pretty big too! I want one!

Q: Project TOTEM was created to stop the spread of the Strigoi infection or existed before that? How can a T.H.U.G suit kill a Strigoi? Does it have any weapon systems?
A: How does a thug stop a Strigoi, bashes the fuck out of it, tears its limbs off etc, standard gun fire doesnt have much effect on Strigoi, a more brutal path is needed. A popular weapon of the THUG is the steel pole, blunt trauma wounds and all! My vision of EVENFALL isnt a smart or elegant on an invading alien force, its good old fashioned grit, if the aliens hit hard, hit em back harder! The Strigoi are just one of many things that are around, the thug suit is one of many offensive weapons...

Q: In the OSM Evenfall line can we please get some large Ashley Wood style Project Totem spaceships?
A: Well not for EVENFALL but for NEWTONS WAR, yes indeed! I have been a fan of spaceships battling in space since I can remember! So please the OSM line, so 3A and Goodsmile Co can build a epic collection across many stories!

Q: With the recent news that Nintendo will be expanding their character licensing have you thought any about going for the license? I don't think I'm alone in saying that I would love to see your interpretation of characters like Link and especially Samus Aran (in both Armored and Zero suit of course) I think your art style would suit them perfectly.
A: Well going forward the only licensed stuff 3A wants to do is when we can redesign on top of the original idea ( sure I love some stuff as is, but I will always stand up and have a whirl at classic stuff too! ) But I have to be honest, no Nintendo stuff at the mo. I want a Princess Daisy figure, always cooler than Peach!

Q: Now that you have said that Warbot is originally from the WWR universe is he a faction on his own or does he belong to another faction say perhaps Iron Panda?
A: I said he isnt from WWR, but I gave a way he could be! He is technically a ZvR character. BUT if he was from the WWR universe, he would be an experimental bot I think, maybe plucked from a ROTHCHILD experimental division!

Q: Great to hear the update about Bravest Warriors (in previous Sunday Q&A) - are they going to be offered up separately or as a four pack, and when you say 1/6th are we actually talking 12" figures since they're kids rather than adults?
A: Well they are big kids Smile heights will vary! I think depending on how they are released will depend on packs, but a 4 pack would be great. My damn Beagle just ate our Catbug plush this weekend, really sad to see my youngest son giving first aid to it with bandaids.. especially when it was obvious catbug wasnt coming back..

Q: With the expansion of OSM to World War Robot Universe, is there any chance that we will see a 1/35 scale Bertie Dropship and Berties set in 1/35th scale?
A: Thats the intent, like I said, get behind this stuff, the 1/35th really lets us have fun!

Q: Will we see gigantic boxed sets of Microman?
A: Well if you guys want them, of course, the first wave is released next month, then all going well the next wave and some vehicles, the new 1/12th body has the peg holes on the back for micro action etc I have high hopes for this line!

Q: Do you have any plans to make another TQ with the Irimi headsculpt and clothing? I know that many would want this to happen, thank you!
A: Yea, I should, wow I forgot her, she was supposed to turn up at Bamba.. I thought she had...lets do it, ill draw up an ad Wink

Q: Since we seen many characters being made in 1/12 recently is there any plans for 1/12 AP Nablers? Maybe a pack with different expressions and transparent stands? Or Nablers don't play in that scale?
A: Nablers don't do 1/12th, but saying that they suddenly will. Need to get pass the new 1/6th Nabler series coming up!

Q: You said once that Iron Panda don't have Caesar and they gone rogue, is there a chance they have Caesar if legion supports Iron Panda superset? From black market maybe? Maybe there's story in EVOL world, that there is hacker who steals robots and sell them in black market, and one of them got sold to Iron Panda fraction?
A: Panda gone Rogue superset is 1xClassic Square, 1xSquare long leg, 1xPanda Soldier, 1x Original Bramble, 1x1G Armstrong

Q: Are you aware of the success of Harold (among it's owners)? Everyone keeps their Harolds (and so do I), they are quite hard to find in aftermarket, and last time when Harold on sale at bamba, you said that if there's enough support, maybe you will release another Harold, now maybe we can see another Harold in the future? EVOL Harold maybe? Iron Panda, Dutch Merc, and Deimos need Harolds too!
A: Im not aware, but how cool is that, I love the Harold design, the tracks etc. I think I would like to see some of those colorways you mentioned at retail maybe ? Ill get onto it!

Q: Can we get some Adventure Kartel redheads please? Soft spot for the firey haired ladies.
A: Well a new Cherry Shadow is on the way!

Q: What type of bots do the WF use? We know they have Dropcloths, MK1 Squares, Harolds and Caesar's. Do they also have Brambles, Bertie MK2's, new style Dropcloths, Square MKk2's and Bertie MK3's? WF YO!
A: WF used them all, because they have access to all, they are not a simple corp, but, a ROTHCHILD CORP, they are one of Rothchilds ground divisions, always have been! In the Evol story they take centre stage! The EVOL WF superset really should be one of each robot ever, but maybe too big, you tell me ? BUT THATS A FUCKING SUPER SET!

Q: How does BcELL deliver the bots to Rothchild customers? Heavily armed convoys? Dropship? Or something else entirely different?
A: Actually they are a logistics group, they deliver everything, from weapons to tech to food, imagine an armed FEDEX!

Q: Are we going to see the release of the TKYO back-up singer "Girl R/C" anytime soon?
A: Working hard as we can to get GIRL R/C ready to offer, I just wanna do the dumb ads, TKYO are a lot of fun for me, this is their next stage in the musical evolution! Plus GIRL R/C is from the same stock as QUEENY, but much younger, she is their to lead the YO, who re intact a crack team of TK under the guise of a band! Their story isn't over by a long shot!

Q: Can you give us an estimate on next AKLUB and TKLUB releases?
A: Soon as possible, Zomb MD and nurse Zomb soon, then HEAVY SLICER for TKLUB, Chinese New Year slowed them down a little, but soon! Want to offer some standard TK non club as well!

Q: Any chance on the booster frame from "Halo Legends" for the 3A Master Chief?
A: I just want to release Master chief, soon, but a complicated toy!

Q: Marvel The Invincible Iron Man looks fantastic! Any chance we'll see Doctor Doom, Ultron, Spidey and the others at NYTF?
A: We wanted too, but Marvel approval process rules and time wasn't on our side. Plus this is Iron Man's moment!

Q: Speaking about NYTF, it's a closed for general audience or bloggers…so I was thinking whether you will be blogging or posting photos / videos on Instagram?
A: I dunno about any rules, but we shall post and I'm sure the visitors to our booth will as well!

Q: Adventure Kartel Hotfoot has such an awesome and unique weapon. I was wondering if there was any thoughts on using the flame-thrower in other designs such as the previously mentioned Bertie MK2 or, say, a new Grunt?
A: I think so, I love the flamer!

Q: Would you consider doing a remote control for any figures with light up features? It's such a pain having to take down the figure, find the switch, put the figure back up and then reversing the procedure to turn it off. A universal remote that could be used on all figures would be handy and look cooler.
A: I shall ask the engineers !

Q: There have been a lot of images and posts going up around the internet about threeA producing a Helghast Hazmat Trooper from Killzone, places are even taking pre-orders for it, does this mean a licensing deal with SOE? If so will we see figures from other Sony lines like The Last of Us? Going back to Helghast again, is it retail only or will make it to Bambalandstore and are there other characters in the works?
A: Hazmat is a retail only figure we are making with Sony!

Q: When we might see the new Dropcloth for other colorways?
A: Soon as the samples are done!

Q: How many colorways you plan to offer TK Hunter in and do you have the names for them? Does all TK hunters use the same weapon(s)? Will we see any other weapon(s) being used for the Hunters?
A: As they are really big, they use their fists, feet, and grappling hooks! they need no other weapons. There will be a few a colorways!

Q: I can't wait for EVENFAL TOTEM 1/6 T.H.U.G suit! Are we going to see different colorways and Zero G versions?
A: Just one for now, the classic ORANGE

Q: You mentioned 1:1 bear head and showed bear claw during Kuma Pascha release? Are you still planning on releasing it?
A: YES, we changed it a little, the 1:1 bear head and bear suit will appear soon!

Q: Excited with the Marvel line! Will there be lines showing on the seamless rubber parts of Iron Man (you can see on the recent photos) and will Steath's chest and hands have red lights too or will it just be the eyes?
A: The connection lines will be as small as possible, but its very hard to make them 100% vanish! , only the eyes will be red on the Stealth!

Q: In recent releases of Adventures of Isobelle, both Beer Girls figures (Xmas and CNY ) were offered in transparent boxes. Will this be the new packaging for future Adventures of Isobelle ?
A: Nope, in fact new Pascha releases apart from BEER GIRLS, will be in illustrated boxes!

Q: I regularly keep an eye on Ask thread at threeA forum and see that various people are asking whether you would be interested to make this or that line of licensed figures and I am curious whether you find these questions interesting and what licenses you would love to pick and make eventually? Maybe Ashley Wood's Batman or Superman?
A: Maybe….

Q: Do you remember the first comic you ever read and would you like to flip through it now or perhaps you already have an art from it on your walls?
A: Donald Duck ( a reprint, cant remember the story ), won it in art contest age 5. left it behind afterwards, ran back to get it….

Here are official photos of Killzone Hazmat Trooper, which is retail only (not available through Bambalandstore figure) we are making.

February - 2014 DsDSGQKmFebruary - 2014 LePYEi7m

With less than 18 hours before MARVEL THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN pre-order, which starts at on February 13th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time, it's time to open F5 Bar and Grill thread. If that's your first 3A purchase and you don't know much about our F5 Bar running tradition, here are few basics. F5 Bar is the thread which goes before pre-order and is active during the sale and a bit after the sale. It's updated with the latest info and we talk about the pre-order there and share our excitement. Another long running tradition – our boardies post fan-art there, which is dedicated to the current pre-order.

You can find F5 bar and grill here:

Here is all the info you need and by all means, please contact our MOD team here on the forum or CS at , if you have any questions

MARVEL - THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN pre-order starts on February 13th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time at www.bambalandstore

3AVOX newsletter dedicated to THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN can be access here

*Figure stands 13.5 inches (34cm) tall
*Fully-poseable with soft PVC material covering both arms & legs
*Eyes, chest & both palms light up
*6 x AG1 button cell batteries required (batteries are not included)
*Estimate shipping date: 3rd quarter 2014

Classic - $220
Silver Centurion Single Figure - $220
Bambaland Exclusive - Stealth - $220
Bambaland Exclusive - Stark Industries Prototype (3AA Members Only) - $220

THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN - Boxed Collection 4-Figure Set
Bambaland Exclusive - Boxed Collection 4-Figure Set - $800

The Stark Industries Prototype Single (3AA Members Only), Stealth and the Iron Man Boxed Collection 4-Figure Set are exclusive to Bambaland. As a side note, the shipping version of Stealth Iron Man will have red eyes, not blue like the images show!

**Single Figure version of the Stark Industries Prototype is available to 3AA Members only**
Non-3AA Members can only get the Stark Industries Prototype by purchasing the Boxed Collection 4-Figure Set.

Marvel The Invincible Iron Man: Classic
February - 2014 1KANLTimFebruary - 2014 6JrQJGktFebruary - 2014 XwklSh2tFebruary - 2014 MSjWgs6t

Marvel The Invincible Iron Man: Stealth – exclusive to Bambaland and the shipping version will have red eyes
February - 2014 04nmVBVmFebruary - 2014 Bbpi0LdtFebruary - 2014 1IyOyGmtFebruary - 2014 6CGdFnEtFebruary - 2014 Con2hSzt

Marvel The Invincible Iron Man: Silver Centurion
February - 2014 JY2BKkHmFebruary - 2014 WPW7jTptFebruary - 2014 NLVVrP6tFebruary - 2014 HfzFTxJt

Marvel The Invincible Iron Man: Stark Industries Prototype – exclusive to Bambaland and for existing 3AA members only
February - 2014 UIhLizwmFebruary - 2014 JtudCJQtFebruary - 2014 PAXwpFOtFebruary - 2014 SMClwqstFebruary - 2014 9FxncRWt

The Invincible Iron Man - Boxed Collection 4-Figure Set - exclusive to Bambalandstore and only opportunity for non-3AA members to get Marvel The Invincible Iron Man: Stark Industries Prototype
February - 2014 YUCDMQpt

LOOKBOOK3A with more photos:

February - 2014 JqsiGbDm

Pre-Order Event page at our website:
(allows you to sync the sale time to your Google Calendar or iCalendar)

Event at our Facebook page - everyone is welcomed!

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February - 2014 Empty Re: February - 2014

Post by gimbat Mon Mar 16, 2015 10:04 pm


Fan-art by our boardies, dedicated and inspired by the upcoming release of THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN

MARVEL: THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN is up for pre-order at


New portion of fan-art by our boardies, dedicated and inspired by THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN

February - 2014 U4MWeBgtFebruary - 2014 CZSwmo0tFebruary - 2014 U89H6S7tFebruary - 2014 A8edmz1tFebruary - 2014 Osav1aGtFebruary - 2014 XtSMYOKtFebruary - 2014 JxO1kB5t
February - 2014 ITlda0otFebruary - 2014 M3xa8Ejt

album link: (author names will be added later on)


Here what we had on the display at NYC-TF this year. We thank everyone who stopped by and showed their support, welcoming us at NYC-TF, where we were participating for the very first time!

February - 2014 1jb6E9ctFebruary - 2014 IeDX5XatFebruary - 2014 BcYvj2YtFebruary - 2014 VPoVKJJtFebruary - 2014 DzfZ3nktFebruary - 2014 FcDh42vtFebruary - 2014 7IFDo6ptFebruary - 2014 C4CMgxNtFebruary - 2014 Ltxq6bJtFebruary - 2014 AkAMhjmtFebruary - 2014 B4tsDsctFebruary - 2014 9t89PiDtFebruary - 2014 Q3TlfEftFebruary - 2014 1qWVc5PtFebruary - 2014 BveKlfUtFebruary - 2014 WnbBCQ9tFebruary - 2014 BMKjahItFebruary - 2014 88ECQxGtFebruary - 2014 RWPFqFdtFebruary - 2014 Iqz0LHKtFebruary - 2014 XLDn65vtFebruary - 2014 Cj0SvF8tFebruary - 2014 IDy4fEGtFebruary - 2014 YH8FvpltFebruary - 2014 GgKbhTutFebruary - 2014 H6jLp1rtFebruary - 2014 AVHaVaktFebruary - 2014 W9F1WUKtFebruary - 2014 ChMz9NbtFebruary - 2014 NpE7SiMtFebruary - 2014 141zgQCtFebruary - 2014 ZtNfqn6tFebruary - 2014 NznyA23tFebruary - 2014 QYIXAt8tFebruary - 2014 JjhNZhHtFebruary - 2014 3JxIm24tFebruary - 2014 MwYPG7etFebruary - 2014 HWMophIt


Ashley Wood about NYTF and the future!

"Just wrote a large thanks to NYC and you guys, and the fucking comp died.. and all was lost!
So im gonna recap
*thanks to my epic crew, Brent, Greg, Gimby, Crystal and big thanks to Siu for organizing the whole thing and making me look smart and nifty!
*Spoke to Toddy McF about a new line we are going to do, Im sure you can guess!
*Cool to see giant Pascha get some love!
*A massive thanks to all who came by the booth , and all the support online!
and finally DEPLUME M onsale next friday, two version, 3AA and standard!
bugger, original post as much better, but im too tired to redo, jet lag and such!

WWR EVOL Marquis de Plume (3AA and standard) and t-shirt on sale next Friday - February 28th at !

February - 2014 Ic1hhuvmFebruary - 2014 QWqsBR8mFebruary - 2014 3nTnNtfm


WWR EVOL RELEASE DAY at on February 28th 9:00AM Hong Kong time!

We will have 3AA WWR EVOL PREY BOX set release, WWR EVOL Bamba release and WWR EVOL T-Shirt release.

February - 2014 S3kPot2tFebruary - 2014 T5KmJtBtFebruary - 2014 WlortDvtFebruary - 2014 YSJdqwStFebruary - 2014 GGQNn9ftFebruary - 2014 HeM4mYgtFebruary - 2014 QIsjYsbtFebruary - 2014 Wdp14stt

WWR EVOL Marquis de Plume - Prey Box, comes with 3AA exclusive set

February - 2014 XjyxdDvt

Ashley Wood about Prey Boxes and why de Plumes need them:
"In the field the De Plume has to recharge its tanks with a particular blend of gas, each has his or her's specific Prey Box to perform this operation."

Marvel The Invincible Iron Man is gone from the store, however Classic and Silver Centurion will be offered via our retailers later this year.

February - 2014 1KANLTimFebruary - 2014 6JrQJGktFebruary - 2014 XwklSh2tFebruary - 2014 MSjWgs6t

Marvel The Invincible Iron Man: Silver Centurion
February - 2014 JY2BKkHmFebruary - 2014 WPW7jTptFebruary - 2014 NLVVrP6tFebruary - 2014 HfzFTxJt

Here is all the fan-art by our boardies, dedicated and inspired by THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN

February - 2014 U4MWeBgtFebruary - 2014 CZSwmo0tFebruary - 2014 U89H6S7tFebruary - 2014 A8edmz1tFebruary - 2014 Osav1aGtFebruary - 2014 XtSMYOKtFebruary - 2014 JxO1kB5t
February - 2014 ITlda0otFebruary - 2014 M3xa8EjtFebruary - 2014 Wh5N0g8tFebruary - 2014 DSQUYqItFebruary - 2014 YtYx4LktFebruary - 2014 FGH0eodtFebruary - 2014 UMJoYi0tFebruary - 2014 MrdjQXotFebruary - 2014 Thtuh0Rt

album link: (author names added)

Major thanks to all fan-art authors: BRiZL, cromagnus (2), cromagnus, thejikas (2), franksenstein, fink, Albino, stored high in transit (2), Grish, Ryno38, beardskull (2)

OSM EVENFALL TOTEM T.H.U.G suit v1, OSM EVENFALL TOTEM ZERO G T.H.U.G suit and OSM WWR Square Farm are back to the store...all OSM models require basic assembly and come in 1/35th scale

February - 2014 TnkP3mmtFebruary - 2014 TULkErutFebruary - 2014 AXsH8BbtFebruary - 2014 5s73VsRtFebruary - 2014 PNQSIVwtFebruary - 2014 B6G13n3tFebruary - 2014 Bk1YcWntFebruary - 2014 5klk6GWt

We are opening WWR EVOL chapter with 1/6th scale Marquis de Plume.

Marquis de Plume goes up for pre-order at on February 28th at 9:00AM Hong Kong time.

We will have 3AA WWR EVOL Prey Box set release (price: 145USD shipped), WWR EVOL Marquis de Plume Bamba release (price: 130USD shipped) and WWR EVOL T-Shirt release (price to be announced).

And btw, Prey Box is entirely new sculpt!

Pre-Order Event page: (allows you to sync the sale time to your Google Calendar or iCalendar).


God Save The Mortis Queen

February - 2014 4FvKxG6t

More here


1:1 3A Apparel Marquis de Plume t-shirts 001 and 002 - sold separately from WWR EVOL Marquis de Plume figure and each t-shirt comes in 3A Apparel Deployment Device

February - 2014 Zx8PTYntFebruary - 2014 Z6SJHK7t

Will be offered at Bambalandstore on February 28th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time, along with WWR EVOL Marquis de Plume release

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February - 2014 Empty Re: February - 2014

Post by gimbat Mon Mar 16, 2015 10:05 pm


WWRp (1/12th scale) Berties MK2 from WWRp N.O.M Field Commanders sets, which were offered for pre-order last year.

February - 2014 Muvy6Zat

Here are photos of WWRp Caliginosity & Emanation N.O.M Field Commanders

February - 2014 IDOArrytFebruary - 2014 Hr3JaZht

Goodbye Voyager Lizbeth (shown next to LizbethTQ just cozplay) shipping out soon! Figs were offered for pre-order back in 2013.

February - 2014 PEZAXvbt

Adventure Kartel Shit Got Real JC and variants shipping out soon! Figs were offered for pre-order back in 2013.

February - 2014 GS1b55at

Very nice and long stop motion video by our Legionnaire from Japan: achtnacht, featuring WWRp Nom de Plume, Dirty Deeds, Squares and 1/6th scale figs!

February - 2014 SPp6W5Sm

With less than 7 hours till we open WWR EVOL chapter with 1/6th scale Marquis de Plume, it's time to launch F5 Bar and Grill at threeA forum:

February - 2014 QWqsBR8l

Marquis de Plume goes up for pre-order at on February 28th at 9:00AM Hong Kong time at

We will have 3AA WWR EVOL Prey Box set release (price: 145USD shipped), WWR EVOL Marquis de Plume Bamba release (price: 130USD shipped) and WWR EVOL T-Shirt release (price: 55USD).

February - 2014 Wdp14sttFebruary - 2014 HeM4mYgtFebruary - 2014 S3kPot2tFebruary - 2014 QIsjYsbtFebruary - 2014 GGQNn9ftFebruary - 2014 YSJdqwStFebruary - 2014 WlortDvtFebruary - 2014 T5KmJtBt

February - 2014 XjyxdDvt

And btw, Marquis Prey Box is entirely new sculpt!

WWR EVOL Marquis de Plume comic (doesn't come with the figure unless mentioned differently in product description at Bambalandstore):

February - 2014 3nTnNtft


1:1 3A Apparel Marquis de Plume t-shirts 001 and 002 - sold separately from WWR EVOL Marquis de Plume figure and each t-shirt comes in 3A Apparel Deployment Device

February - 2014 Zx8PTYntFebruary - 2014 Z6SJHK7t

Will be offered at Bambalandstore on February 28th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time, along with WWR EVOL Marquis de Plume release

Pre-Order Event page: (allows you to sync the sale time to your Google Calendar or iCalendar).

Facebook event: <- everyone is welcomed!

Your fan-art from F5 bar inspired and dedicated to WWR EVOL CHAPTER ONE

February - 2014 HguoOzFtFebruary - 2014 GRwjx9atFebruary - 2014 CZHPRdFtFebruary - 2014 7pi08GYtFebruary - 2014 CnXSiCftFebruary - 2014 4XtbCIPtFebruary - 2014 EQtipTvt

album link: (authors names will be added later on)


RE Sombre, Old info and art was use for the ad here, its not 3AA, nor general release. Sorry for any confusion!

WWR EVOL release ONE: Marquis de Plume is up at

Ashley Wood:

February - 2014 AwnUAdet

"As the totems that 3A make derive from ideas and art, I thought it would be cool to re-visit the drawing in a box thingy, to show the origins and how much stuff looks during the designing on my side. So some will have a Marquis drawing jammed in their box ( marquis deplume figure box ), not many, but that is what makes it fun. Fuck Wonka and his lame ass golden ticket!
I would buy chocolate from a company called FUCK WONKA.. right!!!"

And answering why he makes toys:

"You know I was asked at the NYC TF a few times the same thing, why make toys, you paint, you can do books, games whatever.. but why toys. I never really think along these lines, I kinda just do what I do, but I had to answer these questions, and the answer is that I believe toys resonate with us as humans, we can hold them them, its tactile, real!, They are totems for our extended beliefs and imaginations, A fetish for ideas that hold as much interest and passion as old religious relics for some.
We display them in our homes, they show who we are, they are signals for similar thinking people, a way we connect with each other... and I guess thats why I do toys, that connection...
plus its fucking fun"

WWR EVOL Sombre de Plume – surprise release, goes up in batches at random time

February - 2014 CUqkD04t


February - 2014 96kfjJLt

Description from the store:

"1x 1/6th scale, fully articulated figure of the Gothiest De plume ever, DEAD DE PLUME! No messing around with a name like that. He is a bit GIDDY"

Price: 130USD

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